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N'PA]i:],!:IT OT S?ATE


tIltAL LrsT

D. C.

crl];r oi PRolocoloi rl, MEIltsERS O: !'lt ?Altry Accot{PA}tYIilG

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llllillsfER O! JA?AI, r')Jt ilRS. UI,]I?ED STA1ES


1' - 25.


liis Exc.I1€ncY Ei. (u Sato P!in. MiniEt.! of J.Pd Hir tx.elle^.v Xiichi Aichi Vinist.! f;! loEi8n affalls xis lxcellencY Tosnio KimuraPlire State SecEtary !o! tne Exc.11.t.Y T.I..o Shlnodd

A,! of J.?u

flonolab]. llalukl l'{ori

vi.€ r.{inirt6r lor toElsn Aff.ils H6tro!.b1. lulhil(o Togo Dim ct o!-G.n.!.I , Ah.!i.d Bu6au Hiuistly o! FoEisn! The Hono!a!1. C.nlcht Aratai Councillor. dini$try ot rofti8n Aff.iF D.pury

Hr. Mirolu


Privat. s..Eta!y to tne Pri!. ntnilt.r Privlte S.crtaly to tlle P!j.r6 Minist..

Privat€ s.cfttary to tho Pritre Minist.r t{.rb.E of tha Unofliciaf€s€ Paltv xr. Joji Fukurnir. Plivate sec,.tnry to th. !!i!. llinister

P.ronai As6istet !!. Xunio






sEnlers of the Lloft_rcia1 r,{r. Iieihachi& xoiiE

Private s..reta:I/ t! the state se.Eialy f.r rhe P.ia. xinisr.r

r- T.daR}li Ots}a H..d of the Pre33 Dtvision Puhli. InfoE.tior and AffaiB Bueau xini.try of EoEigr Affai!6 of the First North Aherica Division ax.rican affairs Bule.u Yinistry of Fo&i8n Affai.rg

D.puty flead

!. Hideo Yosnikaua Official of th. rirst Nor,tlr ADeric Division Affails BlEau xinist!, of lo&isn Afftirs

ur. seiji tlasninoto official of the tiEt lrorth Ae6!ic4 Division Arerican Affairs BuEau Hinistry of loEisn Affrils i,t!. lsao Sakeoto

AE !i.a ,ivi6ion Affai!s Bureau tlinist.y of loEign Affaila Yr. Ryoichi xaoya Cfficia: of the PEst Division Prbiic Infomation dd Cultula] Affai6 Br*au utnistry of Foeign Affa:i!8 u!. Yo6niyasu Eilokara ?oIice Escolt to the Prin. uiriat6.

official of the First Nolth

Mr. Al<ira raweura Persohal,

Att.ndet to the rtiri.ter

lliEs Keiko t{iyoshi

?arsoral Attendant to M!6. Sato l.{r, xonosukc 16hii



c .!

Makoto w3taabe

llovenlrer 1{. 1959


?rtme Mtnlster

of Jalan

Pronounced: Sah-t.e

Addresse.l: Mr. Prlme Mlnisrer Your Eacellency

A skilled and p@erfu1 lolltician, E16aku S6to has been ?rifte ttlolster of Japaa slnce November 1964, when he lepla.ed the al11ng ltayato Ikeda. He i6 also Ple6ident of the llberal-Desociarlc palty (LDp) and, .Jrce .91,9! a neFbp- or the house or ReDresenlartves. L'ke lolm- Piine IrJr,,rer" ki"Fi 6nd ciriAeru yo6htda, Sato through the years has mintalned a stronALy p!owestern and anEi-ColilMist posltlon. Wlrhln rhe lrP he ls regarded as bein8 on the mole consewatlve side, He has repeatedly stated hls be1lef in the necesstry of contlnuinA the close relation6 beteeen the Unlted States and Japan, dhile aE Ehe sama trhe defendlng Japan,s tnterescs ln i,rernarlonat affairs and ltghr to fotlow an independ€nt po11cy.

Sato is in the nold of nosr .ons€4atile Japanese politiclans. Sato dlsplays considerable personal cham and wit. His long burealc/atic background ts sald ro give him a rathe? cotd deoeanor, but twenty years in the rough.nd tmble or .apdne.e donesclc polJLtc6 have smoothed auaj edge.. No one que>rlons hls nlgl rrrelllgencF. 'ne .ts response. to r;tcky questions in rhe DIeE h"ve bp"n adnirao e\en by rJ. cr:tic"i shtle aPPearin8 reslonsive, h€ seldon Aives anyEhin8 away.

