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LESLIE LEHR Principal, All Your Ducks in A Row Children: Brooke, 14

Tell us about your company. All Your Ducks in A Row, which I started in 2017, inspires and creates organized design for homes. I believe when we eliminate clutter, we honor our home by creating a space that is welcoming and radiates pride, serenity, joy, relaxation and comfort. What inspired you to open your business? My husband encouraged me to follow my passion for organization, tidiness, style and function. I decided to celebrate my compulsion and embrace it. Now, I consider my need to organize as my passion rather than my compulsion. How do you balance motherhood and your career? The secret is to stay organized – all important business and family events are entered in the calendar immediately. I consider my family time as important as a business meeting. Last but not least, I seek help when needed. What is the best part of owning a business? The ability to follow my passion – time spent on my business does not feel like work. I love having the flexibility to spend time with my family and to balance my work and life. What motivates you? Creating and designing organized solutions that remove clutter and stress and replacing those with order and joy. Seeing the smiles on my clients’ faces when a project is completed is the best motivation. How has your child influenced you? Brooke gives me inspiration through her amazing style and talent for design. Her dedication, hard work, big heart, and sense of humor influence me every day. What lesson do you hope to pass on to Brooke? Follow the Lehr family mission: Be kind to others, be grateful, count your blessings daily, dream big, follow your passion, do your best every day, and never give up. Most valuable lesson you’ve learned in business: To be my most authentic self. Knowing and accepting who I am allows me to create organizational spaces that are stylish and functional.


Uptown May ‘19

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Uptown Magazine May 2019

Uptown Magazine May 2019