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April, 2017


Centurian Jim's skills in the desert gave by Rebecca Day “Don’t take the lift, run up the stairs.” These are the wise words of advice from Second World War veteran Edward James Perrett, who has just celebrated his 100th birthday. Known to many as ‘Jim’, the local resident marked the special occasion alongside family and friends at his home in Filton Avenue.  Reflecting on the past century, Jim can recall events in his life as if they happened yesterday. Particularly fond memories were purchasing his first motorcycle, a 1923 Douglas, and riding off into the countryside for long weekends camping.   When the Second World War broke out, it was Jim’s passion for motorbikes that secured him a job in the armed forces as a dispatch rider, where he was responsible for transporting urgent orders and messages between military units on his bike. 

Born on March 30 1917, Jim grew up in Bedminster before moving to Filton at the age of 10. His parents bought the home he now lives in for just £400. “There were new homes being built on the outskirts of the city, so we would go on the tram every Sunday to look at houses. I remember coming to look around this place and my parents being taken aback by the garden,” he said. Back then, Filton Avenue was a narrow lane which went up as far as Jim’s next-door neighbour’s house. Opposite, were vast swathes of countryside where Jim would venture on his bicycle or go tobogganing in the winter. Jim also recalled collecting cricket balls for a tuppence after cricket matches at the civil service club across the road. When Jim was 15, he bought his first motorcycle, which he taught himself to fix and maintain. In 1937, he


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joined Fishponds and District Motorcycle Club, where he took part in various racing trials. When the Second World War broke out, experienced motorcyclists were guaranteed jobs in the army as dispatch riders. Jim was one of three motorcyclists from the club to volunteer for the role. He was posted out to North Africa, where allied forces were fighting against Axis powers – the Germans, Italians and Japanese. It was while he was transporting messages across North Africa on his motorbike that he was caught up in the siege of Tobruk, where German and Italian forces beleaguered the Libyan port for almost eight months. “We had no clue what was happening in the rest of the world – I was totally oblivious to the situation in London. We were kept in the dark about a lot of things because they wanted to keep our moral high.” Jim was held there for four month before being rescued by HMS Phoebe and taken back to the Suez Canal Zone in Egypt. “We were snuck out to the ship at midnight – it was real darkness, we couldn’t see a thing. I also remember the sailors on board bringing us cups of tea.” HMS Phoebe was crossing the perimeter into Tobruk when it was hit by a German shell, blasting a hole in the bowel of the ship. The boat was later returned

to the United States to undergo repair. “We had a joke on board the ship that when it zigged, water came in and when the boat zagged, the water came out.” Back in Egypt, Jim spent some time as a telegraph operator, sending and receiving Morse code. “I could send Morse code quite well, but when the person on the other end would return the message at the same speed, I wouldn’t be able to understand it. I didn’t get on with it very well at all.” Jim then took a test to become a mechanic and acquired a German sidecar, which he would use to carry out various repair jobs on broken down vehicles.

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April, 2017





him vital role during World War 2 Shortly after, Jim was struck with a bout of jaundice and was hospitalised for a week. Once recovered, he was posted to Wadi Halfa in Sudan where he carried out breakdown maintenance for the Long Range Desert Group – he was assigned the role because of his expertise in desert navigation. After four years and 10 months serving in North Africa, Jim was sent back to England where he was granted a month’s leave. “I arrived back in Temple Meads around midnight. When I turned up at home, my father answered the door and said, ‘I knew you were coming, your friend popped by to say to expect you’.” The remainder of Jim’s army career was spent in Wrotham, Kent where he became a motorcycle instructor at a cadet training unit.


Jim Perrett at home in Filton Avenue, far left; with wife Betty opposite below; and this page, during the war “I fought a lucky war I’d say – there was a bomb that should have got me, but it never went off.” When Jim’s army career came to an end, he returned home to work at the Bristol Omnibus Company – the city’s dominant bus operator at the time – as a

semi-skilled engine fitter and later on, an engineering training officer. Jim was also a member of the local badminton club, where he met his wife Betty. Together, they had two children Christine and David, who gifted the couple with five grandchildren.

Jim recollects many happy memories bringing up his family in Filton. Once the children flew the nest, Jim and Betty enjoyed memorable camping holidays in the Outer Hebrides and weekend sailing trips across to Beaulieu on the edge of the New Forest.

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April, 2017


Fears that historic 'look' of Conygre Historic Conygre House could lose its 'look', it has been revealed. Town councillors were told that the developers may wish to render the building - for insulation purposes - which would conceal the original stonework. Councillors said they had understood the visual integrity of the building would be preserved. It was also disclosed that the developers are looking to create 'serviced apartments' in some or all of the site. Serviced apartments are typically used for long or short-term stays instead of hotel accommodation. At a meeting of Filton Town Council, developer Ashley Rigg from Bristol Property Partnership displayed images which showed an artist's impressions of how the house could look.

Mr Rigg said his firm had been speaking to local people

about the plans and that he hoped to submit a planning application later this year with a hoped completion date by June 2018. The plans would also include a two-storey flat roofed building on the site. Mr Rigg said they were considering two options: the first would see 11 serviced apartments in the original Conygre House and 10 serviced apartments in the new building; the second option would involve eight normal flats in Conygre House and the same plan for the new building. There will be 24 car parking spaces and landscaped gardens preserving the oldest trees on the site and the planting of a number of new ones.

Cllr Anne Kenyon said she had understood that, when Mr Rigg last addressed the council, he said the original look of the building would be preserved. Mr Rigg said he did not recall making that assertion. He pointed out that an independent heritage survey he commissioned concluded that the building had been rendered in the past but he would look at suggestions of different types of render that would be more sympathetic to its current appearance before submitting the full application He said that modern building regulations and issues surrounding insulation made the rendering vital. Cllr Ian Scott said there was an option of rendering which

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April, 2017





House could be lost forever would give the appropriate 'historic' look. Cllr Keith Briffett, chair of Friends of Conygre House which fought to keep the building, said the plans were fine but there would be concerns over the look of the exterior. Mr Rigg said there was a strong market for serviced apartments in the Filton area with big employers such as Airbus, MoD and Southmead Hospital using them for visiting or temporary staff. He added that with serviced apartment, it could mean the area was less busy at weekends. The building, at the bottom of Conygre Road near the junction with Filton Avenue, is a 400-year-old former farmhouse and has been the subject of considerable debate for several years. Owners South Glos Council

decided to sell the building in 2005 and there were hopes in 2013 that a counselling organisation would take it over. That deal fell through, leaving the building and gardens with an uncertain future until developers Bristol Property Partnership bought the building and site.


Last year Councillor Briffett said: “The house will be saved and 10 years of us trying to save the building have come true.” Back in 2013, Filton residents packed into a meeting of South Glos Council at which they persuaded councillors not to sell the building off for possible demolition.

At the time councillors voted unanimously to sell the landmark house to counselling organisation Network Counselling for £250,000 - the lower of two bids on the table. Councillors were told that the building should remain a community asset.

Views online

Helen Johnson Worth talking to the conservation officer/s at South Glos Council. There will be strick guidelines on what developers can/ cannot do to an historic building. which I believe is actioned by the local authority (planning and conservation officers) but stems from government directives.

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Lance Finney Anything is probably better than nothing at this point as long as they provide adequate parking on site. And although it might be a shame about the look of the place I think it is hugely important for buildings to be properly insulated.

Debbie Teml It's providing a much-needed home to people who really need it in what is currently an empty building not getting any use at all. I would much rather that happen and have new people coming to Filton; hoping whoever they are they get a good welcome.

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April, 2017


Bus lane which has no buses may hamper plans to improve 'George' ring road junction ER ÊOFFetÊclean L A I PEC eÊcarp e


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Limited options?

Right turn to Filton Ave N - would create too much congestion Right turn to Filton Ave S - would create too much congestion Two-way crossing Filton Ave - not possible due to bus lane Roundabout at junction - junction space is not big enough A bus lane which is currently not used for buses could be a factor which could foil any attempt to open up Filton Avenue as a two-way road for all traffic at the Ring Road - known locally as The George junction. Initial feedback from the long-awaited study into the junction, which was launched in February 2015, has also concluded that right turns into Filton Ave in either direction from the Ring Road are not an option as they would cause more congestion. And an option to reconfigure the whole junction as a roundabout is not possible as the space is not big enough. The junction has long been

a source of frustration for people in Conygre ward who currently need to turn left onto the ring road and u-turn at the Abbeywood roundabout in order to progress on Filton Avenue towards Bristol. Filton town councillors were briefed by South Glos officers last month and reported back to the council's full meeting. The council was told that, due to the stretch from Filton Ave North to Filton Ave South (heading towards Bristol) being a Dept of Transport-funded bus lane, normal traffic would not be permitted to travel in that direction. As readers of Filton Voice will know, there has been concern

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April, 2017



n NEWS for some time that the Conygre ward of Filton (Filton Ave North) currently does not have a bus service. Councillors said they were unhappy with the findings and had expressed that to South Glos. This initial report was part of a briefing for town councillors with the full report expected shortly. On social media, Filton South Glos councillor Roger Hutchinson said: "There is a lot of interesting conjecture which may or may not be based on accurate reporting. I would suggest that it might be better to await the publication of the report. "That publication shouldn't be long to wait for. The bus lane isn't the sole issue and it raises the question "why keep a bus lane with no buses". On the other hand why campaign for more buses, which we take every opportunity to do, and remove the bus lane which would be needed if buses were to return to the Avenue?" On Facebook, other local

people expressed surprise. One poster said: "Why did they even bother doing a feasibility study. South Glos clearly knew from the start that the other party would not agree.

Another said: "South Glos council seem to be very content with traffic jams as it proves their case for Metrobus and other schemes. "Does the funder of the bus

lane know that no buses run along there." Filtonvoice understands that the initial ÂŁ50,000 estimates for the cost of the study have been revised to around ÂŁ15,000

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April, 2017


Primary's cheers for charity's donation Filton Hill Primary School now has a brand new defibrillator kit - thanks to local charity Filton Chest and Heart. Members of the committee presented the equipment - which could save a life in the event of cardiac arrest - at a special assembly last month. Filton Hill head teacher Kirsten Lemming said: “It was an honour to accept the gift of the defibrillator for our school community. We really appreciate the time it must have taken to raise the funds and thank the committee for coming to the school. Our pupils were inquisitive and eager to learn about the potential lifesaving role that a defibrillator can play.” The charity's fundraising efforts also saw a spirometer (used to measure air capacity in lungs) presented to Conygre Medical Centre at their recent spring fair.

