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From the beaches of Makaha to Ho‘okipa, Primo has been enjoyed by locals and watermen of Hawai‘i for over 100 years. Now Primo has come ashore on the mainland.

Okole Maluna





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thirty two boots photo by jon tiffin

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ON THE COVER Parris- feeling the stoke before hitting the slopes. Helmet by Smith Goggles & Parka By Oakley Gloves by Hestra Snowboard by Arbor

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Model - Brittany Alwerud - Jetset M.A. Bikini - Nikster Surfboard - Rusty Photographer - Jon Tiffin

Greetings from REVOLT Not sure about you guys, but I can not believe how fast this year has gone by. Seems like just the other day summer was just around the corner...It came and went with a bang. We ran one of our finest surf comps ever this year. Thanks to our great staff and amazing sponsors it went off without a hitch. We actually scored epic waves at a couple of the events and all of them were a blast. Take a look inside for the last round of images, standings & interviews from the final RSSS of 2009.



Well, we have outdone ourselves this year with the biggest Holiday Gift Guide we have ever run. 16 pages or so? Christ! That’s a lot of gear! Nothing but the best for you my friends. We searched high and low to find the coolest, top notch swag for all your shopping needs. Surf, Skate, Snow, Gaming and all our favorite electronics to wet your appetites. Hope you all find what you need. We here at Revolt In Style Magazine would like to thank you all for your loyal readership & support this past year. We wish you all a Happy New Year. Speaking of which, Check out the piece on our new friends at Fortune. Fortune’s New Years Eve Bash will be held at the Del Mar Marriott. We expect this to be the wildest ride in town. Grab your tickets early online at Hope you all can make it. Peace, B & L

Our people behind the scenes....

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Nick Jones European Correspondent

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Carina Sammartino Columnist

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Sustainability - “to meet the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs”. Evidence supports that organic foods are higher in vitamins and minerals. At the core of organic growing is the art of fertilizing organically. There is no way to garden sustainably without a proper understanding of the soil. A plant gains its strength and nutrition from the soil. Building a nutrient rich organic soil is best done by amending its shortcomings organically, naturally. Chemical amendments add undesirable nitrates to your garden’s soil. Ammonium nitrate is a leading source of environmental waste. They also leave chemical residues in your food. Adding this chemically manufactured, unbalanced stuff to your garden over and over will impair your vegetables and keep them from receiving the healthy nutrients they need to protect themselves from insect attacks and help the plant resist disease. Plants get stressed too, and we know what stress does to human beings... plants are no different. They are better equipped to handle stress when they are strong from receiving the proper food they need.

HOME BREWS & GARDENS New Business In North Park Encourages A Self Sustainable Lifestyle

We have stumbled upon a great new business in San Diego’s eclectic North Park area. A nice addition to the slow food and micro brew environment in the neighborhood. People are becoming more conscious about their food these days - how it is prepared, where it comes from, and how it is grown.

You can increase the amount of organic matter in your soil by adding compost (we suggest the Worm Factory – see gift buying guide), aged animal manures, green manures (cover crops), mulches or peat moss. Because most soil life and plant roots are located in the top 6 inches of soil, concentrate on this upper layer.

There is a growing movement towards sustainability, and self-sufficiency. Whether it is a tight budget, an interest in eating locally, or just the enjoyment of growing your own food or brewing your own beer, it’s a good thing.. and it’s fun..

You can restore weak plants to robust health so they can resist insect attack. The best defenses against insect attack are preventative measures. Don’t let plants get stressed out. Don’t let them be too wet, too dry or too hot or too shaded. Design a diverse garden, so that pests of a particular plant won’t decimate an entire section of the garden. Rotate your plant locations within the garden. Organic methods will help your food taste better and store longer.

Hydroponics is growing without soil. The great thing about hydroponics growing is that anyone can do it. If you have the knowledge and the right equipment you can do it yourself out of your home. This means that individuals that live in downtown areas and have no yard space for a garden can grow vegetables, fruits and herbs without having to trudge down to the grocery store every day. The equipment to grow plants using a hydroponics system is easy to obtain and can be easily picked up at Home Brews & Gardens in North Park.

Healthy soil nurtures healthy plants which grow better, taste better, store longer and have increased resistance to the stresses caused by heat, cold, drought, pests, diseases, rapid growth, etc. Fertile soil is not only the first step for increasing yields and quality but also for natural pest control and season extending. We are at a threshold of growth in the shift toward sustainable food systems. Together, we can create healthy compost rich soil, healthy organic food, healthy people, healthy communities and a healthy planet, for ourselves, our children and the generations to come. Hydroponic gardens (soilless) can be organic as well, and it is estimated that they require 10% of the water of soil gardens. - great for indoor gardens and/or areas with water shortages (San Diego). “In the depths of winter, I finally found that within me lay an invincible summer” – Albert Camus

They stock everything for traditional gardening including seeds, soil, fertilizer, and more. They are reasonably priced and very helpful. In addition to the home garden supplies, they also carry supplies for home brewing, both beer and wine (and have great starter kits, cheapest prices we have ever seen and perfect for the first time home brewer). There are also individual ingredients sold for the more experienced brewer. In the near future I have been told that there is a plan on hosting home brewing & hydroponic classes. If you live in the neighborhood, I would definitely suggest stopping by and see what’s going on. Also for you people looking for great gifts for Christmas. They are offering 10% off everything in store, 15 – 20% off complete hydroponic systems (some restrictions apply) - the entire month of December. Home Brews & Gardens 3176 Thorn St. San Diego CA 92104


The most efficient compost station in such a small space. Turn your food waste and paper waste into some pretty fantastic mulch for the veggies or whatever. The included 16-page instruction manual makes setup fast and easy and gives detailed tips on how to best manage your Worm Factory yearround. Lonely people can name the individual worms and pretend they have friends. Available at Home Brews & Gardens


BREWER’S BEST Equipment Kit

Brewer’s Best Equipment Kit - Pretty much everything you need to start home brewing.There’s nothing like the feeling of pride and accomplishment when you pop open a bottle of your own home brew that YOU ACTUALLY MADE. Trust us, your friends will all hang out till the last beer has been consumed. Remember: Always brew responsibly. Goggles not included. Deluxe Kit $149.95 Available at Home Brews & Gardens


Care for Creation, Save Some Money, and Get Back to the True Spirit of Giving from the Heart. By Chris Prelitz Author of Green Made Easy Between Thanksgiving and New Year’s Day, Americans throw away a million extra tons of garbage each week, including holiday wrapping and packaging. That’s miles of forests felled to make gift wrap that ends as a mountain of trash in landfills, not to mention the financial impact to all of us. Here are my Top 10 ways to help care for creation, save a little cash, and get back to the true spirit of the holidays – giving from the heart. Send E Holiday cards Send holiday greetings by e-mail, not U.S. mail. You can go online and e-mail family and friends a creative virtual card, complete with options like music, a photo, a personalized message and even your own signature. You’ll be saving trees, energy, carbon, and cash. Give an experience instead of stuff Do we really need more stuff? Why not give family and friends a memorable experience instead of a material gift? How about theater or concert tickets, a massage, horseback riding, or even an art class? An experience will last a lifetime, and be a gift they will never forget. Use natural beeswax holiday candles Toss those old holiday candles you inherited from your great aunt— they could have lead wicks, which are toxic when burned and were only banned in the U.S. in 2003. Choose natural beeswax over paraffin wax candles, which are petroleum based and give off toxins similar to diesel fumes when burned. Beeswax will also burn 5 times as long as paraffin which makes them a much better value even if they cost a bit more initially. Decorate with nature One of my favorite memories was stringing together popcorn and cranberries to make a garland for our holiday tree. You can enjoy the garland twice if you remove the corn and cranberries and place outdoors in a good viewing spot, then sit back and watch as the local birds enjoy the treats. Go for handmade Instead of going to the mall, and all of the emotional as well as financial stress that entails, consider giving a gift from your own hands. Home made banana bread, cookies, jams, jellies, or canned goods will be so much more appreciated than another store bought item we don’t really need.

Save $$ and energy with LED lights Replace those old holiday lights with new LED’s, and save about 90 percent of the energy and cost to run conventional lights. You can find perfect replacements today in both multi-colored and white LED strings. They are also much safer than incandescents because they won’t heat up. And, they last so long your grandchildren may inherit them.


If everyone replaced their conventional holiday light strings with LED’s, we’d save enough energy in one month to power 200,000 homes for a full year. U.S. Dept. of Energy Wrap it creatively Nobody will mind if you use old newspaper funny pages, brown paper bags, or a vintage scarf to wrap your gifts, especially with a creative bow on top. Those old Christmas lights, cloth tape measure, string or shoelaces will add the finishing touch to your eco and economical gift giving. You can even turn old VHS or cassette tape into creative curly ribbon. And, don’t forget to make your own gift tags by cutting old greeting cards into small squares and folding in half. Have fun. There are no rules in recycling. Bag it Most grocery or health food stores sell artsy reusable shopping bags that can be used for wrapping your gift and then reused over and over again. You’ll be appreciated for a gift that keeps on giving and one that lessens the load on landfills from disposable plastic or paper bags. Go battery free or rechargeable Disposable batteries are a waste to our wallets and a waste to the planet. Choose durable toys made from natural and non-toxic materials like hardwood. If you do go with techie toys that need batteries, give some rechargeable batteries and a charger along with the gift. Rechargeable batteries can last thousands of charges and save thousands of dollars. Solar Gifts If you do purchase a gift, consider giving a clean renewable energy gift like a solar oven a solar lantern, or solar patio lights. A solar oven is a great way to teach children about the power of the sun, while providing a dependable cooking stove for daily use, camping, or power outages. For LED lights, rechargeable batteries, solar lanterns and other green products, visit www. Chris Prelitz is the author of Green Made Easy; The Everyday Guide for Transitioning to a Green Lifestyle (Hay House, 2009). Available at Amazon and bookstores nationwide. A perfect gift for the holidays! Chris Prelitz is an author, professional speaker and pioneer of the modern green movement with over 25 years of hands on green design and construction experience. He and his wife, Becky, share a green solar-powered home in Laguna Beach, California, which Chris designed and built. Most months they produce more energy than they use and receive a credit from their power company instead of a bill. Chris can be heard every Tuesday on



Rubicon Deli 3819 Mission blvd San Diego ca 92109 (park next door at the laundromat) P. 858488DELI (3354) / F. 8584883355

RUBICON DELI The Long Search Is Finally Over... Leslie Krouse

Well, I found it, The BEST DAMN DELI SANDWICH anywhere! RUBICON DELI in Mission Beach is that place. This is the freshest and most flavorful sandwich’s I have ever tasted in my entire life. And I have quite a bit of experience with delis, having worked in one for quite sometime. Freshness is a problem with deli sandwiches, if the ingredients aren’t fresh including the bread the sandwich isn’t as good as it could be. My good buddy Burke from the group Vokab Kompany recommended Rubicon Deli to me, and they insisted I go in and try it ASAP. Wow! I have never had such an incredible tasting sandwich in my entire life, I know I’m getting redundant, but it’s that good. The bread is amazing. Baked fresh in house everyday. They have 7 different types of bread to choose from, white, wheat, pesto, jalapeno jack, garlic, garlic cheese, and Blue Cheese. Each sandwich is its own loaf of bread. And for those carb-conscious individuals, you can order the bread “Naked” they will scoop out the center for you, but you still get that amazing crust, with all the flavors. “You could literally go in there everyday for a year and never have the same sandwich” proudly boasts Evan, one of the owners. I have tried at least 4 different sandwiches, and everyone just as delicious as the last.

