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Hot Dog News Dog Licensing AWS Underway on Major Don’t forget to license your dog. All license renewals are due by January 31, 2019. If you are Kennel Renovaon Project licensing a wolf hybrid, service/search or rescue dog or obtaining a kennel license please contact your municipal office. Some towns allow you to renew or obtain a new license online. Go to: hps:// to view the list of towns. The Animal Welfare Society (AWS) is embarking on a renovaon project to update its animal spaces and is seeking public support to achieve its goal. “For 50 years AWS has been here to help animals get to brighter days. But me has taken a toll on our kennels and animal spaces,” explains Abigail Smith, AWS Execuve Director. “The concrete blocks have crumbled, the floors have cracked, and the paint has peeled. The me to make these important updates is now.” The $300,000 project will include a full remodel of more than 7,000 square feet of space in the shelter and adopon center, creang brighter, larger and safer kennel spaces for the thousands of dogs and cats that make their way to AWS each year. AWS is relying on the public’s help to make this project a success. “With the public’s support, in recent years we’ve expanded and renovated our facility to include an outstanding veterinary clinic and dedicated animal training space so the pets in our care receive all the aenon they may need,” Smith explains. “We reach out today and ask our community of generous supporters and animal lovers to become a part of this crical project. The Animal Welfare Society has always been a place of happiness and of new beginnings. It’s me for our animal spaces to match the spirit of this work that we all do together.” To support the project, please visit hps:// or call (207) 985-3244 ext. 123.

Your dog licensing fees support: • Local Animal Control Officers and State Humane Agents • Invesgaon of animal cruelty complaints and enforcement of animal welfare laws • Compliance with rabies vaccinaon of dogs • Care for sick and injured stray animals • Return of lost dogs to their owners

Green Acres Kennel Shop is holding its 11th annual fundraiser for the Eastern Area Agency on Aging Furry Friends Food Bank from Sunday, November 18th through Wednesday, December 26th. The Furry Friends Food Bank helps lowincome seniors in Penobscot, Piscataquis, Hancock, and Washington counes feed their pets. Green Acres’ customers will be asked for a donaon when making purchases and donaons will also be accepted by mail and online. All funds raised will be used to buy pet food, at wholesale prices, for distribuon by the Eastern Area Agency on Aging Furry Friends Food Bank. Once the community donates $7000, Green Acres will donate an addional $1000. Due to the generosity of their clients and many others in the community, last year Green Acres’ raised a total of $8172; this year’s goal is $8000. People can learn more or donate online through the Green Acres website at www.greenacres-donate. com. Green Acres Kennel Shop owner Don Hanson states: “Thanks to the generosity of the community, during their last fiscal year, October 2017 thru September 2018, the Furry Friends

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Food Bank distributed over 74,233 lbs. of pet food to over 487 clients. All of that food was paid for through the generosity of people who care and understand the importance of keeping those 478 seniors and their pets together. Sadly the need for this service connues to grow every year as food insecurity connues to be an issue for far too many people.

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From the Publisher Dear Dog News Readers, I have just returned from my trip to Ireland and believe it or not Pepper and I survived a week without each other. It was our first me apart for more than two days, and I was feeling sad about leaving her, but it was just fine. She got to spend some special me with her Grammie, and I got a great recepon when I went to pick her up! I do have to say that the shops in Ireland are missing out on a big opportunity with at least us American tourists who are crazy about our dogs. I went into a lot of shops, and the only place that I found anything that resembled a souvenir for a dog was at Guinness, and it was a dog collar or a collapsible dish. Stuffed sheep everywhere but I didn’t want to take a chance on something not made specifically for dogs. Alas, I came home empty handed as far as my four-legged family members are concerned. Obviously, Pepper has no idea that she got sffed, and I’m sure my return was all she needed, but my shopping demon, who was seriously hard to control around all of the lovely woolen products for us humans, le a ny smidge disappointed. Shopping set aside, I had a lovely me touring around Ireland, a locaon that was in the top two on my bucket list, and I aended the beauful wedding of a friend. The day before I le I took a picture out the window of my office because I had a feeling the view might be different once I got back, and I couldn’t have been more right. I had a nice green lawn, and there were sll some leaves on the trees. The morning of my flight Pepper and I took a short hike and looking at the trees I was prey sure the leaves would be gone, and while

winter was inevitably drawing near, I wasn’t quite expecng all of the snow just yet; however, this is Maine! We wish everyone a happy holiday season and an even happier new year to

come! Stay warm and don’t forget our furry friends that have yet to find their forever homes. Warmest Wishes, Jenn and Pepper

Thank you Downeast Dog News would like to thank all who help make our paper possible each month! We certainly wouldn’t be able to do this without our adversers. They are very important part of our team! Also a special thank you to our sponsors who help us raise money for local rescues each month. They are certainly grateful! Thank you to our drivers, writers, designers, printers, editor and especially to our fellow dog loving readers! We look forward to another new year of Dog News!

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December 2018

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Welcome to December! Years ago when I started doing readings for pets, I couldn’t believe how many wanted their own stockings for the holidays. Some requested what I would consider cheap looking ones from the drug stores, and others expected one as fancy as what was hung for their owners. I know I don’t have to remind you to celebrate your pet this year, but ask them what they want, and be open to whatever thought or image pops into your head. They really are trying to tell you! Here are some of the quesons I received for this edion of Furry Words. Enjoy! Lisa R. asked about Hadley, a black lab, living. What can I do to help her anxiety? This is a dog who needs to feel needed, very much like a clingy friend who can’t figure out how to define who she really is without using the people she’s around as a frame of reference. I’m curious if you have a child because if you do, this dog is showing you a very amplified version of how the child feels about himself. When I ask how can you help them be more peaceful, I see a house decorated with pictures of family, and I hear stories of how the family rose up generaon aer generaon. Obviously, it would be strange to decorate the doghouse like that, but tell her about her breed (and if she’s a mix, pick one of the smarter of the ones!) and tell her how smart she is and what her strengths are. She needs to know that she’s not the first dog to experience this life, but that she’s fully equipped to do so. Yes, I know this sounds totally nuts. Trust me when I say I’ve relayed much crazier answers that have worked! Dawn H. has Maya, a German Shepherd. How can I help her anxiety?

Coughing Dogs Q. A week ago my neighbor brought over her new dog to play with my Barney. They had a great me, but now Barney is coughing and making choking sounds. What could this be?

