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Volume 16 • Issue 4 • APRIL 2021


Joring & Other Fitness Fun By Susan Spisak


elcome to April, it’s National Canine Fitness Month. There are many interesting sports designed to bolster your dog, so he can burn off

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energy, improve his mood, and get in shape – and some you can join in on, too. Here’s the lowdown on a few of those activities including various types of joring. What is joring, you ask? Also called dryland or urban mushing, joring is a fair-weathered sport where you hop on your wheels, be it a bike, manual

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Pawsitively Pet Care

scooter, skateboard, or skates, and get a speed boost from your harnessed and attached dog who runs ahead and provides the joring – the Norwegian word for pulling or driving. These dog-powered sports allow your 4-legged pal to join in.


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Pope Matching Gift Campaign Results

ope Memorial Humane Society created the Sherman Medical Fund in 2020 so donors can directly help animals in dire medical need. The fund was named after Sherman the kitten, who survived a brush fire with his siblings. These little ones needed immediate medical care for singed ears, fur, whiskers, and smoke inhalation. Shelter staff got them care at the emergency clinic. An anonymous donor recently pledged a $10,000 matching gift to inspire the community to raise another $10,000 for the Sherman Medical Fund. If raised, the total would be a quarter of the yearly $80,000 in medical expenses for the year. Staff got to work getting the word out via social media, email and print newsletters, press releases, and newspaper articles. Soon donations started coming in. WABI even picked the story up. Within two weeks, the initial gift was matched! The generosity of the community then inspired the matching donor to contribute another $5000 to be matched. Pope Memorial Humane Society is pleased to announce that a total of $42,000 has been raised! This amount will cover over half of the expenses needed to care for all shelter animals in need in 2021. "We are blown away by the generosity of our community and truly touched by the care shown for homeless pets. A huge thank you to everyone who helped spread the word and those who gave from the heart." -Tracy Sala, PMHS Executive Director You can still make a gift to help animals and be included in this great campaign-via the website PopeHumane.org or by mail to PMHS, P.O. Box 1294, Rockland ME 04841. Thank you to our wonderful community!


Loyal Biscuit Co. Awards $14,400 In Grants Through Their Fenway Fund

OCKLAND, ME - The Fenway Fund, created in January of 2019 by owner Heidi Neal, is a means to provide funding for non-profit, animal related organizations within the state of Maine. Grants are funded by the proceeds of sales within the seven retail locations and are awarded bi-annually to 501(c)3 organizations whose proposals are selected by a committee made up of Loyal Biscuit Co. employees. The Fund is a vital way for the Loyal Biscuit to support animal welfare within Maine communities by providing seed money for projects that will help better the lives of animals that often fall below funding L TO R: SHELLY BUTLER (PAWS ANIMAL ADOPTION CENTER EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR) HOLDS PAWS RESIDENT "BIG GREY", DURING FENWAY FUND availability. GRANT CHECK PRESENTATION WITH KATHY SIGLE (LOYAL BISCUIT CO. Earlier this month, the Loyal CAMDEN-ROCKPORT MANAGER) Biscuit committee selected their third round of applicants to receive grant funding for projects they felt best met the criteria of the fund, for a total donation of $14,400. The Fenway Fund has now provided over $35,000 to Maine animal – related 501(c)3 organizations. Animal Refuge League of Greater Portland in Westbrook, Maine will receive a $1,500 grant to purchase a neonatal incubator to aid in the care of neonatal kittens. Jeana Roth of the ARLGP reported that they are already seeing more kittens and pregnant cats than they have in years past, so this piece of equipment will be crucial to help the kittens in their care. Finally Home Senior Rescue & Retirement Home of North Yarmouth, Maine was awarded a $6,000 grant for the construction of a new housing room for the senior dogs in their care. Laurie Dorr has opened her home to many senior animals, and with this addition to her home, she will be able to house even more senior animals needing her care.


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From the Publisher Dear Dog News Readers, How did we get to April already? A year ago we had canceled our April issue because that is when all of the lockdowns began, and there was so much uncertainty. We might not have all of the answers about what comes next, but we are definitely in a different place. I am very much looking forward to being outside again and for everything to be green. What a strange winter we had. We didn’t really have any “pretty” snow days. It seemed as though it was either a nor’easter or was mixed with sleet, then rained and then froze. I got tired of the really cold temps and the crusty snow. We battled with more than one broken doggie toenail. Pepper and I both enjoyed our trips to Water Bark Wellness for a break from the cold and potential injuries. I remembered to bring her new robe the last time we went. She looked so cute! I bought it to keep her warm, but it was also great because she couldn’t shake all over the inside of the car. April 14th will be Pepper’s 7th birthday! Time is going by way too quickly, but I plan to enjoy every bit of it. She is my partner in crime and co-pilot and gets spoiled regularly. She eats a diet of kibble and wet food and lately I have found myself announcing her meals like I am listing off specials at a restaurant. Haha! I found another enrichment idea on Pinterest. We have only tried it once, but it did keep her busy. I took one of those Hol-ee Roller balls and rolled up tiny training treats in strips of fleece and t-shirt and stuffed them in the ball. It kept her busy for a while. If you try this, keep an eye on them to make sure they don’t eat the fabric strips. I am really anticipating her chewing a hole in the thing, but I am not leaving it out for her when we are done so that might preserve it longer. We shall see! Happy Spring to you all and watch out for the ticks! Tis that season. All the best, Jenn and Pepper

Dog of the Month!


Josie is no regular yellow lab, who stole everyone’s heart. Adopted at 15 months old, she arrived home untrained and full of energy. Through consistency, repetition, and lots of patience later, she not only became well-socialized, but was a natural therapy dog, and passed her service dog certification!


Maine Pet News, LLC P.O. Box 1076 Camden, ME 04843-1076 Phone: 207-706-6765 jenn@downeastdognews.com www.downeastdognews.com

In 2017 Josie published her first book. Her second book honored her, as a 2019 Next Generation Indie Book Award Finalist. She flew with her mom and co-author (Vernita Leins) to Washington DC to receive her award. She loves long walks in the woods, swimming, retrieving her ball, couch hug time, and riding in her Uncle Bob’s John Deere Gator.


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We recently lost this precious 10-year-old to an aggressive cancer. She walks beside us now in spirit, and in spirit she is forever with us. We will always love and miss this very special girl! Josie’s Story…from rescue to service dog; Fostering Marcel…the bond between human and animal available at www.vleins.com, local bookstore, or library. If you’d like to submit a photo of your pet to be posted on our website send it with a small description of your dog (cool trick, silly thing he does, favorite toy) to jenn@downeastdognews.com or mail it to: P.O. Box 1076, Camden, ME 04843-1076. Each month one will be selected to be printed in the paper.

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APRIL 2021

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I am having so much fun having

a dog!!! I’ve had my sweet fiveyear-old chocolate Lab Syd since mid-November and every day is an adventure. One of the new challenges that just presented itself is mud season. Holy smokes that’s a delight, isn’t it? I live on a dirt road with a dirt driveway. The three mile walk we take almost daily is a dirt road, and it’s also covered in a spott y layer of melting ice that is covered in road sand and salt. In March, we have the fabulous first spring-like days where you hear the snow melting, followed by chilly days where everything refreezes, and it’s a toss up between needing hockey skates or boots for our walks. Today was a muck boot kind of day, but I unfortunately chose to wear my sneakers. I have an interesting learning curve because if I had thought about how muddy both of us were after yesterday’s walk, I would have put on more appropriate footwear. After a filthy walk, I towel off her belly, legs, and wherever else is dripping muddy water. She’s very tolerant, thank goodness, and the reward of a cookie is probably her only incentive. Then I usually have to work, so I get situated on my couch with my laptop and notebooks. Syd is a spoiled pup, and she’s allowed on the furniture, which happens to be the first new couches I’ve owned in over twenty years. My new couches now smell like dog. Here’s the irony. Do you know what I do when my son comes

First Aid for your Pup Q.

My dog and I were hiking, and he tore his toenail off. I had no idea what to do. I would like to be prepared next time. Can you give me some first aid tips?

