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Volume 3 : Issue No. 3 - February 2012

Sharjah English School

My Fair  Lady

Historical Days, Trips and International Culture & Cuisine Key Stage Two

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Primary News and Parakeets


Foundation visit Sharjah National Park


Foundation 2 - People Who Help Us


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World Book Day

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Year 3 Roman Day


Year 4 - The Egyptians

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Star Quiz Challenge 2012


My Fair Lady

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Year 10 - Al Ain Zoo


Maths Problem Of The Month


Foundation 1 and Year 10 DT


International Award Update

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Year 7 Castles


Year 8 Geography Ecosystem Trip


Maths Updates

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From the Principal’s Desk... Dear Parents  and  Friends, Welcome  to   our  4irst   newsletter   of   2012.  As   you   will   be   aware   from  your  children,   there   has  been   a  lot  going  on,  and  the  following  pages  will  give   an  indication  of  some   of  the  key  events  of  the  term  so  far.  I  hope  you  4ind  the   articles  and  photographs  both   informative  and  entertaining.   With   the   cooler   weather,   this   term   is   always   busy   with   camps,   trips   and   outdoor   sports.  The  students  working  their  way   through  the  International  Award  are  coping   well  not   only  with  the   demands  of  the   expeditions   required  but  also  the  service   and   skill   components   of   this   demanding   quali4ication.   Though  as   a   small   school  we   will   often   struggle   in   sports   to   compete   against   much   larger   schools,   we   continue   to   develop   in   all   our   sporting   disciplines,   and   can   be   proud   of   the   results   we   are   achieving.    By  the  time  you  receive   this  newsletter,  groups  will   be  preparing  for  some   exciting   overseas   trips   also,   for   skiing   and   rugby.   We   wish   everyone   well   on   these   adventures. Can   I  thanks   parents   for   their   cooperation   with   duty   staff   in   trying   to   improve   the   traf4ic  situation  at  both  school   gates;  access  and  through-­‐4low   seem  to  have  improved   and  incidences  of  poor  parking  have  diminished  noticeably. The  school  website,  which  has   gone   through   a  number  of  technical  problems,  is  now   running  properly  in  a  newly  designed  format.  Though  functional,  it  is  our  intention  to   enhance  the  site  considerably  over  the  next  few  months  –  please  do  check   in  regularly   to  view  the  progress  and  updates.

Best regards,

John Nolan


News from the Primary School As this is my first correspondence of the year, may I take this opportunity to wish you all a Happy New Year and a very successful 2012. I am pleased to welcome to Primary, Mr. Graham Mabelson, who has joined us as our Deputy Head. Some of you will already have met him and I know that he is looking forward to meeting you all over the course of time. The term is well underway. As always, it will be busy, taking advantage of the clement weather to hold outdoor events, sports days and inter-school fixtures. There is so much going on in Primary as you will see when looking through the articles and photographs. You will be pleased to read that the Foundation children have solved the mystery of the missing sunflowers! World Book Day was celebrated in great style; we all gained great enjoyment from the activities and learned a lot. It was wonderful to see children and staff alike dressed in their favourite book characters – I must say it was difficult to recognise some of the actual pupils they were so convincing in their costumes. The children also had another opportunity to dress up when they were encouraged to wear their national dress or costumes relating to their country’s culture on International Picnic Day. Some photographs from this event can be seen below. Once again, we are anticipating a fabulous term, full of learning opportunities which we hope the children will enjoy, along with making good progress in their studies.

Miss Jenefer  Race  -­‐  Primary  Headteacher

Some students in national dress

The sunflowers  are  going  missing. The green parakeets are at it again. Did you ever wonder who is stealing the sunflowers? We caught the culprits. They are very sneaky. In Foundation 1 we love bird watching. We see all sorts of birds in our area and love to describe their colours. One day a few children were walking along the path when, suddenly, some green parakeets picked a sunflower and flew with it to a nearby tree. There, they perched and picked all the sunflower seeds from the middle of the flower. When they were ready they dropped it to the ground. What clever birds! 4

News from the Primary School Sharjah National  Park

Foundation classes  went  on  their  very   4irst  outing  this  year.  We  visited  Sharjah  National  Park.  We  were   very   excited   as  some   of  us  had  never  been  on  a  school  bus  before;   we  climbed  on,  buckled  up  and  then  we  sang   ‘The   wheels   on  the  bus’  all  the  way  to  the  park.  When  we  arrived  the  guards  promptly  opened  the   gates  and   let  us   in.   After  we  had  walked  along  a   long   narrow  path  we  saw  a  huge  adventure  park.   There   were  slides   and  swings  and  climbing   frames.  Some   of  us  even  sat  in  little   huts   and  talked.  It   was  great  to  be  out   in  the   sunshine  and  watch  different  birds  and  squirrels. After   lunch  in  a  shaded  area,  the   teachers  took  us  to  the  high  slides.  While  we  were  waiting  for  our  turn  we   saw  many  aeroplanes   taking  off.  They  felt  so  close  it   seemed  as  though  we  could   touch  them,  if  we  reached   high  enough.  After  sliding  down  many  times  we  left   the  park   and  went  back   to  school.  Some   children   were   so  tired  they  slept  on  the  bus!  What  a  great  day  we  had.


