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Wild Singer-songwriter Sidney Hulburd’s first EP explores the coming-of-age experiences associated with growing up and navigating the world on your own


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Scylvia-Elvira Danese 'The Fairy Godmother of Fashion' and 'The Boob Whisperer'

Boob Whisperer I have been dubbed “The Boob Whisperer” because I am truly an expert at getting you in the right bra size.

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Located in the heart of Phoenix, Arizona since 1971. New hours: Mon- Fri 9:00 to 6:00 / Sat 9:00 to 3:00


answers@DaneseCreations.com | www.DaneseCreations.com 3902 E. Indian School Rd. Phoenix, AZ 85018


Pulse 13 UP CLOSE Energy coach Natalie Ehmka

16 BEAT Doug Varsano’s joyful community events

17 BEAT Dani Huval’s blueprint to success

18 HIS STYLE Meet Heinz Chow

19 HER STYLE Meet Colleen Riske

ON THE COVER: Sidney Hulburd, photo by Claudia Johnstone, www.dasfotohaus. com.

Features 22 IN THE WILD Singer-songwriter Sidney Hulburd introduces her first EP inspired by growing up 36 FASHION Fairway fashion

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Contents Taste 52 DRINK A sip of summer

53 DISH Ceviche from Vecina

54 CHEERS An aperitif at Mora Italian

Style 31 MUST-HAVE A colorful cap

32 ALLURE Warm-weather essentials

33 DWELL Pool day must-haves

In the kitchen with Robert Bogart of St. Francis

56 FOOD FILES Sushi rolls

The Rest 10 TELL


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The tie-dye trend



CLOVR Life Spa

Palm prints

Luxe 45 INDULGE The mirror

46 WHEELS 2020 Range Rover Velar

47 HAUTE PROPERTY Remodeled residence

48 WANT Pampering in Mexico

50 PLACES Terra Farm + Manor



Uptown July ‘20

Q. If my tooth broke off can I glue it back on? Dr. Mike: Lots of us think we are good at DIY, but this is usually not a good idea. Many glues are toxic and may cause further problems inside your mouth. Certain things can be done as a temporary fix until you can make an appointment. Most drug stores and pharmacies sell dental temporary material that is designed to patch up the sensitive area without causing toxicity. Or, you can blot dry the area and pack soft, non-scented wax over the break. This helps to protect the area from air and seal the remaining tooth in your mouth. These are very temporary measures to limit discomfort, but you need to see us ASAP.

Chips, Cracks, Fractures, and Chunks Dr. Michael Smith, DMD, owner of The Biting Edge Family Dentistry It’s difficult to imagine that the hardest substance in your body called enamel—the outer layer of your teeth— can break, but it can. Breaks can happen for a multitude of reasons, including accidents like biting into a hard piece of food or bone. Many times, there’s an underlying problem with the tooth. So, if you feel something getting weird inside your mouth it is a good idea to get it looked at and fixed before it breaks! Q. I broke a piece off my tooth. What should I do? Dr. Michael Smith: First, be careful and try not to bite down on that piece again. If you can, save the piece. The area may be sensitive and painful, so minimize chewing and keep food away from it. Make an appointment with us right away so that we can fix this urgent problem. Q. Part of my tooth broke off, but it doesn’t hurt. Do I need to make an appointment?

Dr. Mike: Any broken parts of a tooth are a problem. Even if it doesn’t hurt, it could be a bigger issue than you think. Feeling pain is normal and means the nerve is reacting to the incident. When there’s no pain, it might be a dead nerve that could lead to bigger issues. Small breaks may be the start of something bigger to come. In addition, the soft tissues of your cheeks and tongue can get lacerated, irritated, and torn up easily on the sharp edges that remain.

Q. I’ve noticed little chips on my front teeth. Is this a problem? Dr. Mike: This is usually is a sign of pattern wear from grinding or harmful habits and is when the hard enamel outer layer of the tooth starts to wear off, exposing the inner softer layer. Without the enamel present teeth break and wear easily, and sensitivity can get severe. The more wear, the harder it is to fix and restore, and the greater chance you have of losing teeth. Grinding can become a real problem with other symptoms being jaw pain, TMJ disorders, face pain, neck pain, and headaches, along with the loss of teeth. So yes, seeing us for those chipped front teeth could save your life and keep you smiling!

Q. Part of my tooth broke off. Can I get a filling? Dr. Mike: When part of your tooth breaks off, the strength of the tooth is compromised. A filling may not be strong enough to give the tooth chewing strength and may lead to further damage. Often, we need to do an “indirect” restoration—called onlays—that helps rebuild the broken segments.

721 W. Glendale Ave., Phoenix, AZ 85021 | 602.279.7312 | www.thebitingedge.com



Harvard University released a study in 2019 confirming what many have long believed – music is universal. The findings from the research show that it’s possible for people to understand a song’s meaning, regardless of its cultural background. I think this idea is evident when listening to a song – no matter the genre or language, music has the power to bring people together. I don’t think I’m alone when I say that we need that more than ever in the world right now. Sidney Hulburd, who is on our cover this month, is singer-songwriter from Arcadia who is living out her dreams in New York to bring people together through music. While home in Phoenix to quarantine during COVID-19 with her parents, she held a concert to introduce her new EP, Wild, to her family and friends. Read about the inspiration behind her music and the events that led her to where she is today on page 20. For more music, turn to page 16 for a profile on a local dad who is doing good for the neighborhood via local concerts and food events – all while giving back to PAL Experiences, a local nonprofit. Speaking of food, it’s been quite the debate whether or not to go out to eat lately. For those going the takeout route, pages 25 and 28 highlight family-style meal deals to go. If you’re venturing out, page 56 showcases beautiful, fresh sushi rolls (which may also be available to go depending on the restaurant) and page 54 has cool cocktails fit for the hot summer weather. While most eateries are now reopened, please call ahead to verify offerings and hours. For all of you (fellow) wine lovers out there, page 23 spotlights a local company specializing in virtual tastings, both customized and preset; page 26 is a roundup of Northern Arizona wineries and their patios; page 25 gives the lowdown on a virtual popcorn and wine pairing hosted by a Downtown Phoenix wine bar; and page 50 is all about Terra Farm + Manor, a Prescott gourmand getaway on a working farm and vineyard. Additional highlights include pool day accessories (page 33), two popular summer fashion trends (pages 34 and 35), a sleek, modern at-home workout machine (page 45), and an inside look at the new CLOVR Life Spa (page 58). We also recently started an Instagram (@uptown_phoenix_magazine), so check us out there. I know we are very late to the game, but you know what they say: better late than never! I hope this issue serves as a source of entertainment and fun as well as a look at those who are doing good in our community. As always, practice kindness and stay healthy. All the best, Gabby Leighton Editor-in-Chief gabby@richmanmediagroup.com Connect with us! Facebook: @uptownaz Instagram: @uptown_phoenix_magazine


Uptown July ‘20





Kerry Zang, DPM Diplomat, American Board of Foot & Ankle Surgery


Q: What is neuropathy? A: Burning, tingling or

Q: What if you’re already being treated?

numbness often leads to a

A: If you’re not finding

diagnosis of neuropathy, yet

relief from medication or

in many cases it’s not. As

treatment, it may be time

If medications and surgeries haven’t stopped the tingling, pain and numbness in your feet—you may be one of the countless people who are misdiagnosed each year. Symptoms of neuropathy often feel very similar to symptoms of poor circulation in your legs and feet. It’s time to stop playing the neuropathy pain game.

doctors, we were taught

to consider it may not be

that neuropathy is a

neuropathy. Get a second

neurological condition that


Q: What has changed in diagnosing neuropathy?

concern with tradition


A: I’m now doing a more

problem, all we are doing is

extensive exam to evaluate

suppressing the symptoms

circulation in the foot. I also

allowing the condition to

work with endovascular

progress. If we can increase

specialists who can evaluate

the circulation, oxygen and

if there are blockages in the

nutrition can get to the

blood vessels below the

affected nerves and

ankle. A blockage affects

regeneration may occur.


only gets worse. In recent years, I’ve started to look at neuropathy as more of a vascular disease (related to poor circulation) rather than a nerve condition.

circulation and may be the cause of neuropathy symptoms.


Q: What is the concern with traditional treatments? A: Just treating the symptoms is my biggest treatments. If we don’t find out what’s causing the

Q: When should someone seek help?

Q: If there is a blockage, what’s next?

