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we are community l 41 years l family inspiring l strong l recognized l impact innovators l we are leaders l transformers explorers l teachers l we are learners we are changing l initiators l engaging improving l evolving l inquisitive we are builders l creators l advancing caring l spirited l we are family l supportive joyful l diverse l welcoming l inclusive l bold alive l passionate l we are ready l service energy l enthusiasm l committed we are dream shapers l challengers mentors l global l we are thunderducks amazing l enduring l soaring l we are Richland. Richland College

l Convocation 2013 l

Tuesday, August 20


Fannin Performance Hall


Tuesday, August 20 • Fannin Performance Hall 7:30-8:25

Continental Breakfast* in the El Paso Student Center


Enter Fannin Performance Hall

8:50-10:30 - Part I Convocation President’s Address Kay Eggleston We are Richland. Excellence in Teaching Video 10:30-10:50 Intermission Refreshments* in the El Paso Student Center 10:50-11:45 - Part II New Employee Welcome Kay Eggleston Awards and Recognition • Innovation of the Year Nominees Kay Eggleston • Jean Sharon Griffith Award Nominees Kay Eggleston • Administrator of the Year Nominees Kay Eggleston • Excellence in Teaching Award Nominees Kay Eggleston • Associate Faculty • Full-Time Faculty • PSS Full-Time Employee of the Year Award Shawntae Minyard • PSS Part-Time Employee of the Year Award Shawntae Minyard • Facilities Services Employees of the Quarter Ron Clark • Administrator of the Year Award Ron Clark • Innovation of the Year Award Tony Summers • Jean Sharon Griffith Award Tony Summers • Excellence in Teaching Award Zarina Blankenbaker • Associate Faculty • Full-Time Faculty 11:45

Recessional Music


Convocation Luncheon with Work Groups in Large Gym


Academic Schools and Work Group Meetings

*Refreshments are made possible by the Credit Union of Texas, ORP representatives, and Thunderwater Organizational Learning Institute. During the continental breakfast, benefits, retirement, wellness, and professional association representatives will be available at information tables in the Student Center.

Richland College Excellence In Teaching Award Recipients 1972-1973 1973-1974 1979-1980 1980-1981 1981-1982 1982-1983 1983-1984 1984-1985 1985-1986 1986-1987 1987-1988 1988-1989 1989-1990 1990-1991 1991-1992 1992-1993 1993-1994 1994-1995 1995-1996 1996-1997 1997-1998 1998-1999 1999-2000 2000-2001 2001-2002 2002-2003 2003-2004 2004-2005 2005-2006 2006-2007 2007-2008 2008-2009 2009-2010 2010-2011 2011-2012 2012-2013

Full-Time Faculty

Parker Nunley, Social Science Lyndarae Sims, Communications Ada Smith, Social Science Bob Hughes, Business Division Gary John, Counseling Tom Motley, Humanities Rose Burke, Math/Sciences Robert Alther, Social Science Ray Whitfield, Technology Don Lokke, Math/Science Sid Chapman, Humanities Don Lokke, Math/Science Warren Watson, Communications Harold Albertson, Technology Jana Flowers, Social Science John Barrett, Communications Rica Garcia, Communications Weldon Burnham, Math/Science/Technology Parker Nunley, Social Science Jerry McElveen, Communications Elaine Sullivan, Human Development Mary Osentowski, Communications Becki Williams, Math/Science/Behavorial Sciences Harold Albertson, Math/Science/Behavorial Sciences Barbara Branum, Human/Academic Development Mark Kelso, Communications Kay Coder, Math/Science/Behavorial Sciences Luke Barber, Humanities Bill Neal, Physical Education Bill Matter, World Languages/Cultures/Communications Dru Bookout, Humanities Mary Osentowski, Humanities Rose Marie Pilcher, Business & Professions Michael Bell, Math/Science/Behavioral Sciences Larry Polk, Human and Academic Development Trudi Swedlund, World Languages/Cultures/Communications Fred Newbury, Engineering/Business/Technology Randy Conine, World Languages/Cultures/Communications Joe Cortina, Human & Academic Development Becki Williams, Mathematics/Science/Health Professions Sam Tinsley, Mathematics

• Executive Producer • Kay Eggleston • Producer/Director • Janet James • Scriptwriting • Kay Eggleston Janet James • Video Production/Camera and Editing • Kris Hyttinen Janet James

