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One Woman’s Dedica�on to Dogs & the People they Serve By Susan Spisak

Marie Gagnon, owner of Wizard

Service Dogs and Lazy L Kennel in O�sfield, has spent the last 30 years hanging out with dogs, and she’s loved every minute of it. Being with dogs is her “day job.” She trains clients’ canines to become their service animals, offers individual dog classes and boarding at her kennel, and she’s an instructor in Novice, Open, and U�lity at Telling Tails Training Center in Fryeburg. Marie also molds dogs that need professional guidance for A.C.T.S., the Assistance Canine Training Services non-profit. Regardless of the situa�on or dog, she’s flexible in her approach, but always u�lizes posi�ve reinforcement, repe��on, and

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Volume 12 • Issue 7 • July 2017

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INSIDE 2 6 Hot Dog News

Basic Training Tips

Pacer aler�ng Jessica


Made in Maine

12 & 13

Dogs for Adoption



Calendar of Events

Hot Dog News Sea Dogs Dog of the Day

Fireworks Reminder

or the second year in a row the Portland Sea Dogs has partnered with the Maine Veterinary Medical Center to present the Dog of the Day program at Hadlock Field. During every Sunday home game an adoptable dog will be highlighted in a pregame recognition ceremony out on the field. The participating shelter will also have a table set up in the concourse during the game which will allow time for any fans that might be interested in adopting to meet the dog and/or learn more about the shelter. If timing allows, information about each week’s shelter or dog may be posted on the Sea Dogs Facebook page however if you do have any questions about the program you may contact John Muzzy at the Portland Sea Dogs at 207-874-9300. According to the Animal Welfare Society’s website they will be the shelter featured at the July 9th game.

ith the fourth of July approaching, and as we all know here in Maine we are no longer limited as to when fireworks may occur, it is good to be aware that they may cause distress to some of our furry friends. If you do know when fireworks are scheduled try to plan mealmes and walks ahead of me so you may be inside when the booming begins. When dogs get scared they have a tendency to run and many dogs have been known to go missing or get hit during firework celebraons so keep them inside. If your dog does appear to be afraid or anxious remain calm and do not make a big fuss. They feed off our reacons and look to us for reassurance. You can create a safe space for them if they have a crate or move their bed to a calm place and distract them with a toy or new bone. Thundershirts which are designed to help aid dogs with anxiety may also be helpful. If you do find yourself in the unfortunate situaon of losing your dog be sure and contact the Animal Control Officer, local shelters and Maine Lost Dog Recovery: or find them on Facebook. Side note: To all of those who may like to celebrate by shoong off your own fireworks please be considerate of your neighbors who may have pets and perhaps find out if they are frightened by them.


AWS Tribute Paver


The Animal Welfare Society in Kennebunk is celebrating their 50th anniversary! As a part of their major renovation project they are inviting the community to be a part by purchasing a tribute paver that will be installed in their new entrance. Pay tribute to your beloved pet or loved one, or leave a well wish for those beginning a new life with a custom engraving. Each paver is 12 x 12 inches and offers up to six lines of customizable engraving. Only 265 pavers are available so order yours today! The purchase price is $100. For more information:; (207) 985-3244.


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Downeast Dog News

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From the Publisher Dear Dog News Readers, Pepper and I have just returned from our June vacaon at the camp on Alamoosook Lake that we visited last year and that I frequented as a child. Those of you that may have read my leer a year ago may recall that Pepper had an unfortunate incident where she was “blessed” by bald eagle excrement. I am happy to say the eagles are sll nesng there and we managed to enjoy our me without any smelly encounters. It was quite amazing to watch them fish and they gave us several chances to get a pre y close look at them. Pepper swam her tail off and came home pleasantly exhausted. We were also happy to kick off the season as one of the sponsors and aendees of the Family Free Fur All at the Boothbay Railway Village on June 4th. This was our second year involved and the rain finally gave us a break so that we could have a great day of fun and raise money and gather donaons for local animal rescues. We enjoyed watching demonstraons from the Flyball MAINEiacs which was something that I had been wanng to see for some me now. Thank you to Mr. Dog Training, Two Salty Dogs and Coastal Dog for also sponsoring the event and to everyone at the Railway Village for their hard work and for hosng Family Free Fur all. Also many thanks to the aendees, vendors, musicians and 11 rescues that parcipated and made it such a great day! I am already looking forward to next year! Summer is finally here! Have a safe and happy 4th of July!

All the best, Jenn & Pepper

PRESIDENT Wendi Smith PARENT & PUBLISHING COMPANY Maine Pet News LLC OUR GOALS • Provide the latest in dog-related news and information. • Encourage and support dog-friendly businesses and Maine-made pet products and services. • Cultivate a community of responsible dog guardianship/ownership. • Support animal welfare causes. LAURA BUXBAUM AND BRIAN DUNN

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“Dogs do speak, but only to those who know how to listen.” ― Orphan Pamuk, My Name is Red

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July 2017

Table of Contents Hot Dog News ...................... 2 Furry Words ......................... 4 Ask the Vet ............................ 4 Basic Training Tips ................ 6 Ask Bammy ............................ 7 Made in Maine .................... 8,9 Performance Dog Training ....10 Words, Woofs & Meows ..... 11 Rescue of the Month ............12 Dogs for Adoption ............... 13 Calendar of Events .............. 14 Business Directory .............. 15


"I wasn’t sure what to write about for July, so I put the word out on my Sara Moore Enlightened Horizons Facebook page that I would answer some dog quesons in this column. I had over 80 people ask me about their pets, so I took the first ones and am going to answer them here. When I do a reading, I always give a few disclaimers. One, I’m not a vet or a trainer, so whatever informaon I give comes from a purely psychic perspecve. That being said, they both trump me if we don’t agree. The other is that I am simply a street sign and you are driving the car, so you ulmately get to do what you want. I asked people to give me the name of the dog, kind or color, if it’s living or deceased, and what they wanted to know. Enjoy! Ori, German Shepherd, living. How's he feeling - am I worrying too much about him? He actually feels pre y good to me but a lile crooked. I get a strange feeling in my le shoulder, muscular, closer to the spine and kind of deep in the muscles. He likes that you worry about him because it validates his existence. What does he mean by that? You need some validaon that you ARE doing the right thing, so constantly checking him over and comparing his progress to the last me you did lets you know that things are or aren’t working and that you’re needed. You do like to be needed. and he’s ok with that. My dog Lakota, husky/lab, black and white, deceased. Will he come back to me as my next puppy? He is not going to come back as your next puppy, but he certainly will be around in spirit and keep tabs on it! I see a shaggy

Cone of Shame Q.

My dog is going in to be neutered, and it was suggested that I buy an E- Collar. Can you tell me what that is and why I need it?

