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What Happen's When?

Not sure what happens when on the big Day? Want to make sure that you dont miss out on any of the action? Don’t worry - We’ll guide you through it!

11am 12pm 1pm 2pm 2.35pm 3pm 5pm 5.20pm

Race Registrations Open & Cars on Display

Pits Open

Course opens for Free Practice

Announcement of Ringwood Carnival

Princesses in the Market Place

Cars line up on the Grid

Race Start

Race Finish

The Afterparty, including Podium & Presentations in Market Place


This year, the British Pedal Car Grand Prix celebrates 36 years since it was run in Ringwood back in 1987 Originally inspired by the Pedal Car Race held in Ringwood's twintown of Pont-Audemer in Normandy, Ringwood Round Table took up the mantel of organising a similar event to celebrate all of the fun, competitiveness & determination that Pedal Car Racing embodies!

After our first event last year, with a new team of organisers from Ringwood Round Table & friends, we ' re determined to make The British Pedal Car Grand Prix 2023 the biggest & best yet! We're back to the full traditional course, taking in the Market Place & the Jubilee Lantern, and we ' re cranking up the entertainment factor with more food & drink to enjoy before our first ever After-Party, following straight after the award presentations after the race!

About the Event

A high speed, high fun race event based in the heart of Ringwood, where teams of daredevils race their pedal powered hot-rods around a street circuit though our beautiful Hampshire market town

Struggling to picture the event? Think of the thrills, spills & hair-raising tussles that the Monte Carlo Grand-Prix is synonymous for in Formula One. Now turn down the noise, turn down the budgets, but keep the effort, determination & glamour the same as you witness the awe inspiring tussle between over 30 teams of daring racers as they compete their low-slung racers against the best in the country, all by pedal power! Race day is guaranteed to bring you drama, excitement & fun as our teams, both local and from further afield, compete for the glory on our street circuit through the heart of Ringwood for 2 hours of action!


Afterparty The Official The

Market Place

After 2 Hours of adrenaline filled racing, make sure that you join us in the Market Place for the Official Afterparty!

After the chequered flag is waved, and the teams get out of their pedal powered hot-rods, the action isn't over! As the focus of the event moves to the main stage in the Market Place, we'll be crowning our 2023 champions from 5 30 After that, get ready for some amazing live music to celebrate what will hopefully have been an amazing afternoon of fun, thrills & entertainment.

John James Newman, star of tv's The Voice will be performing live with his dad Sandy Newman, lead singer of legendary band the Marmalade. They will be joined by local singer song writer lewis Simons, playing tracks from his upcoming album, Polaroid

Feeling hungry? The team from the Tav Kitchen will be on hand with their delicious Loaded Fries & locally sourced burgers, along with ice cold lager, fruity ciders & craft ales available as well! Take the opportunity to chat to some of our teams as they celebrate their race & enjoy the atmosphere!

John James Newman Lewis Simons Sandy Newman

The Course

We’re pleased to be able to announce the course for this years Pedal Car Grand Prix! For those of you that joined us last year, you'll remember that we had to alter the course on safety grounds due to building works in the Market Place - The amazing news is that this year we ' re able to return to our traditional course, taking our racers down into the Market Place & careering around the Jubilee Lantern!

Our course starts in its traditional spot - Up in the Market Place After looping around the Jubilee Lantern, our racers will zoom down the long straight that is the High Street - where they’ll be reaching nearly top speed - competitors will bear left into Southampton Road as they approach the most challenging part of the course After the speed of the previous sections, the track narrows as we pedal down the footpath round to rejoin Meeting House Lane, a tight sweeping bend that will test our drivers braking and steering skills, along with their nerves! As they accelerate through the gap back out onto meeting house Lane, teams will pass one of the two pit lanes on the right before speeding over the cobblestones down The Furlong back onto the Market Place as they bear Right towards the Start Finish Line and complete a lap!