A: There is no benefit to

A: Patients who are

make an appointment

candidates can have a

at the first signs of a

minimally invasive

problem. But, it’s also

procedure performed in an

never too late to ask

office setting that basically

for help.

clears the blockages and allows for better circulation in the affected areas.

waiting to see a doctor. I always say it’s best to

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HOW DID REBEL MD COME ABOUT? Dr. Christian Shaw: REBEL MD was founded as a reactionary movement against conventional allopathic medicine, specifically its overuse of pharmaceutical drugs to treat diseases that could more safely and effectively be managed by natural medicines. Cannabidiol based therapeutics are only the beginning of much to come. WHAT WAS YOUR INSPIRATION TO PRACTICE CANNABINOID MEDICINE? Dr. Shaw: In 2013, a patient named Charlotte Figi who suffered from a rare childhood seizure disorder called Dravat syndrome was successfully treated using a specific cannabis strain containing high concentrations of CBD and low concentrations of THC. She served as the catalyst for a renewed appreciation for cannabis research and its medicinal use by forward thinking Physicians. Since that time, I have been actively following the medical literature and more recently performing CBD clinical based research. EVERYONE SEEMS TO BE TALKING ABOUT CBD THESE DAYS AND WITH ANY NEW AND EXCITING HEALTH TREND, THERE IS A CHALLENGE TO SEPARATE FACT FROM FICTION. IS THERE ANY INFORMATION YOU CAN OFFER AS A MEDICAL DOCTOR? Dr. Shaw: With the widespread and increasing interest in CBD as a therapeutic option among health conscious individuals, it is essential to understand the concept of bioavailability and appreciate the lack of uniformity in both quality and concentration of CBD products available in the retail market. Bioavailability refers to the amount of biologically active CBD that is present in your system and is dependent on how it is taken. Generally speaking, the order of highest to lowest bioavailability for any supplement or medication is intravenous followed by inhalation and transdermal delivery, then sublingual administration and lastly oral ingestion. CBD has a very low oral bioavailability ranging from 5-10%. This means that if you ingested a 10 mg CBD gummie or capsule, there would only be 0.5-1 mg of active CBD remaining after absorption, which is minimal and likely to have only a placebo effect at best. Sublingual bioavailability of CDB is approximately 20-30% which is considerably higher than oral and why CBD commonly is manufactured and sold as a tincture. As for quality and concentration of CBD in products, it is safe to assume the less expensive the product, the lower the quality and concentration of CBD it contains. Inexpensive CBD is sourced outside the United States or Canada, often unregulated and untraceable to its original origin. FDA analytical investigations have determined that certain products had 0% CBD in them. To ensure the quality and concentration of a product, the company should make avail-

able the results from third-party independent laboratory testing for the purity (lack of metals, toxins, or microbes) and concentration (is there actually 30mg of CBD per milliliter in the tincture as advertised). WHAT IS UNIQUE ABOUT REBEL MD AS A COMPANY AND ITS PRODUCTS AS COMPARED TO OTHER CBD COMPANIES AND THEIR PRODUCTS? Dr. Shaw: REBEL MD is a physician led cannabinoid therapeutics company. Its mission is to provide the finest quality and highest potency products available. All our products are medical grade, manufactured from non-GMO organically grown hemp using a nano-emulsification process to optimize bioavailability, contain 0% THC, and are validated by independent third-party laboratory purity and potency analysis. Each new product we make available for retail purchase has been tested on patients to demonstrate safety and effectiveness with the goal of publishing the study results as case reports in medical journals. It is highly unlikely you will find another company outside of the pharmaceutical industry that does this. YOU MENTION YOUR CBD PRODUCTS CONTAIN 0% THC. DOES THIS MEAN THAT IF SOMEONE USED YOUR CBD TINCTURE, THEY WOULD NOT TEST POSITIVE FOR THC ON A DRUG TEST? Dr. Shaw: As a Corporate Medical Director, I am very sensitive to the concerns of employees who want to use CBD products but cannot risk testing positive for THC. This is one of the reasons I specifically chose to formulate our products using only CBD isolate which contains zero THC content rather than commonly used full-spectrum hemp oil that contains trace amounts of THC and can result in a positive THC drug test result. For more information or to order visit RebelMD.com

Take a ! n o i t a c y a t s l a c i trop

ISLAND STYLE EATS × TIKI DRINKS × WEEKLY SPECIALS WEEKEND BRUNCH × DINE-IN × TAKEOUT 5114 N. 7th St. Phoenix 5450 E. High St. #101 High Street 7213 E. 1st Ave. Scottsdale


U P C L O S E / B E AT / H I S S T Y L E / H E R S T Y L E


LIVING ENERGETICALLY Natalie Ehmka helps leaders change in big ways

As a speaker and energy coach to leaders, influencers, and world-changers, Natalie Ehmka aids people in the process of transformation. She helps her clients enact this change by training them to be more aware of the impact they have on others and on the world.

While Ehmka has been a motivational speaker for quite some time, she reemerged as a leadership speaker in late 2017. Through her company, With Heart Communications, Inc. (www. natalieehmka.com), she now aids clients through their transformative journey.

Uptown July ‘20


Pulse UP CLOSE of my speeches centered around one experience, which I was reliving each time I told it. I finally had to take a step back and reevaluate what I wanted my life to be,” she says. After working with other coaches and reflecting on her life goals, Ehmka reemerged as a leadership speaker. “We are so much more than one experience in our lives,” she says. “Experiences shape us, but what happens to us in life doesn’t define us. It’s what we do with these experiences that matters.”

Life Work

“One person’s actions can affect others, impacting and influencing them. I help leaders grow in their profession and in life, in part, by looking at their influence from a new angle. We develop new processes to bring about positive changes,” Ehmka says. Ehmka works with executives, leaders across the globe, entrepreneurs, and business owners who strive to do things differently to anchor a positive change in the planet and their industry. Her experience in working with these world-changers spans all industries, including restaurant, hospitality, technology, and so many more.

Transforming From Within Being a public speaker and leadership coach is something Ehmka has been passionate about for a long time. She was first introduced to public speaking and speech writing in middle school, and in sixth grade competed in speech and debate tournaments. From early on, Ehmka learned the art of speaking, speech writing, persuasion, and oratory art, among more. Her journey with public speaking continued through high school where she was then recruited to the Arizona State University speech team. “I studied people. I learned how to tell what makes someone tick and even studied how people learn,” Ehmka says. Ehmka received a bachelor’s degree in journalism with a focus on broadcasting from ASU. Upon graduating in 2005, she started her motivational speaking career with a nonprofit. “All


Uptown July ‘20

Now, as a leadership speaker, Ehmka focuses on helping her clients achieve their full potential. “All people have power and it’s important they know their own power both on themselves and on others. This power can be used for a positive impact or negatively used,” she says. Ehmka is a Certified Professional Coach, a Professional Certified Coach through International Coaching Federation, an Energy Leadership Practitioner, and a member of Forbes Coaches Council. She offers a variety of energy coaching and leadership training services, including customized corporate trainings and coaching to maximize company impact from the inside out. “Accountability is huge. When people have an objective person that they can rely on for honest feedback, it can really help you reach your goals faster,” Ehmka says. She works with leaders by helping them to realign and then take aligned action for exponential growth. Those who want to go way below the surface should consider Ehmka’s one-on-one, 90-minute Deep Dive Session. “This is for anyone who feels stuck or blocked. I aid you in accessing your intuition to manifest the energy you want and release your leadership potential.” Along with “Fryday Fridays” (her self-coined term for eating French fries every Friday), work is Ehmka’s idea of fun. In addition to helping her clients, she shares her passion for energy coaching with the community through her podcast, The Worldchanger Podcast. “I am really focused on pouring into people even if they aren’t my clients. I love offering to my community as much as I can,” she says. On her podcast, she provides coaching tips, ways to anchor yourself in this world by living with purpose, and more. She also supplies tips on how to go inside yourself and reflect on what your true passion is. The podcast is accessible via her Instagram account, @natalieehmka. “Success is all about peace and personal fulfillment. It’s having the confidence and clarity within yourself because that is how you lead others. Confidence is not defined as knowing everything. It’s about trusting yourself to be able to handle whatever comes your way,” Ehmka says. “My advice to everyone is to find somebody (a coach, mentor or even a friend) to pour into you and to support you and your endeavors in life. Somebody that aligns with you as a person and who will support and challenge you both personally and professionally.


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Pulse BEAT


Doug Varsano spreads joy and raises autism awareness through community events



Uptown July ‘20

Doug Varsano is on a heartwarming pursuit to help others. His most recent inspiration for spreading joy came from his family’s 99-year-old neighbor, a Marine who fought in World War II and lives alone. “[Our neighbor] Dennis Kavanaugh told me that in addition to fighting through all 36 days of [The Battle of] Iwo Jima, his first love was karaoke,” Varsano says. Kavanaugh’s love for music sparked something in Varsano, inspiring him to bring music to his neighbor in the form of a concert in his front yard. It’s only grown since then, with additional neighborhood concerts via the back flatbed of a 1967 Chevy El Camino. When he saw the success of these community get-togethers, Varsano decided to make this endeavor more official. He founded Expectrum Group, LLC and those concerts turned into what he now calls “NeighborGood Events.” In addition to the concerts, he’s also launching food-related events in partnership with local restaurants and food trucks. “It’s about opening doors and bringing neighborhoods together to do something positive,” he says. Five percent of all proceeds from NeighborGood Events goes to Pal Experiences, a nonprofit that helps inidividuals with intellectual developmental differences and their families navigate experiences out of the home. There are also individuals on the autism spectrum assisting these events. Varsano, who serves on the Pal Experiences board, chose this cause because his son is on the autism spectrum. “My son’s diagnosis changed my life and made me a better leader, husband and father.” While in his former role as the director of sales and marketing at Omni Scottsdale at Montelucia, Varsano was instrumental in making the resort the first autism-friendly resort in the country certified through Pal Experiences, helping to create an experience video for families to view prior to coming to the hotel to prepare. “Families impacted by the developmental disability can access videos of venues in advance of going to a game, a show, a property or restaurant and it tells them what they can expect so that their anxieties are reduced,” he says. Learn more at www.expectrumgroup.com.