Furry Words by Sara Moore

black and white mid size mu of a dog that is ridiculously happy. If your new dog gets snippy out of the blue, tell Lakota to back off and leave the disciplining to you! Kona- Shiloh Shepard- whiteliving and why does he always want to aack people except his owners? The owners have created a very safe spot, but you never know what someone else is going to do. I think they could help Kona be a bit more relaxed if they realize that it takes all types for this crazy world to go ‘round! And treats. He wants more treats, sweet potato please! And dried chicken jerky. Gross. I can actually taste it as I type that… Lexie and Chief, living, black and white, Boston Terriers. They seem happy. Somemes they seem to like each other and other mes not so much. Do you think they really care about each other?

Ask the Vet… by Dr. Judith Herman


After a dog has surgery, the concern is he will start licking the incision and either open up the incision by licking out the sutures (stitches) or cause an infection or inflammation in that area. The Elizabethan collar, also known as an E-Collar, is typically dispensed. It looks like the collars worn during Elizabethan times, so the name. Many veterinarians will include the collar in the estimate for the surgery. There are many types of restrictive gear out there, and some are very expensive to do it yourself. Most dogs look pretty pathetic when they wear the collar, which gave it the nickname, Cone of Shame.


When I was first out of veterinary school, I used to give a demonstration on how to make your own collar using a wash or paint bucket, duct tape and string. It worked really well and was cheap. The problem with the

They do, actually. I think that Chief prefers boundaries, which aren’t even in Lexie’s vocabulary. She will sit on him instead of next to him and it drives him nuts. Imagine having a child that drapes on you constantly. It is too much! At the end of the day, they do love each other. Chief may just need a lile more alone me. Rascal (beagle) - he is deceased. I would like to know if he blames me for the events that led to his passing. Not at all. He actually wants you to know that somemes life is out of our control. We can migate risk by keeping our eyes on the ball, but you need to be more forgiving on yourself. I see full systems shung down, and the decision for him to cross was made by him. He is very much at peace and would love for you to know that. Sadie. A wheaten terrier. Deceased. Why did she die? Ugh. As soon as I read that, I get an explosion in my chest. It’s like a fire hose came off the hydrant. I don’t have pain, but I do have a blast and then my eyes slowly close. Thank you for leng me go and for honoring me in heaven. It means a lot to her that you are able to do that. She wants me to say that last line again because you were able to let her go. Yes, there was and is grief, but you know that she is at peace and you are sll willing to talk to her every day. She loves that. Max, rescued @ 2 years old. Is terrified of garbage truck or banging tailgate of dump truck. Growls when you hug him, doesn't care for personal contact. Roweiler now 8 years old. Why? That’s not what he’s here for. He is an observer, someone that can

see it all unfold and not be clouded by the emoonal details. He is kind of fact finding in this life, and when he crosses, he will share that informaon with other souls that want a clearer picture of what to expect down here in life. The banging is too much of a low tone. It’s loud and low versus a high pitched smoke detector shrieking. He lives in a higher vibraon, so those sounds rip through him energecally. Gunner, a Yorkie. Deceased. He died at the vet’s office. I miss him terribly and will never know what happened. I want to know that he forgives me for leaving him there and that he is ok. He is absolutely ok with it! He is very funny, actually because he is sort of preaching to you that somemes people wait unl they’re alone to die. You pee with the bathroom door closed, which is very personal, he says, and he dies with the door closed. You weren’t supposed to be there, and he’s grateful that you weren’t. He got to go with peace and dignity. And you gave him that opportunity. End rant. Um, that was your dog’s tone, not mine! I could answer these quesons all day long! If you’re curious to hear what your dog has to say, you can learn more at www. Thank you all for contribung, and enjoy the summer while it lasts!

bucket or the E-collar is two- fold. The first is the restricted vision and the second is the width of the collar making it difficult to move through doors and rooms without banging into everything. Over time, there are more options available to our K9 companions. Depending on the location, you can find many styles that will meet your needs. There are collars that you blow up into pillows that go around Fluffy’s neck. Some are plastic and some are soft. The idea is to keep the dog from bending his neck enough to get to the area. There are also rigid collars that keep the neck straight. Besides the big plastic cone that goes around the neck, there are soft cones that can face backward or forward to protect vulnerable areas of forelegs, neck, and shoulders. They make face masks that are clear or tinted to protect the face and can maneuver easily around the house. If the issue is licking a leg,

bandage, and the like, you can find anti-lick tape that is impregnated with bad tasting herbs. Another option is the “onesies” for dogs that can be purchased on line. This is like onesies used for babies. It covers the body with velcro or buttons down the back. It works by covering the stitches that are on the body. My favorite is using children’s clothing to cover up the area of concern. For neutered patients, I recommend boxer shorts. The tail goes through the fly, it doesn’t bind and is easy to change. Teeshirts are another great way to cover the chest. I have seen folks use turtle necks for protection higher up. No matter what you use, make sure your pup is comfortable and safe from licking or chewing after surgery.

Sara Moore is a psychic for people and pets, has an office in North Conway, NH but is also available for phone readings and private events. FMI go to, email, or call (603)662-2046.

Judith K. Herman DVM, CVH Animal Wellness Center Augusta, ME

Downeast Dog News

SERVE from page 1 washer or dryer, and pick up items, among other things. For those individuals with balance problems, a fairly tall and stronger dog is necessary. Marie said the dog wears a harness with handle, so the person can grab hold of him for support. Marie trains dogs for people with specific food allergies. “It’s like any other scent exercise,” Marie said when asked how she trains to detect for a food with serious allergic ramificaons. She’s currently training a Goldendoodle named Pacer to detect for anchovies and subsequently alert his owner, a gal named Jessica, when he smells them. Pacer has successfully let Jessica know that a nearby pizza was Service Dog Training taboo – it was topped with Marie got into service Marie working with an A.C.T.S. service dog in training. the salty fish. dog training over a dozen She cauons that people years ago because she felt shouldn’t buy or adopt a puppy with the hopes of there was a need. She began with Mobility and Hearing training him as a service dog. “It doesn’t work oen.” Service Dogs and has branched out to include other A 12- to 18-month-old dog is best because you’ll get a types of service dogs, such as dogs that will help a client beer read of how he is going to be when he’s grown up. combat anxiety or for those dealing with Post Traumac She will train an individual’s companion animal, provided Stress Disorder, aka PTSD. She explained that Hearing Service Dogs for the deaf the dog has a suitable disposion and is the correct size for the service work need. or hard of hearing are one of the original types. They She added that the choosing a dog for service work tend to be smaller breeds, making them portable, and can be a “crap shoot,” with roughly 50% not making the they need to be acve and self-movated because they cut aer training, so professional input is best. It takes a must be “on alert” at all mes. dog with a special temperament and personality to be Thanks to ear implants, hearing aids and amplifiers, effecve, especially if the dog is going to accompany his they aren’t in high demand anymore, but Marie has one handler to work, and be in the public eye for 7 to 8 hours hearing-impaired client who relies on her service dog, but in a “home helper” capacity. When she comes home a day. “The biggest thing that washes most service dogs from an oung or work and removes her hearing device, out [of a service dog training program] is the ability to be her dog can alert her to sounds like the doorbell or fire out in public safely…So some really nice dogs don’t make alarm. it. That’s just kind of the way it goes.” Mobility Service Dogs, also referred to as Mobility Assistance Dogs, increase the independence of physically disabled individuals, including those in wheelchairs or A.C.T.S. with balance problems. These dogs were trained to open Dorothy Hyde-Williams founded the New doors, but with the advent of automac push buon Hampshire-based Nathaniel J. Williams Foundaon, doors, they simply push the buon for its person, also dba Assistance Canine Training Services (A.C.T.S.), as a referred to as its handler. Marie can teach the dog to tribute to her son, Nate, aer he died in an accident. help its handler take off a shirt, move the laundry from The Foundaon’s mission is to train service dogs for

