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Hot Dog News Greater Bangor Bark for Life Barks Back at Cancer

It’s been six years since Greater Bangor Bark for Life first got its paws dirty raising

funds for the American Cancer Society and if the organizaon raises $15,000 or more at this year’s event, the non-profit will hit the $100,000 mark for total funds raised for ACS since the event got underway. Greater Bangor Bark for Life is a noncompeve mini Relay for Life walking event at Hollywood Casino Raceway in Bangor. It’s where teams of co-workers, families, community members, workout buddies and friends all gather with their canines to support those baling cancer, celebrate those who have beaten the odds, and honor those who have lost their fight. The 6th annual Greater Bangor Bark for Life event will take place on Saturday, June 3 at Hollywood Casino Raceway in Bangor from 5:30-8 p.m. and includes various doggy contests and demonstraons. There will also be food available as well as petthemed and community vendors on site. The night will end with a one lap walk of remembrance around the track in honor of those who've lost their bale with cancer. Parcipants are encouraged to bring their canine along but you do not have to have a dog to aend the event. Registraon is $10 for individuals, $15 for those aending the event with one dog and $25 for parcipants aending with two dogs. Registraon is free to all cancer survivors. Each parcipant will receive a T-shirt for themselves and a bandana for their canine companion. Teams can consist of as few as two people or as many as 100. For more informaon or to register online, log onto barkbangor or check out them out on Facebook.

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Hot Dog News Kennebunk Elementary School Assembly Recognizing Therapy Dogs KENNEBUNK – On May 12th the Kennebunk Elementary School will hold their Friday morning assembly at 8:15 where they will be recognizing the four therapy dogs who volunteer regularly at the school. All four dogs are trained therapy dogs that volunteer with reading groups. The school covers kindergarten through 3rd grade so many of the students are in the process of learning how to read. For students who struggle with reading or are reluctant readers, reading to a dog is a pressure-free opportunity to practice their reading with the most judgement-free listeners you could find! Darwin and his master Trudy Sloan have been volunteering at

KES each week for 7 years, Ziva and Marsha Brady for 3 years, Campbell and Kimberly Brown for 2 years and Maxwell and his master Cheryl Price for 1 year. They will recognize each of them and provide them with a gift basket of their favorite treat and toys. Megan Cross, the Humane Educator, from the Animal Welfare Society will be there to offer a presentaon that es in with the KES Character Trait of the Month, which for the month of May is Integrity. Two students from the Middle School of the Kennebunks will address the students because their Internaonal Baccalaureate community service project is a fundraiser for the Animal Welfare Society.

Dear Readers, Happy Spring from Pepper and I! We have a lot of information to share this month so we are once again giving up our space. We hope you are getting out and enjoying some nice weather. It’s that time of year when all of the dog events begin. All the best, Jenn & Pepper

Local Shelter Animals Get the Hollywood Treatment 24th Annual at Coastal Humane Society Mu Strut 5k BRUNSWICK – On Fridayy April p 14th a non-profit p organization g called Shelter Artt Foundation donated a photo studio and organized a photo workshop at Coastal Humane Society ociety for shelter staff aff and volunteerss in order to give shelter er animals studio-quality ality portraits to help them em find new homes. Shelter Art Foundaon equips and d teaches photo techniquess to animal shelter staff and volunteers olunteers in order to help animals mals find their forever homes. Through h Shelter Art Foundaon, Purina and d their pet search engine com have helped give the ‘star treatment’ ment’ to over 400,000 shelter and d rescue animals across the naon..

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May 2017

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AUGUSTA - For 24 years, the Mutt Strut and 5K have served as a way for people to come together and raise money to find forever homes for animals in their community. All funds raised go directly to support more than 2,000 animals that find their way to the Kennebec Valley Humane Society annually. Along with our 5K walk and run, we will have vendors, food, activities and much more! We hope to see you there! Registraon and Check In will start at 8AM or you can register online: ME/Augusta/MuStrut5K Please contact Jamie at development@ with race quesons or sponsorship/table set-up inquiries.

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Spring has finally sprung! I can’t wait for green grass, flowers, a garden, and sleeping with the windows open! It’s finally me to kick off the heavy winter boots and slip into flip flops. I hope that you and your pups are enjoying the warmer days, too. I did so many readings in April that I’d like to tell you about, but there’s one problem. When the reading ends, I don’t remember most of what I’ve said to you. Forgeng what I’ve said keeps my brain uncluered, but at the end of the day, I’m aware that some amazing things were said, and I have no clue what they were! My role as the psychic is to be a conduit, and somemes it feels as though the words bypass my brain and simply flow from a higher source and directly out of my mouth. I was smart enough to write two things down in my most recent reading though, and I hope you find them as funny as I did! I got an email from a woman who has called me before to gain insight into her dog’s behavior. This me the issue was that if he kept barking, the neighbors were going to call the Animal Control Officer. Lucky for her, they had given her fair warning, and she was being proacve by seeking out a reading. Her dog got super excited

How to Recognize Lungworm in Your Dog Q. My dog is coughing. He

Furry Words by Sara Moore

and barked his head off every me someone came into their house, and he’d also randomly have barking fits in the evening lasng five or ten minutes. She wanted to know why he was doing this and how she could get him to stop. When I looked at my notes, the first thing I have wrien is “White noise, owner doing well.” Luckily that was enough to jog my memory, and the meaning behind it is actually prey cool. The dog

Ask the Vet… by Dr. Judith Herman

has had tons of tests. Anbiocs and steroids have not helped. What else could be going on?


Coughing in dogs can be caused by viruses if your dog goes to kennels or other areas that have a lot of dogs, bacterial infecons, heart condions, and hormonal imbalances, and finally parasites. Roundworms have a stage where the larvae moves into the lungs, gets coughed up and swallowed, and then finishes growing into an adult. There is another cause of coughing which is oen overlooked. This is a parasite called lungworm. The common lungworm here in

