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Welcome to our Home!

When my husband and I were married 15 years ago, we decided to honeymoon in Maine. We spent two weeks driving along the coast, exploring lighthouses and museums, parks and Main Streets. We breathed in the salty sea air, discovered delicious food, and experienced that distinctive combination of special things Maine has to offer—rare beauty, a magnetic simplicity, and some of the best darned people you’ll ever meet. We fell in love with the rocky coastline, the gorgeous old homes, and the welcoming spirit of all the hard-working people we met along the way. We knew immediately in our hearts that this was the place we wanted to call home. It’s been thirteen years since we turned that dream into a reality and made Bucksport the home of our family and our small business. If you are looking to start a business, relocate a business, or find a new home, we can say from experience that there is no better place to be than the Bucksport Bay Area. Bucksport’s central location made it an ideal place for us to call home. As a former mill town that is now a Heart and Soul ® community, Bucksport is at an exciting point of transition, where residents are shaping the future by creating a shared sense of belonging and strengthening the social, cultural, and economic vibrancy of our town. Whether you are new to the region or returning after a time away, your voice will be welcome. We never worried that we would not be able to find all of our needs met. There is so much in this area. Within 25 miles, in any direction, you could swim in a lake, splash in the salt water, Ski or hike on a mountain, visit a fair, eat at acclaimed restaurants, Fly out of an international airport, take in a live performance, shop at a farmers’ market, look out from a lighthouse, walk in a 1800’s fort, and listen to a volunteered powered community radio station. This is just a small list of what you can discover here and for my family, jobs, good schools and a wonderful place to build a life. We couldn’t possibly squeeze into these pages all of the reasons to come for a visit—or to stay! But we’ve tried to give you a taste of what makes this place so special. To learn more, call, drop by, or email us any time at the Chamber and we’ll help you discover why the Bucksport Bay Area is right for you. Thank you for picking up this guide and taking the time to read it.

I sincerely wish to see you in anyone of the communities the chamber serves, I promise to smile and wave hi! if I do. Leslie Wombacher Executive Director Bucksport Bay Area Chamber of Commerce

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PLAY in the Bucksport Bay Area M

ake hay while the sun shines! You can fly your kite or enjoy that outdoor concert at a festival or spend the day at the beach. You can hike in Acadia, or kayak on Toddy, or waterski on Alamoosook, or swim, or picnic, or pick strawberries, or visit our local playground or golf course all of these marvelous things await you when the weather cooperates.

When you wake to the sound of heavy raindrops pattering on rooftops, to the muffled whoosh of tires spinning by on drenched asphalt, to the trickling of water down windows or the deluge pouring out of gutters, you might groan with disappointment. You lie in bed and look up at the ceiling, regretful, pent up, angry even. You might think that this vacation day, this summer weekend, this morning off is ruined. 4

Rustic Camps to Premier Estate Rentals, Ocean Getaways and Quiet Retreats. We have a full range of choices. 207-374-5444

Bucksport Bay Area Visitor’s Guide 2017

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All of the obvious outdoor fun you intended seems lost, your precious time off wasted. Unless, of course, you know the truth…

Two Great Attractions at One Site

Penobscot Narrows Observatory & Fort Knox State Historic Site Prospect, Maine

Open May 1 through October 31 Ride northern New England’s fastest elevator 420’ feet up for spectacular views of Penobscot Bay and beyond. Also, explore Historic Fort Knox one of the best-preserved 19th Century seacoast fortifications in the country. Located off US Rte. 1 on the way to or from Bar Harbor. Prospect, Maine 207-469-6553

The truth is that on rainy days some of the best ways to play in the Bucksport Bay Area beckon. There are movies, of course, and popcorn to be had; there are books and magazines to browse or buy, and new board games and puzzles to play; there is Jonathan Buck’s tomb to visit, in your best foul-weather gear. There are puddles to jump in on the way to unique museums, libraries, art galleries, antique shops, restaurants, and cafes. There is time to get quiet and visit, with the folks you meet while waiting for your pizza-and with one another, too.

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There is, among other wonderful things, the extraordinary gift of Fort Knox. Its dim, damp interior a trip back in time, a treasure trove of active play, rain or shine. Generations of local children have learned the chant, “One-step, two-step…one-step, two-step…” that turns a sprint down Two-Step Alley into a long-remembered childhood ritual, and makes you want to finish and then begin again. There are canons and secret passageways, cool walls that drip on the driest of days. And lingering around the corners, some say…there are ghosts! (Private ghost-hunting tours at the Fort can be arranged, and ghosthunting group tours, including one overnight adventure, take place throughout the summer.) The truth is, when you wake up on a rainy vacation day in the Bucksport Bay Area, thanks to the Fort, and other special gems, you may just be about to have the very photo by Larry Wahl best game of hideand-seek (or scavenger hunt!) you’ve ever had in your lives.


Bucksport Bay Area Visitor’s Guide 2017

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When you visit Maine, your heart inherently know what New England poet Robert Frost knew…“Nothing gold can stay.” The long summer days are fleeting; the ripening of the blueberries; the turning of the leaves; even the falling of another foot of snow will pass us by all too soon. Every thing has its season. But no matter when you come, or how long you stay, there are ways to play that make time pass by more slowly—and more rapidly--all at once. There is the kind of fun to be had that leaves us spent and weary in the most satisfying way, aching for one more dive off the dock; one more hour on the trails; one more leisurely walk down Main Street. We collapse into our beach chairs after vigorous dives and splash attacks, and slurp down fresh watermelon and lemonade. When we visit Maine, we can play from dusk ‘til dawn, rain or shine, in ways that will live in our memories forever, and bring us back time and time again. _BCG2017.indd 7


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STAY in the Bucksport Bay Area W

hen you come to stay in the Bucksport Bay Area, the golden experience of Maine shifts from being “the way life should be” to the way life is. When you stay here, life transforms from the daily grind of work, to the daily grind of your favorite local coffee; from the hustle and bustle of city or suburban life, to the hustle and bustle of hiking, exploring, playing. As you breathe in the Maine air and take in the sights and sounds of this unique and special place, you may even find yourself taking on the habits of one of our most sacred and symbolic residents, the powerful, melodic, and fascinating loon.

Loons spend their days feeding, preening, resting, and caring for their young. They sing and float and fly. Their diet in summer consists primarily of fish. Loons sometimes spend long periods resting motionless on the water. They may rouse themselves to stretch a leg or wing at intervals, occasionally comically waggling a foot above water. When you come to stay, you may find that this perfectly describes you… resting, floating, eating the catchof-the-day, singing around the campfire at night, waiting for the sun to rise again, so that you spend another day on the water. 8

Bucksport Bay Area Visitor’s Guide 2017

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Fort Knox Park Inn Where your Maine adventure begins.

Whether you're planning an event or a Maine vacation, when you're looking for a hotel that offers convenience, comfort, and affordability... come stay with us! Our central location makes it easy to get to all the Downeast Maine sites and attractions. 64 Main Street Bucksport, Maine ¡ 207-469-3113 ¡

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STAY Maine children grow up noticing the sounds of nature, spilling out of doors, climbing and chasing and exploring. It is the scent of pines and the dappled sunlight on dirt roads that feels like home to them. Their lullabies are the haunting songs of loons calling out into the darkness. When you come to stay in the Bucksport Bay Area, your days and nights become the things urban and suburban grown-ups can only dream of, full of peaceful, satisfying moments of resting, spent in hammocks or bunk beds or spacious kings with water views or quiet pines whispering nearby. You can become a child again, waking into the endless possibilities presented by ponds, rivers, mountains, fields, streams, and the ocean. You can throw back the covers of your cozy bed and rise into the brightening day, with picnics, lobsters, kayaks, ice cream, and sky-high views on your mind. You can sit around your campfire, or nestle in with a book, or put your feet up and watch the gentle rising and falling of the water. You can sleep in, savoring the quiet, the peace and the time to simply be in this experience of Maine life—not the way it “should” be, as the signs like to say, but rather, the way life is.


