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Surftown klitmøller

Tribute to


I never forget the first time I came to Klitmøller, it was 33 years ago. I was only 20 years old back then, a “young dude” looking for new surfing adventures. A good friend and I were cruising along the west coast of Jylland exploring it, trying to find some new windsurfing spots. It all happened back in 1978 when we basically was living out our “young surf dreams” in his old rusty WV buggy van. After checking out several potential spots, we one day ran into a local fisherman in Løkken, a summer tourist beach area in mid Jylland. He told us that he had heard about a little fishing village further up north called Klitmøller, here the local fishermen were struggling with huge waves every time the wind came from a western direction, which it did most of the time over there - actually the whole landscape in this part of Jylland is shaped by the “powerful lows” moving in from the west passing over the North Sea. Of course we got totally excited, in a pure “young blood style”!!. We just couldn’t wait to see this place, but being used to sandy beach breaks, we had no expectations of what we would find up there. Never the less we decided right away to head straight on for this little fishing village. Life was very simple back then, no commitments, no mortgages, no responsibilities at all and a 9 to 5 life wasn’t an option - life was nothing but 100% pure surfing every single day. So we fired up a little “rasta cigar” turned up the volume of Marley tune “Kaya now!!”. And a “bit stoned, with no worries at all in our young surfing-souls the WV buggy “somehow found it’s way” up to this little remote fishing village in the middle of nowhere.

“The whole landscape in this part of Jylland is shaped by the “powerful lows” moving in from the west passing over the North Sea.”

When we finally arrived to Klitmøller, the first sight of the ocean was incredible. We parked up behind the old bird watching house right at the point ( today it’s a modern surfing clubhouse ). It was simply pure magic. The wind was blowing solid 10 -15 m.sec. from a southwestern direction, sun was shining from a clear blue sky - and really nice waves were rolling over the flint reef into the bay behind us. No surfers anywhere, no kites, no SUP’s only pure nature at it’s best, lot’s of space. Words simply can not describe how stoked we were - we had found a windsurfing Paradise. We stayed in this little village for over a months in the back of my friends old rusty WV buggy. Life was magnificent, simple and very pure for a while. We were simply living it, sleeping it and breathing it - we couldn’t get enough of this place, it was pure addiction from the very first moment. I remember clearly how we ate lobsters, bought from the local fishermen for just a few pennies, smoking a few “Bob Marley cigars”, bought in the local hippy village called Thy Lejren, a place where John Lennon actually lived for a short period in his life. And then we just “sailed our butts, feet and hands down to the bones” acing all over our bodies. In other words - We had a blast back then in Klitmøller and this little remote fishing village seriously changed our surfing spirits forever. I came back every summer for several years and every time I were living out a “surfers dream”. But as time went by the rumours spread and one day a German Surfer magazine brought a cover article about this very unique little Paradise. Then things changed seriously. Lot’s windsurfers came from all over Europe to test their skills with the powerful wind and waves from the North Sea. The little remote fishing village literally drowned in surfers, and then problems started to occur between the locals and the “new comers” - of course - I might add.

To be honest I really understood the reaction of locals. It was a huge change for them. These people were living a very unique and quiet life, then suddenly huge piles of trash and loud crowds of “wind freaks” totally took over, parking their big cars and Hymers in peoples backyards, driveways, and generally all over the place, with absolutely no respect for the local community. The following years I stopped my summer trips to Klitmøller, somehow I felt that something fragile and very unique also was taken away from me. Nothing was the same anymore, the magic was gone. It was suddenly hard to find a parking space, often it was quite crowded out there and the negative atmosphere and vibes between the surfers and the locals had changed the whole experience for me. Well, even the prices on lobsters and “Marley tobacco” had increased dramatically!!! I guess that’s probably what we call “evolution” in it’s own strange and modern way. Years went by without any of my usual summer trips to Klitmøller, but then one day I returned to “my” old favourite surf spot. A very important event was taking place and I had to be there. The PWA World cup was planning an event in Klitmøller for the first time ever.

