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ROBYN REPP The Arizona native and U.S. Archery Team member is setting her target on helping children in need

FIT & FIERCE FAST Get serious results in 20 minutes

IS IT REAL LOVE? 3 ways to tell if your partner is into you for you


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Finally a painless non-invasive vaginal rejuvenation treatment that works!

Femilift is a minimally invasive FDA cleared, in-office, 15 minute pain-free laser treatment that rejuvenates and tightens, improving vaginal laxity and urinary incontinence. A rejuvenated lining also promotes lubrication and blood flow, resulting in improved sexual stimulation. If you are interested in increased sexual enhancement for both you and your partner, FemiLift is the answer for you!


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46 Robyn Repp

10 e  d note 16 health

The U.S. Archer talks state pride, coming back to her sport and helping children in need

Positive caffeine effects, limiting screen time, natural brightness and bacteria, egg benefits, calorie counts on menus, diets and depression, and artificial sweeteners

20 list

Four types of personalities to know for the workplace

22 splurge

Track your golf game

24 cook

Loaded sweet potatoes

26 food

Squash feast


Michael Grabner

Get to know the new Arizona Coyote




28 weight loss News to know















92ND ST.



89TH PL.









STUDIOBSMILES.COM High Attention to Detail • Financing Options Available • Friendly & Knowledgeable Team • 5 Year Warranty on All Porcelain Restorations TEAM DENTIST



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32 34

30 solo scottsdale Meet Lindsey

32 muscle

Fitter in 20 minutes

34 balance

Sticking to a sleep schedule

36 nutrition FODMAP diet

38 scottsdale soul Ally’s new clinic for children, an app for moms, CBD oil secrets, Ballsfest, and a recipe for light pumpkin pie squares

40 life


High Street farmers market, a book with healthy Latin recipes, protein goes fizzy, a tennis tournament, Reformed Pilates’ new location, and a barre class at Hotel Adeline


ROBYN REPP The Arizona native and U.S. Archery Team member is setting her target on helping children in need


FIT & FIERCE FAST Get serious results in 20 minutes

IS IT REAL LOVE? How to tell if your partner is into you for you


ON THE COVER: Robyn Repp, photo by James Patrick,




content / November 2018



42 toys, tech & gear Holiday hosting

44 crazy 8s

Wine facts to know

45 funnies

Get ready to work those abs

52 relating

Three ways to tell if your partner is into you for you

54 beauty

Communicating at the spa

57 event NiteFlite golf tournament

58 doctor’s orders Breaking down prostate cancer





Be Healthy, Feel Healthy, Look Healthy. THROUGH ALL STAGES OF LIFE.

Revolutionary non-hormonal laser treatment available to treat the negative side effects of menopause – atrophic vaginitis, vaginal dryness, vaginal burning, painful intercourse, and bladder symptoms

OBSTETRICS Routine & High Risk Prenatal Care

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GYNECOLOGY Annual Exams, Testing & Treatment, and Non-Invasive Surgery Experts


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MEDSPA Enhancing natural beauty in a safe, medical environment



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MICHAEL FITZMAURICE, MD Founder of the Fitzmaurice Hand Institute Double Board Certified Hand Surgeon

When you've suffered a hand or wrist injury or need immediate care for persistent joint or nerve pain in your hands, wrists, or forearms, Hand & Wrist Urgent Care in Scottsdale is a quick and cost-efficient alternative to the emergency room. We provide fast diagnosis and specialized treatment for injuries to the fingers, hands, and wrists by one of the top hand surgeons in the country – Dr. Michael Fitzmaurice. Our patients are evaluated as soon as possible and may receive on-site x-rays or ultrasound for an effective diagnosis and treatment plan. If necessary, minimally invasive surgery can be performed within the same day to ensure the best possible outcome. At our center, we treat a wide range of hand and wrist injuries, including (but not limited to) the following: • • • •

Lacerations Fractures Broken bones Contusions

• • • •

Dislocations Sprains Nerve damage Tendon injuries

Skip the stress, excessive wait times, and costly appointments at a hospital emergency room. Get the urgent care you need for the fastest recovery possible at Hand & Wrist Urgent Care!


REJUVENATION center for anti-aging & regenerative medicine

480.771.1498 8841 E Bell Rd. #102 Scottsdale, AZ 85260

You may notice that my last name has changed throughout Scottsdale Health Magazine. Well, last month, surrounded by loved ones, I got married and decided to take my husband’s last name, Leighton. So, you’re still flipping through pages edited by the same person – just with a new last name. November is a beautiful month of the year. We gather with friends and family, and the weather is in its prime. However, it’s also a time where our diets and workouts often fall by the wayside. Our November issue is here for you when you need it, supplying healthy alternatives and ways to stay active. On page 32, you’ll find a workout that’s just 20 minutes – you can quickly do these movements between meetings or right after school drop-off. It’s hard to pass up hearty, season-inspired dishes that local restaurants are serving up during the cooler months. On page 26, we rounded up restaurants that are highlighting squash in a healthy way. Page 42 covers your hosting duties with helpful kitchen gadgets for Thanksgiving dinner and beyond. Sticking to your child’s sleep schedule this time of year can be tough, from traveling to having family in town to attending parties that go past bedtime. Page 34 has tips for sticking with the routine. November is also a month that many people reflect on what they are thankful for, and it’s a good opportunity to give back to those who are less fortunate. Robyn Repp, who’s on our cover this month, knows a thing or two about that. The U.S. Archery Team member focuses on more than just the bullseye – she also puts her efforts toward children in need. Read all about her passion and upcoming fundraiser on page 46. Have a great time with friends and family this month! Best, Gabby Leighton Editor-in-Chief Find our magazine on Facebook!


HAND INSTITUTE MI C H A E L F I T Z MAU RI C E , MD Founder of the Fitzmaurice Hand Institute Double Board Certified Hand Surgeon

Dr. Fitzmaurice’s advanced regenerative medicine techniques provide natural and long-lasting relief from hand and wrist conditions.

Dr. Fitzmaurice’s advanced regenerative medicine techniques, including platelet-rich plasma (PRP), stem cells, and hyaluronic acid, provide natural and long-lasting relief from carpal tunnel, trigger finger, tennis elbow and thumb arthritis among many other hand and wrist conditions. His passion for customized patient care and innovative techniques have redefined his specialty and made him one of the most sought-after hand surgeons in the country. Dr. Fitzmaurice is also a pioneer; he personally developed a line of nutritional supplements and patented surgical techniques to improve the safety and efficacy of hand surgery. When combined with regenerative medicine treatment, severe conditions that affect the hand can be alleviated and eliminated in the most effective ways possible for each patient.



Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Cubital Tunnel Syndrome Trigger Thumb Trigger Finger Dupuytren’s Contracture De Quervain’s Tendinitis Thumb Arthritis (CMC Joint) Tennis Elbow Wrist Pain

8841 E. Bell Rd. STE #201 Scottsdale, AZ 85260

P U B L IS H E R Bill Richman V I CE P R E S ID E N T OF OP E R AT ION S Stacey Richman E D IT OR -IN -C H IE F Gabby Leighton C R E AT IV E D IR E C T OR Anthony Cox­ AD V E RT IS IN G A RT D IR E C T OR Lalo Reyes A D V E RT IS IN G C OOR D IN AT OR Stacey Richman

CON T R IB U T IN G WR IT E R S Jamie Engelman, Candice Frazer, Mandy Holmes, Jess Hutchens, Elizabeth Liberatore, Lindsey Piechota, Kelly Potts, Rachel Rock, Kailen Rosenberg, Mark Tyson P H OT OG R A P H Y Mark Morgan, James Patrick, James Sasser, Eric Shilling

H OW T O C ONTA C T US E D IT OR IA L A D V E RT IS IN G 480.229.3122 S U B S C R IB E

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isaac jewelers K i e r l a n d

C o m m o n s

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n e v i dr Show your support for Barrett-Jackson Charities by purchasing the all-new Barrett-Jackson license plate for $25. To aid Barrett-Jackson Charities in their efforts to support the American Heart Association, $17 from each purchase will benefit this great organization’s efforts to improve the heart health of our community.

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At National Hair Loss, we are committed to healthy hair, because healthy hair is beautiful hair. Our goal is to provide customized treatment plans to help you achieve your best hair and love your locks!

HOW TO KEEP YOUR HAIR HEALTHY & HAPPY We recommend starting with a complimentary hair evaluation. Our knowledgable staff will customize a treatment plan using the most cutting-edge therapies. Our advanced hair loss treatments for women and men helps restore thickness, volume, and shine to your hair. Botanical Based Hair Care Infuses Volume & Moisture into Hair Hair Analysis with Nutrient Testing & Customized Supplements for Healthy Hair Accelerate Hair Growth with Stem Cell Therapy





HAPPY PATIENTS WITH HEALTHY, BEAUTIFUL HAIR When you demand a crowd’s attention and all eyes are on you, you want to look and feel your best ... and Letitia Frye does. Letitia is a renowned motivational speaker and “Auctiontainer” who has helped raise over $200 million for charity alongside A-list stars. She relies on National Hair Loss specifically tailored Hair Recovery Program to make her hair stronger, thicker, healthier — and as resilient as she is!

If you would like to find out how to have more volume and healthier hair, contact our office.

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Carly Klein Founder & President


/ complied by Kelly Potts

Limiting kids’ recreational screen time to less than two hours a day, along with sufficient sleep and physical activity, is associated with improved cognition

Improving Cognition in Children An Egg a Day … One egg per day may keep the heart doctor away. Daily egg eaters had an 18 percent lower risk of dying from cardiovascular disease, which manifests as heart attacks and strokes, compared with adults who avoided eggs, according to study results from China. Though eggs contain high-quality protein and other positive nutritional components, they also have high amounts of cholesterol. These study results show small, daily amounts may be beneficial.

