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Volume 16 • Issue 11 • NOVEMBER 2021

K9 Programs to Support Vets By Susan Spisak


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very November 11th, the U.S. celebrates Veterans Day to commemorate Veterans of all wars. This date was chosen for the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month of 1918, which is recognized as the end of World War I. We’re grateful to all retired veterans as well as active-duty military members who are dedicated to our country. Unfortunately, many military service members who return from mobilization or deployment are changed. These veterans may have experienced horrific events and/or sustained life-threatening injuries, as well as mental, physical, and/or health-related disabilities. Several organizations here in Maine realize that for veterans, a service dog or emotional support canine companion who’s trained to



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Hot Dog News Carolyn Fuhrer Earns AKC Champion Tracker Title

Carolyn Fuhrer, AKC Tracking Judge and owner of North


Star Dog Training School in Somerville, Maine, has successfully completed all three American Kennel Club tracking titles (TD, TDX and VST) with her Golden Retriever, Loretta, CT North Star’s Honky Tonk Girl, earning the prestigious AKC title of Champion Tracker (CT) on October 3, 2021 at Dog Tracking Club of Maine’s TDX test. The following week, on October 10, at On Track Agility Club of Maine’s TDX test, she and her Golden Retriever, Wyatt, North Star’s Deputy Marshal, earned their TDX title. Two TDX titles in one week! The TDX title is earned by following an “older” track (three to five hours) that is 800 to 1000 yards and has five to seven directional changes with the additional challenge of human cross tracks. The VST dog has demonstrated the ability to track through complex urban settings that may take the dog down a street, through a building and other areas devoid of vegetation. Carolyn has earned over 125 AKC titles with her Golden Retrievers, including three Champion Tracker titles. She has been teaching people to understand their dogs for over 30 years and writes the column, “Training Your Performance Dog” which appears in the Downeast Dog News.

xperienced Animal Welfare Professional Poised to Transform Organization and Oversee Move to New Facility

Fundraising in Old Orchard Beach


Midcoast Humane Appoints Interim Executive Director

bigail and Adam Danyleyko recently held a fundraiser outside of Landry's Shop N’ Save in Old Orchard Beach to collect items to donate to local animal shelters. They would like to send a HUGE “thank you” to Paul Landry and staff for allowing them to assemble in front of the store and to the Old Orchard Beach residents, tourists & friends for their generous donations!

The Board of Directors of Midcoast Humane, a wellestablished nonprofit providing animal welfare services to 40 municipalities in the state of Maine, today announced the appointment of Jess Townsend as its Interim Executive Director. Robert Jones, Chair of the Board of Directors of Midcoast Humane commented, “All of us at Midcoast Humane see an opportunity to improve and enhance the lives of pets and people in the communities we serve and are thrilled to have Jess lead us in this exciting stage of growth.” Townsend’s appointment comes as the organization undergoes strategic restructuring and prepares to move its Brunswick headquarters to a newly renovated, state-of-theart 24,000 square foot sheltering facility. Jones commented, “The new facility will allow us to implement a plan of strategic growth in programming and outreach, all while advancing the quality of care for homeless animals and pet owners in need. The organization is primed for tremendous progress, and with Jess at the helm, there is no doubt that Midcoast Humane will achieve remarkable heights.” Ms. Townsend has worked in animal welfare for 15 years and has significant experience in nonprofit management. For further information as it becomes available, please continue to visit the organization’s website at www. or follow on facebook and Instagram. You may also show your support by texting MHPAWS to 207-255-7556. To read full press release visit:

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From the Publisher Dear Dog News Readers, I’m not quite sure where this year went. Here it is the November issue, and before we know it, the holidays will be upon us. I must say, I have very much enjoyed fall thus far. I took a week off in early October, and I was blessed with the best weather. I decided to embrace all things fall; I went on a few hikes, picked apples, and bought pumpkins. I also took Pepper for a few swims at the lake before the water got too cold. A couple of those days I almost felt as though I could hop in myself. I haven’t been on a hike in quite a while. I usually save them for spring and fall but where Pepper has become fearful of other dogs and needs some counter conditioning, we usually find other things we can enjoy together. One of my biggest pet peeves is when people let their dogs hike off leash. I encountered this on one of my hikes. I had moved off to the side to let other people pass and along comes two people and two off leash dogs. They were nice enough dogs, and I did not feel threatened, but I love dogs. What if I was afraid of dogs or allergic or if I had a dog with me that might not enjoy a loose dog approaching? What’s worse is the humans didn’t even glance my way and went on having a conversation while one of the dogs stopped and leaned up against me. I was thankfully leaning against a tree because we were on a rocky incline. He stayed there for a minute or two before re-joining his group. It could have been a different situation for someone else. When we are out in public with our pups, we need to follow rules, be considerate of others, and clean up our messes, so we will continue to be welcome, not to mention keep everyone safe. Hopefully, you have had the time to get out to enjoy this warmer fall weather. If you have, you may have noticed more ticks once again. Keep up on your preventatives and check yourself when you come inside. Warmest wishes to you and your loved ones for a happy Thanksgiving! Take time to pause and count your blessings. All the best, Jenn and Pepper

“The better I get to know men, the more I find myself loving dogs” ― Charles De Gaulle

• Provide the latest in dog-related news and information. • Encourage and support dog-friendly businesses and Maine-made pet products and services. • Cultivate a community of responsible dog guardianship/ownership. • Support animal welfare causes.

Dog of the Month! VINNY

Vinny is a quirky, lovable hound mix from the South who had a rough start in life as a stray puppy. After quite a bit of time in shelters he made his way to his family in Maine and never looked back. He now lives a happy life filled with snuggles, treats and a box of his very own toys. Spend any time on Damariscotta Lake during the summer and you may just see him relaxing and enjoying the wind in his face while floating around in his pontoon.


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elcome to the end of autumn and colder days and nights! If you have a dog, hopefully they’ve been keeping you warm! My pup and I are enjoying walks without bugs chasing us and cooler air, so I’m happy to be spending more time back in nature. As you know I’m a psychic for people and pets and in this column I do mini readings for some of the people who follow my Sara Moore Enlightened Horizons Facebook Page. Any information conveyed is not a replacement for licensed medical care, so check with your licensed veterinarian if any medical or nutritional insight is given. Patty H. asked about Bailey, a 14-year-old Golden Retriever. “Are you in pain and is your eye bothering you?.” My left eye feels a little different or cold. I’m not sure how to describe that, kind of like getting a little bit of soap in it but not so much you are crying. It isn’t painful, but it’s slightly uncomfortable. She says she’s a good girl for not touching it! The rest of her body feels really, really tired. When I first tapped into her energy, I asked her how she was feeling and I saw an image of an elderly woman in a hospital bed who knows there’s nothing that can be done to resolve any of the pain but that the end will come sooner than later. I feel like you’ll know when she’s ready to cross the rainbow bridge, and she will feel sweet relief when that day comes. And you will be given so many signs she’s around! And your parents will, too. Tiffany M. has Scout, a mini Australian Shepherd. “Why does he keep biting at his body and peeing in the house?! His vet said it's behavior related and not a health concern.” Well, this is going to sound nuts (Yes, I’ve said that in other entries),

Blood Banks for Dogs Q. Do dogs have blood banks like people?


The answer is yes, and just as for people, there is a shortage. With the advancement in veterinary medicine in the treatment of our companions, the need for blood and blood components has been escalating. In the past, blood was collected from the hospital cat or a staff pet. These guys were used only once in a while, and the recipient could only have one transfusion because of the risk of a lethal reaction if repeated. Over the years, this process has become more sophisticated. Specialty practices and emergency clinics now have innovative ways to help our best friends during surgery, injuries, cancer treatments, internal medicine, and many others. Now there are many options to acquire blood components. There are non-profit and for-profit businesses


Furry Words by Sara Moore

but she’s being harassed by spritelike energy. Tiffany you are a super playful soul who has gotten sucked into the grown-up world of adult responsibilities. We all do, but us sprites need more fun and silliness! I would love for you to have a dance party in your house or kitchen, play keep-away with Scout, or do something that makes you giggle and sweat and let go of the burdens of life! That will also give the energies in your house a release, which they are desperately looking for. Ok, I’m not going to sound any more normal saying this, but here’s what I’m hearing. You know those glass balls with a stem that you can fill with water and put in your plants so they drink the water as they need it? I see one of those, green with white, in a plant with the intention it’s for the Fairies and Sprites. That will keep them busy staring at their reflection and away from Scout. I would love to

Ask the Vet… by Dr. Judith Herman

around the country that supply the veterinary community. Some of these institutions have a closed environment. This is required in California for any organization that is running a blood bank. For example, Hemopet is a non-profit organization which uses retired racing greyhounds. These dogs are housed, exercised, and played with during their stay. These dogs are tested for any communicable disease, donating blood a few times over the

know if this works! Jayne M. has a three-year-old Beagle mix named Manny. She wants to know how she can get him to listen without bribing him with treats. He’s too heavy now and nothing else seems to work. Oh my, he has you wrapped right around his paw! He’s totally doing this intentionally and has you in checkmate. Well, he thinks he does, but I hear that we can take back the reins. Manny isn’t as intelligent as he thinks he is, so if you want to bribe him with a treat but it’s really a piece of his dinner kibble, he’ll never know. Whatever you feed him for treats comes out of the serving at mealtime. He is more intent on getting you to serve him versus tank him up on snacks. Eww! Take a look at your life, in the career aspect, and see who else plays this game with you. It’s one thing to do a lot for others if you chose to, another if they’re simply demanding that you do and taking advantage of you. It may be time for you to be true to yourself and ask others to help themselves! I love it when our pets give us these reminders! Glotrian P. wants to know if Goose, a black lab mix, loves traveling out West in the winter as much as they do. Holy smokes I couldn’t even type that question without hearing him scream YES!!! He LOVES it! I want to get out of the car and play in the snow with him. He thinks the smells are even better there, and he has his people who love him. Oh my goodness, he would get in the car right now if you told him it was time to go! I also see you giving him a fast-food hamburger, which isn’t the only reason he loves going, but it is really exciting as well. Melissa A. asked about Jazmin Grace, a yellow lab mix, 6-7 years old. “We rescued her in North Carolina when she was about one year old.

