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Message from the Dean In 2012, Rice University will celebrate its centennial, and the Jesse H. Jones Graduate School of Business will near its 40-year anniversary. Our mission – developing principled, innovative thought leaders in global communities – has never been more relevant as we educate the entrepreneurs, senior managers, strategists and academics who will tackle the challenges of the century ahead. Over the last several years, we have: dramatically improved admissions standards; aggressively recruited excellent faculty, staff, and students; enhanced the curriculum, teaching effectiveness, and the student experience; increased faculty research productivity and visibility; and developed a stronger presence in the local and global communities. Currently, we face some of the toughest economic conditions in the history of the school. This has created uncertainty for the school, limited employment opportunities for graduates, dampened student demand for executive and professional MBA programs in the U.S., reduced projected revenues from the endowment, and confronted us with a greater need than ever for creative solutions. We have risen to the challenge and appear to be well positioned to emerge from the crisis in better shape than our competition.

Bill Glick Dean H. Joe Nelson III Professor of Management

Looking back at the most recent year, we have had several major accomplishments including a dramatic increase in research activity, several international awards for our programs, an exceptional year in terms of faculty recruiting, graduation of the first undergraduate Business Minor students, and admission of the first class for the PhD program. Additionally, we continue to have broad engagement of our alumni, continued success in alumni participation in annual giving, strong employment for our graduates in the context of a major economic recession, and enrollment of a near record number of Rice MBA students across three programs (Fulltime, Professionals, and Executives) with record setting admissions standards. All of this points to the continued strength of the Jones School. This report is intended to give you an overview of the strides the Jones School has made in the past year. I must say that it is because of our generous supporters, alumni and friends, that we are able to continue to grow and strengthen our reputation. Thank you. Sincerely,

Bill Glick Dean H. Joe Nelson III Professor of Management 2

This year we completed a branding study, renamed the school and launched a new logo and Web site. The new name, Jesse H. Jones Graduate School of Business, encompasses the breadth of programs at the school. The new logo identity has enhanced our association with Rice University overall by incorporating the Rice shield.

The Centennial Campaign During the last capital campaign, Jones School supporters invested in our state-of-the-art building, McNair Hall. For the Centennial Campaign, we are asking for investment in people. The Centennial Campaign enables the Jones School to invest in people who secure our position as a hub for innovative business education and thought leadership. Attracting and retaining the best faculty and students is critical to our vision for the second century. We must also leverage the unique assets of Rice University and Houston, one of the most important business centers in the world, to distinguish Jones from other business schools. We plan to do this by investing in people in our areas of excellence: Energy, Entrepreneurship and Health Care - $35 million in recruiting and retaining the best faculty and $30 million in recruiting and developing future leaders, a total campaign goal of $65 million.

Best faculty

People Duane Windsor, Lynette S. Autrey Professor of Management Strategy – Environment looks on with Executive MBA students during a special presentation.

Recruiting and retaining rising stars and exceptional senior faculty is crucial to our educational and research mission and is a common denominator underpinning each of our initiatives. We face fierce competition from business schools both locally and around the world. To continue to grow and differentiate the Jones School in this market, we need the strongest possible faculty. Talented, visible faculty provide thought leadership in academic disciplines necessary to develop ethical business leaders of tomorrow, as well as enhance the “Houston is the great city it is today in large reputation and mission of the school.

part because of the vision, courage and entrepreneurial spirit of its leaders going back to its earliest days. To fully develop its potential today as one of the great global cities, Houston will need leadership more than ever. The Jones School is critical to providing that depth of talent. It attracts two-thirds of its students from outside the region, and two-thirds of its graduates stay in Houston. That makes Rice University a significant contributor to the city’s economic prosperity and prospects.” – President David Leebron

Future leaders Achieving our mission starts with the very finest students. Not surprisingly, competition among business schools for the best and brightest students is increasingly intense. Scholarships are crucial to our recruitment efforts. Meeting our immediate and long-term goals in this area requires investment in both endowment and current-use funds for scholarship for Rice MBA and PhD students. Our goal for this campaign is ambitious, but together we will make the Jones School an engine of innovation with global impact by investing in these areas of excellence and by strengthening our alliances throughout Rice, Houston and the world. For more information about investing in the Jones School, contact your development representative or Nancy Hawes at 713-348-3982 or 3

Thought Leaders Faculty

The Jones School had another successful year of faculty recruiting with the addition of seven new fulltime faculty in fall 2009. These include three of the top scholars in the world in their respective areas –– Kerry Back (Finance), Thomas Hemmer (Accounting) and Bob Hoskisson (Management). The school has grown to an all-time high of 61 full-time faculty, close to 40 percent joining in the last five years. Several faculty received distinguished recognition within their professions. • Steve Zeff received the Anthony G. Hopwood Award for Academic Leadership from the European Accounting Association. • Utpal Dholakia was selected as the inaugural winner of the Park Award for Outstanding Contribution to the Journal of Consumer Psychology.

Seethu Seetharaman, Professor of Marketing

• Marc Epstein’s book was honored with a Choice Award for Outstanding Academic Title. • Scott Sonenshein was recognized by the Aspen Institute with a Faculty Pioneer Finalist award for his work on social change.

Research Productivity Financial Times

• Erik Dane received the Academy of Management Review’s Best Paper Award.

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• Jing Zhou was recognized with the Journal of Management’s Best Paper Award. • Alexander Butler, Gustavo Grullon and James Weston received the Best Paper in Corporate Finance from the Financial Management Association

New PhD program This fall, we successfully launched the school’s new PhD program in Business. We received over 80 applications for study in the area of marketing, made four offers of admission and all four students accepted. The PhD in the area of finance is now accepting applications for its program to begin in fall 2010.

Speakers Series The Jones Graduate School of Business maintains an important strategic and collaborative relationship with the Houston community highlighted in a variety of public programs and conferences. Over the past year, these have ranged from a faculty panel on the economic crisis to the presentation by Jim Turley, (Rice BA’77, MACC’78), for the Jones Graduate School Alumni Association annual dinner.

“Leadership starts with a deep commitment to integrity, an important component to the Jones School’s approach to business education. Second is respect.” – Jim Turley, Rice Class of 1977, MBA Class of 1978, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Ernst & Young

Some of the programs planned for the coming year will include: • the launch of the Undergraduate Business Minor Lecture Series with Keith Anderson, (Rice MBPM ’83), of Soros Fund Management LLC • the second annual faculty forum on the economy, a special program on the shareholder challenge to Bank of America that was orchestrated by Jerry and Jon Finger

Jim Turley (Rice BA ’77, MACC ’78) speaks at the 2009 Jones School Alumni Dinner.

• a health care symposium • a student-run summit on energy and finance (featuring leaders of Houston Energy corporations) • the Jones Partners Lecture Series which will feature Rice Trustee Chairman, Jim Crownover,(Rice BA ’65, BS ’66), Judge Lee Rosenthal, (Rice BS ’76) and the founder of POM, Lynda Resnick.

Rice Education Entrepreneurship Program (REEP) Educators have recognized that the skills and knowledge necessary to close achievement gaps can be developed through rigorous, world-class business school education and knowledge of education reform. The Rice Education Entrepreneurship Program, provides current and aspiring school leaders with unparalleled opportunity to envision, build and effectively lead achievement-oriented education environments. The Jesse H. Jones Graduate School of Business is the first business school in Texas and the nation to have authority to certify aspiring principals. The State Board for Educator Certification (SBEC) approved REEP’s application for Alternative Certification Program in April 2009.


