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Vol. XXII No. 38

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Thursday, September 20, 2012

Orson Scott Card’s

Civilization Watch by orson scott card

What This Election Is Really About Isn’t it funny to watch the Obama administration erupt in outrage (dutifully followed by their media pets) over Romney daring to criticize their astonishingly inept handling of the embassy invasions in Egypt and Libya? Remember candidate Obama in 2008? Russia invaded the nation of Georgia – once part of its empire – and Obama, far from pursuing a “unified” foreign policy, criticized the Bush administration’s handling of the affair. Said Obama at the time, “This is a matter that should be left to the United Nations.” The press barely mentioned Obama’s criticism of Bush’s foreign policy. Partly because they were trashing Bush’s foreign policy constantly, as were all Democrats, because during Republican administrations nobody talks about a “unified” foreign policy. (Continued on page 11)

Photo by John Hammer

It must be election season because candidates are lining up at forums. Here are District 4 Guilford County Commissioner and Democratic candidate Kirk Perkins, District 4 Republican Commissioner candidate Jerry Alan Branson, District 5 Republican candidate Jeff Phillips, At-large Guilford County Commissioner and District 5 Democratic candidate Paul Gibson and District 6 Democratic candidate Linda Kellerman at Holy Trinity Church on Monday for a candidates forum sponsored by the League of Women Voters.

Recycling Deal Depends On Who You Believe Finger Pointing All That’s Left by john hammer editor

by Scott D. Yost county editor

In the wake of the sudden end to the promising venture of a $100 million food distribution center an unknown company was considering building at the Guilford County Prison Farm, bringing 400 or 500 new jobs to the area, there’s now no giant new facility, no new jobs and no new investment. However, among local officials, there is a lot of disappointment and finger pointing. There are also a lot of questions. The questions have come from the fact that, on Tuesday, Sept. 11, the Guilford County Board of Commissioners came out of an hour-long closed session and, out

of the blue, voted to relocate the county’s Prison Farm facilities to another area of the Prison Farm – and, less than 24 hours (Continued on page 41)

The city is down to two bidders for the five-year recycling contract for Greensboro, but for some inexplicable reason, until Wednesday, Sept. 19, the city didn’t know if one bidder had offered to pay the city a minimum of $8 a ton or $17 a ton for recyclables.

The answer that The Rhino Times received on Wednesday from ReCommunity, the bidder who has the current contract, is $17 a ton. To figure out how this late in the game the city would not know what the proposed payment was, you have to look at the confusing and convoluted process the city

(Continued on page 43)

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has used to get to this point. Greensboro hired HDR Engineering to analyze the proposals that were the result of a request for proposals (RFP) in April for the contract for Greensboro’s recyclable material. The City Council narrowed the selection down to two companies in August and requested a final and best offer from ReCommunity, the current provider of recycling services to the city, and Waste Management Inc., which just opened a stateof-the-art recycling facility in eastern Winston-Salem. Consultant Joe Readling of HDR Engineering recommended that the City Council accept the offer from ReCommunity, and based

From staff and wire reports

Photo by John Hammer

The third annual Run 4 the Greenway began at Center City Park on Saturday, and before the five-mile race was the one-mile fun run, where the kids started and finished with a lot of enthusiasm.

After a long summer vacation The Rhino Times Schmoozefest is back bigger and better than ever this Thursday, Sept. 20 from 6 to 8 p.m. at the High Point Art, Antique & Design Center (Continued on page 32)

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Thursday, September 20, 2012

The Rhinoceros Times Greensboro

John Runs Into Old Stranded? People At His Reunion Need Help Fast? by john hammer editor

My 40th high school reunion has come and gone. My graduating class is not that good at reunions – this was our third – so it’s a pretty safe bet the Walter Hines Page High School Class of 1972 won’t gather again until 2022, which seems to be incredibly far off in the future at the moment, but from experience I realize it will be here before I know it. Our reunion on Saturday, Sept. 15, had a little drama because it was held at the NewBridge Bank stadium, and if the Grasshoppers had won on Friday night, there would have been a baseball game at the stadium on Saturday night. Fortunately for us the Grasshoppers lost so we had the stadium all to ourselves. It turns out a baseball stadium is a good place to have a class reunion. We sat in the stands for the group picture, which would have been impossible without some kind of raised seating or bleachers, and we had plenty of space to move around, but not so much that we got lost. We had gathered at the Page–Western football game at Marion Kirby Stadium at Page and at Ham’s Lakeside on Friday night. Of course, 40 years ago there was a Ham’s but it was on Friendly Avenue; and Page home games were played at Grimsley, because Page didn’t have a stadium; and Marion Kirby had never coached at Page much less been so successful that the stadium was named for him. Where the stadium is now was just a steep grassy bank with trails worn down to the red clay where those of us who were late for practice or committed some other infraction had to run hills so we would remember to be on time in the future. It didn’t work for me, so I developed some familiarity with the hill. But there was a reminder of our years at Page at the game and that was our principal, R.A. Clendenin, who attended the game in a wheelchair and said that it felt like home to be back at Page. I wondered if I really needed to go to both nights, but it was good to get together more informally the first night and kind of get into the swing of things. When I stepped back and looked out at my high school classmates, at times it looked like our first week at Page because people were grouped according to their junior high schools – Mendenhall in one corner, Proximity in the middle of the room, Aycock to the left, and over against the wall were the St. Pius boys who mostly went to Mendenhall for one year. At other times someone with a great memory could have picked out the Junior Exchange Club, the civinettes, the orchestra or Mrs. Lupo’s homeroom gathered in different areas. A couple of times I looked around and the room looked like a junior high school dance with the girls all in little groups talking a mile a minute and the boys standing around laughing at dumb jokes. Except a lot of the girls were grandmoms and a lot of the boys granddads. Also, at times all the blacks were at one table, which made it look like we hadn’t advanced very far in 40 years. When Dink Boulware and I introduced ourselves, she asked me if I remembered who she was, and before I could say anything, she said, “I was the only black chick in the class. I guess you do.” It was exactly what I was thinking because for years she was the only black girl in our class at St. Pius. She had come from her home north of Oakland, California, for the reunion. (Continued on page 5)

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The Rhinoceros Times Greensboro

Thursday, September 20, 2012

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School Board Tries To Kill Charter Schools by paul C. clark Staff Writer

The Guilford County Board of Education is fighting a rearguard action against the expansion of charter schools, more than a year after the North Carolina General Assembly removed the 100-school cap on charter schools in the state. The Guilford County school board, like others across North Carolina, fought tooth and nail to prevent the cap from being lifted, but lost when Gov. Beverly Perdue signed a bill removing it in June 2011. The bill Perdue signed was a compromise. Charter school supporters wanted the cap lifted and the authority to approve charter schools removed completely from the State Board of Education; the compromise bill eliminated the 100-school cap but left the approval of new schools under the state board. The Guilford County school board had lobbied for years to kill the charter school movement in North Carolina – and, although it’s doubtful that any state legislator was kept awake at night worrying about what the Guilford County school board wanted, the cumulative influence of school boards across the state and of the North Carolina Association of Educators hindered the movement until Republicans took over both houses of the state legislature for the first time in a century in January 2011. Charter schools are public schools that are funded by the state education allotment

for each student, which is transferred to a charter school along with the student – but are not under the control of local boards of education. Both traditional public schools and charter schools have complained about differences in funding and costs between the two types of schools. Charter schools don’t have to provide transportation or cafeterias, but then county and state taxpayers, as well as lottery players, cough up millions to build traditional public schools, while charter schools have to build their own buildings – often from their operating revenue. The removal of the charter school cap has already brought new charter schools to Guilford County. In March 2012, the state approved two Guilford County charter schools, Cornerstone Charter Academy and a school that was proposed to be called High Point College Preparatory Academy – but which, after objections from High Point University over possible confusion between the two schools, was renamed the College Preparatory and Leadership Academy of High Point. Those schools opened in August 2012. Also in August 2012, the state approved 25 charter schools that were cleared to open in August 2013, including Summerfield Charter Academy in Summerfield and the North Carolina Leadership Academy, which is looking for land in Oak Ridge or

Kernersville. Having lost the fight to prevent the removal of the 100-school cap, the Guilford County school board is trying to come up with restrictions that would limit the number of new schools that will open. A Thursday, Sept. 13 meeting of the school board’s Legislative Committee turned into an anti-charter-school war council. Meetings of the Legislative Committee have become more interesting since Republicans captured the statehouse. For years, the school board has spent time, effort and money lobbying the General Assembly for favors, with little success even when Democrats were in control. That held true even when the school board had a genuine gripe, such as the fact that it has to pay the state sales tax on everything it buys – including materials to build schools – while private schools and even NASCAR have exemptions from the sales tax. School systems get refunds on any local sales taxes, but not on the state sales tax. The Legislative Committee didn’t spend much time on legitimate gripes. However. It spent a large majority of its time dreaming up millstones to hang around the necks of charter schools. Committee members complained that some charter schools don’t “represent the demographics of the school system” – meaning they don’t have the same racial mix as Guilford County Schools.

School board member Sandra Alexander suggested asking the state to penalize charter schools who don’t have the same racial mix as the school system. She said, “That gets to the folks who try to make private schools out of charter schools at public expense.” The problem with Alexander’s suggestion are legion. First, to point out the obvious, the charter schools aren’t part of the school system, and there’s no reason that they should have the same racial mix as Guilford County Schools, which has roughly 40 percent black students, 40 percent white students and 20 percent other races or ethnicities. Second, many schools in the Guilford County Schools system have enrollments that are far from the 40/40/20 overall racial breakdown of the school system. Third, the school board always assumes that charter schools will be predominantly white institutions filled with white students whose parents have fled Guilford County Schools. That may be true for some schools, but it ignores the history of charter schools in many cities, such as New York and Chicago, where many charter schools are chock full of black students who have fled failing schools in the traditional public school system. If you get on the New York City subway at the right time of day, you see large (Continued on page 40)

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Thursday, September 20, 2012

The Rhinoceros Times Greensboro

Jail House Jelly And Cows Go, Bees Stay by Scott D. Yost county editor

The Guilford County Prison Farm has looked more like a farm than a prison for about 80 years. However, soon it will look a lot more like a prison and a lot less like a farm. Guilford County Sheriff BJ Barnes has decided to put an end to raising cattle at the farm and to cease most of the crop and livestock operations that have been a Guilford County tradition on the 800 acres near Gibsonville for years and years. Barnes said he intends to maintain the county farm’s greenhouse business, and continue selling flowers and plants to the public. However, he said, most of the other crop and animal operations will end. According to the sheriff, there are currently about 300 head of cattle grazing at the farm – but soon that number will be zero. Barnes said he recently gave his staff the order to end the cattle operations. “I just told them to sell them,” Barnes said. He said a number of factors have contributed to his decision regarding the Prison Farm, the only such county-run facility in the state. Barnes said the Prison Farm will also cease grape production – a relatively new crop that was just added a few years ago – and the inmates will stop growing other crops there as well. Barnes generated quite a bit of publicity

about three years ago when the county’s farm began manufacturing and selling “Jailhouse Jelly,” a muscadine grape jelly that was packaged and sold in jars with an inmates image on the label. Barnes said that, when it comes down to it, his decision to get out of the farming business can be summed up well in a Kenny Rogers song. “You got to know when to hold ‘em, know when to fold ‘em; you gotta know when to walk away,” Barnes stated ­– thankfully without attempting to actually sing the lyrics. The 800-acre facility, which opened in the 1930s, was run by a stand-alone division of Guilford County government until 1997, when the Sheriff’s Department took it over. Over the last 15 years, Barnes has expanded the agricultural operations at the eastern Guilford County farm, and it now has everything from beehives for honey production to grapes to make jelly, to wheat, soybeans and other crops that are either sold to cut costs to taxpayers or used to feed inmates in the county’s jails. Barnes said the Prison Farm has a very interesting past. He said it was once the place set aside to hold prostitutes and, he added, the farm also contains a cemetery where the county buries the bodies of the indigent. The Prison Farm has been in the news

a lot these days because area economic development officials and others have been pushing to turn 750 of the 800 acres into a commercial and industrial park. Earlier this month, a well-publicized attempt to attract a large company to be an anchor for the proposed industrial park fell through, but Barnes said the incident helped him see the writing on the wall. The sheriff said that, in recent years, there’s been a push by Guilford County Manager Brenda Jones Fox and Chairman of the Board of Commissioners Skip Alston to rezone the property for industrial use, so that, if a big company does want to come in quickly and open a call center or distribution center at the Prison Farm, the proper zoning would already be in place. “It would not be zoned agricultural and a lot of our operations would not fit,” Barnes said. The sheriff said the tight financial margins of running a farm have played into his decision as well. He said his staff at the Prison Farm recently asked him about planting winter wheat as usual this year. Barnes said he asked about the profit of that crop. “I asked, ‘Does it make money?’ and he said it about breaks even,” Barnes said. Barnes said some crop and livestock initiatives over the years have turned out to be more trouble than they’re worth. For instance, at one time inmates at the

farm raised chickens but, according to the sheriff, there simply wasn’t any money in that. Barnes said the Prison Farm also got into the hog farming business years ago, but got out of it due to issues related to the pollution and smell. The Prison Farm dropped hog production, he said, around the same time hog farming came under intense scrutiny statewide from the media and state regulatory agencies. Barnes and his staff have been proud of the fact that they have been teaching inmates skills and getting back some taxpayer money on the farm. In recent years, the farm has generated revenue of about $270,000 annually from greenhouse sales, jelly and honey production, crop sales and the manufacture and sale of lawn furniture and lawn ornaments. The Prison Farm will still generate some revenue in upcoming years, since the greenhouse will continue to grow and sell products. Barnes said the bees will also get to stay, and the farm will keep making and selling honey. However, most other farming endeavors will end shortly. According to Barnes, it’s time to refocus the operations at the farm and begin preparing it for the inevitable economic development. Barnes, a high-profile Republican – has had many battles with commissioners and other county officials over the years in his (Continued on page 32)

The Rhinoceros Times Greensboro

Thursday, September 20, 2012

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No Evidence Of Rich NEED CASH? Stupid People Club by john hammer editor

The News & Record is promoting a wild theory about a conspiracy to raise tax values in upper income neighborhoods in Greensboro. It is a truly whacky idea, and it comes from a truly whacky guy – George Hartzman – who has been preaching versions of his conspiracy theory for months. Hartzman ran for the District 3 City Council seat in 2009 and is a regular speaker from the floor at City Council meetings. Hartzman has tried hard to recruit The Rhinoceros Times into his tax-valueconspiracy-theory fold, but it makes no sense to us. First you have to assume that the Guilford County commissioners are heavily involved in the real estate revaluation process, and they simply are not. But if you accept that then you have to also assume that there is a rich property owners club where the rich property owners get together and all agree on what property values should be, and further, that every member of the club is a complete and utter idiot who understands nothing about real estate and property values. Further you have to believe that this rich property owners club and the Guilford County commissioners conspired and got the county employees in the Tax Department to commit any number of serious crimes regarding property values. We looked into it and it all seemed a little farfetched to us. I know a couple of employees in the Tax Department and know that they are basically honest, but also that they have no intention of going to prison to help some demented rich property owner who for some inexplicable reason wants to pay more property taxes. The theory that Hartzman and the News & Record are pushing is that the rich property owners club wanted to have their property tax values increased and right here in the beginning the theory breaks down because the main thing that is affected by your tax property value is the amount of property tax you pay. Banks don’t depend on property tax value for loans. They have property appraised. And real estate companies don’t price houses according to property tax value, although it is a consideration. When The Rhino Times purchased the World Headquarters building on West Market Street, we paid quite a bit more than the property tax value, and six years and one recession later I still believe we got a good deal. The tax value is supposed to reflect the market price but it is an estimate based on comparable real estate in the area. And since the entire county is done at once, the Tax Department does not have the time to spend on each piece of property that an appraiser has. A decent appraisal costs several thousand dollars. The county can’t begin to spend several thousand dollars on each of the roughly 200,000 pieces of property in Guilford County. Rich property owners know that if the tax value of their home or office is low what that means is they pay less property tax, and, when the property goes up for sale, they get to explain that the tax value is low, so the new property owner will also get to pay less property tax – at least until the next revaluation. But this is Hartzman’s theory, or it is what it was. Hartzman has lots of theories about things and sees more conspiracies than most people. What is astounding is that he convinced the News & Record that this theory was worth a couple of front page stories. (Continued on page 7)


(Continued from page 2)

At the beginning of the evening on Saturday night, the reunion committee had put together a program in memory of our classmates who had died. Everybody, it seemed, walked around for a little while afterwards shocked at how many from our class had died. One person a year doesn’t sound like that many, but that would be 40. And to see them one right after another was startling. I think for most of us, there were people on the list we didn’t realize had died or once knew but over the years had forgotten. Those in the class who had gone to work for the government at any level, and some for major corporations, were retired. Those who work for or own small businesses were all complaining about the economy. But mostly people talked about their families, how much college tuition they

were paying or how much they had finally gotten to stop paying. And of course dragging up old memories from 40 years ago. I wrecked my mother’s Ford station wagon chock full of classmates on the way to the beach on beach weekend in 1972. I didn’t consider it the height of my high school career, but three or four of the people in that car remembered the details. By my 50th reunion I plan to have figured out what I want to do with my life, but since that gives me ten full years, I don’t think I’ll worry about it for a while. Special thanks to Robin Moore Stiles, who chaired the reunion committee, and everybody that worked with her. Everything worked out great, and if you are on your own reunion planning committee you might want to consider NewBridge Bank stadium. It’s a good venue for a reunion, as long as there isn’t a playoff game.

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Thursday, September 20, 2012

Fire, Death and Fear: 9/11 – 11 Years Later

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by paul C. clark Staff Writer


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As I write, it has been more than 11 years since Sept. 11, 2001. To several generations of Americans, “Where were you on 9/11?” is the equivalent of, “Where were you when you heard Kennedy was shot?” – a sudden loss of the great innocence that Americans, like no other people on earth, seem capable of recreating despite disaster, tragedy and war. A more instructive comparison might be seeing the explosion of the Space Shuttle Challenger on live television in 1986. It was a short, sharp shock. Once you’d heard the news, or seen the video footage, your involvement in the disaster was over. The emotional after-affects could last for days, but the disaster itself was discrete and decisive. Not so with 9/11. We call it 9/11 because that was the day on which four airliners, symbols of American technological prowess, were turned against us, killing 3,000 people, including all 227 passengers on the four planes. But the confusion, chaos and uncertainty the attacks created lasted for weeks. No one knew if the attacks, or the deaths, were to be the last. Anyone who was in New York City or Washington, DC, on 9/11 has connections to the attacks, direct and indirect. In middle America, the attacks were a television event like the Challenger disaster, only on a greater scale. To those in Washington and New York, they were immediate and inescapable. The day itself was a nightmare and the days that followed were dreams of only gradually lessening horror. There were many people more directly affected by 9/11 than I – but I lived in Washington in those days and split my work between Washington and Manhattan. The 9/11 attacks were hardly remote to me. A week or so before 9/11, I was working in Midtown Manhattan. On the day itself, I was home in Washington. If the details of the day are seared into memory, its timeline isn’t. Never much of a morning television watcher, I missed the reports of the first plane crashing into the North Tower of the World Trade Center at 8:46 a.m., and of the second crashing into the South Tower at 9:03 a.m. But those terrible events must have happened by the time I arrived at the Woodley Park metro station in northwest Washington for my brief commute downtown. On arriving at the station, it became clear that something was dreadfully wrong – although no one seemed to know exactly what. The Red Line was closed, and wouldbe travelers milled around the entrances to the infamously long escalators down to the subway platforms. An eerie feeling of what I can only describe as wrongness had settled on the crowd. Clearly I needed information. I walked the block back to my apartment, turned on the television and was more confused than shocked by what I saw. The flickering images could not have been real. Surely I had stumbled onto an odd and tasteless made-for-TV movie. That early in the story, the shockingly clear footage of the airliners dissolving into balls of fire inside the World Trade Center towers was not available – but jittery, handheld footage of the smoking, but still standing, towers was. By that time, American Airlines Flight 77, which took off from Washington Dulles International Airport at 8:20 a.m. with 53 passengers and six crew members on board, hit the Pentagon, across the river in Arlington. I realized that I would have to cover the story, which meant I had to get downtown to my office just off K Street, a mere three blocks from the White House. Either the metro was still not running, or it was only running outbound, to aid in the evacuation of downtown. I realized I would have to walk. Downtown Washington is separated from its northwest residential neighborhoods by the great Taft Bridge, which spans Rock Creek Park. I found myself the sole pedestrian walking south across that span into a wall of thousands walking the other way. The federal government had released its workers. Many looked stunned. Improbably, a married couple I knew well, both attorneys for the Federal Trade Commission, were in the front rank of the walkers. They told me police were evacuating downtown and preventing people from entering. That was, I think, an exaggeration. In reality, there were surprisingly few police or security forces of any sort downtown – and the few present had bigger worries than one foolish reporter swimming upstream against the exodus of federal workers. I made it to my office without incident. From the moment I reached downtown, the huge plume of smoke and fire from the Pentagon was visible, and the reek of burning building and jet fuel was everywhere. The rest of the day was a mixture of telephone work and walking inspections of federal Washington. The city was ghostly, unreal and deserted. Sirens screamed across the bridges as every emergency vehicle converged on the Pentagon, where 190 people had died. I spent much of the day on the phone to New York – when I could get a connection. The main telephone exchange serving downtown Manhattan had been knocked out, and most of the downtown mobile-phone antennae had been mounted on the Twin Towers. (Continued on page 44)

The Rhinoceros Times Greensboro

Thursday, September 20, 2012

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County Committee Attempts To End Crime by Scott D. Yost county editor