Bucksport Bay Area Visitor’s Guide 2017

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Balsam Cove Campground 207.469.7771 286 Back Ridge Rd, Orland


Bucksport Motor Inn, LLC 207.469.3111 • 70 US Route 1, Bucksport


Fort Knox Park Inn 207.469.3113 64 Main Street, Bucksport Pentagoet Inn 207.326.8616 • 26 Main Street, Castine



Searsport Shores Ocean Campground 207.548.6059 216 West Main Street, Searsport



Shady Oaks Campground 207.469.7739 32 Leaches Point Road, Orland


Spring Fountain Motel 207.469.3139 • 196 US Route 1, Bucksport


The Riverhouse 207.469.2533 1175 Castine Road, Orland Williams Pond Lodge B&B 207.460.6064 370 Williams Pond Road, Bucksport



















$850 wkly.





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Cottages (C) Efficiencies (E)

Open Year Round

Waterfront (WF) WaterFront Views (WV)









Price Range

Online Reservations

Pet Friendly


Food Service



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Dine in the Bucksport Bay Area F

rom May through October, in bedrooms in Orland, Bucksport, Blue Hill, Castine--all over the Bucksport Bay Area--alarms go off before dawn. The men and the women who are our farmers, our bakers, our lobsterfishermen (and women) rise before the sun, and as the mist begins to rise off the water, they put on their boots, their aprons, their foul-weather-gear, and they get to work. They set off for the fields, the restaurants, the fishing boats, and they labor, watering fields, milking cows, mixing and baking, planning that day’s specials, and hauling (literally) tons of lobster traps up out of the sea.

As the sun rises and the early morning fog begins to dissipate, the people who bring us our most delicious summertime food are already deep into their days, so that by the time we turn up for our morning coffee with blueberry pancakes, our lunch on the deck overlooking the bay, our picnic ingredi ents, our lobster dinners, they are well underway toward calling it a the the day. DAIRY PORT

Main St. Bucksport Maine Open Daily 11 - 8 Over 60 years of ICE CREAM artistry


In the Bucksport Bay Area, our restaurants and eateries—be they seasonal favorites, year-round staples, food trucks, or ethnic cuisines—are our magic. We salivate

Bucksport Bay Area Visitor’s Guide 2017

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in summer as we look forward to the fried clam baskets, lobster rolls, fish-and-chips, root beer floats, and all-you-caneat shrimp at our favorite summer drive-ins. We mark our calendars for the day our favorite ice cream parlor opens, and we watch the flavor-of-the-month calendar, so that we don’t miss the days of orange dream or peanut butter soft serve. We treat ourselves to sandwiches made with care at a tiny Main Street shop that sources as many ingredients as it can from local growers. We bring baskets and cloth bags to the farmers’ markets and walk away with breads, meets, cheeses, fresh produce, and if we get there early enough, a strawberry-rhubarb or blueberry pie. The magic comes from the waiting and the wanting. From the willingness of _BCG2017.indd 13


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Bucksport House of Pizza 207.469.7511 132 Main Street, Bucksport Italian • Pizza • Subs

x x x x

Carrier’s Mainely Lobster 207.469.1011 Corner of Route 1 & 46, Bucksport Seafood • Burgers • Ice Cream

x x x

Crosby’s Drive-In 207.469.3640 30 Route 46, Bucksport Seafood • Burgers • Ice Cream

x x x

Eat at Joe’s Mobile Food Truck, 207.266.6069 136 Main Street, Winterport Farm Fresh • Burgers • Sandwiches


Harbor View Grille 207.469.3396 96 Main Street, Bucksport American (Traditional)

x x x

Island Rise & Shine 207.469.1110 1 Maple Street, Verona Island Breakfast • Brunch

x x x

JD's Island Market 207.469.6144 70 US Route 1, Verona Island Seafood • Sandwiches

MacLeod’s Restaurant & Bar 207.469.3963 63 Main Street, Bucksport Seafood • American (Traditional)

x x x x x

Mountain View Variety 207.469.2014 960 Acadia Highway, Orland Pizza • Sandwiches • Subs

x x x x x

Mings Garden 207.469.5930 7 Main Street, Bucksport Chinese • Cantonese • Hunan

x x x x x

Pentagoet Inn 207.326.8616 24 Main Street, Castine Seafood • Breakfast • Desserts

x x x x

The Local Variety 207.469.0865 79 Main Street, Bucksport Local Product • Lunch Fare • Baked Goods

x x x x

Tozier’s Bucksport Variety 207.469.2753 127 Main Street, Bucksport Pizza • Sandwiches • Subs

x x x

Tozier’s Market 207.989.7340 483 South Main Street, Brewer Pizza • Sandwiches • Subs

x x x

Verona Wine & Design 207.745.0731 77 Main Street, Suite 1A, Bucksport Tapas Bar • Mediterranean • Wine

x x x x x

Wahl’s Dairy Port 207.469.3697 79 Main Street, Bucksport Ice Cream





Bucksport Bay Area Visitor’s Guide 2017

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Dine others to rise before dawn and make our wishes come true. It comes from the year-round cycle of effort and sacrifice that makes local meals a mainstay—a Maine-stay—that is especially sweet in the summer and early fall. When you come to visit Maine, you are not just visiting a place, you are visiting a people. A people who value the quiet virtues of a hard day’s work; a people who will smile at you from across their countertops and tables as you order their catch-ofthe-day; a people who tend lovingly to their tasks day-in-and-dayout, and then set their alarms again and lay their heads on their pillows with a smile, knowing that it was all worth it, because their families are thriving, their hard work has meaning, and they fed unknown numbers of other people well this day. _BCG2017.indd 15


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SHOP in the Bucksport Bay Area B

uying local is a way of life in Maine. We honor the craftsmanship and the hard work of our neighbors when we buy goods and services produced here, or sold at locally-owned small businesses. A walk down Main Street, a drive on Route 1 or a visit to a farmers’ market in any town in the Bucksport Bay Area will show you why. Come discover hand-made jewelry, custom photography, artwork, crafts, and delicious treats. From stained glass, to fiber arts, to the very best blueberry pie you’ve ever tasted, Mainers take pride in the work they create.

BookStacks Bucksport, Maine

Books, Magazines, Newspapers, Cards & Gifts.

UNIQUE ROCK SHOP Rocks • Minerals • Gems Semi-precious Stones • Fossils Jewelry & What-nots

Pretty Good Coffee, and A Better Bottle of Wine.

Free Wi-Fi 24/7 71 Main Street 207-469-8992


US Hwy 1, Verona Island, ME 207-217-7862

Bucksport Bay Area Visitor’s Guide 2017

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DENTAL ASSOCIATES of Ellsworth-Bucksport

(Bottom Left to Right) Patty, Lisa and Laurie (Top Left to Right) Cindy, Dr. Ahern, Terri and Laurie

Accepting new patients of all ages! No insurance, no problem, we can help! With our two convenient locations and caring family atmosphere, we offer our patients the most up-to-date technology in cosmetic and general dentistry. 325 Main Street 11 Mechanic Street, Ellsworth P.O. Box 838, Bucksport 207-667-7117 207-469-6191 _BCG2017.indd 17


5/23/17 10:07 PM

SHOP Some tokens of your travels are things money can’t buy: that photo of your daughter at the end of the dock, looking out across the lake on the last day of your vacation; that pine cone collection your son insisted on bringing home; the bird’s nest, the honeycomb, the seashell, the heart-shaped rock. Each one a totem of a time spent in Maine, where the air was clear and the days unfolded for you with the unlimited potential of moments expanding even as you savored them, the deliciously satisfying all-you-care-to-eat buffet of Vacationland experiences. If you catch them, you must set the twinkling fireflies free; but you can, instead, bring home the everlasting sparkles of a geode, of handmade jewelry crafted from sea glass, of a painting that captures perfectly what it’s like to look out across the glistening bay at sunset. As you move along downtown sidewalks in your sandals, bare toes tickled by breezes, swinging our tote bags, smiling into the sun, you