Furry Words

by Sara Moore


home from hockey or football practice? I make him take a shower. He’s a gross, stinky, and usually sweaty mess. He’s not allowed on the furniture until he’s clean. But Syd, well, that’s a different story! “C’mon up sweet girl!” If she’s drenched, I’ll put a cover down, but more often than not she’ll hop up so fast I miss the window to protect the couch. Sigh. I can get them cleaned after mud season, right? I’ve read a lot of you, and I know I’m not the only one in this crazy predicament! I was in a long-term relationship with someone who declared that when we got a dog, it would never

Ask the Vet…

by Dr. Judith Herman


Basic first aid is a must if you are dealing with your furry family. I will discuss basic first aid tips, but this does not take the place of calling your veterinarian, animal poison control, or ER. Let’s start with the feet and skin. Torn toenails are common with our rocky terrain. Cuts from sharp rocks, pucker brush, and trash, or punctures from sticks and thorns are common. Some breeds have skin that tears easily. Using a product called Quick Stop will help stop the bleeding toenail or a small cut. After applying, place a sock or a small bandage to keep the injury protected. If the wound is bigger, place a snug bandage around the wound using any cloth you have at


the time and go to your veterinarian or ER right away. Cuts and wounds on other parts of the body may be more difficult to bandage, but using vet wrap, ace bandage, and gauze can help protect the area. Putting a T shirt or boxer shorts on your dog will help your bandage stay in place and keep him from licking the area until you get help. If an area is dirty, you can clean it

be allowed to sleep in the bed with us. What?! I’m sorry, but when Syd was new here, she got spooked by the eight-pound kitt y cat and refused to come upstairs. I was so sad knowing that she was downstairs alone, and I hoped that one day she’d be confident enough to come up and snuggle with me. Don’t get me wrong- I LOVE having the whole bed to myself and sleeping like a starfish, but having a dog on the bed is a different story. After a month of living here and bribing her with a ridiculous amount of treats, Syd cautiously started coming up to bed with me. She had figured out that my son’s bed, which was really high off the floor, was super comfy, but she’d only let me hoist her up if I was up there, too. It was a good excuse to hang out with my fifteen-year-old, and I even bought her portable stairs because when she tried to jump up, she toppled over. Would I have bought them for my son if he needed them? Um, probably not. But she’s Sweet Syd and clearly needed them! Either way, it took her a bit to realize that my bed was the best place ever to spend the night. Five months later, when I go up, Syd races upstairs and claims her favorite spot- either in the middle or as far away from the cat as possible. Many nights I’ve had to physically move her, and one night she was so content she played dead, and I literally rolled her from one side to the other. Is this normal? Because I think she may be working me! The other interesting phenomenon

that’s happening is that when I stir any time after five am, she thinks the day has officially started. Do you know how chaotic it is to have an 85-pound dog suddenly dive bomb you, lick anywhere she can access, and then lay completely on you while also in a full body wiggle? I’m talking head to toe laying on me, not just leaning on me. If it’s super early, I can tell her to lay down and she will, but once the sun’s up, forget it. The day has begun. What I find spectacular about this wake-up routine is that it’s almost impossible to start the day out grumpy when your sweet dog is beyond thrilled to see you, to know you’re awake, has all the faith in the world that you’re going to feed her, and that even if she’s a stinky muddy mess, you’ll let her hang out with you. Granted, my room sometimes smells like a foul goat and at first, I thought that was par for the course of being a 48 year old woman. Turns out, it’s not me- it’s the dog! Phew! Syd has definitely brought joy and a certain scent to my home, and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

with a diluted hydrogen peroxide solution. Dilute the peroxide 50/50 with water. If you use it straight from the bottle, the cells trying to heal the area will be disrupted and healing will slow down. This goes for cleaning ears too. You can also use Dial soap which has great antiseptic properties. With eye injuries, it is best to go to a veterinarian as soon as possible. If Fluff y got hit in the eye, use cold black tea as a wash and compress. The tannins will be soothing and help reduce swelling. Cuts on the edges of ears bleed like crazy. Fold the ear over the top of the dog’s head and apply a scarf or bandana to put pressure on the cut. Then wrap another cloth around his head to hold it in place. This will keep the ear from flapping, which prevents the wound from bleeding. Sticks are fun to play with but can get stuck in the mouth. When this happens and the stick is stuck on the roof of the mouth, use the handle of a spoon to slide between the roof of the mouth and the stick to pry it out. If the stick is between the teeth tweezers or needle nose

pliers may be the ticket. If you see your dog eat something he shouldn’t, such as medication or a toy, give him hydrogen peroxide to make him vomit. For other things, like plants and liquids, call animal poison control and your veterinarian for how to proceed. Some liquids and plants may do more damage if you make them vomit. Here are two numbers you can call: ASPCA Animal Poison Control Center at (888) 426-4435 Pet Poison Helpline at (800) 213-6680. Their website is https:// www.petpoisonhelpline.com. At this number, you will be speaking to a veterinarian and there is a fee. Both are available 24/7. As always, when in doubt, call your veterinarian. Keep their phone number and the number of your closest ER in your phone.

Sara Moore currently offers long distance readings over the phone or FaceTime. You can learn more at www.enlightenedhorizons. com and follow her on Facebook at Sara Moore Enlightened Horizons. All information given in a reading is not a replacement for licensed veterinary care.

Judith K. Herman, DVM, CVH Animal Wellness Center Augusta, Maine www.mainehomeopahticvet.com

Downeast Dog News


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For the 411 on joring, I turned to Kathy Pickett, co-owner of Nooksack Racing Supply (with husband Grey), a world-wide provider of quality, US-made equipment for recreational and competitive dog-powered sports-lovers and mushers. She said bikejoring, and likely all “no-snow” joring and dryland sports, originated with sled dog enthusiasts and skijorers (a winter sport blending cross country skiing and dog sledding), so they could extend their season and train yearround. While the usual suspects - sled dogs, northern breeds, and natural born pullers will excel, most confident, in-shape dogs can partake, provided they weigh 35 lbs. That said, a smaller dog’s okay – as long as he loves to go, can stay focused, and is sturdy – but you’ll probably have to provide extra giddyap. (Use common sense, no teacups, please.) In addition to your wheels of choice, you’ll need a bungee tug line with quick release clasp – this connects you and your dog – and a helmet and knee pads. Your dog will need a pulling harness with tug line clip and tough paw boots. For bikejoring or dog scootering, get a special attachment that keeps the tug line out front and over the wheel. “Bikejoring and scootering help keep dogs happy, healthy, and fit with great muscle tone. A fit dog is usually a happy dog and helps the owners get exercise, too,” explained Pickett. For a skate or skateboard scenario, add a joring/trekking waist belt with tug line clip. For essentials, nooksackracingsupply.com. Training is required to become a skilled team. Pickett said walking your harnessed dog while he tows a small log helps him learn pulling, and simultaneously teaches him the universal joring commands. “Hike” means go, while “gee” is turn right, and “haw” is turn left. “Straight,” “yield” and “whoa” are self-explanatory. For commands, training videos, and how to incorporate multiple dogs, internet search using keywords “dog joring” and “dry land mushing” for details. Whatever joring sport you choose – once you’re ready to give it a go,

Pickett said it’s best to choose dogfriendly pathways with dirt surfaces. Pavement, especially on warm days, can scorch dogs’ pads. If joring doesn’t sound like your thing, go old-school and bike with your dog. To avoid injury, use easyto-attach, hands-free products like the Bike Tow Leash, Springer, or Walky Dog – check local pet supply retailers. (If they don’t carry, all are available on Amazon.) They fasten to the frame, keeping your dog at a safe distance from the bike. Again, a dog harness and tough paw boots are recommended for street/pavement cycles – and don’t forget to pack plenty of water. Does your hound stop on walks to sniff, sniff, sniff? Tracking may be the ticket. Kathy Duhnoski of Carolyn Fuhrer’s North Star Dog Training School said, “AKC Tracking is a canine sport that demonstrates a dog’s natural ability to recognize and follow a scent, and it’s the foundation of canine search and rescue work.” She added that the dog is completely in charge, “Only he knows how to use his nose to find and follow the track.” AKC Tracking is a pass or fail sport the dog either leads its handler to the end of the track or not. But Duhnoski said for many, the greatest pleasure is the hours spent outside training with the companion. To learn more, there’s a Beginner’s Tracking Workshop on Saturday, April 10 at North Star Dog Training School in Somerville. For info, dogsatnorthstar.com/ or 207.549.4613. Like guiding and cheering on your boy? Look no further than Agility at Positively Best Friends! Dog Training & Canine Activity Center in Edgecomb. Agility requires you – the handler – to direct your dog through a challenging obstacle course, racing for time and accuracy. Their certified instructors teach Foundation Agility through Agility, Level III. The Center’s Managing Member, Marcia Welch, offered another interactive option, “Nose work is a great activity.” Based on the K9 detection skills, it’s taught using positive, enjoyable, and motivational methods. Or try the low-key Herding classes with Welch. Set at beautiful Parson

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APRIL 2021

Monday through Saturday, by appointment only. Christine Fraser, DVM

Swim all year round in our 13’ x 25’ indoor pool!

