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Leading the Way:

LUKE AND NAJLA KAYYEM What’s meant to be will be – so is the love story between Luke and Najla Kayyem, who met in seventh grade, dated throughout high school, and went their separate ways during and shortly after college, before reconnecting and marrying in 2006. Though The Kayyems are in different fields, both have made it their lifeworks to connect with, support and help others. They seek to inspire those around them to be better as they move forward toward a common goal. Truly, they are leaders of their respective packs. As the owner of management consulting firm Kayyem Marketing, Najla connects people through networking, sales and marketing, and is responsible for launching and marketing some of the country’s most notable mixed-use developments. And with more than 17 years in the fitness industry, Luke transforms lives as a master lifestyle coach, vlogger and inspirational speaker, as well as through his virtual fitness program, The Fittest Tribe Alive. He’s especially passionate about empowering men to find their sense of purpose, and hosts mastermind groups to help men become better fathers, husbands and leaders. Together, The Kayyems are fiercely committed to health living, with a focus on longevity and a higher quality of life – and making that possible for others. They have raised nearly $200,000 for local charities and organizations, including Arizona Baseball Charities, Cystic Fibrosis Foundation, Playworks, and Pat Tillman Foundation. The parents of two also launched a Health and Wellness Week at Desert Canyon Elementary School, which focused on the importance of exercise, wholesome food choices, and a healthcentered lifestyle. The Kayyems, who are regularly featured health and wellness experts on TV

and in national lifestyle publications, say their “glass half-full” outlook has led them to live a life full of purpose, passion and positivity while deliberately making time for their family and each other. “To us, a power couple means that we show up every day and support each SO SCOTTSDALE! |



other’s individual goals, life goals and family goals. We both do work that will create more opportunities and achievements, individually and collectively. We maintain consistency day in and day out with our beliefs, goals and follow through on our commitments.”

So Scottsdale September 2017