Dani Huval soars over stumbling blocks to build her own blueprint for success


Dani Huval – who was born in Guam and grew up in San Diego – dreamt of being a marine biologist or oceanographer as a child. While studying marine biology at San Diego State University in 1994, however, Huval became a single mother. “My daughter, Alex, has been my greatest gift,” Huval says. “But, she was a gift that required me to rethink my planned career, which would require days or weeks on a boat in the middle of the ocean.” So, Huval changed her major to business management and worked full time while raising her baby and taking classes, using food stamps and briefly going on welfare at one point. She persevered, graduating in 1997 and relocating to Phoenix to begin her career. Over the next 10 years, Huval worked in recruiting, training and management, focused primarily on the engineering field. During this time, she fell in love with Tim Huval and married, eventually starting a business – Huval Engineering – with him in 2007. “We were finding success, but then in 2012 Tim was diagnosed with colon cancer,” Huval says. “During his battle, we sold the business to focus on our family and the fight.” She lost Tim in 2015, but again persevered, pivoting her career to business development in the world of construction via a new role at CHASSE Building Team. “Though I’d never worked in the field, given my technical background I understood the intricacies – from civil engineering and subcontractors to working with city councils – of that world,” says Huval, who helped grow the business from 40 employees to over 140 employees and $250 million in annual projects over the past few years. Today, Huval serves as the company’s director of business development, keeping her finger on the pulse of construction across the Valley while ensuring development happens in a sustainable, responsible way. “We’ve completed nearly 30 LEED Certified projects statewide in recent years,” says Huval, who also volunteered for years as a member of Valley Partnership, Phoenix's advocacy group for responsible development. “And by year’s end we’ll have renovated or reimagined dozens of Arizona schools, built an animal sanctuary and finished construction on a zoo.” Uptown July ‘20




Heinz Chow creates spaces and outfits that are comfortable with a pop of pizzazz BY ELIZABETH LIBERATORE / PHOTO BY MARK MORGAN

Heinz Chow is a local interior designer who dresses as cool as the spaces he designs. Originally from Hong Kong, Chow moved to the Valley in 2013 to study interior design at Arizona State University. Since graduating in 2017, he’s worked at triARC Architecture and Design. “Being able to translate a client's needs and wants into a physical space is the most meaningful aspect of my job,” he says. Chow designs and dresses with comfort in mind, but he likes to add a pop of color or a fun pattern into the mix to keep things interesting. During the work week, he’s all about fitted pants, blazers and pressed button-downs, tying an outfit together with one of his 39 pairs of “spiffy” shoes. Even on casual Fridays in the office, Chow sports sharp ensembles. “Maybe I’ll go with a T-shirt in a unique texture or brightly colored shorts or joggers and a pair of sneakers or Chucks,” he says of his almost weekend getups. “I still think my casual Friday outfits are way casual!”

What are your favorite pairs of shoes in your collection? Probably my Jeremy Scott x Adidas sneakers and tan Oxford wingtip dress shoes. If you could trade closets with anyone, who would it be and why? My fashion icon, Tan France. I find similarities between our styles — we’re both not afraid to use a pop of color or a unique pattern — and I’m positive his collection is 100 times bigger than mine. Which fashion trend from the past would you like to see make a comeback? MC Hammer pants, for sure! Does your career influence your style? My style is not influenced by my career. I am influenced by my mood and the events of the day. What do you like to do for fun? I like cooking, playing board games, snowboarding, playing basketball and badminton, and DJing.


Uptown July ‘20




Colleen Riske is entering a new decade with a reinvented sense of style


As one of the owners of Los Sombreros and the director of client services for Amalyn Consulting, Colleen Riske’s work is primarily focused building relationships, developing new ideas, and overseeing client accounts. “I just entered my 40s and find myself trying to elevate my style to meet this new decade,” she says. Taking cues from boho rocker Stevie Knicks and feminine cuts from style icon Blake Lively, Riske’s signature is whimsical while evoking strength. Like many women, Riske gravitates to a great pair of high-waisted jeans paired with a classic white T-shirt, but she loves a perfectly fitted dress when the opportunity calls. “I'm loving retro prints and romantic details. Part of the evolution of my fashion includes graduating to lace and the occasional animal print,” she says. When it comes to dressing for work, Riske’s two different businesses can make picking an outfit out challenging. “My restaurant life is definitely more laid-back than my insurance consulting life. But that's neither good nor bad – just different,” she says. “I have fun finding ways to dress business casual or professional and still be trendy and fashionable.”

What is your must-have fashion item? A versatile dress you feel amazing in. You never know when an unexpected meeting, date night or other event will pop up with no time to shop. Having a go-to dress in your closet that you feel confident in and can dress up or down in a pinch is priceless. There is a Boden dress hanging in my closet that has saved me from many could-have-been fashion crises! What is your most prized possession in your closet? A turquoise ring that once belonged to my grandmother, Betty. It was given to me the day before my wedding by my aunt. I cherish it. What is your favorite store? Muse Apparel. I like the boutique shopping experience because the selection isn't overwhelming.

Uptown July ‘20



WILD Singer-songwriter Sidney Hulburd’s first EP explores the coming-of-age experiences associated with growing up and navigating the world on your own

When entertaining others is in your blood, there is no denying the call. Sidney Hulburd got that call when she was young, and she has let it take her all the way to New York and back to Arizona. Though Hulburd now calls New York City home, she recently returned to her Arcadia roots to quarantine for three months with her family during COVID-19. She may have left the city that never sleeps, but she still hustled while in Phoenix, debuting her first EP, Wild, in her hometown. “It was amazing to be home that long,” says Hulburd, who moved to the Big Apple shortly after graduating college. “I love my parents’ house. It’s a historic property in Arcadia and it’s really well-preserved.”

Finding Her Voice Hulburd’s fondest memories growing up in the Valley include having sleepovers with friends, riding bikes down Exeter Boulevard, walking along the canal and the living in a friendly neighborhood where everyone knows everyone. The 24-year-old’s dad isn’t a musician, but he did introduce her to music through karaoke. She fell in love with the fun activity, often performing for family friends. She also trained in musical theater, mostly focusing on acting over music, at Desert Stages Theatre in Scottsdale.


Uptown July ‘20


“I’ve been performing since I was 5, and I love the feeling of being seen and heard and being able to tell stories that other people relate to,” she says. Hulburd’s training continued with guitar lessons in sixth grade. By the time she got to high school, she was fully immersed in the musical world. “Everything changed musically when I went to high school,” Hulburd says. “I started practicing music theory, and I got into the acapella group when I was a sophomore. I was in the choir and I took jazz as a class. That was when I really started singing and writing.” Though she had a love for music, Hulburd doubted whether she could make it as a singer because her voice wasn’t like the others she heard on the radio – she likens her deep, soulful voice to Amy Winehouse. Hulburd eventually began training with a vocal coach who taught her how to finely hone her vocal instrument. As she’s grown up and worked on developing her sound, the singer now embraces her unique voice and isn’t afraid to put it out there just the way it is. “It feels good to just be myself,” she says.

The Path to Performing When it came time for Hulburd to decide where she would attend college, she took inspiration from her past to choose a school in Boston. However, things took a turn and she found herself in sunny California. “When I was a junior in high school at Deerfield Academy, I did a summer program at Boston University,” says Hulburd, who chose to attend college in Boston at Emerson College because of her positive experience at Boston University during that summer program. “Socially I didn’t fit in – Boston is really cold, and I missed being close to Arizona.” So, Hulburd transferred to the University of Southern California, one of the country’s premier performing arts colleges. In Los Angeles, she fit in and knew she had made the right decision. Throughout her college career, Hulburd secured internships with The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon in California and Saturday Night Live in New York.

Once Hulburd graduated from USC, she moved to New York City to pursue a career as a stand-up comedian and actress, later shifting gears to singing and songwriting. Producer Andrew “Wholez” Holzberger soon took note of Hulburd’s songs and began working with her. “We’ve been working together ever since,” she says. “I thought, ‘This is so fun. I love this and I love working with other people.’” While home, Hulburd held a concert for friends in her parents’ yard to introduce her music. Her first EP, Wild, features three songs: Wild, Arizona, and Bad Timing. “The whole EP was inspired by the feeling of growing up,” she says. “My idea for Wild came from living in New York City and sometimes feeling unsafe in a place that I loved and having to grow up and realize sometimes it’s not always safe to go out in the wild alone as an adult.” She wrote Arizona when she was homesick and thinking about Arizona and

one of her best friends from childhood. Bad Timing, which she calls her “most relatable” song, is about the feeling of being mistreated and taken advantage of. Thanks to her downtime in Phoenix – and her parents for buying her a new guitar while she was home – Hulburd has been writing more songs than ever. The artist is currently spending time in Wisconsin and recording more music before her return to New York later this summer. She is also working with new producers Lewis Beck, Noah Kahan and White Cliffs. Her goal is to have enough material for another EP and, eventually, a full-length album. “In five years, I hope to be signed with a label, which would be huge, and I hope I’m on tour,” she says of her plans for the future. “I have to get the right person to hear my songs and say, ‘Oh, we believe in her.’” Hulburd’s EP, Wild, is available on Spotify, Apple Music and SoundCloud, and at www.sidneyhulburd.com. Uptown July ‘20


Now L O W D O W N / O U T / C U LT U R E


As co-founders of Valley-based Wine Spencer, a wine-tasting event company, sisters Shaunna Cooper and Shayla Smith are taking their expertise virtual. With new educational wine-tasting experiences offered via Zoom, experts and novices alike can learn more about the world of wine from home. Led by Cooper and Smith – who are both Wine & Spirit Education Trust Level 2 certified sommeliers – each private tasting is customized to fit your group’s wine budget and preferred date and time, as well as level of wine knowledge and the number of wines in the tasting. Choose from experiences like Rosé All Day, South African Wine Tour, Let’s Get Bubbly, and Blackowned Wineries, or work with Cooper and Smith to curate a class to fit your group’s interests. Wine Spencer donates a portion of proceeds from each virtual tasting to the BET + United Way COVID-19 Relief Fund. $150+. www.winespencer.com. Uptown July ‘20




FOUND:RE Phoenix Hotel recently announced #Together4PHX, a visual storytelling project designed to showcase the impact of COVID-19. High-resolution, vertical photographic submissions are collected from photography professionals and novices of all ages and displayed on the six-story exterior video wall of the hotel. The images chosen reflect the personal experiences of the photographers during the coronavirus pandemic. The project will run through September 1. Photographers are encouraged to submit as many photos as desired (www.foundrehotels.com/submitart). After a photograph is approved, the photographer will be notified via email.

