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Lynbrook/East Rockaway

HERALD 7/26/13 12:32 PM

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BAGELS “indulge in excellence.”


26 AtlAntic Avenue • lYnBROOK • 516-596-0917



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A letter from the publishers


e are proud to present our annual Lynbrook/East Rockaway Guide, a special supplement to the Lynbrook/East Rockaway Herald.

Those of us who live here know that Lynbrook and East Rockaway are wonderful places. In this little book, you’ll find many of the organizations and institutions that make them so very special. The purpose of the Guide is to expand upon what the Herald does each week: describe and celebrate these unique communities and their many services and organizations. For newcomers, the Guide provides a comprehensive look at all the communities have to offer. Longtime residents and business leaders will also find it a handy reference guide. We hope you enjoy this year’s Guide. We’ve tried to make it the best guide Lynbrook/East Rockaway Herald ever published. We also hope you enjoy reading the Lynbrook/East Rockaway Herald 52 weeks a year. And no matter how far from home you find yourself, you can read an online version of the Herald at At our website, you can access the latest stories and special coverage of breaking news including election results. lifford Richner C Publisher

S tuart Richner Publisher

P.s. If you’re not currently receiving the Herald by mail each week, please see our ad on page 41 for subscription information or look for the enclosed subscription envelope, or find us online at On the cover: An enthusiastic student with a bullhorn got the crowd cheering at Lynbrook High school's homecoming festivities last september. Photo by Jina Papadoniou/Herald

Penny Frondelli/Herald

Charles Avella, left, Jayden Petersen, Norma Jean Singh and Joe McCarthy handed out water at the Stars and Stripes Festival in East Rockaway.

Clifford Richner

Stuart Richner

Lynbrook/ East Rockaway Guide

2013 - 2014 A special supplement to the

Lynbrook/East Rockaway


EdIToR Mary Malloy REsEARcH Grace Poppe PubLIsHERs clifford Richner stuart Richner VIcE PREsIdEnT oF oPERATIons Michael bologna VIcE PREsIdEnT oF sALEs Rhonda Glickman ExEcuTIVE EdIToR John c. o'connell AccounT ExEcuTIVE nancy Friedman cREATIVE dIREcToR Jeffrey negrin PRoducTIon MAnAGER Karen Mengel EdIToRIAL dEsIGnERs Kristen Edelman Alyson Goodman PHoTo EdIToR christina daly

2013 - 2014

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Table of conTenTs Letter from the Publisher ....................................................3

Post Offices........................................................................40

Living in Lynbrook .............................................................6

Nassau County..................................................................42

Lynbrook History ...............................................................8

Town of Hempstead .........................................................42

Village of Lynbrook ..........................................................10

State Officials.....................................................................44

Living in East Rockaway..................................................12

East Rockaway Chamber of Commerce ........................46

East Rockaway History ....................................................14 Village of East Rockaway ................................................16 Emergency Numbers ........................................................17 How to Reach the Herald ................................................18 Health Services ..................................................................20 Fire Departments...............................................................22 Clubs and Organizations ..................................................24 Parks and Recreation ........................................................25 Lynbrook Schools .............................................................26 East Rockaway Schools ....................................................29 Places of Worship..............................................................32 Seniors................................................................................34

Mary Malloy/Herald

Plaza Theatrical Productions performed "The Sound of Music" in East Rockaway's Memorial Lynbrook Chamber of Commerce...................................38 Lynbrook-ERock-HeraldAlmanac_Layout 1 7/17/13 12:24 PM Page Park in 1July. Libraries .............................................................................35

Making a positive difference in the lives of our customers and their communities. Whether you are planning for college, buying a dream home, own a small business, or need to protect your loved ones, we can help. Ask us about banking with a personal touch. Stop by our Lynbrook or East Rockaway branch. Denise Rogers 360 Merrick Road • Lynbrook, 11563 516.887.3100

464 Atlantic Avenue • East Rockaway, 11518 516.887.3000

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Arlene Bhoorasingh

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Living in Lynbrook Early history

A historical marker in front of Lynbrook Village Hall proclaims: “Lynbrook — established 1785”. The date comes from a 19th Century Methodist prayer book that indicates that by 1785, a small community of 40 houses had been established near Merrick Road and Ocean Avenue, close to where the Rockville, (then Sand Hole) cemetery is today. In 1790 a 20-by 30-foot Methodist meetinghouse was built on land donated by Isaac Denton. Benjamin Abbott, the first preacher, rode a 300-mile circuit on horseback to reach his widely-spread Long Island parishioners. The intersection became known as Parson’s Corners. The land to the west of Parson’s Corners, near what is today the center of Lynbrook, was called Bloomfield. Much of the land was owned by one family, the Pearsalls. The Pearsalls had been among the first European settlers to come to Long Island. They Lynbrook stats arrived in 1639, only 30 years after Population: 19,427 Henry Hudson explored the Hudson Land area: 2.4 sq. mi. Zip code: 11563 River. Median age: 40 Around 1830, Wright Pearsall purchased some land at Hempstead Source: Avenue and Merrick Road, at the intersection we today call The Five Corners. An historical marker denotes the spot where Pearsall opened a general country store. Wright Pearsall’s store became so widely known that the corners and the surrounding community soon became known as Pearsall’s Corners. The name Pearsall’s Corners stuck for about 40 years until just after the Civil War. At that time a post office and railroad station were built and the simpler name Pearsalls came into use on postmarks and train schedules. Hundreds of people vacationing from overcrowded Brooklyn and New York City liked what they saw in Pearsalls and decided to stay. In 1894, the name was changed to Lynbrook, in honor of Brooklyn. The village was incorporated in 1911.

lynbrook today

Lynbrook is a village in Nassau County. The population was 19,427, according to the 2010 census. The Village of Lynbrook is within the Town of Hempstead, and Lynbrook's mayor is William Hendrick. Lynbrook is part of New York’s 4th congressional district, which is currently represented by Democrat Carolyn McCarthy. Lynbrook is also part of New York State Senate District 9, which is represented by Republican Dean Skelos. It is also part of the New York State 14th Assembly District, which is represented by Republican Brian F. Curran, who resides in Lynbrook and served as its mayor. Long Island Rail Road service to the New York City boroughs is available at the Lynbrook train station located off Sunrise Highway between Peninsula Boulevard and Broadway.


School-aged children residing within the Village are eligible to attend one of the five public school districts that are within its boundaries: East Rockaway, Hewlett, Malverne, Lynbrook and Valley Stream School districts. The Village has seven schools: Lynbrook Kindergarten Center, West End Elementary School, Waverly Park Elementary School, Marion Street Elementary School, Lynbrook North Middle School, Lynbrook South Middle School, and Lynbrook High School. The Davison Avenue Elementary School is located in Lynbrook, but is in the Malverne school district. Our Lady of Peace Parochial School is also in Lynbrook.

Shane Molinari/Herald

Lynbrook offers many activities at Greis Park, including a fun Easter Egg Hunt for local children every spring.

GovErnmEnt, sErvicEs, orGanizations

A five-member village board governs Lynbrook, including one mayor and four trustees. Since 1912, Lynbrook has been served by the Lynbrook Police Department. The Police Chief is Joseph Neve. Since 1879, the Lynbrook Volunteer Fire Department has served Lynbrook. The department has six firehouses. The Chief of the Department is Edward Hynes. Lynbrook is also served by its own Department of Public Works, which provides sanitation management. The Superintendent is Phil Healey. In 2008, three houses in Lynbrook were listed on the National Register of Historic Places: 251 Rocklyn Ave., 474 Ocean Ave., and 73 Grove St. Lynbrook also had a VFW organization, Knights of Columbus, Elks Lodge, Boy and Girl Scout troops and Little League.

rEcrEation and activitiEs

Lynbrook has a recreation department and an in-ground pool complex for its residents. It also has a Chamber of Commerce, a public library, Greis Memorial Park, and numerous senior care facilities. The village hosts a Memorial Day parade, a Patriots Weekend and a winter holiday festival among its many activities.

housEs of Worship

Houses of Worship include Our Lady of Peace Roman Catholic Church, Lynbrook Baptist Church, Saint James United Methodist Church, Temple Am Echad, among others. Rockville Cemetery is located in Lynbrook.

notablEs, EntErtainmEnt

The T.V. sitcom "Everybody Loves Raymond" was set in Lynbrook; the fictional Marie and Frank Barone live at 319 Fowler Avenue, a real street in the center of town — but the actual filming took place at Warner Brothers Burbank Studios in Burbank, California. In a Seinfeld episode, the gang mention going to a mall in Lynbrook — there is no mall in Lynbrook, but Green Acres Mall is in nearby Valley Stream. Lynbrook’s Trainland on Sunrise Highway was prominently featured in an episode of "The Sopranos". Actor Raymond J. Barry was raised in Lynbrook and attended Lynbrook High School. Alan Colmes, radio and television personality, was born in Lynbrook. Bob Keeshan, who played Captain Kangaroo, was also born in Lynbrook.

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Ron Manfredi/Herald


Town of Hempstead Supervisor Kate Murray presented a citation to Lynbrook student Matthew Bernstein, center, on June 8, for organizing a collection to benefit animals at the Town of Hempstead Animal Shelter. Bernstein was joined by his parents David and Deena and brother Zachary, at left, shelter employees and friends.

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lynbrook History

Circa 1910: Lynbrook looked quite different one hundred years ago. It was then a small country village with many farms and a few stores, like the general store you see on the right, where the Bank of America parking lot is today. Botty’s Hotel sat where the Lynbrook Theatre is today. The Village had just incorporated, and changed its name from the old “countrified” Pearsalls Corners.

thAt’s EntErtAinMEnt! (thosE WErE thE DAys EDition) By Art MAttson Lynbrook Village Historian In this special edition of the Lynbrook/East Rockaway Herald I want to describe for you how Lynbrook’s residents found entertainment at the turn of the last century (1900).

David and Phoebe Watts had a small farm near Hendrickson Avenue. Farm life was difficult, and there was little time for entertainment of any kind. Dressed as nicely as they are, the Watts were probably heading off to a church social on their farm wagon.

For most people in Lynbrook there was little time for entertainment. This is the Old Sand Hole Church.It was located on The Merrick Road opposite today’s Hot Skates. It was Lynbrook’s only church for its first 100 years.When newcomers began arriving in Lynbrook at the turn of the last century, tension arose between the traditionalist and the younger people who wanted to have fun. Take for instance the 37-year-old pastor of the Old Sand Hole Church, Rev. Thomas Davis. In 1896 he was fired. Why? The church members were outraged that Davis rode about visiting parishioners on his “wheel.” (That’s the old name for a bicycle).When he refused to stop using the bicycle, he was dismissed. One Lynbrook woman was quoted in the Brooklyn Eagle of Feb 25, 1896: “It does not look well for the Lord’s servant to be gallopin’ around on a bicycle just like those city fellows on the Merrick Road on Sunday.”

There was more in the way of entertainment than just church socials! From the 1870s to 1910, Lynbrook had a race track called The Lynbrook Driving Park. Folks came all the way from Brooklyn to see the horses compete. This map shows where the track was located — just north of Peninsula Boulevard, near Oak Street.

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village of lynbrook

he Lynbrook/East Rockaway Herald Guide provides us with an opportunity to introduce our exceptional community to those who may not be familiar with it. Lynbrook USA is a family. Our board of elected officials, Deputy Mayor Alan Beach and trustees Michael Hawxhurst, Hilary Becker and Thomas Atkinson, all work tirelessly to keep Lynbrook a great place to live, work and raise a family. We recently celebrated our 100th anniversary as an incorporated village with the very same traditions and honor that we have always held dear. Lynbrook is a unique village that offers every amenity to our youth, families, seniors and business community alike. Our youth programs and extracurricular programs offered by the Lynbrook public schools, Youth Athletic Association as well as our own Recreation Department are extraordinary, and the members go the extra mile with focused dedication on behalf of our younger community. Our Recreation Center provides Lynbrook’s senior citizens with special services, including social gatherings and special events for them to enjoy. We have a close partnership with our Lynbrook Chamber of Commerce, and our business community continues to provide some of the best restaurants and expansive shopping anywhere on the South Shore. Lynbrook is a thriving, prosperous village and our motto is “Open for Business." With our AA bond rating, we are truly one of the best villages anywhere on Long Island! Thanks to the dedication and excellence of our Department of Public Works, Lynbrook’s streets, roads, neighborhoods

and parks have undergone a revitalization and beautification for all to enjoy. Greis Park is the site of wonderful family picnics and sporting events, and is home to our beautiful Lynbrook pool, a true oasis and treasure for all of the residents in the summer. Our public William J. Hendrick and parochial schools are another source of pride in our community, giving voice and vision to our next generation of leaders. The Lynbrook Fire Department and the Lynbrook Police Department work tirelessly on our behalf to ensure a safe community. We salute them for all of their hard work and commitment to our village. Our veterans are also an enormous source of pride in Lynbrook. We applaud and honor them, and our community continues to recognize their efforts. Our village acquired a piece of steel from the World Trade Center that now stands proudly in our Memorial Garden to serve as a reminder for us all to never forget the events of that day. The 9/11 monument is located at Village Hall and is a tribute to all victims and heroes of the attacks. We are proud of our tradition of excellence, our rich history and our heritage. We enjoy a quality of life that is enhanced by our business community, our village employees and our volunteers that keep Lynbrook a close community and an outstanding suburban village. Growth and opportunity are ours to enjoy, and even in tough economic times we come together as a community who keep Lynbrook moving forward and thriving. Together, we will celebrate Lynbrook’s next 100 years. William J. Hendrick Mayor

important pHone numbers Village of Lynbrook Town Hall One Columbus Drive Lynbrook 11563 599-8300 Mayor William Hendrick


Trustees Deputy Mayor Alan Beach Hilary Becker, Michael Hawxhurst Thomas Atkinson Village Clerk/Treasurer John Giordano ext. 202


Dept. of Public Works Superintendent Philip Healey 599-8838 Building Department Superintendent Brian Stanton - 599-8828 Village Justice Court Hon. William McLaughlin


Assessing Department Lisa Kenny


Vic Vaiana/Herald

Recreation Department Director Patrick McDermott

A Boy Scout troop marched in Lynbrook's Memorial Day parade. 599-8000

Deputy Village Clerk/Treasurer Helen Lanza

599-8300 ext. 205

Administrator, Budget Officer John Giordano

599-8300 ext.202

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living in east rockaway

Mary Malloy/Herald

The Village of East Rockaway hosts the Huckleberry Frolic every June in Memorial Park.