The “Rubicon Special” the turkey is sliced so thin it just melts in your mouth, combined with the Roasted Red Peppers, Smoked Gouda, Romaine Lettuce, and Pesto Mayo, it’s just heaven. I have had it on wheat, jalapeno jack, and pesto, and all delivers it’s own unique flavor combination, I suggest adding bacon, but I put bacon on everything. The “Dom Pastram” if you are a fine connoisseur of Pastrami sandwiches than this ones for you. Piled high with the highest quality of piping hot meat, melted Swiss cheese, sauerkraut, pickles and onions, and of coarse mustard. Now lets get into the mustards for a minute. This is where you can really see that they do care about the food they are serving. They have brought gourmet into the deli, featuring 4 types of Napa Valley Mustards. Honey Hot & Sweet, Green Chile & Garlic, Herbs of the Valley, and my personal favorite Habanero (this will kick your taste buds into gear). There is also Inglehoffer Cranberry Mustard, which is great on the turkey. There is one last sandwich I’m going to talk about, the “Spicy Tuna.” Wow, where do I start,


of coarse the Tuna, totally fresh albacore, not fishy at all, this is a requirement for me. They put a generous helping of tuna salad, then they top it with pepper jack cheese, romaine, tomato’s, pickles, onions, avocado, peppercinis, and Habanero Mustard, this is such a big sandwich you need two hands to pick it up, and taking a bite, well it ain’t pretty, but it is so worth it. Sandwiches aren’t the only food to die for there. They have an Acai “Belleza Bowl” to start off your day, some perfectly formed bread bowls that house some of the most flavorful Soup De Jour’s, and a “Love at First Bite” sandwich to finish it off. Well, enough about the food, I could go on and on. Here’s what I found out about the history behind the Rubicon Deli. The original Rubicon Deli was established in 1993 in Tahoma, which is located on the West Shore of Lake Tahoe. Named after the Rubicon Trail, which historically runs from Georgetown, CA to Tahoma, CA at Lake Tahoe. It started as an Indian trade route, became a stagecoach route and is currently one of the premier four-wheel drive trails in the country. Although the meaning of the Rubicon originates in northwestern Italy where lies a stream that Julius Caesar crossed with his army, breaking a forbidden law crossing it, in which it committed him to war against the Senate and Pompey. The ensuring civil war resulted in victory for Caesar after three years. Giving Caesar’s crossing the Rubicon the meaning “THE POINT OF NO RETURN!” Which suits the Rubicon’s Product ideally because once you have eaten a Rubicon Sandwich you will never go anywhere else. Hence “THE POINT OF NO RTETURN.” The original Rubicon Deli was created buy Cheri Corsiglia, loving mother of Evan Corsiglia who taught him the tricks of the trade, and thus making him one of the owners of the Rubicon Deli in Mission Beach. He teamed up along side of two long time close friends, Antonio Carasali born in Reno Nevada, but is a ten-year local of San Diego and graduate of USD, and Oliver Lang, Bay Area local, but an 8-year veteran in San Diego, and professional paintball player. They manipulated the successful formula that Evan had been taught so well, and put a spin on it with their creative personalities. They wanted to create a “locals” place where the food spoke for

itself. “A big part of our day before was finding a great place, with good atmosphere, and where we were able to eat with our friends. Now we get to do that everyday,” says the trio. And they couldn’t be more correct. The second you step inside you realize you’re not in a typical deli. With a contemporary style café decor, you feel like you could be anywhere in the world. Fortunately you’re within steps of the ocean. Rubicon’s long history, and sense of creating a spot in the community for people to come in, hang out, eat killer grinds, and just be, is essentially what we are all looking for. So with this holiday season vastly approaching us, make it a point as you’re out and about shopping, to stop by and try it for yourselves.



REI & ARBOR LAUNCH Design Contest Design it, Submit it, Win it and Ride it!

REI and Arbor Call for Artists for the 2010 Snowboard Design Contest. REI, a national retailer providing quality outdoor gear and clothing, and Arbor, a collective of artists, designers and friends who snowboard, skateboard and surf, kick-start the snow season with a “call for artists” to submit designs for the REI and Arbor 2010 snowboard design contest. This free contest is open to artists of all skill levels, and contest rules are posted at arbor-contest. One winning design will be picked and featured in Arbor’s 2010 – 2011 snowboard lineup and sold exclusively at REI. The winning designer will also receive a snowboard featuring their design and a $1,000 REI gift card. Four runners-up winners will each receive a $500 gift card.

WARREN MILLER’S DYNASTY Sixty years ago, an adventurous man with a pair of wooden boards strapped to his feet and an 8mm-movie camera in his hand changed the way we thought about snow. Today, Warren Miller is the most recognized name in the ski industry. This winter, we celebrate 60 years of filmmaking with the release of Warren Miller’s Dynasty. Fresh cinematography and immeasurable talent explodes from Dynasty, showcasing the experience, the influence, and the originality that has grown from the action sports filmmaking institution that is Warren Miller Entertainment.

“REI and Arbor’s values both focus around being earth-friendly, while ensuring people have fun playing outdoors,” says Tom Vogl, vice president of REI Marketing. “We’re thrilled to provide an online forum for the outdoor community to discover artistic talents and get each other fired up about getting on the snow.” Entries will be accepted from Nov. 2, 2009 through Dec. 31, 2009. As soon as artists have submitted their artwork, people may vote for their favorites by clicking on a “thumbs-up” or “thumbs-down” icon On Jan. 10, 2010, the top five artists who receive the most votes will go to the final round where Arbor and REI judges will choose one grand-prize winner based on creativity, artistic translation of the artwork into snowboard graphics, and quality. The winner and runners-up will be announced on Jan. 15, 2010.

From December 2nd till Dec 6th, Warren Miller’s Dynasty will premier in San Diego at Museum of Contemporary Art, Carlsbad Village Theatre & La Paloma Theatres. Narrated by Jonny Moseley and presented in striking high-definition, Dynasty highlights winter’s most gripping explorations and ultimate challenges…the new, the old, and the unknown…the steep, the deep, and the unthinkable. All of the action in this anniversary addition is set to an unmatched, innovative soundtrack, including music from Incubus, Silversun Pickups, and Band of Horses.

“Over the years we have turned to the art community to help keep Arbor’s eco-centric message relevant within the snowboard community,” says Bob Carlson, Arbor co-founder. “This contest will allow us to expand these efforts and open up our process to aspiring artists around the country.” Carlson adds, “With the winning design, we will create a snowboard that combines an amazing level of design, performance, and style with the work of an up and coming artist and Arbor’s ecotechnologies.”

Warren Miller films attract a cult-like following and mark the official start of winter for sports enthusiasts everywhere. Warren Miller premiers are an experience, a party, and a phenomenon not to be missed. Come and celebrate with us…60 years of breaking trail! Check out for tour information, videos, photos, and more.


Anyone who’s ever planted bamboo, a member of the grass family, knows that it grows like… well, bamboo. There’s no stopping it. Bamboo fiber is make from the refined pulp of the bamboo plant. The plant thrives naturally, totally unassisted, without the use of any pesticides or fertilizer, is totally biodegradable, and is the fastest growing plant in the world, shooting up a yard or more in a day, growing to its maximum height in roughly three months, and reaching maturity after only three or four years. Bamboo spreads rapidly


Arbor remains focused on finding solutions for a more sustainable future through a blend of art, technology, and eco-materials. The company’s creatively rich line of quality snowboards, skateboards and apparel can be found on

(like a weed) across large areas, and because of this, is known to improve soil quality in degraded and eroded landscapes. There are a growing number of businesses jumping on the Bamboo Wagon, and for good reason. Not only is it a renewable resource, but it is a particularly amazing product. Companies like Arbor Sports & Sector 9 have known about the benefits derived from using bamboo material in both their snow & skateboard construction as well as their clothing lines for years. Although Loaded Skateboards use bamboo extensively, they prefer not to advertise the fact. They just like it! Here’s what Darren says about their boards. “Like I said before, these are things we do because it’s necessary, not cause we use it for marketing... So you won’t find this info on any literature or on our site. We use bamboo throughout our line. Bamboo is a eco friendly material with amazing performance properties. This was an obvious material choice for us. All Loaded boards have a recycled crush glass grip. The sprayed grip allows us to use recycled glass and it has a performance benifit. Sprayed grip allows the board to flex true and does not deaden the feel of the board and rebound. (traditional grip does deaden the feel). All Loaded boards have water based sealants, non-toxic epoxies and non-toxic inks for graphics. Besides that, the Dancer has an aditional eco material... natural non-dyed linen/ flax fabric to replace fiberglass. This allowed us to go more eco with this board and get a damp feeling that we were looking for.” For more info go to

Bamboo Sk8 Located in Oceanside is gaining popularity in the industry by providing 100% bamboo boards to manufacturers worldwide. They have their own take on things. “Nothing lasts forever. But your board and your planet stand to last a lot longer if you ride bamboo. The #1 sustainable building material in the word also makes the world’s most eco-friendly decks.A maple tree (which has traditionally made the best skateboards) takes 60 years to get into a skate shop. Bamboo is ready to skate in three to five growing seasons. Check out exactly how these decks are making an environmental difference at their GREEN page.

