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REJECTING THE WINE MOM CULTURE Benefits of living an alcohol-free life

DE-STRESS YOUR DOG Calming remedies for an anxious pet

Jennifer Bowie The experienced fitness instructor helps her clients strengthen their mind-body connection







Coolsculpting® non-surgical fat removal externally applies cold temperatures to freeze unwanted fat on the abdomen, flanks, hips, & thighs!



Experts in

Board Certified Physicians: JulieAnne Castilla M.D., Ann Langer M.D., JulieAnn Heathcott M.D., Kelly Helms M.D., Julie Kwatra M.D. • MonaLisa Touch is the premier laser therapy for regeneration of vaginal tissue for both pre and post menopausal women.


• MonaLisa Touch is the leading NON HORMONAL treatment for vaginal dryness, painful intercourse, frequent bladder or vaginal infections and many more symptoms.

• Performed by board certified Ob/Gyn’s, an in-office procedure, no down time, no anesthesia needed - and incredible results!

MonaLisa Touch Open House Events October 17th 2019 & November 21st 2019 5pm - 6:30pm RSVP to Clairlyn at 480.455.0016

We welcome you to any of our Open House and Seminars to learn more about MonaLisa Touch! You will have the opportunity to meet with the doctors and talk with the patients that have had this life changing procedure.

Arizona Women’s Care is a full service OB/GYN practice that also offers Novasure ablation, Bioidentical Hormone Therapy and SculpSure Body Contouring.


480.455.0016 9823 N. 95th St. Ste 101, Scottsdale, AZ 85258

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Red wine prescription, the benefits of rising early, avoiding diverticulosis, eating for energy, a blood test for Alzheimer’s disease, cannabis as a solution, and sesame allergy dangers


Jennifer Bowie

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The fitness instructor talks the importance of mind-body connection

Health benefits of lobster

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Probiotic air purifier

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Green goddess chicken bowl

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Low-carb dishes

22 weight loss News to know

24 solo scottsdale Meet Erin

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Mama on the move


Sam Helmer

A transformation story from the inside out




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Wine mom culture

30 nutrition Brain gains

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32 scottsdale soul A tomato and watermelon salad, the QTbreasthealth opening, an online dermatology service, Life Studio center, and a new book about chronic illness

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Steeped coffee, healthier spud snacks, KeepCool lunchboxes, a fall concert series, Sprouts’ new Instacart offerings, and a recipe book

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Get ready to work those abs 09/19

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De-stress your dog

REJECTING THE WINE MOM CULTURE Benefits of living an alcohol-free life

46 beauty

DE-STRESS YOUR DOG Calming remedies for an anxious pet

Skin sins to avoid


50 endurance The road to recovery

Jennifer Bowie The seasoned fitness instructor helps her clients strengthen their mind-body connection



ON THE COVER: Jennifer Bowie, photo by James Patrick,




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MICHAEL FITZMAURICE, MD Founder of the Fitzmaurice Hand Institute Double Board Certified Hand Surgeon

When you've suffered a hand or wrist injury or need immediate care for persistent joint or nerve pain in your hands, wrists, or forearms, Hand & Wrist Urgent Care in Scottsdale is a quick and cost-efficient alternative to the emergency room. We provide fast diagnosis and specialized treatment for injuries to the fingers, hands, and wrists by one of the top hand surgeons in the country – Dr. Michael Fitzmaurice. Our patients are evaluated as soon as possible and may receive on-site x-rays or ultrasound for an effective diagnosis and treatment plan. If necessary, minimally invasive surgery can be performed within the same day to ensure the best possible outcome. At our center, we treat a wide range of hand and wrist injuries, including (but not limited to) the following: • Lacerations • Fractures • Broken bones • Contusions

• Dislocations • Sprains • Nerve damage • Tendon injuries

Skip the stress, excessive wait times, and costly appointments at a hospital emergency room. Get the urgent care you need for the fastest recovery possible at Hand & Wrist Urgent Care!


REJUVENATION center for anti-aging & regenerative medicine

480.771.1498 8841 E Bell Rd. #102 Scottsdale, AZ 85260

It’s no secret that exercising benefits beyond physical aspects. I know from personal experience, nothing calms my stressful days like a challenging group fitness class. Our cover feature, Jennifer Bowie, emphasizes the mind-body connection in her practice. With a background in psychology and as a certified fitness instructor, she automatically sees the two as one. On page 40, she talks about self-care, her love for Pilates and furthering her education to help others. Sam Helmer (page 42) is another woman who focuses on her strength within. She has lost 96 pounds since she started her transformation journey five years ago, and has gained a whole lot of self-confidence and self-respect. We also have tips to de-stress your dog (and yourself!) if your pet is feeling a little anxious (page 44), the health benefits of eating lobster (page 16), and eight crazy facts about the muscular system (page 38). On the topic of muscle, one of our past cover features, Megan Rigby, is now a soon-to-be mama and sticking with her fitness routine. She shares a safe pregnancy workout on page 26. Or, if yoga is more of your thing, page 36 has gear to take your practice to the next level. Namaste! Best, Gabby Leighton Editor-in-Chief Find our magazine on Facebook!


HAND INSTITUTE MI C H A E L F I T Z MAU RI C E , MD Founder of the Fitzmaurice Hand Institute Double Board Certified Hand Surgeon

Dr. Fitzmaurice’s advanced regenerative medicine techniques provide natural and long-lasting relief from hand and wrist conditions.

Dr. Fitzmaurice’s advanced regenerative medicine techniques, including platelet-rich plasma (PRP), stem cells, and hyaluronic acid, provide natural and long-lasting relief from carpal tunnel, trigger finger, tennis elbow and thumb arthritis among many other hand and wrist conditions. His passion for customized patient care and innovative techniques have redefined his specialty and made him one of the most sought-after hand surgeons in the country. Dr. Fitzmaurice is also a pioneer; he personally developed a line of nutritional supplements and patented surgical techniques to improve the safety and efficacy of hand surgery. When combined with regenerative medicine treatment, severe conditions that affect the hand can be alleviated and eliminated in the most effective ways possible for each patient.


SPECI ALTI ES - Carpal Tunnel Syndrome - Cubital Tunnel Syndrome - Trigger Thumb - Trigger Finger - Dupuytren’s Contracture - De Quervain’s Tendinitis - Thumb Arthritis (CMC Joint) - Tennis Elbow - Wrist Pain

8841 E. Bell Rd. STE #201 Scottsdale, AZ 85260

P U B L IS H E R Bill Richman

#1 Rated Tour & Activity on

V IC E P R E S ID E N T OF OP E R AT ION S Stacey Richman E D IT OR -IN -C H IE F Gabby Leighton C R E AT IV E D IR E C T OR Anthony Cox­ A D V E RT IS IN G A RT D IR E C T OR Lalo Reyes A D V E RT IS IN G C OOR D IN AT OR Stacey Richman

C ON T R IB U T IN G WR IT E R S Michael Carlton, Andy Diamond, Lewis Elliot, Mandy Holmes, Elizabeth Liberatore, Karey Northington, Kelly Potts, Pablo Prichard, Erica Ptak, Megan Rigby, Kaitlyn Vorherr P H OT OG R A P H Y David Apeji, Mark Morgan, James Patrick, Erica Ptak


w We o H

ll! Ro



Scottsdale’s OFFICIAL Old Town Segway Tour!


A D V E RT IS IN G 480.229.3122 S U B S C R IB E

10632 N. Scottsdale Road Suite B-215 Scottsdale, AZ 85254 480.229.3122 © 2019, RICHMAN MEDIA GROUP, LLC. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.


ScottsdaleSegwayTours .com






/ complied by Kelly Potts

Red Wine Rx Doctors may have a new treatment to aid in depression and anxiety: a glass of red wine. Researchers are trying to find other possible drug targets to help aid patients battling mental illnesses, and some have turned to a natural compound called resveratrol. Resveratrol occurs in the skin of grapes and berries, and, most famously, it is in red wine. However, doctors and researchers are not quite ready to prescribe red wine as a treatment. Source: www.

Rise & Shine Early risers, rejoice! If you wake up before sunrise for a spin class, to get some extra work done before the day begins, or to just take a moment for yourself, recent research shows early risers are generally healthier than their night owl companions. Night owls have been associated with affective disorders, cardiovascular disease and poor metabolic health. Those who identify as night owls tend to have more stress-related sleepless nights and tend to be late-night snackers. Source:

About 50% of people have diverticulosis by age 50, according to the American Gastroenterological Association. Avoiding Diverticulosis Many people assume that they’re getting a colonoscopy to screen for cancer, but the procedure can also uncover diverticulosis, a common condition when one or more pockets develop in the colon




wall, often in the large bowel. If a pocket gets infected, swollen and inflamed, which happens to about 5% of people with diverticulosis, a condition called diverticulitis occurs, which may come with pain in the lower left abdomen, fever, chills,

changes in stool or nausea and vomiting. Treatment for diverticulitis often centers on a short-term lowfiber diet to quiet the digestive tract, and possibly antibiotics to get rid of the infection. Source: www.

HEADQUARTERS! The CoolSculpting procedure is the world’s #1 non-invasive fat-reduction procedure. It’s an innovative way to contour your body by freezing unwanted fat away with no surgery or downtime. With more than 5 million CoolSculpting treatments performed worldwide, people everywhere are getting a better view of themselves, thanks to the one-of-a-kind CoolSculpting procedure.