Located in Happy Tails Daycare at 119 Bishop St. Portland, ME Visit our website all4pawswellness.com or call (207) 809-9505 for more information

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Your dog will enjoy assisted swims with Griffin, and WBW provides towels, hair dryers, floaties, lifejackets (if needed), and treats. The “appointment only” swims in the new 31x21 heated, saltwater pool reduce stress, provide cardiovascular exercise, may reduce joint pain, can improve your bud’s confidence, and for the terribly busy canine, exhaust him. “When a dog comes into WBW, happy and enthusiastic to get into the pool and have some fun, it makes my heart very happy. And seeing an older dog, post swim, with a little spring in its step, makes this all worth it,” explained Griffin. For more, including hours, rates, all policies including COVID precautions, waterbarkwellness. com/. Griffin invites readers to follow WBW on Facebook and Instagram. Further south, you’ll find another dog-friendly swim facility, the holistic All 4 Paws Wellness in Portland. Owner and Maine certified veterinarian Christine Fraser has two types of hydrotherapy – underwater treadmill and swims. “The underwater treadmill is great for gait training, strengthening, low impact exercise, and encouraging normal range of motion for walking,” said Fraser who also has extensive training in veterinary rehabilitation and acupuncture. The assisted swim sessions are in the heated 13’ x 25’ saltwater pool. Fraser said, “Swimming is great for strengthening, cardiovascular fitness, and no-impact exercise that encourages a large range of motion for the joints. Both are good for conditioning and weight loss.” Fraser indicated these benefits are condensed, so for more and to schedule sessions, all4pawswellness.com/

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Creek, the program is designed to encourage and accommodate the hobbyist as well as the competitor. The principles are that dogs, handlers, and livestock, are treated kindly and with respect. A new AKC Farm Dog Certification Program is coming as well. If you’re not a current student but interested in herding, contact Welch directly via email, Marcia@ positivelybestfriends.com and visit positivelybestfriends.com/ for more. Don’t like group get-togethers? Perhaps the Mr. Dog Squad “Jocks” online club is for you. Mr. Dog Training’s owner and certified trainer, Sara Sokol, offers this with the focus on sports, games, and tricks for all breeds/activity levels. “The club gives dog guardians the opportunity to have structured activities, ones that they wouldn’t usually do with their dog, provided through emailed videos that allows them to work at their own pace and have fun with their dog.” Jocks also includes weekly homework, a Zoom class, and entrance to a private Facebook group to share ideas and challenges. Sokol feels Jocks is not just for entertainment, “The benefits include happy, relaxed dogs and a better bond and relationship between human and dog.” For all info, mrdogtraining.com/thejocks.html. And if you’re a yogi, look for deets on the site for Zoom Doga – yoga with your dog! If you have a water-lovin’ dog and rain showers are threatening activities, let him blow off steam at Kate Griffin’s Water Bark Wellness aka WBW in Rockport. Certified Canine Swim Coach Griffin has had extensive aquatic training, is certified in Canine CPR and First Aid, and is a member of the Association of Canine Water Therapy.

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Where There is Joy, There is Infinite Possibility


A different angle on socializing

he 10 or so puppies at PupStart, my day school for puppies, are playing, investigating our enriching and invigorating environment, engaged with each other and with us, tails up, loose bodies… JOYOUS. While this delightful and downright adorable scene takes place, a sudden, novel noise erupts from the sidelines. BOOM! The puppies very briefly turn their attention to the source of the sound, then return to what they were doing: immersing themselves in Happiness. Why is this? Why didn’t they get frightened or try to run away? Start with a Fabric of Joy, then add Threads of Novelty I underestimated the Power of Joy when I created PupStart seven years ago, but it quickly became apparent how important and useful Joy is when we are socializing our puppies to their strange and unpredictable new world. This world is full of surprises and potentially scary things; things that can, with just one exposure, establish long-term fears. We need to intentionally help build resilience in our puppies early on so that they can handle what is thrown at them as they prance down life’s crazy roads. There is a lot we can do even within

Basic Training Tips

by Diana Logan

our homes. In these unprecedented Pandemic Times, it’s even more imperative that we maximize all opportunities to help our puppies grow up to be as confident as possible. Confidence builds Resilience. Recommendations for socializing puppies often include terminology like, “expose your puppy to these 100 things”… followed by a detailed list of people, animals, surfaces, etc. Those 100 things are definitely important, but absent from most instructions

is, “Start with Joy,” and “make sure associations are positive.” Novelty absent Joy may result in Fear Imagine the PupStart scene described above, but instead of puppies playing, they are standing around doing nothing (hah! like that ever happens!) BOOM! All attention is focused on the novel sound. Some puppies might startle and instantly bounce back, but the risk is great that many puppies will have a fearful response. I call this an “uh oh moment.” Uh Oh Moments can be very difficult to recover from, and they tend to persist into the future. It will be difficult to get all the puppies to engage in play after that BOOM. Timeconsuming damage control might even be necessary. It’s more efficient and humane to create resilience through an intentional and strategic blending of novelty into joy. Attempting to blend joy into novelty is far less likely to be successful. The puppies didn’t have a fearful response to the BOOM while they were playing because we very carefully controlled the timing, intensity, proximity, duration, and direction of the sound. We do similar things with visual stimuli such as umbrellas flapping, bicycles or wheelbarrows moving, a person using a walker or crutches, etc. We start out being quite subtle, then we gradually increase the intensity based on the puppies’ reactions. If there is any indication that any one of the puppies might be on the cusp of an Uh Oh Moment, we adjust things accordingly. We have to err on the side of the least resilient puppy.

Skills and Games Before you take your puppy out to expose her to novelty, build up a few good, reliable Tools of Joy first. Here are some suggestions: • Default eye contact • Hand targeting • Perch (front paws up on something) • Tug with a special toy (not something your pup always has access to) • Find it (treats hidden in a towel or similar item OR toss a treat) • Settle mat with a tasty chew • Heeling • Chase (chase you) A Shift in Approach We’ve been taught to expose puppies to novelty in order to socialize them, but I would like to shift that thinking a bit: “Play games with your puppy in new environments, employing Tools of Joy.” Choose locations carefully so that novelty is nothing but subtle background. Manage the intensity of the novel stimuli. Start small, then gradually build. Maintain Joy. Back off if she shows any sign of fear. Start in the House You can do a lot to socialize your puppy in your own home! When your puppy is really happy and engaged in play, have someone in the household drop something on the floor at a distance. Start out with a small sound, then increase it. Stop after 2 or 3 reps as long as she's still joyous. Be creative! What happens if your dog has an "Uh Oh Moment"? Tune in next time.... Happy Training!

Diana Logan, CPDT-KA Certified Professional Dog Trainer, Knowledge-Assessed Pet Connection Dog Training, North Yarmouth, Maine | www.dianalogan.com | 207-252-9352


Maine owned and operated!

a dayschool for puppies up to 6 mos/25#

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Compassionate Pet Loss Counseling www.pet-loss-counseling.com

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Our Tags Won’t Wear Out Before You Do! Simply the finest dog id tags ever... Indestructible, classy tags made in Maine. Chew Proof - Rust Proof ReEngraveable - Amazing Reviews

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“Until one has loved an animal a part of one’s soul remains unawakened.” ~ Anatole France

Contact Jenn for more information (207)706-6765; jenn@downeastdognews.com We always read the Downeast Dog News. Such a happy and informative paper. – Holly U. Such an amazing periodical and desperately appreciated/needed during these troubling times. – Bass C.