Why is she so scared of certain noises and does she like her one-year-old brother pup named Titan?”. I don’t think she saw much of the outside world before you adopted her. I see her in a cement block style building, the only windows are up high and are horizontal rectangles, and the noises in there echo. Actually, that could be the shelter if not where she was raised. She had to focus so hard to decipher what was “normal” dog noises and which ones meant The Man was coming in. What a horrible feeling I get when I say that. The good news is I don’t think she was being raised as a bait dog, but the man in charge was very heavy handed and didn’t care who saw it. He instilled fear in a lot of his coworkers, and he even makes me uncomfortable. She knows the coast is clear, but just like someone who grows up in the inner city, certain noises are going to trigger a fight or flight response. She did just say she’d inhale treats made with CBD to ease her anxiety if the vet gives the ok. Be careful- she’s super sensitive to them and a little will go a very long way! You may also want to try a white noise machine to help turn her brain off. As for Titan, she loves him, but I also get the feeling that Titan is the golden boy who can do no wrong, and she’s getting frustrated that things come so easy for him. The funny thing is I would say they’re almost equal in ability and sass. Sass! That came out before I could stop it! If you’d like a reading with Sara, you can schedule through the website or call text (603)662-2046. To have a chance to have a mini reading in the Furry Words column, follow her on Facebook at Sara Moore Enlightened Horizons and be on the lookout for the call for questions in the middle of the month.

year and then are adopted to a forever home. Donor dogs must meet strict requirements to be used in donating blood. The dogs are fully vaccinated and not on any medication except for heart worm and flea and tick treatment. They are one to nine years old, weigh over 35 pounds and not fat, have normal blood work and free from any tick borne diseases, brucellosis, and other communicable diseases. They must have a stable calm temperament, friendly, easy to handle, happy to be held by strangers without the guardian present. Depending on their size, they will donate a “half pint” or a “full pint”. The donor dogs are treated like people who donate blood. They are on soft beds, and gently held during the collection of blood from their neck. This process takes fifteen to twenty minutes. After the blood is drawn, the pup will get belly rubs, super treats, and fluids for rehydration. The blood is then taken to be processed. Dogs have blood types called groups. Just like people, there is a universal blood group. Forty percent of the dog population are in this group.

It is important to have blood from this group because, like in people, if the donor and the recipient are not the same blood group, there could be severe adverse reactions. Owners of dogs enrolled in a donor program have great satisfaction that their pup is helping to save others. Often the owners may save on preventative care or receive reimbursement for future care. Expensive, extensive blood screening and typing are done for free. The owners get valuable information about their dog through this process. Other perks may be available as well. As the progress seen in veterinary care for our beloved pups has grown, so has the need for blood and blood components. The requirements for donating blood vary from around the country and programs. If you are interested in enrolling your dog in a blood donor program, contact your veterinarian, emergency vet clinic, or specialist to find out more. Judith K. Herman, DVM, CVH Animal Wellness Center Augusta, Maine

Downeast Dog News


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address their needs and/or perform specific tasks can provide relief by navigating them through their difficulties. For Tracy A. Shaw, Executive Director of Maine Paws for Veterans, MPfV, being part of this non-profit is a personal journey for her, and one that is near and dear to her heart. “My father was a Vietnam veteran. He passed away in 2015,” she shared. That coupled with the fact that her husband is a U.S. Marine is her way to honor both and give back. MPfV was established as Embrace A Vet in 2012, and they’ve graduated upwards of 140 teams combined. Their motto is “Serving Veterans with Invisible Wounds,” and to that end they only train dogs to ease serviceconnected PTS aka Post Traumatic Stress. This PTS Service Dog Program matches dogs with vets at no cost to them. Shaw indicated this 501(c)(3) has three canine options. They may purchase pups for their “Raise to Train” Program. They’re nurtured by volunteers until they’re old enough to be paired with veterans, and then as a team, they’ll continue the twenty-six-week training. They also rely on shelter partners to provide hand-picked dogs as needed. These canines are SAFER tested and evaluated with Behavioral Assessment Tools. Lastly, there’s the Veteran’s Companion Dog option, whereby MPfV can transition their pet – if they meet the criteria – to their Service Dog. When asked about success stories, a few jumped to her mind. One U.S. Air Force Veteran wanted his own Golden Retriever, Gunner, to be his Service Dog. Gunner passed all behavioral assessments, and the duo flew through training. “As soon as they graduated, they were wheels up,” Shaw laughed. The veteran and Gunner were off to Key West. Mixed-breed Tucker came from the Animal Welfare Society of Kennebunk. “This dapper dude has made a remarkable difference in the daily life of his U.S. Army veteran.” The veteran wrote to MPfV that the program has made it easier for him to be in public and added, “It has helped our family so much, and Tucker has been such a great addition

to the family.” Poco was a U.S. Air Force veteran’s dog who liked to learn. “I thought I’d take a chance and try it,” he wrote to MPfV, meaning he wanted Poco to be schooled for Service Dog status. Now with added confidence in public, the veteran has discovered another bonus. “We’re not just learning a bunch of repeatable tricks; we’re learning how to take care of our dogs physically and mentally. Understanding why animals behave the way they do and how they tend to think is important to raising a healthy, well-adjusted dog.” The 501(c)(3) Service Dog Strong, SDS, was co-founded in 2018 by sexual assault victims, veteran Simone Emmons and Kristen Stacy. SDS rescues shelter dogs to become Service Dogs, then pairs them with individuals or veteran “survivors” of sexual assault and/or Military Sexual Trauma who’ve been diagnosed with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). Their mission is clear: “People Saving Dogs, Dogs Saving People.” Once paired, the team goes through a twenty-week training program. This transforms the dogs and their human into a highly functioning and changed duo. “We have had some unbelievable success by helping participants feel safe to return to work, or stay at a job, start new things, or going back to driving,” Emmons said. She’s experienced this first-hand, “Both myself and my co-founder [Stacy] have service dogs ourselves, and believe in the power of animal connection and promote the importance of staying mentally healthy.” Army veteran Melissa Chason is thankful to SDS. She and her threeyear-old mini-Australian Shepherd, Gunner, went through training. “Getting her service dog training has helped with PTSD issues from sexual assault in the army. [Gunner] makes me feel more comfortable at home alone and dealing with people walking up behind me while out in public.” She added that Gunner knows when she gets anxious and allows her to regroup. “I think she has really changed my life for the better…She helps get me back out into the community.” To date, SDS has made seven

matches and have another upcoming class – and there are hopeful applicants. SDS, as is the case with most programs, follows up with their graduates, too. “When done with the class, they must recertify every two years for their service dog training, and we are always available to assist if past participants need additional refresher classes.” She added that the next class participants have been chosen, and some have been paired with a dog. The all-volunteer SDS welcomes donations for their cause. For more, Retired U.S. Army Sgt. Christy Gardner is Founder and President of Mission Working Dogs. Gardner understands the importance of Service Dogs – she relies on one herself. Because she’s accomplished much in her stateside life with her dog by her side, including playing on the US Women's Sled Hockey Team and the New England Warriors, and participating with Team USA on Women’s Para teams, this certified Service and Therapy Dog trainer wanted those who’d benefit from specially trained canines to realize success in their lives as well. Mission Working Dogs trains Mobility Assistance and PTSD Service Dogs, Therapy Dogs, and Facility Service Dogs. The nonprofit’s goal is to aid individuals with disabilities live a full, independent life. Claire Parker, their Treasurer and Youth Advisor, said they’re planning to build a training center on Gardner’s homeland in Oxford. “We’re always taking donations.” They need volunteers for fundraising, puppy raising, and puppy socialization. Upcoming events include a meet-up at the Red Barn in Augusta (takeout), with info and swag for sale. Look for their group in the OHCC Christmas Parade in Norway on Nov 27th parade. For more info and to donate, K9s on The Front Line is a Mainebased 501(c)(3) nonprofit (with a Missouri Chapter) that provides certified, trained service dogs to military veterans who are affected by PTSD and/or Traumatic Brain Injuries, at no cost. Their motto is “Unleashing Hope, One Dog at a Time.” K9s on The Front Line’s mission is to harness the human and dog connection,