News from the Primary School Foundation 2  -­‐  ‘People  who  help  us’ As   part   of   our   topic   on  ‘People   who   help  us’,   Foundation   2   have   been   talking  about  all   the  different   people  who   help   us  in  so   many   different   ways.  We  began  the  topic  by  learning  all  about   the  people  that  help  us  in   school.   The   children  went   on   a   tour  of  the   school   and   visited,   amongst   others,   Mrs.  Hill  –  our  librarian,  Mrs.  du  Preez  –  our  school   secretary  and   Ms   Yvette   –   our   school   cleaner.   We   have   also   been   learning   all   about   doctors   and   nurses   and   were   very   lucky   to   be   visited   by   our   school   nurse   Mrs.   Smythe   who   was   able   to   show   us   how   to   take   our   temperature,   heart  beat  and  we  even  bandaged  Mrs.  Passey’s  head!  Mrs.   Wood  also   visited  us   to   tell  us   all   about  police   of4icers  and  we  all  really   enjoyed  trying  on  her  police   hat  and  blowing  her   whistle.    Next  week  it’s   4ire4ighters,  so  watch  this  space  for  reports  of  sirens  and  4lashing  lights!

Chinese New Year We were very fortunate to have Mrs. Xu visit us in Foundation 2 and talk about Chinese New Year. We learned about the different animals that make up each year and that 2012 is the Year of the Dragon. We also learned about how important this festival is to the Chinese people and what they have to do to prepare for it, from cleaning their homes to visiting friends and family. The children were then taught how to make a simple Chinese lantern and these were used to decorate the classroom. Gong Xi Fa Cai or as we say in English, Happy New Year! 6

News from the Primary School Key Stage  2  Literacy  Focus For   this  edi+on  we  are  show  casing  some  of  the  Literacy  work  in  Key  Stage  2.  Literacy  plays  a  crucial  part  in   daily  life  at   SES.  Although  taught  in  dedicated  lessons,  we  also  recognise  that  pupils  develop  Literacy  skills   while  they   learn  about  other  subjects  in  the  curriculum.    As  well  as  reading  and  wri+ng,   literacy  involves  the   development  of  speaking  and  listening  skills.  As  you  will  see  over  the  next  few  pages,  teachers  at  SES  use  a   variety  of  approaches  to  teaching  literacy.  Here  are  some  examples:

Year 3  –  Greek  Myths The  children  in  Year  3  have  been  studying  Greek  myths  in  Literacy.  We  made  ‘wanted’  posters  using   interes+ng  descrip+ve  words  and  phrases  to  describe  the  character  of  Polyphemus  the  Cyclops.


News from the Primary School Year 4  –  Poems Year  4  have  been  busy  wri+ng  poems.

Year 4 Poem Books


News from the Primary School Year 4  –  Poems

I Remember…

I remember, Running and beating Aziz in a race, Eyes staring at me when I work, My dad leaving us at the airport, Elephants shooting water at me in India, Making a cake explode, Beating up a blue belt in boxing, Electronic devices used on a plane, Raindrops in the house because of the raging storm.

We love SES SES is the best school yet, I’d make a million pound bet. The teachers are a thrill, Especially Mrs. Hill.

At music you can play the instruments, But you can’t bring in those sweets called runts. At Library you can read, read, read,

Paula Arnold 4AS

And the computer helps you find what you really need. At Arabic you learn a lot,

I remember Running in sports day the quickest I could, Eating with my dad, Megan saying you have to get out of my room now, Eating a worm, “Yuck!” My Mummy kissing me for good luck, Birds flying in the sky and singing a song, Elephants stamping on the floor as loudly as the could, Really crying when I fell over.

Sometimes you can get out the play dough pot. At French you get to watch TV, I get to say things all about me. So that’s why SES is the best, We love SES. By Hannah 4PS

Hannah White 4AS The Dog  Next  Door

I remember, Rocking my cat in the baby pram, Expanding my bed, Masha bringing me my meal when I was sick, Eating a cake on my first birthday, My Mummy hugging me when I was sad, Buying honey cake for my birthday, Explaining to my Mum how much I love her, Ringing my Dad in Russia.

Oh that  dog  next  door, It  always  stamps  and  barks  on  the  floor. I  wish  that  dog  would  stop, How  the  time  goes  on  the  clock. Every  day  that  annoying  dog, He  also  barks  in  the  fog. Oh  that  dog  next  door! By  Anneketrien  4PS

Katya Bachmakova 4AS



The Stars THAT LADY BUG, OH, THAT LADY BUG, The stars of love, the stars of light, SHE EATS ALL THE SLUGS, OH, THAT LADY BUG. The stars that keep the whole world bright. SHE IS SO RUDE, The stars that sparkle up above, SHE SAYS NO TO SPINACH, BUT SHE SAYS YES TO LICHEN. The stars that make us fall in love. OH THAT LADY BUG. The bright, yellow stars, SHE SAYS BUG EQUALS SLUG. AND SHE NEVER SAYS PLEASE, Can grow bigger than Mars. SHE ONLY SAYS LEAVE. The stars that keep the universe alive, SHE ALWAYS HAS FLEAS, OF COURSE SHE NEVER EATS PEAS. Without the stars we won’t survive. OH, THAT LADY BUG. By Ellie & Ellen 4PS OH, THAT LADY BUG.



