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**;*':'ffi'lut'.H[k'' :;t:".',.T,ri :,i= :# :*.]* li$i i{* ff ; .ue meals to rure tne P*E]""111.'::'L:-":;;- ,iiu*,y. w"


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ii#j"."ff"JT;Ji:'.','"'nc.d to ruinl]in r:' " obvious

"c is clezrlv imlliciL in Ure ro!cgolnu "ituch !o Lhe alljuce !elahotsri P' _- As

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odiis n lcv p;jnt ' onLrin'd in NSDM ta!8cr JrP3nc5c rore in 45t3.''


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rrirn -- As to a !.rmn.nL scarr ror t\r f 'L1l,-,,,* r,o-^, r,. r.. _,,,, u.. r,s.:. a.-r,i' rorhJlrljon.-.10 <oor,(1.,," i!tcr."r in...,, rrh"r !,"n $i rcrnu''\r,"a., .,.."" -.n., ",,,. to:'.ut...." \?cbc'i'v' not *,*,",' *. ie?r Ni rcn-r".,!i co^-""r]': T^':'l'. ; .;r' or"o r p"r , i('l 3' l; ;' ;i :' : i6!1'r I \' ;.:', -"';l' ::iJ,'i';': :::;:ii,::::""iJ J

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lhc NSSM -JJps birJ'ctf,r ccononic Prr}rchs' vi'.h rcid: "w' w,I cor r'rL' to mrr(D'ro-r' ,.",,;,"J,;;"";i';;,o rerrr:onship' lil- i"i. * .i'* 1"" uirrrc!3t "conomic ',i1it:'i'.::i,;; -n.,-u oc p'irf,r:Iv {r rou.htoI -JJc riberalizrr:on .nd vc "'-Pcct Jrprn ''move 'uorl- -rd :.i-..-; *"-.,..

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-11,'X. t, I"..'.1 ;",i11,1:. K"," ru.' rrso d.sirc ncriodic ncctings sas JJpJir 0",-cn' torr' r-':'T" i,,"l. -.' oL,-.." Lo"I idc_ritl ;Si',li"l?l;['-" reru:''': or e;nom:: pol:":-,

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solxrio-" ili-i. .;'n *' .*"-"1i\' drarr't'ir^ vLhi< poin- uscs a much loo' ^! EA NssM ::;;;.;' " r@'r sticur:'*" t\c Pre ij;;";;,;;";.";"


*:,:;1,;";.*i:sfl F-ft "i::#i gosl vis_a-vis ihc tlaae delicit'


rclations 'vit}l -'O. U.S. -,apan cooP'ratior onro economi' io rerrn lhc ro!mur ''' ioi in Ns0\r I r0' '',"";;;;."';,-;;;j"t ..-.. -...-, .q" \cr\{ drait.o.s -_ or ilic!rtruonar r!u"! b'cn r(tu

*",;;;;ii:;'il;:"' on tlis @biElous


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onlv part

includes -- otr tnc encrsv qtestion, $e NSSN'! draft Bcvond ihl' his , .*i],-, i.i- " r:t:'i. rlourJ Por'c) 't,rem'-t -nd sr "c'ri'"!v Lon'P!Lhe's'vJrv

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on u1i' q!csriod'

I poli'v sEremcnt wa bcli.rc lh' NSSM drr'[ 'ho 'id incNdeur"ni@' ri' sL'_'sI q- -:rot, ' oor"-r;or -5 rcgf,lJs !1!icl 'd 'L'' ^. rr .;'"(; ";:';: in nv n'r '- idumoti"brll-' on'rjn^d !r'r "'.,;-"". o?r NLrol-r-r .'1,a,;, vrii'r- Nl- rl " ^ rror ComnLD:qu. i'c st'^g''r Lnar th( NSS\I lr'l! -- on ..icacc rnd r"\nolo") vr : r : .r.,i. r'0. v" r r. un ,c .! 1: ,o ..



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^,;;',,,:;.;;",.;..' ,: 'l' 1".'""' ",, i.,li',;.''; ":::',::: :.1 i::-' ,r :" ' ' morc in Ptc'r m'Jn5 r i" rltr ilS!\I.lrrfL -. ;;.';i;;';-,i;-", rov' rroricv ':''" r'''r n -' r drrw' SECNDT






We bclicve tbe NSSM dra!! policy statcmcnt coukl mole m.aiLrsbc fuUy or8anized along bitateral and mullilatcra1 lines. Doing so vould point r! rh€ slifL of cmphasis in olr Japares€ poli.y rovard a multilatcral approach in ou! .clalionship. lyc vould atso eliminale trom lhe NSS\r drnft staremcnt ttrc "ceneral'. Lcadine, vhich .an bc

hislca.ling i. that it slggesrs !6at th. ,eed to mainrain thc .xistihg dc8ree ol clos€ ties al\aays taLcs prccedence ana rhar rve must atvzys nvoid any initialivc vith Japa. th3t bi8hr in any way imlinge on this deglce oI .lose tics eith Tokyo.