pairing veterans with service K9s to form a mutually rewarding bond and hope again for both. For more info: Animal Trainer Clarissa Black created the non-profit Pets for Vets, Inc. in 2009 to say thank you veterans. Currently, there are twenty chapters nationally. The Portland Chapter is headed up by Director Marianne Quinn. Pets for Vets strives to create the feelings of immediate recognition, comfort, and security when a veteran is matched with his or her animal, also known as the “Super Bond.” The Portland Chapter boasts heartwarming stories. To read them and to navigate to all info: matches. Family-founded in 2015 and with a total of thirty years in this field, Ambassador Assistance K9s International (AAKI) brings humane and highly effective professional dog-partner training to those individuals who'd benefit, including veterans. Dog-partner areas that AAKI specializes in but isn’t limited to includes Sight, Mobility/Balance, Hearing, Psychiatric, Assistance, Combination Assistance/Service as well as Therapy and Emotional Support Dog Training. "Working Dogs Changing Lives" and "The Human-to-Animal-Bond" are the mantras behind AAKI. “Built upon this firm relationship foundation, the magic of the humanto-animal bond arises from ongoing and ever-improving teamwork between the dog and human,” AAKI’s founder said. AAKI raises and trains Service and Therapy Dogs on their premises, but they prefer to have the puppy/ dog placed right away with the veteran/individual. They have weekly training modules, including at-your-home and/or detailed distance training. These skill sets are just a snapshot of what the for-profit AAKI offers. For details, certification info, and application: Thank you to these organizations who are dedicated to Veterans.

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The 3-Second Rule Do you know it? Call me crazy, but I have

a theory that we unwittingly practice the 3-Second Rule in many different human contexts as a matter of course. The rule is a part of our cultural norms. Consider the handshake (way back when they were a thing). How long does an appropriate handshake last? About 3 seconds? What happens if a handshake goes on too long or is on the weird side, if the other person doesn’t let go? It’s probably uncomfortable and you just want to escape, pronto. Then there are the occasional times when we happen to make eye contact with strangers. How long before that gets creepy? Less than 3 seconds for sure. If you are the only person on an elevator and a stranger stands extra close to you for more than 3 seconds, you’d probably be concerned. Are you with me now? There’s a fine line in time that marks when something is acceptable and when it suddenly isn’t. Things can go from fine and

Basic Training Tips by Diana Logan

friendly to downright dangerous when that line is crossed. Yes, this topic does relate to dogs, their interactions with the world, and our interactions with them. Humans Interacting with Dogs We can be more respectful of

dogs and help them feel more comfortable around us if we give them choices. I encourage people to practice the 3-Second Rule when they meet a new dog. Engage for no more than 3 seconds, then withdraw your attention. By doing this, you are asking the dog if he is comfortable. If he wants more, he’ll stay. If he’s not comfortable, he’ll move away. In essence, it’s a metaphorical handshake. Owners of puppies and small dogs will often carry their pups and force them to interact with other people and dogs while held, setting them up to be reluctant or even fearful greeters. We can’t see their complete body language when they are held, so their communication system is affected. If given the choice, these puppies and small dogs might say “no thank you.” Playing with Your Dog Most of us enjoy “wrestling” with our dogs. This is fine as long as both parties are in agreement and there are rules involved. If there are no pauses in our play, things can get too rough very fast. Add those pauses and see how it changes the interaction. Pausing means withdrawing your hands, briefly freezing, turning away, etc. Out and About with Rex Where is Rex’s attention? Has he suddenly focused on a trigger or distraction? Individual dogs are different as far as where that fine

line is, but there’s a good chance that if the focus has lasted more than 3 seconds, the 4th second will be a problem. Interrupt! Change the subject. Of course it's fine that Rex is observant and enjoys studying his surroundings, but we need to understand where our dog's attention lies in order to keep him out of trouble. Dogs Interacting with Dogs Appropriate, mutual dog-dog interactions include pauses, lots and lots of pauses. This means that there’s a dynamic, mutual, giving and taking of personal space. Pauses may be in the form of moving away, turning away, doing a play bow, etc. Guess how often these pauses occur? Yup, about every 3 seconds (I’ve counted). When two dogs meet for the first time, it’s best to interrupt the info-gathering session at 3 seconds. You can let them go back to get more info but sniffing and circling and other greeting-related rituals can go sour if allowed to go on too long. Summary There you go - that’s my defense of the relevance of the 3-Second Rule. I’ll bet you can find more examples. In the meantime, have fun with your dogs and do a lot of counting to three!

Diana Logan, CPDT-KA Certified Professional Dog Trainer, Knowledge-Assessed Pet Connection Dog Training, North Yarmouth, Maine | | 207-252-9352


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6 large outside running areas

We only accept well socialized dogs and puppies 4 months/ older for daycare

Supervised playgroups depending on energy level/size

Air conditioned 653 W iscasset Rd., Boothbay

207-633-DOGS •


This digital marketplace blends the integrity of Maine media with creativity of Maine makers to provide a hand up to fellow Mainers in need, who through self-selected volunteerism use their skills in their community for good. This truly is a win-win for keeping Maine strong.

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1. Androscoggin Animal Hospital, Topsham 2. Veazie Veterinary Clinic, Veazie 3. Kindred Spirits Veterinary Clinic, Orrington

BEST DAYCARE/BOARDING 1. Zucco’s Dog House, Hampden 2. Renaissance Dogs, Holden 3. Carden Kennels Country Club for Pets, Bangor

BEST GROOMER 1. Coastal Creations Pet Salon, Bucksport 2. Zucco’s Dog House, Hampden 3. Carden Kennels Country Club for Pets, Bangor

BEST TRAINER 1. Mr. Dog Training, Sara Sokol, Bath 2. Blue Dog Daycare, Brooke Pizzolato, Brunswick 3. Tie Beech Ridge K9 Training, Ashley Barclay, Windham Carden Kennels Country Club for Pets, Missy Pitcher, Bangor

BEST PET STORE 1. Loyal Biscuit, Rockland 2. Loyal Biscuit, Brewer 3. Loyal Biscuit, Bath

BEST PET PRODUCT 1. Sew Fetch - Collars, Machias 2. Mountain Dog Cookie Co., Scarborough 3. Tealight Studios – Bows/Bandanas, Portland



Animal Refuge League of Greater Portland, Westbrook Pope Memorial Humane Society, Thomaston Midcoast Humane, Brunswick

BEST PET-FRIENDLY LODGING 1. Little White Dog Properties, Georgetown 2. Inn by the Sea, Cape Elizabeth 3. 250 Main Hotel, Rockland

BEST PET PHOTOGRAPHER 1. Gina Soule Photo, Portland 2. Kaitlyn Rosae Photography, Lisbon Falls 3. Caroline Samson Photography, Bowdoinham


Southend Park, Bath Acadia National Park (pets prohibited in some parts), Bar Harbor Area Casco Bay Lines, Portland


Training Your Performance Dog Agility, Obedience, Tracking by Carolyn Fuhrer Obedience: The Foundation of All We Do with Our Dogs AKC defines its obedience program

as trials set up to demonstrate the dog’s ability to follow specified routines in the obedience ring to emphasize the usefulness of the dog as a companion to humans; and it is essential that the dog demonstrate willingness and enjoyment while it is working, and that handling be smooth and natural without harsh commands. In other words – the dog and handler enjoy working together. If you have ever seen beautiful heeling, you understand the wonderful flow of energy between the dog and handler. If you have ever seen bright, crisp signals and recalls,

then you understand the focus and understanding between the team that comes from the heart. Obedience is the foundation that enables our dogs to do all the wonderful things they do with us and for us. Obedience enables our dogs to be search and rescue dogs, herding dogs, therapy dogs, assistance dogs, agility dogs, freestyle dogs, and on and on. Without obedience as a foundation, dogs could not participate in these activities. They need to be able to

ignore distractions, make good choices, work under pressure, follow directions, and have focus and attention. This is what obedience teaches and this is not a bad thing. All pet dogs could use these skills – it could even save their lives at some point. There seems to be some feeling that commands are bad. Actually, in reality we give our dogs commands all the time, such as “wait” when we open the door to let them out; “sit and wait” when we go to put their food bowls down; “come” when we need them to join us. Whether you want to call them cues, requests or signals, is a question of semantics. We still expect some compliance and good manners when we ask something of our pets. This is not bad. Correction seems to be another difficult term – correction is simply a way of showing how something should be done. It does not imply pain or harshness mentally or physically. To anyone who has a poor opinion of obedience my guess is that he or she has never attended a good obedience class. In a good class, there is fun, excitement, laughter, challenges, and lots and lots of rewards in many shapes and forms. Dogs are never – and I repeat – never corrected in any way for something they do not understand. This would be selfdefeating for all involved. How could we create a willing, joyful, trustful partner if this was a method we employed? Are there poor obedience teachers out there? I’m sure there are,

just as there are bad doctors and poor attorneys. Positive training is not an entity in and of itself, but simply a way to teach obedience. Positive training and obedience training should not be an antithesis. Positive methods are employed to teach dogs obedience and life skills, and most successful obedience instructors use positive methods. There are also people out there claiming to use only positive methods and are not very good at it because they do not understand how to teach. Even improper use of “clicker training” can cause terrible mental stress to a dog that is overwhelmed by the improper criteria. So, let’s work together to bring more mutual respect to all those in the dog world and for how we choose to spend quality time with our dogs. We all basically share the same goals to enjoy living with our dogs and enjoy special activities with them. A dog with an obedience foundation is a joy to live with and actually gets a lot more freedom than an uncontrolled dog. It is irresponsible to allow an uncontrolled dog total freedom. All dogs need an obedience foundation. I am very proud of all of my students and the relationship they have developed and built upon through obedience. Not sure? Find a good obedience class to watch and talk with the students and learn how much it could do for you and your dog.