North America is the fox lungworm. Infected cats will cough up the larvae, an adolescent stage, and swallow it. The larvae will pass in the poop which will infect snails and slugs. Dogs and foxes, the final hosts, will ingest the snails and

said that his owner had been doing so much work on herself as a result of the last reading that she was emoonally in a good spot. He told us that she no longer comes home from work exhausted and carrying the stress of the day. He explained that before he’d have to bark at her to help her release all that crazy energy that was hanging around her and clear the space himself. She did admit that she had put a lot of the areas in her life into perspecve and was enjoying life more. If this were the case, then why was he sll barking? Well, he sheepishly admied it was really quiet there now, and he didn’t know what to do with himself. He asked for a white noise machine so that he could “get off the clock” himself, so to speak. She laughed and agreed to try it if he agreed to stop the barking. I’m assuming it worked because I never got a call back. In my line of work no news is usually good news! The next thing I have scribbled is “amazing race, cat/dog.” What the heck? I had to think back a little on this one but finally remembered what it meant. The owner had asked how the dog was feeling about a cat that had recently joined the family. Turns out the dog didn’t really like it and the cat didn’t care much

for the dog, but they agreed to disagree. The cat said that if they had to do the Amazing Race (a television show where couples, friends, or siblings have to get to a destination by following clues), they would probably make it but end up totally hating each other. We laughed so hard that I told her it could very well end up in an arcle, and that’s why I’m sharing it with you today! There are two other cats in the home that are completely indifferent to both the dog and new addion, and she was very relieved that she could stop trying to get them all to be best friends. Readings like this are so enjoyable for me because they’re light hearted and usually result in posive changes. When I say things like your dog and cat relate to each other like contestants in a TV show, I do think I may be a bit nuts. When I get the validaon that whatever was said actually helped, I know that, yes, yes I may be a bit nuts, but I will connue to keep my job as a Psychic for People and Pets. Sara Moore is a psychic for people and pets, has an office in North Conway, NH but is also available for phone readings and private events. FMI go to, email or call (603)662-2046.

slugs. The larvae are released in the gut and migrate into the airway passages of the lungs, bronchi and bronchioles, to grow into adults. The most likely me of infecon is during wet and warm seasons, spring and fall. This is the acve slug and snail me. The life span of this worm is 8 to 10 months, so infecon can be detected in a dog anyme during the year. A dog infected with a few worms may not show any signs of a cough and the infecon can spontaneously go away. The problem is with a heavier burden of worms. The symptom commonly seen is a chronic cough, but sneezing, nasal discharge, and retching can occur. These dogs develop inflammaon in the airways, trachea, and bronchi called tracheis and bronchis. If severe, the dog can stop eang and become weak. With severe infecon, a dog can develop bronchial pneumonia. You can see how this worm infecon can be confused with allergic bronchis. To diagnosis this problem, your veterinarian will check a poop

sample. Using normal techniques, this parasite can be missed. Somemes mulple samples over a period of a couple of weeks is needed because the larvae is shed sporadically. There is a special test called Baermann technique that is more successful in finding the worm. Another test to diagnose lungworm is a technique called tracheal lavage. On Prince Edward Island in Nova Scoa, researchers found this parasite in about a third of shelter dogs. Lungworm is easily treated with a common wormer from your veterinarian. If you find your dog having a cough that he can’t shake, his teeth are clean, heart is fine, anbiocs and steroids didn’t help, and you and your veterinarian are scratching your heads, you may want to check his poop. Judith K. Herman DVM, CVH Animal Wellness Center Augusta, ME

Kennel Clubs present Eighth Annual Southern Maine Coastal Classic Hundreds of dogs will converge in Scarborough, Maine, for the state’s largest canine event. The eighth annual Southern Maine Coastal Classic, four days of AKC All Breed Dog Shows and Obedience and Rally Trials runs Thursday, May 18, through Sunday, May 21, 2017. All acvies begin at 8am each day, outdoors rain or shine, at Wassamki Springs Campground, 56 Saco St, Scarborough, Maine.


York County Kennel Club of Maine, Inc and Vacaonland Dog Club, Inc invite the public to meet some of AKC’s 180 recognized breeds and observe the various acvies throughout the day. Admission each day is $5 per vehicle. There is ample parking in and around the campground. Wassamki's snack bars will serve food throughout the day. Also, be sure to visit our vendors selling dog-related items.

York County Kennel Club of Maine, Inc is a not-for-profit organizaon whose goals are to protect and advance the interests of purebred dogs through AKC performance events and community educaon acvies. For more informaon about this show cluster, direcons to Wassamki Springs or any of the featured dog clubs go to hp://www.

Downeast Dog News

SAFETY from page 1 domesc violence program, and the Animal Welfare Society (AWS), partnered to iniate the Pets and Women to Safety program, or PAWS. For fieen years, PAWS has been helping female abuse vicms and their pets find temporary sanctuary in separate, but secured, confidenal locaons. The PAWS program gets them both out of harm’s way, and while she is finding her new path, she can be confident that her pet is also well-cared for and protected unl they can be reunited.

THE CARING UNLIMITED SIDE When I spoke to Emily Gormley, the Public Awareness Coordinator for the non-profit 501(c)(3) Caring Unlimited, she said that they serve roughly 2,500 individuals in York County each year—this number speaks to the crisis. So Caring Unlimited’s mission, as it has been since its incepon in 1977, is to end domesc violence. To that end, they’re respecul, supporve, and provide not only safety planning but a haven to anyone facing domesc abuse, not only women and children, but the elderly and men as well. The Caring Unlimited advocates work with them on their needs and goals, be it new housing, legal issues or a career, guiding them

in any way, so they can find safety long-term and have a fresh start. Their programs include a 24 hour hotline (Emily said this is oen the vicm’s first line of contact with them), outreach programs and support groups, legal assistance, children’s services, transional housing, and emergency shelter services, with the subset program of PAWS. The female abuse vicms who enter the PAWS program may have tradional companion animals such as dogs and cats, but Emily reminded me that parts of York County are rural, so there may be the need to find a shelter for a horse, goat, or other farm animals. Together they explore opons for the pet. Are there family, friends, or other “organic support” that can take in the pet temporarily? If not, a Caring Unlimited advocate connects them with AWS in Kennebunk.

ANIMAL WELFARE SOCIETY’S ROLE Smith reiterated that all their PAWS clients come through Caring Unlimited. She said in the last two years, they’ve guaranteed 26 pets with a safe haven in an undisclosed locaon, and they’re well-cared for, both medically and emoonally. This is an important factor for the abuse vicm while she’s staying at a Caring Unlimited shelter—she

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can concentrate on her goals without worrying about a pet le behind in the home. Unfortunately, the reality is that only about 65% of the vicms are able to take their pet back once they’re seled. The other 35% simply cannot take them back, whether it’s due to issues such as a relocaon or housing conflict, but the ladies who’ve had to relinquish their pets have acted selflessly to ensure their safety and future happiness. Smith adds, “Every single one of [those relinquished pets] have been adopted.” She’s glad that AWS has a hand in PAWS and that they’re fortunate to have community support for all their programs, including this important one. “AWS is not just the pound. We have all these programs…and this one for me is a mission, a crical way that we help the community that we serve.”