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I love it so much I just subscribed to receive paper copies for the next year. – Michelle L.

Downeast Dog News

I am a Carolina Dog, a breed that

long ago owned Native American people. We were designed by natural selection to be so intelligent and physically superior that we survived without human help. My greatgrandfather was caught from the wild. I can offer advice based on the natural instincts and attributes of wild dogs. In addition, my adoptive person and I have had lots of training classes and other experiences. Some humans call themselves Mom or Dad of their dog, but I refer to my human, tongue in cheek, as Boss. Much as I love her, I admit she has many of the same odd notions as most humans, so I can relate to other pet dogs with problem humans. If I can’t help, at least I can offer sympathy, and we can have some fun talking about our amazing humans. Please send your questions! N. Holmes, 280 Pond Rd., Newcastle, ME 04553, or email: askbammy@tidewater.net. Dear Bammy,


ou seem to be a pretty tough dog in spite of being a Southern Gentleman. I hope you can help me persuade my Mom to stop bothering me with clothes. She’s afraid I will get cold even though I’m a Corgi with a thick coat. All the stuff she puts on me makes it hard to move, let alone feel the nip of the wind that makes me want to do zoomies. I have to stick my head through the hole in a big, thick coat. Then she fastens straps firmly under my belly. They rub my elbows so I can’t take

Boarding Doggie Daycare Grooming

Ask Bammy An Advice Column for Dogs by a Dog

long steps. I’m a long dog with short legs, so in order to go fast, I have to take long leaps. It’s really frustrating to gallop with little short leaps. Mom thinks it’s funny, but I hate it so much I try to duck away when she comes at me with that coat. That’s bad enough, but she’s afraid my feet will get frostbite. She makes me stand still while she ties booties on my feet. When she first did that, they felt so funny I took way high steps, one foot at a time. Boy! Didn’t she think that was funny! Some people say Corgis are stubborn. But we were bred that way to herd cows that don’t want to be herded. So

I lay right down and pulled off the booties. Mom scolded me and put them back on. But I still take them off every chance I get. Right is right, and putting booties on my paws is wrong! Not to mention a coat that keeps me from me running fast. So, dear Bammy, what am I going to do? Short-shot Dear Short-shot, ME IN MY WARM COAT. PHOTO BY NANCY HOLMES I feel for you. Dogs are made to run. I have clothes, even think of growling or snapping. too. The one Boss calls “jacket,” is NEVER! It’s not necessary. Just lie very light and loose. I wear it every there. Don’t go for her walk. Don’t day for a while, and then she puts it move until she takes all the stuff off away for a long time. I don’t mind again. Then run to the door and do a that one because it means we’re happy-dance. going for a walk. The other one, she I hate to say there are a few dog calls coat, she only puts on me when owners who will abuse a dog that it’s cold out, and we’re not going for doesn’t do what they want. I hope a walk in the woods. I used to run your Mom isn’t one of them, but I away from that one, but I’ve sort of worry a little since she laughed at gotten resigned to it. It’s heavy and your discomfort. DO NOT SNAP! stiff, and it has a wide band under my Instead, roll belly up and whine and belly a little too tight. I have to admit cry and lick her hand. it keeps me warmer in the wind, but I Is it really worth fighting over? I think I’d rather shiver. know you are a stubborn Corgi, but If you really want to refuse wearing you COULD just put up with the a coat and boots, you might be able clothes. Spring is coming! to avoid it. But I warn you, it’s not If you can’t lick ‘em, join ‘em, easy, and she may be fierce and Bammy stubborn. It’s simple! Lie down. She can still put the boots on you and The Ask Bammy column is intended stick your head through the coat. for humor and entertainment. If she’s really stubborn, she might If your dog has behavioral issues roll you over to fasten the straps please contact a veterinarian under your belly. Of course, don’t or professional trainer.

At Harbor Hounds, Your Dog will Enjoy Its Vacation, While You Enjoy Yours We Provide Expert Daycare, Boarding and Grooming Services for Your Dog s Trained Staff s Supervised Playgroups s Individualized Attention

s Large Secure Outdoor Play Yards s Overnight Boarding s Limited Grooming Services

Indoor and Outdoor Access Dogs have access to our 1/4 acre outside covered play yard as well as a daycare play room and eight additional secure outside play yards.

Pools and Shade Our guests enjoy two sun cabanas and two pools during the spring and summer months.

Paw-Safe Cleaning Practices

No bleach is used in cleaning. All of our cleaning chemicals are Paw-Safe.

311 Park Street U Rockland, ME 04841 U 207-593-7913 www.harborhoundsmaine.com U mydawgs@harborhoundsmaine.com LIKE US ON FACEBOOK! And see your pets enjoy their day!

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Pawsitive Are you planning a vacation and need someone to care for your pets? Do you need someone to look after them or take them for a walk while you are at work? Choosing someone to look after man’s best friend is not a task that should be taken lightly. You can always start with a recommendation from someone you trust, such as a family member or your veterinarian, but do your research and figure out who is the best fit for you and your dog. Do you want to leave him at home where it is familiar, or would you like to leave him at a boarding facility where he might have more supervision? We hope you will consider one of our advertisers! Here are few helpful tips to consider when looking for a pet sitter or boarding facility.


• Can they provide proof of insurance and are they bonded? • What training have they completed, if any? • Do they have a backup if they become ill while caring for your dog? • Will they walk your dog and have playtime? • Do they have a contract listing fees and services? • References? • Have them meet your dog to see how they interact with them. Is your dog comfortable with them?


(207) 882-6709

Debbie Sandmaier 93 Dodge Road Edgecomb, ME 04556


Open Monday - Saturday 7:00AM to 6:00PM Sunday 7:00AM to 9:00AM and 5:00PM Like ustoon8:00PM facebook

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COME JOIN OUR PACK! Radiant heat floors

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We only accept well socialized dogs and puppies 4 months/ older for daycare

Supervised playgroups depending on energy level/size

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ACADIA WOODS KENNEL We offer: overnight and day boarding – indoor/outdoor runs - grooming – pet supplies Centrally located on Mount Desert Island at

Centrally located on31Mount Desert 31Harbor Gretas Lane, Bar Harbor Gretas Lane,atBar (207)288-9766 Acadiawoodskennel.com

Voted the Bangor Regions BEST KENNEL every year since 2002 & selected as one of the TOP 10 KENNELS in New England in 2020.


Downeast Dog News


tters of M te SiSit. Stay. Play ain



• Does the facility look and smell clean? • Is there sufficient ventilation and light? • What temperature do they maintain? • Does the staff seem knowledgeable and caring? • Are pets required to be current on their vaccinations, including the vaccine for canine kennel cough (Bordetella)? • Does each dog have his own adequately sized kennel? • Is there an indoor-outdoor run or schedule for exercise? • Are resting boards and

bedding provided to allow dogs to rest off the concrete floor? • What veterinary services are available? • Are other services available such as grooming, training, bathing? • How are rates calculated? If your dog takes meds or is on a special diet, be sure and leave explicit instructions and make sure the meds and food are well stocked. Leave a list of phone numbers including your vet’s, how you can be reached while you are away, and perhaps the number of a local friend or family member.

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dentistry 789 • 5700 www.blakevet.com

A modern-day Air B&B for your pups. Providing a home away from home while humans are away! • Daycare • Extended stays

• Overnight care • Special requests

Meet & Greet required State Licensed #F1694 & Insured PET First Aid and CPR Certified

Connie’s K-9 & Kitty Companions Serving Bath, Brunswick, Topsham, Harpswell, Freeport, Yarmouth, Cumberland, Falmouth & Portland

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Daily Visits, Walks, Playtime, Feeding & Overnight Pet Sitting

Mobile/Text (207) 504-4101 conniejomills@yahoo.com www.mainepetsitter.vpweb.com Come home to a Clean House and Happy Pets

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Daycare offered Monday through Friday Boarding dogs and cats with special areas for small dogs, senior dogs, and multiple pets in the same family. Full service grooming just 4 minutes from Bangor International Airport! Newly renovated Senior Care opens April 2021

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THE COASTAL DOG (The Happy Dog Place!)