Rice Summer Business Institute This summer, a group of 36 ambitious high-school students from low and moderate income communities attended this year’s Rice Summer Business Institute (RSBI) and were introduced to the fundamentals of business and the financial markets. Students came from Houston highschools with at-risk populations, such as Chinquapin, Davis, Reagan, Yates, KIPP, Wheatley and YES Prep. Through the RSBI experience, we hope to sow the seeds for developing business leaders for the future that come from diverse backgrounds.

Rice Summer Business Institute, Class of 2009

Recognition for Excellence

Jones Graduate School of Business

4th S  alaries in Finance three years out Executive MBA (global), Financial Times, 2008 5 U  .S. graduate entrepreneurship programs Overall ranking*, Princeton Review/ Entrepreneur magazine, 2009 th

22nd Starting salary - Full Time MBA Program*, U.S. News and World Report, 2009 23th Salary three years out - Full Time MBA (U.S.), Forbes, 2009 24th Salary five years out - Full Time MBA (U.S.), Financial Times, 2009

7th B est in Finance – Full Time MBA (U.S.), Financial Times, 2009

24th Median GMAT - Full Time MBA (U.S.), Forbes, 2009

7th S  alary increase - Executive MBA (U.S.), Financial Times, 2008

25th Overall ranking - Full Time MBA Program (U.S.)+, Financial Times, 2009

11th ROI - Executive MBA, Wall Street Journal, 2008

25th Overall ranking - Full Time MBA Program (U.S.), Economist, 2008

13th Salary three years out - Executive MBA (U.S.), Financial Times, 2008

Top 35 Selectivity - Full Time MBA Program*, U.S. News and World Report, 2009

15th Executive MBA Program (U.S.) Overall ranking, Financial Times, 2008

Top 35 Average GMAT - Full Time MBA Program*, U.S. News and World Report, 2009

16th U.S. graduate entrepreneurship programs Overall ranking, Princeton Review/ Entrepreneur magazine, 2008

38th Overall ranking - Full Time MBA Program ++, U.S. News and World Report, 2009

20th Research productivity (global), Financial Times, 2009 20th Employment 3 months post-graduation - Full Time MBA Program, U.S. News and World Report, 2009

*all-time high for JGSB + nine place improvement from last year ++up two from last year and up ten from 2007


“The best thing I can do as a leader is encourage people to think independently. You can’t always follow the crowd. You have to question whether common wisdom is true.” – Clint Carlson, Rice Class of 1979, Rice MBA Class of 1982, President and CIO of Carlson Capital, Member of the Jones School Council of Overseers


In spite of the worst economic climate since Jesse Jones loaned billions as the head of the Resolution Finance Corporation, total compensation (salary and bonuses) decreased by only 8.8 percent from last year. Most of the drop can be attributed to decreases in signing bonuses, as base salaries only decreased 3 percent. Class of 2009 employment at graduation was 52 percent and employment 3-months after graduation is projecting to be in the mid 70 percent to the low 80 percent range. While both of our percent employment metrics represent significant declines from the past two years, we expect to hold our position relative to peer schools. Full-Time MBA Salaries At Graduation

3-Years Out

Salary ($ 000s)

115 105 95 85 75 1998






 ote: Salaries at graduation include blended bonuses. N Salaries 3-years out do not include bonuses.



Ethics are more important than ever in our business leaders. Corporate social responsibility and sustainability are certain fixtures in the business world today. These topics are critical to our future leadership roles, regardless of industry. It’s about finding ways to do well in business while doing good. It’s about doing more with less. It’s about stewardship and it is essential to long-term success.

“Success is measured by the service you render and the character of citizen you make rather than the amount of money you amass.” – Jesse H. Jones, 1936


Jesse H. Jones

Rice has a high trust culture that obligates individuals to preserve our legacy of honor. Developing principled leaders starts on day one. Business honor (the MBA Oath) and academic integrity (Rice Honor Code) are presented as soon as a student begins the Rice MBA program. This underscores our commitment to integrity throughout the graduate’s career. The MBA Oath asserts that we “serve the greater good”, that we separate what is right from popular consensus at times and that we always act in good faith.

Social Entrepreneurship Jesse H. Jones left a legacy of leadership, honor and civic engagement. He knew the importance of doing good while doing well. The Jones School excels at entrepreneurship in all forms and is ranked among the nation’s best in Entrepreneur magazine, the Princeton Review and the U.S. Association for Small Business and Entrepreneurship. Social entrepreneurship represents an opportunity to advance the Jones School mission while addressing social and environmental needs worldwide. The most dramatic economic growth in the coming decades will be at the bottom of the economic pyramid, where 90 percent of the world population lives. This offers opportunities to Rice MBAs to be able to address the “triple bottom line”: societal progress, environmental stewardship and financial benefit.


Net Impact Net Impact is an international organization whose mission is to inspire, educate, and equip MBA students and professionals to use the power of business to create a more socially and environmentally sustainable world. The Rice chapter promotes the Jones School’s image as a program at pace with the changing business environment. In order to compete with other leading schools for the best and brightest applicants and graduate students as wellrounded and equipped to rejoin the workforce, efforts are focused on giving Jones School students opportunities to make a positive impact here on campus, give back to the Houston community, network with influential business leaders, and develop an understanding and appreciation for responsible business practices.

McNair Hall

Admissions Total enrollment across all three programs is just over 600 again this year. The addition of the Rice MBA for Professionals-Weekend section was instrumental in keeping our enrollment numbers flat in a down economy. Admissions standards continue to break records. This year’s average GMAT was up slightly to 668. More importantly, student quality continues to be strong. Rice MBA Enrollment by Program Total





# of Students

700 600 500 400 300 200 100 0













Academic Year


Innovative Programs Executive Education

This year has seen exciting and significant changes in the arena of Executive Education. These include the launch of the new open enrollment programs targeting critical leadership career transitions, the redesigned management certificate in health care, and the partnering with Cornell to offer strategic human resources classes for HR leadership teams. Responding to the economic downturn, activities in our custom programs have been revamped to include change management, strategic leadership and critical decision making. Programs in energy continue to be strong. In addition to the acclaimed Ernst and Young Executive Education class tours Rice campus. energy certificate program, the 3rd annual “Energy Industry Director’s Conference” in March 2010 will feature keynote speaker Harry Markopolos on “Blowing the Whistle on Bernie Madoff” as well as Lynn Elsenhans, CEO of Sunoco, Doug Foshee, CEO of El Paso Corporation and Jim Hackett, CEO of Anadarko. Special thanks to Fulbright & Jaworski for sponsoring this upcoming conference.

Alumni Services In response to increased demand for career services by Jones alumni, the alumni office launched resume workshops and events, both online and onsite in Houston and New York. Also new this year, a Business School track was offered during the 2009 Rice Alumni College weekend, and it boasted the largest attendance of all the lecture tracks. Other alumni programs continue to enhance the Jones School experience for both alumni and students. For instance, the Jones Alumni Volunteers for Admission (JAVA) program has more than doubled in size to 195 alumni ambassadors, with alumni representation at admissions information sessions up by 300 percent. Sarah Levinne (MBA ’01) and Kathryn Young (MBA ’04)


The alumni website continues to be a great resource and is constantly updated to provide increased usability and the most current content. Visit for the latest alumni news, events and resources.

