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Josie’s Story: “I am a yellow Lab who is adopted and arrives untrained with no life experience. Through humor and personal opinions, I share my new life, my struggles, successes, and my eventual understanding of the value of human leadership.”

Fostering Marcel - Josie’s dog/cat relationship & the bond between human, animal, nature.


Holiday & Winter Traditions

It’s December and we’re into the holidays. It’s a wonderful time to start new traditions with your dog—after all, he’s a valued member of the family. For those who don’t celebrate the holidays, remember it’s snow season in Maine, and there are plenty of activities you and your pet can enjoy during the winter.

Do you receive lots of greeting cards starring dogs? You know the ones—owners have decked their pets out in cute (or ugly) sweaters— or they might be wearing antlers? They’re great to receive, so why not jump on the bandwagon and send out cards featuring your bestie? There are many professional photographers holding picture-taking events throughout the area. Or if you prefer, take his picture and upload it to an online store or “big box” photo center that will create the cards for you.

If you head to a Christmas tree

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arrives untrained with no Gifts for both dog and cat lovers!
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Waiting Whiskers is a non-profit, 501c3 animal welfare organization that was founded due to the high number of stray animals in our communities, as well as the amount of people who unfortunately must rehome their pets.

Our no kill shelter is nestled in the heart of Sherman, Maine. The shelter is currently under renovation, with plans to open late 2023. Our mission is to help the animals in our community that need us.

Waiting Whiskers is committed to always following our Guiding Principles:

• We will provide kindness and compassion, and a healthy and comforting environment for animals in our care.

• We will be leasers in education and advocates for cruelty prevention and strive to ensure every animal has a safe and secure future.

• We will create a culture encouraging teamwork and innovation for our volunteers and staff.

• We will build relationships, cooperation, and collaboration in our communities to help us achieve our goal of providing help to all animals in need.

• We will cherish our successes and the lives we save.

We rely solely on the generous donations from supporters, grants, and fundraising. Our entire organization is run by volunteers, ensuring that all funds received go directly to the care of the animals.

Waiting Whiskers has created a unique and exciting way to raise funds to support its life saving efforts, thru Sheldon’s Sticker Club. Sheldon is a rescued Golden Doodle who lives his best life with our President, Veronica. Sheldon’s Sticker Club is a super fun and easy way to support Waiting Whiskers Animal Shelter!

Details: For just $5 a month your child (or anyone!) can receive a personalized letter, 2+ exclusive stickers, occasional swag, and fun contests! Sheldon’s Sticker Club is good wholesome fun with a few jokes thrown in! To join or if you have questions: Please send a private message to @Waiting_Whiskers or contact @sheldon_the_doodle. You can also complete the following form and press submit: https:// forms.gle/pJWJ2r79inLL67Jn6

Interested in making a donation? Find us on PayPal and Venmo! If you would like to apply to volunteer your time to help us impact the lives of animals in our community, please message us on Facebook.

We know this is not a request that is new to anyone as we all are in the same sad situation trying to find help for the many dogs that have now been left to find new homes postpandemic. We are assisting a family and a town in Vermont that are trying to do the right thing and reached out to us for help.

The homeowner based upon their love of the Catahoula Leopard Hound and Tennessee Tree Walking breeds decided to breed them together. Now, things have turned into a situation where the dogs need to be moved. These are lovely animals that deserve a chance, without fosters to help socialize and introduce them to home life they might not get another chance. Please help us, help them.

To apply to become a foster please email Shannon at catahoularescuene@gmail.com. Catahoula Rescue of New England is a registered 501c3 and will gladly take monetary donations to help with expenses for medical, food, etc. for these Please feel free to donate via our website at: http://www. nehoularescue.com/support.html

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Dear Dog News Readers, Happy Pawlidays Everyone! We have once again reached the end of another year and as usual I can’t believe it came so quickly. I feel like I was just planting my garden and then I blinked and it was time to put everything away. We did however have some really nice bonus days that extended into November. I actually mowed the lawn one more time and it was so nice because it wasn’t hot and there weren’t any bugs. I brought in one of my potted dahlias when it first started getting cold and I hope to be able to keep that alive all winter because that is what I miss aside from being warm is flowers and color. Every year I start out optimistic that I am going to find a way to enjoy and embrace winter but once the holidays are over and all of the pretty lights and decorations are gone I just want to be inside where it is warm. I am going to set the intention to try again. I hope that we get some nice fluffy snow for Pepper and all of the pups who enjoy playing in it. I know there are also some dogs who share my feelings and would rather be cozy on the couch watching Netflix. Whether or not you celebrate a holiday this time of year, we send you all the warmest of wishes as we transition into another season and another year. Thank you to everyone who supports us and enjoys reading our paper.



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Laika is a Great Pyrenees/Australian Shepherd mix puppy and she is 5 months old. She loves to play and help me with digging in our backyard garden, chewing on socks and playing with her older sister Nova. Her favorite toy is her stuffed lamb that she’s had since she was 6 weeks old. She also loves treats and likes to bury them between couch cushions.

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“You are never too old to set another goal or to dream a new dream.”
― C.S. Lewis
(SEE PG. 8)

Hard to believe the year is coming to a close and I’m so honored to have read your pups and loved ones in heaven. When I do a psychic reading, I connect with the spirit or energy of a living or deceased soul, which allows me to do it remotely and still dial in even if we’re on opposite sides of the world. I think the furthest calls I’ve had this year were in Belgium and Saskatchewan, Canada, with the closest being in my hometown of Conway, NH. Psychic insight is never a replacement for licensed medical care, so if you do book a session, please consult with the professionals if any medical messages come through.