Early history Originally named Near Rockaway, the village began as a shipping and trading center for the south shore of Long Island. The location was desirable for ships because of its deep channels inland. A grist mill was eventually built on the Mill River by Joseph Haviland through a land grant in 1688. Some time later, an oven was purchased to make bread for the surrounding population. The Haviland-Davison Grist Mill, located in Memorial Park, was listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1998. Near Rockaway prospered in shipping and milling over the years, even after several sales of the land. The village's name was changed in 1869 to East Rockaway, and was incorporated in 1900, with Floyd Johnson as its president. At the time of incorporation the town had a population of 969.

East rockaway today According to the 2010 U.S. Census Bureau, the population of East Rockaway is estimated to be 9,854. The Incorporated Village of East Rockaway is in the town Hempstead, adjacent to Lynbrook, Hewlett and Oceanside. The primary ethnicities are mainly Italian and Irish. The Waverly Park neighborhood, near the Hewlett-East Rockaway Jewish Center and along the border with Hewlett, has a sizable Jewish community. Bay Park, while sharing the same zip code as East Rockaway, is governed by the Town of Hempstead. The Bay Park area recently sustained extensive damage to many of its homes when

Hurricane Sandy hit the community on October 29, 2012. The Bay Park Sewage Plant discharges between 58 million and 65 million gallons of treated sewage a day into Reynolds Channel.

schools East Rockaway’s two public elementary schools, Centre Avenue and Rhame Avenue, serve grades K-6 in the East Rockaway school district No. 19, and one Junior/Senior high school for grades 7-12. St. Raymond’s Catholic school consisting of pre-k through 8th grade, is also in East Rockaway. The western portion of East Rockaway is part of school district 20, the Lynbrook school district. Its Waverly Park Elementary School, which feeds into Lynbrook South Middle School, is located in East Rockaway. Annual school musicals and the inter-class competition known as Rock Rivalry are widely popular throughout the community.

GovErnmEnt, sErvicEs and churchEs The Village of East Rockaway is governed by a five-member elected board, including the mayor and four trustees. The area is protected by the 4th Precinct of the Nassau Count Police Department and the East Rockaway Auxiliary Police. Fire and ambulance services are provided by the all-volunteer East Rockaway Fire Department. Village businesses can join the East Rockaway Chamber of Commerce. Local houses of worship include St. Raymond’s Catholic Church, Bethany

East Rockaway stats High school or higher: 88.7 percent Bachelor's degree or higher: 34.9 percent Graduate or professional degree: 15.4 percent Unemployed: 2.6 percent Source:

Congregational Church, The Nazarene Church, and the Hewlett-East Rockaway Jewish Centre.

rEcrEation and activitiEs Many residents enjoy Bay Park’s local beach, Hewlett Point Beach and the John Street Complex for local sports. John Street recreational complex includes facilities for baseball, basketball and flag football. The East Rockaway Recreation Department runs many sports and recreational programs for children and adults. Every summer, the Village and the Chamber host an openair classic car show on Main Street. In the winter, a holiday festival, tree lighting and Hanukkah services are held on the grounds of Village Hall. The East Rockaway Public Library, which reopened earlier this year after extensive storm repairs offers book lending and rentals, childrens’ programs and activities, and acts as a location to host meetings and gatherings. Noteable people from East Rockaway include Gary Giddins, screenplay write for Bing Crosby’s A Pocketful of Dreams; Reid Gorecki, Major League Baseball player, and actors Brian Keith (Family Affair) and Don Murray, who co-starred with Marilyn Monroe in "Bus Stop."

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history of east rockaway Delamater Denton ii: a long anD PurPoSeful life By Patricia c. SymPSon, Ph.D. Historical Society of East Rockaway and Lynbrook History is not always exciting or titillating. It is the story of people, places and events to name just a few of the things that we consider historical. This year we have chosen to highlight a community pillar, Delamater Denton II. Denton was a kind, generous, person who participated in the life of East Rockaway on many levels. In fact, his family is brought to mind each time we traverse Denton Avenue. In preparing this article for the Guide we will give credit to several people: the Denton surname is recorded from the Rev Richard Denton, who founded the Christ First Presbyterian Church of Hempstead in 1644. Delamater Denton II has a long and interesting story within the confines of the development and growth of East Rockaway. His given name goes back to his great, great grandmother, Delamater Gautier, a woman who fled France for religious freedom. Denton Avenue in East Rockaway, of course, stems from the Denton family. Oliver, an ancestor, purchased a tavern building in 1808 and remodeled it into the homestead that still stands on Denton Avenue. One of the traditions of East Rockaway was moving houses to new locations — they were moved, not razed. Del’s father started Denton Avenue. In 1903, he cut the street through the middle of his farm northward from Main Street to the Woods Avenue School. The Denton Home was in the way of the new road, so it was moved 100 feet westward on Main Street. Oliver, the first Denton to own the homestead, was the largest taxpayer in the Town of Hempstead in 1837, paying $27.93 on assessments of $14,700. Now let’s talk about Delamater II. He joined the East Rockaway Fire Department in 1895. At the time, the fire department was a mere two years old. He served for more than 75 years. He worked at the Combs Lumber Yard

Courtesy Patricia C. Sympson, PhD.

Delamater Denton II served as East Rockaway's president for one year, 1911-12. in Rockville Centre. He subsequently was asked to survey common land held by the Wannamaker family who wished to develop some of their Garden City property. This work introduced Denton to surveying and civil engineering. As was common in the early days of East Rockaway, the Fire Department, the Village, the Town, the school, the waterways and public leadership were intertwined. Delamater was a President of East Rockaway from 1911 to 1912, a position known today as mayor. Betsy Davison, a direct descendant of Charles Davison of the Grist Mill Davisons, recalls fond memories of Denton. Her memories are of the 1950s and 1960s, when she and her sister Nancy visited either at the Denton’s in East Rockaway or at the Davison home in Oceanside. This was usually after church services. ‘I don’t recall any specific discussion with Mr. Denton," Davison said. "I was Daddy’s tag-a-long during visits, but I recall being acknowledged by name and being told by Mr. Denton that I ‘growing up to be quite a young lady.’ "Denton taught my dad to duck hunt when by dad was a teenager and continued as my dad’s gunning buddy for many years. He and my dad would

leave their respective home in darkness of cold winter mornings to a destination from which to row their grass-covered greenish –brown gunning skiffs across the bay, anchoring under the cover of the small creeks ('criks' to longtime Long Islanders) and meadows of East Rockaway, Middle Bay and sometimes South Bay off Massapequa and Amityville. From there, decoys or stools were set up and the waiting began. As they kept low in their respective boats in anticipation of the journey’s purpose, Mr. Denton and my dad must have shared the distant glory of December sunrises in the east sky interrupted only by the haunting sound of an approaching brant or black duck.” Delamater Denton lived a long and purposeful life, serving the fire department, East Rockaway village, the Town of Hempstead, his neighbors and his friends. Sources: Greg Dengel, The Denton Homestead Story 2005; Clinton E, Metz, Long Island Forum April 1970; Betsy Davison, Director Historical Society of East Rockaway & Lynbrook and Heritage News Jan 2004-Mar 2004.

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village of east rockaway

he Village of East Rockaway is a wonderful community, where home prices continue to hold their ground, even in today’s uncertain national economy. People want to live here because of the area’s great government services, its affordable homes and small town feel. This trifecta continues to draw homebuyers to our community and strengthens longtime residents’ spirit and bond to our area. East Rockaway is also just one of a handful of governments on Long Island that has cut taxes across the board two of the past three years. Working along with the Village Board, I have made fiscally prudent choices to put money back in every taxpayer’s pocket, without a reduction in any Village service. Our top priority is stretching every tax dollar, while cutting expenses and overhead. In today’s precarious national economy, this is the type of proper fiscal management and planning that allows our community to grow and prosper. We continue to experience economic growth and development. Under my administration’s leadership, we continue to improve our Village’s infrastructure such as signage, roads and drainage, maintenance and development of parks, recreation facilities, and the improvement of parking fields. To date, we have completed 13,000 linear feet, or roughly 2.2 miles of reconstructed roadways. After procuring $200,000 in grant money, the first phase of the long neglected Oxbow Park has now been completed. Our Village-owned buildings are all being rejuvenated with new landscaping, signage and updated heating and security systems. Many of the Village parking fields

are being updated with new stateof-the-art meter stations that accept credit cards. In addition, a bid has been awarded to begin reconstruction on the Village-owned parking field adjacent to the post office. This will provide more adequate parking spaces and alleviate Francis T. Lenahan the need for on-street parking. This summer, capital improvements will begin on six major roadways within the Village by a major construction company. In addition, our DPW has been provided with the necessary equipment to repair roads that require only shoulder work. This initiative by the DPW provides a major taxpayer cost savings, to help make the necessary repairs. Since Superstorm Sandy, the Village Board has worked diligently with our homeowners and businessowners to help facilitate some of our most affected areas. One example is the Fishery, located at our waterfront. Our Building Department has worked tirelessly to streamline and expedite the necessary permits. The Village Board also voted to waive any Sandyrelated construction fees, in order to help people get back into their homes and businesses. Since my administration began in 2011, we have experienced a number of natural disasters, including Hurricane Irene and Superstorm Sandy. However, the entire Village family is focused on moving forward, to help East Rockaway retain its small town appeal and quality of life, that identifies our strength as a charming nautical “Community by the Bay.” Francis T. Lenahan Jr. Mayor

imporTanT phone numbers Village Hall 376 Atlantic Ave. P.O. Box 189, East Rockaway, NY 11518 887-6300 Mayor Francis T. Lenahan Trustees: Deputy Mayor Bruno F. Romano, Stanley Lombardo, Ed Corrado, Theresa Gaffney Deputy Village Clerk/Treasurer Patricia Renner


Deputy Treasurer/Personnel Barbara Cutler


Justice Court Judge Steven S. Siegel


Building Department Superintendent Thomas Smith


Emergency Management Manager James Carrigan


Recreation Department Director: Richard Kappel DPW Superintendent Kevin Conklin

341-0996 Mary Malloy/Herald 887-6316

Members of the Knights of Columbus passed by the reviewing stand during the Village's Memorial Day parade last May.


erc e



m ber m of Com


Lynbrook Police Department


Long Island Power Authority

(800) 490-0025

Gas and Electric

(631) 755-6000

Poison Control Center

(800) 222-1222

Alcohol Abuse Hotline (Nassau Co.) 481-4000 Coalition Against Domestic Violence Hotline Nassau County 542-0404 New York State (800) 942-6906 Child Abuse Hotline

(800) 342-3720

Rape Victims Hotline


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Nassau County Fourth Precinct (East Rockaway)

The East Rockaway Chamber of Commerce

For more information contact

Debbie Hirschberg (516) 887-3131

ATRIA LYNBROOK 516.596.2700 ATRIA TANGLEWOOD 516.256.0088 Operating under licensure with the New York State Department of Health as an Adult Home






emergency Police - Emergency/Ambulance

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How to reacH tHe Herald In many ways, putting out a newspaper each week is an interactive process. We need your participation to do our job, so we offer you — our readers and partners — a reminder of how and when to reach us. For news of upcoming events sponsored by civic, service, religious or community organizations, the deadline is 10 a.m. the Friday prior to publication. Notices are printed free of charge, but must be typed and double-spaced. We also welcome the news of your family life, your business life and your social life. We accept, at no charge, obituaries and Neighbors in the News items, including awards, honors, births, graduations, marriages and promotions. We value your opinions, and provide a forum for them in our popular Letters to the Editor space. Letters are accepted until 5 p.m. the Friday prior to publication. Mail: Lynbrook/East Rockaway Herald 2 Endo Blvd., Garden City, NY 11530 Website:

Editor: Mary Malloy (516) 569-4000 ext. 202 Reporter: Brian Croce (516) 569-4000 ext. 246

Facebook: lynbrookeastrockawayherald

Account Executive: Nancy Friedman (516) 569-4000 ext. 260

Fax: (516) 569-4942

Tempo Group A Family Counseling Center

Barry Wilansky, MA, CASAC Executive Director

Tempo Group is a not-for-profit medically supervised out patient program. Specializing in chemical dependency & related family issues. For over 40 years, Tempo Group has been addressing the needs & concerns of the families of our communities. We provide assesment, treatment & referral services for adolescents, adults & families.