As parents, you probably know that extensive screen time for kids may not be the best. Limiting kids’ recreational screen time to less than two hours a day, along with sufficient sleep and physical activity, is associated with improved cognition according to a new study. What may not come as much of a surprise, researchers also found that the longer screen time children have, the lower physical activity levels.

Natural brightness, less bacteria Scientists at the University of Oregon recently set up a study of dusty, dollhouse-size rooms to compare what happens in rooms exposed to daylight through regular glass, rooms exposed to only ultraviolet light and those kept dark. The miniature rooms, kept at normal room temperature, sat outdoors with the real dust (collected from actual Portland-area homes) inside them. After sitting for 90 days — the average amount of time it takes for most people to vacuum — the dust was sampled and analyzed for bacteria. The results, published in Microbiome, showed that rooms exposed to daylight have fewer germs. The lit rooms had about half the viable bacteria (those that are able to grow), compared with dark rooms. Rooms that were exposed only to UV light had just slightly less viable bacteria than ones exposed to daylight.

Source: www.cnn.



Source: www.




Magic Beans A little caffeine helps you get through the day, and it may help those with chronic kidney disease. According to a recent study in Nephrology Dialysis Transplantation, researchers believe that the positive impacts from caffeine are related to vascular effects, as caffeine has been known to improve vessel function. However, they warn to keep coffee consumption to less than three cups daily, and black – no added sugars, creams or artificial sugars.



Dr. Richard Jacoby, DPM of Extremity Health Center THE DOCTORS AND staff at Extremity Health Centers offer a combined 40+ years of experience in podiatric medicine to residents who live in and around the Phoenix and Scottsdale area. Under the medical direction of podiatrist Richard P. Jacoby, DPM, the practice provides diagnosis and treatment for stubborn, chronic foot and ankle pain and comprehensive and successful treatment of diabetic neuropathy. After graduating from college, Dr. Jacoby attended Villanova University before receiving his doctorate of podiatric medicine at the Pennsylvania College of Podiatric Medicine. He has participated in and taught thousands of hours of Continuing Medical Education over the past few decades. Additionally, he is a past president of the Arizona Podiatry Association and the Association of Extremity Nerve Surgeons and co-authored the book “Sugar Crush: How to Reduce Inflammation, Reverse Nerve Damage, and Reclaim Good Health,” correlating a relationship between sugar and inflammation. Extremity Health Center offers a variety of on-site extremity diagnosis and medical services, including surgery that are available for a wide range of issues, including foot and heel pain, bunions, ankle fractures and sprains, varicose veins, foot and ankle arthritis, diabetic foot, plantar fasciitis, toenail fungus and peripheral neuropathy and neuroma. Dr. Jacoby’s specialty is working with diabetic patients and he has a proven formula to resolve diabetic neuropathy. “What I’ve found is that the progression of most neuropathies is aggressive, insidious and invasive throughout the body.” “Stem cells from umbilical cord blood are the best product out there today, especially for neuropathy,” says Dr.


Jacoby of the most effect treatment he uses. “ Stem cells are miraculous in that they actively seek out inflammatory tissues and repair and restore tissue, tendon, tissue, bone, nerve or muscle. Stem cells also work in the repair of foot and ankle fractures and Achilles tendonitis. “Stem cells are the biggest paradigm shift in medicine since the germ theory and it’s absolutely true,” Dr. Jacoby explains of stem cell use in diabetic neuropathy. “Patients will get off their medicine, and in most cases will avoid surgery.” Dr. Jacoby uses the Dellon procedure for decompressing peripheral neuropathy. He has utilized the surgical procedure successfully on thousands of patients and none of them have needed a subsequent amputation. He says, “Dr. Dellon perfected the Dellon technique and did the research back in the 80s. I adopted his technique and trained with him 20 years ago.” There have been 100,000 amputations annually due to diabetic neuropathy since the implementation of the Dellon procedure and Dr. Jacoby says that adds up to two million avoidable amputations. “It’s a national disgrace,” he says. It is his belief that the FDA pushes medications that don’t work, which in turn, create situations where amputations are done. The Dellon procedure utilizing stem cells could save thousands of people from avoidable amputations. “Stem cells are the fountain of youth and I’ve used them myself for a severe herniated disc,” finishes Dr. Jacoby. “I was back playing tennis in three days and haven’t needed another injection since.”


7301 East 2nd Street, Suite 200 | Scottsdale, AZ. 85251 |


Calorie Counts for Healthy Choices Diners may not enjoy seeing them, but calorie counts on menus seem to be helping restaurantgoers make healthier choices. This year, the Food and Drug Administration enacted a law requiring restaurants and grocery stores with 20 or more locations to display calorie counts on standard menu items. Research shows the new calorie counts on restaurant menus have customers ordering less — especially when it comes to their appetizer and entree courses.

Flee the Fakes Artificial sweeteners are one of the most common food additives worldwide, frequently consumed in diet and zero-calorie sodas and other products. While some previous studies have linked artificial sweeteners with negative health consequences, earlier research has been mixed and raised questions about potential bias related to study sponsorship. However, new research finds sugar replacements can also cause health changes that are linked with diabetes and obesity. No matter which way you reach, moderation is key.

Source: www.

Depression and Diets An analysis of published research concludes that there is a clear link between following diets that are rich in plant foods, particularly the Mediterranean diet — and a lower risk of depression. The study found that following a “pro-inflammatory diet” was tied to a higher risk of depression. The researchers defined a pro-inflammatory diet as one that typically has high amounts of sugar, processed foods and saturated fat. The findings show that more plants and less sugar equals people less likely to feel the effects of depression. Source:

Source: www.





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/ by Candice Frazer

4 Personality Types and How They Can Help at Work A majority of Americans aren’t engaged at work. This lack of engagement makes it difficult to get work done efficiently. What if you could get your work done better by understanding how to communicate with coworkers? Everyone’s heard about personality tests or behavioral assessments but many don’t understand their underlying purpose. These assessments help people to understand themselves, then others and, together, get more done. You can start by examining DISC, which explains how people behave the way they do, by identifying four unique behavioral styles: dominance, influence, steadiness and compliance (DISC). Many consider DISC to be an unofficial “manual” for understanding people and improving interactions with them. Using DISC, you can understand your colleague’s behavioral styles and improve your effectiveness at work. To do so, identify your coworker’s preferred communication style by following the guidelines.

A recent Gallup poll suggests 34 percent of workers consider themselves engaged in their work, 13 percent to be actively disengaged, leaving 53 percent as simply disengaged.

#1 Dominance The D stands for dominance, which describes people who tend to favor a direct and assertive communication style. Dominant coworkers tend to focus on problems and challenges. To communicate with them, be direct and prepared in communications, eliminate the small talk and do not make decisions for them. You can motivate a “D” with challenges and engage them by providing a forum where they can voice opinions.

#2 Influence The I is for influencers. As you can expect, an influencer is all about people; they become energized in the presence of others. To communicate with an influencer, you want to casually ease into conversations and avoid being too direct. Before talking about business, create a personal connection. These employees are great at mediating workplace conflicts. They prefer open work spaces, where interaction and collaboration are encouraged.

#3 Steadiness S represents steadiness. These are people who prefer a relaxed pace and find comfort with consistency and stability. Don’t rock the boat when communicating with them. Use a steady pace and confirm they understand what is expected. They thrive in a stable environment and need time to process information. Allow them to ask questions and don’t expect them to act or react immediately to something.

#4 Compliance C identifies the compliance behavioral style. These people tend to be very process driven and detailoriented. These are the perfectionists, so they want as many facts as possible. C-type coworkers enjoy having their own space and thrive in organized environments. If possible, communicate with them in writing and make sure expectations and deadlines are clearly identified. These meticulous workers appreciate patience, because they like to do their job the right way.

Candice Frazer is the vice president of marketing for TTI Success Insights. TTI Success Insights, helps to reveal human potential by guiding individuals through effective ways to engage their team. The company’s annual TTISICON, held Jan. 11, 2019, can help you learn more about engaging the workforce. For more details, visit




STEM CELL TREATMENT IS IT RIGHT FOR YOU? Schedule a FREE phone consultation and learn how STEM CELL therapies can help you regain control of your health.

480.990.8544 BOARD CERTIFIED - The Valley’s Top Expert in Regenerative Medicine

splurge / by Gabby Leighton

Drive Improvement Manage your game on and off the greens

Shot Scope V2 Golf GPS + Performance Tracker may just be the game-changer needed to lower that handicap. Each watch comes with 20 tags which screw into the butt end of your clubs. The GPS watch automatically records critical shot and performance data to analyze after a round. The lowprofile watch has three play modes – GPS, PRO and GPS + Tracking. Simply choose your preferred mode and after those 18 holes, connect the watch to your computer or smartphone for review. The Shot Scope performance dashboard will help you compare the usage of each club to determine which clubs work best for which shots, tee shot accuracy, putting averages and more. Available for $249 at Dick’s Sporting Goods,




Arizona Charitable Tax Credit & Foster Care Tax Credit

Your tax credit gift to Boys & Girls Clubs of Greater Scottsdale directly helps local kids today and is building a brighter tomorrow for everyone. We now qualify for the Foster Care Tax Credit along with the Charitable Organization Tax Credit.