One of the harder calls I had was for a woman who rescued a dog who had been with his owner when he passed and was locked in the home with the body for a few days before he was discovered. The client wanted to know if this had traumatized the dog and what she could do to help him best adjust to the new living arrangement. I was just as curious because this is not an everyday call for me! He said that he was not really traumatized at all, which shocked both of us. He said that he was aware that his owner had passed, but that it was also somewhat peaceful sitting with the body. He was relieved his owner was out of pain and knew that he had completed his journey with him and was now excited for his new home. I think we were both surprised and definitely relieved!

Our Best Friend’s Golden Years

Q. My dog just turned 8 years old, and the veterinarian said he was a geriatric! How can that be because he is so active? Is there anything special I should do for him at this stage of life?

A. Dogs that are smaller, less than 50 pounds, are considered seniors at 9 and geriatric at 12 years of age. Medium dogs are considered senior at 8 and geriatric at 10 years of age. Large dogs are seniors at 6 and geriatric at 10. The definition of a senior is the age of the individual and geriatric is the status of their health. Geriatrics are usually more frail.

Something to remember through your dog’s entire life is to be a good weight, active, and have good mental stimulation. The old adage, “If you don’t use it, you will lose it” is good for humans as well as dogs.

For our senior dogs you should take into consideration their health status, which your veterinarian will help assess. There are several things you can do too.

Furry Words

which he replied he was and added a Thank God.” Here’s what I told him. “Your dad was not a nice man. He acknowledges that and apologizes for how rough he was.” He then said that he was the reason they stumbled upon the dog online and that he wanted his son to show him how much love he has and infuses into his life, which he clearly didn’t learn from his dad. I looked up and there was a look of shock and comprehension. He asked me how I knew his dad was there, so I described him and he said, “Yup! That’s him alright!” Sometimes dogs show up when we’re ready for our souls to heal and evolve, and this was a late gift from his father to him.

but the feeling of everyone else that made her shake in public. She LOVED being with her and being seen, but she asked me to teach the mom how to create a safe space that the two of them could be in. She promised to try it, and I watched the little pup confidently prance away when we ended. I love that!

Another dog was sort of an accidental reading. I had just finished an afternoon of readings at a local shop when the owner came out to show me a picture of the dog they were about to adopt. It was a giant Mastiff mix puppy that had huge paws. They asked what I got on the pup but before the dog spoke, the owner’s father popped up instead. Ugh. Some people don’t realize I read people, too, so when their animal brings through people in heaven and I know it, it can catch them completely off guard. In an effort to give him a fighting chance, I asked if his dad was in heaven, to

Ask the Vet…

Another reading was for a woman’s dog that had severe anxiety. I was at Four Your Paws Only in North Conway, NH for their Howloween party, so there were plenty of people and pets shopping all around us, but her sweet little pup jumped up on her lap and sat there staring at me the entire time. She couldn’t believe it because the dog is normally a hot mess in busy places! I laughed and told her that I started my business about fifteen years ago by going to dog shows and pet stores, so I had to create a nice little energetic bubble that was all mine. Before I start for the day, I imagine light and love flowing around me, my table, chair, space and pop-up tent if I have one. I do Reiki energy work so it’s a great way to set the stage for a peaceful visit. The dog relayed to her that it wasn’t really anxiety

Finally, I want to remind you that all pets are at peace in heaven. Only once in my time doing this did a dog announce she was angry about death, but when I asked her why, she said her owners never let her have puppies. They were crushed but said that they had to get her spayed as soon as they got her because she had a massive infection. If they hadn’t done so, it would’ve killed her. She said, “OHHHHHH! Well then, I’m fine!” And that was that. I have read thousands if not hundreds of thousands of animals and that is the only one who left here with a regret, which became a misunderstanding, and she is now fully at peace. Please take that with you and be comforted by it. They love you dearly and are grateful for all you do, even on your bad days.

Sara Moore is a psychic for people and pets located in Conway, NH. You can schedule a private reading, book a party or event, and learn more at www.enlightenedhorizons.com and by following her on Facebook at Sara Moore Enlightened Horizons.

Let’s start with diet. Eating well should start as a puppy. Ideally fresh real food is the best but not everyone can afford the time or money. By feeding a quality kibble you can add a handful of fresh food to the meal. Blueberries, ground up vegetables, beef, chicken, and egg are few good choices. When you do this addition, be aware you should cut back on the amount of kibble you feed. Just like us, being overweight can lead to joint and other health


Exercise is another important part of good health for all life stages but especially for the older dog. Many dogs are born with joint issues such as hip dysplasia. Take your best friend for walks through the neighborhood, woods, and beaches. It doesn’t need to be miles or a long time. If you can do a couple 20–30-minute sniff walks a day, it would be enough. What is a sniff walk? Instead of going out with your dog and do a power walk, how about letting him sniff along the walk? This is an awesome way to keep the joints moving, the mind sharp, and the immune system strong by using his nose. On bad weather days you can buy or make a snuffle mat that will keep him sharp. Another form of exercise is core fitness. These are gentle bending exercises to keep Fido flexible and strengthen his muscles to ease the stress on his joints.

Quiet interaction with your dog is also keeping him healthy. Snuggling on the couch or in bed and doing body rubs strengthens your bond and mental health.

As our best friend ages, we will start seeing changes, such as stiffness on getting up in the morning, less energy, a change

in thirst or appetite, a change in behavior, and changes in his coat. All of these are signs of aging. It is best to talk with your veterinarian before these symptoms develop to figure out a plan to address or prevent them.

Early detection of health problems can give you treatment options that you may not have if allowed to go on. When your dog becomes a senior, doing a basic blood workup is a good idea. It gives you and your veterinarian a baseline on where Fido is at that moment. If anything is amiss, you can address it. If all is fine, you can talk with your veterinarian about supplements to help with stiff joints, digestion issues, behavior changes, and other metabolic problems.

It is best to be proactive your dog’s entire life, but taking that extra step to boost nutrition and to provide gentle movement throughout the day and good mental stimulation will keep that senior young.


