2024 Colour Trends Catalogue

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2024 Colour Trends

“You can find inspiration in everythingand if you can’t... look again.”

Welcome to our 2024 Colour Trends Catalogue

We’ve done our research and listened to the experts who have predicted the top colours to dominate this year, and we’re excited to share our interpretation with you.

Table of Contents:

Peach Fuzz 1.


Intense Rust 3.


Pastel Lilac 5.

Mountain Sage 6.

Apricot Crush 7.

Lemon Drop 8.



Bay Brown 11.

Midnight Plum 12.

Bluebird13. Future Dusk 14.

Cracked Pepper 15.

Bay Blue 16.




Sustained Grey 20.

01. Peach Fuzz

Pantone’s Colour of the Year 2024:

“A velvety gentle peach whose all-embracing spirit enriches heart, mind, and body.

A warm and cozy shade highlighting our desire for togetherness with others or for enjoying a moment of stillness and the feeling of sanctuary this creates, Peach Fuzz presents a fresh approach to a new softness. An appealing peach hue softly nestled between pink and orange ”

Printed Recycled Wrap Paper Hummingbirds
Peach Orange
Tissue Paper Peach
Ribbon Sugar Coral
Satin Ribbon Petal Peach Satin Ribbon Ripe Peach Organza Ribbon Peach

02. Cool Matcha

One of WGSN / Coloro’s core key colour trends for 24/25.

“A tinted pastel with a soothing and calm quality. Connecting both nature and technology, it highlights the importance of developments in nature-powered bio and plant-based materials, dyes, pigments and energy sources

Cool Matcha is a quiet, pacifying pale with a therapeutic quality and is the perfect combination of a vegetal green and mindful pastel. “

Reversible Recycled Wrapping Paper Flora and Fauna Moss
Greenery Enclosure Card Plain Tissue Paper Avocado
Grosgrain Ribbon Lime Juice Mesh Web Ribbon Lime Satin Ribbon Kiwi Green

03. Intense Rust

Intense Rust returns to the palette as one of WGSN / Coloro’s core key colour trends for 24/25.

“The warm and rich shade of Intense Rust is a transseasonal brown that evokes feelings of stability. Balancing luxury with a raw, earthy edge, this colour is reminiscent of soil, full of warmth and calm textures. his colour communicates authenticity, quiet luxury and promotes a return of classic design.”

Printed Gloss Wrapping Paper Fantasia Red/Gold Plain Tissue Paper Cabernet Printed Gloss Wrapping Paper Pomegranate
Grosgrain Ribbon Rust Satin Ribbon Burgundy Ficus Garland Burgundy

04. Marlin

“An aquatic blue native to tropical and temperate waters.”

“Mysterious and elegant. Linked to tranquility, due to its connection to the sea, it can also be seen as deeply luxurious and sophisticated.”

Plain Tissue Paper Royal Printed Gloss Wrapping Paper with Deep Navy Pinstripe Ribbon Paper Woven Inky Blue Napkins Lunch Folk Stamp Satin Ribbon Dusky Blue Napkins Lunch Sea Knot

05. Pastel Lilac

“A soft and powdery lavender hue, Pastel Lilac is suggestive of a sweet aroma.”

“A soft pastel which exudes serenity, stability, and digital escapism. A colour full of hope and positivity. This shade is trending in many segments - shades of lilac hold sway season after season and is on its way to being elevated to a new classic. The tone lends grace to statement looks in a range of categories.”

Printed Kraft Wrapping Paper Pohutukawa Sketch Lavender Printed Recycled Wrapping Paper Plain Lavender Printed Gloss Wrapping Paper Shooting Star Lavender
Plain Tissue Paper Lavender Grosgrain Ribbon Hint of Lavender Organza Ribbon Lavender

06. Mountain Sage

“A serene green shade representing more than just a colour. Mountain Sage embodies a growing trend in consumer consciousness towards mental well-being. It represents a desire for things and spaces that reflect tranquility and a connection with nature.”

