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August 2017 Issue 71

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Filton residents have given HANDS OFF Banana Moon Day Nursery Bristol ELM PARK Pinnacle House, 166a Gloucester North, a Rdclear Patchway, Bristol BS34 5BG Call us on 0117 969 1662 message to or visit South Glos planners keep your hands off our community garden!

Community Garden 'land grab': CCTV residents rally to protest at possible loss of treasured green space Fingerprint biometric access

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A new report by South Glos has identified a strip of land which will not be designated as 'green space'. This land covers around a third of the community garden and also the skate park, outdoor gym and boules court. It is estimated more than 200 trees would be lost, including the specially carved owl. Families, garden volunteers, residents and councillors gathered in Elm Park to form a line showing the extent of the land which could be lost. They were joined by local skateboarders who said the decision could leave them with nowhere to enjoy their activity. Local MP Jack Lopresti has been briefed on the situation by community garden chair Dave Mikkelson Protesters fear that the

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August, 2017


Editorial comment The community garden is the jewel in the crown of our town. It is a near perfect example of residents and a town council working together in a wonderful combination of dedication and imagination. It is no surprise that it has won awards from such as the Royal Horticultural Society. The number of hours invested in creating this garden must run into thousands and thousands. It has become a little piece of tranquility for everyone from Airbus office workers to residents of one of our retirement homes. For those who do not have a garden, it is 'their' garden. In fact, it is for all of us and the team of volunteers, led by Dave Mikkelson, deserves all the praise we can muster. So it was with horror and anger that people discovered what may look like a small slice - but is in fact a very significant slice - of Elm Park will not have the same protection as the rest of the park if a new designation is adopted. In practical terms, it would mean the potential loss of about a third or more of the garden, the skate park and other land alongside the ring road. In reality, the community garden would be destroyed. Most views are that the designation will give South Glos the opportunity in the future, if

they wish, to widen the ring road. In effect, the community garden would have the Sword of Damocles hanging over it. And for what? Filton is already at breaking point during rush hour. This part of the ring road continues towards two bottlenecks in the direction of Southmead and Horfield. We are continually told planning policy is about making public transport better to get people out of cars. Yet every road widening plan achieves just the opposite. We will likely still be clogged up - no one can forget thousands of homes are springing up near UWE and on the airfield. The northern fringe will be changed beyond recognition in the next decade. This may seem like just another planning issue - and the point made by Cllr Colin Hunt regarding the bigger picture of protecting the whole of Elm Park is important but there's more at stake here. It is about the kind of community we want. And we want a community with green space, and gardens ... not a pollution filled car park. We urge South Glos to think again and bring the whole of Elm Park into the green space designation. Richard Coulter Editor and publisher Full story, pages 4 and 5


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August, 2017





Christmas is coming at this Filton pub By Rebecca Day If you have visited the Air Balloon pub in Filton recently, you may be led to believe that you’ve missed your alarm and slept through to December. That’s because you would have discovered the early appearance of a Christmas tree, complete with twinkling lights and baubles.  And it’s been attracting lots of attention, says general manager Joanne Johnson – not just with local punters but also with national news.  But it seems to be paying off as the pub, which is part of the Flaming Grill chain, has already received a number of bookings for Christmas day and festive work parties. Joanne told the Filtonvoice: “We recently decorated the pub, and I wanted to make it feel nice


and homely, so I thought, let’s put the tree up now. It’s good to be a few steps ahead of everyone else, and get people booking with us before going elsewhere.” Deputy general manager, Sarah Gladstone, pictured right, said: “There was a great atmosphere last year – we had Christmas crackers, singing, and all of the staff were dressed as elves. It’s just a jolly good old time. We’ve had lots of comments from our customers – it’s definitely got people talking.” Prices are still to be confirmed for the Christmas dinner, but previous years the pub has served up a full Christmas roast, with a choice of turkey, beef and chicken. To book a table for Christmas day, or for a Christmas work do, call: 0117 931 2706. 115 Gloucester Road North, Filton, BS34 7PY.

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August, 2017

Residents lining up to fight

Action group - get involved More details on Page 32 From Page 1

award-winning community garden could be destroyed to make way for widening of the ring road. South Glos says that in order to protect the whole of Elm Park, they have to leave open the possibility of 'sustainable growth' in the future - otherwise, they say say, the green space designation would be 'unsound'. The proposal comes under the Policies Sites and Places Plan (PSP Plan) which also affects many other green spaces in South Glos. Petitions are now being gathered and it is hoped 2,500 signatures can be gathered which would trigger a debate at South Glos Council. Residents at the protest said they were horrified at the prospect of losing a big part the garden. Volunteer Susan Isherwood

said: "When I saw the line of people I nearly burst into tears. "This garden means so much to so many of us." Resident Ken George said: "It has taken so much time and effort to create this garden we don't want it destroyed by highways." Other protesters said they were concerned about the impact on many residents of retirement homes and people who use wheelchairs who get so much benefit from the garden. Children from Charborough Road School which, along with other schools, has a special flower bed, said they wanted to save Elm Park. Ivy Rooney, 9, said: "I'm sad about this - I really like the community garden and we worked hard on our plot." Filton's South Glos councillors have filed objections. Cllr Roger Hutchinson said

the ultimate decision could be in the hands of the new West of England Combined Authority but they may pass it down to South Glos. Cllr Ian Scott said the consultation on the plan, which ended last month, was 'insufficient and inadequate'. Filton Town Council has filed an official response. They said the consultation was insufficient and that 'reducing Elm Park would impact negatively and detrimentally on the health and wellbeing of the whole community'. Mr Mikkelson told the town council: "We won't be bullied by South Glos. "We need to have a show of strength. Filton gets the scraps from South Glos - we want our South Glos councillors at the forefront of this protest. Slowly Filton is being eaten away." MP Mr Lopresti said: "I

have met with Dave, as well as other constituents, regarding the future of Filton Community Garden. I have written to South Gloucestershire Council to ask for clarification of their plans and to add my voice to those not happy with their consultation process, which I believe was not thorough enough. I am going to visit the Community Garden in a few weeks and meet with the fantastic volunteers who help run this great project. It is a tribute to these volunteers that the Community Gardens are held in such high esteem and that residents are coming together to protect them." Mr Mikkelson said there was a further fear that South Glos could also make a compulsory purchase of the land at any time in the future. Cllr Colin Hunt, Cabinet Member for Planning, Transport and the Strategic Environment,

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August, 2017




community garden 'land grab'


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HANDS OFF ELM PARK said: “The Policies Sites and Places Plan (PSP Plan) will give protection akin to Green Belt status. This status can only be granted if the Planning Inspector agrees the Plan is ‘sound’, which means that it complies with national planning rules, which mean the council must make allowances for potential sustainable growth in the future.  “In order to satisfy the Inspector that we have met these planning rules, a portion at the edge of Elm Park next to the main road, the A4174, would not be given the new status. This is against the potential that future plans come forward to develop

local transport links, which themselves would be subject to local consultation and scrutiny. "We are proposing that the rest of the park is designated as Local Green Space, but if we do not make this adjustment there is a risk that the park could miss out on the status entirely. “It is important to note that nothing in the PSP Plan covering Elm Park would result in it losing any existing protection." Already 800 signatures have been gathered by an online petition and protesters want to get it up to 2,500. To reach the 2,500 mark, residents must only sign one of the petitions.

To support the campaign, please sign the petition below and hand in to Filton Town Council, Elm Park ... or complete the online version, see link at the bottom of the page

Views from petitioners "It would be criminal to lose this facility, especially as there is plenty of space opposite that part of the road on the ridiculous wide grass verge." "I am a regular user of this park. I teach roller blading here and I see this area as a place where youths can hang out and keep out of trouble. With this park being destroyed, you are eliminating the Government's attempts to get kids fit and healthier." "This area of land is so important to the community and to further afield. We live just under 3 miles away but love coming to the community garden and spending time in this beautiful space." "The land is for the benefit of the community yet the community seems to be against this plan." "I am totally shocked over the plan. It is so unfair to lose the park where people have done so much hard work and will absolutely ruin community spirit. It is so upsetting! I enjoy this space, as others do too. What is the point in widening the road only to have traffic come in to a bottle neck."

Petition against South Gloucestershire Council’s proposal to change the current designation of the whole of Elm Park Playing Field as a green space by removing a strip land from the designation adjacent to the A4174 containing part of the Community Garden, Boules Court, Cycle Speedway and Skateboard Park the purpose of which is to prepare for the widening of the A4174 at a future date. Name

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August, 2017

Crowds enjoy music and fun at annual Filton extravaganza Photos by Filton resident Andy Gibbs Hundreds of people enjoyed bands, food, drink and a lot of fun for all the family at the 2017 Filton Festival last month. The annual favourite featured music all afternoon, with everything from rock to reggae. Children enjoyed donkey rides, falconry and amusements. The UK Garrison Star Wars characters joined FACE fundraisers and raised £498 for FACE through bucket collections and a tombola stall.