Buy Three CoolSculpting Areas & Get One FREE* Buy One CoolSculpting Area & Get One 50% OFF* Expires 9/30/19 *Buy three CoolSculpting treatments at full price and receive one of equal or lesser value free. Limit one (1) “Buy Three Areas Get One FREE” per person throughout the term of this promotion. Offer valid while supplies last on CoolSculpting Treatments purchased prior to September 30, 2019. Must complete a complimentary CoolSculpting Consultation at Arizona Aesthetics Center prior to purchasing treatments. Must purchase all applicable treatments in full at time of booking. Prices exclude tax. Not applicable to previous purchases. No refunds or exchanges. No cash value. Not valid with any other offers, discounts, special promotions or prohibited by law. Must mention “Buy Three Areas Get One FREE” at time of booking consultation and at time of purchase.

The CoolSculpting procedure is proven, safe, and effective. Get wow results and love how your clothes fit better, feel better, and look better.

CALL US NOW! 480.536.7640

Arizona Aesthetics Centers • Lewis Heller M.D. 7450 E Pinnacle Peak Road #258, Scottsdale, AZ 85255


Eating for Energy Alzheimer’s Testing There’s promising news in the fight against Alzheimer’s disease – a blood test to detect the brain changes of early Alzheimer’s disease has moved one step closer to reality. Researchers report that they can measure levels of the Alzheimer’s protein amyloid beta in the blood and use such levels to predict whether the protein has accumulated in the brain. Up to two decades before people develop the characteristic memory loss and confusion of Alzheimer’s disease, damaging clumps of protein start to build up in their brains. A blood test to detect early brain changes has moved one step closer to clinical use.

Are you always tired and stressed? Are you tired of being tired and stressed? A few tweaks in your diet, as well as getting a few extra hours of sleep, may help solve those issues. In a small study that examined the effects of food on sleep in 26 adults, researchers found that a dietary pattern low in fiber and higher in saturated fat (found in red meat and full and reduced-fat dairy foods) was linked to poorer sleep quality, with more nighttime waking and less of the deep, restorative sleep you need to wake up feeling refreshed. Eat more fiber, less saturated fat and sugar, and you are well on your way to a healthier lifestyle. Source:

Source: www.

Sesame Allergy Increasing Food allergies are becoming more predominant, and one food allergy is rising faster than previous researchers though: sesame. Published in JAMA Network Open, a recent study shows more than 1 million children and adults in the U.S. have the allergy, making it the ninth most common allergy in the US. The hidden risk? It is not an allergy that is required to be disclosed on labels. The Food Allergen Labeling and Consumer Protection Act of 2014 requires food manufacturers to only report on the top eight allergens, which include milk and peanuts. So, beware when eating packaged foods if you’re allergic to sesame. Source: www.




Cannabis in Crisis With the nation fighting an opioid crisis, Colorado is presenting medical marijuana as a new solution. Joining two other states, Illinois and New York, doctors in Colorado can now prescribe medical marijuana in a situation they would typically prescribe opioids. However, research does not yet categorically support the idea that medical cannabis can replace opioids or reduce opioid dependence or overdose. But, with over 130 Americans overdosing on opioids every day, these states are ready to give it a shot. Source: www.




Comprehensive Care and Research Center 14200 W. Celebrate Life Way 888.214.9488

North Phoenix

Outpatient Care Center 2925 W. Rose Garden Lane 623.208.5739

Dr. Marnee Spierer


Outpatient Care Center 3530 S. Val Vista Drive Suite C204 855.498.1764


Outpatient Care Center 9755 N. 90th Street, Suite B130 480.939.3327

Chief of Staff, Chief of Radiation Oncology and Radiation Oncologist Cancer Treatment Centers of America Phoenix

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/ by Andy Diamond Andy Diamond is the President and CFO of Angry Crab Shack, Cajun seafood restaurant specializing in boiled shellfish flavored in signature sauces.

5 Surprising Health Benefits of Lobster

When it comes to eating crustaceans, one of the most popular is lobster. They are seen as a delicacy and are considered a luxury food all over the world. They pack a punch of nutrients and are very healthy, as long as you hold back on the melted butter. Lobsters can be boiled or steamed and enjoyed as a main course, appetizer, in a sandwich or added to dishes like pasta or mashed potatoes. There are more to these popular crustaceans than buttery meat and luxurious meals. Lobsters are incredibly beneficial to overall health – quite a bit more than people may realize! Some of the benefits include building strong bones, boosting brain function, decreasing inflammation and protecting heart health. Below are a few of the impressive health perks that come with indulging in lobster.

1. Mental health. Lobsters have a great amount of omega-3 fatty acids, which have been shown to decrease aggression, impulsiveness and depression in adults, according to the National Institute on Alcohol and Abuse and Alcoholism. Also, they are a great source of selenium, which increases general well-being and overall mood, and choline, which increases the production of neurotransmitters that aids brain function and efficiency.




2. Heart health. Although lobsters have a high amount of sodium, other benefits include preventing inflammation and atherosclerosis. The high concentration of omega-3s and omega-6s can help balance cholesterol, in moderation.

3. Energy booster. One of the best things about this crustacean is the high content of protein. An essential part of any diet is protein intake because it gives energy boosts, which in return can increase work and productivity.

4. Reduces inflammation. The protein and “good” fat content in lobsters could decrease inflammation. The omega-3 fatty acids assist in stabilizing cholesterol and increase the production of prostaglandins that protect the body, which is important for everything from arthritis to cardiovascular and circulatory health.

5. Strong bones. Milk isn’t the only thing that helps grow strong and durable bones. Lobsters do, too! Not only is it one of the most delicious foods in the world, it’s also one of the densest when it comes to calcium and phosphorus. These minerals are required to increase bone density that helps to prevent osteoporosis and other age-related conditions linked to frail bones.


Breathe Better A natural way to purify your surroundings

Betterair exists to purify the air, all surfaces and objects indoors. It is the world’s first probiotic purification system. The first product of the line is the Biotica800, which covers 800 square feet. It is made to clean and purify naturally and safely without using any chemicals or unnatural additives. The environment probiotics technology aims to reduce transmission of diseases, control unpleasant household odors as well as consume the harmful allergens that trigger allergic reactions. The product has a discreet, sleek design that can blend into any environment. Starting at $399.99 at Betterair,

09/19 ScottsdaleHealth



/ recipe and photo by Erica Ptak

Green Goddess Chicken Bowl

Servings Size: 4 GREEN GODDESS SAUCE 1 avocado 1 cup cilantro leaves

Erica Ptak is the creator of Founded in Flavor, a local food blog devoted to healthy, indulgent recipes. For more information on her blog, visit or visit her Instagram at @ foundedinflavor.

1 jalapeno, ribs and seeds removed 1 clove garlic 2 limes ½ cup water ½ cup olive oil 1 teaspoon salt ½ cup unsalted almonds SAUTEED SPINACH 1 5-ounce pack baby spinach 1 tablespoon garlic 1 tablespoon olive oil Juice of ½ lemon ADDITIONAL ITEMS 1 cup mini heirloom tomatoes Olive oil Salt and pepper 4 chicken breasts 1 cup quinoa ½ avocado

FOR THE SAUCE: Add all ingredients except for the almonds into a food processor. Once all ingredients are blended together, add in almonds. For the spinach: Saute all ingredients in a pan over medium heat until spinach is fully wilted. Squeeze fresh lemon juice over the spinach after all ingredients are sauteed. For the tomatoes: Saute 1 cup of mini heirloom tomatoes in a pan with 1 tablespoon of olive oil, salt and pepper. For the chicken: Add four chicken breasts on a grill pan with olive oil, salt and pepper. To assemble: Place cooked quinoa on the bottom of the bowl. Top with sliced grilled chicken, sauteed tomatoes, spinach, avocado, and drizzle green goddess dressing over the top.




PAINLESS FIX FOR RECEDING GUMS! Pinhole Surgical Technique

CASE OF THE MONTH: Pinhole Surgical Technique® by Dr. Erik Svans: 6 month Post Op



A University Study revealed that 89% of patients over 20 years old have gingival recession. If you are concerned about receding gums due to gum disease or have gum recession because of aggressive brushing, smoking or medications, turn to Dr. Erik Svans, a Certified Pinhole Surgical Technique® Provider. This surgical treatment rebuilds the gum line without cut and suture surgery. You can walk out of our office with a beautiful new smile in a single visit! In fact, the Pinhole Surgical Technique® is often called the “Lunchtime Gum Lift” as it takes as little as an hour to perform and is done under local anesthesia so you can return to work after your appointment.



CONTACT US FOR A FREE CONSULTATION 480.219.8760 For everything you need to know about this amazing procedure, visit RECEIVE A FREE VIRTUAL CONSULT FROM DR. SVANS IN 3 EASY STEPS! It takes just 5 minutes to submit! Follow us at: @pinholedentist


Erik P. Svans DDS

Svans Dentistry PLLC

7400 E Pinnacle Peak Rd, Suite 200, Scottsdale, AZ 85255 • (480) 219-8760


/ by Mandy Holmes

of toppings. Or order the Mr. White pizza ($8) where all of the toppings are zero carbs, making the entire pizza just 19 grams of carbs. Mr. White is topped with garlic, olive oil, parmesan, ricotta and mozzarella. Go Green The healthy So Fresh and So Green Salad ($14) at The Vig is the perfect side or entree that won’t leave you weighed down. The mix of all things green including sprouts, kiwi, peas, avocado, onions, cucumber, broccoli, pistachios, spinach, and kale is topped with a kiwi-lime vinaigrette.