RAIL II RAIL SURF SHOP Bringing Back The Soul David A. Woods 

Welcome all to the dawning of a new era in the surf industry. One that will revolutionize the way consumers look at surfing, and the purchasing of surf products. The feeling of “soul” this industry has claimed to be based on, is actually a reality here. Welcome to Rail II Rail Surf Shop!  Inspired from growing up surfing, (and eating plenty of sand as a grom), on the beaches of north county, and countless others all around the world. Owner Dave Woods has established roots in the industry through 19 years of hard work and dedication. Working from the ground up, with some of the most illustrious companies, insane designers, to the world’s most renowned shapers. The “cream of the crop” riders in all board sports, and the  all around “surf  bum’s” that the surf industry has been built upon. Dave, has triumphantly put the “soul” back into an industry that seems to have lost a bit of it recently.  With “mall stores” in Nebraska, and everywhere, caring the same exact brands, with gaudy mass appeal,  and internet sites that will sell you anything. It’s nice to know that the backbone of this industry we all strive for, can still have a bit of soul left.

Aviso Surfboards and all the illustrious designers under that unbelievable technology umbrella, such as Bessell, Doc, Cole, Mayhem, Patterson, Takayama, Pearson Arrow, Herbie Fletcher, and Robert August just to name a few.  Hot Batch boards like Placebo, Chili, and MR, any Surf Tech available on their great lineup, and with local shapers such as Jim Ellington to lead the pack for custom Rail II Rail boards.  Body Glove, Xcel, and Jet Pilot wetsuits will keep all styled and toasty for this coming winter, accessories such as Famous waxes, DaKine, Creatures of Leisure, FCS, and Future fins, footwear from Ocean Minded, Scott Hawaii, Gravis, unreal sunglasses from Anon, Oakley, Hoven, Pleasure Ground, and Anarchy, Freestyle watches, Dregs & GFH skateboards, Analog, Tavik, and of course RIIR clothing as well.  The best gear, from the best vendors, with the best attitudes, in and out of the water, and the greatest most knowledgeable service, no matter the season, to get completely dialed up for the beach, mountains, desert, or whatever your pleasures might be!  The Grand Opening Holiday Black Tie Party will be Saturday December 12th, from 2-8pm, with food and drink, live music with The Skains, and DJ JohnnyG, please come join us and check it out, hope to see you all there! Sincerely, Rail II Rail Surf Shop    

   Rail II Rail Surf Shop will be based on, and is predicated to every board sport that has the “Rail II Rail” philosophy.  A philosophy that is based on service with a smile, knowledgeable and kind staff, and of course the best product the surf industry has to offer. The business model is like that of a fine Rolls Royce driving down the boulevard with the highest prestige. Rail II Rail will specialize in “highend, environmental tech” products, offering the latest on cutting edge surfboard design, and the most earth conscious wetsuits, waxes, accessories, clothing, footwear, sunglasses, basically, everything from head to toe, for all seasons.  It reminds me of this old “local” gaucho down south. While surfing with my old man when I was about 10 years old, in the early morning while waxing my board before hitting the surf, no one on the beach to speak of, except for us, this old rather large shirtless stomached, no front teeth “gentleman”, just blurts out “rail to rail & nose to tail”!  This has burned an impression in my mind since that day, and I’ve waxed every surfboard since in this method. They comes out perfect every time, just like one’s experience shopping at Rail II Rail Surf Shop.   Located at 3232 Mission Blvd. SD CA 92109, adjacent to beautiful Belmont Park in Mission Beach, at the “old” Christa’s Wash Laundromat, a new era has started.  Working with the best brands such as


2009 Utimate Holiday Gift Guide Britt Goggle - Oakley-Stockholm Pearl White/Pink Jacket - Oakley -Mane Jacket Pants - Oakley -Profile Pant Gloves - Hestra - Heli Ski Beanie - Arbor -Flapper Bamboo Parris Goggles - Oakley - Splice Snow True Carbon Fiber Jacket - Oakley - Ranger Snow Jacket Pants - Oakley - Battalion Gloves - Hestra - Vertical Cut Freeride Snowboard - Arbor -Draft




OAKLEY Dispatch

THIRTY TWO Advanced Snowboard Boots & Outerwear

We’re talkin attitude on the street. interchangeable “O” icons Polarized Plutonite lens.120.

Producer of high-end boots and apparel by snowboarders for snowboarders. Full Line of boots In all shades and for all levels from beginner to Advanced Snow Master. Outerwear, pants, hoodies, hats &


Hestra Vertical Cut Freeride Glove

From the streets to the mountains, the Aerial7 Sound Disk Beanie merges technology and fashion. This innovative beanie is so comfortable you’ll forget you’re even wearing headphones. The ultra slim sound disk delivers crisp, clear sound. Built in microphone works with iPhone & Blackberry. Designed for comfort without sacrificing sound.

Its short cut fits neatly under jacket cuffs, and reinforced knuckles and palms keep you protected from wayward branches and long days on the mountain. Stretch Cordura fabric is super comfortable, while Army Leather goatskin palms are super soft and grippy. 155,


With a truly unique shape and design, The Shaman balances the skier’s weight allowing a forward, powerful powder turn unlike anything you have ever believed possible. Offered in 161cm 173cm and 184cm lengths, The Shaman provides excellent maneuverability while its 160 mm tip rivals even the biggest powder skis in floatation and stability. And don’t be fooled by the wide girth, the Shaman rips the groomers with its aggressive sidecut and torsional rigidity. So go ahead, shed your inner demons and put The Shaman to the test.

FULL TILT Seth Morrison Pro Model

offers a superior level of power transfer and shock absorption. The one-of-a-kind wrap around graphics were created by his friend Josh Malay (RIP) and complemented with fabric, real zippers and buttons that are all Seth for a boot as unique in performance and style as Seth is with his skiing. 750.


DAKINE Cool Tools

Handy dandy gadget is perfect for the quick fix. Keep this multi tool in your pack; you never know when you may need it. Mcgruber! 12.

DaKine Cool Lock:

Don’t let your brand new ride fly off the rack like it’s a Black Friday Sale at Walmart. Lock it up with the Dakine Cool Lock. Smart. 14.

Whether you’re investing in a sustainable Arbor bamboo snowboard, or an eco-concious K2, we’ve got everything you need to make your favorite snow sport eco-friendly. Bond & Patagonia winter ski jackets and Drop Gloves made from recycled materials. If you’re gonna do up the mountains...think green in the pow.


GREEN SNOW Bond Outerwear

Established in 2008 and headquartered in Southern California, Bond utilizes a top down sustainability model in its operations and is the snowboarding industry’s first completely carbon neutral company.  All Bond outer shells and inner liners feature a blend of recycled PET fabric (made from plastic bottles) and virgin polyester that is completely recyclable.  Jacket and pant snaps, buttons and zipper pulls are made from reclaimed, industrial-grade plastic pellets, and Bond’s moisture wicking lining system is derived from a blend of discarded coconut shells and polyester.  Even the plastic bag Bond’s outerwear arrives to shops in is designed to be reused as a shopping bag. Bond also offers a collection of softgoods including T-shirts, fleece, beanies and technical socks. Men’s Civil Jacket (top) Women’s Studio Jacket

K2 Eco-Pop For Her & Slayblade For Him


Already known as a player in snowboarding’s eco-revolution. Now Arbor takes on the rocker revolution - the new Draft is designed around The System, a fusion of interdependent technologies that support jib-specific performance. Make no mistake; rocker boards represent a new approach to how snowboards function. Rocker shapes require a total rethinking of long held ideas on technologies and how they interact. To that end, we offer The System. All of Arbor’s wood cores are made with poplar that has been certified by the Forest Stewardship Council as sustainably produced. Poplar is still the best choice as a primary wood core material due to its combination of lighter-weight performance, durability, and availability. Recipient of 2010 SIA’S “INNOVATION” AWARD & BACKCOUNTRY MAGAZINE’S “GEAR OF THE YEAR” AWARD. 395.

The EcoPop and Slayblade boards are the flagships for K2’s expanded environmental focus. The new EcoPop - X Game Gold Medalist Gretchen Bleiler’s board - features our state of the art Flatline Technology and Harshmellow damping while at the same time utilizing K2’s Eco Conscious Construction (ECC) to help keep winters cold and snowy. The Slayblade, which also features all of K2’s state of the art technology, is also designed using our brand new Flatline Technology, proven Harshmellow damping and environmentally conscious Hybrilight Construction. 500.-550.

DROP Verde & DPI Glove

For 2009/2010, the all-new Verde Series puts an eco-friendly twist on some of DROP’s most popular gloves by incorporating recycled Thinsulate insulation, chrome-free leathers and reclaimed three-layer soft shell fabrics. To celebrate this initiative and at the same time extend the artist-driven DROP Pure Inspiration (DPI) Series introduced last year, San Francisco’s nature-loving artist, Bigfoot, was tapped for an exclusive collaboration. 50.

PATAGONIA Sidewall Jacket.

Wind, graupel and downward spiraling temperatures – all signs of an epic day. This progressively styled, freemoving jacket stops cold and nastiness and enhances the freeriding experience with its motion-friendly design. The combination of 100-g Thermogreen insulation (90% recycled) and a durable 2-layer 100% polyester shell (50% recycled) keeps you warm and dry while supporting an eco-friendly company. 325.