THE STAGGERING STATISTICS According to the Humane Society of the United States, “animal abuse is one of four predictors of domesc partner violence according to a sixyear ‘gold standard’ study conducted in 11 metropolitan cies.” It gets worse. A report indicated that between 71% and 83% of women entering domesc violence shelters said their partners abused or killed the family pet. Another study found that in families under supervision for physical abuse of their children, pet abuse was concurrent in a whopping 88% of the families. Animal mistreatment can be the first warning sign of an individual or family in trouble, reports the Naonal Link Coalion website. The animal abuse, either actual or threatened, is another way for the abuser to silence his or her vicm and prevent the vicm from leaving the relaonship. It adds this frightening statement, “Abusers kill, hurt or threaten

animals to exert power over the human vicms and to show them what could happen to them.”

WHAT CAN YOU DO? At the grass roots level, you can volunteer at Caring Unlimited. They need people to answer their hotline and assist with other special projects. To learn more about volunteer opportunies, contact Caring Unlimited welcomes donaons. They can be life-saving for a vicm-in-need. For example, $50 provides one hour of Legal Assistance for a person needing a Protecon from Abuse Order. Visit hp:// Donaons to AWS to support this important PAWS program are appreciated. Visit hp:// donate/. If you are a domestic abuse victim and need help or know someone who does, call Caring Unlimited at (800) 239-7298. For a listing of state and national Domestic Abuse hotlines, as well as a full listing of national and Maine Domestic Violence Organizations, visit http://www.caring-unlimited. org/what-is-domestic-violence/ resources. If you suspect or witness animal abuse, call your local Animal Control Officer. You can also call the Maine Animal Welfare Program at (877) 2699200. Domesc violence goes much further than people realize, and unfortunately, pets are oen involved. Smith reiterated the importance of speaking up. When you see animal cruelty in a home, don’t turn away— look beyond it to see what else may be going on. “Lots of mes, animal mistreatment and abuse is an indicator of the likelihood that addional violence is taking place in the home...You should report anything you see.”

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Bouncing Back from Perceived Danger We’ve all seen it: the moment our dog has noced but not yet reacted to something that worries him. It could be during a walk when a stranger approaches, when a dog starts barking in the distance, or when he encounters a slippery or novel surface. Everything seemed to be going quite well, then BAM, your dog goes from loose and happy to sff and worried. I call this the “uh oh moment.” What happens next depends a great deal on your acons. Some dogs go through life generally confident that all is well with the world and their personal survival is secure. Others are the opposite, convinced that danger lurks everywhere unless proven otherwise. Consider yourself lucky if you have a dog from the first category; your walks together are surely relaxing and fun! For those of us whose dogs think the world is out to get them, it can be a challenge to get through a simple walk without them spiraling into a veritable panic aack, triggered by the smallest thing. Imagine being someone who feels unsafe when faced with the slightest change in your surroundings. It would be very stressful. It’s quite normal for a member of any species to be surprised by a sudden change in his environment. Take, for example, the me you

Basic Training Tips by Diana Logan

were gardening, hands deep in the greenery, and a toad suddenly jumped out. You startled out of surprise, then almost immediately registered that it was just a toad,

then you bounced back to gardening, the toad long since gone. This “bouncing back” mechanism allows us to quickly recalibrate back to normal, to a state of comfort and safety. A good bounce back contributes to a resilient individual. A resilient individual is able to weather the storm of unpredictability and is less likely to experience levels of fear that can lead to aggression. Resilience is “the capacity… to maintain… integrity in the face of dramacally changed circumstances.” (Zolli and Healy). Not everyone has it, however, in sufficient supplies. What affects resilience? According to Patricia McConnell, Ph.D., esteemed Cerfied Applied Animal Behaviorist (CAAB), there are two main factors that affect resilience: genecs and socializaon. Genecs. “The genec make up of an individual can have a significant influence on an animal’s ability to bounce back, primarily by changing the funcon of mulple neurotransmier pathways,” says Dr. McConnell. Many traits are passed down the gene tree besides the cuteness factor: resilience can be an actual life-saver. Socializaon. What happens during a puppy’s early development even during his first few weeks - can dictate the level of his future coping skills. “Mildly discomforng events

make individuals more resilient, while extremely stressful ones do the opposite.” [McConnell] Soluon: intervene! If your dog has an “uh oh moment,” quickly assess the situaon. Beer yet, prevent those moments from happening in the first place. If you don’t think he’ll bounce back right away, intervene by helping him feel safer before he panics. This might mean simply inving him aside in the case of an oncoming stranger and offering him a favorite and awesome treat or toy, visually blocking him from the source of his angst or making his route easier (then later build up his confidence). It will most likely mean adding distance from whatever he’s reacng to. The more times our dog has an “uh oh moment,” the more he will automatically go there again in the future. The “uh oh! moment” can easily become a default reaction. The good news is that we can do something about it if we catch it early. With puppies, we must make it a priority to expose them positively to novel stimuli before they have a chance to create negative associations. With older dogs who have an "uh oh" default reaction, it takes considerably more time and patience. The bottom line is that our dogs want to feel safe and we can help them. The ability to bounce back funcons as an emoonal shock absorber. Somemes our dogs need our help with the rebound.

Diana Logan, CPDT-KA Cerfied Professional Dog Trainer, Knowledge-Assessed Pet Connecon Dog Training, North Yarmouth, Maine | | 207-252-9352

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am a Carolina Dog, a breed that long ago owned Nave American people. We were designed by natural selecon to be so intelligent and physically superior that we survived without human help. My great-grandfather was caught from the wild. I can offer advice based on the natural insncts and aributes of wild dogs. In addion, my adopve person and I have had lots of training classes and other experiences. Some humans call themselves Mom or Dad of their dog, but I refer to my human, tongue in cheek, as Boss. Much as I love my human, I admit she has many of the same odd noons as most humans, so I can relate to other pet dogs with problem humans. If I can’t help, at least I can offer sympathy, and we can have some fun talking about our amazing humans. Please send your quesons to Downeast Dog News! Bammy, 280 Pond Rd., Newcastle, ME 04553, or email:

Dear Bammy, I always look forward to your column. There must be other dogs from Away needing advice about rural environments. I’m a city dog. I came from a puppy mill and was sold to a lile girl from an apartment in Harlem. When her parents divorced, she took me to a terrible dog prison where most dogs receive the death penalty. Fortunately, her tears aracted the aenon of some very kind humans who took me home, even though they wanted a ShihTzu instead of a Jack Russell Terrier. My humans have a house with

Ask Bammy An Advice Column for Dogs by a Dog

While I have very few complaints about my humans, their fashion sense is limited. I like funconal clothes. I run for my life vest whenever we go kayaking or swimming. It helps me swim farther with less work, and I love nothing beer than swimming from kayak to kayak even in the ocean. The other day they got me this crazy black leather number they call a motorcycle jacket. I’ve had to wear this jacket for photo ops a couple of mes. They send the photos to their friend who runs a women’s motorcycle club. I’m starng to get worried I might have to ride motorcycles. We don’t have

a big backyard in NYC and spend their summers on a lake in Maine. They take me on long walks every day, so I can keep up with my p-mail. I have a big brown sister with a black nose, who prefers lounging on our humans’ bed to chasing squirrels and sparrows in the backyard. Even though she doesn’t have my energy, she joins in most of my games for a few minutes. I refer to my humans as freerange parents. They listen to me most of the me and help me learn new human tricks while I teach them games like “chase the toy under the radiator” and “throw the ball again.”

a motorcycle. I hate motorcycles. I bark at them and all the loud trucks as well. Give me the peaceful Maine woods. Do you know any dogs who ride motorcycles? What should I do? I love my humans.