reward training. Her foray into the “dog field” began aer her graduaon from Boston’s Tus University with a selfdescribed weird degree - she majored in Biology with a minor in Fine Arts. She was walking down a city street and came upon a pet shop with a “free dog” sign. She popped inside and le with that free 9-month-old Standard Poodle – his only issue was a hernia. She trained him, and the duo worked so well that Marie eventually showed him compevely. “That was sort of it,” she said of her canine career roots.

people with physical disabilies and therapy dogs for professionals working with people who may benefit from animal assisted therapy. The 501(c) (3) A.C.T.S was founded in 2007, and they placed their first dogs in 2009. Marie is very impressed with their program. “They are very dedicated and do a good job with their pups.” They rely on volunteer puppy raisers to guide them from 8 weeks of age through about 2 years of age, depending on the dog. At that me, the dog meets its new handler and the duo completes a two week training session together. Marie’s role with A.C.T.S. is that of a trainer and coach for a pup – usually a Lab or Golden - that needs extra guidance. The dog will leave the puppy raiser’s home and go to Marie’s for a month or two of in-depth training. Her goal is to get the dog through the program successfully and not “flunk out.” If a dog is released from their program for one reason or another, such as being scared of noises or children, Marie said that some lucky person gets a well-trained pet. For info on adopng one of their “Fabulous Flunkouts” visit hp:// flunk-outs.html.

Service Dog Equee Service dogs are working. When you see a dog in public with his handler, please don’t stop and ask if you can pet him. Ignore the dog as it’s stressful for him – and it can distract him from his job – which is to be present and focused on his handler. Marie chuckled, but was serious when she said, “The handler probably just wants to get milk and go home.” Try to remember that if everyone stopped to talk to the handler because of his dog, he would never get to his desnaon. She did say if you want to talk to the person, great, but keep it short and sweet. Also, never ask the handler about his disability as that would be considered less than kind. Marie said when she’s in public, either training an individual’s service dog or working with an A.C.T.S. dog, she appreciates it when a passerby acknowledges her with either a “hello” or a smile, ignores the dog, and moves on. For dog training guidance from Marie through Wizard Service Dogs, contact her at wizardservicedogs@ Marie added that she’ll train just about any type of service dog with the excepon of Ausm Service Dogs, Seizure Alert Dogs, or Diabec Alert Dogs.

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July 2017


Congratulaons! You've added a new canine member to your family! It’s very excing to think about, search for, and finally choose a new canine family member, but it’s a huge decision that can impact our lives for many years. We put forth a lot of effort and consideraon, research, and thought into choosing just the right dog to add to our lives… while making sure we have just the right situaon to offer that dog. It’s a lot of pressure! The expectaons are enormous: we assume we should instantly be enamored with whichever dog we have chosen; of course, we will fall in love, right? Well, not so fast. There can be bumps and second-thoughts and self-doubng as we navigate our way through the process of choosing and then geng to know our new pup. “Love at first sight” does happen somemes, but I’m guessing it’s not the norm. Do not despair or be too hard on yourself if you aren’t completely swept away by your new dog. It’s okay. Relaonships take me to develop, grow, and blossom. It takes a while for dogs to get to know its new family and for the family to get to know the new dog. This happens in all friendships. Confession: it took me a very long me - about a year - to fall in love with our dog Astro when he

Basic Training Tips by Diana Logan

joined our family in 2009. Sure, I loved him, but the bond I expected to have right away didn’t happen. Astro had very challenging fear and anxiety issues, he was not resilient

like our Dory was... in fact, there was so much he "wasn't" that it was hard to say I "loved" him. With me, training, and working through his behavioral challenges, we really started to bond. Now, of course, he's just as beloved as Dory was… but in a different way. Is this new dog coming aer the loss of a previous dog? It's really hard not to compare and to miss the pup we’ve lost even more intensely when the new pup comes along and doesn't fulfill some of the expectaons we didn't even know we had. That’s right, “expectaons we didn’t even know we had.” We can’t help it; even if we try not to have expectaons, they are sll there underneath the surface, and they bubble up more than we want them to. Even if the new pup is a first pup, there are sll expectaons. It is very difficult - embarrassing, even - to admit that we aren’t yet in love with our new dog. A wonderful dog trainer friend of mine in Europe is currently struggling with these challenges. It’s hard enough when one is a regular family dog owner, but if one is a trainer, the expectaons are enormous that any dog a trainer gets will somehow be without fault or can be magically “fixed.” My friend lost a lovely dog

prematurely to illness. This dog was a local celebrity and had garnered much aenon through her trick demos, commercials and even late night television appearances. The connecon they had was palpable. Now she has a new puppy and bonding hasn’t yet happened. She is, quite frankly, devastated not to feel much for her new puppy. Relaonships are complicated, and I’ve not known of any that are without challenges. The same holds true for the inter-species relaonship between us and our dogs. Each dog is an individual with her own idiosyncrasies, habits, and movaons; it can be a beauful process to see a pup blossom… and to see the connecon blossom along the way. Take your me with your new dog. Do as much posive training as you can possibly do – this can be the catalyst for making that bond happen, both ways. Note: If there are serious issues such as aggression, destrucon, guarding, or other behaviors that are a safety concern, be sure to contact a professional dog trainer right away! It’s important to address those things as soon as possible. Also, it’s important to recognize when the relaonship is not going to work - this is somemes the case.

