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I just wanted to thank everyone for supporting our anime Contests club. We would like to offer everyone the opportunity to Of Note be active members, so if you Featuring Graphic Novel Titles: Ingenuo, The One, Don’t Touch Me! like to write or draw please Mobile Suit Gundam 00: The Movie contact us and see your articles posted in our newsletter. Members are compensated Art Gallery for each article or drawing submitted into the newsletter by getting points or Anime Cash to use on items from special catalogs, so we urge you all to become a member by registering online and becoming an official member. Thanks! Trips/conventions

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per person: $300.00 • Registration Fee: $50.00 (Due by June 1, 2011) • Hotel Accommodations = $200.00 (Due by June 5, 2011) • Transportation = $50.00 (Due by June 15, 2011)

Includes: • Registration for Anime Expo Pass

• Hotel Accommodations for 4 days/4 nights • Roundtrip transportation (Merced/Los Angeles) • Snack Packs for Friday to Sunday • 1 Ticket to the following events - Anime Expo AMV Contest • Customized Anime Club Shirt • DVD of Events at Expo after the event • RAC Button Anyone that fundraises and raises $50.00 or more can receive one (1) or more meals free during entire trip. Members are given gift cards in the amount of $20 for restaurants in the area to use for their meals. Some restaurants will not be available. Members can choose from available cards one (1) month before the trip.

OTHER UPCOMING CONVENTIONS Hyper-Con September 18-19, 2010 Boys & Girls Club of San Francisco San Francisco, CA Please go online to view more about these conventions in our Trips/Conventions area. Thank you.

Buy Anime Club merchandise featuring our mascot— Rinaka, and support the club when you do!!! You can also get points to earn Anime Cash on select items. www.zazzle.com/rintaki

S e pte m ber 20 10

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Kamina Ayato lives an ordinary life. He goes to school. He lives with his mother. He has schoolmates. But all of that changes one day when massive machines, known as the Dolem, attack the city of Tokyo with their destructive vocal powers. Caught up in the chaos, Ayato meets a mysterious girl named Mishima Reika. She leads him to the sanctuary, resting place of the RahXephon, a giant humanoid being with powers to counter those of the Dolem. Upon its awakening, Ayato finds himself synchronising with the machine and it takes him to the world beyond Tokyo. It seems that Tokyo, more precisely called Tokyo Jupiter, has been cut off from the rest of the world. Those living within the boundaries of Tokyo Jupiter believe that the rest of the world has been decimated, when in fact they live in a world controlled by the Mu. Now, facing the truth, Ayato must come to terms with his new reality, for he is a central element in the fate of mankind.

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STUF FOR CLUBS NEWSLETTER, SEPTEMBER 2010 Stuf for Clubs Question of the Month And Stuf for Clubs Giveaway Congratulations to Amber D. of Wagoner Otaku Klub. She’ll soon receive a copy of ARIA The ORIGINATION. This month, we’re giving away one copy of the Gakuen Alice DVD Complete Collection. In order to enter the random drawing, send animeclubs@rightstuf.com an email with “Stuf for Clubs Giveaway” as the subject line. In the body of the message, include your name, the name of your club/organization, and your preferred mailing address (no P.O. Boxes, please), along with your response to the below: “Who is your favorite teacher in anime or manga?”


To Enter:

Submit an 8x11 fanart picture of the Get Backers – Ban Midou & Ginji Amano or any other character from the series and win one of the prizes below. All entries are due by Friday, October 15, 2009 before 10:59PM PST. Please include the following in an email after submitting artwork. (Name, Address, Telephone Number, Email and Title of work) Prizes:

All entries will receive a keychain. First place will win 2 of the items below. Second place will win 1 of the items below. All prizes are chosen randomly.Get Backers Vol. 1 Graphic Novel, Get Backers Keychains, Get Backers Vol. 1 DVD and Get Backers Wallscroll

All entries must conform to the above and be received before September 19th, at 11:59 p.m. CT.