The ?!ine Mlntster vas boa March 27 - t9O1 in e stull vr'Lage :n l,ieqterl tapar rhere hj. father vas a rell-to-do sake brever. rh" Icnil) ras de\ceaded from Lhe qaturar c1--". Se\ench il c.anltv of (en, ra(o ua- rF. vornsei, or rhe rhrdr soni. .fre eroesl was a career nllltary officet wtro rose ro the rank of Vlce Adntral. Ue dled tn 1958. The second 5on ,as

2. Nobusuke K1sht, ?rhe Minlstel frofr 1957 ro 1960. In 192. ssEo sas sradu.reo Ir.n 1oL\o 'rpLrr.l Untver"rLy

Eloleo tn cemn lurlsprude;c., and ltrfudraiety lotned the Mtnlsar), of Ratlrays. lor Ehe neat 24 years he gov€hmenr offlctal, rislng ro becme vlce Mlnlste! of Transportation tn 1947. Dhere he

Saro'\ b6aar tn ctober 1948 vlni" c- voshldz ier-.tcd iim as ChIet CaDrnet Prlm, ,hen Secretary. As Yoshlda's pror€Se, Sato held a succes6lon oI prpstlgitu. parry a^d govrrnmnr po6Es jn rhe early incllo:nC tartr iecrerary cer.r"I, M:nlsler oi la)o ", PosL.l sedic-s and Mtl,"ter or LonsE crJon.

, r" O""".U.t 1957, undea ?lifre Mlrls Ee! Krsh1, Sato eas aplointed clEil@n of the LD? Executlve Board, rhe policy-tukrnB ore.n oI -re pa.ry. DLring Ehrs 'op perlod .aEo bLJtr !: t-Js @n facr(.; wiLhlr ihe LDp and, as a p@erfu1 po11tlca1 figule in hrs om tlAht, began ao be mentioned as pfihe ninister mateilal. He seaed as Frrlce Minis'cr unoer (_shi. Atrhougt he had 1 , te p-"vJous erperien(e :n .conor:c" 6nd Ijmrce. by vl,(Lre ol rJs pract:cal 'nr-llig6nce, "r"rev, and wide' burEaucraE-c exp..ien!6. ,p pertorneij conpetently ln thrs Dfing Ikedals tenure as Prine tltniste!, Sato s€aed as Mintster of InreinatloE1 Trade and IndLstrw ,nrl l.Ler "s D:rpc'or /erer.- or Lhe s(ienc- and rechrotoly

ASency. In June, 1964 Saro lesiAned fr@ rhe csbln€r-io run -gainsc Il,-d- Eo. rhe pro.idencv oi Eir LDp. los,nC nsrrou1y. r-Eh Lh. loHS of ."edr.. jItne"", Sa;o .gaj; became the leading candidate to succeed hift. Neari;g h16 oeaLh, .ked, explei\eo 1r .Lpporr ot .aro whict en6_reo hl..lp.r1.n

The Prtne Mint6rer is a good convelsatloEl1st who enjoys social garherin8s. He is fond of golf (16 handicap) and ratchirg baseball, He is also interest€d ln nanw r)pt(a1I).apsne.^ pur"ujrs: he hold" Lle ,rd Dan (;aFk, In Judo. e1loy. uarct-:18 ..-o mesE,rnA, h6( bec6e e m:-le. or_Lle p dys 99 a game dl,h sone .--rldrrly ro crF.s . 6rd r> col:Ider"d 5n exc" enE

calliBrapher. like

mosr €ducared Japanese, he reads


Enallsh 811. Hr6 6poken Engllsh ls also consldeled adeqEte for soctal conver6atlon, although he prefers to u6e 4n tntelprete! fo! lore fo1ful occastds, two

The ?rtoe


6ds, both @ried,



mrrled ir 1926.