Furry Words by Sara Moore

This dog feels it physically, and it becomes so uncomfortable!!! I get it’s a behavioral issue, and that she gets stuck on a thought, worries about it, keeps spinning it over and over in her head unl she wants to rip her hair out. Actually, is she? I would talk to a vet about a way to stop that brain cycle. She has the potenal to be so calm and loving, but it’s going to take the medical professionals to get her there. Jen R. asked about Mya, a black/ tan King Charles Cavalier who is three years old to find out about her separaon anxiety and car sickness. When I ask about separaon anxiety, I don’t feel anything like I did for the previous two dogs. I actually don’t feel any, but because she wants to show you/prove to you how much she loves you, it feels like she’s faking the symptoms, so you’ll feel more

Ask the Vet… by Dr. Judith Herman


There is a good chance that Barney picked up an upper respiratory pathogen from your neighbor’s new pup. Currently there seems to be an increase number of dogs exhibing signs of upper respiratory infecon (URI). There are a number of viruses and bacterial causes. We used to call everything kennel cough. Now we call it upper respiratory complex since a number of contagions can infect your dog individually or as a group. The most common respiratory pathogens are viral and bacterial. Dogs are protected from many of these viruses because roune vaccinaons include parainfluenza, adenovirus type 2, and distemper components. Other viruses that can cause URI that are not rounely vaccinated for are coronavirus, not the strain of corona that causes enteric


disease, canine influenza, and now avian influenza. There are vaccinaons available for the two influenzas. Many of you are familiar with the kennel cough vaccinaon, which many kennels require for boarding. This pathogen is a bacterium called bordetella bronchisepca. The pathogens cause inflammaon in the upper respiratory tree. This

important. It’s backfiring because it’s making you worry, and I think she just got the message that she can drop the charade. As for the carsickness, that’s totally real! The slight side to side moon makes her feel terrible and messes with the inner ear. I don’t think I’ve ever had a dog say that! I hear the word vesbular issues, but I’m not medical, so you’ll have to ask a vet if that makes any sense. My right ear feels more clogged, and I think it’s coming from that side. Kimberly W. is missing Crocket, a deceased yellow lab. “I miss him more than the moon, but if I could ask him, what do you miss most?” I have a so spot for yellow labs, and my Sophie crossed over the rainbow bridge four years ago, so I totally empathize with your loss. You know those early spring days when the leaves have just come out, and it’s sll chilly but the sun is geng stronger? He misses laying under the trees and being cooled by the earth and warmed by the sun. Crocket is quite deep, and I totally agree with him! Don’t be offended that he didn’t say he misses you. That is because he is always around you, and he hears you talking to him. Katrina M. has Myah-jade, a black and white Old English Bulldog. She wants to know if she is happy and content and in any pain, and if in pain, what is something she would want for comfort? She is happy although she shows me this by giving me a huge smile versus jumping up and down, which to me shows true inner contentment. Is she in pain? My front right shoulder instantly gets a sharp pain in the joint. If she were a human, she’d be in physical therapy, but when I ask her what she wants, I get I need help with mobility of that area. Doggie massage, YES! Pain meds? I don’t

like feeling droopy. CBD (the new things dogs have been asking for), NO. Water therapy? I chuckle when I say yes because I don’t know if bulldogs actually like water, but the pressure and cool water makes it feel good. She really is a loyal and dignified old lady! Pa A. has Tobler, a chocolate lab, and wants to know if she is on the right track. Yes you absolutely are! Both of you are finding balance in your lives. If you go for a long walk one day, you go on a shorter one the next. If you stay up late, you get to sleep in the next morning. I have to give a huge congratulaons to both of you for figuring that out! I do think that you’re intuively listening to him and respecng his abilies that may shi from day to day. My le back knee just started to ache, so keep an eye on that! If you want to be in the mix for a mini reading in this column, “like” the Sara Moore Enlightened Horizons Facebook page, and in the middle of the month, be on the lookout for a request for submissions. It happens fast, and this me I had 30 quesons within five minutes. I wish I could answer them all, but I get to as many as I can. You can always book a longer reading through the online booking page at www.enlightenedhorizons. com. Happy holidays to all of you and your beloved pets! I hope you enjoy the beginning of winter and find a way to feel true inner peace during what can oen be a season of chaos!

includes nasal passages, pharynx, throat, larynx, trachea, and bronchial tree. The symptoms your dog can exhibit are sneezing, discharges from the eyes and nose that range from a watery clear discharge to a thick yellowish green discharge, a sore larynx that will change the bark, a sore pharynx that impacts eang and swallowing, or a cough ranging from a dry hack to a croupy sound. Somemes there is a fever, difficulty breathing, and difficulty sleeping. Your dog can be infected anywhere dogs gather. This includes being groomed, going to dog parks, boarding kennels, training centers, and dog shows and events. They can also contract an infecon from a neighborhood dog they play with if the ming is right. The most suscepble dogs are puppies, elderly, and immune compromised individuals. Healthy dogs can contract URI, but it is usually dealt with by their healthy immune systems. The concern with an immune compromised individual is the potenal of a secondary infecon, which can lead to pneumonia. If your dog shows any of these symptoms or you feel your dog

has been exposed to any of these diseases, call your veterinarian. Many veterinarians will examine the dog in your car or a special room that is quaranned from the rest of their hospital. Your veterinarian will do a thorough examinaon. Somemes they will recommend further tests. Viral diseases will need to go its course with supporve therapy, such as give relief from the cough and fever. If there is an indicaon of a secondary bacterial infecon, an anbioc may be prescribed. What you can do to relieve the cough while waing to see your veterinarian is to give your pup honey or molasses. Both of these help relieve the inflammaon in the throat. Talk to your veterinarian before going to a dog event or boarding. Some of the vaccinaons to prevent upper respiratory disease need to be given weeks in advance, or they will not protect your dog.

Sara Moore is a psychic for people and pets who offers private and group readings, workshops and fundraisers. Go to FMI and to schedule a reading. email or call (603)662-2046.

Judith K. Herman, DVM, CVH Animal Wellness Center Augusta, Maine 04330

Downeast Dog News

DESK from page 1 all departments pour downstairs to welcome him. They drop what they are doing,â€? Rauni laughed. The dog lives at the front desk and greets visitors as they arrive. He is treated just like a guest canine-he has his own personalized L.L. Bean dog bed (his reads “Adopt Meâ€?), L.L. Bean dog toys, blankets, Inn by the Sea dog bowls for his gourmet meals and water, organic treats, and may be seen sporting an “Adopt Meâ€? vest on his daily walks around the grounds with staff and guests, too. “The dog’s life here is just being loved, cared for, and played with until adoption,â€? said Rauni. Jeana Roth, Director of Community Engagement at ARLGP, said she and Rauni have a good working relationship on this unique program. Rauni agrees, “We are thrilled to be working with them. I can’t say enough about ARLGP. They’re a terrific community organization.â€? To insure everything goes smoothly, ARLGP carefully scrunizes which adoptables will not only thrive in this hotel environment but are good with other dogs and children. It’s one of those win-win programs-it’s a nice opportunity for ARLGP dogs, and pet-loving vacaoners appreciate the Inn’s altruisc eorts. Jeana added one more winning aspect, “It’s brings a lot of fun experiences for the Inn sta.â€? Part of the reason it’s so successful is that guests, be it overnighters or those just in for a meal or drink, interact with a relaxed, chill dog in the seaside setting and may decide they can’t go home without him. Jeana added that it’s not just vacationers who adopt their off-site “Inn dogs.â€? Area residents may see an Inn foster dog on their website and drive to Cape Elizabeth to meet him. “You just don’t know who the dog is going to impact,â€? Rauni explained. She shared the story of a guest who invited her friend