News from the Primary School Year 5  –  Following  InstrucAons Can  You  Follow  our  Instruc+ons?   Year  Five  have  been  studying  instruc+ons  and  the  type  of  language  used  to  give  clear  direc+on.   Their  task  was  to  create  instruc+ons  that  were  clear  and  concise.  Both  classes  have  used  impera+ve   verbs  and  +me  words  that  they  have  been  learning  about  in  Literacy.


News from the Primary School Year 6  –  Adventure  Quest  Stories In   Year   6   we   have   been   wri+ng   quest   stories.   Our   main   focus  has  been  developing   the   use   of   detailed   descrip+on   by   using   powerful  adjec+ves  and   adverbs.   The   children   have   also   been   thinking   about   story   structure  by   trying  to  build  up  tension   to  make   them   as  exci+ng  as  possible.   Here  are  some  excerpts  from   their  recent  work.  If  you  want  to  read   on  or  find  out  more  please  take  a  look  at  their  collated  stories  in  the   folder  by  the  Primary  office.  

Strolling back from his hunt, Richwood had a deer slumped over his shoulder. He wandered down the hill gazing at the beautiful farm that gradually appeared in front of him. Running down the hill he was swallowed up by the barley field. He was finally home. Richwood walked into the kitchen calling, ‘’Mum I’m back from hunting!’’ He waited for a reply but nothing came. He called again but there was still no answer.

Scouring the house, he searched for his mother. He checked everywhere but she was nowhere to be found. He didn’t know what could have happened to her; it was very rare that she would go out the house without telling him. He tried to run positive thoughts through his head like perhaps she went to fetch some berries from the wood, but even he knew something was wrong.

A bright light. A sudden roar. A crack in the wall. “It’s the Keleera!!!” screamed one of the two, tall figures that were inside the small hut. A sudden yowl of a baby… the giant foot of the great beast grasped the two tall figures. But, the beast had not seen the little figure with midnight blue eyes hunched in the cot made of wood at the back of the hut. The memory flashed through Nisha’s mind. The raven had given it to her.

That raven was her only friend. She started down towards the orphanage that was her home. Ragged children ran about, their clothes grimy and dust caked. Nisha was tired. The white raven blinked its beady black eyes and, with a cry, unfurled its angelic white wings and took off.

Joshua Vaughan

Chloe Bull


News from the Primary School “The leader who stole your parents is called Laze.” explained her Grandmother. As Rachel heard this she saw something which nearly frightened her to death. Pulling urgently at her Grandma’s hand she pointed her finger at the door as two sharp knocks sounded. “It’s the ravens,” muttered Rachel, “I must escape! They must be after me!” As she said this, her Grandma’s hand clenched tightly around hers.

“Go through the back door, there shouldn’t be anyone there!” whispered her Grandma. “But won’t they do something bad to you?” asked Rachel worryingly. “No, young one.” “Go, go, go!!!” cried her Grandma urgently. Whispering her farewells, Rachel clambered off the bed and headed out the door.

David and Saphira walked along the dead, sandy road. Suddenly they heard a humongous screech and saw a ten feet tall vulture! The beast charged towards them with a sharp beak and flaming eyes. “Good luck soldier!” Saphira shouted as she transformed into a gold bird and flew onto a dead tree. The soldier was struggling and sweating in frustration. His teeth were grinding together and

and his eyes were stinging. While the vulture was about to take a landing on David, he instantly pulled out the beautiful sword which the priest gave him without thinking about it. David, with all his might, plunged the sword through the heart of the vulture. David was breathless, but he killed the horrible beast.

Michelle Delves

Anna Szumska


News from the Primary School The cup smashed; Flo went quiet. Angus, her spoilt stuck up cousin, came into the kitchen, ‘’Ooh you’re in trouble!’’ Then Flo’s horrid Aunt and Uncle came in. Flo knew it was going to be another bad day. She went straight to her small room at the back of the house. She was Furious! All of a sudden the picture of her parents hit the old wooden floor.

Flo kneeled on the cold floor holding the picture in her small grubby hands. How she missed her parents. Flo wished that big dreadful dragon would cough them right up. She was as sad as a bird with no wings. Meara Siviter Johnson

’Ahh!’’ Charles screamed. The serpent was coming to get him. He was trembling with fear; his heart beating faster and faster by the minute. Thinking what he should do Charles rowed as quickly as he could towards the island. He could hear and see the serpent. It was coming to get him. The next second he found himself in his old ragged bed. The nightmare of his parent’s killer was over and he was also still in one piece.

Katie started to feel heavy hot heavy breath above her .When she looked up she saw two big red eyes filled with fury. Katie snatched the large sword out of her bag and held it tight. The monster’s scaly skin frightened Katie, she had never seen anything like it before. The monster’s sharp claws scratched Katie’s skinny arm. She felt the venom pass through her veins. Katie was angry, hurt and upset. She grabbed her sword and plunged it into the monster’s stomach.