EXPANDING BLACK NARRATIVES The Whole Story will return to Phoenix Art Museum this month in a virtual format. The seventh installment of the series will be live-streamed on Facebook Live, YouTube Live, and the museum’s website on July 17 from 5:30 to 7 p.m., celebrating the nuances of our humanity through personal stories told from the Black perspective. The typically sold-out show, created in 2017 by Rachel Eseoghene Egboro in partnership with the museum, takes place each quarter, with five people sharing their personal stories on life, loss and everything in between. The show is free, with museum donations optional. www.thewholestoryshow.com or www.phxart.org.


Uptown July ‘20

Phoenix Center for the Arts will continue its virtual programming this month with a slew of classes, including children’s programs. For youth, there will be summer camp and ukulele classes, and for teens there will be a comic zeen class and a mindful morning class. For adults looking to instill a little art in their lives, there are quite a few courses. One option is the Home Sweet Home: AZ Landscapes in Watercolor class, taking place Wednesdays at 1 p.m. from July 22 to August 12. Additional highlights include figure drawing, acrylic still life and drawing human and animal portraits. For days and times: www.phoenixcenterforthearts.org.


Downtown Phoenix’s GenuWine Arizona is a selfserve wine bar and bottle shop serving local beer, wine and food options. Experience the fun of wine tasting from the comfort of home with the wine bar’s virtual wine and popcorn pairings taking place July 9 and July 23 at 6 p.m. There will be four wines paired with four popcorn flavors. Participants can choose from 4-ounce pours of each of the four featured wines ($25) or one bottle of each of the four featured wines ($75), both accompanied by samples of each of the four featured Kettle Heros popcorn flavors. Wine and popcorn samples will be available for pickup at GenuWine Arizona on the day of each event. The tastings, set to take place on Instagram Live, will feature a sommelier walking viewers through the pairings and answering live questions. The video will be available after the scheduled dates for those who are unable to tune in for the live sessions. www.genuwinearizona.com.


Locally based restaurant group Upward Projects recently launched shareable to-go packs from multiple restaraunts, all serving four to six people and available for both pickup and delivery. Joyride’s Poolside Cruiser ($40) is a create-your-own taco platter with fixings and churros. Windsor’s Summer Sauce ($60) comes with pasta, salad and focaccia with pesto. Windsor’s Motley Crew is three different menus: buttermilk chicken ($40), New Orleans BBQ picnic, ($55) and kebobs for all ($45), each choice complete with its own accompaniments. For dessert, Churn’s Two Cool ($18) features two quarts of ice cream. www.upwardprojects.com.


Famed New York pizza concept, Artichoke Basille’s Pizza recently opened its first Arizona location in Tempe. Worth the quick drive from Uptown, the pizzeria is an institution in the Big Apple, serving up signature slices and whole pies. The menu features traditional New York-style pizzas along with fun takes, including the eatery’s famous artichoke slice, made with artichoke hearts, spinach, cream sauce, mozzarella cheese, and pecorino Romano cheese. In addition to a variety of pizzas, the Tempe location – which has a full bar – also boasts salads, sandwiches, and lighter fare. www.artichokepizza.com. Uptown July ‘20



GRAPE ESCAPES Northern Arizona wineries worth the drive


Missing patio weather? Consider a drive up north, where it's cooler all year long and especially nice right now compared to the heat at home. Enjoy a glass of wine with friends at any of these tasting rooms, all just an hour or two from the Valley.

Page Springs Cellars A family-owned winery and vineyard tucked into the volcanic landscape overlooking Oak Creek Canyon, Page Springs Cellars is just 90 minutes north of Greater Phoenix and produces Rhonestyle wines, working primarily with syrah, petite sirah, grenache and mourvedre grapes. Beyond its indoor tasting room, the vineyard offers the option to enjoy wine on the front porch, which is outfitted with comfortable outdoor furniture and spaced to ensure social distancing. There is also an expansive back terrace, offering views of the entire vineyard as well as a walkway to savor wine closer to the actual vines. A bistro menu includes cheeseboards, paninis, brick-fired pizzas, and shareable plates that pair beautifully with the wines. Vineyard yoga, massages and even hoop dancing programs are also offered but require reservations. A bonus: In recent months, Page Springs began offering Vitae Spirits craft rums, gins and liqueurs. As with the wines, the spirits are available in tasting flights as well as by the bottle to take and enjoy at home. www.pagespringscellars.com.

Javelina Leap Winery Just half a mile from Page Springs is Javelina Leap, which makes about 3,000 cases of estate-grown wine each year – meaning all wines are made from grapes grown on the property – and is across the street from both a bird sanctuary (tip: bring your binoculars) and the Page Springs Hatchery. The combination vineyard and winery is earning more and more accolades, which has, in turn, helped them expand the tasting room space in recent years. Of particular note are both the cozy indoor-outdoor bistro as well as the patio, which has a newly added cactus garden. As with Page Springs, there is a kitchen and chef on staff that delights in creating locally sourced small plates and entrees. However, beyond the savory items is something truly special: truffles! Along with tasting flights, housemade sangria, and wines by the glass and bottle are decadent, scratch-made chocolate truffles made specifically to pair with the wines, especially the red varietals. www.javelinaleapwinery.com.

Southwest Wine Center Just 20 minutes west of Page Springs is the town of Clarkdale. And while small, the region is mighty when it comes to wine, thanks in great part to the Southwest Wine Center, which is home to Yavapai College’s viticulture and enology program. The full-scale winery


Uptown July ‘20

and farm features a 13-acre teaching vineyard where students of all ages take part in the ultimate hands-on approach to learning. But don’t worry, you don’t have to sign up for classes to enjoy the area’s wine. Nestled into the vineyard is an opulent tasting room and patio, where wine tastings are available Saturday and Sunday by reservation. Limited to ensure social distancing, samples of their most recent azcentral Wine Competition, San Francisco Chronicle Wine Competition, and Jefferson Cup Invitational Wine Competition winners are all available. www.southwestwinecenter.com.

Chateau Tumbleweed Also open by reservation only Friday to Sunday each week this summer, fellow Clarkdale tasting room and patio Chateau Tumbleweed was born out of four friends’ – all veterans of the Arizona wine industry – desire to build something from the ground up. The friends source their grapes from both Verde Valley and Willcox, which are Arizona’s premier wine-growing regions. The patio is safely socially distanced while still feeling intimate, with greenery and wildflowers circling the space and picnic tables throughout. There are red, white and rosé tastings and glass and bottle options as well as great views at sunset. Still new to the scene, the winery is already attracting big attention, including a recent interview on PBS’ popular Start Up series. www.chateautumbleweed.com.

Alcantara Vineyards Outdoor enthusiasts will love Alcantara, which is about 90 minutes from the Valley. The family-owned vineyard is focused on sustainable farming and offers nearly 20 varietals to taste and purchase along with antipasto, cheese and dessert plates. Plus, it not only has a massive deck overlooking the Verde River and its vines, but also offers kayak tours before tasting. Thanks to a partnership with Sedona Adventure Tours, groups of two to 10 can reserve this package in advance, which costs $108.50 per person on weekdays and $120 per person on weekends. Once reserved, guests meet outside of the vineyard and are whisked directly to the Verde River. After a safety briefing, a guide leads the group on a wet and wild journey in inflatable kayaks along the river, which only has a few very mild rapids that even a beginner can navigate. After the tour, sit back and relax with a custom wine tasting on the patio, or use a $20 credit (given to those who purchase a kayak tour) to buy a bottle, open and enjoy. www.alcantaravineyard.com.

Clear Creek Vineyard & Winery Located in Camp Verde, Clear Creek has the distinction of being the first Silver Certified Arizona winery by the Sustainability Alliance. Featuring all estate-grown wines, the winery currently offers tastings Wednesday through Sunday, and while reservations are not required, they are recommended to ensure outdoor seating with a view of the property’s pond and lush greenery. Gourmet picnic lunches and cheese boards are also available if reserved in advance. For something more intimate, consider the winery’s party bus option – affectionately called Club Rio – which is a retired school bus outfitted with custom artwork on the outside and a sound system on the inside. www.clearcreekwineryaz.com. Uptown July ‘20




Restaurants offering shareable meal deals to go There’s nothing like sitting around the dinner table to share a meal with loved ones. Forgo the cooking and cleaning while supporting local restaurants by indulging in to-go family-style options from these five eateries.


Los Sombreros Every night can be a fiesta with Los Sombreros. Opt for the Taco Fiesta, which includes three crispy chicken tacos, three crispy potato tacos, and three ribeye steak soft tacos. Additional options include Enchilada Night meal and Carnitas Made Me Do It choice. Los Sombreros family meals serve four and all come with a salad, black beans, rice, chips and salsa and a generous slice of rich Mexican chocolate cream pie. Meals are available for curbside, takeout and delivery. Call or order online. $40. www. lossombreros.com. Pita Jungle Stay on the healthy side and enjoy flavors of the Mediterranean with this customizable Family Meal, made for four. It includes a generous starter of the eatery’s signature hummus or caramelized cauliflower, a platter of selected ingredients (greens, protein, sauce) to build your own pitas or bowls with turmeric brown rice, a choice of a signature salad or large side dish and a delicious serving walnut baklava. Also offered is the Mezze Board, a happy hour tapas platter, featuring some menu favorites such as kafta mini pockets and hummus and chicken served with pita bread, cucumbers, pickles and more. Both options are available for curbside pickup, takeout and delivery. Meal, $39; board, $25. www.pitajungle.com The Collins Bring the charm and ambiance of The Collins home to your family. The Collins' Family Pack features a selection of charred Brussels sprouts, your choice of two wood-fired pizzas, two large Caesar salads and two slices of delectable coconut cream pie. There are seven different pizzas to choose from, ranging from barbecue chicken to margarita to sausage and mushroom. $45. www.thecollinsaz.com. Beckett’s Table Would you like your meal to be more of a surprise? Beckett’s Table offers a weekend Family Dinner for four that boasts new selections each week. Each to-go weekend dinner includes an entree, three side dishes, dessert and a bottle of wine. Past dinners have included short ribs, St. Louis style barbecue ribs, jerk chicken, flank steak and meatloaf. The new menu is announced on social media (@beckettstable) each week and must be preordered online. Pickup times are from 4 to 8 p.m. on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Meals are prepared and chilled with heating instructions. $99. www. beckettstable.com. Phoenix City Grille Phoenix City Grille boasts several to-go Family Meals that serve four. For entrees, choose from macaroni and cheese, P.C.G. pasta, chipotle barbecue chicken breast, Madison stir fry and Rose Lane chicken. Looking for some greens? Add one of the three family-style salads or an la carte side of vegetables, which all serve four. Finish off your family feast with one of the desserts including warm chocolate torte, brioche bread pudding, buttermilk pie or Italian lemon creme cake, all meant to serve two. Entrees, $22-$55. www.phoenixcitygrille.com.