Carolyn Fuhrer has earned over 125 AKC titles with her Golden Retrievers, including 2 Champion Tracker titles. She has recently become an AKC Tracking Judge. Carolyn is the owner of North Star Dog Training School in Somerville, Maine. She has been teaching people to understand their dogs for over 30 years. You can contact her with questions, suggestions and ideas for her column by e-mailing

Classes Classes & & Private Private Lessons Lessons Obedience, Obedience, Agility Agility and and Tracking

North Star Dog Training Carolyn Fuhrer Somerville, Maine 207-691-2332 207-691-2332.

Struggling? Let Let us us help Struggling? help you you achieve achieveyour yourgoals. goals.You Youwill willbe beamazed amazed at how the right instruction instruction makes makes all allthe thedifference differenceininyour yoursuccess! success! Each Wehave havethe theknowledge, knowledge,experience experience Eachdog/handler dog/handler team team is is unique. unique. We and teachingability abilityto tohelp helpyou yousucceed. succeed. and outstanding outstanding teaching Callus usand andlet’s let’sget get started! started! Call

Now workshops schedulingwith Carolyn Fuhrer, Watch for 2020 Tracking Small customAKC training groups and workshops. Tracking Judge

Education • Rehabilitation • Guardianship • Adoption Dedicated 501(c)3 rescue working with shelters and dog owners of both Catahoula Leopard Dogs & Australian Cattle Dogs along the East Coast. 30 Clements Point Rd, Warren, ME 04864 207.273.1320 | 207.975.2909

Call for more information!

Daycare & Grooming Mon – Fri 7am – 6pm

Compassionate Pet Loss Counseling 646-729-6633 “Until one has loved an animal a part of one’s soul remains unawakened.” ~ Anatole France

Boarding - Saturday & Sunday 8-9am & 5-6pm 228 Lewiston Rd., Gray (207)657-6624 Professionally trained staff & certified groomers!

Erin Bessey - CPDT-KA

• Clicker Training • Basic Obedience • Private & Group Lessons and more... Training that is fun for the whole family

mention this ad for 10% discount


72 S. Hunts Meadow Rd Whitefield, ME 04353 Find us on Facebook

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Barking in Dogs Did you know that barking is normal behavior in dogs? It is in their DNA. Based on their ancestral jobs, there are even some breeds of dogs more likely to bark than others like herding dogs, those used to sound the alarm (bird overhead) and for protection. Why do Dogs Bark? Dogs bark for many reasons. Some bark as a warning while others bark when startled or afraid. Many learn that barking is an easy way to get food or to encourage humans and other animals to engage in play. Why is it hard to stop barking? Barking is very easy to reinforce and very difficult to stop. For instance, if your dog barks and lunges at the front window each time a package is delivered, it soon learns barking is a very effective strategy to make the stranger, delivery person, go away. The same is true when your dog barks at people, joggers, and other dogs that walk past the house and yard. Sometimes humans will even join in the barking when they yell or make a fuss. For many dogs, this human “barking” confirms that there is something to worry about resulting in an increase in intensity and frequency rather than a decrease. How do we stop barking? Step 1: Find out why your dog is barking. Is it afraid? Is there something we need to know about? Are we accidentally reinforcing the barking? Does your dog have separation

anxiety? Confinement anxiety? Or maybe a noise phobia? We need to know the “why” before we can hope to change this behavior. Step 2: Stop barking back. Ignore the behavior or better yet- get up to see if you can determine what your dog is barking at, say “Thank You” and then redirect your dog to another enjoyable activity. Step 3: Cover your windows. If your dog can see people, dogs, and other animals passing by the house, barking will persist. Close the blinds, shut the curtains, or use window film to block its outside view. Better yet, find a way to keep your dog out of a particular room, so your dog doesn’t spend most of the day watching out the window and barking. Step 4: Give your dog something else to do. Food dispensing and puzzle toys are a great way to reduce barking and keep your dog occupied. Pre-stuffing and freezing them will help make sure you always have one available in a flash. Fun games like fetch, squeaky toys, tug, scent work, or a flirt pole can be other methods to get your dog to focus and encourage its interest in another activity. Step 5: Teach behaviors such as “going to a mat” or “place.” You can use this when people come to the door or as a place to relax when needed. A bed, piece of furniture, or any non-slip mat can be used for this exercise. There are even remote treat

dispensers to help you successfully teach this behavior if needed. Step 6: Make sure your dog’s basic needs are being met. Does it have enough exercise? What about mental enrichment and time spent doing fun things with you? or other dogs? If your dog is bored or frustrated, it is more likely to bark. It may be time to clip on the leash and go for a walk. Step 7: Play some classical music. Is there a time of the day when your dog is more likely to bark or is it sensitive to certain noises? Playing classical music, audiobooks or sometimes jazz can help your dog quickly relax while blocking out the scary noises and during high bark times during the day. What not to do? Ultrasonic devices, spray bottles, citronella bark collars, and bark “correction” or shock collars are never

recommended. These devices do not address the “why” of barking and can even make the barking worse. Sometimes these devices are successful at reducing barking, at least temporarily, but they rarely work long term to curb the behavior. A side effect of these devices includes an increase in fear and anxiety. Many dogs quickly learn how to bark around the shock of the collar or to successfully avoid a squirt of water, but they never learn to associate this punishment with the barking itself. It is the devices (or even you) they learn to fear which is why they often look sad, slink, or run away when the collar or squirt bottle comes out. Do you need help? If your dog is barking and you need help, make an appointment with your veterinarian. Sometimes underlying medical conditions, like pain, contribute to the barking behavior. If you think that your pet is fearful or anxious, let your veterinarian know because there are medications and behavior modification techniques that help reduce or even stop barking behavior long term. Christine D. Calder, DVM, DACVB Calder Veterinary Behavior Services,

Come Visit Us! (207) 594-5269

BATH 180 Front Street

Healthy Pet Food & Self-Serve Dog Wash

T HAN K Y OU Downeast Dog News Readers for voting us "Best Pet Store" 2021!

BELFAST 1 Belmont Avenue

BREWER 421 Wilson Street

CAMDEN-ROCKPORT 56 Commercial Street


! t u o s u f f i Sn

160 Water Street

ROCKLAND 408 Main Street

WATERVILLE 109 Main Street NOVEMBER 2021


BEST of the BEST


Best Groomer

Best Pet Product

Best Daycare/Boarding

Pet Photographer

Androscoggin Animal Hospital

Coastal Creations Pet Salon

Sew Fetch Collars

Zucco’s Dog House

Gina Soule, Gina Soule Photo

The Androscoggin Animal Hospital (AAH) is located on Foreside Road in Topsham, Maine. AAH has been certified by the American Animal Hospital Association since 2003 and has consistently exceeded the guidelines for certification. We are a Fear Free Practice employing an amazing team of 7 Veterinarians and 24 dedicated support staff. The hospital is committed to providing an exceptional experience that is compassionate, professional, and affordable. We use the latest technology (including a therapeutic and surgical laser, ultrasound, in house diagnostic equipment, and digital radiography) to provide complete surgical, dental, and medical care. We love supporting the community that has graciously continued to support us. We want to thank our dedicated clients, patients, friends, and the community for choosing us as ‘Best of the Best’ Veterinary Hospital in Downeast Dog News.


From boredom grows the

best creativity, Sew Fetch Dog Co. is an accidental business that changed my life for the better. As a busy mom of two, Sew Fetch was born when I was needing something to keep me busy and provide extra income for my growing family. Now 5 years later Sew Fetch has a retail store in Machias ME and is a growing business every day while still allowing me to be present with my family. We specialize in artisan quality dog collars that are beautiful and secure so you can have the best of both worlds; a nice-looking collar and one that is also strong enough to keep your dog safe. Find us online at, in person at 25 Main St, Machias, and in over 50 locations around the USA and Canada. Thank you so much to everyone who voted for us!