Adjunct Faculty

1990-1991 1991-1992 1992-1993 1993-1994 1994-1995 1995-1996 1996-1997 1997-1998 1998-1999 1999-2000 2000-2001 2001-2002 2002-2003 2002-2003 2003-2004 2004-2005 2005-2006 2006-2007 2007-2008 2008-2009 2009-2010 2010-2011 2011-2012 2012-2013

Robert Harris, Communications Marilyn Kaufman, Counseling/Human Development Carole Lester, Social Science Gerald Caldwell, Math/Science/Technology Jeff Westfall, Communications Tommy Marion, World Languages/Cultures/Communications Liliana Hickman-Riggs, Business & Professions Ann Fielder, Human & Academic Development Susan Barkley, World Languages Rodger Warren, Business & Professions Karen Forbes, Business & Professions Carol Kent, Humanities Afaf Abughazaleh, Math/Science/Behavioral Sciences Don Verne Joseph, Humanities Kay Woodard, Business & Professions Lehman Marks, Humanities Mimi Witcher, Office Computer Technology & Support Liliana Hickman-Riggs, Business and Information Technology Caren Tate, Computer Technology Anna Gann, World Languages/Cultures/Communications Elizabeth Pickett, Math/Science/Health Professions Judith Cline, Speech Communications Julie Phillips, Engineering/Business/Technology Patrick Simpson, History

1999-2000 2000-2001 2001-2002 2002-2003 2003-2004 2004-2005 2005-2006 2006-2007 2007-2008 2008-2009 2009-2010 2010-2011 2011-2012 2012-2013

John Carmichael, Human & Academic Development Becky Jones, Business & Professions M.T. Hickman, Business & Professions Raj Seekri, Math/Science/Behavioral Sciences Michael Iachetta, Humanities Michael Wright, Humanities Dwayne Carter, Business & Information Technology Gail Donaldson, Engineering and Technology (no recipient) Matt Hinckley, Human & Academic Development (no recipient) John Carmichael, Academic Advising (no recipient) Michael Iachetta, Government

2002-2003 2003-2004 2004-2005 2005-2006 2006-2007 2007-2008 2008-2009 2009-2010 2010-2011 2011-2012 2012-2013

Audrey Tennant, Corporate Services Babs King, English for Speakers of Other Lanuages William Dickenson, English for Speakers of Other Languages Daniel Cerrato, Workforce Communication Greg Marishek, Workforce Training Jasmina Fahrendorff, English as a Second Language Amber Reedy, Health Professions Ann DuVal, Business Writing David Wozniak, Business/Accounting James Bates, Project Management John Brown, Health Professions

• Theater Technicians • Cory Garrett Nic McMinn Jennifer Owen • Program Cover Design • Patricia Benter • Program Design • Anitra Cotton • Program Photography • Paul Knudsen

Associate Faculty

Continuing Education

• Special Thanks • Rainey Agent Maria Chobany Facilities Services Jenni Gilmer Jeremy Haldeman Devin Joseph Jimmy Lopez Tom Lord Whitney Rosenbalm Susan Stolarczyk Simon Tsur Bethany Wright

2013-2014 Excellence In Teaching Award - Full-Time Faculty Nominee Finalists Dr. Jennifer Jones - Psychology

Jennifer’s passion for psychology and her students is evident. “I have been told that my desire for students to do well motivates their desire to do well in my class,” she says. “I am overjoyed that my students considered me for this award, and I really appreciate the opportunity!” Jennifer’s enthusiasm extends beyond the classroom as she provides many opportunities for students to talk with her after class. She has worked on Richland’s “Achieving the Dream” grant team, and is a member of the Quality Assessment Committee and the Quality Enhancement Plan Implementation Team. Jennifer started teaching for Richland in 2010. She earned a bachelor’s, master’s, and doctoral degree in psychology from The University of Texas at Arlington.

Dr. Lois Parrott - Humanities

Lois began her career with the DCCCD in 1975, teaching two semesters at Mountain View before transferring to Richland. She has taught a variety of humanities courses and says, “Students benefit from studying creative, artistic, and inventive accomplishments and achievements that connect the past with the present.” She favors interactive, cooperative instruction customized to her students’ learning styles. “Teaching is extremely rewarding,” Lois says. “I love watching their improved grades and most importantly seeing that spark of understanding that comes after comprehending the lesson, participating in group activities, and successfully completing the course.” Lois earned a bachelor’s degree from Dakota Wesleyan University, a master’s degree from the University of North Texas, and a doctorate degree from Texas A&M University-Commerce.