Uptown July ‘20



GOING WITH THE FLOW Peter Deise creates fluid pieces of art from steel


Artist Peter Deise has incorporated natural form into his art from the start of his 25-year career. In fact, his mother was one of the earliest influences on his artistic eye as he began observing life through a microscope at the young age of 3. Now, he takes a cellular level approach to his unique designs which are painstakingly created from steel. Born in Los Angeles and raised in Phoenix, Deise moved back to California when he was 18 to be a lifeguard where he spent countless hours on the beach. “That’s sort of where a lot of my ideas about fluidity came from,” Deise says. He has since returned to the Valley where his works are highly lauded. “A lot of my ideas originate as a ‘single cell’ and then progress just like nature,” he says. “If you look at that work, a lot of it is about that fluidity, that movement, that complexity. Then a series will shift to where it is right now with these larger spiral-y pieces. That’s called the Unsprung series.” Although not formally trained in art, Deise still recognizes and appreciates the work of other artists. “I love to buy people’s art, especially from local people and that feels so good,” he says. “But as far art history, I never had a desire to compete with what’s already been created. I would rather try to express what I’m seeing or feeling inside.” Early in his career, Deise created works in a medium different that steel, but he’s found his inspiration with steel. “I started embracing a philosophy that if you take all of your ambitions and turn them into tools for the larger purpose then it would be more powerful. So, I just tried to focus on steel.” He has never been a follower of traditional art, but rather, let’s the natural ebb and flow of nature be his ongoing influence. “I’ve been riding the river quite a bit,” he says. “There are these river grasses that curl and flow like a lot of the ends of my pieces. I stare at them as I go, and it influences that movement. The color for this upcoming little mini-series is called Serpent Green. It’s like a bright fluorescent green and that is based on the idea of the fluidity of water.” In other instances, the color of his artwork is chosen by the client. “A client once suggested purple and I said, ‘Purple?’ I did it, and I never would have chosen that color myself. But it worked so well with the curves.” The artist cherishes his longevity in art and continues to pull inspiration from nature, just as he has since he was a child. “I would say this 25-year journey is more about the years than it is about the days or the months. It’s about the long movement.” Deise’s work can be seen around the Valley including at The Churchill, FOUND:RE and various spots around CityScape. Learn more at www.peterdeise.com.

Uptown July ‘20


Because you have better things to do with your time.

Specializing in convenient, complimentary dry cleaning pick-up and delivery to your home or office. OrganiCare is a true full service dry cleaner and ready to wear specialist using alternative organic, non-toxic dry cleaning systems. We focus on high quality pressing and finishing on every garment that crosses our door. Your wardrobe will look great & last longer!

602.265.1298 341 W. Thomas Rd. Phoenix, AZ 85013

Monday - Friday 6:00am - 7:00 pm Saturday 8:00am to 5:00 pm Sunday Closed for maintenance


Sign up online today at WWW.ORGANICARE.CO or call us to arrange. We offer same day service at either location before 9:00am Monday thru Friday. For pleasure, business or home‌ we clean it all!


A L L U R E / D W E L L / S H O P / FA S H I O N


Shield yourself from the sun in style with the Bunny Multicolor Sun Hat by Eugenia Kim. Made from lightweight hemp, cotton and polyester mesh, this poolside fashion statement has a 5 1/2-inch brim to protect your face and shoulders from summer rays while embodying the playful and feminine spirit of the renowned accessory designer. Based in New York City, world-famous milliner Eugenia Kim has crafted dynamic hats that have been worn by Jennifer Lopez, Janet Jackson, BeyoncĂŠ, and accessory-loving fans alike. $465 at Saks Fifth Avenue, www.saksfifthavenue.com.

Uptown July ‘20




READY, SET, SUMMER Warm-weather beauty essentials

Nail lacquer in wonderland, Dior, $28 at Nordstrom, www.nordstrom.com. Bronzer, blush and highlighter palette, By Terry, $82 at Saks Fifth Avenue, www. saksfifthavenue.com. SPF 40 zinc sunscreen, Supergoop, $14-$30 at Sephora, www. sephora.com. Gold-flecked moisturizing lipstick balm, Tom Ford, $55 at Saks Fifth Avenue. Liquid serum highlighter, Ilia, $42 at Citrine Natural Beauty Bar, www. citrinenaturalskin.com. Face self-tanner, Clarins, $32 at Nordstrom.


Uptown July ‘20




FUN IN THE SUN Must-haves to make the most of pool days

Round orange towel, Ban.do, $68 at Saks Fifth Avenue, www.saksfifthavenue. com. Striped umbrella, $449 at West Elm, www.westelm.com. Butterfly pool float, Funboy, $128 at Neiman Marcus, www. neimanmarcus.com. Water-resistant Bluetooth speaker, Bose, $349 at Nordstrom, www. nordstrom.com. Can cooler set, $24.99 at Brumate, www.brumate.com. Wicker daybed, $4,499 at Frontgate, www.frontgate.com.

Uptown July ‘20


Style SHOP


HAUTE HIPPIE The tie-dye throwback trend gets a chic update

Tank dress, ATM Anthony Thomas Melillo, $195 at Saks Fifth Avenue, www. saksfifthavenue.com. Silk kaftan, $475 at Pax Philomena, www. paxphilomena.com. Denim biker shorts, Hudson Jeans, $215 at Saks Fifth Avenue. Straw fedora with bow, Nick Fouquet, $725 at Neiman Marcus, www. neimanmarcus.com. Leather crossbody bag, Versace First Line, $2,325 at Nordstrom, www. nordstrom.com. Canvas sneakers, Tretorn, $80 at Madewell, www. madewell.com.


Uptown July ‘20




ISLAND VIBES Travel to the tropics with palm prints

V-neck romper, $17.99 at H&M, www.hm.com. Lace-trim midi skirt, Patbo, $495 at Saks Fifth Avenue, www. saksfifthavenue.com. Ombre backpack, Saint Laurent, $1,150 at Nordstrom, www. nordstrom.com. Top with ruffled sleeves, Banjanan, $145 at Madewell, www.madewell.com. Pool slides, Freedom Moses, $45 at Saks Fifth Avenue. Cotton pareo, Aerin x Johanna Ortiz, $285 at Aerin, www.aerin. com.

Uptown July ‘20




Uptown July ‘20

Uptown July ‘20


LEFT: TOP: Detail polo with mesh panels, $115. SKIRT: Accordion-pleated Big Logo, $150. RIGHT: SHIRT: White Fineline polo with perforation, $125. All from PXG Apparel, www.pxg.com.


Uptown July ‘20

SHIRT: Limited-edition lilac polo, $150. SHORTS: Two-way stretch Essential, $150. Both from PXG Apparel, www.pxg.com.

Uptown July ‘20


LEFT: JACKET: Ribbed Flight with black detail, $265. TOP: White Sideline polo, $115. SKIRT: Black Darkness camo, $150. RIGHT: SHIRT: Black Darkness polo, $125. BELT: Reversible Infinite with stainless-steel buckle, $150. SHORTS: Two-way stretch Essential, $150. All from PXG Apparel, www.pxg.com.


Uptown July ‘20

LEFT: JACKET: Ribbed Flight with black detail, $265. TOP: Quick-dry Big Logo polo, $125. RIGHT: SHIRT: White Essential polo, $115. All from PXG Apparel, www.pxg.com.

Uptown July ‘20


TOP: Limited-edition lilac polo, $125. SKIRT: Limited-edition lilac Essential, $150. Both from PXG Apparel, pxg.com.


Uptown July ‘20

SHIRT: Black-and-white Windowpane polo, $125. From PXG Apparel, www.pxg.com.

Uptown July ‘20


TOP: Black-and-white Windowpane sweater, $195. PANTS: Essential with waist panels, $150. Both from PXG Apparel, www.pxg.com.