He has


wlfe of the Prlrc Mtnrster of Plontunced:



Addre66ed: Mrs, sato

Htioko Sato !s a tr?icaI1y gracefut JaPanese Decenber 1968 an lssue of the Feekly @gaz1ne, Shukan Asahl, carlied an intenle wlth Mrs. Sato, The altlcle !!ed ruch attentlon at rhe tlne because

1ady. h

loignant AttfrPses lnto the private ltves of the ?rlme M!ni5te! and hls tlfe.

of.lts frsnk, Intlruce,


Hlroko Sato sas born on Jan@ry 2, 1907, She ts the eldest daughter of Matsusuke Sato, unele of Etsaku, and the niece of Yosd.e Matsuoka, a Pre-i{orld i,Iar II Eof,eign Mtnlste!. She gladuated flom Aoya@ Gakuln, a Tokyo coeducatlonal untversity! 1n 1925. He! @rlage had been arranged when she sas 16 and took prace the year after her glad@tton. Thâ‚Ź Satos have tso sons, Ryutato af,d Sh!n1l, and three Aranddaughters oa offlclal occaslonsr M!s, Sato wea!6 kinono. She has earned dipto@s In flowe! alrangenent and the tea celenony. Mrs. Sato llkes to cook for her husband and eojoys readrng and the theatre. She acconPanled the ?r1fre Minlstet on a t@r of EuloPe and the Unlted States tn 1962 and to Tatwan and the unlted states 1n 1967.

MinlsteY fo! Eoreign Affalrs

Plor@nced: Eye-ee-chee Addtessed: Ur. Mlnlster ot Your E cellency

(llchl Alchi, age 62, is frlendly tooard tbe U,S,, but iealizes f!11y che ihporcance of okinaua to U.S.-Japan lelations. A loya1, thoughtful supporter of the Pr1me Mlllste!, he ras appointed Mlntste! of Foretgn Affatls 1n Novenber, 1956. Aichi reflects ac.ulately and fatthf!11y the ?ilne Mtnister,s vlees on foreigtr affatls. ichi favors increased trade wiih Ch1na but suPPorts the JaPanese poLicy of ,sepa{arion of politlcs and econmics'1. He believ.s thac che US and Japan should @lntatn close contact on China. He sees an lrloltaat futurâ‚Ź economl. and atd lole for Japan. He vlstted the United States in J.@e and September, 1969. Aichi Is otld-@nneled and pleasanr. He has a good sense of huor, Plays go1f an<l enjoys baseba1l. He ts a, enthusiastic suProrter oE the Boy scouts. He speaks Engllsh Yather qet1.

rike m.y of his colLeagues! in.ludtng the Prlme Mlntster, Alchi is a graduate of the Law Detartment of Tokyo Untversity and a fomer ctvtl senant. He spent nineteen years in the Ministry of Finance. Blosraphical-!qqq!b

Born: October 10,




Educatton: Ias Depalcnenr of Tokyo Isperlal Unlvelslty langu3ge6: Japanese, Englrsh

Ianllyi wlfe, Tmi.


lives ln Ne Yotk

her husband is enplored by Ntppon



state secletaly fo!

the ?rlme Mlntste!

Plonouoced: (ee-moo-lah

Addressed: !4!. Kliua o! You! Eacellency Toshlo Klff. ha6 beeo 6 loya1 supporte! of the Pline Mlnlstâ‚Źr 31nce the 1940's vhen {es Vice Mlntster fo! Tfanepoft.tioo. He has selved the P!16e Mlnlster 65 his

officlal spokesMn stnce August 1966, elthe! ln the Post oa Chief Cabinet secletary or the deputy. He ls seu 1!ked by the pless. â‚Ź eiu serve .s the PrtG !4hlster's sPokes@n aod close confidant during the vi6it to Wsshtngton. Ire ac.ompanied the ?!1be Mintgter to the Unlted states in 1967 and on 3 numle! of other trips abrosd. Klmura i6 harried and has one d.ughter ln blddle school. }le ts an enthusiastic gotfe!, Ktoura speaks 1ltt1e English. Siographical pet.ils




Mle Plefectule

Educatlon: Tokyo untverslry (ahout


l,anguages: Japanese, 6ore English



- presert,

1967-1968 Menber


ty Chief Cabtnet

- Chtef cablnet secretaly

of the Diet since 1949

Comunlcatlons Mlnlstry

Fadly: wlfe, tokoi

one daughter.



of Japa!