Dr. Clive Siegle - History

History is alive in Clive’s classroom. From the array of artifacts he uses to encourage students to make connections between the past and the present, Clive says his subject is “filled with improbable and riveting events that would challenge the imagination of even the best Hollywood script writer.” Clive engages his students by tapping into elements used in today’s media-driven world. “I try to teach history like what it is: the ultimate ‘reality show,’ and present it as an ongoing saga with a to-be-continued ending at the end of every session,” he says. Clive started at Richland in 2003 part time and transitioned to full time in 2011. He earned a bachelor’s degree from Chapman University, a master’s degree from George Washington University, and master’s and doctorate degrees from Southern Methodist University. Clive received the Innovation of the Year Award in 2004.

2013-2014 Excellence In Teaching Award Adjunct Faculty Nominee Finalist Angel Gregory - ESOL

Angel started with the DCCCD in 2004 and with Richland in 2009. She earned an associate degree from Tyler Junior College, and bachelor’s and master’s degrees from The University of Texas at Tyler. Angel says, “I try to identify students’ skills and gifts as well as what their needs are. In order to help, I provide materials, activities, and learning experiences for each student, to encourage academic achievements. My hope is that each student will emerge from my course with heightened communication skills, enhanced thinking skills, and most importantly, a greater confidence in themselves to thrive wherever they might be.”

2013-2014 Excellence In Teaching Award Continuing Education Adjunct Faculty Nominee Finalist Angie Whitney - Leadership & Customer Service

Angie’s goal as a corporate trainer for Richland is to create a positive learning environment in which students participate in interactive and “real-life” dialogue. “Most people do not like to be told what to do, so I am careful to never tell people what they need to do to become better leaders and better people,” Angie says. “I let them figure it out for themselves.” Angie teaches classes in leadership, customer service, and safety in English and Spanish. Her upbeat, dynamic approach has been successful in training workers for many clients including the Perot Museum of Nature and Science and the George W. Bush Presidential Center. She’s worked for Richland since 2011. Angie earned a bachelor’s degree from San Diego State University.

2013-2014 Excellence In Teaching Award Associate Faculty Nominee Finalists Chip Izard - International Business & Trade

Chip began working for Richland in 2008. He purposefully left the corporate world to teach business classes. “I was once a student here, and it was the dedication of my instructors who kept me focused on the end goal, a degree, that opened doors for me that would not have been possible otherwise,” Chip says. “I believe it is my duty to pass that onto other students and provide them with the same opportunity.” His teaching style emphasizes the practical application of business principles and cooperative learning. Chip earned an associate degree from Richland College, a bachelor’s degree from The University of Texas at Austin, and a master’s degree from LeTourneau University.

Scot McClain - Developmental Math

Scot’s passion in teaching developmental math is to “help students overcome their fears and perceived weaknesses and attain success and confidence. There are a variety of reasons students struggle with math, but very rarely do they include mental capacity or the gift of intelligence.” He strives to help students stay positive, to fill gaps in prior learning, and to help them grow in critical-thinking skills. Scot began his journey with Richland as a part-time instructor in 1993. He moved to full-time teaching in 1999. He earned a bachelor’s degree from Southern Methodist University and a master’s degree from Texas A&M University-Commerce. Scot was nominated for the EIT Award for Associate Faculty in 2008.

2013-2014 Innovation of the Year Nominees Advisor’s Toolbox

Team Leader: Cindy Berry Team Members: Victoria Glass, Jane Berg, Kenton Turner Advisor’s Toolbox is the first online training tool for academic advisors in Richland’s history. Prior to this innovation, advisor training was in various paper manuals, which quickly lapsed out of date. All other advising information and advisor training were in emails, desktop clutter, and various forms that advisors had to track daily to stay current. Now there is a central location, which can be banked and updated electronically. Not only is Advisor’s Toolbox a training tool for all areas of advising, it is also a resource for forms, referrals, links, and the latest information on all areas of advising. Advisor’s Toolbox, housed on eCampus, was released in Spring 2012. Future enhancements are already being planned, which include adding YouTube advising videos and Wimba.