Drop it Low Dishes that make carb counting easy

Whether it takes the form of the keto or paleo diet, eliminating carbohydrates has become an increasingly popular way to stay healthy. Valley restaurants are taking notice, serving up dishes that are low in carbs without sacrificing flavor so those with strict eating habits can still dine out. Here are some offerings from local eateries. Pasta Impasta Zucchini noodles are not only a great way to utilize the overwhelming supply of summer squash, but they’re also a delicious alternative to traditional pasta. The Zucchini Pasta ($16) at EVO in Old Town Scottsdale is a veggie-packed dish with a spicy kick featuring spiraled zucchini noodles, tomato butter, mushrooms, and purple cauliflower. www.evoscottsdale. com. From the Garden Rise and shine with the Egg White Garden Omelet ($14) at Terras at Civana Resort in Carefree. Gluten-free and lowcarb diners can enjoy




the mix of cage-free egg whites, shiitake mushrooms, spinach, asparagus, peppers, sliced avocado and fresh herbs served alongside a simple salad. Summer Soup The Chilled Melon and Tomato Gazpacho ($12) from J&G Steakhouse delivers a fresh taste of summer, combining inseason produce like melon, tomato, and jumbo lump crab for a refreshing low-carb soup. Spice Things Up The Spa Café at The Boulders Resort and Spa offers simple healthy food that

takes advantage of the ripe produce found in the resort’s own certified 5,600-square-foot organic garden. A favorite amongst guests is the Sriracha Chicken Summer Rolls ($16), full of crisp vegetables, Napa cabbage, fresh cilantro, avocado, and soy ponzu dipping sauce that can be enjoyed poolside or outdoor amongst the desert boulders. www.theboulders. com. Eat the Whole Pizza With only 19 grams of carbs in the entire crust, the cauliflower crust pizza at My Pie Pizza can be customized with your choice

Healthy Mexican Food Agave del Scottsdale offers a variety of unique Mexican carpaccio to choose from. Veggie lovers will appreciate the Carpaccio de Calabaz ($13) with shaved fresh calabacin squash topped with beet microgreens, bell peppers, almonds, crumbled goat cheese drizzled with a tangy house vinaigrette. Caulipower Calling True Food Kitchen’s Cauliflower Polenta ($12) is a healthier option to traditional polenta and is both vegan and gluten-free. Made with grilled broccoli, snow peas, edamame, snap peas, zucchini, watermelon radish, and topped with chili threads, the dish has the familiar feel of a comfort food, with less carbs (and guilt!)

In the Heart of Phoenix is Your One Stop Shop for: TAILORING • CUSTOM DESIGNING • ALTERATIONS • FABRIC • BRA NEEDS JUST ABOUT ANYTHING THAT REQUIRES SEWING FOR MEN & WOMEN! “The Fairy Godmother of Fashion” You deserve to look great! Our extensive collection of beautiful fabrics and trims are perfect for dressing you in suits, tuxedos, formals, MoB, MoG, Bridal, Bridesmaids gowns and casual wear made specifically for you and your style. –Owner and Designer Scylvia-Elvira Danese

Scylvia-Elvira Danese 'The Fairy Godmother of Fashion' and 'The Boob Whisperer'

‘The Boob Whisperer’ 9 out of 10 women are wearing the WRONG size bra. 8 out of 10 don’t know how to put it on. • This creates pain in your neck muscles • Puts pressure on your organs • Makes your back hurt • Gives you bad posture • makes your clothes not fit properly • and the worst part as if that isn’t enough …

IT MAKES YOU LOOK FAT!!!! I do a FREE BRA FITTING, and in 5 minutes I make you look as if you lost 10 pounds. I’ll show you how to put it on, how to wear it, and if we don’t have your size we order it. We don’t give you “the sister size” as they call it.

If you are tired of having your boobs everywhere except where they should be on your body, call the ‘The Boob Whisperer’.

MEN, we are NOT afraid of your suit alterations! We do it ALL and do it BEST!

Owned and operated in Arizona since 1971

Yes we can… just say when!

Find out why people from all over the world come to Danese Creations!

602.955.1313 | | 3902 E. Indian School Rd. Phoenix, AZ 85018

weight loss news / complied by Kelly Potts

Outrunning Your Genes For people who inherit genes that increase their chance of becoming obese, there is hope. A study published in PLOS Genetics has identified the types of exercise that are especially effective at combating genetic effects that contribute to obesity. The researchers looked specifically at five measures of obesity, such as body mass index (BMI), body fat percentage and waist-to-hip ratio. They found that regular jogging was the best type of exercise for managing obesity, according to the five measures. Moreover, mountain climbing, walking, power walking, certain types of dancing, and long yoga practices also reduce BMI in individuals predisposed to obesity. Surprisingly, cycling, stretching exercises, and swimming did not counteract the genetic effects on obesity.

Calorie Cuts In a study published in the Lancet Diabetes & Endocrinology, a group of 143 healthy men and women who ranged in age from 21 to 50 restricted their calorie intake by 25% for two years. Results showed weight loss and body fat reduction, with improved cholesterol levels, lower blood pressure, better blood sugar control, and less inflammation. Some of the benefits stemmed from the fact that they lost weight but researches believed it was not just due weight loss alone, suggesting that caloric restriction may be a useful tool for better health and weight loss. Source: www.

KETO SIDE EFFECT: Skin Rash Side effects of fad or trendy diets come in all shapes and sizes, and it seems the keto diet has found its match. Following a ketogenic diet can sometimes cause a red, itchy skin rash, which people commonly refer to as keto rash. Researchers do not yet know exactly why a ketogenic diet causes skin inflammation, but they believe that this rash may be linked to ketosis. Source: www.


The Forgotten Waist Size A study from the University of Iowa found that some people considered to be a normal weight could unknowingly be at high risk for obesity-related health issues. The study reported that a subgroup of people who are considered to be normal weight as measured by body mass index (BMI) could actually be at high risk for death because of their waist size. Researchers linked mortality rates to the respondents’ BMI as well as their central obesity, which is the excess accumulation of fat around a person’s midsection that has been linked to an array of health problems and is measured by waist circumference. The study concluded that the two primary causes of death in people who had normal BMI but high waist size were cardiovascular disease and obesity-related cancer. Source:





Dr. Bryan Geier talks a new treatment for pain management Wouldn’t it be great if you could treat the majority of all pain related symptoms with a non-invasive approach? Now, you can. As a Chiropractor, my education and training was focused on relieving pain by influencing the nervous system through the use of spinal manipulation. However, in my practice I intently focus on the myo, which is the Latin term for muscles and connective tissue called fascia. Here in lies the term Myofascial therapy. When treating pain, I chose to focus on the myofascia of the body because this is the most important component to influencing the Central Nervous System to decrease pain, specifically honing in on treating this pain by taking an alternative, non-invasive approach. Unfortunately, myofascial therapy receives little attention as a major source of pain and is seldom taught in modern medical school training. Even more unfortunate is the lack of insurance reimbursement for this important therapy. So, let’s dig into the topic a little deeper.

running through, around and crisscrossing every inch of your body including muscle, organs, blood vessels, nerves, spinal cord, brain and skin. The central nervous system receives its greatest amount of sensory nerves from myofascial tissue. This means that the fascia is as important or more important than muscle in sensory input delivery. The key to this statement is that your myofascia becomes the byproduct of your environment without you even realizing it. It experiences stress, memorizes chronic poor posture, feels the weight of your head sitting at the computer all day, and permanently holds onto old untreated injuries. As a result of never ending signaling to the brain, the body develops symptoms like pain and endocrine dysfunction like adrenal fatigue, dysfunctional mood and brain fog, to name a few. If the fascia controls the information that can influence the brain, then this is the first step to calming down the body’s pain response and also improving overall global body function.

THE SCIENCE BEHIND PAIN AND MYOFASCIA The muscular system is the largest sensory organ. Approximately 50 percent of your body weight is made up of about 400 skeletal muscles. Your fascia is actually one giant interconnected web of connective tissue

WHAT IS MYOFASCIAL THERAPY? It is a deep tissue treatment involving the breakdown of fascial adhesions known as trigger points. These trigger points ultimately create a permanently shortened muscle, resulting in pain and muscle dysfunction and, in turn, weakness and uncoordinated movements. Myofascial therapy can be performed in many ways including by a practitioner’s hands, using tools that break down adhesions and stretching. This therapy proves to be a very efficient and effective therapy for pain management, improving athletic performance and reducing cellulite.

COMMON INJURIES RELATED TO MYOFASCIAL TRIGGER POINTS • Pain or stiffness in your neck, mid- or lowback • Headaches or jaw pain • Sciatica and other nerve related symptoms like numbness and tingling • Tendonitis, Bursitis and Plantar Fasciitis • Joint pain especially in your shoulder, knee or wrist • Generalized dull, achy pain • Athletic performance issues

HOW DOES HEALTHY FASCIA BECOME UNHEALTHY FASCIA? This happens when extra layers of fascia grow due to stress, trauma, repetitive motions, dehydration and inflammation. Inflammation comes from repetitive working out or even eating inflammatory foods such as (but not limited to) sugar, fried food, certain oils and processed wheat.