Best Trainer

Best Pet Store

Best Rescue/Shelter

Sara Sokol, Mr. Dog Training

Loyal Biscuit, Rockland

Animal Refuge League of Greater Portland

ara Sokol is owner at Mr. Dog Training; a positive reinforcement-based training center with a 2000 square foot facility located in West Bath Maine and has been voted BEST dog trainer in the state of Maine by Downeast Dog News readers for SEVEN years in a row now! Sara feels that the key to any good relationship, including the one between a person and their dog, is clear communication. Her training style is to teach people how their dogs learn and how to set their dogs up to make “good” choices and then reinforce those choices. In addition, Sara believes that training should be fun, for both humans and dogs, and takes pride in being able to make the classroom an enjoyable and safe place to learn. She is grateful to have a job that allows her to work closely with the community and one that helps her strengthen the human/animal bond.



lsebeth DeBiase, is an award winning IPG Certified Master Groomer with 20 years of experience in the pet industry. As a graduate of the University of Maine Department of Animal Sciences, she has an understanding of the animal industry that encompasses farm, veterinary and pet industries alike. In 2011, Elsebeth opened Coastal Creations Pet Salon with the goal of providing individualized services to her four-legged clients while utilizing state of the art equipment, compassionate handling methods and modern styling techniques. Her specialties include small dogs, cats, geriatric pets and hand stripping. Elsebeth is Fear Free and Low Stress Handling Certified. Her goal is to continue to pursue education and training that will be helpful to her clients and fellow groomers. Elsebeth is passionate about mentoring other groomers and helping them succeed. Recently, she completed training to become a level one certifier with International Professional Groomers, Inc. Other accomplishments Reserve Best in Show in the International Competitive Groomer’s Grooming Competition Pro Division 2021. It is an honor to receive Best of the Best Groomer 2016, 2019, 2020 & 2021. Thank you!

Loyal Biscuit Co. is a

nationally award-winning pet supply store owned by Joel and Heidi Neal. Purchased in January 2010, LBC is an independent dog and cat supply boutique with seven great locations - Rockland, Camden, Belfast, Waterville, Brewer, Hallowell, and Bath. We are your destination for the best in healthy food and treats, toys, collars, beds, and more with over 4,000 hand selected items, plus we have access to over 25,000 more products we can special order! We love dogs and cats, and our pets mean the world to us, so we understand how much your pets mean to you! We are educating ourselves and our team every day on nutrition, treats, toys, and more to help you provide the best for your dogs and cats. We are here to provide the absolute best for your four-legged friends!

Zucco’s Dog House is a premier dog care facility located

in Hampden, ME. Zuccos’ services include daycare, boarding and grooming. Zucco’s has one of the largest K9 artificial turf grass facilities in New England which provides a safe, dry, clean play environment. This is coupled with a highly trained staff to dog ratio. It also has multiple play yards, pools, splash pad and air conditioning for the entire facility. The facility is equipped with self-cleaning play areas to optimize health and cleanliness. Boarding includes all the amenities you would expect from a 5-star resort including a presidential suite, special meals, health checks and inclusive daycare play. The grooming Salon boasts 3 groomers with extensive experience and a no step bath area. Zucco’s uses Pet Exec software to track all aspects of your dogs’ needs including scheduling, health needs, payments, and specific requests.

Gina Soule is an

internationally published professional pet photographer, Maine Native, and recently named 2021 International Pet Photographer of the Year. She specializes in fine art portraiture with an emphasis on making sessions fun and enjoyable for your pet. Gina is also an Orthopedic Surgery Physician Assistant in Portland, ME, and brings the same attention to detail and thoroughness she uses with patients inside the Operating Room and in clinic, over to her photography. She takes special care in combining the beauty of the State of Maine, while showcasing the pets she photographs. With the use of only all-natural lighting, she is able to achieve this throughout different parts of the state, creating images displayed on custom wall art, and bringing these to life for memories to last a lifetime. To view her work, and for more information and inquiries, please visit

Best Pet-Friendly Lodging

Best Pet-Friendly Activity

Little White Dog Properties

Southend Park

Hello, I’m Sara

The Animal Refuge League of Greater Portland (ARLGP) has

been helping homeless and displaced pets since 1911 receive the care and love they deserve. With a mission built around adoption, education and community, their life-saving efforts make an impact to both pets and their people—near and far. As a community resource, the ARLGP provides low-cost veterinary care, behavior and training programming, humane education and more, to help cultivate a community of healthy and happy pets. And, through their IDEXX Safety Net, animals from overpopulated shelters across the country arrive to the ARLGP for the opportunity of a new beginning. Learn all about the ARLGP’s mission and how you can get involved at

Downeast Dog News


Sokol. My Husband Mike McKerns and I are Little White Dog Properties LLC. Our pet friendly vacation rental property, Wiggleswick Cottage, sits on 2.5 acres and 75 feet of deep waterfront shoreline in beautiful Georgetown Maine. It was important to us to create a beautiful, comfortable, and clean vacation home where people are welcome to vacation with their dogs since I believe that life is always better with a dog by your side. In addition, we prioritize outstanding customer service, and strive to give our guests, both two and four legged, a vacation experience that they won’t forget; from the moment they book, through checkout, and return trips. I’m beyond excited to be hosting amazing people in such a beautiful and magical place and look forward to helping you make all of your Maine vacation dreams come true. Come stay with us!


ocated on the beautiful shoreline of the Kennebec River is the City of Bath’s Southend Park. Bath, drenched in maritime history and a healthy downtown, prides itself in providing quality outdoor experiences. Southend Park was built in the early 2000’s, is not your traditional small dog park, this is an 11 acre, fenced on three sides, multiuse park that allows dogs off leash in voice command and happens to provide stunning views up and down the down the Kennebec River. A 120 feet pier on the river allows you to fish or just sit and enjoy the spectacular views of Dublin Point, Bath Iron Works, Sagadahoc Bridge and the river itself. A third of a mile gravel walking loop surrounds the park and provides users the opportunity to exercise with their dog. Other amenities include bocce courts, dedicated parking, dog watering station, dog waste bag dispensers. For more information


Thank You for Voting Thank you to our wonderful community for voting for PMHS in the Best of the Best contest! Your support means the world to us! 25 Buttermilk Lane, Thomaston (207)594-2200 •









Preventive Care

Thank You

for voting for Androscoggin Animal Hospital! It is with sincerest gratitude that we receive the news of being voted Best Maine Veterinary Practice. It is our goal to deliver the most compassionate care for your pets and top notch customer service to our neighbors and community! You make it easy as we have the Best Clients and Patients!

207.729.4678 ✤ 457 Foreside Rd. ✤ Topsham, ME 04086

Excellence of Care

Thank you to our clients for voting for us!

g ro omi ng • dayca re • boa rdi ng

Zucco’s Dog House will care for your dog like they are our own.

95 Carey Dr., Hampden, ME • (207)576-4723 •


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Why Is it Suddenly So Difficult to See the Veterinarian? …and What Can I Do If My Pet Has a Healthcare Emergency?

Some of my clients have

commented on the long lead times to get appointments with their veterinarian for several months. In addition, new clients that have just moved to the area have indicated that many local veterinarians are not accepting new patients at this time. There were also rumors of the Eastern Maine Emergency Veterinary Clinic (EMEVC) not being open some nights and turning patients away because they did not have enough staff to see everyone. So, on September 27th, when EMEVC announced that they would be closed on Mondays and Tuesdays until further notice, I started to ask my friends in the veterinary community what was going on. What I learned was alarming. After talking with colleagues throughout Maine and the USA, I discovered a nationwide shortage of veterinarians, technicians, and assistants. The American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA) recently addressed this topic in an article in the JAVMA News entitled, "Are we in a veterinary workforce crisis?" While some have speculated that this was due to a massive increase in pet adoptions due to the COVID-

WORDS, WOOFS & MEOWS by Don Hanson


photo credit: debra bell

19 pandemic, the data reported in JAVMA does not support this conclusion; "The number of pets

adopted from shelters in 2020 was the lowest in five years, based on data from over 4,000 shelters across the country." The data does indicate "… veterinarians saw fewer patients per hour and average productivity declined by almost 25% in 2020, compared with 2019." The JAVMA News article suggests a significant drop in productivity directly resulting from necessary changes in how veterinary practices operated due to the COVID-19 pandemic. As with other professions, the pandemic has increased stress levels and a loss of staff due to illness, a need to care for family members, or burnout. The article in JAMA News suggests several things the veterinary profession can do to change this situation, but none will happen quickly. Additionally, society is still feeling the effects of COVID-19. With cases increasing again, it is quite possible things will worsen before they get better. Those who share our lives with pets care deeply about their health, as does the entire veterinary and professional pet care community. I believe the best thing we can do as a like-minded community is to commit to working together to resolve this

crisis. Too many people have used COVID to divide us as a society; it's time for pet guardians to set an example for the rest of the world. Let's show the world how to work together as a compassionate, caring team that is as concerned about the well-being of others as much as themselves. This is how we can start: • Be kind, patient, and helpful to others.