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Training Your Performance Dog Agility, Obedience, Tracking by Carolyn Fuhrer

New Agility Course Test – Jumpers 1 and 2


his year, in addition to the ACT 1 Standard and ACT 2 Standard levels, AKC has added 2 additional levels: ACT 1 Jumpers and ACT 2 Jumpers. All of the ACT events are designed for the beginning level dog to demonstrate beginning sequences and performance skills. The ACT 2 levels in standard and jumpers requires an increased skill level shown by additional obstacles to be performed. Dogs must earn two passing ACT scores at each level in

order to earn a title. ACT 1/ACT 1 Jumpers and ACT 2/ ACT 2 Jumpers are entry level events and are open to all dogs that have not earned a title in ANY AKC agility class and that meet the age and physical requirements for a regular AKC agility trial. In order for a dog to earn a title, the dog must be

registered with the American Kennel Club (AKC). Teams that earn ACT 1/ACT 1 Jumpers and/or ACT 2/ACT 2 Jumpers are still eligible to enter Novice A in an agility trial as long as they are otherwise eligible. ACT 1 or 2 titles do not exclude you from entering Novice A. For the standard ACT classes, you must earn a minimum score of 85. Run outs and refusals will not be judged. If you have more than 3 attempts at the next correct obstacle, it will result in a mandatory elimination and will be signaled “F” by the judge. The 4 Paw Rule is not in effect. Standard course time for ACT 1 is 60 seconds and course time for ACT 2 is 70 seconds. ACT 1 has a minimum of 10-12 obstacles, and ACT 2 has a minimum of 11-13 obstacles. ACT 1 and 2 obstacles will include A-frame (set at 5’), pause table, open tunnel(s)and bar jumps. The tire and panel jump can also be used. The teeter and six weave poles and a spread jump will be included in ACT 2. The dog walk can be used in ACT 2. For the ACT Jumpers class, you must earn 85 points to qualify. Run outs and refusals will not be judged. More than 3 attempts at

the next correct obstacle will result in a mandatory elimination and will be signaled by an “F” by the judge. For ACT 1 Jumper, 10-12 obstacles are required with a time limit of 50 seconds. For ACT 2 Jumpers there will be 11-13 obstacles with a time limit of 60 seconds. Both the ACT 1 and 2 Jumpers courses can have bar jumps, panel jump, and open tunnels. Only the ACT 2 Jumpers level will have weave poles (6) and a spread jump. This addition of the ACT Jumpers courses nicely rounds out the training opportunities for entry level agility teams. Participating and practicing for these events are wonderful learning experiences for new teams If you have never competed in agility, they are a great way to start. If you are an experienced agility exhibitor with a new dog, they are a great way to gain more experience with your dog. On Track Agility Club of Maine is offering a workshop in ACT events and also will be offering 2 ACT titling events this summer. Contact Kathy at 207-691-2332 and watch the Downeast Dog News Calendar for more information.

Carolyn Fuhrer has earned over 125 AKC titles with her Golden Retrievers, including 2 Champion Tracker titles. She has recently become an AKC Tracking Judge. Carolyn is the owner of North Star Dog Training School in Somerville, Maine. She has been teaching people to understand their dogs for over 30 years. You can contact her with questions, suggestions and ideas for her column by e-mailing carolyn@dogsatnorthstar.com.

We’re w call w ho you hen y our good pets do a bad t hing!

Don’t Just Clean Your Rug, Luv Your Rug!

Classes Classes & & Private Private Lessons Lessons Obedience, Obedience, Agility Agility and and Tracking Tracking

North Star Dog Training Carolyn Fuhrer Somerville, Maine 207-691-2332 207-691-2332.


Struggling? Let Let us us help Struggling? help you you achieve achieveyour yourgoals. goals.You Youwill willbe beamazed amazed at how the right right instruction instruction makes makes all all the thedifference differenceininyour yoursuccess! success! Each Wehave havethe theknowledge, knowledge,experience experience Eachdog/handler dog/handler team team is is unique. unique. We and teachingability abilityto tohelp helpyou yousucceed. succeed. and outstanding outstanding teaching Callus usand andlet’s let’sget get started! started! Call

Now workshops schedulingwith Carolyn Fuhrer, Watch for 2020 Tracking Small customAKC training groups and workshops. Tracking Judge Call for more information!

At Tender Touch Veterinary Hospital we take a “Whole Health” approach to every animal.

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Sunray Animal Clinic 73 Admiral Fitch Avenue, Brunswick, ME 04011 (207) 725-6398 • www.Sunrayvet.com Full Service Veterinary Clinic with Dentistry • In-House Lab Equipment • X-rays & Laser Therapy Katherine Seymour, DVM

Christopher Norman, DVM

Downeast Dog News

Tobacco Smoke, Vaping, Nicotine, and the Risk They Pose to Our Pets One of the most important

things you can do for your pet's health is to make your home free of tobacco, vaping, and nicotine products. All pose a health risk to pets in your home. When a tobacco product burns, it gives off smoke. Some of that smoke is inhaled and captured in the smoker's lungs. The smoke exhaled by the smoker and that not inhaled goes directly into the environment, becoming a threat to any living creature. That is called secondhand smoke, and it contains thousands of chemicals, 69 of which are known to cause cancer. Secondhand smoke occurs in any environment where smokers smoke. Studies have indicated that exposure to tobacco smoke increased the risk of cancer in the nasal cavities and sinuses of longsnouted dogs. Dogs with short and medium-length noses were twice as likely to develop lung cancer if they lived with a smoker. Cats sharing a home with a smoker are twice as likely to develop lymphoma, a type of cancer. After five or more years of exposure, that increases to 3 times more likely. If you've spent any time in the same environment with a smoker, you know that smoke lingers. It forms a residue on walls, floors, carpets, furniture, clothes, hair, skin, and other surfaces. It accumulates on toys that your child or pet may put in their mouths. It will even cling to the coat of your pet. This residue is thirdhand smoke, and it contains toxins that your pets may ingest


����� ������: ����� ����

from their toys or when licking their paws or their coat. Cats are especially susceptible due to their self-grooming. As they lick at their fur, they expose the toxins from the smoke to the mucous membranes in their mouth. Exposure to tobacco smoke can cause the following health problems with your pets: breathing issues, cancer, diarrhea, heart disease, itchy skin, lung disease, salivation, and vomiting. The only way to eliminate second and thirdhand smoke is to stop all smoking in your environment.

E-Cigarettes, vape pens, and the various names used to describe them are "electronic nicotine delivery systems (ENDS)." An ENDS device uses an internal battery to heat a liquid containing nicotine to produce an aerosol inhaled by the user. This aerosol is also dispersed into the air others breathe when the user exhales and as a by-product of the device. This secondhand vapor also contains nicotine, ultrafine particles, volatile organic compounds, and artificial flavors. Some of these chemicals are known carcinogens. Additionally, this aerosol may contain hazardous heavy metals such as nickel, tin, and lead. Just as the flavors added to vape pods make them more attractive to children, they may have the same effect on our pets. If a pet ingests a vape pod, nicotine toxicity can occur within 15 to 30 minutes of exposure. Nicotine is a natural component of the tobacco plant and acts as a stimulant. It is incredibly addictive, and tiny amounts can be toxic. Pets can ingest nicotine through the consumption of cigarettes and butts, chewing tobacco, cigars, vaping pods and refills, and smoking cessation products such as patches, gums, etc. Signs of nicotine poisoning in pets include: drooling, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, unsteady gait, dilated pupils, agitation, nervousness, weakness, an abnormal heart rate, high blood pressure, panting, tremors, seizures, paralysis, respiratory arrest, and even death. There is


Cigarettes and other tobacco products contain nicotine, which has the potential to produce severe vomiting, depression, an elevated heart rate, decrease in blood pressure, seizures, respiratory failure and, in severe cases, even death. E-cigarette liquid (known as e-liquid or e-juice) is used to recharge the cartridge for an e-cigarette. The amount of nicotine in these bottles could easily kill a dog if the contents were ingested. Often the liquid is flavored, making the product more appealing. As such, we urge pet parents to keep all tobacco products out of their pets' reach. If accidental ingestion occurs, seek veterinary help immediately. -

ASPCA Animal Poison Control no antidote for nicotine poisoning, so immediate veterinary care is mandatory. Pets can and have died from nicotine poisoning. How your dog will be affected by nicotine ingestion depends on what it has ingested and its size. Smaller dogs will be more susceptible.