ENVIRONMENT Electric Car - San Diego Street Legal P.B. Low Profile Cargo Box - Yakima - see pg 31 Parris Wetsuit - Oneil - Phyco 1 -Emerald City Surf Coronado Armband - H2O Audio - see pg 26 SurfBoard - Rusty - Emerald City Surf Coronado Britt Bikini - Nikster Wetsuit - Oneil - Emerald City Surf Coronado SurfBoard - Joel Tudor -Emerald City Surf Coronado 22  WWW.REVOLTINSTYLE.COM Beach towel - Emerald City Surf Coronado


XCEL Infiniti Drylock & X-Zip 4/3, 3/2

His & Hers eco-friendly & equally toasty wetsuits. Airprene Barrier: durable air chambered insulating technology. Bamboo Barrier: recycled fiber plush lining infused with heat-retaining bamboo charcoal and water-repellent technology, covers interior from chest to knees. New front and back crossover entry system to improve durability and easy on/off. Men’s Drylock 420.(3/2) 430.(4/3) Women’s X-Zip 310.(3/2) 320.(4/3) - available at Rail II Rail Surf Shop

XCEL Infiniti Drylock Boots & Gloves

Water-repellent dual-level Thermo bamboo lining, Drylock Seal with glued and blindstiched taped seams, and easy on/off UltraStretch ankle panel with pull loop & reinforced stress points. 3mm and 5mm. 45.-60.00 - - available at Rail II Rail Surf Shop

Rob’s Organik Blend - 3 Pack

Rob’s Organik Blend (R.O.B.) is an eco friendly high performance wax blended by Rob himself using renewable resources and natural coconut oil scent. A percentage of sales will be donated to The Rob Machado Foundation ( 6.00

Machado Classic

Rob’s signature sandal. It’s made of ISA LITE (Low Impact to the Environment) leather, and it has a contoured redemption Foam footbed with anatomical arch support. The outsole is made of 100% recycled car tires... One recylced tire can produce 7 size 9 sandals. available at Emerald City Surf Shop in Coronado

Eco-Friendly Surfboard Building Starter Kit

Sizes ranging from 5’11” TO 7’11” Greenlight Surfboard Supply is the gateway to the growing movement of surfers achieving a deeper connection with the True Spirit of Surfing by designing and shaping their own surfboards at home. They make surfboard building easy and fun for all surfers to shape boards at home. Greenlight manufactures and supplies alternative surfboard building materials that are sustainable and which have the least impact on our delicate ecosystems. Greenlight exists for average, everyday surfers to attain complete surfing satisfaction, pride, and mind-blowing stoke. Prices start at 385.


Face it, you can’t live everyday in winter with sandals, whether you like it or not. These Uppers shoes by Ocean Minded are the next best thing, and eco-friendly too, so you can feel good about ditching your favorite sandals! Made with water-based glue, Organic cotton lining, Recycled car tire outsole, Anatomical footbed, made with recycled Croslite materialCroslite mateial is soft, comfortable, lightweight, superior-gripping and odor resistant. Made with metal free leather 65.00 -available at Emerald City Surf Shop in Coronado

The state of the art in custom surfboards. featuring Carbon Parabolic Rails the fastest loosest board you will ever have. any size any shape. starting @ 895. - available at Rail II Rail Surf Shop


Printed break up boardshort with scallop leg and rubber fly. Fabric: Ultralite Regurge (55% recycled materials/45% polyester) 58.00 - available at Rail II Rail Surf Shop


LOADED Vanguard

The one that started it all. Symmetrical shape and stance for a balanced center of gravity to increase the ability to weight the deck through turns for better control and energy generation. The sidecuts allow for decreased torsional stiffness between the feet to exploit the board’s torsional energy to allow for greater nuances in the turning radius. Pure Stoke. 310.

LOADED Dervish

With a lower center of gravity and a torsionally stiff design, the Dervishes are built to hold an edge and maximize energy return. The dropthru design allows for easier pushing, more stability at speed, and easier sliding. It has a small flat nose and tail for manual and shovit tricks. Epoxy and Tri-axle fiberglass sandwich a vert-lam Bamboo core, pressed into concave and convex cambers for liveliness, responsiveness and high energy potential. The Dervish is available in two flexes. 321. 24  WWW.REVOLTINSTYLE.COM


Perfect Stocking stuffer for that Skatin’ maniac in your life. available at Soulgrind. 20.

OAKLEY Dispatch Shades

We’re talkin attitude on the street. interchangeable “O” icons Polarized Plutonite lens.120.


70% viscose from bamboo/ 30% cotton blend flannel with sherpa liner in body, Arbor’s poly/bamboo charcoal blend twill liner in sleeves for easy access. Reclaimed real wood snaps down front placket, pockets, and cuffs. Grommets on back armpits for ventilation. 119.


55” of dancing decadence. Years in the making and developed by the monster himself, Adam Colton. Designed with functional concerns foremost, the Dancer incorporates a flat and dampened deck for easy cross stepping, as well as built-in nose and tail kicks for effortless manuals, shovits and g-turns. Functional wheel cut outs and wheel wells enhance carving ability, while a minimal camber keeps the board damp and forgiving. 390. available at Soulgrind

LOADED Vanguard

Take a look at the sick graphics under here. Now look to the opposite page for the description.

ARBOR Pin Bamboo

The classic tapered carver - the Arbor Pin features a huge wheelbase for maximum stability at speed, and a wide, concave midsection for deep, open-stance, lock-n-hold skating. Venice based artist Jake Pickle created the Bamboo Pin’s more stylized Asian graphic. 165.

Sector 9 Sidewinder Sandwedge

The longest board of the series, the Sand Wedge is designed to give you the same sensitive turning ability but with a little more wheel base for cleaner more drawn out turns. Weapon of choice for the editor. 199.

RAX by Radically Inclined

Don’t let your boards stack up in the corner, get kicked over in the garage or take out poor ‘ol Gramma anymore. Rack ‘em with RAX. This simple but clever design will save floor space as well as look great on your wall. John Hawkins makes these good lookin’, good smelling racks by hand from Western Red Cedar. We like em just fine. Rax by Radically Inclined is an eco-friendly product. RAX are built only from all second growth cedar. Radically Inclined does not use any treated lumber or mineral based finishes. They calculate the design of their products to achieve the least amount of waste. All wood shavings and wood waste is re-used for kitty litter, trail paths and firewood. All left over pipe is recycled. Snowboard, Ski, Skate....Fishing rods? Don’t matter, they’ll rack ‘ em too. Made in the USA bru. From 42. and up.


VESTAL Watches

For Him -Vestal ZR3- Unlike its namesake, this watch will live on. Massive stainless steel construction 300. For Her -Vestal Cabaret- Stainless Steel & Leather 125.

ARNETTE Hawaii Swinger

Sleek, full-wrap frame with polarized polycarbonate lenses. Limited to 300 pairs of each color 109.

CANON PowerShot S90

The perfect everyday camera for people who are serious about great photography. High Sensitivity System and higher ISO speeds, plus an exceptionally bright f/2.0 lens.That just means REALLY great pictures, Real Easy. See the big ring around the base of the lens? It’s a rotating, programmable control ring you dedicate to direct control of aperture, exposure compensation, or almost anything! 429.

H2O AUDIO Amphibx Waterproof iPod Housing

Amphibx provides a fully integrated, wearable, watersports music solution. Its unique shape and specialized materials have been designed to comfortably grip your arm while you’re dropping in, cutting back or wiping out. 65. up

27” Apple iMac

This is undeniably one of the best ‘Take me out of the box, plug me in, and it works’ desktop computers featuring a 21.5- or 27-inch LED-backlit display. Apple’s new 27inch iMac is a speed demon, especially the model shipping with the new Core i7 processor. Even better, the latest iMacs ship with the new Magic Mouse, Apple’s first single-button mouse that gets it right thanks to the powers of multitouch.Check it out first at www.crywolf. com for the most unreal pricing in town.


H2O AUDIO Surge Waterproof Headphones

Pounding surf, huge wakes or just your favorite running route are Surge Sportwrap’s playground. Combining the stable fit of a behind-the-neck headphone with the sound quality of an in-ear headphone, Surge Sportwrap features a secure neckband and coiled cable that keeps headphones comfortably in place by actively managing the cord and reducing cable strain. 50.

Tim Bessell’s thought provoking wall hanger. 9’6’’ x 20.5’’ x 3’’ polyester resin chromed AK-47. concept: the duality of man’s highest and lowest achievements. price $20,000.


ALTERED Wave Bat 600 LTD

Un-Plug & Carve! Island Inspired. Their newest bat-tailed model takes it’s cue from the natural progression of surfing. It features a concaved-kicktailed, shape that’s outstanding for surf-style slashing and carving. It’s powered by our ALT MODULE 600 and designed in Orange County, California. Patented 19 MPH Wireless remote control electric skateboard. 36 volt removable battery pack & charger. The environmentally-friendly electric power engages a quiet belt driven motor. Electric Skateboarding is both an exciting sport as well as it’s perfect for transportation on short distance commutes. Runs like a Ferrari, built like a tank. It’s a formula car for your feet! 650. www. - Use promotion code ‘REVOLT09’ when ordering & Altered will cover the sales tax for ya!

EVE Electric Car

The EVE car is designated as a low speed vehicle (LSV) which means it can reach up to 25 MPH and it is allowed on the streets with posted speed limits of 35MPH. The car is powered by six, eightvolt batteries. Since no gasoline is required, the car has zero emissions making it a perfect green alternative for transportation. Available with a HUGE tax credit from


Inventor David Morrow, of www. rustyspokes.comintroduces Softcruise(TM) rear suspension bicycles, a tradmarked line of bikes with patents pending. The Men’s 26 inch, Lady’s 26 inch and Stretch cruisers are available with a choice of single speed, three speed*, and seven speed** internal hubs with grip shifts. Now available with fenders to keep that little stripe up your back from happening. All of the Softcruise(TM) bikes reduce the shock from bumps on the road. Tested and approved by the crew at Revolt In Style. Seriously, if you love someone give them a smooth ride for Christmas.


Parris Top - Alp-n-Rock Sandels - Reef Skateboard - Arbor - Pin Bamboo Britt Top - Alp-n-Rock Jacket - Arbor -Pieces Bamboo Shorts - Wesc - Emerald City Surf Coronado Sandel - Sanuk Tubeflops - Emerald City Surf Coronado Skateboard - Loaded - Vanguard Backpack - Oakley - The Jamie




Add some low-cost laughs to your frequent frolics with Fido! This shiny black toy is a ball on one end, and a giant cartoon mustache on the other. Dogs naturally pick up the ball...which leaves the outrageously funny mustache sticking out! Dogs also love to hold the ball in their mouth, and shake the mustache back and forth! 12.