Local windsurf legend Lars Petersen having some serious fun on a nice day in Klitmøller

When I arrived after all these years of absence from this superb little village, I experienced something very pleasant. Today a whole new generation of surfers have settled down in this little remote corner of Denmark. They have become the “new locals” and somehow time has changed the differences between the local fishermen and the new surf crowds. A new balance has occurred, everybody are now living “in peace side by side”, and benefitting economically from this new development, because of all the surfing tourists passing through each year. Today a new clubhouse, with all the modern facilities you could dream about, is a reality, and also a new beach promenade have been build, which is altogether a perfect and very visionary signal for the future of Klitmøller and the whole region up there.

“Today a whole new generation of surfers has settled down in Klitmøller. They have become the new locals”

Through this fantastic development Klitmøller have experienced a new revival, and a whole new and very exciting surf area has begun for this little fishing village in the northern and very remote part of Jylland. Unfortunately I can’t surf anymore because of a traffic accident which seriously damaged my neck (not my fault!!) but instead I have developed an interest for shooting pic’s of every surf related sport on the planet, somehow it gives me a strange and unique feeling of being out there, having some fun in the waves.

Danish SUP Champion and Klitmøller local Casper Steinfath rippin it on his SUP

So this special edition of Rip’n Snap is my humble tribute to Klitmøller, it’s a photo journey made by some of the pic’s I have shoot up there over the last couple years. It’s a different way of saying “Thanks Klitmøller” for so many great moments, so many happy memories, so much fun and joy, which will stay in my heart and soul until the day I die. I hope you’ll enjoy this Special Edition of R & S as much as I did making it. PS. Look out for some of all the hidden links in this special edition, they will take you to a wide range of “wired places”. “Lot’s of Cold Aloha’s” M. Wengler

“Le cirque” comes to town In 2010 the first international PWA World Cup was held in Klitmøller. They called it “Cold Hawaii” and it was a huge windsurfing event for such a small town, arranged by the local windsurfing enthusiasts Rasmus Johansen and Robert Sand. This event has now been held twice in Klitmøller, and both times it’s been a huge success with extremely hard core weather conditions. Actually they have been “blessed” with extreme weather conditions two years in a row, which really made all the Pro World Cup sailors show their absolute best, out there in the “beautiful chaos” of power waves and very strong winds. This great event has seriously showed the world the fantastic surf potential of this little place and it somehow also changed Klitmøller in a very positive way.

Expectations building up, preparations, perfect weather forecast - and lot’s of smiles

Lense Brother John Carter John Carter is one of the most significant windsurfing photographers on the planet. He has shoot some amazing windsurfing pictures and have been following the PWA World Cup for years. Not only is he a brilliant photographer, but he is also a really pleasant and very respected guy among the surfers. Check out some of his great pic’s on


“My hairstyle is pure Jazzz!!”

“Brrrrr.............. it’s freaking cold here in Denmark”

“In my next life.... I want to be a seagull”

power nap

Kauli winning the 2010 PWA Cold Hawaii event


Robert Sand


i Robert Thanks a lot for letting me do this interview with you, I know you have your hands full these day’s. Robert, you have been a part of the Klitmøller surf scene as long as I can remember, so I’ve really been looking forward to do this little interview with you.

So tell me Robert are you born and raised in Klitmøller?

Yes “born and bred” as they say

How many generation does your family go back in this little fishing town?

On my fathers side they all had a close relation to the ocean and they go back several generations. To be precise I’m the 5 th. gen eration of our family from Klitmøller, and several of my family members have been working as fishermen.

You and your family must have experienced some pretty extreme changes for this little remote fishing village. What do you feel as a local person and part of an old Klitmøller family, have been the biggest challenge regarding these rapid changes?