Diana Logan, CPDT-KA Cerfied Professional Dog Trainer, Knowledge-Assessed Pet Connecon Dog Training, North Yarmouth, Maine | | 207-252-9352

Hounding Around Town Dog Walking & Pet Care Bonded • Insured • Reliable • Caring Serving Bangor & Surrounding towns (Orono to Dixmont). 978-290-1815 cell • 207-234-3154

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Downeast Dog News

Iagoamowned a Carolina Dog, a breed that long Nave American people. We were designed by natural selecon to be so intelligent and physically superior that we survived without human help. My great-grandfather was caught from the wild. I can offer advice based on the natural insncts and aributes of wild dogs. In addion, my adopve person and I have had lots of training classes and other experiences. Some humans call themselves Mom or Dad of their dog, but I refer to my human, tongue in cheek, as Boss. Much as I love her, I admit she has many of the same odd noons as most humans, so I can relate to other pet dogs with problem humans. If I can’t help, at least I can offer sympathy, and we can have some fun talking about our amazing humans. Please send your quesons! Bammy, 280 Pond Rd. Newcastle, ME 04553, or email:



unng is one of the best things I know! I have caught some wild animals, so I get really excited when I have a chance. Last week I was trong through the long grass in the hayfield checking for mice and deer

Ask Bammy An Advice Column for Dogs by a Dog

and woodchucks or any news from foxes or coyotes. When I got a strong scent of turkey, I sprinted as fast as I could in that tanglesome long grass. You have to be careful in grass like that. If you are running really fast, your feet can get caught and you’ll wipe out. I studied hard on that when

I was a pup. We visited a friend who had long grass next to her lawn. I was doing zoomies on the lawn and ran into the long grass. It tripped me up and the people laughed. I was annoyed that the long grass stopped me, but I like people laughing with me, so I zoomed back onto the lawn and tried again and fell again. I just kept trying unl I learned how to take one big leap and then slow down. But anyway, last week a whole bunch of turkeys flew up every which way, cackling and cheeping. I leaped for the big cackley one, but she flew too high. Then I tried for one of the lile ones that was fluering just out of reach over my head, cheeping to drive a dog crazy. I went leaping as high as I could in that long grass, and every jump I thought I was going to bite it. It flew to the farm road, almost running into Boss—if she had tried just a lile, she could have bien it, but she ducked instead! The lile turkey landed—or maybe it just got tangled—in a bush just a lile higher than Boss. She barked sharply, “LEAVE IT!” And for some dumb reason, I did and started back to her. Then I over-rode that bad habit and went aer the bird again. I am well known for my jumping ability, but the bushes were so thick, it was really hard. Every me I jumped, the

bird fluered to another branch and almost fell, so I really thought I was going to get it. Then Boss worked her way into the bushes and thrashed around trying to get the slip-leash over my head while I jumped and dodged and ducked, and the bird squeaked and fluered and almost fell. Boss lassoed me, but it wasn’t over yet. Whichever way she tried to drag me, I went around a bush the other way, and I’m almost as strong as she is. She lost her hat and only had one hand on the leash because she was trying to push through the bushes with her other hand. While she worked her way down to get the hat, I made a huge jump and almost caught the bird. It flopped around some more, and I thought for sure it would fall into my mouth. But Boss finally got her hat, untangled us from the bushes, and dragged me with all her strength out onto the road. We sat down panng and looked at each other. It had been glorious fun even though it didn’t end the way I hoped. Then I smelled that she was bleeding from scratches on her hands. I licked them gently. Our poor humans have those long, gangly arms and legs. They have evolved for open fields. And why, with all that fur on their heads, are the parts that really need protecon completely naked?

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July 2017



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Made in Maine 4. CAROL’S CREATIONS

This month we put a spotlight on those small


Carol will turn a favorite photo of your pet into a decorave pillow. Also a great gi for a friend or family member!

businesses that have devoted their me, energy and money to our animals! Be sure to read up on these great businesses and check out their products!



Silver Paw Pet Tags are durable, unique and original! Made from stainless steel right here in Maine, they are the pet tag that will remain looking amazing.Their tags come in three different sizes and have a number of beauful designs to choose from.


Nooksack sells dog powered sports equipment for dogs and their owners including but not limited to mushing, bikejoring, skijoring, hiking, scootering and the sport of cani cross (running with dog aached.) Their products include harnesses, collars, leashes, aachments for bikes, skijor hip belts, waist belts for dog walking, dog booes, dog coats, safety vests and many other products.

Made with locally caught lobster from Friendship, Maine. Lobster Treats are available in two recipes, the original larger bone shaped biscuit as well as a gluten free smaller treat.

9. HERBS FOR LIFE Herbs For Life is a small batch manufacturer of organic herbal supplement blends for dogs, cats and horses. All of their products are created without arficial agents, using only the best wholesome and organic ingredients to keep pets healthy!

2. PLANET DOG Proudly creang the BEST PRODUCTS from the BEST MATERIALS for your BEST FRIEND. 100% Guaranteed since 1997.Durable dog toys, including the world famous Orbee balls, bones and toys.

3. DOG NOT GONE Dog Not Gone designs and manufactures high quality visibility products that feature 3M reflecve stripes and No Fly Zone Insect-Repelling Technology. Dog Not Gone products range from their Original Safety Dog Vest to Walker Safety Vests and so much more.

6. LOYAL BISCUIT  TUG ME TOYS & FIDELIS BISCUITS Tug Me Toys are hand craed in Maine and made enrely of 100% polyester fleece, these braided tugs are durable and washable. Fidelis Biscuit Co. is a partnership between April Thibodeau and Heidi Vanorse Neal of the Loyal Biscuit Co. Using the finest all natural and organic ingredients (as many from local Maine sources as possible).


Lobster Treats for Salty Dogs

ll It’s a the t abou LE! K C BU



The Kno-Knot Dog Bandanna

Washable Reversible for Twice the Fun!


· Small Smallbatch, batch,handcrafted handcrafted manufacturer since 2008 in in manufacturer since 2008 Kittery, Maine USA Kittery, Maine USA · Certifi ed HerbalistCertified HerbalistFormulator specializing in in Formulator specializing organic organicmedicinal medicinal formulations forfor animals formulations animals · 2013, & 2016 2013 2014, & 20142015 & 2015 NASC NASC Visibility Award Winner Visibility Award Winner

10. DOGGIE SAFE & DRY Their products are handmade and “Maine Made” cerfied. Specializing in custom made dog coats and accessories keeping your best friend safe and dry.

Friendship Lobster Treats Friendship, Maine

Herbs for Life, Inc. Kittery, Maine 207-451-7093 follow us!

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11. MILEY'S MUNCHIES They come in 4 different sizes from mini to large. Made fresh to order, completely grain free and made in Maine.