Cindy Wolff, LCSW, CASAC Associate Director

Services: • Adolescent Treatment • Adult Treatment & Recovery Program • Psychiatric Services • Family Education, Intervention, & Treatment • School Based Services • Prevention Program for At Risk Adolescents & their Families • Youth Service Center NYS OASAS Licensed Graduate Trained Professional Staff Sliding Fee Scale, Insurances Accepted

112 Franklin Place Woodmere, NY 11598

23 Willis Avenue Syosset, NY 11791

1260 Meadowbrook Road N. Merrick, NY 11566


(516) 374-3671

2013 - 2014


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reason #549

“It Keeps My Busy Family on the Same Page”

From community news and school sports to professional services and community bulletin board, there are hundreds of reasons to read the Herald newspaper.

3 Easy ways to suBsCriBE to tHE Call 516-569-4000 x7 641629

By Mail

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health services Hospitals Franklin Hospital 900 Franklin Ave. Valley Stream 11580 256-6000 L.I. Jewish Medical Center 270-27 76th Ave. New Hyde Park 11040 (718) 470-7000 Long Beach Medical Center 455 E. Bay Drive Long Beach 11561 897-1000 Mercy Medical Center 1000 N. Village Ave. Rockville Centre 11570 705-2525 Nassau University Medical Center 2201 Hempstead Turnpike East Meadow 11554 572-0123 St. Josephs Hospital 4295 Hempstead Turnpike Bethpage 11714 579-6000 North Shore-LIJ Plainview Hospital 888 Old Country Road Plainview 11803 719-3000 North Shore University Hospital 300 Community Drive Manhasset 11030 562-0100 Peninsula Center for Extended Care & Rehabilitation 51-15 Beach Channel Drive, Far Rockaway 11691 (718) 734-2000 Cohen Children's Hospital 269-01 76th Ave. New Hyde Park 11040 470-3000 St. Francis Hospital 100 Port Washington Blvd. Roslyn 11576 562-6000 St. John’s Episcopal Hospital 327 Beach 19th St. Far Rockaway 11691 (718) 869-7000 South Nassau Communities Hospital 1 Healthy Way Oceanside 11572 632-3000

Winthrop University Hospital 259 First St., Mineola 11501 663-0333 Drugs, Alcohol Dependencies Alcoholics Anonymous 292-3040 Al-Anon and Alateen (For families and friends of alcoholics) 433-8003 Cocaine Anonymous (212) 262-2463 Confide, Inc. 30 Hempstead Ave., Suite H9 Rockville Centre 11570 764-5522 Family Anonymous 1-800-736-9805 Gam-Anon Hotline Gamblers Anonymous (877) 442-4248 LINK Center for Drug Info Inc. 185 Merrick Road, Suite 2D Lynbrook 11563 887-4848 L.I. Council on Alcoholism and Drug Dependence 114 Old Country Road, Suite 114 Mineola 11501 747-2606 Mineola Community Treatment Center 366 Jericho Turnpike Mineola 11501 742-4015 Narcotics Anonymous Helpline 827-9500 Nassau County Department of Drug and Alcohol Addiction Hotline: 481-4000 Admin: 227-7007 Project Outreach 600 Hempstead Turnpike, Suite 250, West Hempstead 11552 481-2890 For the Disabled ANCHOR (Answering the Needs of Citizens withHandicaps through Organized Recreation) 431-6946 Helen Keller Services for the Blind 485-1234

NYS Commission for the Blind and Visually Handicapped 50 Clinton St., Suite 208 Hempstead 11550 564-4311 cbvh

South Shore Child Guidance Center 91 Guy Lombardo Ave Freeport 11520 868-3030 (Outpatient services for children 18 and under)

Office for the Physically Challenged 60 Charles Lindbergh Blvd. Uniondale 11553 227-7399

Special Services AHRC Nassau 189 Wheatley Road Glen Head 11545 626-1000

United Cerebral Palsy Assoc. of Nassau County 380 Washington Ave. Roosevelt 11575 378-2000 Mental Health Family and Children’s Association 100 E. Old Country Road Mineola 11501 746-0350 FEGS Mental Health Facility 175 Fulton Ave., Suite 309 Hempstead 11550 485-5710 (Outpatient services) Long Island Crisis Center 750 Martin Ave. Bellmore 11710 826-0244 Hotline: 679-1111 (24-hour crisis hotline and suicide prevention services) Mental Health Association of Nassau County 16 Main St., Hempstead 11550 489-2322 Nassau County Department of Mental Health 60 Charles Lindbergh Blvd. Suite 200, Uniondale 11553 227-7057 Peninsula Counseling Center 50 W. Hawthorne Ave. Valley Stream 11580 569-6600 Rape and Sexual Assault Hotline 15 Grumman Road W. Bethpage 11714 222-2293 South Nassau Communities Hospital Mental Health Counseling Center 1 Healthy Way Oceanside 11572 377-5400

Epilepsy Foundation of L.I. 506 Stewart Ave. Garden City 11530 739-7733 Ezra Center for People with Disabilities (Freidberg JCC) 15 Neil Court, Oceanside 11572 766-4341

AIDS Hotline (800) 462-6785 HIV, AIDS, STD Hotline (800) 541-AIDS

Family Residences and Essential Enterprises, Inc. (FREE) 191 Sweet Hollow Road Old Bethpage 11804 870-1600

American Association of Kidney Patients of Long Island (800) 749-2257

Friends of Hospice 1845 Northern Blvd. Manhasset 11030 627-6376

American Cancer Society (800) 227-2345

Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation 532 Broadhollow Road, Suite 118, Melville 11747 (631) 414-1126

American Diabetes Association 534 Broadhollow Road, Suite LL10 Melville 11747 (631) 348-0422 American Heart and Stroke Association 125 E. Bethpage Road, Suite 100 Plainview 11803 777-8447 American Lung Association 700 Veterans Memoria Highway Hauppauge 11788 (631) 265-3848 Arthritis Foundation 501 Walt Whitman Road, Suite 2 Melville 11747 (631) 427-8272 Birthright International (Anti-abortion counseling) 1859 Wantagh Ave. Wantagh 11793 785-4070 Hotline: 1-800-550-4900 Breast Cancer Hotline (800) 877-8077

Lupus Alliance of America 2255 Centre Ave., Suite 101 Bellmore 11710 783-3370 Multiple Sclerosis Society 40 Marcus Drive, Suite 100 Melville 11747 (631) 864-8337 Nassau County Coalition Against Domestic Violence 542-0404 National Cancer Institute Cancer Information Service 1114 First Ave., New York 10021 (800) 422-6237 Planned Parenthood 540 Fulton Ave. Hempstead 11550 750-2500

1 in 9: Hewlett House 86 East Rockaway Road Hewlett 11557 374-3190 (Programs for breast cancer patients and survivors)

The Rehabilitation Institute Career Training Center 123 Frost St. Suite B Westbury 11590 222-2092

Cystic Fibrosis Foundation 425 Boradhollow Road Melville 11747 827-1290

Visiting Nurse Association of L.I. 100 Garden City Plaza, Suite 100 Garden City 11530 739-1270

2013 - 2014

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PATHWAYS Lymphedema Therapy

Our comprehensive approach to treatment includes: • Manual therapy techniques and therapeutic massage • Physical and mechanical modalities • Therapeutic exercises and activities • Gait training and neuromuscular re-education

Monica Moskowitz, PT, CLT Elyce Shwom, OTR/L, CLT Lymphedema is a chronic condition that can’t be ignored! Swelling of an arm or leg left untreated can lead to skin infections and other complications. Complete Decongestive Therapy is a technique which utilizes lymphatic pathways to empty and decompress fluid-filled areas, allowing the limb to return to near normal size.




Physical Therapy Director Karen Monstein, PT, MS, DPT Each patient has a personalized plan of care in order to restore optimal function.

Serving the community for over 20 years

815 Sunrise Highway, Lynbrook

Super Storm Sandy Victim? We Can Help!

“The Sandy Tax Experts” Year-round accounting, Bookkeeping, tax & Financial consulting With tax preparation

neW Business set-up consultation revieW oF prior returns small Business experts



electronic Filing

Wolfsohn Financial Services, Inc.





153 Broadway • Lynbrook, NY 11563


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fire departments

Courtesy Steve Grogan

The 2013-14 Lynbrook fire chiefs: From left, Edward Hynes, Michael Anderson, James McDermott and John Chavatte.

Lynbrook Fire Department Emergency Business

911 or 599-4600 599-1547

Chief: Chief Edward J. Hynes 1st Assistant Chief Michael Anderson 2rd Assistant Chief James McDermott 3rd Assistant Chief John R. Chavatte

Courtesy ERFD

The East Rockaway fire chiefs:Tom Johnson, Ed Reicherter, James Henshaw, and Gene Torborg.

east rockaway Fire Department Emergency Business

Fire Houses Fire Headquarters: Wright Avenue Truck Company: Earle Avenue Tally Ho: Horton Avenue Hose Company: Blake Avenue Vulcan Company and Extrication Team: Denton Avenue Engine Company and Floodlight Unit: Carpenter Avenue Emergency Medical Company: Vincent Avenue

meDicaL 30 Emergency Medical and Advanced Emergency Medical Technicians

911 or 599-4400 887-6341

Chief: Edward Reicherter 1st Assistant Chief: James Henshaw 2nd Assistant Chief: Tom Johnson 3rd Assistant Chief: Gene M. Torborg

Fire Houses Fire Headquarters: Atlantic Avenue Rescue and Floodlight Unit: Atlantic Avenue Protector Hook, Ladder and Hose Company No.1: Front Street Vigilant Engine Company: Main Street Liberty Hose Company No.2: Clark Street Hose Company No.1: Grant Avenue

meDicaL 26 Emergency Medical and Advanced Emergency Medical Technicians

Courtesy Steve Grogan

Members of the Lynbrook Fire Department tackled a car fire.

Courtesy Brian Grogan

The East Rockaway Fire Department sprayed water on a blaze at East Rockaway High School.



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Your Friendly Hometown Since 1926 Heating Oil Company

(516) 825-1770 Laco Service is a full-service home comfort provider that’s large enough to offer a wide variety of products and services...but small enough to provide caring, personal attention.

Laco has kept 4 generations of Lynbrook residents safe and warm. We can take care of you, too!!


• Prompt delivery of top-quality heating oil • The best OIL HEAT service in Nassau • Professional installation, service and repair of boilers, furnaces, burners and water heaters • Comprehensive service contracts • Convenient payment plans • Our own 50,000-gallon storage facility • Air conditioning service and installations • COMPETITIVE PRICES

Watch & Jewelry Repairs • Diamond Setting Appraisals • Pearl Restringing Diamonds • Watches • Fine Jewelry • Gifts • Vintage Watches

Golden Rule Jeweler Since 1948

11 Sunrise Plaza • Valley Stream Tel: 516-872-3575 Fax: 516-872-3599


2013 - 2014

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Clubs and organizations BUSINESS East Rockaway Chamber of Commerce 887-3131 President: Debbie Hirschberg 115 Main St. East Rockaway 11518 Lynbrook Chamber of Commerce 599-3436 11 Atlantic Ave., Lynbrook 11563 President: William Gaylor Meets second Tuesday of every month Email: CIVIC Bay Park Civic Association 599-6799 7 Cooke St., P.O. Box 52 East Rockaway 11518 Email: Thebayparker@ President: Anthony Proto hIStorICal The Historical Society of East Rockaway & Lynbrook 593-5791 P.O. Box 351, East Rockaway 11518 President: Madeline Pearson Mothers Center of SW Nassau Inc. 599-7788 100 Main Street, East Rockaway 11518 www.swnassauny. FratErNal Knights of Columbus/St. Mary’s Council No. 2228 887-2228 78 Hempstead Ave. Grand Knight: Diego Oblitas

Long Island Society of Italian Americans 791-2181 P.O. Box 12, Valley Stream 11580 President: Mike Vanroten New York 1 Elks Lodge, B.P.O.E.-Lynbrook No. 1515 599-1515 57 Hempstead Ave., Lynbrook 11563 Exalted Ruler: Phil Neidecker Meets first and third Thursday of every month, 8:30 p.m. The Ancient Order of Hibernians Division 14 meets at the VFW Hall, 235 Merrick Rd., Lynbrook. For more information, call 546-3451 Police Benevolent Association Lynbrook 599-3300 PolItICal Nassau County Conservative Party Email: Nassaucounty Nassau County Democratic Committee 294-3366 Chairman J.S. Jacobs Lynbrook AD No. 14 1 Old Country Rd., Suite 430, Garden City 11530 Nassau County Republican Committee 334-5800 164 Post Avenue, Westbury 11590 East Rockaway Leader: Anthony Santino Lynbrook Leader: Francis X. Becker

Mary Malloy/Herald

The Roberty F. Garrison Post No. 3350 in East Rockaway hosted a yard sale in the spring. SErVICE E.A.C. Senior Respite Program 539-0150 50 Clinton St., Suite 107, Hempstead 11550 La Leche League Breastfeeding Support Group 593-7976 659 Scranton Ave., Lynbrook 11563 Barbara Sobey, leader Meets the first Thursday of every month, 8:15 p.m. Babies welcomed at meetings. Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD) (631) 547-6233 33 Walt Whitman Road, Huntington Station, NY 11746 National Federation of the Blind Long Island Chapter 868-8718

2704 Beach Drive, Merrick 11566 President: David Stayer Email: Davidrstayer6@gmail. com VEtEraNS American Legion Post No. 958 599-9580 Ladies Auxiliary 71 Main St. East Rockaway 11518 Commander: Shelly Conn Disabled American Veterans 887-7100 162 Atlantic Ave., Lynbrook 11563 Commander: Thomas B. Reiter II National Amputation Foundation President: Paul Bernacchio Chapter No. 76 887-3600 40 Church St., Malverne 11565 VFW Howard Lathrop Post 2307 594-2307 235 Merrick Road, Lynbrook 11563 Commander: Kevin Canty Hall rental: 599-8846

Courtesy Sons of Italy

The Order Sons of Italy in America’s Per Sempre Lodge 2344 presented the winners of their annual merit College scholarship award in June. Pictured with recipient Rosalie Caracciolo of Sacred Heart Academy were, from left, Joseph F. Rondinelli, OSIA NYS president; Joseph Chiarovano, Per Sempre Lodge president, and Peter Scaturro.

