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MoNdAy-FRidAy 9:00aM-2:00pM (eAsteRN) Market Day Report starts the weekday with five hours of “live” continuous coverage of rural news, weather, and commodity market coverage in constantly updated half-hour wheels. • Rural News (7 minutes) – Market Day Report leads off with an update of rural news and features the latest stories from agriculture associations, university and college agriculture programs, USDA headlines and stories from our rural partners. • Ag Weather (5 minutes) – An agricultural related weather segment gives viewers the latest look at weather that’s impacting agricultural markets around the globe. RURAL TV’s weather features important soil moisture and soil temperature stats with extended 6-10 day forecasts. • Grain Market Update (6 minutes) – In depth reports from the Chicago and Kansas City Board of Trades offer up to the minute pricing, plus periodic trader interviews. • Livestock Market Update (6 minutes) – Reports from the Chicago Mercantile Exchange give viewers the latest futures and cash markets, featuring periodic trader interviews.

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RURAL TV Market Day Report  

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