Cloud Cl d fostered f d at IInn pictured i d with i h Guest G Services S i Manager, M Anne A B Bolton. l P C   I   S 

from southern New England to the Inn for lunch. The friend walked through the lobby, noticed the dog at the front desk, and asked Guest Services about him. She was distracted during the meal--she couldn’t get that dog off her mind. She had never planned on adopting a pet, but the chance meeting changed that. She drove to ARLGP, filled out an application, met with the adoption counselor to insure it would be a good match, and went home with her new companion. (It’s the same adoption process whether you pick out a dog at the shelter or meet him at the Inn.) A New York family and their dog spent a weekend at the ecofriendly boutique hotel. They all played with the dog at the desk,

decided he was a good fit for their clan, and adopted him. They came back for another vacation with the two dogs and did it all over again-they adopted the Inn’s foster dog. “They’re sticking to three dogs, and fortifying themselves against falling for the dog at the desk,� Rauni said and added, “That is one of the perks of this. As sad as we are to see the dogs go, they often come back a year or two later with returning guests.� One dog they don’t anticipate seeing anytime soon is sweet Puppet, a 12.5 lb. Papillon mix. He was rescued from a California shelter by ARLGP, brought to Maine, and was fostered at the Inn. A couple from Seattle, Washington was vacationing there and met and

adopted the 6-month-old snuggly boy. Puppet moved back west with his new parents. “That was a welltraveled little dog,â€? laughed Rauni. The Inn’s staff isn’t immune to their foster dogs, either. A few years ago, a new General Manager arrived at the Inn by the Sea. After two days on the job, he adopted the little Beagle that resided on the comfy bed at the desk. There was Mr. Chompers, an older toothless guy. “He was such a character dog,â€? said Rauni. “He was so ugly he was kind of cute.â€? A spa staffer connected with him--he visits with her occasionally. Jeana said this disnct joint venture caught the aenon of an Animal Planet network producer, and the upshot was that an AGRLP black and white pup named Juniper made the cut to be on “Team Ru’sâ€? starng lineup of Animal Planet’s televised 2018 Puppy Bowl XIV--their annual canine show that mimics a human football game--complete with commentary-and runs on the NFL’s Super Bowl Sunday. Animal Planet also ďŹ lmed a segment at the Inn, which shed light on the foster program and featured Juniper being loved by guests that aired during the Puppy Bowl. And yes, Juniper was quickly adopted. Sound like a great place to get away with your dog? The stunning Inn by the Sea is nationally recognized as one of the top dog spots and is so into four-leggeds that there’s no pet fee, no weight limit, and they allow three dogs per room/suite/family. While dogs are not permitted in the Spa or main dining room, they may dine with their owners in the Sea Glass Fireplace Lounge and alfresco deck--they do offer gourmet pet menus. One-third of their 61 rooms are open to your canine, and the staff can direct you to dog-friendly beaches, parks, and trails. Dog walking, dog sitting, and in-room pet massage and spa services are available. ( pet-friendly-beach-resort)

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Blueberries, Springer Spaniels, and Coffee: The Power of Basic One-Event Associaons I Training

was 5 or 6 years old at the me, and my family was taking a drive in Downeast Maine during the wild blueberry season. Oh, how I LOVED blueberries! We stopped and picked up a few quarts at a roadside stand and to my delight, one of the quarts was handed to my two siblings and me in the back seat. I was in heaven! I dove in, dipping out handfuls of delicious berries and pouring them into my mouth, sending myself into a blueberry trance. My siblings weren’t as enthusiasc, and my older sister teased, “Diana, you are going to get sick!” How could I get sick from something I loved eang? It didn’t make sense to my young mind. A few minutes later when my digesve system finally had a moment to comprehend what it had just been asked to do, combined with my propensity to get moon sick, we had to make an emergency stop. It was in the nick of me; we’d no sooner stopped than I was unbuckled and leaning over the car door threshold, deposing a large, blue-colored pile of slop on the pavement. I couldn’t eat blueberries for many, many years aer that. ***** My elderly friend saw me with a gregarious Springer Spaniel, and

Tips by Diana Logan

he instantly became quiet and withdrawn. He told me that when he was a young teenager he got bien by a Springer Spaniel, and ever since then, he just couldn’t trust them. He’s a dog lover, a dog owner, but sll, that

senment prevails with such tenacity that he remained suspicious of all Springer Spaniels. ***** She is in her 70s now and had never drunk a cup of coffee in her life. She took an unauthorized sip once when she was a young kid, and it tasted so uerly vile that she could never bring herself to try it again. In fact, the memory was so potent that she has a hard me coping with the simple aroma of coffee. ***** We all have stories similar to these. There are events and experiences in our lives that are so powerful that their effects linger long aerward. This holds true despite our ability to reason, use logic and problem-solve our way through things. We have the capacity to change our own behavior and way of thinking, yet these experiences still manage to maintain an influence over us.

FROM A DOG’S PERSPECTIVE Now imagine what it’s like to be our dogs, who lack the cognitive skills just described yet are subjected, time and time again, to things that cause them discomfort, fear, or anxiety. They don’t have a choice and all too frequently those fears become stronger due to continued exposure without appropriate intervention. Our dogs won’t try to use reason or talk themselves out of being fearful. We need to be more aware and intervene when necessary before that

fear or anxiety starts to fester and stick and before the dog starts to tack other things onto the trigger (such as getting into the car because the car may take the dog somewhere she doesn’t want to go). Vet visits are a good example. Puppies go to the vet a few mes and generally, the first me or two are “fine” - no obvious expression of discontent, but they may remember how they felt when a stranger restrained them and during some future visit, they make it crystal clear that they think the vet’s office is a torture chamber.

CLASSICAL CONDITIONING RULES! We need to implement strategic associave learning pracces BEFORE a potenally bad experience occurs in the first place. This means we need to make the assumpon that a pup will be fearful of vet visits. We can then take appropriate acon to ensure that the pup has the absolute best possible experience. We will have to repeat this paern over and over and over again. Food, toys, games, friends, mulple fun visits without exams - these all help to p the scales in favor of happy! It’s much easier to do this than to try to manage a terrified dog. In fact, many people don’t take their pets to the vet frequently enough because it’s so stressful for them. What one-event experiences have you had in your life that sll affect you? How about your dog?

Diana Logan, CPDT-KA Cerfied Professional Dog Trainer, Knowledge-Assessed Pet Connecon Dog Training, North Yarmouth, Maine | | 207-252-9352

Happy Holidays!


We take the time to listen, and treat your pets as if they were our own. Providing health and wellness to you and your pets in the Midcoast since 2012.

Kompletely K-9

Dog Training and Rehabilitation

We provide:

Full Service Veterinary Care Holistic & Acupuncture Treatments State of the Art Digital Imaging Ultrasonic Dentistry In House Laboratory & Diagnostics 207-563-8387 • 11 Coastal Marketplace • Damariscotta, ME


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207-322-5111 • 248 Choate Rd, Montville, ME 04941

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Veterinary rehabilitation and hydrotherapy • Laser therapy • Acupuncture • Herbal therapy • Nutrition counseling

Monday through Saturday, by appointment only. Christine Fraser, DVM

Swim all year round in our 13’ x 25’ indoor pool!