Reem Abusnana

Adnan Lakdawala


News from the Primary School The children and staff in Primary celebrated World Book Day by dressing up as their favourite book characters. We saw a variety of famous characters, from Pippi Longstocking to Harry Potter, from Oliver Twist to The Mad Hatter - and Pinocchio even made an appearance in Year One! The children showcased their costumes during a whole school assembly at the end of the day, after spending time during the day writing and creating their own books, to be read during class swap book sharing sessions. The Book donation list for the new library is now live online and available at the following link: or access the list using the QR code.


News from the Primary School


News from the Primary School


News from the Primary School Year 3  Roman  Day Salvete!    Once   again  Year  3  have  had  a  taste  of  what  it  may  have  been  like  to  be  an  Ancient  Roman   for  the   day!    We  dressed  up  as  gladiators,  slaves,   emperors,   centurions  and  4ine  ladies  to  enjoy  a   day  of  all  things  Roman.  This  included  chariot  racing,   practising  our  tortoise  formation   (testudo),   being  slaves  and  masters  at  a  Roman  feast  and  Roman  musical  chairs!  


News from the Primary School Year 4  –  The  Egyptians   As  part  of  their  Egyptian  topic,  the  Year  4  children  were  given  the  opportunity  to  experience  first  hand   how  the  ancient  Egyptians  made  their  own  mud  bricks.    The  activity  involved  getting  thoroughly  messy   and  was  enjoyed  by  all.  The  children  were  intrigued  to  learn  that  a  mixture  of  mud  and  straw  makes  a   strong  building  material  and  that  this  technique  is  still  used  nowadays  in  certain  African  countries.

Year 4  Play  Performance Recently  some  children  in  Year  4  produced  a  short  play  for  their  class.  They  wrote  the  script,  organised   props  and  costumes  and  then  performed  with  confidence!  The  play  was  written  to  support  Topic  work   about  the  Ancient  Egyptians  and  was  enjoyed  thoroughly  by  the  audience.


News from the Secondary School

Careers at  SES Parents  and   students  of  Years  10,   11  and  12  were   invited  to   a  presenta+on  recently  about   a  careers   advice   ini+a+ve   being   run   by   the   school   in   partnership   with   the   Independent   Schools   Careers   Organisa+on  (ISCO). The  event  was  very  well  a\ended  and  a  large  number  of  students  have   signed  up   for  the   programme,   the   ini+al  part  of  which  was  undergoing   three  hours  of  psychometric  exercises  to  determine  ap+tude   for  par+cular   careers  and   professions.   Students   can   also   look   forward   to   using   their  own   dedicated   area   of   the   Futurewise   website   and   have   access  to   advice   and   consulta+on   with   ISCO   staff  for   the   en+re  +me  they  are  at  school  or  college.   So   far   the   exercise   has  been   received   very   favourably   by   the   students  involved   and   it   will   form   an   important  complement  to  our  regular  UCAS  and  careers  advice  programmes. Anyone  seeking  addi+onal  informa+on  about  the  programme  can  contact  the  school  or  Miss  McNulty,   Head  of  Business  Studies,  at   STAR QUIZ CHALLENGE 2012

The 24th of January saw 14 students from Years 9 and 10 head off to the Sheikh Rashid Auditorium at the Indian High School in Dubai to represent SES at the Star Quiz 2012, the “UAE’s most prestigious School Quiz Challenge.” The first thing that struck us was the huge number of students there from schools all over the UAE, apparently 30% more entries than last year. After registering, the students found their allocated seats in the auditorium, having given in their mobile phones. All the teachers had seats upstairs so there could be no contact during the questions. The quiz actually started a little late, after we had seen a run through of last year’s final rounds. There were 30 questions in all, on a variety of topics and the students were given a minute to deliberate before writing their final answer down. After a short lunch break, when snacks were provided, they headed back in to the auditorium for the results. 27 teams were to go through. Would a team from SES make it? There were a few more questions for some spot prizes and then the names of the schools going through were announced. Unfortunately, nobody from SES was on that list. Disappointing! Next time we will have to start practising much earlier and improve our knowledge of Cricket, IT and Gadgets and Science! It was a ‘Challenge’ but fun too. Mr. Roger Doyle


News from the Secondary School My Fair  Lady Our  new  auditorium  was  inaugurated  in  style  at  the  beginning   of  February.   The   Drama   Club   and   the   Orchestra   presented   My   Fair   Lady,   the   classic   musical  by   Lerner   and  Loewe,  to  an  apprecia+ve  audience  over  two  nights.   Eliza  Doli\le’s  struggles  to   become  ‘a  lady’,   under   the  tutelage   of   Henry   Higgins,   Professor   of  Phone+cs,  were  brought  to  life  by  students  from  Years   7  to  13.   The   actors   on   stage   were   ably   supported   by   a   backstage   crew   and   technicians   also   drawn   from   the   student   body.   The   orchestra   kept   the   whole   thing   moving   along,   hieng   both   the   comedy   and   the   bathos   perfectly.   Audience   and   children   lef   the   performances   humming   such   familiar   songs  as  “I  Could   Have  Danced   All   Night”,  “I’m   Ge@ng   Married   in   the  Morning”  and  “Wouldn’t  It  Be  Lovely?” Special  men+on  must  be  made  to   some  of  the  principal  actors  and  singers:  Robyn  Boulton   as  Eliza  Doli\le,   Aakanksha  John  as  the  Professor,  Adam  Bates  as  Pickering,   Bader  Jayoushe  as  Freddie  and  Ibrahim  Salama  as   Alfred  Doli\le  who  handled  the  script,  accents,  singing  and  dancing  with  confidence  and  verve.       Credit  and  thanks  are  due  to  director,  Mrs.  Catherine  Sinclair,  musical  director,   Mr.  Laurence  Powell  and  to   the  host  of  other  staff  who  guided  the  students  through  the  demanding  rehearsal  process.   Congratula+ons  to  all  involved!  