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Above, committee members at Filton Hill Primary. Left, Margery Reece presents the spirometer to nurse Jackie Garde-Evans from Conygre Medical Centre

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April, 2017




n FILTON TOWN COUNCIL Town councillor Bill Moore has been disqualified from the council after confusion over a dispensation given to him as he battles cancer. The council originally believed Mr Moore, right, (Independent, Northville) could remain on the council despite missing more than six months' of meetings consecutively, which normally triggers disqualification. But South Glos legal experts have told town clerk Lesley Reuben that Mr Moore can no longer remain on council. Mr Moore told the town council: "When I was told I had cancer over 12 months ago,  I was told I didn't need to worry (about my position on the council). But apparently there is no legal way round it and I'm out of the council. "I'm extraordinarily unhappy about this. I had grown quite attached to the council. "I had tried to keep in touch with what was happening but I don't have the computer equipment to help me." The council said equipment was offered to Mr Moore at meetings and for his home, which he disputes. Mr Moore told the council he found out through a member of the public which he said he was not happy about. A vacancy will now be advertised which will lead to a by-election or a co-opting process. There will also be a by-election prompted by the  resignation of Cllr Stan Sims due to ill health. Ten members of the public petitioned for the by-election meaning it must go ahead, at a

Councillor battling cancer is forced to step down

Councillors have expressed concern over advertising banners on the fence near Filton roundabout at the community garden. A resident has complained that they are unsightly with some hanging off the fence. Cllr Anne Kenyon said she had understood the banners were supposed to be confined to the corner. Councillors agreed it was a problem but said they would need to check if they had any long-term commitments to advertisers. The banners bring in £35 a year each. cost to the council. However an arrangement with South Glos over polling card production will save the council £500 Chairman Darryl Collins said the council didn't want to have the expense of a by-election but they had no choice. Mr Moore is eligible to put himself forward for either vacancy.

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April, 2017


Now we can teach Classics ad infinitum!

Latin is all around us – verbatim, vice versa, status quo – and now children in north Bristol will be learning about the Classics and how they are relevant for modern life. Orchard School Bristol, Filton Avenue Primary, Horfield CofE Primary and Bishop Road Primary have secured £9,000 funding from Classics for All, a charity set up to promote the teaching of Latin, Greek and classical civilisation in schools. The money will be used to support staff training in Latin and classical civilisation across the three schools, giving them the chance to develop the subject in years to come. There will also be work done on etymology with Trust in Learning academies in South Bristol. Teachers believe the teaching of the Classics goes beyond knowledge of the language.

Children learn about philosophy, culture, critical thinking and broader thinking, using the insights from the past to interpret events of today. Kathleen McGillycuddy,

deputy head teacher of Orchard School Bristol in Horfield, said: “We were thrilled to win this funding from Classics for All. “It means whole new generations of children will

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benefit from learning about the Classics. This will take them into areas such as philosophy and critical thinking as well as helping them understand the connection between Latin and English, which will have a huge impact on levels of literacy.” The money will pay for staff training as well as textbooks. Classics For All raises funds to enable schools to study Latin, ancient history, classical civilisation and ancient Greek. They offer funding to both primary and secondary schools, often to launch classics for the first time. Since its first grant awards in 2011, the charity has awarded a total of more than £450,000 in grants, reaching nearly 300 schools and benefiting more than 6,000 pupils. In 2016 they aimed to give out £300,000 to schools and other classics hubs.

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April, 2017



n NEWS A tree in the Filton Community Garden has been transformed into an owl thanks to a remarkable piece of craftsmanship. Last month Filton residents watched sculptor Andy O’Neill, of Wild Wood Carving, in action as he transformed a dead tree into the work of art for the community. SGS College made a timelapse video of the carving, which will be put online. Filton Town Council contributed £350 to the project, with the remainder from community garden reserve funds Community garden chairman Dave Mikkelson said: Our simple brief to Andy was to carve an owl at the top of the tree and something of interest for children. What he created exceeded our expectations. "The level of detail in the owl and the hedgehog at the base is quite outstanding, and all achieved using his

creative talent and various sizes of chainsaws. "The carving is a fantastic addition to the garden and will give pleasure to visitors for many years to come." Andy said: "I'm so pleased (everyone is) happy with how the carving turned out." "I met so many lovely people and got some really nice positive feedback about my work which was great!" Luke Palmer of SGS College said: "We all really enjoyed seeing the piece develop and come together and the students found it fascinating."


Andy's skill transforms tree into beautiful owl

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April, 2017


'Hushabout rushabout' welcomed home Aerospace Bristol has welcomed a 1953 Bristol 403 saloon car home to Filton - the place where the historic Bristol Car was designed, tested and manufactured by the Bristol Aeroplane Company over 60 years ago. The Bristol Aeroplane Company diversified into car design and manufacture at the end of the Second World War and their automobile division went on to become Bristol Cars. Thanks to the knowledge and expertise of aviation engineers, and the manufacturing techniques of the aviation industry, Bristol Cars were able to achieve higher levels of performance and the company became world famous for quality and luxury. Linda Coode, Collections Manager at Aerospace Bristol, said: “The Bristol 403 was actually tested in The Bristol Aeroplane Company’s wind tunnel and this aviation heritage can be clearly seen in the aerodynamic body design. The bonnet, doors, fuel filler cap and boot all open from the inside, to remove the wind resistance that would be caused by external handles. It’s a fine example of high performance engineering to come out of Filton and we’re thrilled to feature it in the Aerospace Bristol exhibition.” The Bristol 403 that will be displayed in the museum was discovered in a barn in South West England, where it had been stored for over 30 years and had fallen into disrepair. The classic

car was rescued by the Bristol Owners Heritage Trust and carefully restored to its former glory by volunteer apprentices from restoration experts Spencer Lane Jones. Now restored and ready for public display, the luxury vehicle has been delivered to Hangar 16S: the grade II listed WWI hangar that will house the Aerospace Bristol exhibition when the £19m industrial heritage museum opens this summer. Stefan Cembrowicz, Chair of the Bristol Owners Heritage Trust, said: “I would like to thank all of the dedicated volunteers who prepared the Bristol 403 to such a high

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standard. Hundreds of hours of work and an incredible level of care and attention have gone into restoring this beautiful car, with over 30 hours spent on preparation of the bonnet panel alone. I am truly delighted to see her arrive safely at Aerospace Bristol and very much look forward to seeing this wonderful vehicle on public display alongside other remarkable examples of Bristol engineering.” The Bristol 403 was known as a “fighter pilot's delight” due to its aviation heritage, a “businessman’s express” due to its combination of speed and luxury, and a “hushabout rushabout” due to its combination of speed and quiet running. Fitted with a 100bhp, 2 litre, 6 cylinder engine, developed from the pre-war BMW 328 Sports/racing engine, it could reach a top speed of 104mph. A total of 287 were built, each costing just under £3,000 (the equivalent of around £61,000 today). Taking off this summer, Aerospace Bristol will bring together a varied collection of nationally-significant exhibits and hidden archive records to tell over 100 years of aviation history for the very first time. The museum’s iconic centrepiece will be Concorde 216; designed, tested and built in Bristol, she was the last Concorde to be built and the last to fly.

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April, 2017




Bowls club on the lookout for players BAC B.A.W.A. Bowls club are looking for bowlers, (men and women), for our 2017 season. Anyone who may be interested in learning the game and having a go at bowls would be very welcome, as free coaching is available for this very social sport. For further information contact Brian Smith on 0117 975 9126.

Garden lovers urged to join club

LEFT TO RIGHT: Stefan Cembrowicz, chair of the Bristol Owners Heritage Trust, Peter Campbell, managing director of Spencer Lane Jones Ltd, and Martin Boon, engineer at Spence Lane Jones Ltd


For ladies and gentlemen

Professional hairdressers in Filton Our friendly team are looking forward to seeing you

Filton Garden Club are looking for new members for our very friendly club. The club meets at 7.30pm on the first Wednesday of every month except January, at St.Teresa's social club, (behind the church). We have speakers and slideshows on various aspects of gardens, plants, and shrubs. They also run coach trips to some lovely places of interest. For further information contact Pat or Brian Smith on 0117 975 9126.


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Stoke Gifford Village An ExtraCare Charitable Trust Village

Retirement living for the not-so-retiring

Our exciting new Retirement Village at Stoke Gifford has been designed specially to enable people over 55 to make the most of their independence. Set amidst a wealth of superb social and leisure facilities, the apartments range from 54m2 to 91m2 and are well equipped with central heating, double glazing and all connection points. High quality fitted kitchens include fridgefreezer and washer-dryer by Bosch. Apartments also have the latest safety and security measures. Shower rooms have slip resistant, self-draining floors and 180 degree opening doors for emergency access. Many homes also have balconies, and there is communal on-site residents’ parking including disabled bays. Homes will be available for outright purchase, shared ownership and rent through the local council. Stoke Gifford Village is a vision of The ExtraCare Charitable Trust, a registered charity creating better lives for older people since 1988.

To register your interest in Stoke Gifford Village call 01173 216 639 or online at A registered charity since 1988


Charges will apply. Details of any costs associated with your home, care and Village services will be provided as part of your application. The ExtraCare Charitable Trust, registered charity number 327816, is a company limited by guarantee and registered in England and Wales as company number 2205136. Its registered office is at 7 Harry Weston Road, Binley Business Park, Binley, Coventry, CV3 2SN. Copyright Š 2017 - The ExtraCare Charitable Trust


April, 2017




Restaurant backs clean-up in village Forty-eight bags of rubbish were collected in Cheswick Village last month as part of a regular litter pick initiative. The clean-up was partly organised by local resident and McDonald’s employee Lorna O’Neill, as part of the nationwide anti-littering campaign ‘Love Where You Live’, which was cofounded by the fast food chain. Volunteering their time to collect the litter on March 19 were Cheswick residents, Cubs from the 3rd Wallscourt Farm Scout group, the local police team, and other McDonald’s employees. Lorna, who has been organising the litter picks for the past two years, said: “A massive thank you to everyone who came along on Sunday to help with our first Love Where You Live litter pick of the year. “We had a very successful day

with 48 bags of rubbish collected - the most we've ever collected. One person even found a £10 note on the way. “Everyone who attends is a volunteer, including the [McDonald's] crew, who take a passion in making our environment a better place! So thank you! “Hopefully on any other litter

Do you… a business?

picks, council members will be free to attend so we can show them the problem areas and look for a solution.” Local franchisee Mike Guerin, who owns and operates the restaurant in Abbey Wood Retail Park, said: “I was really proud to see everyone come together and help tidy up the local area. "It’s a key priority of ours

to ensure that the local area remains free of litter and an enjoyable place to live, work and visit. "We were thrilled to team up once again with local residents and to welcome support from both the police and the 3rd Wallscourt Farm Scouts Group and we would like to thank them for all their help!”

Will Writing & Estate Planning

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A Will lets you protect your family’s inheritance and decide how your assets are shared out –

if you don’t make a Will, the law says who gets what. We have a Bristol-based team of trained will writing consultants who provide a home visiting service and can take your instructions in the comfort of your own home.

Standard single or pair of mirrored Wills £99 Got a story or any other inquiry? Call Richard on 0777 555 0607 or email

Please feel free to call us during office hours on 0800 019 4557 or email us at info@elm-online.