VFW Robert F. Garrison Post 3350 887-8170 164 Main St., East Rockaway 11518 Commander: Joseph McCarthy YoUth B’nai B’rith Youth Organization 55 Manetto Road, Plainview 11803 Nassau-Suffolk Region 433-2296

Regional Director: Fran Haskell Coalition for Youth in East Rockaway Coalition Coordinator: Stephanie Johanson All meetings at 7 p.m. in the Charles H. Formont Senior Center located on James Street in East Rockaway. East Rockaway Raiders Athletic Association 992-0131 President: Craig Hickam East Rockaway Recreation Center 341-0996 17 John St., East Rockaway 11518 Director: Richard Kappel Lynbrook Recreation Department 599-8000 Greis Memorial Park 55 Wilbur St., Lynbrook 11563 Director: Patrick McDermott Girl Scouts of E.L.L.M. Association MVP: Laura Jean D'Alessio 741-2550 Girl Scouts of Nassau County 110 Ring Road West, Garden City 11530 741-2550 CEO/Executive Director: Donna Ceravolo Lynbrook Junior Fire Dept. 599-1547 Lynbrook Little League 887-2626 President: Mike Solow Email:

2013 - 2014

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parks & recreation Local parks Greis Veterans Memorial Park 55 Wilbur St., Lynbrook

Nassau County Parks Nassau County Department of Parks, Recreation and Museums Eisenhower Park, East Meadow 11554


Memorial Park/Grist Mill Museum Corner Denton and Woods avenues, East Rockaway


Echo Park Nassau and Roosevelt boulevards, West Hempstead



Bay Park 87 First Avenue, East Rockaway 11518


Larson Park Peninsula Boulevard and Remsen Street, Lynbrook

Grant Park Broadway and Sheridan Avenues, Hewlett 11557


Minore Park Davis and Lawson avenues, East Rockaway

North Woodmere Park 750 Hungry Harbor Road, Valley Stream 11581


East Rockaway Recreation Center 475 Atlantic Ave., East Rockaway, NY 11518


State Parks Long Island State Parks Regional Headquarters (631) 669-1000 P.O. Box 247, Belmont Lake State Park, Babylon, 11702 Hempstead Lake State Park 525 Eagle Ave., West Hempstead 11552


Jones Beach Ocean Parkway, Wantagh 11793


Valley Stream State Park Southern State Parkway Exit 15A P.O. Box 670, Valley Stream 11582


Town of Hempstead Parks Town of Hempstead Parks and Recreation Commission 200 North Franklin St., Hempstead 11550


Echo Park 399 Nassau Blvd., West Hempstead 11552


Lido Town Park 630 Lido Blvd., Lido Beach 11561


Lido Golf Course 255 Lido Blvd., Lido Beach 11561


Rath Park 849 Fenworth Blvd., Franklin Square 11010


LINK COUNSELING CENTER A Division of Long Beach Reach, Inc. 185 Merrick Road, Suite 2D, Lynbrook


Long Beach Reach, Inc. is a multi-faceted, comprehensive, community based agency, providing services to residents in Southwest Nassau County. 1. Drug & Alcohol Treatment Program offers individual, group, family treatment provided by licensed psychologists, social workers and consulting psychiatrist.

5. Harriet Eisman Community School - A progressive alternative high school diploma program including vocational and college placement assistance.

2. Children of Substance Abusers is a prevention program providing outreach, education and treatment.

6. Nightwatch crisis hotline service operating seven nights a week. Help is just a phone call away. 889-2332

4. Sharing and Caring is a comprehensive program for pregnant, parenting and at-risk youth.

A Member Agency

United Way of Long Island


3. Juvenile Justice Program offers support services, including counseling, legal advocacy and a viable alternative to the Court System to assist youth and their families and the provision of case management.

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Lynbrook SchooLS

Eric Dunetz/Herald

The Lynbrook High School class of 2013 threw their caps in the air at their graduation. Board of Education President: Alicemarie Bresnihan Vice President: Robert Paskoff Secretary: Sean Strife Trustees: William Belmont, Ellen Marcus, Cathy Papandrew, Heather Hanson Administration Office Atlantic Avenue School 111 Atlantic Ave.


Lynbrook Senior High School (9-12) 9 Union Ave. Principal: Joseph Rainis


Lynbrook North Middle School (6-8) 529 Merrick Rd. Principal: Sean K. Fallon


Lynbrook South Middle School (6-8) 333 Union Ave. Principal: Margaret Ronai


Marion Street Elementary (1-5) 100 Marion St. Principal: Theresa Macchia


Waverly Park Elementary (1-5) 320 Waverly Ave., East Rockaway Principal: Lucille McAssey


West End Elementary (1-5) 30 Clark Ave. Principal: Alison Puliatte


Lynbrook Kindergarten Center 111 Atlantic Ave. Principal: Ellen Postman


Adult Continuing Education Director: Amy Cohen (Registration at Lynbrook South Middle School)


Courtesy Rosemary Leonetti/Syntax

Eighth grader Sommer Schneller debuted her celebrity portrait of Adele at the Lynbrook South Middle School art show. Director of Special Services for Lynbrook Schools: Maxine Bogen, contact administrative offices. Parochial Schools Our Lady of Peace Roman Catholic School (Pre-K to grade 8) 21 Fowler Ave. Principal: Sister Mary Dowden, RSM NASSAU BOCES Administration Office 71 Clinton Ave., Garden City 11530 District Superintendent: Dr. Thomas L. Rogers Deputy Superintendent: Dr. Robert Hanna



2013 - 2014

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Superintendent meSSage


he Lynbrook Public Schools came into existence in 1902. At that time, Lynbrook was a small village which has been settled by people who had originally come from Brooklyn. Their origins are attested to by the names they chose for the streets and avenues they paved – Atlantic and Union. The Lynbrook Schools are officially known as UFSD No. 20. The district consists of seven buildings that house nearly 2,800 students. There is a full comprehensive educational program on all levels, as well as a number of extracurricular activities. Class sizes remain relatively small, creating a personal learning experience for our students. A number of capital projects are completed each year in order to maintain and address facility related issues. Our most recent projects include the installation of a turf field at Marion Street School, a baseball field at South Middle School, and a soon to be constructed addition to North Middle School that will support the performing arts programs. The community is very supportive of these initiatives that

help us achieve our goals. We strive to educate the whole child by emphasizing continual improvement in teaching strategies and allocating support staff resources to help cope with social and emotional needs of children. Dr. Melissa Burak We are looking forward to a productive 2013-2014 school year by serving the students and community of the Lynbrook School District.

Courtesy Rosemary Leonetti/Syntax

Dr. Melissa Burak addressed the Class of 2013.

9th Annual / 4-Mile Run/Walk Saturday November 16, 2013

Train with us and we’ll get you to the finish line! To learn more about our programs and activities promoting a healthy lifestyle for youth and adults visit us at


Online registration opens September 1, 2013

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Superintendent meSSage It is a true pleasure to assume the superintendency for the East Rockaway School District. I look forward to working closely with the Board of Education, faculty and community to support the students and district to continue on a path of success. Thank you to the community for supporting the school budget in May. The next budget cycle will begin again in November with public meetings starting in January. Once again, community members are invited to attend the budget advisory committee meetings to provide input for the development of the district budget. The dates for the meetings are listed in the school calendar. I am pleased to report that the district’s facilities have been fully restored to pre-Sandy conditions with many new improvements having been made. The gym floors at the East Rockaway Junior Senior High School have been fully repaired and are ready for classes. In addition, the auditorium and our technology lab have been completely refurbished and look beautiful. The district is working closely with FEMA to obtain the funding to cover the considerable costs for these repairs. After having approximately four hundred students displaced districtwide due to the devastating effects of the hurricane, we are pleased to note that the majority of our families have returned to their homes. The district will continue to provide support to all of our families in need while they remain displaced. Please join us in extending our best wishes to our colleagues who have moved on to pursue their retirement dreams: John Bishop, Donna Katzman, Jody Delegianis, Charlene Fried, Colleen Schepis and Jerrilyn Kosotan. A special thank you and best wishes to Dr. Roseanne Melucci, who served the East Rockaway School District for the past 11 years, the last six as superintendent. May these very talented and committed educators embark on this next phase of their lives with good health and happiness for many years to come. We welcome several new hires to our staff; Jennifer Spiteri, guidance counselor, Timothy Lamb, special education teacher, and Andrew Canjemi, English teacher. In addition, we congratulate Thomas Schloen who was appointed as Fine Arts chairperson. We are continuing to interview candidates to fill the remaining vacancies and additional staff will be appointed at our August Board of Education meeting. The transition to the Common Core State Standards and alignment of our district curriculum and instructional strategies to the standards will continue to be a major focus for our administration, teachers and students. Last year our Kindergarten through eighth grade students implemented new math and language arts programs which are aligned to these more rigorous standards. Teachers received professional development on the Common Core and these new programs and will be prepared to meet the challenges that these new standards bring to our classrooms. This year will be the first administration of the new Common Core Algebra and Language Arts courses and regents for our high school students. Maintaining our facilities continues to be an area of focus for the district. Also approved by the voters last May was the expenditure of the facilities reserve. These funds will be used to

install district-wide security cameras with security software upgrades, fund improvements to the Rhame Avenue parking lot drainage and safety surfacing replacement for the Centre Avenue playground. In addition, improvements to the Lisa Ruiz East Rockaway Jr. Sr. High School ventilation system in the crawl space will be completed and spray foam insulation will be added under the auditorium to control moisture. We continue to expand and upgrade our technology. With the public’s vote to expend funds from the technology reserve, we will continue to install document cameras and interactive white boards in classrooms and have planned upgrades to our music and technology labs. We will be implementing a new point of sale system for food services that will add convenience to food sales allowing families to establish and manage family accounts. The technology reserve funds will also be used to upgrade our infrastructure. As the new school year begins, I invite you to refer to the school calendar for the many exciting activities and events that occur in our schools throughout the year. To reduce printing and mailing costs, the district calendar will not be mailed home this year. Instead, the calendar, along with other important information, will be available at our website We encourage you to visit our website to see the many wonderful activities and accomplishments of our students. Should you require a paper copy of the calendar, please call the superintendent’s office. Your participation at our events is greatly appreciated. I wish everyone a wonderful and successful school year! Lisa Ruiz

Kathy Leistner/Herald

2013 - 2014

Page 29


east rockaway schools Superintendent of Schools, Lisa Ruiz Board of Education President: Kristen Ochtera Vice President: Patricia Nicoletti Secretary: John Giannotti Jr. Trustees: Neil Schloth Linda Schmidt

593-5499 887-0743 (917) 671-7573 812-0164 596-0771

Administration Office East Rockaway High School 443 Ocean Ave. District Clerk Denise Lobascio

887-8300 ext. 553

East Rockaway Jr./Sr. High School (7-12) 443 Ocean Ave. Principal: Joseph M. Spero

887-8300 ext. 444

Centre Avenue Elementary School (K-6) 55 Centre Ave. Principal: Timothy Silk

887-8300 ext. 224

Rhame Avenue Elementary School Annex (K-6) 100 Rhame Ave. Principal: Laura Guggino

887-8300 ext. 324

Parochial St. Raymond’s Catholic School 263 Atlantic Ave. Principal: Sister Ruthanne Gypalo


Donovan Berthoud/Herald

Friends Angela Diluca and Liz Wilson were excited before their East Rockaway High School graduation ceremony.