Where’s the love? Man’s best friend just got a little bit better. Bark4Beer is the purveyor of the world’s finest bottle opener and dog collar in one! Our collars fits all size dogs from big to small. Bark4Beer makes a great gift! For dog & Beer lovers everywhere! 14.95

ZERO EDGE Aquariums

Looks SO cool, where the water pours over the edge and makes it look like there’s no sides to the pool. ZeroEdge Aquarium can be designed in any size or shape and can be positioned your home or office.600. www.zeroedgeaquarium. com

HYPERDOG Ball Launchers

Dog Toys designed for owners and dogs who love to fetch balls. Dog Ball Launcher from HyperDog is constructed with strong surgical grade tube that can shoot tennis balls up to 220 feet and keeps your hands clean and dry using its patented hands free pick-up design. Hyper Dog ball launchers can hold up to 4 tennis balls, for multiple dogs. 39.


A powerful system comprising 3” midrange driver and features a high precision separate crossover with 162 adjustment possibilities. 200 Watts Peak Power Handling. 45hz to 20kHz Frequency Response. K2 Composite Sandwich Woofer. 93dB Sensitivity The solid aluminum phase plug gives the bass driver the ability to play tonally accurate midrange. The massively solid (178 gram) tweeters are small enough to fit in most compact cars, and are smooth-sounding, reminiscent of silk-dome tweeters but more accurate in their tonal reproduction. 2149.


Focal 165KRX3 6.5” KRX 3-Way Component Car Speakers


Heads (ands tails) above the rest. Arrive safely and in style with one of these professionally installled kits by Preston. Take a look at their cutting edge suspension lift kits at (www.rizeind. com) The kits range from 6”, 8” and 12” lifts. Clearing 35”, 37” and 40” tire sizes without compromising ride quality. See and be seen like no one else. There is no other true bolt-on equipment out there built tougher than this. Fitting Ford, GM or Dodge. TBD

Kenwood DNX9140 In-Dash GPS Navigation System

The Kenwood DNX9140 is a double-DIN DVD receiver that features 6.95-inch high-resolution WVGA touch screen control, built-in Garmin GPS navigation and a voice-controlled hands-free cell phone system. The voice control feature allows the user to enter addresses, choose menus and points of interest and control audio and video with verbal commands. Audio features include a DSP processor, 5.1 surround sound and digital time alignment. It also has a USB slot that can be used with an iPhone, and variable key illumination to match the backlit buttons. With one-touch access to entertainment, navigation, and Bluetooth technology, Kenwood’s flagship DNX9140 is the ultimate all-in-one multimedia receiver. 1200.

Viper 5901 2-Way Security and Remote Start Yakima SkyBox LoPro Cargo Box with Solar-Powered Light

3rd generation of Responder, complete with SST One Mile Range, the new Priority icons and text seen on a 20% larger liquid-crystal display, an onboard lithium-ion rechargeable battery with mini-USB recharging – all in the slimmest display remote on the market 550.

The new SkyBox LoPro from Yakima integrates a Sollight solar-powered LED lighting system into their newest cargo box. The SkyBox LoPro is the finest box ever for skis, boards and everything in between. It features a gorgeous new titanium color, plus a low-profile aerodynamic shape that reduces drag and cuts back on wind noise. It even comes with a cargo net, cargo pad, and the SkyLight™ solar powered lighting system that illuminates as soon as you open your box and never needs batteries. Hot dang. 15 cubic feet of storage. Made with up to 80% recycled content.

Audiovox VOD10PS2

Overhead 10” Video Display w/ DVD Player & Playstation 2 Gaming Console. SILENCE! Enough said. 829. www.prestonstire



PLAY THIS By Andrew Urbanek

Assassin’s Creed 2 Remember when the first Assassin’s Creed came out, and a lot of people felt that it didn’t live up to the expectation of exiting, cunning, varied and mindless-slaughterfest gameplay? It seems as though the game we’d hoped the first would be has become a reality in Assassin’s Creed 2. Welcome to the Italian Renaissance, and, indeed, it i s the “Rebirth” of everything we know about Assassin’s Creed. In Assassin’s Creed 2, they’ve completely thrown out the old ways and rebuilt everything from the ground up. The vibrant cities are full of people and tasks to do. Your assassination options are greatly expanded, and combat options will match any game out there. Each goal is elaborately crafted with care- even the side quests, something the first game came up rather short on. The mission structure is so varied, you never have to do the same thing twice aside from the fun stuff - climbing, killing, hiding, stalking. The other huge overhaul is in the presentation of the story. No longer does one have to read between the lines, or listen to the story being told to you outside of the adventure. This time, the adventure IS the story, and is woven into the missions beautifully. And if game stories aren’t your thing, you’ll learn more facts than you need about famous Italian landmarks through the historically accurate database.

Left for Dead 2 Releasing only a year after the first installment, one might be skeptical of how much new can be added to the quintessential game of zombie killing. Luckily for us, Valve have delivered a massive helping of blood, gore, and hunger for brains. Oh, sure, gunning down hundreds of zombies as you make your way through the streets of New Orleans is fun in of itself, but add the ability to chainsaw bodies in two, or to hack through hoards with a machete, or to brutally beat down the undead with a frying pan, and you’ve got a special night ahead of you. Like the first, the game is designed as a multi-player masterpiece. Get this game, get some friends, and go to town in a cooperative assault against the armies of undead. Or, better yet, gang up on each other. The new modes, such as Scavenge where humans must collect a stockpile of gas cans, provide a different enough experience from basic survival that it ensures the returning to the table for repeated helpings. Oh, sure, it might be fun to accuse your friends of starting to change and open fire on them, but know that every bullet counts. And, like any good zombie story, no matter how well you do, you’ll always have to keep moving, and you’ll always be overrun by more of the bastards than you can handle.


More affordable $299 price; slimmer, more compact design with quieter operation; all games in high-definition; easy-to-use interface; doubles as a Blu-ray and upscaling DVD player; built-in Wi-Fi; 120GB hard drive; HDMI output with 1080p support; no external power supply; built-in Web browser; free online gaming service. available at GamesOn

New Super Mario Bros Wii Princess Peach must know by now that Bowser will attempt to kidnap her, and yet she refuses to add even the slightest bit of security on that palace of hers. And so, once again, she is abducted.and once again, you’re Mario, setting out to save her. Through 8 lands, you get to run, jump and break blocks. The stages feature the standard side-scrolling platform gameplay you’d expect from the Mario series; leaping over bottomless pits, ducking into pipes to find secret areas, and crushing Bowser’s minions underfoot.Oh, but while this looks and plays like the classic Mario of old, it only does so while you’re alone. The moment your friends pick up a controller, the game becomes a fantastically orchestrated mayhem. Up to four players can play simultaneously, all sharing the same screen, taking on the enemies as a team, adding to a community pile of coins, and setting off to conquer each stage together. Well, that’s the plan, anyways. More often, the result is chaos.bouncing off each other’s heads, stealing mushrooms from your friends, leaving the slow-poke behind, or just throwing enemies in your teammate’s path. And it’s all fun. This is what we all wanted Mario Bros. to be. No more waiting and watching while your friend played his guy. No more having to deal with back-seat gamers while you play. Now it’s everyone for long as you can work together. Working together is a challenge in itself; keeping four people on a rotating platform is pure chaos. What makes it great is that it allows people of different skill levels to play together. Nintendo’s still got it. They’ve given gamers a reminder of what made the Mario series great. Not only does it use the tried and true gameplay mechanics of the old games, but it blends it with aspects of the later titles as well. The result is one of the best 2D Mario games in years. It’s satisfyingly challenging, offering a wide variety of levels and obstacles. With several items, alternate paths, collectibles, and other secrets, there are plenty of opportunities and incentives to explore. It’s the multiplayer that’ll keep you hooked; its excellent design makes the game as cooperative or competitive as you want to make it. It’s fun, chaotic, and keeps things entertaining long after you’ve completed everything. New Super Mario Bros. Wii is easily one of the best titles on the system, and an impressive addition to the series. Saving the princess just got fun again.




RESPECT INTERVIEW WITH SETH MOOT AHQUIN By Lee Sammartino Photos by Cris Borgnine

Naturally, we are all so blinded by advertising, product placement, the media telling us who is and who isn’t, what is and what isn’t, that we rarely look further than what is fed to us as the basis for everything in life. While no one can diminish the accomplishments of Kelly Slater, Sonny Garcia, and Bruce and Andy Irons, there is a history that is often overlooked – surfers that are part of this history that have allowed the visibility of the top pro surfers in the industry to elevate to celebrity status. Many people that have helped elevate the sport to a $13 billion a year industry are often overshadowed by those placed in front of us by the media. Seth “Moot” AhQuin is one of those people. Everyone has heard of Da Hui and the ASP Tour, but one catalyst that is preeminent to both is Moot. Five months ago, I had the pleasure of beginning a working relationship that has become a friendship with Cris Borgnine - Hollywood actor, cinematographer, lighting technician, and son of the legendary actor, Ernest Borgnine. Currently in post-production, Cris is producing a masterpiece surf documentary expected to rival “Endless Summer” called “PIPE – The World’s Most Infamous Wave,” an epic story about the Banzai Pipeline, a wave that has killed and injured more people than any other wave in the world. As a big wave surfer, Cris has surfed Pipe many times and has seen first-hand the carnage that ensues from surfers having no business being on that break. Even more so, Cris has seen the carnage that has ensued on the North Shore due to the increase in disrespectful tourists that have come to surf these famous breaks – carnage ensuing from the beatings given to those that disrespect the locals and the local spots. When the major networks (ABC, NBC, and CBS) came to the shores and disrespected the locals by disallowing them work, network equipment found its way to rest at “Davy Jones’s Locker.” I asked Cris how he was able to capture all of this unbelievable footage featuring the world’s top surfers. “It comes down to respect. Respect the wave, respect the culture, and most of all, respect the locals,” he said. Cris was welcomed in to the homes of the locals because he offered respect. Cris hired and worked with the locals. It was a local that proved to be pertinent to Cris’s success. Now his partner, Seth “Moot” AhQuin is four-time President of Hui O He’e Nalu (Club of Waveriders - Da Hui for short), Alan Gibby’s right hand man for the ASP Tour, and was also a member of a very young Quicksilver brand.