News from the Secondary School


News from the Secondary School

More photographs  from  My  Fair  Lady  are  currently  being  uploaded  to  an  online  album  which  will  be  available   shortly  at The  password  is  m4l


News from the Secondary School Year 10  Trip  To  Al  Ain  Zoo Year  Ten  Ar+sts’  visit  to  Al  Ain  Zoo  was  very  successful,  as   the  animals  were  all  very  keen  to  show  off  in  front  of  the   lens  and  the  students  were  quick  to  take  some  exci+ng   photographs  .  These  will  take  pride  of  place  in  their  GCSE   sketchbooks  as  primary  research  and  are  being  used  at  the   moment  as  inspira+on  for  some  very  good  work.   During  the  afernoon  of  the  trip,  when  the  animals  were  in   a  mood  for  a  sleep,  the  students  sat  and  sketched.  So,  all   in  all,  it  was  a  produc+ve  trip.  We  were  also  glad  to  see   that  the  animals  seem  well  looked  afer  and  content.   These  are  two  examples  of  the  work  in  progress  by   Georgina  Liu  and  Julia  Sistac.

Maths Problem Of The Month Answer to  the  previous  problem

a+b=8 1/a +1/b=2/3 a=8  and  b=2   Values  for  a  and  b  can  be  swapped. Well  done  to  Sara  Motamedi  in  7SO  who  submi\ed  an  elegant  solu+on  to  this  problem.

The problem  for  this  month  is:

Eight unit  cubes  are  arranged  to  form  an  imaginary  2  by  2  by  2  cube.   What  is  the  largest  number  of  unit  cubes  one  can  remove  from  this  arrangement  if  the   resul+ng  shape  has  to  have  the  same  surface  area  as  the  original?


The answer will appear in the next issue of the newsletter.

News from the Secondary School FoundaAon 1  help  the  Year  10  DT  students. On  Monday   30th  January  a  group  of  ten  Founda+on  1  students  came  across   to  the  Secondary  school  Design  and  Technology  department.   As  part   of   the  year   10’s  DT   coursework,   they   have   to  partake   in  primary   research   and,   as  this   year’s  set   task   is  to   design   and   make  a  child’s   toy,   where   be\er   to   start   than   here   in   the   school   with   the   Founda+on   1   students?   They  were  fantas+c:   the  students  came  into  the  class,  played  with  a  variety   of   toys  and   interacted   with   the  Year   10   students.   It   was  good  to  see  the   Founda+on   and   Secondary   students   working   so   well   together.   The   Founda+on   students   have   helped   the   Year   10   DT   students   be\er   understand  which  type  of   toy  is  more  popular  and  why.  This  informa+on  will   first  be  analysed  as  a  class  exercise  and  then  used  to  help  them  develop   their  designs.   Hopefully,  during  the  course  of  next  year,  once  the  toys  have  been  made,  the  year  10  students  will  go  back  to  the   same  group  and  see  how  they  respond  to  their  toys.     Thank  you  parents  of  F1  for  allowing  your  children  to  help  us. Mr.  Savage Head  of  Design  and  Technology


