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The Country House & Decorative Arts Sale Monday 12th December 2016 at 10.30am

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Richard Winterton Auctioneers Ltd Lichfield

The Country House & Decorative Arts Sale MONDAY 12TH DECEMBER 2016 Sale Commences at 10.30am Viewing: Tuesday 6th December from 10.00am – 7.00pm Wednesday 7th December from 2.00pm – 5.00pm Thursday 8th December from 2.00pm – 5.00pm Saturday 10th December from 10.30am – 12.30pm and on the morning of the sale from 8.30am

Telephone: + 44 (0)1543 251081. Fax: +44 (0)1543 268849 Sale Enquiries & Bids email: Live Online Bidding and fully illustrated catalogue at:

IMPORTANT NOTICES ALL WINNING BIDS SHOULD BE PAID FOR & COLLECTED/COLLECTION ARRANGED WITHIN SEVEN DAYS OF THE AUCTION (Failure to do so may result in the sale being cancelled and the bidder blacklisted across the international auction house network. Any purchases not collected within seven days of the auction will be moved offsite and incur storage fees at £5 per day per Lot) Due to the increasing number of requests we now receive for condition reports, images and telephone bids, these should be submitted as early as possible. We cannot guarantee to process any requests for condition reports, images or phone bid bookings unless they are received at least twenty-four hours prior to the sale and are dealt with on a first come basis. Lots are sold as seen under the terms of the auction. Some descriptions mention damage (s.d) losses or restoration. This does not imply Lots are perfect where no mention is made. We are happy to provide condition reports on individual Lots by written request, ie email. This is an opinion only. However, it is up to buyers to satisfy themselves with regards to the condition/authenticity on any Lot in which they intend bidding upon. Catalogue produced by Pardy & Son (Printers) Ltd

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Richard Winterton

Lot 1

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Lot 1 A SET OF FOUR 18TH CENTURY DERBY ALLEGORICAL FIGURINES, depicting the four continents, c.1765, Europe in regal purple robes with crown, holding orb and surrounded by spoils of war, approximately 19cm high, America modelled wearing feathers to body and head with foot on top of crocodile and with quiver, approximately 17cm high, Asia modelled standing before recumbent camel holding vines and grapes, approximately 20cm high and Africa modelled standing abreast lion with elephant headdress, approximately 18cm high, all on naturalistically modelled bases with flowers, Asia with red ‘62’ to base, all bearing Sotheby’s lot label 246 Country House Sales, 1-6-1994, (all a/f) (4) £800-1200

Lot 3 TWO 18TH CENTURY AESOPS FABLES CHAMBERSTICK FIGURE GROUPS, William Duesbury & Co, c.1770, The Cock and Jewell, modelled as cock, hens and chickens before floral bocage set on scrolling gilt and blue highlighted base inscribed ‘The Cock and Jewell’ in black, approximately 21cm x 15cm x 21cm high, together with The Vain Jackdaw modelled as two peacocks stripping Jackdaw of his stolen plumage before floral bocage highlighted base inscribed ‘The Vain Jackdaw’ in gilt, approximately 21cm x 15cm x 20cm handles verso (2) (missing sconces a/f) £300-500

Lot 2 Lot 2 A PAIR OF DERBY TIGER FIGURES, c.1800, modelled as recumbent tigers with raised front paw, set on naturalistically moulded bases with gilt scroll highlights, approximately 7cm x 6.5cm x and 5.5cm high, (lot label 557 1/12/00 to bases) (a/f) (2) £600-800


Lot 4 Lot 4 A PAIR OF BLOOR DERBY FIGURINES, modelled as shepherd with sheep at feet and shepherdess, on pierced gilt scroll bases, incised 369 under, approximately 26cm and 25.5cm high (shepherd missing flute, both a/f) (Sotheby’s lot 242 Country House Sales 1-6-94 labels to bases) (2) £200-300

Richard Winterton

Lot 5 Lot 5 A GENTS STAINLESS STEEL MILITARY WRISTWATCH, seventeen jewelled Swiss ETA 2750 movement, impressed W10-6645-99, 523-8290, 10021/76 verso £80-120

Lot 8 Lot 8 TWO 18TH CENTURY BOW FIGURINES, c.1765, infant Seasons, Spring modelled with grapes and vine leaves holding chalice and Autumn with scythe and ears of corn, both on naturalistic bases with scroll gilt highlighted feet, approximately 14.5cm high (both a/f) (2) (Sotheby’s lot 253 Country House Sales 1-6-94 labels to base) £200-400

Lot 6 Lot 6 TWO 18TH CENTURY DERBY FIGURE GROUPS, William Duesbury & Co, c.1760, shepherd playing pipe and shepherdess, both on scrolling gilt highlighted bases before floral bocage, approximately 23cm x 24cm high (a/f) (2) (Sotheby’s lot 234 Country House Sale 1-6-94 labels to base) £200-300

Lot 9 Lot 9 A PAIR OF 18TH CENTURY DERBY CANDLESTICKS, Liberty and Matrimony, modelled as gent leaning on wall before floral bocage with seated dog at his feet, candle sconce with butterfly decoration to open leafage support, together with female leaning on wall before floral bocage with sheep at her feet, holding lantern, both on scrolling gilt highlighted bases with floral mounts, approximately 25.5cm and 28cm high (both a/f) (2) (Phillips 235, Sale No.30925 lot label to bases) £600-800

Lot 7 Lot 7 A PAIR OF DERBY FIGURE GROUPS, c.1770, The Welch Tailor and his wife, modelled as gent sat astride goat with basket of kids on his back and female sat astride goat with basket of children on her back and cradling child with goat suckling kid both set on scrolled naturalistic bases with gilt highlights, approximately 15cm high (a/f) (Tailor missing hand) (2) (Sotheby’s lot 244 Country House Sale 1-6-94 labels to base) £100-150 3

Richard Winterton

Lot 10 Lot 10 A 1920’S GENTS STAINLESS STEEL TUDOR OYSTER WRISTWATCH, dial having Arabic numerals inscribed Tudor Oyster Shock Resisting, Swiss Made, 17 jewel, case No.4453, dial approximately 3.5cm diameter (with purchase receipt 1947 and metal bracelet) £100-150

Lot 13 Lot 13 AN 18TH CENTURY DERBY FIGURE GROUP, c.1765, modelled as Venus and her son Cupid sat atop dolphin with shell, coral and seaweed encrusted base, approximately 23.5cm high (a/f) (Sotheby’s Country House Sale label to base) £100-200

Lot 11 Lot 11 AN 18TH CENTURY DERBY CHAMBERSTICK, William Duesbury & Co, c.1763, modelled as birds in fruiting tree feeding young in nest with loop handle verso, scrolled gilt highlighted bases, approximately 24cm high (a/f) (klaber & Klabers Guarantee Genuine and lot number 489 labels to base) £200-300

Lot 14 Lot 14 A PAIR OF DERBY FISHING FIGURE GROUPS, William Duesbury & Co, c.1765, modelled as fisherman with net at feet before floral bocage and companion with fish in basket at feet, each set on gilt highlighted bases, leaning towards each other, approximately 25.5cm and 25cm high (both a/f) (2) £200-300

Lot 12 Lot 12 A PAIR OF 18TH CENTURY BOW FIGURE GROUPS, C.1765, modelled as courting couple dancing before floral bocage set on scrolled gilt highlighted bases with floral encrusted decoration, approximately 23.5cm and 22cm high (a/f) (2) (Red anchor mark and Phillips 151 sale 30928 lot labels to bases) £200-400 4

Lot 15 Lot 15 A 9CT GOLD BROOCH, depicting a jockey and racehorse, hallmarks for London 1994, approximate weight 7.9g £70-90

Richard Winterton

Lot 19 Lot 16 Lot 16 A PAIR OF 18TH CENTURY DERBY FIGURAL CANDLESTICKS, c.1780, modelled as boy playing pipe with dog at feet before floral bocage, together with girl dancing before floral bocage with sheep at feet, both set on scrolling bases, approximately 22cm and 22.5cm high (a/f) (2) (missing sconces) (Sotheby’s 235 Country House Sale 1-6-94 lot labels to bases) £150-200

Lot 19 TWO 18TH CENTURY DERBY SEATED CHERUB CHAMBERSTICKS, c.1770, both wearing floral robes with floral bocage, set on scrolling gilt highlighted bases carrying handle verso, approximately 17cm high (missing sconces and a/f) (2) (Sotheby’s lot 247 Country House Sale 1-4-94 labels to bases) £100-200

Lot 20 Lot 20 CARTIER, an entwined three band ring with brilliant-cut diamond accents, stamped ‘Cartier 750’, ring size L £140-160

Lot 17

Lot 18

Lot 21 A DERBY FIGURE GROUP, c.1800, modelled as recumbent calf before standing cow with floral bocage behind, set on naturalistically moulded base with floral mounts, approximately 12cm high (a/f) (Sotheby’s 285 Country House Sale -94 lot label to base) £50-80

Lot 17 AN 18TH CENTURY DERBY FIGURINE, c.1765-70, musical shepherdess, modelled as shepherdess sat on tree stump playing flute with sheep at feet, set on scrolled gilt highlighted base, approximately 16.5cm high (a/f) (Sotheby’s 245 Country House Sale 1-6-94 lot label to base) £80-120 Lot 18 A DERBY FIGURE GROUP, c.1785, modelled as a couple gardening with flowers, plants and watering can, set on scrolled gilt highlighted base, approximately 20.5cm high (a/f) (535 1/12/00 lot label to base) £100-150

Lot 22 Lot 22 TWO 18TH CENTURY DERBY FIGURE GROUPS, c.1780, modelled as recumbent cows before bocage, approximately 8cm high (a/f) (2) (Sotheby’s 282 Country House Sale -94 lot labels to bases) £80-120


Richard Winterton

Lot 23 Lot 23 A DERBY PARAKEET FIGURE, c.1765, on floral encrusted branch, approximately 9.5cm high (a/f) (D. M & P Manheim New York and 493 labels to base) £80-120

Lot 26 Lot 26 TWO DERBY FIGURINES, Ranelagh Dancers, c.1765, modelled as gent in tricorne offering flower and maiden receiving flower both wearing purple cape, set on scrolled gilt highlighted floral encrusted bases, approximately 21cm x 22.5cm high (a/f) (2) (Sotheby’s 243 Country House Sale 1-6-94 lot labels to bases) £150-200

Lot 24 Lot 24 A DERBY WOODPECKER, William Duesbury & Co, c.1760, decorated in polychrome enamels on tree stump with floral encrusted decoration, approximately 12.5cm high (a/f) (lot label 492 1-12-00 to base) £500-800

Lot 25 Lot 25 A DIAMOND BANGLE, with interspaced brilliant-cut diamonds to the D-shape band, diameter 6.8cm, approximate weight 22g £390-420


Lot 27 Lot 27 TWO DERBY FIGURINES, William Duesbury & Co, c.1765, modelled as finches, both with purple accents having flowers in mouths and on floral encrusted tree stumps, approximately 11cm and 7.5cm high (a/f) (2) (lot 494, 1-12-00 labels to base) £200-400

Richard Winterton

Lot 28

Lot 31

Lot 28 AN 18TH CENTURY CHELSEA RED ANCHOR FIGURAL CANDLESTICK, c.1752-6, modelled as cherub with basket of flowers before floral bocage on scrolled gilt highlighted base, approximately 17cm high (a/f and missing sconces) (Red anchor mark and Sotheby’s 237 16-94 Country House Sale lot label to base) £80-120

Lot 31 A PAIR OF NAPLES FIGURES, shepherd with dog at feet and shepherdess with lamb at feet, both carrying corn and flowers, on scrolling gilt highlighted bases, marked Italy to bases, approximately 15cm high (a/f) (2) £30-50

Lot 32

Lot 29 Lot 29 AN 18TH CENTURY BOW FIGURE GROUP, c.1760, modelled as monkey and squirrel eating leaves before floral encrusted tree, set on scrolling purple highlighted base, approximately 20cm high (a/f) (Sotheby’s 236 1-694 Country House Sale lot label to base) £200-400

Lot 32 A COLLECTION OF CHINESE PORCELAIN, c.1750, The Nanking Cargo, comprising four blue and white tea bowls and saucers, all decorated with pagodas in landscapes, together with large bowl having floral border, central decoration with figures and houses in landscapes, approximately 28cm diameter (9) (all bearing Christies lot labels verso and a/f) £200-300

Lot 33 Lot 30 Lot 30 A PEARL NECKLACE, comprising of cultured pearls, all of similar size, measuring 6.3mm, approximate length 70cm £40-60

Lot 33 A CHINESE FAMILLE JAUNE PORCELAIN DOUBLE GOURD SHAPED VASE, decorated in polychrome enamels with scrolling Lotus cartouche panels decorated with flowers, insects and fisherman in boat, unmarked, approximate height 34cm (minor chip to rim, some rubbed gilding) £60-80 7

Richard Winterton

Lot 34

Lot 37

Lot 34 WILLIAM MOORCROFT FLAMBE LEAF AND BERRY PATTERN BALUSTER VASE, having signature and impressed marks to base, approximately 26cm high (scratches and rubbing) £150-200

Lot 37 A 20TH CENTURY WALL MOUNTED OAK PERPETUAL CALENDAR, approximately 29.5cm x 10cm x 51cm £50-80

Lot 35 Lot 35 A PAIR OF SAPPHIRE AND DIAMOND EAR STUDS, with marquise shape sapphire within a surround of brilliant-cut diamonds, estimated total diamond weight 0.30ct £100-120

Lot 38

Lot 36 Lot 36 A LOCKE & CO BLUSH IVORY STRAWBERRY AND CREAM SET, comprising sugar caster with plated top and matching jug, shape 669, both with gilt highlights, on plated two division stand with carrying handle set on bun feet, stand approximately 23cm high £30-50


Lot 38 ALFRED BANNER (act c1880-1915), ‘Spring’ depicting sheep in landscape, signed A. Banner lower right, oil on canvas, titled and signed vero, approximately 53cm x 41.5cm £200-300

Richard Winterton

Lot 41

Lot 39

Lot 41 A MAHOGANY CASED BAROGRAPH, by R & J Beck Ld 68 Cornhill London EC having eight section vacuum and clockwork mechanism set on rectangular brass plate, the removable cover having bevelled glass panels and stylised brass tulip inlay to front over stepped plinth base with drawer having stylised brass floral inlay and containing spare paper, all set on bracket feet, approximately 42cm x 27.5cm x 25cm high £300-500

Lot 39 GEORGE TURNER (1843-1910), ‘Lane Near Hopton Derbyshire’ depicting sheep on lane with seated figure and dog, signed Geo Turner lower right, oil on canvas, titled, signed and dated 1901 verso, approximately 49.5cm x 74.5cm £600-800

Lot 42 Lot 42 TWO CASED DECANTERS XO COGNAC APPELLATION GRANDE CHAMPAGNE CONTROLEE, 70cl, 40%, one Colony Club, the other Crockfords (2) £50-80

Lot 40 Lot 40 A SILVER PRESENTATION SALVER, having shaped and moulded circular rim, inscribed verso ‘GW Nightingale 1954 from his ICI Colleagues on his Retirement’, Sheffield 1952, approximately 30.5cm diameter, approximate weight 28ozt £300-350 Lot 43 Lot 43 DEWAR’S WHITE LABEL BLENDED WHISKY, 70%, 26 2/3 flozs, labels verso 173/47/BS 2, 69 593, W69 310, 66 649, 66 485 and 67 396 (6) £80-120 9

Richard Winterton

Lot 44 Lot 44 HAIG’S GOLD LABEL BLENDED SCOTCH WHISKY, 70% proof, 26 2/3 flozs, six with spring cap, two screw cap (8) £200-250