I believe that “Mølboerne” (a local group of this little community) had a hard time understanding how the surfers used the ocean. Before the surfers arrived they had always looked at the ocean as a working area, and they alway treated it with the deepest respect because of the raw power behind it. Many have lost their lives over the years during the long and dangerous fishing trips, in their small wooden boats.

The atmosphere between the older generation and the surfers in Klitmøller used to be quite tense a couple of years back, but how do you experience the atmosphere between those two two groups today?

Today I think everything works very well and the atmosphere is in gen eral really good. Lot’s of those who back then were against any surfer passing the city limit, have changed. Today they have children and even grand children who wants to surf. So all the talk about “them and us” isn’t relevant any longer, because “surfers” aren’t just staying for a week or two - they have become a part of the core Klitmøller spirit. Living their lives and working in town.

When did the windsurfing scene seriously begin to change in Klitmøller?

It must have been around of the mid 80’s. Back then the surfers colorful cars and “happy attitude” suddenly were visible all over town. They slept in their cars at the public parking lots and rigged their sails in peoples backyards. Despite it’s only a lot of “Marhalm” up here (a spe cial type of wild grass) a “ Mølbo” wil always consider it as his backyard, simply because it’s the only thing able to grow out here in the “wild west”!!

When did you begin to windsurf and who was the greatest inspiration for you?

It all began the summer I turned 14, a great moment in my life by the way. My greatest inspiration was Robby Nasih - and it still is. He have preformed extremely well as a top athlete, but he has also understood to turn his life style and passion into his carrier in an environment he is a big part of. I have meet him a couple of times and he is a really cool guy.

Robert you became one of Denmarks best windsurfers and even continued as a PWA World Cup sailor, but when did you get the idea to arrange a World Cup event in Klitmøller?

I can’t take the credits for this event. Rasmus Johnsen and Stian Eide are the ones behind the initiative for this World Cup project. I joined up later in the process and today I’m one of the people behind the arrangement to make sure that this event returns to Klitmøller every year. But down the line it’s all a combination of a unique co-effort of a wide range, of very talented volunteers and sponsors.I’m just the one who’s trying to make every thing coordinated and working well in the end.

What do you consider as the greatest challenge for you, regarding getting both the PWA and the local authorities to accept this great windsurfing project?

PWA is not a problem, they more or less demand three things: 1) A surf spot with the right conditions for such an event. 2) Payment of their fee. 3) An organization which can execute it and make everything run smooth. As soon as these three conditions are present then they are open for arranging an event. But when that is said there is two major challenges which has to be solved. One of them is tofind the economic support to make everything happen, which isn’t all that easy these day’s. The second one is to find a huge amount of skillful volunteers which is necessary to make it all happen. When these two problems are solved then we are well off and things start looking bright.

How important do you believe windsurfing has become for the local society surrounding in Klitmøller?

Personally I think that surfing has become a really important part of the social life in town, it is the main reason why Klitmøller have gone through a very positive development. Without surfing Klitmøller wouldn’t be what it is today, it has really changed everything in a very positive direction.

Klitmøller has more or less become a Mecca for windsurfers from all over the world, and there is plenty of space for everybody, but what do you see as the biggest challenge for the future, when windsurfers, kite surfers, SUP surfers and regular surfers “flows” to this little town. Do you think that there should be established some kind of regulation, with separate zones, or does everybody respect each other out there in the waves?

Up tiIl this day I don’t think it’s a problem. Somehow we haven’t seen any “big invasion” of Kite surfers, which was feared by the majority of the surf ers. Personally I only feel that sometimes problems occur when I’m on my SUP or surfboard, simply because there is only room for one person on a wave, so sometimes things get a little tense out there. But for now I don’t see any reason for regulations.