Can’t wait to get back to Maine, Eddie

Dear Eddie, Thank you for your wonderful e-mail! I’m sorry I had to leave out some of your words to have space for my answer. You are so lucky aer your terrible puppyhood to have such wonderful humans! When you get red of wearing the leather jacket, just refuse to stand up. It does look macho, and I like macho, specially aer they “fix” us as they say. I wonder if they would think they were “fixed” if we bit off their lile nubbies! I know about chasing woodchucks and rabbits; but I’d never dare talk back to a motorcycle. I heard of a beagle who rode one. He had a box with a short leash so he couldn’t jump out if he saw a rabbit. As for country life, cars are the worst menace. Next are porcupines. I bit one once and had to go to the vet to have all the thorns pulled out. Never again! When you come back for the summer, e-mail me and we can talk about summer fun.

Look out for skunks! Bammy


SUNDAY, JUNE 4 • 10–4 PM

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Shop for Maine-made pet products from local vendors

et s P Fri dl y en

Railway Village




Enjoy barrel train rides and other fun for the whole family | Route 27, Boothbay, Maine

May 2017


Maine Dogcation Doggie Wants a Vacaon

High Tide Inn on the ocean


hether you are planning a visit from away or perhaps a staycation getaway, Maine has much to offer. From the forests and the mountains to the beautiful rocky coast, there is something for everyone including the family dog. More and more people are choosing to travel with their pets these days, and more and more businesses are willing to accommodate and cater to your furry friends. Maine is perhaps one of the more pet friendly states. You’ll find more than 300 dog parks, beaches and trails, and hundreds of accommodations and stores that will welcome you and your dog. Hiking is a great activity to enjoy with Pooch, and Maine boasts some beautiful trails and scenery. The possibilities vary from a simple one hour walk to a day trip or overnight adventure. Be sure to take along plenty of water for both you and your dog to help prevent fatigue and overheating. Also be aware that one of Maine’s least pleasant residents is the tick! Ticks carry many diseases including but not limited to Lyme disease. Speak with your veterinarian about preventative treatments available for your dog. There are also precautions that you can take to protect yourself. For the outdoor lovers who may prefer to explore the coast rather than the wooded trails, many of Maine’s beaches allow dogs. Most will require them to be on leash; however, there may be some that allow off leash time during certain parts of the day. provides some helpful tips for keeping your dog safe at the beach. If a city atmosphere is more your speed, then perhaps you should check out dog friendly Portland. Annual dog events abound in Greater Portland and draw hundreds of attendees and animals. No matter what activity or adventure you choose, please be sure to read and follow all posted dog guidelines. These are put in place to insure that all visitors and residents have a positive experience. Please

Camden, ME 1-800-778-7068

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Sagadahoc Bay Campground

Dog Friendly Cottages Available 207-371-2014 clean up after your dog, so the area may remain beautiful for all to enjoy and our dogs will remain welcome. Most importantly, DO NOT leave your dog in the car. It takes only minutes in a vehicle on a warm day for a dog to suffocate or suffer from heatstroke. Even on a bright sunny day when the temps are in the 60’s, your vehicle can reach the danger zone, and rolling down the windows or parking in the shade doesn’t guarantee protection. For a full list of pet-friendly parks, beaches and trails, pick up a copy of petMAINE, a statewide resource published in collaboration with Downeast Dog News (to request a copy via email: All of the accommodations that you find on these pages are pet friendly and eagerly await a visit from you and your four-legged family member.




Camden’s premier pet friendly lodging

Conveniently located between Portland and Freeport OPEN YEAR ROUND 1-800-499-2120 209 U.S. Route 1

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Friendly Lodging


3 years in a row! Outdoor Pool & Hot Tub


Advertiser Map • 1.800.660.5094 200 Townsend Ave. Rt. 27 • Boothbay Harbor, ME





Tips to protect YOU from cks Belfast

• Insect repelling clothing treated with Permethrin




• Wear light clothing so you can see ticks easier 3



• Wear long pants, tucked into your socks




• Wear long sleeves

Bay Leaf Cottages & Bistro Lincolnville Beach ~ 207-505-0458

Dog-friendly cottages & motel! Dog Welcome Bag Fenced Field Run Designated Walking Areas in Park-like setting Disposal bins Nearby Dog Parks (Belfast & Camden) Dog-friendly sailing, hiking, and restaurants with outdoor dining!


THE BIRCHES RESORT on Moosehead Lake, Maine’s largest lake


• Wear a hat • When you get home remove all clothing and shower

9 Freeport

Pet Friendly Lodging, Outdoor Recreation, and Dining Bring your furry or feathered family member to enjoy 11,000 acres of wilderness trails and over half a mile of prime shore frontage. We offer many types of accommodations ranging from tent or RV sites, lodge rooms, rustic log cabins, or large homes. All are on the water!

The Birches Resort, Rockwood, Maine //, 207-534-7588 // Like us on Facebook


• Comb the dog • Many essential oils have been suggested for a homeopathic, non-chemical approach such as lemongrass, rose geranium, cedarwood, lavender, citronella, rosemary, thyme, peppermint and more • You should also carry a tick spoon/remover

11 Falmouth

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May 2017





3 Old Orchard Beach

1 York Harbor


Boothbay Harbor

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Training Your Performance Dog Agility, Obedience, Tracking by Carolyn Fuhrer

Big News About Rally Obedience


ince its introducon in 2005, Rally has grown in popularity. Rally is a course set up consisng of signs indicang skills in a numerical order which the dog and handler must perform. You are allowed to talk to your dog and praise your dog throughout the enre course. There are currently three levels – Novice, which is performed on leash; Advanced and Excellent (which are off leash). Each class contains

progressively more difficult obedience skills, and the advanced and excellent classes require the dog to jump. You can earn a tle in each class: Rally Novice, RN; Rally Advanced, RA; Rally Excellent, RE. There is an RAE tle that can be earned by passing an advanced and excellent