Lot 47 Lot 47 A VICTORIAN PAPIER MACHE STATIONERY RACK, having shaped top rail with two division letter rack over central lidded compartment flanked by inkwell, decorated and inlaid with mother of pearl flowers and leaves, approximately 21cm x 11cm x 12.5cm high, together with Tunbridgeware travelling watch holder, mother of pearl thimble case and lacquered pill box (4) £50-80

Lot 45 Lot 45 A SILVER ARMADA DISH, having central diamond shape monogram MCC Sheffield 1993, R Carr Ltd, approximately 20cm diameter, approximate weight 13.8ozt £120-150

Lot 48 Lot 48 KITCHENALIA, comprising stoneware game pie dish and cover with liner having relief game decoration, unmarked, approximately 31cm x 22.5cm x 18cm high, Copeland Parian Ware jug having medallion and strapwork decoration to ribbed body, approximately 19.5cm high, a ceramic jelly mould with fruit top, approximately 14.5cm x 11cm x 9cm high (a/f) and an oval jelly mould, approximately 17cm x 13cm x 8.5cm high (4) £80-120 Lot 46 Lot 46 A CONTINENTAL HAND ENAMELLED HINGED LIDDED CIRCULAR SEWING BOX, having relief moulded bird of paradise on branch with flowers to lid opening to pin cushion to inner lid and cushioned interior, the body with vine and fruit decoration set on three brass ball feet, inscribed Longvvy to base, approximately 12cm diameter x 9cm high (cracked and glued)


Lot 49 THREE MARY GREGORY STYLE CLEAR GLASS GLOBULAR DECANTERS, decorated with children offering flowers in winter scenes, approximately 25cm, 24cm and 17.5cm high (3) (all a/f)

Richard Winterton

Lot 50

Lot 53


Lot 53 A PAIR OF CONTINENTAL MAJOLICA LONITZ VASES, of trumpet form having Rams head masks supported on extended Rams legs with hoof feet supported on shaped triangular base, wave strapwork, gilt highlights, impressed fish and 1432 marks to base, approximately 31cm high (2) (a/f and glued) £80-120

Lot 51 Lot 51 A ROYAL WORCESTER CABINET CUP AND SAUCER, hand painted with peaches, grapes and berries to mossy bank, gilt interiors, signed J. Smith, black printed marks, saucer approximately 14cm diameter, cup approximately 6cm high £100-150

Lot 54 Lot 52 Lot 52 WHITE HORSE WHISKY, comprising The Old Blend Scotch Whisky of The White Horse Cellar bottled 1951, No.693173, blended White Horse Scotch Whisky Nos.6098396, 6402185, 7292381 and 7979349, together with screw cap numbers 552070, 1643767, 4538842 and 8706398, all 70% proof 26 2/3 flozs (9) £200-400

Lot 54 OLIVER CLARE (1853-1927), a pair of still life studies, plums, grapes, strawberries and peach, plums, grapes, strawberries and gooseberry to mossy, leafy ground, oil on canvas laid on board both signed Oliver Clare lower right, approximately 19cm x 24cm (2) (over cleaned) £300-500


Richard Winterton

Lot 55

Lot 58

Lot 55 A SILVER MOUNTED MATCHSTRIKE, having ribbed globular glass strike with silver recess over on support with shaped square silver base, Birmingham 1905, approximately 8cm square x 7cm high £40-60

Lot 58 VINTAGE PORT, comprising Porto Colheita 1957 x2, Vinho Velho do Porto 1967 bottled in 1973 26 flozs, Croft 1963 and Quarles Harris 1963 (5) £80-120

Lot 59 Lot 56 Lot 56 A MOORCROFT FOOTED BOTTLE VASE, with flared neck, tube line decorated with frilled orchid pattern to pale blue ground, approximately 27.5cm high, impressed and black printed mark to base (crazed) £80-120

Lot 59 THE MACALLAN ANNIVERSARY MALT, 25 years old, distilled 1958, bottled 1984 in wooden box £200-300

Lot 60 Lot 57 Lot 57 A COPELAND AND GARRETT LATE SPODE NEW FAYENCE FOOTED SHAPED BOWL, decorated with pagodas and flowers, approximately 35cm diameter, impressed and blue printed marks to base £40-60 12

Lot 60 A DESK INK STAND, having shaped rectangular glass base with pen recess and silver mounted central hinged inkwell over flanked by lift top sections, Sheffield 1906, Walker & Hall, approximately 9.5cm x 5.5cm x 5cm high £40-60

Richard Winterton

Lot 61 Lot 61 A WORCESTER BLUE AND WHITE TEA BOWL, decorated with figure fishing and landscapes, saucer approximately 11.5cm diameter with blue crescent mark to base and a blue and white tea bowl decorated with figures fishing in landscapes, impressed circle and blue S mark to base, approximately 8cm diameter (2) £50-80

Lot 64 Lot 64 HENRY J KINNAIRD (FL 1880-1920), Bury Church Sussex, watercolour, signed lower left, titled lower right, approximately 50cm x 38cm £80-120

Lot 62 Lot 62 A RHINOCEROS FOOT TABLE SNUFF, having plated hinged lid mounted to lined recess, approximately 17.5cm high £100-150

Lot 65 Lot 65 TWO MATCHING SILVER TOPPED GLASS DRESSING TABLE JARS, one oval example, approximately 11cm x 3.5cm x 3.5cm high, together with cylindrical example, approximately 4.5cm diameter x 5cm high, both having floral and scroll embossed decoration and vacant cartouches, Birmingham 1914 (2) (silver a/f) £30-50 Lot 63 Lot 63 STEFAN NOWACKI, a circular ceramic plaque hand painted with ships at sea, signed SD Nowacki lower left, approximately 21cm diameter £80-120 13

Richard Winterton

Lot 66 Lot 66 AN EARLY 20TH CENTURY SET OF PAN SCALES, having marble top over mahogany string inlaid base with chamfered corners, brass pans and bell weights, approximately 46cm x 18cm x 16.5cm high £30-50

Lot 69 Lot 69 THE VOLKSTEDT FIGURES, flower seller with impressed V20674 to base and lady and gent with birds and cages impressed V20721 and V20720, all with blue marks, tallest approximately 20cm high (3) £40-60

Lot 67 Lot 67 TWO 19TH CENTURY MASONS PATENT IRONSTONE SCALLOPED BOWLS, having floral decoration to cobalt grounds with pink borders and gilt highlights, approximately 26cm diameter (2) £30-50

Lot 70 Lot 70 A SILVER PRESENTATION MEDALLION, having horse in field to front and Clydesdale Horse Society of Great Britain and Ireland Instituted 1877 with presentation inscription verso, approximately 7.5cm diameter, approximate weight 3ozt, Birmingham 1925, in case, together with two silver horseshoe place setting holders approximate weight 1.5ozt and plated Shetland Agricultural Society Show presentation hip flask holder (4) £50-80

Lot 68 Lot 68 A FRENCH MANTEL CLOCK, having circular enamelled dial with Roman numeral chapter ring with Arabic ring, inscribed Grignon Meusnier a Paris to centre supported within ormolu column having floral garlands flanked by cherubs over stepped plinth base having porcelain panels decorated with cherubs over ormolu scroll feet and floral and leaf border, movement stamped Grignon Meusnier 8098, approximately 56cm x 15cm x 45cm high £200-400


Lot 71 Lot 71 FOUR CONTINENTAL FIGURINES, gent with grapes and vine, approximately 18cm high, gent with basket of flowers, approximately 13cm high, gent stood before column, approximately 16cm high and female working, approximately 20.5cm high (4) £50-80

Richard Winterton

Lot 72

Lot 75

Lot 72 A SILVER PLATED TWIN HANDLED OVAL GALLERY TRAY, with pierced wavy border, central floral and scroll decoration set on squat bun feet, approximately 38.5cm x 62cm, together with circular plated tray with shaped pierced border and wavy rim, central scroll and floral decoration on three claw and ball feet, approximately 41cm diameter (2) £20-40

Lot 75 A CONTINENTAL SILVER WINE TASTER, of circular form having embossed fruit and vine leaf decoration, loop handle, impressed Gabet Vosne 1791, approximately 7cm diameter (bowl) approximate weight 1.8ozt £150-180

Lot 73

Lot 76

Lot 73 NINE BOTTLES OF DIMPLE SCOTCH WHISKY, 70% proof, 26 2/3 flozs, in cartons, two bottles of Dimple Scotch Whisky in triangular cartons and one loose bottle (12) £100-150

Lot 76 FOUR BOTTLES OF BELL’S OLD SCOTCH WHISKY EXTRA SPECIAL, 70% proof, 26 2/3 flozs, No.98951 HZ3, 034 225 KK3, 033874 IM5 and 59404 B5, together with Johnnie Walker Black Label Extra Special Old Scotch Whisky, 70% proof, 26 2/3 flozs and two bottles of Johnnie Walker Red Label Old Scotch Whisky, 70% proof, 26 2/3 flozs (7) £80-120


Lot 74 Lot 74 BLACK AND WHITE WHISKY, comprising two screw top bottles Special Blend of Buchanan’s Choice Old Scotch, 70% proof, 26 2/3 flozs, two sprung top bottles Special Blend of Buchanan’s Choice Old Scotch Whisky, 70% proof, 26 2/3 flozs and one sprung top Special Blend of Choice Old Scotch Whisky, 70% proof (5) £50-80

Lot 77 Lot 77 GEORGE CLARE (1830-1900), still life study, fruit, plums and berries on mossy bank, oil on canvas signed lower right, canvas inscribed Reeves & Sons Manufacturers 118 Cheapside London, approximately 14.5cm x 21.5cm £200-400 15

Richard Winterton

Lot 80 Lot 80 A SILVER THREE PIECE TEA SERVICE, of boat form with wavy rims set on scrolled feet, all having high loop handles, the teapot with ebonised finial and handle, Sheffield 1922, total weight approximately 42ozt, teapot approximately 15cm high, impressed H5716 to bases (3) £350-450

Lot 78 Lot 78 THREE BOTTLES OF TEACHERS HIGHLAND CREAM WHISKY, 70% proof, 26 2/3 flozs, Cutty Sark Blended Whisky, The Dufftown Glenlivet Highland Malt Scotch Whisky, eight years old, MacArthur’s Select Scotch Whisky, Glen Grant Highland Malt Scotch Whisky, 10 years old in carton, 70% proof, 26 2/3 flozs, Ye Treasure Trove Old Scotch Whisky, Dom Benedictine and A Magnier & co Cognac, 70% proof (10) £100-200

Lot 81 Lot 81 A MASONS IRONSTONE JUG AND BOWL SET, decorated with flowers and pagodas, black printed marks and pattern No.1365, jug approximately 29cm high and bowl approximately 41cm diameter (2) £40-60

Lot 79 Lot 79 AN OCTAGONAL WEDGWOOD DRAGON LUSTRE BOWL, decorated with gilt dragons and mythical creatures to green lustre ground, blue dragons and birds to interior with pagoda and floral gilt border over, gilt Wedgwood, England and numbered 24831 to base, approximately 20cm diameter x 9.5cm high £80-120

Lot 82 Lot 82 MACPHAILS 30 YEAR OLD SINGLE MALT SCOTCH WHISKY, 70cl, 40% in box with certificate £80-120


Richard Winterton

Lot 85 Lot 85 A CASED SIX PIECE SILVER CRUET, comprising two pepperettes, two open salts, two hinged lidded mustards all with wavy rims and on cabriole feet, Birmingham 1917, Elkington & Co, approximately 5.9ozt (replacement blue glass liners to salts and plated spoons) £50-80 Lot 83 Lot 83 JOHN RICHARDSON (1846-1893), portrait study, seamstress at work with cat on table, oil, indistinctly signed and dated 1856 to edge of table, labels verso, approximately 32cm x 22cm £200-300

Lot 86 Lot 86 TWO DERBY STYLE MANSION HOUSE DWARVES, each wearing oversized hats, decorated in typical style set on green bases with floral moulded mounts, patch marks to base, approximately 16.5cm and 22cm high (a/f) (2) £80-100

Lot 84 Lot 87 Lot 84 A JAPANESE IVORY OKIMONO CARVING, depicting man wearing floral decorated and textures robes with dragon entwined around his legs, set on oval base having two character mark, approximately 19cm high £50-80

Lot 87 A BOXED HERMES SCARF, ‘Brides de Gala par Hermes Paris’, decorated with ornate bridles within pale blue border, approximately 86cm square £50-80 17

Richard Winterton

Lot 88 Lot 88 A TREEN NETSUKE, depicting rat atop apple, two character mark signature, approximately 4.5cm high, together with rats atop and inside nut example with character marks, approximately 5cm x 3cm high (2) £80-120

Lot 91

Lot 89 Lot 89 SIX TREEN NETSUKE CARVINGS, Rat, Rabbit, Frogs on basket, Monkey, Monkey eating fruit and Hear No Evil, See No Evil, Speak No Evil Monkeys, all signed, approximately 2cm high (6) £100-200

Lot 91 A THREE SECTION TREEN INRO, having horses in landscape carved decoration to body and recumbent horse Ojime, two character mark to inro base, approximately 9cm x 6.5cm, together with signed treen dragon carving, approximately 5.5cm high £50-80

Lot 92

Lot 90 Lot 90 A 1920’S GENTS OMEGA WRISTWATCH, of curved rectangular form, the silvered dial having Arabic numerals inscribed Omega Fab Suisse over subsidiary seconds, 15 jewel movement, case No.9152654, later brown leather strap, watch approximately 4cm x 2.5cm £100-200


Lot 92 A SITZENDORF DESK TOP INKWELL, having figural seated cherubs flanked by floral decorated wells and covers with liners over shell recess on scrolling gilt highlighted base, blue factory marks to base, approximately 28cm x 17cm x 16cm high (a/f) £80-120

Richard Winterton

Lot 95 Lot 95 A SILVER ARMADA DISH, Sheffield 1990, approximately 10.5cm diameter, approximate weight 3ozt £20-40 Lot 93 Lot 93 A DERBY SHELL DISH, having shaped scrolled gilt borders to central pastoral panel with figure before cottage, inscribed Near Allestry, Derbyshire with red marks verso, approximately 25cm x 24cm, together with heart shaped dish having gilt leaves, flowers and birds to border with central scene depicting figures under tree before church, inscribed ‘In Italy’ with red marks verso, approximately 25cm x 20cm (both a/f) (2) £100-200

Lot 96 Lot 96 AN ORIENTAL GAMING COUNTER, the rectangular lacquered body with gilt floral decoration having eight ivory hinged counters with bird and insect inlay, approximately 9.5cm x 6cm, together with lidded rectangular ivory box having crane and landscape relief mounted decoration, approximately 5cm x 4.5cm x 1cm high (2) £50-80

Lot 94 Lot 94 ALAN WILLIAMS, Welsh Town scene with mountains to background, signed Williams to lower centre, oil on canvas, approximately 58cm x 41cm £200-300

Lot 97 Lot 97 TWO RE-FRAMED OILS ON CANVAS, two horned cattle in landscape, approximately 17cm x 21.5cm and farmer with heavy horse in countryside, approximately 21.5cm x 21cm, both indistinctly signed John Harems or similar (2)


Richard Winterton

Lot 101 Lot 98 Lot 98 BLENDED WHISKY, Glenmorangie 10 year old, 75cl, 40%, Hundred Pipers, 26 2/3 flozs, 70%, Grants 75cl, 40% and two Whyte & Mackay Special Scotch Whisky, 75cl, 40% (5) £70-80

Lot 101 TWO IVORY NETSUKES, modelled as fisherman with baskets of fish and gent walking with staff, both with two character mark signatures, approximately 4.5cm high (2) £50-80

Lot 99

Lot 102

Lot 99 WHISKY, comprising Chivas Regal 75cl, 43%, in carton, Pinwinnie 12 year old, 75cl, 43%, in bag and carton and Dimple, 26 2/3 flozs, 70% proof in carton (3) £70-80