This year, give to both … It still won’t cost you a dime. 10533 E. Lakeview Drive Scottsdale, AZ 85258 (480) 344-5520 |


/ by Jess Hutchens / photo by Eric Shilling

Savory Sweet Potato Boats

Makes 2-4 boats 1-2 sweet potatoes 1 yellow squash 1 zucchini ½ cup diced onions 1 cup black beans 1 teaspoon Cumin 1 teaspoon Paprika Cooking spray Sea salt Pepper Salsa

Heat oven to 375 degrees. Place parchment paper on a large baking sheet, lightly spray with cooking spray and sprinkle sea salt and pepper over it. Rinse and dry sweet potatoes, cut them in half, and place face down on parchment paper. Bake in oven for 40-45 minutes, until tender on the inside. Clean and dry zucchini and squash; peeling them is optional. Dice squash, zucchini, and onion into little squares. Place a skillet over medium heat and add Âź cup of water. Saute squash, zucchini, onions, beans, cumin, and paprika until squash is a tender texture, around 15-20 min. Once potatoes are baked and cooled off, mash the inside with a fork. Place squash mixture on top of sweet potato, add salsa and enjoy!




Jess Hutchens is an ACE Certified Personal Trainer and Nutritionist. For more info, check out

PAINLESS FIX FOR RECEDING GUMS! Pinhole Surgical Technique



A University Study revealed that 89% of patients over 20 years old have gingival recession. If you are concerned about receding gums due to gum disease or have gum recession because of aggressive brushing, smoking or medications, turn to Dr. Erik Svans, a Certified Pinhole Surgical Technique® Provider. This surgical treatment rebuilds the gum line without cut and suture surgery. You can walk out of our office with a beautiful new smile in a single visit! In fact, the Pinhole Surgical Technique® is often called the “Lunchtime Gum Lift” as it takes as little as an hour to perform and is done under local anesthesia so you can return to work after your appointment.

Case of the Month BEFORE


Pinhole Surgical Technique by Dr Erik Svans: 1 Year Post Op ®


Contact us for a free consultation 480.219.8760 Erik P. Svans DDS

For everything you need to know about this amazing procedure, visit www.

Svans Dentistry PLLC 7400 E Pinnacle Peak Rd, Suite 200, Scottsdale, AZ 85255 (480) 219-8760


/ by Mandy Holmes

Oh my Gourd! Nutritious and delicious squash dishes

Cool weather months bring an abundance of dishes around Scottsdale featuring nutrient-rich root vegetables including one of our favorites: squash. The Herb Box Autumn ingredients are paired with a hint of Southwest essence at The Herb Box where they put savory twists on classic dishes that unify regional flavors and creativity. The imaginative Butternut Squash and Corn Enchiladas ($14) served with kale ensalada, organic arugula, avocado, edamame, sweet dried corn, pickled red onion, candied pepitas, and fresno chili powder are both gluten-free and a customer favorite at both lunch and dinner. www. True Food Kitchen Satisfying all fall flavor cravings, the menu here is stocked with dishes featuring a variety of squash. The Vegan Butternut Squash Pizza ($15) is topped


with caramelized onions, roasted garlic, organic kale, vegan almond ricotta, cranberry and sage. Guilt- and gluten-free Squash Pie is made with a vegan graham crust, filled with pureed butternut squash, and topped with coconut whipped cream and the Spaghetti Squash Casserole ($14) swaps traditional pasta for a low carb alternative



combined with DiNapoli tomatoes, caramelized onion, zucchini, and fresh mozzarella. www. Thirsty Lion Gastropub & Grill With an emphasis on local ingredients, bold flavors and scratchmade recipes, Thirsty Lion’s menu features two seasonal dishes highlighting butternut squash. The lighter option, Roasted

Butternut Squash and Arugula salad ($9.95) showcases marinated currants, ancient farro grains, wheat berries, Asiago cheese, and spicy candied pecans while the heartier option, Grilled Shrimp and Butternut Squash Risotto ($19.95) is full of seasoned shrimp, butternut squash, and braised leeks. www. thirstyliongastropub. com.

The Mission Using hand-pressed corn tortillas as the base, the Roasted Organic Butternut Squash tacos ($10) at The Mission are served with black bean sofrito, pepitas, poblano, pickled jalapeno, cotija cheese and fresh lime making them the perfect option to satisfy your Mexican food craving without sacrificing calories. www. The Canal Club Tucked inside The Scott Resort, The Canal Club is home to the deliciously healthy Squash Salad ($11). Arugula and shaved summer squash are layered over goat cheese mousse, topped with a pomegranate vinaigrette and pistachio powder. www.thescottresort. com. Babbo Italian Eatery One flavorful fall creation at Babbo Italian Eatery is the

Flat Iron Steak Protein Bowl ($12.95). Packed with brown rice, red quinoa, broccoli, yellow squash, zucchini and carrots and topped with a sweet and spicy honey chili glaze, this dish combines rich, earthy flavors with the fresh ingredients Babbo is known for. www. babboitalianeatery. com. Grassroots Kitchen & Tap The Farmers Vegetable Chop Salad at Grassroots Kitchen & Tap combines cabbage, beets, grapes, butternut squash, corn, radishes, tomatoes, scallions, Persian cucumbers, edamame, feta, basil and parsley with a housemade champagne vinaigrette. Available in half or full sizes ($9/$14 respectively), this salad is perfect as a start to your meal or as the main course. www.

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20,000 Sit-ups in 30 Minutes?

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NO NEEDLES - NO DOWNTIME The EMSCULPT Creates the World’s first non-invasive buttock lift procedure!

Lawrence W. Shaw, M.D.



8913 E. Bell Rd, #201, Scottsdale, AZ


weight loss news / complied by Kelly Potts

The Vitamin D Connection Vitamin D supplements may promote weight loss and reduce risk factors for future heart and metabolic disease in overweight and obese children, according to new research. Although vitamin D deficiency is typically associated with impaired bone health, in recent years it has been increasingly linked with increased body fat accumulation and obesity, with the precise nature of this relationship currently under intense investigation by researchers. However, the effect of vitamin D supplementation on the weight and health of obese children and adolescents has not been studied.

If You Dream It … Visualize what you want, and it will come quicker. A new study suggests that simply visualizing your goal weight or “thinking yourself slim” could help to boost weight loss by as much as five times. Scientists from the University of Plymouth have been examining the role of “motivational intervention” in aiding weight loss efforts.

Cut Calories, Stay Young New research from a study published in the journal Cell Metabolism suggests that cutting calories by 15 percent for two years can slow the metabolic process that leads to aging and protect against age-related diseases. After just one year on a reduced-calorie diet, study participants saw their metabolic rates drop significantly. The lowered rate continued into the second year and led to an overall decrease in oxidative stress, a process that has been tied to diabetes, cancer, Alzheimer’s disease and other age-related conditions. Source: www.cnn.

Source: com.


Source: www.

Kickstart the day It turns out that it’s not just about what you eat, but also when. Researchers in the UK found that eating breakfast between the hours of 7:30 and 9:30 a.m. is the optimal time, as study participants who ate within that time frame had a lower BMI, or body mass index. The researchers also state that you should eat breakfast within one hour of waking up in order to maintain your circadian rhythm and boost your metabolism. Source:





Dr. Bryan Geier talks a new treatment for pain management Wouldn’t it be great if you could treat the majority of all pain related symptoms with a non-invasive approach? Now, you can. As a Chiropractor, my education and training was focused on relieving pain by influencing the nervous system through the use of spinal manipulation. However, in my practice I intently focus on the myo, which is the Latin term for muscles and connective tissue called fascia. Here in lies the term Myofascial therapy. When treating pain, I chose to focus on the myofascia of the body because this is the most important component to influencing the Central Nervous System to decrease pain, specifically honing in on treating this pain by taking an alternative, non-invasive approach. Unfortunately, myofascial therapy receives little attention as a major source of pain and is seldom taught in modern medical school training. Even more unfortunate is the lack of insurance reimbursement for this important therapy. So, let’s dig into the topic a little deeper.

running through, around and crisscrossing every inch of your body including muscle, organs, blood vessels, nerves, spinal cord, brain and skin. The central nervous system receives its greatest amount of sensory nerves from myofascial tissue. This means that the fascia is as important or more important than muscle in sensory input delivery. The key to this statement is that your myofascia becomes the byproduct of your environment without you even realizing it. It experiences stress, memorizes chronic poor posture, feels the weight of your head sitting at the computer all day, and permanently holds onto old untreated injuries. As a result of never ending signaling to the brain, the body develops symptoms like pain and endocrine dysfunction like adrenal fatigue, dysfunctional mood and brain fog, to name a few. If the fascia controls the information that can influence the brain, then this is the first step to calming down the body’s pain response and also improving overall global body function.

THE SCIENCE BEHIND PAIN AND MYOFASCIA The muscular system is the largest sensory organ. Approximately 50 percent of your body weight is made up of about 400 skeletal muscles. Your fascia is actually one giant interconnected web of connective tissue

WHAT IS MYOFASCIAL THERAPY? It is a deep tissue treatment involving the breakdown of fascial adhesions known as trigger points. These trigger points ultimately create a permanently shortened muscle, resulting in pain and muscle dysfunction and, in turn, weakness and uncoordinated movements. Myofascial therapy can be performed in many ways including by a practitioner’s hands, using tools that break down adhesions and stretching. This therapy proves to be a very efficient and effective therapy for pain management, improving athletic performance and reducing cellulite.