Now 49, Moot grew up on the North Shore and spent his life surfing breaks like Banzai Pipeline, Boilers, Jaws, Backdoor, Off the Wall, Log Cabins, Sunset and Waimea Bay. His idols were not Kelly Slater or Rob Machado; these two were not even born yet. Surf legends like Terry Ahue, Gerry Lopez, and the late Eddie Aikau were the pros when professional surfing was unheard of. “During the 60’s I remember Beach Blanket Bingo, all of the Frankie and Annette Movies, Gidget, and how surfing started to gain momentum. I saw the birth of the IPS, which in 1982 was taken over by the ASP Tour,” says AhQuin. Moot was there when all of the drama went on between the Aussies and the Hawaiians. He was there in 1976 when Eddie Rothman and other local surfers paddled out in the middle of the IPS competition and started surfing the waves in the middle of the contest to protest the exclusion of Hawaiian surfers, thus spawning Hui O He’e Nalu. Moot was instrumental in the launch of “Da Hui Backdoor Shootout” surf contest. He, like many others critical to the elevation of the sport, remains an unknown soldier. Born in Laie Bay, Oahu, where the first Mormon temple outside of the mainland was built, Moot began his life as a surfer in the bay that was made popular by the Jack Owens song, “The Hukilau Song.” Moot explains that the Hukilau is a way of fishing with tea-leaves fastened to hundreds of yards of rope and run from the beach out around the fishing nets. The theory is that the tea leaves cast a shadow down to the ocean floor scaring the fish into the nets. The literal translation, Huki (to pull) and Lau (the rope that is fastened to the net). “After we finished doing the Hukilau every Saturday, a tradition practiced in my community until my early teens, we would surf the breaks that matched the size of the waves at Ehukai (Pipeline). The waves would get up to 8 feet, which is a 15-foot face.” In the mid-eighties, Moot moved to Orange County, California where he got a job working for Quicksilver. “It was cool working for a company that when the surf was big, the shop would shut down and everyone would go surfing.” However, at the end of the eighties, he was ready to move back home to Hawaii. By coincidence, Alan Gibby, Founder of DynoComm Productions (who also coined the phrase “Action Sports” and who’s resume reads like an action sports production novel) was looking for a way to get surf media production back on the North Shore while steering clear of the mistakes made by the major networks in the mid 70’s. Moot was tapped to ask “the powers that be” for permission to get Gibby the access he needed. The locals took Gibby’s request as

an ultimate sign of respect, especially since Gibby brought paying positions to the locals, something not offered by the major networks in earlier decades. After two years of consulting for Gibby, Moot moved back to the Mainland where he began covering professional surfing for DynoComm Sports. His first tours of duty were to produce the Vans Triple Crown, the Quicksilver: In Memory of Eddie Aikau, and The Buffalo Big Board Surfing Classic. In 1992, Gibby called Moot into the office and told him that as a result of a contract inked with Coca Cola, Moot would now be responsible for producing the ASP Tour aired on ESPN. After 15 years on the road, missing his kids’ birthdays because of the constant travel, he resigned from DynoComm. Now leading the family lifestyle, Moot still consults for the pro surfing industry as a matter of course, however, the touring has come to an end. When asked about the future of professional surfing, AhQuin says the competitive side of surfing is in a state of flux. Long controlled by the Australians, professional surfers from around the world, lead by Kelly Slater, are now fueling a new tour with members of countries worldwide, rather than just the Aussies. The one problem that will always persist in his view is the lack of substantial funding available to professional surfing. Moot says that while it is a $13 billion a year industry, almost all of those revenues come from the “lifestyle” and not from competitive circuits. In his opinion, accessibility could possibly remain the barrier that has always kept the competitive side of surfing from seeing the large dollar infusions that are visible in skate, snow, and FMX. Without the presence of Moot, Da Hui O He’e Nalu, Gibby, and the Uncles of Hawaiian surf culture, much of the surfing industry would not be what it is today, an empire built on a sport so few can excel at, but so many sit back and respect and admire.



2009 RSSS 3.0 ERIC McHENRY WINS IT AGAIN! Photos By Blair Robb

Eric McHenry shows off his new Overall Pro-Am Winner’s Trophy

Crystal Pier, Pacific Beach The RSSS 3.0 fourth and Final event for 2009 was as big a success as the previous three. The waves were chest high and about as fun as you can get during the summer in Pacific Beach. All competitors were stoked with the high level of competition through out the day, as were the spectators. Dave woods kept the crowd entertained on the microphone while Phil Antonopolis kept the competition running smooth from behind the scenes. All the Judges were on top of their game & the DJ’s were cranking on the turntables. We have to say that the talent of the 100 or so surfers that enter each event just keeps getting better. Pro’s are showing up like never before to be a part of this event & The groms are killing it. The Stand Up Paddle division has brought a whole new level to our event & even the Women’s division was back in full swing this season with a (more than) respectable turnout. We would like to give a huge shout of thanks to all ofour friends & sponsors that made this year the best RSSS to date. Can’t wait for next year....this thing just keeps getting bigger & better. Check out all the final scores, pictures & videos at About RSSS - The Annual 4 part Pro Am Surf Series. 3 years and going strong. Featuring Local, National and International talent, Surfboard and Winch Demos at the events plus incredible music by top DJ’s. In 2009 the event went ‘Green’ featuring Eco friendly materials and products as well as recycled and biodegradable banners & media. The RSSS has gained the attention with Sponsors like Maui Lu, Fuel TV, Planet X and more.

FINAL EVENT RESULTS Pro/Am Final 1 - Michel Flores 2 - Eric McHenry 3 - Yu Fu Penrose 4 - Demian Barba

Jr’s Final 1 - Kent Nishiya 2 - Jay Christenson 3 - Ben Walter 4 - Jeremy Belgan


Grom’s Final 1 - Kyle Crompton 2 - Kody Clemens 3 - Matt Beres 4 - Remy Juboori

Woman’s Final 1 - Alissa Lentz 2 - Bre Anne Custodio 3 - CJ Soto 4 - Nicole Pratt

Longboard Final 1 - Byron Rohrer 2 - Pablo Smith 3 - David Whatley 4 - Willie Peterson

Stand-Up Paddle Final 1 - Chuck Glynn 2 - Scott Chandler 3 - Scott Rockwell 4 - Ulysis Thomas



Jr’s Final 1 - Kent Nishiya 2 - Jay Christenson 3 - Ben Walter 4 - Jeremy Belgan 5 - Mike Delegge 6 - Jacob Szekely

Pro/Am Final 1 - Michel Flores 2 - Eric McHenry 3 - Yu Fu Penrose 4 - Demian Barba

PRO AM OVERALL WINNER ERIC McHENRY How many years have you been competing in the RSSS? 3 years. since the RSSS started.  What do you think makes the Revolt Summer Surf Series  different than other comps?   Its a fun contest series, there’s no presure all the contests are  right here in San Diego  so  My family comes down to surf and support.  How do you feel about taking 1st overall in your division? It would of been nice 2 have Gavin Sutherland there since he’s such a good surfer. We were so close in the points going into the final contest. But it feels good to win another title.

Any one RSSS event stand out this year? The 2nd event... with head high waves all day. What are your plans for 2010? Mexico, Hawaii,Costa Rica, Tahitti, Snowboard ,Skate, Ultimate boarder is coming up. I’ll b riding somewere.

JUNIORS OVERALL WINNER JAY CHRISTENSON How many years have you been competing in the RSSS? All 3 years. What do you think makes the Revolt Summer Surf Series  different than other comps? They’re in the Summer and they’re all in the same location. How do you feel about taking 1st overall in your division? Being a three year champion is sick. Im stoked. 

Who are your sponsors? SRH, Quiver Boardworks, FCS, Anarchy,OG, Kicker ,Bull Taco, Cronic Smoothie and Gravity Skateboards.

What other riders gave you tough competition this season? Kent Nyshia from the OC killed it.

Anyone you want to thank?

What are your plans for 2010? Repeat champion.

Revolt for putting on the contests.Brian, Leslie, Dave, the sponsors and all the girls on the beach!

What other riders gave you tough competition this season? Justin McBride, Gavin Sutherland and Dustin Quizon

Any one RSSS event stand out this year? Yea, the 3rd - i think it was epic.

Who are your sponsors? Hemp Hoodlamb, South coast surf shop, Rusty surfboards, RVCA,FCS,Gorilla grip,Headhunter,Nixon,Taco Surf pb, On It, Anyone you want to thank? All my sponsors and my mom and dad and The Revolt team. And for sure the judges.

Woman’s final 1 - Alissa Lentz 2 - Bre Anne Custodio 3 - CJ Soto 4 - Nicole Pratt 5 - Fernanda Sphair 6 - Avalon Johnson

WOMENS OVERALL WINNER - NICHOLE PRATT What do you think makes the Revolt Summer Surf Series different than other comps? I would say RSSS is different than other comps because its a summer series with a women’s Div and RSSS acknowledges the women. What other riders gave you tough competition this season? I would say Bre Ann Custodio and Allisa Lentz they were very constant and great competitors. What are your plans for 2010? My plans for 2010 will be heading down to Mazatlan Mexico in January with the Calla Girls Surf Club to join the Villa Margarita surf and spa. I will be teaching surfing for beginners at the Villa Margarita and enjoying the great surf. I also hope to jump in some more contest in the spring and of course competing in the RSSS 2010. Who are your sponsors? My sponsors are Buccaneer Board Riders, Power Bar, Marbella Surfboards, Calla Girls Surf Club, and the lovely Villa Margarita. Thanks guys you are the best. Anyone you want to thank? I would love to thank Buccaneer Board Riders (BBR) great company to ride for, the Villa Margarita for their amazing hospitality while in Mazatlan check them out, and every one at Revolt for throwing a great event.


Stand -Up Paddle 1 - Chuck Glynn 2 - Scott Chandler 3 - Scott Rockwell 4 - Ulysis Thomas 5 - Ron Stack

STAND UP PADDLE OVERALL WINNER SCOTT CHANDLER How many years have you been competing in the RSSS? This was my first year surfing RSSS Series, I was stoked to see that Revolt was into adding a Stand Up Division and they recognized the need to support that style of surfing. SUP is growing very quickly and Im sure it will draw many more to next years series. What do you think makes the Revolt Summer Surf Series different than other comps? This series of events seemed to me like a tighter group of people, I saw alot of family partisipation and support, thats always important in any sport. How do you feel about taking 1st overall in your division? I worked hard training last season on taking SUP surfing to a new level, some people just see SUP surfing as boring surfers that just go straight and dont do much. I think I showed

alittle bit of where SUP surfing can go and how radical you can get on a SUP board. What are your plans for 2010? Im pushing myself this season on riding big waves and improving on some core training, taking things to a higher level. Who are your sponsors? Sobe,, Osiris Shoes,, Jet Pilot,, Stay Covered,, HydroTurf,, Chandler Surf,, Paddle Tech Custom Paddles,, Toyota Carlsbad Anyone you want to thank?   Brian and the boys and girls from Revolt who worked so hard to put these event together, alot of people dont understand the hard work it takes to run just 1 event let alone 4 events. Thanks so much to you all and all the sponsors who put product up for awards. Without everyone these events would not happen.