Rightsizing Done Right

STRESS-FREE MOVING WITH GET YOUR MOVE ON Not only does Get Your Move On offer easy and affordable storage and moving solutions but the team delivers a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Whether a loved one has passed away, or you are packing up a secondary home here, or it is simply time to downsize—or rightsize—and cannot take all of your possessions with you, Get Your Move On provides that extra level of patience and attention to detail ensuring a smooth process. Over 1 million people downsize every year, and it is no small task. “We call this rightsizing. We have perfected our project management to give our clients a stress-free experience,” says owner, Derek Greene. With the huge wave of baby boomers downsizing, Get Your Move On has developed special accommodations to help with everything from packing, storage, donations, and sales of valuables and estate. In fact, Get Your Move On is the preferred moving vendor of many of the area’s Continued Care Retirement Communities (CCRC). “We understand how emotional this can be for our clients. We’re with them every step of the way to manage the move and find the right resources,” Derek says. Get Your Move On provides an expert level of project management resources from the estate sale to fine art to automobiles. Derek and his team even work with Realtors to pack belongings and stage a home. “We figure out how to manage these resources so that our clients don’t have to worry. We have vetted all of our resources and built long term relationships with many estate sellers, art dealers, and more.” Derek and his team are committed to providing their clients with a Pampered Moving Process, including those with a tight deadline. “We walk our clients through the process for a quick move so that they can focus on what’s important. Along with

that, we help those who are downsizing to understand that it’s more cost-effective to donate items versus pack and store them,” Derek explains. Get Your Move On is a local Phoenix family-owned moving and storage company that has been around for 15 years. They are highly experienced in fine art, wine, and automobiles. And their 60,000 square foot climate-control warehouse allows clients to safely store possessions and valuables. “Downsizing and rightsizing is a battle, and people should know there’s help out there. We take this difficult and emotional process and turn it into an efficient and economically beneficial move for you,” says Derek. For more information or to receive a free estimate please call 480.695.6621 or visit www.getyourmoveonllc.com


W H E E L S / H AU T E P R O P E R T Y / WA N T / P L A C E S


Upgrade your home workouts with The Mirror, an elegantly designed workout accessory that seamlessly transforms any room into a fitness studio. The innovative display can be used on a stand or mounted to the wall and provides a view of yourself and a certified instructor when it’s time to sweat – with the functionality and look of a full-length mirror when turned off. Choose from thousands of on-demand workout classes including cardio, barre, boxing, Pilates, and strength training, or tune into one of 70 live classes each week. Workouts are customized with adjustments based on your goals, preferences and personal profile, and you can also sync an Apple Watch or Bluetooth heart rate monitor to track your stats in real time. In addition to the cost of The Mirror itself, a class subscription is $39 per month, while personal training sessions are $40 each. $1,495 at Mirror, www.mirror.co. Uptown July ‘20



2020 RANGE ROVER VELAR Near-perfect execution of design and performance BY JIM PRUETER

VITAL STATS 2020 Range Rover Velar

New Range Rover models have been somewhat rare over the last 50 years. But recently, the British automaker introduced the Velar, a midsized two-row beauty that slots between the smaller Evoque and larger Range Rover Sport. The luxury vehicle is available in four trim levels, including the SVAutobiography Dynamic Edition tested here. The Dynamic boasts a supercharged 5.0-liter, 550-horsepower V-8 engine with 502 pound-feet of torque and an eight-speed automatic transmission to power its all-wheel drive setup. It reaches 60 mph from a standing start in 3.8 seconds, and it smoothly and effortlessly conquers a quarter-mile in just 12.2 seconds. It’s not the same type of enjoyment you get from driving a Porsche 911, but it will bring a smile to your face nonetheless. Though most won’t venture beyond a paved road in a Velar, it still possesses world-class capabilities. It’s arguably the best off-roader in its segment and comes standard with a terrain response system, a locking rear differential, a low-speed crawl control system, and adaptive air suspension. Instantly recognizable as a Range Rover, the Velar distinguishes itself with a unique front


Uptown July ‘20

bumper design, larger air inlets, an integrated lower spoiler, 21-inch alloy wheels, red brake calipers, an exaggerated sloping roofline, and four extra-large exhaust pipes. The Velar’s minimalist cabin is a celebration of rich materials with superb fit and finish. There’s room for five on the heated and cooled Windsor leather seats, which are accented by comfortable suede bolsters. The front seats come equipped with power massaging, while the rear seats include power reclining. The center console features two 10-inch touch screens, with the upper screen operating navigation and infotainment functions including Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. The lower screen and two dials control the climate and seat settings, drive modes and other functions. The downside of this system is that it can require a lot of driver attention. With formidable competition, it’s no easy task to stand out from the crowd. But the Velar’s impressive performance, futuristic styling, luxurious interior, and overall addictive driving experience make it a compelling choice despite the nearly six-figure price tag.

Base price: $91,815 Price as tested: $95,270 Engine: 5.0-L V-8 Horsepower: 550 Fuel economy: 15/20 mpg city/ highway Seating: 5 Fab features: Powerful engine Elegant cabin Refined ride and handling




This Arcadia home features a total remodel, with construction completed just a few months ago. The stellar curb appeal begins with new, modern front features including the landscape as well as an eye-pleasing mix of materials and textures in varying neutral shades. Once inside, the home is bright and airy, thanks to the open floor plan, white walls, and light wood floors. The abundance of large windows, expansive sliders and skylights also add to the cheerful feel of the space. The 3,795-square-foot dwelling’s front door opens to the main living area, with a built-in cabinet for storage and room for a formal dining table. There’s a peninsula dividing the dining area and kitchen, with extra storage and space for entertaining. The kitchen also showcases the seamless mix and match vibe of the front of the home, with a large dark gray island, wood range hood and statement backsplash, which is all a perfect juxtaposition against the contemporary white cabinets. Additional highlights include a walk-in pantry featuring a barn door and built-in shelves and drawers, and a pot filler faucet over the range. The kitchen opens to the living room, which showcases a wood-paneled statement wall with a fireplace and built-ins. The master is expansive, with a large closet featuring built-ins and an island as well as a marble en suite that dreams are made of. In addition to a vanity and soaker tub, there’s a large shower complete with dual heads, a bench and built-ins. The other two bathrooms in the home are both redone as well, each having its own identity yet still tying in with the overarching design theme of the home. There are three bedrooms in addition to the master. The home opens to a covered patio and pool. The backyard also includes mature privacy landscape, a fireplace and a 615-square-foot casita containing a wet bar, living area, and a bedroom with a full bathroom. 4842 N. 42nd Place, Phoenix AZ 85018. Listed for $1,499,000 with David Keller of HomeSmart International; 480.797.6475 or daveckeller@gmail.com.

Uptown July ‘20




The AAA Five-Diamond Grand Velas Riviera Maya Resort offers the ultimate all-inclusive spa experience BY ALISON BAILIN BATZ / PHOTOS COURTESY OF VELAS RESORTS

Grand Velas Riviera Maya, which sits on 206 pristine acres along the edge of the Caribbean Sea in Mexico, is a serene oasis comprised of a white sand beach, expansive spa, sprawling pools, and epicurean adventures. The modern all-suite resort is divided into three parts – Grand Class, Ambassador and Zen Grand – each with its own distinct suites, amenities, pools, ambiance, decor, restaurants and bars. Save for the adults-only amenities within the Grand Class area that are restricted to those over 16, each of the spaces are open to all resort guests. Of particular note is the 90,000-square-foot SE Spa, named one of the most luxurious spas in the world by Forbes Travel Guide. It is also certified by Wellness for Cancer, an organization that trains spas and wellness centers to provide personalized services to individuals affected by any type of cancer. Inspired by the Mayan and Aztec cultures in its design and treatments,


Uptown July ‘20

SE Spa wows with its menu of services, lounge areas, coed and private relaxation spaces, and unique water journey. A hydrotherapy circuit, the water journey features an ice room, a polar pool, and color therapy showers as well as an experience pool with massaging neck jets, serene waterfalls, and a pebble walkway to soothe tired feet. From now through December, experience this bucket list destination spa through the resort’s Zen Spa Experience package, wholly focused on providing complete relaxation and total rejuvenation to one’s mind, body and spirit. Rates for this package start at $478 per night and include the resort’s comprehensive all-inclusive plan that features accommodations in an elegant 1,100-square-foot Zen Grand Suite immersed in the Mayan jungle as well as breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks at any of the property’s eight signature restaurants. A bevvy of other amenities and experiences are included such as: a buffet; 24-hour room service; an in-suite mini bar restocked daily; premium wine, beer and spirits at all eateries plus at six on-site bars and lounges; a 24-hour personal concierge along with pool and beach concierges; Wi-Fi; and all taxes and gratuities. Those who like to stay active can also enjoy gym access, fitness classes, snorkeling, kayaking, boogie boarding, and other nonmotorized water sports – all included in the package. In addition, the package also includes one 50-minute massage per night, per person and one 80-minute Royal Oxygen Ritual per person during the stay. The ritual fights early signs of aging by energizing the face to give a firmer, more toned appearance. There is also a $50 spa credit per night, per person and a 10% discount at the resort boutique. The comprehensive package also includes an eco-tour to discover the Mayan jungle. This special experience concludes by offering guests the opportunity to plant a tree on-site, giving each person the chance to put down roots on the land. Finally, there is a miniature golf tournament for those who wish to participate. To discover more and book your stay, visit www.grandvelas.com.