COMMON INJURIES RELATED TO MYOFASCIAL TRIGGER POINTS • Pain or stiffness in your neck, mid- or lowback • Headaches or jaw pain • Sciatica and other nerve related symptoms like numbness and tingling • Tendonitis, Bursitis and Plantar Fasciitis • Joint pain especially in your shoulder, knee or wrist • Generalized dull, achy pain • Athletic performance issues

HOW DOES HEALTHY FASCIA BECOME UNHEALTHY FASCIA? This happens when extra layers of fascia grow due to stress, trauma, repetitive motions, dehydration and inflammation. Inflammation comes from repetitive working out or even eating inflammatory foods such as (but not limited to) sugar, fried food, certain oils and processed wheat.

CALL 480.800.4924 AND MENTION SCOTTSDALE HEALTH MAGAZINE TO RECEIVE 20 PERCENT OFF A PACKAGE OF THREE VISITS, EQUALING $149. Dr. Geier is located inside Jewish Community Center (JCC). A JCC membership is not required to be treated. Sign up to see Dr. Geier and also receive a one week pass to the JCC!

solo scottsdale by Gabby Leighton / photo by Mark Morgan

Each month, Scottsdale Health features one local single. This month, meet…

Val D’Amato AGE: 27 ABOUT ME: I am the only Arizona native in a Wisconsin-rooted family, so there are two places I call home. I graduated from NAU with a BSN degree and work as a circulating nurse in an operating room. Those who know me would say that I am genuine, down-to-earth, kindhearted, confident, tenacious, adventurous, ambitious, and have a good sense of humor. Being active is part of my lifestyle, and my daily fitness routine can include swimming laps, running, or weight and resistance training in the gym. I also love water sports, and my favorite place to be is at the beach. I enjoy exploring great local restaurants, catching happy hour with friends, going to sporting events, traveling, and spending time with family. Keeping busy is just as fun as a relaxing

Interested In Meeting Our Single?

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day at home. I love animals, especially dogs. MY FAVORITE MOVIE IS: The Blind Side. WHAT I’M LOOKING FOR IN A SIGNIFICANT OTHER: A supportive best friend to share life experiences and create memories. Someone who challenges me to be a better version of myself, has a sense of humor, shows compassion for others, and is a great listener. THE MOST IMPORTANT QUALITIES TO ME ARE: Virtuous, respectful, chivalrous, trustworthy, ambitious, confident, articulate, and absolutely puts family first. THE LEAST IMPORTANT QUALITIES TO ME ARE: Everyone is unique, so if we have great chemistry, some of the things that make us different won’t matter.

Interested In Being Our Next Solo? Send an email with your name, age and a recent photo for consideration to the same email, with “Solo” in the subject line.

Driving on the course, fun. Driving to the cleaners, not so fun.

Specializing in premier quality dry cleaning, with complimentary pick-up and delivery to your home or office for your convenience. Organic Dry Cleaners is a full-service dry cleaning company with locations in both Scottsdale and Phoenix. We pride ourselves on focusing on high quality pressing, being tough on stains, but eco-friendly, using only organic, non-toxic, dry cleaning solvents. Your garments will last longer and look exquisite!


480.951.2206 We offer same day service at any location before 9:00 am Monday through Friday.

Monday-Friday: 7 am-7 pm Saturday: 9 am-5 pm Sunday Closed for maintenance

Sign-Up Online at


/ by Lindsey Piechota / photos by James Patrick Lindsey Piechota is a certified CrossFit level 1 trainer, certified personal trainer, and a health/ nutrition coach. She is the owner and operator of CrossFit BCR located at 1427 E Bell RD in Phoenix, Arizona. For more information call 602-803-0793 or visit

Full-body Burner Build strength in just 20 minutes With the holidays quickly approaching, time will start to get limited between social and family events. Don’t let all of the festivities stop you from reaching your goals. For this quick workout, all you are going to need is a set of dumbbells, 20 minutes of your day, and the strength to give it all you got. This routine is meant to target the whole body, so you’ll definitely be getting the best bang for your buck!

The Breakdown Set your timer for 20 minutes. Run through all four movements as fast as possible, getting through as many rounds as possible. There is no set rest, so the goal is to keep a steady pace for the full 20 minutes. 10 devils press  10 squats  10 burpees over dumbbells 10 alternating single-leg V-ups




Movement #1: Devils Press Hold a dumbbell in each hand. The dumbbells will be starting on the ground, and tapping the floor for each additional rep. Keep your hips hinged, with a slight bend in the knee, keeping that core tight, and swing both bells up over head. Make sure to fully lock out both arms over head. Break down the same way and continue reps. Make sure that the core is tight during the whole movement and don’t let your back hunch over. Movement #2: Squats  Start with both dumbbells on the shoulders. Keep the elbows raised in the front, feet shoulder width apart, weight will stay flat in the feet, and your back will remain flat at all times. Begin the squat and think about having the hips reach back, knees will be traveling in line with feet. The goal is to have the hip crease meet at parallel with the knee, or below. Keep driving elbows up and return to starting position. 

Movement #3: Burpees over Dumbbell Starting in a standing position, begin to push your hips back, bend your knees, lower yourself into a squat, and then bring your hands down to the ground. Kick your feet back. You should now be in a plank position. Begin lowering yourself down to the ground so your chest can make contact with the ground. Press back up to a plank position, hop or step the feet forward to your hands. Bring hands up over head and explode over the dumbbell to the other side. One rep will be complete once you land on the other side of the dumbbell from where you started. Movement #4: Alternating V-ups Start by laying in a hollow position on your back. Keep your lower back planted on the ground with your arms and feet off the ground. Keeping the core engaged the whole time, begin to raise your right arm to your left foot. Lower down and then repeat on the other side.

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balance / by Jamie Engelman

Jamie Engelman, owner of Oh Baby Consulting, holds a BA in psychology, an MS in child development and has spent many years providing personal, inhome support to new moms and families with young children. She is a Certified Pediatric Sleep Consultant and a Certified Breastfeeding Specialist. For more information visit www.

Healthy Sleep During the Holidays How to keep your little ones on track for their scheduled slumbers

With the holidays approaching, parents with little ones who are on a good sleep schedule may worry that this will regress during these busy months. Between traveling, constant attention, excitement and a slew of activities planned, the holidays can be disastrous to everyone’s sleep schedule, especially infants and young children who have greater sleep needs than adults. But guess what? It doesn’t have to be this way! With some strategic planning and determination, you can maintain a healthy sleep schedule no matter what your holiday plans entail. Traveling with children – especially infants – can be daunting, but things will run more smoothly if everyone can get quality sleep. If you are driving somewhere, plan to be in the car




around baby’s nap time and let the car soothe them into slumber. Car naps are not ideal, but it’s better than the alternative. If you’re flying, you might have a more difficult time managing your child’s schedule. To ease the burden on yourself (and your seat mates), do whatever you need to get through the flight with a minimal amount of fuss. Hop right back on track with healthy sleep habits once you arrive to your final destination. If you’re traveling to visit family and friends, or if company is coming to you, then you’ll have to figure out how to navigate the excitement that comes with more people and more activities. Even though it’s going to be very difficult, it’s important that you preserve your child’s sleep. Be firm about your child’s nap

and bedtime schedule, and stick to it as best as you can. Overstimulation plus overtiredness can cause cortisol levels to spike, which can make falling and staying asleep extremely difficult. During vacations, we often try to pack in as many activities as possible during the day. Unfortunately, all that carefully planned fun can turn sour quickly with a cranky, overtired baby. Children who are overtired will undoubtedly revert to some of those bad sleep habits you’ve worked so hard to prevent. If your little one is used to taking more than one nap a day, attempt a solid morning nap at the hotel or house. Starting the day well-rested allows for more flexibility for later naps to happen on the go. Traveling can be tiring so also keep a close eye on your child’s sleep cues. Remember that if naps are short or happen on the go, bedtime might have to be 30-60 minutes earlier than normal. When away from home, try to keep your baby’s sleep space as close to his or her home space. If your little one is used to sleeping in his or her own room, room sharing on vacation can be overwhelming and lead to tough nights. Even sleeping, your baby will be aware of your presence. If you’re staying in a hotel, try to book a room with an attached area or a separate room. If you’re staying with friends or family, talk with them in advance about having separate spaces for sleeping. Home offices work well as a makeshift nursery! If separate spaces just aren’t an option, at least put some distance or some type of barrier between your bed and their crib. Don’t bring them into bed with you if you can avoid it. Bring your sound machine, your baby’s favorite lovie, or your own crib sheets. Anything that smells familiar and reminds them of their home sleeping environment will help them get to sleep in their new surroundings. The holidays are a time for merriment and fun and having a well-rested child will make everything easier. Don’t stress; if you have a wonderful sleeper on your hands and stick to a great routine at home, you can allow yourself to relax and enjoy the holidays.





602.956.1233 3333 E Camelback Rd. Suite 230 Phoenix, AZ 85018



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Thorough Eyecare • Finest Eyewear • Superior Service SCOTTSDALE 8752 E. Shea (101 & Shea) 480-991-6432 MESA 555 N. Gilbert, Suite 101 (Gilbert & University) 480-827-9184

• Precision Exams • Diagnosis and Treatment of Eye Diseases • All Makes of Contacts - Including Bifocal, Keratoconus & Scleral • Designer Eyewear - Over 1,000 Styles • New, Improved Dry Eye Treatments • Provider for Medicare, VSP, United Healthcare, Eyemed, Avesis, Superior Vision, Cigna, Spectera, BlueCross/BlueShield, Healthnet, Davis

Dr. Katherine Blaskovich

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Our Top Notch Team of Eye Doctors

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nutrition / by Onyx Adegbola, MD

Onyx Adegbola, MD PhD, a physician scientist and former pharmaceutical executive, is the founder of Casa de Sante, a clean label artisan low FODMAP brand. Dr Adegbola received her PhD at the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine and completed her medical training at Columbia University and the University of Pennsylvania.

