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The first whole school assembly of the year

Article By: Tashi Choden Grade: 9

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Holi celebration at Taktse

Whole school sports activity



The first Traditional Dress Day

Book recommendation by Grade 5 students

March has been an absolute whirlwind of activity at our school, with something exciting happening every week. We kicked off the month with our very first whole school assembly, and it was truly one of the best ones yet. It was amazing to see the entire student body and faculty come together in one place, all fired up and ready to take on the new academic year. But the fun didn't stop there - we also had a blast celebrating Holi, the festival of colors. The backfield was filled with joyous laughter as students (and some teachers) threw colored powder and danced their hearts out. It was an amazing display of unity and camaraderie, and we felt a renewed sense of community spirit. And let's talk about our first traditional dress day! The campus was awash with vibrant colors and intricate patterns, and we couldn't help but admire the creativity and ingenuity of it all. From stunning sarees to dapper daura suruwals, everyone showed off their cultural roots in style. We even spotted some teachers in traditional garb, and let's just say we were impressed! Of course, we also had our parent-teacher meet and greet for both the lower/ middle and upper schools. It was great to see so many of our parents come out to meet our dedicated faculty and learn more about the inner workings of our school. We're grateful for the support of our families, and we know that together we can achieve great things. This edition of the newsletter is packed with the latest updates, pictures, and videos of all the amazing things that have happened this month. From heartwarming moments to hilarious antics, we've captured it all for you to enjoy. We hope that this edition of the newsletter will give you a glimpse of our vibrant and diverse community. So sit back, relax, and immerse yourself in the wonderful world of Taktse.

Photo: Ms Pema

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By: Akashna Angel Raya, Grade 9 Friday, the 3rd of March was a beautiful day at school, with the sun finally shining bright. We began our day with an exciting assembly filled with fun and learning. The assembly started with a "thought for the day", which clearly set the tone for the rest of the day. Next, we were treated to a captivating book talk by students from all three divisions - upper, lower, and middle. The talks were intriguing, and it was interesting to hear perspectives from different age groups. Following the book talk, we were engaged in a creative activity that involved selecting an object (ranging from a potted plant to a guitar) and expressing how it inspired or connected with us. Students shared their write-ups through poetry, quotes, or personal experiences, and it was inspiring to see everyone participate enthusiastically. Overall, the morning assembly was a wonderful start to our Friday, and it left us feeling energized and excited.

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8th MARCH Holi was celebrated as a part of our efforts to create an inclusive environment. It is a festival celebrated by different communities in India. The celebration was an opportunity for our students to learn about the culture and history behind the festival. We began the event by setting clear expectations to ensure the safety of our students, and explaining the dos and don'ts of playing Holi. After the festivities, we enjoyed a delicious lunch prepared by our talented cooks. We then settled in to watch a movie. Some of our senior students, who have participated in the celebration for many years, chose to go cycling with some of our teachers. At Taktse, we believe that events like this are essential to providing a well-rounded education to our students. By fostering an appreciation for diverse cultures, we hope to instill in them a lifelong passion for learning and a deeper understanding of the world. 10TH MARCH An assembly was held to educate students on the significance of Holi. A group of students read from the book "Amma tell me about Holi!", highlighting the importance of putting colors on each other during Holi and the tradition of lighting a bonfire to celebrate the burning of Holika. The assembly was followed by an engaging and enjoyable activity - the "Rangoli Competition." Students and teachers worked together to create intricate and beautiful patterns of Rangoli, turning the lower courtyard into a resplendent area. One of our students expressed their appreciation for the assembly, saying, "Our teachers provided us with colored powders to create Rangolis and rewarded us with sweets. It was a fun and informative experience that we thoroughly enjoyed."

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Taktse’s Traditional Dress Day celebrates the rich cultural diversity of students and staff. It is a day when everyone is encouraged to wear their traditional attire and showcase the uniqueness of their culture. On this day, the school is transformed into a colorful and vibrant hub of different cultures. Students and staff members wear a wide range of traditional attire, including Sarees, Khos, Kiras, Ghadhas, Daura Suruwal and many more. This day also promotes cultural awareness and understanding among the school community. It encourages everyone to learn about different cultures and appreciate the differences that make us unique. It is an opportunity for students to broaden their perspectives and gain a better understanding of the world around them.

