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Minutes of the Executive Board Meeting held on Monday 26 August 2013 Action 1.

Attendance: Paul Greene, Patrick Maughan, Steven Mills, Rachel Sanders, Michele Collie In attendance: Teo Benea

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Apologies: Deena Tissera Rachel Joyce The first exec meeting of the year with the new exec team. Waited for 15 min for everyone to arrive but Callum Martin and Martin Mgbemere weren’t present at the meeting. Rachel informed the exec that there will be no BBQ on the 28.09.2013 There was a discussion around inductions and the 3 sabbaticals arranged a meeting to discuss this on Wednesday, 28.08.2013. Michele and Patrick discussed if there is any way that the union can support the Graduation Ball that is organised by the Faculty of Health and Social Care. Michele thinks this is possible and they will discuss the idea further.

Paul, Patrick, Steve Michele, Patrick

Steve raised his concerns that the other exec members are not all aware of the events and the activities that have been organised for the Fresher’s Week. Steve, Paul and Patrick are going to meet up on Wednesday, 28.08.2013 to discuss Fresher’s Week. The next exec meeting to be organised on the 9 th, 10th or 11th or September after the NUS Training is finished to ensure that everyone is attending. The exact date still to be confirmed. As there was no further business the meeting closed at 5.30 pm

Steve, Paul, Patrick

Minutes of the executive board meeting held on monday 26 august  
Minutes of the executive board meeting held on monday 26 august