T: 0777 555 0607


April, 2017


RAF Chinook airlifts Sea Harrier As part of an unusual and challenging task to move several large objects into the new museum, the engineering team at Aerospace Bristol called on the RAF to ask if they could help move a Sea Harrier. As a result, a Chinook helicopter was drafted in as part of a training exercise and spectacularly airlifted the Sea Harrier ‘jump jet’ across Filton airfield to the new Aerospace Bristol museum site. To reach the historic hangar and take its place in the Aerospace Bristol exhibition, the Sea Harrier had to be transported across a railway line and over Filton airfield. With no road bridge wide enough for it to cross, the RAF provided vital support with a Chinook from No 27 Sqn RAF Odiham and the RAF Joint Air Delivery Test and Evaluation Unit (JADTEU) successfully lift-

ing the aircraft to the Aerospace Bristol site. Wing Commander Steve Bell, Chief of Staff at RAF Odiham, said: “Getting the opportunity to assist with a complex operation

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of this nature is a challenge, but one for which the unique qualities of the Chinook helicopter, and its highly trained Royal Air Force crews, are ideally suited. hWorking with our colleagues

from JADTEU in support of Aerospace Bristol, in the knowledge that they will be exhibiting this distinctive example of British Air Power to the public, has been an honour.” Linda Coode, Collections Manager at Aerospace Bristol, added: “We are thrilled to welcome the Sea Harrier to Aerospace Bristol and would like to thank the RAF for their tremendous support. “We look forward to welcoming visitors this summer, when they will be able to see the Sea Harrier on display alongside many other exhibits; including its Bristol Siddeley-designed engine, which gave the aircraft its vertical and short take-off and landing capability, and is one of many important engines developed at Filton.” The Sea Harrier’s new home is a 100-year-old grade II listed

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0800 61 21118

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April, 2017




'Jump Jet' to Aerospace Bristol hangar which started life as part of an Aircraft Acceptance Park in WW1. Airframes and engines were assembled and tested by Royal Flying Corps engineers, then handed directly to flight crews who flew them to the front. Hangar 16S was later home to RAF 501 Squadron, who were then sent to France as part of the Advanced Air Striking Force in 1940 and saw distinguished service in the Battle of Britain. Taking off this summer, Aerospace Bristol will bring together a varied collection of nationallysignificant exhibits and hidden archive records to tell over one hundred years of aviation history for the very first time. The museum’s iconic centrepiece will be Concorde 216; designed, tested and built in Bristol, she was the last Concorde to be built and the last to fly.

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April, 2017


Unsung heroes recognised at annual Community Awards Andrew Edgington, Andy Ward, Ann Watts, Barry White, Christopher Jordan, David Bell, David Woodey, Graham Darby, James Wiltshire, Mary Davies, Maureen Jackson, Pauline Wilson, Robert Umfreville, Ruth Kitson, Jamie Pike, Jessica Harrison, Kate Sweet, Susan Hiscox, William Lee

Long Service Community Awards Alan Maggs, Anne Moulsdale, Tony Moulsdale, Brian Hewitt MBE, Bryan Quinlan, Margaret Bracey, Roger Fowler, Sheila Butler

Young Persons Community Awards Diya Barot, George Beaven, Jade Matthews, Jazmin Howell

Group Awards Men in Sheds, Freewheelers Emergency Voluntary Service, Kingswood Community Transport, South Gloucestershire Breastfeeding Peer Support Group, Wapley Bushes Conservation Group

Lord Lieutenant’s Award Diya Barot and George Beaven

Nearly thirty unsung heroes and their families attended the Chair’s Community Awards at South Gloucestershire and Stroud College’s WISE Campus on March 16. The annual awards recognise and celebrate the valuable contribution local unpaid volunteers make to life in South Gloucestershire. These people give up their time freely to help others and bring our communities together, and were rewarded for their efforts at the special ceremony. The Chair of South Gloucestershire Council, Cllr Erica Williams, attended along with the Lord Lieutenant of Gloucestershire, Dame Janet Trotter, and Vice Lord Lieutenant Robert Bernays, Group Chief Executive & Executive Principal of South Gloucestershire & Stroud College Kevin Hamblin and Principal and Deputy Chief Sara-Jane Watkins. Throughout the evening award winners from across South Gloucestershire and from a wide variety of backgrounds were presented with their certificates by Cllr Erica Williams and SaraJane Watkins. The final round was the Lord Lieutenant’s Special Award, which saw Dame Janet Trotter and Robert Bernays present £100 to Diya Barot and George Beaven for their valued services as mentors and anti-hate crime ambassadors in South Gloucestershire. Diya Barot and George Beaven became anti-hate crime ambassadors two years ago when

Southern Brooks piloted a project at Abbeywood Community School. Since then, they have used their training to mentor victims and perpetrators of hate incidents. Diya and George also volunteer at a local primary school after school club. Councillor Erica Williams said: “I have been consistently amazed and inspired by the number of people from across our area who dedicate so much of their precious time in a voluntary capacity.

“These awards are a small way of recognising the effort and tireless service which volunteers provide for their local communities, and to say thank you to just some of them for continuing to make South Gloucestershire a great place to live and work. “Choosing from the nominations for this event has been a heart-warming and yet difficult task. All the nominees were clearly highly respected and admired for their commitment

To advertise, contact or Richard on 0777 555 0607 or Emma on 0771 577 0448.

April, 2017





awards ceremony Students' hate crime ambassadors roles win special praise

and hard work. It has been humbling to read all of the citations and I consider it to be one of the highlights of my role to be able to honour our award winners.” Principal and Deputy Chief Sara-Jane Watkins said: “SGS College is delighted to support the Chair's Community Awards. It is important to acknowledge the people of South Gloucestershire that selflessly enrich our community.” The annual awards

event is sponsored by South Gloucestershire & Stroud College and offers the perfect opportunity to celebrate the hard work and dedication of volunteers in the community who display outstanding commitment in giving up their time and effort to help others. The evening also saw students from the Level 3 Musical Theatre Year 2 group, based at WISE campus of South Gloucestershire and Stroud College, perform some of their latest productions.

Abbeywood school students Diya Barot and George Beaven won a South Gloucestershire Chair’s Award for youth volunteering, as well as the Lieutenant's Award at a special ceremony. Diya and George became anti-hate crime ambassadors two years ago when Community Development charity, Southern Brooks Community Partnerships, tested a project at Abbeywood Community School. Since then, Diya and George have used their training to mentor the victims and perpetrators of hate crime. The award recognised the positive change they have made at Abbeywood School after successfully completing their antihate crime ambassadors training. After the success at Abbeywood school Southern Brooks secured further funding from the Home Office to support more schools across Kingswood, Filton and Patchway. Julie Close, Director at Southern Brooks, said: “Our hate crime ambassadors programme will teach young people to recognise and respond appropriately to a hate crime incident. It gives them the skills they need for life, which they can share with their peers, family, friends and future work colleagues.” David Bell joined Southern Brooks as a Trustee in 2008, and

Redmaids’ High School incorporating Redland High School for Girls

Visit us in May Senior School – Thursday 4 May, 10.00am Junior School – Thursday 18 May, 9.30am Juniors – 0117 962 9451

Seniors – 0117 989 8252

Independent day school for girls aged 4-18

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is now their Vice Chairman. David achieved the individual award for volunteering. He said: “It’s very humbling to achieve a South Gloucestershire Council Chair's Award 2017, especially when I heard about the marvellous work that the other winners have done to achieve their awards. “The award is a tribute to great work done in the community by Southern Brooks Community Partnerships, by its staff and volunteers.” Southern Brooks is always looking for more volunteers to support their community projects and other local organisations. Simply drop into the Volunteers Centre at Patchway Library, BS34 5PE on Tuesdays from 10am until 12noon. For their other drop-in sessions across South Gloucestershire please contact: Volunteer Centre – Patchway, Filton and the Stokes Email: Telephone: 01454 868 986 Website: www.volunteer

Filton Town Council Meeting dates April

11th, 7pm Finance and Planning Doug Daniels Pavilion 25th, 7.30pm Full Council Doug Daniels Pavilion


9th, 7pm Finance and Planning Doug Daniels Pavilion 30th, 7pm (NOTE TIME) Parish Assembly followed by Annual Meeting Doug Daniels Pavilion


13h, 7pm Finance and Planning Doug Daniels Pavilion 27th, 7.30pm Full Council Note: Conygre ward tbc

Contact us

Town council office 01454 866 698; Leisure Centre 01454 866686; or our website

Leisure reception hrs: Mondays 9am – 7.45pm Tuesdays 9am-8.15pm Wednesdays, Thursday and Fridays 9am – 7.30pm Saturdays & Sundays 9am-5.30pm Pop in and see us or call 01454 866686 for information.

A warm welcome to the Ratepayers Arms bar where we have BT sports showing a wide range of events. We have a good selection of beers lagers ,wines spirits and ciders ,soft drinks tea and coffee. We also offer a range of real ales and guest beers on a regular basis. if you feel a bit peckish,then we have a range of hot bar snacks or freshly prepared rolls on offer. We hold a monthly quiz to support local charities,so grab some friends and come and join us for a fun night and bring the old grey matter! Are you a Darts team looking for a new venue ?Do you like to play socially ? if so we would like to here from you. We have a full skittle alley which is having a refurb which should be ready to use in the next few months if you are interested or would like some more information then please get in touch on 01454866697 free wifi to connect to the internet,big screen for watching sport. Full accessibility for those with mobility constraints. Function Room available for hire. Bingo Thursday nights from 9pm with cash prizes for our winners! So come along and enjoy a nice drink and friendly atmosphere over easter with the family at the Ratepayers Arms.

A warm welcome at the Ratepayers

Calling local contractors! Filton Town Council have a number of up and coming maintenance projects. If you are a local roofing, plastering or flooring contractor and would like to be included in the tender process please contact :- Lesley Reuben, Town Clerk via email lesley. reuben@filtontowncouncil. or in writing to Filton Town Council, Elm Park, Filton BS34 7PS.