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alPr,!!..!. , " r \r ,-, _-'r for tL- 1r.,.. "". __ ' "r"rapan "nlic.,"" ftat the ' "r-"

::;::'iJ,':l:.'"'1,:'llJ;;::; ;;r:11,".i:ii:;l;ii:i:.,';

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ili:H'' +::iiiir311;;,*.;1;ri',':;rii;i-l' llirf i,:,]'ffi :':rli llliili,liii.., *',' " **;;;,',1ff '*,,-"'' SECRIiT


]{ delicicncv .f the trilatcrat tel:tionshiP eE!ci3c, as it

has bcci

tr.. usO thus frr, has b"n thc ttndcnc, to grair ";"r'u j"","onr"-L-r"'-t """i""*a Europ'rn'-rrnE"m'nt hasbecn u.s.-1t..t ro! ou' ..i"..t.a -- i1:._ r'. ^i $l :"' I'rs obvious disrdvanlaEes ,.r.ti-.r,ip *l,rt ijp-. The JaPan NSSNT can hakc aLosubstaltial 5/ d'rinin.; how ve En J!P3n rPtf,te to lh' "i",, -,r.i",.""r'" ."lriio"s.lp, ano hov thar '"lation3hip should J,4"," '.:-',",,r our i.tert" . in r:pan. A seParrte sLudv vhich ;;;i;;';;.",,'","-, sdet\'2v r"""t"i -,." t.u.t",.l !el-r:onsl^ip miEht ther bc gorlcn the of ies *ii . -.,. u.r..""a .pProach to the JaPancseq"cs 'eldtionship' helpr'llv ion could a",t rSsV i"i".a- - U"" trt":.rln -rt 'ttl" We ro t:i'd *ir..t,1.. ""p"*r" r""k a! rhe lrilsteral relcrionshiP' in ou! euggest a" app'roacrr to tt is qu.s!io! in the oljectiwe we deliDed




5) Indochnra Rehabililation aid the l(or'a' P'ninsura The limitcd b"o issues malsthci! t!'ztment in the e"rtii"r"-*;.I .r,;,"";;.r th J"."":usSrt r.i,r, """r. '\vc belicv" lhcs' i'5u^s need Lo bc Lrcar d :n :1.. -', . -." ' .1, ,. " .".,'..-."1 or Dolicv sav'oLhi-s "ai<L'i" friction *"..,a t""."". thei do .ortair a P'i'nriar ror some no ale they "i.rt vith Ja!a. ove! ihe ncr_t five veals. FortEarely, 'ausing r,i.tio"" "t the momcn!, bDt tbere are some diffcrences iD ""t,"t"riAt alproacL and Tokyo's. our A!!i14 statcmenx oI objeclivcs conrains ;u! a 6ueSested !!Pro3.I on thesc hvo issues.

PO'IENTIAL BI',AA']N'AL PROBl,E!! Atthough \tc bclicve t6c NssM shourd locus Plimarilv or multilatcral rssucs] tUcr" arc atrc .ewclal bilaterdl issucs that shoulil hc considctca'

lol conlro't.uj iik. tie m" ie"ucs, ticsc bilatclal qucttions do prttl' *itt "", t--.0o," -"i5 in our relatio!s wit\ Japan' H'(ewcr' $ccaus; tlvo ol !hcse bit:tcral issues have prodrccd criscs in !hc !f,sr' P:oducing sub*. U"r;"r" 1t'. NSSn "t ould c*f,Dinc lhcir lotcnti'l y"rs and shoul'l EraDtial or scricusfrictions iD !he nc*l onc to tllrce 'or 6uggcst policy opiions vhcre allrorriatc. l1 n.,1,, c.l _ va, ars. Ac.orli C lo Ct 'i n !il' a'' ' rl...tor-,,r_r._..,i;-u;-i,1.','.',1 Irn'lc 'r|ir \'ir" Jln1hc vcn! sirh iir..rv r,. t"u".".a ,l" vc!r rn.l vc vill lror'trLLv cnd up sracJrl:T