Rice Business Plan Competition The Rice Business Plan Competition, organized by the Rice Alliance, is one of the largest and richest intercollegiate graduate business plan competitions in the world. Eighty-four of 228 teams competing in previous Rice Business Plan Competitions have launched real companies. In April 2009, 42 top graduate schools from around the world competed in front of more than 200 judges over a period of three days. In 2009 for the first time, the Rice team made it all the way to the finals at the competition. The Jones School team finished in 6th place out of 42 teams. Subsequent to the Rice competition, the Rice MBA team (80 Legs) went on to become a finalist at the DFJ Cisco Business Plan Competition. 2009 Rice Business Plan Competition, Rice MBA team, 80 Legs

2009 Rice Business Plan Competition, grand prize winning team from Carnegie Mellon, Dynamics

Online prep course for incoming students This summer, the Career Management Center launched a new online career management program for incoming students that uses the Career Leader assessment, career development exercises, individual introspection, team exercises, and online podcasts to help students begin developing a strategic plan for creatively blending a professional career and a meaningful personal life. Students come into the Rice MBA program with a full portfolio to begin the search for internships as soon as they set foot on campus.


Global Communities Rwanda 101

In Mark Epstein’s technology commercialization course, Rice MBA students collaborated with Rice engineering undergraduates to create a sustainable commercial model for delivering life-saving technologies in developing countries, and then they put those products into action. Over spring break 2009, 20 Rice MBA students traveled to Kigali, Rwanda where they refined and implemented their business plans, introduced bio-medical products – such as a low-cost neonatal warmer and a lab-in-abackpack – sourced their material, and helped Rwandan entrepreneurs launch their own businesses to produce and sell the products. The Rice MBA students applied “bottom of the pyramid” Patrick Porter (MBA ’09), discusses possibilities with Rwandan entrepreneurs. principles and recognized that financial success could be derived through social entrepreneurship. They faced and surmounted many local challenges born from economic realities, as well as cultural sensitivities and concerns. Still, they discovered effective and innovative ways to obtain certification, and then to manufacture, distribute and market these products.

International Trips Every year Rice MBA students may choose to embark on an international trip. This past year we offered trips to China, Dubai, and Mexico. Itineraries include visits to corporate offices, U.S. embassies and plant sites, as well as alumni and prospective student events. On the China and Mexico trips, students take mini-courses at Rice’s partner universities, Tsinghua University, Tongji University, and ITESM.

Rice MBA students on 2009 China trip


This past year we saw a significant increase in the number of students participating in international trips. We had more than 120 students take part in our international trips, a 66 percent increase compared to last year. For the 2009-2010 school year, we will be offering trips to China, India, South America (Brazil and Argentina), and Mexico.

© foto 47


Rice MBA is a diversity leader across all three programs. Among US News Top 50 MBA Programs in 2009, our Class of 2011 percentage of women (34 percent) ranks 13th, and underrepresented minorities (13 percent) ranks 9th. Our Class of 2011 underrepresented minority percentages are 25 percent in the MBA for Professionals program and 24 percent in the MBA for Executives program. Although peer school data is not yet available for these programs, Rice MBAs are exceptionally diverse.

Jones School scholarship recipients Aaron Sampson (MBA ’10), Marcela Alanis Cantu (MBA ’10), Eno Ukpong (MBA ’10) and Florence Manega (MBA ’10) socialize at the 2009 scholarship dinner in February. At this dinner, scholarship donors have an opportunity to meet the scholars who benefit from their generosity.

Rice MBA students on 2009 China trip.

El Paso Corporation Finance Center


Jones Graduate School Council of Overseers After leading the Council for 10 years during a critical time of growth for the Jones School, L.E. Simmons passed on the Chairmanship to Jay Collins, President, CEO, and Director of Oceaneering International, Inc. Under the leadership of Development Committee Chairmen, Ben Hollingsworth and Jim Postl, the Council members are committed to 100 percent participation in the capital campaign.  As of the June 30, 2009, Council members have pledged a total of $7.6 million. Mr. T. Jay Collins, Chairman Rice BA ‘68, President, CEO, and Director Oceaneering International, Inc.

Mr. John A. Carrig President and Chief Operating Officer ConocoPhillips

Mr. Martyn E. Goossen Managing Director JPMorgan Private Bank

Mr. Osmar Abib, Jr. Rice BS ’81 Managing Director, Energy Group Credit Suisse Securities (USA) LLC

Ms. Janet F. Clark Executive Vice President and CFO Marathon Oil Company

Mr. Joseph A. Hafner, Jr. Retired Chairman Riviana Foods Inc.

Mr. James W. Crownover * Rice BA ’65, BS ’66 James W. Crownover

Mr. Henry O. Hernandez Jr. Rice BA ’78

Ms. Judy Ley Allen Partner Allen Investments Mr. Keith T. Anderson * Rice MBA ’83 Chief Investment Officer Soros Fund Management LLC Mrs. Subha V. Barry * Rice MBA ’85 Mr. Jack S. Blanton, Jr. Rice MBA ‘01 Chairman Nicklos Drilling Co. Mr. John F. Bookout, Jr. Retired President and Chief Executive Officer Shell Oil Company Ms. Vicki Whamond Bretthauer Rice BA ’79 Consultant DLS Associates Mr. Robert T. Brockman Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Reynolds & Reynolds Mr. Philip J. Burguieres Vice Chairman Houston Texans Mr. James D. Calaway President Calaway Interests LLC Mr. Clint D. Carlson Rice BA ’79, MBA ’82 President and Chief Investment Officer Carlson Capital


Ms. Lynn Laverty Elsenhans * Rice BA ’78 Chairman, Chief Executive Officer and President Sunoco, Inc. Mr. Bryan T. Emerson Rice MBA ’96 Managing Director Starlight Investments, LLC Mr. C. Richard Everett Rice BA ’67, BAR ’68 Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Everett Interests C. Richard Everett Investments, LLC Mr. Jerry E. Finger Managing Partner Finger Interests, Ltd. Mr. Douglas L. Foshee * Rice MBA ’92 President, Chief Executive Officer, and Director El Paso Corporation Mr. Michael P. Friezo Rice MBA ’88 Managing Director Head of Equity Capital Markets - Americas Deutsche Bank Securities Inc. Ms. Karen Ostrum George Rice BA ’77, Rice MACC ’78 Associate Ralph S. O’Connor & Associates Mr. Ron Girotto President & CEO The Methodist Hospital System

Mr. B. Ben Hollingsworth, Jr. Rice BA ’64 Chairman BBH Capital Mr. Steven J. Kean Executive Vice President, Operations Chief Operating Officer Kinder Morgan Energy Partners, L.P. Mr. Robert T. Ladd Rice BA ’78 President Laminar Direct Capital GP, Inc. a member of the D.E. Shaw Group Mr. Richard K. McGee Rice BA ’83 Mr. Scott McLean President Amegy Bank of Texas Mr. Robert H. McNabb Chief Executive Officer Futurestep, a Korn/Ferry Company Executive Vice President Korn/Ferry International Mr. Adam C. Peakes Rice BA ‘95 Managing Director - Investment Banking Goldman, Sachs & Co. Mr. Robert A. Peiser Chief Executive Officer Omniflight Helicopters, Inc. Mr. W. Bernard Pieper Rice BA ’53, BS ’54 Pieper Interests

Jones Graduate School Alumni Association

Mr. James J. Postl Retired President and CEO Pennzoil-Quaker State Company Mr. Ashok Rao President TIE Houston Mr. Roland Rodriguez Managing Principal MFR, P.C.

Dean Bill Glick visits with alumni service award recipients David Van Horn (MBA ’00), Jay Hawthorn (MBA ’05) and Erich Bell (MBA ’03) at the spring 2009 Jones School Alumni Dinner at the Junior League in Houston.

