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JET-SETTER TURNED TRENDSETTER Diana Elizabeth’s trendy, timeless style follows her wherever she goes


Few are as well-traveled, or as welldressed, as photographer and lifestyle blogger Diana Elizabeth. A flip through the California native’s passport reveals stamps from Thailand, China, France, Switzerland, London, and Ireland. A scroll through her picturesque blog reveals the style tips she’s picked up along the way. “International traveling forces me to be decisive,” she says. “Anything that can’t be worn more than once, unless it’s a layering piece, doesn’t make it [into] my luggage unless I plan on leaving it behind in the beginning of my trip.” When she’s settled in her beautifully curated, HGTV-worthy Central Phoenix home, the fashionista gravitates toward tailored, sophisticated neutrals in black, white and blush tones (bright colors are typically reserved for her travels). Flawless makeup and whimsical statement pieces from Anthropologie round out her daily look. Her style is completely accessible at www.dianaelizabethblog.com, a platform she credits with strengthening her fashion audacity. “Blogging has absolutely influenced my wardrobe in a positive way,” she affirms. “It has encouraged me to take chances on trends, and I consider it another form of creativity I can share with others.”

I’m currently working on… I’m always working on our home. I’m just about done with our mudroom update and I’ll be getting our garden beds prepped [soon] for all the planting I’ll be doing this fall. What do you consider to be the most underrated accessory? Half-slips! If I could buy every woman a nude half-slip, I would. I wore one on a photoshoot [and] the designer handed me a slip under every dress … I was hooked!


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