Located in Happy Tails Daycare at 119 Bishop St. Portland, ME Visit our website or call (207) 809-9505 for more information

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I am a Carolina Dog, a breed that

long ago owned Nave American people. We were designed by natural selecon to be so intelligent and physically superior that we survived without human help. My great-grandfather was caught from the wild. I can offer advice based on the natural insncts and aributes of wild dogs. In addion, my adopve person and I have had lots of training classes and other experiences. Some humans call themselves Mom or Dad of their dog, but I refer to my human, tongue in cheek, as Boss. Much as I love her, I admit she has many of the same odd noons as most humans, so I can relate to other pet dogs with problem humans. If I can’t help, at least I can offer sympathy, and we can have some fun talking about our amazing humans. Please send your quesons! Bammy, 280 Pond Rd., Newcastle, ME 04553, or email: Dear Bammy, My humans are starng to wrap things in bright paper and ribbons. I want to help, but they won’t let me. I know what’s going to happen because I am an older dog, and I’ve seen it before. They will carry in a tree – a real live tree! I have to smell all the news on it, but they keep tripping over me and trying to send me away while they make it

Ask Bammy An Advice Column for Dogs by a Dog

stand up and then hang lots of lile things all over it. The lile things smell like ac and mice, so I need to inhale all that, too. Then one day the whole family, including me and Skit (he’s my cat), open all the packages at the same me, and the humans keep going, “Oh, thank you! It’s beauful!” I LOVE to open packages! My packages have lots of wrappings and maybe a box inside a box, so they are lots of fun to open. I get

Immune-mediated thrombocytopenia (ITP) is

a fairly common disease in dogs and in people. It refers to destrucon of blood platelets by the dog’s own immune system. Platelets are small fragments of a precursor cell called a megakaryocyte that is formed in bone marrow. The result of this natural fragmentaon is several small, cloud-shaped circulang elements that are not related to white or red blood cells. Platelets are an integral part of the body’s mechanism to repair small injuries that occur in blood vessels. They accomplish this by forming clumps and essenally “plug” the leaky blood vessel. If the platelet count becomes too low for any reason, the body cannot maintain blood vessel integrity and spontaneous bleeding can occur. This phenomenon can become life threatening. Platelets are also involved in the first steps of normal blood clong which is necessary during trauma, injury, or surgery. As small as they are, dogs cannot live without them. A normal “platelet count” for dogs is approximately 175,000-300,000 per microliter of blood. If the platelet count is less than 100,000 per microliter, then the paent has low platelets or “thrombocytopenia.” This abnormality can go undetected. However, if the platelets drop below 50,000 per microliter, then the dog becomes at high risk of spontaneous hemorrhage, even without an injury. A decrease in platelets can occur secondary to decreased producon in the bone marrow or increased loss/destrucon. What does “immune-mediated” mean? A normal immune system has safeguards in place to recognize the body’s own cells as being “friendly.” When foreign cells or certain infecons are present in the body, the immune system detects these invaders and creates “anbodies” (smart bombs) to aach to and destroy the enemy. In the case of dogs with ITP, the immune system overreacts and aacks its own

December 2018

so excited when I find a new toy! Then they get a package out of the refrigerator. It’s wrapped in lots of brown paper bags that smell exactly like a beef bone! The humans cheer for me while I bite and claw and tear to get it out. MMM-mmm! Mom makes me stay on a towel while I chew it, but that’s okay. It’s SO good! Skit gets lile balls and things and a toy that looks like a mouse and smells like dry leaves, but it makes him crazy. He bites it and tears around chasing it and rolls on it unl he falls asleep. So, Bammy, what is this all about? We are all so happy and lovey - why don’t we do it more oen? Party Pup Dear Party Pup, That happens at my house, too. Boss’s grown up puppies and other friends who smell like family come with food and packages. I try to score a package while no one is looking, and I check the kitchen counters to see if I can reach anything. It’s prey good pickings because the humans are all talking at once and pung their paws around each other. But I’M not supposed to put my feet on people. Why not? I’m excited to see everyone, too. They even bring things for me! I hope you are aware of the doggy convenon that all hard parts

of a stuffed toy must be removed as soon as possible. You can chew a toy unl it’s slimy-wet, but it won’t stop squeaking unl you tear the squeaky thing right out of it. Also, parts like eyes and buon noses should be removed right away. Then you can disembowel it at your leisure. Oh, yes – your queson. It does seem to be all about love. They have lile pares now and then even one for me - so I don’t know why they don’t have the big ones more oen. Could it be something about the tree? Maybe they need it for the party and they can only cut it the beginning of winter? Happy Tree Day, pups! And give your humans a lick on the nose from me. Bammy

The Ask Bammy column is intended for humor and entertainment. If your dog has behavioral issues please contact a veterinarian or professional trainer.

ITP In Dogs

Blood Cells

platelets. Why does this happen? Most of the me, an exact cause is not found. Less commonly, it can be an aberrant response to certain infecons, cancers, vaccinaons, or medicaons. The rate of destrucon can be slow or rapid in onset. The faster it occurs, the more likely the dog will show symptoms. Platelets are destroyed at 10 mes the normal rate which rapidly lowers the platelet count. Most of the me, a healthy bone marrow will respond to the deficiency by increasing platelet producon. These newly released platelets are larger than normal but funcon well. Unfortunately, they oen cannot keep up with the ongoing destrucon. What are the symptoms of thrombocytopenia? In paents that have ITP from an unknown cause, the disease is remarkably “silent.” Most dogs act normally. The first symptoms that are oen noted include: 1) nosebleeds (epistaxis); 2) small, pinpoint red spots (petechiae) observed on the gums, whites of the eyes or belly; and 3) bruising of the skin (ecchymoses) of the belly and neck. Bruising as we know it in humans is otherwise very rare in dogs. If you observe any of these symptoms in your dog, immediate aenon is warranted.

Your veterinarian would generally start by asking you quesons about your dog’s health history and any recent vaccinaons, medicaons, or illnesses. Aer a physical examinaon, a blood test called a CBC (complete blood count) would likely be performed. This test will not only determines the platelet count but also gives informaon as to the health of the other cells in the bloodstream. Somemes the platelet count is too low to be accurately read by blood analyzers, and a manual count must be performed. If your doctor is concerned that there may be underlying disease causing the thrombocytopenia, he/she may recommend further tests such as radiographs, tests for infecon, and/or an abdominal ultrasound. Treatment for ITP depends on the severity of the disease. In asymptomac dogs, outpaent treatment with drugs that suppress the immune system’s ability to destroy the platelets is recommended. This virtually always includes prednisone (a steroid) which is rapid- acng, effecve, and generally safe. Anbiocs may also be used if infecon is suspected. If your dog has known bleeding, then hospitalizaon for treatment and monitoring is indicated. In paents that have lost significant blood through spontaneous hemorrhage, mulple drugs as well as a blood transfusion may be required. It is important to note that in most dogs who develop this disease, treatment is highly successful and reasonably rapid. Fortunately, once an increase in the platelet count is achieved, it does not usually relapse unless medicaons are disconnued prematurely. Gail D. Mason, DVM, MA, DACVIM Small Animal Internal Medicine/ Portland Veterinary Specialists


Happy Howlidays! Pepper’s Night Before Christmas Twas the night before Christmas, when all through the house Not a creature was srring, except maybe a mouse. The stockings were hung by the bookcase with care, In hopes that St. Nicholas soon would be there. Pepper was nestled all snug in her bed, While visions of tennis balls danced in her head. Mamma in her pjs with her mask on her eyes Aempted to sleep before the sunrise. When out on the lawn there arose such a claer, Pepper sprang from her bed to see what was the maer. Away to the window, she flew like a flash, Nudged open the curtains and made a loud crash. The light of the moon shining bright on the snow Gave view to the image of the scene just below. When, what to our wondering eyes should appear, Not twenty five turkeys but a sleigh with some deer.