?ronounced: she-moh-dah Addreâ‚Źsed: Mr. Ambassador

Yotrr Excellency

Takeso shldoda has been servlng slnce June 1967 in ,hat. has become the most piestigious job ln the J8paoese career forelgn service. Prior to that tl@ he served as Amlassador to the Soviet Union aod as vice lBntster fo! loreign Affair6, the highest calee! positlon ln the l{inls-

Shimo& i6 very {e1l-disposed toeald the Unlted states and fu11y support6 our postule in the iJestero Pacific. He has !y all accornts bee! a fo!.eful advocate of lqroving U.s.-Japan ,elations at the hiShe6t levels of the Japanese Shimo& likes nost sports, incluiling tennis, ba6ela11, fi6hing and ssimlng. He 1s an enthu6ia6tlc golfe!, Hlg English Is good. He is somehat reseryed, lut f!1ef,dly,

and appears senuinely

to like Anerica

and Americans.

Biosrarhical peialls

aorn: April l,

in Tokyo Education: Tokyo lniverslty 1907

Labguaees: EngllBh and some Ru56ian Fam11y:

wlfe, Mitsue; 6ob (30) and 29).

and tvo daughrers (27








l\dre8sed: Mn. shisoda

itsue Shjmoda js llLe ,ife of lal<e3o Shinoda, the Japanese Anb:rssadd to the Uniled state6. She {as bcn ln JeDarv rgt? nru r..). LF c.,;dd's lralc tluee .hi dren. 'Iheir so., Talehiko, las bm in 1939. Tleir daughtlrs, xy!k, and r.ilo, xcrc bom iD L9ao and 1942!

Ix. shtNdi l,G accompanied her husband h nost of his sli. is chaming. a gracjols trostess and active in nany organjrntions in (Iashington, in.luding the fokycr,tashingt@ lomensrClul,. tlrs. shimona sraks Ebelish r.11.


Vice lnister for foreign Affairs


!L ori


tour Exceilcn.y

Hduki ori is one of the r:4 senlc caeâ‚Źr forctgn servt.e 'ranpa. m school . \aving off . .:t. in r,.pn! )4 .ph.d i a { r'1., rhe un.--. stires rn the '30s ano 'n as Director of 'd-d the"t AfEairs BDeau i, th. late fifties. Though much of his .are.r, uori has b.e. involved in ocononic ror\, H. has sexv.d in Lhc tnternationar cooper.tim and as advisor to J.panese d.l.gation6 to ma,y intehatt@al econmi.

Noli is persdaulf ad


Englisl f1uâ‚Ź.t1y. fie is

Bjosrdplicrl petails

3o i Janu:ry 20,

1911 r:n Futlrokz

Sch.olingr Lar nep tment


oC Tokyo Untvarsity

[anguageJr ].ruent linglish


]r!r 3nd



Tsutato. have three sons.


D!:ecto! Cenela1, North


Affalrs Buleau, ldnlstly of Foretgn Affairs

Plonounced: Toe-8o

AddE!!.dr lr. T.Bo !@lh!k; Togo ls one of the tust seolor careei Jspsnese dtplo@tB of the riAmtlcan school'r, As e junlor dlploMt, he attended lleflard in the kte thiltles. thrlns the Secuilty Treaty reviEion neAotlations in the late flfrles) he {3s chief of the lmpoltart security sectlon of the Foretgn offi.e and, p!io! to ass@ing hls preseot post, the Consul oeneral in Ne, York, ToAo is oe11-disposed totrard the UnlEed state8-Japan relatiouhip snd, sith tactr Bkill and co@n een3er hag done mch to fulthe! it. Ite has been playiog a cre1a1 lole 1n the OklnaEa negotlatlon!.

quiet than some of hls junio! cofleagues, but iâ‚Ź pe!6ons!1e and a good conveis8tlonalist. fle speakg Eogli.h flueEtly, BloAlaphical petalls Togo


someshat nore

Born: August 18, Educatlon:




Law Departoent


of Tokyo Univelslty


!anguage: English


Togo and

hls lfet

have colleae-aae



Codcill@, {inistr'y Pronomced: l\]i-t€n

Addftssed: Ir.

oF Poreign




Cenicni Ahtani is a rare species of Japan€se foreiEn selvice offtcer in that he is a grrduate of hford ratner tla of Tol9o University. lle (ill seNe as the hine Ministerrs inteiFeter duing


wasniirgton hddr jng Press


rl. uil1 a:lso assist staia seretarv KiNa in r.rations


ft very pcrsonal)te,

has a good sens€ of humd and eriovs

3iofraplrica:l lietails


S.ptcmrDr 29, 1917

tducation: oxri,rd 0nir,r!si1J,, Political sopbia univexsiq

I l'1u!nt Eng:lisb rahjry: lria., lla ak! and tlo


Science> 1939i



daughteE in



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