Ms. Juanita Romans Senior Vice President & CEO Memorial Hermann Healthcare System, Memorial Hermann Hospital

Bob Parkey, MBA ‘88 JGSAA President Former President & CEO ICO, Inc.

Mr. L.E. Simmons * President SCF Partners

Ted Dimitry, MBA ‘02 JGSAA President Elect Account Executive Hays Companies of Texas

Mr. Peter Schwab Rice BA ’78, MBA ’80 Managing Director Macquairie Capital (USA) Inc. Mr. Stephen M. Trauber Rice BA ’84 Vice Chairman Managing Director Global Head, Energy Investment Banking Group UBS Mr. James S. Turley * Rice BA ’77, MACC ’78 Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Ernst & Young Ms. Lori Vetters Principal MFR, P.C. Mr. Mark Wallace President and CEO Texas Children’s Hospital *Rice University Board of Trustees

Erich Bell, MBA ‘03 JGSAA Past President Assistant Controller Quantum Energy Partners

Nkem Ogbechie, MBA ‘03 Cappello Capital Corporation Jack Ledford, MBA ‘02 Project Manager KBR, Inc. Kathryn Young, MBA ‘04 Vice President, Operations Sirius Solutions Phillip Brown, MBA ‘08 Manager Hewlett-Packard Company

Carolyn Galfione, MBA ‘ 97 Financial Advisor & CFO Linscomb and Williams

Doreen Stoller, MBA ‘91 Executive Director Hermann Park Conservancy

David Case, MBA ‘05 Associate JP Morgan Chase

Bo Bothe, MBA ‘05 President & Chief Creative Officer BrandExtract

Priscilla Plumb, MBA ‘01 Director Hewlett-Packard Company

Pierce Owens, MBA ‘98 Vice President CB Richard Ellis

Francisco Castro, MBA ‘02 CEO Aliant Capital S.A. de C.V.

Jay Hawthorn, MBA ‘05 Vice President Barclays Capital

Julie Davidson, MBA ‘04 Consultant Cogent Compensation Partners, Inc.

Kim-Kay Randt, MBA ‘07 Director, Payment Systems Marketing ConocoPhillips

Mark Courtney, Rice BA ’89, MBA’94 Director CIMA Energy, LTD

Maury Bronstein, MBA ‘97 Association of Rice Alumni Board Member Director of Brokerage Services The Situs Companies


Jones Partners Board Jay Adkins, Rice MBA ‘01 ChevronTexaco Corporation

Dale Phillips, Rice MBA ‘95 Infosys Technologies Ltd.

Steve Bradshaw, Rice BA ‘70 Oceaneering International, Inc.

Bob Potter, Rice BA ‘73 FMC Technologies

Alex Cestero, Rice BA ’96, Rice MBA ‘08 Pride International

Paul Pryzant Burleson Cooke LLP

Beccy Cooke, Rice MBA ‘01 Strategist

Mary Ann Reynolds Stewart Information Services Corporation

Kimberly David, Rice MBA ‘04 Baylor College of Medicine

Stephanie Rudd, Rice BA ’76, MACC ‘78 JP Morgan Chase

Jim Davis, Rice BS ‘77 Accufleet International

Doreen Stoller, Rice MBA ‘91 Friends of Hermann Park

Kim Denney, Rice MBA ‘01 Air Liquide

Laurence Stuart Stuart & Associates P.C.

Bernie Fields, Rice MBA ‘93 Bernard M. Fields Management Corp.

Hoyt Thomas, Rice MBA ‘04 N.J. Pierce and Associates

Rauli Garcia, Rice MBA ‘07 Houston Grand Opera

Robin Tooms, Rice MBA ‘04 Savage Design Group

Jerry Gauche National Oilwell Varco

Philip Tuttle, Rice BA ‘87 Tuttle & Company

Sue Lehrer Venture Strategies LLC

Ken Williams TVM Capital

Cheryl Lipshutz Duke Energy Mike Novelli, Rice BA ’79, MACC ‘80 Cypressbrook Company John Olson Sanders Morris Harris Group Pierce Owens, Rice MBA ‘98 CB Richard Ellis


Donor Honor Roll Alumni participation in annual giving is again at an astonishing 20 percent for the 2009 fiscal year. This participation metric for the last three years has been very respectable – 19 percent in FY07, 20 percent in FY08 and 20 percent in FY09 – and is in line with participation rates of the top 25 business schools in the nation. Most Jones School alumni who make financial contributions to the school support the Jones Fund. This is the annual fund of the Jones Graduate School of Business and provides general operating funds for the school. More than 70 percent of the Jones Fund from FY09 will support scholarships this year. It will also fund international travel programs, career management services and student-alumni networking events. The Jones Fund has grown significantly over the past three years and reached its goal of $400,000 in FY09.

Class of 1975 Mr. Robert B. Matthews, Jr.

Mr. William T. Paull Mr. Henry Y. W. Tsang

Class of 1976 Mr. David A. Collins Mr. Kirwin Drouet Peggy D. Dwyer, Ph.D. Ms. Kay Preston Forbes Mr. Paul A. Helbling Mr. Thomas H. Wilson

Class of 1981 Mrs. Leslie D. Blanton Mr. Michael T. Heffner Mr. Lawrence Andrew Wheeler

Class of 1977 Mr. John F. Dragovits Mr. James V. Liska Ms. Margaret E. McConn Mr. Lyman R. Paden Mr. John H. Swords Mr. V. Richard Viebig, Jr. Class of 1978 Mrs. Karen Ostrum George Mr. John O. Niemann, Jr. Ms. Stephanie K. Rudd Mr. Michael W. Tankersley Class of 1979 Ms. Ann H. Bussey Mr. J. Kelly Hartnett Class of 1980 Ms. Elizabeth D. Williams Mr. Tim T. Griffy Ms. Sue-Mei Lee Mr. Michael E. Novelli

Class of 1982 Mr. Jay Thomas Oliphant, CPA Ms. Jennifer D. Westbury Class of 1983 Mr. Jeff D. New Mr. Bradley Keith Alford Mr. Reginald Edward Greene Ms. Barbara E. Kulp Mr. Martin D. O’Malley Mr. Keith T. Anderson Ms. Janette L. Boyette Mr. Roger Ford Mr. Robert Scott McKinnell Ms. Marisue Tallichet Class of 1984 Mrs. Margaret B. Morrison Mr. Michael Adam Kane Ms. Claire Dwyer Mr. Ray M. Bowen, Jr. Ms. Kelly Enos Mr. David A. Peterson Mr. Robert L. Royall Ms. Patricia D. Tilton

Impact Kristen Wood (MBA ‘09) and Subha Barry (MBA ‘85)

Mr. Thomas G. Bacon Mr. James Barry Mr. John W. Elsenhans Class of 1985 Ms. Barbara Lynn Rayner Mrs. Subha V. Barry Ms. Carol A. Der Garry Mr. Chok-Pin Foo Dr. N. Kumar Sivakumar Mr. Peter R. Brehm Mr. Joel Nathan Ephross Mrs. Jill F. Jewett Ms. Marilyn M. Miller Mr. Klaus Werner Tromel Mr. R. Bruce Deskin Ms. Rachel Hill Deskin Ms. Nancy Ross Edmonson Mr. Charles Scott Griffey Paul R. Lederer, Ph.D. Class of 1986 Mr. Patrick St. A. Lyn Mr. Michael Carle Hopwood Mrs. Judy Bump Hulsey Mr. John C. Norjen, Jr. Mr. M. Ward Polzin Mr. Bill Sias Ms. Carol Deffry Trimmer Class of 1987 Mr. R. Anthony Benten Ms. Winnie Y. Chee-Atkin Mr. T. Kevin DeNicola