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August, 2017



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August, 2017


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August, 2017



Corbyn set to visit Filton this summer by Rebecca Day Filton could be receiving a visit from Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn this summer. It has been reported that the constituency is one of at least 70 marginal constituencies that Mr Corbyn plans to target over the coming months, in a bid to win the next general election. The Filtonvoice has received confirmation that Mr Corbyn is planning to do a tour, but no specific plans have yet been revealed. The Bristol Post claims to have seen the leaked list of the confirmed constituencies, which includes Filton and Bradley Stoke, and reports that Mr Corbyn is due to visit the area mid-August. Conservative MP Jack Lopresti has held the seat since

2010, but his majority was halved in the snap election this summer, from 9,800 votes to 4,190. The general election led to losses for the Conservatives, with the party losing 13 seats and Labour gaining 30. What was anticipated to be a majority government for the Conservatives resulted in a hung parliament and the party being propped up by the Democratic Unionist Party. Mr Corbyn is now taking the opportunity to build on the success of his election campaign to become the next Prime Minister. Naomi Rylatt stood to become Labour MP for Filton and Bradley Stoke in the snap election. She said: “I would very much welcome a visit from Jeremy to the constituency I stood in. “So many people spoke

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn with Filton and Bradley Stoke constituency Labour secretary, Ian Scott about how the cuts and austerity agenda were impacting them and their families and Jeremy led the general election campaign with a magnificent manifesto which was so in tune with what people were concerned about on the doorsteps." Filton and Bradley Stoke constituency Labour secretary, Ian Scott, said: “It would be great if Jeremy Corbyn can visit Filton and Bradley Stoke during the summer. He has proved himself as a brilliant and popular campaigner who attracts huge crowds

to his campaign rallies. We are a key marginal seat which Labour needs to win to form the next Labour government. “I hope he can visit the University of the West of England to explain his plans for tuition fees and local schools in the campaign for fair funding.” Mr Lopresti said: "If Jeremy Corbyn comes to Filton and Bradley Stoke, he should justify his policy on restricting defence exports, which would result in significant job losses in our area."

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August, 2017





Royal visit as Concorde Hangar is opened Aerospace Bristol has celebrated the formal opening of the Concorde Hangar with an inaugural dinner kindly attended by HRH The Princess Royal, Patron of the new museum. The gala dinner marks an important milestone for Aerospace Bristol, as the new home of Concorde is now formally open for corporate and private events, award ceremonies, exhibitions, and as a wedding setting. Professor Iain Gray CBE, Chairman of Aerospace Bristol, said: “I am most grateful to Her Royal Highness The Princess Royal, Patron of Aerospace Bristol, for so kindly accepting our invitation to join us for the inaugural dinner under the wings of Concorde. I understand The Princess has an interest in science, technology and engineering and these subjects are at the heart of Aerospace Bristol. When the museum opens

to the public later this year, our exhibition, archives and learning programmes will encourage young people to join our great industry, as the school children of today become the engineers of tomorrow.” During her visit, Her Royal Highness toured the site and met with many of the supporters

and volunteers who have played an important role in making the new museum possible. Aerospace Bristol volunteers have contributed the remarkable sum of more than £1m worth of their time to the project and were recently honoured with the highest award for UK volunteer groups: The Queen’s

Award for Voluntary Service. The Award was presented by The Princess Royal to Oliver Dearden and Kenneth Ricketts who represented the 150 volunteers involved. The new museum has been created with the help of supporters who have contributed an amazing £17m to date. With £2m left to raise in order to see the £19m project through to completion, Aerospace Bristol is appealing for further support. Opportunities include joining the ‘Concorde Club’ by sponsoring a seat on the iconic supersonic jet or kindly giving a donation via Aerospace Bristol will take visitors on an immersive journey through more than a century of incredible aviation achievements and fascinating tales of human endeavor. The stunning centerpiece will be Concorde Alpha Foxtrot, designed, built and tested in Bristol.


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August, 2017




Community and friends say thanks to retiring headteacher Moving tributes have been paid to Orchard School Bristol’s head teacher Dr Helen Holman, who has retired after 11 years of remarkable transformation. A special farewell event at OSB in the last week of term was attended by community figures, local politicians, people in education, parents and Orchard School staff. Speakers spoke of her dedication and the way she has transformed the former Monks Park School. Tributes were paid by long-serving deputy head Peter Gould, Trust in Learning Academies chief executive Mark Davies, and chair of the school’s local governing body, Martina Peattie. Among the gifts presented to Dr Holman were


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a special Bristol Blue Glass apple to symbolise the name of the school, and a large apple decorated with an orchard and students' fingerprints as the apples. Orchard School is now rated ‘Good’ by Ofsted and is set for a full Year 7 intake in 2017/18. The new headteacher will be Julia Hinchliffe, currently the deputy principal at Oasis Academy Brightstowe in Shirehampton, and previously assistant principal at Bristol Metropolitan Academy in Fishponds. She will take over the role in September. Dr Holman said: “I will miss every aspect of my work here." Mrs Hinchliffe said she was excited about the new role, with the school making such good progress. She said: “Orchard School Bristol is a fantastic school with high quality staff, friendly students and a vibrant learning environment. Dr Holman has built a remarkable school, with calm behaviour, best ever exam success and an Ofsted rating of ‘Good’.  It is a huge privilege to be appointed headteacher and I am excited to be leading the school to an even brighter future." Orchard School Bristol’s Chair of Governors, Martina Peattie, said: “Dr Holman has been the catalyst for great change and huge improvements at Orchard School Bristol in the 11 years she has been headteacher." This year, Orchard School has introduced the revolutionary Ready to Learn system which is producing remarkable results in the classroom, with learning maximised and behaviour problems reduced to a minimum.



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August, 2017




n MP'S COLUMN: JACK LOPRESTI (Conservative, Filton & Bradley Stoke)

World praise for hardware built right here LAST month, as I have done so for many years, I visited RAF Fairford for the Royal International Air Tattoo. With excellent weather and a larger than ever display of aircraft, it was a fantastic day. It was also a brilliant exhibition of the skills and expertise within the defence and aerospace industry that we have locally. With Rolls-Royce, GKN and Airbus all with a significant presence in Filton, there were very few British aircraft on display that didn’t start their life in our area. For example, the A400M I am pictured with has wings built by Airbus and has engines maintained by Rolls-Royce. As part of my work with NATO and the Defence Select Committee in Parliament, wherever I have been in the world I have had praise from military personnel for the

hardware, engines and aircraft manufactured in our factories. Filton has a rich history linked to the defence and aerospace industry and I am glad to see that we are proud to celebrate and honour it. I am Vice-Patron of Aerospace Bristol and was fortunate to attend their Inaugural Dinner where the Royal Patron Princess Anne marked the end of a project to create a permanent space to celebrate the achievements of the Filton aerospace industry. Very soon this heritage site will be inspiring a new generation of engineers and scientists. Now, with more investment and jobs planned for our area, I look forward to seeing Filton’s future contributions to our world renowned aerospace industry. Jack Lopresti MP

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August, 2017


Holiday club and affordable care as Kerri sets up new venture A new preschool, crèche and holiday club is set to open in Filton next month. Robins Preschool crèche and holiday club , which is owned and managed by Kerri Robbins and will be based at Filton Community Centre, is now taking bookings from September 4.  It accommodates up to 30 children, aged 6 months to four, and will be open 50 weeks of the year, 9am to 3pm. The setting is Ofsted registered and offers places to families who are eligible for free childcare, including the new 30 hours free childcare scheme, and the tax-free childcare scheme. Robins Preschool crèche and holiday club will be open every half term and inset day, except the Christmas holidays, offering a crèche and holiday club to children up to the age of 11. Day rates will be charged for the

holiday club, while hourly rates will be charged for the preschool and Crèche. Owner Kerri, who has worked in nurseries for a number of years, said: “When I was looking into opening up a preschool, I chose Filton because there was a demand for childcare in the area. “My aim is to provide affordable and quality childcare for families in the community.” Families are not required to pay a deposit, or any top-up fees for snacks and refreshments. For more information about Robins Preschool crèche and holiday club  and to make a booking or for a show around, contact Kerri on 07986276978 or email robinspreschool123@gmail. com. You can also like Robins Preschool, Creche and Holiday Club on Facebook at: RobinsPreschool. 

Stoke Gifford Branch of the Royal British Legion, (RBL),which covers Stoke Gifford, Little Stoke, Filton and Bradley Stoke, held a service latge last month, to mark the centenary of the start of the Battle of Passchendaele, (also know as the Third Battle of Ypres). The service was held at the Stoke Gifford War Memorial on the Green at Stoke Gifford at 7 am on July 31. The Battle of Passchendaele started on the 31st of July 1917 and lasted until 10th November, 1917. Readers can follow the local Legion Branch on its Facebook page www.      The photos feature from left to right; RBL Glos County Chairman and Stoke Gifford RBL President Brian Hewitt; Branch Standard Bearer Falconer; City of Bristol RAF Association Standard Bearer Tony Peters; Stoke Gifford RBL Chairman John Moloney.

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August, 2017


n FOCUS ON EARLY YEARS EDUCATION Families of younger children are set to benefit from up to 30 hours' free childcare. Here the team at Honeytree, on the Orchard School site, answer some of the key questions which parents are asking Q. What is the Free Early Education Entitlement? The Government is providing funding for Eligible 2-Year-Olds and all 3 and 4-Year-Olds to attend a registered early years Provider. Q. Is every child entitled to 15 Hours Free Childcare? Yes. Every child from the term after their 3rd birthday until they reach statutory school age is entitled to the 15 Hours Free Childcare. Some 2 Year-Old children can access their Universal Free Hours one year early if their parents meet the eligibility criteria. To apply for an early Eligible 2-Year-Old place, please visit uk/freeplacefortwos. Q. Is every child entitled to 30 Hours Free Childcare? From September 2017, working families who meet the eligibility criteria in England with a 3 or 4-Year-old child can apply for a further 15 hours free childcare per week. Q. What is the eligibility criteria for the 30 Hours' Free Childcare?