“I am passionate about having someone live their best life with energy, health and vitality”. —Sarah Quinn, Nurse Practitioner

“I love to restore someone’s youthful look with a liquid facelift, turning back time with out surgery”. — Dr. Anna Mkrtchyan


“Enhancing lips with dermal filler is my passion, as well as teaching my patients about the benefits and different uses for Botox and neurotoxins. —Merrill Wilson, RN

• • • • • • • • • • • •

“Sculpting and volume restoration with Bellafill is amazing for long lasting results. I love to help optimize wellness through vitamin infusions and collagen induction therapies”. —Tasha Wright, RN

Botox/Dysport/Jeuveau Dermal Fillers Bellafill Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Weight Loss Vitamin Optimization/IV Therapy Testosterone Therapy Laser Resurfacing/IPL Photofacial PDO Threads for Face and Body Lift Stem Cells/PRP for Pain and Hair Restoration Liquid Face Lift Medical Grade Peels and Facials

2701 E Camelback Rd #163 . Phoenix, AZ 85016 . 480.351.3688 . www.arcadiawellnesscenter.com



Terra Farm + Manor offers a one-of-a-kind adventure in Prescott National Forest


Your mission, should you choose to accept it: A culinary adventure in the Arizona wilderness. The destination: Terra Farm + Manor. Located on 100 acres in Prescott National Forest about an hour from the historic and charming city of Prescott, Terra Farm + Manor is unlike almost any other vacation destination on the planet. The three-part gourmand getaway – a working farm, a vineyard and an exclusive guest manor – is the brainchild of chef James Porter who Valley residents will likely best remember as the man behind Petite Maison, an award-winning fine dining eatery in Scottsdale. Beyond Petite Maison, however, Porter’s culinary resume goes back to the early 1990s when, after attending Scottsdale Culinary Institute, he was accepted into the coveted apprenticeship program at The Greenbrier, one of the country’s preeminent luxury resorts and dining destinations. From there, Porter spent more than 25 years honing his craft, notably as the chef de cuisine of Arizona Biltmore; chef de cuisine of The Biltmore Hotel in Coral Gables, Florida; executive chef of Beau Rivage Resort & Casino in Biloxi, Mississippi; and as chef-owner of Scottsdale’s now-closed Tapino Kitchen & Wine Bar. In envisioning the idea of Terra Farm + Manor, Porter drew inspiration from all of his years in the kitchen as well as from Blue Hill at Stone Barns, a high-end farm-to-table restaurant in New York serving tasting menus in a refurbished barn, and Fäviken, a similar concept in Sweden that was known for its 30-course dining experiences. When Porter sold Petite Maison in 2014, he began to draw up plans for his culinary dream: an epicurean oasis in The Grand Canyon State. And after nearly five years, in 2019, Porter made his ambitious dream a reality with Terra Farm + Manor.

The Lodging Reservations must be made in advance to stay at Terra, and the property is limited to no more than 16 guests at a time, often capping it at just eight to 10 to ensure a supremely intimate journey. Stays are all-inclusive and offered as three-, four- and five-day experiences. Once booked, the journey begins at an undisclosed location in Prescott, where guests are picked up by private transportation and whisked deep into Prescott National Forest. After about 15 miles along a dirt road into the forest, a magnificent stone gate appears as if from nowhere. Upon reaching the gate, the property reveals itself.


Uptown July ‘20

Stunning and sprawling, within Terra’s 100 acres lies a vineyard, planted farm land, greenhouses, pastured land, rustic barns, orchards, wildflowers, forest trails, black walnut trees, towering cottonwood trees, a fishing pond, a 3,000-square-foot lodge, and animals including Iberian pigs, Spanish turkeys and Japanese beef cattle. Within the lodge are eight guest suites, including one 700-square-foot master suite with a large soaking tub, a walk-in shower, and a romantic private patio. There are no TVs at Terra, but Wi-Fi is included with all stays. Attached to the lodge are both a 1,500-square-foot cooking studio as well as an 8,000-squarefoot patio with sparkling twinkle lights, a pizza oven, a cast-iron cooking pit, and a French stove. The entire property is powered by solar power and propane. Once checked in, guests are given an itinerary for the long weekend. Most weekends are given a central theme, be it cooking, wine pairings, or food and photography.

The Experience Each stay begins with a lavish welcome reception and a custom tour of the property and amenities. After breakfast each day, guests can expect about three hours of hands-on instruction in cooking, farming and/or wine blending (and tasting) followed by lunch and then a host of optional recreational activities both onand off-site. On-site activities include bocce ball, hiking, sporting clays, fly fishing, archery, guided nature walks, hatchet throwing, yoga, horseback riding, meditation, and indoor and outdoor games such as corn hole, pingpong, poker and darts. Off-site activities – some of which are an added cost and can be booked upon arrival – include golf lessons with a golf pro, helicopter tours of the Grand Canyon, massage services, and kayak tours of the nearby Verde River. Each night is capped by a themed six- to 10-course dinner – held alfresco on the patio weather permitting – with wines from around the world (Terra vineyard wines included when ready in two to three years), locally sourced cheeses, and dishes made entirely with items grown or raised on-property from fruits, vegetables, spices and herbs to meat like wagyu beef, poultry and fowl. Erich Schultz from Valley-based Steadfast Farm leads the bountiful vegetable and fruit farming program, and the results of his harvests are a particular high note. After each dinner, guests can relish drinks, stargazing, fire pits, and hand-rolled cigars. Terra Farm + Manor is now accepting reservations for fall 2020 and will open 2021 reservations by month’s end. Notable themed programming coming this fall includes Exploration: Wine & Food, Flavors of France, Truffles, and Masterclass in Handmade Pasta. Rates start at $2,250 per room (double occupancy) for three-day adventures and go up to $11,000 per room for five-day adventures. Learn more and book online at www.terrafarmandmanor.com. Uptown July ‘20




A SIP OF SUMMER Cool cocktails for hot days

The hottest months require the coolest drinks, and it’s no secret that the temperatures in Phoenix are soaring. The sizzling summer sun will be no match for the refreshing sips local restaurants and bars are serving up. Here are some that will hit the spot all season long.

Singapore Sling MercBar A modern version of the classic, this seasonal variation features herbaceous gin, cherry liqueur and a heavenly combination of Grenadine, Benedictine, lime and angostura bitters. This fruit-forward offering is garnished with edible flowers. $14. www.mercbaraz.com. Diego Rivera Buck &Rider Freshly squeezed grapefruit juice is paired with Milagro Silver Tequila and finished with a house cordial made with grapefruit and thyme. Served on the rocks, the refreshing libation is both sweet and tart. $12. www.buckandrider.com. Kentucky Sour Phoenix City Grille This summer sipper combines the restaurant’s own barrel of Buffalo Trace Bourbon with lemon juice, sweet orgeat syrup and a float of Conundrum red wine. Sliced orange, lemon, mint and a Luxardo maraschino cherry serve as the garnish, adding to the tropical vibe. $12. www.phoenixcitygrille.com. Prickly Pear Margarita Chelsea’s Kitchen A celebration of the summer and Southwest, this margarita combines indigenous prickly pear cactus and Milagro Blanco tequila. House sweet and sour and curacao liqueur finish off the fiesta feel. $11. www.chelseaskitchenaz.com. White Claw Disco Ball Hash Kitchen This fun, playful cocktail is made with a mango-flavored White Claw, mango puree and Tito’s Vodka. The finished product’s presentation is as bold as its flavor, served in a disco ball cup and garnished with a Vero Mango Chili lollipop. $11. www.hashkitchen.com.


Uptown July ‘20

E = mc² Honor Amongst Thieves Named in honor of the perfectly calculated ingredients, this stunner stars locally owned Mezcal Carreño Espadín. The smoky spirit is balanced with equal parts coconut rum, coconut syrup, passion fruit juice, passion fruit puree and lime juice for an island vibe. $15. www.honoraz.com. Ginger Peach Cocktail Steak 44 The classic combo of bourbon and peaches in this cocktail make it refreshing, while not too sweet. It’s made with Elijah Craig Bourbon, Giffard Peach Liqueur, peach puree, lemon juice and ginger beer. $18. www.steak44.com. Spicy Watermelon Margarita Daily Dose Bar and Grill Expect the cool refreshment of freshly pressed watermelon and tart lime juice, plus a touch of sweetness from natural agave nectar. The kick comes from artisanal Tanteo Jalapeno Tequila. $8.75. www.dailydosegrill.com. Classic Greyhound Ingo’s Tasty Food Available on the rocks or frozen, this tangy treat starts with intensely aromatic Ford’s Gin and mint. Freshly squeezed grapefruit juice and lemon juice are both added, resulting in a burst of citrus flavor that’s tempered by the herbaceous gin. $8. www.ingostastyfood.com. Strawberry Habanero Margarita CRUjiente Tacos This made-from-scratch margarita features 100% blanco tequila that’s been infused with spicy habanero peppers. It is combined with lime and lemon as well as freshly muddled strawberries and strawberry puree with a touch of prickly pear. $9. www.crutacos.com.




Led by executive chef James Fox, Vecina offers modern American dishes dotted with Latin flair. The Chula Hiramasa Ceviche ($15), for example, is inspired by a Peruvian dish. Commonly called yellowtail and known for its sashimi-grade quality, the hiramasa is sourced from nearby Chula Seafood. It is marinated in lime juice, red onions and salt for about an hour and then tossed with olive oil, sliced jalapenos and mesquite wood-fired pineapple. A Peruvian sauce called coconut leche de tigre – made using shallots, garlic, ginger, coconut milk and fish sauce – is poured as a base, with the ceviche sitting on top. The dish is finished with Aleppo pepper, which has mild heat, micro cilantro and puffed corn nuts, and served with fried tostadas from Mama Lola’s for dipping. Vecina, 3433 N. 56th St., Phoenix; 602.675.2000; www.vecinaphx.com. Uptown July ‘20




Mora Rosa is an Italian-inspired take on the classic aperitif


Celebrity chef Scott Conant never does anything halfway. As such, when he opened Mora Italian in Phoenix in 2017, he and his team poured their hearts into developing a space, dishes and cocktails true to his Italian heritage yet updated for the modern guest. “This really comes through on our cocktail menu. Inspired by Italian aperitifs, our cocktails are meant to open the palate and set the stage for the culinary adventure,” says John D’Alexander, head mixologist at Mora. The menu is divided into classic cocktails curated from the early and mid1900s, and signature cocktails, which are all updated riffs on iconic favorites. Among the most popular signature offerings is the Mora Rosa ($17). “It’s our Italian and modernized take on the Clover Club, a frothy gin and raspberry-infused cocktail first invented at a Philadelphia club of the same name in the early 1900s,” D’Alexander says. To make, Tanqueray Gin – known for its burst of citrus and botanicals – is infused with pink peppercorns for three to seven days until floral and spice notes are clearly present. “We use Chambord for our berry influence, though it’s much more blackberry than raspberry, and Amaro Della Sacra, a sweet-yet-bitter Italian aperitif,” D’Alexander says. “Then, fresh blackberries are muddled in the shaker before adding lemon juice and an egg white.” The contents get a dry shake until frothy and are then served up in a martini glass with a lemon wheel and a few pink peppercorns for garnish. The creamy, sweet, bitter, floral, spicy sipper is the perfect way to start any summer evening. Mora Italian, 5651 N. 7th St., Phoenix; 602.795.9943; www.moraitalian.com.