Mrs. Mary Bourne Marth Ms. Beth Deniz Podol Class of 1988 Mr. Frederick M. Lazare Mr. Roy P. Breen Mr. Todd R. Cimino Mr. Michael P. Friezo Ms. Elaine Randle Mata Mr. John C. McGhee Mrs. Jennifer L. Milavec Mr. W. Robert Parkey, Jr. Mr. Steven R. Sandall Ms. Carol Sugimoto Mr. Stanley James Vaughan Class of 1989 Mr. Michael S. ChevalierWhite Mr. Stephen M. Abelman Ms. Joann M. Barry, CFA Mr. John Fitch Mrs. Patricia New Goeringer Mrs. Bridget Kennedy Jaunal Mr. David P. Kohler Mr. Ransom Clark Lummis Mrs. Susan S. Rosthal Mr. Ralph D. Tate Class of 1990 Ms. Tyrrell Flawn Ms. Margaret Laurel Gibson Mr. Loyd Conyers Hayton Mr. Fabrice Pierre Herpain


Donor Honor Roll continued Mr. James Mun-Kit Loh Mrs. Frances J.D. Moore-Jones Ms. Amy L. Sutton

Mr. Donald Kenneth Schultze Mr. Jeffrey T. Searcy Ms. Ann P. Smith

Class of 1991 Mr. Jay Patrick Dryden Mr. Douglas O’Neal Beck Mr. William S. Ebanks Mr. Kurt A. Goeringer Mr. Lynn Alan Lednicky Mr. Haran David Levy, CPA, CVA Mrs. Sarah M. Longpre Mr. Troy D. Matherne Ms. Rosemarie Morse Mr. James A. Nattier Mr. Rick Justin O’Brien Ms. Doreen Stoller Ms. Fiona Stadtler Swerdlow Ms. Colleen Daniel Williams Ms. Allison Wilt

Class of 1995 Mr. Augustus Emil Anderson IV Ms. Deanna Kellogg Belanger Mr. Max Mordechaj Blankfeld Mr. J. Ted Johnson Ms. Delise Addicks Jung Mr. Wesley E. Kern Mr. R. Carson Llewellyn Mr. Mark K. Miller Mr. John Byron Mills Mr. Dale C. Phillips Mr. Paul M. Quilkey

Mr. Steven J. Ebel Mr. Tarek El-Domeiri Ms. Susan Faust Ms. Carolyn A. Galfione Mr. Troy Genzer Mr. Mitchell D. Hovendick Ms. Michelle Eubanks Juden Mr. Marion B. Leman Ms. Xue Mei Liu Mr. Robert L. Mendoza Ms. Nicole L. Monnett Mr. Don Porr Mr. Wesley Sinor Mr. John S. Suttle Mr. Brent C. Willson Mr. Ding Yuan

Mr. Jeffrey E. Graham Ms. Sonya Lynette Green Mr. John F. Gualy Mr. Daniel Anthony Hopkins Ms. Cindi Howson Mr. Aditya Kapoor Mr. John Kiani Ms. Martha Lynn Kiani Mr. Andrew R. Miles Mr. Eduardo L. Prado Mr. James Reed Ms. Heather Jacques Tomlinson Mr. Patrick S. Van Pelt Mr. David B. Warren

Class of 1998 Mr. Andy Frank Bouckley Mr. Cavan C. Carlton Ms. Piyali Dey Mr. Paul A. Forgue Mr. Jon R. Marinelli Mr. C. Pierce Owens Ms. Shenoah Lynn Peck Mr. Joel Garrett Smith Mr. J. Todd Stech

Class of 2000 Ms. Mona Bonner Arredondo Ms. Marilyn N. Baker Ms. Lisa Honig Beckman Mr. Wa’el Bader Biltagi Mr. Paul Cohen Mr. Michael David Contant Mr. Daniel H. Cotlar Mr. Allan D. Danto Mr. Erik C. Davies Mr. Pratt Dey Dr. Malcolm Thomas Donnell Mr. Rodney W. Eads Mr. Travis G. Fitts, Jr. Mr. Steven Hansuk Gim Mr. Steven P. Grissom

Class of 1992 Mr. William E. Koehn Mr. Eric Graham Vickers Mr. Mark E. McMeans Mr. Charles B. Mitchell III Mr. Lee G. Partridge Mr. J. Donald Payne Mr. Bennett E. Powell, Jr. Class of 1993 Mrs. Lori Bruning Scott Mr. Michael C. Burkard Mr. Bernard M. Fields Mr. Sanjay L. Gokhale Mr. Russell J. Iorio Mr. Douglas Keith Jones Mr. John P. LaCour Mr. Stephen Lok Mr. Patrick Levi Scott Mr. Richard M. Shull Mr. William W. Windle Class of 1994 Mr. Eric Collazo Mr. Brett Wilson Ford, CPA Mr. James Ivan Lee Mr. Girish V. Bachani Mr. Kenneth M. Bain Mr. Mark Courtney Ms. Amy E. Criswell Mr. Glenn Criswell Mr. Michael J. Dougherty Mr. Allen J. Eichler Mrs. Julia K. Gin Mr. Edward Arthur Kasper Mr. Curt Y. F. Lam


Tony Oguamanam (MBA ’09) Class of 1996 Mr. John William Byers Ms. Carla A. Kneipp Mr. Bryan T. Emerson Mrs. Paige Marsh Erwin Mr. D. Randall Hicks Mr. Brady K. Hughes Mr. Philip Jacob Mr. Kang Kent Liu Mr. Brian M. O’Rourke Mr. Roger D. Read Mr. Brian Harold Spector Mr. Richard William Tawse Class of 1997 Mr. Maury N. Bronstein

Class of 1999 Mr. David B. Andrews Ms. Karoline D. Carlson Mr. Ronald Michael Joseph Erdman

Mr. Sean Douglas Laffere Mr. Bryan Lane Mr. Q. Jonathan Le Mr. Robert M. Lesnick Ms. Kelli Bish Little Mr. Paulo Sergio Machado Medrado Mr. Sreenivas Nakirekanti Mr. Timothy Nash Mrs. Tenley W. O’Shaughnessy Ms. Susan Perry Mr. Donald L. Plunkett Mr. Warren Blake Roberts Mr. Nathaniel Simpson, Jr. Mr. Scott A. Sitton Mr. Jerry W. Thompson Mr. Curtis Ryan Trimble Mr. David Alan VanHorn, Jr. Ms. Diana Garcia VanHorn Mr. Russell A. Waddill Mr. William A. Wagner Mr. Michael Fraser Wilson Class of 2001 Mr. Jay Adkins Mrs. Allison Wright Brooks Mr. Jack S. Blanton, Jr. Mr. Greg Broussard Mr. Christopher J. Campbell Mr. Sean M. Churchill Ms. Kimberly K. Denney Mr. Paul H. Ericsson Mr. Sean O. Ferguson Mrs. Antje Barbara Focke Mr. Neeraj S. Hingorani Mr. David Allen Karohl Ms. Jennifer Fangue Lange Mr. Todd C. Litton Mr. R. Todd Lowery Mr. Jonathan Hugh McAdams Mr. Hazem Omar Megerisi Ms. Nicole Lyn Methena Mrs. Kathryn E. Nelson Mr. Rives Nolen Mr. Massimo Passini Ms. Priscilla McLane Plumb Mr. Joseph C. Pukaite Mr. William Edward Randall Mr. Heith Jason Rothman Mr. Chad Allen Rudy Mr. Stephen Henry Saboe, Jr. Mr. Eric B. Stidman Mr. Douglas P. White Mr. Michael J. Wieland Ms. Whitney Hough Wiener Mr. Jeffrey T. Wilkinson