Christy M. Sholes Stuf for Clubs and Conventions Coordinator Right Stuf, Inc. e: animeclubs@rightstuf.com w: www.rightstuf.com $20.00 Gift Card Give Away Name: ______________________________________________________________________________________ Address: ______________________________________ City: __________________ State: _______________ Zip Code: _______________________________ Email Address: _________________________________ Cut and mail this entry form by the 30th of the month to enter into the drawing. Only (1) entry per household. Only (1) winner will receive the $20.00 Gift Card. Prize winner will be drawn on October 1, 2010 and notified by October 20, 2010 if they are the winner via email. Prizes will be mailed by October 25, 2010. Mail Entries to: Rintaki Anime Club Society · 1708 Willowbrook Dr · Merced, CA 95348-1313

$10.00 Gift Card Give Away Name: ______________________________________________________________________________________ Address: ______________________________________ City: __________________ State: _______________ Zip Code: _______________________________ Email Address: _________________________________ Cut and mail this entry form by the 30th of the month to enter into the drawing. Only (1) entry per household. Only (1) winner will receive the $10.00 Gift Card.Prize winner will be drawn on October 1, 2010 and notified by October 20, 2010 if they are the winner via email. Prizes will be mailed by October 25, 2010. Mail Entries to: Rintaki Anime Club Society · 1708 Willowbrook Dr · Merced, CA 95348-1313

$5.00 Gift Card Give Away Name: ______________________________________________________________________________________ Address: ______________________________________ City: __________________ State: ______________ Zip Code: _______________________________ Email Address: _________________________________ Cut and mail this entry form by the 30th of the month to enter into the drawing. You may enter as many times as you want. Only (1) winner will receive the $5.00 Gift Card all entries will receive $1.00 in Anime Cash. Prize winner will be drawn on October 1, 2010 and notified by October 20, 2010 if they are the winner via email. Prizes will be mailed by October 25, 2010. Mail Entries to: Rintaki Anime Club Society · 1708 Willowbrook Dr · Merced, CA 95348-1313

SN e pte m ber 10 o vem be r 20 2009

OT A K U W OR L D | P a ge 5

Ding Jiayu dreams of being a photographer. Her idol is none other than Yung Jo. When Yung Jo’s photography company holds an audition to find a new photographer, Jiayu decides to take a chance. The thing is, Yung Jo’s company doesn’t hire women, so Jiayu has no choice but to dress up as man and enter. Yung Jo takes great interest in Jiayu's talent and makes her his apprentice. It may seem like a dream to work with your idol, but for Jiayu, it's nothing of the sort. She takes a beating from Yung Jo everyday, and since all the crew members think she is a guy…

"People don't like my face." Said the overly handsome boy wearing a mask over his mouth. Of course, this wasn't it. People loved his face too much that they fainted and fought over him. It's just that he was way too dense to see it. His only friend was his childhood friend, and it just so happens that his childhood friend has a sister. She is our heroine. Her name is Mirang. Although she is tough, she has a beautiful face and a not too perfect personality. She's conceited, a bit spoiled, she says mean things, and her type of men are comedians?! She grew up apparently hating Won (the overly handsome boy). She threw rocks at him, she hit him, kicked him, and insulted him over and over again. It didn't affect him. Does this seem like a romance manga so far?Just wait for it. When her parents decide to get a divorce, she leaves for 7 years and now that she's back, she realizes her feelings towards Won. She kisses him and tells him "You're mine now". What happens when one of Won's admirers spot this? She of course reports it to the rest of the gang. Joy, oh joy. Please.. touch him! It'll build our entertainment.

From ShoujoMagic: Lele was born into the fashion industry. Both her parents were models, and they both die in a tragic airplane crash leaving Lele orphaned. Therefore, it is no surprise that Lele hates the industry, thinking it’s superficial and unnecessary! Raised by her maternal grandmother, Lele reaches seventeen years of age before she is sucked in when her mother's sister – a fashion model agent and former model, convinces the reluctant Lele to model. Lele had been adverse to the whole idea, until she sees a photo shoot of popular American model Angus Lanson, and she begins to see modeling as an art form. When Aunt Fei's magazine editor invites Angus Lanson to a meeting of all the top fashion ambassadors, a curious Lele is invited to meet him. She does not know that Angus' twin elder brother, Eros Lanson, is secretly accompanying his brother. This obviously leads to confusion and is the start of a charming story of Lele's goals: fashion in NYC, becoming a top model, and…love???

http://www.mangafox.com/manga/ingenuo/ http://www.mangafox.com/manga/don_t_touch_me/ http://www.mangafox.com/manga/the_one/

If you’ve read any of these series or any manga series, then we want your feedback. Please send your review with the title of the series you’ve read to—rintaki.animeclub@yahoo.com

