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A QUALITY INVESTMENT Obtaining a degree from a first-rate college will be one of the best investments of time and money you will make. I am pleased that you are considering Ripon, and I trust that you will find our campus an appropriate fit for you and your academic aspirations. As president, I can assure you that we are dedicated to making a private education affordable to all families regardless of their economic background. Thanks to the generosity of countless friends and alumni, we make sure that every accepted student receives the financial assistance necessary to obtain his or her degree. Further, all of us are committed to helping you complete your undergraduate education in four years. These are commitments that we take seriously. Ripon College offers a highly personal and rigorous academic program. Our graduates get into the best graduate schools, become Rhodes Scholars, and obtain great jobs. Most importantly, our academic community is committed to making a difference in your life and in your world. I look forward to seeing you on campus. Sincerely,

David C. Joyce President


ACADEMIC Rolling Academic Scholarships

■ $8,000 to $12,000 per year Ripon College academic scholarships are reviewed on a rolling basis following acceptance to the College. The admission application, along with its supporting documentation, is reviewed to determine eligibility for all scholarships. The scholarship committee will begin consideration for an academic scholarship for those students who have achieved academically and have demonstrated leadership and service in their high schools and communities.

Pickard Scholarship Competition

■ 50%, 75% and full tuition awards Students, who have a minimum of a 3.8 high school GPA and have a composite ACT score of 30 or higher or SAT (CR/M) of 1340 or higher will have the opportunity to be invited to the Pickard Scholarship competition. Scholarships are awarded based on the competition to cover 50%, 75% or full annual tuition. The competition consists of interviews with faculty on campus as well as an impromptu essay. The competition days will take place Saturday, Jan. 28, 2012, and Saturday, Feb. 25, 2012.


Awards & SchOlarsh i ps

Evans Achievement Award

■ $6,000 per year Students who have demonstrated a strong academic background, service and leadership to their school and community, outstanding personal characteristics and potential for continued academic success are eligible for this award. Academic scholarship recipients are not eligible for the Evans Achievement Award.

Ripon College Access Grant

■ $5,000 to $7,500 per year The purpose of the Ripon College Access Grant is to maintain the mission of making a college education affordable for all students who are academically qualified. This grant is for families who have the concern that they earn too much to qualify for any need-based financial aid as determined by the FAFSA form. The $5,000 to $7,500 per year grant is awarded automatically to students who have completed the FAFSA and have documented that their parents earn less than $200,000 annually. If greater aid or scholarships have been awarded, the Ripon College Access Grant may be replaced partially or entirely.

The following scholarships and awards will be bestowed upon an applicant after review of the admission application by the scholarship committee. These scholarships and awards are stackable on top of academic scholarships up to $13,000 per year.

Legacy Award

■ Up to $2,000 per year The legacy award is given to those students who are continuing the family tradition by attending Ripon College. Students are eligible if their grandparents, parents or siblings have attended or are attending Ripon College.

Diversity Award

■ Up to $5,000 per year Diversity is a valued asset both inside and outside of the classroom on the Ripon College campus. Students who have the potential to bring ethnic, geographic or socioeconomic diversity to the Ripon College campus are eligible for this award.

Boys/Girls State Award

■ Up to $4,000 per year The Boys/Girls State Award was established to recognize participation in this prestigious program along with a student’s demonstrated leadership. The program is recognized as Badger Boys/Badger Girls in Wisconsin and various names throughout the country.

ROTC Enhancement Grant

■ Up to $5,000 per year Those students who are interested in pursuing a full Army ROTC scholarship are eligible for the ROTC Enhancement Grant. The introductory military science course is required to be taken in the first year on campus.

UCC Award

■ Up to $2,000 per year The UCC Award was established to recognize a student’s commitment and dedication to the UCC Church. Students are eligible by demonstrating volunteer activities as well as leadership within their church.

It is the generosity of Ripon supporters that made my education, and the education of many others at Ripon, all that it could possibly be.