Longboard Final 1 - Byron Rohrer 2 - Pablo Smith 3 - David Whatley 4 - Willie Peterson 5 - Shea Roney 6 - Troy Rodarmel

LONGBOARD OVERALL WINNER - BYRON ROHER How many years have you been competing in the RSSS? This was the 1st season What do you think makes the Revolt Summer Surf Series different than other comps? Fun atmosphere showcasing all the unique disciplines of our sport How do you feel about taking 1st overall in your division? Lucky since I only entered 2 events What other riders gave you tough competition this season? All of them, especially the groms Any one RSSS event stand out this year? The first one, the waves were fun and and it was a hot sunny day. What are your plans for 2010? Get a real job and move out of my parents house. Who are your sponsors? My folks help me out, and Jetpilot hooks me up with a deal on wetsuits. Anyone you want to thank? Family and Friends

Grom’s Final 1 - Kyle Crompton 2 - Kody Clemens 3 - Matt Beres 4 - Remy Juboori 5 - Jacob Szekely 6 - Micah Morrow

GROMS OVERALL WINNER - KODY CLEMENS What do you think makes the Revolt Summer Surf Series different than other comps? They give awsome prizes How do you feel about taking 1st overall in your division? Great - because I won three events What other riders gave you tough competition this season? Kyle Crompton Any one RSSS event stand out this year? The 3rd event because of the swell  What are your plans for 2010? Doing well in the nssa Who are your sponsors? No Fear, Bubblegum, BYB, Alliance shoes Anyone you want to thank? My dad for driving me to the contest.



DIEGO SANCHEZ The Man in The Arena By Taff Davies Photos by Jon Tiffin

As MMA has grown in popularity, so has the fame of its fighters. Few of these fighters, however, has the ability to excite the fans like Diego Sanchez. From his high school wrestling days, when he won the New Mexico State Championship, to winning the first season of the Ultimate Fighter reality show, to his incredible battles in the UFC, Diego has been steadily gathering a legion of a followers. Known for his iron jaw and unconquerable fighting spirit, Diego has been battling his way to the top all his life. With a professional MMA record of 23-2, Diego has been churning through a long list of opponents such as Kenny Florian, Nick Diaz, Karo Parisyan, Joe Riggs, Joe Stevenson, and most recently Glay Guida. In fact, many people regard the Sanchez-Guida fight, which Diego won on June 20th, 2009, as THE fight of 2009. After 7 years of professional fighting, this modern-day gladiator has earned a shot at the UFC Lightweight Title, fighting fellow warrior BJ Penn on December 12th, 2009 in Memphis, Tennessee for UFC 107. For the last two years, Diego has been mentored by head coach Saulo Ribeiro. Saulo is a legend himself in the martial arts world, being the first man ever to win 6 World Titles in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. Under Ribeiro’s tutelage, Diego has evolved his fight game to a completely new level, readying himself along the way to take his place among MMA’s greats. Today, the duo train out The Arena, the San Diego MMA gym that is rapidly building a reputation as one of the finest gyms for MMA training in the United States. The Arena hosts a Professional MMA team which includes numerous top-tier fighters, but Sanchez is definitely The Man in The Arena, poised to win yet another victory as he marches down the path of battle. We sat down with this future king of MMA to find out more about the man as he readies for battle. RIS: Besides the excellent training you are receiving here, what other factors made you decide to make San Diego your new home? DS: Of coarse, 1st and foremost the weather is just so beautiful here, and perfect for training. I don’t think there is anywhere else in America where, at the end of November, we’re still having summer weather. #1 factor is the weather, and also the cool vibe. The people are just amazing around here. RIS: Do you have any “favorites” in San Diego? DS: Restaurants – Cantina in P.B. Of coarse Chipotle, this is my all time favorite, and Tender Greens in Point Loma. Hangouts – My house, and just Pacific Beach, in general, the boardwalk, and the beaches, it’s great. RIS: We heard through the grapevine that you are recently single. For our female readers, could you please describe the type of girl you enjoy practicing your rear naked choke on? DS: Me being an athlete I have to have an athletic girl. I can’t have someone who is lazy and can’t get to the gym. If she just wants to sit on the couch and drink beer and get fat, I can’t do that. I like athletic girls. I think there are all types of beauty in all girls, but I seem to gravitate to blondes with blue eyes. RIS: Is it hard with the hectic schedule you keep, with training, and all the craziness, to be in a relationship? DS: Some guys can figure out how to balance their relationships and training life. For me it doesn’t work. Whenever I’m focused on my training, some girls...I don’t know. When you’re training for a fight you get grumpy, and mean, and angry. By the time you get home from a 2 day training session all you want to do is just rest, sleep, and relax. It’s very hard. For some guys having a relationship helps them to relax, but for me, I just like to stay away from girls during training. RIS: Speaking of all the craziness, are there ever times where you feel like you need to get a break from all the fans, pre hype fight, training, etc? What do you do to escape? DS: Sometimes it gets real crazy. Everyone’s different. For me it’s my Brazilian Ju-Jitsu and putting on the Gi. I love it; it’s like a recreation. I like to go in, and not make it like a training session, but more of a spiritual release. RIS: Speaking of Ju-Jitsu, you’ve been training with Saulo Ribeiro for some time now, how has his influences help your game? DS: It’s helped me to re-focus, and be more disciplined in Martial Arts. Live more of a Martial Arts aspect of life. Of course working with a ground game legend, it has increased my ground game. RIS: We know there are some clashing views/styles/personalities in the UFC. Are there any fighters in the UFC that you personally wouldn’t mind running into in a dark alley? DS: In my earlier days I would have loved to run into either Josh Koscheck or Nick Diaz. But, now in my older, wiser days, there is no one, I’m cool with everyone. We all get along now. continued on pg. 42


RIS: Who is your favorite UFC fighter of all time? DS: There are two, Randy Couture and Wanderlei Silva. RIS: Who do you think would win a cage fight? Oprah Winfrey or Tyra Banks? DS: Oprah! By an ass-whooping. RIS: Who would play you in a movie about your life? DS: There is only one answer, Antonio Banderas. RIS: Now let’s get serious. You’ve gone from Middleweight, down to Welterweight, and now 30 pounds lighter you have hit lightweight. Do you feel you have now found the class you belong in? DS: For the moment, 155 lbs is my right weight class. I’m going to fight at 170. I’m guessing in probably 2 or 3 more fights, and I plan to make my return back to 170 in the future. RIS: What kind of fight are you expecting with BJ Penn? DS: I’m expecting an exciting fight. I’m expecting a war. That’s what both of us have been waiting for our whole career is war. That’s why we got into this business. The best BJ Penn, and the best Diego Sanchez. I expect to go in there and be dominant. RIS: What weakness have you found in BJ’s game, and how are you planning your attack? DS: The weakness in BJ’s game has always been his strength conditioning, but it’s obvious he’s been working very hard to improve his conditioning. I find it won’t be me attacking his weaknesses in this fight; it will be me focusing on my strengths to get the job done. RIS: Prediction on the fight? DS: Knockout by head or knee kick. In the first round. RIS: Any shout outs? DS: Exalt Motorsports in El Cajon, thanks for taking care of the Audi. The Sacramento Kings who have been with me since the beginning. Bad Boy my official Sponsor, San Diego Taxman who takes care of my taxes, and to all my fans and everyone who have supported me along the way.



Producer Lionel Wigram grew up with Holmes and says, “When I became a producer I re-read all the stories and realized there was a new way to do Sherlock. So I made a comic book, which was really a way to show how cool and fun Sherlock could be, and how as a character the brilliance of Conan Doyle is that [Holmes] is as modern a character as he was when he was originally created. He applies as much to today as when he was originally created.”

If you’ve seen the trailers for the new Sherlock Holmes movie then you know this ain’t your parents’ Sherlock Holmes. This Holmes is ripped and sexy and kicks ass in a way that Basil Rathbone (Holmes in the1940s movies) and Jeremy Brett (in the PBS television) never were. So what’s up? Well first of all Guy Ritchie, the man who brought you Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels and Snatched, is at the helm. Second Robert Downey, Jr. and Jude Law have been cast as Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson.

Producer Susan Downey says, “The universe that [the film’s] set in is from the books but the actual narrative is unique to this movie.”

Here’s what Downey had to say at Comic-Con this past July: “A hundred and twenty-two years ago Sir Arthur Conan Doyle gave birth to a character, he was probably the first superhero, he was an intellectual superhero and he was also the first western martial artist I’m told.” Okay, here’s where Downey gives a wink to the audience. Because yes this is Sherlock Holmes and yes there are going to be some changes. “What we have with Guy Ritchie is a badass gentleman,” says Downey, “an Englishman who understands how to reinvigorate something like this.” But according to Downey the reinvigorating came from going back to the source, back to Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s original stories, which Downey says were ahead of their

By Beth Accomando


SHERLOCK HOLMES - A Classic With The ‘Guy Ritchie’ Touch


times. Downey says Holmes hasn’t been properly brought to the screen because in the past “it was just a constraint of the times because [Holmes] was very kind of liberal and trippy and all that stuff. Every time we were in doubt we would go back to what did Doyle say these people said? So that’s how we decided to reinvigorate it by deciding to change less than what had been changed previously.”

That narrative involves the Victorian obsession with the occult and includes Rachel McAdams as Holmes’ sexy and clever foil Irene Adler. The producers are tight lipped about whether or not we’ll see Holmes’ arch nemesis Dr. Moriarty in the film but there will be a villain played by Mark Strong that’s modeled after the real life occultist Aleister Crowley. So this holiday season prepare to unwrap an action-packed and sexy new Sherlock Holmes. Sherlock Holmes opens Christmas Day throughout San Diego.