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Born as Soran Ibrahim, Setsuna is the primary protagonist of the show and was discovered by Celestial Being at the age of 14 for having special potential as a pilot. He is currently a Gundam Meister for their organization, piloting the Gundam Exia, and later the 00 Gundam, both specialized in close combat. Before gaining his Gundam Meister codename, he was a child soldier in the war-torn Republic of Krugis. He murdered his own parents under Ali Al-Saachez's influence in order to prove his devotion to God,and hence bears a deep hatred towards Saachez. Due to his previous religious brainwashing (and awakening from it), Setsuna no longer believes that God exists. Setsuna believes that war can only be stopped through direct confrontation, and therefore has little tolerance for diplomats and politicians, believing that their "peace talks" only lengthen the conflict and cause more casualties. Disappearing at the end of the first season, Setsuna reappears four years later and rejoins Celestial Being. In the upcoming movie, Setsuna pilots an upgraded version of the 00 named 00 Qan[T] pronounced as "Double Oh Quanta".

a genetically engineered super soldier in seasons

Born Neil Dylandy, Lockon decided to join Celestial Being after losing his parents and little sister to terrorists in Ireland; because of this, he loathes terrorists. As the eldest pilot, he is considered the team leader of the Gundam Meisters,and sports a more easygoing, flamboyant personality as compared to the other Gundam Meisters. He owns an orange Haro to control Gundam Dynames when sniping and just like Setsuna, he has a personal feud with Ali AlSaachez, who was directly involved in the terrorist bombing that caused the death of his family. [ After being killed at the climax of the first season, his younger twin brother Lyle Dylandy chooses to become the new Lockon Stratos, primarily to help spy on Celestial Being for the dissident group Katharon. He pilots the Cherudim Gundam, which is also specialized in long range combat. Later on, he falls in love with a new member of the Ptolemy, Anew Returner. In the upcoming movie, Lockon pilots another unit, the mobile armor Gundam Zabanya, focused on both heavy artillery and sniping.

Allelujah spent his childhood as an orphan in the Human Reform League as a Super Soldier experimental subject, designated "E-57". While generally gentle and rational compared to the other Gundam Meisters, he has another harsher, unstable, and outright sadistic alter ego, named Hallelujah inside him, which was the result of the Super Soldier experiments. His main rival in combat is another subject of the Super Soldier program, the HRL pilot Soma Peries who shares a mysterious connection with him. He is the pilot of Gundam Kyrios, and later, the Arios Gundam, both of which specialize in high mobility and are able to transform into mobile armors (fighter jets). Allelujah is imprisoned during the four year timeskip between both seasons, but he ends up being rescued by his companions after the other three Meisters reunite. In the upcoming movie Allelujah and his lover Marie Parfacy pilot together Arios' sucessor unit, the Gundam Harute.

Gundam Meister of the heavily armored Gundam Virtue and its successor unit, the Seravee Gundam, Tieria treats Veda's orders with high regard, valuing the mission above all other issues; he is also able to independently access Veda directly. As a result of his arrogance and cold attitude towards others, his relationship with the other Gundam Meisters got off a rocky start, but later learns to care for the other Meisters. Of all the Gundam Meisters, Tieria is the most enigmatic, with an unknown past and a peculiar connection with the Innovators.Contrary of the other Meisters who were either K.I.A. or M.I.A. in the end of the first season, Tieria continued to work for Celestial Being during the 4 year timeskip. Tieria first appears in the second season rescuing Setsuna in his battered Exia from A-Laws' mobile suits; Tieria then brings Setsuna back to Celestial Being to resume his position. In the upcoming movie, Tieria pilots the Raphael Gundam, a new unit with features from both GN-008 Seravee Gundam and GNZ-003 Gadessa.

Sumeragi is the tactical forecaster/coordinator and commander of the Celestial Being's Ptolemy Crew in both season 1 and 2. She commanded the CBS-70 Ptolemaios in season 1, the CBS-74 Ptolemaios 2 in season 2 and later CBS-74 Ptolemaios 2 Kai in Mobile Suit Gundam 00 The Movie: A Wakening of the Trailblazer.