Temple Am Echad (Formerly Temple Emanu-El)

Rabbi Stuart M. Geller Early Childhood Center

Everyone Welcome



For 2013 - 2014

Limited Openings 25 Clark Avenue Lynbrook, NY 11563-1433 Tel: 516-887-2626 Fax: 516-320-6576

• Mommy & Me • 2-3-4 Year Old Programs • Before & After School Programs • Busing Available • Spacious Outdoor Playground • Fully Equipped Gym • Flexible Schedules

Since 1956, the Lynbrook Little League has faithfully ser ved the youth of this community. We are a chartered member of Little League Baseball, Incorporated of Williamsport, Pennsylvania and a not-for-profit organization. We provide a wholesome, athletic experience of Baseball and Softball for about 1000 children ages 5 through 16.

NYS Certified Teachers Thematic, Age Appropriate Curriculum Music & Movement • Enrichment Programs

Barbara Goodman, BS, MS, CAS Sue Chaplick, BS, MS Early Childhood Directors

Your continued support as Managers, Coaches, Volunteers and Sponsors is appreciated by the league, players and parents.

For Temple Membership Call: 593-4004


599-7950 639429

Sincerely, Board Of Directors Lynbrook Little League


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LYNBROOK/EAST ROCKAWAY GUIDE Six months to the day after being displaced by Hurricane Sandy, more than 600 East Rockaway Junior/Senior High School students returned to their own digs on Ocean Avenue, amid “welcome home” banners, high-fives and lots of smiles and laughter.

Mary Malloy/Herald

San-Dee Lanes

You Don’t Have To Be Irish To Dance The Jig

Buckley School of Irish Dancing

nts Prese


Mondays – 4pm

Adult & Children Complete Birthday Party Packages

Bernadette Buckley Kash T.C.R.G. Certified By: The Irish Dancing Commission of Dublin, Ireland and The Irish Dancing Teachers Association of N. America. 25 Years of Teaching Experience

For Information Call: 718-965-9424

The Exciting Rage in Bowling Laser Bowl! Friday & Saturday (starts at 7pm)

342 Hempstead Avenue, Malverne



235 Merrick Rd. Lynbrook


Moonlight Bowl Fundraisers

2013 - 2014

Page 31




We Are The Commercial Condo / Co-Op Experts!


TRIPLE GLASS WELDED WINDOWS • Foam filled frame and Sash • Krypton/Argon Gas • Meets D.O.E. R5 Program • Lifetime Guarantee




Fully Installed


Raised Panel or Carriage Style

GARAGE DOOR • 2 Inch thick steel door • New tracks and hardware



Brass Leaded Glass







ER SUPVER SA •Low E Argon Gas •Fully Caulked for Airtight Seal •Removal of All Debris •Custom Made to Size •7/8” Double Insulated Glass •1/2 Screen Included •New Interior Stop Moulding


Low E Glass Argon Gas & $ Foam Filled


Uniweld Double Hung





Reg $389.00


UP TO 6 FT. X 4 FT. $1999









Other Models Available

Energy Star Windows






Includes cart away of your old door!

Add $200 for



899 $899 $949 $949


Contoured roof Solid vinyl with all clear birch framing

Any Size

FULLY INSTALLED Includes: •8-Coat Paint Finish •Adjustable Saddle •20 Gauge/10 Gauge Reinforced Steel Frame •Magnetic Seal •Double Insulated Glass $ •Door Knob/Dead Bolt



•Tempered Glass •Screen •Custom Hardware •Custom Hinges •White Only


799 $









Whole House Starting at


20% off



based on $3.00 per sq ft



0% Financing or 20% Off for 5 years! purchase


All Showrooms Open 7 Days!


299 Peninsula Blvd. 373 West Jericho Tpke. Hempstead, NY 11550 Huntington, NY 11743



298 Medford Ave. (rt.112) Patchogue, NY 11772

BRONX•WESTCHESTER BROOKLYN•QUEENS 768 North Broadway (rt. 22) N White Plains, NY 10603

130-11 Atlantic Ave. Richmond Hill, NY 11418

(516) 481-3000•(631) 612-2510•(914) 358-9650•(718) 362-5222

Valid until 10/31/13 BBB Member Metro NY Long Island • Some items not available in all areas. A $35.00 fuel surcharge will apply to each contract. Nassau#1761650000 • Suffolk#19279 • NYConsumer Affairs#0856560 • Westchester Lic#WC-25660-H13 • Yonkers Lic#5208 • Conn. H.I. #HIC.0629286. *Metal removal add $25


FREE in Home Estimates

(888) 631-2131

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places of worship

Sue Grieco/Herald

Cantor Jerry Korobow led the Temple Choir during a special music service held in May. East Rockaway Bethany Congregational Church 599-5768 100 Main Street Pastor Mark J. Lukens Hewlett-East Rockaway Jewish Centre (Conservative) 599-2634 295 Main Street Rabbi: Andrew Warmflash Cantor: David Sislen President: Harold Kislik HERJC Religious School - 599-0424 Nursery School - 599-1169 295 Main Street, East Rockaway Mommy and Me Nazarene Church of East Rockaway 599-3116 Ocean Ave. and Garfield Place Pastor: Rev. Stephen Hurkens Sunday School - 599-3116 Little Pebbles Nursery School Director: Jill Uhl

St. Raymond’s Roman Catholic Church 593-5000 263 Atlantic Ave. Pastor: Father Charles Romano Religious Education - 593-9075 Director: Evelyn Contaldi Lynbrook Christ Episcopal Church 599-4109 Hempstead Avenue and Peninsula Blvd. Hendrickson Avenue Bible Church (Fundamentalist) 599-4645 72 Edward St. Pastor: George Bruns www.hendricksonavenuebiblechurch. com Lynbrook Baptist Church 599-9402 225 Earle Ave. Pastor: Robert Walderman E-mail:

Our Lady of Peace Roman Catholic Church 599-6414 25 Fowler Ave. Religious Education office - 593-5150 Director: Sister Mary Grace Monroe School - 593-4884 Principal: Sister Mary Dowden St. James United Methodist Church 599-5148 Forest Avenue and St. James Place Office hours Mon.-Fri. 9 a.m.-1 p.m. Pastor: Rev. John P. Fahey Jr. E-mail: St. John’s Evangelical Lutheran Church 599-0778 13 Blake Ave. Pastor: Rev. Rebecka Fetters E-mail: The Vineyard Church 180 Denton Ave. Lynbrook 678-7888 Pastor: Randy Larson

St. Mary's Syrian Orthodox Church Carpenter Avenue and Union Place Lynbrook, New York 11563 887-1699 Patriarch: His Holiness Moran Mor Ignatius Zakka Iwas Archbishop: H.E. Mor Theethose Yeldho Temple Am Echad 593-4004 One Saperstein Plaza, Lynbrook Rabbi: Glenn Jacob President: Alan Paskoff Cantor: Jerry Korobow Religious School 593-4004 Principal: Leonard Thaw Nursery School 599-7950 Directors: Sue Chaplick and Barbara Goodman Editor's Note: Congregation Beth David, formerly at 185 Denton Ave., Lynbrook has merged with Congregation B'nai Sholom in Rockville Centre, located at 100 Hempstead Ave. The contact phone number is (516) 564-4100.

2013 - 2014


Page 33

Hewlett-East Rockaway Jewish Centre Congregation Etz Chaim

Award Winning Nursery School

Register for 2013-2014 School Year


Now O Extende ffering d Hours Befor Reading e & Af ter Scho ol Gard New Arten And Brand Center

• Mommy & Me • Toddlers • 3 & 4 year olds


le Am Ech a



Cheryl Karp - Early Childhood Director Rabbi - Andrew Warmflash 516-599-1169







e Reform Co





Join our Shabbat Services and Weekly Torah Study Accredited Nursery School, Innovative Religious School thru 12th grade, Progressive Adult Education Vibrant Sisterhood and Men’s Club, Youth groups, Congregational Shabbat Dinner, Multi-Generational Events and Programs

One Saperstein Plaza. Lynbrook, NY 11563 516-593-4004 • • www.


For more information call Donna Levy Membership VP, at 516-593-4004


Temple Am Echad is an open and affirming Reform congregation welcoming families and singles, Jews of all races, cultures and sexual orientations, as well as Jews-by-choice and interfaith families. It is our belief that the fabric of our Temple community will be enriched by your participation

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senior citizen services

Courtesy Sunrise Assisted Living

Jennie Scotto, of Lynbrook, seated, celebrated her 100th birthday on Jan. 30 at Sunrise Assisted Living in Lynbrook. Senior Citizens Club of Lynbrook Greis Park Senior Center Recreation Bldg. 55 Wilbur St., Lynbrook President: Kathy Sci Meets Wed., noon - 3 p.m. (September to June)


Town of Hempstead Department of Senior Enrichment 485-8100 Commissioner: Johanna Scarlata 200 North Franklin Street, Hempstead 11550 American Association of Retired Persons (AARP) 780 3rd Ave., Suite 41, New York, NY 10017

Senior Sunshine Club President: Marilyn Chapman 599-8000 The Senior Sunshine Club of Lynbrook meets Fridays at Greis Park, Lynbrook from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m., September thru June

MTA Customer Service LIRR transportation

(718) 217-5477

Home Energy Assistance Program


Food Stamps Medicare

227-8096 (800) 633-4227

Senior Citizen Law Project


Nassau County Office for the Aging 227-8900 60 Charles Lindbergh Blvd., Suite 260 Uniondale 11553

Social Security Administration 87 N. Main St., Freeport 2-12 West Park Ave., Long Beach

(800) 772-1213

Retired Volunteer Service (RSVP) 5378 Merrick Rd., Massapequa 11758

L.I. Alzheimers Foundation 5 Channel Drive, Port Washington


East Rockaway Senior Center 6 James St., East Rockaway Meets Mon. and Fri. 10 a.m.-2 p.m. Director: Elaine Scheinfeld




2013 - 2014

Page 35


Adult Day Health Care Program at

Orzac Center for Rehabilitation What is Adult Day Care? (ADHC)? The Adult Day Care program at North Shore-LIJ Orzac Center for Rehabilitation is a safe and caring home away from home. The program offers frail, elderly, chronically ill and disabled adults a supportive environment where they have the opportunity to make friends and explore hobbies and also gives you the time you need to work, run errands or enjoy important time for yourself.

Adult Day Health Care Located inside the North Shore-LIJ Orzac Center for Rehabilitation, on the campus of Franklin Hospital 900 Franklin Avenue Valley Stream, NY 11580 P: 516-256-6630

Open 7 Days A Week 9 am - 3 pm Transportation Provided


libraries SERVICES PROVIDED: • Door-to-Door Transportation • Personal Care • Nursing assessments/ treatment/monitoring • Physical & Occupational Therapy • Speech Therapy • Health Education • Day Trips • Social work case management, info & referrals • Therapeutic recreation activities • Nutritional Counseling • Continental Breakfast, lunch, snacks PROFESSIONAL STAFF: • Certified Nurses Aides • Certified Therapeutic Recreation Specialists • Licensed Social Workers • Physical & Occupational Therapists • Registered Dietician • Registered Nurses SPECIALIZED SERVICES: • Beauty Salon • Dental • EKG, laboratory, X-Ray • Ophthalmology • Podiatry • Psychiatry • Psychology • Spiritual Care

East Rockaway Public libRaRy 477 Atlantic Ave. 599-1664 Director: Betty Charvat Hours: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday

10 a.m. - 8 p.m. 10 a.m. - 6 p.m. 10 a.m. - 5 p.m. 1 - 4 p.m.

Summer: Sundays: Starting June 23 Saturdays: June 22 - August 24

1 p.m. - 4p.m. 9 a.m. - 1p.m.

lynbRook Public libRaRy Eldert Street and Carpenter Avenue 599-8630 Director: Robyn Gilloon Hours: Monday, Wednesday, Thursday 10 a.m. - 9 p.m. Tuesday 1p.m. - 9 p.m. Friday and Saturday 10 a.m. - 5 p.m. July-August 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. on Saturdays

Come Home To Maple Pointe Assisted Living • Superior living alternative for seniors with maximum independence and choice • 24-hour emergency response system • A full and exciting schedule of social, recreational and educational activities

the Country CottAge 516-764-4848

260 Maple avenue • Rockville centRe, nY 11570



• Specializing in Alzheimer’s/ Memory care • Secure environment • Full time activity staff • 24 hour supervision • Separate dining and activity areas

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Mary Malloy/Herald

East Rockaway Library, which had been closed for more than 90 days because of damage caused by Hurricane Sandy, reopened in February.