LOCAL GOVERNMENT ACT 1972 – vacancy SECTION 87(2) NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that a casual has occurred in theLOCAL office ofGOVERNMENT Councillor for Filton Northville ACT Town 1972 –Council, SECTION 87(2) Ward. NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that a casual vacancy has occurred inAn theelection office ofwill Councillor forfillFilton Northville NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that a Town casualCouncil, has occurred be held to the vacancy ifvacancy notice of a request for Ward. in the office of Councillor Town Council, Northville such an election is givenfor to Filton the Returning Officer, South Ward. Gloucestershire Council, PO Box 300, Civic Centre, High Street, An election will be held to fill0DS the by vacancy if notice of a request for Kingswood, Bristol, BS15 ten Local Government electors such an said election given the Returning South An will beis held totofillno the vacancy ifOfficer, notice of a request for forelection the electoral area later than 26 April 2017. Gloucestershire POthe Box 300, Civic Centre, High Street, such an election Council, is given to Returning Officer, South Kingswood, Bristol, BS15PO 0DS by 300, ten Local Gloucestershire Council, Box Civic Government Centre, Highelectors Street, for the said electoral area no later than 26 April 2017. Kingswood, Bristol, 0DS ten Local Government If no request for anBS15 election is by given, the Parish Council electors will fill the for the said electoral area no later than 26 April 2017. vacancy by co-option. If no request for an election is given, the Parish Council will fill the vacancy by co-option. If no request for April an election DATED 04 2017 is given, the Parish Council will fill the vacancy by co-option. DATED DATED

04 April 2017 04 April 2017

Signed Signed Clerk to: Signed Address: Clerk to: Clerk to: Address: Address:

Filton Town Council Filton Sports and Leisure Centre Filton Town Council Elm Park Filton FiltonTown Council Filton and Leisure Centre SouthSports Gloucestershire Elm Park Filton Sports BS34 7PS and Leisure Centre Filton Elm Park South Gloucestershire Filton BS34 7PS South Gloucestershire



T: 0777 555 0607

April, 2017

n FILTON PLANNING APPLICATIONS AND DECISIONS MARCH Applications n 138 Gloucester Road North Discharge of condition 2 (extraction and ventilation) attached to planning permission PT16/5522/F. Change of use of vacant retail unit (Class A1) to hot food takeaway (Class A5) as defined in Town and Country Planning (Use Classes) Order 1987 (as amended). Installation of extraction/ ventilation n Buckingham House Bevan Court Non material amendment to PT15/2383/F to reduce 4no window sill heights on elevations B and E. n 27 Blenheim Drive Demolition of existing store. Erection of a single storey front, a two storey side and a single storey rear extension to form additional living accommodation. Erection of a detached double garage. n McDonalds Abbey Wood Retail Park Station Road. Relocation of 3 static illuminated white "McDonalds" letterset signs and the installation of 4 static

illuminated yellow "golden arch" symbols. n 809 Filton Avenue Replacement of existing external cladding to brick and erection of single storey rear extension to provide additional living accommodation. n 52 Wades Road Display of 1 non-illuminated post mounted sign. n Golf Course Lane Relocation of 2 existing non illuminated stainless steel fascia signs. n 816A Filton Avenue Application for a certificate of lawfulness for the existing use of a dwelling (class C3) n 20 Charles Road Erection of a two storey rear and side extension to form additional living accommodation. Erection of front porch.

SGS College one of nation's top investors in people

SGS College in Filton has been awarded the Investors in People ‘Gold Standard’, joining a select group of organisations across the UK recognised for good people management practice. Investors in People is the UK's leading accreditation for business improvement through people management, and provides a wealth of resources for businesses to innovate, improve and grow, with a focus on good people making great business. The Standard explores practices and outcomes within an organisation under three performance headings: leading, supporting and improving. The performance model creates a roadmap for continuous improvement based on extensive research into the concepts of performance and change management and sets out the criteria for different levels of accreditation: Bronze, Silver and Gold.

n Land At Cabot Court Gloucester Road North Erection of 10 flats with parking and associated works. Decisions n 65 Wallscourt Road The erection of a single storey rear extension, which would extend beyond the rear wall of the original house by 4.5m, for which the maximum height would be 3.65m, and for which the height of the eaves would be 2.7m. No objection n 85 Mortimer Road Erection of single storey rear extension, which would extend beyond the rear wall of the original house by 4.5 metres, for which the maximum height would be 3.9 metres and for which the height of the eaves would be 2.5 metres No objection n 917 Filton Avenue Erection of single storey rear extension, which would extend beyond the rear wall of the original house by 4.5 metres, for which the maximum height would be 3.60 metres and for which the height of the eaves would be 2.5 metres No objection n 17 Station Road Single storey side and rear extension Approve with conditions n Rowan Lodge 41 Gloucester Road North Non material amendment to PT14/1161/F to substitute drawing 2529/2 with 1321/11 Objection

n 18 Gayner Road Erection of detached rear double garage (Retrospective) Approve with conditions n 18 Gayner Road Application for a certificate of lawfulness for existing 2.3m to 2.4m high boundary fence. Approve n 885 Filton Avenue Erection of a two storey front extension to provide additional living accommodation. Approve with conditions n 701 Southmead Road Alterations to roofline on existing rear elevation and alterations to roof line and erection of 1no rear dormer to facilitate loft conversion. Approve with conditions n 1 Gayner Road Erection of single storey side extension to existing dwelling to facilitate conversion to 2no flats and erection of detached building to form 4no flats with associated works and access. Approve with conditions

For more information on planning applications in Filton and across South Gloucestershire, visit the planning section of South Gloucestershire Council’s website at planning/

Care home nursing -

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Bristol Care Homes

providing a unique care service To advertise, contact or Richard on 0777 555 0607 or Emma on 0771 577 0448.


April, 2017




Bus boss confirms Cheswick Link date At a Lockleaze Forum meeting in late February James Freeman, managing director of First Bus, confirmed that the Cheswick Bus Link will finally be open by April 30, when the next timetable update is performed and will be a bus lane enforced by two Automatic Number Plate Recognition Cameras. Taxis will be allowed to use it unlike the bus lane in Long Mead. Service number 72 is the only service that will use the Bus Link. It will begin its journey at the UWE Frenchay Campus, travelling onto Long Mead, Wallshut Wood, Long Down Avenue, Romney Avenue, Gainsborough Square, and down Constable and Lockleaze Roads. It will turn left onto Filton

Avenue and onto Gloucester Road and travel as far as Zetland Road. From there it will pass through Cotham eventually going down St Michael’s Hill where it will turn right, going around the Triangle and then down Park Street and across the city centre, travelling onto Rupert Street, The Haymarket, Bond Street ending its journey at Station Approach on Temple Way. Ironically the commencement of the service coincides with the Constable Road Bridge works and closures and this service will be re-routed to the 24 route between Filton Avenue and Gainsborough Square. There are no plans to alter the route of service number 24.

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A bus link will be opened shortly to service the Cheswick estate


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April, 2017


Getting IT right for people and businesses in Filton JUNI



9.30a m




to 1 1.3




Our boys love school… and not just at break time For more information or to arrange a visit, call 0117 930 3068 or visit


Graham Simmonds, left, and right, a 3D replica of his head! Above, the shop on Gloucester Road North. See advert on Page 15 Goto iT is company that owner Graham Simmonds started over 18 years ago and has been based in Filton for over 10 years. They moved from a small shop on Filton Avenue to a much larger space in Filton Park a year ago and have been very happy with the move. Graham and his team say they really enjoy being part of the Filton community and are glad to be part of the regeneration of the area over the last few years. They are a friendly team who are only too happy to go out of their way to help people. Even if you have little knowledge of IT, they are able to explain things in a language everyone can understand. They provide a huge range of services from PC repair to supplying new laptops and desktops or other IT related products. The team says they are always looking forward to new technology as well, whether you are interested in virtual reality or 3D printing. Currently they are selling a 3D printer in their window. You should pop in and see it! For the avid gamer they also build state-of-the-art gaming, flight

simulation and multimedia PCs for people with various budgets so you can immerse yourself in the things you love to do. They are also there in times of crisis, so if you have had a computer stop working, they have data recovery skills to help get all your precious files back and safe. Goto iT also supports over 100 businesses, charities and sole traders across Bristol, providing help with networking, servers and cloud IT. From contract support and system monitoring to general maintenance and training, they do it all.  They also can supply the latest phone, communication systems and broadband services as well and data cabling. On top of this, for residential work done in the shop there is a no fix, no fee policy and free diagnosis. “The secret of a successful business is how you treat your customers,” Graham says. “I have been running goto iT for a long time and have built up a trusting relationship with many people over the years. Our five star ratings on Google and Yell make me proud of our services and products.”

To advertise, contact or Richard on 0777 555 0607 or Emma on 0771 577 0448.

April, 2017




With PC Matt Griffin of Filton Beat Team

You may have seen us as we teamed up with colleagues from Lockleaze and Patchway and local businesses to help clean up the area – literally! We were happy to support the litter pick on Sunday 19 March, as our role is all about working together to make our area a better place to live and work. We’re currently investigating a number of thefts of charity boxes from retailers in our area in the first two weeks of March. We had more than half a dozen reports of thefts and attempted thefts of collections for charities including Great Western Air Ambulance Service, St Peter’s Hospice, Sue Ryder and the RNIB. Thankfully many of the stores had good CCTV and we’re confident of tracking down the offender. I’d like to thank staff at a local bank branch for acting to safeguard a vulnerable elderly woman. They knew the lady and


became concerned after discovering that she had been asked to pay cash for some work on her home. They called us straight away and three men are now on bail for the Trading Standards offence of failing to give a ‘cooling off’ period before work started. No money was paid to them. Please share our message ‘it’s ok to say no’ with any vulnerable elderly family, friends and neighbours. Don’t let anyone

in until you have checked their identification. If someone you care about is vulnerable and needs work done on their home or garden, help them to get quotes from reputable tradespeople and make sure they keep their cash in the bank, not at home. Please share our advice: • It’s your doorstep, your decision. Don’t let any unknown and unexpected visitor inside. Deal with them through a

Got a story or any other inquiry? Call Richard on 0777 555 0607 or email

window or use a door chain • If you’re not sure, don’t open the door • Genuine representatives of utility companies expect you to check their identification. They’ll be quite happy to wait outside while you call to confirm using a number from the phone book or your bill. • Lock your doors while you’re in your garden • If you feel threatened or intimidated, close the door and call 999 straight away If you or someone you know has been targeted by scammers or rogue traders, report it to Trading Standards through Citizens’ Advice on 03453 04 05 06. For more advice on how to avoid falling victim to a doorstep con visit uk/business/trading-standards/ consumer-advice/doorstepselling. If you or someone you know is the victim of a crime and the offenders are still in the area call 999. If you’ve had a caller you’re suspicious of then let us know on 101 straight away.


T: 0777 555 0607



April, 2017

Community engagement foundation benefits from bank’s £5,000 donation The Foundation for Active Community Enagagement (FACE) has received £5000 to fund their Facing Forwards group for vulnerable and disabled adults in Filton. The donation was provided by the Santander Foundation, which offers Discovery Grants to UK registered charities for projects that help disadvantaged people in local communities. FACE is an active youth and community charity based at St Andrews Methodist Youth Centre working with all ages of the community to improve lives and make a difference in the local area. The grant will contribute to the running costs of the Facing Forwards group which meets at the youth centre on Tuesdays from 10am to 2.30pm. The group focuses on educational activities in the mornings and social skills development in the afternoons. The grant will enable the group to complete ASDAN courses, and gain awards in work skills, vocational and independent living skills. Lisa Smith, community development worker at FACE, said: “This grant will enable our learners to engage with others in similar situations, gain accredited awards showing all that they have achieved, and to gain valuable social skills, confidence, and self-esteem.” Amy Slack, manager at the Santander Foundation said: “The Santander Foundation makes hundreds of donations every year to good causes throughout the UK. Our branch is committed to playing a key part in the community and we are delighted to be supporting FACE, and hope the donation makes a real difference to local people.” About FACE Foundation for Active Community Engagement (FACE) was established in 2014 as a youth and community charity taking on the legacy of work at St Andrews Methodist Youth Centre on Elm Park in Filton. The youth centre celebrates its 50th birthday this year and

The Santander Foundation

has had an impact on the lives of thousands of young people and families through the years. The charity now works with people of all ages and backgrounds and has regular weekly activities for those aged seven upwards; including specific sessions for those with disabilities. The charity also works in local schools and other community organisations. For more information please visit

The Santander Foundation is at the heart of the bank’s community activities, providing grants to small charities and social enterprises working with disadvantaged people to fund skills, knowledge and innovation projects across the UK. Discovery Grants of up to £5,000 are available to support three types of activity: l Explorer: improving people’s knowledge l Transformer: supporting skills and experience l Changemaker: innovative solutions to social challenges   Over the last five years,

the Santander Foundation has provided £26 million in funding to 13,914 UK charities through Discovery Grants and Staff Matched Donations. For more information visit www.