See TOBACCO on page 15

Don Hanson is the co-owner of the Green Acres Kennel Shop (greenacreskennel.com) in Bangor where he has been helping people with their pets since 1995. He also produces and co- hosts The Woof Meow Show heard on AM620 -WZON every Saturday at 9 AM. Podcasts of the show are available at www.woofmeowshow.com. Don also writes about pets at his blog: www.words-woofs-meows.com. He is committed to pet care and pet training that is free of pain, force, and fear. The opinions in this column are those of Don Hanson.

136 Western Avenue So. Paris, Maine 04281 www.oxfordhillsvet.com 743-9271

Daycare & Grooming Mon – Fri 7am – 6pm Boarding - Saturday & Sunday 8-9am & 5-6pm 228 Lewiston Rd., Gray (207)657-6624 Pamperedpoochmaine.com Professionally trained staff & certified groomers!

Maine’s Most Unique Pet Gift & Supply Store Pet Pantry 177 Lower Main St., Freeport 207-865-6484 3 f loors of f un!

Monday -

Friday 10am – 6pm

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Our doors are open or call ahead for curbside pickup Find us on Facebook!

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Medicine and Surgery for Large and Small Animals


Dr. Matthew Holden Dr. Kate Holden

Does your pet have a concerning behavior? "Understanding the Emotional and Physical Health of Your Pet"

www.caldervbs.com Serving all of New England


Christine D. Calder DVM

Diplomate, American College of Veterinary Behaviorists

(207) 323- 9329 www.midcoastdogtraining.com Waldoboro, ME

AKC STAR puppy and CGC Classes Board and train Private appointments Work with all types of behavioral issues



of the


RESCUE OF THE MONTH: THE ARK ANIMAL SHELTER Compassionate Care & Placement of Homeless Pets By Susan Spisak Since 1984, The Ark Animal Shelter, aka The Ark, has been rehoming pets in need. The staff at this 501(c)3 nonprofit in Cherryfield is committed to animals in their care. They also strive to reduce animal overpopulation by offering low-cost spay/neuter programs to Washington and Hancock County residents and promoting responsible animal ownership through community education. Shaina Mugford, Administrator for The Ark, said they adopt out an average of 220 dogs annually. (They also rehome cats and pocket pets.) Additionally, they have a soft spot for seniors – both human and canine/ feline. Individuals 65 and up may adopt a vetted, spayed/neutered senior animal companion from The Ark with a donation (no adoption

fee). This Golden Years Program has increased adoptions of older pets who still have plenty of love to give but are often overlooked. Dogs that come to them are owner relinquishments, “We take local surrenders as often as we can,” she said, adding that strays come in as well and are always welcome. They extend their rescue efforts through ties outside the state. Their southern no-kill shelter partners are overburdened because they take in animals from high-kill facilities and harbor them safely. In fact, they were expecting a transport of pets from multiple southern partners when we spoke, “They need help so badly,” Mugford said. The Ark hopes to partner with rescuers and pull animals from shelters in Louisiana, bringing them north for adoptions into loving homes. This new stateside

effort won’t hamper their Puerto Rican efforts – they have a good relationship with All Sato Rescue, a nonprofit dedicated to reducing the number of abandoned, homeless animals there. Dogs are typically flown into Portland (or Pennsylvania) where staffers pick up their new adoptables. When asked if she had a favorite rescue story, Mugford’s response was immediate – Christian Dior, a small dog who came to them from Puerto Rico last year. “She’s quite the escape artist,” Mugford chuckled. The timid dog was let out for a potty break and scaled a high fence in late November. Christian was missing for two months, but thanks to a “huge community effort,” they were able to track her and humanely trap her. She was returned to the warmth of The Ark – and despite being in wintry weather for two months, she’s relatively


healthy, albeit thinner. The Ark appreciates monetary donations. As far as tangibles, they always need bleach, laundry detergent, dish soap, large gloves, toilet paper, and paper towels. The Ark Thrift Shop in Blue Hill will reopen in the Spring, and they’re grateful for higher-end items such as antiques, and new or gently used goods including dishes, pottery, linens, art, crafts and craft supplies, small kitchen appliances, sports and garden items (see website for more). The Ark has bi-annual online auctions and accepts items year-round, so they can build creative, coveted gift baskets – think interesting themed-products, Mainemade jewelry, animal-related items, and local gift cards. Adoptions are by appointment only. For more, thearkpets.org/.


We’re not quite sure of her age, but we do know this Collie mix named Stacey is a very gentle, quiet, and protective little dog. She wants to snuggle and be held. When you pick her up, she likes to give hugs. Stacey is very loving when she’s comfortable. Stacey will need a special home and we will be very picky about where she goes – she deserves the perfect home!

We got Zeus in recently. He is a handsome “mansome” who was neglected by his owners; however, his spirits are high! His personality is awesome. He is not yet neutered so we will have to do a foster-to-adopt, and/or an adoption with a neuter contract. Look how handsome he is and what a good boy he is! He is of cattle dog mix, so someone with experience with cattle dogs is preferred. We hate to see older dogs in a shelter environment. This gentleman needs to be in a home!

To fill out an app to make Zeus or Stacey yours: thearkpets.org/adopt/dog-application/

Sponsored by Raymond (207)655-6760 • So. Paris (207)743-8960 • Bridgton (207)647-2383 Jay (207)897-3333 • Lewiston (207)783-1366 • Newport (207)368-4329 Portland (207)797-3151 • Turner (207)225-2525 • Winthrop (207)377-2614


Help us find a forever home!

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Downeast Dog News

Dogs for Adoption

View more available dogs on our website, downeastdognews.com. Most rescues are showing dogs by appointment only right now. Some rescues do not offer phone numbers and require you apply online. Please see the contact info. highlighted in yellow below each dog. KOBE



1 year old, Dalmation Mix

3 years old, Lab Mix

1 year old, Terrier Mix

FMI: https://almosthomerescue.net/available-dogs/

FMI: https://almosthomerescue.net/available-dogs/

FMI: https://almosthomerescue.net/available-dogs/

Kobe is a shadow dog, a loyal companion. Fun-loving and outgoing. He has loads of energy and would make a good hiking partner. He has not been cat tested but gets along with other dogs & likes kids..

He is a go getter and needs an active family. He goes to doggy daycare & has a great time with other dogs. Because of his energy, he would do best in a home without small children, & no cats.

Sponsored by: Bagel Café

Sponsored by: Downeast Dog News

25 Mechanic St., Camden, (207)236-2661, bagelcafemaine.com


Affectionate pup once given the chance to warm up to people. Energetic and needs lots of exercise. She would love a fenced yard. Molly prefers a home without cats or children.

Sponsored by: First National Bank

(207)706-6765, ºdowneastdognews.com


16 Branches from Wiscasset to Calais, 1-800-564-3195, thefirst.com


8 years old, German Shepherd

7 years old, Brittany Spaniel Mix

5 years old, Beagle/Chihuahua

FMI: http://www.olddogsnewdigs.com/petfinder.html

FMI: http://www.olddogsnewdigs.com/petfinder.html

FMI: http://www.olddogsnewdigs.com/petfinder.html

Gorgeous, highly intelligent, sweet & curious. He was not socialized as a puppy, so he is currently learning all about how to be a dog. He needs a slow and patient approach with anything new.