See WORDS on page 19

Don Hanson is the co-owner of the Green Acres Kennel Shop ( in Bangor where he has been helping people with their pets since 1995. He also produces and co- hosts The Woof Meow Show heard on AM620 -WZON every Saturday at 9 AM. Podcasts of the show are available at Don also writes about pets at his blog: He is committed to pet care and pet training that is free of pain, force, and fear. The opinions in this column are those of Don Hanson.

limited trim, we can accomodate most dogs



Maine Pet Pantries If you find yourself struggling to feed your pets there are people out there that can help you! The following is a list of some of the pet food pantries available in Maine. Each pantry may provide different products and/or services. We try keep our list updated but please check with the individual pantries for more info. and to confirm their hours/requirements. If you run a pet food pantry and would like to be added to our list for the future, please contact: or (207)706-6765.

AniMeals for Seniors Spectrum Generations runs an AniMeals program in conjunction with the Meals on Wheels program for seniors. Belfast, Camden, Brunswick, Muskie Center in Waterville, Skowhegan, Hallowell and Damariscotta. https:// nutrition-services/animeals Dogwill We work with Food Banks in Bath, Richmond, Bowdoinham, Whitefield, and Jefferson. Our contact info is: 207-522-1018 by text, Facebook messaging from the Dogwill page or email:

CUMBERLAND COUNTY Animal Refuge League of Greater Portland 217 Landing Road, Westbrook 207-854-9771 Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday, 3 p.m.- 5 p.m. Please complete the online registration and order forms.

basic flea and tick protection. FMI: susanburke58@hardysfriends. com This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it or 207- 963-7444

Southern Maine Agency on Aging 30 Barra Rd. Biddeford, ME 04005 1-800-427-7411 Runs in conjunction with their Meals on Wheels Program


Pittie Posse Rescue’s No Camp Bow Wow Bowl Empty Pet Pantry 49 Blueberry Road, Portland Serving residents of Cumberland, 207-541-9247 York and Androscoggin Counties. M-F: 6:30 a.m. – 7 p.m. Visit Facebook page for distribution Sat: 7:30 a.m. - 6:30 p.m. dates and locations Sun: 7:30 -10 a.m. and 3:30 - 6:30 p.m. Call to check supply levels. pittiepossespetpantry. (207) 619-0027, Midcoast Humane 30 Range Road, Brunswick 207-449-1366 x206 - ANDROSCOGGIN COUNTY Any day, 9am – 3:30 p.m. Call to check supply levels. Greater Androscoggin Humane Society - HANCOCK COUNTY 55 Strawberry Ave, Lewiston 207-783-2311 Bar Harbor Food Pantry Every Tuesday, 9 – 11 a.m. 36 Mount Desert St in the YMCA basement. - AROOSTOOK COUNTY - 207-288-3375 Pick-up system – call with list of Houlton Humane Society needs 263 Callaghan Road, Houlton 207-532-2862 Hardy’s Friends Tues – Fri, 11 a.m. - 4 p.m. Non-profit organization, helps pet Call ahead for pet pantry owners in need in the towns of assistance. Gouldsboro and Winter Harbor. Provides dog and cat food, litter,

SPCA Hancock County 141 Bar Harbor Rd., Trenton 207-667-8088 Currently open to the public by appointment only.

Amy Buxton Pet Pantry South Parish UCC 9 Church St, Augusta 207-622-0552 2nd and 4th Sat. of ea. month. 9 - 10 a.m. If urgent need check with Pastor Richards on Tuesdays or Wednesdays as well. - KNOX COUNTY PAWS Animal Adoption 123 John St., Camden 207-236-8702 Pick-up once/month by appointment for pet food and supplies Pope Memorial Humane Society 25 Buttermilk Ln., Thomaston 207-594-2200 Call ahead for pet food/litter assistance. - LINCOLN COUNTY - Action for Animals Maine (for Lincoln County residents) Boothbay Harbor 207-350-1312 Boothbay Region Food Pantry Congregational Church

Eastern Ave., Boothbay Harbor 207-350-2962 Fridays, 12 – 2 p.m. Jefferson Food Pantry St Giles’ Episcopal Church 72 Gardiner Rd., Jefferson 207-315-1134 2nd and 4th Wed. 4 p.m. – 5:30 p.m. Midcoast Humane 27 Atlantic Highway, Edgecomb 207-449-1366 x206 Any day, 9 a.m. – 3:30 p.m. Call to check supply levels. - PENOBSCOT COUNTY Bangor Humane Society 693 Mt. Hope Ave., Bangor 207-942-8902 Call to check supply levels. Furry Friends Food Bank Available through the Eastern Area Agency on Aging in Washington, Penobscot, Hancock and Piscataquis Counties. Services for low income seniors and their companion animals. People must be enrolled with EAAA. Call 207-941-2865 or 800-432-7812. - SOMERSET COUNTY Somerset Humane Society 123 Middle Rd Skowhegan, ME 04976 207-474-6493 Call to check supplies/set up pick up time. - WALDO COUNTY Waldo County Pet Food Panty VFW Post 3108 34 Field Street, Belfast 3rd Saturday of every month, 12:30 p.m. 207-322-3237

Do you have a pet-friendly business? Reser ve your space today in the 2022 petMAINE guide! “The Ultimate Guide to Enjoying Maine with Your Pets”

• Re ach pe t owners in and out-of-state • Gre at resource for travelers and locals • 50k printed copies • Posted online as an interacti ve e-guide

• Web profiles available on pe • Guide includes pe t-friendly lodging , dining , re tailers, dog parks, be aches and trails, ve terinarians, daycares, kennels and more!

“Please send us a petMAINE guide. We absolutely live by it!” Holly U. "petMAINE is by far the most comprehensive guide for dog owners exploring Maine, with geographically organized lists of parks, beaches, trails, lodging, kennels, day care, sitters, and veterinary care." DownEast Magazine, 2017

Contact ­Jenn Rich, or (207)706-6765


Downeast Dog News

Thank You for Voting VOTED BEST GROOMER IN 2016, 2019, 2020 & 2021 THANK YOU!

bows, bow ties & bandanas. HANDMADE IN PORTLAND, MAINE |

A HUGE thank you to our voters for voting us BEST pet friendly lodging 2021! As a thank you please use code BESTINMAINE to receive $150off your next stay with us when you book anytime between November 1st-30th 2021 for any future open date on our calendar. Come stay with us! Wiggleswick Cottage Georgetown, ME • 2.5 acres, very private • Waterfront log home • 3 bed, 2 bath, sleeps 6 • 200 square foot dock

VOTED 2015––2019 2021 VOTED BEST BEST TRAINER TRAINER 2015 thank you you to to our our voters.....YOU ROCK! thank ROCK!

a THANK YOU for your please me for a PleaseAs join me on December 8thvotes, @ 11am for join a FREE seminar, FREE LiveDog seminar on 12/12 11am: The TenFacebook Things Your Wants You to@Know, as aHelp THANK YOUwho for your Bark Busters; for dogs bark votes and their humans.

Mr. Dog Training Voted BestBEST Trainer VOTED 2015-2019 TRAINER 2015!

• Positive reinforcement, relationship Obedience Classes Mr. Dog buildingActivity classes for pups to seniors Training Classes • Fun & Games Activities Classes Obedience Classes Obedience Classes Free Puppy Preschool Activity Classes Activity Classes Free Puppy PuppyVideos Preschool • Training Free Preschool Training Videos Training Videos • Online Classes & 04530 Clubs 270 State Rd. West Bath

207.798.1232 270 State Rd.Rd. West Bath 04530 207.798.1232 270 State West Bath 04530• 207.798.1232 ••

Check us on us out on CheckCheck usout out on




of the


RESCUE OF THE MONTH: ANIMAL REFUGE LEAGUE OF GREATER PORTLAND Caring for & Providing Hope for Homeless Pets By Susan Spisak

The 501(c) 3 Animal Refuge League of Greater Portland, aka ARLGP, was founded over one hundred years ago. In 2016, they moved to their current 25,000 state-of-the art facility at 217 Landing Road in Westbrook. ARLGP’s mission is to serve the community in a multitude of ways as well as to nurture the connection between people and pets, thus advancing animal welfare. Their efforts have proven to be successful – for the second year in a row, ARLGP has been named Downeast Dog News Number One Best of the Best Shelter/Rescue as voted by readers. Jeana Roth, Director of Community Engagement for the shelter, said she is excited by this recognition as it not only aligns with their mission, but they’re incredibly grateful to be part of this community who appreciates their efforts and wide

range of services. “We want to support pets and their families through adoption, behavior and training, access to veterinary care, education for kids, pet food pantry, and more. I think through these programs, we are able to connect with our community at a deeper level.” Many classes, including Puppy Start Right Drop-In Training and Puppy AllRight are back on. “Lots of fall training options are available and planned,” said Roth. (Visit, you can also see future training options.) There are various other offerings for the younger set including School Vacation Camps, Birthday Parties, Scout Opportunities, and Summer Camp 2022. (Visit While their focus is local, when there’s a need, ARLGP’s welcomes animals through partnerships with rescues/shelters across Maine, the