Made with locally caught Lobster by

10 Whether hiking in the Maine woods or sailing the Maine coast, we’ve got you covered.


Bangor 7 Newburgh

- Finely Crafted - Chewproof - Rustproof - Re Engraveable - Yacht Grade Stainless Steel - Thick & Classy - Forever Tags - Amazing Reviews


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6 Waterville 3



Coats and Accessories ZĞƉĞůůĞŶƚZĞŇĞĐƟǀĞZĞǀĞƌƐŝďůĞ Š Š


Oxford 11 Auburn

THE PLANET DOG STORE IS THE DESTINATION FOR MAINE-MADE DOG PRODUCTS. 211 Marginal Way | Portland, ME 04101 | Exit 7 (Franklin Arterial) off of I-295 STORE: 207. 347. 8606 GROOM: 207.347.5139 /planetdoglife /planetdogportland

Have a favorite photo of that “Best Friend” captured on a decorative throw pillow that can be seen every day of the year!


ley’s Munch ies i M 5


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It’s all about the buckle! A wide variety of fabrics to choose from with coordinang buckles to help keep your Barkdanna from falling off and they’re reversible!

Friendship 4 Westport Island 2 Portland

Mini to large sizes available to accommodate any breed

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9 Downeast Dog News

July 2017

10 Cape Elizabeth Kiery


Training Your Performance Dog New Titling Program from AKC by Carolyn Fuhrer

AKC Trick Dog

Novice Perform 10 tricks, or have the CGC on record at AKC and perform 5 tricks. May use food/toys as a lure (to guide the dog into posion) and may use food as reinforcer and clickers to mark behavior. Dog will do each trick 2 mes for the evaluator.

You can find all the tricks listed at the secon on the AKC website devoted to Trick Dog: www.akc. org/about-trick-dog/ The most exciting news is that MCKC (Mid Coast Kennel Club of Maine) will be offering a CGC test and Novice, Intermediate, and Advanced Trick Dog tests at their show at the Union Fairgrounds in Union, Maine on Saturday, September 2, 2017 after Best of Breed. So, come and enjoy the dog show, maybe enter one of the tests, or if you are not ready yet, come and watch the CGC and Trick tests and see what it’s all about. For more informaon about the tests: contact Kathy Duhnoski at

Intermediate Perform 10 tricks from the intermediate tricks list. May NOT use food/toys as a lure except where specifically permied. May use food as a reinforcer and also clickers to mark behavior. Dog will do each trick 2 mes for the evaluator.

AKC has a new tling program: The AKC Trick Dog. It is designed so dogs and their owners can have fun learning tricks together. There are four levels of tles in AKC Trick Dog: 1. AKC Novice Trick Dog TKN 2. AKC Intermediate Trick Dog TKI 3. AKC Advanced Trick Dog TKA 4. AKC Trick Dog Performer TKP

Performer Perform a total of 10 previously learned or new tricks from the Novice, Intermediate, and Advanced tles. Must do at least 2 intermediate and 2 advanced tricks. May NOT use food/toys as a lure. May use food as reinforcer and may also use clickers to mark behaviors.

For the Performer level, all tricks must be done as a part of a roune and a video link must be provided to AKC for evaluaon. Here are the criteria for the four levels of tles:

AKC approved CGC (Canine Good Cizen) evaluators may observe the tricks and sign as evaluators for the Novice, Intermediate, and Advanced AKC tles.

Advanced Perform 5 tricks from the Advanced tricks list. May NOT use food/toys as a lure. May use food as a reinforcer and may also use clickers to mark behaviors. Dog will do each trick once for the evaluator.

Carolyn Fuhrer has earned over 90 AKC tles with her Golden Retrievers, including 2 Champion Tracker tles. Carolyn is the owner of North Star Dog Training School in Somerville, Maine. She has been teaching people to understand their dogs for over 25 years. You can contact her with quesons, suggesons and ideas for her column by e-mailing

Tender Touch Veterinary Hospital 336 Gorham Rd., Scarborough, ME 04074 Dr. Rita DeMeuse, DVM

We have adoptable kittens, cats and dogs available to qualified homes!

Dr. Kelly Hill, DVM

Groovy Tuesdays


Feline Neuters - $95 Feline Spays - $150 Includes Rabies and FVRCP Vaccines

Individual Kennels Grassy Outdoor Pens,

Fraulein Bea, is available for adoption!

cleaned after every dog

Loving, Experienced, Professional Kennel Staff

Kompletely K-9

Serving Locations In Midcoast Maine And Beyond

Dog Training and Rehabilitation

Kris Potter

207-322-5111 • 248 Choate Rd, Montville, ME 04941

Member #P2848

• heated salt water pool with a gently sloping ramp just for dogs • a full-body workout; a 20 minute swim = a brisk 4 mile walk

Year-round swimming for your dog.

• year-round private swimming by appointment • improved range of motion, cardio health and muscle strength • improved blood flow nourishing joints • personal certified canine swim coach to assist By Appointment Only

See what people say about us on Facebook.

Schedule & Pre-Pay online at or call 230.8455







59 Union Street | Camden


Portland Veterinary Specialists When your pet needs specialized care... Dr. Marta Agrodnia, DVM, DACVS


207 878 3121


| 739 Warren Avenue, Portland |

When your pet is in need of advanced diagnostics and treatments in a caring and professional environment, the team at Portland Veterinary Specialists will go the extra mile to provide the best care possible for you and your pet. Internal Medicine • Cancer Care • Surgery • Ophthalmology • Cardiology Acupuncture Integrative Medicine • Dermatology • Ultrasonagrapy Endoscopy • Radioactive Iodine Therapy • Laser Therapy 2255 Congress Street, Portland, Maine 04102 739 Warren Avenue, Portland, Maine 04103 Phone: 207-780-0271 • Email:

Downeast Dog News

Does My Dog's Breed Maer? Part 1 - The Herding and Hound Groups I recently saw a meme posted on Facebook with the words, “Geng a dog without understanding the breed is like buying a house without an inspecon.” A discussion followed as to whether or not this was a good way to emphasize that breed maers when you are selecng a dog that will best fit into your family, lifestyle, and the environment in which you and your dog will live. I agree with the senment of the text in this meme; however, I believe that the queson of how important breed is when selecng a dog is far too important to leave to a discussion on Facebook. If you want the greatest probability of geng a great canine companion, you need to consider breed before purchasing or adopng a dog, and your research needs to extend beyond social media and avid fans of the breed. The American Kennel Club (AKC) currently recognizes 202 different breeds of dogs organized into seven groups: Herding, Hound, Non-Sporng, Sporng, Terrier, Toy, and Working. Different breeds of dogs exist because each breed was developed to address a parcular need or role in serving humans. In some cases, the AKC group descripon is helpful in understanding what a dog was bred to do, while some of the groups contain breeds with a wide variety of individual physical and behavioral traits, and I queson how they were lumped into the same group. However, looking at the group is a good place to start. Below you will find my thoughts on each AKC group and factors that I recommend you consider before deciding which breed is the best for you. Please recognize that you want to choose a breed that is also the best choice for your family, your lifestyle, and the environment in which you live. The