Navigating a FODMAP Diet How to survive holiday feasts

The holiday season can be a joyful time. However, if you are on the low-FODMAP (fermentable oligo-, di-, mono-saccharides and polyols) diet, it can be full of temptation and challenging social outings. This does not mean that you must forgo your delicious holiday favorites. With a little creativity, you can still create delicious holiday meals and snacks. Read on for tips on which holiday foods to avoid and ways to enjoy your favorite holiday foods while staying safe on the low-FODMAP diet.




What are FODMAPS? FODMAPs are fermentable carbohydrates found in a variety of fruits, onion, garlic, vegetables, wheat, legumes and milk. They are not digested but are fermented by the bacteria in the gut creating gas. This results in abdominal distention, bloating and cramping. The low-FODMAP diet is designed to limit foods that contain these carbohydrates, reducing abdominal symptoms and IBS.

Holiday foods to avoid Common holiday foods include cookies, cakes, casseroles, and other baked treats. The major high-FODMAP ingredients found in such holiday favorites that you should avoid include: wheat flour, wheat pasta, cow’s milk, high fructose fruits (apples, pears, and peaches), sweeteners (high fructose corn syrup, agave syrup, honey, or molasses), nuts (cashews and pis-

tachios; almonds should be limited to 10 pieces). Using these high-FODMAP ingredients as a reference, you should avoid such holiday food favorites as wheat flour-based cakes and cookies, macaroni and cheese, and apple pie. Get Creative For holiday meal time, avoid foods with onion or garlic.

If you like mashed potatoes, use almond milk instead of cow’s milk to whip up with butter and boiled potatoes. For gravy, choose gluten-free pre-packaged gravies, or make your own using the stock or bouillon without onion or garlic and cornstarch as a thickening agent. If macaroni and cheese is your favorite dish, use rice- or quinoabased pasta instead

of wheat flour pasta. Then combine with a bit of butter, cheddar and mozzarella cheeses, and some almond milk for a creamy and cheesy delicious dish. For dessert, if you crave cookies or baked goods, try gluten-free flour blends with arrowroot flour, corn flour, quinoa flour, or rice flour. Use cane sugar for your sweetener and use plant-based

milks like almond milk or coconut milk instead of cow’s milk. If you like apple pie, instead opt for fruits like pineapple, strawberries, or rhubarb. Bake up or stew these fruits with a bit of cane sugar and eat alone or with a cake or cookie baked using gluten-free flours. Other common holiday food ingredients that are low FODMAP safe

include: sourdough bread, green beans, carrots, yams, bananas, dried coconut flakes, whipped cream, whole cream, boiled or roasted chestnuts, pecan or walnut halves, macadamia nuts, cocoa powser, peanut butter, and strawberry jam.

be off-limits on a low-FODMAP diet, doesn’t mean your holidays can’t still be delicious. A few substitutions and recipe modifications can help you enjoy your holiday favorites while staying safe on your low-FODMAP diet regimen.

The take home message Just because many holiday foods may

Common holiday food ingredients that are low FODMAP safe include: sourdough bread, green beans, carrots, yams, bananas, dried coconut flakes, whipped cream, whole cream, boiled or roasted chestnuts, pecan or walnut halves, macadamia nuts, cocoa powser, peanut butter, and strawberry jam.


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Lifting Spirits

Ballsfest, a registered nonprofit organization, comes to Scottsdale’s Mountain Shadows Resort this month. The event, created by a testicular cancer survivor, began in 2007 as a small New York gathering for friends and concertgoers on the grounds of Saratoga State Park and has grown over the years, benefiting a national cancer foundation. Since 2013, the event’s proceeds have gone toward children in local areas affected by cancer, aiming to lift the spirits of children, young adults and their families. The Valley event will be held Nov. 8 at 7:45 a.m. The morning will begin with a hot breakfast, followed by a program about the nonprofit.

CBD Oil: Everyday Secrets Gretchen Lidicke, health editor at, recently released CBD Oil: Everyday Secrets, a novel diving into the topic of CBD oil, aka cannabidiol oil, which is the non-psychoactive compound of the cannabis plant. The oil is becoming a big trend in the beauty and wellness world, known for its antianxiety, antioxidant and pain-relieving properties. Lidicke compiles a one-stop lifestyle resource using knowledge of health and wellness experts, featuring topics such as how to pick a high-quality product and what you need to know before you take CBD for the first time. The pages also contain 30 recipes to incorporate the oil daily, from CBD-infused popcorn to an afterdinner drink.



Moms Connecting With Moms Wolf + Friends, the inclusive, modern lifestyle platform for families, recently launched a content, commerce and community app specifically for moms raising children with special needs. The Wolf + Friends app is designed for moms to connect with like-minded women in their neighborhoods who are also raising children with special needs such as autism, anxiety, ADHD, sensory processing issues, developmental delays, mental health issues, down syndrome, and other learning differences. The goal is that members will create a peer-to-peer support system via direct messages and group chats, making connections with new friends and mentors. The community also has access to a curated content feed where they can read relevant news, shop stylish and developmentally appropriate products, and get lifestyle tips from occupational therapists, speech and language pathologists, child psychologists, behaviorists, financial advisors and other experts. The Wolf + Friends app is free and available in the App Store.


Ally’s New Adolescent Clinic Ally Pediatric Therapy (Ally), an organization focused on treating children with autism and other childhood disorders, recently announced the opening of its new therapy center in Paradise Valley at Mountain View Medical Center. Ally’s 5,000-squarefoot center provides applied behavior analysis (ABA), speechlanguage and feeding therapy, occupational therapy, and social skills groups. All of Ally’s rooms are designed to cater to different stages of learning and play for children ranging from 2 to 20 years of age. Rooms in the center include five individual treatment rooms, a pretend playroom, an observation area with one-way glass for clinicians and family members to observe therapy sessions, and two large gyms with a therapeutic swing, a climbing wall, and a ball pit. Ally’s team of clinicians integrates the principles of applied behavior analysis, with speechlanguage pathology and occupational therapy.

Light Pumpkin Pie Squares Recipe by Mareya Ibrahim, author of The Clean Eating Handbook and Eat Cleaner ( expert. SERVES: 6



18 ounces extrafirm organic tofu

CRUST: 1/3 cup gluten-free old-fashioned oats 8 low-fat glutenfree graham crackers (Try S’moreables, Graham Style Crackers) 1 egg white

2 cups canned (or cooked) pumpkin 1 cup nonfat nondairy yogurt

2 teaspoons pumpkin pie spice 1 teaspoon cinnamon and REAL nondairy whipped topping (optional for topping)

2 tablespoons organic Stevia sweetener 1 teaspoon vanilla extract

INSTRUCTIONS Preheat oven to 350 degrees. To make crust: In a food processor, combine graham crackers and oats and process to a fine crumb. Add egg whites until well incorporated. In a 9-by-9 non-stick baking pan, press crumb into bottom and bake for about 8 minutes or until firm to the touch. Remove from oven. To make filling: Drain tofu, place in a food processor and process until smooth. Add remaining filling ingredients. Process until well blended. Pour onto crust and bake for about an hour or until a toothpick comes out clean. Remove from oven and chill in freezer until firm. Cut into squares and top with real non-dairy whipped topping and a dusting of cinnamon.

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Shop Local

Take a Swing The Village Health Clubs & Spas and Mercedes-Benz of Scottsdale are gearing up to host players from around the world for a five-day tennis tournament at Camelback Village Racquet & Health Club. Beginning Nov. 14, over 600 players from around the world will convene in Phoenix for the 11th annual Mercedes Holiday Racquet Tournament. Male and female tennis players will compete in mixed open events and NTRP doubles 3.0 - 5.0. With a total purse of $32,500, players will fight for the tournament title. The matches will be free and open for public viewing. Visit www.villageclubs. com for more information.

High Street has once again transformed into an outdoor marketplace. The farmers market, which kicked off last month, features all things local. Each week, close to 100 vendors gather at High Street, selling food, arts and more unique Arizona-made products. The farmers market takes place Sundays, 10 a.m.-1 p.m., through April 2019.

Sip on some Protein Former U.K Olympic medalist, David Jenkins launched the first commercialized, instant whey protein powder and the first triple-layer protein candy bar. Now, he’s bringing another invention to the market: fizzique, the world’s first sparking protein water. The drink is designed for fat muscle recovery after workouts, a snack in between meals and a high protein on-the-go pick-me-up. Each can contains 4,400 milligrams of muscleenergizing BCAAs. Current flavors include Strawberry Watermelon and Tropical Limon. or




Latin Comfort Foods Made Healthy Celebrity Cooking Channel chef Ingrid Hoffman is giving favorite Latin comfort foods a healthy makeover with her new cookbook, Latin Comfort Foods Made Healthy: More Than 100 Diabetes-Friendly Latin Favorites. From hearty stews to savory rice-and-bean dishes, the foods of the Latino culture are delicious, but not always diabetes or diet-friendly. Hoffman partnered with the American Diabetes Association to produce this new cookbook, full of healthier versions of beloved Latin dishes. The self-described “lupus warrior” was inspired by her own health journey to write this book, which compiles a variety of popular Latin dishes with nutritional guidance, cultural tidbits about the recipes, and Hoffmann’s signature “Chica Tips” that offer tricks of the trade. www.