Advanced and Excellent class each have 5 new signs. The wording on some of the signs has also changed. To earn a RACH – Rally Championship tle – teams are required to earn 20 triple qualifying scores: qualifying in the Advanced B, Excellent B and Master classes at the same trial at 20 separate events, plus earn 300 RACH points from the Excellent B and Master classes. Points are determined by a dog’s score. For example: a 91-96 would earn 1 point; a 97 would earn 2 points; 98 would earn 3 points; 99 would earn 4 points and a score of 100 would earn 5 points. There will be much to learn to be successful in Rally aer November 1. If you are looking for help, check out Mid Coast Kennel Club of Maine and North Star Dog Training School. They will be working together to present a series of Spring and Summer workshops to prepare handlers and dogs for all the new skills that will be required to enjoy showing in Rally Obedience with your dog.

course on the same day on 10 different days. Beginning in November, 2017, there will be two new classes introduced as well as a rally championship tle, or RACH (sounds like rock). The Rally Intermediate class (RI) has been created to provide another on-leash class that requires advanced skills, which will help teams prepare for the off leash performance required in the advanced class. This class will mirror the advanced class but will not contain a jump. Aer you have completed a Rally Novice tle, you may choose to enter Rally Intermediate or Rally Advanced. A Rally Intermediate (RI) tle is not required to go into Rally Advanced. There will also be a new master class and associated tle RM with 22 NEW exercises, some of which are very challenging. Several new exercises have been added to the exisng Rally classes, and handlers should be aware of these as they may be included in classes aer November 1. Novice has 6 new signs, and

Carolyn Fuhrer has earned over 90 AKC tles with her Golden Retrievers, including 2 Champion Tracker tles. Carolyn is the owner of North Star Dog Training School in Somerville, Maine. She has been teaching people to understand their dogs for over 25 years. You can contact her with quesons, suggesons and ideas for her column by e-mailing


Feline Neuters - $95 Feline Spays - $150 Includes Rabies and FVRCP Vaccines

Individual Kennels Grassy Outdoor Pens,

Fraulein Bea, is available for adoption!


Portland Veterinary Specialists

Dr. Patti Barber, DVM

Groovy Tuesdays



We have adoptable kittens, cats and dogs available to qualified homes!

Dr. Kelly Hill, DVM



Dr. Rita DeMeuse, DVM



Touch Veterinary Hospital TTender 336 Gorham Rd., Scarborough, ME 04074

When your pet needs specialized care...

cleaned after every dog

Loving, Experienced, Professional Kennel Staff

When your pet is in need of advanced diagnostics and treatments in a caring and professional environment, the team at Portland Veterinary Specialists will go the extra mile to provide the best care possible for you and your pet. Internal Medicine • Cancer Care • Surgery • Ophthalmology • Cardiology Acupuncture Integrative Medicine • Dermatology • Ultrasonagrapy Endoscopy • Radioactive Iodine Therapy • Laser Therapy 2255 Congress Street, Portland, Maine 04102 739 Warren Avenue, Portland, Maine 04103 Phone: 207-780-0271 • Email:

• heated salt water pool with a gently sloping ramp just for dogs

We groom one dog per groomer at a time with no kennel drying.

• a full-body workout; a 20 minute swim = a brisk 4 mile walk

A complimentary spa is included with every groom.

Year-round swimming for your dog.

• year-round private swimming by appointment • improved range of motion, cardio health and muscle strength

Online booking is available:

• improved blood flow nourishing joints

WE’RE MOVING! MOVING! new and bigger location coming soon.

207-572-4084 • 1004 River Road, Windham •


• personal certified canine swim coach to assist

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By Appointment Only

59 Union Street | Camden Schedule & Pre-Pay online at or call 230.8455

Downeast Dog News

What Defines a Dangerous Dog? - Part 1


ast July I wrote the first of three columns addressing dog bites and fatalities after a seven-year-old boy died as a result of an attack by a dog. For the past few weeks, the news and social media have been abuzz with a rescue dog from the Waterville area (Dakota) that has attacked and killed a dog. This dog was scheduled for euthanasia, has been pardoned by the Governor, then the court reinstated the euthanasia order, and now this case has been appealed to a higher court, which means a final disposition of this case may not happen until this fall. Dakota’s case has been emotionally charged, and I think it will be to the benefit of all dogs and dog lovers if we look at this case objectively. This is my attempt to do so. So what defines a dangerous dog? Title 7, Secon 3907, 12-D of the Maine statutes defines a dangerous dog as - "Dangerous dog" means a dog or wolf hybrid that bites an individual or a domescated animal who is not trespassing on the dog or wolf hybrid owner's or keeper's premises at the me of the bite or a dog or wolf hybrid that causes a reasonable and prudent person who is not on the dog or wolf hybrid owner's or keeper's premises and is acng in a reasonable and nonaggressive manner to fear imminent bodily injury by assaulng or threatening to assault that individual or individual's domesc animal. "Dangerous dog" does not include a dog cerfied by the State and used for law enforcement use. "Dangerous dog" does not include a dog or wolf hybrid that bites or threatens to assault an individual who is on the dog or wolf hybrid owner's or keeper's premises if the dog or wolf hybrid has no prior history of


P :   

assault and was provoked by the individual immediately prior to the bite or threatened assault.” [Emphasis Added] The definition above makes it clear that if a dog bites a person or a domesticated animal, he meets Maine’s legal criteria of being a “dangerous dog.” In fact, based on the above definition, the mere act of exhibiting threatening behavior, without actually biting, would meet the definition of being dangerous. While the law does not specifically address whether or not a dog that kills a person or a domesticated animal is dangerous, it seems that the logical conclusion would be that a dog that kills is extremely dangerous. The legal community and canine behavior professionals have been using a bite scale developed by Dr. Ian Dunbar for many years. The

scale is an objective assessment of the severity of dog bites based on an evaluation of wound pathology. It starts off with Level 1, which is described as “Fearful, aggressive, or obnoxious behavior but no skincontact by teeth.” The Dunbar bite scale is very similar to Maine law which declares that a dog that is threatening may be considered as dangerous. Dr. Dunbar rates the prognosis of rehabilitating a dog with a Level 1 to Level 2 bite as good and a level 3 bite as fair. However, Dr. Dunbar states that a dog exhibiting a Level 4 bite (a single bite with at least one puncture) is dangerous with a poor prognosis. Dogs that have bitten at Level 5 (multiple bites and severe mutilation) through Level 6 (the victim is killed) are considered to be dangerous by Dr. Dunbar and have a dire prognosis for rehabilitation. I believe Maine’s law on dangerous dogs could be improved by incorporating Dr. Dunbar’s bite scale. If the court finds that a dog is dangerous as defined above, the law dictates that the court shall impose a fine, and: • “Order the dog confined in a secure enclosure except as provided in paragraph C or subsection 8. For the purposes of this paragraph, "secure enclosure" means a fence or structure of at least 6 feet in height forming or making an enclosure suitable to prevent the entry of young children and suitable to confine a dangerous dog in conjunction with other measures that may be taken by the owner or keeper, such as tethering the dangerous dog. The secure enclosure must be locked, be designed with secure top, bottom and sides and be designed to prevent the animal from escaping from the enclosure. The court shall specify the length of the period

