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nutrition / by Jess Hutchens

Deprivation Destroying Diets Stop restricting and allow freedom with four easy-to-follow tips

Summer is here and that means people are lounging by the pool, wearing bikinis, and trying to be at the top of their game with their fitness and nutrition. Motivation is high to look and feel good this time of year, which means people are more inclined to try more extreme means of dieting for weight loss. There are diet pills and extra supplements being used as a means of “quick fixes� for people who did not reach their goals in time. There are also intense diet plans going around, and people depriving themselves of sugar, salt, alcohol, and any other fun type of carb in hopes of reaching their goals in time. Forget the trends and follow these four tips for a healthy, free way of living.




Jess Hutchens is an ACE certified personal trainer, fitness nutritionist, and behavior change coach. She is also a vegan bikini competitor and online fitness coach. For more info, visit

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Scottsdale Health June 2019

Scottsdale Health June 2019