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WTTMD602.2 KAUPAPA RANGAHAU 2 (Te Kawenga Arotahi) Level: 6

Credit: 15

Version: 2

Kōnae Ako Overview This kōnae ako examines the purposes and obligations of rangahau, with a specific focus of rangahau as opposed to research. It requires ākonga to understand the elements and process of rangahau through the creation of a rangahau plan. The relationship between rangahau and creative, innovative and or effective practice within a specific field as selected by the ākonga will be investigated. Ngā Whāinga (Aims) For ākonga to advance their understanding of the purposes, obligations and process of rangahau; and to prepare to engage in a rangahau journey. Ngā Putanga (Learning Outcomes) 1. Examine purposes and obligations of rangahau. 2. Demonstrate knowledge of rangahau methodology, conceptual frameworks, literature review, proposal and reporting. 3. Investigate the relationship between rangahau and creative, innovative and effective approaches to practice.Understand the purpose and obligations of rangahau.

Kia Mataara (Special Notes) This kōnae ako is the second in a series of three Kaupapa Rangahau kōnae ako that are delivered across all degrees within Te Wānanga o Aotearoa, with one rangahau konae delivered per year of a three year degree. Te Kawenga - What is being engaged with. Arotahi - To focus. Aro - To look to ‘see’ to understand. Tahi - One or a particular thing; be it an issue, an angle, a relationship, an insight etc within a kaupapa. Research skills and understandings being further developed and refined.

WTTMD602.2 Assessment Schedule Te Whakapuaki (Introduction) There are two summative assessments for this kōnae ako.

Te Whakatauanga Mahi Tuatahi (Assignment One) Creative, Innovative and Effective Approaches to Practice Ngā Putanga: 3 Weighting: 40%

Select an example of an innovative, creative or effective approach relevant to a selected kaupapa. Discuss, in a presentation, the part rangahau has played in enabling in the development of the approach.

Te Whakatauanga Mahi Tuarua (Assignment Two) Rangahau Plan Presentation Ngā Putanga: 1, 2, 3 Weighting: 60%

Present rangahau plan, speaking to the following: •

Examination of purposes and obligations of rangahau


Contributions to practice


Identification of difference between abstract, literature review, proposal and report

Goals and timeframes

Kaupapa Rangahau (Te Kawenga Arotahi)  

Year 2 konae ako for Kaupapa Wananga

Kaupapa Rangahau (Te Kawenga Arotahi)  

Year 2 konae ako for Kaupapa Wananga