of confinement and may order permanent confinement; [2011, c. 82, §1 (AMD).]” • “Order the dog to be euthanized if it has killed, maimed or inflicted serious bodily injury upon a person or has a history of a prior assault or a prior finding by the court of being a dangerous dog; or [2011, c. 82, §1 (AMD).]” • “Order the dog to be securely muzzled, restricted by a tether not more than 3 feet in length with a minimum tensile strength of 300 pounds and under the direct control of the dog’s owner or keeper whenever the dog is off the owner's or keeper's premises. [2011, c. 82, §1 (NEW).]” • The court may also choose to order restitution to the injured parties. I love dogs and hate to see a dog lose its life to natural causes or state mandated euthanasia; however, I also hate to see a person or another animal attacked and even possibly killed by a dog. The fact is not all dogs that exhibit aggression can be rehabilitated and are safe to be rehomed. We need to have equal concern for the community at large as we do for any individual dog. This case leaves me with questions for which I do not have an answer. If Dakota is released, who will be legally, financially, and morally liable for any future aggression by Dakota? The courts, the Governor, those who have evaluated Dakota and insist he will be safe in the future, Dakota’s owner, or all of the above? Next month I will delve into this issue further, discussing the obligations of those who rehome a dangerous dog and the responsibilities of someone who adopts a dangerous dog.

Don Hanson is the co-owner of the Green Acres Kennel Shop ( in Bangor. He is a Bach Foundaon Registered Animal Praconer (BFRAP), Cerfied Dog Behavior Consultant (CDBC), Associate Cerfied Cat Behavior Consultant (ACCBC) and a Cerfied Professional Dog Trainer (CPDT-KA). He produces and co- hosts a weekly radio show and podcast, The Woof Meow Show heard on The Pulse AM620 WZON and streamed at hp:// every Saturday at 9 AM. A list of upcoming shows and podcasts of past shows can be found at Don also writes about pets at his blog:

Green Acres to Host Free Screenings of the Documentary Pet Fooled: A Look Inside A Quesonable Industry by Kohl Harrington


reen Acres Kennel Shop will be offering four free screenings of the documentary Pet Fooled: A Look Inside A Quesonable Industry by Kohl Harrington. This film examines the pet food industry starng off by discussing the fact that the pet food industry is dominated by only five mul-naonal conglomerates which control 70% of the market for pet foods. One of the veterinarians interviewed in the film, Dr. Karen Shaw Becker, states “So there is a problem in the pet food industry and most pet owners aren’t aware that there is

May 2017

a problem. And unless you have an interest in digging deeper in finding out what those issues are you can go throughout your whole life feeding the exact same food assuming what you are doing is helpful for your pet. And once you start digging the evidence becomes overwhelming that the industry has significant issues.” Some of those issues include regulatory lapses which led to the recalls of 2007, the high-powered markeng used to promote food that is not biologically appropriate for cats or dogs, confusing but legal adversing that makes pet foods look

beer than they are, and the major pet food companies quesonable influence over veterinary educaon and the regulaon of pet foods, and more. Green Acres Kennel Shop will offer free screenings of Pet Fooled: A Look Inside A Quesonable Industry on Saturday, May 13th at 3:30 PM, Saturday, May 20th at 9:30 AM, Wednesday, June 7th at 6:30 PM and Monday, June 26th at 6:30 PM. Each screening will be followed by a queson and answer period. Seang is free but limited, so please call us at 945-6841 to reserve your seat.



of the


UNDERHOUND RAILROAD Saving Lives, One Shelter Dog at a Time By Susan Spisak


In 2009, a group of friends in the Harord, Conneccut area formed Underhound Railroad with the mission of saving innocent dogs from the state’s high-kill shelters. Fast forward to 2017. While their mission remains the same, they now have a wider footprint of fosters and volunteers - most are here in Maine - and they also rescue at-risk dogs from southern kill shelters. Bristol, Maine resident, Renee Coombs, is Underhound’s president and director. She was a volunteer and foster before taking on what she calls the “24/7” lead role. She counts on her “go-to-girls,” Tara Chase, the director who oversees donaons, adopons, and fundraising, and Irene Williams, their treasurer and southern coordinator, as well as all volunteers, fosters and vet partners - both in the north and south - to keep this 501(c)(3) sailing smoothly. Busy as she may be managing Underhound’s efforts, she and her husband, Steve, connue to foster, even though they “failed” the first me around. Need a translaon? They adopted that dog. They’ve

limited their “failures” to four total, and all have been black or black and white because Renee believes dark-colored dogs are oen ignored. And for this reason alone, this compassionate gal says black dogs will always have her heart. Renee and Steve have fostered over a hundred dogs. They’re so dedicated that they fenced part of their land, so the dogs awaing their forever homes can play safely when outdoors. Underhound’s other foster homes have taken care of and socialized many dogs as well, usually a few simultaneously – this allows them to bring more rescues to Maine (they hold both Maine and Conneccut licenses for the legal import of dogs), and Underhound always needs more fosters. “We’re always, always, always begging for more fosters all the me,” said Renee, chuckling. When asked how many lucky dogs they’ve pulled to safety and rehomed, she laughed. “A lot.” Aer a minute, she said they rescue about a hundred a year, but it’s dropping a smidge. She believes more people are now

adopng shelter dogs. “We exist adopon fee to adopon fee,” she explained, but added that these fees barely cover their vet and transportaon costs. That said, they don’t shy away from expensive dogs like the heartworm posive or seniors that require extra funding, nor do turn away dogs with medical needs above and beyond the norm. She cited the local rescue, a black Pomeranian named Lile Bear. He needed a hip surgery esmated at $2k. Then there was Daisy, one of several dogs they rescued aer the 2016 Louisiana floods. She was abandoned in a yard in nearby Mississippi. Daisy had a broken hip and knee, and she also needed that same costly hip surgery. Underhound put out a donaon plea, and every single dollar needed for those surgeries came in. “People stepped up in Maine to help,” Renee said. “It was amazing.” For more on Underhound Railroad, including info on adopng, fostering, volunteering and donang, visit hp://www.