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Well, well, well, look who we have here! It's Ms Bhawna, the reading revivalist! We, the Outreach Team would like to take a moment to give her the appreciation she deserves for putting in her best efforts to reignite the reading culture in Taktse. With the advent of technology and social media, it's not uncommon to see students with their eyes glued to their phones instead of books. But Ms Bhawna has made it her mission to change that. Through her tireless efforts, she has shown us the beauty of getting lost in a good book, the thrill of turning each page, and the joy of discovering new worlds through literature. From Book Talk Contests and initiatives like “Caught Reading", she has left no stone unturned in her quest to inculcate a love for reading among students. So let's raise a toast to Ms Bhawna for being a true champion of reading and for inspiring us all to pick up a book and lose ourselves in its pages. Here's to her, and to the wonderful world of books!


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By: Tashi Choden Grade: 9

When I first attended the short meeting about an introduction to the UWC ISAK school in 2022, I had zero intentions of applying. I was slowly realizing my fascination for the field of literature and therefore thought I wasn't good enough to qualify. This year, the topic arose again around the end of February. This time, I pondered about my writing qualities and concluded that I wouldn't apply. One evening, when I arrived home feeling grim after a long and exasperating day of school, my parents abruptly started chatting about the summer school and encouraged me to apply. I exclaimed my frustration, but they told me it wouldn't hurt to try. So I thought, "Why not give it a try? If I get in, it'll be a staggering opportunity." The first application I submitted took me only about 3 hours, and I was pretty satisfied. Then came the part where the procrastination started - the second form. It took me almost an eternity to curate answers to the questions I was provided with. With the thought of travelling to Japan came motivation, and that was when I started thinking and writing again. After a full five days of yawns and lots of thinking, I was done - ta-da! I checked off all the required items in the form, and that was when satisfaction engulfed me. It almost felt like I was granted the gift of freedom when I finally hit "submit application." However, I did not realize that there would be another moment of utter suspense - waiting for the results. Every day, I thought about my application and wondered if I'd used too many words or if my sentence structure was wrong. But there was that flame of optimism still burning somewhere deep. I had a little faith in myself, and maybe 25% of me believed that I would be going to Karuizawa. Then came the day, but my results didn't arrive. It turned out that my results would be sent the next day, so once again, the waiting game. The next morning, my father gingerly walked into my bedroom, and the first thing I heard as I woke up was, "Congratulations, you're going to Japan!"

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The Taktse Houses is a remarkable program designed to create a sense of community and foster healthy competition among students. It encourages students to work together towards common goals, while also celebrating individual achievements.





provides to





leadership skills, learn how to work as a team, and take on responsibilities outside of the classroom. Recently,





underwent a major revamp. In this new format, each grade level had representatives who participated in a series of thrilling physical challenges and answered general knowledge questions to earn points for their respective houses. This approach not only promotes physical fitness, but also intellectual prowess, teamwork, and sportsmanship. Overall, Houses provide a fun and engaging way for students to showcase their skills and develop






opportunity for students to push themselves beyond their limits and learn important life skills that will serve them well in the future.

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Move over New York Times Bestsellers list, our fifth graders have spoken these books are the real page-turners! Readers of all ages will enjoy this retelling of a beloved spiritual classic. Playfully illustrated in traditional Tibetan style, the story of the monk Shantideva frames his inspiring lessons on the way of the bodhisattva superhero. click here to read preview


The Twins at St Clare's is a children's novel by Enid Blyton set in an English girls' boarding school. It is the first of the original six novels in the St. Clare's series of school stories. First published in 1941, it tells the story of twin sisters Pat and Isabel O'Sullivan in their first term at a new school. Click here to read preview


When spring comes, Ping must go to the Emperor with nothing but an empty pot. Demi's exquisite art and beautifully simple text show how Ping's embarrassing failure is turned triumphant in this satisfying tale of honesty rewarded.Click here to read preview


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