You have been incredible lucky regarding the years, with hurricanes forces moving in from which have created a perfect frame for these ert - do you have some kind of “secret form” weather Gods :) ?

weather conditions the last two the west in both PWA events, events. So let me ask you Robyou use to get in contact with the

“It’s such days which reminds me about why I live here in Klitmøller”

You are right we have been very lucky with the weather conditions, and I can assure you it’s nothing I take for granted. That is why we have extra focus on having some exciting activities “up the sleeve” if there is no wind, because we will se days without wind will sooner or later. You saw a bit of it last year with a series of online activities making it possible to win IPads etc. It’s something we want to develop much more in future events, which makes it much more attractive to follow the PWA event - no matter what the weather conditions are like.

Since I started windsurfing many years back, the equipment have developed a lot, everything has become much more high tech. What do you think will happen with the equipment in the future?

Not much, it has become as light and strong as it can get, but we will probably see small changes and improvements from one season to an other.

Describe a perfect windsurfing day in Klitmøller for you?

It’s a day where I drive to Hanstholm or down to the Klitmøller reef, with no time limitations of any kind,the sun is shining and there is wind enough for my 4.0 with 3-4 meter waves and without any crowds. It’s such days which reminds me about why I live here in Klitmøller :)

Among the younger generation of surfers living in the Klitmøller region, who do you think have the potential to reach far within the professional surfing community?

I personally believe that Casper Steinfath will reach far creating carrier for himself within the SUP scene. He has recently become one of the members of the international Naish team, which gives him the possibility to compete worldwide. My neighbor Sebastian Kornum is also a young guy who is showing some really impressing results, plus he is getting much more experienced in handling the media as well as the sponsor side.They are both really good guys who will represent their sport really well.

Finally Robert - last Q - How will Klitmøller look in 10 years from now?

I believe that Klitmøller will have developed even further around the surf scene, with even more surfing interested “new comers”. And hopefully my own little son, who are 12 years old 10 years from now, will have developed into a windsurfer, using the ocean around Klitmøller as his play ground :)

Thanks Robert - I’ll be looking forward to 2012 PWA event.

Robert Sand is also running the clothing company PLASMA

plasma boardriding inc.

“Le cirque” is back in town

2011 PWA event After the huge success in 2010 the PWA World Cup returned to Klitmøller in 2011. And again a new and very power full low was on it’s way. It was an “old” Caribbean hurricane moving in from the North Sea aiming straight for Denmark - the timing couldn’t be any better.

The “red dot” on this satellite photo indicates the location of Klitmøller


World champion interview

r e w o p e Philip r pu


A new World Champion is born

Philip “power man” Köster - only 17 years old - from Germany, living in the Canary Islands with his family, is a pro and extremely talented windsurfer. Last year at the second Cold Hawaii event he became the youngest World Champion ever. Philip won after showing the world a season with a whole new level of this fantastic sport.

r pure powe

This young guy is so strong and I have never seen anything like his approach to windsurfing before. He just keep on charging and gives the crowds everything - and they love it. He is just what this sport needs and it’s such a pleasure to watch Philip ripping it out there. It’s going to be very interesting to follow this “young kid” in the future, and I’m sure he will keep on “making magic” for a long time ahead. I was therefore very pleased when Philip agreed to do a small interview with me for this special edition of Rip’n Snap. So together with this photo essay of “Pure Köster Power” from the second year of the Cold Hawaii event in Klitmøller, I will try to show a “small glimpse” of this fantastic young athlete and some of his amazing moves, like the double front loop, which Philip makes with such ease, even on a small wave. Hope you will enjoy this photo essay as much as I did shooting it.

power world champion feet

only 17 years old already centre of the stage

r pure powe

farther & son

Hi Philip Thanks a lot for taking some time off to do this little interview with Rip’n Snap. Let’s jump right into it and get started. How old were you when you started windsurfing and where did it all began for you?

I was 8 years old when I started windsurfing and my parents taught me everything. I began on the beach right in front of my house in Vargas at Gran Canaria.

Who have been the biggest inspiration and motivator for you in your windsurfing carrier?

I think the biggest motivator was John Skye when he came to Vargas to sail, I really believe I improved a lot sailing with John because I was trying to do everything better. And today it is still super fun to sail with him.