Reformed Pilates Opens in Zocallo Reformed Pilates’ fifth Valley boutique studio location opens this month in The Shops at Zocallo across the street from Scottsdale Quarter. The group fitness class, which is done on mobile carriages held by adjustable tension springs (aka reformers), fuses balance, flexibility and core strength with interval training for a full-body workout. The studio opens Nov. 3 and regular hours will be 6-11 a.m. and 4:30-7:30 p.m. In celebration of the new opening, Reformed Pilates will be hosting Pilates for Presents in partnership with Phoenix Children’s Hospital Saturday, Nov. 17 at Scottsdale Quarter. The mat Pilates class will be taught by two Reformed instructors in The Quad and will be free and open to the public. Reformed encourages guests to donate gifts that will benefit children in need. The studio will also be giving away class packages, swag and more, and will provide food and beverages from Press Coffee after the Pilates session. For more information, visit



(605) 481-2611 7464 E. Tierra Buena Lane Scottsdale, AZ 85260

Angels with Power Pearce Family Foundation (PFF) and barre3 join forces to host a free workout and fundraiser at Hotel Adeline taking place November 4. PFF benefits local families that have a child suffering from a chronic or life threatening illness by helping them get back on their feet through home financial assistance. Beginning at 8:30 a.m., the morning will feature cupping, hair braiding, shopping, massages, raffle prizes and brunch. Space is limited. Register by calling 480.696.4966.

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toys, tech & gear / by Kelly Potts

Home for the Holidays Kitchen gadgets for Thanksgiving and beyond

We’ve officially hit the holy grail of all food holidays ‌ Thanksgiving. To help the big day go off without a hitch, we rounded up some of the best gadgets and accessories to help you enjoy more of the day.




KitchenAid Stand Mixer Say hello to your new kitchen assistant. The 4.5-quart stainless steel mixing bowl with 10 speeds easily mixes, kneads and whips your favorite ingredients (homemade healthy whipped cream, anyone?). For even more versatility, the power hub is designed to use the motor’s power to operate optional attachments from food grinders to pasta makers and more. You will quickly find this will be your go-to helper for everything from appetizers to desserts … you just might have to wash the bowl a few times. $339.99 at Kitchenaid, www. Rabbit Electra Corkscrew With so much family around, there is no time to waste! Save a few minutes (and aggravation) as you easily open wine for your guests this season. This innovative corkscrew removes all types of corks including plastic and synthetic. It also includes an integrated foil cutter, provides quick cork access, and opens 30 or more bottles on a single charge. The Rabbit Electra Kit comes with one Rabbit Electra Rechargeable Corkscrew, a polished chrome foil cutter, wine preserving stopper and a charger. $32.95 at Amazon, Simply Bamboo Crumb Tray One serving and cutting tray, one less mess. The slots in this cutting board make perfect sense

for slicing bread without a mess. Plus, it makes for a great cooling rack and serving tray, too. The product is made of metal and plantation-grown bamboo wood, one of the most popular materials worldwide due to its versatility and sustainability. A removable grate allows crumbs to fall into the tray base so they can easily be discarded or used for breading and stuffing (double win!). $18.95 at com. Williams-Sonoma Stainless-Steel Ultimate Roaster Keep the main dish a little healthier this year – by roasting the bird. The WilliamsSonoma StainlessSteel Ultimate Roaster is perfect for oven-roasting meat, poultry and vegetables or for baking lasagna and casseroles. Plus, the high sides reduce splattering (hello, no mess to clean later), and the generously sized upright handles are easy to grasp when you’re lifting the pan in and out of the oven. Keep the bird healthy and delicious this holiday season. $129.95 at WilliamsSonoma, OXO Good Grips 4-Cup Fat Separator Clear Let’s be honest, no one likes the fat in their gravy or turkey stock. The OXO Good Grips Fat Separator easily removes fat and particles from meat juices at the bottom of your pan, bone broth and stock. It features a lid with a built-in strainer, a stopper that keeps

fat out of the spout, and a pouring shield. This tool will take your gravy and stuffing to new heights. $15.99 at Bed Bath & Beyond, Chef’s Planet Flavor Enhancer ‘Tis the season to amp up the flavor profile. This tool is the simple secret to tender, flavorful meats and poultry. The key to the Flavor Enhancer’s impressive performance is a unique two-inone system that tenderizes foods while injecting them with your favorite marinades. Just fill the chamber with a marinade, then press the plunger until all the savory liquid has been injected into your food. The three flavor needles will ensure marinades penetrate deep into the protein. $44.95 at Williams-Sonoma. Cuisinart Stainless Steel Food Mill The Stainless-Steel Food Mill by Cuisinart makes a perfect addition to your kitchen accessories. Including three stainless steel discs, you can achieve a fine, medium or coarse texture. The best part? This will be used beyond Thanksgiving. The tool is great for preparing everything from homemade applesauce and creamy mashed potatoes to wholesome baby food – basically anything that you need to ground up. Prepare to wow your guests with the best homemade dishes they’ve ever had. $34.99 at



SUBWAY FRESH FIT® should not be considered a diet program. Visit for full nutritional information. ©2014 Doctor’s Associates Inc. SUBWAY® is a

registered trademark of Doctor’s Associates Inc.

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crazy 8s During the holidays, it’s natural to attend a get together and enjoy a glass of wine with friends or family. While clinking your glass with loved ones, don’t forget that the vino you’re sipping isn’t just delicious – it also has some health benefits. Research says the liquid contains antioxidants, may boost the immune system, could lower cholesterol and more. Though it’s best to consume in moderation, a glass of wine a day could in fact keep the doctor away. Here are eight other surprising facts to savor next time you uncork a bottle.

1. Forget the fruit. There are tons of antioxidants in wine. So much so, to get the same amount of antioxidants you find in wine, you would need to drink 20 glasses of apple juice or seven glasses of orange juice. 2. All natural. Due to a natural chemical balance, grapes ferment without the addition of sugars, acids, enzymes, water, or other nutrients. 3. Calorie counting. A standard glass of white wine or dry red wine will have around 110 calories. The sweeter the wine, the higher calorie content.

Crazy Facts About Wine 44



4. Location, Location, Location. The four largest producers of wine in the world are France, Spain, Italy and California. 5. A look at levels. Sulfite levels in red wines are lower than

white wines because red wines tend to be more chemically stable than white wines and do not destroy as quickly. 6. Aiding ailments. Known as the father of Western medicine, Hippocrates recommended wine as a treatment for many illnesses, such as diarrhea, lethargy and childbirth pain. 7. Color me surprised. Both red and white grapes produce clear juice and red wine gets its color from the grape’s skin. Red grape skins have several thousand times the anthocyanin pigments, which turn the wine red in production. 8. Time for a toast. “Drinking to one’s health” started in ancient Greece. The idea was that the host drank the first cup of wine to show his guests he wasn’t poisoning them.


The Joke’s on Us! So go ahead and laugh already—hey, it’s good for you!

Two goldfish are in a tank. One looks at the other and says, “Do you know how to drive this thing?”


An employee goes to see his boss in the main office. “Sir,” he says, “we are doing some heavy house cleaning tomorrow and my wife needs me to help with the basement and the garage, moving and hauling stuff.” “We are short-handed. I can’t give you the day off,” the boss replies. “Thanks,” the employee says. “I knew I could count on you!”

TO PROVE HE WASN’T CHICKEN! Q: What did one snowman say to the other one?   A: Do you smell carrots?

Bob: Why do elephants wear red nail polish? Mary: I don’t know, why? Bob: To hide in cherry trees. Mary: But I’ve never seen an elephant in a cherry tree. Bob: See, it works.

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/ by Elizabeth Liberatore / photos by James Patrick

R o b y n Archer Robyn Repp’s impressive comeback and knack for helping children




H o o d

11/18 ScottsdaleHealth


Name that character: He’s a heroic figure from English folklore. He’s typically depicted as a younger, more rebellious lad who takes from the rich to provide to the poor. He ventures around his homeland of Sherwood Forest, with his merry men in tow, seeking justice at every turn. Need another hint? He’s a skilled archer. If you guessed Robin Hood, you are correct! Since its inception, sometime around 13th or 14th century AD, the story of Robin Hood has been told over and over again throughout many parts of the world. It’s been translated into different languages and has been rendered into film and literature. Now, no offense to RB, but isn’t it high time we start telling another story? One with a female lead? Well, here’s one to add to the storybook. Meet another (and real) heroic figure: Robyn Repp. She’s a compound archer on the United States Archery Team with a heart for helping others. Throughout all aspects of her life, not just in her sport, Repp has always kept her gaze on the bullseye.




AZ Pride Repp, a born and raised Phoenician, has some serious state pride. As an alumna of Arizona State University — she graduated with a bachelor’s degree in tourism development management — you’ll often find her donning State Forty Eight and ASU garb. Her fiance, on the other hand, likes to show where his allegiance stands. It’s not with the Sun Devils. “My fiance graduated from University of Arizona, so understandably so there is a lot of friendly Arizona competition between us two,” Repp chuckles. Despite being college rivals, the couple watches and roots for every state team whenever a game is on. From the Arizona Cardinals to the Phoenix Suns to the Arizona Diamondbacks and beyond, the soon-to-be

newlyweds love them all. “We really enjoy watching these sports at our favorite local pub, Four Peaks Brewing Company,” Repp adds. Her passion for sports developed quite early in life, especially since she comes from a family of athletes. Repp’s father dabbled in almost every sport during high school and college, her mother was a dancer, her brother played lacrosse and all of her friends participated in cheer. Basketball, dance, softball — none of these sports appealed to Repp as they did for the rest of her family and friends. One sport, however, did pique her interest. Like Mr. Hood, this Robyn also has an aptitude for shooting arrows.

is a whole different ball game from the junior level Repp was accustomed to. By adjusting her training to include HIIT (highintensity interval training) workouts that focus on the core, back and shoulders and improving her eating habits — she admits that Starbucks is making it tough with their famed seasonal Pumpkin Spice Latte — Repp is well on her way to achieving her goal. In 2018 alone, and as a member on the United States Archery Team, she’s competed in three World Cups. She currently sits in the No. 7 spot in the U.S. in the female compound shooter division and will join the US team again next year. “I am so grateful and excited to be a part of this team. I love the women that I shoot with and I look forward to traveling with them for the upcoming year,” she says.

