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Oliver Badgio’s ensembles are as sleek and sophisticated as the restaurants he represents BY BRITTANY MARONEY / PHOTO BY MARK MORGAN

Oliver Badgio has a carefully crafted sense of style, one he describes as “humbly sophisticated.” As the chief brand officer of high-end eateries including Steak 44, Ocean 44, Steak 48 and Dominick’s Steakhouse, he certainly has an image to uphold – one he takes seriously. “My style is appropriately dressy and respectful of the best in class reputation of the Mastro Family and their luxury restaurant brands,” Badgio says. “Most days I have the opportunity to be in one of the restaurants, so I usually wear a suit without a tie or a sport coat with casual pants and shirt. And, of course, my sneakers.” If Badgio has any weakness, it’s his fondness for old-school sneakers. In fact, he hasn’t worn a pair of dress shoes since 2007. “If someone opened my closet they would likely say, ‘Really, with the sneakers? You are kidding.’ I know, it’s a habit but there are worse habits to have,” he says. His professional attire paired with his favorite pair of sneakers balances his look for a blend of fun and sophistication, matching the restaurants he represents.

What do you love about your career? Working in a great family business and becoming a part of that family over the past 30 years is a very special and unique experience. There is nothing not to love and everything to be grateful for. How do you select your apparel? I’m 50-50, in store and online. I have a few favorite brands, such as Vince, Rag & Bone, Suitsupply and Spiritual Gangster. What is one accessory that you have way too much of? Cufflinks. There is nothing more unique, because there are so many different kinds. You hardly ever see anyone with the same pair. One of my favorite pairs is a set of typewriter keys from an old 1930s Corona, an “O” and a ”B” for my initials.


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