CALL 480.800.4924 AND MENTION SCOTTSDALE HEALTH MAGAZINE TO RECEIVE 20 PERCENT OFF A PACKAGE OF THREE VISITS, EQUALING $179. Dr. Geier is located inside Jewish Community Center (JCC). A JCC membership is not required to be treated. Sign up to see Dr. Geier and also receive a one week pass to the JCC!

solo scottsdale / by Gabby Leighton / photo by Mark Morgan

Each month, Scottsdale Health features one local single. This month, meet…

Erin AGE: 44 ABOUT ME: I moved here from New Jersey to work in brain surgery. After assisting a surgeon with the removal of a brain tumor as a nurse, I was fascinated. I applied to the worldrenowned Barrow Neurological Institute and prayed for months that I would get a call for an interview. I got the call, had a phone interview, and was offered a job the next day. Seven years later, I am proud to say that I still work for Barrow. My job challenges me every day and at the same time, makes me appreciate my life and my health so much. Aside from being a nurse, I cherish my role as a mom to my very loving 13-year-old daughter. I always try and ensure that Sophia knows and recognizes that she is cared about and tuned into by me. I want her to grow into a

Interested In Meeting Our Single?

Email her via Please put “Erin” in the subject line.




girl with grit that has passion and perseverance for long-term goals. MY FAVORITE BOOK IS: I’m currently reading Core 52 by Mark E. Moore. WHAT I’M LOOKING FOR IN A SIGNIFICANT OTHER: I am looking for someone that wants the best for me and I want the best for him. This is what author Gary Zukav refers to as a “spiritual partnership,” when two people allow each other to be valued and seen it eliminates any and all competition. THE MOST IMPORTANT QUALITIES TO ME ARE: Maturity, consistency, decisiveness, and strength. THE LEAST IMPORTANT QUALITIES TO ME ARE: I am not concerned about anyone’s past or mistakes.

Interested In Being Our Next Solo? Send an email with your name, age and a recent photo for consideration to the same email, with “Solo” in the subject line.

Driving on the course, fun. Driving to the cleaners, not so fun.

Specializing in premier quality dry cleaning, with complimentary pick-up and delivery to your home or office for your convenience. Organic Dry Cleaners is a full-service dry cleaning company with locations in both Scottsdale and Phoenix. We pride ourselves on focusing on high quality pressing, being tough on stains, but eco-friendly, using only organic, non-toxic, dry cleaning solvents. Your garments will last longer and look exquisite!


480.951.2206 We offer same day service at any location before 9:00 am Monday through Friday.

Monday-Friday: 7 am-7 pm Saturday: 9 am-5 pm Sunday Closed for maintenance

Sign-Up Online at


Mama on the Move

/ by Megan Rigby / photos by James Patrick

Safe muscle pump with a baby bump

Finding out you are pregnant is one of the happiest times for a mom. But, with all the joy comes uncertainty and fears. A common area of concern is nutrition and fitness. There is usually a lot conflicting opinions. While many can agree upon the need for a nutritious diet, fitness stands as a gray area for most. Understanding what to do can be a new level of worry, but with the approval from your OB-GYN, mindfulness of body cues and a healthy routine, you can continue an active lifestyle. Research shows that pregnant women who remain active during pregnancy experience less co-morbidities, easier labor and quicker recovery. The American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists recommends a pregnant woman aim for 20 to 30 minutes of activity daily. This can include cardio and/or weight training. For cardio, it is recommended to limit yourself to activities that are light on the joints. While some may continue activities such as running, this will be based on pre-pregnancy routines. Most pregnant women are better off with swimming, walking, stair-stepper or rowing. For weighted exercise, it is advised to avoid any back-lying exercises, high impact jumping, excess heavy lifting and strenuous abdominal exercises. This total-body, safe pregnancy workout will keep your blood pumping.

Megan Rigby is a Doctor of Nursing Practice and Nutrition Consultant.

CIRCUIT #1 Perform 12-15 reps of each exercise back to back and then rest for 2 minutes. Repeat this a total of three times. Alternating Lunges with Bicep Curl Begin standing with feet together and hands at side holding dumbbells. Take a big step forward with one foot and lower into a lunge. As you lower into a lunge, turn hands palm up, keeping elbows at your side and move forearms in a curling




motion. Bring front foot and arms back to starting position and repeat on opposite leg. Continue alternating legs for all reps. Single Arm Row With the dumbbell in one hand, bend forward from the hips and extend your arm downward. Place your other hand on your thigh or a bench for balance. Pull the weight up to your side while squeezing your lat at the top of the movement. Lower back down and repeat. Perform all reps on one side

and then switch. Insider’s tip: Keeping feet hip width apart can allow room for your little bump and full range of motion. Incline Push-up with Shoulder Tap Start in a high plank position with palms flat on a bench or chair. Shoulder and wrists should be stacked over each other. Bend arms and lower body toward the bench. Push away from bench to return to starting position. At the top pick up left hand and cross over to touch right shoulder. Bring hand back down and copy same motion with opposite hand. Repeat movement into a push-up with shoulder tap. CIRCUIT #2 Perform 12-15 reps of each exercise back to back and then rest for 2 minutes. Repeat this a total of three times.

Squat Press Stand with feet hip width apart. Holding dumbbells at your shoulders with palms turned in. Bend your knees and lower into a squat position while keeping chest lifted. On the upward movement push weights up above your head with a slight bend in elbow. Be sure to keep palms facing inward and move up in a straight line. Step-up with Front Raise Stand facing bench or chair with dumbbells at your side. Place one foot flat on elevated surface. Drive through front foot and push off back foot to a standing position on bench. Raise dumbbells with palms down to shoulder width and slowly lower back down. Lower back leg down and repeat on same side until reps are complete and then switch.

5 TIPS TO CONSIDER WHEN EXERCISING PREGNANT: Stay hydrated before, during and after exercise. Nourish yourself approximately 1 hour before exercise to provide proper fuel. Monitor HR and keep at/below 160. Assess level of exertion: You should be able to carry on a conversation during workout. Listen to your body! Do not workout beyond your pre-pregnancy routine. Consider your experience level. DISCLAIMER: Always check with your OB-GYN first, before beginning an exercise program while pregnant.

balance By Michael Carlton, MD

Bye-bye Booze

The benefits of living an alcohol-free lifestyle in a wine mom world

Many adults have a glass of wine or a cocktail at the end of the day to relax and take the edge off. The growing use of alcohol among women has become a public health concern in recent years, according to the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism. New research published in the Canadian Medical Association Journal suggests skipping that daily libation could help women’s mental health. The study found that women who gave up alcohol improved their mental health and overall quality of life. For years, moderate drinking has been touted as harmless and can increase longevity. Lately, science suggests that there is no safe amount of alcohol as the life-altering risks outweigh any potential benefits. Alcohol impacts women differently than men from the first sip to metabolism to recovery, and these differences will make it more likely to cause long-term health problems in females like increased risk of breast cancer. Many people consume alcohol in order to relax and reduce anxiety and stress. At first alcohol relieves anxiety, but it also activates parts of the brain that increases anxiety levels later on, which could lead to a dangerous cycle of needing more alcohol to suppress the anxiety. Over time, alcohol could play a major factor in experiencing depressed moods, irritability, high levels of stress and poor sleep. The numbers are rising in women 35 and older, around the time of motherhood, who report casual drinking, binge drinking and dependency. Studies have found that the American culture plays a part in women’s alcohol misuse with the “mommy juice” phenomenon that has normalized drinking in a negative way. This wine-moms culture sends a message that drinking will help diminish the stress from their day. Alcohol can be an enjoyable part of life, but it can also carry serious issues that can negatively impact one’s health. So, what are some short-term and long-term benefits of living an alcoholfree life for women?




Dr. Michael Carlton is the Medical Director for A Better Today Recovery Services and has over 30 years of experience in treating addiction. A Better Today Recovery Services (ABTRS) is a substance abuse treatment center. Located in Scottsdale for more than ten years, ABTRS serves the community and is committed to saving lives and healing families. With providing lifetime support and alumni events, the center continues to care for clients after treatment.

1. Improved overall health and well-being Quitting alcohol reduces the chances of developing a plethora of alcohol-related illnesses including seven various types of cancers, stroke, liver disease and heart disease. 2. Mental health While alcohol may have a temporary positive influence on mood, it is also linked to depression, anxiety and suicidal thoughts. Sobriety will help you become calmer, less anxious, and less irritable. It

5. More sleep Without alcohol, the quality of sleep will increase with improved REMs, continual circadian rhythm and give the ability to fall into a deeper state of sleep.