News from the Secondary School Interna+onal Award  Update  –  News  from  the  Teams On  the  weekend  of  the  28th  and  29th   of  January  2012,  six  teams  set  out  on  their  bronze  assessed  expedi+on  for  their   Interna+onal  Award.  This  is  what  they  had  to  say…………………….. Team  JILMR  says:  On  Saturday  we  trekked  through  the  Wadis  in  Aasmah,  making  a  couple  of  wrong  turns,  but  were   the  first  to  reach  camp.  The  second   day  was  harder  to  navigate.  We  were  singing  songs  together  on   the  trip  to  keep   ourselves  going.  It  was  tough  but  we  finally  got  to  the  pick-­‐up  point. We  had  to  do  everything  for  ourselves  as  a  group,  including   naviga+ng,  carrying  all  our  gear,  cooking  our   own  food   and  building  our  own  camp. Team   Man   versus   Wild  says:   On   Friday   we   bought   all   the   necessi+es  for  the  trip;   packing   the  rucksack   was  the   hardest  and  most  challenging  thing.    If  you  get  it  wrong  you  can  be  uncomfortable  or  overloaded  for  the  whole  trek. On  Saturday  we   arrived  late  and  almost  got  disqualified.    We   all  had  nicknames  in   our  group.  We  walked  past  the   campsite  at   the  end  of  the  day  but  then,  realising  we  had  gone  too  far,  we  retraced  our  steps,  checked  our   readings   and  finally  ended  up  in  the  right  place.    The  food  we  cooked  was  terrible  but  it  got  us  through.   Team  Phoenix  and   Kluts   say:  It  was  a  beau+ful  hike  through  the  Wadis.  On  the   first   day  we   walked  12  kilometres   through   stunning   scenery.   Afer  singing   various  songs  and  chan+ng   “mushroom  soup”  for  five   hours,  we  eventually   arrived  at  the  camp.  We  enjoyed  a  cooked  meal.  Then  we  had  roasted,  or  should  I  say  toasted,   marshmallows  at  the   camp  fire.   Our  sleep   was   rudely   interrupted  by   cockerels  crowing   and  dogs  barking.   We   were  ready  to  depart  at   07.30.  The  second   day’s  scenery  was  even  more  spectacular.   Marching  in  high  spirits  we  arrived  at   the  finish   line  at   a  very  punctual  12.30  with  blisters  to  show  for  all  our  hard  work.     Team  We’ve  Got  Liam  and   team  Odd  Future   say:  Afer  a  few  weeks  of   training   afer   school  with  the   crew,   doing   survival  skills,  pitching   tents,   cooking   etc.,  we  were  ready   for  the  expedi+on.  On  Saturday  morning  I  met  my   team   and  ate  a  day’s  worth  of  food   with  them   before  depar+ng  from  school!  Burs+ng   for  the  toilet   I  was  led  by  a  friendly     shop   owner   to  a  “cosy”  house   around  the  corner,  a  toilet,  a  small  hole  in   a  floor   in  a  pitch  black  room.  We  set  off   with  Man  Versus  Wild  hot  on   our  heels.  We  got  to  the  first   checkpoint   without   overtaking  anybody.  Here  we  had  a   rest  and  some  music.  The  weather  got  be\er  throughout  the  day.  We  set  up  our  tent  as  far  away  from   the  teachers   as  possible  and  got  our  food   on  before  the  sun   went  down.     Our  den  was  pre\y  epic.  It  was  a  place  to  chill  out  afer   the  hard  day.  At  4am  the  cockerels   started  and   it  was  very   cold.   We  set  off   early   and   then  it  happened:  I  lost  my   mum’s  camera!  But  we  had  great  sa+sfac+on  in  comple+ng  the  trek. The  groups  are  all  to  be  congratulated  as  they  have  all  passed  this  sec+on  of  the  award.  Well  done  guys!  


News from the Secondary School


News from the Secondary School History: Year 7 Castles Year 7 students recently completed some very impressive castle projects after studying how the Normans kept control of Britain. There were some terrific examples of castles from a variety of time periods and the standard was incredibly high. The two overall winners, Nickey Van-Tooren and Anna Lis from 7SO and Sakina Surury and Lamia Altayyani in 7AE, completed excellent castles and produced fantastically detailed booklets explaining all the features they built. There were also excellent examples of castles from Luke Miles, Zaine Horger, Tareq Assi and Seyee Kim and Abigail Tulon. A terrific all round effort from Year 7, Well done!


News from the Secondary School Year 8 Geography Ecosystems Trip Emirates Marine and Environment Group – Jebel Ali The Year 8 Geography students have recently been studying global ecosystems, including Savannas, Tropical Rainforest and Desert. To supplement their learning, every member of the year group attended a trip to an environmental coastal reserve in Jebel Ali. The students were first given the task of a beach clean up. Working in groups, walking along an extremely scenic coastline, each student collected anything they deemed harmful to the ecosystem. They also took note of the diversity of life found, the most impressive being a juvenile sea snake, an infant turtle and the skull of a bottle-nosed dolphin. We then visited the protected mangroves, walking bare foot through the mud, avoiding the inverted breathing roots of the plant life, thousands of sea slugs and hundreds of small crabs. Students undertook the challenge of removing algae that was weighing down the plant life and ultimately killing the mangroves. The algae is becoming difficult to manage due to offshore human activity that was resulting in large quantities flowing inshore during high tide. After lunch students were given the opportunity to feed an endangered species of fish, the hamor, that was being kept in the EMEG ponds. The Year 8 pupils took on all tasks with enthusiasm and a willingness to learn. They were exposed to an ecosystem many of them had not known about other than for recreation. As usual, the school was represented excellently by a talented year group.


News from the Secondary School Year 11 I  am  pleased  to  report  that  ten  of  our  best  Mathema+cians  in  Year  11  sat  their  GCSE   examina+on    in  November  2011  and  all  passed  with  flying  colours  (  100%  A*/A).     Well  done  to  all!

The missing  tenth  mathema+cian  is  Marya  Jawwad!