You are a big strong guy and wave sailing is clearly your special, but have you ever thought about competing in speed sailing, which also demands some “raw physical power”?

Wave sailing is my favorite and that won’t change, but when theres not enough wind for waves I go out and do a bit of slalom and freestyle. I think I might try to do one or two slalom events in the future - we’ll see.

Philip your are the youngest Windsurfing World Champion ever, which is absolutely amazing, but where do you see yourself in 10 years from now?

I’m still competing in the tour,having fun, enjoying every bit of life and traveling around the world windsurfing in “windy and wavy places”.

r pure powe

pure power

How do you like the windsurfing conditions in Klitmøller compared to some of the many other spots you have surfed?.

The conditions in Klitmøller are great, you never know what to expect, you can get dream conditions with good waves and wind or the craziest waves with the strongest wind.

What is your absolute favorite wavespot on “this planet” - and what are your favorite windsurfing conditions (wind speed and wave size)?

I haven’t seen all the windsurfing spots on the planet but I believe there are a lot of great undiscovered places to sail, but from the places I’ve seen so far I think Margaret River is a very cool place to sail. For me the perfect con ditions are 6 beaufort wind and 3-4 m waves. Just like here in Klitmøller - I just can’t get enough of Klitmøller :)

When you are not out there ripping the waves, what is your favorite hobby? and what music do you listen to?

My favorite hobby besides windsurfing is surfing, stand up paddle, mountain bike, just relaxing and I listen to every kind of music. I don’t have a favorite band that I’m listening to but I enjoy music very much.



Video from Minds Wide Open

pure power

Pure Power

Do you have a “second sport” you really like besides windsurfing? - and do you ever spend some time surfing and kitesurfing as well?

Yes I have a second sport, I really like to go surfing, just spending time in the water is great for me. Now in winter I’m surfing a lot because the wind isn’t the greatest in Grand Canaria, but the waves are good. I don’t Kite surf.

What do you consider to be the most difficult windsurfing maneuver - and do you think the triple loop is something we will see in the future?

I believe the triple loop is a very difficult maneuver but it is possible. And it’s just a matter of time before it’s done.

Philip, as a World Champion you are now a huge inspiration and role model for a lot of young people all over the world, so have you ever thought about supporting some interesting causes. In your position as a World Champion you could really make a difference supporting a good cause, like for example “The Clean Ocean Project” from Fuerteventura, where a group of surfers have started a “beach clean up project”, which is a really great environmental project, and it’s now slowly spreading to other nationalities?

I know the clean ocean project from Maui, it’s a very conscious project and they are doing a great job.

er w o p e pur

er w o p e pur

pure power

pure powe r


e r u

r e w po


er w o p ure

pure power

Well Philip - thanks a lot for doing this interview with Rip’n Snap. I’m looking very much foreward to see you again here in Denmark, at the next 2012 PWA event in Klitmøller. Rip’n Snap wish you all the very best for the future - just keep on ripping it out there.







po we r

sm ile


Kenneth Danielsen

D 38

Hi Kenneth Thank you so much for finding some time to do this interview for Rip’n Snap. I know that you have just returned to Denmark after staying in Capetown for a couple of weeks. I Hope you had a fantastic trip with lot’s wind and waves. So while we are at it Kenneth why not begin with Capetown.

Hey Mark. I actually been in Cape Town for 4 and a half month just so you know :-) (“Oohh schiizze” I didn’t know !!)

Which spot is your favorite down there in SA and what kind of advise can you give our readers, if they want to visit Capetown one day?

Well the cool thing about Cape Town is that you have so many different spots to chose between, and all of them is in relatively short distance from where you stay. You can have side shore, onshore, wave riding, jumping, all during the same day, it just depends on what spot you chose. So what spot I like the best depends on what I feel like doing that day. The only advise I would give to the readers is to book your ticket. I’m sure they wouldn’t regret it.

I heard that you have returned from SA with an injury, I really hope it isn’t that serious - can you tell me what happened ?