Lot 102 GRAND MACNISH BLENDED SCOTCH WHISKY, 26 2/3 flozs, 70% proof, in carton £70-80

Lot 100 Lot 100 A SET OF SIX SILVER TEASPOONS, having monogrammed terminals Sheffield 1908, approximate weight 3ozt, together with long handled silver spoon with fleur de lys terminal, Sheffield 1913, approximate weight 5ozt (7) £20-40

Lot 103 Lot 103 KING GEORGE IV OLD SCOTCH WHISKY, Extra Special, 70% proof, spring cap (still in partial cellophane wrapper) £80-120 Lot 104 A SECTIONAL MARINE VERTEBRAE WALKING CANE, of tapering form with turned wooden handle, approximately 84cm long £80-120 Lot 105 AN 18CT YELLOW GOLD CITRINE SET BRACELET, the seven rectangular citrine stones set within chevron and beaded bracelet, clasp stamped 750, 18K, approximately 20cm long £480-500


Richard Winterton

Lot 106 Lot 106 TONY FORREST, animal portrait studies, Lion, Gorilla, Orangutan and Tiger amongst foliage, oils on canvas, each signed lower right, approximately 29.5cm x 39.5cm (4) £1000-1200

Lot 108

Lot 107 Lot 107 SHEEP IN COUNTRY LANDSCAPE, oil, monogrammed JC lower right, approximately 20.5cm x 26cm, together with long horned cows watering, oil, indistinctly signed RB lower left, approximately 25cm x 30.5cm (2) £80-120

Lot 108 A GILT FRAMED OIL ON CANVAS, horse in barn doorway with seated sleeping rider by side with recumbent dog at feet, approximately 23cm x 28cm £50-80


Richard Winterton

Lot 109

Lot 112

Lot 109 A BLACK FOREST MUSICAL CIGARETTE BOX, having carved standing bear atop stump before match box with brass ashtray with cigarette recesses over push button to drawer, paper label to base ‘Nach Regen Scheint die Sonne Schweizerklaenge’, approximately 12cm x 10.5cm x 18.5cm high £50-80

Lot 112 A SILVER PLATED SPOON WARMER, modelled as Swan amongst leaves and reeds having opaque open glass nautilus shell to back on four shell feet, approximately 28cm x 18cm x 21cm high, impressed Mappin Brothers 222 Regent Street and London Bridge to base

Lot 110 Lot 110 A RECTANGULAR CITRINE PENDANT, having fern mount to top, impressed 18 verso, approximately 3cm x 2cm £180-200

Lot 113 Lot 113 AN 18TH CENTURY DERBY FIGURE, modelled as Father Time, with Sands of Time resting on leg raised on globe, impressed 222 to base, approximately 17cm high £80-120

Lot 111 Lot 111 A CASED MINIATURE ENAMEL CLOCK, the blue enamelled shield shape clock modelled as hanging wall clock having floral decoration over Arabic numerals, weights and pendulum, clock approximately 8cm high x 5cm wide £50-80


Lot 114 Lot 114 A STAFFORDSHIRE PEARLWARE FIGURE GROUP, modelled as Hairdresser attending lady’s hair set on square base, approximately 16cm high, together with reclining maiden with basket of flowers on rectangular base, approximately 10cm high (2) £60-80

Richard Winterton

Lot 115 Lot 115 A CONTINENTAL SILVER WINE TASTER, of circular form with vine and fruit decoration and serpent handle, engraved Davier Pommard 1796, approximately 7cm diameter, approximate weight 1.9ozt £150-180 Lot 118 Lot 118 TWO ROYAL WORCESTER CANDLE SNUFFERS, witch with red cape, black painted hat and broom, puce mark Rd.No.610726 and 2543 c.1914, approximately 19.5cm high (a/f), together with religious female in robes carrying bible, puce marks, approximately 10cm high (2) £80-120

Lot 116 Lot 116 A STAFFORDSHIRE FIGURE, Jimmy Wood wearing tailed jacket and breeches with pink waistcoat, stood before tree stump, having collection of Sir Alfred Owen sticker to base, approximately 19cm high £50-80 Lot 119 Lot 119 A 19TH CENTURY PEARLWARE JUG, inscribed Succefs to the Farmer & God Speed the Plough and decorated with wheat and farming tools, approximately 18cm high (a/f)

Lot 117 Lot 117 AN 18TH CENTURY DERBY FIGURE, modelled as boy playing horn, on naturalistic base with gilt scroll highlights, patch marks and impressed 9 and 13 under, approximately 17cm high £80-120

Lot 120 Lot 120 A CONTINENTAL SILVER WINE TASTER, of circular form having bunches of grapes decoration, serpent loop handle, engraved ‘Billet Beaune 1797’, approximately 7cm diameter, approximate weight 1.9ozt £150-180


Richard Winterton

Lot 121

Lot 124

Lot 121 FOUR STAFFORDSHIRE HIGHLAND DANCER SPILL VASES, together with two highland figure groups, largest approximately 29cm high (6) £50-80

Lot 124 A 19TH CENTURY STAFFORDSHIRE STANDING GREYHOUND, with open legs with Rabbit in mouth, approximately 17cm x 19.5cm high, together with recumbent greyhound inkwell, approximately 16.5cm x 12cm high (2) £50-80

Lot 122 Lot 122 A GILT FRAMED OIL ON CANVAS, depicting figures chatting on path with dog with river and thatched cottage beyond, approximately 50cm x 59.5cm, Taylors Depository Pimlico label verso, stretcher inscribed right hand side ‘captured ?’ £200-400

Lot 125 Lot 125 A PAIR OF SILVER BERRY SPOONS, having moulded fruit to scalloped bowls, engraved floral handles and vacant capitals, London 1817, approximate weight 4.6ozt (2) £90-100

Lot 123 Lot 123 A PAIR OF STAFFORDSHIRE SPANIELS, approximately 20cm high, figure with dog at side, approximately 19cm high, boy sat atop tree stump with birds nest, approximately 19cm high and spill vase with deer and bird, approximately 14cm high (5) £50-80 24

Lot 126 Lot 126 A TREEN EGG TIMER, having turned supports and banded wheels to top and bottom and mid pillars, approximately 17cm diameter x 35cm high £50-80

Richard Winterton

Lot 130 Lot 130 A MATCHED SIX PIECE SILVER DRESSING TABLE SET, all with engine turned decoration and monogrammed, comprising hairbrush, London 1917, two brushes 1917, button hook, comb and shoe horn (6)

Lot 127 Lot 127 TWO OAK FRAMED MARINE OILS ON CANVAS, depicting fisherman in boats at sea, both indistinctly signed lower left, each approximately 25cm x 33cm £100-150 Lot 128 W. H. COLLINS, West Highland Loch with longhorn cattle watering, oil on canvas, signed lower left, titled West Highland Loch with Cattle and signed verso, approximately 63cm x 113cm £150-250

Lot 131 Lot 131 A TAXIDERMY STUDY, Indian Black Buck, mounted on shield, approximately 62cm high £40-60

Lot 129 Lot 129 A VICTORIAN SAMPLER, with bible verses, sheep and flowers by Sarah Day, Aged 13 year old 1845, Branston Hall School, approximately 64cm x 44.5cm £50-80


Richard Winterton

Lot 132

Lot 132 WILLEM STERNBERG DE BEER, (b.1941-), ‘Alasia’ oil on canvas, figures with cattle in dry landscape, signed lower right, approximately 69cm x 99cm £2500-3000

Lot 133

Lot 133 WILLEM STERNBERG DE BEER, (b.1941-), ‘White Fire’ depicting two recumbent Tigers by river side, signed lower right, approximately 59.5cm x 90cm £2500-3000 26

Richard Winterton

Lot 134

Lot 134 WILLEM STERNBERG DE BEER, (b.1941-), ‘Siberian Tiger’ depicting Tiger watering, signed lower right, approximately 59.5cm x 90.5cm £3500-4000

Lot 135 Lot 135 TWO SILVER OPEN SALTS, with fluted detail on three ball feet, Birmingham 1876 and 1881, together with lidded silver mustard with half reeded detail and high loop handle Birmingham 1903 and a silver four division bread shaped toast rack, with wavy base and end stretchers Birmingham 1948, total weight approximately 4.3ozt (4) £30-50

Lot 136 Lot 136 A TURNED ROSEWOOD MALLET, approximately 23cm, together with carved figural study, seated gent with head in hands, approximately 19cm high (2) £50-80


Richard Winterton Lot 139 A COLLECTION OF TREEN, to include rustic pepper grinder having metal mounts to top with grinding handle, ‘Pepper’ brass label to cylindrical body on turned base, approximately 37cm high, twin handled bowl, approximately 20cm x 32cm, a screw type nutcracker with figural carving depicting seated cross legged gent, approximately 18cm high, figural study, standing gent with flask in hand, approximately 22cm high and cylindrical bellows having impressed FM 32505 to top, approximately 48cm (5) £150-200

Lot 137 Lot 137 A GILT FRAMED OIL, portrait study, female seated at table reading before window, label verso inscribed No.41 ‘A Study J.W. Haynes’, approximately 13cm x 15.5cm £50-80

Lot 140 Lot 140 A SILVER SIFTER SPOON, having pierced cross detail to bowl, London 1784, a silver rat tail spoon, London 1767 and a Georgian silver fiddle handle teaspoon with monogrammed terminal (3) £50-80

Lot 138 Lot 138 A PAIR OF CARVED EBONISED BOOKENDS, modelled as elephants with raised trunks before books, approximately 25.5cm high (2) £40-60

Lot 141 Lot 141 A BLACK MARBLE AND MALACHITE INLAID MANTEL CLOCK, with dome top over circular 15cm white enamel dial having Arabic numerals, dial inscribed W Dean Birmingham with visible brocot movement over inverted breakfront plinth, movement impressed 6134 DC & Cie 5104 Paris, approximately 50.5cm x 16cm x 39.5cm high (key and pendulum) (dial a/f) £80-120

Lot 139


Richard Winterton

Lot 142

Lot 142

Lot 143

Lot 142 KIM DONALDSON (b.1952), Cheetah at watering hole, pastel, signed lower left, approximately 52cm x 72cm £1400-1500

Lot 143 RAYMOND CAMPBELL (b.1956), still life study, fruit, Chinese ginger jar, clock under dome and glass of wine on table, oil on board, signed lower right, approximately 49cm x 59cm £800-1000

Lot 143 29

Richard Winterton

Lot 146 Lot 146 CIRCLE OF EDMUND BRISTOW (1787-1876), farmyard scene with Cows, Horses and Chickens before farm and barns, oil on canvas, approximately 48cm x 65cm £800-1200

Lot 147 Lot 144 Lot 144 DOROTHY S HALLETT (fl.1913-1930), dog portrait studies Ricky and Tiny, pastel, both signed lower right, each approximately 36cm x 27cm (2) £200-400

Lot 145 Lot 145 A CASED SET OF TWELVE SILVER GILT TEASPOONS AND A MATCHING SUGAR TONGS, having pierced scroll and floral terminals, ten spoons and tongs, Sheffield 1909, two spoons 1908, approximate weight 5.2ozt


Lot 147 A 19TH CENTURY OAK BIBLE BOX, having string and stylised floral inlay to front panel, brass escutcheon over, set on four turned feet, approximately 60cm x 32cm x 25cm high £100-200

Lot 148 Lot 148 SAMUEL MARRIOTT (1932-1997), a pair of heavy horse portrait studies, signed Marriott lower right, oil on board, each approximately 49.5cm x 39.5cm (2) £400-600

Richard Winterton

Lot 149 Lot 149 SAMUEL MARRIOTT (1932-1997), heavy horses at work in field, oil on canvas, signed Marriott lower right, approximately 45cm x 60cm £250-350

Lot 150 Lot 150 A CASED MONOGRAMMED SILVER BLADED KNIFE AND FORK, with fluted mother of pearl handles, together with silver spoon, London 1807 and two silver napkin rings, Birmingham 1949 and 1939

Lot 151 Lot 151 SAMUEL MARRIOTT (1932-1997), two horse racing scenes, oils on board, both signed twice, each approximately 49.5cm x 39.5cm £1000-1500


Richard Winterton

Lot 155 Lot 155 A SILVER FIDDLE HANDLE SPOON, with ‘D’ monogram to terminal, London 1831 Lot 152 Lot 152 A ROSEWOOD FRAMED SAMPLER, having bible verse, poem house, flowers and animals by Ann Pearmain Abington Aged 12 1825, approximately 42.5cm x 32.5cm £50-80

Lot 153 Lot 153 A PAIR OF DELFT BLUE AND WHITE VASES, with flared long neck over bulbous body with boats in full sail before windmills on circular foot, blue Delft dec 507 to base, approximately 26cm high, together with flared hexagonal blue and white floral decorated vases, blue mark to base, approximately 12.5cm high (a/f) (4) £50-80 Lot 156 Lot 156 HENRY GEORGE TODD, still life fruit and flowers before mossy background, signed H G. Todd and dated 1886 lower right, oil on canvas, approximately 30cm x 34.5cm, (a/f) £300-500

Lot 154 Lot 154 FOUR OCTAGONAL MASONS PATENT IRONSTONE JUGS, all with serpent handles, approximately 17.5cm, 19.5cm , 27.5cm, 28.5cm high, together with Masons patent Ironstone teapot, approximately 18.5cm high (a/f) (5) £50-80


Richard Winterton

Lot 157

Lot 159

Lot 157 A BRASS CARL ZEISS JENA MICROSCOPE, No.29657, approximately 30cm high, in fitted case, together with 1000 degree thermometer No.286399, inscribed Cambridge Instrument Co Ltd Cambridge, approximately 42cm (2) £50-80

Lot 159 A CASED BOTTLE OF DOM PERIGNON VINTAGE 1993, 750ml £80-120

Lot 160 Lot 158 Lot 158 PHARMACEUTICAL BOTTLES AND ACCESSORIES, to include Dr Nelson’s Inhaler, pill making machine, syringes, scoops, weights, 1920’s elastic hosiery sampler, pill boxes, medical books, formula and mixtures books etc £50-80

Lot 160 A VICTORIAN LADIES 18CT YELLOW GOLD OPEN FACED POCKET WATCH, having Arabic numeral chapter ring to gold coloured dial with floral central detail, impressed AM Watch Co, Waltham MASS, 1,943598 verso, chased decoration to case, vacant cartouche, approximately 39mm diameter, approximate weight 61g (key) £200-400


Richard Winterton

Lot 161

Lot 164

Lot 161 A CASED BOTTLE OF KRUG VINTAGE 1979, 750ml £100-150

Lot 164 A BLACK LIBERTY OF LONDON HANDBAG, in Liberty cotton bag £30-50

Lot 162

Lot 165

Lot 162 A BOTTLE OF CUVEE DOM PERIGNON VINTAGE 1975, 75cl, no strength stated, level 35mm below foil at time of photograph £30-50

Lot 165 A CIRCULAR SILVER SNUFF BOX, having pierced floral and scroll decoration to hinged lid and embossed boar hunting scene in landscape to body, Edinburgh 1907, Hamilton and Inches, approximately 4cm diameter x 3cm high £80-120

Lot 163 Lot 163 SPRINGBANK TEN YEAR OLD SINGLE MALT SCOTCH WHISKY, 75cl, 57% vol in carton £30-50


Lot 166 Lot 166 A NAYLOR SPIRALARM TYPE ‘M’ BRASS MINERS LAMP, with red glass to base, approximately 30cm high £40-60

Richard Winterton

Lot 169

Lot 167 Lot 167 A BRASS AND GAUZE DAVY MINERS LAMP, having brass domed section impressed Newcastle on Tyne over central cylindrical gauze on stepped brass base, approximately 25cm high £180-200