Downeast Dog News 4

farm to pick out the perfect pine, call ahead. They may allow your leashed bud to come along. This can become an annual tradition, and it’s stimulating exercise for you both. It gets him out in the fresh air and there are tons of scents to sniff!

Years back, our son and daughterin-law gave each of our four dogs a personalized stocking. My husband and I were so touched that we’ve continued that tradition for our pups, Teddy and Banx. We stuff them with fav treats like bacon snacks, cookies, and jarred peanut butter for their Kongs. This is a neat gift idea for family members or friends who have pets.

Donate to a local animal non-profit in your dog’s name. Many shelters have important funds for urgent and specialty veterinary care such as Midcoast Humane’s Columbo Fund. (It is named after rescued pup, Columbo, and was initiated by his mom, Andrea Shaw, to give back to the community.) This is an awesome tradition that helps a nonprofit.

If you’re a Christmas aficionado, buy matching pj’s for you and your dog. Don’t neglect to purchase presents and bake him healthy cookies, too. Nice tins filled with extras are thoughtful gifts for doglovers as well. (See thecookierookie. com/pb-dog-treats/ for easy recipes.)

Rounding out this month is New Year’s Eve. First, consider beneficial resolutions that fit his needs for the upcoming year. For example, if your dog isn’t up-to-date on shots and preventatives, schedule an appointment with your vet or a low-cost clinic. If his manners need tweaking, vow to work on them regularly.

Add routines such as bi-weekly toothbrushing. I use vet recommended over-the-counter vanilla-mint Virbac C.E.T. Enzymatic Dog & Cat Toothpaste. If your dog is toothbrush-shy like my Teddy, use your index finger, squeeze the paste on and run across the teeth and gums. To keep him looking his most handsome self, brush several times a week to avoid matts. The thing that I’ve learned about resolutions is that you must follow through. I keep Teddy and Banx’s grooming and oral hygiene stuff on the “dog counter” in the laundry room to remind me.

Finish off New Year’s Eve with quality time. Snuggle on the couch and stream a canine-themed film before the ball drops. If these movies aren’t your thing, watch one that fits your mood. Pop some popcorn, share

a few pieces with your guy, and enjoy the evening. As for New Year’s Day, take a brisk walk together to start the year out right.

on the snow season. One of my favorite ideas comes from my friend, Scout. She takes her Golden, Sully, sled riding. Sully loves to drag the sled to the park. He occasionally jumps on for a ride downhill but prefers to race alongside his mom. Scout admitted she’s not sure who has more fun. After walking home, they’re both ready for a nap.

Have a camp or large yard with a firepit? Host a bonfire for your friends. Ask them to bring favorite warm beverages, blankets, and dogs. Make sure they have flashlights to get to the

friend. It not only makes the residents feel good, but you will as well. As for your dog, he’ll relish the attention, plus the interaction is important for his well-being, especially during the winter months when activities may be limited.

Have outdoorsy friends and family who love the cold? Get a group together for a trail meet-up. Stop by your favorite donut or sandwich shop for coffee and bites for the gang, then hike to your heart’s content. This is a terrific way to spend time together and can be scheduled all year round.

If you’re looking for an invigorating

poles and get a speed boost thanks to one or more attached dogs pulling in front. While there are competitive classes/races, you can head to dogfriendly trails on your own—but hit sled dog clubs for lessons first. If you get hooked on skijoring, there are similar sports such as bikejoring for year-round entertainment. (See Nooksack Racing Supply ad on page

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Canine Cognition Game Always Learning New Things

Thank you, readers of Downeast Dog News, for another year of dog loving! It’s a fun journey to be in this with you and I wish you the very best as we all continue to learn and grow from our lives with dogs.

As 2022 comes to a close and we look toward flipping the calendar to another year (and in some cases, enthusiastically flipping this one away!), let’s have some fun together by playing a canine cognition game. If you are interested in reading further about them, please visit my website, dianalogan.com. You will find this article as a blog, and you will be able to click on the sources I used.

It’s always good to be curious, ask questions, and put on our critical thinking caps, right?

Select the response that most accurately answers the question.

1. Canine Familiaris (dog) has existed as a species for how many years?

a) 500-5,000 b) 5,000-15,000

c) We are still unsure

2. What is the definition of “people

Basic Training Tips

one answer that is most accurate):

a) A friendly dog b) It depends on the rest of the dog’s body c) An overly aroused dog e) A confident dog f) A fearful dog

4. Once you’ve trained a dog to do a behavior on cue, you don’t need to reward her for that behavior anymore a) True b) False

5. “Natural” as an ingredient signifies:

a) The ingredient is organic b) Nothing; there’s no actual definition for “natural” c) Humans can eat it, too

6. The click of a clicker (or a verbal marker):

a) Tells the dog “Bingo!” You will be paid for what you did when you heard it.

b) Cues the dog to do something c) Indicates a reward is forthcoming

7. Dogs have the innate desire to please humans

a) True b) False

food” when it pertains to feeding our dogs?

a) Anything that people eat

b) Anything that doesn’t come in a package labeled “dog food”

c) Whatever you want it to mean; there is no accepted definition

3. A wagging tail indicates (select the

8. Grain-free diets can cause heart issues in dogs; therefore, dogs require grain in their diet: a) True b) False

9. When you meet a new dog, you should allow her to come up to you rather than you moving into her

space. Assuming she approaches you, what part of her body should you touch first?

a) Whatever part she presents to you to touch, if any b) The top of her head for a nice scritch c) Her chest

10. If a dog pulls while on leash, he's trying to be alpha. a) True b) False

11. A single litter of puppies may have more than one father a) True b) False

12. A puppy shouldn’t be allowed off your property until he’s fully vaccinated a) True b) False

13. The term “socialization” refers to: a) Interacting with other dogs b) Interacting with other people c) Careful and positive exposures to novelty of all types

14. Kibble was first introduced to the market in what year? a) 1850 b) 1956 c) 1920

15. A pregnant dog can pass long fearful characteristics to her puppies a) True b) False


Seizures are the most common neurological problem in dogs and cats. When pets have seizures, it can be a stressful experience for owners and other pets in the house. This is an overview including pathophysiology, testing, and treatment options that will be recommended if your pet develops seizure activity. What is a seizure?