Class of 2002 Mr. Michael L. Andries Mr. J. R. Arredondo Ms. Julie Beaudoin Mr. Christian Jonathan Beckett Mr. Bill Blackwell Ms. Sharon Lynn Bolen Ms. Lynn Byrd Mr. Francisco J. Castro Ms. Diane L. Chamberlain Ms. Natalie Blair Cronfel Mr. Michael P. Darden Ms. Audrey Fersten Mr. Bart Adrian Fields Ms. Eva Garcia Flores Mr. Jeffrey de la Cruz Floresca Ms. Robin Ann Holzer Mr. Brent J. Konstanzer Mr. David P. LaPaul Mr. Terry L. Ledbetter Mr. Jack Troy Ledford, Jr. Ms. Stephanie Ann Macey Mr. Christopher R. Magnus Ms. Maria Eugenia Mosquera Calegari Mr. Guy William Mouton Mr. S. Todd Nunnally Mr. Scott K. Okamura Mr. Craig A. Parks Mr. Jacob A. Ratner Ms. Sherrie Reinhackel Mr. Aijaz Syed Mr. David M. Thailing Mr. Scott S. Trulock John F. White, M.D., MBA Mr. Ali Mohsin Zaidi

Mr. Jesse Santos Ms. Laura Schilling Nikhil Nandlal Shah Class of 2004 Mr. Thomas Victor Abello Carter H. Bechtol Ms. Elizabeth McCaffrey Corneliuson Ms. Kimberly C. Cotner Ms. Julie Davidson Mr. David Stephen Diamonon Mr. Donald Craig Easterling Mr. Bradley James Ehrman Mr. Zachary Gibson England Mr. Michael Evan Finger Mr. Daniel Heng-Min Fu Ms. Meg Anne Gentle Mr. Joel Alexander Glassman Mr. Brad Griebenow Mr. Thomas Edward Horton III Mr. Robert Jack Huston

Mr. Christopher Idol Mr. Sari Adnan Khayyal Mr. Matthew David Kiger Mr. Jeffrey John Kirkham Mr. Robert Nathaniel Kreamer Mr. Thomas Levitz Mr. Jason Bradford Love Michael Stephen Lovoi, M.D. Mr. Carl Aurelio Luna Mr. Todd Lusk Ms. Sandra D. Matthews Ms. Beverly McKuin Mrs. Kelly Russell McWherter Ms. Christy Nicholson Hartman Mr. Nandu A. Patel Ms. Anjali Virendra Raithatha Mr. Ritesh Sheth Ms. Jennifer Lynn Spinella Mr. Christopher Blake Swanson Ms. Gina Maria Thomas Mr. Hoyt Heyward Thomas

Class of 2003 Mr. Anthony James Beebe Mr. Erich Robert Bell Mr. Robert Francis Bobo, Jr. Ms. Kathryn Lee Bragan Mr. Aubrey Keith Bruce-Tagoe Mr. Patrick Chiu Mr. Michael Stuart Coffield Mr. Craig William Collins Cheng Kevin Ding, Ph.D. Dr. Sheila Dugger Griffith Ms. Marta Elena Haile Mr. Michael Landy Haile Mr. Douglas George Hock Mr. Paresh Gauribhai Jain Mr. Scott Thomas Johnson Mr. Sean Florence Kennedy Business Information Center (BIC) Vineet Kaushik Majmudar Ms. Xiangjun Pan Mr. Jameson Uy Que


Donor Honor Roll continued Mrs. Genefer Thornton Ms. Noemie Dharamraj Tilghman Mr. Christopher Ryan Tippy Ms. Robin Tooms Mr. Ryan Edward Tull Mr. James Walter Whitehead III Mr. Scott Whitmire Ms. Kathryn Elisabeth Young Mr. Chihyuan Yu Mr. Antonio Zuniga Class of 2005 Ms. Karen Solveig Andersen Mr. Neville Archer Mr. Douglas Stephen Aron Mr. Paul A. Awoseyi Mr. Christopher J. Baker Mr. Steven Anthony Blaha Chris Boley Mr. Albert G. Bothe Ms. Florence Burr Bolin Kory C. Brendsel Mr. David Preston Case Mr. Alberto Caudillo Mr. James C. Chao Mr. Brett Moffatt Chiles Mr. Won-Ho Cho Ms. Claire E. Cordell Ms. Jennifer J. Cutaia Ms. Shelia Darby Mr. Jonathan Logan Donnel Mr. George Edward Eisenhauer Mr. Gerhard Johan Golden Mr. Michael Joseph Hanna Ms. Chikako Harada Mr. Benjamin Cole Hartman Mr. Andrew Brian Hawthorn Mr. James Franklin Hawthorn Ms. Brandy Hays Mr. Steven Craig Johnston Mr. Jorge E. Jones Mr. Sudhakar Kamath Mr. Tony Kayser Mr. John P. Keating Mr. Cade Jason Kennedy Mr. Subhi Aziz Khudairi Lotus Lein Mr. Bryan Jeffery Lethcoe Ms. Michelle A. Lewis Mr. Jingwei Liu Ms. Sonia Mathur Ms. Jenny Maxwell Mr. Parker Stewart Meeks Mr. Timothy P. Murphy Mr. Timothy Okabayashi


Mr. Jeffrey Pernoud Mr. Roberto Andres Poma Mr. Robert Steven Priske Mr. Ryan Anderson Puryear Mr. Samuel Howland Pyne Mr. Faustino Ramirez Mr. Chewy Redding Mr. Kirk Ashley Remlinger Mr. Gerald J. Reuter Mr. Luciano Reyes Ms. Carole D. Riekert Mr. William Keen Robertson Mr. Justin Kevin Rostant Mr. Mark C. Scott

Mr. Matthew Robert Bennett Mr. Harold Bernard Mr. Alejandro Gabriel Bethlen Ms. Rakhee Bhattacharya-Das Mr. Henry Stanton Bragg Mr. Anthony James Broussard Mr. James D. Brown Mr. Patrick Campbell Ms. Yen Hong Cao Ms. Monica Cisneros Mr. Ronald H. Cowan Ms. Allison Gavazzi Cooper Mr. Timothy Alan Derr Mrs. Philana Christine Diaz

Mr. Justin DeWitt Ong Ms. Colleen Marie Orani Mr. Jonathan Edward Popkin Paine Mr. Douglas Palmer Mr. Sandeep Sachdeva Mr. Craig Schneider Mr. Sean D. Self Mr. Asif Amirali Shallwani Mr. Patrick Timothy Shea Mr. George B. Shorter Mr. Jeremy Morgan Smith Ms. Kaley Erin Spence Mr. Mark Thomas Streeter

Sebastien Michenaud, Assistant Professor of Finance Ms. Vanessa Lehn Schulte Mr. Gregory Jon Schwendinger Mr. Michael David Scott Mr. David Robert Skipper Mr. Rod G. Smith Mrs. Janell Field Sultz Ms. Elizabeth Anne Tobin Mr. David Matthew Tucker Mr. Jacob P. Varghese Ms. Carolina Pina Viloria Mr. Blake Austin Webster Mr. Steven Bruce Williamson Mr. Robert Reed Workman Mr. Jon C. Wright Class of 2006 Mr. Siby Varghese Abraham Mr. Michael J. Albertson Ms. Michele Alphonse