Guilford County has a brand new “blueribbon” committee with a goal of nothing less than changing people’s lives. While that’s a pleasant change from the many county committees that deal largely with minutia, it became very clear at the committee’s first meeting on Friday, Sept. 14 that the group has their work cut out for them. The committee, which doesn’t have an official name yet, consists of commissioners, court and law enforcement officials, and representatives of community organizations that help fight homelessness and poverty, and the committee could add more members in the future. At the inaugural meeting, 14 committee members met in the Blue Room of the Old Guilford County Court House for an hour and a half. The meeting had the unusual start time of 4 p.m. on a Friday – largely in order to accommodate the schedules of the judges and court officials. Commissioners Paul Gibson and Carolyn Coleman are co-chairs of the committee, however Coleman didn’t attend the first meeting, so Gibson ran the show alone. “The purpose of this initial meeting is to organize and discuss the goals and objectives of the committee,” Gibson told

the group. Soon after the meeting began, however, the committee’s key goal, a lofty one, became crystal clear: find a way to keep people out of jail by preventing them from committing crimes in the first place, and keeping them from continuing in a life of crime once they do commit their first crime. Committee members at the first meeting included Guilford County Pretrial Services Director Wheaton Casey, Guilford County District Attorney Doug Henderson, Sheriff BJ Barnes, Guilford County Social Services Director Robert Williams, former Guilford Center Director Billie Martin Pierce, Interactive Resources Center Executive Director Liz Seymour and District Court Judges Polly Sizemore, Susan Bray and Sherry Alloway. It was clear early on in the discussion that many in the room felt a big piece of the puzzle was getting at the root causes and connecting inmates and those in the court system with mental health care, substance abuse treatment, anger management programs and similar resources. Casey, whose office works with those awaiting trial to make sure they show up for court – and that they don’t commit crimes while awaiting trial – said that,

in many cases, the needed services were available but the offenders weren’t aware of what was offered. “These people don’t know how to access services,” Casey said. She said her office works to get the people into the right programs, but she added it is always a challenge to get them to stay with those programs. Barnes said that, in many cases, the people he sees in the jail will only get help if judges make it mandatory to do so. “The problem is,” Barnes said, “if it’s not court ordered, they’re not going to go.” “We’ve got too much carrot and too little stick,” Barnes added. “Some people just do not want to change. We need to identify the ones that want help.” Barnes also said that, once that happens, it was important to have a highly structured support system in which all the consequences were very clear to inmates and others in charge of the justice system. Several committee members commented on the disintegration in recent years of the web of services that once provided good support for substance abusers and the mentally ill. For instance, the Guilford Center, which has cared for substance abusers and those with mental issues in Guilford County over the years, has now been almost completely dismantled by

changes in state law. When Pierce was asked the extent of that disintegration, she said, “It’s so much so that I retired over it.” Casey said an additional problem, when it comes to people with severe mental health issues, is that some court-ordered programs aren’t equipped to deal with them. Williams said he often sees people caught in an endless loop. “If you have a history of any type of incarceration,” Williams said, “getting a job becomes a real challenge for you, and getting a place to live is a real challenge. I have three or four staff dedicated to nothing but these types of cases.” It’s no coincidence that the committee is starting up right as the new jail opens. The new jail, which has room for 1,032 inmates, is designed to provide mental health and drug treatment programs to keep the county’s jail system from being a revolving door. In the last several years, while the jail was being designed and built, Gibson and Coleman have both spoken out frequently about the county’s need to do something other than lock people up and warehouse inmates. Barnes said the first thing the committee needs to do is discover the situations and (Continued on page 42)

Evidence (Continued from page 5) District 5 Guilford County commissioner candidate Jeff Phillips said he learned a lesson about speaking to the News & Record. He said that in his opinion the theory of a conspiracy to artificially raise property taxes was that it was “highly unlikely.” He did say that he does have questions about the way Guilford County reevaluated the property for 2012, but that the idea that there was some kind of conspiracy was farfetched. It’s Hartzman’s theory that a grand conspiracy in Guilford County has raised property values in wealthy neighborhoods because wealthy property owners didn’t want their property values to go down,

and this also allowed the Guilford County commissioners to slightly lower the property tax rate, but the county will still collect more property tax revenue. What seems to be overlooked is that the figure they are all concerned about is the total value of the property in Guilford County in 2012 versus the total value of the property based on 2004 values. Although the value of much of the property in Guilford County has dropped from what it was in 2008, it has to go all the way back to 2004 to drop in tax value. Building has slowed but it certainly hasn’t stopped. A new apartment building at City View was completed this year, and Greenway at Fisher Park is nearly complete.

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Thursday, September 20, 2012






The Rhinoceros Times Greensboro HIGH POINT



Neighborhood To Get Sheetz Experience by paul C. clark Staff Writer

The High Point City Council on Monday, Sept. 17, in a long and unusually heated meeting, approved a rezoning request to allow the construction of a 10-pump Sheetz Inc. gas station, convenience store and fast food restaurant on the south side of West Lexington Avenue, between Westchester Drive and Kentucky Street. The Sheetz gas station will occupy five lots – three zoned Limited Business District and now or previously used for commercial purposes, an undeveloped gravel parking lot facing West Lexington Avenue that was zoned residential but was formerly used for a gas station, and a lot that was zoned residential on the corner of West Lexington Avenue and Kentucky Street that contains a house. The City Council voted unanimously to change the land-use designation of 0.65 acres from Low Density Residential to Local/Convenience Commercial. It voted 7 to 1 to rezone 1.5 acres from Limited Business and Residential Single Family-9 to Conditional Zoning Limited Business District. Councilmember Mike Pugh was the only councilmember to vote against the zoning change. Councilmember Britt Moore did not attend the meeting. Just as the canonical question for a candidate running against a sitting president is, “Are you better off today than you were four years ago?” the question for opponents of rezoning for commercial development is, “Would you like to have this in your neighborhood?” Jim McGee, a Florida Street neighbor of the planned Sheetz, posed the question to the councilmembers. McGee said, “The main question is, ‘Would each of you like this service station in your neighborhood?’” Pugh, at least, responded to the question, saying he already had a convenience store, although not a Sheetz, near his house, and that it generates constant noise. “Would I want one in my neighborhood?” Pugh said. “No, but I have one in my neighborhood. I can’t in good conscience

vote to put one there, because I know what you’re going to hear, day in and day out. This is in too close a proximity to a neighborhood.” Sheetz brought a virtual army to argue in favor of the land-use and zoning changes: Anthony Foderaro, who works for Sheetz Inc.’s real estate division; Smith Moore Leatherwood Attorney Tom Terrell; real estate consultant Judy Stalder; transportation consultant John Davenport; and a squadron of engineers and other assorted specialists. Playing defense for opponents in the neighborhood were McGee and Hazel Gilbreath, another Florida Street resident. McGee said that houses behind the site of the proposed Sheetz already have drainage problems, which he argued the Sheetz would exacerbate. He said he has seen an acre of land in front of his house two feet deep in water after heavy rains. Terrell argued that the Sheetz would not increase flooding problems because the company is required to install drainage or filtering to handle any runoff the increased impermeable surface of the gas station causes. McGee’s main argument was that a Sheetz station would simply be too much for the site. Sheetz stations combine gas stations, fast food restaurants and convenience stores. Foderaro and other Sheetz representatives said the West Lexington Avenue Sheetz, with the 10 gas pumps, would be the smallest design Sheetz uses – a neighborhood model rather than the supersized version Sheetz uses on highways. Terrell said, “It’s not one of your monster Sheetz.” McGee said he didn’t care. “This thing is 24-hour sound, 24hour lights,” he said. “I don’t care how you dampen that.” He added, “This is a commercial corner. But it’s not a superduper commercial corner that can justify this type and size of station.” Gilbreth, who said she has lived on Florida Street for 30 years, said the neighbors she has talked to are against the

You are

service station. “We would welcome a neighborhood store, bank, office building – anything that fits,” she said. “Help us get something that fits our neighborhood and we’ll be very happy to have it.” The very fact that the neighborhood has opposed such other uses was the reason that McGee’s, Gilbreth’s and Pugh’s opposition was ineffective. The votes to approve the rezoning were there from the beginning because of earlier neighborhood efforts to prevent development on the land. There have been no successful zoning applications west of the West Lexington Avenue and Westchester Drive intersection since 1999, but the City Council and the High Point Planning and Zoning Commission have rejected rezoning requests by several applicants, two of whom would have used approximately the same site as the proposed Sheetz for an office building and a dentist office. The most recent rezoning request was rejected by the City Council in 2000. The property owner appealed the decision all the way to the North Carolina Court of Appeals, which backed the City Council. Given that history, and High Point’s current 12 percent unemployment rate, when Sheetz came along requesting a rezoning to build a station that would create 30 to 40 full- and part-time jobs, the City Council vote was a given. Some councilmembers said off the record that, in essence, neighbors had used up their political capital by opposing less obtrusive uses of the properties. Another fact weighing against the opponents of the Sheetz station was that the site had been used for service stations and convenience stores of various kinds for years, and that some neighboring businesses – such as Tipsy’z Tavern & Grill – are unlikely to object to the noise. Stalder said, “I don’t know that the noise at Sheetz convenience store is going to rattle the boys at Tipsy’z Tavern.” Noise was an issue raised in regard to the rezoning request by both the City Council and the Planning and Zoning Commission.

Despite efforts by councilmembers and commissioners, neither board was able to get a straight answer as to whether or not Sheetz would turn off outside music at the station at night. At a Planning and Zoning Commission meeting, Foderaro, after some questioning, said the station’s employees could adjust the volume of the music, although he made no promises that they would. At the Monday City Council meeting, Foderaro acknowledged that employees at Sheetz stations can turn off outside music, but gave an equally equivocal answer as to whether or not they would. “We can control the music,” he said. “We feel like it’s part of the Sheetz experience.” How much neighbors want to go through “the Sheetz experience” is disputed. McGee and Gilbreth said neighbors they’ve talked to oppose the station; Stalder and others representing Sheetz said that neighbors who attended community meetings on the proposal were favorable toward it. High Point Mayor Becky Smothers said that, at a gas station, she watches the numbers whiz by on the pump rather than listening to music. “Most of us are lamenting how much gas costs,” she said. “We’re really not listening to music.” The most entertaining item on the City Council agenda was a text amendment to the High Point development ordinance proposed by the High Point City Project to add video sweepstakes establishments to the development ordinance’s permitted use schedule and table of off-street parking requirements. The net effect of the text amendment, which is also supported by the Uptowne High Point Association, a group of business owners on North Main Street between State and Ray avenues, would be to prohibit new video gambling businesses in Uptowne because they don’t have enough parking. At the City Council meeting, the groups were represented by Jay Wagner, chairman of the Uptowne High Point Association (Continued on page 39)

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The Rhinoceros Times Greensboro

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Page 9

Panhandlers could be down on their luck by alex jakubsen Staff Writer

The Greensboro City Council unanimously approved a resolution drastically restricting where panhandling is legal. It is now a misdemeanor to panhandle within 1,000 feet of interstate access ramps or interchanges or within 100 feet of any financial institution, including ATMs. Shoulders, curbs, medians, rightsof-way and both “marked and unmarked crosswalks” on streets and highways are also now off limits. The resolution also changed a prohibition on panhandling under the influence of nonprescription drugs or alcohol to a broader ban on panhandling under the “impairing influence of any drug, alcohol, chemical or controlled substance.” Restrictions from the previous ordinance are still in effect and include bans on panhandling in parking areas, on any sidewalk adjacent to a movie theater, outdoor theater or palladium, within 20 feet of a parking meter or within 300 feet of any public or private school. The restriction on parking meters excludes much of downtown. One of the few places that people are allowed to panhandle are sidewalks, provided it isn’t a sidewalk in any of the prohibited areas. The amended ordinance also changes

the calls were “criminal activity related,” involving trespassing and other activities which were already illegal. Miller and Clark said state law limits how restrictive city panhandling laws can be, as the activity is a form of free speech, but the ordinance amendment brought Greensboro in line with what the state allows. Clark referred to the remaining areas where panhandlers are still allowed as “free speech zones.” There were two speakers in opposition to the ordinance change, both of whom identified themselves as panhandlers. Kori Burt said that without the “privilege” of panhandling “I would be in one of the shelters, some of us would be committing crimes in order to make ends meet.” Burt said that while she shared Miller’s concern for safety, she was also concerned that the stricter ordinance would affect panhandlers who weren’t contributing to crime or nuisances. She said some thought that the ordinance was meant to “shut us down.” “Please consider us a little more than just riffraff, because we are people,” Burt said. William Radisch, another panhandler, also spoke in opposition. “It’s kind of hard to start over when you’re 57,” he said when asked by Councilmember Dianne Bellamy-Small if he had any alternatives to panhandling.

the restrictions on who can obtain a panhandler’s license. An applicant is ineligible if convicted of two or more violent felony or misdemeanor offenses in last five years. Violent crimes include assault, communication of threats, illegal use of a firearm and acts of attempted violence. A person convicted of a more serious crime is ineligible for 10 years. One or more homicide convictions within the last 20 years will also disqualify an applicant. Previously there were no distinctions between felony levels and no specific provision for homicide convictions in the eligibility guidelines. Greensboro Police Chief Ken Miller spoke in favor of the amended ordinance, along with Police Department Attorney Jim Clark, who helped craft the legislation. Both said that the changes were in the interest of public safety, and in response to citizen complaints. “The intention of this is to keep panhandlers out of traffic,” Clark said. Miller cited 32 traffic “near misses” that had been reported associated with panhandling, but said there had been no direct hits. Miller also said that since 2010 the Greensboro Police Department had received 646 calls to service over panhandling complaints. Almost half of


“I hope not to be out there for the rest of my life,” he said. Radisch said that he has been trying to sell drawings as a means of supplementing his income. Radisch also said that he stayed away from the interstates and didn’t harass people. He also said he kept his area clean and turned in lost items like book bags and laptops that he found. Both Radisch and Burt emphasized that there are problem individuals in every group, but that not everyone in that group should be penalized for it. Councilmember Nancy Vaughan asked Radisch if he was familiar with the Interactive Resource Center, which reaches out to panhandlers, and he said that he was. “I think this is a good ordinance,” said Vaughan, adding, “The changes, all in all are kind of minor.” Vaughan also said that she had received complaints about “aggressive panhandling” around ATM machines, and was glad the ordinance increased the buffer around financial institutions. Vaughan requested that a picture from the News & Record of a woman asking for money on a median be shown to demonstrate the safety risks associated with panhandling. However, according to that News & Record article, the woman (Continued on page 11)





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Thursday, September 20, 2012


You want to look your best!

The Rhinoceros Times Greensboro

The Sound of the Beep What follows has been transcribed from the answering machine tape on our comment line 273-0898. We edit out what is required by the laws of the state, of good taste and of good sense. The limit on phone calls is one minute and each caller may make up to two calls per week. If you have something to say, call our comment line at 273-0898 and start talking at The Sound of the Beep. This past weekend my wife and I went to see the movie, 2016. Whoa. I encourage everyone in Rhino Times circulation range to go see it. We even took a diehard liberal as a guest and made her into a Romney voter in one evening. Folks, unless you have the mindset of an Alec Baldwin, a Chris thrill-up-my-leg Matthews, or a proud atheist like Bill Moyers and Ted Turner, or employees of NBC News and CNN, aka Clinton news network, anyone who sees 2016 and still wants to vote for the master deceiver on Nov. 6, in my opinion, needs to be taken to Umstead for a thorough mental evaluation. Thank you for letting me get this off my chest. Goodnight. %%% Yes, this message is for Scott Yost. It has appeared that you have incurred the wrath of the fourth reich: Brenda Jones Fox, and due to your investigative, excellent investigative reporting, you better watch your back. Take it from an insider. Be careful of what you do. And keep up the good work. %%% You do the city, county and school salaries every year. But just release the income of people who have retired including Sharon Ozment, the schools, two former police chiefs, government employees, other county employees. I hope you can get that under the Freedom of Information Act and publish it in a future Rhinoceros Times. I think the taxpayers need to know what we’re paying out to retirees, and I hope it won’t be too long off that you can get it. I think it’s very important that we know. Thank you. %%% The people that are asking you if you were better off than you were four years ago, they are better off. So, I don’t understand why they are trying to make it sound like something has gone bad in the last four years. Obama’s accomplishments probably stopped a depression, gave the country health care, got us out of Iraq, killed Bin Laden, killed Gaddafi, Wall Street reform, the Dream Act, repealed Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell, saved the auto industry, put two women on the Supreme Court. We have stem cell research again. Equal pay for women, stopped torture, kept the percentage rate down on student loans. Wow. That is a lot that our president has done in three-and-a-half years. Any naysayers? %%% Yes, I would like someone to possibly explain to the readers of The Rhino how the president of the United States and secretary of defense can go on the TV, say Thursday, Hillary Clinton, and say that the United States is a protector of religious tolerance when the Catholic Church, and evangelical churches, are under attack in this country. In fact, they have a mandate on them that will be put into effect Aug. 1, 2013. So, if you can explain to me why on one hand the president and the secretary of state tell the world that we tolerate religion when domestically we do not, I would love to know the answer to that. %%%

When you feel confident, it shows. Regional Physicians Plastic Surgery can boost your self-image with breast augmentation, facelift, liposuction, eyelid lifts, tummy tucks, arm lifts and other procedures.

Yes, thank you Rhino Times and The Sound of the Beep for allowing us to express our diverse opinions. I am just calling to say that Mitch McConnell said at the very beginning of Barack Obama’s presidency that their number one objective was to make sure that President Barack Obama be a one-term president. People, that lets you know that Congress has not been working for the people at all. When the Republicans would make a statement like that their focus is going to be on making sure that President Barack Obama be a one-term president …. %%%

Virgil V. Willard II, MD 1011 Lindsay St, Suite 102 High Point, NC 27262


When Mitch McConnell makes the statement that the number one agenda for the Republican Party was to make sure that Barack Hussein Obama would be a one-term president, makes me know that the Republicans have not been fighting for the American people. I do think it was a racial issue with the Republicans, because no other president has ever gone through that kind of scrutiny. You can disagree with the person’s policies. That’s OK. But when (Continued on page 36)

The Rhinoceros Times Greensboro

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Page 11

Civilization Watch (Continued from page 1) But the main reason they didn’t make a big deal about Obama’s criticism was that it so clearly revealed his complete ignorance of international relations. Let’s see. Russia invaded Georgia. “Let’s leave it up to the United Nations.” The organ of the UN that handles invasions of one country by another is the Security Council. On the Security Council, Russia has a permanent seat and a veto. So when Russia invades another country, the UN cannot possibly do anything about it, because Russia will merely veto any proposed action. The only reason that the UN was able to respond to Communist North Korea’s invasion of South Korea in 1950 was that at the time, Joe Stalin’s USSR was boycotting the UN in a fit of pique. So Russia wasn’t present to veto UN action. Russia has remembered ever since, and never misses a meeting. Apparently in 2008 Obama did not know that the Security Council handles international aggression issues, or he did not know that Russia had veto power, or he knew nothing at all. If a Republican presidential candidate showed such ignorance of foreign affairs it would be trumpeted for the rest of the campaign (if he lost) or his entire term (if he won). (Can you spell “potatoe”?) But let’s keep one thing straight. Obama may have been president for the past four years, but when it comes to foreign policy, he seems to be unsure what country he is president of. That is, he is supposed to look after the national interest of the United States. Instead, he constantly sets aside our national interest and apologizes for our having provoked the hatred of so many foreign groups. But which groups hate us? The ones that take violent action against us are the murderous thugs who, in the name of their religion or their ideology, think they have the right to kill anybody, anywhere, any time, while suppressing all political opposition at home. Of course they hate us. We are the opposite of them. Worse yet, our ideas work, and theirs don’t, and everybody can see that. They either have to become like us – or try to destroy us.