Our field of competitors will zoom around this track for two hours of racing, trying to bank as many laps as they can within that window. Now comes the strategy part; While not quite a case of the tortoise versus the hare, Teams will be considering their tactics for how to run the race Do they go off like a shot and lap as fast as possible from the start? Or do they take a more measured approach, trying to ensure that their average lap time stays up? They’re also going to be thinking about their team members, and their individual strengths and weaknesses. Some might be masters of long-distance racing, able to grind out lap after lap without dropping a second Others might be the pedal car equivalent of Usain Bolt, able to put the hammer down and zoom through the course with lots of acceleration but less endurance.

Regardless of the strategy, the most important trait that all of our racers need is the commitment to having fun - The British Pedal Car Grand Prix is about enjoying yourself, whether it’s as a competitor or a spectator, so whether they complete 150 or 15 laps, as long as



B r i t i s h P e d a l C a r T h e

P i t s

R o a d C l o s u r e s P e d e s t r i a n C r o s s i n g P u b l i c T o i l e t s

K e y 1M a i n S t a g e & R a c e C o n t r o l

2M a r k e t P l a c eS t r e e t F o o d & D r i n k s

3L y n e s L a n eS t r e e t F o o d & D r i n k s

4G a t e w a yR a c e R e g i s t r a t i o n s , M e e t t h e T e a m s a n d S t r e e t F o o d & D r i n k s

Pits 2 3
dna P r i x 2 0 2 3

Flamin' Eck

A team of veteran pedallers with various endurance sporting backgrounds Triathlon, running, swimming, cycling and many years experience in pedal car racing, Flamin' Eck or one of it's previous incarnations has raced for over 25 years in both the New Milton and Ringwood GPs Originally built by the legendary Tony Smith of Bransgore we still use the original wheels Tony rescued

HPS Dredfull Racing

The pedal car was originally Captained by Phil Walsh but the now Captains the new Dredfull Racing 2car So Darryl Tate who raced with Phil previously has taken on the original car as Captain now. Darryl works for HPS in Ringwood The car was hand-built by Phil Walsh who has also built Dredfull Racing 2


A team made up of Explorer Scouts Team Leaders, who's car has previously raced at the British Pedal Car Grand Prix as "Conswervative Club"

This Year's Teams


proud to welcome teams from far & wide - Now's your chance to find out about the teams you're cheering on!

David Lloyd Ringwood

The club have taken part over the years and pleased to return for the second year in a row post Covid! Their car was handbuilt by a former member of staff at David Lloyd

Read's Rockets

Chris Read has always been our Cycling team leader, who sadly passed away after battling cancer The team have not cycled since, but now is the time We have had the car refurbished and the team renamed in his honour! The car has always raced under Superior No17 we have kept the number No17 but have had a complete refurb thanks to Cliff Poulton & the Royce Team

Trinity Zoomers 1

We started out as a Guide team, then had non Guides wanting to race as well as boys so set up as a stand alone team.

A lot of our kids are children of Royce team members This car was donated to us by another youth team


Flaming Cheaters

We are a team made up from Ringwood Fire station that have been racing since 2012 with different riders over the years, with a few top 10’s to our belt! Our car is built by Doughty Engineering Ltd of Ringwood where we built its sister car too. We have raced this car since 2014 where we have got our best results It’s light - Its just the legs let us down! It’s built like a little Fire Appliance

Somerford Chargers

We are the Somerford (20th Christchurch) Scout Group. This is the first ever race for our juniors, and they are looking forward to it The base of the car was borrowed (long term) from the Bransgore Scouts and the Somerford Group have spent a few of their scout evenings over the past few months building the bodywork on the car and decorating it themselves. The Somerford Charger was sired from the great line of pedal car gods and can trace its roots back to Mighty Shimano the god of gears Hewn directly from stainless steel ingots of the lost mines of Wessex, and carrying glorious charms gifted by the mystical serpent woman of the River Avon this chariots destiny was always to claim glory on the streets of Ringwood!

Formula Frettens

Originally built by Fix A Door and raced by their team many years back, the car then raced as Tav, Sweat & Beers - All was going well until the last few laps when the car nearly broke in two! Hopefully this time round we'll have more luck as team members Trevor, Graeme and Richard were part of the team then & now!