Call today for the holidays! Happy Holidays!

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579 Alford Lake Road Hope, ME 04847

(207) 223-2596 559 South Main Street, Winterport, Maine You can also find us on Facebook

With a lile old driver, so lively and quick, I knew in a moment it must be St. Nick. Faster than greyhounds those flying deer came, And he whistled and shouted and called them by name!

With sparkling eyes and a white beard so long, His cheeks were so rosy, his nose like a Kong®! He had a broad face and his belly was round, And his jingling was heard by all neighboring hounds.

“Now, Dasher! Now, Dancer! Now, Prancer and Vixen! On, Comet! On, Cupid! On, Donner and Blitzen! To the top of the porch! to the top of the wall! Now dash away! Dash away! Dash away all!”

They eagerly waited and srred in their homes, Wishing for stuffies and tug toys and bones. Pepper she bounced like she did when excited, She could smell all the treats and was over delighted!

As dry leaves that before the wild hurricane fly, When they meet with an obstacle, mount to the sky. So up to the roof-top those reindeer they flew, With a sleigh full of dog toys, and St. Nicholas too.

A wag of Pep’s tail and a pat on her head, Soon lead me to know I had nothing to dread. He got right to his work and had a quick snack, Then brushed off the crumbs and slung his bag on his back.

And then, in a twinkling, I heard on the roof The sound of two boots and thirty two hooves. As I thought in my head and was turning around, We don’t have a fireplace, how will he come down?

No quesons were asked as he passed by my stocking, I knew absolutely why St. Nick kept walking. He gave me a wink as he put on his glove, I had the best gi, I had my dog’s love.

He’d done this before, it was not his first me, He snuck into our house, now was this not a crime? Not sure how he did it, he was sly as a fox, Pepper cared not and had a parade with my socks.

He sprang to his sleigh, to his team gave a whistle, And away they all flew like the down of a thistle. But I heard him exclaim, ‘ere he drove out of sight, "Happy Christmas to all, and to all a good-night!"


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ley’s Munch ies i M RMǺYWSYXSRPMRI

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'*1+&8 ŎåĬĵŅĹƋeƴåĹƚå ŠåĹƼŲŸ{Ĭ±DŽ±š ƖLjƀěĿƐLjěíŎLjLj

(&2)*374(05478 ĂƅŅĵĵåųÏĜ±Ĭ„ƋųååƋ ŠŽ„ŅƚƋåŎš ƖLjƀěƖƐƅěƐƐĂĉ

74(01&3) ĉLjía±ĜĹ„ƋųååƋ Š%ŅƵĹƋŅƵĹŅÏĩĬ±ĹÚš ƖLjƀěĂĿĉěĂƖƅĿ

;&8*7:.11* ŎLjĿa±ĜĹ„ƋųååƋ Š%ŅƵĹƋŅƵĹœ±ƋåųƴĜĬĬåš ƖLjƀěƅƅLjěĿƖLjLj

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WATERFRONT RESTAURANT Casual dining featuring fresh Maine seafood OPEN THROUGH DECEMBER 31 Inn, Restaurant, Lounge & Marina 80 Commercial Street Boothbay Harbor, Maine 04538 207-633-4434

Happy Holidays

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Downeast Dog News

December 2018

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Training Your Performance Dog Agility, Obedience, Tracking by Carolyn Fuhrer

Agility – Are Manners and Obedience Necessary?


ES, YES, YES! I can’t tell you how many mes we receive a call from a frustrated pet owner who says, “My dog is out of control and has a lot of energy. I think agility would be good for him.” Wrong! In order for the dog and handler to enjoy doing agility, the dog and handler need to have a connecon that they have established through basic pet training. Dogs must understand how to work for what they want, pay

aenon to the handler, and understand the basic commands of come, sit and wait, come along with me, and know when they can go (a release). If a dog has basic good pet manners (which all dogs should have whether they do agility or not)

and understand how to get “paid” by their owners, then they are on their way to becoming excellent agility candidates. Many people see agility as simply an outlet for energy when actually it is a fast-paced journey through many obstacles in which the dog is cued and instructed by the handler in how to negoate the course. It is a fast-paced teamwork sport that needs to be done safely. Somemes in learning agility you may need to hold your dog by the collar for movaon, perhaps to steady him, or to define a posion. Your dog should have no aversion to you taking his collar. You should be able to hold your dog by the collar without him being upset or frightened. Somemes you might also need this for safety. This can be taught as a “touch” game with a clicker so that the dog will willingly “give” his collar to your outstretched hand. Your dog should not be afraid of your space nor should he be aempng to control the space. Any dog that will have the privilege of being free needs to understand and respond when his handler says “come”. Anything less

than this is really unsafe. Perhaps “come” is one of the best things we can teach our dogs. Name recognion (which should be taught in puppy class) should bring your dog’s aenon to you, and the word “come” should physically bring the dog to you. These two skills – name recognion and “come” – should be reinforced throughout your dog’s life. Someday they may even save his life. Sing and waing to be released is a necessary skill to start the course, so you can give your dog proper direcon and help him safely negoate the course. Running alongside you and taking direcon without tripping you, bing you, or running away to visit or jump the ring boundaries because of distracon is also a necessary skill. While it is nowhere near as precise as heeling in obedience, the agility dog needs to go with you and respond to your movement without interfering with you. Taking the me to teach basic manners and basic obedience skills will give you a dog that is ready to explore and enjoy the challenges of agility. As an added bonus, you also get a well behaved pet to live with.

Carolyn Fuhrer has earned over 100 AKC tles with her Golden Retrievers, including 2 Champion Tracker tles. Carolyn is the owner of North Star Dog Training School in Somerville, Maine. She has been teaching people to understand their dogs for over 30 years. You can contact her with quesons, suggesons and ideas for her column by e-mailing

Hometown Veterinary Care would like to thank all of our wonderful clients and pets for their trust in our care! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Mon.-Fri. 7-5:30, Sat. & Sun. 9-5 • Discount Vaccination Clinics last Sunday of the month

207-839-7456 336 Gorham Road Scarborough, ME

Dr. Rita Demeuse, DVM Dr.Thomas Schuld, DVM

Please adopt me! Frank

Maine Veterinary Medical Center A Specialty and 24/7 Emergency Hospital in Scarborough Open 24/7 year round Located next to Scarborough Downs in the Enterprise Business Park right off Route One.