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After giving up alcohol for one month, revisit how it made you feel, see if you noticed any changes and reexamine your relationship with alcohol. Explore any other new hobbies to start up. Get creative, create new habits and see how your life may trans-

Quitting alcohol reduces the chances of developing a plethora of alcoholrelated illnesses including

Dr. Julie McCutcheon

Dr. Susan Reckell

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Dr. Sherah LaBuff

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seven various types of cancers, stroke, liver disease and heart disease.

will increase selfconfidence, improve focus, and bring an overall positive, clear head space. 3. Weight loss Not drinking alcohol will help to cut out empty calories. Say goodbye beer gut and hello waistline! 4. Glowing skin Alcohol is a diuretic that dehydrates the body and skin. Without consuming it daily, that’ll avoid premature ageing, acne, rosacea and the collagen will slowly restore itself.

form. Some may find that they are betterC off without it, or othM ers may go through Y some struggles and withdrawal CM symptoms. If that’s the case, perhaps MY explore that a little CY deeper and don’t be ashamed to reach CMY out to a loved one or professional to K ask for help. There is a major difference between someone who is dependent on alcohol and someone who is a regular drinker that is content with stopping for a while.





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nutrition / by Karey Northington

Whether you are sending the kiddos off to school, attending classes yourself, working long hours at the office, or multitasking a never-ending to-do list, staying sharp is a must. Specific vitamins and minerals help with cognitive function, mental clarity and multitasking. The following foods, vitamins and minerals are the perfect items to add to your grocery list for brain gains.

Food for Thought

What to eat for improved mental focus and cognitive function




Antioxidants Oxidative stress is a condition that has been proposed to lead to disease processes in the body, namely Alzheimer’s disease. When food is broken down for energy, a byproduct called free radicals are created. Free radicals are detrimental to your body and brain function. Antioxidants link with free radicals and help eliminate

them. Choose bright, colorful foods for the highest concentration of antioxidants, like berries, red grapes, oranges, carrots, eggplant, peppers, and tomatoes. Dark leafy veggies are also a great option.

Omega-3 Fatty Acids Omega-3 fatty acids aid in concentration and memory, and studies have shown improvement in symptoms of depression and anxiety in those

regularly consuming enough omega-3. Omega-3s have also shown benefits to brain health during pregnancy, help to fight off age-related mental decline, and reduce your risk of Alzheimer’s disease. Fatty fish that include omega-3 are salmon, herring, mackerel, and trout, or throw some sardines on your pizza. Creatine Creatine is often discussed in the fitness community with

regards to its ability to increase muscle protein synthesis, but often forgotten when it comes to cognition. Creatine is effective enough to reduce the symptoms of Huntington’s disease and Parkinson’s. In one study, sleepdeprived participants were supplemented with creatine. The cognitive deficits caused by sleep deprivation were either reduced or negated. Exhausted parents, rejoice! Creatine can also be used as an add-on supplement for depression. It reduces the effects of environmental stress – think of your kids smashing their toys while you are trying to compose a work email. Creatine can blunt the effects of the noise on your ability to think clearly. Creatine is found in red meat, poultry and fish. Steak, tuna, chicken,

herring, salmon, venison, and cod are among the foods with the highest concentration. Caffeine One of the most popular supplements to date, caffeine stimulates brain chemicals like glutamate and dopamine. The increase in these

chemicals positively affects mental clarity, gives you energy, and fights age-related mental decline. Caffeine also increases serotonin, aka the “feel good” chemical. Serotonin enhances your mood. Energy, mental focus, and a good mood. Sounds like a winner! Tea and coffee are excellent sources of caffeine. Avoid caffeine consumption late in the day to decrease sleep disturbances. Sleep is another crucial factor to boost brain function, so take care to keep your zzz’s as uninterrupted as possible. Vitamin B12 B12 is found in meat, fish and milk. B12 boosts cognitive process related to memory, learning, attention, and problem-solving. It also allows you to metabolize protein, carbohydrates, and fats properly. B12 is a water-soluble vitamin, meaning the body cannot store it for long periods. Providing the body with B12 daily is essential. Once your kitchen is stocked, don’t forget to hydrate! Good old H2O cannot be overlooked. Staying hydrated will allow your body and brain to function optimally through proper digestion and absorption of muchneeded nutrition and excretion of waste. Increase your intake through the warmer months in Arizona to at least 10 glasses each day. With proper nutrition, you won’t only look your best, you’ll think and feel your best, too!

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Tomato and Watermelon Salad

Recipe courtesy of Doughbird, Imaging Innovation QTbreasthealth recently opened within Scottsdale’s Vincere Cancer Center, bringing radiation-free and compression-free breast imaging technology. The QTscan has no radiation, no compression and no injections, unlike traditional breast imaging modalities. Though not a replacement for screening mammography, the product allows for earlier and more frequent screening for young women at high risk for breast cancer who have no available FDAcleared screening options. This is the first QTbreasthealth imaging center in Arizona. www.

Dermatology Gone Digital Digital technology is redefining the healthcare industry, making it more convenient to be seen by a physician. Apostrophe is one of those technological companies. The online dermatological service addresses skin and hair concerns with visual diagnosis online, personalized treatments and prescriptions. Users begin by creating an account and providing pictures. Within 24 hours, a boardcertified dermatologist will review and provide a diagnosis, with a tailored treatement. Medications are home-delivered for free.



SERVING SIZE: 4 SALAD 2 heads romaine lettuce 1 sprig watercress ½ cup tabbouleh (recipe on right) ½ cup sliced and seeded cucumber ½ cup shaved cauliflower 1 cup heirloom tomatoes 2 cups cubed watermelon 2 tbsp fresh garden herbs 6 tbsp champagne vinaigrette (see below) GARNISHES 4 tbsp crumbled feta cheese 4 tbsp chopped roasted pistachios 2 tsp zahtar

TABBOULEH ½ cup extra virgin olive oil ½ cup lemon juice Zest of ½ a lemon 1 ½ tbsp of champagne vinegar 2 tsp salt (or to taste) 2 tsp freshly ground black pepper (or to taste) 2 ½ cups cooked white quinoa

½ cup chopped parsley 2 tbsp chopped mint 1 finely minced shallot CHAMPAGNE VINAIGRETTE ¾ cup champagne vinaigrette 1 tbsp granulated sugar 2 tsp salt 1 cups olive oil

For the tabbouleh: In a large mixing bowl, combine the olive oil, lemon juice, lemon zest, champagne vinegar, salt, and pepper. Whisk until fully combined. Then mix in remaining ingredients with a spatula or wooden spoon until fully incorporated. Serve cooled. For the vinaigrette: Combine champagne vinegar, salt, and sugar. Slowly add oil while stirring constantly until fully emulsified. To assemble the salad: Combine all salad ingredients in a large mixing bowl. Gently toss to coat all ingredients. Add garnishes. Enjoy!


Now Open: Life Studio Late last month, Life Studio opened in Old Town Scottsdale. The center is led by wellness chiropractor, Dr. Julio Reis, and natural fertility acupuncturist, Jessi Reis. The clinic, which has a calming, yoga studio vibe, provides vitalistic chiropractic care, acupuncture and traditional Chinese medicine. Areas of specialty include pediatrics, care for before, during and after pregnancy, and wellness care for those looking to take their health to the next level. www.lifestudiowellness.

The book features a how-to section to guide others on their path to wellness

The Path to Wellness Brave New Medicine: A Doctor’s Unconventional Path to Healing Her Autoimmune Illness is available beginning this month. Dr. Cynthia Li’s memoir takes readers through her mysterious autoimmune illness journey and how her diagnosis forced her to become her own expert. She talks investigating the root causes of disease, and how to heal the mind, body and spirit. The book also features a howto section to guide others on their path to wellness. Available on Amazon, www.


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Something is Brewing A new single-serve coffee option is now available: Steeped. Brewed similar to tea, Steeped Coffee comes in nitro-sealed Steeped bags, made using renewable and compostable materials. With Steeped, freshly ground specialty coffee is available in a single serving. The idea is aimed to combat the environmental impact created by single-use coffee pods. Steeped Coffee delivers fresh roasted, pre-portioned precision ground, micro batched coffee in customized full imersion filters. Customers just steep each bag in hot water for five minutes to allow the coffee to develop its body and flavor.

A Lunchtime Solution KeepCool recently launched its new line of sustainable bags, Out of the Woods at Target. The 20-yearold company aims to eliminate single-use bags with its reusable and insulated soft-sided bags. The brand’s new partnership with Target offers three lunch designs. The sleek, functional line of totes and insulated cooler bags are made from a renewable, lightweight material derived from paper that matches the strength and aesthetics of leather while being 100% animalfree. The three lunch bags will be available through this month. www. outofthewoods. com or www.



Better Snacking The makers of the pea-based snacking favorite, Harvest Snaps, recently launched their new Russet potato Spudkins to stores across the U.S., as well as Amazon. The potato-based option, which is crispy on the outside and airy on the inside, aims to be a healthier, less greasy option to traditional potato chips. Spudkins are cooked with a special method that requires 25% less oil than traditional potato chips. The healthier snack alternative comes in three flavors: Honey Barbecue, Yellow Cheddar, and Sour Cream & Onion.

Unwind Outdoors The eighth annual free Fall Concert Series at Scottsdale Quarter will begin this month. The eight-week series will kick off on Sept. 7 from 5 to 7 p.m. and will run at the same time every Saturday through Oct. 26. There will be a mix of music genres throughout, including retro groups, rock ‘n’ roll acts and reggae performers. There will also be artists painting murals during the shows.