Mr. Daniel Alejandro Dibos Mr. Damon R. Fraylon Mr. Rodolfo Gonzalez Ms. Amy Pita Good Mr. Gregory Joseph Grannen Mr. Thomas Dickson Greer Mr. Rhoman J. Hardy Mr. Wei-Feng Huang Mr. Burdette Barrington Huffman Mr. John Robert King Mr. Malon Kit Ms. Tomi L. Lyle Mr. Morton Mandel Ms. Stephanie Lauren Mast Mr. Trevor Mihalik Mr. Devesh Mittal Mr. Kristian Toft Nielsen Mr. Dustin D. Olson

Mr. Abdou Terki-Hassaine Mr. Benjamin H. Thacker Mr. Jonathan Jerome Tilghman Mr. Adrian Tovar Ms. Maureen Wan Ms. Charlos Chantaa Ward Mr. Christopher Tyson Weihs Mr. Benjamin Heath Whitman Class of 2007 Charles D. Ardoin, M.D. Mr. Mark A. Barnes Mr. Seth Morton Barrett Mr. Eric McGregor Bethea Mr. Gregory Cornell Bowden Mr. Bruce Emerson Campbell III Ms. Star B. Chacko

Ms. Susan McKendree Chamberlin Ms. Irene Cathy Chang Mr. Ian Xuhui Chen Mr. Mark Gregory Daves Ms. Carolyn S. Debrick Mr. Edward Enrique Enciso Mr. Colin William Fletcher Mr. Shane Foss Mr. David Eric Friedman Mr. Rauli E. Garcia Mr. Kelly R. Ginn Mr. Joseph L. Gullion Ms. Claire Renee Harvey Mr. Thomas Donivan Irwin Mr. Wojciech Kic Mr. Roderick Larson Mr. William Clifton Macdaniel Mr. Kevin William McKee Mr. Michael Lloyd McLaughlin II Christian P. Mehnert, Ph.D. Mr. Federico Javier Muyshondt Mr. Robert Sheldon Norsworthy Mr. Jairo Enrique Pertuz Mr. Michael A. Poskey Ms. Heidi Pozzo Ms. Kim-Kay Randt Mr. Ryan Scott Reichert Mr. Joseph Paul Reposa Mr. Nigel Navesh Singh Mr. Robert Lee Stillwell Mr. Jeffrey W. Unruh Mr. Joohyun Won Mr. Francisco J. Zalles Class of 2008 Mr. John Bryant Adkins Mr. Jon Lawrence Albee Ms. Lauren Michelle Barrash Mr. Christopher Martin Born Mr. Robert William Boyd Mr. Jin Cai Mr. Craig Michael Ceccanti Mr. Alejandro Cestero Ms. Sheila R Cohen Mr. Kevin Cumming Mr. Richard Pugh Davis Ms. Cameron Leigh Dyer Mr. Kola Fagbayi Mr. Richard William Farmer Mr. John Fowler Ms. Patricia McKeon Fu Ms. Marion Barbara Gammill Ms. Sidhya Jayakumar Mr. Raghavendra Kandakurtikar Mr. John Keyes Mr. Travis Dewayne Kirk Mr. Michael Pengfei Lee Mr. Jonathan Eugene Lentz

Ms. Yuling Li Ms. Kathryn Terese Love Mr. Matthew Dean McClung Mr. Christopher Lee Meador Mr. David Taliaferro Miclette Mr. Jason Frederick Miller Mr. Ian W. Moxon Mr. Nang Ba Ngo Ms. Mona Parikh Mr. Mark Alan Peavy Mr. Betsen Philip Mr. David James Pistorius Mr. Kaarle Juhani Rautio Ms. Erin Allison Reed Mr. John J Rigby Ms. Amanda Helen Sammons Mr. Todd Robert Schwendinger Mr. Michael John Senoski Mrs. Tejal Sanjeev Shah Mr. Shyam Sundara Swaminathan Mr. Clay Alan Tarro Ms. Yun-tzu Teng Ms. Eliana Whannon

Ms. Obiamaka Anyaegbu Mr. Brian Jonathan Appel Mr. Jess Stewman Arnold Ms. Patricia Ann Baxter Mr. Cyrus Douglas Behseresht Mr. Jeff Bennett Mr. Faycel L. Bensaid Mr. Ignacio Claudio Bincaz Mr. Joshua A. Bobincheck Mr. Pedro Fabian Caceres Mr. Imran Charania Mr. Eric Chiang Mr. Abraham Wu Chu Mr. Marcelo Cisneros Galindo Mr. Clinton Ray Clark Mr. Thomas Alvin Cleveland, lll Ms. Meagan Murphy Crawford Mr. Sapan Dalal Mr. Sachin Dayal Mr. Steven T. de la Torre, Jr. Mr. John Kenneth Dinero Mr. Alexander Donn Ms. Chante’ Michiel Ellis

Mr. Christopher Paul Winter Ms. Jing Sun Xu Ms. Angela TseChi Yeh

Mr. Brad Thomas Elmore Pascal Eyongarary Ayuk Enohnyaket, Ph.D. Mr. Hugh Owen Ferguson Mr. Michael Renard Foster Mr. Antonio Gomez Mr. Stephen Gorski

Class of 2009 Mr. Nawaf Khalid Al Dabal


Donor Honor Roll continued Mr. Lance Kian Granmayeh Mr. Joshua William Gravenor Ms. Jun Gu Mr. Roberto S. Da Rocha Guimaraes Mr. Rathin Gupta Mr. Jonathan W. Hajdik Mr. Alberto Giorgio Hall Mr. Christopher A. Haver Ms. Toni Marie Henning Ms. Juliana Herman Mr. Jared Patrick Hickman Ms. Katherine Ann Hilton Mr. Jonathan Hook Mr. William Brandon Houston Mr. Michael Lynn Janssen, Jr.

Mr. Diego Molina Mr. Douglas Perry Monroe Mr. Jude G. Moore Mr. Lee Stover Nix Mr. Tobin Scott O’Donnell Ms. Renita Chizoba Oko Ms. Meenambigai Palanivelu Ms. Evy Pappas Mr. Jonathan Wyn Parry Mrs. Rachel Amy Brown Parry, M.D. Mr. Amish Bharat Patel Mr. Michael Shawn Perrin Ms. Thuymi Pham Ms. Melissa Dyan Pierce

International Partio, 2008 Mr. John R. Jarvis Mr. Darren Ross Johnson Ms. Seema V. Karande Mr. Won-Kil Kim Mr. David Andrew Lacombe Mr. Anthony Sen Wei Lam Ms. Liss Karina Larsen Mr. Eric Laxton Mr. Walter W. Lee Ms. Weimiao Li Ms. Wendy Wan-Jung Lo Mr. Jun Lu Mr. Manuel Martinez, Jr. Mr. James Wayne McGuane Mr. Ali McHenry Mr. Jainesh B. Mehta Mr. David E. Merchant


Mr. Todd Aaron Porter Mr. Michael Thomas Rains Mr. Henry Christian Richardson Mr. Kirby Charlton Roberts Mr. Pedro Cesar Rodriguez Mr. Chad Michael Ross Ms. Cynthia M. Rushing Mr. Brady Sanders Ms. Jill Denise Sanders Mr. Patrick Gregory Santangelo Mr. Rohit Saxena Mr. Siddhartha Biplab Sen Mr. Rahul Jayesh Shah Ms. Peggy Lea Sims Mr. Roland Boyd Skelton Ms. Catherine Lynn Slater Mr. Scott Layton Smith