Panhandles (Continued from page 9)

pictured was not a panhandler but was soliciting on behalf of a nonprofit, which Radisch pointed out. Vaughan said that she felt the ordinance was necessary for the sake of both panhandlers and motorists. “Nobody ever made the comment that we need to do away with panhandling,” Vaughan said. She added that it was something that could be done in a safer manner. During a 10-minute recess before the item was heard by the council, Miller had made the comment that “no panhandling

The Libyan invasion of our embassy (which by international law is American soil) was not part of any riot or public disturbance. It was a carefully planned attack that took place in the dead of night. The Egyptian invasion of our embassy took place in a country where the military or the police could have stepped in at any time to suppress the disturbance. (They prove this whenever two Coptic Christians meet on the street and shake hands, whereupon they are arrested for rioting.) The rioting at our embassy in Cairo went on for days. This could not happen without the approval of the Egyptian government. There is zero chance that either event was a spontaneous demonstration by an outraged citizenry. Instead, an obscure movie was used as the pretext for attacking the Great Satan. Iran has shown everybody that as long as you hate the US and Israel loudly and violently enough, you can stay in power without the slightest attention to good government or the will of the people. If we had a president who understood or cared about the interests of the United States, the response to a governmentsponsored attack on our embassy in Egypt would have been, at the very least, an immediate freeze on all Egyptian and Libyan funds in the United States, the cancellation of all shipments of military and nonmilitary aid to Egypt, the recall of our embassies and consulates from both countries, and the announcement that all Americans were to leave both countries at once. This is what you do when a foreign government attacks your embassy, whether they pretend it’s a “spontaneous” public demonstration or not. This is the minimum. Anything less is an invitation for other nations to treat our embassies likewise. Those who say we can’t do such things lest we “burn bridges” or “alienate the moderates” in the other country don’t understand. The embassy attacks burned all bridges. There are no bridges. And a show of weakness from us weakens the moderates in the other country, for, unable to trust in our strength, they dare not speak. Instead of strength, the Obama administration responded with an apology

for ... for what? For America being a free country where any moron can make any movie he wants to make, and the government can’t do anything about it and therefore can’t be held responsible for it? This is not the result of incompetence by the Obama administration. Quite the contrary. That apology was precisely the policy Obama feels is right – because he does not conduct foreign policy as the president of the United States. Instead, he conducts the foreign policy of the American academic/media elite. Which is nearly identical with the elites of Europe (the only difference being that the American elite has not yet completely embraced the anti-Semitism – no, the open Jew-hating – of the European “intellectual” elite). If the academic/media elite had their way, there would be no such freedom in the United States. They would love nothing better than to eliminate all dissent from traditional, religious, patriotic and/ or conservative Americans. They only support the freedom of expression of people who agree with them. Remember that the main concern of the academic/media elite of the US after 9/11 was never to identify themselves with the American flag if they could help it, never to rerun the footage of the collapsing towers in order not to “inflame” public opinion, and to regard American actions as the “cause” of the “outrage” of the oppressed people of (Continued on page 12)

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Servicing what we sell since 1953 would be my preference,” but that state law required that it be allowed. Councilmember Zack Matheny also voiced support for the ordinance change, “Highest in Customer Satisfaction with “Highest in Customer Satisfaction with and said that he didn’t feel that Radisch “Highest in Customer Satisfaction with the Auto Insurance Claims Experience, theFour Auto Insurance Claims Experience, would be affected by the new restrictions Years in Claims a Row,” according to the Auto Insurance Experience, FourJ.D. Years in aand Row,” according to because he didn’t frequent the newly Power Associates. Four Years inPower a Row,” to J.D. andaccording Associates. restricted areas. J.D. Power and Associates. The resolution was approved 9 to 0 with Mayor Robbie Perkins and Councilmembers 12738 (10-11) Marikay Abuzuaiter, Nancy Hoffmann, 12738 (10-11) 12738 (10-11) Yvonne Johnson, Jim Kee, Trudy Wade, Bellamy-Small, Matheny and Vaughan 12738 (10-11) Auto-Owners Insurance ranks highest among auto insurance providers in the J.D. Power and Associates 2008-2011 Auto Claims Studies . Study based on 11,811 total responses, ranking 26 insurance providers. Excludes those with claims only for glass/windshield, theft/stolen, roadside assistance or bodily injury voting in favor. Auto-Owners Insurance ranks highest among auto insurance providers in the J.D. Power and Associates 2008-2011 Auto Claims . Study based on claims. Proprietary results based on experiences and perceptions of consumers surveyed March-July 2011. Your experiences mayStudies vary. Visit 11,811 total responses, ranking 26 insurance providers. Excludes those with claims only for glass/windshield, theft/stolen, roadside assistance or bodily injury SM


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Page 12

Thursday, September 20, 2012

The Rhinoceros Times Greensboro

Civilization Watch (Continued from page 11) other nations, who were thus completely justified in hating the US. These are Obama’s people. They’re faintly embarrassed to admit they’re Americans. Mrs. Obama felt that her husband’s election was the first time she could be proud of America – and the academic/media elite completely agreed with her. These people don’t like America. They’re ashamed of America. And Obama is their creature. They hate America’s tradition as a Christian nation – because they hate Christianity. (Of course, they love the religions of other nations, in a patronizing pat-on-the-head kind of way, so those must be given lots of coverage in American schools, rather like pictures of kittens; it is only Christianity that must be suppressed.) They think of America as a horrible cruel bully that pushes around other nations, which is why they thought Obama’s “apology tour” of the world after his election was completely appropriate. But they feel this way only because they remain, as Obama is, completely ignorant of world history. America, a big bully? Compared to what powerful nation, ever? What nation has ever behaved as generously or shown so much forbearance in its relations with allies? No other dominant power has ever put up with the defiance and impudence of other nations as America has done since our ascendancy began in World War I. Don’t get me wrong – there have been some real blunders and misdeeds in the American past. I’m glad we learned from most of them and try not to repeat them. But what nation are they comparing us with when these Americans with tenure at American universities and American media giants talk about how evil and awful America is? The answer is: There is no nation they can compare us with which has had comparable power, and behaved as well as, let alone better than, we did. There is no other nation founded, not on ethnicity, but on an ideology that people voluntarily embraced, instead of having it rammed down their throats (as in Communist- and Muslim-ruled countries). Other peoples have aspired to emulate us – or flocked to our shores – because we were seen, correctly, as the best thing going. America, as a nation, has nothing to apologize for. The misdeeds of individuals we deal with and punish appropriately. Our recent errors as a nation have usually been errors of omission – not saving lives in Rwanda and Bosnia, because we trusted other powers to intervene. So in Obama’s foreign policy, he speaks for his buddies in the academic/media elite – you know, the ones who despise those icky ordinary Americans who “turn to guns and religion.” He promises Putin that when he’s reelected, he can be more helpful to Russia’s plans for dominating their portion

of the world. He expresses his envy of the Chinese government, which doesn’t have to put up with the interference of an opposition party. It was candidate Obama in 2008 who briefly called for a national police force – never quite explaining what it would be for. (Remember how Bush was beaten up for years for the Democrat-supported Patriot Act – not for what it actually did, but for what it might do? But candidate Obama got a complete pass on his national police force.) It is Obama who snubs our staunch ally, democratic Israel, as it faces a struggle for its life against the avowed intention of Iran to blast it off the map with nuclear weapons. Meanwhile, it is Obama who refuses to support rebels against the Iran-backed Syrian government, which fuels and shelters terrorists of every stripe – including terrorists who attack both Israel and the United States. It is Obama whose best friend among foreign heads of state is Turkey’s Islamist leader, who deliberately provokes Israel. Obama does have a consistent foreign policy. But it is not American foreign policy. It is anti-American foreign policy. In case after case, Obama comes down as far from America’s national interest as he can, without making it impossible for the lapdog media to disguise or ignore his anti-Americanism. The media and others of the puritanical Left are outraged when anyone “questions” their “patriotism,” but of course when they aren’t being outraged, they ridicule the whole idea of American patriotism and express their shame at American actions. Too bad they don’t know any history, or they would be proud of most of America’s actions, and would recognize that even with our flaws, there has been no kinder, gentler boss-of-the-world in history. That’s what this election is really about. Everyone talks about the economy, including – especially – Romney. That’s because Obama’s policies are economically ruinous, and because historically, people vote their pocketbooks. But those of us who study history, thoroughly enough to learn from it, understand that something much greater is at stake. Obama’s anti-American foreign policy is designed to weaken America’s power, to retreat at every possible point, and to cripple any ally that tries to act on its own to protect our, and the world’s, interest. The prosperity of the whole world – including India, China, Russia, Europe and any other place that is prospering – depends on the Pax Americana, the international order that America has maintained since World War II. What the poor, ignorant, arrogant academic/media elite seem not to know, in their contempt for history, is that nothing America has done wrong since 1945 is anywhere near as terrible as the worldwide economic collapse, chaos and famine that would result from the breakdown in the worldwide system of trade that our military

dominance has permitted. Our “bullying” makes the world safe for trade, and swift, reliable world trade is what makes prosperity possible everywhere. Including, especially, here. If you like today’s high costs and high unemployment under Obama’s policies, then you’ll love the eventual result of his foreign policy, when we can no longer buy cheap foreign goods, and can no longer sell our goods abroad. I can just hear the elitists of the Left mock these statements of mine. Alarmist fantasies! The world trade system couldn’t collapse! They believe it can’t happen because, of course, they’re idiots. It can happen. In fact, it always happens. That’s how great empires die. They can no longer maintain their system of free trade. Archaeologists track the collapse of the Roman economic order in one ancient city after another all over the empire, when suddenly foreign-made goods disappear, replaced by shoddy local manufactures. China has collapsed more than once in its long history – and when it does, trade breaks down, and famine and mass death ensue. All during the Cold War, people talked about how the prosperity of the West and the poverty of the Communist world were the result of the superiority of “democracy” over “communism.” What they neglected to point out was that free trade (not democracy) was the source of that prosperity, and it flourished where American guns protected it, and nowhere else. The radical Muslims of the Middle East, the Communists of China and North Korea, and the wistful ex-Communists in Russia are like the barbarians who, living close enough to the Roman Empire to participate in the Pax Romana and to see and covet Roman prosperity, thought that if they could break Roman power, they could take the wealth. What they didn’t understand is that by breaking down the protection that made it possible, they made the prosperity evaporate. It’s like the poor idiots who think that Palestinians would be rich if only the Israelis left. No – until the Zionist Jews moved into Israel, Palestine was the poorest armpit of the Ottoman Empire. The Zionists made it safe and that made it prosper. Then all those educated “Palestinians” moved in from all over the Arab world. Get rid of the “Zionists,” and Palestine will have all the prosperity of Yemen. Get rid of American world dominance, and where will India and China sell their goods and services? What will be the market for Taiwanese, South Korean, Chilean and Brazilian products? Even if there are markets eager to buy, how will they safely and cheaply reach those markets? This election is, in large historical terms, almost entirely about foreign policy, no matter what the electorate is misled to believe. And in their responses to the attack on our embassy by Egyptian government-

sponsored terrorists (and Islamists the incompetent Libyan government could not control), the two candidates have made our choice very clear. Obama stands for the continued weakening of American influence everywhere. He stands for dismantling the world order of trade and prosperity that we have sustained for 68 years. If he prevails, it almost doesn’t matter what our internal economic policies are. His foreign policy will wreck the world economy, and ours will fall with it. Romney, on the other hand, not only promises but shows that he will be president, not of the academic/media elite, with their romantic anti-Americanism, but of the United States of America. Romney will look after our national interest – which, because we have heretofore been shockingly generous, happens to coincide very closely with the prosperity, peace and happiness of more human beings throughout the world than have ever been prosperous, peaceful, and happy in all of human history. It is true that America can’t maintain this all alone – we require the cooperation of other free nations. But the only reason we require their cooperation is that we didn’t conquer them when we could have. We left them free and independent, so they could thumb their noses at us. As long as they helped us maintain the world order. But when thugs, and nations ruled by thugs, blow up our embassies and kill our ambassadors, we must respond with excommunication from the fellowship of nations – or we invite other nations to behave likewise. That is the choice this November, even if most Americans don’t realize it. I just hope that by voting our pocketbooks, we accidentally elect the candidate who will act in America’s, and the world’s, best interest. Meanwhile, the academic/media elite are doing their best to support the Obama campaign’s attempt to make us focus on how naughty it was for Romney to speak up for American interest. Guess what: We need Romney’s naughtiness the way that Europe needed Winston Churchill’s naughtiness in criticizing the appeasement foreign policy of Britain and France in the 1930s which led directly to Hitler’s ruinous wars of conquest. Obama is Neville Chamberlain tripled or quadrupled, because Chamberlain at least thought he was acting for the benefit of the Britain. Obama doesn’t even think he’s acting to benefit America, because he doesn’t think America deserves any benefits. Obama is running for President Of The Rest Of The World. Only Romney is running for President of the United States. Which is why, though I am not a Republican and have no desire to become such, Romney will have my vote. Not just because of jobs. But because America needs to get rid of this whiny apologizer-inchief and replace him with a commanderin-chief.

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Thursday, September 20, 2012

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Uncle #2Orson Reviews Everything

#3 Bacon Number and Crossword Clues by orson scott card

Remember the game “Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon”? The theory was that everybody in Hollywood (and quite possibly everyone in the world) is only six degrees of separation from actor Kevin Bacon. That is, an actor would be in the same movie with another actor, who was in a movie with yet another, until you came to one who had been in a movie with Kevin Bacon. Why Kevin Bacon? The game began at a time when, like Keanu Reeves after him, Bacon was still a fairly young actor emerging from teen roles. It was halfmocking – but half-respectful, too, since it depended on the fact that Bacon was working. He was in movie after movie. And the movies he was in sometimes had huge ensemble casts, who went on to be in lots of movies, too. Since then, Bacon has become respected as a serious actor, without ever quite crossing the threshold into major stardom. (Keanu Reeves had Speed and then The Matrix, so he did cross that threshold.) Now Google has institutionalized the game so anyone can play. Just go to Google’s search window and type in “Bacon Number” and the name of any

actor. You will get back a number and a list of a chain of actors and the movies they were in together. My wife and I happen to have several good friends who have appropriate screen credits. Actors Eric Artell and Kirby Heyborne and director Kyle Rankin all had a Bacon Number of 3. That meant that we had an implied Bacon Number of 4, three times over. We ran the names of friends who are producers and writers with many screen credits, but apparently it’s a game for actors only. Directors sometimes have Bacon Numbers – for instance, Steven Spielberg – but, like our friend Kyle Rankin, they got the number for appearances as actors. (Spielberg went onscreen in Blues Brothers.) Then my wife said, “Wait a minute! You’ll be getting a screen credit as an actor for doing that one line in Ender’s Game. You were in a scene with Harrison Ford!” That’s right. I have my SAG card. I’m an actor. Harrison Ford’s Bacon Number, we soon discovered, is 2. Ford appeared with Karen Allen in Raiders of the Lost Ark, and Karen Allen and Kevin Bacon were both in Animal House.

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Not only is that a very low Bacon Number, it’s also a very early one – Ford had that Bacon Number by 1981. Now it’s almost a mark of prestige that he’s been a BN2 for 31 years without ever being in a movie with Bacon himself. Ford’s BN2 means that when Ender’s Game comes out and my name slips unobtrusively into the Internet Move Data Base (IMDB), I will have my own Bacon Number of 3. I will be as Bacon-cool as my friends. And anyone who knows me will have an unofficial Bacon Number of 4. Dear friends, family, and casual acquaintances: Soon, knowing me will bring you that much closer to greatness.


Either you enjoy doing crossword puzzles or you don’t. If you don’t, then skip this section because believe me, you won’t care about anything I’m about to say. In American crossword puzzles (unlike the cryptic British variety), the clues are relatively straightforward. But there’s an art to them. It’s the clues more than the words in the grid that decide whether a puzzle is hard or not. Oh, if it’s a celebrity-name puzzle, and you’ve never heard of the “celebrities,” then the puzzle is hard for you – but not for regular readers of People. And some puzzlemakers still resort to the occasional word so obscure that the Oxford English Dictionary has it only in a footnote.

If you work a lot of crossword puzzles there are words and names that pop up again and again, which are rarely used in actual English, but which are useful because they’re short and contain so many good combining letters. For instance: “Ort” (a bit of leftover food); “aper” (someone who imitates or “apes” someone else); “Eero” (Finnish architect and designer Eero Saarinen). In ordinary English usage, these words are never, never said. (Though of course all readers of this column will no doubt find occasion to say “ort” after a meal today. You’ll be so disappointed if everyone cleans their plates.) In Games Magazine, their feature “The World’s Orneriest Crossword Puzzle” makes clear the importance of clues to the difficulty of a puzzle. There are two sets of clues to the same large grid, hard clues and easy clues. All the clues lead to the same answers. Sometimes both lists have the same clue, because there isn’t any other. I mean, if the puzzlewright resorts to “Eero,” what clue is there but “Finnish architect Saarinen”? Maybe just “Finnish architect”? Only half of the art of crossword-making is the arrangement of words in a grid; the other half is writing clues. (In British cryptics, it’s more like three-fourths cluewriting.) And, just as there are rules for creating good cryptic clues in a British puzzle, there are rules for American clues. (Continued on page 18)

The New York Times


Hyper-Sudoku sudoku_341A

Created by Peter Ritmeester/Presented by Will Shortz

1 1 5 5 2

September 21, 22 & 23 A portion of the proceeds will benefit Clara House We will be accepting donations for Urban Ministry on-site

Dormition of the Theotokos Greek Orthodox Church

3 5




3 9

800 Westridge Road (Corner of Friendly Ave. & Westridge Rd.)


6 4 7 8

For More Information, Call 292-8013 or visit

Greek Market & Gifts | Indoor/Outdoor Dining | Church Tours

3 1 7 5 4



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Thursday, September 20, 2012

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The New York Times Crossword Puzzle

No. 0916

A GIANT CROSSWORD By David Steinberg and Barry Haldiman / Edited by Will Shortz Across

1 Hip bones

5 Safecracker 9 Zip

1 2 W h e n t h i n g s a r e n ’t going right 1 8 Te r r i f i c , i n s l a n g 19 Jai ___

2 0 We b a p p p l a t f o r m

2 1 Ti t l e h e r o i n e o f a Gustave Charpentier opera 22 Doctrines

2 3 D o m i n o ’s m o s t important part?

25 Highest taxonomic rank 26 Successors’ spots 28 Host

2 9 P. M . p a r t

31 Speak raucously

32 Game played with a rope 3 3 M o n k ’s w e a r

34 French possessive

3 5 D i r e c t o r We r t m ü l l e r 36 Grandpa Munster portrayer

38 Coastal indentations

48 ___ es Salaam

99 Sign with an arrow

4 9 Ve s t o p e n i n g

101 Bygone ruler

53 Like strongmen 56 Careful wording, maybe

5 8 T h e W h i t e H o u s e ’s ___ Room

60 Suit 61 Obsolescent belt attachment

63 Nautical pronoun 65 Cousin ___ 6 7 A c t o r E r i c o f “ Tr o y ” 68 Beam over 70 “Help wanted” inits. 71 2000 Ricky Martin hit

73 One small step 7 4 I t ’s s e p a r a t e d f r o m N.B. by the

Northumberland Strait

7 5 B a r r i s t e r ’s d e g . 7 6 O n e l e t t i n g o ff steam

7 7 H a l f a Ya l e c h e e r

RELEASE DATE: 9/23/2012

40 City on the Somme

79 “Of course, Señor!”

4 3 Wi s h o n e _ _ _ ( r u e )

8 3 Tw o l o n g p a r t s o f

42 Rudely interrupts 44 It may be cured

4 5 S u ff i x w i t h p e c k o r puck 46 Certain elective s u rg e r y, f o r s h o r t

For any three answers, call from a touch-tone phone: 1-900-285-5656, $1.49 each minute; or, with a credit card, 1-800814-5554.

81 Kind of sch. the body

86 Experience 88 Mauna ___ 90 Skin soother 92 Day-___ 9 3 _ _ _ v. A s h c r o f t

(2004 privacy case)

94 Coming up 96 Opens, in a way

102 First bishop of Paris 103 Olympic goldmedal gymnast Conner

104 Coins that disappeared during the French Revolution

106 Onetime billionaire investor Laurence 108 Certain ones, in Brooklyn

109 “Rule Britannia” composer 11 0 Wr i t e

111 _ _ _ L u m p u r, Malaysia

11 2 “ T h a t i s s o f u n n y — not!” 11 4 A p p e a r a s s u c h

11 6 E a s t e r n C o n f e r e n c e N.B.A. city 11 9 “ I _ _ _ c o n f u s e d ”

120 Androgynous “S.N.L.” skit turned into a 1994 movie 121 Escapade 122 Ersatz

123 New Mexico county or its seat 124 Gambling games

125 Addition, of a sort 1 2 6 D i c k e n s ’s U r i a h 1 2 7 F e m i n i n e s u ff i x Down

1 Long-billed bird

2 Hopeless situation

3 Wi t h 5 0 - D o w n , c r y made in [the circled letters] after the starts of 54-, 33-, 30- and 14-Down 4 Blitzkrieg, e.g.

5 Goes on and on

6 Biblical name meaning “high”

7 Ones with telescopes



10 Saint Agnes’ ___ (January 20)

11 Wo r l d p o r t a i r l i n e 1 2 Ve t

1 3 R o c k ’s _ _ _ F i g h t e r s 14 Make a mistake

17 Busybody

20 1972 Eastwood western

24 African port of 2.2 million

27 Couple of buddies? 30 Exhibit apoplexy

5 19









24 29






57 63










110 115



76 81 89





67 72







92 97







111 116


















49 58










47 56






34 38







12 21




8 20

27 32

1 5 Tr y t o r e a c h headquarters, say 16 More than 50% of humanity



8 Thingamajig

9 Smooth, in a way





113 119









33 Oil, for one

34 Per aspera ad ___ 37 Actor Wheaton of “Stand by Me”

39 Septic tank worker? 41 One foot in a line 42 Kind of overalls 43 Ad ___ 47 Sequel

50 See 3-Down

5 1 S u ff i x w i t h d u c k 52 Airport data

54 Not much of a try

5 5 “ Yo u b e t c h a ! ”

57 Football pride of Detroit

59 Half of an old film duo 62 Daddy-o

6 4 C a l i f o r n i a ’s _ _ _ River

6 6 N e w Ye a r a b r o a d

68 Forbidden perfume? 6 9 _ _ _ D o r n e y, l o c a l e of 2012 Olympic rowing

72 A/C meas. 7 8 Wi t h t h e b o w, musically

8 9 I s t a n b u l ’s _ _ _ Airport 9 1 Wr a p u p

80 Casino draws

95 Sans-serif typeface

82 Common place for something to drop

97 The scarlet letter

8 4 Ve r s a t i l e k i n d o f tire

98 Phone billing plan 99 Think that maybe one can

85 Response to a sinking feeling? 87 Arts and crafts supplies

1 0 0 Wi l l i a m _ _ _ H e n l e y, “ I n v i c t u s ” poet 102 Denounce harshly

103 Pesto part

1 0 5 1 9 6 0 s T V s p y o rg . 107 Start of a spill

111 D e s i g n e r L a g e r f e l d 11 2 R o p e m a t e r i a l 11 3 S y m b o l o f Aphrodite 11 5 _ _ _ P a u l o

11 7 N o n h u m a n v i l l a i n of a classic 1968 film 11 8 _ _ _ k w o n d o

Get answers to any three clues by touch-tone phone: 1-900-285-5656 ($1.20 each minute).