P  D B

lifespan of a dog, which can also be breed dependent, can range from six to eighteen years. As you consider your current lifestyle and environment, think about the future and what your life will be like when your dog is older. Adding children to your life or moving from a rural to an urban environment should be considered when you choose your breed. FMI – hp:// FindingTheRightDogForYou Herding Group – “All breeds share the fabulous ability to control the movement of other animals. …pure insnct prompts many of these dogs to gently herd their owners, especially the children of the family.1” The most popular of the breeds in the Herding group is the German

Shepherd Dog, which has been second on the AKC’s list of Most Popular Dog Breeds for the past four years2. Other dogs in this group include Australian Shepherds (#16), Corgis (#18, #69), Shetland Sheepdogs (#24), Collies (#37), Border Collies (#38), and more. I describe many dogs in the herding group as, “Those with a passion to bring order out of chaos.” Oen the dogs in this group need to herd and will aempt to round-up everything from your livestock, to ducks at the park, your cats, other dogs, the neighbor's children, and yes, even staonary tennis balls. Some breeds herd with their eyes while others use quick, but effecve and oen uncomfortable nips with their teeth. If you live in a chaoc household and have children nearby, you should carefully consider if a dog from the herding group is a good choice for your situaon. On a posive note, the dogs in the herding group have been bred to work in close collaboraon with a person so they can be easier to train. Hound Group – “Most hounds share the common ancestral trait of being used for hunng. Some use acute scenng powers to follow a trail. Others demonstrate a phenomenal gi of stamina as they relentlessly run down quarry.1” The favorite breed in the Hound group is the Beagle, which has been the fih most popular dog in the USA since 20152. Other dogs in the Hound group include Dachshunds (#13), Basse Hounds (#39), Bloodhounds (#52), Greyhounds (#151), and more. The key thing to remember about the AKC’s comments on the Hound group is that hounds were bred to hunt by selecvely breeding them to emphasize their predatory insncts. Some hounds use their sight, and some use their impressive sense of smell, but they are both experts at detecng and

chasing down prey. Since hounds oen work independently of their handler, unlike the breeds in the Herding and Sporng group, a hound may be more challenging to train. While it is not impossible to train a hound to be off-leash in unfenced areas, it will typically take more me and higher value rewards. Some hounds will never reach off-leash reliability no maer how skilled you are at training. Because many of the hound breeds have been bred to work as a group, they can have excellent social skills and will oen do well with other dogs. FMI - hp:// ChoosingADogTrainer Many dogs in shelters are labeled as being part hound, and we see a wide variety of them for both boarding and daycare. If you put the time and effort into training your hounds and have reasonable expectations, they can make excellent, laid back companions. Yes, I said laid back. I cannot think of any hound I have met that I would classify as hyper. Some would argue that future behavior is all about the environment and the way a dog is raised. Environment certainly plays a tremendous role in a dog’s temperament but so do genecs, and we cannot change genecs. If you want the best possible companion that meets your criteria of “the perfect dog,” then spend some me researching the breeds before you get your dog. Next month I will discuss the Non-Sporng, Sporng, Terrier, and Toy groups. References 1 AKC website - hp://www.akc. org/public-educaon/resources/ dog-breeds-sorted-groups/ 2 Most Popular Dog Breeds Full Ranking List - hp://www.akc. org/content/news/arcles/mostpopular-dog-breeds-full-rankinglist/

Don Hanson is the co-owner of the Green Acres Kennel Shop ( in Bangor. He is a Bach Foundaon Registered Animal Praconer (BFRAP), Cerfied Dog Behavior Consultant (CDBC), Associate Cerfied Cat Behavior Consultant (ACCBC) and a Cerfied Professional Dog Trainer (CPDT-KA). He produces and co- hosts a weekly radio show and podcast, The Woof Meow Show heard on The Pulse AM620 WZON and streamed at hp:// every Saturday at 9 AM. A list of upcoming shows and podcasts of past shows can be found at Don also writes about pets at his blog:

Available in Men’s and Ladies sizes in Light Blue.

Net profits will be donated to the Rescue of the Month. Contact Jenn for available sizes 207-230-0260 x6.

July 2017



of the


ALMOST HOME RESCUE Helping Southern and Local Dogs find their forever homes By Susan Spisak

Their first mission was in April of 2005, when Chris Hanson, founder and then director of Almost Home Rescue (AHR), and her friend and dedicated volunteer, Amy Harmon, traveled to Arkansas in a minivan to save pups and dogs – including a sweet pregnant momma. This began their venture into the world of rescue. Chris wrote her impression of the challenges these dogs face: “In many of our rescue cases, their journey began months or years ago. Many had been abandoned by their owners at a kill shelter because no one wanted to put the me into housetraining or buy toys so they wouldn’t chew or obedience train to teach manners. It wasn’t their fault they were puppies, but they were le to die anyway. Many others just lost their way home and lived as strays; owners long ago gave up trying to find them, or they didn’t want to pay the fee to get them back.

So many others have just never been wanted or loved. They are all hoping to be one of the lucky ones that get to come to Maine to find their forever homes.” That was a dozen years ago. They now use a professional transport service and mostly pull dogs from Arkansas and Mississippi - or local rescue situaons as needed. And while there are many new volunteers and faces on their board, AHR’s senment is the same – to rescue as many dogs as they can and get them to the safety of foster homes, then offer them serenity in adopve, loving New England homes. When I had the opportunity to catch up with AHR’s Vice President, Karen C. Lombardi, she said that she and President Adele Jones are very proud to lead AHR’s day to day operaons. She added that she’s fostered over 80 dogs for the group since adopng her first dog from them in 2008, and they can always use more foster homes. Why? Dedicated fosters are key to AHR. The more fosters, the more dogs they can transport



4 yrs.

7-8 yrs., Shepherd/Pyrenees Mix

He was an older puppy when he was found abandoned with his siblings on a dirt road. He really is a love bug once you gain his trust, but geng there is the hard part. He is very shy and even though he has been around older kids, would probably do beer in a quieter home. He does fine with other dogs. His foster mom is working on leash training with him. He is a "smiler." He is about 50-60 pounds.

Shy, handsome and will need a special home. Fine with other dogs and cats but mid around people. He’ll need an owner with a lot of me, paence and willingness to walk him daily. Also needs a secure 6 . fenced-in yard to run around and stretch his legs. He needs a roune – that’s why we’re looking for an adopter near Cumberland, Maine so he can connue his progress at the daycare. Dodge was one of the Copiah County Rescue dogs out of Mississippi, saved from starvaon and life on a chain. Dodge came to us almost feral and has come a long way to learn to trust people. This damaged dog has a heart of gold.