Celestial Being's chief engineer in Mobile Suit Gundam 00. He is Mileina Vashti's father and Linda Vashti's husband. In season 1, he served on board the CBS-70 Ptolemaios as systems engineer, reserve ship pilot, and MS mechanic to the Ptolemy crew. In season 2, he served the CBS-74 Ptolemaios 2 along with his family to maintain the ship and Gundams. In Mobile Suit Gundam 00 The Movie: A Wakening of the Trailblazer, he serves a similar role on board the CBS-74 Ptolemaios 2 Kai.

the princess and monarch of the country Azadistan. After her exile from Azadistan, due to ALaws, she went into hiding with Katharon as a caretaker for the orphan children within their organization. Her relationship with Setsuna F. Seiei is of great importance during the develop-

A genuine Innovator discovered after the battle against the so-called Innovators, the Innovades. His abilities are recognized by Veda. He is captain in the Earth Federation forces, but the army uses him as a guinea pig to learn more about his powers, much to his annoyance.

Feldt is one of Celestial Being's tactical operators (CIC/AIC) for CBS-70 Ptolemaios; in Season 2, she returns as tactical operator for CBS-74 Ptolemaios 2.

Lasse has been trained in piloting support crafts, mobile suits, and a skilled gunner. Being a reserve meister he has been trained to pilot mobile suits and the support machines for the Gundams. His piloting skills are excellent as he can pilot the GN Arms and the 0 Gundam with great efficiency.

the ace pilot for the Union of Solar Energy and Free Nations and later the leader of the OverFlags squadron in season 1 of Mobile Suit Gundam 00; in season 2, Graham joins Earth Sphere Federation's A-Laws as a independent/licensed MS pilot as Mister Bushido.

1-2 of Mobile Suit Gundam 00; she's a product of HRL's Super Soldier Program in their space colony. She was originally Marie Parfacy, a kind little girl that spends time with Allelujah Haptism, but later was implanted with a new persona to be Soma Peries. She became a living weapon to HRL and later to A-Laws until she regained her former self and switched allegiances to Celestial Being.

the daughter of Ian and Linda Vashti and she makes her debut in the second season of Gundam 00. She's the Ptolemy's CIC operator and MS mechanic of Celestial Being.

Ian Vashti's wife and mother to Mileina Vashti in season 2 of Mobile Suit Gundam 00. She appears in the background of episode 2 in the second season, but does not make a proper appearance until Ian later travels to space in episode 9 to retrieve the 0 Raiser.

an AEU exchange aeronautics student in Japan and girlfriend to Saji Crossroad in season 1 of Mobile Suit Gundam 00. In season 2, she becomes a soldier and financier to A-Laws and Innovators.

the next door neighbor to Setsuna F. Seiei, boyfriend to exchange student Louise Halevy, and younger brother to JNN reporter Kinue Crossroad. Saji's life is forever changed since the appearance of Celestial Being and Gundams. In Season 2 he is taken in by Celestial Being (a guest) and becomes pilot of the GNR-010 0 Raiser.

By: Meluteki

“Gundam 00-Setsuna” By: Vvica

“Mobile Suit Gundam 00” By: 10721

“Setsuna Spoil”



“Gundam 00 Cheese” By: Arakunae




“G00: I Am Gundam” By: HazuraSinner

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Life Ends... Tatkuto Kaneshiro is a gifted young man. A student in metallurgy in college, he's something of a genius. He's got a sweet, lovable girlfriend. And he's got a lot of dreams for his future. But one day, all those dreams will shatter. In a freak accident during a secret experiment, he will loose everything that's most dear to him. And following these events, he will lose his sense of self. After the accident, as he hovers between life and death, a mysterious man spouting Shakespeare offers him a chance to get what he now wants most: revenge. Takuto Kaneshiro is dead. And from him, Ryu Soma is born. Now, working as a part of the anti-alien military unit FUNERAL, Ryu Soma is determined to get his revenge.

Club Officers Wanted We would like get member involvement. For the most part officers won’t really have to do much. Just show up at a meeting or two. Sign some club documents; like awards, etc. Officers have the special benefit of receiving 100 points per month instead of regular membership point bonus along with $5.00 of Anime Cash.

Journalists Wanted We would like to let everyone know that the newsletter will continue, however it would be a lot easier with help from members. We will add this incentive: any member that contributes as a regular journalist will be given 50 points a month including any points for articles included in the newsletter. With that said, break out the pen and paper and join the newsletter team! Special Thanks To: Everyone!

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