Neurons (brain cells) are inherently prone to becoming electrically “excited”. They form neuronal networks throughout the central nervous system (CNS) which transfer electrical information.

A seizure is the clinical manifestation of abnormal electrical activity in the neuronal networks of the cerebral cortex. When multiple local neurons in the brain display excessive electrical activity (a seizure focus), these neurons synchronize together to cause an epileptic seizure. An epileptic seizure can impact just one hemisphere of the brain (focal seizures) or spread to both cerebral hemispheres (generalized seizures). Typically, a dog/cat is defined as having epilepsy when they have at least 2 unprovoked epileptic seizures 24 hours apart.

What causes epileptic seizures?

The term epileptic seizure can be categorized based on suspected etiology (cause):

Idiopathic epilepsy is a disease with a genetic (or suspected genetic) cause. Genetic mutations can cause changes to the structure of neurons on the molecular or physical level, which will predispose them to inappropriately becoming hyperexcited. There are some dog breeds this has been documented in, some in which it is strongly suspected, and some in which we have been unable to find a cause.

Structural/metabolic epilepsy is the manifestation of seizures caused by a known abnormality in the body structure or chemistry. Structural brain lesions include tumors (cancer), inflammatory disease (meningitis), trauma, strokes, hydrocephalus, etc. Metabolic causes refer to chemical changes in the body that predispose to epilepsy including liver disease, hypoglycemia, electrolyte abnormalities, and toxins. What do seizures look like?

Seizures can cause a diverse range of signs in dogs/cats, just like in humans. Seizures often occur at night when an animal is resting or

sleeping. The length of the seizure can range from seconds to minutes. The seizure event may be preceded by a prodrome – a behavior that can warn the owner a seizure is about to happen. This can include restlessness, attention-seeking, aggression, etc. A post-ictal phase can happen after the seizure, lasting from minutes to hours. Dogs in a post-ictal phase can appear blind, confused, restless, or aggressive to their owners and other animals. The ictal phase is defined by physical signs seen during the actual seizure episode:

Focal seizures are characterized by lateralized signs. This can include onesided facial twitching, blinking, head jerking, hypersalivating (drooling), etc. Dogs and cats with focal seizures will not always lose consciousness.

Generalized seizures are characterized by involvement of the entire body. This includes falling to one side, hypersalivation, unconsciousness, dilated pupils, urination/defecation, and tonic (rigid muscle) or clonic (jerking) movements. What testing should be done if a dog/cat has seizures?

If your pet has seizures, the pet should be seen by a veterinarian. There are multiple tests that will be recommended to try to figure out the cause.

The first step is bloodwork (CBC,

chemistry, bile acid panel, etc.) and an examination. Bloodwork should be performed to look for the metabolic causes discussed above, as those require specific treatment which will often improve/resolve the seizures. A physical and neurological examination should be performed, especially to assess the cardiovascular and nervous systems, respectively.

If you have ruled out a metabolic cause for seizures, referral to a neurologist can be pursued. A veterinary neurologist focuses on treatment of disease in the brain and spinal cord. They may discuss performing a brain MRI and cerebral spinal fluid (CSF) analysis to rule out structural causes of seizures.

Idiopathic epilepsy is a diagnosis of exclusion, therefore in pets with this condition all testing is normal. What is the treatment for epilepsy?

Starting anti-epileptic medications is recommended if your pet has consistent seizures. It is uncommon for medication to stop seizures from occurring altogether; the goal of therapy is to decrease the number and severity of seizures. Pets on antiepileptic medications require lifelong bloodwork monitoring. The selection of drugs used will be dependent on multiple factors including your pet’s systemic health, size, and suspected cause of seizures.

Downeast Dog News 6
Diana Logan, CPDT-KA Certified Professional Dog Trainer, Knowledge-Assessed Pet Connection Dog Training, North Yarmouth, Maine
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Winter is a picturesque season that evokes thoughts of holidays, family, chilly mornings, snuggles with the pup, and frosty sparkling sunrises. The winter season is a great time to bond with your dog by playing in the freshly fallen snow, taking warm car rides, or spending quality time together on the couch. Regardless of your choice of canine quality time, keeping your dog's skin and coat in tip-top shape can be challenging in the winter. Frigid temperatures, snowballs, and ice melt can significantly impact your pup's comfort and appearance. Regular grooming and the appropriate pet gear will keep your dog happy and healthy this winter.

Grooming aims to help your dog maintain healthy skin and coat yearround. It is vital to resist the urge to skip timely structured grooming sessions for your pup at home or with a professional even in chilly months. According to Dr. Werber, DVM, a well-maintained canine coat aids in thermoregulation, helping dogs stay cool in the summer and warm in the winter. A healthy canine coat is free from mats, tangles, and excess undercoat. Visiting the groomer every 6 to 8 weeks is adequate for

Winter Grooming Tips

most dogs requiring trimming and maintaining a coat at one-half inch or less. If desired, a slightly longer trim may be appropriate for some dogs, but the damp snowy weather makes keeping a mat-free coat difficult. It is important to note that longer winter trims may not provide sufficient warmth on bitterly cold days. Purdue University Extension reports thicker coats reduce heat loss from the skin, and dogs with thin coats will have less tolerance for cold temperatures. Small single-coated breeds like the maltese and yorkshire terrier will benefit from winter outerwear to keep them comfortable. Dogs sporting longer haircuts will need a daily at-home grooming regimen including combing and brushing. Curly and drop-coated breeds, such as poodles, doodles, and shih tzus are particularly susceptible to matting in wet conditions. When grooming these dogs at home, comb the areas most affected first, such as the legs, under jackets, and collars.