The Honeytree Day Nursery and Preschool is committed to providing your child with the best care and education, contributing to your family efforts in giving your child the best foundations for life.

To qualify for either scheme, parents must be working and each earning at least £120 a week (on average) and not more than £100,000 each a year. Q. How do parents apply for 30 Hours Free Childcare? Parents can check whether they are eligible for a range of government childcare offers, including 30 hours, via Childcare Choices at: Q. How will Honeytree offer the Free Entitlement? (Please see our advert to see how much you could save) Our sessions run from 8am – 6pm with an optional 7.30am start For children attending 15 hours per week our sessions are as follows: Morning: 8.45 – 11.45; Afternoon: 12.15 – 15.15; Lunch Session Cost (11.45 – 12.15): £5 Q. Are meals included in the Honeytree prices? Breakfast, snack, a 2 course hot lunch and a 2 course high tea are provided with our all day sessions.



Come and join us for an Open afternoon on 17th August between 4-7pm We are excited to announce we will be offering the 30 hours free childcare All Year Round from September* and we will be opening 2 brand new classrooms for our 3-5 year olds, Breakfast, After School and Holiday Club. Have a look to see how the free hours could help you: Monthly Rates No Funding

30 hrs funding without meals

1 day



30 hrs funding with meals


2 days




3 days




4 days




5 days




*Please Note: You need to have your code by 31st August for September spaces

Also talk to us about our 15 hour Term Time Only options For more information visit:


Email: Telephone: 0117 931 4650 Filton Road, Horfield, Bristol, BS7 0XY

Got a story or any other inquiry? Call Richard on 0777 555 0607 or email

We are working in your area! 19 August – 15 September As part of our Railway Upgrade Plan, we are electrifying a section of railway from Royal Wootton Bassett to Stoke Gifford to bring passengers quieter, more frequent and more reliable train services. This means between 19 August and 15 September, trains via Bristol Parkway may change timings or be replaced by buses. Please plan ahead before you travel at: or Our work may be noisy and may happen at any time of the day or night. To find out more, please visit or call our National Helpline on 03457 11 41 41 Thank you for bearing with us while we upgrade your railway.

@networkrailwest #RailwayUpgradePlan

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26/07/2017 10:38

August, 2017





'It's time weeds mess was sorted out'

Weeds are ruining the look of Cheswick Village and something needs to be done to tackle the problem. This is the call from residents who have taken to social media to express their frustration about their area becoming overrun with weeds. Residents say that they have been calling on the council to sort the issue, but little is being done. They fear that they may have to take matters into their own hands and remove the weeds themselves. They also worry that it will put off prospective residents moving to the area. One resident, who says that the problem has got worse over the last year, said: “I don’t believe these weeds will ever get on any sort of regular maintenance nor do I believe they should be coming through this badly. “I think it will come down to the whole of the Bowery and other areas pulling together and doing it ourselves.”

of the second treatment that is due to commence soon. We will also organise additional sweeping and gully emptying in the area. ”

Anti-social behaviour

Another commented: “Lots of overgrown weeds on the kerbs as you enter LDA (Long Down Avenue). Looks awful.” Resident Claire Stone added: “We have some lovely weeds by my house. I am hoping to find some time to get rid of them. "They are a problem around the village though.” Particularly troublesome roads include Tinding Drive, East Fields Road, Bush Leas, Platts Wood and Little Stony Leas. Long Down Avenue, leading into Tallsticks, has buddleia


covering the central reservation,. The Filtonvoice understands that the council has a number of treatment programmes in place. There is no treatment programmes in place for paved areas. However, if residents put in a request to treat a particular area, it will be passed onto the council's StreetCare area supervisor who will prioritise areas depending on available resources.  A South Gloucestershire Council spokesperson said: “We are aware of residents’ concerns regarding weed growth in the Cheswick area. “We have arranged a meeting with our weed control contractor on-site to look at the effectiveness of spraying, ahead

Anti-social behaviour will be the focus of a community event in Cheswick Village this month. Residents are being invited to attend a walkabout of the area to discuss various issues and what can be done to tackle poor behaviour. Reported problems include eggs being thrown, doorbells being rung early hours of the morning, and loud noises late at night. The walkabout is being led by housing association groups Curo and Solon South West. Bristol City Council and South Glos Council are also involved. The event will take place on August 22, 3-7pm. There will be activities for children, and Curo wants all residents to get involved.

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Unit 4/5 Grove Industrial Estate Patchway, Bristol BS34 5RD 0117 9792979

Spraying in Bristol for the past 20 years Covering Bristol and surrounding areas E: Or see our Facebook Page Richard KDR

T: 07729 591 266

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Filton Town Council Meeting dates August

No meetings in August


12th, 7pm Finance and Planning Doug Daniels Pavilion 26th, 7.30pm Full Council Conygre Ward, TBC

Refurbishment works at Filton Sports and Leisure Centre

‘Doug Daniels' Pavilion and Skittle Alley


10th, 7pm Finance and Planning Doug Daniels Pavilion 31st, 7.30pm Full Council Doug Daniels Pavilion

Contact us

Town council office 01454 866 698; Leisure Centre 01454 866686;

Leisure reception hrs: Mondays 9am – 7.45pm Tuesdays 9am-8.15pm Wednesdays, Thursday and Fridays 9am – 7.30pm Saturdays & Sundays 9am-5.30pm Pop in and see us or call 01454 866686 for information.

Brand new Skittle Alley for hire

New teams welcome For further details please contact: Deb Holman on 01454 866697

We are pleased to announce that the refurbishment work is now completed in the Doug Daniels Pavilion and skittle alley. We are extremely happy with the results and we are looking forward to the future in a much more modern atmosphere.   The pavilion works comprised of new glazed windows to replace the aging metal doors, with new flooring and toilets and kitchen. There are all new electrics, lighting and new suspended ceiling as well as being re-decorated.  The skittle alley now has a modern feel with a new seating area, suspended ceiling and a brand new skittle alley and viewing area. There is now access to a coffee machine so you can now sit and enjoy a coffee overlooking the pools.  Both the pavilion and skittle alley are now available to hire.  For more information or to view our facilities please call us on 01454-866686. 

Filton Town Council A warm welcome at the Ratepayers A warm welcome to the Ratepayers Arms bar where we have BT sports. We have a good selection of beers lagers, wines spirits and ciders, soft drinks tea and coffee. We also offer a range of real ales and guest beers on a regular basis. If you feel a bit peckish, then we have a range of hot bar snacks or freshly prepared rolls on offer. We hold a monthly quiz to support local charities,so grab some friends and come and join us for a fun night and bring the old grey matter! Are you a Darts team looking for a new venue? If so we would like to hear from you.

Activities for August:

Inflatable sessions:

Join us for some inflatable fun sessions Monday – Friday 1pm – 3pm 14th August – 27th August. Only £3.50 per sessions. *Spaces are limited, users must be able to swim 25 metres. All under 8’s must be accompanied by an adult.

National Pool lifeguard qualification:

Royal Life Saving Society - NPLQ course: 2017, 9am - 5pm. 7th – 12th August 2017. Only £245 (inc all course materials and assessment.) You will be required to take a short water test in order to make sure that the minimum requirements are met. Booking essential, please contact Sam Scanlan on 01454866686 or email sam.scanlan@  

Volunteers needed:

21st August 9.30 - 12.00 22nd August 10.30 – 12.00 (30 minute time slots) We are running a Swim England (ASA) Level one teachers' course in August and we are looking for some younger swimmers to help us with the lessons. The course concentrates on stages 1-4 and these lessons are free of charge. So if you would like to join us please register by emailing swimming@ or call 01454 866685 for more.

We have our refurbished full skittle alley and if you are interested or would like some more information then please get in touch on 01454866697. There is free wifi to connect to the internet, and a big screen for watching sport. Full accessibility for those with mobility constraints and function Room available for hire. Bingo on Thursday nights from 9pm with cash prizes for our winners! So come along and enjoy a nice drink and friendly atmosphere with the family at the Ratepayers Arms.

Summer Holiday Activities Rookie Lifeguard taster sessions: Monday 24th and Tuesday 25th July 10.30am to 12.00

*Children must be able to swim 25 metres on their front and back! Everyone must bring towel, shorts, t-shirt and swimwear.

Session will consist of Water Skills, Basic first aid and CPR, Pool Safety, Lifeguard scenarios and drills *Sessions are free of charge, spaces are limited so please book early!

National Pool lifeguard qualification:

Royal Life Saving Society - NPLQ course: 7th–12th August 2017 (9am–5pm) Only £245 per person (includes all course materials and assessment.) You will be required to take a short water test in order to make sure that the minimum requirements are met.

Booking essential, please contact Sam Scanlan on 01454-866686 or email sam.