We are a family team from Verwood made up of the Ford family. The car was self built in the garage at home using the kids old bicycles for a lot of the parts! It also has a some homemade tech onboard such as electronic gears, a large touchscreen speedo, braking and indicator lights, all controlled by a 1980's joystick!

Team Martini

Our first time entering a team in memory of Martin Walke who passed away last May. Martin volunteered as part of the organising team for the Pedal Car Grand Prix for a number of years. The team are made up of Martin's step son and 3 friends, all 1st timers


Dredfull Racing

Phil Walsh & Andy Manley have been racing pedal cars for quite a number of years together, having completed many Ringwood & New Milton races together About 5 or 6 races ago we were joined by Darren Ord ,our local police chief, and Mark Furse , both very keen cyclists! As a team we ’ ve managed to achieve 2 second places in Ringwood with top spot in our sights for this year! The car is Dredfull racing MK2 , new for this year ! The second creation by Phil walsh has had a few mods and upgrades from MK1 , hopefully for the better ! MK 1 is also on the grid this year with a new crew and it will there be an interesting race between the two cars, let alone the other teams!

Doughty Racing

A new team put together to pretend we are not having a mid life crisis, the car was by Doughty Engineering and has been used for many years now and even helped us to get 4th place in the British Pedal Car Championship

Squeals on Wheels

The team formed in 2007 with a few different people joining the team over the years but the main part of our team has been the same for over 10 years. The car has been racing for ever! Created, managed and raced pre 2007 by Cliff at Royce The men ' s team made it to 2nd place but have never won a race The car is raced by Steph - Cliff's daughter - in the British Pedal Car Championship

Swebbelli Racing

Swebbelli Racing are the pedal car team of Rugby Explorer Scouts (Warwickshire)Approximately 135 miles North of Ringwood! The older members of the unit have taken over running and engineering their own car since the start of the 2022 British Championship season, finishing 6th in the 2022 Championship They recently finished 8th in the Shenington 24 Hour Race with 1021 laps averaging about 16mph throughout The 3 regular drivers also play leading roles in preparing the cars for the junior teams which Swebbelli ESU also fields as well as helping to get the cars and kit to and from all 6 BPCC races throughout the season. Swebbelli ESU last competed at Ringwood in 2012, winning the event in their Coupe bodied car. We think this is the 1st scout team to win a race overall in Open Competition but are willing to be proved wrong. The current generation has never raced here (they were 7 years old in 2012!) so this is a complete learning experience

Ringwood Junior School

Three of us entered and took part last year, after not having a school team for some time We knew last year that we would want to enter again. We have a new member this year and are very excited to be part of the event again in Ringwood We are using our historic school pedal car which was originally built by the school engineering team. Our mechanic, Chris, has adapted the car slightly this year to make some improvements and modernisations



Entered twice before under the name of Martin & Co this year the car will be in the Brightwater properties colour scheme & hoping to improve on last years result


A mix of people from the Royce team that raced at the British Pedal Car Championship 24 hour race on the 24th June weekend. The car was made by Cliff a good 30 years ago and is still racing and winning trophies

Men in Black

Veterans of previous Pedal Car Grand Prix events, this team from Tapper Funeral Service don't knock on wood for good luck - They're here to win!

Swebbelli Explorer Scout Unit

Swebbelli ESU has run pedal cars in the junior classes of the British Pedal Car Championship since 2002 and has often punched above their weight - taking the fight to bigger scout groups ever since (they are all bigger than we are!). 3 weeks ago this car competed in the PC3 (under 16's) class of the Shenington 24 hour race finishing 11th overall and not just winning PC3 but also PC2 (under 18's) despite having an average age of 13 1/2 and (as 1 of the team said at the time): "racing against literal adult men " in the under 18's competition This is the 1st time any of the junior drivers have been to Ringwood so expectations are simply to enjoy the race and the spectacle that makes this event so magical.