Richland Arts Festival

Team Leader: Jennifer Rose Team Members: Andy Long, Jennifer Owen, Nic McMinn, Cory Garrett, Gina Sawyer, Dr. Michael Crawford, Derrick Logozzo, Vicki Mayhan, Tom Motley, Jim Stover, Michelle Navarro, Dr. Sherry Dean, Sara Cardona, Dr. Lois Parrot, Aditi Samarth The Richland Arts Festival was held in October 2012 and coincided with the popular holidays, Halloween and Dia de la Muertos. The School of Humanities, Fine, and Performing Arts coordinated efforts to present a week of unique events and performances to create, investigate, and celebrate arts and cultures, which had never been done before at Richland. All students had the opportunity to engage in and explore various cultural customs, art forms, dance, music, historical speeches, and theater performances. Through media channels such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and the traditional press, the festival raised the community’s awareness about the caliber of humanities education and offerings at Richland.

eCampus Champions

Team Leader: Dr. Zarina Blankenbaker/Greg Gross Team Members: John Altom, Suzie Baker, Amy Boltrushek, Jo Blackburn, Jill Buettner, Sarah Daniel, Cynthia Devaney, Danielle Hickerson, Heather Lozano, Vicki Mayhan, Jennifer Millspaugh, Dr. Sam Obeid, Justine White The eCampus Champions team is a faculty-to-faculty support group that assists peers who teach using eCampus. Champions, who currently serve within each of the academic schools at Richland, communicate with faculty through faceto-face interactions, video demonstrations, or screen-sharing technologies. These strategies facilitate prompt assistance to faculty in need, whether in the office next door or from distant locations. eCampus Champions take what can be a technical, mechanical process and transform it into a personal, family practice between cohorts from their own school/college. This innovation has the potential to enhance quality in every course and reinforce quality standards with each faculty member assisted.

Renovation & Innovation: Redesigning the Library’s Classroom for Improved Programming

Team Leader: Lennijo Henderson Team Members: Jeanetta Burnham, Rae DeShong, Gary Duke, Amy Ferguson, Jane Huang When the Bonham Hall elevator and hallway remodel dictated space changes in the Library, Richland’s six reference and instructional librarians, led by Dean Lennijo Henderson, chose to create a classroom that would support more collaborative learning and interactive classroom sessions. Three projection areas, large whiteboard walls, huddle boards, computermanagement software, a SMARTboard, and a document projector have been included in the design. The librarians are incorporating thinking routines and group activities that support the QEP Learning to Learn: Developing Learning Power goals.

2013-2014 Innovation of the Year Nominees Center for Success in Mathematics

Team Leader: Jaime Hurtado/Thales Georgiou Team Members: Scot McClain, Donny Le, Saeid Darabadey, Patricia Ellens, Dr. Barbara Branum, Dr. Sam Tinsley, Jerry Matlock, Eleanor Browne, Nekeith Brown, Judi Nam, Yolanda Manzano The mission of the Center for Success in Mathematics (CSM) is to help students complete the developmental math sequence and prepare them for college-level courses. CSM, located inside The Learning Center in Medina Hall, was created to assist in closing achievement gaps and increasing student retention and persistence. CSM focuses on providing remediation for developmental math students, including assistance with homework, review tests, opportunity to retest, supplemental instruction, refining study skills, and referrals to other college services. CSM’s services are free and offered during regular and extended hours during the week, as well as on Saturdays. The program has proven to increase passing rates and retention. Persistence among CSM students was 10 percent higher than those who do not access CRM services.

Richland “Special Texas Edition” Custom Textbook

Team Leader: Dr. Clive Siegle Team Members: June Cheatham, Steven Butler, Dr. Ambronita Douzart, Patrick Simpson, Dennis Gray, Jeffrey D. Carlisle, Jane Guzman, Valerie Hinton, Bruce Bayless, Matt Hinckley, David Buice, Lauren Bristow, Donna King, Robert Boyle With a desire to enhance the relevance of local history to the gatekeeper requirements of a national narrative, Richland’s history department partnered with textbook publisher McGraw-Hill to enhance the company’s U.S. history survey textbook, “U.S., A Narrative History.” The new content, which the team calls “Tales of Texas,” was added to the textbook in the form of 29 historical vignettes specifically written by members of Richland’s history faculty, placing a Texas historical perspective within the context of national events. The project has demonstrably increased student ABC success rates and employs ground-breaking, digital, multi-media enhancements, including the nation’s first fully stand-alone audiobook capabilities. The textbook’s custom features are uniquely tailored to address the diverse language, ADA, and digital-mediadriven dynamics that characterize today’s Richland student body and represents the forward-thinking, innovative sprit that characterizes this institution.