Available at

to New England, moving them out of harm’s way. Consider fostering because it can be a life changing experience for you and that dog. Most of AHR’s rescues were close to euthanizaon, and by opening your home and heart to them, you’re helping them to trust and love again, and you’re affording them the opportunity of finding a forever home. Highly sasfying volunteer work! AHR checks vet references, requires a landlord reference and approval if applicable, and performs home visits. They want adopters to understand what owning a rescue dog means and what their various needs are. Karen added, “We also adopt for life, meaning if for any reason you can't keep your pet, it must be returned to AHR.” AHR is an all-volunteer 501(c) (3) non-profit rescue and is a Maine and New Hampshire Permied Dog Importer. For informaon on fostering and volunteering and to see all their adoptables, visit Send monetary donaons to their mailing address at Almost Home Rescue, P.O. Box 9421 #377, South Portland, ME, 04116-9421.

WATSON Meet Watson. He is a special needs dog, as he is parally blind – but he is able to see shadows, and is able to navigate quite well - you wouldn't even know he was blind. This sweet boy was found in the middle of a dangerous intersecon, with a wire wrapped around his neck, and had eye injuries. He was badly maed and very skinny. Watson has been nursed back to health and is ready to find his forever home in New England! He loves other dogs, people of all ages and is a total lap dog. Available at

Available at

Sponsored by

HOMETOWN VETERINARY CARE 51 Western Ave., Fairfield • 207-453-7387


Downeast Dog News

Dogs for Adoption View more available dogs on our website, See a dog you like, but don't have a computer? Call Jenn to help you reach the rescue: (207) 230-0260 x6




8 years, Boxer Mix

8 years

She is a very aeconate girl who loves people. Nothing makes her happier than spending me with someone and geng aenon. Great with kids. Prefers a home without cats or smaller dogs.

He loves going swimming, playing in the water, and car rides! Probably be best as an only dog, but he may be ok with a submissive dog as a companion. Happy guy who loves meeng new people. He has some skin allergies, so he needs a grain free diet. This bundle of love is totally worth it!

7 years, American Shelter Dog

Available at Pope Memorial Humane Society (207)594-2200.

An acve and friendly fellow who would prefer to be the only pet in a new home. Available at the Animal Welfare Society in Kennebunk (207)985-3244

Available at Pope Memorial Humane Society (207)594-2200.

Sponsored by

Sponsored by

Sponsored by

First Naonal Bank

Sunray Animal Clinic

Damariscoa Veterinary Clinic

16 Branches from Wiscasset to Calais 1-800-564-3195 • theďŹ

73 Admiral Fitch Ave., Brunswick (207) 725-6398 •

530 Main St., Damariscoa • (207) 563-3934




10 mos, Pit Bull Mix

1 year, Pit Bull Terrier Mix

3 years, Lab Mix

Eager to learn youngster who loves to show o his skills.

Dixie is a great girl, crate, kennel and house trained. She loves to play with other dogs, is great with kids and friendly with cats.

Available at the Animal Welfare Society in Kennebunk (207)985-3244

Visit www. to ďŹ ll out an adopon applicaon!

Very loyal, well trained dog. Sweet, lovable and somemes shy, quickly becomes the best friend of the humans in his life. House and crate trained but a crate is really not needed. Jack needs a quiet home with a lot of structure and love and where he can be the only dog. Visit to ďŹ ll out an adopon applicaon!




2 years, Catahoula Leopard Mix

4 years

5 years

Adores people and is very eager to please. Great with other dogs (not cats). Very mellow for her young age. Sophia does well with two walks per day. Sophia will ďŹ t in well with and make a wonderful companion for many types of families.

You will not ďŹ nd a more loving dog than Gracie. She loves to be loved and cuddled and hugged and kissed. Gets along with other dogs but will not tolerate being bullied. She doesn’t really play with other dogs - she is more about being with her person.

She is a chubby girl that has been moved around a few mes. She has hypothyroidism which makes her a lile bit grumpy but since we put her on medicaon, she lost 13 pounds and is feeling a lot happier! No children but small animals ok.

Email: Catahoula Rescue at

FMI: Puppy Love, Inc. (207)833-5199,

Available at PAWS in Camden (207)236-8702.

BOOMER 9 years, Weimaraner & Bloodhound Sweet & loving, Boomer is great with other animals & with all people. Extremely aeconate & would love a home where someone is home a lot. His person got sick and couldn’t care for him anymore. FMI:



8 years, Jack Russell Terrier

10 years, Beagle

A busy girl, Olivia is loving and aeconate once she gets to know you. She gets along with dogs as long as there isn’t a fence in between them. No kies. Would do ok with older kids. She’s a healthy and acve dog.

A sweet, friendly boy. Gets along well with other mellow dogs and cats, but especially loves people. Has arthris and some heart problems that we are working to get resolved, so he will need to go to a home that can work with his medical issues. Bart is a happy, easygoing boy who would make a great companion. Visit to ďŹ ll out an online applicaon.


Help us find a forever home! B            M   .        .

July 2017


July C lendar To submit or get more informaon on the events below, go online to

DO YOU HAVE AN UPCOMING EVENT? Let us know about it! Send info to jenn@downeastdognews. com or add to our online calendar at

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PET LOSS SUPPORT GROUP Saturday, July 1 Camden, 10 - 11 AM When a beloved pet dies it’s easy to feel overwhelmed by the intensity of your sorrow. Unfortunately, friends and family may not get how important your pet was in your life. Join others who share your feelings and understand your loss. Every first Saturday of the month, Ginny Ford will hold a Pet Loss Group in the P.A.W.S. Community Room at PAWS Animal Adopon Center, 123 John St., Camden. Feel free to bring along a picture, leash, poem, or other items that remind you of your pet. FMI:;; 207-236-8702

NAIL CLIPPING CLINIC Saturday, July 1 Camden/Rockport , 10 AM - 12 PM Shannon from Catahoula Rescue of New England will be at the Loyal Biscuit’s Camden/Rockport locaon on US Rte 1 in Rockport from 10am – Noon for our next nail clipping clinic! For just $10 you can have your pet's nails trimmed and all the proceeds will be donated to the Catahoula Rescue of New England. No appointment necessary, just stop by with your pup or cat.; 207-660-9200 x6

NAIL CLIPPING CLINIC Saturday, July 1 Rockland, 1 - 3 PM

Downeast Dog News would love to help you promote your business in 2017. With a readership throughout the state, our newspaper is a perfect way to reach nearly 10,000 pet lovers each month! Contact Publisher Jenn Rich for more info: jenn@downeast 207-230-0260 ext. 6