Adult crash course

Monday 31st July–4th August

This course is for beginners and advance swimmers, Monday to Friday main pool 10am–11.45 (45 mins) £30.00 for the week / drop in £6.00 (Deaf Friendly)

Inflatable sessions:

14th August – 27th August; Monday–Friday 1.00pm to 3.00pm Join us for some inflatable fun sessions! Only £3.50 per session *Spaces are limited, users must be able to swim 25 metres. All under 8’s must be accompanied by an adult.

Water fun days:

Fancy some pool fun? How about learning some synchronised swimming moves or playing some water polo? 9th August (children only) 11th August (Synchronised swimming Family*) 14th August (Water polo) children only stage 3- 9 18th August Family* stage 3- 9 so come challenge your kids! *Adults go free!

Young Volunteers needed: 21st August 9.30 - 12.00 22nd August 10.30 – 12.00 (30 minute time slots)

We are running a Swim England (ASA) Level one teachers course in August and we are looking for some younger swimmers to help us with the lessons. The course concentrates on stages 1-5 and these lessons are free of charge. So if you would like to join us please register by emailing or calling 01454 866685.


T: 0777 555 0607



Independent living with care aged 55+ Would you like to live in your own self-contained flat in a beautiful building set in its own grounds in Filton, if so have you considered Springfields? Springfields provides housing designed with older people in mind helping you to live independently whilst receiving the care and support you need. Springfields benefits from 24 hour staffing, a large communal lounge where residents can socialise and a meal service where the chef prepares and serves fresh food each day. If you think you could benefit from living at Springfields, please contact South Gloucester Council on 868005 and ask to register on their housing list Homechoice or contact Tracey Macdonald (Knightstone) on

Tel: 01934 526301 for more information.

August, 2017

NEW ing Clean

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Professional Carpet/ Upholstery Cleaning CARPETS DRY IN 30 MINUTES! Current Offer

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Nick / Alison at A Carpet Cleaning Service Ltd

07812 730346


To advertise, contact or Richard on 0777 555 0607, Mark on 07927 370 937 or Emma on 0771 577 0448.

August, 2017





Gymnasts are head over heels with excitement

NINETEEN talented local gymnasts and their coaches from the Harriers Acrobatic Gymnastics Club based in Patchway have recently returned from Turin, Italy, where they competed in an International Gymnastics Competition. For many of the youngsters aged between 8 and 16, it was their first international competition so the excitement was high! The gymnasts overcame tense conditions to produce outstanding quality and stunning routines. The standard of the competition was extremely high with more than 250 gymnasts from around the world. In the finals, Kenedi Cross and Caitlyn Anning held their nerve and performed strongly with great style to win a bronze medal in the Youth women’s pair’s category. In the same category, Ellie Field, who goes to Abbeywood, and Robyn England performed a very eye catching and entertaining routine which had the crowd poised on the edge of their seats and finished a very respectable 6th place and Mia Shelly-Vernon and Olivia Gillet stepped up to this more ‘challenging’ category this year and performed with determination and elegance to finish in 8th position. Jasmine Mansyah, Molly Mason and Charborough Road student Chloe Cook competed as a trio - also in the ‘Youth’ category. They performed confidently

with great strength and energy and managed to win themselves a bronze medal. In the same category, Abbeywood pupil Georgia Wallington, Katie Allen and Lara Johnson performed beautifully and elegantly and narrowly missed out on a medal and finished in a highly creditable 4th position. It was then the turn of the ‘Beginners’ category. The young trio of Sasha Sage, Abbeywood pupil Olivia Herridge and Alyssa Stavrou performed outstandingly with amazing confidence and smiles and earned themselves a very impressive silver medal. The mixed pair of Mitchell Prosser and Amber Pugh - both new to an International Competition - performed a near flawless routine in the final and narrowly missed out on a medal, finishing in 4th. A new pair of Georgie Hutchinson and Neve Castle nailed their moves with precision to win themselves a superb bronze medal. A very successful result from every partnership! The hard work and dedication over the months from both the gymnasts and their professional coaches has paid off with everyone being really proud of, and impressed by, the gymnasts massive achievements at International level. It is a huge honour for these gymnasts to be selected to experience competing abroad. It is an experience they will never forget!

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Barbecue meats, burgers, sausages, steaks, spare ribs, free marinade of your choice • • • •

Chicken, Lamb, Beef & Pork Homemade Faggots Speciality Sausages Home-cooked Meats and Cured Bacon

• Deli Cheese and Chutney • Fresh Vegetables and Groceries available • Homemade Pies and Pasties

Tel: 0117 969 1232 | 4 Church View, Filton, BS34 7BT Also Gales of Westbury Park, 31 North View, Westbury Park | Good old-fashioned service |

Got a story or any other inquiry? Call Richard on 0777 555 0607 or email

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August, 2017

n FILTON PLANNING JULY Applications n Airbus Gloucester Road North Discharge of condition 5 (Flood Risk Assessment) Attached to planning permission PT16/6209/ RVC. Variation of condition 1 attached to planning permission PT15/5535/RM to amend previously approved plans to reduce height of the overall building and alterations to the fenestration. n 31 Kenmore Crescent Erection of single storey rear and side extension to provide additional living accommodation n 25 Shellard Road PT16/0014/F. Change of use from Dwellinghouse (Class C3) to 7 bedroom House in Multiple Occupation (Sui Generis) as defined in the Town and Country Planning (Use Classes) Order 1987 (as amended). Retrospective. n 33 Dunkeld Avenue Erection of a single storey side and rear extension to form additional living accommodation.

n 5 Church View Consent to display 1 no. internally illuminated static fascia sign and 1 no. internally illuminated other sign. n Land Opposite SGS College On Gloucester Road (A38) Consent to display 4 non illuminated banner signs Decisions n 54 Gloucester Road North The erection of a single storey rear extension, which would extend beyond the rear wall of the original house by 7m, for which the maximum height would be 3.5m, and for which the height of the eaves would be 3.5m. No objection n 116 Mortimer Road The erection of a single storey rear extension, which would extend beyond the rear wall of the original house by 5.075m, for which the maximum height would be 3.176m, and for which the height of the eaves would be 2.896m. No objection

n 65 Wallscourt Road The erection of a single storey rear extension, which would extend beyond the rear wall of the original house by 5.1m, for which the maximum height would be 3.65m, and for which the height of the eaves would be 2.7m. No objection n Filton Abbey Wood Train Station Station Road Request for Prior Approval under Part 18 Class A to Schedule 2 of the Town and Country Planning (General Permitted Development) (England) Order 2015 to increase parapet height of existing footbridge to 1.8m and addition of chevaux de fries at canopy ends. No objection n 816A Filton Avenue Removal of conditions 4 and 5 attached to planning permission PT09/5959/F in relation to access and parking Approve with conditions n 816A Filton Avenue Discharge of conditions 2 (Drainage) and 3 (Mats) attached to

planning permission PT09/5959/F. Erection of two storey side and single storey rear extension to facilitate the conversion of existing dwelling to form 2no. dwellings with associated works. Erection of detached double garage. Discharge of Conditions Decided n Conygre House, Conygre Road Creation of new vehicular access. Approve with conditions n 29 Kenmore Crescent Erection of a two storey side extension and single storey rear extension to provide additional living accommodation. Erection of rear dormer including balcony to facilitate loft conversion. Erection of front porch. Demolition and erection of 1 detached garage. (Amendment to previously approved... Approve with conditions

For more on planning, visit uk/planning/

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August, 2017





McDonald's to bring new-look restaurant to Abbey Wood with vibrant, visionary changes THE McDonald’s restaurant in Abbey Wood Retail Park is set to receive a major digital makeover following significant investment from local franchisee, Mike Guerin, creating an additional 25 jobs for the local area. These major digital changes will benefit everyone and have been chosen by Mike to enhance the experiences of customers in and around Filton. To improve the speed and ease of ordering, you will have the option to use one of six self-order kiosks. These allow customers to browse the menu, look at nutritional information and personalise their meals, giving people more time to consider their food and drink choices. Table service will also be introduced to take the stress out of finding somewhere to sit when carrying food, potentially with children, bags and buggies. In restaurants where table service has been introduced previously customer feedback has been positive; with families enjoying the ease of not having to leave children unattended while queuing, and many people feeling it means they have more time to chat with friends and family. Local franchisee Mike Guerin started his McDonald’s career over 37 years ago and now owns 12 restaurants across Bristol, Wiltshire and Gloucestershire, including the restaurant in Abbey Wood Retail Park.

He said: “We’re anticipating the changes affecting how customers use the restaurant, with those who used to pop in for a quick bite staying longer to use the tech we have on offer. When ordering with the new kiosks customers will have the option to make different food choices, for example swapping fries for a side salad or adding a fruit bag to their children’s Happy Meal. “These changes are designed to make our customers’ experience as positive as possible and the new technology benefits everyone – whether

that’s providing people with use of a table-top mounted tablet in a relaxed environment, or providing parents with a quick and easy way of ordering their family meal.” The introduction of these changes will mean more staff will be in front of the counter, serving customers and helping them navigate the new digital menu boards for the first time. Mike added: “Having already seen customers reacting positively to these changes in my

other restaurants, I am excited to hear what customers at Abbey Wood have to say about the new features. I’ve been in this business for 37 years and have seen the McDonald’s experience transform greatly, but this is our biggest change to date. “Our restaurants are a great leveller and we welcome people from all backgrounds, our newlook restaurant will better serve our customers' needs and I hope everyone enjoys the atmosphere these changes have created.”