Urban Zombie

Team Leader: Christopher Curra Team Members: Cameron Allen, Ethan Brackin, Ariel Comstock, Jimmy Delaney, Minh Lam, Matthew Lane, Juan Lara Jr., Allan Lima, Franklin Marshall, Timothy Matthews, Charles McGrew, Niravkumar Patel, Justin Sanderson, Brian Senethavilay, Adeel Siddiqui, Terry Smith, Garrett Spurgeon, Andre Stevenson, Jeronimo Torres, Victor Trevizo, Michael Lantz, Charles Fortner Urban Zombie, an innovative video game that was developed at Richland, features the player controlling “Lily,” a young vegetarian zombie. Lily is fighting to escape from a large mall and to retain a shred of her humanity. Urban Zombie serves as a program and course marketing tool for Richland, demonstrating what students in the game project development course can accomplish when working together. Students with skills in animation, programming, 3D modeling, level design, and production all contributed to the experience. Prospective students with a desire to gain entry into any of these fields can easily imagine what enrolling at Richland could do to equip them successfully to reach their goals and dreams of making video games.

TRiO Student Support Services College Completion

Team Leader: Noeli Biggs Team Members: Deb Somero, Akua Asante, Sabrina Jones, Jerelyn Smith, DeShamus Sallis Richland’s TRiO Student Support Services College Completion initiative aligns with the United States Department of Education’s College Completion Focus. Elements of the initiative include: math boot camps; two-week tutoring programs that assist students in developmental courses and help raise assessment scores; a graduation tracking system monitored by advisors; a TRiO SSS transfer guide handbook; and reverse transfer assistance. Initially implemented in fall 2011, the initiative has achieved a graduation rate of 39 percent and transfer rate of 57 percent in 2011-12, which exceed national percentages.

2013-2014 Jean Sharon Griffith Award Nominees Stephen Levine

As an academic advisor, Stephen takes seriously his job as an encourager. He works with first-time college students, developmental education students, probation students, suspension students, and the general student population. His positive attitude and passion overflows into his daily interaction with his work group, says his nominator, Zina Gardner. His contributions to fostering student success include developing a one-page flyer for new-to-college students and founding and sponsoring the Richland Visionary Students Club, which helps students express and build their vision, connection, contributions, and creativity. Stephen is known for building bridges, often collaborating with other departments including Financial Aid, Counseling Center, Career Center and The Learning Center. He has worked at Richland for five years.

Dr. Gary John

Gary has been a faculty member at Richland since the college opened in 1972, serving in various roles and capacities. Today, he teaches EDUC 1300 Learning Framework and HDEV 0092 Student Success, and coordinates full- and part-time instructors. Gary is co-leading Richland’s EDUC 1300 initiative. His nominator, Lee Paez, says that Gary helps students understand the importance of career and life planning. He takes the time to know his students and has mentored “countless” counseling interns and faculty members. “Gary’s broad field of interest and expertise in many areas encourages others to continue to be life-long learners,” Lee says. “His passion for life and joy are a great example of how to deal with the complexities and losses that we face.”

2012-2013 Full-Time Professional Support Staff Employee of the Year (Announced at the Annual PSS Banquet in December 2012)

Maria Solis Houg, Multicultural Center

Maria is known for her extensive immigration knowledge, organizational skills, computer skills, a “can-do” attitude, and top-notch student customer service. Maria’s co-workers marvel at her speed, efficiency, and ability to get the job done when others say it’s impossible. She leads training and information sessions in the Multicultural Center that ensure international students’ needs are addressed accurately and consistently. Maria’s clear explanations are essential to keeping F-1 students in status. She serves on committees for the International Festival, job searches, and the Good Neighbor Scholarship. Each year Maria completes Richland’s Open Doors Report.