SCHOLARSHIPS AREN’T JUST ABOUT MAKING COLLEGE MORE AFFORDABLE. Scholarships are about celebrating, rewarding and recognizing achievement. The willingness of Ripon to do such things for so many means they understand the vital importance of scholarships. Ripon is among the best schools in the country because Ripon continually recruits the best students, due, in no small part, to the generosity of its scholarship packages. Rachell Pachniak ’13 Pickard Scholar

The following scholarships and awards will be bestowed upon an accepted applicant after either an audition for talent-based awards or a recommendation by a requested party. These scholarships and awards are stackable on top of academic scholarships up to $13,000 per year.

The deadline for review and awarding is March 1, 2012. Fine Art Scholarships

■ Up to $5,000 per year Students with talent in the areas of art, music and theatre will be invited to campus to audition with faculty for these scholarships. The student must have a demonstrated commitment for pursuing the fine arts at Ripon College, though a major in the area is not required. These scholarships are renewable with continued participation in the area of the scholarship.

Forensics Scholarships

■ Up to $5,000 per year Students with talent in forensics and competitive speech will be invited to campus to interview with the forensics team coach. The forensics scholarship requires a commitment to participate in forensics during the student’s four years on campus.

William J. Woolley History Scholarship

■ $2,500 per year Dr. Woolley invites all admitted students who have an interest in pursuing history as a major on campus to apply for this scholarship. An additional essay (which is reviewed by Dr. Woolley himself) is required of this scholarship application.

Alumni Award

■ Up to $2,000 per year The Alumni Award was established to allow alumni to recognize and encourage students, who they believe would be a good fit based on their own experiences, to pursue an education at Ripon College. This awatd requires a recommendation letter from the alumnus.

National Latin Exam Award

■ Up to $2,000 per year Students who have earned at least a Magna designation on the Level II or higher National Latin Exam will qualify. Students must take one Latin, Greek or Classics course as a requirement.

Breakdown of Financial Aid Awards, 2011-12 The graph below shows the average financial aid awards received by first-year Ripon students who demonstrated need for the 2011-12 academic year based on family income range.

$0-25K $25-50K Family Income

$50-75K $75-100K

Avg. Grant


Avg. Loan


Avg. Work

$150-175K $175-200K $200K+ $0


$20,000 Average Award



SOURCES OF NEED-BASED AID ■ Ripon College Grant: Awarded to help meet your demonstrated financial need. College Grants do not have to be repaid. Award amounts range from $250 to $18,000. ■ Federal Pell Grant: Award based solely on your financial need as determined by the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). Award amounts range from $976 to $5,550. ■ Federal Supplemental Educational

Opportunity Grant (SEOG): Awarded first to students who show exceptional financial need, with priority given to Pell Grant recipients. ■ Wisconsin Tuition Grant: Awarded to Wisconsin residents who attend a Wisconsin private college. Awards range from $1,000 to $2,900 depending on your financial need as determined by FAFSA. ■ Federal Work Study: Ripon students may supplement their personal finances and develop marketable skills through part-time campus employment. ■ Federal Perkins Loan: This federal program, administered by Ripon, enables students to borrow money to help finance their expenses. Payments on principal and interest are deferred while the student is attending college. ■ Federal Stafford Loan: This federal student loan program is available to students regardless of their financial need. Students who do not qualify for a Subsidized Stafford Loan on the basis of need may obtain an Unsubsidized Stafford Loan. ■ Parent Loan for Undergraduate Students (PLUS): Allows parents to borrow the difference between the student’s costs at Ripon and the financial aid received each year to help meet the student’s expenses.

TIMELINE ■ November 1: Early Action 1 deadline ■ November 15: Early Action 1 notification ■ December 1: Early Action 2 deadline ■ December 15: Early Action 2 notification ■ January 1: Apply for financial aid at www. – Ripon College code 003884 ■ January 15: Regular Decision deadline ■ February 1: Regular Decision notification ■ March 1: Financial aid priority deadline Invitation scholarship deadline ■ May 1: Priority date for enrollment deposit

Composition of Financial Aid Packages Loans 23% Work Study 7%

Grants/Scholarships 70%

COSTS FOR 2011-12 ACADEMIC YEAR Tuition $28,414 Room (Double Occupancy) $4,390 Board $3,880 Activity Fee $275

Total Annual Cost



Office of Admission 300 Seward Street Ripon, WI 54971-0248 1-800-947-4766

Scholarship & Financial Aid  
Scholarship & Financial Aid  

An overview of scholarships and financial aid offered at Ripon College