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MVMC 207.885.1290 MVMC




Emergency & Specialty Hospital

D IC AL CENTE Scarborough, Maine



Downeast Dog News

If You Love Dogs or Work with Those Who Love Dogs, You Need to Read This Book! Book Review – Dog Smart: Evidence-based Training with The Science Dog by Linda P. Case


hat we know about the science of canine behavior and dog training is connually evolving. As such, every year I like to select a new book to recommend to my students, my sta, area veterinarians, and my colleagues that I feel will be the most beneďŹ cial to them and their dogs. This year I have chosen Dog Smart: Evidence-based Training with The Science Dog by Linda P. Case. At the beginning of her book, Case states she has two primary objecves: â€œâ€Śto provide accurate summaries of some of the most important evidence regarding present day understanding of the dog’s history and domescaon, behavior, social cognion, and learning process.â€? and â€œâ€Ś to apply this informaon to praccal dog training methods and to provide means for communicang this informaon and teaching these methods in ways that are both interesng and useful to all dog owners.â€? From both my perspecve as a pet care professional and as a pet parent, I believe that Case has met her objecves admirably. The idea that one must be dominant or the “Alphaâ€? with his dog has probably done more damage to the human-dog relaonship than any other piece of bad advice given by anyone about dogs. Case does an excellent job of geng into the scienďŹ c details about dominance. She clearly explains how dogs and

WORDS, WOOFS & MEOWS by Don Hanson

an outdated hierarchy model that focuses on strict social roles and conict.â€? If you are a trainer and having diďŹƒculty explaining this to your clients or a pet parent trying to explain this to other family members, you need to purchase and share this book. Other topics addressed by Case include: •




wolves are related and how they are also very dierent. Case then goes on to discuss the scienďŹ c view of how the dog evolved and eventually became our companion. No discussion of that process would be complete without a review of how humans developed a seriously awed theory called the “hierarchical model of pack behaviorâ€? which led to the false belief that we had to dominate our dogs and physically punish them to ensure we were always in control. Case uses science to explain how this model has been refuted and goes on to state, “A parentfamily model beer describes wolf relaonships in packs than does


my clients and their dogs is oen the erroneous beliefs they have acquired about dogs and their behavior from the internet, TV, friends, family, and sadly even ill-informed pet care professionals. The American Animal Hospital Associaon (AAHA) acknowledged this as a serious problem in 2015 when they published their 2015 Canine and Feline Behavior Guidelines. Unfortunately, this document was not wrien for Jane and Joe Pet-Parent and does not oer the addional wise counsel found in Dog Smart: Evidence-based Training with The Science Dog. Linda Case, thank you for ďŹ lling that void! For those who want to know as much as possible, Case has also provided ample references to the scienďŹ c arcles supporng her work. If you love your dog, or if you work with people who love their dogs, you owe it to them to read Dog Smart: Evidence-based Training with The Science Dog by Linda P. Case. It is the smart thing to do.

Dog breeds and how they inuence behavior. Anyone thinking of geng a dog should read this secon before deciding which kind of dog he wants as a companion. The crical importance of adequate and appropriate puppy socializaon and habituaon. Case explains why early socializaon is crucial to a puppy's development but adds a very important warning; if you do not do it right, you may create behavioral problems. Socializaon is one of those issues that I ďŹ nd far too many alleged “dog expertsâ€? do not understand well. They are all perfect candidates for this book. The emoonal response to the use of aversives in training and why reward-based training free of pain, fear, and force is the only humane choice. Case notes that she has chosen â€œâ€Śreward-based training methods (aka posive reinforcement) as a training approach because: 1) It works well. 2) It has desirable emoonal and relaonship beneďŹ ts for our dogs and for us and is not associated with causing pain, anxiety or stress in dogs. 3) We have evidence for 1 and 2.â€?

As a pet care professional, I have found the biggest obstacle to helping

Don Hanson is the co-owner of the Green Acres Kennel Shop ( in Bangor where he has been helping people with their pets since 1995. He also produces and co- hosts The Woof Meow Show heard on AM620 -WZON every Saturday at 9 AM. Podcasts of the show are available at Don also writes about pets at his blog: He is commied to pet care and pet training that is free of pain, force, and fear. The opinions in this column are those of Don Hanson.








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When your pet is in need of advanced diagnostics and treatments in a caring and professional environment, the team at Portland Veterinary Specialists will go the extra mile to provide the best care possible for you and your pet. Internal Medicine • Cancer Care • Surgery • Ophthalmology • Cardiology Acupuncture Integrative Medicine • Dermatology • Ultrasonagrapy Endoscopy • Radioactive Iodine Therapy • Laser Therapy 2255 Congress Street, Portland, Maine 04102 739 Warren Avenue, Portland, Maine 04103 Phone: 207-780-0271 • Email:



of the


RESCUE OF THE MONTH: PITTIE POSSE RESCUE & SANCTUARY A Unique Non-Profit By Susan Spisak Bri Bolnick rescued her first Pit Bull from the streets of New York City 20 years ago, and since then, she’s been on a mission. That dog was fraught with issues, and her dedicaon to him prompted her to not only volunteer for a few Pit rescues but also research the breed. She discovered that there’s an abundance of “bully breeds” in pounds and shelters--and they are oen feared and have been abused and/or neglected. What troubled her then and always will is that their degree of loyalty to their owners is oen exploited (think dog fighng). She moved to Maine, got married, and convinced her husband, Todd Sullivan, to iniate a Pit rescue and sanctuary. That was in 2016…in January of 2017, they applied for a state shelter license and import permit, and in December of 2017, their first dogs came under their wing. Dogs come to them as local owner relinquishments, those seized in cruelty/ criminal cases, and from high kill shelters in the south. They’ve done a good job as a new rescue--

Bri esmates by the end of this year, they will have taken in and rehomed around 100 dogs. The rescue has a one, three, five, and ten year growth plan which includes not only taking in, training, and socializing their rescues, but advocang for spay/neuter and responsible dog ownership. They’ll also focus on educang dog owners to train and properly socialize their dogs-especially the harshly judged bully breeds, mixes thereof, and their “cousins.” While they have teamed up with southern rescuers to aack issues that have resulted in an overflow of dogs in high-kill shelters, they recently made their affiliaon more formal--they introduced Pie Posse South. These partners in Thomasville, Georgia are heading up animal educaon in schools and the spay/neuter educaon and iniave at the root of the problem in the south. They’ll also lobby to strengthen and change Georgia state laws to protect animals more effecvely. Bri ’s goal is to have her 501(c) (3) selfsupporng. She and her core of volunteers are

hoping to receive grants, so they can purchase land near Saco for Pie Posse Rescue & Sanctuary kennels and training facility. (Once the dogs are trained, they’ll move into foster care.) But they’ll also build a separate commercial training, boarding, and doggie day care facility on-site that will sustain the rescue--she doesn’t want to connually ask for donaons. (Bri ’s personal business now is funding a great deal of the rescue’s training and veng.) Bri said one main thing that sets Pie Posse Rescue & Sanctuary apart from other rescues is that they provide support and guidance to the adopter for the life of the dog. “It’s important to us,” she said. She also noted that they do take in some non bully breeds; she has a hard me saying no to a dog in need. They welcome donaons for their sanctuary land purchase as well as volunteers--cerfied trainers, fosters, and administrators to process applicaons and perform virtual home tours. For more info, visit




Really couldn't get any cuter if she tried! Look at those ears! She's a bouncing ball of puppy energy. Do you need more fun in your life? Pippy (and her sister Penny) are waing for their forever families.