Paw care is another critical grooming element in harsh winter climates. Dogs' paws are vulnerable to injury in snowy, icy, cold conditions. Keep canine paws safe with the following tips:

• Trim paw hair. Trimming hair growing over the pads prevents debris and snow from sticking to feet.

• Protect paws with boots.

According to preventivevet.com, even pet-safe ice melt can adversely affect your dog with repeated exposure by causing irritated, dry paws.

• Try Walkee Paws. Traditional winter pet boots can be difficult to fit and keep on. Walkee Paws are leggings for dogs that will not fall off and aid in protecting the foot and leg from snow, sand, and salt.

• Use paw balms. Paw balms moisturize and protect pads and are a suitable alternative for dogs unable to tolerate boots.

reduce traction and make it hard to fit boots and Walkee Paws.

Finally, if you find yourself in a snowy situation, the most effective way to remove snowballs is with a hairdryer on a low heat setting or a warm water rinse. Remember to comb through your dog after each bath or romp in the snow.

Winter is a wonderful time to relax and bond with your pup. Nevertheless, it will require more grooming for some dogs. Professional groomers are here to help keep your friend in the best shape.

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Today there is more and more focus on how stress affects our health. These same concepts also apply to our dogs. We, as humans, can use stress reduction techniques such as meditation, mindfulness, yoga, and other relaxation techniques. For our pets, there are many products on the market ranging from drugs to aromatherapy, to videos they can watch while we are gone, but there is more that we can do.

In order to help our pets with

stress, we need to look at what might be causing stress. Stress has been defined as any event that requires the organism to adapt or change. The more adaptive or resilient the organism is, the better it can handle stress.

Through our training and guidance of our dogs through

their daily lives, we are looking to achieve a state of mental, physical, and emotional balance. An animal’s potential for wellness depends upon how well he can respond to stress at any given time. An animal that cannot respond well to stressors loses his emotional, physical and mental balance, and can endanger his wellness.

Animals must have ample time to recover after responding to a stressful challenge. If stress is too prolonged, they lose more energy than they can recoup. This can lead to cell or tissue damage, a build up of free radicals and other by-products, and the animal will be weaker the next time he has to cope with stress.

Prolonged and persistent chronic stress can be expressed through behavior issues, gastrointestinal disturbances, weight loss, problems with other organs or glands, and inflammatory responses which can further damage health.

So, how can we help our dogs? Insecurity about place in the pack or family is a primal source of anxiety. I believe that clarity and consistency in training and life situations are the foundation to reducing stress in our dogs. Overstimulation is another

factor we should try to control. In a natural state, dogs spend a great deal of time sleeping or resting. When they engage in activity, even enjoyable activity such as agility, a run in the woods, play – stress levels increase to meet the needs of the activity and dogs should have time to rest and recover.

Consistency – knowing what is required and expected in life –helps them feel more secure and can help lower stress.

Some people confuse stress and drive. Frantic behavior is NOT drive. Drive requires focus that can be channeled. Out-of-control behavior is NOT drive. A dog that is frantic cannot learn.

If their basic life needs are met –water, food, shelter – nothing can stress a dog more than inconsistent demands, lack of structure, and, therefore, lack of a feeling of safety. An owner must realize that a stressed animal cannot learn and must work to reduce stress through clarity in training and expectations to help the dog become available to find a structure in life that will work for the dog.

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Carolyn Fuhrer has earned over 130 AKC titles with her Golden Retrievers, including 4 Champion Tracker titles. Carolyn is the owner of North Star Dog Training School in Somerville, Maine. She is also an AKC Tracking Judge. She has been teaching people to understand their dogs for over 30 years. You can contact her with questions, suggestions, and ideas for her column by e-mailing carolyn@dogsatnorthstar.com.
Training Your Performance Dog Agility, Obedience, Tracking Stress and Our Dogs Maine’s Most Unique Pet Gift & Supply Store Monday - Friday 10am – 6pm Saturday 10am – 5pm Sunday 10am – 4pm Find us on Facebook! PET PANTRY 177 Lower Main St., Freeport 207-865-6484 Our doors are open or call ahead for curbside pickup Free delivery for orders $50+ within 15 miles 3 floors of fun! Voted #1 Pet Store in Maine by Down East Magazine When I capture the soul of your loved and loving pet, you will feel them curling up right beside you. Prices are very reasonable Commission me @itspawingcatsndogs thewalkingwool.shop (774) 345-0838

We have all heard news stories about tragic home fires where the pets did not survive. Sadly, incidents where the pet woke the family, and everyone was spared are the exception. A fire is scary for everyone involved but listed below are several facts that are especially important for those of us with pets.

• Approximately 80% of all fires occur in a private home; therefore, if your pet encounters a fire, it is most likely to do so in your home.

• We often leave pets alone in our homes, at least some of the time, and they typically cannot rescue themselves.

• Nearly 1,000 fires a year are started by a family pet.

• Typically, you only have about 2 to 5 minutes to escape a house fire. That's very little time to get yourself out, much less your pets.

• Home fires are the most common disaster the American Red Cross responds to and the most preventable. Unfortunately, they also typically require a family and pets to relocate for at least a few days.

Fire safety tips specific to all

• Install smoke and fire alarms in your home. Monitored alarms that automatically call the fire department offer the best protection, especially if your pet is left home alone. Test your alarms monthly and replace batteries and alarms per the manufacturer's recommendations.

• Install fire extinguishers in your home and ensure all know how to use them.

• Develop a family fire plan and have a practice drill at least twice a year. The plan should include two ways to exit every room, where you will meet once outside, how to call 9-1-1, how to Stop, Drop & Roll if on fire, and which adults will be responsible for the pets.

of Don Hanson.