Sponsored by: Silver Paw Pet Tags Harpswell, (207)935-1816, silverpawtags.com


Cuddly, sweet, funny & loving, Teddy can live with children, but needs to be in a home without cats or other dogs. He is goofy and would love to snuggle with someone daily!

Sponsored by: Boothbay Canine Daycare & Boarding

He is active and a teeny bit mischievous. He is ready to continue his training and to show unconditional love to a new family. He is friendly with dogs and loves to meet new people. No small kids or cats.

Email: luckypuprescue@yahoo.com

Sponsored by: Sunray Animal Clinic 73 Admiral Fitch Ave., Brunswick, (207)725-6398, sunrayvet.com


3.5 yrs old, Catahoula Leopard Dog An extremely affectionate dog. He is cool as a cucumber on walks. Loves to run and fetch tennis balls! Hearing impaired so gets spooked if visitors and dogs don’t approach from the front. Would flourish in an only-dog home that can meet his energy needs.

Email: Catahoula Rescue of New England, sln2310@yahoo.com

Sponsored by: Water Bark Wellness 4 Commercial St., Rockport, (207)230-8455, waterbarkwellness.com

APRIL 2021

Sponsored by: Rising Tide Co-op

653 Wiscasset Rd., Boothbay, (207) 633-DOGS, boothbaycanine.com


2 years old, Lab Mix

Needs a special home with someone who is understanding & patient. Needs to be the only pet, and no children. Has a lot of energy and a playful spirit. Needs a quiet home. She is smart and a quick learner.

1 year old, Australian Shepherd

Rescued from a hoarding case and her lack of socialization is evident. A very fearful girl and will not be right for a first-time dog owner, a busy environment, or where there are small children. Continued training will be a must.

Email: luckypuprescue@yahoo.com

Sponsored by: Scarborough Animal Hospital 29 First St., Scarborough, (207)883-4412


1.5 years old, Hound Mix

She leads an active lifestyle and would like her new family to be active as well. She is nervous around some men. A lot of fun and full of personality. Will do better in a household with older children.

FMI: PAWS Animal Adoption Center, (207)236-8702

Sponsored by: Green with Envy Salon Camden, Rockland, Belfast, Augusta, (207) 236-3689, greenenvysalon.com

323 Main St., Damariscotta, (207)563-5556, risingtide.coop


5 years old, Catahoula Leopard Dog Mix

She is as sweet as they come. She can be stubborn at times like most houlas. On the flip side she is just as much of a cuddlier and belly scratches are her absolute favorite!

Email: Catahoula Rescue of New England, sln2310@yahoo.com

Sponsored by: Kompletely K-9 Dog Training and Rehab. 248 Choate Rd., Montville, (207)322-5111, kompletelyk9.com


2-3 years old, Great Pyrenees/ Staffordshire Terrier/ Shar-pei mix Loves toys, playing fetch, snuggling and any love & attention he can get from his humans. He could potentially live with a submissive female dog or would be happy as an only pet.

FMI: newenglandlabrescue.com

Sponsored by: Camden Coast Real Estate 80 Elm St., Camden, (207)236-1111, camdencoast.com


April C lendar

To submit or get more information on the events below, go online to downeastdognews.com 2021. For more information on location and what it is about, call Kathy at 6912332. Come and watch an exciting tracking test - see skilled handlers and their dogs try for the VST title!

TRACKING TUNE UP Saturday, April 3 Somerville, 9AM – 3PM

Dust off your harness and untangle your line! Get ready for a new and great season. See where you and your dog are, what you need to work on - and make a plan! With AKC Tracking Judge Carolyn Fuhrer. $95 dog/handler team. North Star Dog Training, 252 Jones Rd., Somerville. FMI: Kathy, (207)691-2332


NAIL TRIMMING CLINIC Saturday, April 10 Rockland, 12PM – 3PM

Is your pet in need of a pedicure? Bring them down to Pet Quarters located at 235 Camden St, Rockland and Shannon from Catahoula Rescue of New England will be on hand to make your fur kids look their very best! We trim not only dogs, but cats, rabbits, guinea pigs, you name it! Nail Trimmings and Ear Cleanings are $10.00 each or a combo price of $12.00 for both. All funds raised go directly to the rescue. Weather permitting - Call ahead in case of snow!

BEGINNERS & BEYOND BEGINNERS WORKSHOP Saturday, April 10 Somerville, 9AM – 3PM

This is where you start if you want to learn to track. The best tracking workshops in Maine with Carolyn Fuhrer, AKC Tracking Judge. Start out right the first time! This workshop is where so many successful tracking teams started their journey - $95 dog/handler team. $50 audit. All proceeds benefit On Track Agility Club of Maine. Held at North Star Dog Training, 252 Jones Rd., Somerville. FMI: Kathy, (207)691-2332

ADVANCED TRACKING WORKSHOP Sunday, April 11 Somerville, 9AM – 3PM

For those who are working on more advanced skills in tracking. With AKC Tracking Judge Carolyn Fuhrer. Get the help you and your dog need to succeed. $95 dog/handler team. North Star Dog Training, 252 Jones Rd., Somerville. FMI: Kathy, (207)691-2332

IN THE KITCHEN W/KEVIN Sunday, April 11 Online, 7PM

Join Heidi and Kevin the Pug from Loyal Biscuit, on Facebook for "In the Kitchen with Kevin.” They will be whipping up their next batch of tasty goodies. https://www.loyalbiscuit.com/blog If you miss it on the 11th you can watch the video on YouTube. https://www. loyalbiscuit.com/in-the-kitchen-withkevin

TOE NAIL TUESDAY Tuesday, April 20

Rockland, 11AM – 1PM Is your pet in need of a pedicure? Bring them down to Pet Quarters located at 235 Camden St, Rockland and Shannon from Catahoula Rescue of New England will be on hand to make your fur kids look their very best! And remember we trim not only dogs, but cats, rabbits, guinea pigs, you name it! Nail Trimmings and Ear Cleanings are available for $10.00 each or combo price of $12.00 for both. All funds raised go directly to rescue. Weather permitting - Call ahead in case of snow!

Sunday, April 25 Rockland, 12PM – 2PM Is your pet in need of a pedicure? Bring them down to Pet Quarters located at 235 Camden St, Rockland and Shannon from Catahoula Rescue of New England will be on hand to make your fur kids look their very best! We trim not only dogs, but cats, rabbits, guinea pigs, you name it! Nail Trimmings and Ear Cleanings are $10.00 each or a combo price of $12.00 for both. All funds raised go directly to the rescue. Weather permitting - Call ahead in case of snow!



Sunday, April 25 Augusta, 7AM – 1PM On Track Agility Club of Maine's AKC Variable Surface Tracking Test will be held in Augusta on Sunday, April 25,


Canine Kidney Failure: “What Now?” Part I Dr. Gail Mason, DVM, MA, DACVIM Staff Internist, Portland Veterinary Emergency & Specialty Care Co-owner Bath-Brunswick Veterinary Hospital The diagnosis of "kidney failure" can come as a shock to many owners. The symptoms may be very subtle and prolonged in onset. Veterinarians prefer a less dramatic term referred to as “renal insufficiency” or chronic kidney disease (CKD), as it is generally not an all or nothing diagnosis. The term kidney failure or renal insufficiency denotes that the kidneys are not doing at least some of the tasks that they are supposed to do. It is important to note that an early diagnosis with appropriate intervention can significantly improve and extend your dog’s life for months to even years. The normal kidney is composed of microscopic units referred to as nephrons. Each kidney contains thousands of nephrons which are individual filtering units. In a young dog, not all of the nephrons are working all of the time as some are held in "reserve. “As the dog ages and/or if the kidneys are damaged, some nephrons


die off and other resting nephrons are called in off the bench to take over. Eventually, the kidneys run out of spare nephrons and any further damage to the kidneys will result in early signs of renal insufficiency. When the nephron loss is greater than 2/3 of the total number, the dog will no longer be able to produce a concentrated urine. When 75% of the nephrons have been lost, the patient will experience a rise in a waste product known as “creatinine”, as measured in the bloodstream. What Do Kidneys Do? The kidneys act as a complex filtering system that removes metabolic waste that is generated from the breakdown of food, old cells, toxins or poisons, and many drugs that are given for the treatment of other diseases. The wastes are removed with water as urine. The kidneys also act as a filter to keep beneficial substances within the blood stream. They regulate the amount of water in the blood

by excreting extra water (when intake exceeds the need), or conserving water (to prevent dehydration) by making the urine more concentrated. The kidneys also have an important role in regulating blood pressure and electrolyte balance within the body. If those aren’t enough tasks, the kidneys are also responsible for controlling calcium and phosphorous balance within the body plus producing a hormone called “erythropoietin” which influences the bone marrow’s production of red blood cells. No wonder why dogs have two of them! Symptoms of Kidney Disease Because the kidney’s nephron losses prevent it from conserving water, the first symptoms are generally increased thirst and increased urinations. These

symptoms are not specific, however, as they can also be present in other common canine diseases such as diabetes mellitus, kidney infection (pyelonephritis), and Cushing’s disease. As renal insufficiency progresses, you may notice that your dog has a decreased appetite, intermittent

Downeast Dog News

Business Directory MIDCOAST

CENTRAL MAINE rip? nat Come home to a o g Goin Clean House & Happy Pets The final act of kindness for your pet, in the comfort of home.