To advertise, contact or Richard on 0777 555 0607 or Emma on 0771 577 0448.



G N I N I O J 7 1 E 0 C I 2 R L P I R F L P HA E IN A G N I S E E U F D O C



£32.99 (Monthly peak membership)



17 ) F J HP £10 E V (SA

£22.99 (Monthly off peak membership) • Tel: 01454 888 666


T: 0777 555 0607



Students pick their top book for award

Pupils at schools around the Filton area helped choose the winning novel in an annual South Gloucestershire literature contest. The Concorde Book Award is run by the district's schools and libraries to promote reading among those aged 13 to 15. This year's winner was the civil rights novel Lies We Tell Ourselves by American author Robin Talley The book - her debut novel beat the other shortlisted titles Beetle Boy, by M G Leonard; CarJacked, by Ali Sparkes; House of Secrets, by Chris Columbus; Murder Most Unladylike by Robin Stevens; and Young Sherlock Night Break by Andrew Lane. Once again this year’s winner was chosen after an exciting

district-wide reading challenge in which hundreds of young people from public and school library reading groups throughout South Gloucestershire worked their way through a shortlist of titles. Receiving the award, Robin Talley said: “It's an incredible thrill to receive an award that's given out by young readers themselves. I encourage all of the students who read and voted for these awards to keep on reading, and to keep thinking critically about the books you read. It's a wonderful way to learn, but more importantly, it's a lot of fun.” Chair of South Gloucestershire Council Cllr Erica Williams presented the award at a gala event at the Bristol and Bath Science Park at Emersons Green.

April, 2017

n BOOK REVIEW WITH FILTON LIBRARY The Buried Giant by Kazuo Ishiguro Reviewed by a Filton Library Reader This, the first novel by Ishiguro since 2005’s Never Let Me Go, is somewhat of a departure from his previous work. The Buried Giant starts and finishes purely in the realm of mythic fantasy, albeit a realm of mythic fantasy that is heavily clotted with allusions to Norse legends, Arthurian myth, Shakespeare’s King Lear and bits of the Welsh folkloric story-cycle The Mabinogion. Indeed, the heavily allusive tone and the themes of amnesia, collective trauma and buried guilt raise suspicions as to whether Ishiguro is playing straight with the reader or attempting to slip an allegory past us. However, his prose is as fine as ever—and the wrenching emotional weight of the novel dispels such notions, or at least renders them moot.

Despite a cast that includes not only the dragon, Querig (who has breathed upon the land an icy mist that steals memories), but also Gawain and Charon and (possibly) Beowulf as well, it’s the novel’s protagonists, a pair of aged villagers named Axl and Beatrice, who stay with you. As they chase the remnants of the memory of their missing son and (perhaps) the truth of their love for one another across a commonplace landscape rendered eerie and strange, Ishiguro’s greatest achievement is to make the depth of their relationship as haunting and wondrous as any of the marvels he shows us. The Buried Giant is an odd and truly lovely book, and a copy is available on-the-shelf at Filton Library.

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April, 2017




Staff recognised for outstanding care Sirona staff are celebrating after being praised for the outstanding care they give to those who use their services by Care Quality Commission inspectors. Numerous examples of innovative work and practices described as outstanding could be found across Sirona care & health, the CQC inspectors said in their report published at the end of March. “Staff were often described as going the extra mile and the care people received exceeded their expectations,” the report said. Examples given included how staff worked together to provide increased care and support for an individual to enable their partner to attend a family wedding; a member of staff at Thornbury Hospital who, whilst caring for someone at the end of their life, heard all about their love of the

smell of fish and chips and then promptly purchased these for all the patients on the ward helping to evoke past positive memories. The report not only praised the outstanding care but

highlighted the fact quality and safety were top priorities for the organisation, and that care was truly person centred, with the individual’s well being at the heart of care. The report also talked

about the outstanding multi-disciplinary working across services, with GPs and with other health care providers, it also drew attention to the open and honest culture towards those using the service and the fact that patients had gone to great lengths to tell the inspectors about their positive experiences. Janet Rowse, chief executive of Sirona, which currently provides services in Bath and North East Somerset, South Gloucestershire and surrounding areas, said: “I am immensely proud of every single member of staff who have always taken the care they provide personally and ensure that we care for those who need us in the same way we would for our own loved ones. This is official recognition of the outstanding care they provide and we are all delighted.”

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April, 2017

Filton Park Neighbourhood Watch Filton Park on to a couple more contacts, the information to them, as well Dear neighbours, Filton Neighbourhood Watch NHW has been Park they in turn phoning other as some information and advice

down the page to Useful Contacts and contact the Police in existence for contacts until the messages were periodically sent by the watch. NHW Administrator for South Filton Park NHW has been in existence for well over 20 years. well over 20 years. distributed to neighbours. Historically we've tended to Gloucestershire - Trevor Wilmot. Dear neighbours, In years gone by when crime When the Police "Ringmaster" find that certain crime affecting Request him to get us to contact Inatyears by when crime was at higher levels, there were contacts covering every was much higher levels, there wasmuch introduced, it meant one part of the watch, often you. Filton Parkgone NHW has been insystem existence for well over 20 years. were contacts covering every Over contacttime that completed of the or passed Alternatively, you may email part of every roadevery in Filton Park. some of athese affected peopleother haveparts moved, part of every road in Park. "Data Protection Form" would watch and contacts where we were made every us direct, putting your Road and some have retired. Inaway, years gone byFilton when crime was at much higher levels, there were covering Over time some of these people get the messages direct. aware, we would pass on this name as the subject line, send Because of much lower levels of crime in more recent years, few people have volunteered to part of every road in Filton Park. Over time some of these people have moved, or passed have moved, or passed away, and When that system was information. to replace those contacts and there aretonow some significant gapsnotinseen theany coverage. away, and someformer have retired. some have retired. updated to be able use email If you have NHW putting your name & house Because ofmuch much lower levelsweofwere crime recent years, few people haveit volunteered to Because of lower levels onein of more the pioneering information recently, maybe number somewhere in the body Crime alsorecent on the increase, especially burglary, and significant distraction andcontact targetted burglaryof the message. of crime inis more years, watches to getare on board, and because your unaware replace those former contacts and there now some gaps in theiscoverage. few peoplesome have volunteered to we also periodicallly send out of the fact the information has If there are roads/sections being of the nastiest. replace former email. Theand distraction not got to you targetted for some reason, Crimethose is also on contacts the increase,information especiallyviaburglary, and burglary of roads without a contact/coand are some messages contained or you no(cascade) longer have where an activethe watch ordinator, you will no longer be Inthere thesome oldnow days, system used to work on ainformation telephone pyramid being thethe nastiest. significant gaps of inwould the coverage. about crime/criminal activity from the contact. considered to be an active part of co-ordinator get a phone call with information police which was then passed Crime is also on the as well as Crime Reduction/ In the latter case you may the watch. toold a couple more contacts, they in advice. turn otherpyramid contacts until the messages were We have been warned Inon the days,burglary, the system used to work onphoning a telephone where the watch increase, especially Prevention wish to (cascade) volunteer - all you need distributed to neighbours. co-ordinator would get a phone call information police which thenaspassed and distraction and targetted Morewith recently the Police from the is email and ideallywas a printer by a previous Police NHW burglary of the hasturn been updated again some information may need be When the some Police "Ringmaster" system was introduced, meant every contact thattocompleted on to abeing couple more contacts,system they in phoning other itcontacts until the messages wereAdministrator that if you do not nastiest. and isget nowthe known as the "Alert" printedthat for circulation. a "Data Protection Form" would messages direct. When system was updatednotify to your insurers, there have distributed to neighbours. In the old days, the system message system. In either case you can been cases when there's been betoable use email , we weresystem one of was thecontacts pioneering watches to get on board, andcompleted we also When thetoon Police "Ringmaster" introduced, it meant every contact that used work a telephone These days, are contact the watch by visiting a claim where an insurer had send out email. The within messages contained information about reduced aperiodicallly "Data(cascade) Protection would getvia the messages direct. When that system was updated to pyramid whereForm" the information effectively co-ordinators the A&S Police website www. or refused a payout! crime/criminal activity as welltheir as Crime Reduction/Prevention advice. watch co-ordinator would get a were small group of neighbours be able to use email , we one of the pioneering watches to get on board, and we also So we would urge you to try phone call with information from (ideally more than 10, and clicking on Neighbourhood periodicallly send out information vianoemail. Theabout messages contained information about and ensure that you are an active theMore policerecently which wasthe thenPolice passedsystem preferably or 7) distributing Watch then scroll part of a watch. has 6been updated again and is Scheme, now known as the "Alert"

