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About painting, Brimer says, “I have always loved the ocean and I love creating images along this threshold between the seen and unseen world. It can be a spiritual metaphor. It is where I meditate in solitude. I go to the California shoreline as often as possible. Painting allows me to have a time alone in the power of nature and to gaze at its beauty. I love to paint quickly outdoors in order to make the impression of what I am experiencing, immediately finding its way to the canvas. Also, studio work allows a longer periods to ponder new ideas and work out some bigger themes.� Born in Long Beach, CA in 1962, Rich Brimer has his roots well planted in the west. It was during hunting trips with his father and going on family camping trips, Brimer gained a respect and love for the outdoors. He is an artist who loves using oils both in the studio as well as painting outdoors. Rich feels strongly about creating artwork that not only shows the beauty of creation, but also art that stirs the spirit. He is a dedicated, passionate artist who has found out that takes hard work to make a difference, but it is well worth the effort. His art studio is located at Carmel Visual Arts where he also serves as Director. The California Lutheran University graduate (B.A. Fine Art) is also Past President of the Arts Council of the Conejo Valley and Studio Channel Islands Art Center. He also serves as the chair of the Monterey County chapter of the California Art Club.

Aqua Cove 56x43� Oil on Canvas

Dancing in the Light 38x48� Oil on Canvas

Vineyard 8x10� Oil on Birch Board (plein air)

Last Light 6x14� Oil on Birch Board

Watery Cave 24x24� Oil on Canvas

The View Through 8x10� Oil on Birch Board (plein air)

San Miguel Tidepool (study) 8x10� Oil on Birch Board (plein air)

Horizon 12x16� Oil on Canvas (plein air)

Carmel Solstice 20x20� Oil on Canvas

Big Sur 20x24� Oil on Canvas

Green Ravine 24x24� Oil on Canvas

Lee Vining Shimmer 18x24� Oil on Canvas

Morning Woods 48X38� Oil on Canvas

Rich Brimer Carmel Visual Arts 3750 The Barnyard Carmel, CA 93923 831.620.2955

Rich Brimer Oil Painting Catalog  
Rich Brimer Oil Painting Catalog