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ThcPrimalycaus'\'':|' . d.tici, in rhc neiEhb.rhood ol52 billion {irr incLudc r r'n"red ;";-.0'tv p'icer' olhcr-hcrors :;;i;:;.';.;. acLion' i]i"".i: "-.., o''," r,;t as ! !csurr oI rrP n'-" ;overnmcnt ;ii-,::;",':':';...,.";"ice oI J:prese :" j:,J'.,'5;:::'.:,:i:i :: r, "..*,. harr,cL,or(p-), a reduc,ion in Lhe fl.,, "' ii-ri.r" i.r.:.u-. s., sho*-r'rn th. U.S., an incrcasc i' Jrpanes' rcsrric,i'1s oa rou!ism'

:::;;:;:";:i we

klov lhat


could adver'"lv rhe rapane" Govehmen! has mad'

Japan has reccntlv taken somc sr' Ps

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"-.-1"'"'1::",'.ll:";;::.:l'}fl;;:,'Xii:, oa

Japan invested sbout tLU b"r rL' alros1 or s5 birrio' ro\vo ha' halved :"Tt;;;:;:;;.".dt r'om s3, ooo ro{ ' 5oo' Ir'a has cuL do* . the lir<! q:a::e! or ror shzll 9uI(lrses'

.Dlr. !.s! vear

:IiJ:ii.;;;-i;;i",'is!s ii"'i"*-

rim' L1 -'n)' -"il1ble in our birltcrar r!ad' tor t\" rrrst il;;"",'ou3 ili.'"11,".""**'". o! ro, ilrbo j"rs as rL i n


*-r,"" ;

"e s3oo n :u'on 'ruocc !'$ mat"r:a]s ' ' orher rnd aI otooucLs "'-_ -i,.nho iers ro,evcr:5d

we!ds rr;nFi..J 1'" -_ ^.-^-:"" weU as cheric I.. cosn' wc know l,h:t coffiodi'v prices a!e e''"g

i' 'whar rhe NSSM snould artempt !o do is to plojec! the Unelv treras 2sthe make !.comm^nd'L:ons ;;;.,". o' dvr.r!s ai,, ,o 'hai i;5.;,,;;; i3 2t reast Pr'bable' dcrc'iorallon a"",

iji.* '." -i"ui Do!.er!iin.




c'onomic qunstion" Lhal Relatcd lonre'-rrnsc U.S' _JaPanc"P biraL :rLrI) Lhc imPrc! or 'ho-rr.! Ns'v i crI r" s' rc I !a!'s in thc u s i 'rdr" ;;; j";-;; ";;;*"-J in r\c u' mclr'n Lhc u s on thc r-rr'r '



iiii",-i,"'" **,**';"r Procun pot'nri-r Ior n1drkcr.risr 'Prionr':e lil njl*i ,i.",i.".1t" ';oLh irs [h. dcp-n'lrbiliry o, U. S. supplica' th. U.S. aq'l Jn (oulJ bc l iood llace to cxtnorc Thc ^-SsNl bchvccn !ossil,1c !o cxPa.d lnc conrPl'nrcntalil' i! i'


Ranee thc Ove' Ja'an in Bases U S' '-on?er Ar @s Poinred out in rh:

:r"l :::"}i"X-; "Tl'""':ru;x::'

[]*r$i*.it'll. "'.-:'


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::'l;.':: :" :;:- "" - - "'

PoLrcY rn con,rusior,


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"ri''irL Y:.y ,9i"t;il:i;":;li::"

::l"l' ::;:"t; ;l'":i:;:"1i:il:;i r;.':i.'r"".i ::::::;r thtrt rhLs on-'"

o"i'.r, r- *"*"""

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$;iu1:t:;i # iiL:;

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Io.used on problcms that r^-- - nLinlrrn Revcrsion and LUU'\'I!vsL broadcr' ronEc!";1"";;""1:::i;:;;;; ; ,.., ...""r *', !h' ra"ec pror,lc-' in ou r rcl'rionshiP'

eisri":.Tl::1, whcr !- havc slled the rn'. oI:lL-:i l:::j::i,"i:""""" !:v'.s mu.h d sbL.ment ot o'rje' s Pnc obJe.rives ",mu5 incrLdc work rn .tarcmcnr o'Poli.r. Policv oorrf,ncc, rrP'n '.lli.r.*.'i.' but we shou'i Prdi'ur"'rv siwn rnur hore on thc polr.y side Lastly Polrcv "" uP-!nhrl;.":l:::i k"e rc o!d'r in ;;',:; ;.,j.i*i,, *::t:' oI the Prcblem -_ and this is certatnry iions with JaPan in reccnt Years'

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