Everything Archery At the tender age of 13, Repp was gifted her very first beginner bow on Christmas Day. Her father, who grew up hunting, taught her how to use it. What started as fun father-daughter activity blossomed into something more. Repp had found her passion and special calling in the sport. “My father was an officer in the United States Air Force and he instilled in me the importance of discipline and how it related to the demanding regiment of endless hours of practice. I learned through his life experience and dedication as an athlete, that I too had the desire and drive to be a champion and to win,” she explains. By age 14, Repp started shooting competitively. Her zest for archery and competition earned her several honors and recognitions and took her traveling around the world. By the time she reached 18, she had set 22 state records, one national record and three world records in Lilleshall, England as a member of the United States Junior World Cup Team. Take that, Robin Hood. Her entire adolescence was dedicated to honing her craft. When she wasn’t in class or sleeping, she was practicing shooting. After years of missing out on social activities, like the Sadie Hawkins dance, and experiencing burnout, Repp took a sabbatical from the sport during college. The four-year break was restorative, but she found herself daydreaming about shooting her bow in between (and sometimes during) classes. In 2016, she dusted off her bow and re-entered the sport with one goal in mind: to become the best female archer in the world. “I felt that God was putting the desire back in my heart to pick up where I left off and begin shooting competitively again,” she adds, “And I’m so glad that I did just that.” Competing at the adult level

Helping Others Shoot for the Stars Repp is an advocate for others, especially children. When she isn’t outside shooting her bow, she spends her spare time with the boys and girls at Sunshine Acres Children’s Home in Mesa. Since 1954, Sunshine Acres has provided a loving and wholesome home to more than 2,000 children that have been separated from their parents. “Their mission touched my heart and I knew I had to be a part of the solution that is impacting so many lives,” Repp affirms. Repp and one of her teammates, Danielle Reynolds, plan to build an archery range on-site at Sunshine Acres. The new range will allow more frequent lessons by both Repp and Reynolds and better prepare the children for local tournaments. “I am holding a fundraiser on December 8 with the hope of raising $5,000 to put directly toward building the range.” Repp’s fundraiser will take place at Gilbert Archery Range at Freestone Park from 1-4pm. There will be a 50/50 raffle, bake sale, a silent auction and a chance to shoot a bow for only a $10 donation. Feeling adventurous? Try beating Repp or Reynolds’ high scores. Winners, in addition to bragging rights, will earn a certificate of accomplishment for showing the pros who’s boss. Proceeds from the event benefit Sunshine Acres archery program. “Archery brings fulfillment to me because I believe my shooting ability is a gift from the Lord. I find great life meaning in Him when shooting and helping others,” Repp continues, “Watching the kids of Sunshine Acres shoot archery puts the biggest smile on my face.” Repp has her eyes on the prize, or bullseye, and intends to focus solely on her career as a pro archer. However, pursuing a master’s degree is on her list of things to do. “I plan to re-engage my education career after my archery involvement has been fully defined.” To learn more about Repp and her fundraiser, visit www. or

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/ by Gabby Leighton / photos courtesy of Arizona Coyotes

Originally from Austria, Michael Grabner is an NHL player for the Arizona Coyotes. This is the elite goal scorer’s first season representing the Valley after getting signed as a free agent this summer, with a history playing for the Toronto Maple Leafs, New York Islanders, New York Rangers and New Jersey Devils. When he’s not on the ice, Grabner enjoys spending time with his wife, Heather and two children, Olivia and Aidan. Get to know a little bit about the newest Coyote you’ll be cheering for at the next game.

What made you want to make the move to Arizona? It was a good spot for me. I think they have a pretty good team here, real young core. I think it’s a pretty good fit for the way I want to play here. Last year, playing with New York, it was a tough team to play against. They have a lot of quick and exciting forwards and it was tough to get the puck, so with my style I thought I would fit well here. They were extremely interested in me and were constantly calling me during free agency so as a player, you want to go somewhere that you are wanted. How has your transition been from New York to Arizona? It’s been pretty smooth. I thought I would be struggling a lot more with the weather but it’s been good other than the heat. I think you get




“I want to come in here and help the penalty kill as much as I can. I think if we can be in the top three in the NHL in penalty killing, we will give ourselves a good chance to win.” used to it after a couple of days. Now when you go outside, it’s like 90 and you go “it’s a little chilly today.” I knew a couple of guys, Derek Stepan and Antti Raanta. Coming here a couple weeks before camp and skating with them has made things a lot easier during camp. Have you explored Scottsdale at all and what are your favorite spots around town? So far, we’ve been to the Phoenix Zoo, the OdySea Aquarium and Butterfly Wonderland with the kids. There’s a lot of cool things to do with our family, which I really like and the kids like. We are waiting to move into our house, which we can hopefully move in to next week, and then we can settle a bit more and explore more during my off days. What do you like to do during your free time? I like to golf a lot. I never really golfed during the season before, so if I were ever on the road in Florida or here in Arizona, I never wanted to golf the day before a game. I love animals – my kids go out looking for scorpions every day in the yard and they love animals too. We saw a rattlesnake in the yard, which was cool to see. Obviously, you don’t want to see one every day but it was really cool to see. Yesterday there was a huge owl on the top of the house. It’s just so different and such a cool lifestyle out here, and something I haven’t really been around in the different cities I’ve played in.

What are your goals for the season? My goals… I think I stopped having personal goals over the years. At this point in my career I would like to score a certain amount of goals, but if I score 14 goals and we make the playoffs then it’s better than last year when I scored 27 goals and didn’t make the playoffs. I want to come in here and help the penalty kill as much as I can. I think if we can be in the top three in the NHL in penalty killing, we will give ourselves a good chance to win. I’m going to focus on the role I have been given so I am pretty sure it will filter itself out and after a few games, it will go from there. What is your offseason fitness routine? I don’t think it’s a lot too much different than the other guys. I just enjoy working out and see it as a hobby more so than a job. Sometimes I have to dial it back over the summer and I can tend to do too much over the summer, which isn’t good for you either. We have a pretty good staff so far from what I’ve seen for workouts, which I have enjoyed. Every team you go to has a different philosophy behind workouts and strength coaches and stuff. I like to learn and take out different parts from each strength coach and see what’s working for me or what helps me on the ice. It’s one of the bigger blessings from being on so many teams. When did you fall in love with fitness? When I came over here when I was younger (moving from Austria to our continent), I

started getting into it and I didn’t know what I needed to do to play in the NHL. In my first training camp in Vancouver, I saw that I needed to do a lot more and when you see your testing results, you want to always improve on that. In my first few years in the NHL I would always push myself to improve those results. Once you do stuff enough times, it becomes a habit and you become addicted to it and comes natural. I don’t really even think about it anymore – I just do it because it’s a hobby. It’s different obviously because we have to workout in our profession, so some days when you are not really feeling it, it makes it easier because I like to workout so I just go and get it done. It has become a part of life and a part of who I am and I find that when I workout, nothing else matters around me. Do you have any tips for people who want to transform in the gym? You just have to listen to your body. Some people who haven’t worked out in a while just try to kill it in the first couple days or weeks and then it’s too much for them and they quit. If you are trying to get into it, you have to start off slow and just get into it by listening to your body. You won’t see changes in the first few weeks, it will take a while. You might see it in a year or so. People think that if they start working out, in 10 days they will look different, but that’s just not the reality. Just like anything else it takes time and hard work to see results.

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/ by Kailen Rosenberg

Kailen Rosenberg is CEO and founder of Love Architects by Kailen, an elite matchmaking and love design firm that remodels the love lives of some of the world’s most influential people. Learn more at www. TheLoveArchitects. com and www. 

Is it Real Love? 3 ways to know if your partner is into you for YOU

You’ve loved, you’ve lost. You’ve dated and you’re done with drama. Now, you’ve found a partner who really has you wondering… “Could this be ‘the one’?” Every relationship is unique and only you can know for sure if you’ve found someone you could spend your life with. That said, there are some quick tips you can use – if you’re honest with yourself – that will help you know whether to move forward with confidence or keep looking for Mr./Mrs. Right.