2 Specialists Under 1 Roof!

Dr. Laura Randazzo Sabnani • Pediatrics Dr. Romy Sabnani • Orthodontics iPads • TV Fun, Colorful Braces • Digital X-Rays


Participating in most insurance

NEW WAVE PEdiAtric dENtistry ANd OrthOdONtics

Make an Appointment 516.837.WAVE (9283)

482 Merrick Road • Lynbrook, Ny 11563 Most insurance Accepted


P.O. Box 351 • East Rockaway 516.887.9094 hserl@opto w w w. H S E R L . c o m 2013 - 2014

Page 37


Lynbrook chamber message

Join Us to Keep His tor y ... e v i l A o t s oin U

T.O. Smith at Dockside in East Rockaway - 1898

the businesses, the community and I am excited and honored to be the newly elected president our elected officials. Do take the time of the Lynbrook Chamber of Commerce. As president, my HSERL.Herald Ad.07 7/12/12 10:12 Page to1stop in and say “hello” to me at goal is to promote and encourage the general businessPM interests Astoria Federal Savings Bank here in of the Village of Lynbrook. The Chamber has been instruLynbrook. mental in formulating many programs that will ultimately benefit the whole community. We have strived to create an Denise RogeRs atmosphere of total community involvement. Our Chamber Denise Rogers President, Lynbrook Chamber of Commerce Revitalization Program began with our new, updated website and Facebook page. Our next step included the help of our Counsel: C .William Gaylor, Law office OFFICERS Village residents with our logo contest. We have selected our of William Gaylor, and William McLaughPresident: Denise Rogers, Astotria new logo that reflects a vibrant hometown feel and a welcomlin, Law office of Wm McLaughlin Federal ing business community. Our Lynbrook Chamber is happy 2:HSERL.Herald Ad.07 7/12/12 10:12 PM Page 1 to Exec. Vice President: Linda Stephenintroduce our new Shop Local Lynbrook Loyalty Program to DIRECTORS son, Bethpage Federal Credit Union promote our local businesses while providing benefits to our lo- Corporate Secretary: Carol A. Burak William Albergo: Home Video Editing cal shoppers. The Chamber will continue to sponsor fairs, car Treasurer: Shirish Mohile AVM Demars Chris Anderson: Crown Ford VP Retail: Joseph Carusone, Vincent’s shows and events such as the Pre Prom and Taste of Lynbrook Jennifer Derrig: Lynbrook Irish Shop Restaurant; and Stuart Neufeld, Miller’s throughout the year to provide an atmosphere where residents (Webmaster) Harry Levitt: Mur-Lees Housewares & Hardware Men's & Boys Wear can come and enjoy an evening in Lynbrook. V.P. for Gov. Affairs: Jeffrey GreenEleanor Jobbagy: Per Sempre Ladies So many of our businesses are providing services and disfield, NGL Group and William Gaylor, Jr., Lodge counts that will benefit all. Please know that when you “Shop Lyn Gifts & Hallmark Cards Veronica Krendel: R.A. Krendel Local” you generate funds that the Chamber gives back to the VP Public Relations: Rhonda GlickContracting community. With your support, we can work hand in hand to man, Richner Communications David O’Neill: Village Car Service VP Membership: Charles Maione, build a better community. Harold Reese: Auto Consultant, Maione Realty Consultant It is my pleasure to be able to serve as the presidentHi of the storical Harrontine Realty VP Special Events: Stephen Wangel, Lynbrook Chamber of Commerce and to work closelySociety with


Polly Talbott: A La Carte Culinary School

The Kitchen Loft

East Rockaway & Lynbrook Historical

Oct. 13 & 14, 2012

T.O. Smith at Dockside in East Rockaway - 1898

J Society y r o t s MARK Hi CALENDAR East KeepYOUR FOR THESE FORTH COMING EVENTS: Rockaway & Lynbrook Alive ... of

Scholarship Garage Sale


Oct. 13, 2012

Lynbrook Expo

Oct. 13 & 14,28,2012 Garage September 2013 Scholarship HSERL Garage SaleSale

592 SCRANTON We are your old-fashioned store (TBD) LectureAVE., LYNBROOK LYNBROOK LIBRARY September 28, 2013 Lynbrook Expo where everyone knows your name. Oct. 13, 2012 Lynbrook Expo Paninis • Wraps • Salads October 29, 2013 Speaker TBA Walk Oct. 28, • 1pm Lecture Cemetery (TBD) Oct. 20122012 Bakery Items and much more! LYNBROOK LIBRARY November 16, 2013 MexicoCeremony Memorial Nov. 17, 2012 • 10am Bristol Oct. 28, 2012 • 1pm Cemetery Walk Memorial for the Ceremony Bristol & Mexico Nov. 17, 2012 • 10am Memorial Ceremony th Shipwrecks Tea January 26, 2014 8 Winter forHSERL the Bristol & Mexico

Shipwrecks Annual

Feb. 2013 (TBD) Annual Tea Quarterly NEWSLETTER & QuarterlyEVENTS NEWSLETTER & SPECIAL for members


SPECIAL EVENTS for members


P.O. Box351 351• East • East Rockaway • NY 11518 P.O. Box Rockaway • NY 11518 0 9049 4 h s ehr ls@eorpl @ t oonp l itnoe n . nleitn e . n e t 551166 .. 888877. 9. 9 ww w w. H S E R L . c o m w w. H S E R L . c o m THE SOCIETY IS A 501-C-3 NOT FOR PROFIT. THE SOCIETY IS A 501-C-3 NOT FOR PROFIT.

Traditional Home-Style Cooking



$10 Min.

STUDENT SPECIALS 38 Atlantic Ave., Lynbrook 599-6098 • 599-6099 Fax 599-6097 Open 7 days: Mon-Sat 7:30AM-7PM Sun 7:30AM-4PM - Rear Entrance



Frank Short "Shorty the Cop”

Feb. 2013


Frank Short "Shorty the Cop”

Oct. 2012

Page 38


Chamber of CommerCe MeMbers of the Lynbrook ChaMber of CoMMerCe All addresses are in Lynbrook, NY 11563 unless otherwise noted A la Carte Culinary School Polly Talbott 32 Atlantic Ave. 516-599-2922 All Island Transportation Larry Blessinger 500 Sunrise Highway 516-599-1600 Allways Exterminating Company Howard Ryder 315 Denton Ave. 516-599-7674 Amy Karol State Farm Insurance Amy Karol 271 Broadway 516-593-8878 Angelina’s Restaurant Giuseppe Magnotta 33 Atlantic Ave. 516-872-3477 Arrow Exterminating Company Bernard Stegman 289 Broadway 516-593-7770 Astoria Federal Savings Bank Denise Rogers 360 Merrick Rd. 516-887-3100 Atlantic Dermatolgic Association Dr. Marvin Tankel 266 Merrick Road 516-599-4498 Atria Lynbrook Rocco Bertini 100 Peninsula Blvd. 516-596-2700 Atria Tanglewood Scott Eliscu 125 Ocean Ave. 516-256-0088

Bob’s Auto Body Robert D’Urso 168A Horton Ave. 516-593-2689 BrianJ. Rosen, DDS Brian J. Rosen 292 Broadway, Suite 200 516-887-0008 Bristal at Lynbrook Alan J.Parker/Judy Piazza 8 Freer St. 516-593-2424 C & L Plumbing Supply Inc. Barry Kornblum 196 Merrick Road 516-596-6655 C. William Gaylor, III William Gaylor, III 7 Atlantic Ave. 516-512-8302 Cappy’s Wines & Liquor Timothy J. Burns 285 E. Merrick Road Valley Stream, NY 11580 516-256-0444 Carefree Air Ray Mohler 199 Merrick Road 516-599-2848 Carman-Dunne, P.C. John Toscano 2 Lakeview Ave. 516-599-5563 Carol Burak Typing Svcs. Carol Burak 126 Chestnut St. 516-593-6534 Carvel Joseph Carusone 5 Atlantic Ave. 516-599-1204 Casey’s Clothing Irwin Messinger 28 Atlantic Ave. 516-593-9533

CMIT Solutions David Merton 224 Franklin Ave., Suite B2 Hewlett, NY 11557 516-374-1598 Collision Star, Inc. Greg 162 Earle Ave. 516-599-1177 Corporate Specialties Adam Glickman 267 Adams Ave. Hewlett, NY 11557 516-705-5888 Corrective Chiropractic & Wellness Dr. David Hecht 5 Stauderman Ave. 516-825-7100 Crown Ford Chris Anderson 420 Merrick Rd. 516-599-0600 Decorating Den Interiors Rosemary Pozzini 38 Manor Road 516-568-7400 Dental Assoc. of L. I. Jessica Colon 585 Merrick Rd. 516-561-1000 Donald Janonis - Associate Member Donald Janonis 63 Oak St. 516-593-0582 Donnelly Group Ryan Donnelly 730 Franklin Ave. Garden City, NY 11530 516-741-4333 Earthtones Salon Carolann Basile 148 Hendrickson Ave. 516-823-0386

AVMDeMars CPA, PC Shirish Mohile 275 Hillside Ave. Williston Park, NY 11596 516-248-9100

Celebrity Chase Collision Michael Manning 191 Earle Ave. 516-593-0920

Energy Girl Pat Swift 220 Edward Ct. West Hempstead, NY 11552 516-770-7605

Becker Realty Services Hilary Becker 34 Forest Ave. 516-887-0677

Charles Maione Realty Consultants Charles Maione 61 Charles St. 516-984-5596

F & L Delicatessan Larry Mastropop/Frank Sorrentino 38 Atlantic Ave. 516-599-6098

Bethpage Federal Credit Union Linda Stephenson 613 Sunrise Hghwy 516-537-0111

CMF Graphic Design Cheryl Fink 151 Canterbury Gate 516-791-9881

Family Auto Service, Inc. Charles Rizzuto 141 Sunrise Highway 516-868-8571

Father & Son Auto Corp. Eric/Mark Tichian 170 Atlantic Ave. 516-599-8666

It’s Simply Beautiful Nancy Quinn 78 Broadway 516-341-0606

Five Corners Fitness Center Leo Prestopino 230 Hempstead Ave. 516-599-8441

Jaffe Associates Jay Jaffe 7 Ruth Place

Flinch & Bruns Funeral Home Michael Grant 34 Hempstead Ave. 516-599-3600 Fly With the Owls, Inc. Catherine Papandrew 253 Denton Ave. 516-593-8848 411 Claims Alex Crz 112 Denton Ave. 516-218-2181 Harmony Acupuncture Kathi Monroe 192 Hempstead Ave. 516-790-8158 Harrontine Corp Harold Reese 74 Whitehall Rd. Rockville Centre, NY 11570 516-868-5659 Harry’s Auto Body Ken Mott 236 Merrick Road 516-593-7181 Historical Society of ER/ Lynbrook Madeline Pearson P. O. Box 351 East Rockaway, NY 11518 516-593-5791 Home Video Editing William Albergo 36 First St. 516-887-1161

Jami’s Cleaners Diego Mancilla 240 Hempstead Ave. 516-599-9022 JPJ Real Estate & Design LLC Jaime Pornpa-Jamin 30 Raymond Ave. 516-855-4593 Kids Campus Susan Cohen 290 Broadway 516-593-5900 Kitchen Loft Stephen Wangel 90 Wood St. 516-599-5946 Law Office of Bruce Hafner Bruce Hafner,Esq. 14 St. James Place 516-593-5656 Law Office ofWilliam McLaughlin William McLaughlin, Esq. 81 Hempstead Ave. 516-599-6000 Law Office of Tzvi Hagler Tzvi Hagler 381 Sunrise Highway #308 516-512-8300 Legacy Infiniti aka Atlantic Infiniti John Chimela 855 Sunrise Highway 516-536-9000 x110

Holiday Inn Express

Lyn Gift & Hallmark Shop William Gaylor 11 Atlantic Ave. 516-593-6500

HSBC Maria Ragusa-Perciballi 15 Atlantic Ave. 516-593-3800

Lynbrook Bagels Deena & Michael Clancy 26 Atlantic Ave. 516-596-0917

IDC Printing Anthony Trani 536 Merrick Road 516-599-0410

Lynbrook Deli & Catering Ronnie Anderson 439 Merrick Road 516-256-0361

IlLuogo Restaurant Cesar Guitierrez 153 Sunrise Highway 516-837-9015

Lynbrook Diner Tony and Nick Sunrise Highway Continued on next page

2013 - 2014

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Chamber of CommerCe Continued from previous page

Lynbrook East Rockaway Herald Rhonda Glickman 2 Endo Blvd. Garden City, NY 11530 516-569-4000 x260 Lynbrook Irish Shop Jennifer Derrig 144 Hendrickson Ave. 516-612-3487 Lynbrook Little League Michael Solow 25 Clark Ave. 516-887-2626 Lynbrook PBA Sgt. Joseph Cipolla P. O. Box 509 516-429-9365 Lynbrook Restorative Therapy & Nursing Carlton Williams 243 Atlantic Ave. East Rockaway, NY 11518 516-599-2744 Lynbrook Runners Stop LLC Ellen Coperman 20 Atlantic Ave. 516-568-7333 Mako Plumbing & Heating Inc. Richard Gazzola 17 Maple Ave. 516-285-9879 Malverne Prime Meats Kal Gullapalli 345 Hempstead Ave. Malverne, NY 11563 516-599-9635 McQuades Neighborhood Grill James McQuade 275 Merrick Rd. 516-256-2820 Merrick Road Collision William Roth 214 Merrick Road 516-593-3636