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City Drops Present on Yost’s Front Lawn sudoku_339B

Go to

Created by Peter Ritmeester/Presented by Will Shortz


and click on entertainment

8 Southern Lights

Gate City Billiards Club

Fri Sept 21

Karaoke with DJ Crash

Tue 1 Sept 25 Live Music Wed 6 Sept 26 Live Music Thu Sept 27 Live Music





Riders in the Country

Fri Sept 21 Paradox Sat Sept 22 Paradox

Crossword Solution I B A R


















4 2 1 9 8 3 7 6 5


7 5 3 6 4 1 9 2 8

6 8 9 7 2 5 3 4 1

5 4 2 1 9 6 8 7 3

1 339B

week’s issue

1 3 6 5 7 8 4 9 2

8 9 7 2 3 4 1 5 6

9 6 5 3 1 7 2 8 4

2 1 8 4 5 9 6 3 7

None of that is any good, but I’ve finally figured out why they’re building the sidewalk: The real reason the City of Greensboro is doing this is because they are having a mad passionate love affair with sidewalks. In fact, the city sidewalk people need to stop bothering citizens over their new romance; and they need to instead just have the sidewalk slip into something more comfortable and get a room. You know, the City of Greensboro people love sidewalks so much it wouldn’t surprise me one bit if they passed a law soon that outlawed walking on them. Yost Column, June, 23, 2011

Distributed by The New York Times syndicate

Solution sudoku_339B From last E W T O L R O P D O R E N I N O G I S H I C R A O L I C A N N O R K E C K C O E U A N C R G E O H O L C A F E L S A E K A A N I S V A N T E N D I


Sudoku Solution


From last week’s issue S O B A


Fri Sept 21 Bill West 3 Sat Sept 22 Lyn Koonce

6 5

4 8

by Scott D. Yost county editor

3 7 4 8 6 2 5 1 9


When I was a kid I always knew what I wanted to be when I grew up: I always dreamed of being the guy who holds the “Slow” sign when road crews are at work. I always thought that would be a great job because you are helping protect the lives of your fellow road crewmembers, and you have a lot of power and authority because you’re constantly telling drivers what to do. Also, it’s about the least strenuous work I can think of, and you get to be outside enjoying the day all day long. To me, growing up, I always thought the guy who got to hold the “Slow” sign had it much, much better than the sad pathetic road crew guy who had to hold the dreaded “Stop” sign – because that poor guy, on the other hand, has nothing but people mad at him all day long. Unlike the “Slow” guy, who motions happily for traffic to proceed, the guy stuck with the “Stop” sign gets nothing but angry stares from hurried drivers from morning until night. People stay really mad at him, and the drivers honk at him and complain and are constantly giving him the evil eye. So I always wanted to grow up to be the guy who held the slow sign. But then, one day, sitting in the back of my parents’ car observing things carefully as I always did, my dreams of growing up to become that guy came crashing down (Continued on page 33)

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Scott’s Night Out

The Rhino Times


I got so many good shots recently at the excellent FM 105.7 “Little Black Dress” party on the roof of the Kress building that I thought I’d offer a final installment of those pictures. So many beautiful women, so little page space. In the big picture is the very sweet, charming and sexy Alicia from Archdale with terrific legs. She can really pose for the camera and she looked great even despite the fact that, sadly, her dress somehow got torn that night. – Scott D. Yost

641 West Ward Ave., High Point

Thursday, September 20 • 6 pm - 8 pm Open to all business professionals. For more info call (336) 273-0885.

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Thursday, September 20, 2012

Uncle Orson (Continued from page 14) A clue can be categorical. “Oboe” can be clued as “woodwind” because it’s a member of that category. But if you go the other way with a category – if the grid word is “woodwind” – then to use “Oboe” as a clue, you need to add “for instance” or “e.g.” Another convention is that if the answer is an abbreviation, you either say so in the clue (“abbr.”) or you use an abbreviation in the clue: “Mrs” could be clued as “wife of (abbr.)” or as “Mr.’s mate.” The use of “Mr.” in the clue means that the grid word may be, but is not necessarily, an abbreviation. The most common forms of clue, though, are synonyms and definitions, and a key rule is that both definitions and synonyms must lead you to the same part of speech as the answer. So to clue the word “wife” you could use “married woman” or “mate” or “spouse” (or “wedded woman” or “female partner” or “espoused lady” and so on); but never “married” or “wedded” or “espoused,” because these are adjectival forms, and the answer is a noun. All of this is leading somewhere. The good puzzle makers – and the good puzzle editors – make sure that all clues lead you to the right part of speech. The other day I bought a series of crossword books titled according to how long it should take you to work the puzzle. Thus: :08 Min Crosswords, :25 Min Crosswords, and so on. Clever idea, and I bought several of them. There were problems with the books right away. First, they’re printed on a hardto-erase paper. Paper choice in a pencilpuzzle book is crucial, and this paper is barely tolerable. While it is thick and firm enough not to tear, and smooth enough not to snag the pencil point (there are other puzzle books with both problems), when you erase a letter, a clearly visible residue is left behind, along with a smear. But I can live with that if the puzzles are good. Which means if the grid words are clever and the clues are apt. Alas, I must warn fellow crosswights away from all these books, not because of

the paper, but because of the clues. For example, in puzzle 20 of :45 Min Crosswords, the clue “spiral shaped” leads to the grid word “whorl.” While it is true that “spiral shaped” is a true statement about whorls, it is not a clue, because it is not a definition or a synonym. “Spiral shaped” is an adjective, and “whorl” is a noun. A valid clue might be “liquid spiral” or even “spiraling liquid,” because these are noun phrases. Even “spiral shape,” without the final “d,” would be acceptable. This happens again and again. “Bachelor party” is the clue leading to “stag.” No. Wrong. “Kind of party” might work as a category clue. “______ party” would work, because “stag” is a word that commonly fills that blank. But in reference to a kind of party, “stag” is an adjective. Nobody goes to a “stag,” they go to a “stag party.” “Stag,” by itself, does not mean or imply a party of any kind. Another from the same puzzle: “Call forth emotions” is the clue for “elicit.” No, dear puzzlewright: The clue should have been “Call forth, e.g. emotions.” The word “elicit,” by itself, does not imply “emotions” at all – you can as easily elicit a comment or an action. So the clue is neither definition nor synonym. It’s simply wrong. “Be annoying” is the clue for “irking.” Why? “Annoying” by itself is a fine clue; what is the “be” there for, when it then requires the answer “irk” – the present singular instead of the present participle? The problem goes on and on. In puzzle 18, “global warming result (glacier related)” is the clue for “calve.” No. Wrong. “Result” is a noun; “calve” is a verb. A valid answer to that clue would be “iceberg” or “calving” – both nouns. A valid clue for “calve” could be “split from a glacier” or “give birth to an iceberg” – both verb phrases. The clincher was when the clue “liveliness of mood” led to the grid word “gay.” That’s a noun clue leading to an adjective! “Liveliness of mood” would be “gaiety.” “Gay” could be defined as “lively of mood.” Then there are the clues that are not just grammatically inapt, they’re flat wrong.

“Fluff and Folds” is the clue for the grid word “laundromats.” But laundromats are specifically self-serve coin-op establishments. Nobody gives you your clothes back, fluffed and folded. “Fluff and Folds” would be “laundries” or “dry cleaners.” “Toss” is the clue for “stir.” What? If they’re thinking of salads, then a tossed salad is not stirred, just as a broiled fish is not fried. In puzzle 19, “wind direction” is supposedly “lee shore.” Is this person even an English speaker? “Lee shore” is a place defined by wind, but it is not a direction of wind. “Garden chore” is supposed to get us to write “hoe” into the grid. But “hoe” is a garden tool, or, as a verb, could be clued with “do a garden chore”; the chore itself would be “hoeing.” But the stupid clue of all stupid clues is “Our universe” – with the answer being “solar system.” What fourth grader doesn’t know that this is hopelessly wrong? Crossword puzzles are language games. Research shows that working crossword puzzles really does enhance and preserve mental acuity. It’s a pastime that doesn’t waste time. But a crossword puzzle must be created by someone who actually understands English, so that clues are accurate in every way. One might say that these errors make the puzzle even more challenging. But that’s like saying that a baseball game played in two feet of standing water is even more challenging. True enough – but it’s not baseball. Without boring you with even more examples, let me just say that the other books in the series share the same cluing problems. Combined with the poor paper choice, the unreliable cluing, and various typos, the result is that a very promising idea for a crossword puzzle series goes into the trash. Meanwhile, we crosswights who like to cross wits with crosswords are all the more grateful for the master crosswrights who write their clues aright. The other sort makes us cross.


I’m happy to tell you that the funny-sad

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book All My Friends Are Dead has a sequel, All My Friends Are Still Dead, which is every bit as funny. Whomever you gave the first book to, you might follow up with the sequel on their next birthday. But since this book is only appropriately given to an old person by an even older person, chances are you have no memory of who received the first one. That’s OK. They won’t remember whether they read the first one or not. And this new book stands alone just fine.


Good middle-grade books are hard to find. Chapter books that fourth- and fifthgraders will happily read alone, which are good enough that families, including parents, will enjoy reading aloud, are rare. I’m happy to tell you that Janitors, by Tyler Whitesides, is such a book. Spencer Zumbro’s family has been in chaos since their father disappeared on a business trip to Mexico. Mrs. Zumbro does her best, but their lives are barely controlled chaos. Now they’ve moved into a house owned by some relatives and Spencer is stuck in a new school. Spencer is in sixth grade at Welcher Elementary School (in some states, junior high schools [grades 7-8] are used instead of middle schools [grades 6-8], so sixth grade is still in elementary school.) His only friend is a girl who believes every lie she’s told, but sometimes has a hard time swallowing the truth. When Spencer is unknowingly exposed to a magic potion, he starts to see three different kinds of invisible monsters that infest the school – and his friend, who believes everything, doesn’t believe this. However, Spencer soon learns that the school janitors do see the creatures. And thus he gets caught up in a struggle against a sinister conspiracy to make schoolchildren stupid. Not only is this a much more pleasant explanation for our collapsed education system (which is really caused by incompetent educational theorists, absurdly inappropriate mission-creep and insane bureaucratic rules), it’s also an enormously entertaining book. Because it’s part of a series, the ending leaves us set up for an even more perilous sequel – but this first volume has perils (Continued on page 38)

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Thursday, September 20, 2012

Letters to the Editor Kudos to the candidates Dear Editor, I have a new perspective on those men and women who are candidates for political offices. My husband, Jerry Alan Branson, is running for Guilford County Commissioner District 4. Since starting his campaign last February it has become a second job for both of us. I had no idea what it takes in order to try to win an election. There are countless hours of going to events, forums, knocking on doors, fundraisers, paperwork, etc. I want to give a pat on the back to all the folks who put their personal lives on the line to run for public offices, from the president of the United States to those running for a spot in our local government. It is very taxing on the candidates and their families. I want to say thank you to everyone who is running for office and to those who have campaigned in the past. I hope that all those who win in November will put aside their political differences and work together for the common good of all citizens. Rhonda S. Branson

Socialism is not what US needs Dear Editor, I really feel sorry for Obama in a way. He had no control over how he was raised and what all he was exposed to in his early years. But at some point he had control of the values and beliefs he adopted as his philosophies for himself in his life, and he made some choices that clearly steered him down the path toward socialism. This is not what America needs. These philosophies and policies have failed in every country that has gone down that path. Both political parties are strongly influenced by power and greed. This exists in capitalist, socialist and even in communist countries. Obama’s plan for America is crystal clear. Raise taxes or create new taxes on everyone to redistribute the so-called “wealth.” This won’t work well for any of us. When you get past all the political fluff, this is his top and bottom line. The Fed has plenty of money to provide for the common wealth and good of our citizens, and only our citizens. We just need someone in office who will trim the fat from government spending at all levels. Obama and the Democrats are not the ones who are going to do this. Ramon Bell

Increased taxes reduce employment Dear Editor, On April 1, 2009, after just a few weeks in office, President Obama signed a major federal tax on tobacco increasing the tax rate from $0.39 to $1.01 per pack. Fast forward to a recent USA Today headline stating: “Tax Hike Cuts Tobacco Consumption” and one will notice that this motion, three-and-a-half years later is hailed as successfully achieving its objective of reducing smoking in America. From day one the outcome was predictable.

Similar to Newton’s Third Law of Motion, noting for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction, imposed taxes do have a direct corollary effect with economics. Taxes suppress growth. The Democratic Party’s willful desire is to expand taxation upon individuals and small business owners in the higher echelon, who create many private sector jobs. Simply beware of the resulting higher unemployment. Mark Mortensen  

Muslim Brotherhood not our ally

Dear Editor, The Egyptian government knew these attacks were a possibility on the 11th anniversary of 9/11. These mobs along with certain elements within the Egyptian government planned the recent attacks of the US embassy. It had to be one of the main reasons the protestors were used as shields by the real perpetrators who worked behind the scenes conducting the main operation. It was a calculated move by our enemies to coincide with the 11th anniversary of 9/11. Our enemies are not stupid people. This plan has the markings on the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood written all over it. It amazes the average American how our government continues to brag about the death of Osama bin Laden knowing that our enemies our listening to our every word. For example, look at the Democratic convention where Bin Laden’s name was mentioned 21 times. Bin Linden has millions of followers and the constant mention of his name had to irritate our enemies and want revenge for his demise. That is why the information leaked out about the whereabouts of our embassy consulate and the mobs knew where to find him and then kill him. The Muslim Brotherhood is not our ally. They are supporters of terrorists throughout the world and our support for them was a huge mistake for the US and our allies throughout the world. Steven M. Shelton

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America must awake

Dear Editor, In the wake of the recent embassy attacks, a friend of mine posed the question, “Is another Pearl Harbor event coming?” My reply: I think that the Sept 11, 2001 attack was a Pearl Harbor event. This asymmetric enemy, though, does not have a national identity. Thus, there is not one consolidated enemy against which to retaliate. These radical Islamist hatemongers work by infiltrating countries, hijacking political systems and rotting the culture from within. Western civilization is under attack now and has been for decades. When we cower, appease and bury our heads in the sand, the enemy wins another battle. Eventually we will become so emasculated that we will succumb to total “conversion by the sword.” It is a death by many cuts. We must wake up now. Debra McCusker

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Thursday, September 20, 2012

The Rhinoceros Times Greensboro

Rumors (Continued from page 1) at 641 W. Ward Ave. in High Point. This center has 200,000 square feet of furniture, art, and antiques. It’s an amazing place and those who sign in and wear a name tag will get to enjoy the space as well as be treated to hors d’oeurvres and beer and wine. It’s easy to get to from Greensboro just a couple blocks off South Main Street. --So if all year you have been planning to go to Greece and you just realized you’re just not going to have time this year, you’re in luck because Greece is coming to you. The annual Greek Festival sponsored by the Dormition of the Theotokos Greek Orthodox Church is Friday Sept. 21 form 11 a.m. to 10 p.m., Saturday Sept. 22 from 11 a.m. to 10 p.m. and Sunday Sept. 23 from 12 p.m. to 6 p.m. The festival is held at the church at the corner of Westridge Road and Friendly Avenue. For more information call 292-8013 or visit --Good news for Guilford County taxpayers: The Guilford County employees who work in the BB&T building across the street from The World Headquarters of The Rhinoceros Times no longer need a security guard to open the door for them in the morning. Since we wrote about that practice the security guard has disappeared. Perhaps we need to check out some other buildings. ---

Photo by Sandy Groover

Having fun at the Central Carolina Fair.

Along those same lines city hall has become a fortress. The front door is closed to citizens because it would be dangerous to employees to allow citizens to walk in the front door and there are security guards everywhere you look. In the past 20 years the worst incidents I know of at city hall involved an angry citizen who showed up with a back pack that contained extra socks, an apple and a air horn. Then there was an old man

Ladies, you know how a bride once told you that you’d be able to re-wear your bridesmaid dress one day? And you thought: Right, if I get invited to dinner with Captain Stubing.


(Continued on page 46)

Bees (Continued from page 4)





Foundation Problems





Humidity & Mold Control

...and Nasty Crawl Spaces too!

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who did try to hit people with his cane, but he was in his upper 80s at the time and not much of a threat. And another fellow was arrested for being loud. It just doesn’t seem all that dangerous.

effort to keep the farm open in the face of budget cuts and moves by some of his political opponents, who simply want to see the scope of the sheriff’s wide-ranging empire diminish. Barnes has always argued – and still does – that inmates at the Prison Farm get a lot of benefits from being incarcerated there. He said the inmates learn both trades and self respect. However, he said, those benefits may be a thing of the past. “I’m a realist,” Barnes said. “My first job is law enforcement and being keeper of the jail.” The Prison Farm holds about 40 or 50 prisoners a day during the week and around 120 on weekends when the “weekenders” come in to serve out convictions ­– largely drunk driving cases or other cases where a judge has determined someone’s incarceration shouldn’t cost them their job. Gibsonville Mayor Lenny Williams said the citizens in eastern Guilford County seem to enjoy having the farm in the area and he said many would like to see it remain open in the years to come. “They like going there to buy plants,” Williams said. He also said the facility has been there long enough that nearby residents have a very high comfort level with it because the inmates there aren’t being held on violent crimes and, he added, there’s never been an escape that he knows about. Commissioner Billy Yow said he doesn’t

think people understand the importance of the Prison Farm and all that goes on there. Like Barnes, Yow said that all the benefits of having inmates working at the farm can’t be captured in the farm’s revenue numbers or other statistics. He said that, when an inmate helps deliver a calf and holds a new life in his hands, it is a transformative moment. Yow added that working on a farm furthers character development in many other ways as well. “It does change lives,” Yow said. “It gives him a down to earth, grassroots skill set, and it teaches him where he comes from.” Yow added that, when it comes to jobs working with the earth, livestock and the public – such as farming, tending cattle or working in the farm’s greenhouse helping patrons decide which plants to purchase – it gives the inmates a sense of self worth that’s important for their character development. “They feel important,” Yow said. About 10 years ago, Barnes attempted to convince the Guilford County Board of Commissioners to build an 18-hole golf course, a driving range and a practice putting green at the Prison Farm, but that effort got little support from the board. Barnes said recently that some of his staff at the farm had come up with an alternative idea that he also doesn’t think will fly well with the commissioners. “Some staff have suggested we build a race track out there,” Barnes said. “I’ve got some race fans in my department.”

The Rhinoceros Times Greensboro

Yost (Continued from page 16) around me when I saw, my idol, the slow sign guy, suddenly turn his sign around to reveal to my horrified amazement that ­– in addition to being the slow sign guy – he was the stop sign guy as well. They were one and the same. It was like a betrayal, a dagger through my heart, that the slow sign guy and the stop sign guy were simply two sides of the same coin. Good and evil. Darkness and light. Yin and yang. Chang and Eng. Luke, I’m your father. So, after my childhood dreams were crushed, I settled for being a writer – a job where you don’t get to be outside all day, and you don’t get to tell people what to do, and you aren’t protecting anyone’s life – and, to boot, large groups of people stay mad at you all the time just as though you were the guy holding the sign that says “Stop.” The reason I’ve been thinking a lot lately about my childhood dreams is because the man with the sign has been right outside my house for days now, and I watch him from my window as he turns his sign relentlessly from slow to stop and back to slow again. He’s there because the city sidewalk people have finally begun putting a sidewalk in front of my house. (You are next by the way; ask not for whom the sidewalk man tolls …) It all started about four years ago. I got a letter from the city people that said they would be putting a sidewalk in front of my house. That was right around the time when the city people were falling madly in love with sidewalks and they began having a mad passionate love affair with them. And, ever since then, if you didn’t know, the City of Greensboro has been attempting to get Greensboro in the Guinness Book of World Records as the city with the world’s most sidewalks per capita. So that’s why they’re putting down so many sidewalks. And the reason I, in particular, am getting a sidewalk against my loud objections is because the city and the county both have it out for me. This is the same city that a few years back, no kidding, with police who took me downtown in handcuffs to blow a 0.00, and it’s in the same county where they, also

Thursday, September 20, 2012

no kidding, recently began the process of garnishing my wages for a $30 tax bill that was seven weeks past due. So there’s no question that both city and county hall have it out for me – which brings us to the sidewalk people, who work for the city. Now, the sidewalk people sent me that letter years ago saying that they would put in the sidewalk any time now, but over the years, they have, until now, never put in a sidewalk. You know, after they sent me notification four years ago, I would never see them, but I would see evidence of their visitation. I would come home from work and see that someone had drawn some strange chalk marks in the grass, like an alien crop circle event. Or there would be wooden stakes in the ground in a weird pattern or something else like that. Then, finally, I saw one of the sidewalk people working on another part of the street, and I said, you know, you don’t need to build a sidewalk in front of my house because no one ever walks in front of my house and the guy said, “Oh, you just wait.” He said, “Once that sidewalk is there then, buddy, you’ll have plenty of people strolling up and down that street.” Then, about nine months ago, there were sidewalk people working on the street right out in front of my house and, I said to myself: That’s it, Yost, reprieve over – your time has come. Say hello to your new sidewalk. But to my happy amazement, I realized that the sidewalk people were working on the other side of the street, which I don’t care about and, after they finished there they just packed up and moved on. So I figured, well, maybe the sidewalk people have decided they don’t need one on my side – because why in the world would you need a sidewalk on both sides of the street? There’s an answer to that question, but it’s not a pretty one. The reason they always put sidewalks on both sides of the street at a cost to taxpayers of millions of extra dollars – even though they don’t need sidewalks on both sides of the street (or even on one side in most cases for that matter) – is because no one wants a

The Rhino Times


sidewalk in front of their house, and, if you put them there and you don’t put one across the street, then the people unlucky enough to have the sidewalk on their side of the street get mad, because it’s not fair that all the riffraff sauntering loudly and threateningly up and down the street are on their side and not on your side. And the city sidewalk people don’t care at all about doubling the cost: Hey, it’s not their money – so why not build a sidewalk everywhere the mood hits them. Then, last year they sent me another letter to toy with me further. “This letter,” it said, “is to inform you that the City of Greensboro will begin construction of a sidewalk in front of the property that you occupy in the next few weeks, with the clearing of the larger trees taking place possibly next week. The sidewalk will be constructed at no cost to you …” I stopped weeding and planting and fixing up the lawn near the road because a sidewalk was coming in any day now, but the sidewalk never came. Then one day not long ago, it hit me that the last letter had come over a year ago and there was still no sidewalk. Week after week went by. Finally, I said to myself that they were clearly never going to come, and the front of the yard was looking very shabby by then, so I went out there on a Saturday

Page 33

and pulled out weeds, and replanted the bare spots and made it look really nice and then, the Monday after I had done that, I came home and they had excavated every square inch of lawn along the street, and, just to make doubly sure I understood who was in charge, they summarily slapped an outhouse down right at the entrance to my driveway. Now, there’s a long stretch of roadwork going on as they put in the sidewalk, but there’s only one outhouse and they chose to put it in front of my house because I write for The Rhinoceros Times. I will say that it at least makes it easy to give directions. If I have company coming over, I say, “You just come down the street and my house is the one with the outhouse out front.” And the person is like, “Excuse me?” And I say, “The outhouse – just look for the outhouse next to my driveway. You can’t miss it.” And it does make it easier when you have a party and have a lot of guests over because they may say, “Can you please tell me where the restroom is?” and I say, “Sure, please use that outhouse out front.” Or, I might say, “Oh, didn’t you see the restroom when you pulled in?” But then, after that occurred to me, I had a thought: I myself haven’t even been in the outhouse or used it yet, so I’d better not (Continued on page 39)

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Thursday, September 20, 2012

The Rhinoceros Times Greensboro

Thursday, September 20, 2012

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Thursday, September 20, 2012

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HELP WANTED Chemist or a Chemical Engineer with exposure to Plastics / Polymers and the chemical industry, who will focus on products and application development with considerable customer interaction. Chemical Engineering or Chemical Degree & 2-5 years experience in chemical industry. Resumes should be sent to

IMMEDIATE OPENINGS! BEAUTICONTROL Looking for 2 people in this area to promote #1 Spa Brand products. Unlimited income, flexible hours and a FUN business. To learn more, call (336) 813-2697.