• Best greeting card selection in area


• Maine-made gifts

phone: (207) 702-9352

• Stonewall Kitchen products

address: Main St, Bucksport

• Fabulous selection of jigsaw puzzles

Find us on Facebook

Bucksport Bay Area Visitor’s Guide 2017

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feel the call to enter each and every shop, to find the sweetest, the funniest, the coziest, the most creative memories from Maine your dollars can buy. You capture your joy with saltwater taffy, Needhams, homemade peanut butter fudge. Sweet prizes that, despite your best intentions will disappear before you ever make the long trip home. The paintings, jewelry, carvings, books, stained glass, and pottery will fare better. You’ll stow it safely and transport it back home, and every time you put on your Bar Harbor sweatshirt, put fresh cut flowers in your hand-crafted blueberry-themed vase, or fasten your tourmaline bracelet around your wrist, you will think of Maine and the moments you spent there…and you will sigh.

28 Years!

Now Bigger & Better Than Ever!

Route One • Searsport Ave • Belfast, Maine • 207.338.5530 Open all year • Since 1989 NEXT TO PERRY’S NUT HOUSE _BCG2017.indd 19


5/23/17 10:07 PM

7 10


6 4

2 3

5 9





Bucksport Bay Area Visitor’s Guide 2017

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Greater bucksport bay area You can get theyah from heyah!


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bucksport For centuries, Bucksport has called to visitors from near and far, enticing them to visit—and often, to stay. Many local families can date their ancestors’ arrival here to the early 18th and 19th centuries. They came for the deepwater port, for the forests and lakes, for the hunting and fishing, for the fresh air; they came for adventure, opportunity, exploration. More modern visitors, from other parts of Maine and from all around the globe, have come for these same reasons. They’ve come-and many have stayed--for all these things, and more. This is the country of the pointed firs, “the way life should be,” a place where neighbors greet neighbors at the grocery store, where simple living is juxtaposed against great feats of engineering that are so ever-present, they seem (after a while) to be commonplace. The Penobscot Narrows Bridge and Observatory, for example, which spans Bucksport’s bay at the mouth of the Penobscot River, is the tallest occupied structure in Maine and the highest bridge observatory in the world. Standing just upriver from the bridge is Fort Knox (circa 1844), the first fort in Maine made entirely of granite and the only fully casemated fort in the country. These impressive landmarks, which are both open to visitors, stand side-by-side, and when you are in downtown Bucksport, they are your view! A drive along Main Street or a walk along the million-dollar waterfront rewards visitors every time with one of the most distinctive views in Maine, as well as an opportunity to experience “Before the Wind” (#1 on the trail map of the Schoodic International 22


see map on page 20

Sculpture Symposium) located at Flag Point on the waterfront. (We recommend enjoying the waterfront, as the locals do, with an ice cream in hand from Wahl’s Dairy Port!) Bucksport is a small town with a big bay—and an excellent town dock for those sailing or cruising in—surrounded by several smaller towns and acres of forest, many of them with public trails, such as the Great Pond Mountain Conservation Trust wildlands and the Miles Lane walking trails, as well as many lakes and ponds that are open for swimming, picnicking, canoeing, kayaking and equipped with public boat launches. The public library, in a historic granite building on Main Street, and the town pool are free and open to all. For those looking for a break on a long car ride, Bucksport offers two excellent playgrounds within minutes of downtown. They even have a highly rated 9 hole golf course just minutes outside of downtown. Main Street includes a variety of businesses, including restaurants with many locally-sourced ingredients (including seafood, of course!), gift shops, a wine bar with lovely outdoor seating, an independent bookseller, which offers free Wi-Fi and a nice selection of affordable wines by the bottle, and an independent movie theater. From mid-May through October, Main Street hosts a Farmers’ Market every Thursday from 2pm to 5pm. And every Wednesday in the summer, from 5pm to 7pm “Wednesday on Main” provides entertainment and cultural events, all open to the public. For those interested in history, the Bucksport Historical Society (located on the waterfront), Jacob Buck’s fa-

Bucksport Bay Area Visitor’s Guide 2017

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bucksport Cont. mous (and possibly cursed!) tomb (located on Main Street, across from Hannaford’s) and various points of interest with placards along the waterfront may pique your interest. After many decades as a paper mill town, this town of roughly 5,000 is in a period of transition. Invigorated by the opportunity to reimagine Bucksport, local residents—from children to adults--elected officials, businesses, community organizations, and churches are all stepping up, looking to find 3 Miles from Bucksport I see map on page 20 Just down Acadia Highway or the Penobscot River, Bucksport’s neighbor to the East is the town of Orland. A gorgeous, down-to-earth rural area, rich with lakes and ponds, almost all of which have public access for swimming or water sports, Orland is a great place to spend a day or to go camping. It is also home to many miles of public trails, including the Wildlands managed by Great Pond Mountain Conservation Trust, and those seeking a perfect spot for hiking, jogging, skiing, climbing, horseback riding, snowmobiling, or snowshoeing will be spoiled for choice. Every year for the last 41 years, on the last weekend in June, the town of Orland hosts River Day, to celebrate the mighty Narramissic River, which flows gently through the center of Orland Village. This seasonal celebration had its heyday in the 1970s, but still offers a small parade, food, crafts, a cannonball contest (biggest splash wins!), a raft race--in which past entrants included a floating volleyball court with teams compet3 Miles from Bucksport I see map on page 20 Verona Island sits in the Bucksport Bay, surrounded by the Penobscot River. Home to about 500 people, at least one nesting pair of osprey and a large number of bald

what really matters as they come together to pour life into a renewed and thriving version of Bucksport that matches its town motto, “Rich in heritage; looking to the future.” As a Heart and Soul® community, Bucksport is a place where people believe that the strength of a community lies in the hands and the hearts of the people who live there. Come for a visit, come to stay, and you will find that Bucksport has heart and soul…just as it always has.



ing while they floated, and a floating picnic, complete with picnic table--and the River Duck Dash, in which 1,000 rubber ducks “dash” down the river. The town is served by a highly-regarded volunteer fire department, which gained a certain measure of fame for doing yoga in their turnout gear two years ago. You can find a photo in the Ellsworth American’s “Come Home to Maine” guide, offered for free in rest areas in Maine, and meet the firefighters at River Day. Perhaps the most endearing and emblematic celebration in Orland, however, happens every December. Each year, on the Saturday night closest to the winter solstice, a handful of volunteers quietly move through the streets, distributing hundreds of luminaria. The Lights of Orland illuminate the main road leading into and out of the village, as well as both sides of the river. The quiet beauty is breathtaking, and done without fanfare, as an offering, from neighbor to neighbor, and to all who pass through.



eagles, it is accessible by two bridges, the Penobscot Narrows Bridge, which helps to connect the towns of Waldo County to Bucksport and the rest of Downeast Maine,

_BCG2017.indd 23


5/23/17 10:08 PM

VERONA Cont. and the smaller Verona Bridge, which connects the island to Bucksport. Once a shipbuilding village, Verona is most famous for the last ship ever built there: S.S. Roosevelt, the great ship that Robert Peary sailed to the North Pole in 1908. The Verona Island Historical Society has launched a campaign to support an S.S. Roosevelt Discovery Museum project. They hope to construct a new, high-end facility to educate the public about the nautical history of the area. The proposed 2,400 sq. ft. facility will focus its exhibits on early 20th century boat-building in this region and, in particular, the commission and construction of the S.S. Roosevelt and the achievements of Commodore Peary in his Northeast Pas-

PROSPECT 4 Prospect is a quiet, rural town in Waldo County, just across the river from Bucksport and Verona Island. It is home to both Fort Knox and the Penobscot Narrows Bridge and Observatory, one of only three cablestayed bridges in the U.S. Every visitor to the area should pack a picnic and spend a day exploring Fort Knox, a large, granite, casemated fort. Named for Revolutionary War general Henry Knox, construction on the huge fort began in 1844. With its brick arches, cool underground passages, and enormous cannon, exploring the fort is a captivating experience for curious children and adults alike. Originally built to protect Bangor and its vital lumber industry from the British, Fort

sage and North Pole expeditions. Roughly nine square miles, Verona has a public boat launch, a picnic area, and for cyclists or joggers, the road that loops around the island is a lovely excursion. Early each spring, the Bridge the Gap race begins at Fort Knox, travels over the Penobscot Narrows Bridge, and then circles the island. Swimming in the Penobscot River is very dangerous and not advised due to strong currents, but a day spent sailing, sight-seeing on the water, or fishing, either in your own craft or in a charter, followed by a meal at Island Rise & Shine and a shopping excursion to Unique Rock Shop, make for a day worth remembering.