Fire Safety for Pets


carrier to make it easier to rescue your cat.

• Know where your pet likes to hide so that you or first responders can quickly find them.

• Ensure your pet's microchip and tags are updated with current information if they run off during the fire.

• Post a red Pet Alert sticker on each entrance to your home. Minimally the sticker should indicate the number of dogs, cats, and other pets and include at least one emergency phone number in case you are not home. Please remember to update this sticker any time the pet population in your home changes.

• Keep a collar on your dog and have leashes and carriers (for your cat) prepositioned near each exit to your home.

• Have your car set up so you can use it as a temporary shelter for your pets once they are out of your home.

Keep your pet away from and unsupervised near:

• Cooking equipment, especially stoves. More than one dog has turned on a stove which caused a fire.

• Wood stoves and fireplaces. Fireplaces must have a metal or heattempered glass screen.

• Candles, lamps, and space heaters that could ignite a fire.

• Electrical cords, especially if your pet is a chewer.

• Use crates, baby gates, and pet-proof rooms to protect your pet from hazards when you are not home. It will also make it easier for first responders to rescue them if they are in a specific area.

• Acclimate your cat to its

• Have contact information for emergency veterinary clinics in your area readily available in case your pet needs immediate emergency care.

• Have a" go bag" ready for each pet containing: an extra leash and collar, vaccination records, medications, and contact information for local boarding facilities in case your pets need to be sheltered after the fire.

• Include your pet in your biannual home fire drills. When a fire occurs

• Call 9 1 1.

• All family members should evacuate the home, only attempting to gather the pets if safe to do so. Do NOT endanger yourself; wait for emergency responders to arrive.

• Never go back into a burning home but leave the door open so your pet can escape.

Most of us never expect to be in a fire, but those that plan on what to do will have a better chance of survival.

Resources – Pet Fire Safety

American Red Cross - https://www. redcross.org/get-help/how-toprepare-for-emergencies/types-ofemergencies/fire/pet-fire-safety. html

American Humane - https://www. americanhumane.org/fact-sheet/ pet-fire-safety/ ASPCA - https://www.aspca.org/ news/fire-safety-and-your-petskeeping-them-safe-unexpected National Fire Prevention Association - https://www.nfpa. org/-/media/Files/Public-Education/ Resources/Safety-tip-sheets/ PetSafetyTips.ashx

North Star Dog Training

Carolyn Fuhrer

Somerville, Maine 207-691-2332 carolyn@northstardogschool.com

Classes & Private Lessons

Classes & Private Lessons


Agility and Tracking

Obedience, Agility and Tracking

Struggling? Let us help you achieve your goals. You will be amazed at how the right instruction makes all the difference in your success! Each dog/handler team is unique. We have the knowledge, experience and outstanding teaching ability to help you succeed. Call us and let’s get started!

Struggling? Let us help you achieve your goals. You will be amazed at how the right instruction makes all the difference in your success! Each dog/handler team is unique. We have the knowledge, experience and outstanding teaching ability to help you succeed. Call us and let’s get started!

Watch for 2020 Tracking workshops with Carolyn Fuhrer, AKC Tracking Judge 207-691-2332.

Now scheduling Small custom training groups and workshops. Call for more information!

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photo credit: debra bell Don Hanson lives in Bangor, Maine, where he isthe co-owner of the Green Acres Kennel Shop (greenacreskennel.com) and the founder of ForceFreePets.com, an online educational resource for people with dogs and cats. He is a Professional Canine Behavior Consultant (PCBC-A) accredited by the Pet Professional Accreditation Board (PPAB)and a Bach Foundation Registered Animal Practitioner (BFRAP). Don is a member of thePet Professional Guild (PPG), where he serves on the Board of Directors and Steering Committee and chairs the Advocacy Committee. He is also a founding director of Pet Advocacy International (PIAI). In addition, Don produces and co-hosts The Woof Meow Showpodcast,available at http://bit.ly/WfMwPodcasts/,the Apple Podcast app, and Don's blog: www.words-woofs-meows.com.The opinions in this post are those
Mon.-Fri. 7-5:30, Sat. & Sun. 9-5 Call or email us to learn more 207-839-7456 tendertouchveterinary@yahoo.com 336 Gorham Road • Scarborough, ME Swim all year round in our 13’ x 25’ indoor pool! Monday through Saturday, by appointment only. Christine Fraser, DVM Located in Happy Tails Daycare at 119 Bishop St. Portland, ME Visit our website all4pawswellness.com or call (207) 809-9505 for more information Veterinary rehabilitation and hydrotherapy • Laser therapy • Acupuncture • Herbal therapy • Nutrition counseling BARK HARBOR Everything your pet needs: food, toys, treats, clothing, care items, collars Open Daily 10AM to Close I 150 Main St. #3, Bar Harbor (207)288-0404 I barkharbor.com

Rescue of

the nonprofit. FHR’s Rescue Program Director is now Alissa Laitres. She’s

brothers from a small shelter in Virginia who saved them from a life of neglect,” said Alissa. She added that they try to be there for shelters and rescues that need immediate relief.

All out-of-state dogs are fully vetted and quarantined before they travel. FHR uses USDA Certified professional transport services for the trek. All dogs are safely inside the vehicles, and the drivers can see and hear them during the entire journey. “It’s peace of mind knowing that our precious cargo is well cared for from the moment we commit to them, and this includes their trip north.”

Alissa said one of her favorite stories goes back to a U pup, Uma, now named Cassidy. “Her dad (Nic) adopted her when he was living in Scarborough, Maine and shortly after adopting her, they moved to Montana. Their story is so telling

of the incredible bond between a dog and their human, as well as the commitment that Nic had to his girl. A cross-country move, a new marriage, a child, and additional pets never broke Nic’s commitment to his dog, and that’s truly commendable in a culture where everything, even the family dog, is disposable.”