Now hiring for the hottest restaurant in town Dames almost World Famous Chicken & Waffles. Soon to be downtown newest landmark! Hiring for: Line Cooks, Prep Cooks, Food Runners, Waiters/Waitresses Host/Hostesses and Bartenders Experience Required For more info visit dameschickenwaffles. com or call (336) 275-7333

BUSINESS SERVICES TRIAD ENGRAVING & PRINTING: Signs, Banners, Rubber Stamps, Awards, Trophies, Printing; 1110 Grecade Street, Greensboro, NC 336-856-2311;

FINANCIAL SERVICES Beware of loan fraud. Please check with the Better Business Bureau or Consumer Protection Agency before sending any money to any loan company. SAPA LAWSUIT CASH Auto Accident? All Cases Qualify. Get CASH before your case settles. Fast Approval. Low Fees. 1-866-709-1100 or SAPA $$$ ACCESS LAWSUIT Cash Now!! Injury Lawsuit Dragging? Need $500-$500,000++ within 48/hours? Low rates. Apply Now By Phone! 1-800-568-8321. Not Valid in CO or NC. SAPA



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Inspections Repairs • Fixturing Home • Business Improvements

RAPID WEIGHT LOSS!!! Dr. Jeffrey Hooper’s Weight Loss Clinic Physician Prescribed Weight Loss Looking to shed pounds Quickly?

Licensed, Insured Quality Driven Service

We offer the HCG injections for RAPID WEIGHT LOSS.


Offices in Greensboro, & Asheboro

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BEAUTY SERVICES Love Jafra products but no time for parties? Quick order your favorite products from me! Call 778-1425

MEDICAL SERVICES !!! RAPID WEIGHT LOSS!!! Dr. Jeffrey Hooper’s Weight Loss Clinic Physician Prescribed Weight Loss Looking to shed pounds Quickly? We offer the HCG injections for RAPID WEIGHT LOSS. Offices in Greensboro & Asheboro Call 336-588-1505 for appointment and locations

HANDYMAN SERVICES Spring Garden Construction Co. Handyman work, painting, remodeling, siding, windows, all types of home repairs. Call 336-918-6528. Jsw1108@msn. com

Call 336-588-1505

for appointment and locations Jack of All Trades. Handyman Services. Carpentry, masonry, electrical, plumbing, painting. Cost effective home repairs. If you’re tired of noshows, call Joseph Roy…I show up! Free Estimates. 336-706-5616

HOME IMPROVEMENT Ugly Bathtub? Don’t replace, Refinish! Fast, 2-Day Process. Thousand Less than Replacement! Call Miracle Method, 336-923-8900. We also repair and refinish: countertops, tile showers and walls, sinks and vanities, fiberglass tubs and showers. Spring Garden Construction Co. Handyman work, painting, remodeling, siding, windows, all types of home repairs. Call 336-918-6528. Jsw1108@msn. com CastleWorks Window Cleaning- Includes Pressure Washing, Gutter Cleaning, Chandelier & Ceiling Fan Cleaning plus other high ladder work. Fully insured and bonded. Free estimates Call Today 336-6090677 Furniture Medic uses advanced techniques and materials to repair wood and leather surfaces. Services also include the enhancement of existing wood finishes on vanities, kitchen cabinets, doors, floors, and trim work. Free Estimates. 336/404-1471 Jack of All Trades. Handyman Services. Carpentry, masonry, electrical, plumbing, painting. Cost effective home repairs. If you’re tired of noshows, call Joseph Roy…I show up! Free Estimates. 336-706-5616


Sheetrock Services- Textured Ceilings. Call Mike or Jeff Welchel: 336-375-3515, Father & Son. Masonry Concepts. Brick, Block, Stone, Concrete & Repairs. Free Estimates. No job too small. 336-988-1022. Licensed & Insured. BBB accredited.

Put Your Advertisement In


2-Sided Steel Coil Innerspring Mattress:

(No Thin Foam Mattresses Sold Here)

Includes Pressure Washing Gutter Cleaning Chandelier & Ceiling Fan Cleaning plus other high ladder work. Fully insured and bonded

Free esTimaTes

Call Today 336-609-0677

• Masonry Repairs • Glass Replacement • Replacement Windows • Outdoor Equipment Assembly If you’re tired of “no-shows”



336.706.5616 (Preferred) Emergency Services Available

+ Pillowtop Queens, 5 yr warranty ~ $225 set

WHOLESALE BEDDING buys direct from America’s quality regional bedding suppliers by the truckload.

Huge On-Site Inventory

Wholesale Bedding • 5715 W. Market St. 336-852-0090 •



Carpet Cleaning & Restoration. All cleaning includes free deodorizing! Call and ask about our money saving specials today! 24 Hr Water Extractions. Agape Services 336-988-6390. Additional services include lawn care, pressure washing, mobile detailing. agapeservices@ yahoo. com TJ’s Pressure Washing & Carpet Cleaning Service. Serving the Triad area. Mobile Detailing, Pressure Wash Homes, Carpet Cleaning, Etc…Contact TJ 336-404-4037



Triad Tree and Lawn Care. Offering Tree Removal and Stump Grinding Service. Free Estimates. Bonded. Licensed. Insured. Call 336-991-1496.




Stump Grinding

* DON’S HAULING* Trash, Brush, Construction, Appliances Garage Debris Removal Attics/Basements!! 336-697-5288

Dare To Know

RICK’S STUMP GRINDING Prices starting at $59.95! Free Estimates. Licensed. 336-856-1931 or 382-6990

Prime Office Space

FOR LEASE Across from the Old Guilford County Court House

1200 sf of space 218 West Market St.

Melissa at 544-1952


Twins ~ $95/set Fulls ~ $125/set Queens ~ $150/set Kings ~ $250/set


Readers • Call

Cost Effective Home Repairs! • Carpentry • Flooring • Plumbing • Drywall • Painting • Electrical



Front of 166,500


13 weeks: $130 26 weeks: $228 52 weeks: $312

Parking Included

(336) 282-3773

A DREAM HOME BuSiNESS Make up to $150 an hour and more performing a service that’s in high demand in most homes and businesses.


This is an exclusive offer from DRY-TECH, an innovative leader in the carpet and upholstery cleaning industry. They developed a groundbreaking method of dry cleaning carpets using a lightweight, compact and portable machine. It makes other cleaning methods obsolete. It cleans better and faster than traditional systems and leaves carpets dry within an hour. This major advance will create an unprecedented service demand. DRY-TECH needs service providers NOW! It’s your opportunity to become financially independent in the next 3 to 5 years. DRY-TECH will show you how and set you up with everything you need.


fREE Report


Attn: Eric Levine, PROMO # CL 37718 19871 Nordhoff St. Northridge, CA 91324

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Thursday, September 20, 2012

Beep (Continued from page 10) you don’t agree with the person because he is in office, that’s another thing. So, Democrats, Republicans, Independents and undecideds, you need to look at the record of the Republicans. %%% At the Democratic convention last week the Democrats seem to want to claim the mantle of being the party of defense for the United States. But I would point out that in its most recent attack on the consulate and the unfortunate death of four Americans in Libya that there was an attack two hours earlier on the Egyptian embassy. Why would we not have responded quicker? Why would our people and personnel in Libya not have been contacted and put on caution? I think this is a small

demonstration of the failure to lead, a failure to provide protection to employees and should be noted by the public. %%% Hi. I’ve got two questions. One, why don’t you carry the movie listings anymore? And, two, why are the Baltimore Orioles games blacked out here in Greensboro? I’d like to hear that from somebody. Appreciate it. %%% Editor’s Note: We got tired of giving movie theaters free advertising. %%% I just heard on channel 8 they were talking about all the homeless kids going to school. I thought Obama was taking care of all of that. He’s supposed to be so smart. That’s what he brags on. And, then, those people

Better Selection...Better Service...Better Quality

The Rhinoceros Times Greensboro

down there want to vote him back in? And these kids out here sleeping in vans, cars and things. Yet, he gets up there and wants another three years to do the same thing to put the rest of us in our vans a sleeping? Not me. Now that bunch of dumb clucks down there in Charlotte that jumped up and down hollering for him, if there is any bad luck comes, I hope they’re the ones that gets it, not me. Three years of him was enough. And they talk about all these jobs, all these people with no jobs and things, and they want to put him back in? %%% This is for the caller who took the dare. First of all, I want to say that I’m sorry to read that the caller had had some tough times in life. And I hope the caller’s fortunes are much better in the future. But the caller was right on the money when he or she

clearance sale We’re moving MUST reduce inventory

Starting Sept 17th, 8AM to 6PM; Sat hours 9AM to 1PM

13 Weeks: $260*

*Prepay and get 15% off!

Call Melissa: (336) 544-1952


safes, Files, Lockers & More

829 Huffman Street Greensboro, N.C. 27405 336-274-1525


Safes & Vaults, Inc.

called in and said the world does not owe them a living. That’s the whole point. %%% I just read your article on Sep. 6. According to Scott Yost, county editor, they’re going to refurbish the old jail. And my question is, why spend money on an old jail if you just finished a $100 million new jail? Tear the old jail down, and use it for parking spaces, or whatever is needed since the old jail is outdated. Thank you. %%% Editor’s Note: Guilford County plans to rent the cells to the federal government, other counties, and possibly the state, and make a profit. %%% (Continued on page 38)

I live


but I’m never alone.

I have


For a FREE brochure call:

Agape Services Carpet Cleaning & Restoration All cleaning includes

free deodorizing!

Call and ask about our money saving specials today! 24 Hr Water Extractions. Call Johnny 336-988-6390. Additional services include lawn care, pressure washing, mobile detailing.

• Handyman work • Painting • Remodeling • Siding • Windows • All types of home repairs

spring garden construction co.

336.918.6528 • Sheetrock Service • Textured Ceilings • Plaster Repair • Painting Interior/ Exterior • Remodeling • Carpentry Painting of Textured Ceilings Father Son


5538 Jason Road • Greensboro, NC 27405

Mike & Jeff 336.375.3515



Automotive Repair Center We can solve that “Check Engineâ€? light problem • Catalytic Converters • Engine Work • Mufflers • Brakes • Performance Exhaust

FREE ESTIMATES 336.991.1496

Serving Greensboro “We weld our exhaust systems for over 20 like the factory does — a better job for you, our valued Years Hours: M-F 8:00am-5:30pm customer.� 716 Camann Street | Greensboro, NC 27407



Bonded • Licensed • Insured



Licensed & Insured

7360 W. FRIENDLY AVE., STE 116, GREENSBORO, NC 336-856-2311

Brick • Block • Stone Concrete • Repairs 336.988.1022

Free Estimates!

“No Job Too Small�

The Rhinoceros Times Greensboro

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Real Estate


Call: Melissa (336) 544-1952

Email: Deadline: Friday by 5pm Online: Fax: (336) 273-0821

Rhinofieds RHINO RATES: 1-3 lines - 4 weeks, $25 | 4-6 lines - 4 weeks, $35 Our Policy Review your ad the 1st week it runs. If you notice an error, please call the Classified Department at 5441952. We cannot be responsible for errors reported after the 1st week of publication. Liability shall not exceed the cost of that portion of space occupied by such an error. We make every effort to print only those ads deemed credible & reserve the right to correctly classify & edit copy & reject or cancel any advertisement at any time. Early cancellation or withdrawal of ads does not entitle the purchaser to a discount or refund.

ANNOUNCEMENTS Test drive a career in real estate! Visit Coldwell Banker Triad, Realtors.

AUCTIONS During a recent 30 day period we sold ONE commercial building, TWO vacant lots, and SEVEN single family homes! Maybe we can work our magic for you as well. Contact the Genie at John C Pegg Auction & Appraisal Service 336.996.4414 or email Professional Auctioneer and Liquidator of Real Estate and Chattel of any type. #5098


106 Sunset Circle, Ste. 301. Like new. 2br/2ba, 9ft ceilings, Washer/dryer, dishwasher, microwave, refrigerator. Close to Moses Cone. Walking distance to Country Club. $895/mth includes water. Call 336681-8808. LINDLEY PARK- 2br/1ba duplex apt. 1200sf. Hdwd floor, garage, water incld. $575/mo. Call 336-6746462. LATHAM PARK- Completely remodeled, 2br/1ba, stove, refrigerator, washer & dryer. Smoking/pets no. $485/month. $350 dep. Call 336-601-5252 or 336-674-6523.


Super Energy Efficient!

1312 Granada Lane, Greensboro

3br/2ba, LR, DR, den w/fpl, lrg kitchen, laundry rm, storage, fenced backyard.

only $895/mth Call Conrad Realtors 336-885-4111 415-A East Radiance Dr duplex in Sunset Hills. 1/2 block from Lake Daniel park, near UNCG, public transportation. Immaculate condition. 2 bdrms/1 bath. Totally renovated. Appliances include washer/ dryer, refrigerator, range, microwave. Gas heat/ central air. Best suited for one person. Immediately occupancy. No pets or smoking. $565 month. Email or call 601-3004.

THE ELMS Special Rates: One bedroom garden Apt. $415/mo Two bedroom garden Apt. $475/mo Desirable 3307 N. Elm St location 336-288-5755 or 379-8384 Knight Rentals Houses & Apts For Rent Lambeth-Osborne Realty 214 W. Market St. (336) 272-3163 1312 Granada Lane in Greensboro. Super energy efficient home - heat and cooling averages under $30 per month. 3br/2ba, LR, DR, den with fireplace, large kitchen, laundry room, storage, fenced backyard. $895/mo. Call Conrad Realtors 336-885-4111 APARTMENTS OFF W. WENDOVER 4005/4007 MCINTOSH ST 1 BR/ 1 BATH $325 2 BR/ 2 BATH $425 STOVE & FRIG/WATER INCLUDED ALL ELECTRIC/CENTRAL AIR WRENN ZEALY PROPERTIES 336-272-3183 UNCG area 1 & 2BR Apts Appls, A/C, character galore $395-$625 Rent-A-Home (336) 272-0767

College Hill - Charming 2r/1ba apt. Large rooms, high ceiling, hardwood floors, ceramic tile frig and stove. Laundry on site. Covered front porch. $750/ UNCG Area - 1 Bedroom 1 Bath studio mo incl heat and water. Rent-A-Home @ 336-272efficiency style apartment for rent. $375.00 0767. month. Heat/AC and private parking. No pets. Historic Aycock District/Chestnut Court- 1 or Call James 336-681-7886. 2 BR/1 BA apartments, all electric, laundry on site, Jamestown – Modern 2br/2ba condo, fireplace with water included. $425-$525/mo. Rent-A-Home @ gas logs, all appliances, $750/mo. Rent-A-Home @ (336) 272-0767. 336-272-0767.


All real estate advertised in this newspaper is subject to the federal EQUAL HOUSING and state Fair Housing Act which OPPORTUNITY makes it illegal to advertise “any preference, limitation or discrimination based on race, color, religion, sex, handicap, familial status or national origin, or an intention to make any such preference, limitation, or discrimination.” The newspaper will not knowingly accept any advertising for real estate which is in violation of the law. All persons are hereby informed that all dwellings advertised are available on an equal opportunity basis.


Executive Country Home on 11 private acres 15 minutes from downtown Winston-Salem, 3 BD, 2.5 BA plus office and large bonus room with pool table. MBR suite on main level, attached garage, tons of storage, 3600 SF, $2700/mo. 336-442-5609 or 336-453-5128,

LAWNDALE Twnhse. $360/mo incl util, no smkg, dep, refs. 30 day notice. 336-501-8410

FOR SALE BY OWNER ATTENTION INVESTORS! 2 houses side by side. 3br/2ba and 3br/2.5ba house. Located in High Point. Call 336-442-5609


3502 Summit Lakes Drive - $479,900. Quality built executive brick home with 4BR/3.5BA/ 3 car garage on 1.28 acres, granite countertops, stainless steel appliances, two stone fireplaces, extensive molding, screen porch, stamped concrete, tankless water heater, sprinkler system, wet bar and much more. John Owens - 379-8645, www. Ray Realty

WHY RENT WHEN YOU CAN OWN? We maintain an inventory of owner-financed homes. All Credit OK! No Banks Needed!

Best Landlords! Best


Mosby Oaks 2 Bedroom Townhouse Apts. $400 month 3806-14 Mosby Dr. Off Merritt Dr. 336-379-8384 Knight Rentals

942 Briar Run Dr, Gso, 27405. 4bd/2.5b home. New carpet, new paint. Spac den. Formal DR. Master bath w/vaulted ceilings, garden tub, sep shwr. Spac kit w/ stove refrigerator, dishwasher. 1 car garage. Fenced yard. Central air/gas heat. $1100. Call Mojgan Jordan at Palmetto Equity Group (336) 271-3020.

WANTED Houses To Buy Call 336-442-5609,

Call me for any questions or to help you find your new home. Pam Staples, REALTOR ®/ Broker, Allen Tate Realtors. (336) 210-9776 http://www.

5043 Tamarack Dr, Wiley Park, Gso. 3bd/2.5ba. To be constructed! Buy now, choose your finishes, colors. Great open plan w/ML mstr w/lux bath, huge walk-in closet; Kit w/bfst area; vaulted great rm w/FP; open DR; huge 2nd level bonus. Agent related to seller. $275,000. Allen Tate Realtors, Bobbie Maynard, 336821 Creek Crossing Tr. Whitsett 27377. 2bd/2.5ba 215-8017 townhome. On Stony Creek Golf course. Two mstrs up. LR w/gas FP. Formal DR. Beautiful hdwds ML, 4612 Baylor Street, Gos, Alexander Pointe. 3 BR/2.5 carpet up. Stove, refrigerator, dishwasher, microwave. BA. Lovely home, convenient location close to shops, W/D included. Central air/gas heat. 1 car garage. restaurants. Open plan w/ 2-story great rm, foyer; $950. Call Mojgan Jordan at Palmetto Equity Group ML mstr; hdwds down; maple cabs, Corian ctops; 2nd level bonus rm; cul-de-sac lot; builder’s personal (336) 271-3020. home. $279,900 Allen Tate Realtors, Bobbie Maynard, 336-215-8017

3This Out

Page 37

Houses & Apartments For Rent For available property listings stop by our office. Lambeth-Osborne Realty 214 W. Market St.

336-272-3163 507 Creek Ridge 1.08 acres zoned RM-18


503 Creek Ridge .85 acres zoned RM-18


Multi- family land conveniently located near Randleman Road with nice homes that can be rented on them.