Uptown July ‘20



CHEF CONVERSATIONS In the kitchen with Robert Bogart of St. Francis


Robert Bogart is the owner and executive chef of St. Francis, focused on creating dishes primarily using a wood-fired oven, which also serves as the centerpiece of the restaurant.

What inspired you to cook? My granddad often took me camping as a child. Our favorite part was cooking together over a wood-fired grill, dreaming up dishes well beyond hot dogs on a stick. He quite literally lit the flame that became my burning passion for food. Was cooking your first career? I served in the Marine Corps from 1995 to 1999, mostly stationed in Hawaii. Once I completed my service, I moved back to my hometown of Dallas and got a prep cook position at a high-end restaurant called the Mansion on Turtle Creek. It changed my life. How so? Our executive chef was Dean Fearing, author of The Texas Food Bible and “Father of Southwestern Cuisine.” He was – at that time – working on a PBS cooking special with Julia Child, so I had the chance to pick her brain. Her advice? Keep cooking. So I did. Tell us about your journey from there. Inspired by Fearing and Child, I enrolled at the Scottsdale Culinary Institute in 2001. Upon graduation, I worked my way up through the culinary scene in Denver, notably with Ruth’s Chris and then as the executive chef at Elway’s Steakhouse at Ritz Carlton Denver. I also led restaurants across Southern California before purchasing St. Francis in February. Why Phoenix? I loved my time here while in culinary school, even the heat! And when I saw the wood-fired oven at St. Francis, I felt it was my life coming truly full circle. It felt right. How has COVID-19 effected your journey since purchasing the restaurant? Nothing like opening a business weeks before a pandemic! But, it gave me time to make both updates to the space and menu. We now have a nice combination of St. Francis favorites and flavors from my heart. St. Francis, 111 E. Camelback Road, Phoenix; 602.200.8111; www.stfrancisaz.com.

Uptown July ‘20




Signature sushi dishes that’ll hit the spot this summer


Hawaiian Roll

Sushi Brokers Arcadia So fresh and tropical, this stunning roll starts with spicy crab and yellowtail, which is subtle and a bit buttery with hints of banana on the palate. Crisp, refreshing cucumber is then added followed by creamy avocado. Once rolled in rice, it is topped with fresh salmon and ripe slices of mango and garnished with scallions and mirin, a popular Japanese condiment with properties of sake, but a higher sugar content. $14.75. www.sushibrokers.com.

Tipsy Pear Roll

Bamboo Sushi As the first certified sushi restaurant in the world – also notably certified by the James Beard Foundation’s Smart Catch program, the Marine Stewardship Council and the Green Restaurant Association – Bamboo, has a full menu of winning rolls. Thanks to the sakepoached pears atop this beauty, however, it is extra special. There’s spicy sesame crab, silky avocado and crunchy tempura-fried green beans inside. After it’s rolled in rice, plated and cut, the craveworthy pears are added on top in addition to a combination of tempura flakes, sweet eel sauce and tobiko. $12. www.bamboosushi.com.

Omakase Tobiko Roll

Over the past 100 years, sushi has evolved into what can best be described as an edible art form. Though once a humble street food enjoyed with one’s hands in Japan, sushi is now considered the height of sophisticated, elevated dining around the world. Pick up a pair of chopsticks and pepare to indulge in these beautiful rolls featuring fresh fish and bold flavors.

Across The Pond One must be “in the know” to order this popular but not publicized roll, which is a colorful twist on the restaurant’s traditional salmon roll, featuring the addition of herb oil, cucumber and garlic crumble beyond the more basic ingredients. Despite not being on the regular menu, it is always available and among one of the most popular items ordered by regulars of the hot spot. Beyond the aforementioned ingredients, this take on the salmon roll also has shisho leaf and Japanese furikake seasoning inside as well as sliced avocado and bracingly briny tobiko (better known as fish roe) on top. $15 www. acrossthepondphx.com.

Dori-Yama Roll

Dori Hand Roll Bar + Ramen Made to order and inspired by executive chef Jared Lupin’s extensive travels across Asia, this roll is layered with spicy tuna, cucumber and sliced jalapenos before being rolled with


Uptown July ‘20

and silky avocado. After it’s rolled, the dish is topped with sweet shrimp and eel, spicy mayo, sweet eel sauce and savory tobiko. $13. www. harumisushiaz.com.

Central Roll

Yama Sushi House Named for the restaurant’s pride in being a small business along Central Avenue Phoenix, this dish starts with what is called crab stick, which is a common term for the combination of white fish used to make an imitation crab. The roll also contains velvety, rich cream cheese and avocado. Once rolled in rice, it’s piled high with layers of spicy crab, fresh salmon, and sliced jalapenos for a kick. $15. www.yamasushihouse.com.

Señorita Roll

rice, cut and assembled in what can only be described as a sushi tower. Once plated, it is topped with a generous helping of spicy salmon, spicy crab, salty tobiko, bright red chili threads and a nori ash, which is highly sought after dried seaweed known for its distinctive flavor. $12. www.dorihandrollbarandramen.com.

Blueawater Grill The sushi bar at this Uptown institution has been hopping for nearly 25 years thanks to rolls like this. It starts with plump, fresh shrimp that have been lightly fried in tempura batter. Once crispy yet juicy, the shrimp are combined with a house crab mix (imitation crab) as avocado. After being rolled with rice, each piece is topped with raw ahi tuna, eel sauce and a healthy dab of Sriracha. The popular Southwestern condiment's distinct flavor profile – notably its chili pepper, vinegar and garlic elements – help bring out the delicate flavors in the fish while giving each bite a zap of zest. $16.50. www.bluewatergrill.com.

Hana Pride Roll

Hana Japanese Eatery This roll doesn’t use rice, but you will not miss it at all thanks to the layered flavors and textures from what seems like a dozen other ingredients inside and on top of it. The dish starts with buttery yet delicate yellowtail, salmon, tuna, crab and white fish — yes, all of them! The seafood elements are paired with avocado, crisp asparagus, bean sprouts and pickled burdock root, which is a vegetable native to Asia that gets tangy, sweet and crunchy when marinated – or pickled – in rice wine vinegar, sugar and salt. The roll is wrapped in cucumber and topped with ponzu sauce, sesame oil and togarashi, which is a small, hot Japanese chili. $20. www. hanajapaneseeatery.com.

Oh My God Roll

Harumi Sushi & Sake The rolls at Harumi will look distinctly different than rolls at other sushi spots thanks to the eatery’s choice to use forbidden black rice, which is nutrient-rich and almost purple to the naked eye, versus tradition white or brown sushi rice. But that is not the only reason guests actually exclaim “oh my God” after tasting this signature offering. It is stuffed to the brim with crispy tempura-fried shrimp, housemade crab salad

Uptown July ‘20



PAMPERING REDEFINED CLOVR Life Spa offers elevated services in an artfully curated space


Artfully designed spaces serve as a backdrop for personalized wellness and beauty journeys at the newly opened CLOVR Life Spa. Tucked away in Uptown Plaza, the calming retreat offers a menu of popular pampering treatments including massages, facials, nail services, and waxes. “From thoughtful community spaces to curated spa experiences, we’re elevating what you expect when you think of a day spa,” says Connie Aliverto, regional spa director of CLOVR. It all begins with the amenities, starting in the Living Room, which is part of the lobby and complete with plush velvet sofas and trendy books to peruse. The room, which feels more like an inviting art gallery than a spa, is available for events including bridal showers, bachelorette parties, and girls’ nights out. There’s also two Chill Lounges – one with calming music, comfy chairs and dim lights, and the other with state-of-the-art massage chairs – both


Uptown July ‘20

serving as places to relax before and after treatments. Additionally, guests can enjoy mini Champagne bottles, tea, and snacks while at the spa. “At CLVOR Life Spa, we believe life balance is critical to achieving your individual wellness goals, this is why we elected to brand our destinations as life spas versus day spas,” Aliverto says. “Thoughtful community spaces to connect with one another, calming chill spaces to help you relax and curated spa experiences to promote better health are all designed to help you cultivate what life balance looks like for you.” Those interested in more than a one-time visit should look into the monthly memberships, which are priced at $79 per person and $99 per family. The monthly fee goes directly toward any service and can be rolled over or gifted to friends and family if credit remains. Both memberships include 30% to 40% off all services, 10% off retail products, and access to the Living Room and Chill Lounge to relax and recharge, with or without an appointment. The 11 thoughfully designed service rooms set the stage for 30-, 60- and 90-minute massages, a variety of facials and face and body waxing. The Studio, aka the nail salon, offers manicures and pedicures featuring vegan and cruelty-free polishes. The spa is adhering to the current CDC guidelines’ standard cleaning and sanitization practices. At the time of press, the spa was working on an appointment-only basis to ensure proper social distancing. Additional features include a sanitation station, temperature checks and a wellness survey prior to arrival to ensure the safety of all guests and staff. CLOVR is open Monday through Friday, 9 a.m. to 8 p.m.; Saturday and Sunday, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. 100 E. Camelback Road, Phoenix; 602.675.0550. www.clovrlifespa.com.


DESTINATION DELICIOSO SCOTTSDALE 480-994-1799 | PHOENIX 602-601-6390 | LOSSOMBREROS.COM Come join us for dine-in or take-out


it feels good to give. especially now!



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