Lot 169 SMOKING ADVERTISING SIGNS, enamel Clune’s Sarsfield Plug, approximately 15cm x 30cm, Senior Service Satisfy Tobacco at it’s Best enamel sign, approximately 30.5cm x 8.5cm and Will’s Goldflake Cigarettes mirror, approximately 27cm x 34.5cm (3) £30-50

Lot 170 Lot 170 A RECTANGULAR SILVER PILL BOX, having embossed floral and leafage decoration to body, vacant cartouche to hinged lid, Birmingham 1893, approximately 4.5cm x 3.5cm x 2cm high £30-50 Lot 168 Lot 168 A BRASS AND GAUZE DAVY MINERS LAMP, having brass domed top impressed CLN 206 over tapering central gauze section over burner, on brass base having impressed JCB mark, approximately 23cm high £180-200

Lot 171 Lot 171 AN ENAMELLED RAC LEARNER SIGN, ‘RAC Royal Automobile Club Registered Instructor No.5708’, approximately 33.5cm x 18.5cm £30-40 35

Richard Winterton

Lot 174

Lot 172 Lot 172 ADVERTISING SIGNAGE, to include perspex Lyons Quality Cakes, approximately 25cm x 30cm, Morning Coffee, Open, enamelled Washroom, together with circular Worthington’s Pale Ale plaque, approximately 15cm diameter, Burgess’s Genuine Anchovy Paste Pot, Diadem Vanishing Cream Pot and Harvey’s Fish Sauce Bottle, MP Real Pork Sausages Regd No.318556, sign approximately 30.5cm x 40.5cm and a Guinness For Strength tray, approximately 31.5cm x 41cm (9) £50-80

Lot 174 A SEWILLS LIVERPOOL FOUR GLASS ST GEORGE MANTEL CLOCK, circular white enamelled dial inscribed Sewills Estd 1800ad Liverpool, Roman numeral chapter ring, impressed JO208, Sewills Estd 1800ad Liverpool Eleven (11) Jewels unadjusted 479819974 within brass case on bracket plinth, approximately 19cm x 15cm x 24cm high (key and purchase receipts) £150-250 Lot 175 A SILVER TODDY LADLE, having turned handle to lipped bowl monogrammed HE, Sheffield 1909, approximately 36cm

Lot 176

Lot 173 Lot 173 TRANSPORTATION ADVERTISING, comprising Vespa enamelled sign, approximately 16cm x 33cm, British Railways Use of Wash Basin 4d Use of WC 1d, approximately 16cm x 20cm, Ticket office sign, approximately 15cm x 30.5cm, bassett Lowke enamelled sign, approximately 23cm x 30.5cm, together with Bourne Denby Great Northern Rly Refreshment Dept, teapot approximately 9.5cm high (5) £50-80


Lot 176 A TAPERING THORNWOOD WALKING CANE, having silver collar Birmingham 1898 to dog mask handle, approximately 91cm long £80-120 Lot 177 A TAPERING GENTLEMAN’S TIPPLE STICK, having screw knop to stemmed drinking glass (a/f), over lower screw compartment to glass flask, brass ferrule, approximately 91cm £150-200

Richard Winterton

Lot 178 Lot 181 Lot 178 A PORTRAIT DAGUERREOTYPE, seated gent, set within hinged, velvet lined case, approximately 13cm x 10.5cm max £40-60

Lot 181 TWO JOHN DAVIS & SON DERBY MINERS LAMPS, approximately 21cm and 31cm high (2) (smaller example missing glass) £30-50

Lot 179 Lot 179 LEIGHTON MAYBURY FRUIT PAINTED TEAWARES, comprising five cups, six saucers, milk jug and sugar bowl, all signed Leighton and monogrammed LM (13) £100-200

Lot 182 Lot 182 THREE VINTAGE MINERS LAMPS, Hailwood & Ackroyd, approximately 26cm high, E Thomas & Williams, approximately 25cm high and Richard Johnson, approximately 23cm high (3) £50-80

Lot 180 Lot 180 A SILVER PRESENTATION BOWL, inscribed Lt Col PJ Lloyd MBE TD presented by Officers Mess 104 Lt AD Regt RA (V) January 1978, set on three feet with floral mount, Birmingham 1977, approximately 17cm diameter, approximate weight 15ozt £100-150

Lot 183 Lot 183 TWO VINTAGE PATTERSON MINERS LAMPS, HCP type, approximately 26.5cm high and type AI having No.58 plaque, approximately 24.5cm high (2) £50-80


Richard Winterton

Lot 187 Lot 184 Lot 184 AN AMERICAN KOEHLER SAFETY LAMP, No.209, approximately 22cm high, together with Wolf Safety lamp, approximately 26cm high (2) £50-80

Lot 187 A VINTAGE BRAIMES LAMP, approximately 23cm high, together with a tunnel lamp (2) £20-40

Lot 188 Lot 185 Lot 185 A SILVER DANCE CARD/PURSE, having embossed scroll and floral decoration, monogrammed shield, opening to fitted interior with propelling pencil, Birmingham 1898, approximately 10cm x 7.5cm £80-120

Lot 188 A VINTAGE FOG LAMP, (a/f), together with two mule lamps and a pit pony head harness (4) £40-60

Lot 189 Lot 186 Lot 186 A VINTAGE CEAG MINERS LAMP, approximately 24cm high, together with a carbide lamp, approximately 21cm high (2) £30-50


Lot 189 A COLD PAINTED BERGMANN FIGURE, modelled as young Arab boy lying on front smoking, impressed monogram and 1 under, set on rectangular plinth, approximately 15cm x 9.5cm x 8cm high £150-250

Richard Winterton

Lot 190

Lot 195

Lot 190 A CASED PAIR OF SILVER GRAPE SNIPS, having scroll to vacant shields under loop handles, London 1903, approximate weight 3ozt £30-50

Lot 195 A CASED SILVER CYLINDRICAL SCENT BOTTLE, having chased decoration to body, vacant polished hinged lid to glass stopper, London 1883, S Mordan & Co, approximately 5cm £50-80

Lot 191

Lot 192 Lot 196


Lot 193

Lot 196 A CHROMED VULCAN CAR MASCOT, modelled as blacksmith with hammer and anvil, set on circular wooden plinth, approximately 13cm high, hammer (a/f) £20-30

Lot 194

Lot 193 A CHROMED STEEPLE CHASE HORSE AND JOCKEY CAR MASCOT, on shaped plinth, approximately 11cm high £60-80

Lot 197 Lot 197 A CHROMED ‘SPIRIT OF ECSTASY’ CAR MASCOT, on shaped plinth, approximately 16cm high £100-120

Lot 194 A CHROMED KNEELING ‘SPIRIT OF ECSTASY’ CAR MASCOT, on shaped plinth, impressed E124 under, approximately 10cm £80-120 39

Richard Winterton

Lot 198 Lot 198 A CASED GILT BRASS CARRIAGE CLOCK, white enamelled dial having Arabic numeral chapter ring inscribed Matthew Norman, impressed 11 Eleven Jewels, movement Matthew Norman Switzerland 1754 verso, on bracket plinth, approximately 11cm high (key) £50-80

Lot 201 Lot 201 SAMUEL MARRIOTT, mare and foals in meadow landscape, oil on board, signed lower right, approximately 40cm x 50cm £300-500

Lot 199 Lot 199 A HUNTER IN STABLE WITH TERRIER LYING AT ITS FEET, signed J Wheeler or similar lower left, oil on canvas, approximately 37cm x 49cm £200-300 Lot 200 A SILVER LADLE, monogrammed ME and inscribed ‘Bint’ to bowl with bent turned handle, Sheffield 1909, approximately 36cm long (dented) £30-50

Lot 202 Lot 202 SAMUEL MARRIOTT, mare and foal in field, oil on board, signed and dated 84 lower right, approximately 56.5cm x 61.5cm £400-600


Richard Winterton

Lot 203 Lot 203 A GILT FRAMED OIL ON CANVAS, Ophelia, monogrammed TC lower right, approximately 63cm x 75.5cm, canvas stamped prepared by Charles Roberson 51 Long Acre London verso £250-350

Lot 206 Lot 206 CABINET COFFEE CANS AND SAUCERS, to include four Royal Worcester, two Coalport and one Royal Crown Derby example, various colours and patterns (14) £100-200

Lot 204 Lot 204 A CONTINENTAL PORTRAIT STUDY, lady and gentleman in traditional dress in mountainous landscape, oil on canvas (relined), approximately 105cm x 79cm £300-500 Lot 205 A SILVER HANDLED MAGNIFYING GLASS, having reeded repousse decoration, Sheffield 1992, approximately 14cm long £20-40

Lot 207 Lot 207 TWO MASONS JAPAN PALETTE MEAT PLATES, largest approximately 43cm x 53cm, two Davenport cobalt and gilt plates, approximately 25cm x 31.5cm, five Masons cabinet plates (9) £50-80


Richard Winterton Lot 208 A HERMES L’ ARBRE DE VIE SILK SCARF, approximately 85cm square, together with boxed Gieves & Hawkes Bentley pocket handkerchief, approximately 30cm square £50-80

Lot 211 Lot 211 A ROYAL WORCESTER HOODED WARBLER, Wilsonia Citrina with Cherokee Rose by D. Doughty, on stepped wooden plinth, approximately 32cm high £80-120

Lot 209 Lot 209 A ROYAL WORCESTER HOODED WARBLER, Wilsonia Citrina with Cherokee Rose by D. Doughty, on stepped wooden plinth, approximately 26cm high £80-120

Lot 212

Lot 210 Lot 210 A CASED SET OF SILVER HANDLED SEWING SCISSORS, having pierced embossed scroll decoration, Birmingham 1893, together with silver thimble having embossed floral decoration, Birmingham 1893 (2) £30-50


Lot 212 A ROYAL WORCESTER BLUE-GREY GNATCATCHER, Polioptila Caerulea Ceridea by D. Doughty, on stepped wooden plinth, approximately 30cm high (a/f) £50-80

Richard Winterton

Lot 216

Lot 213 Lot 213 A ROYAL WORCESTER MOONLIGHT ELF OWL, Micropallas Whittneyi Whittneyi & Giant Saguaro by D. Doughty, on stepped wooden plinth, approximately 31cm high £100-150

Lot 216 A BOXED ROYAL WORCESTER LIMITED EDITION BLUE TIT, Parus Caeruleus and Pussy Willow by D. Doughty, with leather framed certificate, Cock No.52/500, on stepped wooden plinth, approximately 22cm high £80-120

Lot 217

Lot 214 Lot 214 A ROYAL WORCESTER MAGNOLIA WARBLER, Dendroica Magnolia by D. Doughty, on stepped wooden plinth, approximately 40cm cm high (a/f) £100-150

Lot 217 A BOXED ROYAL WORCESTER LIMITED EDITION NIGHTINGALE, Daulias Luscinia and Honeysuckle by D. Doughty, with leather framed certificate, No.76/500, on stepped wooden plinth, approximately 25cm high £80-120

Lot 215 A WHITE METAL TODDY LADLE, with twisted handle, approximately 34cm

Lot 218 Lot 218 A BOXED ROYAL WORCESTER LIMITED EDITION BLUE TIT, Parus Caernuleus and Pussy Willow by D. Doughty, with leather framed certificate, Hen No.52/500, on stepped wooden plinth, approximately 20cm high £80-120 43

Richard Winterton

Lot 219

Lot 222

Lot 219 A BOXED ROYAL WORCESTER LIMITED EDITION WREN, Troglodytes Parvulus and Burnet Rose by D. Doughty, with leather framed certificate, Hen No.67/500, on stepped wooden plinth, approximately 18cm high £80-120

Lot 222 A BOXED ROYAL WORCESTER GREY WAGTAIL, Motacilla Melanope and Celandine by D. Doughty, with leather framed certificate, No.331/500, on stepped wooden plinth, approximately 16cm high £80-120

Lot 220 Lot 220 A SILVER TRICYCLE, a silver penny farthing and a white metal bicycle engraved 1890 (3) £20-40

Lot 223 Lot 223 A BOXED LIMITED EDITION ROYAL WORCESTER REDSTART, Ruticilla Phoenicurus and Gorse by D. Doughty, with leather framed certificate, Heni No.56/500, on stepped wooden plinth, approximately 20cm high £80-120

Lot 221 Lot 221 A BOXED ROYAL WORCESTER GOLDFINCH, Spigus Tristis by D. Doughty, on stepped wooden plinth, approximately 21cm high (a/f) £50-80

Lot 224 Lot 224 A BOXED LIMITED EDITION ROYAL WORCESTER REDSTART, Ruticilla Phoenicurus and Gorse by D. Doughty, with leather framed certificate Cock No.56/500, on stepped wooden plinth, approximately 29cm high (a/f) £80-120


Richard Winterton Lot 225 A SILVER TASTING SPOON, having embossed scroll and fleur de lys decoration to bowl, figural capital, import London 1904 mark, rubbed £20-30 Lot 226 A BOXED LIMITED EDITION ROYAL WORCESTER WREN, Troglodytes Parvulus and Burnet Rose by D. Doughty, with leather framed certificate, Cock No.67/500, on stepped wooden plinth, approximately 17cm high (a/f) £50-80

Lot 229 Lot 229 A BOXED ROYAL WORCESTER GOLDFINCH, Spinus Tristis by D. Doughty, on stepped plinth, approximately 21cm high (a/f) £50-80

Lot 227 Lot 227 A BOXED LIMITED EDITION ROYAL WORCESTER LESSER WHITE THROAT, Sylvia Curruca and Wild Rose by D. Doughty, with leather framed certificate, Hen No.125/500, on stepped wooden plinth, approximately 27cm high (a/f) £50-80

Lot 230 Lot 230 A SMALL SILVER LADLE, Exeter 1839 and a silver condiment spoon (marks rubbed) both with fiddle handles (2) £20-40

Lot 228 Lot 228 A BOXED LIMITED EDITION ROYAL WORCESTER LESSER WHITE THROAT, Sylvia Curruca and Wild Rose by D. Doughty, with leather framed certificate, Cock No.125/500, on stepped wooden plinth, approximately 25cm high (a/f) £50-80

Lot 231 Lot 231 A ROYAL WORCESTER MOCKING-BIRD, Mimus Polyglottis by D. Doughty, on stepped wooden plinth, approximately 27cm high (a/f) £50-80 45

Richard Winterton

Lot 235 Lot 232 Lot 232 TWO CIRCULAR ENAMELLED PLAQUES, mill scene and loaded cart and figures, both signed J C Van Hunnik, approximately 10cm diameter, in square frames (2)

Lot 235 A SILVER THREE PIECE COFFEE SERVICE, comprising urn coffee pot, waisted jug and cauldron twin handled sugar bowl, all with beaded rims, coffee pot with ebonised handle, Birmingham 1910, approximate weight 12ozt (3) £100-150

Lot 233 Lot 233 A PAIR OF 19TH CENTURY GERMAN PORCELAIN THREE BRANCH CANDELABRA, the three sconces and scrolling arms having floral encrusted decoration supported on figural bases modelled as male and female holding open trugs on shaped naturalistic moulded bases, impressed 209 to bases and blue cross hatch mark, approximately 53cm high (a/f) (2) £80-120 Lot 234 A GERMAN GARNITURE, having central table centre with pierced fluted bowl over figures and cherubs on scrolling support and two three branch candelabra having seated maidens on tree stumps under sconces, all having floral encrusted decoration, blue marks and impressed 207, and 211 to bases, approximately 49cm and 52cm high (a/f) (3) £100-150


Lot 236 Lot 236 A SAMSON ARMORIAL BOWL, decorated with pink and purple floral and leafage detail, tube lined highlights and gilt strapwork, crest inscribed ‘Fortis in Bello’, approximate diameter 25cm £30-50