US, and Puerto Rico. To augment that effort, the IDEXX Safety Net partnership was formed in 2021, allowing them to save more lives. “IDEXX has been a long-time supporter of our mission and our organization. As Westbrook neighbors, their team is equally invested in supporting the health and happiness of animals in our community,” Roth explained. In September, they welcomed 25 dogs and 81 cats through this IDEXX Safety Net with partners Wings of Rescue, SPCA Florida, Animal Rescue Front, Inc., and Maine’s Greater Androscoggin Humane Society. These pets came from shelters impacted by Hurricane Ida in Louisiana, Mississippi, and Florida. “The majority of these animals have been adopted, which makes us incredibly happy. We are proud to provide these animals with new opportunities in Maine,” said

Roth. One dog who is still awaiting his forever home is handsome Cletus. He came to ARLGP in March from their Georgia-based partner, Road Trip Home. The 18-month-old was discovered with rubber bands wrapped tightly around his snout! While his physical scars are still visible, Cletus was the ultimate trooper. Roth said that the rough start hasn’t impacted his joy. “He can’t wait to find a Maine family to start his new beginning with.” Cletus would love being the only pet – he likes attention, the outdoors, and exploring nature with his master. The ARLGP is open for in-person adoptions. Monetary donations, canned cat food, and dog toys are needed. If you’re interested in fostering, volunteering, adopting, and for their hours, visit



Saxon has it all: handsome good looks, brains, and loyalty! This coal-colored beauty needs lots of brain games, training activities, and physical exercise. He is looking for a home with dog-savvy kids 14+, and where he is the only animal. Saxon will make an incredibly loyal and wonderful companion for his person, and he’d prefer his master be around more often than not. FYI - thanks to a generous supporter, Saxon's adoption fee has been sponsored. And, thanks to our friends at Spectrum Real Estate, Saxon's adopters will receive a group training class at the ARLGP to help set him up for success.

Cletus would do best in a home that appreciates the hound personality and wants to do lots of fun activities. As a natural hound, we think he would do well in a home in a rural setting, with lots of space to explore, sniff and wander with his people. We believe at this point, Cletus would do best as the only pet in his home, but that doesn't rule out doggie friends and playmates! He is eager to learn and loves his treats. We have taught him many great tricks and commands, and he has the skills and motivation to learn more. He also has super-duper agility skills! Cletus goes home with a free group training class at the ARLGP, thanks to Spectrum Real Estate.


Sponsored by Raymond (207)655-6760 • So. Paris (207)743-8960 Bridgton (207)647-2383 • Jay (207)897-3333 • Lewiston (207)783-1366 Newport (207)368-4329 • Turner (207)225-2525 • Winthrop (207)377-2614 North Conway, NH (603)356-5669

Help us find a forever home! Become a sponsor and help raise money for a Maine rescue.


Downeast Dog News

Dogs for Adoption View more available dogs on our website, Many rescues are showing dogs by appointment only right now. Some rescues do not offer phone numbers and require you apply online. Please see the contact info. highlighted in gray below each dog. ROOFUS

3 years, Catahoula Leopard Hound

love to play and am the very best cuddler. I don’t like to share my food or have others around me when I eat. I also don’t like shouting. Well behaved, house broken, and kennel trained. An active family would be ideal especially with a fenced yard with plenty of room to run. Email: Catahoula Rescue,


4 years old, Retriever/Lab Mix

Email: Catahoula Rescue,

FMI: Kennebec Valley Humane Society,

A very shy girl that takes a bit to warm up to new people and dogs. Her new humans will need to have lots of patience while she figures things out. Enjoys spending time with her family being a couch potato. She knows all of her basic commands.

Sponsored by: Water Bark Wellness


Sweet Yanay is shy at first but once she trusts you, she is the sweetest baby! She will be your shadow and give you all the affection you could want. She is good with other dogs, cats are unknown, high-energy children may be too much for her.





Gentle, potty-trained, affectionate, and just an allaround good boy! I love to snuggle and relax with my family. I have a funny walk due to a previous injury so I can't really do stairs. Any children in my family should be aged 9+. Would do best as that only dog in my family.

Sponsored by: Rising Tide Co-op 323 Main St., Damariscotta, (207)563-5556,


8 months, Boxer Mix



This beauty has energy for days and would be best suited in an active home. She is going to need more training to reach her full potential. Loves people, though we would recommend children ages 8+. Would be best suited as an only dog who has play dates.

Sponsored by: Kompletely K-9 Dog Training and Rehab.

This fun, loving boy absolutely adores playing fetch and going for hikes! Terrified of young children and has a history of resource guarding his food. He needs a home that will respect his boundaries and understands his anxieties. Would do best as an only dog with children 13+.



A happy and affectionate sweetheart who loves car rides! She seems to be fine with dogs but would be best in a no-cat home. Lola just loves attention and brushing and is learning what behaviors will earn her attention and treats.

Sponsored by: Scarborough Animal Hospital 29 First St., Scarborough, (207)883-4412


5 years, German Shepherd Mix

A typical German Shepherd, playful, silly, dramatic, and so sweet! A bit suspicious of new people and takes a bit to warm up, but this smart cookie is worth the wait! She is crate trained and knows some basic commands. At this point we would recommend children ages 8+. FMI:

Sponsored by: Blue Hill Co-op

248 Choate Rd., Montville, (207)322-5111,



11 years, Lab /Chow Mix

1 year, Terrier/Jack Russell/ Hound

5 years, Lab Mix

Camden, Rockland, Belfast, Augusta, (207) 236-3689,

11.5 years old, Terrier, American Pit Bull/Mixed Breed

25 Mechanic St., Camden, (207)236-2661,

Adult-only home preferred, good with other dogs, no cats, no children.

Sponsored by: Green with Envy Salon

17 Branches from Wiscasset to Calais, 1-800-564-3195,

Sponsored by: Bagel Café


A spirited, high energy, crazy-fun girl looking for a new home. I'm looking for someone who's willing to put in the time and training with me. I am VERY mouthy and very jumpy with people! A home with no young children is a must. I LOVE other dogs and love playing with them!

Sponsored by: First National Bank

4 Commercial St., Rockport, (207)230-8455,

1 year old, Small Mix Breed


11 months, Catahoula Leopard Hound/ Shepherd Mix

70 South St., Blue Hill (207)374-2165,



7 years, Lab/Retriever Mix

3.5 years old, Plott Hound

FMI: Humane Society Waterville Area,


Chloe is a super sweet girl, very smart and loving. She can spook easily so we would love to see her enjoy a calm quiet home. She knows all commands and is a super quiet love bug. Adults only, no other pets preferred.

A sweet, kind, funny, charismatic boy. He has two heart conditions and is on medication and has had some recent breathing complications. We are looking for someone to open their home so he can get treatment and learn what home life is all about. Accepting fosters and we will continue to cover the cost of his meds.


November C lendar To submit or get more information on the events below, go online to NAIL TRIMMING CLINIC


Sunday, November 21 Rockland, 12PM – 2PM

Saturday, November 6 Augusta, 1PM – 6PM

Is your pet in need of a pedicure? Bring them down to Pet Quarters located at 235 Camden St, Rockland and Shannon from Catahoula Rescue of New England will be on hand to make your fur kids look their very best! We trim not only dogs, but cats, rabbits, guinea pigs, you name it! Nail Trimmings and Ear Cleanings are $10.00 each or a combo price of $12.00 for both. All funds raised go directly to the rescue.

Mission Working Dogs is a non-profit that trains service and therapy dogs for disabled community members and veterans. We will be at the Red Barn, 256 State St., Augusta, selling our T-shirts, Magnets and Stickers as well as some brand new MWD gear that no one has seen yet! Make sure to pop by and check out our new gear and to meet the pack! Also ask us about volunteering, and puppy raising!

IN THE KITCHEN WITH KEVIN Sunday, November 21 Online, 7PM

NAIL TRIMMING CLINIC Saturday, November 6 Rockland, 12PM – 3PM

Is your pet in need of a pedicure? Bring them down to Pet Quarters located at 235 Camden St, Rockland and Shannon from Catahoula Rescue of New England will be on hand to make your fur kids look their very best! We trim not only dogs, but cats, rabbits, guinea pigs, you name it! Nail Trimmings and Ear Cleanings are $10.00 each or a combo price of $12.00 for both. All funds raised go directly to the rescue.