crime/criminal activity as well as Crime Reduction/Prevention advice. message system. These days, Contacts are effectively co-ordinators within their small group of neighbours (ideally more than aboutupdated 10, preferably 6 oris7)now distributing thethe information More recently the Policenosystem has been again and known as "Alert" to them, system. as well as somedays, information and periodically sent bywithin the watch. Historically message These Contacts areadvice effectively co-ordinators their small group tended(ideally to find that certain crime affecting one part6of watch, oftenthe affected other ofwe've neighbours no more than about 10, preferably orthe 7) distributing information of as thewell watch and where we were made aware, we would pass on this information. toparts them, as some information and advice periodically sent by the watch. Historically we've tended to find that certain crime affecting one part of the watch, often affected other If youofhave not seen NHW it maybe because your contact is parts the watch andany where we information were made recently, aware, we would pass on this information. unaware of the fact the information has not got to you for some reason, or you no longer an active contact. the latter case you may wish to volunteer - all youcontact need isisemail Ifhave you have not seen any In NHW information recently, it maybe because your and ideally a printer asinformation some information need besome printed for circulation. unaware of the fact the has notmay got to youtofor reason, or you no longer have an active contact. In the latter case you may wish to volunteer - all you need is email In either you can contact the watchmay by visiting the Police and ideallycase a printer as some information need to beA&S printed for website circulation. and clicking on Neighbourhood Watch Scheme, scroll down to Useful Contacts & contact the Police website NHW Administrator for Inthen either case you the canpage contact the watch by visiting the A&S South Gloucestershire - Trevor Wilmot. Request himon to Neighbourhood get us to contactWatch you. Alternatively, and clicking Scheme, MONDAY you scroll may email direct, your Road name asTUESDAY the send to then down us the page putting to Useful Contacts & contact thesubject Policeline, NHW Administrator for fpnhw_adm1"at" putting your name & house number somewhere in the body of South Gloucestershire Trevor Wilmot. Request him to get us to you. Alternatively, St. Andrews Church, Elmcontact Park The Pavilion, Elm- Park, FIlton Monday p.m.the &putting 7.00 pm with themay message (replace "at" @ symbol to get theFilton. full email address (off A38), you email us5.00 direct, yourthe Road name as the subject line, send to - it's presented Contact: to Carolyn 942226 a.m, 11.30 a.m. & 7.30 p.m. address on in this manner help- 07715 prevent Spamyour botsname from9.30 picking up the email thisbody page). fpnhw_adm1"at" putting & house number somewhere in the of Contact:to Ruth - 07515 Southmead the message (replace the "at" with the @ symbol get the 422522 full email address - it's presented Southmead Community Centre, THURSDAY at the end ofto the day there are roads/sections of roads without a address contact/co-ordinator, Greystoke Ave. inIfthis manner help prevent Spam bots from picking up the email on this page).you Community Centre, Littlestoke Community Hall, will no longer9.30 bea.m. considered to be an active part of the watch. We have been warned by & 11.30 a.m. Greystoke Avenue. Littlestoke Lane. p.m. & 7.30 p.m. are roads/sections Police NHW Administrator that if you do not p.m. notify your there have been 5.30 & 7.30 pm ainsurers, Ifprevious at the end of5.30 the day there of roads without contact/co-ordinator, you 9.30 a.m, & 11.30 a.m. Contact: Amy 07786 652013 Contact: Kimberley 07469 947406 cases when there's been a to claim where an part insurer hadwatch. reduced refused payout! So we will no longer be considered be an active of the Weor have beenawarned by Contact: Sharron - 07947 064711 would urge youCNHW to and ensure aredo annot active part of ainsurers, watch. there have been Horfield of EtryPrimary School, that WEDNESDAY previous Police Administrator thatyou if you notify your Bishop Manor St. Michael and All Angels Church, cases when there's beenRoad. a claim where an Horfield insurerLeisure had reduced or refused So we Centre, Dorian Road. a payout! pp. FPNW Committee p.m. ensure that you are an 160 Gloucester Road, Bishopston. would urge you to 7.30 try and part a watch. 3.30active p.m., 5.30 p.m.of & 7.30 p.m.

live happy! with

Slimming World

Contact: Wendy - 07813 807646

pp. FPNW Committee

Contact: Carolyn - 07715 942226

Littlestoke Community Hall, Littlestoke Lane. 0344 897 8000

Thursdays 9.30 a.m, 11.30 a.m. & 7.30 p.m. Contact: Sue - 07702 578298

9.30 a.m, 5.00 p.m. & 7.00 p.m. Contact: Sharron - 07947 064711

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April, 2017





Lesley Mansell, Labour

Lesley Mansell, Labour’s candidate for the West of England Metro Mayor, told a packed meeting at Fairfield School that she would join Bristol mayor Marvin Rees in fighting to defeat government plans to impose further cuts to health and social care. Before the meeting Lesley was joined by Shadow Chancellor John McDonnell MP and a team of canvassers from Lockleaze Labour Party. The team called on people in Romney Avenue to introduce Lesley, and went on to visit Buzz cafe in Gainsborough Square. At the meeting 200 people heard Lesley promise to use the office of Metro Mayor to demand more resources from central government for the services needed by people in Lockleaze and Horfield. She said: “Devolution presents an opportunity for us to tackle the inequalities of our housing market, the insecurity of our jobs market and to end the daily frustrations of our journeys across Bristol.”

Aaron Foot, UKIP

As your local UKIP Candidate for the West Of England Metro Mayor, I have three commitments. Firstly, as a farmer, I understand the vast importance of the greenbelt and thus I do not want to see our nation stripped of its prime agricultural land and natural wildlife habitats. This is why I will fight hard to prevent our countryside becoming swamped by overdevelopment, as our countryside must be preserved so be enjoyed by future generations. I will also pledge to get the Bristol and Bath grid lock sorted once and for all. This will be achieved by ending the war on motorists and implementing an integrated transport network where bus, train and road user all work together. Finally, I want to be the voice that represents you, the public, this is why in the first 100 days in office, I will create a direct democracy platform so we can shape the West Of England together. This will be done so that we can all champion change.

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VOTE TO SECURE FILTON’S FUTURE On 4th May this year people in the Filton area have the chance to vote for action to tackle traffic congestion, improve public transport, provide new homes and improve our economy. Conservative West of England Mayoral candidate Tim Bowles has That’s because an action plan that will put Filton priorities at the top of the agenda. the new West of He’ll work with MPs and Councils across the area to get things done England Mayor will – and he is the only candidate committed to working with the Prime Minister to make a success of Brexit locally. have powers over transport, housing on congestion in Filton. This will include and the economy supporting a new train station in North Filton. across Bath & North East Somerset, South Gloucestershire and Bristol. There have been too many years of indecision and small If people in Filton don’t vote on 4th May, our voice will not be heard. That means schemes that have just tinkered around the decisions taken by the new Mayor would edges of big problems be dominated by the interests of parts of Conservative candidate Tim Bowles has Bristol alone, and not the whole area. So pledged his support for our local aerospace it’s vital we make our voice heard. sector, a successful redevelopment of the airfield – with more new jobs and action VOTE TIM BOWLES. CONSERVATIVE.

WEST OF ENGLAND MAYOR: WILL HAVE BIG POWERS OVER Q Major transport schemes Q Housing and development

Q Economy and jobs Q A budget of nearly £1 billion

MAKE SURE FILTON’S VOICE IS HEARD: VOTE CONSERVATIVE ON 4TH MAY w: Promoted by Kris Murphy on behalf of Tim Bowles both of 5 Westfield Park, Redland, Bristol BS6 6LT.

April, 2017




Tim Bowles, Conservative

As a local community campaigner, I’m passionate about our region and that’s why I’m standing to be the first West of England Mayor. I’ve combined a successful business career with public service as a local Councillor over the last fourteen years and I want to use my skills, experience and determination to make our region even better. Our community is a great place to live with a growing economy and new jobs. But success brings demand for more housing - and transport infrastructure is just not keeping up. Local people want to see further improvements to transport and they want to be able to get on the housing ladder more easily. If elected, I will adopt a better approach to development – so the right homes are built in the right places, protecting our green spaces and prioritising urban regeneration. I’m also determined to make transport a priority like a new station at Henbury and Horfield, speeding up the Portway Park and Ride station, and increased services from Sea Mills and Shirehampton stations. The West of England Mayor can make a real difference to the lives of people in the West with nearly £1 billion of extra Government money and key powers over housing, transport, the economy and jobs. But we need a strong local voice to champion our region, we need a Mayor who can work with our Government, local MPs and Councillors to get things done instead of using the role to score political points.

Darren Hall, Green


I grew up in Gloucestershire and lived in the Bristol area for the last 15 years. After graduating from Swansea University as a mechanical engineer, I joined the RAF as an Engineering Officer. Later I undertook a Masters in Business and worked in public services in a number of roles spanning crime & drugs, culture and media & sport. I was the national spokesperson for the FRANK drugs campaign and supported Gloucestershire’s recovery from 2007’s flooding. I spent 5 years working with Bristol City Council, running the Bristol Green Capital Partnership, and led the team that won the European Green Capital Award. Over 20 years, I have become more active in campaigning on environmental issues and despite my reservations, I was persuaded to enter politics. I ran to be Green Party’s Bristol West MP, achieving 23% of the vote, coming a close second to Labour. During the campaign I saw how the Green party’s vision and messages of hope connected with residents fed up with the hollow promises from ‘the greenest government ever’. As Metro Mayor, we can improve the lives of thousands who live and work in the West of England by investing in better public transport, affordable housing, and jobs that pay a living wage. We must do more to provide people with meaningful work and investing in people. We have the opportunity to be a world leader in the smart cities agenda, creating a strong local economy that protects and regenerates the natural resources upon which we all enjoy.

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for Regional Mayor New rail stations, more frequent trains, night buses & capped fares Affordable homes to buy and rent, protecting precious green belt Against a damaging Hard Brexit

1st choice for Regional Mayor on 4th May

Bookies make Lib Dems favourite for Metro Mayor Bookmakers Ladbrokes have made Liberal Democrat candidate Stephen Williams an early favourite in the West of England Metro Mayor election on 4th May.

Lib Dems: EVENS Conservative: 11/10 Labour: 7/1 Green: 50/1

UKIP: 100/1

It’s a two horse race between Stephen Williams and the Conservatives

Prices correct as of 15th March 2017 Published and promoted by Daniel Kelly on behalf of Stephen Williams (Liberal Democrats), both at 31 James St West, Bath, BA1 2BT.

April, 2017





Stephen Williams, Lib Dem

The election of a “Metro” Mayor for the West of England is an exciting opportunity to take our region forward. London has benefitted from the strategic leadership of its Mayor. Now we will have the same powers and new sources of money so that we can make the big decisions locally, rather than asking for permission or funding from the government in Westminster. The new Metro Mayor will be able to invest in the local economy, with £120million available in the first four years. I will invest in cheap start up space for new businesses and social enterprises. I want to encourage tech and digital entrepreneurs, the fast growing industries of the future. I will also support those businesses that are developing a low carbon, sustainable economy. I will lead trade delegations to bring more jobs to our area. I will set aside land for new homes that are affordable for purchase and rent, safeguarding the green belt. I will use new transport powers to regulate all bus providers, enabling a common method of cashless payment. This will cut journey times and improve air quality. I will reopen rail stations, starting with Ashley Down, Charfield and Saltford. I will work with our county neighbours to bring more rail improvements and a new tram link to Bristol Airport. This job needs someone with the right mix of political experience, personal skills and ideas. I am the only candidate to have served as a minister in the government, as well as an MP and councillor. This enables me to make the case to the government for even more resources.

John Savage, Independent

On May 4, we enter a new phase of devolution that will profoundly change the way that our region is run. I have lived in the West of England for the last 40 years and for the first time in my life I see the possibility of a real shift in power from Westminster to local people. Last year three councils in the West of England – Bristol, Bath & North East Somerset and South Gloucestershire – agreed to a devolution deal which will allow our region to determine its own future, as well as an additional £30 million in extra funding from government. This is an unprecedented opportunity for the West of England and it is essential that we do not waste it. We need a leader who can work across the three local authorities; someone who will not be bound by bureaucracy nor party interests. This is not the time to be divisive, but to unite the West of England around a common purpose and, in doing so, truly let this region reach its full potential. The West of England’s Mayor must use their position to facilitate co-operation between the local authorities for the good of all. I intend to stand as an independent candidate for this election and draw upon my vast experience of partnership working – with government, local government, businesses and charities – to bolster the status of the West of England and champion it as the best places to live and work.