Betty McBrien 701-8491 • Loving pet caregiver in your home within a 30 mile radius of Camden • Professional housekeeper • Farm animal care also available


Psychic for People & Pets

Communicate with your pets, living or deceased with Sara Moore. Long distance sessions available!

www.enlightenedhorizons.com As heard on 94.9 and Magic 104.5

• Affordable • All Species • Cremation thru Ashes to Ashes • In-home Consultations

Robin Elms, DVM

cell (848) 333-2211 robin.elmsdvm@yahoo.com www.apeacefulpassage.net


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Items with the highest nicotine concentration are the most dangerous and include cigars, vaping pods, e-juice, and nicotine patches. These products should be secured where a child or pet can't gain access to them. The CDC states that 50 to 60mgs of nicotine is a deadly dose for an adult weighing 150 pounds. For pets, the toxic amount of nicotine is 0.5 to 1mg per pound of body weight. The lethal dose is 4mg per pound of body

KIDNEY CONT’D. nausea, halitosis, weight loss, and gastroenteritis which result from the increased toxic waste within the dog’s bloodstream. Diagnosis Your veterinarian may start with evaluation of a complete blood count (CBC), which evaluates red blood cell and white blood cell counts and may show evidence of anemia or infection. A blood chemistry panel measures components in the blood that indicate how well the internal organs are functioning. In particular, the blood urea nitrogen (BUN), creatinine, phosphorus, and SDMA are important renal values. The greater the degree of renal insufficiency, the greater the rise in these numerical values are. A urinalysis is one of the most important parameters measured to assess renal function (as well as potential causes of renal dysfunction). One of the terms that you may hear about is "urine specific gravity." This refers to how concentrated a urine sample is. Water has a specific gravity of 1.000. A dilute sample has a specific gravity less than that of 1.020 (and often less than 1.010). A concentrated urine sample would have a specific gravity greater than 1.030. A failing kidney, by definition, cannot make a

APRIL 2021

weight. A 20lb dog can get a deadly dose of nicotine from 2.7 cigarettes, as little as 0.18 of a cigar, a single vape pod, or a nicotine patch. Your pet can be exposed to tobacco, vaping, and smoking cessation products outside of your home. These products can be found in vehicles, the home of family and friends, and places your pet spends time, such as a boarding or daycare facility, the groomer, the dog trainer,

LOYAL BISCUIT concentrated urine and the patient must drink more water to compensate. A urine sample is also analyzed for potential signs of infection (which can cause temporary and perhaps reversible renal insufficiency), cellular injury, and protein loss through the kidneys. Frequently, a urine culture is submitted to detect bacterial infection that may not be visible on a dilute urine sample. This is an important step, as if infection is part of the cause of the renal insufficiency, effective treatment may improve the overall function. If the urine contains an excessive amount of protein (highly conserved by normal kidneys), it can be quantitated utilizing a test called a "urine protein: creatinine ratio." Excessive protein loss through the kidneys can result in protein deficiency, hypertension, and blood clotting abnormalities. Additional diagnostics may include imaging by radiographs (x-rays) and or an abdominal ultrasound to investigate the renal system in more detail. As frightening as all this information may sound, effective management of CKD is possible. Next time, we will discuss treatment and monitoring of patients with CKD.

or even your veterinarian's offices. Be aware that waste material from tobacco and vaping products can be equally toxic and are not always disposed of properly. Look for them in parks, dog parks, hiking trails, and even public streets where you walk your dog. You can find an extended version of this article including references and links to help you quit at – http://bit.ly/ Pets-Nicotine-APR21.

from page 2

Midcoast Humane of Brunswick, Maine will receive $3,000 to purchase universal microchipping scanners for their local area Animal Control Officers. Having microchip scanners available will allow the ACOs to bypass the need to bring lost animals to the local shelter. Should the pet have a microchip, the ACO will be able to contact the family directly and return them home. PALS No-Kill Cat Shelter in Winthrop, Maine will receive $2,375 to purchase an ultrasound machine and IV fluid warming unit allowing them to provide in house veterinary care to animals in need at their shelter. PAWS Animal Adoption Center in Camden-Rockport, Maine was awarded a $1,500 grant to provide a safe temporary boarding room for animals of domestic abuse victims. “Often times if there is an animal present in the house, domestic abuse victims will not want to leave them behind,” stated Neal. “This grant funding will provide them with a safe location to board their pets while they seek out necessary help without the fear of losing their companion animals.” “I am so proud of our Fenway Fund committee for the great selections they made in this round of funding from our program. The projects these rescue

organizations are doing to better the lives of animals in our communities is amazing and I love that we get to be a part of it,” stated Neal. “Giving back to our communities has always been a priority of ours since the day we started and to now be able to grant these funds to some pretty amazing organizations is such a great feeling. We honestly have the best customers, because none of this would be possible without them.” The application process for the Fenway Fund will re-open again in June 2021 for any 501c3 Maine animal related organizations. For more information or questions about the Fenway Fund application process, please visit https://www.loyalbiscuit. com/the-fenway-fund or contact heidi@loyalbiscuit.com. The Loyal Biscuit Co. is an award winning pet supply store with locations at 180 Front Street, Bath; Reny's Plaza, 1 Belmont Avenue, Belfast; Hannaford Shopping Plaza, 421 Wilson Street, Brewer; US Route 1, Camden-Rockport; 160 Water Street, Hallowell; 408 Main Street, Rockland; and 109 Main Street, Waterville. You can find the Loyal Biscuit Co. online at loyalbiscuit.com or facebook.com/loyalbiscuit.


• • • • • ME License #F251

Boarding & Daycare Grooming Training Classes— In-Person & Online Wholesome Pet Foods Quality Pet Supplies Educational Events

Wholesome Food for Healthy Pets

travel with your



1653 Union St., Bangor - 207-945-6841 www.greenacreskennel.com

We won’t sell it, if we won’t feed it! *



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Are you planning to visit some of Maine’s greatest natural treasures like Acadia National Park, Bar Harbor, Mount Desert Island, and Schoodic Peninsula? Whether it is a hike in the park, dinner in Bar Harbor, or a sunset cruise, the Gold Award Winning Comfort Inn® in Ellsworth is located within minutes of your daily excursion. Completely renovated in

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Ames Supply 447 Bath Road/US Rt1, Wiscasset Mon.- Fri. 7:00 - 5:30 • Sat. 7:00 - 5:00 • Closed Sun.


May 2018, we offer the perfect place to rest, relax, and rejuvenate for your next adventure.

• Pet-friendly (additional pet fee) • 100% Smoke Free


• Free Coffee • Business Center • Free Hot Breakfast


• Free Wireless • Wake-Up Service • Exercise Room

• Guest Laundry • Direct access to the Sunrise Trail

207 667 1345 • 130 High Street, Ellsworth ME 04605 • www.ellsworthcomfortinn.com

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2021 April Downeast Dog News  

2021 April Downeast Dog News  


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