Call John Owens at

(336) 317-2266

3 Leawood Ct, Madison Woods. 4 BR/ 3 BA. Like new brick home. Newly renovated, spacious, close to conveniences. Brand new kit w/granite, upgraded cabinetry, SS appliances. Formal rooms, 2 family rooms, sunroom. Hdwds, crown molding, updated baths. Finished walk-out basement. Lower level 2 215 Slate Dr, Gibsonville- 3bd/2ba townhome, 2 car car garage and laundry room. $219,000. Allen Tate garage, 1,540 sf. Spac plan, open kit, lrg pantry. 1406 Kingston Rd. Gso, 27405. 3bd/1.5ba ranch. Realtors, Bobbie Maynard, 336-215-8017 Nice mstr suite w/linen closet, 60” shower, lrg walkLR, eat-in kit w/stove, refrigerator. Hdwds. Central in closet. Priced at $137,455. Call Jenny Blythe, air/gas heat. Outside storage closet. Lrg bkyrd. 1 car 4028 Adair Ln, Mackintosh on the Lake/Braemar, Shugart Enterprises at 336-446-7465 carport. $675. Call Mojgan Jordan at Palmetto Equity Burlington. New Price! 5bd/4ba brick front 2-story. Group (336) 271-3020. Close to conveniences, resort-like n’hood amenities. 4029 Saint Johns St, High Pt. Charming new plan, Huge mstr ste w/ lux tile bath, sitting room, 2 closets; corner lot. Beautiful stone & cedar shake accents on 1515 Oak St. Gso, 27403. 2bd/1ba bungalow. LR. Kit w/sep cooktop, oven, granite, center island, walk- front exterior. Open plan, 9’ceilings, spac kit w/ bay Sep DR w/French doors to kit. Stove, refrigerator in pantry, SS appli; sep LR, DR, ML guest rm , fin window in dining/breakfast rm. Can still select interior incl. Carpet, vinyl floors. Ceiling fans. Central air/gas b’ment w/rec rm & full bath, large deck. $349,900. options such as cabinets, ctops, flooring, light fixtures, heat. Fenced bkyrd. In Glenwood Community, mins Allen Tate Realtors, Bobbie Maynard, 336-215-8017 etc. Priced at $171,580. Call Linda Weaver, Shugart from UNCG, downtown. $700. Call Mojgan Jordan at Enterprises at 336-886-7804 Palmetto Equity Group (336) 271-3020. 4 Augusta Ct, The Orchard. 3bd/2ba. Charming brick ranch, nearly half acre, terrific cul-de-sac! Lrg 332 Slate Dr, Gibsonville- 3bd/2ba home, 1,521 sf. 7 Saddleberry Way. Gso, 27410 2bd, 2ba yard w/garden space; spac rooms; sep DR; formal Open kit w/large walk-in pantry, black appliances, townhome. LR w/corner FP. Spac kit w/island, bfst LR; den/family rm w/cozy FP, hdwds; eat-in kit w/tile ceramic bksplsh. Large mstr suite w/60” shower, bar. Stove, refrigerator, dishwasher, microwave. 2 ctops; Northern Elem, Middle, High Schools; nhood walk-in closet. Priced at $143,485. Call Jenny mstrs up w/full baths, walk in closets. 1 car garage, pool, clubhouse. Don’t miss it! $150,000. Allen Tate Blythe, Shugart Enterprises at 336-446-7465 Lawncare and access to nhood pool incl. 2 car limit. Realtors, Bobbie Maynard, 336-215-8017 $895. Call Mojgan Jordan at Palmetto Equity Group 772 Stafford Park. Like new 4bd/2.5ba, 2 story, 2 car (336) 271-3020. 6702 Polo Farms Dr, Summerfield. Polo Farms garage. Open kit to 2 story family rm, FP, ML mstr, beauty, huge 1.3 acre lot. Perfect for large family laminate wd flrs, more. $199,900. Jamie Harrelson, or owners w/guests (5+BRs possible). Open plan Prudential Carolinas Realty, 336-889-9192. Sta772 ideal for entertaining w/huge kit, granite bar, inviting sunrm, great rm w/FP, 2 optional den/living/office/ 4620 Kernersville Rd: $114,000, Brick ranch, full game rms. Back patio w/built-in grill. Summerfield unfin bsmt, 3br/1ba, Move in ready, breezeway to Elem. $499,900. Gil Vaughan- Prudential Yost & 2 car garage, carport. Jamie Harrelson, Prudential Little-337-4780 Carolinas Realty, 336-889-9192

WAFCO MILLS, FAB 2 bedroom condo fully furnished for $1350/mo. Walk to Universities, Law school and Downtown. Fireplace, private parking. Call 336-255-6080.

Irving Park

FOR RENT Large 2BR/2BA condo



office space available 412 east Market st, Approx 1400 Sq Ft/$775

houses available 607 Jolson st, 2 Br $495 Stove & Frig/ Gas Heat, Washer Connection 1300 clerMont st, 3 BR $695 Gas Heat/Central Air, Washer/Dryer Connections WRENN ZEALY PROPERTIES 336-272-3183

3397 Hedrick Meadow, Gibsonville. New Construction 3bd/2.5ba/2 Car low maintenance beauty, 1.23Ac near Northeast Park. Open plan, 9’ ceilings ML, kit w/granite ctops, pantry, hdwds, great rm w/FP, low county taxes, No HOA, USDA 100% financing eligible. $189,900. Gil Vaughan- Prudential Yost & Little-337-4780 1260 Beaver Creek Rd, Mayodan. Reduced $15,000. $2000 in CCs. $1000 bonus to agent. Looking for nice country place? 3bd/2ba/3car home, 9.6 predominantly wooded acres just outside Mayodan. New screened porch, new 30x30 metal 3-car gar w/extra carport. Easy commute to Triad/Southern VA. -$125,000. Call Gil Vaughan- Prudential Yost & Little-337-4780 1101 W. Market St, Gso. Great office opportunity for private practice entity/group. Wonderfully renovated (2005) historic district property near downtown Gso, UNCG. Owner offering for sale or partial lease (furnished)! $324,900. Call Gil Vaughan- Prudential Yost & Little-337-4780


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2923 Oaktop. Great opportunity to buy instead of rent! UL condo near Battleground Park, n’hood pool. W/D, fridge stay. Fresh paint, carpets cleaned. Convenient to YMCA, Starbucks, Harris Teeter, restaurants/shps. $45,000. Angie Wilkie, Allen Tate, 336-451-9519 4815 Tower Road 3BR/2.5BA Wonderful End Unit 3bd townhome in great location! Tile floors in entry, hallway, kit . New carpet down. Bright, open kit w/ beautiful bay window. Spac family rm w/addition that can be office or sunroom. Private fenced back patio. $109,00. Angie Wilkie, Allen Tate, 336-451-9519 4406 Cove Way Rare 3bd/2 Bath end unit, sunrm/ keeping rm. Spac great rm w/vaulted ceil, gas FP. Sunrm off kit. Formal DR, informal bfst nook. Mstr w/ walk in closet, add’l closet for ample clothing space. Second bdrm w/private bath. All appliances remain including W/D. *Will sell w/furniture for add’l cost!* $139,900. Angie Wilkie, Allen Tate, 336-451-9519 314 N Elam Ave. 3BR/2BA Lots of updates! New tile floor, ctops, SS appli. New tile, toilets in baths. Mstr bath w/brand new tile walk in shwr. Mstr w/huge walk thru closet, storage space. office can be den. Built ins thruout. New paint, carpet, refinished hdwds. Brand new oil furnace. Screened porch, spac laundry rm. Slate entry, surround on FP. $154,900. Angie Wilkie, Allen Tate, 336-451-9519 3502 Panarama 4BR/2.5BA Gorgeous home with lake view. Features ml mstr; Huge kit w/island separating family room. Beautiful screened in porch. 3 bdrms up w/loft best used as office. Immaculate. $164,900. Angie Wilkie, Allen Tate, 336-451-9519 4038 Quartergate Dr. 4BR/2.5BA New granite, carpet, appliances have been installed! Well maintained, brick front, covered back patio, large level bkyrd. established, well kept nbhood. French doors to patio from tile floored bfst area. Mud room off garage enty; sep jetted tub. W/D, refrigerator, full size freezer in laundry stays! Owner hates to leave but relocated. $199,900. Angie Wilkie, Allen Tate, 336-451-9519 600 Bellemeade 3BR/3.5BA Downtown living Inspired by NYC Brownstones. Enjoy urban living with access to downtown, one block from Grasshoppers ballpark. This end unit 4 level condo with rooftop terrace has views of downtown Greensboro on every level. Hw flrs throughout; kitchen features granite, tile bcksplsh & ss appliances; ample storage space; 2 car attached garage + 2 car drive parking. All brs have access to a full bath. Master suite w/ sitting area; master bath w/ dual vanities, jetted tub, custom tile shower, & htd fan. $399,000. Angie Wilkie, Allen Tate, 336-451-9519

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Thursday, September 20, 2012

Uncle Orson (Continued from page 18) enough, and the ending is quite satisfying. It’s also funny – especially when read aloud to a group of elementary schoolchildren. Yet Tyler always keeps the action within fairly plausible limits. That is, the invisible monsters are obviously not real, but what the children do about them is within the reach of children in the real world. Speaking of middle-grade books, when I was 8 years old in 1959, having exhausted all the books that were remotely interesting in my official age-group section at the Santa Clara Public Library, I discovered a group of nice thick books at the fifth-grade level that became my obsession until at last I exhausted the supply. I started with a book from Joseph Altsheler’s French and Indian War series. These books were clearly imitative of James Fenimore Cooper’s Natty Bumppo books, like Deerslayer, but with the youthful heroes required in youngadult fiction. I quickly moved on to Altsheler’s Civil War series. I read them out of order, starting with The Rock of Chickamauga, the sixth book in an eight-book series, but it didn’t matter. It was a terrific adventure from the point of view of a young Union officer from Kentucky who served as aide and occasional spy for some of the leading figures in the western Union army. I soon read all the books – relentlessly out of order, since I could only check out what happened to be on the library shelf at any given moment. Ironically, I got to the first book, The Guns of Bull Run, last of all – somebody had checked it out and kept it way overdue, probably without even reading it. The series alternates between two Kentucky cousins, one from a wealthy, politically prominent family, who serves in the Southern army, and the other his poorer and more bookish cousin, who fights for the North. Reading these books turned me into a full-fledged Civil War buff, in large part because, along with being compelling

stories with believable, admirable characters, the novels also gave a clear, fair-minded, accurate presentation of the issues at stake and the strategies and tactics involved in major battles of the Civil War. In other words, they were smart books that were completely satisfying to young readers on every level. Considering that Altsheler first published this series from 1914 to 1916, it was almost a miracle that the books were still in print and available in a public library. Certainly they have fallen out of print since then. But not because they aren’t good. A lot of books that used to be considered wonderful for children are almost unreadable today. You read them and think, somebody gave this to a child? Of course, children, being as yet unjaded by experience, are often more patient with bad writing than adults. This explains the continuing popularity of Edgar Rice Burroughs’ early books, which are so badly overwritten that most adults can’t get 20 pages in. But when I downloaded Altsheler’s Civil War series – in fact, his entire oeuvre – for my Kindle, and started reading them using the Kindle app on my Android phone, I discovered that Altsheler was an excellent prose writer, clear and vigorous. The adventure stories are still exciting. Even though, as an adult who has since read many histories of the Civil War, I realize that often the boys are sent on missions whose results would not have had much value in the real world, Altsheler is scrupulously making sure that for all their excitement, the stories never change history. That is, he doesn’t make his fictional heroes vital to the outcome of a battle; they participate, but there is no fakery about everything hinging on their heroism. To a young reader, though, focused on the immediate adventure – a message that has to be delivered, a mission to observe Union preparations for the defense of Washington, DC, avoidance of an ambush laid for a troop train through the mountains – this isn’t an issue. The adventure is vital to the hero, and that is enough.

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The Rhinoceros Times Greensboro

The quality of writing is, though, of another time. Altsheler makes few concessions to a youthful vocabulary. Young readers will learn words they didn’t know. I think that’s a good thing. He also wrote in a time when everyone still knew about horses and saw them as a frequent means of transportation. There are things he doesn’t explain because his readers would know them – though young readers today wouldn’t have a clue. I think that’s a good thing, too. Several of the series take place in a coherent universe – that is, characters from one series are the ancestors of characters in another. There’s also the occasional frisson of mysticism – the heroes have a slightly supernatural talent for this or that very-useful skill. This only makes the stories more exciting, the characters more

Beep (Continued from page 36) Hey, Greensboro news and fish wrap, we all know that Kevin Harvick is an Oak Ridge resident. Thank you. %%% It’s Sunday morning. And I got a question that all Democrats ought to ask their selves. I just saw on the tape on Fox News, Obama, telling what all he was going to do. He’s going to hire teachers, which is a state job, government don’t hire them. And he’s going to give veterans a job. He’s going to put people in college and give them money. My question is, why hadn’t he done something in the last four years? Why is he waiting now to do it? And the next thing, these leaks that came out of the White House about the killing of Osama bin Laden, whatever happened to that? They was going to investigate that. He knows who leaked it. It went to The New York Times. How long does it take a judge to subpoena the man in that wrote it and ask him who give him the information? Boy, we’re in terrible shape. %%%

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admirable, without sidetracking us into fantasy. Altsheler remains an outstanding writer of excellent books for young readers. And his work is no longer out of print. Not only are Kindle editions available cheaply, there are paperbacks that seem to have started appearing only in the past year or two. I’m glad to see the books back in print. Sample the electronic books – which can generally be downloaded for free from Amazon and elsewhere – and you might find that you want to provide them to your young readers in paperback form. You also might simply enjoy reading them yourself. I’m not just enjoying them for the nostalgia of recovering my childhood favorites – I’m enjoying the stories for their own sake.

We have another city councilmember starting another nonprofit outfit. How many councilmembers do we have that have a nonprofit that pays them a salary and gets others to vote to fund them? We, a lot of us, give money and don’t really know where it goes. So, thank you, bye. %%% It is my opinion that the citizens of Greensboro deserve a mayor far superior to the current mayor, Robbie Perkins. This man has absolutely no conscious, no moral compass. His only motivation for being in politics is to promote himself. And he’s self-serving. And his trying to push this art center through at the expense of lowincome people or middle-income people so that he and his wealthy friends will have a place to go is unconscionable. He should be impeached. And anyone who agrees with him should be kicked off the City Council. This kind of behavior – he has to follow the same rules as every other citizen, which he doesn’t seem to think he does. And quite frankly, I’d like to wipe that smirk right off his face. (Continued on next page)

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The Rhinoceros Times Greensboro

Sheetz (Continued from page 8) and vice chairman of the City Project. Opposing Wagner was Councilmember Latimer Alexander, who exhibited a newfound purist streak of economic libertarianism, arguing ferociously against the text amendment as something that unfairly singled out video gambling. Alexander, one of the two at-large councilmembers, did not run for reelection and will be replaced by one of several atlarge candidates in December. Wagner filed to run in the increasingly crowded atlarge race, but on July 9 changed his filing to run in Ward 4 after incumbent Ward 4 Councilmember A.B. Henley decided not to run for reelection. Alexander asked whether there had been substantiated reports of police calls or other negative results of video gambling businesses, or if Wagner simply didn’t like the businesses. Wagner dodged the question. Alexander argued that video gambling joints would eventually be part of the North Carolina lottery, so it didn’t make sense to try to close them down. Wagner responded that the City Council has eliminated other types of businesses, including tattoo parlors and pawn shops, from Uptowne, and that prohibiting video gambling was no different. He said video gambling parlors are unlikely to attract the kind of pedestrian traffic the City Project is trying to bring to Uptowne. Alexander again grilled Wagner on


(Continued from page 33)

send any guests out there without checking it out first. Heck, I thought to myself, I don’t even know if it’s unlocked. And wouldn’t that be just like the city to put an outhouse on your yard and then lock it so you couldn’t use it. Wouldn’t that be choice? I wouldn’t put it past them, so I went out there to make sure it was available for my guests, and to make sure that the sidewalk workers have kept it clean in case I have a party. Not exactly what I had hoped. I have to say, it’s really not very clean and the smell is not pleasing at all. But, anyway, now I’ve finally reached a point of acceptance of it all: waking up at the break of dawn to the sound of jackhammers and giant trucks backing up, the coming parade of riffraff up and down my front yard at all hours of the day or night when decent people are in bed sleeping – as well as the unkempt outhouse that the city will no doubt leave out there. Even after the sidewalk is built, they’re probably going to leave it there permanently in case all of the people walking on the sidewalk need to use the restroom – so that means I will have a public bathroom at the entrance of my driveway, and that can’t possibly increase curb appeal. But let me remind the city people of the law: After seven years of open and

Thursday, September 20, 2012

whether or not existing video gambling parlors had caused problems. Wagner replied that Alexander would have to ask the High Point Police Department that question. Alexander responded that Wagner, not the Police Department, was trying to limit the businesses. Alexander said, “Please answer my question.” Wagner, who by this point had veins visibly popping out of his temples, replied, “I just did.” Councilmember Chris Whitley cut in with a motion to send the proposal to the City Council’s Planning, Economic Development and Information Technology Committee, which Whitley chairs. Whitley’s motion was seconded by Councilmembers Bernita Sims and Jim Corey, and approved unanimously by the City Council. The City Council also voted unanimously to spend $242,000 in federal drug forfeiture money to buy a Lenco BearCat armored rescue/response vehicle for the Police Department. The vehicle looks like an overweight SUV, not a tank. At the meeting of the City Council’s Finance Committee earlier Monday, High Point Police Chief Marty Sumner said the armored vehicle will replace a worn-out 1980s model the Police Department now uses for hostage situations, active shooters and high-risk warrant services – executing search warrants for weapons or murder arrest warrants.

Page 39

Sumner said the Police Department has bought everything else it needs with federally seized drug money, including its new firing range and Tasers for officers. The City Council also voted 4 to 3 to commission an appraisal of a 10-acre property on Shadybrook Road next to the High Point Athletic Complex and Miracle Field that the City Council wants to buy from the Guilford County Board of Education. High Point has offered the school board $30,000 an acre for the property. The school board has demanded

Beep (Continued from previous page) %%% I’m calling about the St. James apartments that was in the daily news on Monday and on the today. There’s needs in St. James apartments, the same one that Skip Alston was supposed to be repairing a few years ago. I can’t remember exactly how many years ago. But the government put money in, and it never was repaired. I think it should be an investigation on this. And he’s still got some say-so in collecting. %%% I would like to suggest that the News & Record and The Rhino Times each send out a good investigative reporter to find out why the local government was ready to garnish the wages of one individual citizen

$40,000 an acre, based on its own appraisal, which assumes the property could be rezoned for multifamily dwellings, but left the door open to dicker on price. The new appraisal, which would cost $3,000, would presumably give the City Council more ammunition in its effort to get a lower price from the school board. Smothers, Henley and Councilmember Foster Douglas voted against authorizing the appraisal. Councilmembers Britt Moore and Mike Pugh were absent for the vote.

over a $30 past-due fine while there are millions of dollars in past-due taxes and fees on the books that they’re not going after, and most of those are for more than $30 each. Now, is this just vindication for some reason? Or did somebody overlook the higher fines and fees to go over the $30. Where’s our investigative reporters? %%% Editor’s Note: We have County Editor Scott Yost working on that. %%% I read Jeff Thigpen’s take on the Democratic convention, how great it was, in today’s daily news rag. And if he thought that was so great, the man is another fool and shouldn’t be in the registrar of deeds office. (Continued on page 40)

notorious possession of any thing, an item becomes yours whether it was yours to begin with or not. And, with the modern internet, I don’t imagine it’s that hard to sell a used outhouse, so at least I am likely, seven years from now, to get something from the city’s mad passionate love affair with sidewalks, so maybe I should quit complaining about it. After all, who am I to stand in the way of true love.

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Thursday, September 20, 2012

The Rhinoceros Times Greensboro


(Continued from page 3)

groups of black students in charter school uniforms. Charter schools in many cities are serving black students better than traditional public schools – a fact that the school board tacitly acknowledges by modeling some of its magnet schools on charter schools that have done so. Guilford County Schools Chief of Staff Nora Carr went further, saying there should be sanctions – “not to mention public outrage, which would be appropriate” – for charter schools that do not serve a proportionate share of homeless, bilingual, special-education and non-Englishspeaking students. Carr said the North Carolina Public Charter School Advisory Council should look, in charter school applications, for charter schools who will serve those groups. She said, “It helps in that it would drive charter schools and the charter school board to be more conscious of those things.” It would be fine if charter schools can come up with educational and business models to serve those groups of students. But requiring it ignores the place of charter schools in the public school ecosystem. Charter schools are supposed to be small, nimble, limited-regulation schools that can experiment with new educational methods in ways traditional public schools can’t. As the school board always claims, it takes more money to educate those subgroups of students. Guilford County

Schools allocates money to its schools using the “weighted student formula” system. Weighted student formula funding is a method of assigning weights to the educational needs of particular types of students, such as poor students, those whose first language is not English, homeless students and gifted students. If a school system, for example, decides that it’s 1.5 times as hard to teach a poor, gifted or nonEnglish speaking student, the school of each such student would receive 1.5 times as much money as it would receive for an ordinary student. If the school board, which takes it as a given that more money is needed to teach certain types of students, expects charter schools to teach those students, surely it’s arguing that the state should give the charter schools more money. But, of course, it’s not. Carr and her husband, Kevin, who is principal of the Meredith Leigh HaynesBennie Lee Inman Education Center for special-needs students in Jamestown, have a daughter who is a special-needs student. Car said, “I would be hard pressed to find a charter school in North Carolina that serves anyone with the level of disability of my daughter.” It would be good if all charter schools could do so. You can argue whether or not bilingual or advanced students require more money to teach – but students with severe learning disabilities do. The Haynes-Inman

Center and its eastern Guilford County counterpart, the Gateway Education Center on East Wendover Avenue in Greensboro, are the most expensive schools to run in the school system. They have the highest ratio of teachers to students, their teachers have training and certification that most teachers don’t, and the school buildings are the most expensive per pupil in the county, because they are built with more square footage per student. Requiring charter schools to have such facilities and such teachers would be redundant and a waste of money that could be better used beefing up facilities for special-needs students in the traditional school systems. Much of the opposition to charter schools, like so many things in education in North Carolina, comes down to race. The biggest fear surrounding charter schools is that they will split county education systems in two, with charter schools serving white students and traditional public schools serving minority students. Carr said, “In many ways, there are concerns that we are moving right back to where we were before segregation.” The charter school experiment is too young to tell whether or not that will

Beep (Continued from page 39) I didn’t have that take on the Democratic convention at all. I thought it was flat flop. Thank you. %%% And so it begins. The great shift to the left by which Mitt, the fool, Romney displays his true colors. Today he announced that he would retain, if elected, some aspects of Obamacare, particularly the one in which an insurance company can no longer decline an applicant for pre-existing condition. In other words, he will drive the entire health care business out of business within a couple of years. This is no longer insurance. The intelligent thing to do is wait until you get sick, then apply for policies, which they must issue. It will bankrupt the insurance companies within 24 months, even if they do have deep pockets. So, Mitt is showing himself to be another Republican of the same ilk as John McCain, Lindsey Graham, Arlen Specter and Charlie Crist, and he will suffer the same fate as John McCain, Charlie Crist and Arlen Specter. He’ll go down in flames. And he deserves to. %%% Some of the best friends that I have are Democrats. Their granddaddies are Democrats. Their daddies or uncles. But here’s what. If they’ve got enough intelligence to read what you’re going to print that I’m talking about, they should know there is no possible way that Obamacare can pay for them going to the doctor and going to the hospital. The country is broke. They cannot do it. They’ve got no money. They can’t hardly keep the government open now. They’re

happen. Charter schools are required to accept students of all races. The biggest impediment to poor students – black, white or Hispanic – getting to charter schools is lack of transportation. Parents need to have cars to take students to school, and at least one parent has to have the time to do so. But there is nothing to prevent charter schools from providing transportation if they can find a way to do so, or perhaps providing it just for students who can’t afford it. That would be an experiment traditional public schools couldn’t do. Also, traditional school systems have not been very successful in maintaining integration, as white parents vote with their feet in many areas by moving out of cities to put their children into suburban schools. School board member Kris Cooke, responding to the resegregation argument as made by Alexander, argued for fighting a fight the school board has a chance of winning. “I understand what you’re saying, Sandy,” Cooke said. “But I think it’s fighting a losing battle. We need to fight to make our schools the best that we can, so children don’t need to be in a charter school.”