Could melt you with her big brown eyes. Loves to lean on her humans and snuggle on cold rainy days. An older gal who already knows how to be an outstanding companion. Our special blue blockhead prefers to be the only pet. She has the sweetest demeanor and truly deserves the best.

Total love bug who loves kids and dogs. Adores the snow! Doesn’t pull on the leash. Would be perfect in an acve family and could benefit from a companion.


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HOMETOWN VETERINARY CARE 51 Western Ave., Fairfield, ME • 207-453-7387


Downeast Dog News

Dogs for Adoption View more available dogs on our website, See a dog you like, but don't have a computer? Call Jenn to help you reach the rescue: (207) 706-6765




4 yrs., Hound Mix

9 yrs., Min Pin/Chihuahua

3 yrs., Australian Cale Dog

Sweet as can be. She is also quite shy, and will need someone who is very paent. She wants very much to be part of a family. She needs to go to a home where there is a conďŹ dent dog that can be her role model. Fine with cats, but young children would be too scary for her. FMI: hp://

Very cute, smart, outgoing and food movated. She has an old injury that makes her very sensive to touch, so she needs a paent person and no children in her home. She is dog selecve. Her ideal home would have few or no steps, and direct access to a fenced yard. FMI: hp://

Interested in dog sports such as yball, agility, or nose work? Waylon could be the dog for you! This lile nugget of love is not for a ďŹ rst me dog owner or a home with children under 12. He needs to be an only dog and absolutely needs a job.

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Sponsored by

First Naonal Bank

Scarborough Animal Hospital

Sunray Animal Clinic

16 Branches from Wiscasset to Calais 1-800-564-3195 • theďŹ

29 First St., Scarborough • (207) 883-4412

73 Admiral Fitch Ave., Brunswick • (207) 725-6398



9 yrs., Hound Mix

9 mos.

Her owners le her at a farm where she was living outside for a year. This sweet girl loves people. Would be best suited with a larger dog companion aer a meet and greet. Would do Sh can jump j ffences, so well with older children. She she will need to be kept on leash. She loves long walks and geng lots of aenon.

Sweet and spunky. She takes some me to adjust to new faces but has lots of love and playfulness to oer.

4 yrs., Beagle


Tall Tails Beagle Rescue, (207) 797-5392

P.A.W.S. Animal Adopon, (207) 236-8702

Sponsored by

Hello Doggie Daycare 1311 Roosevelt Trail, Raymond • (207) 655-6521

Lola has high anxiety and can be diďŹƒcult to handle, but also has a loving side. Used to be a companion dog for a sick teenager. I helped her get beer and now she is in college. I am a scared girl who needs a safe quiet home without children. Would prefer to be the only dog. Tall Tails Beagle Rescue, (207) 797-5392




8 mos., Catahoula Leopard Dog

9 yrs., Boxer Mix

9 yrs., Whippet Mix

Sweet and goofy, with looks that could kill. Loves to snuggle on the couch with his foster mom. He would love to ďŹ nd a family that has room to run and is willing to work with him on his training and hearing impairment. This sweet boy needs a home with breed and deaf dog experience. FMI:

Cuddly and lowenergy, Lady is a big lap dog. She does have plenty of energy when it comes to patrolling her yard. Lady would like a quiet home with no kids. She will need leash walks and ideally a fenced yard.

An adorable, energec dog who is ready for his forever home. He’s a busy lile guy, but once he has his surroundings cased, he is happy to give and receive aenon. Kies are too tempng for this pup, but older kids would be ok.

FMI: hp://

FMI: hp://




Lab/Mas Mix

7 mos., Shih Tzu/Yorkie

3 yrs., Cale Dog Mix

Dex is NOT A LAP DOG. He loves to play and run and is VERY acve. He is friendly and likes both people and other dogs. Dex would do best in a home with another similar sized dog that loves to play, and an adopter that is acve and can sasfy his energy level.

She is medium energy and always up for an adventure. This girl is very loyal and scks by the side of those that she loves and trusts so she will make the perfect best friend for her new family.

In search of a home with older folks and no kies. He has oodles of love and cuddles to provide! He LOVES toys, and gets the "zoomies" quite oen in our play yard (which is probably the cutest thing ever)!

Kennebec Valley Humane Society, (207) 626-3491

P.A.W.S. Animal Adopon, (207) 236-8702

Help us find a forever home! B     

      M  . 


December 2018


December C lendar To submit or get more informaon on the events below, go online to the container element. It’s t’s a Dog’s World, 3 White Birch Ln. (207)363-0099;

NAIL AIL CLIPPING CLINIC Saturday, December 1 Brewer, 10AM – 12PM Danielle from the SPCA of Hancock County will be at our Loyal Biscuit Brewer locaon at 421 Wilson St. from 10am – 12pm for our next nail clipping clinic. The cost is $10 per pet and all proceeds will be donated to SPCA of Hancock County. No appointment necessary.; (207)660-9200 x7

TOE NAIL TUESDAY Tuesday, December 11 Rockland, 11AM – 1PM Is your pet in need of a pedicure? Bring them down to Pet Quarters located at 235 Camden St, Rockland and Shannon from Catahoula Rescue of New England will be on hand to make your fur kids look their very best! We trim not only dogs, but cats, rabbits, guinea pigs, you name it! Nail Trimmings and Ear Cleanings are available for $10.00 each or combo price of $12.00 for both. All funds raised go directly to rescue.

HOLIDAY PET PORTRAITS Saturday, December 1 Belfast, 10AM – 1PM Becky Lowe Photography will be in our Belfast locaon at 1 Belmont Ave. to take Holiday themed photos of your pups! These photos are for animals only. Becky will have a variety of props but if you want to bring some along feel free! Sing fee - $35 per pet. Includes 3-5 images via digital download. A flash drive is available for an addional $25. A poron of all sing fees will be donated to our annual Holiday fundraiser. To make an appointment, email: ashleigh@ Walk-ins will be accommodated as best as possible! (207)930-8100

and Shannon from Catahoula Rescue of New England will be on hand to make your fur kids look their very best! We trim not only dogs, but cats, rabbits, guinea pigs, you name it! Nail Trimmings and Ear Cleanings are $10.00 each or a combo price of $12.00 for both. All funds raised go directly to the rescue.

NAIL TRIMMING CLINIC NAIL TRIMMING CLINIC Saturday, December 1 Rockland, 12PM – 3PM Is your pet in need of a pedicure? Bring them down to Pet Quarters located at 235 Camden St, Rockland

DO YOU HAVE AN UPCOMING EVENT? Let us know about it! Send info to jenn@downeastdognews. com or add to our online calendar at

CALL AHEAD! Event schedules are subject to change. Contact individual event organizers to confirm times and locations. Downeast Dog News is not responsible for changes or errors.

Saturday, December 8 Camden, 10AM – 12PM Is your pet in need of a pedicure? Bring them over to Taxes Plus located next to the Camden Dog Park in the old Camden/Rockport Animal Shelter at 146 Camden St., Camden and Shannon from Catahoula Rescue of New England will be on hand to make your fur kids look their very best! We trim not only dogs, but cats, rabbits, guinea pigs, you name it! Nail Trimmings and Ear Cleanings are available for $10.00 each or combo price of $12.00 for both. All funds raised go directly to the rescue.