Free estimates | Fully insured

07541 109 682 | 0117 329 8546 Got a story or any other inquiry? Call Richard on 0777 555 0607 or email


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August, 2017


Wishing our Year 6 pupils all the best as they

This page, left, Filton Hill; below, Charborough Road. Opposite, top St Teresa's; opposite below, Shield Road

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August, 2017





move on to secondary school in September

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Retire in style at Cheswick Court RETIREES looking to benefit from the best of both worlds are being invited to explore McCarthy and Stone’s Cheswick Court development in the close knit community present at Cheswick Village. Designed to provide specialist Retirement Living accommodation for the over 60s, Cheswick Court features a stunning collection of 32 spacious one and two bedroom apartments, in a location which offers the best of city living with plenty of outdoor space. Situated on Long Down Avenue, right in the heart of Cheswick Village – opposite the village square – with a local Co-op, fresh fruit and veg store, and a coffee shop all on the doorstep. An abundance of activities and amenities are all easily accessible, meaning homeowners at Cheswick Court will never be short of things to do; while those who enjoy getting out and about can make the most of the excellent transport links to central Bristol, nearby Bath and beyond. Closer to home, retirees at Cheswick Court can relax in the homeowners’ lounge – a stylish, comfortable area ideal for catching-up with friends, or they can enjoy the views of the village square and green from the comfort of their very own balcony. Should homeowners wish for guests to stay over, a convenient guest suite is available for visiting friends and family. Home to a thriving and growing community, Cheswick Court benefits from its own House Manager, who takes care of the smooth-running of the development and helps to organise a host of social events and activities. Testament to the unrivalled quality of life

on offer at developments such as Cheswick Court, more than 90% of customers would recommend McCarthy and Stone to a friend, ensuring it has received the maximum Five Star award for customer satisfaction from the Home Builders Federation for 12 years’ running. The development is now 90% sold, and we looking for people who are the right

fit to complete Cheswick Court. To find out more about the McCarthy and Stone lifestyle, you can speak to our team by calling 0800 882 1205, or for more information about Cheswick Court please visit: cheswickcourt/


August, 2017





You 'guest' it... they've been to France! ON the morning of the May 23, members of the Twinning Association accompanied by a contingent of FACE Youth Group members made our three-yearly visit to St Vallier in the Drome district of France. We travelled with Eastville Coaches accompanied by driver Tim who drove us to Witzenhausen last year. We travelled via the Dover ferry with an overnight stop in Reims, arriving St Vallier late teatime on May 24. Upon arrival we were met by our French hosts who had prepared a small reception before we were dispersed to our French host families with the youngsters camping at the local campsite alongside the river Rhone. The following day was a free day to enjoy the sights of St Vallier and surrounds with some of the group visiting a street market in the town.

On Friday, May 26, a joint visit by the twinners from Germany, England and France was made to Les Baux de Provence, a small picturesque village near Avignon. The twinning officials from the three countries met in the town hall on Saturday to discuss the future of twinning and

arrangements for next year’s visit by the French and Germans to Filton. In the evening, a dance party was held in the Community Hall accompanied by entertainment “La Chourette Musique”. Sunday saw an Ecumenical Service in all three languages being held in the church.

On Monday 29th of May, we went to Nyons which is in the south of the Drome department for a visit to La Scourtinerie, followed by wine-tasting at a local vineyard. Upon our arrival at St Vallier, we were whisked straight off the coach into the Community Hall for our final night celebrations. We were treated to a cold buffet and traditional French accordion music and dancing. The customary farewell speeches were made by the Mayor and representatives of all three twinning associations, before both countries' parties commenced our journeys home the following morning. The trip was considered by all to have been a huge success and we look forward to our French and German guests visiting Filton between July 25 and 31 next year.

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August, 2017


Primary among best in UK for safety Sports Day Charborough Road pupils celebrated their annual KS2 sports’ day on the BAWA field in July. The sun shone all day and the children all did their best, showing an excellent sporting attitude towards each other and with some outstanding individual and team performances. Parents supported the day in large numbers and encouraged all the children’s achievements. Thank you to our staff for working so hard to ensure the event ran smoothly. Year 6 play Once the pressures of SATs was over Yr6 pupils at Charborough Road started the important task of rehearsing their end of year performance. Alice The Musical was the chosen production this year, based on Alice's Adventures In Wonderland. All Year 6 pupils

were involved, with opportunities for everyone ranging from main singing roles, non-speaking parts and back-stage roles. Pupils designed the set and costumes themselves. The children were excited to welcome back the teacher who taught them in Reception Class 6 years ago to see their performance, with everyone agreeing that they have grown into wonderful young people who

are well prepared for the next stage in their education. “The professionalism and quality of the Yr6 end of year performance is always high, and this year was no different. Piano accompaniment was provided by one of our parents, Paul Davies, who also happens to be governor in school and a Trustee with The Olympus Academy Trust- thank you Paul! This cohort have some wonderful

friendships and have shown themselves to be a hard working group who have an appetite for learning that has provided a superb example to younger year groups in school. We will all miss them and wish them all the best for secondary school.” Mrs. Bailey, Headteacher.

summer! live happy thiswith Slimming World MONDAY The Pavilion, Elm Park, FIlton

Horfield Leisure Centre, Dorian Road.

Southmead Community Centre, Greystoke Ave.

Littlestoke Community Hall, Littlestoke Lane.

Monday 5.00 p.m. & 7.00 pm Contact: Carolyn - 07715 942226

e fre edition

9.30 a.m. & 11.30 a.m. 5.30 p.m. & 7.30 p.m. Contact: Nicola - 07873 818193


sumurnal* jo

*with every 12-week Countdown course. Offer runs 28th May – 17th June 2017


TUESDAY St. Andrews Church, Elm Park (off A38), Filton. 9.30 a.m, 11.30 a.m. & 7.30 p.m. Contact: Ruth - 07515 422522

3.30 p.m., 5.30 p.m. & 7.30 p.m. Contact: Carolyn - 07715 942226

9.30 a.m, 5.00 p.m. & 7.00 p.m. Contact: Sharron - 07947 064711

THURSDAY Littlestoke Community Hall, Littlestoke Lane.

9.30 a.m, & 11.30 a.m. Contact: Sharron - 07947 064711

Southmead Community Centre, Greystoke Avenue.

5.30 p.m. & 7.30 pm Contact: Kimberley - 07469 947406

0344 897 8000

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August, 2017




With PC Matt Griffin of Filton Beat Team

The tools of the trade to keep your van safe WE’VE recently seen an increase in thefts of tools from vans across South Gloucestershire and I’d ask everyone to look out for anyone acting suspiciously around vans.

Don’t help to create a market for stolen goods – we’d also like to hear from you if you see tools offered for sale, online or in person, at a suspiciously cheap price.

We understand the impact on tradespeople of having their tools stolen and vans taken off the road for repairs.

Over the summer we tend to hear complaints about nuisance including inconsiderate vehicle use, damage and rowdy drunken behaviour.

We know it’s not always possible to empty a work van overnight, but we’d recommend it if you can. Otherwise: n permanently mark tools with your business name or postcode to make them identifiable n keep them inside a secure storage cage or box anchored within the vehicle n set the alarm as well as locking the van n park it in a secure garage or

with the doors against a wall or another vehicle to make access more difficult Remember, if you see anyone trying to break into a van, call 999 immediately. If you see something suspicious but aren’t sure then ring 101.

We know it’s not only young people involved in anti-social behaviour (ASB), but they often don’t realise the impact of their actions, so please talk to your children about being safe and considerate. They should know that some types of ASB – such as causing damage – are criminal offences which could affect their future

education, job and even travel prospects. It’s important to make sure you know where your children are, who they’re with and what they’re up to, not least in order to keep them safe. Let us know if you see someone committing crime or anti-social behaviour. Your information helps us target our patrols effectively and can be the evidence we need to take action. Call 999 if a crime is underway. Otherwise ring our nonemergency number 101 at any time or report online at www. ASB can also be reported to South Gloucestershire Council and housing providers. PC Matt Griffin

State of the art facilities for hire in the Stoke Gifford area

• Conference facilities and specialist classrooms • Floodlit all weather pitch for hockey and football

• Floodlit multi use games area • Sprung floor dance studio for netball, tennis and basketball • Drama Studio • Sports Hall

Please call 0117 307 5663 or email

0117 307 5660

New Road, Stoke Gifford, South Gloucestershire, BS34 8SF Got a story or any other inquiry? Call Richard on 0777 555 0607 or email


T: 0777 555 0607



August, 2017

Fun at community garden fete

MANY thanks to everyone who came to the fourth annual Filton Community Garden Fete, on a beautiful sunny day it was wonderful to see so many adults and children enjoying the garden. This is the one day of the year when we can showcase the garden and thank the community for their support by providing an event, largely free in the lovely surroundings of the garden. As in previous years it was good that other groups were involved Face, Karate, Twinning all raising money for their various causes, and at the same time contributing so wonderfully to the event. My thanks to the Community Garden Committee and other helpers who worked tirelessly in putting the event together and also to all individuals and shops who contributed so many wonderful prizes for the raffle. In the days preceding the event we heard of the potential Land Grab by South Gloucestershire Council, the response to this was magnificent, people were queuing to sign the petition and I spoke personally to

many who were appalled by the proposals. We will take the fight to South Gloucestershire Council it is not acceptable to deprive this community of its green space. In regards to the 'land grab', MP for Filton & Bradley Stoke Jack Lopresti said: "I have met with Dave, as well as other constituents, regarding the future of Filton Community

Gardens. I have written to South Gloucestershire Council to ask for clarification of their plans and to add my voice to those not happy with their consultation process, which I believe was not thorough enough. I am going to visit the Community Gardens in

a few weeks and meet with the fantastic volunteers who help run this great project. It is a tribute to these volunteers that the Community Gardens are held in such high esteem and that residents are coming together to protect them". For more information and to sign the petition, g oto https://

Join the Elm Park Action Group IN order to challenge South Gloucestershire Council's proposals to alter the designation of Elm Park an action group is being formed. The group will consist of five councillors and five members of the public. If you are interested in joining the group a meeting has been arranged in the Ratepayers at 6.30pm on 15 August 2017. Please come along. It doesn't matter if the group is oversubscribed as we are looking to include as many residents as possible. Those not elected would form the basis of a support group whose views can be taken forward by the the elected representatives. If you want any further information please contact Dave Mikkelson email: Tel 07766 151756.