Forthcoming Mathema+cs  Events  this  term: Intermediate  Mathema+cs  Challenge:  2nd  February Good  Luck  to  all  the  par+cipants  in  Key  Stage  3  and  4. World  Maths  Day:  7th  March Students  can  start  prac+sing  in  February  and  compete  against  students  from  around  the  world  on  the   day. Par+cipants  usually  raise  their  a\ainment  in  Mathema+cs  as  a  result  of  this  fun  compe++on. Last,  but  not  least,  on  March  14th    we  will  be  celebra+ng  Pi(          )    Day.          enthusiasts  around  the  world  celebrate  this  transcendental  number  on  this  date  as  the  month  and  the   day  form  the  first  three  digits  of  Pi,  3.14.   Mathema+cians  through  the  ages  have  tried  to  evaluate  it  and,  using  modern  computers,  it  can  be   evaluated  to  millions  of  decimal  places. More  importantly,  this  constant  occurs  in  formulae  involving  circles.    You  may  remember  from  your   school  days  the  following  equa+ons  involving  Pi:

To mark  this  day  students  can  bring  circular  food  such  as  “Pies”  to  school  to  celebrate. There  is  a  prize  for  the  student  who  brings  an  item  which  approximates  closest  to 29

Whole School News and Information Sharjah English  School  has   been   a  member  of   the  Bri+sh   Schools   of   the  Middle   East   (BSME)   for  a  number   of  years.  Mr  Nolan   recently  a\ended  the  annual  conference  of   the  organisa+on   in   Abu   Dhabi.  BSME  brings  together  over  70  Bri+sh   curriculum  schools   throughout  the   UAE,   the  Gulf   region   and  the  wider  Middle   East.  Membership   permits  the  school   to  stay  abreast  of   recent   developments   in   educa+on,   access   the   latest   research,   offer   career   development   opportuni+es  to  staff,  and  simply  provides  a  professional  forum  for  support  and  dialogue.   Over  the   next  year,  BSME  is  carrying  out   an   accredita+on   and  inspec+on  process,  which  will   ensure  that  the  educa+onal  provision   in  its   schools  meets   the  most  exac+ng  standards.  This   accredita+on   and   inspec+on   process   is   one   in   which   SES   will   be   par+cipa+ng   and   we   will   provide  you  with  details  in  the  coming  months.

The next ABRSM Theory Examination (all grades) will be held on Saturday, 25th February at 9am in the new school building. Please route any further questions through your child's instrumental teacher or Mrs McKay who can be contacted via the school office.

Unwanted gym equipment cluttering up your home? The PE Department is planning to expand its existing gym facilities and is looking for donations of gym equipment. Please contact Laura Burroughs for further information.

PSG Spring Party The PSG ‘Spring Party’ will be held on the 22nd March, 2012 at the Dubai Creek Golf & Yacht Club. If you are interested in providing sponsorship for this event please contact Nicola O’Connell.


Whole School News and Information A Taste  of  SES Thursday   the  9th   February   saw  the  school  playground  transformed  into  a  mini-­‐ Global  Village  for  the  annual  Interna+onal  Picnic.   There  was  a   great  turnout   of  parents  and   students  and  everybody   was  able   to   sample  savouries  and  sweets  from  all  over  the  world.  Primary  students  and  some   parents  showed  off  a  variety  of  na+onal  costumes,  adding  to  the  colour.   The  tremendous  carnival  spirit  helped  bring   home  to  us  again  that   one  of   the   strengths   of   SES   is   its   diversity.   The   Picnic   made   a   big   impression   on   some   poten+al  parents  who   were  visi+ng   the  school  that   afernoon   and   was  a  great   adver+sement   for   the   close   partnership  that  exists  between  parents  and  the  school. Many,  many   thanks  to  the  members  of  the  PSG  for   their   work  on  organising  the  event  and  thanks  to  all  who   supported  it  by  coming  along.    We  are  sure  that  the  Picnic  will  once  again  have  raised  an  impressive  amount  of   money  towards  the  school’s  development.

Photographs courtesy of Ophelie Sistac


Whole School News and Information You may  have   noticed  some  black   and  white  blocky   squares  as   you  have   been  reading  this  newsletter  and   wondered  what  they  are.    These  are  QR  codes. Year  9  ICT   students   have   recently  been  introduced  to  the   world   of  quick  response   codes,   or  QR   codes,   as   they  are   better  known.     These  are   essentially  2D   barcodes   that  were  4irst   designed   for   use  in  the   motor   industry  and  are   typically  read  using  mobile   devices.    QR   codes  are  increasingly  being  used  in  everyday  life   due  to  their  large   storage  capacity,   ability   to   be  read  quickly  in   comparison  to   traditional   barcodes  and  in   conjunction  with  the  massive  worldwide  growth  in  smartphone  and  mobile  device  ownership. The  students  have  discovered  that   QR  codes  not  only  store  URLs  for  websites  but   can  also  contain  text  and   contact  information  and  have  many   uses  within  the   classroom  environment  for  both  teachers  and  students.     QR   codes  are  becoming  widely  used   in  education   as  a  way  to  save  time,   reduce  paper  usage  and  as  a  quick   way  to  access  websites  or  other  resources  as  well  as  a  way  to  set  homework.     Within   SES  we  are  starting  to  use   QR   codes,   not  only  in  lessons,   but   also  in  some  of  our   communications   with  students   and  parents.     For   example,   the   2012   Options   Booklet   for   AS   and   A2   choices,   contains   QR   codes  that  link   to  the  various  subject  examination  board  websites,  allowing  you  to  scan  and  access  quickly   the  appropriate  website  without  having  to  type  in  a  lengthy  web  address. How  to  read  a  QR  code Reading   a   QR   code   is   not   just   limited   to   mobile   devices   and   smartphones   as   there   are   free   computer   applications   such   as   Desktop   QR   Scanner   (   that   can   utilise   your   webcam.  If  you  have   an  iOS  device,   such  as  an  iPhone,  iPod  Touch/iPad  (with  camera),    there   are  hundreds   of  free   and  paid  apps  in  the  App   Store.    Some   Nokia  and   Blackberry  phones  come  with  QR   code  apps  pre-­‐ installed  and  for  Android  users  there  are  also   plenty   of  apps  in  the  Android  marketplace.     Once  installed,   you  do  not  have  to  be  connected  to   read  a  QR  code   as  the  software  can  decipher  the  code  whether   you  are   online  or  of4line. Creating  a  QR  code Creating  a   QR  code  is  almost  as  easy  as  reading  one.  There   are  lots  of  websites  that   create  QR   codes  as  well   as  browser  extensions/add-­‐ins  for  most  browsers. Just  ‘google’  QR  codes  or  try  out Here  are  a  few  to  try  out! Mr.  Hitchings Head  Of  ICT