Allum & Sidaway

After their holiday interfered with them entering Pedal Car 2022, Patrick & the team from Allum & Sidaway jewellers are back! Their car was built by Martin Cherrett - the super steel frame is quite heavy, but once it gets going, there’s no stopping it! And the bling - well, its 1000's of individual crystals hand fixed to add sparkle.

Pink Panther

The car was built in 2012 for the then race director's daughter and her team. Since then it has arrived back in the Royce fold and has been used in the British Championship. A mix and match team of friends

The Batmobile

Team BatMo are a mixture of Pedal Car veterans and newbies, while the Batmobile itself was buiult by legendary Pedal Car Builder Tony Smith in 2004. The car has been previously raced by Christchurch Cycle club, and has been fully refurbished and upgraded to look like the classic 1966 batmobile.


Silver Bullet

Jeff, Alan and Cliff have raced together in the British Pedal Car Championship for a year and Jozef joined them for his first race last September They love the sport and the friends they have made through it. This will be Jeff and Jozef's first British Pedal Car Grand Prix The Silver Bullet has raced Ringwood and New Milton previously many years ago but we have so many people wanting to race this year, we needed to put it in to race again

Peletony Racing

Two members of the team raced for Tony Smith in these cars approximately 25 years ago around Ringwood We have now brought our favourite car from Tony, and will try and carry on as OAPs!


While This is the first year at the British Pedal Car Grand Prix for this team, the same cannot be said for their car, which was built originally by the team at Ringwood School to compete in the 2018 event

Poulner Schools Dads Club

We all have children in Poulner Infant or Junior Schools and help the staff with jobs around the school from painting to light construction work. Saving the school as much money as possible so they can spend it improving the kids education.

The Gym Tin

Having previously won at the New Milton Pedal Car Grand Prix, the Gym Tin join us for the first time to test themselves on the Ringwood circuit in their carbon framed & gear handled hot-rod

Patriot ESU

Travelling down from Essex like their sister team Patriot Racing, this group of Explorer Scouts will be vying for the bragging rights on the journey home


Racing in a Ringwood icon formerly known as Patterson's Banger, this team are a self described "mish mash of teams that have retired and just want to have another go " The car was was built at AFE Welding about nine years ago, and they've dusted it off and entered for a laugh this year

Patriot Racing

Made up of members of the 4th Thorpe Bay Scouts, the team are making the trip down from Essex with their sister team from Patriot ESU! They'll be racing in a car formerly raced by our previous event winners Apollo


MAB Building Contractors

We're a family team entering for the first time. The car is is a complete build from scratch using parts from 3 different trikes, along with a probably very heavy custom frame!


A team of current Ringwood Fire CadetsThey've learnt about the Fire & Rescue Service, as well as gaining wider skills and experiences They've developed together, showing good determination in physical tasks, and they're looking forward to challenging for the Fastest Junior Team title

Trinity Zoomers 2

The second of the Trinity Zoomers cars on the track this year with another alljuniors setup

Poulner Schools Dads Club

We all have children in Poulner Infant or Junior Schools and help the staff with jobs around the school from painting to light construction work. Saving the school as much money as possible so they can spend it improving the kids education.


The Oddballs ‘Team’ #53 was first created in 2010 by Mark and Tony Butterworth with two of Marks friends just to race in Ringwood & New Milton We were bitten by the bug of racing and soon after started racing full seasons in the British Pedal Car Championship. Mark introduced some more of his friends to the racing and they were hooked. The car today is driven by Paul, Max, Phil and Richard, Mike is absent today, but this team are regulars to the National Championship in this car, After a sabatical from Ringwood last year, these guys will be one to watch today as from 2016-2019 they have finished 2nd in Ringwood 2016 & New Milton 2017, 3rd in Ringwood 2018 and won New Milton in 2019

Scrambled Legs

The Scramled Legs ‘Team’ #77 was created by Jo Butterworth, This is the second of the ‘Oddballs’ team cars built by father and son duo of Mark and Tony Butterworth and was entered into Ringwood in 2018 by Marks wife Jo, Alex, Charmaine and Gemma The car will be driven by Alex and Gemma and they are joined today by pedal car veterans Mark and Tony Butterworth

Alex & Gemma are veterinary nurses with a love for rabbits, hence this car sporting the rabbit look for the Race today for a fun but competitve entry to show their children

Trinity Zoomers 3

The third Trinity Zoomers team joining us on the track today, fresh from competing at the Shennington 24 Hour pedal car race in June


The Starting Grid

See how the teams start the race

Will our winner lead from the front or fight their way through the field?