To advertise, contact or Richard on 0777 555 0607, Mark on 07927 370 937 or Emma on 0771 577 0448.

August, 2017




Chinese firm signs deal for 140 aircraft

Major investment in the aerospace sector A MAJOR investment in stateof-the-art industry facilities for the booming aerospace and advanced manufacturing sectors has been unveiled at City of Bristol College. The development of a £4m extension to the College’s Advanced Engineering Centre funded by the West of England Local Enterprise Partnership will reinforce the West of England’s reputation for hi-tech innovation and as a leading provider of skilled labour in these high growth industries. At a topping out ceremony the building was officially handed over by David Snell, Operations Director at contractors, Kier Western and Wales to Lee Probert, Chief Executive and Principal of City of Bristol College. The event was also attended by applicants who will

soon be attending the newlook facility when it opens for business in October 2017. Mr Probert said: “The region is renowned globally for its aerospace and engineering innovation which acts as a magnet for inward investment. The Advanced Engineering Centre is designed to support the growth of the regional economy through providing work ready students in these key sectors. “By taking students from the classroom to the workshop, it forms part of our drive to create ‘passports to jobs’ for our students.” Adam Powell, Director of Skills at West of England Combined Authority/Local Enterprise Partnership, which is the primary funder of the extension, added: “Nationally our region is the largest aerospace


David Snell, left, of Kier, and Lee Probert, Principal of CoBC cluster in the country and we have some 1,500 manufacturing enterprises. The expanded facility at the College will support our local strengths in these sectors by providing a future talent pool for the region.” The extended facility will include a number of specialist labs to support skills development in the design and maintenance of aircraft and engineering systems. It will also include state-ofthe-art computer aided design and 3d printing equipment to support skills development in design and prototyping.

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CHINA Aviation Supplies Holding Company (CAS) has signed a deal with Airbus for 140 new aircraft. The agreement comprises 100 A320 Family aircraft and 40 A350 XWB Family aircraft, reflecting the strong demand of Chinese airlines in all market segments including domestic, low cost, regional and international long haul. The General Terms Agreement (GTA) was signed in Berlin by Tom Enders, Airbus CEO, and Sun Bo, Executive Vice President of CAS, in the presence of visiting Chinese President Xi Jinping and German Chancellor Angela Merkel. “This is a great endorsement for our leading products in both single aisle and wide body segments”, said Mr Enders. “China is today one of the world’s most important markets for aviation.”


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August, 2017


Herb garden opens on roof of Southmead Hospital A ROOF garden to grow herbs for use in patient and staff meals was opened at Southmead Hospital last month, thanks to funding from Southmead Hospital Charity, Carillion and The Hospital Company. The roof terrace of the hospital’s Brunel building has been transformed into a culinary, medicinal and therapeutic herb garden planted with more than 30 herbs, all of which will be used in meals prepared for Trust staff and patients. Staff are also being encouraged to help maintain the garden – a great way to relax which offers enormous health benefits. As well as providing tasty herbs and a sensory haven for staff, the garden will also be used to help promote recovery among patients, and to promote the hospital’s biodiversity by hosting pollinating plants to encourage bees and other smaller insects to

Gary Wilkins, Catering Operations Manager, Jekka McVicar, herb expert, Gary Millard, executive chef flourish. Simon Wood, director of facilities at North Bristol NHS Trust, said: “Whether you are interested in healthier, tastier food for our patients and staff, a restful aromatic retreat supporting staff breaks, or sustainable development and providing a place for nature and wildlife,

the herb garden has something for all. “I am grateful for Jekka’s support in developing such a fantastic resource as well as the many individuals, teams and volunteers who have created such a brilliant end result – it’s a great achievement and has created something very special, particu-

larly for a hospital.” Southmead Hospital Charity’s head of fundraising, Liz Bond: “We often receive donations from people who simply want to make life better for staff, and this is a great example of such a project.” The herb garden was originally the brainchild of executive chef, Gary Millard, and has been designed and planted by locally-based and internationally acclaimed herb expert and RHS Ambassador for Horticulture and Health and Wellbeing, Jekka McVicar. Jekka said: “I think it’s wonderful that herbs are being used in Southmead’s kitchen for staff and patients. The garden also gives staff a space to come and sit and enjoy the bees and aromas. “Remember, this is on a roof with no irrigation – not the easiest environment for growing but we’re really pleased with how the herbs are thriving.”

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EASY for children


Each horizontal row, each 2x2 square and each column must contain all the numbers 1-4.







Can you find 44 job titles vertically, horizontally or diagonally?




Iguana No. 3



Across 1 Trek, 4 Suitcase, 6 Embark, 8 Trip, 10 Inn Down 1 Tour, 2 Check-in, 3 Safari, 5 Gate, 7 Map, 9 ID



August, 2017

This month: Holidays

The numbers point you to the letters on a phone keypad

3 (8)



Clues Across 1 8735 (4) 4 78482273 (8) 6 362275 (6) 8 8747 (4) 10 466 (3)

Down 1 8687 (4) 2 24325 46 (5,2) 3 723274 (6) 5 4283 (4) 7 627 (3) 9 43 (2)

2 is A, B or C 3 is D, E or F 4 is G, H or I 5 is J, K, or L

6 is M, N or O 7 is P, Q, R or S 8 is T, U or V 9 is W, X, Y or Z


2 3










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T: 0777 555 0607


Dinky Dolphins, baby and pre-school swimming session, games music and play, 9.30am-10.30am. These sessions are first come, first served. £4.25 for 1 adults and up to two children, Filton Sports and Leisure Centre Tea Dance, Filton Community Centre, 1.45pm-3.45pm. 07527 808206 St. Peter’s Ladies Group (formerly Wives Group) “We are a group of ladies, who meet in St. Peter’s Church Hall at 7.30 pm on the second and fourth Mondays of each month, except August for a talk or social gathering. Our programme can be seen on the church web site at www.filtonchurch.pwp@ New members very welcome, just come along on the night or ring Jane on 0117 9699987 or Janet on 0117 9696958. Bristol & Avon Family History Society. We meet on the 2nd Monday of the month, except JUNE which is the 3rd Monday. We do not meet in JULY or AUGUST. VENUE BAWA Southmead Road FILTON at 7.30pm. There is a varied programme of family history related topics and speakers, for beginners and more experienced researchers. Help, books and more always available at each meeting. Further information from

Tuesdays Pre-School story and Rhyme time 9.30am, Filton Library, Shields Centre, Aqua fit Tuesdays, 9.45 – 10.30am, cost £4.75 a session, class suitable for non swimmers, participants must be 16 yrs and over, Filton Sports and Leisure Keep Fit Association classes, all welcome, Filton Community Centre 2-3pm. Keep fit with dance moves Improve your mobility and general wellbeing, have fun, challenge yourself and feel more confident, keeping fit to music. The class also includes some body conditioning. Working at your own pace, the class is suitable for everyone. Come along and make new friends at this very social and friendly class. Pay as you go at £4 per session. Wear comfortable clothing and appropriate footwear. For further information contact Eileen Scott, (qualified instructor), on 07969929733, and visit the website for more info about our organisation. Westerly Showband welcomes able adult wind band musicians to its weekly rehearsals every Tuesday at Horfield CEVC Primary School Bishop Manor Rd, Bristol BS10 5BD from 7.30 to 9.30 pm. Under its experienced conductor Chris Harris players will be receive the coaching and support needed to achieve a satisfying performance. Band practices take place in a friendly and encouraging atmosphere and include nice biscuits. The repertoire includes a wide variety of genres especially chosen to please both band members and audiences alike. Prospective members can look at the website at www. westerlyshowband .com or ring 0117 9561950 for more information. Visitors to rehearsals are always welcome. See also Friday for training band. Facing Forwards is an educational and social group for adults with learning disabilities meeting term-time Tuesdays 10am-2.30pm at FACE, Elm Park, Filton, BS34 7PS. With ASDAN awards in the mornings and social time in the afternoons these days are about fun, development and independence; £3 half


