Kentucky Homes & Gardens March/April 2017 Lexington Edition

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Innovations in

KitchenDesign Innovations By Kirsten E. Silven

Innovations in

KitchenDesign By Kirsten E. Silven

1 Elegant modern lines, 11+ foot ceilings, reflective surfaces and custom touches define this awe-inspiring kitchen, which boasts LED backlit granite countertops on the perimeter and center island that produce a captivating glow, along with Hammerton lighting, a mirrored backsplash and engineered quartz on the island bar in the foreground. The wrought iron range hood was custom made by a metalsmith in Colorado Springs and the floors are reclaimed chestnut. The custom cabinetry features reflective black smoked glass on all but one set of doors, while natural limestone on the walls and ceiling timbers of Douglas fir complete the look. Architect: Jeffrey P. Manley, AIA, Martin Manley Architects. Interior Design: AP Resort Concepts. Photo by Jay Rush.