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You Live in a Connected World... You Work in a Connected World... It’s time to reconnect. The current economy combined with our fast-paced world of new technologies has forever changed consumer behavior. Realty Executives is acutely aware of this cultural shift and, with our long history of innovation, we are poised once again to revolutionize the industry with the right tools so you stay ahead of marketing trends through emerging technologies. To support you through the next step in the evolution of real estate search, we made a significant investment in the future of our Executives through a Technology Initiative which plans out to 2020. The reality today is that 90 percent of real estate transactions begin as online searches many months beforehand – before a real estate agent has even been selected. So, as part of Realty Executives new Technology Initiative, we launched Executive and Broker web connect platforms to promote your personal brand online, in addition to your listings, so you can be recognized as a knowledgeable thought leader for your specialty, experience and perspective. With a personal brand that consumers can recognize online, YOU will be “on their radar” – and at the top of the search engines – for consumers to find. We are also the first large real estate brand in the United States to launch a mobile connectivity platform that includes Microsoft’s new Tag™ technology, combined with text and voice lead capture, into our global marketing platform. This proprietary program launches a new era for the home buying and selling experience. With this smartphone technology, consumers receive the relevant and immediate information they want and the virtual tours and websites you want them to see. After the initial connection with your customer – you need to stay connected. That’s why we have also integrated our customer connect platform – complete with a full Customer Relationship Management system with pre-built and pre-written automatic drip marketing campaigns, client and prospect databases and social media tools – into your dashboard. And to wrap it all up in a truly robust and complete package, we connect you with your executive access toolbox – your Realty Executives resources, information, tools and programs that have been designed to maximize your potential for success every single day.

Take action today by exploring our innovative tools & technologies.



All for $74.99/month

web connect


RE: web connect helps you build your presence on the web while giving customers a worldwide listing search and funneling leads to increase business. TM

mobile connect


RE: mobile connect immediately connects the consumer to all the relevant information for any real estate listing through simple text, voice or scanning with smartphone technology. TM

customer connect


RE: customer connect allows automatic drip marketing through e-mail, social media & print services through a rich database of customizable templates that make creating marketing campaigns fast and simple. TM

executive access


RE: executive access is your Executive toolbox of resources, information, tools and programs designed to maximize your success accessible anytime and from anywhere. TM

“RE: web connect™ is awesome! Now I can get leads sent right to my phone no matter where I go! It saves me so much time managing my blogs and my personalized website is a huge must-have promotional tool! I highly recommend it!”

web connect


$29.99/month Lead System

My Website

Blog Syndication

Your Agent Website

Content Syndication

With this robust platform, build YOUR brand online at* through an integrated set of technologies that drives leads and customers to you – including the following.

The major search engines consider websites that change their content and their home page to be more relevant – more news worthy – than those that don’t. Our syndicated content on your web connect platform ensures that your website changes regularly, if not daily, without you doing a thing – which again attracts search engine activity.

*Custom URLs can be pointed to this domain.

Website Management Console An easy-to-use console that allows you to customize, manage and edit your website, post content and blog, and manage your leads and client communications all from one dashboard.

Huge SEO Indexed Page Count & Worldwide Footprint As part of one of the industry’s largest and most innovative websites in the industry by pages indexed – your web connect website will have over 2 million pages by pages indexed (as of this printing) – driving leads and customers to you. The larger the page count, the more you should appear at the top of the search engines and the more often customers wlll find you and your listings.

Worldwide Listing Search Most agent websites only allow you to search property in a local area – but your Executive web connect platform gives you a worldwide property search for your customers on your website – thus expanding your network worldwide.

Worldwide Referral Network The worldwide property search on your site means that no matter where your customer searches for property in the world – YOU GET THE LEAD – you get the inquiry. This means that you can refer this out to another Executive in our network and increase your income worldwide.

Blog Syndication Your web connect platform is built to blog. And we work to ensure that any blog you post gets the exposure it deserves by consistently submitting our website and our blog content to the major search engines on your behalf.

Social Media Syndication How would you like to have listings or blogging content distributed worldwide to your customers’ social media networks? Your web connect platform enables just that by allowing ANY customer to syndicate your listings or content that your post – giving you free exposure and credibility and building your reputation as an expert worldwide.

Lead System Your business is all about connecting with your customers. When they need information, request a showing or want to reach out for help, your web connect lead routing system will connect you to customers fast! Receive leads, inquiries and notifications instantly via email or text on your smartphone, mobile device, laptop or PC. Then track each lead’s search history, every e-mail communication, and organize them in folders – enabling you to manage and grow a bigger sales pipeline and maximize your income.

“I love RE: mobile connect™! I am now receiving more leads than ever from the Tag, voice and text capture employed in my marketing and on my SmartSigns. My customers also love the virtual tour technology, as it saves them time in their property search. I don’t know what I’d do without it!”

Voice/Call Auto Information Distribution When a customer calls the toll-free number on your yard sign they can; 1) have the property information read to them over the phone, 2) have the property information and a virtual tour sent to them via text, or 3) ask to be connected to you – the listing Executive.

