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Objectives for the students For this work you should define the rules for the Santa Maria and the laws that should be applied to the society that you want to create both on board the space ship as for society on the new planet. As you know, we citizens should be aware of obligations and rights. We want you to use these issues to create a, as possible, functioning society. Work area will cover the following: · What are rules — written and unwritten rules? · What is a crime? · How should a trial work or look like? · What kind of punishment should there be? · How should the prison system work?

Tutorial A) Rules/Laws What is a law? What is a rule? What is a norm? Why are there laws? What different laws, rules and standards differ? What happens if you break the law? What happens if it breaks a rule or a standard (non-written law)? What are the oldest known laws in the world? Can we learn anything from those laws? Who ensures that the laws are followed by the citizens? Who decides the laws? What are the laws that are specifically made for children and young people? Do you think that some laws are more important than other laws? Would people be able to be immune to the laws? The following are some issues related to your school: Are there special laws that are applied for your school? What are they? Do you have any special rules in your school? Which Ones? Who decides the rules in your school? Can students change the rules in your school? What were the rules at school in the past? What happens if somebody breaks the rules at school? Give examples! What happened if you broke the rules of the school in the past? Is everyone in your school, satisfied with the existing rules?

Compare your school with another school. Do you have the same rules? Rules in school past and present — is there a difference? B) Crimes What is a crime? Why do people commit crimes? Are there different reasons? C) Trial Should we have courts? When a crime has been committed, what precedes trial? Who does what? Should we have a prosecutor, police, lawyers, or what? How do things work in the courtroom- the main hearing? What different penalties and sanctions, do we have in Sweden/Poland/Croatia? Should you be able to appeal a judgment? Should trials be held in public or should they be closed for other people? Who would be involved in the trial? Should ordinary citizens be the ones that judges at trials and/or legal professionals? Who is to judge in the trial? The Jury? The Judge? Other alternatives? What would be the part of the police? Should the police be both investigating and judging criminal offense? D) Punishment What is meant by penalty? What is meant by punishment? What would “jail” mean on board the Santa Maria? What should be the Penalties for: 1. Vandalism 2. Physical abuse? 3. Theft? 4. the Robbery? 5. Rape " 6. Narcotic E) Treatment of criminals How do you think that we should handle those who are convicted of a crime? Prison: Open Office Closed Office Closed Office of the high-security Prison leave: Probation, suspended sentence, the encumbrance What about the situation for ex criminals after prison. Should they get any care after? Difficulties after a jail time

Law and order - tutorial  
Law and order - tutorial  

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