HOWLIDAY OPEN HOUSE Saturday, December 8 Brewer & Waterville, 10AM – 5PM Join us at our Loyal Biscuit Co. Brewer location at 421 Wilson St.

and Waterville location at 109 Main St. for a festive day! Enjoy 15% OFF* your total purchase, pet friendly Holiday Eggnog from The Honest Kitchen, and cookies & cocoa for YOU while you shop! This is a great opportunity to stock up on Holiday toys and treats to fill your pet's stocking or spoil your neighbor's dog, grand-puppy, furniece, etc.! *Sale does not include kibble, canned, or raw (frozen, freeze dried, or dehydrated) dog or cat diets as well as the Self-Serve Dog Wash. This Howliday sale is only available at our Brewer and Waterville locations.

CRAFTY CONTAINERS Sunday, December 9 York, 8AM Michele Ellertson, CNWI, NACSW Judge & CO. Michele will combine odor theory, handling skills and container element specific material with fabric and nonfabric containers you may find at a trial. Register today and learn how to overcome common pitfalls and training mistakes as you and your dog work over multiple container problems while teaching your dog about

AROMA JOE’S JINGLE FOR THE DOG PARK Saturday, December 15 Standish, 5AM – 9PM Aroma Joe's is going to donate 10% of all sales on December 15th to the Standish Dog Park.

HOTDOGS FOR THE DOG PARK Saturday, December 15 Standish, 10AM – 2PM Standish Hardware is hosng a fundraiser for the Standish Dog Park. Hotdogs, chips and a drink will be available in exchange for a donaon. There will also be raffle prizes and 50% of the sales from Pet Safe Ice Melt will be donated to the Park.

NAIL CLIPPING CLINIC Saturday, December 15 Waterville, 10:30AM – 12:30PM Melissa from Primp My Paws will be at our Loyal Biscuit Waterville locaon on 109 Main St. for our next nail clipping clinic. Convenient parking off of Temple Street, behind Lebanese Cuisine! The cost is $10 per pet and all proceeds will be donated to the Somerset Humane Society. No appointment necessary. loyalbiscuit. com; (207)660-9200 x7

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Do you have a pet-friendly business? Reserve your space today in the 2019 petMAINE guide! “The ultimate guide to enjoying Maine with your pets” • • • •

Reach pet owners in and out-of-state Great resource for travelers and locals 50,000 printed copies Posted online as an interactive e-guide and • Guide includes pet-friendly lodging, dining, dog parks, beaches and trails, veterinarians, day cares, kennels, activities and more! “[petMaine] is a must-have for folks who can’t bear to leave Rover at home.” ~ Patricia Harris, Boston Globe correspondent For more information, please contact: Jenn Rich, or (207)706-6765


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rip? nat Come home to a Clean House & Happy Pets

go Goin The ďŹ nal act of kindness for your pet, in the comfort of home.

cell (848) 333-2211



Sara Moore


Little Dove Farm



• Loving pet caregiver in your home within a 30 mile radius of Camden • Professional housekeeper • Farm animal care also available

Robin Elms, DVM

Reach New Customers! Adverse


Betty McBrien 701-8491

• Affordable • All Species • Cremation thru Ashes to Ashes • In-home Consultations




Psychic for People & Pets

Communicate with your pets, living or deceased with Sara Moore. Long distance sessions available! As heard on 94.9 and Magic 104.5

FOOD from page 2 Green Acres Kennel Shop sees this fundraiser for the Furry Friends Food Bank as an opportunity for us to help these best friends, senior and pet, stay together, giving one another what they both need, companionship. By donang to this cause, you help prevent a senior from having to choose between feeding themselves or their pet. When your pet is all you have, foregoing eang, not reďŹ lling a prescripon, or turning the heat down very low, are some of the sacriďŹ ces that you may make to keep your best friend with you. Please help.â€?

Happy Endings for River Road Dogs

People may follow the activities of the fundraising drive on the FaceBook page for the Friends of EAAA Furry Friends Food Bank at ( FFFFB). The Eastern Area Agency on Aging is an independent, nonproďŹ t 501(c)3 organizaon serving Penobscot, Piscataquis, Hancock, and Washington counes dedicated to providing seniors, adults with disabilies and caregivers with a variety of opons, opportunies, resources, and referrals. (hp://

Available in Men’s and Ladies sizes in Light Blue.


idcoast Humane’s "River Road Dogs" are home at last! Aer a successful adopon weekend (with a line spanning the parking lot, no less) they have found the forever families they've been waing for. Aer being seized from a home in August, they spent three months in our care while the invesgaon was underway. They needed extensive medical care and me to heal - but heal they did. There were many smiling faces and wagging tails - thank you to everyone that came out in the cold to give these special dogs a loving home. If you’d like to make a donaon to Midcoast Humane go to or call (207)449-1366.

December 2018

Net profits will be donated to the Rescue of the Month. Contact Jenn for available sizes: • 207-706-6765


U Boarding & Daycare U Dog Grooming U Dog Training Classes U Behavior Counseling U Wholesome Pet Foods U Quality Pet Supplies


Acana Blue Buffalo Blue Seal Bravo Canidae Earthborn EnTrust Eukanuba Friskies Fromm Health Extension Iams Max Merrick Natural Balance Nutrisource Nutro Orijen Pedigree Pro Pac Pro Plan Purina Science Diet Solid Gold Stella & Chewy’s Taste of the Wild Triumph Wellness Weruva Whiskas & More!

ME License #F251

Your pet’s home away from home 1653 Union St., Bangor - 207-945-6841

Voted the Bangor Regions: Best Kennel, Best Pet Store, Best Dog Trainer & Best Pet Groomer

Please Help Area Seniors Feed Their Pets

In the spirit of the season, please join us in donating to the Furry Friends Food Bank so that seniors and their pets can both eat. Thank you!

Bring your dog to check out our huge selection of dog treats and toys!

Ames Supply 447 Bath Road/US Rt1, Wiscasset Mon.- Fri. 7:00 - 5:30 • Sat. 7:00 - 5:00 • Closed Sun.




Planning a vacation? Planning for summer trips and visits? Wehelp canby help by boarding We can boarding your your four-legged friends! four-legged friends!


“Where Every Dog’s A Star!”

Boarding Doggie Daycare Grooming BOARDING DETAILS Cage-Free Staffed 24/7 10:1 Dog to staff ratio 30 Total capacity Personalized Care for every dog

CALL US TODAY TO RESERVE YOUR DOG’S SPACE!* *All dogs new to the facility must pass their audition and spend at least one full day with us before their stay.

1311 Roosevelt Trail Raymond, Maine 04071


Book your dog’s stay today at Midcoast Maine’s Hotel for Hounds!

Trained staff

• Supervised playgroups • Individualized attention cabanas & • Sun two pools secure • Large play yards Paw-Safe cleaning • practices • Limited grooming

HARBOR HOUNDS 311 Park Street • Rockland, ME 04841 207-593-7913

2018 December Downeast Dog News  
2018 December Downeast Dog News