5 Miles from Bucksport I see map on page 20 Knox was never completed or used in battle, and construction was halted after the Civil War. Its cool, humid interior and river breezes make it a very pleasant place to be on a hot summer day. It also provides the best view of Bucksport’s classic New England waterfront--and it is said to be the most popular historic site in Maine. If you’d like it to, your ticket to the Fort can include a trip up the Penobscot Narrows Observatory, the tallest public observatory in the world. Throughout the summer, Fort Knox is also home to many special events, including ghost hunting, pirate ships, Civil War re-enactments, and what just might be the best haunted house experience in Maine.

STOCKTON SPRINGs 5 Stockton Springs is a small coastal community in Waldo County. Nestled between Belfast and Bucksport on Coastal Route 1, it features one of the region’s most undiscovered gems: Sandy Point Beach Park, a 100-acre property that is free and open to the public, offers visi24

8 Miles from Bucksport I see map on page 20

tors more than half-a-mile of undeveloped sandy beach for walking, beachcombing, and relaxing. A nesting pair of osprey can often be found there, as well as cormorants and other seabirds. Located just south of the impressive Penobscot Narrows Bridge, Stockton

Bucksport Bay Area Visitor’s Guide 2017

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Stockton Springs Cont. Springs is also home to Fort Point State Park, a quiet park with a lovely little sand beach. The park includes 120 acres for hiking and jogging, as well as a fishing pier, a lighthouse, picnic areas, and the remains of Fort Pownall, built in the mid-18th century. 10 Miles from Bucksport I see map on page 20 Settled around 1760, Frankfort is the oldest town on the Penobscot River. Its first residents were Massachusetts soldiers who came to build Fort Pownall (in what is now Stockton Springs). Frankfort is a neighbor to Winterport and Prospect across the river from Bucksport, and in the early 20th century it was a major ship-building center. Its granite quarries were also an important economic driver for the town; in fact, the granite used to build Fort Knox was quarried at Mt. Waldo in Frankfort. Located at the confluence of the Penob12 Miles from Bucksport I see map on page 20 Bucksport’s neighbor to the north, Orrington is located just up the historic Penobscot River, at the southern tip of Penobscot County. With a population of about 3,700, the small town of Orrington is a major transportation link between the Bucksport Bay Area and Bangor—and points south and north on I95. In the heyday of the Bucksport paper mill, the River Road (Route 15) was heavily trafficked by logging trucks delivering lumber to the mill. It was while living in Orrington on 12 Miles from Bucksport I see map on page 20 Settled in the late 18th century, Searsport is situated between Stockton Springs and Belfast. This true port-town has a strong maritime history and boasts nearly ten miles of coastline. Searsport’s major industries

Stockton Springs is also home to a robust community library that is open to the public, and which is staffed and operated entirely by volunteers. Check their calendar for special events for children and adults throughout the year.



scot and March Rivers, the town has its own marina and boat launch, a public library, a ball field, and an active recreation department that offers youth soccer, softball and other activities. With its direct water access and public boat ramp, Frankfort provides great boating and fishing opportunities. Mount Waldo also offers hiking, blueberry picking, and an old granite quarry to explore. (Access is on Mount Waldo Road.) There are many acres of town-owned forest and the Frankfort ATV Club maintains good riding trails.



the River Road, where trucks frequently claim the lives of dogs and cats, that Stephen King got the idea for his book, “Pet Sematary.” Local children had created an informal pet cemetery in the woods behind his house and after his own daughter’s cat was killed and then buried there, King had the inspiration for his novel, which later became a movie. In fact, the misspelling of “cemetery” was the authentic work of Orrington children.



were shipbuilding and cargo handling, and this seaport town was famous for its sea captains. In the mid-19th century, it was reportedly home to ten percent of all American deep-water shipmasters. These sea captains

_BCG2017.indd 25


5/23/17 10:08 PM

SEARSPORT Cont. traveled the world and brought home their treasures, some of which are now on display at the Penobscot Marine Museum, the oldest maritime museum in Maine. Searsport is also the perfect spot for modern-day treasure hunters, as it has miles of flea markets and antique dealers along Route 1. Searsport Shores Oceanfront Campground offers seaside camping, including tents, RVs, or rented cabins. They host artists-in-residence, lobster bakes, clam digging expeditions, and the annual Fiber College of Maine.



Within the boundaries of Penobscot, which gets its name from the Abenaki-Penobscot word for “rocky place,” you’ll find two small, ancient mountains, two large ponds, a ridge of fertile farmland, several blueberry fields, a peat bog, and more than 18 miles of shoreland on an ocean bay, a tidal river, and a large freshwater pond. At one time larger than Bangor in population, the rural town of Penobscot, which borders Orland, Castine, and Blue Hill, now has fewer than 1300 residents, many of whom make their living with home-based businesses and family farms. There is a general store, some delicious seafood drive-in and take-out restaurants, and an annual Penobscot Days celebration. Some of the

WINTERPORT 10 For the charming riverside community of Winterport, The Union Meeting House, built in 1834 and added to the National Register of Historic Places in 1973, is a special point of pride. You’ll find there: a bell cast by Paul Revere; a belfry clock installed in 1861; and a Masons and Hamlin handpumped reed organ installed in 1859. Situated on the west bank of the Penobscot River, across from Bucksport, Win26

Off the coast of Searsport is Sears Island, the largest uninhabited island on the East Coast. Sears Island is accessible by a causeway and offers excellent biking and walking along the many natural hiking trails. In the winter, the trails are perfect for snowshoeing. Searsport is also the location of Moose Point State Park, which overlooks the Penobscot Bay off Route 1. It has gentle hiking trails along the beach or in the forest, an excellent playground, and clean bathrooms with flush toilets. Guided tours of the park’s geologic highlights are offered. 12 Miles from Bucksport I see map on page 20 residents are descendants of early 18thcentury settlers; some arrived more recently and liked what they found; and some are seasonal residents, who come to enjoy the lush and gentle summers. The Bagaduce River flows through the town, and Penobscot’s woods and wetlands are home to many native species, including deer, bears, foxes, beavers, otters, osprey, eagles, hawks, songbirds, wild turkey--and the occasional moose. Six preserves, parks, and designated public trails provide excellent hiking, as well as hunting, so hikers during the deer hunting season (November) should proceed with caution, keep dogs on leashes, and wear blaze orange.