going to start whacking probably Social Security and all the other things. This stuff that we’re going to vote Obama in because he’s going to give us free medical care is just a myth. It’s never going to happen. And the next thing, Rahm Emanuel didn’t want the man from Chick-fil-A to come up there and open up a Chick-fil-A in Chicago because he believed in traditional marriage. The way he got in this world was through traditional marriage. I don’t know where he ever thought about that or not. %%% Wake up, America. The Democrats promise free breakfast, free lunch, free food stamps, free cell phones, free Medicaid, free contraception and abortions, free tuition and programs, tax credits, unemployment payments, and more. How can we afford all of this with only 50 percent of us paying income taxes? Remember, we have a $16 trillion deficit with interest growing every day. We have lost our triple-A credit ratings. Obama’s redistribution and executive orders will bury all of us. %%% Hello, Mr. Hammer. I wanted to give you a call. It only took a week for somebody to rip my Romney sign out of the ground and try to destroy it. The other side is so understanding. Thanks. %%% The new common poor standards that have been adopted across the nation does not seem to be working like it was advertised. North Carolina was one of the first to jump in there with just training right before school opened when the teachers came (Continued on page 43)

The Rhinoceros Times Greensboro

Pointing (Continued from page 1) later, Guilford County officials were being informed that the giant new deal, with hundreds of new jobs and $100 million in investment on the line, had evaporated back into the same thin air it seemingly came out of. About 5 p.m. on Wednesday, Sept. 12, Greensboro Economic Development Alliance President Dan Lynch called Chairman of the Guilford County Board of Commissioners Skip Alston and told him the deal had fallen through. Alston phoned Guilford County Manager Brenda Jones Fox and asked her to inform the board. Fox began calling commissioners, telling them the company had pulled out. The reason given for the company’s decision was that the company wanted to move quickly and there were concerns that rezoning the land at the Prison Farm for industrial use and extending water and sewer lines from Gibsonville would take too long. When Fox told the commissioners the bad news, she instructed them that the sudden demise of the deal was “confidential.” However, the Thursday, Sept. 13 edition of The Rhinoceros Times reported that the deal had fallen through. With little to no information on why the company had pulled out, some area leaders – behind the scenes at least – were playing the blame game. Some said Gibsonville was at fault

Thursday, September 20, 2012

because the town hadn’t jumped at the opportunity to provide low-cost water for the project that would have given Gibsonville no new property tax revenue – but would have brought 500 to 700 additional truck trips a day near and through the town. Others blamed the three commissioners who voted against moving the Prison Farm – saying the three dissenting votes made the company realize Guilford County wasn’t entirely behind the project. According to some, Lynch and other area economic development officials got way ahead of themselves – making an obviously tenuous project sound like a nearly done deal. Still others say Guilford County is to blame because it has been dragging its feet for years when it comes to preparing for large-scale economic development – for instance, earlier this year the Board of Commissioners unanimously rejected conducting a study of the Prison Farm that would have answered a lot of questions the company had. Others place the blame on all of the above. When Lynch left the county commissioners meeting on Sept. 11 after convincing the board to vote to move the Prison Farm operations, contingent on the company choosing Guilford County for the new facility, Lynch was all smiles. However, the next day county officials got word that the deal was dead. Lynch wouldn’t comment on the sudden turn around or anything related to the project. “I can’t talk about the project at all,”

Page 41

Lynch told The Rhinoceros Times this week. Alston said that, from his conversation with Lynch, he thought that Lynch, like the commissioners, had been blindsided by the decision. “I think it surprised Dan too,” Alston said. Alston said Lynch asked the commissioners to agree to move the county’s Prison Farm operations because Lynch was doing everything he could to land the highly beneficial project for Guilford County, and one of the things Lynch felt would help make that happen was if the Board of Commissioners showed it was willing to move the Prison Farm operations. Lynch said he’s of the opinion that the land at the Prison Farm has a “higher and better use” for the community than its current use. “That was the premise that we laid out to the commissioners,” Lynch said. At the Sept. 11 Board of Commissioners meeting, the three no votes were from Commissioners Kirk Perkins, Bill Bencini and Billy Yow. Lynch said he was of course hoping for a unanimous vote from the board to demonstrate that the county was 100 percent behind the company coming here. Alston said this week that it was his understanding that the company pulled out of Guilford County because of infrastructure issues and rezoning concerns given the company’s desire to move quickly.

Alston also expressed those sentiments in a Thursday, Sept. 13 memo that he sent to his fellow commissioners. The memo states: “We were informed that the party interested in pursuing a site at the Prison Farm has eliminated Guilford County (the Prison Farm) from consideration. “This decision was based on the fact that the critical factors involved timing issues beyond our ability to control pertaining to the extension of water & sewer service to the property and the rezoning process. “In the final analysis the client’s consultant determined we could not accommodate their aggressive development schedule. The consultant did strongly encourage we use this situation and the experience gained to move forward in our plans to develop the Farm property.” According to several sources, the mystery company that snubbed Guilford County is now considering two remaining sites – one near Mebane and another in Virginia. Alston said Perkins, who lives in Gibsonville, didn’t want the project in that area, and Alston added that Gibsonville was against providing water for the company. The truth is that the stance of Gibsonville isn’t known since the town was presented with the idea on Monday Sept. 10, and they had no time to learn the most basic facts or discuss the matter in any detail. The company pulled out on Sept. 12, and the Gibsonville Town Council hadn’t met in the meantime – before they could, the deal had evaporated. (Continued on page 42)

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Blame (Continued from page 41) Perkins, Yow and Bencini said they voted against the project because they didn’t know enough about it. In the Sept. 11 Board of Commissioners closed session, the commissioners didn’t find out what company it was, what product would be made or handled there, or much of anything else other than the fact that there was a large company with a giant project – a building of over 1 million square feet, $100 million in new investment, and 400 to 500 new jobs. Yow said he did learn some details later. He said the sought after facility was a “large cannery.” He said that’s why it would bring so many trucks and why it would be so water intensive. “They would be bringing in vegetables and washing them and packaging them and then loading up the trucks and driving them off,” Yow said. Gibsonville Mayor Lenny Williams said the first time he officially heard about the project was at the Monday, Sept 10 town staff meeting, when Lynch told Gibsonville officials of the deal. Perkins and Fox were also at that meeting. Williams said he told Lynch at that Monday morning meeting that any decision regarding selling water would have to be made by the town council, rather than the mayor acting alone. Williams said he had gotten some calls in the previous week that made him think something was up. “I started getting calls with people saying that they were closing the Prison Farm,” Williams said. The following night, Williams showed up and sat quietly at the Guilford County Board of Commissioners meeting. He said he went to that meeting because of rumors that Guilford County was closing the Prison Farm. He said he wanted to see what, if anything, the commissioners were going to do. That night, Williams told The Rhinoceros Times that he didn’t know exactly what to think of the project. He said he had just heard the proposal a day before, and he said town officials were just beginning to study the cost of the project and the effect it would have on Gibsonville and the surrounding area. Williams said hundreds of new jobs would certainly be welcome. However, he added, residents in the area were very concerned about the huge increase in truck traffic that would come with the project. He said residents who live on the roads the trucks would use to get to the interstate – largely Gibsonville Ossipee Road, Manning Avenue and University Drive – were the people with the greatest concerns. Williams said some roads would have needed to be widened to accommodate the truck traffic, and he added that a nice dog park and children’s park had recently been built along that route. According to Williams, NC 61 would have been heavily used by the trucks as well.

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Williams also said he lives right on the path that the trucks would take and he spoke with his family that Monday night and asked them how they felt about 500 to 700 more trucks a day coming down the street. “Right now we get 10 or 12 Sonoco trucks that go by,” he said. He also said he’d heard that, if Gibsonville didn’t want to supply the water, Burlington might have been willing to extend water to the site – though he added that would have been very expensive. He said he’d heard it could cost about $5 million to run water from Burlington to the Prison Farm site the company was considering. The proposed facility would have required an estimated 140,000 gallons of water a day and the mystery company was asking to buy the water at the same rate that Gibsonville charges it own residents. According to Williams, rough initial estimates were that that might mean an additional $150,000 in revenue for Gibsonville each year. Gibsonville buys its water from Burlington and pays $2.76 per unit (1,000 gallons). It then sells that water to Gibsonville residents at $4.90 per unit, and sells it to customers outside the Gibsonville town limits at $9.80 per unit. All of those high-intensity, hurried discussions about water and infrastructure are moot now. Guilford County Sheriff BJ Barnes said Sheriff’s Department officials had been moving quickly to accommodate the project. Barnes said he didn’t know what company it was, but he added that many members of his staff had been trying to guess ever since his department caught word of the big plans. The guesses ranged from Wal-Mart to Sam’s Club to Costco to Sheetz. Barnes added that he was familiar with the code name that economic development officials used to refer to the project: Swordfish. Barnes said he was at a sheriff’s function out of town when the Sept. 11 closed session took place, but he did participate in that closed session by telephone. Barnes said he’s always in favor of what’s good for Guilford County and he will do what he can to promote jobs; but he said that in hindsight it certainly looks like the economic development people got ahead of themselves. The sheriff said the commissioners might not be so eager to accommodate Lynch’s requests in the future. “The next time he goes in there to ask for something, some commissioners will say, ‘We’ve heard this before, this is just one more pie-in-the-sky project,’” Barnes said. One reason a lot of these questions are unanswered, Lynch said, is because the county decided not to fund a Prison Farm development feasibility study he proposed to the commissioners about eight months ago. Lynch said that study would have cost between $30,000 and $100,000, depending on how comprehensive the approved version of the study was. He said a good study would include soil borings, soil

composition tests, infrastructure analysis and more. He said that the next proactive step – providing water to the area in hopes that some future tenants may come – was certainly a harder sell, since that could be a very expensive endeavor with no guaranteed payoff. Lynch said that, now that the county had lost a very big fish it had on the line, the commissioners might be willing to reconsider funding the study so the county could be better prepared when the next big opportunity arises. “I would say, let’s learn from this,” Lynch said. He said he was still optimistic that about 750 acres of the Prison Farm could eventually be transformed into a thriving industrial park. Lynch said that getting land rezoned was a difficult process that took time because it required public notice and a public hearing and a contentious rezoning with appeals can extend the process further. He said that, in some other areas across the country, land for such large projects had already been rezoned in anticipation that an opportunity such as this one might arise. He said that, in cases where a company wants to get up and running very quickly, having potential sites already rezoned with infrastructure in place would be a big selling point. Yow said that there were a lot of negatives no one was talking about. He said it would have cost a great deal to, among other things, move the Prison Farm on very short notice. “It would have been a rush job,” Yow said, adding that that certainly would have increased the cost of relocating the Prison Farm operations. Yow also said the county would no doubt

The Rhinoceros Times Greensboro

either give away the 150 acres needed by the company or sell it to the company for a song, and then the county would give three to five years of incentives so the project wouldn’t make money for taxpayers for years. Yow said that, when the money is factored in to move the farm operations and enhance infrastructure, the deal would have turned out to be much less appealing than first billed. According to Yow, it’s misguided to criticize the three commissioners who voted against moving the Prison Farm. He said the irresponsible ones were the other commissioners who voted to move the Prison Farm that had been in place without knowing the cost of any of the major details of the project. Alston said he still thinks the Prison Farm property would be an ideal location for a large industrial park, and he said that, when future opportunities come up, the county would be wise to be prepared. “We need to go ahead and work out the zoning and work out the water,” Alston said. Guilford County Sheriff’s Department Major Debbie Montgomery, who in addition to her other duties oversees operations at the Prison Farm, said that, even though this particular project had fallen through, she had been asked to continue studying what it would take and how much it would cost to move the Prison Farm’s operations to another part of the 800-acre farm. Alston said Guilford County needs to learn from this event and take measures now to make sure the county is set up to handle future projects of this size and nature. “Next time we’ll be more prepared,” Alston said.

Crime (Continued from page 7) needs of people in the county’s jails. He said that, years ago, there had been an extensive study of inmates in Guilford County, but there’s no current assessment of the specific needs of the inmates. “Our data is old,” Barnes said. He said he will sometimes go through the jail and ask the inmates questions. “I’ll say how much education do you have, and he will say a sixth grade education,” Barnes said. “I’ll ask, do you have a job, and they will say no.” “They don’t have a job and they don’t have the education to get one,” the sheriff said. “There are no skills to offer. They’re destined to come back unless some of that changes.” Barnes also said that, though he didn’t have any firm statistics to back it up, his gut feeling was that the educational status and employment prospects of inmates in the county’s jails were worse now than in years past. Judge Sizemore said judges try to identify the issues in first appearances court, and get people in the care of agencies that can help them.

Henderson said that’s all well and good, but he added that the key to real change is getting people to complete those programs. “Do that, but do that while you’ve got some leverage on them,” Henderson said. Henderson said that, when people are facing court action or are threatened with jail time, the courts can offer them a strong motive to get help. He also said Casey and her Pretrial Services workers were an invaluable asset to the court. He said they worked hard to see that inmates were directed toward agencies and services that could help them get their lives on track. “Wheaton does an astonishing job of identifying these people,” Henderson said. Four years ago the Guilford County Board of Commissioners voted to expand that office from six pretrial workers to a dozen, and Henderson said that move by the commissioners has made a great deal of difference in Guilford County. “That is the best money you ever put out there,” Henderson said. The large new committee also discussed (Continued on next page)

The Rhinoceros Times Greensboro

Recycling (Continued from page 1) on Readling’s figures ReCommunity’s offer is better. But in the past week when the city was asked if a $9 per ton education and marketing fee in the ReCommunity proposal was a direct payment to the city or for an in kind marketing and education services fund. The response was mixed. Director of Field Operations Dale Wyrick said that the city wasn’t sure. The city manager’s office was reportedly saying that their understanding was that it was to go to a marketing and education fund not a direct payment. One reason the question is so crucial is that Greensboro city councilmembers because of a gag order put on them by City Attorney Mujeeb Shah-Khan cannot talk to representatives of the companies directly. The only interaction the members of City Council and representatives of ReCommunity and Waste Management


(Continued from previous page)

the idea that real change in some cases might require help from the entire community and require intervention at a very early age. Several committee members spoke about the disintegration of the support system and a need to reestablish day reporting centers and other programs and practices that keep those in the justice system on a short leash. “The ultimate thing is how do you force somebody to get help,” Williams said. “Some people say they prefer to be in jail because they get food and clothing.” Barnes said that many of the people in his jails, such as some drug dealers, don’t want help. “They feel like they’re beating the system,” he said. “They’re making good money. For some of these young kids it’s a rite of passage. Jail gives you street cred.” The committee members also spoke about the limitations of transforming the lives of these people given that they are in the jail an average of 20 days at a time. There was much consent on the committee that the first step should be

Beep (Continued from page 40) back. And I’ve already seen cases of some schools, elementary and middle schools, give no homework now. There is supposed to be more involvement in each topic, and less topics to do. We see some that have no books, and others that do. Books are sitting on a shelf. And how is everybody on the same page in each state if Chicago teachers are on strike? They’re not even getting taught. And there’s cases locally in the same school that classes are not on the same page. So, it needs follow up from principals and assistant principals. They need to get involved. %%%

Thursday, September 20, 2012

are supposed to have is at City Council meetings. It has made it difficult for the companies to explain the complicated bids and made it difficult for the councilmembers to get questions answered. According to Stan Joseph at Waste Management, they were asked only one question by HDR about their initial proposal. Because of the gag order, a councilmember cannot pick up the phone and call ReCommunity and have the payment explained. Councilmembers have to call the city staff or perhaps a local journalist to see if they can get questions answered. The gag order has added a level of confusion and frustration that really is not necessary or helpful. So in this case, councilmembers and maybe even some members of staff may be pleased to find out that, according to Karl Robe of ReCommunity, the $9 per ton listed for education and marketing is a direct payment to the city and Greensboro

identifying the main causes of the problem and the specific issues facing the inmates and others repeatedly caught up in the courts. Williams said, “The sheriff had a great idea – let’s find out who we’re talking about.” The committee plans to begin compiling information on the people in the county’s jail system, support services and court programs, and meet on coming Friday afternoons to establish a framework for addressing the issues and reducing recidivism. It was clear that just getting many of the important people in the same room talking was already reaping benefits. After Seymour spoke about the array of services offered at the Interactive Resources Center that opened about two years ago, Casey said she had learned something. “I didn’t know what ya’ll did,” Casey said. “But it sounds like ya’ll could have been a resource for us for the past two years.” Gibson said, when asked after the meeting, that he wasn’t sure why Coleman, his co-chair, wasn’t at the meeting.

Hey there. Well, as a strong Republican candidate and voter, I am very upset. Republicans could have put a trained monkey in there and have beaten President Obama. His policies are dim. His track record is abysmal. But the Republicans have not shown anything to be more positive. And the voters are going to look at who is the lesser of two evils. It’s a shame that it has come down to this. Just a few states are going to make the difference. And I am sad to admit that today, after the Republican convention did not. Barack Obama will be reelected because the Republicans blew it. See you in four more years. Ciao. (Continued on page 45)

Page 43

can use that money for anything it wants. Considering that fact, it seems odd that ReCommunity didn’t simply raise its floor price from $8 a ton to $17 a ton, but it did not. The floor for Waste Management is $25 a ton, and the education and marketing payment is $1, which makes it look like Waste Management has the better bid with a total payment of at least $26 per ton versus a total minimum payment for ReCommunity of $17 per ton. But Readling estimated the additional cost of transporting the material to be recycled to Winston-Salem at $10 to $11 a ton, which puts ReCommunity ahead by about $1 to $2 a ton. It’s worth noting that ReCommunity, which has had the city’s recycling contract for 20 years, continues to charge the city to recycle its material and has said it will continue to do so until the new contract goes into effect next spring. So while Waste Management has been paying Winston-Salem for its recycling for more than 10 years, Greensboro has been paying ReCommunity for the same service. Yet, the City Council is considering signing another contract with this company that has been making exorbitant profits on the city contract for years. The fact that the current contract with ReCommunity is so bad made some wonder if the $9 was real money or play money and the city didn’t know. If $9 a ton was supposed to be a direct payment all along, then ReCommunity

certainly did a good job of hiding it because, until Robe responded to an email on Wednesday, it didn’t seem like anyone knew what that $9 was. Joseph told the council that Waste Management is in the business of transporting recyclables and the company’s estimate of the additional cost to the city to transport the recyclables to Winston-Salem was $7 a ton. If the city accepts that figure then Waste Management’s base is $2 higher per ton than ReCommunity. So there are still some legitimate questions, although the answer to the $9 questions clears up a lot of confusion. What would happen under normal circumstances is some councilmember would get interested in getting the best deal for the city and go over the transportation costs with Readling and Waste Management and try to figure out why they are so different. But the councilmembers can’t do it. It appears that the city staff won’t do it and it doesn’t appear that Readling has any interest in correcting his own figures, so the city, because of this bizarre RFP method, is going to be left with a he said she said situation and could sign a fiveyear contract that is not as profitable to the city as it could be. Joseph says that Waste Management is willing to sign a three-year contract. With the speed the industry is changing, it might be worth it for the city just so that in three years it could try waste-to-energy or something completely different.