Whole School News and Information A Note from our Nurses Please do not send your child to school if they are showing any signs of sickness. Please help the medical team keep Sharjah English School as germ free as possible by following these guidelines. Kind Regards, Mary Smythe and Rita Datinguinoo School Nurses

GUIDELINES FOR KEEPING SICK CHILDREN HOME FROM SCHOOL The following guidelines may be helpful for you when making the decision to send your child to school or to keep him/her at home. Please keep your child at home from school if he or she: • Has been vomiting or had diarrhoea during the night. Your child should not return to school until 24 hours since their last episode of vomiting/diarrhoea. • Has a cold with fever, sneezing or coughing and a persistent runny nose •

Has an oral temp of 38 degrees or higher. Your child should be fever free for at least 24 hours before returning to school. (Without taking fever reducing medicine).

Has a severe sore throat.

Has a pink bloodshot eye with yellow or green discharge.

Has just begun antibiotics. Any child with a contagious condition such as strep throat must be taking the medication for 24 hours before returning to school

Have lice or nits, until treated and free of nits.

Has a rash all over his/her body. A child with a suspicious rash should only return to school after a diagnosis has been made.

Keeping a sick child home prevents the spread of illness in the school and allows your child to rest and recover.

Nut free  school There   are   students   in   school   who   have   severe,   life   threatening   nut   allergies.   In   an   effort   to   make   the   school   environment   as   safe   as   possible  for  them  we  would  like  to  remind   parents  that   Sharjah  English   School  is  a  nut  free  zone.   Please   ensure   that   no   nuts   or   nut   products   are   put   into   your   child’s   lunch   box.     Always   read   the   labels   on   pre   packaged   snacks   as   they   sometimes  have  hidden  nut  products  in  them.  Many  health  and  cereal   bars  contain   nuts  so  please  check   before   putting  them  into   the  lunch   box.  In  some  homes  the  lunch  boxes  are  prepared  by   maids/helpers  so   please  share  this  information  with  them.  


Dates For Your Diary February 2012 Monday  20th  

Secondary Sports  Day

Tuesday 21st

Year 10  &  Year  11  Parent/Teacher  Meeting

Friday 24th  -­‐  Monday  27th

International Award  Gold  Expedition

Tuesday 15th

Year 12  &  Year  13  Parent/Teacher  Meeting

Monday 27th

Primary Parent/Teacher  Meeting

Tuesday 28th  

Inter School  Athletics

Wednesday 29th

Primary Parent/Teacher  Meeting

Wednesday 29th

Year 8  Parent/Teacher  Meeting March  2012

Friday 2nd  -­‐  Saturday  10th

Primary Ski  Trip

Saturday 3rd  -­‐  Friday  9th

Secondary Ski  Trip

Sunday 4th  -­‐  Friday  9th  

Geography Field  Trip  -­‐  Cyprus

Sunday 4th

Last Day  For  Swim  Squad

Wednesday 14th

Sixth Form  Options  Evening

Sunday 18th  -­‐  Tuesday  20th

AS/A2 Art  Exam

Sunday 18th  

GCSE Options  Evening

Monday 19th

Swimming Gala  -­‐  Year  1  and  Year  2

Wednesday 21st  

Last Day  of  Primary  Clubs

Wednesday 21st  

Class/Sibling Photographs

Sunday 25th

Swimming Gala  -­‐  Year  3  and  Year  4

Monday 26th  

Swimming Gala  -­‐  Year  5  and  Year  6

Monday 26th  

Foundation Trip  -­‐  Animal  Sanctuary

Thursday 29th

Battle Of  The  Bands

Thursday 29th

End of  Term  2 April  2012

Sunday 15th

Start of  Term  3


Don ’t fo r ge we t  to bsit  che e  fo ck  t r  th upd he   e ate  we sch s  an ekl ool y  b d  fu   ulle rth An   er  i for nfo   rma Aon

SES Newsletter-February 2012  

SES Newsletter-February 2012

SES Newsletter-February 2012  

SES Newsletter-February 2012