Richard Winterton

Lot 240 Lot 240 A MATCHED SILVER THREE PIECE COFFEE SERVICE, with half reeded decoration, coffee pot having ebonised handle and finial, coffee Sheffield 1896, sugar bowl and jug Birmingham 1896, approximate total weight 20ozt (3) £150-200

Lot 237

Lot 238

Lot 237 A DERBY FIGURE GROUP, c.1775, modelled as Shepherd playing pipe to seated Shepherdess having urn on plinth with cover over, inscribed 12 to base, approximately 33cm high (a/f) £100-200 Lot 238 A ROYAL WORCESTER OVOID VASE, having hand painted highland cattle in heather decoration, signed E. Townsend, gilt twin handles and circular pedestal foot, black printed mark and 2710/3 to base, approximately 23cm high £100-150

Lot 241 Lot 241 A GRAINGER WORCESTER PART DESSERT SERVICE, comprising comport and six plates, all decorated with butterflies and insects to turquoise ground with gilt borders, approximate diameter 23.5cm (7) £50-80

Lot 239 Lot 239 A POOLE POTTERY GREEN GLAZED STONEWARE ADVERTISING PAPERWEIGHT, modelled as recumbent lion with shield inscribed ‘Carter’s Tiles’, approximately 11cm x 5.5cm x 9.5cm (a/f) £80-120

Lot 242 Lot 242 A PAIR OF MOTHER OF PEARL MOUNTED OPERA GLASSES, c.1900, inscribed LK Leon Opticien 33 Passage Jouffroy Paris £50-80


Richard Winterton

Lot 244

Lot 244 CHARLES LESLIE (1835-1890), two highland loch landscapes, oil on canvas, both signed and dated lower left, each approximately 30cm x 60cm £600-800 Lot 245 A SILVER FOOTED BASKET, having shaped rim and loop handle, Chester 1920, approximate weight 19ozt £150-200

Lot 243

Lot 246

Lot 243 A PHILIPS 19 INCH TERRESTRIAL GLOBE, printed in Great Britain by George Philip & Son Ltd London 1970, on wooden stand £80-120

Lot 246 A PAIR OF PARIAN WALL SCONCES, modelled as seated classical maidens, impressed marks verso, approximately 24cm high (a/f) £50-80


Richard Winterton

Lot 247 Lot 247 A SET OF SIX 19TH CENTURY FRENCH IVORY FIGURES, modelled as musicians playing instruments stood atop walnut ebonised bound barrels, comprising conductor, accordion player, bagpipe player, lute player, cymbal player, Clarinetist, approximately 16cm high (a/f) (6) £350-400

Lot 249 Lot 249 A BLUE AND WHITE DELFT? CHARGER, having shaped rim to oriental style building central decoration, approximate diameter 36cm £30-50

Lot 250 Lot 250 A SILVER FOUR PIECE TEA SERVICE, of dodecagon form with engraved scroll and floral strapwork to tops, teapot and hot water with pineapple finials and ebonised handles, Birmingham 1929, approximate weight 41ozt, hot water approximately 21cm high max £300-500

Lot 248 Lot 248 A GILT BRASS CARRIAGE CLOCK, white enamelled dial with Arabic numerals, stamped Made in France verso, shaped loop carrying handle, on four feet, approximately 12cm high (key) (a/f) £30-50



Richard Winterton

Lot 252 Lot 254 Lot 252 TWO CONTINENTAL PAINTINGS ON TIN, depicting figures in traditional dress in domestic scenes, figures leaning out of window and lovers embracing, approximately 19.5cm x 15.5cm (2) £100-120

Lot 254 AN OVAL PORTRAIT STUDY, Arabic gentleman, oil, monogrammed RH, Robert Hillingford ?, approximately 26cm x 21.5cm £30-50

Lot 255 Lot 255 A SILVER FOUR PIECE TEA SERVICE, the milk jug and sugar bowl having floral handles and beaded strapwork, the teapot and hot water with fruit finials and engraved floral and scroll detail and treen handles, all on bun feet, Sheffield 1938, James Dixon & Son, approximate total weight 76ozt max £650-700

Lot 253 Lot 253 J W. MORRIS, 19th Century oil on panel, sheep resting in highland landscape, signed and dated 1887, approximately 19cm x 29.5cm £60-80

Lot 256 Lot 256 BENEDICT HYLAND, two 19th Century Equine studies, oil on canvas, ‘Queen of The South 12246’, signed lower left, approximately 35cm x 44.5cm and ‘Orange Blossom 5957’, signed lower right, approximately 35cm x 44.5cm £800-1000 50

Richard Winterton

Lot 257 Lot 257 A FRENCH ORMOLU MANTEL CLOCK, c.1880, the central blue ceramic barrel face with Roman numeral dial flanked by urn supports, decorated with cherubs over central cherub to base flanked by grapes and vines, movement stamped C J and Co 889 and impressed Japy Freres mark and 53 under bell, approximately 31cm high (key) £300-500

Lot 258 Lot 258 A 19TH CENTURY GILT FRAMED OIL ON BOARD, cattle in pastoral landscape, approximately 26cm x 44cm £50-80

Lot 260 Lot 260 A LATE 17TH CENTURY GOLD PAIR CASED POCKET WATCH, by Thomas Gould hallmarked London 1779, white enamelled dial, signed Gould London and Roman numerals and outer Arabic five minute divisions, the movement signed Tho Gould London 1784, the outer case scene depicting figure kneeling before Monarch, sold with key fob and two other yellow metal fobs and a barrel chain £600-700 Lot 261 WALTER WILLIAMS, (act 1841-1880), Yorkshire coastal scene, oil on board, signed, titled and annotated verso, approximately 12cm x 17cm £50-80

Lot 259 Lot 259 A 17TH CENTURY FLEMISH SCHOOL PORTRAIT STUDY, side profile bearded gentleman, oil on canvas laid on panel, approximately 41.5cm x 34cm, old inventory number verso £300-500 51

Richard Winterton

Lot 262 Lot 262 A FOUR GLASS MANTEL CLOCK, having circular white enamelled dial with Roman and Arabic numeral chapter rings, central floral swags, ormolu hands, set on onyx base with corner ormolu column supports to finials having architectural stepped onyx top with urn pediment, impressed Japy Freres, Made in France A1, 3577.411 verso, approximately 42cm high (key) £100-150

Lot 264 Lot 264 A GILT METAL FIGURAL BARREL MANTEL CLOCK, having circular white enamelled dial with Arabic chapter ring supported on scrolling base with huntsman holding game, approximately 28cm high Lot 265 A SILVER TROPHY, having high loop twin handles, fluted lower section over circular foot, Birmingham 1908, approximate weight 10ozt, approximately 20cm high £80-100 Lot 266 A CASED TAXIDERMY STUDY, miniature dog, squirrel and birds in naturalistic setting, approximately 73cm x 22.5cm x 48cm high £250-350

Lot 263 Lot 263 AN OAK CASED RAF MANTEL CLOCK, having silvered circular dial with Arabic numeral chapter ring inscribed RAF with Crown over, impressed 2657, Made by C W Elliott Ltd England 1937 verso, bracket plinth, architectural top, approximately 35cm high (pendulum and key) £200-300


Lot 267 Lot 267 A LEATHER BOUND TRAVELLING APOTHECARY CASE, with hinged lid to fitted ten bottle interior and removable four bottle and recessed tray with balance scales under and buckle, to exterior, approximately 19.5cm x 15cm x 14cm high (key) £100-200

Richard Winterton

Lot 268 Lot 268 FIFTEEN BOTTLES OF SOUTH AFRICAN WHITE WINE, to include two Belheim Estate 1999, three Drosty-Hof Estate 1999, four Nederburg Estate 1996, 1997 and 1999, four Simonsvlei Estate 1997, 2000 and 2002 (reasonable vintages) and two Uitkyk Estate 1996 and 1999, fourteen wines 0.75L, one wine 0.375L, all bottles show minimum losses (15) £30-50

Lot 271 Lot 271 TWELVE BOTTLES OF SOUTH AFRICAN RED WINE, to include Botha Wynkelder Estate 1997, 1998 and 2000 (reasonable vintages), grapes varieties SHZ and Pinotage, two Rust en Vrede Estate 1997 and 1998 (reasonable vintages), SHZ and Merlot varieties, two Bellingham Estate 2001 and 2002 (exceptional vintage, esp.2001), CS and SHZ varieties, two Slanghoek Estate 2000, (reasonable vintage), Pinotage variety and two Hercules Paragon Estate 1998 (reasonable vintage), SHZ and Merlot varieties, all bottles show minimum losses (12) £30-40

Lot 269 Lot 269 TWELVE BOTTLES OF SOUTH AFRICAN RED WINE, to include five Zonnerbloem Estate 1997-1999 (reasonable vintages), grapes varieties CS, Merlot and SHZ, three Robertson Winery Estate 1999 (reasonable vintages), CS variety, two Goudini Estate 1998 (reasonable vinatge), CS variety and two Blaaukippen Estate 1998 (reasonable vintages) CS variety, all bottles show minimum losses (12) £30-40 Lot 272 Lot 272 TWELVE BOTTLES OF SOUTH AFRICAN RED WINE, to include four Simonsig Estate 1998-1999 (reasonable vintages), grapes varieties CS and Blended, three Laborie Estate 1999-2000 (reasonable vintages), Pinotage and Blended varieties, two Opstal Estate 1999 (reasonable vintages), CS variety, two Uitkyk Estate 1996 (poor vintage), CS variety and one Landskroon Estate 2001 (exceptional vintage) SHZ, most bottles show minimum losses (12) £30-40 Lot 270 Lot 270 A SILVER CHALICE CUP, of plain form, London 1892, approximate weight 7ozt, approximately 20cm high £60-80 53

Richard Winterton

Lot 273

Lot 276

Lot 273 TWELVE BOTTLES OF SOUTH AFRICAN RED WINE, to include seven Nederburg Estate 1978, 1998 (5) and 2000 (reasonable to good vintages), grape varieties Pinotage and Blended, two Bergsig Estate 1997 (poor vintage), grape variety Pinotage, 1 Seidelberg Estate 2002 (reasonable vintage), Pinotage variety, one Roodeberg Estate 1998 (reasonable vintage) Blended variety and one Delheim cellar 1998 (reasonable vintage) SHZ variety, all bottles show minimum losses (12) £30-40

Lot 276 TWELVE BOTTLES OF RED WINE, to include nine South African (different Estates), one Jacobs Creek, one Concha y Toro and one Chateau d’ Arcins, years 1982-2003, various grape varieties, varying degrees of losses (12) £30-40

Lot 274

Lot 277

Lot 274 THIRTEEN BOTTLES OF SOUTH AFRICAN RED WINE, to include seven Welmoed Estate 1998 (reasonable vintage) grape variety CS and six Simonsberg (Kanokop) Estate 1987, 2000 and 2002 (poor to reasonable vintages), grape varieties Pinotage and Blended, three bottles show excessive loss and three bottles show no losses (13) £30-40

Lot 277 BOXED 1.5 LITRE BOTTLES OF SOUTH AFRICAN RED WINE, to include two Trillenium Cabernets 1997 (Limited Editions 02981 and 03036 certificates of authenticity enclosed) and one Fleur du Cap Cabernet Sauvignon 1987, all bottles show minimum losses (3) £30-50

Lot 275 Lot 275 TWO PIERCED AND MOULDED WHITE METAL STANDS, having scrolling central section with medallion, carrying handle, bobbin border, set on four scroll feet, approximately 17cm x 11.5cm (2) £70-90


Lot 278 Lot 278 A BRASS COAL BUCKET, having lion mask and ring carrying handles set on three paw feet with copper mounted studwork, approximately 45cm diameter x 40cm high £80-120

Richard Winterton

Lot 282 Lot 279 Lot 279 TWO OILS ON CANVAS, horses head side profile, approximately 29.5cm x 34.5cm and Cockerel, approximately 26.5cm x 37cm £50-80

Lot 280 Lot 280 A CASED SET OF WHITE METAL SALTS, in the form of handled baskets with floral and foliate decoration, together with for silver condiment spoons, Sheffield 1890 £50-80

Lot 282 AN ORIENTAL BALUSTER VASE, of scalloped form having red, cobalt and gilt floral and bird decoration to body, four character script to base, approximately 26cm high

Lot 283 Lot 283 A CIRCULAR ORIENTAL FAMILLE ROSE BOWL, having sectional bird, insect and floral panels with gilt borders, approximately 36cm diameter

Lot 281 Lot 281 A FOLEY CHINA WILEMAN & CO SHELLEY PART TEA SERVICE, decorated in puce honeysuckle pattern, comprising six trios and bread and butter plate, puce R97379, Rd.No.60650 and gilt 3757 to base (one cup a/f) (19) £400-500

Lot 284 Lot 284 A BLUE AND WHITE ORIENTAL SQUARE PLATE, having figures before pagodas with mountains to background, dragon borders, approximately 26cm square


Richard Winterton

Lot 285 Lot 285 A LACO WWII BEOBACHTUNGSUHR pilots watch, on oversized brown leather strap, having black dial with two Arabic numeral rings, luminous hands case and back stamped FL23883 and H6510, inner back inscribed Beobachtungsuhr Bauart: Laco-Durowe, Gerat Nr 127-560 B-1 Werk Nr 6510, Anforderz F123883, Montage: Wempe, movement stamped Laco 22 Steine 06510, approximately 5.5cm diameter ÂŁ2000-2500

Lot 287 Lot 287 L ROTH, continental street scenes, oil on board, both signed lower right, approximately 39cm x 50cm (2) ÂŁ400-600

Lot 286 Lot 286 AN ORIENTAL BLUE AND WHITE DISH, having scalloped rim to central birds in flowers and foliage with scroll and floral border, floral detail verso, approximately 40cm diameter 56

Richard Winterton

Lot 288 Lot 288 AN ORIENTAL BLUE AND WHITE FLARED NECK BALUSTER VASE, having double happiness symbols to body within scrolling decoration, dog of fo handles, approximately 60.5cm high

Lot 291 Lot 291 AN ORIENTAL LIDDED JAR, of bulbous rectangular form decorated in polychrome enamels with figures in domestic scenes fishing within landscape, approximately 35cm high (a/f)

Lot 292 Lot 289 Lot 289 A PAIR OF FLARED NECK BLUE AND WHITE ORIENTAL VASES, having birds amongst foliage decoration, nine character script mark to base, approximately 39cm high (a/f)

Lot 292 A DEEP SIDED ORIENTAL FAMILLE ROSE BOWL, decorated with birds, flowers and insects with gilt highlights, approximately 30.5cm diameter x 14cm high

Lot 293 Lot 290 Lot 290 THREE WHITE METAL HANGING DECANTER LABELS, Madeira, Port and Sherry (3)

Lot 293 A BLUE AND WHITE ORIENTAL SHALLOW DISH, decorated with landscape scene, six character mark to base, approximately 47cm diameter


Richard Winterton

Lot 294

Lot 297

Lot 294 A BOXED 1.5 LITRE BOTTLE OF NEDERBURG CABERNET SAUVIGNON 1994, complete with two wine glasses, two bottles of Pineau, de Laborie brand (boxed, one with glasses), a bottle of Siebrand ‘Drop’ cocktail, a bottle of Uitkyk Estate Brandy, 0.75L 38% and another bottle of Cognac in an Eifell Tower bottle (6) £40-60

Lot 297 A BOX OF HARDY VSOP FINE CHAMPAGNE COGNAC, 68.2cl, 40%, together with four H. Upman Havana Royal Corona cigars (tubed), some damage to box £40-60

Lot 295 Lot 295 YELLOW METAL FLAGS OF THE WORLD ENAMELLED BRACELET, composed of eighteen enamel panel links with flag pole detail, depicting various flags with inscribed country name to each verso Rd.No.358292 (boxed) (losses to some links) £100-120