8 mos, Lab Mix

Chihuahua/Corgi Mix

8 yrs, Chi Mix

Look at that beauful face! Cadence is energec and very smart. She’s super social – with both dogs and people – and loves playing at doggie daycare. She currently lives with other dogs and a ki y and does well with them. She is looking for her forever family! Visit

Sco y’s very special – he was pulled from a high-kill shelter just in the knick of me! He loves kids, cats and people. He has a fun-loving spirit. He’s compact at 15 lbs. and just shy of his first birthday. He adores a good car ride. We have no clue why he’s been overlooked. Visit

Very sweet, just looking for a 'rerement home' where he can relax, take walks, sleep the aernoon away on the couch, etc. He would most likely do best in a home where he is the only dog, or another dog that has the same low energy that he does. Visit

Sponsored by

HOMETOWN VETERINARY CARE 51 Western Ave., Fairfield • 207-453-7387 • 207-943-3983 •


Downeast Dog News

Dogs for Adoption View more available dogs on our website, See a dog you like, but don't have a computer? Call Jenn to help you reach the rescue: (207) 230-0260 x6




Mixed breed

9 months, Lab Mixx


Very sweet guy who needs help and paence to gain confidence. Shy with people and very submissive with other dogs. Needs a role model dog to help him learn and grow. Playful and loves being outside and cuddling with his person in bed. FMI:

Came to us as a stray. Juno loves people, but she can be a bit food aggressive and would do best in a home without small children, cats, or other dogs. She wants all the love and aenon for herself! Available at Pope Memorial (207)594-2200

Loves snuggling up and being with her people. She gets along with some dogs, but would do best in a home without small children or cats. One of her back legs is a bit lame from an old injury, but she doesn't let that get her down! Available at Pope Memorial (207)594-2200

Sponsored by

Sponsored by

Sponsored by

Sunray Animal Clinic

Country Inn at Camden/Rockport

Damariscoa Veterinary Clinic

73 Admiral Fitch Ave., Brunswick (207) 725-6398- •

8 Country Way, Rockport • (207) 236-2725

530 Main St., Damariscoa • (207) 563-3934




6 years, American Bulldog Mix

5 years, Coonhound d

Handsome boy with some special instrucons. Needs a home without children and other dogs. Would be fine going to a home with a cat that leaves him alone. Clyde can be a lile nervous in new situaons but he's a good boy who is looking for a loving, calm home! Available at PAWS in Camden (207)236-8702

Great companion for someone who can spend a lot of time with him. Very good with cats, easy to walk, and great in a car. Uncomfortable with children. Needs to be the only dog in a home. Once settled in, he is happy and amusing. FMI: hp://

Gorgeous, happy and silly. A meet and greet is essenal for this lady. Polly requires an acve family. Good with children (8 and older), and lives with cats. A fenced yard is a MUST! Potenal adopters must have experience with the breed. FMI: Puppy Love, Inc. (207)833-5199

Sponsored by

First Naonal Bank 16 Branches from Wiscasset to Calais 1-800-564-3195 •




6 months

American Bulldog

8 years, Mixed breed d

Blind in one eye and not 100% in other but that does not keep him down! Needs some training and a family willing to take on that challenge. Available at PAWS in Camden (207)236-8702

Big boy with a strong personality. Needs leash training. Great playful pup. Has lived with men, women, a teenager and Chihuahua. Available at PAWS in Camden (207)236-8702 info@

Has a Lab-like body with a delicate head and a point snout. He needs a home that is fairly quiet. He is good with cats, and is not destrucve when le alone, but he prefers not being le alone for too long. FMI: www.




1.5 years, Border Collie/Boxer Mix?

Sweet as can be. Gets along with other dogs and children but no cats. She is a hugger! Available at PAWS in Camden (207)236-8702

Super nice fella that has a lot of energy! Wants and loves to please. He really likes other dogs, but some do not like him! Rufus, likes to play and to get others to play he thinks he should bark in their face. Email Catahoula Rescue at

An energec boy who needs an acve, confident person commied to ensuring that he gets plenty of daily exercise. Once he is red out, he is content to snuggle with his person. Loves treats and is highly trainable. FMI:


May 2017


May C lendar To submit or get more informaon on the events below, go online to PETSMART ADOPTION EVENT Friday, May 5 Biddeford, 11 AM - 3 PM

NAIL CLIPPING CLINIC Saturday, May 6 Rockland, 1 - 3 PM

Adoptable Animal Welfare Society animals will be at the Biddeford PetSmart, 208 Mainer Way, Biddeford, for a special adopon weekend. FMI:; 207283-6546

Shannon from Catahoula Rescue of New England will be at the Loyal Biscuit Company’s Rockland locaon for our next nail clipping clinic! For just $10 you can have your pet’s nails trimmed and all the proceeds will be donated to the Catahoula Rescue of New England. No appointment necessary, just stop by 408 Main Street, Rockland with your pup or cat from 1 to 3 p.m. Visit us at, email or call 207-6609200, ext. 6 for informaon.

KENNEBUNK MAY DAY FESTIVAL Saturday, May 6 Kennebunk, 8 AM - 3 PM

DO YOU HAVE AN UPCOMING EVENT? Let us know about it! Send info to

or add to our online calendar at calendar

CALL AHEAD! Event schedules are subject to change. Contact individual event organizers to confirm times and locations. Downeast Dog News is not responsible for changes or errors.

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The Animal Welfare Society is excited to parcipate in Kennebunk’s May Day Fesval! We invite everyone to stop by Lafayee Park, Storer Street, Kennebunk, to hang out with AWS staff, volunteers, and some furry criers. We’re going to have a blast! You can also find the AWS Craers at the Waterhouse Center selling handmade cras for your pets. We will be in the May Day parade with lots of four-legged friends. Come join us! FMI:

BEGINNERS AND FOLLOWUP TRACKING WORKSHOP WITH CAROLYN FUHRER Saturday, May 6 Somerville, 9 AM Connue with tracking work for those who aended the April 22nd workshop - new beginners are welcome! North Star Dog Training School, 252 Jones Road, Somerville. FMI:; 207-6912332;

PET LOSS SUPPORT GROUP Saturday, May 6 Camden, 10 - 11 AM When a beloved pet dies it’s easy to feel overwhelmed by the intensity of your sorrow. Unfortunately, friends and family may not get how important your pet was in your life. Join others who share your feelings and understand your loss. Every first Saturday of the month, Ginny Ford will hold a Pet Loss Group in the P.A.W.S. Community Room at PAWS Animal Adopon Center, 123 John St., Camden. Feel free to bring along a picture, leash, poem, or other items that remind you of your pet. FMI:; info@; 207-236-8702.

