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Objectives for the students  

have a familiarity with different social care systems and be able to discuss possible routes towards a sustainable society, both locally and globally, develop the ability to discuss questions concerning health and inter-personal relationships on the basis of relevant biological knowledge and personal experiences.

Tutorial N.B. This is only guidance to some of the key aspects of the problems with putting together the crew. As you work you will probably come across other aspects you’ll need to look further into. The goal for health systems is of course good health but it's also important that the system can give the population what it expects of it and that the financial contributions to the system are fair. There is a wide variety of health care systems around the world. In some places health care is based on “out-of-pocket payments” where you pay directly for the costs. Many countries have systems with different forms of insurances and others have systems where health care and other types of care are funded through taxes. Most countries' systems are actually a mix of different models. How many resources should be spent on health care? A. Health care 1. Should the entire crew have equal access to health care services on board? o No difference between the members? o More important crew members should have priority? o Who is important? o Who is less important? o Should persons at a certain age have some kind of priority? 2. Should health care be free of charge or fee-based? o If fee-based, how much should the patient pay for? o Every cost? o Only pay for parts of the treatment, such as? 3. Should all diseases be treated?


If not, which ones? Give examples of diseases that shouldn't be treated. o What consequences would it lead to?

4. How to prevent diseases and injuries? o What rules and regulations should be on board the ship for this matter? 5. Should euthanasia, assisted suicide, be allowed on board? o If yes – should it be encouraged sometimes? o If a crew member is incurable sick? o If a crew member is very old? o If a crew member is depressed? o Other reasons? B. Elderly care 1. When should a crew member retire from work? o Never? o At a fixed age? o What age? o Depending to his/hers physical condition? o Who will decide this? 2. Who will be responsible for the elderly care? o o

The old people’s relatives? Elderly care homes on board?

3. Should elderly care be free of charge or fee-based? o If fee-based – how much should the patient pay for? o Every cost or just parts?

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