“I was having a fun day in Melkboss”

I was having a fun day in Melkboss last week before I had to go back home to Denmark. When I pulled in my back hand to start the rotation in a stalled for ward, I felt a sharp pain in my back. I almost couldn’t carry my gear up the beach because it was so painful. The doctor told me I probably strained some ligaments in my ribcage which feels like having a bend rib. Its really painful and takes up to 6 weeks to heal.

Kenneth you are a local in Klitmøller, so can you please tell us a little about your background up there?

Well the real locals up there wouldn’t call me a local, because I’m not born there. I just moved there after high school so I could train at the best spot in Den mark. I lived there on and of for 7 years now.

Do you have a lot of family in the Klitmøller region of Denmark, and how many generations do they go back?

No I don’t have any family up there. As I mentioned I moved there after high school but I grew up in Aalborg, which is around 110km from Klitmøller. All my family still lives there.

Klitmøller have been through a tremendous development over the last 10-15 years, what do you think have been the biggest challenge for the locals in Klitmøller?

I think the biggest challenge for the locals have been to accept the surfers as being a part of there town. But now most of the locals have a positive attitude towards the surfers.

You have done really well in the PWA world Cup Kenneth and it’s a pleasure to watch you surf, you have a very unique and strong windsurfing style. What is your goal for the 2012 season?

My goals for 2012 is to do even better in the contests, and keep on climbing up the ranking. At the same time I will keep on focusing on my training so I can keep raising my level.

How did it all begin for you and which windsurfing profile has been your greatest inspiration?

I started windsurfing when I was 12 years old. My dad was a very enthusiastic windsurfer at the time and he just looked like he had so much fun out there, that I had to try it for myself. I was hooked straight away and never looked back. In the beginning Bjørn Dunkerbeck was for sure the biggest inspiration to my windsurfing, but later on when I got more into wave sailing Jason Polakow was the biggest inspiration.

What do you consider as the hardest maneuver in windsurfing?

There is so many hard maneuvers but I would say the wave 360 and the double forward.

What is a perfect windsurfing day for you Kenneth?

A perfect windsurfing day for me is waking up in Klitmøller and have a big breakfast with my girlfriend and friends. Then jump into my car and cruise up to Hanstholm. Then sailing all day with all my friends until I cant hang onto the boom any more. Then drive back to Klitmøller for my girlfriends home cooked meal.

You must have seen a lot of places on this planet, traveling with the PWA - which is your absolute favorite windsurfing spot ?

Hanstholm is for sure my favorite wave sailing spot. Its far from the best spot I ever sailed, but its just so much fun sailing there. All my friends are around and every time I drive up there I’m as exited as the first time I tried windsurfing

Plastic, oil and pollution in general, are a growing problem worldwide in our oceans, is it something you as a pro windsurfer are concerned about?

Well of course its something that I think about. The ocean is our playground and non of us would like to see it polluted or destroyed in any way. We all have a responsibility to keep the oceans clean.

As a pro surfer you are a role model for a lot of young people so have you ever considered supporting any of the environmental organizations to help them be exposed - like for example the Surfrider Foundation, or The Clean Ocean Project they both do a really great job?

I actually never thought about it, but if any of the organizations contacted me about getting some exposure I would of course try to help out.

You have been windsurfing quite some time now and the equipment has changed a lot over the years - so what equipment changes do you think will come within the next 5-years?

Thats a really hard question to answer, but the equipment evolves all the time and I’m sure its just keep on getting better in the future.

“There is so many hard maneuvers but I would say the wave 360 and the double forward”

Kenneth, if you weren’t a pro windsurfer, what would you do for a living?

I cant imagine doing anything else.

Finally Kenneth last Q - someone once said “music is the key to happiness” !! - so tell me what is your favourite band at the moment?

Well don’t really have a favourite band but the last one I listened to on my Iphone was the Danish rapper L.O.C.