Ms. Lindsay Merrill Snider Mr. Gregg Layton Snyder Mr. Thomas Antoine Theo Soulas Mr. Peter Stojkovic Ms. Aarti Krishna Subramanian Mr. Zaid Ghassan Talhouni Mr. Martin David Turner Mr. William L. Watson Mr. David Ryan Watt Mr. David W. Wilson Mr. Micah Mason Woodard Mrs. Heather Marie Wright Mr. Daniel Wu Mr. Dennis Yang Ms. Azizan Mohamedaziz Yee Class of 2010 Mr. Sachin Agrawal Ms. Alafair Kane Arendale Mr. Matthew Michael Banks Mr. Christopher Randolph Bhatia Mr. Matthew Wilson Brosh Mr. Juan Gabriel Aguirre Canella Mr. James Eugene Carreker Ms. Vicky Yun Chang Mr. Jan Goetgeluk Mr. Samuel Lyle Hickerson Ms. Cynthia Hu Ms. Brittany Lewis Kennedy Mr. Aneesh Vimal Kothari Ms. Jacquelyn Michele LaGrone Ms. Allison Walker Lami Ms. Timiesha Antoinese Madden Mr. Vaibhav Vijay Mahajan Ms. Neha Mohnot Ms. Sarah Lyle Ofner Mr. Jesus Andres Patino Mr. Thejas Kilar Rajaram Mr. Jared Ethan Roe Mr. Aaron Phillip Skutelsky Mr. David Kyle Tate Mr. David Tipps Mr. Uchechi Nicholas Ugwa Mr. Manmeet Singh Vedi Mr. Koby West Mr. Lee David Willeford Mr. William Yester Mr. Tony Yiu Other Friends of Jones School Dr. and Mrs. Bobby R. Alford. Mr. Michael R. Alsup Mr. Jason Esteban Andaya Mr. and Mrs. D. Kent Anderson Ms. Elida Angulo Mr. John Douglas Arnold Association for Corporate Growth Ms. Natasha A. Austin

Ms. Becky Beaver Mrs. Patricia Beissel Dr. Sarah Elizabeth Blutt Mr. John Sprague Boone Mr. and Mrs. William J. Bowen Mr. Charles Nelson Bracht, CLU, ChFC Mr. Robert Wayne Bramlett Mr. Timothy J. Carlson Elizabeth and Ryan Clampitt Ms. Janet F. Clark Ms. Kelly Peterson Cliburn Mr. and Mrs. T. Jay Collins Mr. Vickas Kailash Dangayach Bala G. Dharan, Ph.D. Ms. Lynn Laverty Elsenhans Mr. C. Richard Everett Faculty Women’s Club of Rice University Dr. Jeff Fleming, Ph.D. Mr. William Blair Focke Jill Foote, Ph.D. Mrs. Jo Lynn Foote Ms. Katherine Gooden Ford Ms. Jennifer Gaines Mr. and Mrs. Harold R. Galloway Mrs. Kathy M. Galt Mr. Larry D. George Mr. Terry M. Giles Dr. and Mrs. William H. Glick Mr. Steven Paul Golvach Mr. Mike Gooden Mr. and Mrs. George D. Goodman Mr. Martyn E. Goossen Miss Liz Gorman Ms. Lei Guo Mr. and Mrs. Goran Haag Greater Houston Business Ethics Roundtable Mr. and Mrs. Joseph A. Hafner, Jr. Ms. Lauren S. Hamner Mr. and Mrs. Cal Dean Hill, Jr. Mr. Gerald D. Hines Mr. and Mrs. B. B. Hollingsworth, Jr. Harry Holmes, Ph.D. Mr. and Mrs. C. M. Hudspeth Dr. Mary Ann Johnson Mr. and Mrs. Frank Miles Julian Ms. Jennifer Jumonville Mr. C. J. Kao Mrs. Lawryn Heath Kasper Dr. and Mrs. Enno Koehn Mr. Richard Koenigsdorf Mr. Jim Lavis Dr. Sue Lehrer Mr. James Liang Ms. Laura Tonn Lords Estate of Ben F. Love Mrs. Merritt McReynolds Marinelli

Mr. Herbert Marchand Katina and Vasilios Mathews Mrs. Mary Lou McCants Mr. Mike McGovern Raymond A. McLendon, D.D.S Mr. and Mrs. Charles Robert McKnight Mr. and Mrs. Burt McMurtry Mr. Robert C. McNair Ms. Bridgette Eileen Miller Mr. Ed Molter Mr. Tom Richard Moore Ashley and Sean Moran Mr. and Mrs. Roy E. Muir Dr. H. Albert Napier, Jr. Reba M. Nelson & Christine Stirling Mr. Ralph S. O’Connor Mr. John Olson Dr. Barbara Ostdiek, Ph.D. Maureen and Stirling Pack Ms. Rachel J. Pack Mr. Jerrold M. Paine Mr. Faraz Hussain Paliwala Ms. Roma Rajesh Patel Ms. Mary C. Patton Mr. Darl Petty Mr. and Mrs. W. Bernard Pieper Mr. Tim Pitts Ms. Donna M. Platt Robert and Mary Poe Mr. Richard M. Pollard Mr. James J. Postl Mr. Paul E. Pryzant Mr. and Mrs. James M. Rhodes Ms. Courtney Robertson Mr. J. H. Roff, Jr. Mr. Morton A. Rudberg Mr. Curt Shelmire Mr. and Mrs. L. E. Simmons Mr. V. J. Singal Mr. Walter F. Smith Reba M. Nelson & Christine Stirling Mr. William E. Swanson Mr. Adam Szczepanski Mr. Mikhail Abramovich Teplitskiy Mr. Philip A. Tuttle Ms. Suzana G. Vazquez Ms. Janice L. Verhage Mrs. Michele F. Vobach Mr. John Malcolm Waddell Dr. and Mrs. G. King Walters Mr. Scott Xiaozhou Wang Mr. Frank E. Watson Ms. Sara Wheeler Dr. Sally Widener Mr. Ken Williams Mr. and Mrs. David S. Wilson Mr. James W. Woodruff Mr. Richard A. Zansitis

Corporate Investors Baker Hughes Inc. Baylor College of Medicine Cameron International Chevron ConocoPhillips Cooper Industries Deloitte & Touche Duke Energy Corporation El Paso Corporation Ernst & Young ExxonMobil FMC Technologies Fulbright & Jaworski Global Geophysical Halliburton Hewlett-Packard Lockton Companies of Houston Macquarie Bank Marathon Oil Corporation Memorial Hermann Healthcare System Methodist Hospital System National Oilwell Varco Oceaneering International, Inc. Pride International, Inc. Quintana Energy Partners, L.P. Reliant Energy Shell Spectra Energy St. Luke’s Episcopal Health System Stewart Title Texas Children’s Hospital TRC Holdings Inc. Foundation Support D. Kent & Linda C. Anderson Foundation Keith and Peggy Anderson Family Foundation The Arnold Family Foundation Jack and Annis Bowen Foundation FEI Scholarship Foundation Houston Endowment Inc. The Robert and Janice McNair Foundation J. F Maddox Foundation Bhupat and Jyoti Mehta Family Foundation Giles O’Malley Foundation Postl Family Foundation The Pieper Foundation Scurlock Foundation Virginia and LE Simmons Foundation


2009 Annual Report  

Jesse H. Jones Graduate School of Business - 2009 Annual Report

2009 Annual Report  

Jesse H. Jones Graduate School of Business - 2009 Annual Report