Text Auto Information Distribution If the customer texts a property code to the short code on your yard sign, the property information and a virtual tour is sent to them immediately via text.

Tag Auto Information Distribution The customer can scan a “Tag”, or barcode, from their car which automatically connects their smartphone to the property information and/or the virtual tour.

Auto Lead Capture When customers call or text for information, the mobile connect system instantly captures their phone number and, if the carrier shares the information, the system even captures the caller’s name.

Voice/Text/Tag Management Console Once you’ve captured this lead information, mobile connect automatically puts them into your mobile connect database, enabling you to organize these prospects, track and manage your lead sources, and create custom reports for your home seller(s) and for new prospects.

Virtual Tour Builder All of your Executive listings are automatically integrated into your mobile connect console – including all of your property photos. The mobile connect system then enables you to automatically build a virtual tour that will play on any Smartphone with one mouse click.

Automated YouTube Tour Uploader The mobile connect system then automatically uploads your virtual tour video to YouTube within the Realty Executives YouTube channel. It also gives you a quick link to that virtual tour so you can copy it and post it to your website, your social media, your emails and anywhere else that you want to post the virtual tour.

Outbound Mobile Drip Marketing Send outbound text messages back to people that have called or texted requests for information – including open house announcements, price reductions, and any other custom message you would like to send.

SmartSigns™ & Riders You can easily order SmartSigns and Riders with auto coordinated Tags, text codes and the toll-free






connect dashboard.

Unlimited Tag Creation Create an unlimited number of Tags for use in your marketing and signage, and easily manage the web pages they link to.

mobile connect


$29.99/month TagManager

Virtual Tour Builder


Includes up to 50 Property Codes For Text/Voice Lead Capture Note: Additional sets of 50 property codes can be purchased for $25 monthly

“RE: customer connect™ makes marketing effortless! Whenever I need a flyer or an ad, it’s as simple as logging into a database, choosing the look I want, and customizing it with my information. The marketing and print services offered by Realty Executives works wonders for my budget!”

Executive Edge Automated Drip Marketing

Lead Capture

Set it and forget it. Customer connect enables you to set up automated e-mail, print, or combination campaigns to automatically run for 6 weeks to a year, keeping you connected with your customer base and sphere of influence with one easy setup.

You can use Executive Edge customer connect to create and post newsletter signups and lead capture buttons on your website to automatically funnel leads directly into your contact database and drip marketing campaigns.

Automated Monthly e-Newsletter

e-Mail & Direct Mail Campaigns

One of the most popular items is the automated

combination is more effective, you can create

monthly e-newsletter featuring your messages,

marketing campaigns in either e-mail only, print

along with other well-written relevant content.

only, or in combination format(s).

eCRM Tools /Contact Management

Social Media Lead Generation Tools

Executive Edge customer connect features a robust electronic customer relationship management system (eCRM) that enables you to organize and manage your contacts, sphere of influence, and new leads – plus it gives you the ability to import contacts from other sources and

The Executive Edge customer connect has builtin buttons and connectivity tools to integrate into your social media marketing and link between the two – enabling you to expand your sphere of

Because email is free but print and e-mail in

sync contacts with Microsoft Outlook™ and your smartphone.

influence using this powerful medium.

Marketing in Motion Home Shows Create multimedia e-mails highlighting your

Print Marketing Materials Center







pictures and music using the powerful Marketing-

Executive Edge customer connect also has a vast library of over 3000 marketing templates and pre-written pieces ready for you to customize – including business cards, brochures, postcards, newsletters, flyers, sports schedules and more.

Property Marketing Suite Executive Edge customer connect also features a complete property marketing suite that includes just listed/sold postcards, listing flyers, brochures and more in both email and print formats.

in-Motion system. Easily add them to the web or social media.

Over 3000 Marketing Templates & Pre-Written Campaigns With over 3000 marketing templates and pre-written 12-part campaigns at your fingertips for you to easily customize and deploy, this customer connect system saves you an enormous amount of time and money – while increasing your marketing effectiveness.

customer connect


$19.99/month Drip Marketing System

executive access


$FREE GrassRoots PR

Referral Network

Executive Access

RE: executive access™ is your one-stop online portal of Executive resources, information, tools & programs – accessible anytime and from anywhere – to help you maximize your success. This internal resource brings together pertinent information and materials for our Executives and Brokers. Have a question? Looking for an item that you’ve heard about? Want free downloads and marketing templates? Executive Access has the answers or can point you in the right direction.

• Your YOU Profile & Referral Profile

• Free Listing Presentation PowerPoints

• Executive & Broker Resources

• Free Branded Materials For Download

• Your Referral Network • Video Tutorial Center • Online Education • Training & Education Calendar

• Free Business Planning Materials • GrassRoots PR™ Public Relations Portal

• Online Webinar Calendar

• Registered Supplier Search Matrix

• Industry and Regional Meeting Information

• Access to Preferred Partners & Special Discount Programs

• KnowlegePoint™ Online Learning & Sharing Library

• Professional Development Services

• Free Marketing Downloads & Ad Templates

• Company & Industry Information and Updates And More!


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