Click and Collect Last month, Sprouts expanded its Instacart “click and collect” grocery pickup and is now offering the service, as well as delivery, to Phoenix-area markets, including the Scottsdale locations. The click and collect option is now available for customers to buy online and pick up curbside at Sprouts. Pickup can be scheduled for the same day or up to several days in advance. Customers will be alerted when their orders are ready for pickup by a personal shopper, who will greet them at a designated pickup parking lot location when they arrive and check in using their smartphone.

Taste Buds Reset Released this past June, Eat Like you Give a Fork: The Real Dish on Eating to Thrive is by Mareya Ibrahim, a chef, holistic nutrition coach, author and entrepreneur. She is the author of The Clean Eating Handbook, and a signature chef to the New York Times bestseller The Daniel Plan: 40 Days to a Healthier Life. In her new book, she invites you to reset your taste buds and your kitchen with her eight essential eating strategies (the 90/10 rule and go gluten-free super grains are two of them). She also presents more than 80 recipes, such as Zucchini Noodles with Romesco Sauce and Overstuffed Sweet Potatoes with Chipotle Lime Yogurt. Available on Amazon,

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toys, tech & gear / by Gabby Leighton

Namaste Necessities Experience-enhancing yoga accessories

Whether you are brand new to yoga or have been practicing it for years, there’s always room for new gear. Though you don’t technically need any equipment to be a yogi, we’ve rounded up a few accessories to strengthen your skills.

Manduka Pro Yoga Mat It all starts with the mat, and Manduka is known as the brand to buy. With over 2 million Pro Series mats sold in over 100 countries over the past 20-plus years of its existence, this option really is universally acknowledged as the best mat in the industry. Besides its stellar lifetime guarantee,




the ultra-dense mat is comfortable and cushioned to protect joints and give support. The closed-cell surface prevents sweat from seeping into the mat and its latex-free, with non-toxic, emissionsfree manufacturing. Additionally, it’s formulated to help your grip stronger so you can hold each pose with confidence. The standard mat is 71 inches long, but some colors are available in extralong, coming in at 85 inches. Standard length, $120-$140 depending on color at Manduka, www.

store and transfer your mat, fitting nearly any size mat. It is made from a quick-dry Nylon fabric and features an internal hook-and-loop strap to secure your mat. The outer straps make for easy carrying over the shoulder or backpack-style, and there’s even a zippered pocked to keep your phone, keys or wallet secure during class. $20 at Dick’s Sporting Goods (exclusively),

Lululemon The Towel It’s not a requirement to use a yoga towel but it helps to add traction, acting as a slip-resistant layer between you and your mat for extra grip on when transitioning between poses. This absorbent, lightweight option is made from slip-resistant microfibre. The one-size towel comes in a variety of colors, allowing you to blend in with options like grey and black, or add some pizzazz to your practice with fun patterns and vibrant colors. $38$42 depending on color at Lululemon,

URBNFit Yoga Block A block is often used as an extension of the arms, to help balance, elongate your stretching and ensure posture alignment. Another purpose is to support the back, head and hips and help you hold poses for longer periods of time. This standard size block can also be used for meditation, Pilates, and other workouts. The lightweight block is made from EVA foam, which is recyclable and non-toxic. The material is nonslip and moistureresistant. It also comes with a downloadable mobile PDF yoga block workout guide and stretch strap. Available in pink, purple and teal. $17.99 at Amazon,

Gaiam Studio Select On-The-Go Yoga Mat Carrier From home to car to studio and back again, carrying your rolled mat can be a bother – especially if it decides to unroll at the worst time. This carrier lets you easily

Alo High-waist Moto Legging Founded in 2007, Alo is a leading brand of clothing in the yoga and overall fitness industry. Designed with the studio-tostreet mindset, the garments are both fashionable and

functional. The Moto collection is a fanfavorite, featuring a contoured mixed matte/shine fabric and forward mesh panels to create a moto-style pant. The legging is engineered to lift, sculpt, and contour, with a moveable feel. The four-way stretch fabric is equipped with moisture-wicking antimicrobial technology for those sweatier classes and this high-waist version has a “hold-itin” 5-inch waistband. $114 at Nordstrom, www.nordstrom. com. Hydro Flask 32-Ounce Wide Mouth Bottle with Flex Cap You don’t have to be a yogi to be a fan of a great water bottle. However, you will definitely need to keep hydrated before, during and after class. This vessel keeps your beverages chilled (and carbonated), whether you’re in the studio or off on an adventure. The stainless-steel growler has a Fresh Carry System, which ensures a leakproof seal, temperature control (keeping liquids hot for up to 12 hours and cold for up to 24) and portability. This particular version holds 32 ounces for all-day hydration, but both smaller and larger options are available. Hydro Flasks are BPA- and phthalate-free. Available in a large variety of colors with additional lids sold separately. $39.95 at Hydro Flask, www.

Small window.


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Schedule a club tour, get a free body scan, try a group workout!

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*Offer valid with a minimum 12 month membership agreement at participating locations only. Training sessions to consist of 2-3 members. Terms and conditions may vary based on applicable state laws and regulations. Monthly dues still apply. Each location is independently owned and operated. Expires October 31st, 2019 ©2019 Anytime Fitness, LLC

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crazy 8s From little movements like blinking to larger ones like running, the muscular system is responsible for every single movement in your body. While you control some muscles voluntarily, others do their jobs without having to think about it, allowing you to move, speak, chew, breathe, digest and more. Here are eight other facts about the system that keeps you going.

1. How many? Your body contains more than 600 muscles, from the ones you can actually feel, like your biceps, to the ones that keep your heart beating. 2. Type breakdown. There are three types of muscles in the body: skeletal, which are attached to bones and care consciously controlled; smooth, which are inside of blood vessels and organs, and cannot be voluntarily controlled; and cardiac, which are located in the heart and responsible for pumping blood. 3. Scaling it. Muscle makes up approximately 40% of total body weight. A cubic inch of muscle weighs three times more than a cubic inch of fat.

Crazy Facts About the Muscular System 38



4. Biggest to smallest. The largest muscle in the body is the gluteus maximus and the tiniest are located in the inner ear, called tensor tympani and stapedius. 5. Strength matters. Based on its size,

the strongest muscle in the body is called the masseter, which is located in your jaw and allows you to chew. But, the hardest working muscle is the heart, which pumps about 2,500 gallons of blood daily. 6. Opposites control. The motor cortex on the right side of the brain controls the muscles on the left side of the body, and the motor cortex on the left side controls the muscles on the right side of the body. 7. Natural thermometer. One important function of the muscular system is maintaining normal body temperature. Almost 85% of the heat a person generates in their body comes from contracting muscles. The skeletal muscles increase their activity (think shivering) to make heat if the body heat falls below an optimal level. 8. Get connected. Tendons are a connect tissue that connect muscles to bones in the body.


The Joke’s on Us! So go ahead and laugh already—hey, it’s good for you!

“What’s the difference between a piano, a tuna and glue?” the dad asks his son. “What?” the son says, unsure. “You can tuna piano, but you can’t piano a tuna,” the dad says. “What about the glue?” the son says. “I knew you’d get stuck there.”

Have you ever tried to eat a clock? It’s very time consuming.


Two guys were out walking their dogs on a hot day when they passed by a bar. “Let’s go in there for a beer,” the first guy says. “They won’t let us in with our dogs,” the second guy replies. “Sure they will, just follow my lead,” the first guy says. He goes up to the bar, and sure enough the doorman says, “I can’t let you in here with that dog.” He replies, “Oh, I’m blind and this is my Seeing Eye dog.” “OK then, come on in,” the doorman says. The second guy sees this and does the same thing. He goes up to the bar, and the doorman says, “You can’t come in here with a dog.” He replies, “I’m blind and this is my Seeing Eye dog.” The doorman responds, “You have a chihuahua for a Seeing Eye dog?” The second guy stops for a second, and exclaims, “They gave me a chihuahua?”