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Thursday, September 20, 2012

JUNE | CAROLINA JOURNAL The 2012 Rhinoceros Times Greensboro

9/11 Dalton Staying Far Away From Airplanes in Campaign (a CJ Parody)

Majority Leader Tom Daschle of South developed a certain gallows humor, joked Pentagon, put me in the normally secured that at least parking was easy to find. Few Pentagon parking lot, where repairs were Dakota and Sen. Pat Leahy of Vermont. underway. I parked and has walked up to leaving tostill House was long deserted by The anthrax attack killed five people and suburbanites who could get out ByThe RiCkWhite n. BaCheR getofanyone lend you planes, which historithe huge hole in the wounded building. No the house did, and for once, you could park the president and his staff. I walked to its sickened 17 others, and probably generated Aviation Correspondent cally been the cause of many problems for my fellow photograph or video does justice to the size in front of your favorite Dupont Circle gates, expecting an overwhelming military more long-term fear in Washington than RALEIGH Democrats.” of the Pentagon, which beggars belief – or presence. Instead, the hoping Pentagon attack, because it was more restaurant. emocrat Lt. along Gov. Pennsylvania Walter Dalton, Dalton’s plane phobia will not end if he is to the size of the hole the doomed airliner The snipers turned out to be two black Avenue,totheavoid only unusual things were five inexplicable. The Senate office buildings the air travel problems that have elected, the lieutenant governor says. “When I beand Lee smashed into it. parked caused horse trailers, four still holding were eventually decontaminated and their males, John Allen Muhammad so much trouble for Democratic govcome governor IOne willacquaintance use the statehad jet been and helicopter halfway up Chevrolet mountsBev for Perdue district and police. brown and regular visitors treated with Boyd Malvo, driving a blue 1990 ernors MikeTwo Easley, saysworkers he has no for official business, but that’s about it, unless I buy the South Tower of the World Trade Center, its trunk horses,toa go grayanywhere and a bay, looked at me, during the antibiotic plans near an airplane his Cipro, but the effects of the Caprice sedan and shooting from a second homeand in New Bern or Southport,” he said. escaped with her life only minutes at unsuspecting victims. So much for pensive butforunconcerned, campaign governor. from windows anthrax attacks did not end there. “Of course, then I would be entitled to fly at taxpayer before its collapse. in their trailers. The house of the leader Muchand of Washington, including my profilers. “We will use and pay for buses, trains, cars, expense provided I claimanother to be working, just like EaTalking acquaintance through All pain fades over time, which is of the free world was protected by police Connecticut Avenue apartment building, vans, even ATVs and bicycles, but we are going to sley did.” with 19th and smallgotCarolina its mail from the Brentwood mail- perhaps God’s greatest blessing to men. grief over her husband’s death months stay awaycentury from transportation flying machines,” he told Thethe travails have caused later,ofI Perdue realizedand withEasley a sudden shock that caliber sidearms. sorting facility that had processed the Eventually, the immediacy of 9/11 and Journal. “I just see no upside to flying in this state.” concern in the aviation industry in North Carolina. he had been the pilot of Flight 77 who died TheThe National Press governor Building was Daschle and Leahy letters. It was weeks subsequent killings faded. But my travels lieutenant saidone he of has some staffFlight down drastically, affecting pilots, when his plane was hijacked and crashed York miles kept are the who only active buildings I met before we got mail, and when we did, between Washington and New ers have urged himdowntown. to continue the questionable fuel suppliers, mechanics, and general aviation pretinto the Pentagon. my friend McHugh in theofReliable Source thebecause mail carriers wore elbow-length latex kicking up unexpected connections, and airplane-usage policies Easley and Perdue ty much stateside. All memories, and all stories, have to undesired reminders. barcould on the top floor, watched he probably getwhere away we with them. gloves and surgical masks. “Several representatives of the private flight inend somewhere. As good a place to cut off Washington is a company town, and that some “My of America’s greatest buildings burn Time passed, and the trauma of both staff says that since nobody in North Carthis memory is in to Brooklyn after have already suggested me that months some relief kept running on theknows bar’s bank of monitors. attacks wore off. Then, as if truly evil company is the government. I dustry olina what I look like, I could easily cadge 9/11. must be provided for this ailing industry,” Dalton into people who had connections with the For most of America, the story stops luck must come in threes, the Beltway flights from rich contributors without anyone knowvisiting especially Manhattan, hard times when for everyone, were“These either are Sometimes, there,he with the destruction of be thewrong, World I told Sniper began murdering in October 2002. attack on the Pentagon. Theysaid. ing,” said. “But that would them.” the magazine company for which I worked or were owners of private jets who must pay expenses even TradeInCenter the Pentagon, is another round of deaths that seems in the building during the attack, 2009 and the much State of Board of ElectionsThat issued a put me up in Midtown hotels. Sometimes supposed to be, or knew someone who when their planes sit on the tarmac.” and the channel changes to the overseas to have been forgotten elsewhere. Ten $100,000 fine to Easley’s campaign committee for his I preferred to stay with an old friend is said wars that followed. But in Washington died and three others were wounded was. Unlike New York, Washington Dalton he will work with Democratic U.S. unreported use of private aircraft. Then anpeople investigaonly a few subway stops away still a fairly small town. The killing of 190 and New York,prosecutor the sense ofresulted unrealityinwas throughout Sen. Kay Hagan to obtain stimulus funds in orhistoric some tion by a state Easley pleadingthe Washington area, mostly in Heights,from facing Manhattan’s people in a city of a half-million strikes as Brooklyn grants not over, was related driven home next the suburbs. other business-stimulus the federal govguilty to aasfelony to an the unreported flight. As Financial District. many sparks as the killing of 3,000 people day, when jeeps with mounted .50 caliber The police and the FBI brought in ernment. a result of the felony, the North Carolina State Bar Mysuch friend told me that, for days after machine guns appeared on every criminal profilers – charlatans practicing a in a city of 8.2 million. Connections “Wetocan’t let a formerly vibrant industry suspended Easley’s law license forstreet two years. 9/11, residents of the trendy Brooklyn 9/11 and its aftermath kept popping up, corner. The horses were gone, the barn trade no more scientific than palm reading. just because the media has made In 2010 the elections board issued a $30,000 Lt. Gov. Walter Dalton, who has eschewed air travel for go into the dumper Heights townhouses went into their yards, doorto was closed. campaign committee for unreported Police promptly the killings the uninvited, hisdeclared gubernatorial campaign, heads outeverywhere. to a campaign it difficult, if not impossible, for politicians to misuse fine Perdue’s or onto their fire escapes, to find what had beenDalton For us, there followedsupporters only a weekhave laterbeen work of one disgruntled middle-aged whitephoto)One friend, I discovered,airplanes,“ event recently. (CJ spoof said. flights. Two campaign indicted looked like, but weren’t, snowdrifts. an incident by the rest of and maleone driving van. Almost everyone driving on Jefferson Davis Highway In and the meantime, Dalton says he has staffers for feloniesalmost relatedforgotten to unreported flights, of a white ground. He was the victor in the May Democratic Looking closer, they discovered that the the country: a seriesforoftrial anthrax-poisoned who owned a white van was stopped and had seen Flight 77 hit the Pentagon. good of locatioin where unused private them is scheduled on June 11. Party primary election for governor without having researching a drifts white were paper – hundreds and A wrong turn during an unrelated lettersDalton’s sent to media offices in New York searched in the ensuing days. jets can be mothballed, at least until everyone quits campaign finance reports already ever left terra firma. driving trip to Pentagon City Mall, near the and Florida, and to the offices of Senate Washingtonians, who by then had (Continued on next page) show he can win an election by staying on the they’re used. CJ “If you don’t fly,” he said, “you don’t have to paying attention to how (Continued from page 6)


An Investment Plan For N.C.’s Economic Recovery The ongoing debate in Washington and the upcoming national campaigns for president and Congress will offer plenty of opportunities for pro-growth politicians to craft, explain, and sell reforms of the federal budget, federal taxation, federal regulation, and federal agencies and programs. In the new book Our Best Foot Forward: An Investment Plan for North Carolina’s Recovery, John Locke Foundation President John Hood tells North Carolina’s policymakers and citizens that economic policy is not the exclusive domain of presidents, federal lawmakers, or the Federal Reserve. States and John Hood localities can play critical roles in economic policy — for good or for ill. We invite you to read and share this plan for our state’s recovery with your family, friends, and co-workers. Go to for more information.

The John Locke Foundation, 200 W. Morgan St. Suite 200, Raleigh, NC, 27601 919-828-3876 • • •

The Rhinoceros Times Greensboro

Beep (Continued from page 43) %%% Yes, Steely Dan Fan, man. Just two minutes ago and on the CBS Evening News Obama said, I’ll come over and walk your dogs, I’ll wash your car, I’m game. That’s exactly what he said. I’m game. And I’m thinking, yeah, that gives you a job. It doesn’t give anybody else any jobs. I’m sorry. I don’t know. %%% The problem with PART is that you have two regional politicians with their hands in the till, ultimately, leading to your pocket. %%% The candidates for president and vice president, and even their wives, in each party traveled in different directions to reach as many people as possible. The incumbent candidates travel on the expensive Air Force One and Air Force Two, along with their staffs, security, etc. They stay in the most expensive hotels, eating the most expensive food. Do the taxpayers pay for them out campaigning? Shouldn’t the Democratic Party pay? %%% Editor’s Note: The campaign pays a portion of the cost of campaign trips. %%% Yes, what I’d like to say is with all this land they seem to have out at the old county farm, and they want to do something with it, but they can’t make up their mind. Why don’t they turn those convicts out and let them grow some garden stuff and provide these school systems with fresh vegetables and things to eat each day? They could

9/11 (Continued from previous page) hundreds of routine business documents that had floated across the East River on the volcanic plumes of hot air from the dying Twin Towers. In Brooklyn, they landed in yards and on fire escapes, concrete proof, yet inadequate explanation, of the great gaping holes in the Manhattan skyline seen from the Brooklyn Heights Promenade. She showed me some of the papers – unassuming business letters, some still in folders, now without any context to give them meaning. Have Washington and New York changed since 9/11? Washington is a lot less fun for a reporter. The formerly casual and open relationship between reporters and congressmen is now mediated by new layers of security. In Washington, which had not been attacked by a foreign power since 1812, overreaction, most of it ineffective, was inevitable. And New York? New York remains changeless in its constant change. The greatest jolt of identification I have felt over the New York attacks was with

Thursday, September 20, 2012

be paying back what they have done to society. Plus, they would be saving the school system a lot of money. But I’m sure that the county commissioners and the city commissioners will all figure out how some way to put something else out there to make music. They’ve got to have music. They’ve got to dance. But they ain’t out trying to plant no garden or nothing to provide the school systems with food to feed the kids. That’s what they should be doing. That’s what they used to do. But they all can’t get away from their fresh air conditioners now long enough to do nothing. %%% Yes, UNC-Chapel Hill is getting ready to unleash a full set of classes that’s called “automatic A guarantee.” You don’t have to go to class. Everybody in it gets an A. And what they’re going to do is make sure that at least one-third of the kids that go there really belong to Carolina and aren’t athletes. That way it can’t be anything against the NAACP rules. %%% Liberalism is a malignant cancer. %%% I personally would like to see that Democrat son of a gun Barack Obama out of the durn White House, because he don’t do nothing but blame everything on George W. Bush. I know Bush wasn’t the greatest, but he sure didn’t get us in the mess we’re in now.

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And one more thing, more white men with criminal records get hired than black men with no record. Also, more kids who do well in school are less likely to graduate from college than rich kids with worst grades. Talk about a fair shot. And unions have been getting busted by political money since 1980. So, what are we worried about it now? %%% Scott Yost, as well as the rest of your paper, can’t see the forests for the trees. You ran a story in this week’s paper about the jail population being down. Common sense would tell anybody if the Sheriff’s Department goes to the judges and magistrates every week and say we’re at capacity, don’t lock anybody up unless you absolutely have to, the jail population is going to be down. If you check the statistics, Guilford County has the highest fail-to-appear rate in the whole state. The reason being is these people are released on written promises on unsecured bonds. They don’t show up for court. So, what do we want, a jail that’s not full, or do we want people to go to court? Thank you. I see in The Rhinoceros Times where Skip Alston and his crew on the commission have given a contract to somebody in St. Paul, Minnesota, to find a new manager. Looks like they would learn what manager they had was a disgrace. Why can’t they find one in Greensboro, North Carolina?

Better yet, in the State of North Carolina. And if they have to have someone to search for a new manager, why couldn’t they find a consultant firm in North Carolina to do that, or even in Greensboro? The taxpayers are at their wits end with this pack of fools that they’ve got on this board up there. It’s an absolute disgrace to even hear about them or watch them. It’s like looking at a circus. These people don’t know no more about what they’re doing than I do of flying a battleship. It’s outrageous that we’ve got such a pack of fools on such a commission. Continuation. We need to get rid of every one of those people on that commission up there. They don’t know what they’re doing no more than a bunch of children. Bicker and fight back and forth. And waste more taxpayers’ money over frivolous stupidity than any one group of individuals I’ve ever seen. Why don’t we just find someone in our own community to fill a job and find out precisely if they even know how to do the job? Apparently, Ms. Fox knew how to do the job, but it was to her advantage in every step she made. For us to even being considering paying a salary to anybody else anywhere near like she was is a disgrace to the taxpayers of this county. I hope they find a better way of doing this. But going outside this state? That is outrageous. There’s no sense in that. Thanks for your time. %%%

%%% On Labor Day Eric Cantor made a quote. Start quote, today we celebrate those who have taken a risk and worked hard and built a business and earned success, end quote. Uh, isn’t that like opposite of Labor Day?

words, not people – a passage from Here is New York, the 1949 memoir by famed New Yorker writer E.B. White, written in 1949 after a decade-long absence from the city, and in the shadow of the new atomic bomb. On passage leapt from the page, as relevant and prescient, as if had been written the week before 9/11. “The subtlest change in New York is something people don’t speak much about but that is in everyone’s mind,” White wrote. “The city, for the first time in its long history, is destructible. A single flight of planes no bigger than a wedge of geese can quickly end this island fantasy, burn the towers, crumble the bridges, turn the underground passages into lethal chambers … “All dwellers in cities must live with the stubborn fact of annihilation; in New York the fact is somewhat more concentrated because of the concentration of the city itself, and because, of all targets, New York has a certain clear priority. In the mind of whatever perverted dreamer might loose the lightning, New York must hold a steady, irresistible charm.”


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Thursday, September 20, 2012

Under (Continued from next page)


not a tough call. They knew where Osama bin Laden was and Obama ordered them to go in and capture or kill him. Sundays when Obama is out on the golf course, soldiers who are under his orders in Afghanistan are fighting and some are dying. Those men and women are under the command of the president of the United States, just like the Navy Seals who killed Bin Laden. But Obama doesn’t come off the golf course talking about them.

It appears that we have reached the point where Republican presidential candidates are not allowed to say something that is true because it is not politically correct. It is true that the people in this country who depend on the largess of the federal programs to provide their food and shelter are not likely to vote for Romney. In fact, they would be crazy to vote for Romney because Romney believes in reducing the funding to those programs. Obama believes in expanding those programs. What Romney said is true, but he is not supposed to say that kind of thing, because the mainstream media has determined that they do not approve of honesty if it doesn’t fit in with their worldview. What we should all be concerned about is the percentage. If it really is 47 percent who currently live off the government, what happens when that figure grows to 51 percent and the majority of Americans have a reason to vote for higher benefits because it means more money in their own pockets? It will be extremely difficult for people to vote against their own financial interests, and if 47 percent is the correct figure then we are getting dangerously close to the collapse of government.

,,, As for the other half of that bumper sticker – General Motors – the method that Obama used to save the company has cost the American taxpayer $25 billion, and to be honest it didn’t have much to do with General Motors. It mostly had to do with the United Auto Workers (UAW). If General Motors had gone into bankruptcy then the UAW contracts would have been voided and the company would have been forced to renegotiate those contracts to something more reasonable so they could stay in business. Obama protected his unions and they pay him back with millions of dollars and thousands of votes. It was a good deal for Obama and a good deal for the unions, but not a good deal for the American people. General Motors would be around either way. The jobs wouldn’t have been lost but it is likely that fewer of the jobs would be union jobs.

,,, The Romney campaign has found a tape of Obama in 1998 saying that he was for “redistribution” of wealth. Considering the way he has been governing he still is

The Rhinoceros Times Greensboro

in favor of redistribution of wealth, he just doesn’t say it anymore because it makes him sound like the leftist he is.

,,, Republican vice presidential candidate Paul Ryan getting his marathon time wrong on a call-in radio show is another story that the media is working to keep alive forever. To all those marathoners out there who remember all of their times, I say bravo. I ran cross country competitively for three years and swam competitively for 10 years and I don’t remember a single time in any meet or event. I also played tennis competitively for six or seven years and I don’t remember the score of a single tournament match. I do remember the score the last time I

played my father. He won. But even more importantly I challenge you to do a couple of call-in radio shows and see what you can remember when you’re put on the spot with a question out of the blue. I did a call-in show for 15 years and can tell you that during that time on the air I forgot my sister’s name, the holiday that I was born on, the current year, my high school mascot and a host of other pieces of information that I know like the back of my hand. If nobody wants you on their radio show, tape some conversations. You will be amazed at what you said and at what others said to you. In North Carolina it is, by the way, legal to tape your own conversations. Most people’s speech is not nearly as accurate as they imagine it is.

Rumors (Continued from page 32) Well, now you actually can break out that dress. The First Annual Bridesmaids Ball benefitting the Leukemia & Lumphoma Society is Friday, Sept. 28 at the Regency Room in downtown Greensboro. Ladies are encouraged to wear an old bridesmaid’s dress or party dress, and men a favorite leisure suit. Josie Cothran of 107.5KZL will host the night of dancing, food, wine tastings, a bachelor auction, a swag bag worth over $200 and prizes including a

three-day Mexican vacation from A Way To Go Travel. Tickets are available online at for $25, and $40 the night of the event. For more info, call Tricia Winters at 206-419-8862 or email Or visit www. --The Thom Buchanan Band will perform live on Saturday nights from 6 to 8 p.m. at the Village Cafe Express at 906 Greensboro Road in High Point.

The Rhinoceros Times Greensboro

The mainstream media in this country have gone off the deep end. They are so in favor of the reelection of President Barack Hussein Obama that you can’t trust what they are writing to have any connection to reality. On Sept. 11 – the 11th anniversary of the attacks of 9/11 – the US embassy in Cairo was attacked. Also attacked was a consulate building in Libya where the American ambassador, Christopher Stevens, along with three American embassy employees were killed. The consulate building, as well as the nearby safe house, was completely destroyed. This was an attack on the United States of America by an organized military force. To say that it was a random act of violence is to denigrate the men who died trying to protect other Americans and Libyan employees of the embassy. Two of those who died were former Navy Seals, who are among the best trained fighting men in the world today. The White House expects the American people to believe that this was simply a mob that gathered in the middle of the night outside the consulate because they were suddenly upset about a stupid video shot by some guy in California. The idea that a random mob in Libya has rocket propelled grenades, heavy machine guns and mortars is simply hard to believe. If the consulate had been attacked by a mob with a couple of AK-47s and few 9 mm pistols that would be one thing, but these guys had far more firepower than that. Who carries a mortar around in the trunk of their car just in case there is a random mob that needs some help destroying a safe house? An attack on US soil – which is what a consulate is – that kills an American ambassador, the official representative of our nation, seems like it should be big news. But it was driven off the front page by what the mainstream media deemed was a much bigger story. The big story was that Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney made a statement about the attack that Obama didn’t like. Romney’s said Obama had apologized for American values, which was accurate despite what the mainstream media have said, because although the apology was issued before the attack in Cairo, it was reissued after the attack. The White House has backed away from the statement, but it is still out there and it is still an apology for allowing free speech in this country. The US government should never apologize for free speech, but Obama seems to actually be embarrassed by the fact that the people in the United States can say what they want and he doesn’t control it. What the press should have been reporting was exactly what happened, but to do that the mainstream media would have to admit that the Obama-led government made huge mistakes, ignored warnings, ignored basic security procedures and – on a day when they had been warned that there might be an attack and should have expected an

Thursday, September 20, 2012

attack – had allowed the ambassador to Libya to be in an area where he was not adequately protected. So instead of admitting a mistake, Obama and the mainstream media are ignoring the attack and talking about Romney, who is right, but you would never know it from the blistering attacks on him. British newspapers were reporting the details of the attack along with photos of the consulate and safe house after the attack. The US news media seemed to have real difficulties reporting any details about the attack. Perhaps the problem was that when the details were reported it was obvious that the attack was not a random mob that happened to have machine guns, mortars and rocket-propelled grenades at its disposal. So to report the truth the mainstream media would have to report that the Obama State Department was telling a boldfaced lie. Then there is the problem that the US was warned of these attacks days before they occurred, although it seems that the US State Department should have been warned about the high probability of attacks by the calendar. The larger issue is the Obama administration’s apology for the exercise of free speech. The US should never apologize for free speech. People in this country have the right to say what they want about any religion, including Islam. Romney was right on target when he criticized the Obama administration for the apology. Whether is was before or after the attacks really doesn’t matter. Americans had free speech before the attacks and we still have it after the attacks. Hopefully we will continue to exercise free speech for centuries to come.

,,, In 2006, The Rhino Times published several of the Danish cartoons that started riots that caused deaths in much of the Muslim world. We published the cartoons because we thought the American people needed to see what was causing hundreds of deaths. By American political cartoon standards these were pretty tame. After publishing several of the cartoons we received hundreds of telephone calls. My brother Willy, who at that time was the publisher, and I answered as many calls as we could. For several days we would get off one call and pick one of the four lines that were all flashing. One thing we heard over and over again was, “You had no right to publish those cartoons.” This was not a statement that we let stand, because it is wrong. As Americans we had and have every right to publish those cartoons. Thousands have fought and died so that we would have that right. The idea of freedom of speech was so foreign to most of these men who were calling that they could not make sense of it. Happy speech doesn’t need protection. The First Amendment guarantees Americans the right to free speech, which gives us the right to offend people and to

Page 47

write, say and film things that make people uncomfortable and even angry. If our president in any way agrees with the Muslims who believe that Americans have no right to publish cartoons Muslims find offensive or to produce movies that Muslims find offensive then we are in a world of trouble. If Americans can’t produce movies that Muslims find offensive, can Americans produce movies that Catholics or Baptists or Mormons find offensive? Do Muslims according to President Obama get some kind of special protection or do all religions and belief systems get equal protection? Is it acceptable to produce a movie that Rotarians find offensive? Free speech for Americans gets thrown out the window if there is a group in the world that has to be protected from it.

,,, What it seems that Romney has learned is that it doesn’t matter what he says, he is going to be attacked by the mainstream media. Those attacks are so all inclusive and overwhelming that even the conservatives on television news join in they just try to offer some explanation as to why Romney would be so insensitive. What Romney said in London was what everyone with any sense was saying because the British weren’t ready. If there was any doubt about that all you had to do

By John Hammer was tune in and watch the empty stands for Olympic events. They got it all worked out, but the Olympics got off to a rocky start. Obama by the same token is allowed to say incredibly stupid stuff, or not answer questions at all, and the mainstream media are OK with that. Whatever Obama does is by definition right and whatever Romney does is by definition wrong. So much for unbiased reporting. The State Department says that Egypt is our ally but Obama says they are not. The State Department works for Obama. It seems to be a bit of a problem, but not to the mainstream media.

,,, The Obama worshippers, particularly those in the media, would have you believe that Obama is responsible for killing Osama bin Laden. Of course, like all good deceptions, it’s true. Obama as commander in chief of the armed forces gave the order that started the process for Navy Seals to go in and kill Osama bin Laden. By the same token every time there is an American soldier killed in Afghanistan, Obama gave the order that resulted in that death as well. He can’t claim one without the other. Would any president not have given that order to kill Osama bin Laden? This was (Continued on previous page)

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Thursday, September 20, 2012

The Rhinoceros Times Greensboro

The Rhinoceros Times September 20th, 2012  

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