Lot 298 Lot 298 CONSTANTIN GUYS, watercolour and wash, figures in court, label verso Constantin Guys, approximately 11cm x 17.5cm £150-200

Lot 296 Lot 296 FIVE BOTTLES OF SOUTH AFRICAN PORT, to include three Slanghoek, one KWV and one Du Toitskloof), 19992002, bottles show varying degrees of losses (5) £20-30


Lot 299 Lot 299 A LATE 18TH/EARLY 19TH CENTURY ITALIAN SCHOOL GOUACHE, of circular form depicting river landscape with cattle watering, approximately 10.5cm diameter £60-80

Richard Winterton


Lot 301

Lot 303

Lot 301 AN ORIENTAL BLUE AND WHITE BALUSTER VASE, with flared rim, having bird and floral decoration to body, pierced dragon twin handles, approximately 44cm high (a/f)

Lot 303 AN ORIENTAL BLUE AND WHITE BALUSTER VASE AND COVER, decorated with figures in landscape scenes, relief moulded dragons to top and dog of fo finial to cover, four character script mark to base, approximately 49cm high

Lot 302

Lot 304

Lot 302 AN IMARI PATTERN JARDINIERE, in usual red, blue and gilt enamels, approximately 34cm diameter x 29cm high

Lot 304 A BLUE AND WHITE ORIENTAL GINGER JAR AND COVER, decorated with dragon chasing flaming pearl to body, banding to top, approximately 23cm high (a/f)


Richard Winterton

Lot 307 Lot 307 A BOTTLE OF GASTON DE LAGRANGE THREE STAR COGNAC, (half full), a bottle of D. Campeney Napoleon Brandy, 35cl, 36% and a bottle of Amaretto di Saronno, 70cl, 36%, all boxed (3) £10-20

Lot 305 Lot 305 A GENTS STAINLESS STEEL SEVENTEEN JEWEL ROLEX, centre seconds, movement N86718, case No.6422 (condition working) £600-800

Lot 308 Lot 308 TWO BOXED CAMUS NAPOLEON COGNACS, Le Grande Marque (one opened) 0.7L, 40% (2) £40-50 Lot 309 THREE BOXED COGNACS, one Courvoisier VSOP, one Imperial Quart, 80% proof, one Courvoisier three star Luxe Cognac, 680ml, 40% (opened) and a Remey Martin Fine Champagne Cognac, 100cl, 40% (3) £60-80 Lot 306 Lot 306 A BULBOUS ORIENTAL BLUE AND WHITE GINGER JAR AND COVER, having blossom, floral, bird and foliate decoration to body, scrolling strapwork, leaf moulded handle to cover, four character script mark to base, approximately 28cm high (a/f)



Richard Winterton

Lot 313

Lot 311 Lot 311 AN APPROXIMATELY 60 BORE FLINTLOCK BOXLOCK POCKET PISTOL, fitted with a folding trigger and turn off barrel which is approximately 2 ¾” in length. It has pitted surfaces and we are unable to identify the makers name. It has a slab sided walnut butt and is in working order £80-100

Lot 313 AN APPROXIMATE 60 BORE PERCUSSION BOXLOCK POCKET PISTOL, bearing no maker’s name or visible proof marks. It is in worn condition and the action is at fault. Barrel length approximately 2¾” £10-20

Lot 314

Lot 312 Lot 312 A 54 BORE PERCUSSION OVER AND UNDER PISTOL, fitted with back action locks and approximately 5½” barrels. Its overall appearance indicates it is of European origin. It bears no makers name or proof marks and is in working condition, however both nipples are damaged £100-150

Lot 314 A 32 BORE PERCUSSION HOLSTER PISTOL CONVERTED FROM FLINT, It has been refinished overall. The tail of the lock is stamped with a Crown . The swivel ramrod has been removed from the barrel and it is now fitted with a removable replacement. The butt cap has a lanyard loop attached to it and is fitted with a hinged trap for percussion caps. It bears no visible makers name. Its barrel length is approximately 8¾” £60-80 Lot 315 A SEED PEARL NECKLACE, with citrine drops £100-120

Lot 316 Lot 316 AN EXTREMELY RARE SMALL BORE BEAUMONT ADAMS DESIGN PERCUSSION REVOLVER, having a bore size of about .285”. It has five chambers and is fitted with an approximately 3¼” length barrel. It bears the serial number 42305 but no maker’s name.It is in working order £250-350


Richard Winterton

Lot 317 Lot 317 A 7MM ANTIQUE PIN-FIRE REVOLVER, proved in Liegé, Belgium, It has a defective trigger return spring, missing its foresight and is in worn condition £15-20

Lot 318 Lot 318 A SCARCE, PLAIN FINISH ALAN & WHEELOCK. 32" SHORT RIM-FIRE BREECH LOADING SIDE HAMMER REVOLVER, serial number 360. About 1,500 of these were made during the period between 1858 and 1865. It has walnut grips and bears the barrel markings ALLEN & WHEELOCK, WORCESTER, MASS. U.S./ALLEN’S PATENTS SEPT. 7, NOV.9 1858 £400-450

Lot 319 Lot 319 AN APPROXIMATELY 88 BORE TRANSITIONAL PERCUSSION REVOLVER, bearing Birmingham Proof marks but no maker’s name. Barrel length approximately 4½”. Some overall wear but in working condition £150-200


Lot 320 Lot 320 AN 18CT BOX CHAIN, with a high carat sythentic sapphire with pearl drops £100-120

Lot 321 Lot 321 A SELF-COCKING WEBLEY BENTLEY DESIGN PERCUSSION REVOLVER, in approximately 80 bore. It is fitted with a 4¾” barrel. It bears no makers name or serial number. Worn and pitted overall £100-120

Lot 322 Lot 322 A EUROPEAN, POSSIBLY BELGIAN, COPY OF THE COLT PERCUSSION POCKET REVOLVER, bearing the only visible markings - cal 35 and a serial number of 19345. It is poor condition and worn overall, Barrel length 3¾” £10-20

Richard Winterton

Lot 323

Lot 326

Lot 323 A 54 BORE SINGLE TRIGGER TRANTER PERCUSSION REVOLVER, bearing the serial number 18426. It has a 6” barrel and the top strap is marked Westley Richard. It has a nicely engraved frame and cylinder and is in working condition £400-500

Lot 326 A .44” CALIBRE MODEL 1860 COLT ARMY PERCUSSION REVOLVER, bearing the serial number 93598. It is fitted with an 8” barrel marked ADDRESS SAML COLT NEW-YORK U.S. AMERICA The walnut grip bears parts of the U.S. Army Inspector’s mark. Worn condition overall, but in working order. Its serial numbers match indicating it was made in 1863 £250-300

Lot 324 Lot 324 A 54 BORE BEAUMONT ADAMS PERCUSSION REVOLVER, made at the London Armoury Company and bearing the LAC motif on the frame. The top strap is marked Deane & Son 30 King William Street, London Bridge. The frame bears the serial numbers R10168 and 25831R, whilst the underside of the barrel is numbered 7725. It is fitted with a 5¾” barrel and is in good working order. It bears London Proof marks and a percentage of its original blued finish £400-500

Lot 327 Lot 327 A 48 BORE PERCUSSION REVOLVER, embedding the design of the 3rd model Longspur by James Webley, fitted with the shortened hammer spur. Unfortunately all the markings have been polished off and it is pitted overall. It no longer bears any makers name or serial number. Barrel length approximately 6¾” £150-200

Lot 328 Lot 325 Lot 325 A GOLD AND SILVER SET DIAMOND STAR BROOCH £350-400

Lot 328 A DOUBLE TRIGGER 38 BORE TRANTER PERCUSSION REVOLVER, fitted with a 6” barrel. Its loading lever and trigger are marked Tranter patent but this marking has been polished off the frame which appears to have been renumbered to 187962. The retailers name on the top strap has been partly polished off but the address of 11 The Strand is still visible. Its central cylinder axis pin is missing £200-250


Richard Winterton

Lot 329 Lot 329 A .44” REMINGTON NEW ARMY PERCUSSION REVOLVER, with a worn overall finish. It bears no makers name or visible serial number. It is fitted with a 8” barrel and is in working condition £200-250 Lot 333 Lot 330 A YELLOW METAL PROPELLING PENCIL


Lot 333 A BLUE AND WHITE ORIENTAL GINGER JAR AND COVER, with floral decoration, banding to lid rim and base, approximately 35cm high (a/f)

Lot 331 Lot 331 A BOTTLE OF SANDEMAN PORT 1966, Vintage (bottled 1968), some staining to rear label £40-60

Lot 334 Lot 334 A LARGE PAIR OF CYLINDRICAL VASES/STICK STANDS, decorated in blue and white with figures in landscapes, floral and scroll strapwork to top and bottom, approximately 61cm high (both a/f) (2)

Lot 332 Lot 332 A BOTTLE OF NIEPOORT PORTO COLHEITA 1959 £200-250

Lot 335 Lot 335 AN 18CT SAPPHIRE AND DIAMOND CLUSTER RING, size Q £250-300


Richard Winterton

Lot 336 Lot 336 A CLOISONNE BOWL, decorated with dragons, flowers and scroll detail, set on pierced hardwood stand, approximately 26cm diameter x 14cm high (a/f), together with lidded cloisonne cylindrical jar, approximately 8cm high (a/f) (2)

Lot 339 Lot 339 AN ANTIQUE APPROXIMATELY 30 BORE SINGLE BARREL PERCUSSION SHOTGUN, It bears no makers name or visible proof marks, Overall condition poor £20-30 Lot 340 A 9CT GOLD GARNET AND DIAMOND SUITE OF JEWELLERY, to include necklace, ring (size O) and a pair of earrings £150-180

Lot 337 Lot 337 A SET OF NINE TREEN TURNED TABLE SKITTLES ON STAND, with two balls to top carrying handle, approximately 31cm high Lot 338 A 12 BORE 2 1/2” CHAMBERED BLACK POWDER PROVED SIDE BY SIDE HAMMER SHOTGUN, bearing the name Frederick T. Baker, 88 Fleet Street, London on the locks. The action is stamped Frederick T. Baker No 111 Patent whilst the trigger guard is marked with the Roman numerals MDCCCLXVI (which in numbers = 1866). The patent relates to the circular recess in the frame into which the Jones rotary locking lever engages. This was Baker’s patent 403 of 1866 whilst 111 was the serial number allocated by him to the shotgun. In 1893 it was rebarrelled by G.E. Lewis, 32 & 33 Lower Loveday Street, Birmingham and bears the serial number 9047, which Nigel Brown records as being issued by Lewis in that year. Its barrels bear a light coating of rust and are 32½” in length. (The purchaser must be the holder of a current Shotgun Certificate and is not advised to use modern nitro cartridges in it unless it is reproved)

Lot 341 Lot 341 A 12 BORE 2 1/2” SIDE BY SIDE BOXLOCK NON EJECTOR, by George Bates of Birmingham. The gun has been sleeved and subsequently reproved. It has 28” barrels and comes with a carry slip. It has been refinished and is an excellent example of a British made Game gun, (The purchaser must be the holder of a current Shotgun Certificate) £100-150 Lot 342 AN ANTIQUE 13 BORE SIDE BY SIDE PERCUSSION SHOTGUN, by W. Roberts & Co. Its top rib is loose £40-60


Richard Winterton Lot 347 A BSA LINCOLN JEFFRIES PATENT .177 AIR RIFLE, No.8761/04, the air cylinder marked ‘The BSA Air Rifle (improved Model. D) The Birmingham Small Arms Co Ltd, England’, the walnut butt with hand chequered pistol grip and BSA stand of rifles, trademark, (lightly rusted overall, some wear) £70-90

Lot 343 Lot 343 A 7MM ANTIQUE PIN-FIRE REVOLVER, proved in Leigé, Belgium, It is in working order and retains a considerable amount of its original blued finish £70-80 Lot 344 A 7MM ANTIQUE PIN-FIRE REVOLVER, proved in Leigé, Belgium, It has a defective action and is lightly rusted overall £15-20 Lot 345 A GENTS STAINLESS STEEL AUTAVIA HEUER SEVENTEEN JEWEL CHRONOGRAPH WRISTWATCH, cal: 7730 Vortex case marked Leonidas-Heuer, with service manual, (condition good and working) £600-700

Lot 348 Lot 348 A GERMAN THIRD REICH KRIEGSMARINE OFFICER’S DAGGER, having double edged bi fullered blade with anchor decoration, makers ‘Original Eickhorn Solingen’ mark under brass hilt, celluloid grip, brass scabbard, approximately 38cm long £100-200

Lot 346 Lot 346 A RARE 6.5MM NO.3 1896 MODEL BERGMANN PISTOL, of which approximately 4,000 were produced. It bears the stamp “Patent Breveté S.D.G.D.” on the frame. It comes in its wood factory presentation case complete with screw driver and cleaning rod, the pistol bears the vast majority of its original finish, with only very minor flecks of rust on its surface. The detachable cartridge clip is missing. This is one of the earliest and most favoured semi-automatic pistols manufactured and are now sought after collector’s items. This caliber is defined as obsolete by the Home Office and benefits from being regarded as an antique under section 58(2) of the Firearms Act 1968, (It can therefore be purchased without a licence when kept as a curio or ornament) £1000-1200


Lot 349 Lot 349 TWO CLOISONNE WALL HANGING CHARGERS, having floral, dragon and scroll decoration, approximately 44.5cm diameter (a/f) (2) £100-200

Richard Winterton

Lot 350

Lot 352

Lot 350 A BOXED 9CT GOLD AMETHYST SET SUITE OF JEWELLERY, comprising necklace, bracelet, earrings and ring (size M) £300-500

Lot 352 A ROYAL WORCESTER PEDESTAL VASE AND COVER, the urn body hand painted with floral swags, signed E Phillips, naturalistic blossom mounted gilt twin handles, blue pedestal and cover with gilt highlights, green marks and numbered Rd.No.448736 and 2366, c.1903, approximately 22cm high (a/f) £200-300

Lot 351 Lot 351 A STAFFORDSHIRE FIGURE, modelled as standing black and white spotted greyhound with dead hare, set on naturalistic base, approximately 25cm high (a/f) £30-50

Lot 353 Lot 353 AN OPAQUE GLASS FIGURE, modelled as seated child with knees drawn in on oval plinth, approximately 8cm high, impressed leaf mark verso £30-50


Richard Winterton

Lot 354

Lot 357

Lot 354 A FRENCH MANTEL CLOCK, c.1870, having shaped top to ebonised case with floral and foliate inlay, lifting glass to white enamelled dial inscribed Savoine a Paris under Arabic chapter ring, movement stamped Rollin a Paris 236, stepped plinth, square feet, approximately 23cm high (key) £200-300

Lot 357 ELEVEN BOTTLES OF BELL’S WHISKY IN WADE PORCELAIN COMMEMORATIVE BOTTLES, 70cl, 40% vol, all bottles unopened (11) £80-100

Lot 358

Lot 355

Lot 358 A BOTTLE OF GRAHAMS 1970 VINTAGE PORT, bottled 1972, seal No.820461, 75cl £30-50


Lot 359

Lot 356 ot 356 ELEVEN BOTTLES OF BELL’S WHISKY IN WADE PORCELAIN COMMEMORATIVE BOTTLES, 70cl, 40% vol, all bottles unopened (11) £80-100 68

Lot 359 A BOTTLE OF SANDEMAN VINTAGE PORT, 1975, bottled in 1977, seal No.285115, 75cl £30-50

Richard Winterton

Lot 362 Lot 362 A 19TH CENTURY DELFT STYLE MASONIC TANKARD, decorated in blue and white enamels depicting flowers, foliage, symbols etc, with banding to top, monogrammed ‘AG’ to base, approximately 14cm high £450-500 Lot 360 Lot 360 A BOXED MUST DE CARTIER WRISTWATCH, of rectangular form, stamped Cartier Paris Argent 925 verso No.117814 £250-300