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Certified Pilates instructor Jennifer Bowie emphasizes the psychological benefits of movement

/ by Elizabeth Liberatore / photos by James Patrick / hair by Carissa Mott; makeup by Lisa Moore




The benefits of exercise are numerous. Higher sleep quality, more energy, and stronger brain health are some of the more obvious ones. The lesser known include psychological benefits, as exercise is a powerful prescription for common mental health issues like depression and anxiety. Jennifer Bowie, who has her bachelor’s degree in psychology, was so fascinated by the healing powers of physical movement that it prompted her to become a certified personal trainer. She’s been training people for more than 10 years and, having earned additional certifications, is a Pilates, barre and Total

the Arizona climate affords. Taking my workouts outside, whether that is hiking or playing tennis with friends, is one of the best things about living here,” she says. An active lifestyle is the only kind of lifestyle Bowie has ever known, courtesy of her parents who encouraged her at a young age to participate in school sports. Bowie was on her high school’s dance, cheerleading, volleyball and track teams, all of which taught her valuable lessons on disciple, teamwork and self-esteem. She remained active throughout college and competed in her first fitness competition

“I TOOK MY FIRST PILATES CLASS SIX YEARS AGO AND I KNEW I NEEDED TO BECOME AN INSTRUCTOR. THE MIND-BODY CONNECTION WAS REAL, AND I LOVED IT.” Resistance Training (TRX) instructor in the Valley. Bowie is currently working on her master’s degree in mental health and wellness. “I expect that my master’s will allow me to further connect with my clients from a mind-body perspective,” she says. Active Living Born in Las Vegas and raised in Seattle and Phoenix, Bowie identifies the most as an Arizonian since she’s lived here the longest. Plus, Seattle’s year-round gloom wasn’t doing it for her. “I love the outdoor fitness lifestyle that

in 2012. Shortly after, she became a certified personal trainer. And although training clients was her profession for a good amount of time, she felt like something was missing. That something was revealed to her when she stepped outside of her comfort zone and took a group Pilates class. “I took my first Pilates class six years ago and I knew I needed to become an instructor. The mind-body connection was real, and I loved it,” she says. “I believe that change does not happen when you are comfortable. Our times of biggest personal growth and change occur when we are oper-

ating outside of our comfort zone. This is where the magic happens.” Bowie is without a doubt making magic by helping Valley residents transform their minds and bodies. She trains private clients and instructs group classes for Pilates, barre and TRX, which is a piece of training equipment that uses a suspension system to workout. Some of her Pilates classes include both barre and TRX movements for variety. She teaches approximately 24 classes a week — so you can’t miss her! — at the Scottsdale, Promenade, Desert Ridge and Paradise Valley Club Pilates locations. The caring, energetic and altruistic instructor will have you swearing by Pilates, too, after taking just one class with her. “Hearing from my clients how much better they feel each day after class is incredibly rewarding for me,” she says. “Pilates is an exercise methodology that is accessible for everyone regardless of their current fitness level. The low impact nature and focus on flexibility and strength makes it an excellent option for those dealing with injuries, back issues, and physical limitations.” Starting Within Bowie’s lean and sculpted physique is a product of both consistent exercise and healthy eating. She believes in moderation with respect to nutrition. She’s tried the overly restrictive approach and has meal prepped in the past, but the first wasn’t sustainable and the second became boring over time. Bowie will, however, plan out what she’s eating between classes to healthfully fuel and sustain herself. “In general, I eat healthy 80 percent of the time and the other 20 percent will indulge in my favorites. Above all, I am a big believer that enjoying life includes good food and wine in moderation,” she says. When she isn’t teaching classes, Bowie enjoys taking them in her spare time. She sees group fitness as a way to decompress, especially as she wraps up her graduate program. “I love taking Pilates, barre and yoga classes. I think finding an hour for oneself every day is incredibly important for self-care and reflection,” she says. She also enjoys traveling with her husband, hanging out with their two dogs and being an ambassador for Carbon 38, an online store for fashionable, high-performing activewear. In all her life roles — instructor, ambassador, wife and friend — Bowie reminds those around her to prioritize themselves. “Take pride in the baby steps, the little victories, in order to maintain your motivation. I know that when I exercise consistently, I have more energy, confidence, and am better able to care for my family,” she says. “Know that self-care is a necessity and not a selfish act. You must take care of yourself first, body and mind, or you will have nothing left to give others. To learn more, follow Bowie on Instagram @jen.bowie or sign up for a class with her at

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/ by Gabby Leighton / photos by Shalimar Studios / Shot at TruFusion Scottsdale

After 24 years of talking negatively about herself, makeup artist Sam Helmer decided to make a change. She was done with her bad habits and blaming her weight for her unhappiness. It’s been five years since she embarked on a transformation journey. In the process, she lost a total of 96 pounds and truly found herself.

LOSING WEIGHT, GAINING SELF-RESPECT Sam Helmer’s transformation story from the inside out 42



What was your life like before you decided to make a change? I grew up overweight, with terrible eating habits. I loved any food that was not beneficial for my body and I would eat and eat until I was sick. Emotionally, socially, and well ... simply because I just loved food! I would try to make changes and cut down on food and starve myself. I was so uneducated, and honestly didn’t know where to start, so nothing stuck. My weight would yo-yo but I was always unhappy with my body and the fact that I felt every “bad thing” in my life that happened “to me” was “because I was fat.” The reason I wasn’t popular in school, the reason I wasn’t good at sports, the reason boys didn’t like me, the reason I did not get that job, the list goes on. I would talk to myself so negatively and tell myself the reason was because of the way I looked. How did you break this cycle? After 24 years of this negative selftalk, it would have been so easy to continue to feel that way and to stay the same. However, I was ready to make a change. I wanted respect, and no one was respecting me because I did not respect myself. I needed to make a change in order to not use the fact that I was overweight as a reason to not chase my dreams. But losing the weight turned into so much more.

Was there an event that triggered this in your life? It was actually around the time that I was making a lot of other changes in my life. I was fresh out of an unhealthy relationship, switched career paths and was moving cross-country. I started using the gym as a release, as my therapy. What was the process like in the very beginning? In the very beginning I would probably go to the gym a few times a week. Once I started to see results I wanted more results. Then, my change became more drastic. I was in the gym every single day and started saying no to any foods that weren’t benefiting my body. This almost became too drastic. (Later on I would find a little more balance, thankfully!) What was your motivation throughout your journey? My motivation was constantly changing! But mostly it was what I was gaining from my journey. The better I felt, the more progress I made, the more I wanted to continue to progress! Also, I’ve gained so many great relationships and gym friends that are more like family and they continuously motivate me as well. The people in my corner mean so much to me. Beyond the outer transformation, how did this process change you on the inside? In the beginning

this was an outer transformation but I can say along the way, at some point, this became more of an internal transformation. Slowly, the negative self-talk is becoming less and I’ve learned to try to celebrate my successes, even the small ones. I am able to go after what I want and be happier in (most) situations because I feel better on the inside. Every day is a work in progress. How do you plan on maintaining this weight? This is a lifestyle for me. I love being healthy, I love working out. I will continue to work on myself internally, stay in the gym, and work on finding a balanced diet that works with my lifestyle. What is your workout and diet routine now compared to what it was when you were losing weight? After “dieting” for about 6 months very strictly, I took time off from tracking my food to enjoy my 30th birthday. I have been making (mostly) healthy decisions when it comes to food and have still been taking around two classes a day (when possible) at TruFusion. What advice do you have for those who want to change their life but don’t know where to start? This is one of my favorite questions and my answer will always be two things: 1. Find some-

thing you love to do! There are way too many options as far as exercise out there for you to be doing something that makes you unhappy. 2. Just start. Do something every day. Whether it’s a walk with your dog, jumping jacks and sit ups in your living room – just move! The pain is temporary and you only get stronger. What are your favorite active activities? Boxing/kick boxing, HIIT/circuit training, dancing, hot Pilates, and hot yoga. I grew up in Kansas where there aren’t many mountains so I have also obtained a huge love and appreciation for hiking! Do you have any workout songs that really get you pumped up? I like to work out to hip-hop and rap, anything with a good beat that I can dance to! If you could go back in time and tell your “old self” one thing, what would it be? That everything I was going through would pay off and lead me to a really, really, good place in life. To be patient with myself. What do you hope for yourself in the future? As of right now my main goal is to find balance in my life while continuing to progress. I will always keep reaching for new fitness goals and challenging myself but the inner work and my relationships are just as important!

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relating / by Kaitlyn Vorherr

De-Stress Your Dog Calming remedies for anxious pets

No matter how hard we try to leave it at the door, we all carry stress home from our day. Did you know that your stress could be affecting your dog? A recent Swedish study has shown that high stress levels of owners can increase the stress levels in their dogs. The concept of “emotional contagion” is not a new one; our emotional state and wellness can be affected by people around us. Anyone that has been in a long-term relationship can attest to a commingling of emotions and “bad moods” spreading like a virus between partners. The idea of interspecies emotional contagion, as proposed in the study, is more of a novel concept. The connection you have with your dog is powerful, so why wouldn’t they be affected by your stress? Your dog may be one factor in your life, along with work, family, or hobbies. In the case of your dog, you are their whole life – their workout partner, their cuddle buddy, their “pack.” Like people, high cortisol levels in your dog from long-term stress can create health and psychological issues, so how do you de-stress with your dog and provide both parties a better quality of life? As simply as your stress negatively affecting your pet, positive and healthy interactions can help lower their cortisol levels, as well as yours. Here are some ways to de-stress your dog.




Dr. Kaitlyn Vorherr, DVM, is a veterinarian at the Arizona Animal Welfare League’s low-cost clinic, MD PetCare, in Phoenix. AAWL is the state’s oldest and largest no-kill animal shelter. For more info, visit

Do what your dog likes, not what you think they like Some dogs like dog parks, others don’t. Some love hiking, others love puzzles. Pay attention to signs of stress or displeasure in your dog, and signs of happiness.

reliever, but the study showed the dog’s activity level did not affect their cortisol levels. Finding a low impact, but high value activity, like curling up together with a good book, can provide a relaxing environment to help you and your

and so are dogs. Breaking their standard routine will add stress to your dog, so stick with a strong schedule. Having a routine also helps many people de-stress, because there is less to forget when you’ve done it a hundred times.

be car rides. Keep an eye out for triggers that increase their stress and find ways to eliminate them. Take a new walking path, hold your game night at a friend’s house, skip the road trips until you both are in a less stressed place in life. You

cortisol levels much better than one who may be obese or dealing with other health concerns. A combination of high cortisol, abnormal weight, and underlying medical issues can lead to longterm or immediate problems in your

cortisol spikes in your dog when they sense your rough day can be unpleasant, but not a danger. If you had a bad day, hang out with your dog and relax without worry. If you’re consistently stressed, you may be passing that stress

We all want the best for our families and pets. Working as a team to decrease stress is yet another way to strengthen the human animal bond!