Printed Kraft Wrapping Paper Abstract Shapes Olive Printed Kraft Wrapping Paper Green Ritual Napkins Lunch Recycled Forest Nature
Grosgrain Ribbon Deep Sage Grosgrain Ribbon Spruce Green Napkins Lunch Inspiration Texture Dark Green

07. Apricot Crush

WGSN / Coloro’s Colour of the Year for 24/25.

“Aligns with a focus on balanced lifestyles that nourish the body and mind. Apricot Crush as Colour of the Year signifies the importance of orange as a versatile, trans-seasonal shade.

This balancing bright is an activating vitamin tone that embodies a full spectrum approach to health and wellbeing. Encompassing the natural vitamin- and antioxidant-rich benefits of apricots and oranges, it also draws from the beauty found in nature.

Apricot Crush is a colour full of hope and positivity.”

PlainTissue Paper Ginger Napkins Lunch Rising Leaves Orange Printed Kraft Wrapping Paper Plain Terracotta Satin Ribbon Apricot Crush Grosgrain Ribbon Ginger Satin Ribbon Ripe Peach

08. Lemon Drop

“Sugar coated Lemon Drop is filled with zest.”

Warm, optimistic, and positive. “A colour that encapsulates deeper feelings of thoughtfulness with the promise of something sunny and friendly.

A bright and cheerful yellow sparkling with vivacity, a warming yellow shade imbued with solar power.”

Recycled Wrap Sketched Flora and Birds Yellow Printed Kraft Wrapping Paper Limon Kraft Plain Tissue Paper Harvest Gold
Jute String Corn Yellow Ribbon Paper Woven Corn Yellow Jute Flat Woven Cord Yellow

09. Watercress

“Watercress, a refreshing peppery green with a sprightly presence.”

“A sophisticated shade whose depth and warm golden undertones make it a great choice for both traditional and modern looks.”

“Add warmth and serenity with this rich olive and moss-like shade”.

Printed Kraft Wrapping Paper Plain Sea Green Printed Kraft Wrapping Paper Kiwiana Fern Printed Kraft Wrapping Paper Plain Sage
Jute Flat Woven Cord Avo Satin Ribbon Olive Satin Ribbon Moss

10. Orangeade

“A sweet and mildly tangy red-orange hue, Orangeade has a fruity citrus touch.”

“Bright, bold, passionate and rejuvenating” A fiery and intense shade. This colour is dynamic and energeticbringing energy to any space and design.

Plain Tissue Paper Bright Orange Napkins Cocktail Juicy Watermelons Mesh Web Ribbon Orange Grosgrain Ribbon Orange Grosgrain Ribbon Mandarin Satin Ribbon Mandarin

11. Bay Brown

“As rich as fertile soil and fine leather, is a reminder that greens and blues aren’t the only hues found in nature.”

“This neutral is stately enough to function in classical design contexts while possessing a depth that makes it a provocative choice for a moodier, more contemporary look. No matter how it’s used, it carries with it a sense of quiet yet unmistakable luxury.”

Plain Tissue Paper Chocolate Printed Kraft Wrapping Paper Plain Dark Chocolate Printed Kraft Wrapping Paper Pinstripe Black
Satin Ribbon Chocolate Organza Ribbon Chocolate Satin Ribbon Bitter Chocolate

12. Midnight Plum

One of WGSN / Coloro’s core key colour trends for 24/25.

“A powerful dark purple that connects to themes of space exploration and the metaverse. A tinted dark close to black, celebrates darkness, connecting to a sense of mystery. Midnight Plum aligns with the increasing consumer desire for escapism.”

Plain Tissue Paper Violet Printed Gloss Wrapping Paper Golden Branches Amethyst Grosgrain Ribbon Plum Satin Ribbon Shadow Purple Ribbon Paper Woven Eggplant Organza Ribbon Aubergine

13. Bluebird

“A contemporary shade that evokes a profound connection to serene blue spaces found in nature.”

“Bluebird reimagines pastel blue with a bold yet pale hue that uplifts and comforts, serving as a platform for modern minimalism while celebrating the beauty of natural tones and textures in perfect harmony. It evokes joy and contentment. Its soft yet sophisticated tone pushes the boundaries of transformation.”