12 Miles from Bucksport I see map on page 20 terport was settled ten years before the Declaration of Independence. It earned its name because its harbor was the last open and unfrozen inland harbor on the muchtransited Penobscot River. Gorgeous historic homes, many built for Winterport sea captains, still grace Winterport Village streets. Today, Winterport Village has a bustling downtown, with restaurants, convenience stores, gift shops and other businesses. In

Bucksport Bay Area Visitor’s Guide 2017

_BCG2017.indd 26

5/23/17 10:08 PM

WINTERPORT Cont. 2003 with the help of federal, state and private funds, Winterport completed a $6.5 million reconstruction of Main Street. Like all of its neighbors, Winterport is served by a volunteer fire department; in this case, the Volunteer Fire and Rescue is more than one hundred years old.

17 Miles from Bucksport I see map on page 20 Readers of E.B. White may recognize Blue Hill as the setting of the agricultural fair in “Charlotte’s Web.” If you visit during Labor Day weekend, you can attend the fair yourself and keep an eye out for Charlotte’s descendants as you admire the livestock being shown at the Blue Hill Fair. (“Charlotte’s Web” and “Stuart Little” were both written at E.B. White’s home in the nearby town of Brooklin, which is on the National Register of Historic Places, but not open to the public.) While Blue Hill is a small town in many ways—it’s home to less than 3,000 people— it is rich with cultural activities, including theatre and chamber music, galleries, 17 Miles from Bucksport I see map on page 20 Castine is one of the oldest colonial communities in North America, having been occupied continuously for more than four centuries by France, Holland, England and colonial America. Now home to Maine Maritime Academy, a highly-ranked public school of engineering, this small coastal village is spread across approximately 7.9 square miles and is located on a peninsula in the East Penobscot Bay. History or maritime buffs will find much to entice them in Castine, where the deep water port is home to the training ship State of Maine, and where more than 100 historic markers can be found. Visitors

Entertainment ranges from outdoor activities, including blueberry- and applepicking, hunting, fishing, hiking, golfing, snowmobiling, and drag-racing, as well as cultural events, including theatrical stage productions and concerts. It’s also home to a state-of-the-art recording studio.



shops, and restaurants. Within its borders, you’ll find a regional hospital, a yacht club, a country club, an excellent public library, a nonprofit scientific research organization, as well as a private high school that boasts many international students (and the reigning state championship boys’ basketball team!). Blue Hill is home to many artists and craftsmen, some of them quite famous, as well as teachers, boat-builders, farmers, and fisherfolk. Blue Hill Mountain overlooks the town and its public trails and pathways are free and open to the public. The splendid view from the top is one every visitor should see, and one locals never tire of.



can enjoy a walking tour that highlights fifty historic sites and buildings, including three forts occupied during the American Revolution. Castine offers golfing, sailing, tennis, kayaking, boating, and yoga, as well as a quaint downtown with dining, art galleries, and shops. Within minutes of downtown, visitors can also find the cliffs of Dyce Head Lighthouse, the free beaches of the back shore, and from late May through September, exhibits, classes, presentations, and other special events at The Wilson Museum. _BCG2017.indd 27


5/23/17 10:08 PM

living HERE

Photo by Karen Johnson If you are considering the Bucksport Bay Area as a possible place for relocation, collecting useful local information is essential to making a good decision. The Town of Bucksport has a fantastic website www. that can supply you with statistics but spending time with the locals will give you the true picture. When you start looking at small towns as a place to retire or relocate, there are a few things you may want to keep in mind. The appeals of small towns are many. For instance most small towns in Maine are generally quieter, have a good sense of community, less traffic, lower property and sales taxes and the housing costs are much more affordable. Bucksport is the center of the known universe. Located 18 miles from Bangor, Ellsworth, Belfast, Castine and Blue Hill, a Bucksport location touches all of eastern Maine. We are 35 miles to Bar Harbor and 35 miles to Camden, 65 miles to Augusta and 65 miles to Lincoln. People make their homes all over our area, whether it’s along in-town streets, country roads or State Routes, in the hills, in the valleys, by the shores, or down long dirt roads, regardless of the physical distances there may be between the residents of Bucksport, there is still a strong community spirit that can be felt throughout the town. Neighbors helping neighbors and families doing for families are an important part of what makes living in Bucksport so appealing, and it’s why so many are proud to call Bucksport their home. Life really is good here, and you will find lots of people who will agree, wherever they may live. 28

Bucksport Bay Area Visitor’s Guide 2017

_BCG2017.indd 28

5/23/17 10:08 PM


Emergency Dial 9-1-1


Maine State Police 1-800-432-7381 Hancock County Sheriff ’s Dept. 207-667-7575 Waldo County Sheriff ’s Dept. 207-338-6786 Bucksport Police Dept. 207-469-7951 Searsport Police Dept. 207-548-2304 Poison Control Center 1-800-442-6305 U.S. Coast Guard 207-596-6667

Blue Hill Memorial Hospital (207) 374-2836 57 Water St, Blue Hill Eastern Maine Medical Center (207) 973-7000 489 State St, Bangor Maine Coast Memorial Hospital (207) 664-5311 50 Union St, Ellsworth Waldo County General Hospital (207) 338-2500 118 Northport Ave, Belfast



Blue Hill Public Library (207) 374-5515 5 Parker Point Rd, Blue Hill Buck Memorial Library (207) 469-2650 47 Main St, Bucksport Carver Memorial Library (207) 548-2303 12 Union St, Searsport Stockton Springs Community Library (207) 567-4147 6 Station St, Stockton Springs

Ian’s Place Playground, Elm St. Bucksport Moose Point State Park, 310 West Main St., Searsport Mosman Park, Water St. Searsport Water Street Park, End of Water St. Blue Hill Belfast City Park, 208 Northport Ave, Belfast Knowlton Park, State St. Ellsworth

About our cover art and the artist that created it

Our cover this year features the talent of a local artist that is better known for running a seasonal icon. Jennifer Pappas is a local business woman and artist. She and her husband, Tom, came to Bucksport in the spring of 1980 to purchase and operate his uncle’s diner. Crosby’s Drive-In was already a local iconic summer eatery having been established circa 1939. Their intention was to stay for five years; little did they know what was in store for them. It’s now going on 40 years, Jen and Tom are very much a part of their community. They have committed themselves to raising a family, building a home and operating a local seasonal business that has provided many first time jobs to generations of local teenagers. Jennifer received a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Art Education in 1976 and a Master of Science degree in textile design in 1980. She continues to pursue her artistic passion and practices her art in book making and painting groups. I have admired her work and knew she would be able to transform my vision of depicting my feelings about the area. The cover was designed using a flag book format. I wanted to convey the idea of what is the “heart of a Maine community”. The little flags all depict an aspect of Maine life and the pieces stand alone and fit together just like the strong resilient people of Maine. My Husband and I own and operate a small business in Bucksport, Sundial Framing and Photography, LLC, so I used my talent to photograph Jen’s art and designed the cover you see here. Leslie Wombacher

Happily accepting new patients.

We’ve been caring for our community since 1974 and we’ll take great care of you. It has never been easier to become a BRHC patient. Call us today! Medical, Dental and Behavioral Health Lab Work, Help with Prescription Costs  Urgent Care, Sliding-fee scale & more ...  