You will quickly figure out what they enjoy and what they dislike. By focusing on activities you both like, you’ll bond better and be more relaxed.

dog de-stress. Even a Netflix binge can be helpful. Maybe avoid scary movies so you don’t accidentally spike your adrenaline.

Find a good book and read together Many people use exercise as a stress

Routine, routine, routine Humans are pattern creating animals,

Find those triggers Everybody has triggers that set off their stress level; loud noises, long hours, telemarketers. Your dog has triggers, too! Maybe it’s the neighbor dog on your walk, maybe it’s new visitors, it could even

can’t always eliminate all their triggers, but keep their stress down by doing what you can. A healthy dog is a happier dog Watch those extra treats and extra pounds. A healthy dog can handle high

dog. Don’t forget, you can’t outrun your mouth, and neither can they; staying healthy starts with a healthy diet. A hard day is rough, a hard month is a concern Acute stress or

along to them, and will need to increase your de-stress activities together. We all want the best for our families and pets. Working as a team to decrease stress is yet another way to strengthen the human animal bond!

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/ by Pablo Prichard, MD

Skin Sins

Tips to avoid common cleasing mistakes Ingredients for skin types: Dry to normal skin Find a cream-based cleanser that has hydrating ingredients such as hyaluronic acid, shea butter, glycerin, lipids and oils, ceramides or honey. Sensitive skin Look for a mild, fragrance-free and sulfate-free cleanser. It is best to avoid foaming cleansers because they can strip the skin’s necessary natural oils. Oily skin Gel or foaming cleansers are typically the best bet. Look for a product with non-comedogenic ingredients like aloe vera, green tea or citric acid because they will not clog your pores. If prone to blackheads, pick a cleanser that contains salicylic acid.

When it comes to having clean skin, Americans tend to make some of the worst mistakes by incorrectly washing their faces or not even at all. According to a new survey conducted by OnePoll and CeraVe, 55% of people do not cleanse their skin daily, 52% use bar soap on their face and 44% use hand soap. Certain bar soaps have a very high pH that causes skin to become dry and possibly irritated. Beyond skincare habits, 27% confessed going more than two weeks without washing their sheets or pillowcases. This leaves skin vulnerable to breakouts and irritations from sweat, oil and bacteria buildup. This survey not only sheds light on poor cleansing habits, but also the lack of knowledge people have in regards to overall skincare health and techniques. From foaming cleansers to bar soaps, it can be hard to know what cleansers and ingredients to use. Here are some essential guidelines to help get radiant, clean and healthy skin.

Combination skin Use a non-foaming gel cleanser enriched with hydrating ingredients like aloe vera and glycerin to deeply moisturize the skin, which will leave it glowing, clean and soft. Acne-prone skin Many people struggle with breakouts and need to find a cleanser that contains exfoliating agents, including

salicylic and glycolic acid, as the main components. It’s best to avoid cleansers that have too many lipids or heavy oils like coconut oil or Vitamin E. Cleansing 101: 1. Use lukewarm water, not boiling hot water, and apply the cleanser with your fingertips. 2. Try not to use a washcloth, mesh sponge or exfoliating scrubs more than once a week because it could irritate the skin. 3. Rinse with lukewarm water and gently pat dry with a soft towel. Avoid rubbing the towel on your skin. 4. Finish with applying a small amount of toner on a cotton ball to blot on the face. This resets the skin’s pH balance, protects against bacteria and helps close pores. Look for alcohol-free toners with ingredients like rosewater for anti-aging properties, chamomile for its calming qualities and salicylic acid or witch hazel to fight acne. 5. Try to limit cleansing to morning and night and as well as after sweating. 6. Most importantly, don’t skip cleansing before bed!

Pablo Prichard, M.D. has been the Chief of Plastic Surgery at Honor John C. Lincoln Hospital for 14 years, Medical Director for Plastic Surgery and is Senior Partner at Advanced Aesthetics Associates. Dr. Prichard serves more than 2,000 patients every year and has specialized in both reconstructive and cosmetic procedures. For more information, visit




Rachell Hall’s Permanent Makeup

MICROBLADING PLUS™ Microblading PLUS With Rachell Hall’s signature Microblading PLUS technique, she creates the virtual hairline effect of Microblading plus a soft powdered backdrop of shading to create the illusion of perfect natural brows that are the envy of every woman.

Whether you are challenged with short, sparse, or thinning eyebrows, Rachell Hall’s 28 years of expertise in makeup artistry, custom color blending, art and science will be your perfect solution plus... Remember, discounted prices are not an indicator of value in permanent cosmetics. Trust YOUR face only to the very best. For over 20 years Rachell Hall has eased the makeup woes of an international clientele with her exclusive perfected signature procedures. Be beautiful at breakfast and still look fresh at four! Work out or go out your permanent make up will be perfect! Save time with any procedure. Always natural, always pretty, always perfect. Don't you deserve wash and wear beauty? • Powder soft eyebrows create the illusion of fullness, frame your eyes with the perfect arch, and of course save all that time in the morning! • Smokey eyeliner, never smears, enhances your lash line and eliminates daily tugging at delicate eye tissue • Custom contoured lips- naturally full and blushed lips with contour and colors blended just for you! • Restores lip fullness without the "duck lip effect" and eliminates lipstick bleeding into fine lines • Breasthetics, 3-d nipple areola restoration post mastectomy

"My motto is Classic Beauty, nothing trendy. Nobody wants to look like they had their makeup tattooed on! That’s why all my signature treatments are designed to look soft and natural. Remember you can always add more! My clients never wake up Wednesday morning with Saturday night makeup! Classy, classic and conservative is my specialty look.

REFERRED BY THE VALLEY'S FINEST PLASTIC SURGEONS AND ESTHETICIANS Make your life simply beautiful! CALL FOR A FREE CONSULTATION 8075 E. Morgan Trail, Suite 6 | Scottsdale, AZ 85260 | (Off Hayden, between Mountain View and Shea)


event / by David Apeji

Jordan Joselit and Abrianna Lopez

Luke Kayyem

Megan Yanno and Hannah Roth

Dean Espy and Hailey Reinsch

Balunsd Two-year Anniversary The Old Town Scottsdale advanced performance and recovery studio celebrated two years in business with giveaways, entertainment, a live DJ and demos of services. The facility, which recently welcomed new owner Carolina Panthers defensive tackle Dontari Poe to the team, is slated to open a second Scottsdale location before February 2020.

Darcel Johnson

Kathleen and Tom Godfrey

Zack Stewart

Jimmy Patterson and Robyn Moore

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endurance / by Lewis Elliot

With almost all physical training, the body breaks down before it becomes stronger. Through good sleep, healthy nutrition, hydration, and proper recovery techniques, positive gains are made. It’s almost overwhelming how many new recovery options now exist -- many are exotic and expensive. Things like recovery boots, the Theragun, cryotherapy, chiropractic services and massages, elevated oxygen chambers, and sports massages are all options available. These methods can be incredibly beneficial, at both helping you recover and quickly draining your bank account. Two tried and true methods of sports recovery that I strongly believe in are both easy and accessible to most people. They include vertically elevating your legs on the wall post-workout, and cold soaks in either a tub or a natural body of water. The elevation exercise uses gravity to drain the toxins out of your tired legs. To perform the leg-elevating method, ideally put compression socks on and place your legs vertically on the wall while moving your tailbone as close to the wall as you can, while keeping the legs straight. The closer you get, the more vertical your legs will be and the deeper hamstring stretch you’ll also benefit from, which is an added bonus. Start with two sets of five minutes of this stretch, and increase the time up to two sets of 15 minutes as the movement becomes more normal for you. The cold therapy is fairly self-explanatory, and also Two accessible techniques to employ incredibly helpful. Look for water in the 40 to 60 degree range, and try to submerge yourself for five to 10 minutes up to your waistline. Many unheated outdoor home pools are around this temperature in Arizona during the winter. Streams and creeks in the mountains also are on the low end of this temperature. Add additional time as you become more comfortable with this method, working your way up to 20 minutes. It’s important to let your body heat itself after you take part in cold therapy by drying off and putting clothes on, or doing a light activity. This forced warming promotes blood flow and can really help with recovery. As an added benefit, it will also quickly drop your core temperature on warmer training days. The more recovery methods you employ, the more quickly you’ll improve. These two are particularly accessible and fairly easy to execute. Try them for yourself, and you’ll find yourself ready to work harder again much sooner than expected.

The Road to Recovery

Lewis Elliot is a Scottsdale resident and professional triathlete. The avid hiker, skier and mountain biker was born and raised in Montana. In 2012, his first book, “7 Weeks to a Triathlon,” was published. He is one of the founding members of the Komen Tri For The Cure and the Tri-Scottsdale Foundation. The former U.S. National Team Cyclist can be reached at





• In-office procedure • No need for general anesthesia, performed under oral sedation and local anesthesia • Aggressive fat suctioning with power-assisted liposuction • Real results • Rapid recovery


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