Mincher Printing William Mincher 29 Norwich St. 516-596-0599 Moments Memories & Traditions, Inc. Paige Antonelli 39 Atlantic Ave. 516-612-2767 Mur-Lees Mens & Boys Wear Harry Levitt 24 Atlantic Ave. 516-599-7777 Newsday Media Group Sandy Hindin 235 Pinelawn Road Melville, NY 11747 631-843-2389 NewWave Pediatric Dentistry & Orthodontics Drs. Laura and Romey Sabnani 482 Merrick Road 516-837-9283 Next Generation Fund Raising Tim Healy 524 Merrick Road 516-561-0157 NGL Group Jeff Greenfield 112 Merrick Road 516-599-1100 Night Fever D.J. Anthony Conigliaro 637 Scranton Ave. 516-241-5902 Oliveri & Schwartz, P.C. Paul F. Oliveri, Esq. 1140 Franklin Ave. Garden City, NY 11530 516-612-7090 Pearsall’s Station Brian Fern 479 Sunrise Highway 516-887-8384

Peter Kelly, Agent State Farm Ins. Peter Kelly 349 Merrick Road 516-599-5400 Pick Quick Foods, Inc. Key Foods 83-10 Rockaway Blvd. Ozone Park, NY 11416 718-296-9100 Platinum Resources Anthony Ginexi 172 Surrey Commons 516-222-4942 Plaza Theatrical Productions, Inc. Kevin . Harrington 34 Forest Ave. 516-599-6870 Pop Shop Josh Braudy/Mario Carluccio 142 Hendrickson Ave. 516-284-7553 Premier Care Dr. David Kim 585 Merrick Road 516-764-2273 Primerica Financial Services Marie Wilson 55 Atlantic Ave. 516-280-9410 PrimeTime Express Rhonda Glickman 2 Endo Blvd. Garden City, NY 11530 516-569-4000 x250 R.A. Krendel Veronica S. Krendel 284 Rocklyn Ave. East Rockaway, NY 11518 516-599-8460 Robert Phillip Ferraro, Architect Robert P. Ferraro 292 Broadway, Suite 200 516-593-3787 Robert Spina Atty At Law Robert Spina 21 Hempstead Ave. Su.103

Skyler Kessler/Herald

Prom dates and best friends Emma Duncliffe and Charley Lanter the Chamber's pre-prom celebration. Sound Audiology Drs. Donna Rubino/Chris Villanueva 215 Atlantic Ave. 516-224-7588 South Nassau Communities Hospital Gail Carlin One Healthy Highway Oceanside, NY 11572 516-377-5270 South Nassau Locksmiths Stuart Silvers 105 Burtis Street 516-678-6947 Sterling Pierce Printers William Burke 395 Atlantic Ave. East Rockaway, NY 11518 516-593-1170 Sugar and Spice Pet Grooming 146 Hendrickson Ave Lynbrook Ny 11563 516-825-2858 Sweet Peace Bake Shop Allison Shapiro 26A Atlantic Ave. 516-569-CAKE

Metro Restaurant Chris Katsamanis 245 Merrick Road 516-887-4932

Per Sempre Ladies Lodge 2344A Eleanor Jobbagy 64 Farnum Blvd. Franklin Square, NY 11010 718-557-5001

Michael Daloisio Aflac Associate Member Michael Daloisio 4046 Robert Ploace

Per Sempre Lodge #2344 Joseph Chiavarano, President 381 Sunrise Highway 516-599-2945

Samuel Weisman & Sons, Inc. Steven Morgenroth 12 Broadway 516-599-8040

Mickey Mo’s Café & Lounge Mona Rhodie 428 Sunrise Highway 516-280-4723

Perfect Photo George McClosky 25 Clark Ave. 516-593-9889

Shake A Paw Marc Jacobs 1 Atlantic Ave. 516-825-7677

Trilogy Hair Salon Lenore Grasso 42 Lincoln Place 516-593-6400

Perry’s Funeral Home Ken Lysak 118 Union Ave. 516-593-5111

Sky/Truck Shipping Rolf Grueniger 303 Merrick Rd., Suite 510 718-528-4200

Turnabout Plumbing Jim/Jos. Armellino 74 N. Prospect Ave. 516-887-4411

Miller’s Hardware Stu/Michael Neufeld 40 Atlantic Ave. 516-599-1336

Ryu’s Martial Arts Kim 75 Atlantic Ave. 516-596-2444

Tiny Tykes Child Care Center 49 Blake Ave. 516-596-3130 Transfirst Noreen E. Kaim 1393 Veterans Highway Hauppauge, NY 11788 516-660-5587

U.S. Lumber & Supply Jay Balkan 8 Merrick Road 516-599-0095 Unicorn Jewels Elizabeth Sclafani 29 Atlantic Ave. 516-599-1979 UPS Store Raf/Kelly Bahtia 265 Sunrise Highway 516-678-7500 Valencia Deli John Spolidora 82 Broadway 516-593-5862 Village Car Service, Inc. David O’Neill 44 Atlantic Ave. 516-764-8888 Vincent’s Pizzeria & Restaurant Joe Carusone 14 Atlantic Ave. 516-599-1204 Vista Business Services Inc. 61 Cambridge St. Malverne, NY 11565 516-852-2199 Werner, Zaroff, Slotnick 360 Merrick Rd. Woodmere Lanes/Backstage Nick Paxinos 948 Broadway Woodmere, NY 11598 516-374-9870 Zelman Realty & Construction Gary Zelman P. O. Box 547 Woodbury, NY 11797 516-367-2550

Page 40


post offices East Rockaway Post officE

Werner, Zaroff, Slotnick, Stern, & Ashkenazy, LLP Serving All Your Legal Needs Personal Injury Medical Malpractice Real Estate Commercial Transactions Sale/Purchase of Business

9 a.m. to 5 p.m. 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. 5 a.m. to 5 p.m. 5 a.m. to 1 p.m.

599-7587 599-3380 100 Broadway, Lynbrook, 11563 Postmaster Pete Daniels



window Hours: Monday to Friday Saturday Lobby Hours: Monday to Friday Saturday

LynbRook Post officE

360 Merrick Road Lynbrook 2nd Floor (Astoria Federal Savings Bank Building)

599-2157 10 Main St., East Rockaway, 11518 Postmaster: Rachel Philip

window Hours: Monday to Friday Saturday Lobby Hours: Monday to Friday Saturday

9 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. 9 a.m. to 2p.m. 6 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. 6 a.m. to 2 p.m.


car care center, ltd.

Complete line of Automotive RepAiRs

IncludIng: new York State InSpectIonS, auto glaSS, BodY work & detaIlIng

7 meCHAniC BAYs

2000 Sq. ft. convenIence Store, featurIng over 4000 dIfferent ItemS.

BuSeS leave daIlY for moHegan Sun

BuSeS to all

ATM 345 sunRise HwY. RoCkville CentRe • 678-2064


Home gameS

2013 - 2014

New iN towN?

Law Office Of Tzvi Y. HagLer, P.c. ❖

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Standing By your Side

• Matrimonial • Family Law


• Personal Injury • Wills & Estates


• Real Estate Transactions

FREE CONSULTATION Experienced and committed legal representation dedicated to your case. Our firm aggressively pursues your legal rights while always compassionate and caring.

381 SunriSe HwY, SuiTe 308, LYnbrOOk

with the


and all it has to offer by ordering a subscription today! 639833

Evening & Weekend Appointments Available Credit Cards Accepted

Plattduetsche RetiRement Home enriched Housing Apartments

1150 Hempstead Turnpike, Franklin Square, NY 11010

(516) 352-4252

“The BEST Kept Home on Long Island”

3 easy ways to subscribe

A Place where EVERYONE is Welcome and Well Taken Care of for almost 100 years!


call 516-569-4000 x7

by Mail

yes! start my herald subscription for just $30 per year and enroll me in the evergreen Plan. my credit card and email information are listed below.

When you subscribe using our Evergreen Auto-Renewal Plan, we will bill your credit card $30 for one year. After that, we will bill your credit card each year at renewal time and send you an email reminder that your subscription is renewing. You may cancel at any time. The money we save by not having to print and mail renewal notices is passed along to you. evergreen subscribers always get the lowest price.

yes! start my subscription to the herald for one year at $36 and mail me a renewal notice when my Please note, subscriptions mailed outside of Nassau County, N.Y., are $52 per year on either renewal plan and your credit card will be charged accordingly. Please print clearly:

Enjoy Affordability - Dignity - Independence!

Name: Address: City: Phone: E-Mail:

State: Zip:

To pay by credit card:

Visit us on the web at:


Exp. Date

Credit Card Number:

Card Code

Please make checks Payable and maIl TO: Herald Community Newspapers, 2 Endo Blvd., Garden City, NY 11530 FOr FasTer serVIce lOg On TO: • by PhOne: 516-569-4000 x7


term is up. I’ve enclosed my check or credit card information.


• Private Rooms with Bath • Three Delicious Daily Meals • Nurses Aides & Security • Housekeeping Services • Medication Supervision • Beauty Parlor & Barber Shop • Personal Care Assistance • Shopping/Cultural Outings • Social & Recreational Activities • Indoor Pool, Jaccuzzi and Exercise Room • Flexible Payment Plans • On site banking bi-weekly with the Ridgewood Savings Bank Bus

• Where To shop • Where To dine • community bulletin board • Professional services • local sports • community news and more!

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Nassau CouNty Nassau County is governed by an elected Legislature. The Legislature is comprised of legislators from 19 districts. It includes an independent budget director who advises the Legislature on spending and revenue matters. The Legislature also enables residents to submit petitions for proposed new laws that legislators are obligated to consider. The 19 county legislators serve two-year terms. The county executive — currently Republican Edward Mangano — serves a four-year term and is the chief administrator. Nassau also has an elected comptroller, currently George Maragos, a district attorney, Kathleen Rice, and a county clerk, Maureen O'Connell. Nassau County Theodore Roosevelt Executive and Legislative Building 1550 Franklin Avenue, Mineola, NY 11501 571-6000 Numbers to know Assessor’s Office Assessment Review Board of Elections Bus Information Civil Service Community College Consumer Affairs Coordinating Agency for Spanish Americans (CASA) County Attorney County Clerk County Comptroller County Executive County Legislature Department of Drug and Alcohol Addiction District Attorney Economic Development Film Commission Fire Commission Health Department Housing & Intergov. Affairs Human Resources Human Rights Commission Investigations Leg. Budget Review Office Management and Budget Office Medical Center Medical Examiner Mental Health Minority Affairs Parks, Recreation, Museums Planning Commission Physically Challenged Probation Department Public Works Purchasing Office Recreation Section 8 and Homeless Senior Citizen Affairs Sheriff’s Department Social Services Department Traffic and Parking Violations Traffic Safety Board Treasurer’s Office Veterans Services Volunteer Services Youth Board Nassau County Website:

571-1500 571-2391 571-2411 542-0100 572-1873 572-7500 571-2600 572-0750 571-3056 571-2664 571-2386 571-3131 571-6636 227-7007 571-3994 572-1915 572-0012 572-1000 227-9697 572-1915 571-4246 571-3663 571-0533 571-6296 571-4273 572-0123 572-6400 227-7057 571-6174 572-0200 571-5844 227-7399 571-5700 571-9600 571-4200 571-3090 571-0360 227-8900 571-2113 227-8519 572-2700 571-5032 571-2090 572-8452 572-8452 227-7134

towN of hempstead The Town of Hempstead, founded in 1644, is the largest township in the United States, encompassing 142 square miles with a population of approximately 760,000 people. Within the Town there are 34 unincorporated areas and 22 incorporated villages, more than 65 parks and marinas, and 2,500 miles of roads. Under the current system, the Town of Hempstead is overseen by a town supervisor — currently Republican Kate Murray — and a six-member Town Council. The six members of the council are elected from one of six councilmatic districts. The supervisor has a two-year term, and the council members have a four-year term of office. The supervisor serves as the chief executive officer of town government. She presides over all town board meetings, directing the legislative and administrative functions of that body. The supervisor also oversees the day-to-day operations of a municipal government of 24 major departments, employing just more than 2,100 people. As the chief financial officer of the township, the supervisor is responsible for the creation and the implementation of a town budget. Council members are responsible for adopting the annual budget, amending the town code and the building zone ordinances, adopting all traffic regulations and hearing applications for changes of zone and special exceptions to zoning codes. Town of Hempstead Hempstead Town Hall 1 Washington St., Hempstead, NY 11550 489-5000 Numbers to know Receiver of Taxes, Donald X. Clavin, Jr. Town Attorney, Joseph Ra Animal Shelter 3320 Beltagh Avenue, Wantagh 11793 Civil Service Commission Comptroller Conservation and Waterways Greenfield Cemetery Highway Department Housing Authority Occupational Resources Parks and Recreation Planning and Economic Development Public Safety Sanitation Special pick-up Program Info and Sanitation Inspectors Senior Enrichment Traffic Control Division Water department 24-hour emergency line Zoning Board of Appeals

538-1500 489-5000 785-5220 489-5000 489-5000 431-9200 483-6500 489-5000 485-9666 485-5000 292-9000 538-7100 538-1900 378-4210 378-8484 378-2200 485-8100 378-2260 794-8300 794-8181 489-5000

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Community Connection ALL ASPECTS OF


Windows • Repairs Etching • Residential Restaurants Churches/Temples FREE ESTIMATES

• Planting

• Stumps

• Land Clearing

• Fertilization

• Topping


Lic# H206773000

516-546-4971 516-852-5415

Office: 640279

Excalibur art Glass 148 Scranton ave • Lynbrook 516-599-0063

• Tree Removal





Five Towns Community Center 270 Lawrence Avenue, Lawrence NY 11559


Broadway Veterinary Care

free water for your lawn $ave big on your water bill

Multi Specialty Physical Rehabilitation Center • Pain Management • Internal Medicine • Acupuncture • Chiropractic • Physical Therapy

install a well and Pump System today

SPINAL & SPor tS INjurIeS, Ar th PoSt SurgIcArItIS, L& more!