Plain Tissue Paper Deep Turquoise Mesh Web Ribbon Aqua Grosgrain Ribbon Periwinkle Satin Ribbon Vivid Blue Carry Bag Paper Twist Handle Turquoise

14. Future Dusk

WGSN / Coloro’s Colour of the Year for 2025.

“Future Dusk is a dark, moody and intriguing hue, sitting between blue and purple. It has a sense of mystery and escapism, and feeds into themes of transition – whether it be moving from dark to light, or dusk to dawn – making it perfect for a period of immense change.

It offers a fresh take on dependable dark blue, and manages to feel simultaneously familiar and futuristic.”

Plain Tissue Paper Navy Printed Gloss Wrapping Paper Space Party Navy Printed Kraft Wrapping Paper Plain Navy
Carry Bag Paper Twist Handle Navy Grosgrain Ribbon Navy with White Stitch Canvas Ribbon Navy with Stripe Stitch Edge

15. Cracked Pepper

“A luxe charcoal tone, Cracked Pepper proves that even a darker colour can feel soft, cozy, and comfortable while still making a statement.”

“A versatile, soft black, the shade just might encourage you to make bolder, darker choices”

Plain Tissue Paper Silver Grey Printed Gloss Wrapping Paper Shooting Star Silver Tissue Printed Marble Black/White
Frayed Edge Linen Cotton Ribbon Dark Grey atin Ribbon Charcoal Silver Glitter Ribbon

16. Bay Blue

“Bay Blue is at the intersection of contemporary and classic”

“This colour is meant to ignite creativity. This contemporary teal shade elevates and effortlessly combines stylish allure with timeless appeal.”

Printed Kraft Wrapping Paper Floral Festival Brown Kraft Plain Tissue Paper Teal Satin Ribbon Teal Open Weave Jute Ribbon Teal Organza Ribbon Teal Grosgrain Ribbon Teal

17. Limitless

“A warm honey beige hue.”

“Limitless instills a warm, sunny vibe that hints at growth and blooming energy. As its name insinuates, this colour offers limitless ways to use it due to its fresh and energising take on a neutral. Limitless brings a reassuringly calm, yet refreshing energy palettes.”

Plain Tissue Paper Ivory Tissue Printed Marble Ivory Gold Printed Gloss Wrapping Paper
Fantasia Ivory/Gold
Satin Ribbon Beige Jute Flat Woven Cord Calico Satin Ribbon Soy

18. Thermal

“Thermal is an uplifting summer sky blue that energizes and reinvigorates us.”

“Looking into a clear blue sky is a special calming feeling, a sense of openness and naturalness - Thermal is that intense summer sky blue.”

Plain Tissue Paper Baby Blue Recycled Wrap Sketched Flora and Birds Turquoise Satin Ribbon Chambray Blue Woven Edge Organza Baby Blue Satin Ribbon Baby Blue Grosgrain Ribbon Baby Blue

19. Fuchsia

“A dark, bright, fun pink with a magenta undertone.”

“A bright, feel-good feminine colour, Fuchsia is passionate, intense and exciting, yet also warm and endearing.”

Printed Gloss Wrapping Paper Cerise Branches White Plain Tissue Paper Barbie Pink Printed Gloss Wrap Paper Spring Flowers
Satin Ribbon Cerise Satin Ribbon Fuschia Ribbon Paper Woven Fuschia Pink

20. Sustained Grey

One of WGSN / Coloro’s core key colour trends for 24/25.

“Sustained Grey confirms the continuing importance of neutrals and more sustainable colour choices, which celebrates recyclability and the pursuit of ‘just enough’.

Representing practicality and reliability, this colour is foundational and grounding with a utilitarian edge. It speaks to promoting balance and slowing down, as a timeless shade with transseasonal and long-term appeal.’

Plain Tissue Paper Silver Grey Printed Kraft Wrapping Paper Pohutukawa Sketch Silver/White Solid Colour Wrapping Paper Shot Gold/Silver
Grosgrain Grey with White Stitch Ribbon Ribbon Paper Woven Silver Grey Satin Sparkle Ribbon Silver


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