1. Watch how s/ he responds when you disagree You and your partner need not agree on everything in order to be a great fit. There can be excitement and dynamic energy between you as you learn to explore and accept your differences! However, be alert and notice if your partner continually shuts down or becomes angry when you have a difference of opinion. Agreeing on everything isn’t necessary for a healthy partnership, but respect is. If you can respect each other’s unique perspective regardless of whether you agree, that’s a great sign that this partner could be “the one” for you. On the other hand, if he or she has a “my way or the highway” approach to your disagreements, that shows a lack of respect and a disconnect that could be a major red flag. 2. Do you feel heard? When asking yourself if this partner really loves you for who you are at a soul level, another thing to pay attention to is whether you feel heard and acknowledged within the relationship. Does your partner actively listen when you are sharing your thoughts and feelings? Does s/he take notice of things that are important to you, such as any strong likes or dislikes? Does your partner communicate openly and honestly with you, and do you feel relaxed and comfortable doing the same? Clear, honest communication is a cornerstone of any

healthy relationship – and a huge part of communication is listening and feeling heard. 3. Are you comfortable being yourself in this relationship? This might seem like an odd question to ask when looking at whether or not your partner is really into you for you, but think of it this way: Is this a partner who gives you space to feel relaxed, loved, and unjudged in his or her company? Or is s/he someone who tends to always have an opinion about your behaviors, clothes, lifestyle, or anything else that is just a part of who you are? If the latter, this is a red flag that definitely needs to be addressed. It could be an old, codependent habit that needs to be broken in order to move forward in a healthy way, but it could also be a sign that your partner is stuck in ego and not ready for a healthy partnership. Approach each of these tips with as much of a “blank slate” mentality as you can and put yourself in the role of the observer. As hard as it might be, try not to be attached to this person being “the one” and just allow yourself to take an honest look at him or her, and at yourself and your own behaviors and feelings when you’re together. No relationship is “perfect,” but meeting each other with love, respect, honesty, and clear communication are undeniable keys to any successful partnership.

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beauty / by Rachel Rock

afraid – honesty is truly the best policy! Or, guests may take the lead by asking their provider, on a scale of 1 (light) to 10 (firm), what level of pressure is being performed. The number given may then be utilized to clarify preference on a lower (lighter) number or a firmer (higher) number. The scale may be used throughout the treatment to ensure the perfect touch. It’s important to remember that your preference may vary throughout the massage, and it’s OK to change your mind and let your therapist know that you may have wanted pressure firmer in the beginning, but now you want it lighter. Another example of exercising open communication with a therapist centers around modalities, specific massage styles. It may not be obvious to spagoers if he or she will best benefit from shiatsu, tui’na, hot stones, or craniosacral treatments. To narrow it down, guests are

Do you Speak Spa? The secret to a perfect treatment: communication “I want your best massage therapist!” Sound familiar?  Sourcing the best therapist is often a top priority for spagoers. The secret to finding the one rests in a therapist’s ability to connect with clients in a way that allows the client to comfortably and clearly communicate his or her treatment needs. A spa experience should be personalized, and that starts with treatment selection followed by an honest conversation with a service provider. It can feel daunting to choose the perfect experience from a full-bodied spa menu filled with a wide variety of massage and body treatments. To navigate treatment options, start by determining a desired experience, relay it to the therapist and allow the therapist to help bring it to life. Restoration, rejuvenation, relaxation, pain relief – whatever the journey,

the therapist can assist. As the treatment seeker, consider: is there interest in something indigenous to the region? Is there a desire for a sensory experience with exfoliation and scent incorporated? What about a need to relieve pain or simply relax? Responses to questions such as these will help narrow the scope of suitable treatments. Upon treatment selection, transparently relay preferences to the therapist. Perspective is key here. For example, is applied pressure preferred lightly or firmly? Light for one guest might be firm for another, so it’s important to quantify needs to the therapist. Services should begin with a warmup to introduce the therapist and modality (specific style of massage) to the guest. Five to 10 minutes into the service, the therapist should ask, “how is the pressure?” Guests shouldn’t be

encouraged to review the tools incorporated in each treatment to determine if they’re a fit. Is heat a response point? Hot stones will help relax the muscles, but if a guest runs hot in temperature they may be uncomfortable with direct heat. Is recovering after sitting on a plane for 12 hours a priority? Table Thai is incredible for supported stretching and massage combined, though guests will be wearing workout clothes throughout the experience due to the treatment style’s interactivity. Start by reading the spa’s website or pamphlet and then, once there, ask as many questions as you need to in order to find the right treatment for you. Whatever a guest’s preference or desire, he or she will find the one is actually largely shaped by their own ability to effectively and comfortably communicate.

At the helm of Agave, The Arizona Spa at The Westin Kierland Resort & Spa in Scottsdale, Rachel Rock brings to her role as Spa Director more than a decade of experience in the resort spa industry. Locally, Rachel formerly held spa leadership roles at luxury properties that include The Phoenician Resort and FireSky Resort & Spa, now The Scott Resort & Spa.




Rachell Hall’s Permanent Makeup

MICROBLADING PLUS™ Microblading PLUS With Rachell Hall’s signature Microblading PLUS technique, she creates the virtual hairline effect of Microblading plus a soft powdered backdrop of shading to create the illusion of perfect natural brows that are the envy of every woman.

Whether you are challenged with short, sparse, or thinning eyebrows, Rachell Hall’s 28 years of expertise in makeup artistry, custom color blending, art and science will be your perfect solution plus... Remember, discounted prices are not an indicator of value in permanent cosmetics. Trust YOUR face only to the very best. For over 20 years Rachell Hall has eased the makeup woes of an international clientele with her exclusive perfected signature procedures. Be beautiful at breakfast and still look fresh at four! Work out or go out your permanent make up will be perfect! Save time with any procedure. Always natural, always pretty, always perfect. Don't you deserve wash and wear beauty? • Powder soft eyebrows create the illusion of fullness, frame your eyes with the perfect arch, and of course save all that time in the morning! • Smokey eyeliner, never smears, enhances your lash line and eliminates daily tugging at delicate eye tissue • Custom contoured lips- naturally full and blushed lips with contour and colors blended just for you! • Restores lip fullness without the "duck lip effect" and eliminates lipstick bleeding into fine lines • Breasthetics, 3-d nipple areola restoration post mastectomy

"My motto is Classic Beauty, nothing trendy. Nobody wants to look like they had their makeup tattooed on! That’s why all my signature treatments are designed to look soft and natural. Remember you can always add more! My clients never wake up Wednesday morning with Saturday night makeup! Classy, classic and conservative is my specialty look.

REFERRED BY THE VALLEY'S FINEST PLASTIC SURGEONS AND ESTHETICIANS Make your life simply beautiful! CALL FOR A FREE CONSULTATION 8075 E. Morgan Trail, Suite 6 | Scottsdale, AZ 85260 | (Off Hayden, between Mountain View and Shea)



/ by James Sasser

Sid Benavidez and Jordan Jensen

Josh Cassaday and Derek Hines

Jim Neumann and Dave Rosario

NiteFlite Golf Tournament Scottsdale Active 20-30 Club kicked off its two-day fundraising event with the golf tournament portion at McCormick Ranch Golf Club. The organization capped off the weekend with a gala at W Scottsdale.

Brian Culhane and John Lincoln

Ignacio Gastelum and Robert Airbuses

Brad Brittain and Jason Malcolm

Jardin Ratzken and Mike Ratzken

Kirk McClure and Angela Creedon

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doctor’s orders / by Mark Tyson II, MD

Mark Tyson II, M.D, is a urologic oncologist at Mayo Clinic.

lance,” to monitor low-risk prostate cancer patients over time and ensure that their cancer stays in check. If they see any sign of the cancer spreading, doctors can quickly intervene. Unless patients have risk factors for prostate cancer, most men ages 50-70 should get a routine prostate screening as part of their regular wellness exam, every one to two years. Men over 70 do not usually need to be screened.

Low-risk Cancer Diagnosis? You May Not Need Treatment!

No one wants to hear that they have cancer. But surprisingly, for otherwise healthy men in their 60s and older, a diagnosis of low-risk prostate cancer may not be cause for worry, or even require medical intervention. Here’s why: More aggressive types of prostate cancer can be fast-growing and require treatment to stop its spread, including a combination of surgery, radiation or chemotherapy. But low-risk prostate cancer spreads very slowly or not all and often requires no treatment other than monitoring. In fact, men with this type of cancer commonly have no symptoms. These patients can often live out their lives without needlessly suffering from the health impacts of treatment.




The risks of cancer treatment Every cancer treatment carries some risk of side effects, which can be serious or even lifethreatening. Side effects from prostate surgery, radiation and chemotherapy are common, and they include incontinence and impotence. These conditions affect a man’s quality of life and frequently lead to depression. That’s why urologists today are using a new method, called “active surveil-

Prostate screening tests Diagnosing prostate cancer usually begins with a PSA blood test, which measures the amount of prostate-specific antigen (PSA) in the blood. PSA is a protein produced by both cancerous and noncancerous tissue in the prostate. If your PSA numbers are high, your doctor may order an MRI and a prostate biopsy to determine your risk level and need for treatment. Doctors use the Gleason grading system to “score” biopsy samples and assess the chances a cancer will grow and spread. Your family history and lifestyle factors will also guide treatment decisions. Cancer treatment is constantly evolving based

on new research and insights from advanced genetic and technology tools. Today, doctors can also use genetic profiling to determine the best approach for treatment. Doctors can determine risk by looking at changing patterns of gene expression that signal DNA changes. Are you a candidate for active surveillance? If you’ve been diagnosed with low-risk prostate cancer and are 65 or older with good urinary and sexual function, you may be a candidate for active surveillance of prostate cancer when you meet these and other criteria: PSA Score under 10 Gleason score of 6 or under Normal digital rectal exam No significant family history of prostate cancer With today’s new diagnostic tools and technologies, many patients can avoid unnecessary surgery, radiation and chemotherapy. If you’re diagnosed with low-risk prostate cancer, be sure to follow your doctor’s specific advice, and never hesitate to ask questions.


• In-office procedure • No need for general anesthesia, performed under oral sedation and local anesthesia • Aggressive fat suctioning with power-assisted liposuction • Real results • Rapid recovery


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