110 Broadway, Bucksport 469Ͳ7371 *

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Calendar � Events

MAY-OCTOBER Every Thursday Bucksport Bay Farmers’ Market from 2pm-5pm


Wednesday on Main Events every Wednesday 5:30pm-7pm for full schedule see Wednesday on Main ad page 39


August 3rd - 6th, Thursday - Sunday Fort Knox - Ten Bucks Theatre Performance

August 12th, Saturday

Bucksport – Bucksport Arts Festival

12th & 13th, Saturday & Sunday

Fort Knox - Paranormal/Psychic Faire

August 19th & 20th, Saturday & Sunday


Fort Knox - Pet Day Weekend

Bucksport - Pixie Harbor Hoopla

Fort Knox - Alison Chase Theatre

June 11th, Sunday

June 14th, Wednesday

Bucksport - Frogtown Mountain Puppeteers

June 16th-18th, Friday, Saturday & Sunday

Deer Isle/Stonington – Lupine Festival

June 24th, Saturday

August 24th & 27th , Thursday - Sunday


Aug. 31st- Sept. 4th, Thursday – Monday Blue Hill - The Blue Hill Fair

September 9th, Saturday

Orland - Orland River Day Orland - River Duck Dash

Maine Open Lighthouse Day

September 9th, Saturday


Fort Knox - Ghosts of Fort Knox Guided Tours

July 4th, Tuesday

Castine – Fourth of July Celebration/ Fireworks Deer Isle/ Stonington – Fourth of July Celebration Searsport/ Stonington – Fourth of July Celebration

September 9th & 10th, Saturday & Sunday

Castine – 1779-1783 Fort George – Protected by the Crown

September 30th, Saturday Bucksport – Golftoberfest

July 8th, Saturday


July 14th, Friday

Searsport - Fling Into Fall

October 7th, – Saturday

Fort Knox - Scottish Tattoo Castine – Bastille Day Celebration

October 8, Saturday

Fort Knox - Pirate Festival

October 14th, 20th, 21st, 27th, & 28th Friday & Saturday

Bucksport– Celebrate Bucksport 225 Festival

Fort Knox – Spend the Night at Fort Knox with Ghost Trackers

July 14th – 16th, Friday, Saturday & Sunday

Fort Knox - Spend the Night at Fort Knox

July 20th-22nd Thursday – Saturday Fort Knox - Fright at the Fort 2016 Castine -5th Annual Plein Air Festival October 21st, Saturday Bucksport – Ghostport July 21st- 23rd, Friday, October 30th, Saturday Saturday & Sunday

F�n� M��� E��nt� a� 30

Bucksport Bay Area Visitor’s Guide 2017

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Sunday, October 15, 2017 bangor, maine

Light theNight PURPLE November-Pancreatic Cancer Awareness Month 501c3 Non-Profit

G&S Upholstery Classic Car Interiors Customized Sewing Furniture - Boats Specialty Items

Open 8-4 Monday - Friday Jayne T. Howard 207-825-4967 1524 River Road, Bucksport, Maine _BCG2017.indd 31


5/23/17 10:09 PM



207-338-4040 •

Rebecca Emery 57 Church Street Stockton Springs, ME 04981

207.323.4251 Visit Reclaimed Maine on Facebook!

177 Main Street · Bucksport, ME 04416 200 Main Street · Ellsworth, ME 04605 2410 Route 2 · Hermon, ME 04401 Mailing Address: P.O. Box G · Bucksport, ME 04416 207-469-6341 · 800-639-2206 · Fax 207-469-2866 · Email:

Serving all who live, work, worship or attend school in Hancock, Penobscot, Waldo, and Washington Counties 32

Bucksport Bay Area Visitor’s Guide 2017

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5/23/17 10:09 PM

Area Code 207 MEMBER BUSINESS Directory Advertising & Design Services Banner City Graphics, Bucksport 469-6242 Bucksport Enterprise, Bucksport 469-6722 Discover Maine Magazine 874-7720 Ellsworth American Newspaper, Ellsworth 667-2576

Searsport Pines Golf Course, Searsport 548-2854

Bob Burbank, Sr. Heating & Plumbing, LLC, Bucksport 469-2895

Verona Island Boat Charter Services, 478-1997 or 385-9680

Chandler's Custom Cabinet Shop, Orland 469-7985

Wednesday on Main, Bucksport 469-3507

Dead River Oil Company 469-3143

Wilson Museum, Castine 326-9247

Fairpoint Communications, Portland 535-4170

Artist / Fine Art For Sale

G. & S. Upholstery, Bucksport 825-4967

J Black Printing, Belfast 338-4040

D. G. Arts, Bucksport 469-3977

Music Insider Magazine, Bucksport 702-9114

Fiber College of Maine, Searsport 548-6059

Smart DataMap Services, Belfast 619-3380

Flannel Doughboys Musicians for hire 745-4424

Star 97.7 WNSX-FM, Ellsworth 667-0002

Fretz Design, Bucksport 469-2700

Travel Maine Magazine, Rockland 230-0260

Lemieux's Outdoor and Indoor Painting, Bucksport 570-2968

Huckleberries Card & Gift, Bucksport 989-0865

WERU-Community Radio, East Orland 469-6600

Lewis & Malm Architects, Bucksport 469-7440

Lighthouse Arts Center, Bucksport 702-9135

Midnight Oil Burner Service, Bucksport 991-2708

Activities & Attactions

Reclaimed Maine, Stockton Springs 323-4251

Orcutt Builders, INC. Bucksport 469-6207

Alamo Theatre, Bucksport 469-0924

Gary's Fuel Service, Penobscot 326-8808 Island Pool and Spa, Verona Island 469-6004

Shutter Images Photography and Framing, Orland 702-9285 Bald Mountain Community Center, Soper Enterprises Oil Painter Orland 949-0880 469-3996 Bucks Mills Rod & Gun Club, Stubborn Cow Glass, LLC, Stained Bucksport 469-2195 glass studio, Bucksport 433-7505 Bucksport Area Cultural Sundial Framing & Photography Arts Society LLC, Bucksport 460-0199 The Woodshaper Shop of Maine, Bucksport Golf Club, Dedham 843-7235 Bucksport 469.7612 Castine Cruises, Castine 701-1421 Castine Historical Society, Castine 326-4118 Fiber College of Maine, Searsport 548-6059 Fort Knox and Penobscot Narrows Bridge Observatory, Prospect 469-6553

Attorneys-At-Law Fellows, Kee, Tymoczko & Pierson, Bucksport 469-7323 Jones, Kuriloff & Sargent LLC, Ellsworth 664-0002 Woodbury Law, LLC, Bucksport 702-5955

Great Pond Mountain

Building/Construction & Home Services

Conservation Trust, Orland 469-6929

Allard Electric, Bucksport 469-2472

Orland Historical Society, Orland 469-3354

Arey's New Road Storage, Penobscot 326-4978

Penobscot Marine Museum, Searsport 548-2529

Berry's Septic Service, Bucksport 469-7702

Sandy Point Community Club, Sandy Point 567-6097

Big J Tree Service, Bucksport 272-8468

PCT Communications/US Cellular, Bucksport 469-7900 Penobscot Home Performance (Insulation), Bucksport 299-8338 Penobscot Valley Appraisals, Bucksport 469-0838 Square One Staging, Bucksport 478-0110 Stubborn Cow Glass, LLC, Bucksport 433-7505 T.K. Sampson Construction, Orland 469-0777

Business Services Banner City Graphics, Bucksport 469-6242 Central Maine Pyrotechnics, Bangor 623-9285 Dead River Transport, LLC, Bucksport 469.3143 Fairpoint Communications, Portland 535-4170 Head of the Bay Business Alliance, Searsport 548-6065 Maine DECD office of Business Development Augusta 624-7457 My Thrill Studio, Winterport 223-5082 _BCG2017.indd 33


5/23/17 10:09 PM

Area Code 207 MEMBER BUSINESS Directory PCT Communications/US Cellular, Bucksport 469-7900 Penobscot Bay Terminals/ DBA Weber Tanks, Inc. Bucksport 469-3165 Searsport Flags, Searsport 548-2868 Smart DataMap Services Belfast 619-3380 Square One Staging, Bucksport 478-0110 Winterport Area Business Association, Winterport 223-5854

Catering / Cakes

Educational Service/Facilities

Forestry Services

A & J Motorcycle Safety School, Bucksport 469-0051

Big J Tree Service, Bucksport 272-8468

Bucksport High School 469-6650

JM Forestry, Orland 358-0563

Bucksport Middle School 469-6647

Funeral Homes/Sevices

Bucksport Senior Center 469-3632 Castine Historical Society, Castine 326-4118 Fiber College of Maine, Searsport 548-6059 G. H. Jewett School, Bucksport 469-6644