day or £5 full day. More details contact

Wednesdays Filton Garden Club, St Teresa’s Social Club, 7.30pm. 1st Wednesday of every month, 0117 975 9126. Not January. Filtones Choir. Don’t like going out in the evening? At a loose end on a Wednesday afternoon? Ever thought of joining a choir? Why not come along on and exercise your lungs and challenge your grey cells with our friendly group of people who are The Filtones. We are actively seeking to recruit altos, tenors (gents or ladies) and basses to join our happy band. We sing four part harmony but ability to read music, although useful, is not essential as we supply CDs and MP3 files as teaching aids. We give afternoon concerts to elderly people’s clubs and societies around Bristol and two evening concerts in June and December from which we donate much of our profit to charities. We are a very caring and sociable group of people who sing together with the aim of giving as good a performance as we can, but mainly to enjoy ourselves. For more information please ring Jilly on 0117 9232281 or Shirley on 0117 9654348 or e mail or look at our web site on www.thefiltones. Alternatively, just call in at Eden Grove Methodist Church Horfield BS7 0PQ between 1.30 and 3.45 pm on a Wednesday afternoon (not during August) for a listen and a chat. Men in Sheds in Filton is extending its hours to meet demand. The DIY group, which aims to tackle loneliness and isolation among men aged over 50, operates from the Scout hut in Nuffield Grove, providing a space to socialise, build, share skills and drink tea. Men in Sheds Filton is part of a national movement, initiated by Age Concern Cheshire in 2009 and sustained by the UK Men’s Sheds Association. There are now over 200 “sheds” across the country, with many more being developed. The group runs every Wednesday, from 9.30am-12.30pm. Horfield Townswomens Guild are a really friendly Guild that meet on the second Wednesday of every month at St. Gregory the Great Church Hall, Filton Road, Horfield at 2.30 pm. Ladies are welcome to just turn up or ring Edna on 0117 949 5413 for a chat about the Guild. New Harmony Ladies’ Choir Bristol …. an established choir since 1994 who offers a chance for ladies to get together and have a good old……sing! No auditions are necessary apart from placing you into the correct voice group - soprano, mezzo soprano or alto. We are a very socially minded group and often enjoy activities outside the singing role. We perform several concerts a year and sometimes travel to other parts of the country to sing with other choirs. Our repertoire covers classical, choral, jazz, popular, folk, and show songs in fact, a wide variety. Everyone is welcome to Horfield URC church hall, Muller Rd on Wednesdays 7.30-9.30. We’d love to meet you. For more information contact our website or our secretary Angela Northavon Singers would welcome new members especially sopranos to our mixed choir of 20-singing all kinds of music. Rehearsals at St Peter’s Church Filton every Wed at 7.30pm - not August. On the third Wednesday of each month the Avon branch of the International Plastic Modellers Society (IPMS UK)

meet at the Avon Suite BAWA Club. 7.45late. Over 18 please unless accompanied by an adult. All types of plastic modelling and one of the largest groups in the UK. For further information check out website Filton Historical Group. meet at Pavilion, Elm Park, Filton. 7.30pm last Wed.of months. Sept. to April (not December) Interesting speakers. For further details: 0117 9695198.

Thursdays Bristol Male Voice Choir...if you enjoy singing, even if only in the shower/bath, then this is the place to come! We have fun every Thursday evening from 7.15 in the company of like-minded gentlemen. The choir practises every week at South Gloucestershire and Stroud College (formerly Filton College) on Gloucester Road, Filton. For more information look at our website or telephone our secretary Alan Snook on 0117 9424378. Bristol Sugarcraft Guild meet every third Thursday in the month except August.We welcome all -from beginners to the more competent crafter Meetings start at 7.30-9.30 at St. Andrews church. For more information ring Bristol 9568737 or 9653568 Dinky Dolphins, baby and pre-school swimming session, games music and play, 9.30am-10.30am. These sessions are first come, first served. £4.25 for 1 adults and up to two children, Filton Sports and Leisure Centre, term time only, term time only. Filton Ladies, St Andrew’s Church Hall, 2pm-4pm, new members welcome, call 0117 904 1844 Silver surfers: FACE, Elm Park, BS34 7PS, 10am-noon Drop-in for ‘silverhaired’ folk (over 50yrs) to get help with accessing computers, the internet, mobile phone technology, digital cameras, and much more! Run by a dedicated team of friendly volunteers with Lisa at the helm, this supportive group is just as much a social session as it is about learning! Come and join us! Come along anytime, just £2.50 per session with free refreshments. Does not run during August. Should you wish to take Flower Arranging lessons, there is a small, friendly group which meets at Filton Community Centre (formerly Filton Folk Centre) on Thursday evenings at 7-9pm from mid September. Catering for beginners and improvers we cover all aspects of flower arranging from traditional to contemporary including Church flowers and flowers for special occasions. More details from 01454 323610 or 01454 412087. The Avon & Bristol Woodturners meet every third Thursday at St Teresa’s Church Hall from 7pm to approximately 10pm. For details,, North Bristol Creative writing group. Meets fortnightly. 07535111294 St Peter’s MU (Mothers Union) 2nd Thursday of each month (except August), 2pm in the church hall. All ladies and Gentlemen invited. For more information look on St Peter’s Church web site or call 0117 9491833 or just turn up. Stop Smoking Sessions, 3-4pm. Appointments to be booked in advance. 01454 865502. smokefree@southglos.

August, 2017

Diddi dance, Preschool dance class for girls and boys ages 18 months to school! Thursdays 9:45-10:30am, St. Teresas Church Hall. Contact Emily for your free trial.07850983821. emily.norman@

Fridays Pre-School story and Rhyme time 2.30pm, Filton Library, Shields Centre Toddler Group, meets term time only at St Andrew’s Methodist Church from 10 to 11.45. A warm welcome to all toddlers and their carers. Concord band is Westerly Showband’s training band.We meet every Friday 7.30pm – 9.30pm at the Doug Daniels Pavilion, Filton Leisure Centre, Elm Park, BS34 7PS. Our Conductor Keith Williams is a well known Teacher and Performer in Bristol, we play a wide range of music, so if you would like to get back to playing again, look no further. Contact Jayne 07880724948 / jaynerentonharper@ Or come along with your instrument and have a play. Visitors to rehearsals are always welcome. Aqua fit, 9.30 – 10.15am, cost £4.75 a session, class suitable for non swimmers, participants must be 16 yrs and over, Filton Sports and Leisure Over 30s dance party at the superb BAWA club, Filton, on the first Friday of every month (except for june when we meet on the first Saturday)..……. It’s the ideal night out for the 30 * 40 * 50 plus age range. Come and dance amongst a friendly lively crowd. Enjoy a good mix of music dancing thru’ the decades including some motown and soul favourites. Club times are 9 ‘til 1 - last entry 11pm - very smart casual – gents are required to wear collared shirts – no tee shirts or trainers. Dance adm £8 plus Bawa guest m’ship – come early & party the night away at this For more info call 07860 578708 StAndrew's Methodist Wesley Guild meets in the Church lounge every other Friday evening at 7.30 p.m commencing September 8th. We are a small, friendly group with a wide variety of speakers and members evenings and would welcome your company. There is no membership fee, just a small subscription on the evening which includes light refreshments. Ring 0117 9698523 for further details.

Saturdays 9.30am – 10.30am, Filton District Councillors’ Surgery, Filton Library. Filton Library, Shields Centre, free one to one IT tuition with our Computer Support Volunteers on Saturday mornings. Contact the library to book a session. Monthly Chatterbooks reading group for children in years 5 – 6. Meets on a Saturday afternoon, Filton Library, Shields Centre. St Teresa’s Catholic Church, Vigil Mass, 6pm

Sundays St Peter’s Church, 8.00am Holy Eucharist; 10.00am Parish Eucharist with crèche and Sunday Club; Noon, Baptism (by appointment); 6.00pm Evening Worship (Choral Evensong on the 1st Sunday of each month)’. St Teresa’s Catholic Church, Morning

To advertise, contact or Richard on 0777 555 0607, Mark on 07927 370 937 or Emma on 0771 577 0448.

August, 2017



n REGULAR EVENTS Mass, 10.30am. Other masses visit www. St Andrew’s Church, Filton, 10.30am, Morning Worship; 6pm, Evening Worship

Pyramid Youth Club Juniors 5-9 yrs Thursdays 6.30 - 7.45 p.m. Inters 10-12 yrs Mondays and Fridays 6.30 - 8.00 p.m. Seniors 13+ Mondays and Fridays 8.00 10.00 p.m. Judo Tuesdays Juniors under 13 yrs 6.30 7.30 p.m. and 13+ - adults 7.30 - 9.00 p.m. New members are welcome. Please ring 9691315 if you want more information. There are vacancies in all age groups. Based at 470 Filton Avenue, contact Margaret 0117 9691315


Wednesdays: Youth club for 12-18s (Year 8+) 7.30-9.30pm, £1 Thursdays: Ignite Thursdays: (all sessions £1) 4.30-5.30pm: Sensory Sparklers group for people aged 11+ with complex sensory needs 6-7pm: Bright Sparks Youth club for age 11-15 with learning/social difficulties or ASD 7.30-9.30pm: Illuminators Transitions social club for age 16+ with learning/social difficulties or ASD No 1-2-1 or personal care provided - please bring support worker/carer. Fridays: 3.45-4.40pm: Street dance for 8-14year olds, £4 5-6pm: Youth club for School Years 3, 4 & 5, £1 6.30-8.30pm: Youth club for School Years 6,7&8, £1 We've extended the time and added a year group!New members always welcome to all groups. Based at: FACE, Elm Park, Filton, BS34 7PS, phone 0117 9691938, email and website Please follow us on Facebook: ‘FACE-Filton’ and Twitter: @FACEFilton to keep updated with our news!