Shannon from Catahoula Rescue of New England will be at the Loyal Biscuit’s Rockland locaon at 408 Main St. from 1pm – 3pm for our next nail clipping clinic! For just $10 you can have your pet's nails trimmed and all the proceeds will be donated to the Catahoula Rescue of New England. No appointment necessary, just stop by with your pup or cat. loyalbiscuit. com; 207-660-9200 x6

GIVE ME SHELTER Saturday, July 1 Rockland, 7 - 10 PM A Rock and Roll Fundraiser for the Pope Memorial Humane Society held at the American Legion Post #1, on Limerock Street in Rockland, Maine. Live music from the band Raiza Red with special guests play host for a night of friends, community and lighng up the dance floor. This is our community; let’s support the Pope Memorial Humane Society and their mission to provide care and homes for our animals in the Midcoast. What a great way to help and have so much fun at the same me. Join your friends as we rock and roll for the shelter. $10.00 Donaon at the door, refreshments for sale and cash bar.

YAPPY HOUR Sunday, July 2 Portland, 11 AM - 1 PM Portland author Christopher Morin will be at Planet Dog at 211 Marginal Way in Portland to sell signed copies of his book "Three Labs a Lifeme". With each purchase, receive a free Planet Dog Old Soul bone!

ALES FOR TAILS Wednesday, July 5 Warren, 4 - 7 PM Join us for a pint or two at Simplicity Brewing, 2473 Camden Rd. (Rte. 90) next to Frantz Furniture and help PAWS raise some $$ too! Well behaved dogs welcome. hps://

PET LIFE ADOPTION EVENING Friday, July 7 Sanford, 3 - 7 PM Animal Welfare Society will be at the Sanford Pet Life at 1364 Main St., Sanford


with adoptable animals. More details to come.

NAIL CLIPPING CLINIC Saturday, July 8 Belfast, 10 AM - 12 PM Shannon from Catahoula Rescue of New England will be at the Loyal Biscuit’s Belfast locaon on 1 Belmont Ave from 10am – Noon for our next nail clipping clinic! For just $10 you can have your pet's nails trimmed and all the proceeds will be donated to the Catahoula Rescue of New England. No appointment necessary, just stop by with your pup or cat. loyalbiscuit. com; 207-660-9200 x6

NAIL CLIPPING CLINIC Saturday, July 15 Waterville, 10:30 AM - 12:30 PM Melissa from Primp my Paws will be at the Loyal Biscuit’s Waterville locaon on 109 Main St. for our next nail clipping clinic! For just $10 you can have your pet's nails trimmed and all the proceeds will be donated to the Humane Society Waterville Area. No appointment necessary, just stop by with your pup or cat. Convenient parking off of Temple Street, behind Lebanese Cuisine!; 207-660-9200 x6

WINE & WHISKERS Tuesday, July 25 Northeast Harbor , 6 - 10 PM Held at the Ascou Inn. This fesve event includes cocktails, hors d’oeuvres and LIVE music. Silent and live auc on items. All proceeds from the event will help support the operaon of the SPCA of Hancock County. Tickets are $125 and reservaons are required.

MUTT SCRUB Saturday, July 29 Boothbay Harbor , 11 AM - 3 PM Come join Two Salty Dogs Pet Ou iers in it's 5th Annual Mu Scrub at 22 McKown St. in Boothbay Harbor. Not only will there be the scrubbing of mu s,

but there will be compeons like The Doggie Talent Show where you can show off your dog's adorable quirks and talents, several rounds of Doggie Musical Chairs where the last dog to sit when the music stops is out, dog nail trimming, giveaways, and we'll be raffling lots of gi cerficates! ALL donaons received will benefit the Lincoln County Animal Shelter. Don't have a dog but want to help? Adoptable shelter dogs will be available for our volunteers to scrub with your donaon. Shampoos and condi oners are graciously donated by Mu Nose Best Natural Pet Products. FMI: hp://www. scrub.html Quesons? Want to get involved? Email or call our shop at (207) 633-7387.

RECURRING EVENTS FREE PUPPY PLAYSKOOL Thursdays, July 6, 13, 20, 27 Edgecomb, 5:30 PM A supervised, safe, socializaon opportunity for puppies less than 20 weeks of age at at Posively Best Friends, 280 Boothbay Rd, Edgecomb Ongoing Thursdays. FMI: marcia@; 207-882-7297;

PLANET DOG ADOPTION DAYS Saturdays, July 1, 8, 15, 22 Planet Dog Company Store at 211 Marginal Way in Portland hosts adopon days for those looking to add a new member to the family. So come join us for a fun-filled aernoon to socialize with our vising Rescue Group and their pups and learn more about the process of fostering and/or adopng. Soul-y Maine Pet Rescue: July 1st, 12-2pm Fetching Hope Rescue: July 8th, 12-2pm The Green Ark: July 15th 12-2pm Almost Home Rescue: July 22nd, 12-2pm

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Business Directory MIDCOAST

• Full service veterinary care from the heart. • Voted best Veterinary Clinic in Bangor 7 years running. • Now accepting new patients.

Mark Hanks, DVM Chris Barry, DVM 857 River Road Orrington, ME (207)825-8989


Terry Costa Warren, Maine







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*+,-.//0,/1,23 45%6)7(&

July 2017


U Boarding & Daycare U Dog & Cat Grooming U Dog Training Classes U Behavior Counseling U Wholesome Pet Foods U Quality Pet Supplies


ME License #F251

Your pet’s home away from home 1653 Union St., Bangor - 207-945-6841


Happy Anniversary & Thank You for Your Service!


Kate Dutra 25 years

Brenda Merrill 20 years

Voted: Best Kennel, Best Pet Store, Best Dog Trainer & Best Pet Groomer

AGILITY TRAINING BEAR BROOK KENNELS 19 Bennett Road, Brewer, ME 04412 tel 207-989-7979 fax 207-989-6927

Planning for summer trips and visits? We can help by boarding your four-legged friends! Boarding Doggie Daycare Grooming

We carry a wide range of products for your four legged friends! • • • • • • • •

Huge selection of premium pet foods Treats Apparel Kennels & Crates Flea & Tick Toys Beds Collars and leashes and much more . . .

We also carry products for fish, birds, rabbits and farm animals.

Book your dog’s stay today at Midcoast Maine’s Hotel for Hounds!

Trained staff

• Supervised playgroups • Individualized attention cabanas & • Sun two pools secure • Large play yards Paw-Safe cleaning • practices • Limited grooming

HARBOR HOUNDS 311 Park Street • Rockland, ME 04841 207-593-7913

July 2017 Downeast Dog News  
July 2017 Downeast Dog News