Eat at Joe's, Ellsworth and Bucksport 266-6069 Lighthouse Arts Center, Bucksport 702-9135 MacLeod's Restaurant, Bucksport 469-3963 Miles Lane Elementary School, Bucksport 469-6666 McKell Foods, Wholesale Sweets Prospect 567-3014 Purple Fleece, Stockton Springs 323-1871 Verona Wine and Design, Bucksport 745-0731 RSU 25 Adult Education, Bucksport 469-2129

Chilren's Services

Bucksport Area Child Care Center Bucksport 469-7623 Camp Capella, Dedham 843-5104 The Bangor YMCA Wilderness Center, Ellsworth 667-4772

Churches Bucksport Bible Church Bucksport 469-7121

RSU 25 Bucksport/Orland consolidated schools Bucksport 469-7311 Stubborn Cow Glass LLC, Bucksport 433-7505 Wilson Museum, Castine 326-9247

Financial Services ' Bangor Savings Bank, Bucksport 469-5992

Bucksport United Methodist Church, Camden National Bank, Bucksport 469-3622 Bucksport 469-3000 Elm Street Congregational Church, Emack CPA, Laura K., Bucksport 469-3333 Prospect 567-3437 North Bucksport United Methodist Financial Solutions, Church Bucksport 991.2372 Bucksport 469-6352 Orland United Methodist Church Foster & Co. LLP, CPA, Orland 469-3714 Bucksport 469-7364 Sandy Point Congregational H. & R. Block, Church, Sandy Point 567-3073 Bucksport 469-7330 Stella Maris Parish, Seaboard Federal Credit Union, Bucksport & Castine 469-3322 Bucksport 469-6341 The Bridge Church, Tax Preparation by Ralph Gonzales, Bucksport Orland 469-3230

Cleaning Services Gold Star Cleaners, Bucksport 469-6804


TLC Bookkeeping, Bucksport 469-7778

Etervav help with final details, Verona Island 469.2222 Mitchell-Tweedie Funeral Home, Bucksport 469-3177

Health Services Ambulance, Fire and Police 911 Bucksport Bay Healthy Communities Coalition, Bucksport 469-6682 Bucksport Police Dept. 469-7951 Bucksport Regional Health Center Bucksport 469-7371 Bucksport Senior Center 469-3632 Community Pharmacy, Bucksport 469-7030 Ellsworth – Bucksport Dental Assoc., Bucksport 469-6191 Fort View Dental, Bucksport 469-2912 Gaffney, Dr. Thomas J., Bucksport 469.2255 Healthy Acadia, Ellsworth 288-5331 Horowitz Chiropractic, Searsport 548-6376 Private Home Care, Inc. Belfast 338-2100 Vancil Vision Eye Care, Bucksport 469-3022

Health and Beauty Blush Salon and Boutique, Bucksport 469-2500 Frank's Barber Shop, Bucksport 469-1054 Herbal Reflexology, Orland 326.5009 Vital-Life, Bonnie Brennan, Bucksport 469-6589 Yoga with Naomi, Bucksport/Ellsworth/Orland 370-9589

Bucksport Bay Area Visitor’s Guide 2017

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Area Code 207 MEMBER BUSINESS Directory Penobscot Rentals, Orland 469-0777

Information Center


Bangor Regional Chamber of Commerce Bangor 947-0307

Bucksport Bay Area Chamber of Commerce Bucksport 469-6818

Town of Bucksport 469-7368 Town of Castine 326-4502 Town of Orland 469-3186 Town of Searsport 548-6372 Town of Stockton Springs 567-3404

Ellsworth Chamber of Commerce Ellsworth 667-5584

Town of Verona Island 469-7965 Town of Winterport 223-5055

Insurance Agents

Pet Needs and Services

Crooker Agency, John R., Bucksport 469-3152

All Creatures Acupuncture Mobile Veterinary Services, Bucksport 956-0564

Blue Hill Peninsula Chamber of Commerce Blue Hill 374-3242

Roland Grindle Insurance/Cross Agency, Bucksport 469-3623 State Farm, Bucksport 469.1200 Warren Associates Farm Family Insurance, Bucksport 469-7322

Lawn, Garden & Landscaping Almquist Lawn Care, Orland 469-7532 Bob's Small Engine, Bucksport 469-2042

Two Rivers Realty, Bucksport 469-9930 Warren Agency (rental units), Bucksport 949-1982 Village at Stockton Harbor, Stockton Springs 385-5666

Recording Studios My Thrill Studio, Winterport 223-5082

Rental Space Alamo Theatre, Bucksport 469-0924

Bucksport Animal Shelter Bucksport 469-7951

Arey's New Road Storage, Penobscot 326-4978

Bucksport True Value Hardware Bucksport 469-2451

Bald Mountain Community Center, Orland 949-0880

Bucksport Veterinary Hospital, Orland 469-3614

Restaurants & Take-out

Peace, Fellow Mammals/animal communicator, Bucksport 370-9589

See pages 14 for the dinning guide

Shopping/Retail and Specialty


Bucksport True Value Hardware 469-2451

D. G. Arts, Bucksport 469-3977

Bob's Small Engine, Bucksport 469-2042

Granny's Bloomers Greenhouse, Bucksport 469-3295

Shutter Images Photography and Framing, Orland 702-9285

BookStacks, Bucksport 469-8992

Gray’s Lawn Care, Bucksport 991-1995

Sundial Framing & Photography LLC, Bucksport 460-0199

Bucksport Bay Farmers' Market Bucksport 469-6818

LaLonde Lawn Care, Bucksport 469-2155

Printing Services

Bucksport Golf Club, Bucksport 469.7612

The Woodshaper Shop of Maine, Dedham 843-7235

Banner City Graphics, Bucksport 469-6242


Bucksport Bay Area Chamber of Commerce Bucksport 469-6818

Buck Memorial Library, Bucksport 469-2650

D. G. Arts, Bucksport 469-3977

Stockton Springs Community Library Stockton Springs 567-4147

J Black Printing, Belfast 338-4040


Backridge Apartments, Orland 479-0305

See page 11 for lodging guide

Marine Castine Cruises, Castine 701-1421 Eaton Marine Service, Castine 954-328-1608 Eaton’s Boat Yard,Inc. Castine 326-8579 Verona Island Boat Charter Services, Verona Island 478-1997 or 385-9680

Bucksport True Value Hardware Bucksport 469-2451 Carriage Shed Antiques, Orland 469-3354 Community Pharmacy, Bucksport 469-7030 Fretz Design, Bucksport 469-2700

Real Estate & Rentals

FT. Knox Gift Shop, Prospect 469-6553 G & S Upholstery, Bucksport 825-4967

Bob Hoffman's Real Estate, Bucksport 469-3995

Good Deals Antiques, Bucksport 469-2000

Captain Ginn House, Bucksport 469.7839

Huckleberries Card & Gift, Bucksport 989-0865

Century 21, Queen City Real Estate, Bangor 942-4618

Island Pool & Spa, Verona Island 469-6004

Ocean's Edge Realty, LLC, Bucksport 469-1046 Penbay Property Management, LLC Bucksport 735-5337

JD's Island Market, Verona Island 469-6144 _BCG2017.indd 35


5/23/17 10:09 PM

Area Code 207 MEMBER BUSINESS Directory Knotty Goat Soap, Winterport 223-5115

The Local Variety, Bucksport 469-0865

Bucksport Historical Society 852-5896

Mountain View Variety and Redemption, Orland 469-2014

The Woodshaper Shop of Maine, Dedham 843-7235

Bucks Mills Rod & Gun Club, Bucksport 469-2195

Tozier's Bucksport Variety Bucksport 469-2753

Bucksport Senior Center 469-3632

Tozier's Family Market, Searsport 548-6220

Castine Historical Society, Castine 326-4118

Tozier's Market, Brewer 989-7340

Friends of Fort Knox 469-6553

Unique Rock Shop, Verona Island 469-7040

Great Pond Mountain Conservation Trust, Bucksport and Orland 469-6929

My Maine Soap, Prospect 322.9480 PCT Communications/US Cellular, Bucksport 469-7900 Purple Fleece, Stockton Springs 323-1871 Reclaimed Maine, Stockton Springs 323-4251 Robin’s Nest Consignment, Belfast 218-1167