2012-2013 Part-Time Professional Support Staff Employee of the Year (Announced at the Annual PSS Banquet in December 2012)

Julie Phillips, Business Office Systems & Support (BOSS)

Julie’s reputation with students and colleagues is one of generosity, warmth, and expertise. Whether assisting students, faculty, and community members in Microsoft Office or aiding Associate Dean Becky Jones in preparing the faculty credential inventory documentation, Julie enthusiastically shares her knowledge and time. She serves as a resource for adjunct faculty members on eCampus and eConnect online service questions. Julie was recognized with the Adjunct Faculty Excellence in Teaching Award for 2011-12.

2012-2013 Facilities Services Employees of the Quarter Jason Gonzales (First Quarter)

Jason serves in the Building Maintenance section of Facilities Services as a carpenter, where he performs lock and door hardware repair, emergency calls and “anything that needs fixing.” He has earned a certification for the Ingersoll Rand Best key system, LCN door closures, and as a forklift operator. Prior to coming to Richland, Jason worked for three years with UPS and three years with Grand Homes warranty repairs. A native of El Paso, Jason grew up in the Richland neighborhood and he currently lives within walking distance of Richland. Pictured from left: John Racek, Pedro Escobar, Matthew Kirchmeier, and Jason Gonzales

Matthew Kirchmeier (Second Quarter)

Matthew came to Facilities Services in October 2005 after beginning his employment at Richland in April of the same year with the former Copy/Mail Center. Matthew is Richland’s fleet mechanic, which involves maintaining and repairing all vans, trucks, and equipment on campus. He uses his skills as a welder and machinist in fabricating custom and outdated parts for vehicles and equipment. He served in the U.S. Army, 75th Regiment from 1994 to 2002 in 88 Mike as a heavy equipment operator/mechanic.

John Racek (Third Quarter)

John began his ‘second tour’ with the Grounds division in Facilities Services in October 2009 as an irrigation tech. In this position, John is heavily involved with the design, installation, maintenance, and repair of irrigation systems at Richland. He is a Texas Licensed Irrigator.

Pedro Escobar (Fourth Quarter)

Since being hired at Richland full-time in April 2001, Pedro has displayed time and time again his vast knowledge in all facets of landscaping design and maintenance. From detailed planting of colorful spring flowers, to masterful execution of seasonal pruning and color bed design, Pedro is one of the key players in making Richland’s campus beautiful. Known as a reliable employee and high achiever, Pedro was promoted from temporary groundskeeper, to full-time groundskeeper, equipment operator I, and equipment operator II in just five years – an outstanding achievement.

2013-2014 Administrator of the Year Nominees Finalists Dr. Michael Crawford

Michael is an associate dean in the School of Humanities, Fine, and Performing Arts, as well as music co-coordinator and director of Choral Music. He directs the Chamber Singers, Jazz Singers, and RichMen. Michael and his choral groups frequently provide music events for Richland and throughout the DCCCD. He actively encourages students to challenge themselves by engaging in competitions, concerts, performances, and mentoring each other. He serves as an ambassador to the local and national community by serving as an adjudicator and clinician for musical talent. Michael says, “I am proud to have been an integral part of building and supporting one of the largest and most active community college music programs in the state of Texas.”

Donna Walker

Donna began her career in the DCCCD as an adjunct developmental reading instructor at North Lake in January 1978. In 1988, she became North Lake’s director of the Learning Skills Center and was responsible for coordinating the developmental reading, ESOL, and tutoring programs. She joined Richland in fall 1995 as the associate dean of enrollment management. Donna is currently serving as the associate vice president of enrollment management and superintendent of Richland Collegiate High School. During her years at Richland she has served in many college and district committees, as well as representing Richland in the development and implementation of Colleague. This past year she co-chaired the District-wide SACSCOC Compliance Committee, which developed service agreements and evaluations for the LeCroy Center, financial aid, admissions and transcripts, curriculum processes, and the District Service Center.

Becky Witherspoon

Becky’s journey with Richland began in August 1989 working part time in what was then the Evening and Weekend division. By 1992 she transitioned to a limited full-time position responsible for contract generation for adjunct faculty and preparing supplemental contracts for full-time faculty. Becky moved on to Admissions in 2000 and worked in the degree audit/graduation office. For her excellent work there, she was recognized with the Jean Sharon Griffith Award in 2003-04. Becky became the associate dean of admissions and student records in 2011. Her nominators say, “Becky is a proud Thunderduck, and takes the ThunderValues to heart. Joy is evident in the occasional office party or shower she plans, in her office décor that changes with the seasons, and in the laugh that can be heard throughout the office.”