Join our teams & cheer them on as they cross the start line for two hours of exciting pedal car racing! After a parade lap in starting order, teams will form up on the starting grid for the flag to fall at 3pm! Whether starting from the. back, or fighting their way through the pack, its sure to be an exciting race from start to finish!

MAB Building Contractors

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Ringwood Junior School

Peletony Racing


Men in Black

Trinity Zoomers 2

Patriot ESU

Poulner Dads Club

The Batmobile

Swebbelli ESU

Swebbelli Racing

David Lloyd Ringwood

Trinity Zoomers 1

Scrambled Legs

Patriot Racing


Trinity Zoomers 3 The Gym Tin

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Our Sponsors

Without the support of our amazing sponsors, the British Pedal Car Grand Prix couldn't survive!




The London Tavern

The London Tavern has been serving the people of Poulner and those travelling through since the 1860s. Great beer, amazing food, and officially the best pub garden in Hampshire! Add to the mix that the Tav is the home of live music in Ringwood, you can't go wrong


Be Fit is an amazing small private gym in Ringwood which offers 1-2-1 & Small Group Personal Training to help you achieve the fittest, healthiest version of yourself!

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Digitize was founded in 2021 with the goal of helping businesses achieve their objectives through a comprehensive suite of marketing services We’re equipped with the knowledge and skills needed to tailor our services to your unique business position


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Frettens Solicitors offer a full range of services for businesses and individuals. Our team of bright and approachable experts have been helping clients on the South Coast for over 40 years

Our role is to understand you and what you are dealing with, to clearly communicate your options and to offer honest, straight forward advice. We offer a free 30-minute consultation for all new clients to see how we can assist you



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The Travelling Tavern

What to Eat and Drink

Its thirsty work cheering on 37 teams of daredevils - Don't worry; we've got you covered!

We've made sure that there are lots of amazing Food & Drink options for you to enjoy throughout the day - Have a look through the brilliant se

WHAT: Draught Lager, Cider & Ale, along with Soft Drinks

WHERE: The Market Place


WHAT: Authentic Spanish paella & fiesta food

WHERE: Opposite the Meeting House

The Tav Kitchen

WHAT: Loaded Fries & locally sourced Burgers

WHERE: The Market Place

Store 24

WHAT: Steak & Fish Finger Sandwiches, craft beers, cocktail cans & gin tins

WHERE: Lynes Lane

Jimmy's Ice Cream

WHAT: Traditional Ice Creams & Ice Lollies

WHERE: The Market Place, and The Furlong


The British Pedal Car Championship

There‘s more to Pedal Car Racing than just the British Pedal Car Grand PrixThere’s a whole national championship!

First run in 1998, the British Pedal Car Championship is a series of endurance pedal car races which runs between late March/Early April and September/October every year in the UK. Typically, there are 7 or 8 races totaling just over 60 racing hours including the Shenington 24 hour race in June (at which double points are awarded)

The championship has evolved into 7 or 8 rounds from its early days and is now held at mostly Kart tracks around the country, usually starting at Wombwell and ending at Curborough, with the prestige 24Hr race held in June at Shenington

The Shenington 24 hour race takes place at Shenington Kart Track near Banbury, UK at the end of June and is the flagship event of the Championship The race comprises a night practice session on Friday and then the race starts at midday Saturday Six drivers are allowed per car and all cars must carry head and tail lights for night racing

Thanks to our timing partners at Active Training World, just visit to follow the action live! Can I find out who's winning? 23