NAIL CLIPPING CLINIC Saturday, November 6 Waterville, 10AM – 12PM

Memorial Humane Society, 25 Buttermilk Ln., where you will have the opportunity to purchase your very own copy. This is a tasty event you will want to attend! Stay tuned for more information! FMI:


Waterville Loyal Biscuit Co., 109 Main Street. For $10 per pet, you can have your pet's nails trimmed and all proceeds will be donated to Charley's Strays, Inc! No appointment necessary. In order to ensure a safe environment for all of our customers, please note: Nail trims will be offered on a first come, first served basis. Nail clipping customers will be asked to wait outside the back entrance of the store (off of Temple Street) for their turn. An employee will call you in! loyalbiscuit. com

On Track Agility Club of Maine is holding a 4 dog TD and a 4 dog TDU test at the Viles Arboretum, Hospital Street, Augusta. Drawing for tracks at 8:00 am. A great opportunity to watch handlers and their dogs as they do their best to earn the AKC title of Tracking Dog or Tracking Dog Urban - if you want to see what tracking is all about, come out and watch and cheer on the handlers and their dogs. FMI: Call Kathy at (207)691-2332


Tuesday, November 16 Rockland, 11AM – 1PM

Saturday, November 13 Thomaston, 1PM – 3PM

The PMHS community submitted 200+ recipes as part of a cookbook that will raise money to give homeless pets a second chance they deserve. On 11/13 we will host a Tasting Event & Cookbook Launch in the community room at Pope


Is your pet in need of a pedicure? Bring them down to Pet Quarters located at 235 Camden St, Rockland and Shannon from Catahoula Rescue of New England will be on hand to make your fur kids look their very best! And remember we trim not only dogs, but cats, rabbits, guinea pigs, you name it! Nail Trimmings and Ear Cleanings

are available for $10.00 each or combo price of $12.00 for both. All funds raised go directly to rescue.

NAIL CLIPPING CLINIC Saturday, November 20 Brewer, 10AM – 12PM

Brewer Loyal Biscuit Co., 421 Wilson Street. For $10 per pet, you can have your pet's nails trimmed and all proceeds will be donated to Old Dogs New Digs! No appointment necessary. In order to ensure a safe environment for all of our customers, please note: Nail trims will be offered on a first come, first served basis. Nail clipping customers will be asked to wait outside the front entrance of the store for their turn. An employee will call you in!


Learn what it takes to pass the AKC urban tracking tests of TDU and Variable Surface Tracking. Held on the grounds of the Riverview Hospital across the street from Viles Arboretum. Instructor: AKC Tracking Judge Carolyn Fuhrer. Attendance is limited, please register early. FMI: Call Kathy at (207)691-2332.

The next Loyal Biscuit Facebook segment, “In the Kitchen with Kevin” will air on Sunday November 21st at 7pm. Heidi and Kevin(pug) will be creating their next yummy treat for your pups. Visit the website for upcoming dates/recipes as well as past recipes. https://www.


Friday November 26 – December 10 Online PAWS Animal Adoption Center is taking its largest annual fundraiser 100% online this year! Starting at midnight on Black Friday (November 26), bidding on dozens of amazing items from local businesses and beyond will be open to all. 100% of the proceeds from the auction go to help the animals at PAWS. Every dollar raised equates to a warm bed, a full belly, or a life-saving vaccination for an animal in need. Your support is needed now more than ever. FMI:


Saturday, November 27 Rockland, 9AM – 3PM Held at the Rockland Elks Lodge, 210 Rankin St. A suggested $2 donation is asked for at the door- and all entrance proceeds go towards Pope Memorial Humane Society. These proceeds provide food, shelter, and medical care to local homeless pets. With over 40 local artisans’, crafter’s, and artist’s products for sale, this is the kickoff event to the holiday season you will want to attend. FMI:

VETERANS DAY IS NOVEMBER 11TH To Veterans everywhere, we are grateful for your service! 18

Downeast Dog News

Business Directory MIDCOAST The final act of kindness for your pet, in the comfort of home. • Affordable • All Species • Cremation thru Ashes to Ashes • In-home Consultations

Robin Elms, DVM

cell (848) 333-2211


• Keep all of your pet's veterinary records so that they are readily available if you need to see • If you have not already done so, another veterinarian. Take those establish a relationship with a records with you if you travel with local veterinarian. Ask what level your pet. of care the veterinarian can • Every time you see your provide if area emergency clinics veterinarian, he or she probably are unavailable BEFORE you have sends you home with a report an emergency. indicating when your pets will • Ensure you have contact be due for their next vaccinations information for all area emergency and exams. Don't wait until the clinics readily available if the last minute to schedule those closest is closed. appointments. Also, keep that • Take a pet first aid class to better information readily available so prepare to care for your pet in a that you can provide it to your crisis. An excellent course is daycare, boarding facility, dog offered online by the Pet trainer, and groomer without Professional Guild. [FMI – https:// having to call your very busy veterinarian for another copy. Learnpetfirstaid ] • Keep your pets healthy. Make



Psychic for People & Pets

from page 13

sure that they have adequate and appropriate physical exercise and mental enrichment. Feed them healthy food and do not let them become obese. Provide them with medications as prescribed and order prescription refills well in advance. Please, do not use aversive training tools [shock, prong & choke collars] that can cause physical or emotional injury. • Before embarking on a non-regular activity with your pet, assess the pet's health and age and review the risk of that activity. Is your pet up to it, and are you ready to do what's necessary if your pet has a healthcare emergency? • Be kind, patient, and helpful to others.

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Communicate with your pets, living or deceased with Sara Moore. Long distance sessions available! As heard on 94.9 and Magic 104.5

Thank you to last month’s sponsors in our Adopt-A-Dog issue! Thanks to you we were able to include more dogs and donate to FOUR of the rescues! We put the rescue names into a drawing and this year’s donation recipients were:

The Ark Animal Shelter, Miracle German Shepherd Dog Rescue, Old Dogs New Digs and Kennebec Valley Humane Society

Sponsors: Androscoggin Animal Hospital, Camden Bagel Café, Bark Harbor, Blue Hill Co-op, The Coastal Dog, Coastside Bio Resources, Damariscotta Veterinary Clinic, The First, Furniture Superstore, Green with Envy, Harbor Hounds, Inn by the Sea, Kompletely K9 Dog Training & Rehab., Loyal Biscuit Co., Mason's Brewing Co., Paris Farmers Union, Red's Eats, Ridge Runner Veterinary Services, Rising Tide Co-op, Scarborough Animal Hospital, Tasteful Things, Water Bark Wellness

One of our monthly columnists, Diana Logan, lost her beloved Astro in September. Our hearts go out to her during this difficult time. Below, please find her lovely tribute.

Astro Logan, 5/09 - 9/21 “Uncle Astro,” professional performer, comedian, dancer, singer, Puppy Influencer, training addict, trickster, and great lover of life and fetching, left our world happily, peacefully and painlessly on September 10th, just two weeks after a hemangiosarcoma diagnosis. It was too sudden. Grief still comes on strong and flowing and unstoppable at times, indiscernibly cued by thoughts and memories. We know this is a testament to how deeply our beloved Astro was cherished and how much these memories will nourish us going forward. Astro, there are no words that can sufficiently capture the depth of love we have for you, the joy and


laughter with which you infused our lives, and the immense pride we had of your limitless skills, talents and accomplishments. Astro Logan: • Puppy Prodigy. Won a live training competition against other professional trainers and their adult dogs at 4.5 months of age. It was his first public event. • Reformed sufferer of Severe Stranger Danger as an adolescent. Thanks to extensive training, he went from “all strangers may kill me” to “all strangers can throw a ball.” • 5th dog in the world (yes, world) to earn a Grand Championship title in Rally Freestyle Elements • Intermediate title holder in

RallyFree, Musical Freestyle • Dance and tricks performer at small and large events and kids’ parties. He became addicted to making people laugh. • Demo dog and assistant at hundreds of classes and workshops • Hotels. He loved staying at fancy hotels, riding the elevators and pining over the fact that the pool didn’t allow dock diving dogs. • His biggest job, though, was Puppy Influencer at PupStart where he quietly helped mentor and raise many hundreds of puppies over the course of 7.5 years. He had a strong, calming presence and the pups thought "Uncle Astro" was royalty.

He was. Whenever and wherever we heard music, we would dance together, as one. Dance away, Astro, dance away. There will always be music where you are.


• • •

• •

Boarding & Daycare Dog Grooming Training Classes— In-Person & Online Wholesome Pet Foods Quality Pet Supplies

Voted the Bangor Regions: Best Kennel, Best Pet Store, Best Dog Trainer & Best Pet Groomer

1653 Union St., Bangor - 207-945-6841

travel with your



Black Friday Sale! FRI 11/26 thru MON 11/29 Are you planning to visit some of Maine’s greatest natural treasures like Acadia National Park, Bar Harbor, Mount Desert Island, and Schoodic Peninsula? Whether it is a hike in the park, dinner in Bar Harbor, or a sunset cruise, the Gold Award Winning Comfort Inn® in Ellsworth is located within minutes of your daily excursion. Completely renovated in May 2018, we offer the perfect place to rest, relax, and rejuvenate for your next adventure.

• Pet-friendly (additional pet fee) • 100% Smoke Free


• Free Coffee • Business Center • Free Hot Breakfast


• Free Wireless • Wake-Up Service • Exercise Room

• Guest Laundry • Direct access to the Sunrise Trail

207 667 1345 • 130 High Street, Ellsworth ME 04605 •

Maine’s Most Unique Pet Gift & Supply Store 3 f l o o rs o f f u n !

PET PANTRY 177 Lower Main St., Freeport

207-865-6484 Our doors are open or call ahead for curbside pickup Free delivery for orders $50+ within 15 miles

Voted #1 Pet Store in Maine by Down East Magazine Monday - Friday 10am – 6pm Saturday 10am – 5pm Sunday 10am – 4pm

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