Richland College 2013-2018 Vision

Richland College will be the best place we can be to learn, teach, and build sustainable local and world community.


The mission of Richland College is teaching, learning, community building.

Richland College identifies and meets the educational needs, primarily of adults, in our principal geographic service area of northeast Dallas, Richardson, and Garland, Texas. To this end, Richland College offers courses, programs, and services to empower students to achieve their educational goals and become lifelong learners and global citizens, building sustainable local and world community. We empower employees to model excellence in their service to students, colleagues, and community.

ThunderValues Richland College affirms these values for our learning and work together: Integrity: We speak and act truthfully, without hidden agendas. We admit our mistakes, say when we do not know, and honor our commitments. We avoid silence when it may mislead; we seek root causes and solve problems. Mutual Trust: We value students and employees as whole persons—sharing perspectives, valuing and accommodating both differences and commonalities, assuming our motives are trustworthy. Wholeness: We believe whole people best learn, teach, serve, lead, and build community. Thus, our programs, services, and facilities nurture our unified mind-spirit-body and the emotional and intellectual intelligence requisite for meaningful lives. Fairness: We treat students and employees justly and expect the same in return—applying rules with equity, giving all the benefit of the doubt, and providing both compassionate support and challenge for individual success. Considerate, Meaningful Communications: We share information, ideas, and feelings—listening carefully, speaking forthrightly, respecting diverse views, participating productively in dialogue and conversations. We welcome paradox and ambiguity as we move toward consensus. Mindfulness: We respect silence, using it for reflection and deeper understanding—not immediately filling silence with words after someone has spoken. We rush not to judgment but turn to wonder what was intended or being felt. Next, for clarity, we ask honest, open questions of ourselves and others. Cooperation: We work with students and employees to achieve common goals—looking beyond self-interests. We offer both support and challenge, remain helpful and forgiving in difficult situations, help build consensus toward positive results, and help one another shape meaningful lives. Diversity: We value and encourage diversity, in its many dimensions, intercultural competence, originality, and vision— appreciating and cultivating both local and world community. Responsible Risk-Taking: Inspiring students and employees to innovate, expecting follow-through with creative ideas that work, we respond well to challenges, considering our actions carefully. Although uncertainties remain, we move forward despite possible criticism. Joy: We value laughter, play, love, kindness, celebration, and joy in our learning and work—taking our learning and work seriously and ourselves lightly.

Core Competencies 2013-2018

Richland’s Core Competencies are our areas of greatest expertise. Core Competencies are strategically important capabilities in our educational market, providing a sustainable advantage for our organization. Emerging Core Competencies are our areas of continued focused effort toward reaching core competency designation.

• Agility and Innovation • Values-inspired culture • Highly diverse learning environment • Student success in: o achievement of A,B, C course grades o engagement as measured by the CCSSE o class retention (grades other than “W”) • Strategic performance improvement • Seamless transitions for lifelong learning • Development and engagement of faculty and staff • Sustainable community building

Emerging Core Competencies • Student persistence to: o degree/certificate completion o core completion o university transfer • Service excellence

Strategic Planning Priorities

Priority #1 – Identify and meet community educational needs Priority #2 – Empower all students to succeed Priority #3 – Empower all employees to succeed Priority #4 – Ensure institutional effectiveness

• Student Learning

• Support Services

• Employee Services

Thunion Report Card

Faculty & Staff Development


Shared Learning

Institutional Processes to Improve

• Student Services

Process Implementation/ Improvement Plans


o m p e te n ci


re C

Mission Vision Values


Program Review

Institutional Effectiveness

Performance & Process Evaluation


Employee Success


Student Success

SACSCOC Assessment Quality of SLOs & Enhancement Services Plan

Response to Community


Strategic Planning Priorities

Richland College Performance Excellence Model

Faculty & Staff Performance Reviews

Assessment Plans

Departmental Action Plans

Organizational Action Plans

Key Performance Indicators



• Operations Focus • Results

• Leadership • Strategic Planning • Customer Focus • Measurement Analysis & Knowledge Management • Workforce Focus

Baldrige Criteria Categories to Address

Richland College Fall 2013 convocation booklet  

Richland College Fall 2013 convocation booklet