FHR is looking to add to their core group including southern Maine foster homes, transport drivers, and adoption event volunteers. They also need a southern Maine Foster Coordinator who is a compassionate and passionate leader. Interested in this volunteer position? Email fetchinghoperescue@gmail.com. For more on FHR including adoption requirements and available dogs, fetchinghope.com/.

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So. Paris (207)743-8960 (207)897-3333 • Lewiston (207)783-1366 (207)225-2525 • Winthrop (207)377-2614 (603)356-5669 Help us find a forever home! Become a sponsor and help raise money for a Maine rescue. jenn@downeastdognews.com
HAPPY, 4 YEARS, CUR-TYPE GABBY, YOUNG, BOXER/HOUND MIX Happy is ready for a home to call her own! She is Cur-type dog, approx 35 lbs. Her ideal home would be with another lady friend. She bonds easily to women, and men make her a little nervous. Happy is ready to show her new home just how friendly, affectionate, playful and gentle she is! Gabby is friendly, affectionate, playful, dignified, funny, athletic and smart! She is approx. 50 lbs. and is more than ready for her forever home! Gabby does well with male dogs but not always other females. She would be okay as the only dog in a home, too! RESCUE OF THE MONTH: FETCHING HOPE Rescue is Their Favorite Breed

TOBIAS, 2 years old, Pit Bull Terrier Mix

Tobias loves going on walks. He would like an active, adult only home where he can learn obedience. He has a strong prey drive so a home with no small pets is best.

Dogs for Adoption

View more available dogs on our website, downeastdognews.com.

Many rescues are showing dogs by appointment only right now.

Some rescues do not offer phone numbers and require you apply online. Please see the contact info. highlighted in yellow below each dog.

5 years old, Pit Bull Terrier Mix

Beryl is sweet and obedient. She enjoys lounging on the couch, riding in the car and walks on a leash. She needs to be the only pet in the

FMI: pethavenlane.org

FMI: pethavenlane.org

Sponsored by: Camden, Rockland, Belfast, Augusta, (207) 236-3689, greenenvysalon.com


2 years old, Mixed Breed

Riley is a shy girl and needs a quiet home with no cats and will need to meet potential canine friends first.

FMI: midcoasthumane.org

Sponsored by: 323 Main St., Damariscotta, (207)563-5556, risingtide.coop


3 years old

Birdie is silly and strong. He is playful, loves attention and is food motivated. He can be leery of men and doesn’t have a lot of experience with other dogs.

FMI: harvesthills.org



2 years old, Pointer Mix

Evie is sweet and melts into you for love. She is good with all humans and some other dogs.

FMI: pawsadoption.org

Sponsored by: 2456 Atlantic Hwy., Lincolnville, (207)706-7908,


7 years old, Pit Mix

Gemma is cute as a bug. She likes camping and the beach, snuggling on the couch and loves people. She is low key and plays well with her furry foster siblings and the kids in her foster family.

FMI: pulledfromthepits.com


Ella is a very special girl. She is good with all humans and

FMI: harvesthills.org

Skarn was a stray and has been a rescue for far too long. He is smart and eager to please. He does well with other dogs after proper introductions. A home with children 12+ is best just because of his strength.

FMI: blessedbethebullies.com

Sponsored by: (207)230-8455, waterbarkwellness.com

8 -10 years old, German Shepherd

Xena hasn’t had the best life until she went into foster care, now she is soaking up love like a sponge! Xena bonds deeply with her human and wants them all to herself, so a home without other dogs & cats is best.

FMI: olddogsnewdigs.com

Channing is a fun-loving guy. He loves people and other dogs and would be happy in a family that is around a lot for him to share his love.

FMI: newenglandlabrescue.com

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courtesy of Lyman Pope Jr. Sponsorship courtesy of Lyman Pope Jr. Sponsorship courtesy of Lyman Pope Jr. Sponsorship courtesy of Lyman Pope Jr. by: Kompletely K-9 Dog Training and Rehab.

December C lendar

To submit or get more information on the events below, go online to downeastdognews.com

These events are currently scheduled as of our production date however please check with the event organizers to ensure they are still taking place on these dates.


November 24 – December 4 Online

Hundreds of items from local businesses will be up for bid online. Whether it is a 2-night stay in an Executive Suite overlooking the harbor that you are after or a gift card to your loved one’s favorite local store, the PAWS online Auction for the Animals has something for everyone. Proceeds will benefit PAWS Adoption Center. FMI: www.pawsadoption.org/ auction-for-the-animals


Thursday, December 1

Camden, 5:30PM – 10PM

Join PAWS at 16 Bay View Camden for an evening of holiday fun to celebrate with friends. This year’s event offers complimentary wine, heavy appetizers from Chef Andrea of 16 Bay View, music, PAWS celebration, and a silent auction with items exclusive to this event.

Tickets are $100 and limited to just 75 individuals, so be sure to purchase them before they sell out. www. pawsadoption.org


Friday, December 2

Camden, 6PM – 9PM

Loyal Biscuit is so excited to welcome you late into the evening for our biggest sale of year (Camden location only)! Shopping in your PJ's is totally allowed! 20% off 6PM – 7PM, 25% off 7:01PM – 8PM and 30% off 8:01PM –9PM. Sale excludes ALL cat & dog food. loyalbiscuit.com


Every Saturday & Sunday, December 3 – 31

Rockland, 11AM – 4PM

The Museum of Maritime Pets will host a holiday open house every Saturday and Sunday December 3 through 31 from 11-4 (Closed Christmas Day). Celebrate mascots and working animals, browse our library, tune in to our podcast and videos, and do some holiday shopping in our nautical gift corner! The Museum is located at 75 Mechanic Street, Suite 106W in Rockland, facing the marina. FMI: (207)390-5909