Thank’s a lot Kenneth - Rip’n Snap will for sure follow you and I really which you all the very best for the future and lot’s of success withing the pro windsurfing scene.

Kenneth Danielsen website


Petersen interview



Thank you for finding some time off to do this interview for Rip’n Snap. I know you are very busy right now in the middle of the JP shoot on Maui. Lars let’s start out with Maui where you are right now, working at the JP shoot, which is a big and important assignment, so tell me how does it feel to be behind the camera, working with this crew? It’s a very exciting assignment and I really enjoy working with this crew, because everybody are so professional in their approach. Besides that everything is so very well planned down to smallest detail, for example the development of all the new gear, how to set up the whole location behind the film and even the marketing process is carefully planned, so everything is very professional. Most of this crew is a group of very interesting personalities, from JP himself who is a pure action man, to Kauli Seadi, Ricardo Campello and Steven Van Broeckhoven to name a few of the top guys. So the chance of getting “some insane material in the box” is very much present, and they are all just a big bunch of great guy’s - and girls - to be around. But it’s also hard work with long work hours and when we are depending on the elements like waves and wind, we often only have one shoot at it. I have been involved in the JP shoot since 2004 and just being able to work with something you really love, it’s just so great and I feel very privileged :)

FYM Photo / Troels Hansen

Which is your favourite spot on Maui by the way? Hookipa and Lanes are my favourites with it’s really powerful and perfect waves, but every year when I arrive my starboard sailing is a bit rusty, so I often start out at lower Kanaha which is the ideal training ground, with flat water between the more moderate waves. But you can find so many perfect spots and Maui is for sure the Mecca of windsurfing. Have you ever seen Jaws go off while you stayed on Maui? Yes I have seen it go of several times, in sizes up to around 50 feet waves, but I have never seen some of the really “big days” - even though 50 feet is quite a sight!!! That place really teach us to be humble and respectful to the powers of Mother Earth. It’s a very unique place that’s for sure and I still dream of finding the guts one day to sail it!

"It's a very unique place that's for sure and I still dream of finding the guts one day to sail it"

FYM Photo / Marc Thyge Madsen

Lars, can you please tell me a bit about where you grew up and how you got involved with windsurfing? I grew up on the east coast of Denmark in little village called Greve and I got involved with windsurfing through a friend of mine who asked if I wanted to come along for a windsurfing course in the nearby harbour. I was “hooked” it right from the first moment!

''I was ''hooked'' it right from the first moment''

What made you move to Klitmøller? Well I really loved sailing in Sjælland (especially the North coast) but the potential of Klitmøller was just so much better, with so many more days with great waves and stabile wind conditions in more or less all wind directions, it’s just a Mecca for all aspects surfing. Besides that I really enjoy the rough nature and very peaceful atmosphere up there.


hich part of the season do you enjoy the most up there in Klitmøller?

I enjoy every part of the year very much, and Klitmøller can go off any day of the year. But there is certain periods where things just come together really nicely, and to me the winter season is my absolute favourite. The cold don’t bother me at all and the elements are just a bit more powerful with strong winds and solid waves pumping most of the time. The quality of the waves during the winter season are just so much more powerful and perfect with lot’s of really good solid days, which sometimes isn’t even forecasted in the weather forecast. Besides that it doesn’t get so crowded during the winter season, and mostly I’m out there with a bunch of my local friends, which I really enjoy. But of course I also enjoy a really good summer session, in my thin short sleeve summer suit.

Mostly I'm out there with a bunch of my local friends which I really enjoy

FYM Photo / Christian Gøbel

"There's just nothing that beats a good session at home"

Being a “full-time windsurfer” you must have travelled to a lot of exciting places around the globe, so I have to ask you what you consider as your absolute favourite surf spot on this planet? Despite being fortunate to having seen lots of fantastic places around the world over the years. Believe it or not, my favourite surf spot is still Middles near my home in Klitmøller - there’s just nothing that beats a good session at home! Of course there are plenty of places with bigger more perfect waves around. Out of those my favourite is New Caledonian’s outer reef’s, which has amazing clean wave riding, and is very beautiful and just a pure adventure!