Lot 363

Lot 361

Lot 363 AN ARMAND MARSEILLE KOPPELSDORF BISQUE HEAD DOLL, with blue sleeping eyes and moulded teeth, impressed AM Koppelsdorf Germany 996 A8M to back of head, approximately 51cm £30-50

Lot 361 A BOTTLE OF SANDEMAN LATE BOTTLED VINTAGE PORT, 1983, bottled in 1988, seal No.360700, 75cl £30-50


Richard Winterton

Lot 364 Lot 364 AN ARMAND MARSEILLE BISQUE HEAD DOLL, with blue sleeping eyes and moulded teeth, impressed Armand Marseille 370 A2M Germany verso, approximately 52cm £30-50

Lot 367 Lot 367 AFTER GEORGE MORLAND, feeding the donkey, oil on canvas, approximately 51cm x 41.5cm £300-500

Lot 365 Lot 365 A 22CT TRIPLE DIAMOND SET CLUSTER RING, (size P 1/2) £250-300

Lot 368

Lot 366 Lot 366 AN ARMAND MARSEILLE BISQUE HEAD DOLL, with blue sleeping eyes and moulded teeth, impressed Armand Marseille 370 A1M verso, approximately 50cm (legs detached) £30-50


Lot 368 A THREE BRANCH FIGURAL LAMP, modelled as scantily clad Art Nouveau maiden with naturalistic headdress and base, Art d’France plaque verso, approximately 105cm high (a/f) £180-220

Richard Winterton

Lot 369 Lot 369 CONTIENTAL CABINET CUPS AND SAUCERS, comprising coffee can and cover and saucer, decorated with figures at waters edge, floral detail and gilt highlights with blue Meissen cross marks to bases, courting couple and insect decorated tea bowl and saucer, blue cross marks to bases and armorial decorated example (a/f) (7)

Lot 372 Lot 372 A NOVELTY SILVER MOUNTED CHICK PIN CUSHION, Birmingham 1907, approximately 3cm high £50-80

Lot 373 Lot 373 A SILVER RECTANGULAR STAMP CASE, having turquoise stone button to sliding two division interior with engraved scroll decoration and vacant cartouche to top, Birmingham 1903, approximately 5cm x 3.5cm £20-40 Lot 370 Lot 370 AN 18CT DIAMOND SET CLUSTER RING, (size N 1/2) £150-180

Lot 374 Lot 374 A SILVER MOUNTED NOVELTY PIG PIN CUSHION, Birmingham 1906, approximately 5cm x 3cm high £50-80 Lot 371 Lot 371 A LARGE NOVELTY SILVER MOUNTED PIG PIN CUSHION, Birmingham 1903, approximately 10cm long x 5cm high £100-150


Richard Winterton

Lot 375

Lot 379

Lot 375 AN OVAL SILVER DOUBLE SOVEREIGN CASE, monogrammed to hinged lid, Birmingham 1909 £80-120

Lot 379 A NOVELTY SILVER MOUNTED ELEPHANT PIN CUSHION, Birmingham 1904 ?, approximately 5cm x 3cm high £50-80

Lot 376 Lot 376 A SILVER SOVEREIGN CASE, S Mordan & Co


Lot 380 Lot 380 AN OVAL SILVER VESTA, having scroll decoration to body, strike to base, Chester 1902 £20-40

Lot 377 Lot 377 A SQUARE SILVER SOVEREIGN CASE, having floral and scroll decoration to outer case and gilt interior, Birmingham 1908 £30-50 Lot 381 Lot 381 AN OVAL SILVER VESTA, having scroll decoration and monogrammed shield cartouche to body, strike to base, Birmingham 1897 ? £20-40

Lot 378 Lot 378 A NOVELTY SILVER MOUNTED PIG PIN CUSHION, Birmingham 1909, approximately 4.5cm x 3cm high £40-60 72

Richard Winterton

Lot 382 Lot 382 TWO SILVER STAMP CASES, both in the form of envelopes, the plain example stamped sterling silver, the other embossed ‘Stamps’ to front, Birmingham 1910 (2) £20-40

Lot 385 Lot 385 A SILVER VINAIGRETTE, having floral, foliage and buckle detail, Birmingham 1816? Samuel Pemberton £50-80

Lot 383 Lot 383 TWO SILVER STAMP CASES, both of plain form but with monogrammed detail, Birmingham 1909 and 1912 (2) £20-40

Lot 386 Lot 386 A SILVER VINAIGRETTE, having scroll decoration to shaped case, vacant cartouche, Birmingham 1856 £40-60

Lot 384 Lot 384 A NOVELTY SILVER MOUNTED DUCK PIN CUSHION, Chester 1906, S Mordan & Co, approximately 3.5cm £50-80 Lot 387 Lot 387 TWO SILVER STAMP CASES, both having floral and foliage decoration, envelope example, Birmingham 1907, the other Birmingham 1903 (2) £20-40


Richard Winterton

Lot 388

Lot 392

Lot 388 A SILVER VINAIGRETTE, having elyptical decoration and central monogram, Birmingham 1835 £50-80

Lot 392 AN 18CT RUBY AND DIAMOND SET CLUSTER RING, (size L) £200-220

Lot 389 Lot 389 A 19TH CENTURY BONE AND IVORY BOOKMARK/PAGE TURNER, modelled as bone carved pointers mask set on ivory blade, approximately 20cm long £100-150 Lot 393 Lot 393 A COLLECTION OF ORIENTAL WATERCOLOUR STUDIES, Peacock and Chickens, approximately 33.5cm x 18cm, Deer, Chickens, figures by fire and water bird, approximately 22.5cm x 24cm and a diver, approximately 20cm x 15cm (7) £80-120

Lot 390 Lot 390 A PAIR OF SILVER FRAMED GLASSES, c.1800, having circular blue glass lenses to silver frames £80-100 Lot 391 A PAIR OF GILT METAL GLASSES, frames inscribed ‘from WP Snr to WP Jnr, 1 Union Street, Dundee 1856’ to arm, missing glass £160-180


Lot 394 Lot 394 A COLLECTION OF EARLY BLUE AND WHITE CERAMICS, to include Royal Worcester, comprising six cups and saucers, three tea bowls, two bowls, a lid, sauce boat and cream jug, all having oriental figures, flowers and landscape decoration (a/f) (14) £150-250

Richard Winterton

Lot 397

Lot 395

Lot 397 A PLATINUM TWIN STONE DIAMOND RING, set on a twist, claw mounted with two approximately 0.5ct old cushion cut diamonds (size O) £800-1200

Lot 395 A GARRARD 9CT BROOCH, set with a tiger above the word Seringapatam, approximate weight 5.2g, (boxed), together with a silver badge for the Kings Troop Royal Horse Artillery and a pin both with the horse and crown motif (3) £100-120

Lot 398

Lot 396

Lot 398 AN 18CT YELLOW AND WHITE GOLD CLUSTER RING, set with a large oval sapphire of approximately 3ct surrounded by fourteen round brilliant cut diamonds each approximately 0.5ct (size P) £400-500

Lot 396 A ROYAL ARTILLERY YELLOW METAL AND ENAMELLED BROOCH, together with a silver and marcasite Royal Fusilier’s brooch and a pair of earrings (3) £80-100

Lot 399 Lot 399 A PLATINUM DIAMOND SET DRESS RING, round brilliant cut diamond approximately 0.7ct, claw set to centre, having six round brilliant cut diamonds set to each shoulder, approximately 0.16ct (size P) £800-1200


Richard Winterton

Lot 402 Lot 402 A SILVER FOOTED BOWL, having embossed stylised floral decoration, on circular foot, London 1896, approximately 15.5cm diameter x 8cm high, approximate weight 6.5ozt, together with silver Gin, Birmingham 1959 and Sherry, Birmingham 1957 hanging decanter labels (3) £60-80

Lot 400 Lot 400 A CYLINDRICAL BONE SHAVING BRUSH CONTAINER, with screw lid, pierced top and bottom, inscribed Asprey 166 Bond Street, approximately 11.5cm high, together with white metal soap dish inscribed Asprey London, approximately 9cm x 7cm x 3.5cm high, bone handled file etc (4) £40-60 Lot 403 Lot 403 A COLLECTION OF DESK SEALS, armorial and family coats of arms/crests etc (10) £80-120

Lot 401 Lot 401 A RECTANGULAR PORTRAIT MINIATURE, depicting child on gents lap seated on nursing chair on verandah before mountainous landscape, set in gilt mount and leather, velvet lined double opening easel frame, approximately 12cm x 9.5cm £200-300


Lot 404 Lot 404 A RURAL LANDSCAPE WATERCOLOUR, farm workers in fields before village with hills to background, indistinctly signed and dated lower right, Blackrock or similar, approximately 45.5cm x 63cm £150-200

Richard Winterton

Lot 407 Lot 405 Lot 405 A 19TH CENTURY GILT FRAMED OIL ON CANVAS, still life flowers in vase, approximately 82cm x 67cm £50-80

Lot 407 A GILT FRAMED OIL ON CANVAS, whaling marine oil, approximately 44.5cm x 67cm, label verso WH Patterson 19 Albemarle Street London W1 £300-500

Lot 408 Lot 408 A BLACK MARBLE ARCHITECTURAL MANTEL CLOCK GARNITURE, having circular enamelled dial with Arabic numerals, four pillars either side under mask pediment, stepped plinth, movement stamped AD Malgin 2025 411 with pagoda garnitures having figural studies under dome supported on four columns on stepped circular bases, clock approximately 61cm x 17cm x 38.5cm high, garnitures approximately 32cm high (a/f) £150-250 Lot 409 A GENTLEMAN’S GEORGIAN STYLE HOBBY HORSE OR DANDY CHARGER, late 19th/early 20th Century, iron wheels, wooden frame £200-300

Lot 406 Lot 406 A STILL LIFE STUDY, vase of flowers with fruit and leeks before, monogrammed HB lower right, oil on canvas, approximately 58.5cm square £100-150


Richard Winterton Lot 414 AN ORIENTAL HARDWOOD BOOKCASE, of open form having carved and moulded floral and leafage detail to staggered and sectioned shelving, all on claw and ball feet, approximately 81cm x 30cm x 115cm high £150-250

Lot 410 Lot 410 A GRAVITY CLOCK, by Dent of London, having brass cylindrical time piece with Roman numeral chapter ring, inscribed Dent London to centre sunburst, Dent for Royle Poidevin 1975 verso, set on tooled red leather incline marked with days of the week and supported on brass columns with triangular ‘Dent’ under, approximately 71.5cm x 10cm x 18.5cm high (stand), clock approximately 13cm diameter £300-500 Lot 411 A THWAITES REED GRAVITY CLOCK, having suspended brass globe with silvered Roman and Arabic equatorial ring on scrolled brass support inscribed Thwaites Reed No.158 and with Royle Poidevin 1972 plaque to base, on mahogany back plate, approximately 66cm £100-200 Lot 412 A BURR WALNUT PART CANTEEN OF PLATED CUTLERY, with double doors to five drawer interior, brass shield escutcheon and recessed handles, approximately 54cm x 43cm x 39cm high £50-100

Lot 415 Lot 415 A 19TH CENTURY MAHOGANY SECRETAIRE CHEST OF DRAWERS, having fall front to top drawer with polished writing surface with central recess flanked by two banks of four drawers and drawers over, lock impressed I Bramah Patent, over two long drawers, all with drop handles, on bracket feet with inverted carving, approximately 113cm x 59cm x 102cm £150-200 Lot 416 A GEORGIAN OAK DRESSER BASE, having three central graduated long drawers flanked by short drawers over shaped cupboards, all having brass escutcheons and handles on shaped bracket feet, approximately 155cm x 52cm x 83cm high (key) £350-400

Lot 417 Lot 413 Lot 413 A VICTORIAN WORK TABLE, having drawer over wool slide on urn support with quadrant base on castors, approximately 51cm x 40cm x 74cm high £80-120 78

Lot 417 A 19TH CENTURY MAHOGANY BOW FRONT CHEST OF THREE GRADUATED LONG DRAWERS, on shaped splayed feet, brass ring handles, approximately 99cm x 54.5cm x 93cm high £150-200

Richard Winterton Lot 418 A CIRCULAR TOPPED OAK CRICKET TABLE, having turned legs and pad feet, approximately 64cm diameter x 72cm high £80-120

Lot 421

Lot 419

Lot 421 A VICTORIAN ROSEWOOD FRAMED OPEN ARMCHAIR, with shaped back and arms, pink upholstered button back, cabriole scroll legs, claw and ball feet £80-120

Lot 419 A GEORGIAN MAHOGANY CIRCULAR SNAP TOP TABLE, on tripod base, approximately 75cm diameter x 71cm high £90-100

Lot 422

Lot 420 Lot 420 A 19TH CENTURY MAHOGANY INLAID BARREL FRONT GLAZED CORNER CABINET, with string inlaid doors to three shelf interior, approximately 64cm x 46cm x 97cm high (key) £80-120

Lot 422 AN ORIENTAL ROSEWOOD FRAMED FIRE SCREEN, having pagoda top over cranes in trees before sunshine sky embroidery with pierced border, trestle feet, approximately 71cm x 125cm high £100-200


Richard Winterton

Lot 423 Lot 423 EDMUND JOHN NIEMANN, (1813-1876), mill landscape with figure by mill, signed Niemann lower left, oil on canvas, approximately 75cm x 126cm £1000-1500

Lot 424 Lot 424 A RECTANGULAR RELIEF MOULDED COPPER PLAQUE, depicting shepherd and shepherdess in landscape with sheep and dogs, approximately 31cm x 61.5cm £100-200

Lot 425 Lot 425 A WWII CANE WHEELCHAIR, with retractable footrest having plaque verso, Bencraft 270 Broad Street, Birmingham England £50-80


Lot 426 Lot 426 AN OAK LONG CASE CLOCK, the 12’ square brass dial, having Roman and Arabic numeral rings with Bell Uttoxeter under, corner spandrels, hood with swan neck cornice, bobbin supports either side door, quarter pilaster supports to body, stepped base, bracket feet, pendulum £150-250

Richard Winterton

Lot 429

Lot 427 Lot 427 A CARVED ORIENTAL HARDWOOD ENVELOPE GAMES TABLE, having black baize playing surface to centre with relief moulded blossom and branches by wells to top over dragon, floral and foliate base with drawer, approximately 60cm square x 78cm high (closed) £200-400

Lot 429 A TAXIDERMY STUDY UNDER GLASS DOME, birds on branches and amongst foliage on ebonised plinth, approximately 45cm high (a/f) Lot 430 A COLLECTION OF HIPPOPOTAMUS TEETH, (6) Lot 431 A TAXIDERMY STUDY, recumbent Fox, with lead, approximately 44cm Lot 432 A POLAR BEAR SKIN WITH FULL HEAD, approximately 205cm x 170cm, having DK Corbett taxidermist label (listed Cities, requires export permit if shipped out of the EU) £500-700 Lot 433 A RED GROUND RUG, having stylised floral decoration to central panel, blue and beige borders, fringed ends, approximately 234cm x 151cm £200-400 Lot 434 A LARGE GREEN GROUND CARPET, having floral and foliate decoration, approximately 686cm x 368cm £800-1000

Lot 428 Lot 428 A MAHOGANY CHEST ON CHEST, having two short over three long drawers to top section and three graduated long drawers to base, dentil cornice, bracket feet, brass drop handles, approximately 103cm x 51cm x 177cm high £250-300 81