NAIL CLIPPING CLINIC Saturday, May 6 Camden/Rockport, 10 AM - 12 PM Shannon from Catahoula Rescue of New England will be at the Loyal Biscuit Company’s Camden/Rockport locaon for our next nail clipping clinic! For just $10 you can have your pet’s nails trimmed and all the proceeds will be donated to the Catahoula Rescue of New England! No appointment necessary, just stop by our 56 Commercial Street (US Route 1), Rockport locaon with your pup or cat from 10 a.m. to 12 p.m. Visit us at, email chelsie@ or call 207-660-9200, ext. 6 for informaon.

BOB MARLEY COMEDY NIGHT Sunday, May 7 Waterville, 5 PM Join us at this fundraiser for the Humane Society Waterville Area at Hathaway Creave Center, 10 Water St. Waterville. Tickets can be purchased at Humane Society Waterville Area. FMI:; 207-873-2430

SPRING FLING & PET PARADE Saturday, May 13 Camden, 9:30 AM Join PAWS Animal Adopon Center at our Spring Fling in Camden’s Harbor Park, featuring: The Pet Parade and Pledge Walk, Agility Dogs Demonstraons, “Best of” Dog Contests, Music, Food, and Acvies for the whole family. FMI: springfling

EIGHTH ANNUAL SOUTHERN MAINE COASTAL CLASSIC DOG SHOWS Thursday, May 18 - Sunday, May 21 Scarborough, 8 AM - 5 PM Hundreds of dogs will converge for Maine’s largest canine event, four days of AKC All Breed Dog Shows and Obedience and Rally Trials. All acvies begin at 8 a.m. each day, outdoors rain or shine, at Wassamki Springs Campground, 56 Saco St., Scarborough. York County Kennel Club of Maine, Inc. and Vacaonland Dog Club, Inc. invite the public to meet some of AKC’s 180 recognized breeds and observe the various acvies. Daily admission is $5 per vehicle. There is ample parking in and around the campground. Wassamki’s snack bars will serve food and be sure to visit our vendors selling dog-related items. Acvies include regular conformaon, obedience and rally concluding with a Best in Show winner. We invite AKC-enrolled AllAmerican Mixed Breeds to enter Obedience and Rally Compeons. To be eligible, your dog must be enrolled in AKC’s Canine Partners Lisng and be spayed or neutered. Go to for details. For more detailed informaon, visit the calendar page and

50th BIRTHDAY CARNIVAL Saturday, May 20 West Kennebunk, 12 - 4 PM Come one! Come all! Join the Animal Welfare Society for its 50th Birthday Carnival at

46 Holland Road, West Kennebunk. Celebrate the 150,000 pets we have helped in our first fiy years! Fun for all ages! Carnival Games, Bounce Houses, Music, Food, Obstacle Course, Demonstraons, Balloon Animals, Birthday Cake, and more! This event is free and open to the public. FMI: events-calendar/; 207- 985-3244 x 130.

MUTT & STRUT 5K Saturday, May 27 Augusta, 8 AM Registraon, 9 AM Start For 24 years, the Mu Strut and 5K have served as a way for people to come together and raise money to find forever homes for animals in their community. All funds raised go directly to support more than 2,000 animals that find their way to the Kennebec Valley Humane Society annually. Along with our 5K walk and run, we will have vendors, food, acvies and much more! We hope to see you there! Registraon and Check In: 8 AM; 5K walk 9 AM; 5K run/race: 9:15 AM. Regular Registraon: $25, $30 with dog (April 2-May 26); Same Day Registraon: $30, $35 with dog. The 5K will start and finish at the Kennebec River Rail Trail entrance next to the Kennebec Valley YMCA. It will be med by Back40Events using chips. Includes a prerace warm-up, and a variety of services by local vendors before and aer the race. All dog registraons will include a Mu Strut collar bandana for your dog. All dogs are welcome! Register here: www.runsignup. com/Race/ME/Augusta/MuStrut5K. Email with race quesons or sponsorship/table set-up inquiries.

RECURRING EVENTS FURRY TALES STORY & ADVENTURE HOUR Thursdays, May 4, 11, 18 & 25 West Kennebunk, 10 - 11 AM Join us Thursdays (when school is in session*), in the Humane Educaon Room at the Animal Welfare Society at 46 Holland Road, West Kennebunk, where preschoolers are invited to discover the excing world of animals with stories, playme, cras, songs, movement and animal me. The event is free to aend, though donaons are appreciated. FMI: 207985-3244 ext. 109.

FREE PUPPY PLAYSKOOL Thursdays, May 4, 11, 18 & 25 Edgecomb, 5:30 PM A supervised, safe, socializaon opportunity for puppies less than 20 weeks of age at Posively Best Friends, 280 Boothbay Rd, Edgecomb. Ongoing Thursdays. FMI: marcia@; 207-882-7297;

“I think dogs are the most amazing creatures; they give uncondional love. For me, they are the role model for being alive." ― Gilda Radner

Downeast Dog News

Business Directory MIDCOAST

• Full service veterinary care from the heart. • Voted best Veterinary Clinic in Bangor 7 years running. • Now accepting new patients.

Mark Hanks, DVM Chris Barry, DVM 857 River Road Orrington, ME (207)825-8989


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Wiscasset, Maine • 207-882-6128

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Kompletely K-9

Dog Training and Rehabilitation

Kris Potter

Serving Locations In Midcoast Maine And Beyond

207-322-5111 • 248 Choate Rd, Montville, ME 04941

Member #P2848

WAG IT CAMP August 27-31 • Effingham, NH

Daycare offered Monday through Friday Boarding dogs and cats with special areas for small dogs, senior dogs, and multiple pets in the same family. Full service grooming Just 4 minutes from Bangor International Airport!

How Much Fun Can You Have With Your Dog? Come to Camp and Find Out!


May 2017


Planning for summer trips and visits? We can help by boarding your four-legged friends! Boarding Doggie Daycare Grooming

Book your dog’s stay today at Midcoast Maine’s Hotel for Hounds!

Trained staff

• Supervised playgroups • Individualized attention cabanas & • Sun two pools secure • Large play yards Paw-Safe cleaning • practices • Limited grooming

HARBOR HOUNDS 311 Park Street • Rockland, ME 04841 207-593-7913



Under closely supervised conditions, your dog will spend the day romping with a variety of canine playmates having a great time. You’ll bring in a rowdy bundle of energy, but you’ll take home a mellow companion who’s ready to spend the evening on the couch. Your pet will get the love, attention and exercise that helps reduce and in many cases eliminate behavior problems.

Family Free FUR All SUNDAY, JUNE 4 10–4 PM



Meet adoptable dogs and puppies Experience flyball demos and agility try-its Shop for Maine-made pet products Enjoy barrel train rides and other family fun! SPONSORS:


Railway Village | Route 27, Boothbay, ME

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19 Bennett Road, Brewer, ME 04412 tel 207-989-7979 fax 207-989-6927 e-mail



May 2017 Downeast Dog News  
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