Filton Community Centre 983 6500 FiltonCommunityCentre Mondays Tea Dance 1:45 - 4:00  Tel: 07527 808206 Krav Maga 8:00 - 9:30pm Tuesdays Keep Fit 2:00 - 4:00  Tel: 0117 9693326 Flower Arranging 2:00-4:00 Dog Training  7:00 - 9:15  01454 616630 Cacti Club 7:30 - 9:30 (3rd Tues)  Tel: 0117 9503604 Kumon Maths and English Classes 3.30pm - 5.30pm  Tel: 01454 281 037 Pilates 7:30 - 8:30pm   Tel: Maree 0117 9502411 Yoga with Rashmi 7 - 8 07789 747834 Wednesdays Pilates 10:00 - 11:00   Tel: Maree 0117 9502411 Dawn James Art 1.30 - 3.30  Tel. 0117 975 9683 Jumpfit 5.40 - 6.40pm


n DIARY DATES Tai Kwan Do 6:30 - 7:30 Tel: 07971 684912 Krav Maga 8:00 - 9:30pm Thursdays Lift Employ ability 9:30 – 12:00 Short Mat Bowls 2:00 - 4:00pm Flower Arranging 7:30 - 9:30pm Kumon Maths and English classes 4pm - 6pm  Tel: 01454 281 037 Karate 6:00 - 9:00pm Fridays Karate 6:00 - 8:00pm Saturdays Little Kickers Junior Football 08:45 - 11:45 Ballroom Dancing (3rd & 5th Sat) 7:4510:45pm Sundays Karate 10:30 - 12:00

Avon Wind Band Association Registered Charity No 1165352

A new LEARNER CLASS will begin on MONDAY 4TH SEPTEMBER 2017 at Bailey’s Court Primary School, Bradley Stoke starting at 7.30 p.m. for those wishing to play a woodwind or brass instrument.

SHE7, Braemar Crescent, Filton Tuesday Coffee Morning 10am – 12pm Computer drop Club 2pm – 4pm Bingo 7.30pm – 9.15pm Wednesday Over 50’s 3 course lunch £3.50, 12.15pm, sit down at 12.30pm Thursday Over 50’s 3 course lunch £3.50, 12.15pm, sit down at 12.30pm Friday North Bristol Amateur Radio Club, Open to Public, 7pm - 10pm Saturday Bingo, 7.00pm –

To join the Class please contact Keith Hunt, Chairman of the Association on 0117 9049125 or by e-mail

Don’t worry if you do not have your own instrument as the charity can loan you one at no extra cost.

For more information visit our website

1st Filton Scouts, Cubs & Beavers Beavers, aged 6-8, two groups, Weds 5pm and 6.15pm Cubs, 8-101/2, Mon and Thurs 6.30-8pm Scouts, 101/2 - 14, Tues 7-9pm The group is based in Scout Headquarters, Nutfield Grove, Filton, BS34 7LH. All sections are open to boys and girls. Contact for all sections is John Cahill (, Phone 0798 605 3005)

NIGHT in aid of

Rainbows, Brownies and Guides Tuesdays Brownies - ages 7 - 10 years Guides - ages 10 - 14 years Rangers - ages 14 + Wednesdays Brownies - ages 7 - 10 years Thursdays Rainbows - ages 5 - 7 years For more information please contact : or register at Girlguiding UK website and follow the parent links to register your daughter.

Weekdays Coffee shop, 9am – 12:30pm, St Peter’s Church, Filton

Filton Community Garden meetings

In l ov y of M e g ing me m or tt s a n & A m eli a P o WITH fanTasTIc aucTIon & raffle prIzes IncludIng famIly day TIckeT To @brIsTol courtesy of @bristol

frank fIeldIng’s sIgned fooTball booTs

Friday 18th august 7pm Filton & district social club bs34 7hz

courtesy of bristol city fc

cHrIs lInes’ sIgned sHIrT donated by chris lines

music from ve Li

Auction & intervAL music hosted by dAnieL fry from

Every second Saturday of the month at 10am-12noon in meeting room next to the Soft Play, entry via the Ratepayers.

Got a story or any other inquiry? Call Richard on 0777 555 0607 or email

reg chArity: 1043603



T: 0777 555 0607


August, 2017

42 Kipling Road, Northville BS7 0QR £260,000

Super three-bed home A SUPREMELY impressive three-bedroom terrace property located in the sought-after area that is Northville. To the ground floor, a spacious lounge with separate dining room and extended kitchen to the rear overlooking an attractive garden that is also accessible through a gated

lane. To the first floor, 3 good sized bedrooms and three piece white suite bathroom. The property is heated via a combination boiler, double glazed throughout and enjoys ample off street parking to the front. The property is sure to impress with an early viewing encouraged.

Ocean Ocean||||8888Gloucester Gloucester GloucesterRoad Road RoadNorth, North, North,Filton Filton Filton ||||0117 0117 011790 90 9044000 44000 44000|||| Ocean Ocean Gloucester Road North, Filton 0117 90 44000

Will Writing & Estate Planning

A Will lets you protect your family’s inheritance and decide how your assets are shared out –

if you don’t make a Will, the law says who gets what. We have a Bristol-based team of trained will writing consultants who provide a home visiting service and can take your instructions in the comfort of your own home.

Please feel free to call us during office hours on 0800 019 4557 or email us at info@elm-online.

Standard single or pair of mirrored Wills £99 To advertise, contact or Richard on 0777 555 0607, Mark on 07927 370 937 or Emma on 0771 577 0448.


August, 2017

Trade services

filtonvoice To advertise in our trade services section from as little as £15 per month contact Richard on 07775 550607 or Emma Emma on on 0117 077159082121. 770 448 CLEANING SERVICE





Small local family business Owners highly involved to providing an excellent service Fully qualified and insured • Regular Cleaning, Eco Cleaning, Steam Cleaning • Deep Cleaning / End of Tenancy Cleaning

Call Paul on: 0784 953 5289


existing toto lexisting Curtains too long or clothes? Wantaaknitted knitted clothes? Want wide? garment for new babyoror garment aanew baby l Wantfor hand knitted toddler? Wantaadress dress altered toddler? Want altered baby/toddler hoodies, made foraaspecial specialevent? event? orormade hatsfor and mittens? Callme meon on07910918024 07910918024oror01179314614 01179314614 Call Oremail emailme meon Or

D Turner

• Tiling • PVC • Full Electrics • Fencing • Flooring Interior & Exterior Free Estimates Competitive Rates

Office: 0117 982 3930 or 0777 391 6802

Local & Reliable Electrician Insured • Free quotations

Tel: 07960 185187



Professional Carpet/ Upholstery Cleaning CARPETS DRY IN 30 MINUTES! 1 Armchair 2 Seater Sofa 3 Seater 3 Piece Suite


£30* £35* £40* £80*

Leaking taps l Blocked wastes l WC l Ball valves Overflows l Showers l Basins l Taps l Boilers l Heating & Plumbing

Complete bathroom installations

Tel: 0117 979 3842 or 07791 786 820 ROOFING

• Shed & Garage Clearance • Small Demolition Undertaken Telephone:

DAVE TRIMBY ROOFING SERVICES l All Roofing Work Undertaken l Professional | Friendly | Local l Independent family business l Well established l Roof repairs and renewals l Fascia, soffit and guttering work

07815 982352 John 07812 730346 07880 Terry Got a story or any other inquiry? Call Richard on 0777 555 0607687358 or email Nick / Alison at A Carpet Cleaning Service Ltd


957 5092 PLUMBER



1 Room £50* 3 Rooms £75* 1 Bed House/Flat £80* 2 Bed+ from £100*

Taps, Washers Toilets, Cisterns Leaks, Blockages Tanks, Overflows Lead Pipes, Stopcocks….etc… OAP DISCOUNTS and NO VAT

Reliable Plumber

Painting, Decorating & Property Maintenance






CALL ANDY ON ... T: 0117 985 1899 | M: 07860 750167 Email:


lClothes New or familiarfull Clothes cupboards full cupboards clothes need altering itemsyou you never wear? ofof items never wear? to fit? Lost weightbut but Lost weight lcan’t Need a wedding can’t afford whole afford aawhole outfit or a Prom dress newwardrobe? wardrobe? new madenotor altered? Whynot tryalterations alterations Why try


l Local professional painting and decorating service for all internal and external work l Free quotations on request ... with no obligation.

0117 904 3656 | 07899 921 338

Childcare from 3 months to 5 years of age Introducing Banana Moon Day Nursery Bristol.

Providing a safe and caring environment for children from three months to five years of age. • Open from 7.30am to 6.30pm, 51 weeks a year* • Home-cooked food • Secure environment with biometric fingerprint entry system • Friendly and highly experienced staff.

Home-cooked food

Banana Moon Day Nursery Bristol Pinnacle House, 166a Gloucester Rd North, Patchway, Bristol BS34 5BG Call us on 0117 969 1662, email or visit *

Government funding available.

Filtonvoice August 2017  

Filtonvoice August 2017

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