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April, 2017

n REGULAR EVENTS Mondays Dinky Dolphins, baby and pre-school swimming session, games music and play, 9.30am-10.30am. These sessions are first come, first served. £4.25 for 1 adults and up to two children, Filton Sports and Leisure Centre Tea Dance, Filton Community Centre, 1.45pm-3.45pm. 07527 808206 St. Peter’s Ladies Group (formerly Wives Group) “We are a group of ladies, who meet in St. Peter’s Church Hall at 7.30 pm on the second and fourth Mondays of each month, except August for a talk or social gathering. Our programme can be seen on the church web site at www.filtonchurch.pwp@ New members very welcome, just come along on the night or ring Jane Curtis on 0117 9699987 or Janet Porter on 0117 9696958. Bristol & Avon Family History Society. We meet on the 2nd Monday of the month, except JUNE which is the 3rd Monday. We do not meet in JULY or AUGUST. VENUE BAWA Southmead Road FILTON at 7.30pm. There is a varied programme of family history related topics and speakers, for beginners and more experienced researchers. Help, books and more always available at each meeting. Further information from

Tuesdays Pre-School story and Rhyme time 9.30am, Filton Library, Shields Centre, Aqua fit Tuesdays, 9.45 – 10.30am, cost £4.75 a session, class suitable for non swimmers, participants must be 16 yrs and over, Filton Sports and Leisure Keep Fit Association classes, all welcome, Filton Community Centre 2-3pm. Call 0117 969 3326 Westerly Showband welcomes able adult wind band musicians to its weekly rehearsals every Tuesday at Horfield CEVC Primary School Bishop Manor Rd, Bristol BS10 5BD from 7.30 to 9.30 pm. Under its experienced conductor Chris Harris players will be receive the coaching and support needed to achieve a satisfying performance. Band practices take place in a friendly and encouraging atmosphere and include nice biscuits. The repertoire includes a wide variety of genres especially chosen to please both band members and audiences alike. Prospective members can look at the website at www. westerlyshowband .com or ring 0117 9561950 for more information. Visitors to rehearsals are always welcome. See also Friday for training band.

Wednesdays Filton Garden Club, St Teresa’s Social Club, 7.30pm. 1st Wednesday of every month, 0117 975 9126. Not January. Filtones Choir. Don’t like going out in the evening? At a loose end on a Wednesday afternoon? Ever thought of joining a choir? Why not come along on and exercise your lungs and challenge your grey cells with our friendly group of people who are The Filtones. We are actively seeking to recruit altos, tenors (gents or ladies) and basses to join our happy band. We sing four part harmony but ability to read music, although useful, is not essential as we supply CDs and MP3 files as teaching aids. We give afternoon concerts to elderly people’s clubs and societies around Bristol and two evening concerts in June and

December from which we donate much of our profit to charities. We are a very caring and sociable group of people who sing together with the aim of giving as good a performance as we can, but mainly to enjoy ourselves. For more information please ring Jilly on 0117 9232281 or Shirley on 0117 9654348 or e mail or look at our web site on www.thefiltones. Alternatively, just call in at Eden Grove Methodist Church Horfield BS7 0PQ between 1.30 and 3.45 pm on a Wednesday afternoon (not during August) for a listen and a chat. Men in Sheds in Filton is extending its hours to meet demand. The DIY group, which aims to tackle loneliness and isolation among men aged over 50, operates from the Scout hut in Nuffield Grove, providing a space to socialise, build, share skills and drink tea. Men in Sheds Filton is part of a national movement, initiated by Age Concern Cheshire in 2009 and sustained by the UK Men’s Sheds Association. There are now over 200 “sheds” across the country, with many more being developed. The group runs every Wednesday, from 9.30am-12.30pm. Horfield Townswomens Guild are a really friendly Guild that meet on the second Wednesday of every month at St. Gregory the Great Church Hall, Filton Road, Horfield at 2.30 pm. Ladies are welcome to just turn up or ring Edna on 0117 949 5413 for a chat about the Guild. New Harmony Ladies’ Choir Bristol …. an established choir since 1994 who offers a chance for ladies to get together and have a good old……sing! No auditions are necessary apart from placing you into the correct voice group - soprano, mezzo soprano or alto. We are a very socially minded group and often enjoy activities outside the singing role. We perform several concerts a year and sometimes travel to other parts of the country to sing with other choirs. Our repertoire covers classical, choral, jazz, popular, folk, and show songs in fact, a wide variety. Everyone is welcome to Horfield URC church hall, Muller Rd on Wednesdays 7.30-9.30. We’d love to meet you. For more information contact our website or our secretary Angela Northavon Singers would welcome new members especially sopranos to our mixed choir of 20-singing all kinds of music. Rehearsals at St Peter’s Church Filton every Wed at 7.30pm - not August. On the third Wednesday of each month the Avon branch of the International Plastic Modellers Society (IPMS UK) meet at the Avon Suite BAWA Club. 7.45late. Over 18 please unless accompanied by an adult. All types of plastic modelling and one of the largest groups in the UK. For further information check out website Filton Historical Group. meet at Pavilion, Elm Park, Filton. 7.30pm last Wed.of months. Sept. to April (not December) Interesting speakers. For further details: 0117 9695198.

Thursdays Bristol Male Voice Choir...if you enjoy singing, even if only in the shower/bath, then this is the place to come! We have fun every Thursday evening from 7.15 in the company of like-minded gentlemen. The choir practises every week at South Gloucestershire and Stroud College (formerly Filton College) on Gloucester

Road, Filton. For more information look at our website or telephone our secretary Alan Snook on 0117 9424378. Bristol Sugarcraft Guild meet every third Thursday in the month except August.We welcome all -from beginners to the more competent crafter Meetings start at 7.30-9.30 at St. Andrews church. For more information ring Bristol 9568737 or 9653568 Dinky Dolphins, baby and pre-school swimming session, games music and play, 9.30am-10.30am. These sessions are first come, first served. £4.25 for 1 adults and up to two children, Filton Sports and Leisure Centre, term time only, term time only. Filton Ladies, St Andrew’s Church Hall, 2pm-4pm, new members welcome, call 0117 904 1844 Silver surfers: FACE, Elm Park, BS34 7PS, 10am-noon Drop-in for ‘silverhaired’ folk (over 50yrs) to get help with accessing computers, the internet, mobile phone technology, digital cameras, and much more! Run by a dedicated team of friendly volunteers with Ken at the helm, this supportive group is just as much a social session as it is about learning! Come and join us! Come along anytime, just £2.50 per session with free refreshments. Does not run during August. Should you wish to take Flower Arranging lessons, there is a small, friendly group which meets at Filton Community Centre (formerly Filton Folk Centre) on Thursday evenings at 7-9pm from mid September. Catering for beginners and improvers we cover all aspects of flower arranging from traditional to contemporary including Church flowers and flowers for special occasions. More details from 01454 323610 or 01454 412087. The Avon & Bristol Woodturners meet every third Thursday at St Teresa’s Church Hall from 7pm to approximately 10pm. For details,, North Bristol Creative writing group. Meets fortnightly. 07535111294 St Peter’s MU (Mothers Union) 2nd Thursday of each month (except August), 2pm in the church hall. All ladies and Gentlemen invited. For more information look on St Peter’s Church web site or call 0117 9491833 or just turn up. Work club: FACE, Elm Park, BS34 7PS, 12.30-3pm: Drop-in session, Open to all who want some advice / guidance looking for work! Get support with CV writing, filling in job aplications, job searching, interview techniques/ practise, volunteering placements, and finding local courses to get more qualifications! Stop Smoking Sessions, 3-4pm. Appointments to be booked in advance. 01454 865502. smokefree@southglos. Diddi dance, Preschool dance class for girls and boys ages 18 months to school! Thursdays 9:45-10:30am, St. Teresas Church Hall. Contact Emily for your free trial.07850983821. emily.norman@

Fridays Pre-School story and Rhyme time 2.30pm, Filton Library, Shields Centre

Toddler Group, meets term time only at St Andrew’s Methodist Church from 10 to 11.45. A warm welcome to all toddlers and their carers. Concord band is Westerly Showband’s training band.We meet every Friday 7.30pm – 9.30pm at the Doug Daniels Pavilion, Filton Leisure Centre, Elm Park, BS34 7PS. Our Conductor Keith Williams is a well known Teacher and Performer in Bristol, we play a wide range of music, so if you would like to get back to playing again, look no further. Contact Jayne 07880724948 / jaynerentonharper@ Or come along with your instrument and have a play. Visitors to rehearsals are always welcome. Aqua fit, 9.30 – 10.15am, cost £4.75 a session, class suitable for non swimmers, participants must be 16 yrs and over, Filton Sports and Leisure

Saturdays 9.30am – 10.30am, Filton District Councillors’ Surgery, Filton Library. Filton Library, Shields Centre, free one to one IT tuition with our Computer Support Volunteers on Saturday mornings. Contact the library to book a session. Monthly Chatterbooks reading group for children in years 5 – 6. Meets on a Saturday afternoon, Filton Library, Shields Centre. St Teresa’s Catholic Church, Vigil Mass, 6pm

Sundays St Peter’s Church, 8.00am Holy Eucharist; 10.00am Parish Eucharist with crèche and Sunday Club; Noon, Baptism (by appointment); 6.00pm Evening Worship (Choral Evensong on the 1st Sunday of each month)’. St Teresa’s Catholic Church, Morning Mass, 10.30am. Other masses visit www. St Andrew’s Church, Filton, 10.30am, Morning Worship; 6pm, Evening Worship

Pyramid Youth Club Juniors 5-9 yrs Thursdays 6.30 - 7.45 p.m. Inters 10-12 yrs Mondays and Fridays 6.30 - 8.00 p.m. Seniors 13+ Mondays and Fridays 8.00 - 10.00 p.m. Judo Tuesdays Juniors under 13 yrs 6.30 - 7.30 p.m. and 13+ - adults 7.30 9.00 p.m. New members are welcome. Please ring 9691315 if you want more information. There are vacancies in all age groups. Based at 470 Filton Avenue, contact Margaret 0117 9691315

Filton Community Centre 983 6500 FiltonCommunityCentre Mondays Gymtastics 9:00 - 3:30 Tel: 07513909786 Survive Drop-In 10:00 - 12:00 Tel: 0117 9612999 Tea Dance 1:45 - 4:00 Tel: 07527 808206 Alzheimers support 2 - 4 pm

To advertise, contact or Richard on 0777 555 0607 or Emma on 0771 577 0448.

