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about me

richie hands

b.s. architectural studies uw milwaukee

education -

2008.2009 - architecture 1 [jim shields] architecture 2 [mo zell] 2009.2010 - architecture design 1 [john fox] architecture deisgn 2 [hanno webber] 2010.2011 - chicago studio [neil frankel] cape verde studio and study abroad [nj unaka & mike utzinger]

experience -

2011 - teacher’s assistant [mo zell’s architecture 2 studio] assisted in critiquing students in design and encouraging them to think critically about design decisions 2011 - AIAS member 2009 - intern tri-north builders [madison] assisted both on-site and in-office for the urban league of greater madison project received first hand experience on how the building and project was put together from beginning to end involved with client/contractor meetings 2008 - NOMAS member [currently active]

skill set -

google sketchup, adobe indesign, illustrator, photoshop, bridge, autoCAD, revit, microsoft office, hand drafting/rendering, some spanish and portuguese


architectural design, industrial design, graphic design and set design

madison milwaukee chicago

cape verde


spring 2011 - cape verde studio [nj unaka] program - residence for host family - create a house, using recycled or common materials to cape verde, that is low in cost and reduces heat gain [one of the major problems already existing in the country] - cape verde is a major importer of goods thus shipping containers provide a cheap, spacious and plentiful solution as a building material. when installed with lighter colors and minor amounts of insulation, the containers reduce heat gain without eliminating modern aspects of design

cape verde

combining community, living, recycling and design to create a living space that brings together a broken community

think + recycle + simulate

recycling shipping containers for adaptive re-use and modern living, creating an aesthetically pleasing feel with a simple, expressive form

containers + concepts


fall 2009 - arch. design 1 [john fox] program - dormitory - create a dormitory for 400 beds with spaces for studying, relaxing, working out, classrooms, and offices - using music as inspiration due to its energy, movement and ability to affect ones emotions. i abstracted the notes from the sheet music and expressed them in the faรงade allowing one to read the faรงade as a piece of music. the interior rooms are simplified but express the exterior through varied spaces and a virtual elimination of tunnel like pathways


abstracting music from the page into three dimensions, creating movement and energy emulating the activity of those in the dormitory

music + housing + students

creating simplicity out of complexity allowing thresholds to break up travel through the living space. [change, live, work]

simplicity + thresholds




relaxing + learning

rooms toward the exterior for views and facilities in the center to break up ways of travel

plans + elevations

north elevation

south elevation


fall 2010 - chicago studio [neil frankel] program - a.n.t. [art, nature and technology] - combining art, nature and technology to help inspire and improve the effectiveness of haworth’s ideation team - applying research about work habits and mental relief from nature as well as face to face interviews with members of the ideation team, our goal was to create a working environment that improved their productivity, well being and help inspire creativity - based on the idea of radical collocation, i created moveable cabins for a feel of seclusion and focus without being separated from the rest of the team. they are designed to be an adaptable space for working, allowing the user to write on any and all surfaces and the ability to work the way one works best

chicago studio

combining the artistic vision of roger brown and the hi-tech design of haworth, improving productivity, worker happiness & efficiency

art + nature + technology








cabins allowing flexibility in work habits, encouraging spontaneous input from team members on various projects without production loss

flexible + adaptable + focus

stimulating the senses for improved memory, reduced stress, increasing creativity and inspiration and general freedom in how one works

senses + collocation + cabins


summer 2009 - internship [tri-north builders] program - urban league of greater madison - the urban league of greater madison moved from their existing location in downtown madison due to growing needs for both space and an updated facility. the new building located at 2222 south park street, madison wi - as an intern i was fortunate enough to witness the entire building process from foundation to stud work on site and the logistic side in the office assisting with bids, client meetings and interior design


[urban league of greater madison]

a place for minorities to get essential training and workforce development to better their lives and be successful in their career

live + learn + work


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Final Design Portfolio  

My design portfolio illustrating a few of my projects from school and internship

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