Richard Winterton

Lot 435

Lot 435 CHARLES SALVADOR (BRONSON), Prison Art and Ephemera, to include a quantity of hand written correspondence from Charles Salvador (Bronson), HM Prison Winson green letter headed paper, visitation paperwork referring to Charles Salvador including Prison number, a HM Prison shirt reputedly belonging to Charles Salvador, three personalised drawings, ‘Magis, Mutas, Quam, Piscis, Mortuil, non Mordent’, A Salvador tribute signed Charles Salvador dated 2016, approximately 29cm x 42cm, ‘Ars est Celore artem - ars Longa Vita Brevis’, Charles Salvador dated 2016, approximately 29cm x 42cm and ‘When your Time’s Up... It’s all Over... Go Like a Man’, signed Charles Bronson, approximately 29.5cm x 42cm, all personalised verso etc £800-1200 Lot 436 AN OAK EIGHT DAY LONG CASE CLOCK, having 13 inch brass circular dial with Roman and Arabic numeral chapter rings inscribed Cooper Derby, square hood supported on columns over shaped door with star inlay and full pilasters either side, box base, approximately 218cm high, (key, pendulum and two weights) £300-500


Richard Winterton

Lot 437

Lot 437 A RED BENTLEY 4 1/4 LITRE SALOON CAR, an MK6 model converted to a sports four seater, the Bentley Saloon body taken off and a hardwood body made, custom built bonnet and wing, Registration book detailing Registration JD4 900, chassis No.B33 7EW, Engine No.B418E, originally registrated 4/8/1949, the engine stamped RE6227EFF, together with various accessories, illustrated (for restoration) (Please note: Buyers’ Premium 5% plus VAT applies to this lot) £8000-10000


Richard Winterton

Auction Notes


ABSENTEE BID FORM BID No. Please bid on my behalf on the following lot(s) up to the price limit shown (in GBP), but otherwise as cheaply as other bids and reserves permit. This is a legal binding bid all items purchased must be paid for and collected within seven days of the sale. I have read and understand Terms & Conditions of sale in the back of the catalogue and agree. BUYERS PREMIUM 17.5% + VAT (21% INCLUSIVE) AUCTION TITLE AND DATE…………………………………………………………………………………………………………





NAME:……………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………….. ADDRESS:…………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………… ………………………………………………………………………………………………POSTCODE…………………………. TEL: LANDLINE………………………………………………………………….MOB:………………………………………. EMAIL:………………………………………………………………………………………………………NO EMAIL: SIGNED………………………………………………………………………………………DATED……………………………. Yes! I would like to receive all latest news, updates and catalogues via email

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Richard Winterton BUYING AT AUCTION REGISTRATION Prospective bidders are required to register their details to obtain a bidding number, (paddle). Identification is required in the form of a passport or driving license. Card details are requested for new and overseas buyers and will be verified. References may also be required. Credit and reference checks may also be made. PAYMENT Payment and collection should be made within seven days of the auction by cash, bank transfer, direct debit or credit card, (Note: a 3% + VAT surcharge is levied on credit card payments). Goods are not released until full payment has been received and cleared. We no longer accept cheques. All winning bids should be paid for and collected/collection arranged within seven days of the auction. Failure to do so will result in the sale being cancelled and the bidder blacklisted across the auction network. Any purchases not collected/collection arranged within seven days will be moved offsite and incur storage fees of £5 per Lot per day. Payments by credit card can only be made by the cardholder in person. Overseas payments can only be made by direct bank transfer.

ABSENTEE BIDS AND SALE RESULTS If you are unable to attend the auction, we will be happy to bid on your behalf up to a set amount. Please use the forms available from reception or at the back of a catalogue. Absentee bids should be submitted no later than 10am on the sale morning. We endeavour to buy the Lot as cheaply as is allowed by other bids and reserves if applicable. If your bid(s) is successful, an invoice will be posted to you on the sale day or you can telephone reception who will be happy to inform clients of sale results. BUYERS’ PREMIUM All bids are charged a buyers’ premium of 21% inclusive of VAT in addition to the ‘hammer’ price. An additional 3% + VAT premium applies to Live Online Bidding. SALEROOM NOTICES It is advisable to check for any notices in the saleroom relating to withdrawn/additional Lots or revised Lot descriptions/guide prices. COLLECTION OF LOTS Lots purchased should be paid for and collected within seven days of the sale. No Lots will be released without cleared funds and a valid invoice slip. Any Lot not collected/collection arranged within seven days of the sale date will incur storage charges at the rate of £5 per Lot per day.

Sutton Coldfield Valuation Days The Trinity Centre, Church Hill, Mill St, Sutton Coldfield, B72 1TF *Most Mondays from 2pm to 3.30pm (Check our website for exceptions) (Ample free parking and disabled access) Burton On Trent Furniture Monkey, Hawkins Lane, Burton On Trent, DE14 1PT Tamworth Contact us on 01543 251081 for a free home visit At Your Own Home... If you have a large quantity of items or a bulky collection which you are considering selling at auction with us, call us on 01543 251081 to make a free appointment for a Representative to visit you at home to discuss your individual requirements. We can also arrange for the consignment to be collected using our in-house haulage service. FULL/PART ESTATE CLEARANCES We are pleased to advise private individuals, estate agents and solicitors with regards to the clearance of the contents of a property. An area representative will be pleased to meet clients at the property in question and give confidential advice. We have our own fleet of vehicles to assist in the removal process. We can also instruct cleaning professionals should you want the property to be spotless afterwards.

DESCRIPTION & ESTIMATE OF LOTS Every effort is made to describe Lots as fairly and as accurately as possible. Descriptions are a matter of opinion only and the potential purchaser is advised to examine for themselves the authenticity of any given Lot. Damage/restoration may be mentioned but if not, does not imply an item is free from damage and/or restoration. Our liability in respect of Lot descriptions is limited. All weights and measurements stated should be regarded as approximate. Pre-sale estimates are intended only as a guide for prospective purchasers. Depending on the degree of competition Lots can realise more or sometimes less than our listed estimates. Estimates and descriptions are subject to revision.

STOLEN GOODS & DUE DILIGENCE Richard Winterton Auctioneers Ltd operate a due diligence scheme to help in the prevention in the trade of stolen goods. We co-operate fully with law enforcement agencies in this respect.



CONDITION REPORTS Ample time is allocated prior to the auction to allow prospective purchasers to come and view and satisfy for themselves the condition of any given Lot. However, where this is not possible, we are always happy to advise prospective buyers on the condition of any Lot by email only. This is an opinion only and where possible should be requested in writing in ample time eg email. This service closes the day prior to prior to the auction. Hundreds of enquiries are logged for our sales and therefore enquiries are answered on a first come first served basis and are sent at the enquirer’s risk.

VALUATION DAYS We hold regular free valuation days at locations throughout Staffordshire, The West Midlands and Derbyshire for all antiques, fine art and collectables. We have a network of specialist consultants for areas such as fine wines, pictures, jewellery, watches, modern design, toys, ceramics, cameras, postcards, cigarette cards, sporting memorabilia, antiquarian books, oriental works of art, coins, postage stamps and medals/military memorabilia to name a few.

All Lots are available to be packed and shipped by Mailboxes. Once you’ve won your lot, it can be collected directly from us by the local agent, professionally packed and tracked delivery to your door.

IMAGES All images, whether printed in the catalogue or on our websites, remain the property of Richard Winterton Auctioneers and may not be re-produced without prior written consent from us. PROGRESS OF SALE Under normal circumstances, our auctions proceed at around 150-200 Lots per hour. TELEPHONE BIDS We are happy to arrange phone bids on Lots estimated at over £200 or at our discretion. By making a booking, you will automatically have the opening bid. Bookings can only be taken up to 48 hours prior to the auction and are subject to line availability. Telephone bids are accepted at the senders risk and should be requested in writing.

PARKING & DISABLED ACCESS The Lichfield Salerooms have ample parking on site and nearby pay and display. ADMISSION TO THE SALEROOM We reserve the right to refuse admission to any of our auctions, without necessarily giving a reason.

Specialist, Jewellery, Toys, Trains, Dolls & Teddies, Coins, Ceramics, Glass, Collectors Items, etc. Every Tuesday 9.30am to 4.00pm at The Lichfield Auction Centre, Wood End Lane, Fradley Park, Lichfield, WS13 8NF Specialist Themed Valuation Days - Eg oriental works of art, books/maps, stamps, sporting memorabilia etc (by appointment only - dates to be announced - see our website) Auction Consignments only (for boxes and large quantities) Monday to Friday 10am to 4pm (excluding sale days) (Ample parking and disabled access)

WRITTEN VALUATIONS We offer professional written valuations for insurance, probate, tax and family division purposes at attractive rates based on an hourly charge. ANTIQUE TALKS & ONE-OFF VALUATION EVENTS We offer a service whereby we can provide Valuers for ‘antiques talks’ and one-off valuation events. Phone 01543 251081 for further information on this service.

Mail Boxes Ltd

Birmingham t 0121 685 8300 t 0121 685 8001







6. 7.



In these conditions Richard Winterton Auctioneers Ltd act only as auctioneers and agents and the representatives of Richard Winterton Auctioneers Ltd conducting the sale is called “Auctioneer”. For all purposes of sale the Auctioneer shall be deemed to be the agents of both the vendor and purchaser and may in the case of lots upon which there is a reserve price exercise the right to bid on behalf of the vendor. As agent the Auctioneer cannot be responsible for any default by either the vendor or purchaser. The Auctioneer will not be responsible for the correctness of the description, measurement, weight, date, age, genuineness, authenticity, condition or faults of any item, they are believed to be correct but are made as an expression of opinion only, and the lots are sold subject to all faults and errors in description. The Auctioneer will be pleased to execute bids free of charge for anyone unable to attend the sale on receipt of written instructions. Bids by telephone are accepted only at the senders risk and should be confirmed by letter or fax. The highest bidder is in due time to be the purchaser, and no persons shall retract a bid. The advance on each lot to be determined by the Auctioneer, who reserves the right of refusing any bids and of altering, adding to, dividing, consolidating or withdrawing any lot or lots at the sale or bidding on behalf of the vendor for all goods which are being offered subject to reserve at Auctioneers discretion. Should any dispute or difficulty arise between two or more bidders, the Auctioneer has absolute discretion to settle it or re-offer the lot. Charges for Vendors are per lot and are as follows:From £6 to £20.00 per lot entry fee and 15% thereafter per lot plus VAT Insurance:All goods will be held insured against the risks of fire, burglary and water damage, for which Richard Winterton Auctioneers Ltd will charge a premium of 1% subject to the Value Added Tax. The value of the goods so covered shall be the gross amount realised, or in the case of unsold lots the best bid, or in the case of withdrawn lots prior to a sale that which the specialised staff of Richard Winterton Auctioneers Ltd shall in their absolute discretion, estimate to be the auction value of the goods. Vendors will be charged for goods left on the premises if the vendor has been requested to remove them and if the goods are not removed within fourteen days of such request. Richard Winterton Auctioneers Ltd reserve the right to sell the goods to defray costs and storage charges. Richard Winterton Auctioneers Ltd reserve the right to store or arrange the the storage of goods delivered to them for sale either on their own premises or elsewhere at their sole discretion. They exempt themselves from any liability for loss or damage to goods delivered without sufficient sale instructions.

10. Richard Winterton Auctioneers Ltd declaim all responsibility for loss or damage of goods or for unauthorised removal of goods unless caused by negligence of their employees. 11. All goods are put up for sale without reserve unless written instructions as to reserve are received by Richard Winterton Auctioneers Ltd prior to the commencement of the sale. 12. The vendor will duly indemnify Richard Winterton Auctioneers Ltd in connection with any goods sold on the vendors behalf. 13. The purchaser shall pay the hammer price together with the buyers premium of 21% inclusive. 14. All lots to be at the sole risk and charge of the purchaser from the fall of the hammer, and such lots to be taken away with all faults, defects and errors in descriptions without any power of dispute, at the risk and expense of the purchaser. No purchaser shall be entitled to remove any lot until payment has been received in full for the lots purchased. 15. Settlement is normally 4-6 weeks post auction less charges, provided we have been paid by the purchaser. VAT is applicable on all services. 16. All categorised lots withdrawn prior to auction will incur a £25 per lot fee or 7.5% of our value, whichever is greater. 17. Expenses:You agree to pay all costs relating to (1) packing and shipping the lots to the saleroom or returned. ONLINE BIDDING Richard Winterton Fine Art Auctioneers offer an online bidding service via for bidders who cannot attend the sale. In completing the bidder registration on and providing your credit card details and unless alternative arrangements are agreed with Richard Winterton Fine Art Auctioneers: 1.

authorise Richard Winterton Fine Art Auctioneers, if they so wish, to charge the credit card given in part or full payment, including all fees, for items successfully purchased in the auction via, and


confirm that you are authorised to provide these credit card details to Richard Winterton Fine Art Auctioneers through and agree that Richard Winterton Fine Art Auctioneers are entitled to ship the goods to the card holder name and card holder address provided in fulfilment of the sale.

Please note that any lots purchased via live auction service will be subject to an additional 3% commission charge + VAT at the rate imposed on the hammer price

EXPLANATION OF CATALOGUING TERMS (S.D/A.F) We have identified that the Lot in question has some damage/faults, (s.d/a.f). This is for guidance only and does not constitute that a Lot is free of damage/faults where no mention is made. (RESTORATIONS) We have identified that the Lot in question in our opinion has some restoration, whether in full or part. This is for guidance only and does not constitute that a Lot is free of restoration where no mention is made. FINE ART (PICTURES, PRINTS & WORKS OF ART) Any statement as to authorship, attribution, origin, date, age, provenance and condition is a statement of our opinion and is not to be taken as a statement of fact. Please read carefully the Terms of Business printed in this catalogue and available upon request. LOWRY, LAURENCE STEPHEN (1887-1976): In our opinion a work by the artist. ATTRIBUTED TO LOWRY, LAURENCE STEPHEN (1887-1976): In our opinion a work by the artists but less certainty as to authorship is expressed than in the above category.


CIRCLE/MANNER/FOLLOWER OF LOWRY, LAURENCE STEPHEN: In our opinion a work by an unidentified hand associated with the artists but not necessarily a pupil or of the period of the artist. All dimensions are given in centimetres of the image only, height before width and are approximate. Pictures are unframed unless otherwise stated. Artists Resale Rights may apply to certain Lots (living and deceased artists within 70 years) that fetch over 1,000 Euros hammer price (approximately £800). In which case a 4% surcharge is payable by the purchaser in addition to the hammer price and buyers’ premium (and if applicable, live bidding fees). WEIGHTS & MEASUREMENTS All weights and measurements quoted in this catalogue are to be regarded as approximate. CLOCKS & WATCHES All clocks and watches are sold as seen and have not been tested for operation. We therefore advise servicing by a suitably qualified horologist. There are no keys, weights or pendulums unless stated in the Lot description.

Free Valuations Specialist, Jewellery, Toys, Trains, Dolls & Teddies, Coins, Ceramics, Glass, Collectors Items, etc. Every Tuesday 9.30am – 4.00pm The Lichfield Auction Centre, Wood End Lane, Fradley Park, Lichfield, WS13 8NF By Rail Lichfield City is on the cross-city line to Birmingham New Street. Virgin Trains operate high speed services from London Euston (1hr 20mins) and Scotland to Lichfield Trent Valley which is a five minute taxi drive. Contact the National Rail Enquiries line on 08457 484950 or visit for exact train times. By Air Birmingham International and East Midlands Airports are each a 40 minute drive from Lichfield.

Lot 214

The Lichfield Auction Centre, Wood End Lane, Fradley Park, Lichfield WS13 8NF T: +44(0)1543 251081 F: +44(0)1543 268849 E:

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Richard Winterton Auctioneers - Country House & Decorative Arts Sale - Monday 12th December, Sale commences at 10.30am Viewing: Tuesday 6th...

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