April, 2017


Tuesdays Gymtastics 9:00 - 3:30 Tel: 07513909786 Keep Fit 2:00 - 4:00 Tel: 0117 9693326 Flower Arranging 2:00-4:00 Dog Training 7:00 - 9:15 01454 616630 Cacti Club 7:30 - 9:30 (3rd Tues) Tel: 0117 9503604 Kumon Maths and English Classes 3.30pm - 5.30pm Tel: 01454 281 037 Wednesdays Pilates 10:00 - 11:00 Tel: Maree 0117 9502411 Tai Kwan Do 6:30 - 7:30 Tel: 07971 684912 Dawn James Art 1.30 - 3.30 Tel. 0117 975 9683 Jumpfit 5.40 - 6.40pm Thursdays Gymtastics 9:00 - 3:30 Tel: 07513909786 Lift Employability 9:30 – 12:00 Short Mat Bowls 2:00 - 4:00 Flower Arranging 7:30 - 9:30 Kumon Maths and English classes 4pm - 6pm Tel: 01454 281 037 Fridays Gymtastics 9:00 - 3:30 Karate 6:00 - 8:00


Saturdays Ballroom Dancing (3rd & 5th Sat) 7:45-10:45 Sundays Karate 10:30 - 12:00


Mondays: Duke of Edinburgh’s awards 6-7pm Youth club for 12-18s (Year 8+) 7.309.30pm, £1 Wednesdays: Youth club for 12-18s (Year 8+) 7.30-9.30pm, £1 Thursdays: Ignite Thursdays: (all sessions £1) 4.30-5.30pm: Sensory Sparklers group for people aged 11+ with complex sensory needs 6-7pm: Bright Sparks Youth club for age 11-15 with learning/social difficulties or ASD 7.30-9.30pm: Illuminators Transitions social club for age 16+ with learning/ social difficulties or ASD No 1-2-1 or personal care provided please bring support worker/carer. Fridays: 3.45-4.40pm: Street dance for 8-14year olds, £4 5-6pm: Youth club for School Years 3, 4 & 5, £1 6.30-8pm: Youth club for School Years 6 & 7, £1 New members always welcome to all groups. Based at: FACE, Elm Park, Filton, BS34 7PS, phone 0117 9691938, email and website Please follow us

n DIARY DATES Saturday, April 22

There will be a TABLE TOP SALE at St. Andrew's Methodist Church, Elm Park, Filton , Bristol - 10.30 a.m. to 12.30 p.m. in aid of Church funds. Bookings and enquiries please tel. 0117 9872143

on Facebook: ‘FACE-Filton’ and Twitter: @FACEFilton to keep updated with our news!

SHE7, Braemar Crescent, Filton Tuesday Coffee Morning 10am – 12pm Computer drop Club 2pm – 4pm Bingo 7.30pm – 9.15pm Wednesday Over 50’s 3 course lunch £3.50, 12.15pm, sit down at 12.30pm Thursday Over 50’s 3 course lunch £3.50, 12.15pm, sit down at 12.30pm Friday North Bristol Amateur Radio Club, Open to Public, 7pm - 10pm Saturday Bingo, 7.00pm –

1st Filton Scouts, Cubs & Beavers Beavers, aged 6-8, two groups, Weds 5pm and 6.15pm Cubs, 8-101/2, Mon and Thurs 6.30-8pm Scouts, 101/2 - 14, Tues 7-9pm The group is based in Scout Headquarters, Nutfield Grove, Filton, BS34 7LH. All sections are open to boys and girls. Contact for all sections is John Cahill (, Phone 0798 605 3005)


Rainbows, Brownies and Guides Tuesdays Brownies - ages 7 - 10 years Guides - ages 10 - 14 years Rangers - ages 14 + Wednesdays Rainbows - ages 5 - 7 years Brownies - ages 7 - 10 years Thursdays Rainbows - ages 5 - 7 years For more information please contact : or register at Girlguiding UK website and follow the parent links to register your daughter.

Weekdays Coffee shop, 9am – 12:30pm, St Peter’s Church, Filton

Filton Community Garden meetings Every second Saturday of the month at 10am-12noon in meeting room next to the Soft Play, entry via the Ratepayers.



Thursday, April 27

Avon Organic Group, the local group for everyone interested in organic gardening and organic foods. Talk: Natural Pond Creation with Richard Fishbourne of “Bugs & Beasties”. 7pm – at The Station, Silver Street, Bristol. BS1 2AG All welcome. Visitors £5 / Members £2. /

Saturday, April 29

Jumble sale 10am -12 noon at St Peter's Church Hall, Filton. 50p entrance fee. Bric a brac stall, refreshments.

Thursday, May 4

Bristol Male Voice choir are delighted to present a joint concert with Melbourne Welsh Male Choir at 7.30 pm on  Thursday, May 4th in St Bonaventure’s Church, Bishopston, Bristol BS7 8HP.   Both choirs  perform a few days after participating in the Cornwall International Male Voice Choir Festival. Melbourne bring with them over 30 years of choral singing both in Australia and on many international tours, and we can expect to hear a diverse range of music from them. This is Bristol MVC’s spring concert , the first of 2017 in Bristol itself, and a prelude to regular concerts throughout the rest of the year.  Tickets cost £10 and a bar awaits you after the concert . For tickets please contact our secretary on 0117 942 4378 or our concert secretary on 0117 935 5597.

Have you got an event you wish to share with Filton people. Email with details

Saturday 8th Apr 2017 4.00pm-6.00pm

Crafts, fun and food for all the family Come and join us.


Entry is FREE! ** Children must be accompanied by a responsible adult at all times**

Got a story or any other inquiry? Call Richard on 0777 555 0607 or email

** Child


T: 0777 555 0607


n PROPERTY OF THE MONTH WITH OCEAN Lovely detached home near top local employers

April, 2017

1a Warren Road, Filton ÂŁ350,000

Are you looking for a detached house in Filton? Accommodation includes three bedrooms and a bathroom to the first floor and a lounge/diner with doors to separate into two rooms. and a separate kitchen to the ground floor. The private rear garden is part lawned. The property is in good condition through out and is close to local employers such as MOD, Airbus and Rolls-Royce. An ideal opportunity for a buy to let investor or first time buyers. Further benefits include gas central heating, double glazing and off-street parking for numerous vehicles. The house benefits from recent refurbishment.

Ocean | 8 Gloucester Road North, Filton | 0117 90 44000 |

Schools running community arts trail ... get involved

Children from Filton Avenue Primary Orchard Campus

Art and Sole - A community art trail Saturday, 20th May 11am - 3pm. The Art & Sole arts trail, brought to you by the With One Voice Partnership of schools aims to celebrate and promote the creativity and diversity in our community. The trail across 10 venues including Horfield and Lockleaze will show of some of the amazing work of both children and adults in many different art forms. It will also give you the opportunity to find out more about what you caan get involved in around your community. Giving you the chance to have a go at things that you may never tried before. Organisers are currently looking for volunteers to help support the trail. You may have a skill that you are willing to share with others through running an activity or you might be willing to support your local school or community hub to run their venue. You might have a some art work yourself that you would like to display at one of our venues. Contact Helen at if you want to help out. One Voice Partnership schools are: Orchard School Bristol, Filton Avenue Primary, Fonthill Primary, Upper Horfield Primary and Filton Avenue Children’s Centre.

To advertise, contact or Richard on 0777 555 0607 or Emma on 0771 577 0448.


April, 2017

Trade services


filtonvoice To advertise in our trade services section from as little as £15 per month contact Richard on 07775 550607 or Emma Emma on on 0117 077159082121. 770 448


Clothes cupboards full full Clothes cupboards of items you never wear?wear? of items you never LostLost weight but but weight can’tcan’t afford a whole afford a whole new new wardrobe? wardrobe? WhyWhy not try notalterations try alterations to existing to existing clothes? WantWant a knitted clothes? a knitted garment for afor newa new babybaby or or garment toddler? WantWant a dress altered toddler? a dress altered or made for afor special event? or made a special event? Call Call me on or 01179314614 me07910918024 on 07910918024 or 01179314614 Or email me on Or email on BUILDING SERVICES

Tel: 07960 185187 BUILDING SERVICES


D Turner

Painting, Decorating & Property Maintenance • Tiling • PVC • Full Electrics • Fencing • Flooring Interior & Exterior Free Estimates Competitive Rates

Office: 0117 982 3930 or 0777 391 6802 CARPET CLEANING



Carpets dry in 30 minutes!

Current Offer


1 Room 3 Rooms Whole House

£40* £70* £90*


1 Armchair £25* 1 Sofa £30* Rugs £10 to £30*

Nick/Alison at A Carpet Cleaning Service Ltd

PAINTER & DECORATOR l Local professional painting and decorating service for all internal and external work l Free quotations on request ... with no obligation.

CALL ANDY ON ... T: 0117 985 1899 | M: 07860 750167 Email: PLUMBER

Taps, Washers Toilets, Cisterns Leaks, Blockages Tanks, Overflows Lead Pipes, Stopcocks….etc… OAP DISCOUNTS and NO VAT


957 5092 PLUMBER

Reliable Plumber 10% OFF WITH TH

Leaking taps l Blocked wastes l WC l Ball valves Overflows Carpets l Showers l Basins Taps l SUPPL Y,l PREP & Cushionfloor vinylY GENUINEL Boilers l Heating & Plumbing LOW flooring PRICES & Laminate FREE QUOTES Carpets Latexing CompleteCushionfloo bathroom Hardboarding Vinyl tiles installations Laminate fl Tel: 0117 979Latexing 3842 Hardboardi or 07791 786 820 Deal direct with fitter, call Vinyl tiles Tom 07886 683954


Deal direct with fitter, call Tom 07886 683954



Carpet/Upholstery Cleaning



Local & Reliable Electrician Insured • Free quotations

• Shed & Garage Clearance • Small Demolition Undertaken Telephone:

07815 982352 John


DAVE TRIMBY ROOFING SERVICES l All Roofing Work Undertaken l Professional | Friendly | Local l Independent family business l Well established l Roof repairs and renewals l Fascia, soffit and guttering work

07812 730346 0117 904 3656 | 07899 921 338 07880 687358 Terry Got a story or any other inquiry? Call Richard on 0777 555 0607 or email *PRICES ARE EXCLUDING VAT


Perfected Hair & Beauty

Affordable luxury ... on your doorstep


A date for the diary ...

Free parking, Free Refreshments, Loyalty card scheme, Up to date magazines

0117 969 4857

30 Gloucester Road North, Filton Park, Bristol BS7 0SJ |

We are a fantastic Elemis salon, offering Facials and Body Treatments and we are THE ONLY SALON IN BRISTOL to have the Elemis Biotec, scientifically proven anti ageing machine, We stock and use L’Oreal Professionnel products and colour as well as Kerastase products. We are a small family run salon, in glamorous surroundings with the latest technologies, excellent customer service and innovative creative stylists on hand to make you a NEW exciting you!


We now offer @perfecteduk Perfected Hair and Beauty Elemis Pregnancy Perfected Hair and Beauty Massage

Filtonvoice April 2017  

Filtonvoice April 2017

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