Verona Wine and Design, Bucksport 745-0731

Healthy Acadia, Ellsworth 288-5331

Searsport Flags, Searsport 548-2868

Social Service/Non-Profit/ Public Service

Searsport Pines Golf Course, Searsport 548-2854

Bald Mountain Community Center, Orland 949-0880

Northeast Historic Film, Bucksport 469-0924

Shutter Images Photography and Framing, Orland 702-9285

Bucksport Area Cultural Arts Society 902-1148

Orland Historical Society 469-3354

Silkweeds Home Decor and Gifts, Searsport 548-6501

Bucksport Bay Healthy Communities Coalition 469-6682

Purple Iris Foundation, Brewer 974.6405

Stubborn Cow Glass, LLC, Bucksport 433-7505

Bucksport Heart and Soul, Bucksport 322-1233

Sandy Point Community Club 567-6097

Sundial Framing & Photography LLC, Bucksport 469-6060

Bucksport Garden Club 567-3092

Verona Island Historical Society 469-3826

Main Street Bucksport 479-3933

The Bucksport Area Chamber Guide is produced by travelMAINE. travelMAINE is a trade-mark name, RFB Advertising LLC, 266 Meadow St. Rockport, ME 04856. Please address inquiries to: Publisher, TravelMaine at the above address. For Advertising Rates and Information, Email: Volume: 4 Note: Admissible into Canada FREE OF DUTY under tariff item 98080000.000.Land exempt from Federal Sales Tax. Sunshine Guides © 2016 Publisher: Wendi Smith • Writer: Leslie Wombacher • Advertising: Jenn Rich & Wendi Smith Design/Graphics: Nicole Vanorse, NV Designs • Guide Photos: Sundial Photography All rights reserved. Reproduction in whole or impart without written permission is prohibited. These guides are made possible by the participation of the advertisers. We offer them our thanks and ask you to consider them first when patronizing businesses in Maine. Disclaimer This publication is provided “as is” for informational purposes only. You assume all risks concerning the suitability and accuracy of the information stated or implied within this publication. Although extensive reviews have attempted to ensure the accuracy of this publication, the copyright holder assumes no responsibility for and disclaims all liability for any such inaccuracies, errors or omissions in this publication.


Bucksport Bay Area Visitor’s Guide 2017

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BUCKSPORTWalking Maps Miles Lane Trail

this two and a half mile trail provides man made surfaces that make jogging and walking enjoyable. Access this trail by traveling up Central Street, turning right onto Broadway. _BCG2017.indd 37


5/23/17 10:09 PM



Bucksport Motor Inn .............................10 Downeast ME Vacation Rentals ............4 Fort Knox Park Inn ..................................9 Campground..........................................11

Bucksport Golf Club ................................6 Penobscot Narrows Observatory & Fort Knox Historical Site ....................5 Verona Island Charter Services .............7 Wednesdays on Main ...........................39



Crosby’s Drive-In & Dairy Bar ...............15 Harbor View Grille ................................40 Ledbetter’s Premium Deli .....................40 The Local Variety ...................................13 Wahl’s Dairy Port...................................12

Bucksport Marina ....................................2 Bucksport Regional Health Center.......29 Community Pharmacy...........................17 Dental Associates ..................................17 G & S Upholstery ...................................31 JS Black Printing ....................................32 Lewis & Malm Architecture ..................31 Ocean’s Edge Realty..............................32 Private Home Care, Inc. ........................17 Purple Iris Foundation ..........................31 Seaboard FCU ........................................32 TK Sampson ...........................................36 Two Rivers Realty ..................................31

SHOPPING/RETAILERS Bennett’s Gems & Jewelry ....................19 BookStacks ............................................16 Huckleberries Card and Gift .................18 Unique Rock Shop .................................16

SOCIAL SERVICES/NON-PROFITS/PUBLIC SERVICES Bucksport Area Cultural Arts Society Bucksport Bay Healthy Communities Coalition 469-6682 Bucksport Garden Club 567-3092 Bucksport Historical Society 852-5896 Bucksport Senior Center 469-3632 Cancer Support Center of Maine, Bucksport 469-6363 Castine Historical Society, Castine 326-4118 Forgotten Felines of Maine, Goudlsboro 669-2660 Friends of Fort Knox 469-6553 Great Pond Mountain Conservation Trust, Bucksport and Orland 469-6929 Healthy Acadia, Ellsworth 288-5331 Northeast Historic Film, Bucksport 469-0924 Orland Historical Society 469-3354 Sandy Point Community Club 567-6097 38

Bucksport Bay Area Visitor’s Guide 2017

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WEDNESDAY ON MAIN 3RD ANNUAL / SUMMER EVENTS Our 3rd year of bringing live events to Main Street every Wednesday all summer. All events from 5:30 to 7 p.m. unless otherwise noted. Donations gratefully accepted. LIMITED SEATING AT OUTDOOR EVENTS - PLEASE BRING A CHAIR

6/14/17 Frogtown Mountain Puppeteers – Alamo Theatre, 85 Main Street “The Headless Horseman of Sleepy Hollow.” It’s NOT just for Halloween! 6/21/17 Mel Allen, Editor, Yankee Magazine – Alamo Theatre, 85 Main Street “The Power of Community & 40 years of Yankee Stories” 6/28/17 Mark Neslusan with Betsey Peters-Epstein Classic Jazz – Waterfront Patio, Lighthouse Arts Center, 86 Main Street Vocals by the incomparable Betsey Epstein 7/5/17 Food on Main – Main Street Eat & Mingle! Music by Jonesville. Plus, Bucksport’s Finest Police & Firefighters as “Guns & Hoses” Fabulous Food & You can even DUNK A COP! 7/12/17 Rivertown Band, Traditional Acoustic, Joined by The Oshima Brothers, Acoustic Pop. Alamo Theatre, 85 Main Street NOTE: 5:30-8:00 7/19/17 Blue Northern - Main Street Tent The Best of Bluegrass Comes Back to Town 7/26/17 3rd Annual WERU Storytelling – Alamo Theatre, 85 Main Street “This is My Maine.” Fabulous stories told with love and humor! An Annual Favorite 8/2/17 Crown Vics – Waterfront Gazebo Maine’s Premiere Rockabilly Band 8/9/17 Reggae & Salsa – Waterfront Gazebo We Be Jammin’ with Spice! 8/16/17 Miss Stesha Cano – Waterfront Patio, Lighthouse Arts Center, 86 Main Street Miss Cano Returns with her soulful Blues, Jazz & More 8/23/17 Penobscot Theatre Company – Alamo Theatre, 85 Main Street JUST FOR KIDS! Prepare to have FUN!!!!! 8/30/17 Mini-Buskers Festival – Main Street Talented musicians serenade you on Main Street, with a finale at the Waterfront Gazebo GENEROUSLY SPONSORED BY DARLING’S OF AUGUSTA, BANGOR & ELLSWORTH and THE TOWN OF BUCKSPORT

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~ our newest location ~ 42 Main St./US Rte. 1 • Bucksport

469-4242 Harbor View & Leadbetter's Ad-outlined.indd 1


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Bucksport Bay Area Visitor’s Guide 2017

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Profile for Jennifer Rich / Wendi Smith

Bucksport Bay Area Visitor's Guide 2017  

Bucksport Bay Area Visitor's Guide 2017

Bucksport Bay Area Visitor's Guide 2017  

Bucksport Bay Area Visitor's Guide 2017