40 east merrick rd., Suite #104 Valley Stream, NY 11580

To Advertise

in the Community Connection call 516-569-4000 x286


We accept most types of Insurance & Workers compenstion Please call to make an appointment: 516-218-2222

• Complete Packages Available • Replacement Wells Installed • Free Estimates • Pumps Repaired • Lawn Sprinklers Serviced & Installed • Licensed and Insured


Committee on Drug Abuse Youth Community Action Center Aid to the Foreign Born Head Start HIV/AIDS Prevention Services Inwood Senior Center

green turf irrigation C all T oday


Tufano Family Moving & Storage Available 7 Days A Week Serving Entire East Coast

516-371-3807 444 Bayview Ave., Inwood, N.Y. 11096


1598 Broadway, Hewlett, ny 11557 t: 516-374-5050 • F: 516-374-6817 office Hours By appointment 7 days a week


Glenda B. Wexler, d.V.M. andrea KuperschMid, d.VM.


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ElEctEd officials Governor

United States Senator Andrew M. Cuomo (D) NYS State Capitol Building Albany, NY 12224 (518) 474-8390

State Attorney General Eric T. Schneiderman (D) The Capitol Albany, NY 12224-0341 (518) 474-7330

State Comptroller

Charles E. Schumer (D) 757 3rd Ave., Suite 1702 New York, N.Y. 10017 (212) 486-4430 United States Senate 313 Hart Senate Office Building Washington, D.C. 20510 (202) 224-6542 United States Senator Kirsten E. Gillibrand (D) 780 3rd Ave., Suite 2601 New York, N.Y. 10017 (212) 688-6262 United States Senate 478 Russell Building Washington, D.C. 20510 (202) 224-4451

Nassau County Executive Edward P. Mangano (R) 1550 Franklin Avenue Mineola, NY 11501 (516) 571-3131

Nassau County District Attorney Kathleen Rice (D) 262 Old Country Road Mineola, NY 11501 (516) 571-3800

United States Representative - Fourth District Carolyn McCarthy (D) 200 Garden City Plaza, Suite 320 Garden City, NY 11530 (516) 739-3008 106 Cannon House Office Building Washington, D.C. 20515 (202) 225-5516

Nassau County Comptroller George Maragos (R) 240 Old Country Road Mineola, NY 11501 (516) 571-2386

State Senator - 9th District Dean G. Skelos (R) Majority Leader 55 Front St., Rockville Centre, N.Y. 11570 (516) 766-8383 New York State Senate Room 907 LOB, Albany, N.Y. 12247 (518) 455-3171

Town of Hempstead Supervisor Kate Murray (R) One Washington Street Hempstead, NY 11550 (516) 489-6000

Nassau County Clerk Maureen O’Connell (R) 240 Old Country Road Mineola, NY 11501 (516) 571-2664

State Assemblyman - 20th District Harvey Weisenberg (D) 20 W. Park Ave., Long Beach, NY 11561 (516) 431-0500 Legislative Office Building 731 Albany, NY 12248 (518) 455-3028

Town of Hempstead Town Clerk Mark Bonilla (R) One Washington Street Hempstead, NY 11550 (516) 489-5000

Nassau County Legislator - District 6 Francis Becker (R) 1550 Franklin Ave. Mineola, NY 11501 (516) 571-6206

State Assemblyman - 21st District Brian Curran (R) 534 Merrick Road, Lynbrook, NY 11563 (516) 561-8216 Legislative Office Building 432 Albany, N.Y. 12248 (518) 455-4656

Town of Hempstead Councilman -1st District Dorothy Goosby (D) One Washington Street Hempstead, NY 11550 (516) 489-5000 ext. 4304

Nassau County Legislator - District 7 Howard Kopel (R) 1550 Franklin Ave. Mineola, NY 11501 (516) 571-6207

Thomas P. DiNapoli (D) 110 State St., Albany, N.Y. 12236 (518) 474-4044

Town of Hempstead Councilman -4th District Anthony Santino (R) One Washington Street Hempstead, NY 11550 (516) 812-3200

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GreetinGs from the chamber This is the 11th year the East Rockaway Chamber of Commerce has been serving the residents and friends who shop in our local stores, and this is my fourth year as its president. Our ninth annual networking and awards dinner was held this past spring at the Rocco’s Catering, and once again it was an outstanding success. This event honored two of our most prominent and benevolent businesses who received recognition. Nancy Duka from After Shock Hair Designs and Paul and Camille Agueci from Wherefore Art Thou received Business of the Year honors. Mary Malloy was honored as Woman as the Year for 2012-13 for her hard work, and support for all chamber endeavors and dedication to the Village of East Rockaway Community. This year we were happy to see the grand openings of several new businesses which can be viewed on our website, William Burke from Sterling Pierce was selected and honored by the Nassau Council of Chamber of Commerce as Business Person of the Year for East Rockaway. In June, we held our third annual networking BBQ at the VFW in East Rockaway, and everyone had an enjoyable time. Many activities have been planned by the Chamber. We sponsor a classic car show every Monday night from 6 to 10 p.m. from June 3 through August 26 on Main Street. Please come and enjoy the cars and music! This year we had two Street fairs. The first one was on Sunday June 9, and it was very successful. We had many vendors that included crafts, food and more. Our second street fair will be on Sunday, Sept. 8 rom 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. on Main Street in East Rockaway. Please bring the whole family for a fun day.


The East Rockaway Chamber of Commerce also hosts a banner program. Each banner will include a sponsor recognition area on the lower quarter of the banner, giving the merchant the opportunity to promote your business to the local community. These banners also add great charm and look to our village as well. If anyone is Debbie Hirschberg interested please contact me. The East Rockaway Community was devastated by Hurricane Sandy last year. There were a lot of businesses and homes destroyed. I am very proud of how this community came together to help one another. East Rockaway will be stronger than before. An emphasis will be placed on attracting businesses to the few remaining storefronts, and bolstering businesses already established in the village. We also plan to support scholarship funds and work with the local schools. Additional cooperation with the local businesses will help establish East Rockaway as a vibrant and safe place to live, shop and raise a family. A growing membership and active participation is an imperative need of any successful chamber. So if you haven’t joined yet, consider doing so today. Please support all of our local East Rockaway businesses. For more information, call me or Rosa Soto at (516) 887-3131 or visit Debbie HirscHberg President, East Rockaway Chamber of Commerce

“Serving the Long Island Community for over 25 years”


Chase593-0920 COLLISION

Shirish B. Mohile, MBA, CPA Partner


275 Hillside Avenue Williston Park, NY 11596 Tel: 516.248.9100 I Fax: 516.248.2515

191 Earle Avenue, Lynbrook


AVM DeMars CPA, P.C.


Accounting, Tax and Consulting Services


When we repair your vehicle, you will never be Pinstriping able to tell it was in an accident. While we can’t prevent the pain that comes with an accident, we Custom Paintingsome of the headache. can eliminate Free Pickup & Delivery

Complete Detail Service

• We Work With All Insurance Companies • 24 Hour Authorized Accident Towing Service • We Handle Your Claim From Beginning To End • Rental Car Service • Free Computerized Because we workEstimates for YOU! We are your advocate the insurance • Local & Long in Distance Towing industry! • We Work Within YOUR Budget When we repair your vehicle, you will never be able to tell it was in an accident. While we can’t prevent the pain that comes

Anthony J. Santino Councilman - Town of Hempstead

1 Washington St., Hempstead, NY • 516-489-5000

WEwith WILL BEATweANY INSURANCE an accident, can eliminate some of theESTIMATE headache.

In most cases no out of pocket cost to you! • We Work With All Insurance Companies SATISFACTION GUARANTEED • 24 Hour Authorized Accident Towing Service • We Handle Your Claim From Beginning To End • NYS Licensed Repair Shop • NYS Licensed Adjuster WE WILL BEAT ANY • Rental Car Service INSUR


Why Choose Us?

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Chamber of CommerCe MeMbers of the east rockaway chaMber of coMMerce All addresses are in East Rockaway, NY 11518 unless otherwise noted Acupuncture & Herbal Medicine Lynn Arena L.A.C 88 Hewlett Point Ave. 516-792-5791 After Shock Hair Salon Nancy Duka 51 Main Street 516-599-4537 American Cool Air Corp 21 Ryder Place 516-593-0888 Astoria Federal Savings Antoinette M. Chiauzzi, Branch Manager 464 Atlantic Ave 516-887-3000 Bethany Congregational Church Pastor Mark Lukens 100 Main Street 516-599-5768 Capital One Bank Deborah Hirschberg, Branch Manager 115 Main St. 516-887-3131 Charles Sanzone Tailor Charles Sanzone 41 Main St. Custom Vinyl Graphics Leanne Arnold 10 Main Street The Dance Space LTD Lauren Quaranta 55 Main Street 516-887-4620 Donza Funeral Home Guy Donza &Thomas Donza 333 Atlantic Avenue 516-593-2521 East Rockaway Music Center Paul Lanzetta 53 Main Street East Rockaway Paint and Hardware Corp. Ken Clark 54 Main St. 516-599-1439

East Rockaway Veterinary Hospital Dr. Richard Selkowitz DVM 351 Atlantic Ave. 516-887-3322 Education Consultant Richard J. Meagher 85 Vincent Place 516-599-9122 Firestone.Const. Co Mike Molinari 6 Centre Ave, 516-887-8877 Eugene R. Gamache, Esq. 95 West Blvd 516-792-3175 Historical Society of East Rockaway/ Lynbrook Madeline Pearson, Executive Director P.O. Box 351 516-887-9094 Jeannie’s Dreamy Cookies Jeannie Annecco 59 Main Street 516-823-2200 La Rosa Realty Charlie D'Agostino, Associate Broker 30 Hawthorne Pl. Malverne, NY 11565 516-721-8885 Law Office of Steven Siegel Steven S Siegel 34 Rose Lane 516-521-8600 Legend Towers Inc Bruce Grob 37 Main Street 516-837-8575 Long Ralph Cristello 278 Indian Head Rd, Kings Park, NY 11754 631-406-4410 Lynbrook/East Rockaway Herald PrimeTime Xpress Rhonda Glickman 2 Endo Blvd. Garden City, NY 11530 516-569-4000

Mary Malloy/Herald

The Chamber of Commerce welcomed back Capital One, which had been damaged during Hurricane Sandy. Lee William Martin Bookkeeping & Taxing Services INC 751 Scranton Ave 516-297-2645 Kate Murray For Supervisor P.O. Box 268 Levittown NY 11756 Open Circle Holistic Wellness 8 Davison Plaza, Unit A 516 406-3005 Pro Tech Electric Inc. 31 Front Street 516 887-4620 ROK Health & Fitness Michael Hawksby & Dee Marcellino 510 Ocean Ave. 516 881-7800 Rolling River Day Camp Marissa Avaben 477 Ocean Ave 516-593-2267 Sterling Pierce Co. Bill Burke 395 Atlantic Ave 516-593-1170 Time Record Storage/ Time Shred Services James Dowse 112 Main Street 516-303-1941

Tutor Time of East Rockaway Reed Fedner/Susan Viggiano 131 Main Street 516-596-1010 www.TutorTimeEastRockaway. com Ultimate Cruise Planning Specialists Inc Bruno Romano 10 Ocean Ave www.ultimatecruiseplanning. com

Village Car Service David O’Neil 416 Sunrise Hwy Lynbrook NY 11563 516-764-8888

VFW- Robert F. Garrison Post 3350 Pat Iuliucci 164 Main Street 516- 887-8170

Trustee Village of East Rockaway Edward Corrado 179 Rhame Ave. 516-263-6752

Villa Maria Pina Silva 81 Main Street 516-887-9595

Wherefore Art Thou Paul Aguelli 49 Main St. 516-612-3595

Village Convenience Store Hurnayun Malik 8-B Centre Ave. 516-596-2989

chaMber board President: Debbie Hirschberg Vice President: Antoinette Chiauzzi Secretary: Lauren Quaranta Berkovits Treasurer: Rosa Soto Public Relations: Charlie D'Agostino Directors: Ken Clark (Past president) Paul Lanzetta (Past president) Charles D'Agostino Jeanie Annecco Webmaster: Eric Anderson, Synergy Ad Specialties, Inc.

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Major Renovations and Additions Bathrooms and Kitchens Siding, RooямБng and Windows


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NARI CertiямБed Remodeler & NARI CertiямБed Kitchen & Bath Remodeler

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