FYM Photo / Christian Gøbel

What is your favourite wind- and wave conditions in Klitmøller Lars? That would be Middles in a WSW side off shore wind and a big swell from NW

FYM Photo / Christian Gøbel

"Hats off to the team behind Cold Hawaii" I remember the first time I windsurfed in Klitmøller, we were 3 guy’s out there ripping it among the local fishermen. They thought we were totally crazy and didn’t like us much. But If they had know what would happen to their little windy village, they probably would have reacted differently back then. Today the whole area around Klitmøller is benefitting economically from these surf related sport, so Lars being a resident in Klitmøller, how do you se the future for this little town? Having been a regular up here since 89, it is indeed very interesting to see the change of the local community that only recently started to appreciate our presences here. It really changed around rapidly, and now we are really enjoying a positive vibe and facing a bright future for the whole community. Several million kroner is currently invested in infrastructure, and the Cold Hawaii World Cup event is now planned for the third year in a row. Hats off to the team behind Cold Hawaii, and in particular Rasmus Johnsen who’s the main visionary behind this project – but everybody involved in this event have really done a fantastic job! :) So I believe we will see more of the same positive development we have seen so far in the whole region up here, since all these new aspects of surfing attracts more surfers, which will benefit the local community economically.


ur oceans are being exposed to a lot of pollution these day’s like the BP oil spill in the Mexican Gulf and also the very serious nuclear situation in Japan. Do you experience any environmental changes regarding water quality, since you began to windsurf? I haven’t personally noticed changes to the worse. But it’s for sure disturbing to read the news about the developments around the world. Although I haven’t experienced a change to the worse, there’s a lot of things that are not acceptable at the current state. For example the way ships spill oil on regular basis really make me sad when I see the beaches full of oil.

"So I believe we will see more of the same positive development we have seen so far"

fym Photo / Troels Hansen

FYM Photo / Troels Hansen

"we all got really scared that something seriously bad had happen to you"

Lars, last year during the World cup event you got cleaned out by a big wave, lost your equipment and disappeared for over 30 minutes out there in the inferno of super powerful wind and waves (hurricane winds were blowing - biggest day I ever seen in Klitmøller!!) we all got really scared that something seriously bad had happen to you. Luckily the rescue team found you and brought you safe to shore - but tell me what went through your head during these dramatically 40 minuets? Well my first thoughts focused on not missing the heat, because I lost my gear after I had landed a jump and was struggling getting back up at speed, when a wall of water mounted up, and I got cleaned out trying to pass over it. I just saw the gear for a split second and then the next huge swell came and it was gone for good. So after a short while I realized that this was a serious situation, with the biggest waves I had seen in 3 years and the set waves were breaking just where I was located on the outer bank. But then I started focusing on thinking positive and I remember one of the thoughts which ran through my head was “well now I finally will get the feeling of a really serious wash!!!”. Then I just started swimming towards the shore which were very far from where I was and the current was extremely strong, so I more or less felt like a tiny pice of wood in drifting a very big ocean. I saw the contest area disappearing as I was swept downwind, and I thought there was no way that anybody was going to find me in this “boiling ocean”, so I was sure I would have to swim in all the way by myself. BUT, then all of sudden I saw the rescued guy on the jet ski and I have to admit I was smiling all over my face, it was a big relief and I still owe that guy a huge beer :) But the best part of it all was that I found my gear a few hours later, lying perfectly on a sandbar without any damages at all!! - which still amazes me :)

FYM Photo / Marc Thyge Madsen


ast Q Lars - what makes Lars Petersen really happy? Well, that answer is long - there’s a lot of things that makes me happy!  :) But I can mention one thing that always makes me very happy, and that is to check the weather forecast and find that strong low pressure system is moving into the North Sea bringing strong wind and waves!!!

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