Saturday, December 3

Rockland, 12PM – 3PM Is your pet in need of a pedicure? Bring them down to Pet Quarters located at 235 Camden St, Rockland and Shannon



Saturday, December 10 Brunswick, 2 Events

Benefit for: On Track Agility Club of Maine held at Maine Dog Training Company, 25 Stanwood Street, Brunswick. From 9:30 AM until Noon will be a Nosework Beginner Workshop. $25 per working team. $10 audit. Max: 10 working spots. From 1PM – 4PM will be Dog Sniff Thrus - Odor only. 2 runs, $20. Gallery welcome. FMI: KashaKnits@ gmail.com


Saturday, December 10 Westbrook, 9AM – 3PM Enroll your kiddo in our Pawliday Palooza workshop on Saturday, December 10th. It’s sure to be a barking good time! Programming will include a lesson on animal body language, meet-andgreets with our shelter pets, holidaythemed crafts, and cookie decorating. This special holiday event is staffed by our Animal Refuge League humane educators. The fee is $25/attendee. Saturday, December 10th sessions: 9am-11am: grades K-3 and 1pm-3pm: grades 4-7. FMI or to register: arlgp.org/ pawliday-palooza/

to stock up on treats and fill your pet's stocking with holiday goodies! And while you shop for your pet, enjoy some complimentary cocoa for yourself as well! loyalbiscuit.com


Sunday, December 11

Brewer, 10AM – 5PM

To join in on the celebration, bring your pup into the Waterville Loyal Biscuit for some delicious pet friendly eggnog from Primal! We will be offering 20% off all toys, treats, chews, jackets and beds all day long! This is a great opportunity to stock up on treats and fill your pet's stocking with holiday goodies! And while you shop for your pet, enjoy some complimentary cocoa for yourself as well! loyalbiscuit.com


Tuesday, December 13 Rockland, 11AM – 1PM

Is your pet in need of a pedicure? Bring them down to Pet Quarters located at 235 Camden St, Rockland and Shannon from Catahoula Rescue of New England will be on hand to make your fur kids

look their very best! And remember we trim not only dogs, but cats, rabbits, guinea pigs, you name it! Nail Trimmings and Ear Cleanings are available for $10.00 each or combo price of $12.00 for both. All funds raised go directly to rescue. Call ahead in case of snow!


Saturday, December 17

Brewer, 10AM – 12PM

Is your pet in need of a pedicure? Bring them down to Loyal Biscuit, 421 Wilson St, Brewer. Danielle from our Brewer location will be on hand to make your fur kids look their very best! For just $10 per pet, you can have your pet’s nails trimmed and all the proceeds will be donated to Old Dogs New Digs. loyalbiscuit.com


Saturday, December 17 Online Via Zoom

Monthly free Pet Loss Support groups hosted by Patricia Lee Rode, MA for Pope Memorial Humane Society. All are welcome. To sign up email Patricia: patricialeerodeone@gmail.com


Saturday, December 17

Thomaston, 12PM – 2PM

Is your pet in need of a pedicure? Bring them down to Tractor Supply, 38 Thomaston Commons Way, Thomaston and Shannon from Catahoula Rescue of New England will be on hand to make your fur kids look their very best! And remember we trim not only dogs, but cats, rabbits, guinea pigs, you name it! Nail Trimmings and Ear Cleanings are available for $10.00 each or combo price of $12.00 for both. All funds raised go directly to rescue.

NAIL TRIMMING CLINIC Sunday, December 18

Rockland, 12PM – 2PM Is your pet in need of a pedicure? Bring them down to Pet Quarters located at 235 Camden St, Rockland and Shannon from Catahoula Rescue of New England will be on hand to make your fur kids look their very best! We trim not only dogs, but cats, rabbits, guinea pigs, you name it! Nail Trimmings and Ear Cleanings are $10.00 each or a combo price of $12.00 for both. All funds raised go directly to the rescue. Call ahead in case of snow!

1.(c) 2.(c) 3.(b) Any of the options could be correct; 4.(b) if you want to keep the behavior strong, it will have to be rewarded frequently enough to maintain it 5.(b) 6.(a) 7.(b) Dogs do not do things just to please us; if there’s something in it for them and it pleases us in the process, it’s a win-win! 8.(b) 9.(a) 10.(b) Dogs pull because it works…and because walking on leash is a very unnatural thing for them to do. 11.(a) 12.(b) 13.(c) 14.(b) 15.(a)

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socks and initiate a game of chase. I will tell you when I need to go outside, when I want to play, and when I don’t think you’re paying enough attention to me. Like most Catahoulas, I don’t initially like everyone (dogs and people) I meet and really need slow introductions until I get to know them better. I live with two dogs in my foster home and do well with both, especially playing out in the yard.

As a high-energy dog that’s never had the luxury of running around in a big fenced-in yard I have to say it was worth all the hype! I can run around unattached and do dog things like roll in the grass and play fetch or sometimes keep away, not sure which I like more. Anything from walking, running, hiking, or maybe something different like agility or scent work sounds amazing!

After I get all that energy out, I am up for some Netflix time on the couch. When it’s time to go to bed I really try to make my case that I should be allowed under the covers, I have yet to win this and have had to settle for laying on top with a measly throw blanket to keep warm. They say I’m leash reactive, whatever that means, supposedly I overreact to some things on walks but I say they aren’t reacting enough so I have to make up for it. I don’t pay much attention to dogs out in their yards or people walking on the other side of the street, maybe it’s just a space thing. Really good treats always help to get my attention, the smellier the better.

If you are interested in adopting Ronin, apply here: http://www.nehoularescue.com/adoption-application.html

Once your application has been received and reviewed, you will be contacted via email or phone by one of our volunteers. After your application is approved, the foster parent for the dog you have selected will contact you to answer any questions you may have and determine if that dog is a good match for your family.

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