PARAMOUNT PICTURES/ DREAMWORKS Peter Jackson leaves Middle Earth behind but is still not fully invested in the real world. His latest project is an adaptation of Alice Sebold’s book that takes the point of view of a dead girl who, from “the in-between,” watches over her family and her killer. The film calls to mind Jackson’s earlier Heavenly Creatures in the way it mixes the surreal with a harsh reality. Saoirse Ronan (of Atonement) is the dead girl, Mark Wahlberg and Rachel Weisz are her parents, and Stanley Tucci is her killer (that’s not a spoiler since his identity is revealed from the start).


PARAMOUNT PICTURES/ DREAMWORKS Jason Reitman (the director of Juno and Thank You for Smoking) directs George Clooney in an adaptation of Walter Kim’s book. Clooney plays Ryan Bingham, a man who travels around the country firing people – until he’s grounded. The filmmakers posed as a documentary crew and sought out people who had recently been laid off and then asked them to react to the camera as if it were the person that had fired them. So some of those responses are very real. Opens in December.


WARNER BROS. Clint Eastwood may be heading into his eighth decade but he’s making movies like a young man. Invictus follows on the heels of last year’s Gran Torino and Changeling. His latest film focuses on Nelson Mandela (Morgan Freeman) who, after the fall of apartheid in South Africa, campaigned to host the 1995 Rugby World Cup in an attempt to bring some unity to his divided country. Clint seems to generate Oscar buzz with each new film. Who’d have thunk Dirty Harry would be so embraced by the Hollywood establishment. Opens December 11.


20TH CENTURY FOX State of the art technology meets clichéd, formulaic storytelling in James Cameron’s Avatar. The new computer generated 3-D animation is visually spectacular and breaks new ground, but pretty much everything else in the story is old and tired. Too bad. Imagine if this technology had been put in the hands of Peter Jackson, Terry Gilliam, or Guillermo Del Toro – now they might have been able to deliver a truly innovative film both in terms of technology and original storytelling. Opens December 18.


SWITCHFOOT Men on a Mission by Leslie Krouse

Switchfoot’s first release “Mess of Me” off their latest CD ‘Hello Hurricane’ that debut in November is quickly rising up the charts. It seems this San Diego band is well on their way back on top. With past hits like “Meant to Live” and “Dare you to Move” topping the charts in the mid-90’s, ‘Hello Hurricane’ is sure the be their most powerful record as of yet. Now having the freedom of their own record label, they were able to create music that is 100% Switchfoot. Music is not the only thing that strives these guys to move forward. One of their biggest accomplishments is their Switchfoot Bro-Am in Encinitas, CA. 2009 was the 5th annual, where they raised an estimated $93K for the StandUp For Kids Foundation. “I feel as a band this is an attempt to give back the many gifts we have received ourselves,” explains John Forman. Turning the event “Green” this year they have gotten rid of all generators and use solar energy to power the stage, “As a band we have an opportunity of trading a very large footprint for a smaller one” states Tim Forman. They have also helped to re-build houses left in Katrina’s wake. And are now collecting food Nation Wide at their concerts to help the local chapters of the Food Banks. I got a chance to sit and chat with brothers John and Tim to find out a little more about their lives and the music.

RIS: Last year you started your own record label “Lowercase People Records.” What inspired you to start your own label? JOHN: We have always done what we want, to an extent. Whenever you partner up with someone you’re letting them into the think tank. But, to have complete autonomy on the record is something we haven’t experienced in a long time. The idea of playing a record completely on its own, I don’t think any record company would have bought into us on that. Definitely the record we created wouldn’t have happened, if we had some kind of timeline that we would have been held to by somebody else. TIM: It was very self-motivated starting the label. After we left our relationship with Sony/Columbia, we now as an independent band, we had to start thinking of ways to hand deliver these songs to the people who listen to them. It grew from that. Also to help John with his solo music, and his side projects he’s done over the last couple of years. We have a vision for eventually growing it, to be able to showcase other independent artists. I think we’re in an exciting place. There’s a lot of freedom that we have, and we’re just scratching the surface. RIS: Would you say that being on your own label it has given you more freedom to express yourselves, do what you want to do?

JOHN: Yeah, we’re amped. If we weren’t as passionate about these songs as we are, we’d be a little nervous about starting the machine back up again. We are just really exited about playing these songs out on the road. So much of the record was tract with the idea of what they would sound like live. So, to be able to play songs 1-12 live, that’s what the record was intended for, it feels like it’s coming to fruition.

JOHN: A record company doesn’t tell you what to write. Essentially what you are looking for in a partner is a team. A team of people who understands who you are, and what you are all about, and are able to communicate that effectively and move foreword together. The trouble we encountered at Columbia was that they were continually destroying the team. Half the team would be fired every other month. We knew we had to find a new place for our music to go. Where it felt like it was being released in a manner that would be keeping with the songs we’d been writing. That’s why we chose to create our own studio and be completely independent.

TIM: Yeah, it’s been a long time in the making. We actually have been done with the album since early May. We’ve been sitting on it for a while. I’m excited to get it out. We didn’t want to have any conversations about record labels or distribution, or how we where going to get the album out while we were making it. We just didn’t want any time constraints. Once we were finished, then we had that conversation. It took us a few months to figure it all out. We’ve spent too much time making this record just to rush the release. So it feels good, we are definitely ready.

TIM: Yeah, I think the biggest thing is there was no timer ticking. Another part is that we build our own studio in North County San Diego. So those two combined gave us enough time to make the record we wanted to make. We spent the next 2 1/2 years making about 90 songs. It was a real prolific time for us, in the fact that we had no boundaries, and anything was possible. That became a struggle within its self. As a result it was the hardest record that we’ve made. I don’t think it could have been done any other way.

RIS: Well here you go again, are you guys excited?


RIS: Out of the 90 songs, how did you choose these 12 for “Hello Hurricane?”

RIS: How much has living in San Diego influenced your music?

JOHN: These were the songs you couldn’t live without. That seemed to be very obvious towards the end of the record. That certain songs were really enjoyable to play yet they didn’t capture your insides, the way some of the songs did. I don’t know who said it, I think it was Dolly Parton “if you’re not crying while your playing it” this became the running benchmark on whether a song was going to make the album or not.

JOHN: I think San Diego is one of the best places to come home to. As far as influencing our sound. When we were coming up, and it is still the case, but I think it was more so then. There was this incredible open-minded element about playing music in SD. It didn’t matter whether you fit into the scene or not. I think every time there is a trend it puts an expiration date on that song itself. Like wearing a certain type of jeans or a style of haircut, it can’t mean anything other than for that moment. It has a hard time expanding out of that particular time. I think we were very fortunate not to be stamped with a barcode, or a time expiration date. I feel very lucky that our sound has remained the same. We’ve been able to be ourselves, outside of the trend. I don’t think that would have happened if we lived in Seattle or LA, or even New York. I think we would have been more susceptible to the trends elsewhere. Fortunately, or unfortunately we have never been trendy.

TIM: Yeah, the motto became “if you’re not crying why are you singing it.” What are the songs you want to die singing? Out of those 90 songs there is a lot of music we are really excited about. Some really experimental, inventive idea’s musically. Some songs have gone in a direction that we’ve never done before. But, ultimately the songs we chose for this album were the ones that were so important, we couldn’t wait another two years before they came out. Songs that we want to sing around the world for the next 10 years. RIS: The first release of the albumn “Mess of Me” is there a personal story behind it? JOHN: Yeah, I think pretty much every song comes from, well; I’m a horrible actor so I only write about things I know very well. I think that I found that I’m not alone in looking for a quick fix. When you’re in pain and you’re uncomfortable, you want a quick way out of it. “Mess of Me” for me is some sort of battle cry to make sure I’m not settling for the quick fix. Because, the quick fix is neither quick, nor a fix. That’s where that song has come from in my life. TIM: “Mess of Me” went through the most changes of all the songs on the record. I mentioned that we tract 90 songs, each of those songs were probably tract at least 4 or 5 times, at least the ones that we felt were the most promising. So, with “Mess of Me” there were probably 20 different versions that we recorded of that song. It went on quite a journey of twists and turns, before it got to this final version. But for me, it’s a hopeful song. It acknowledges the pain that we all feel, when the storms come in our lives, and that there is no quick fix. Which I think that’s where the hope comes in, the idea that “I want to spend the rest of my life alive” and that means not settling for a quick fix, whether it’s a drug, or whatever it is. It kind of comes back to the concept of “Hello Hurricane” which is the idea that we are standing in the face of the storm, and not running away.

TIM: San Diego has had a huge influence on our music. I think what makes SD so unique; certainly from LA and other music scenes is the camaraderie. I know this from growing up in SD, and seeing other band, like Boilermakers, and Rocket from the Crypt, and other great bands. It always seemed everyone was rooting for each other. There wasn’t that underlying competition. I think that’s a great breaking ground for young artists, and up and coming bands. Where people take you under their wings and allow you to grow. To become the artist you want to be. I think that’s what makes SD so unique. It’s what makes us proud to be from San Diego. RIS: Any shout outs to anyone in San Diego? JOHN: Yeah, I’d like to give a shout out to my friends in The Howls, the great North County band fronted by my friend John Cooper, who’s almost a little brother to me. I also like to give a shout out to Mr. Casey D. Lou’s Records, and why not Rob Machado, and a shout out to the Cardiff Kook. TIM: I could fill up your magazine. We probably know half the people reading this, so we love you.

“ultimately the songs we chose for this album were the ones that were so important, we couldn’t wait another two years ...songs that we want to sing around the world for the next 10 years”



HEAR THIS Music Editor Leslie Krouse

Editor’s Pick - THE BRAVERY – STIR THE BLOOD Genre – Indie/Rock/Alt The Bravery’s adrenaline-rush, retro-new-wave/punk rock is back with a flourish. The album is a sonic high, but a mixed bag of lyrical ups and downs. Singerwriter Sam Endicott has rarely sounded so twisted and confused. He was shaken by the attempted suicide of his girlfriend and has admitted that some songs are “darker, stranger’’ than before. That includes the scarifying “Jack O’Lantern Man’’ (with the spit-out line, “If you could see the rage in me/ I could cut my veins and drown you in the flames’’). Endicott and mates are more hopeful on the pulsing “The Adored’’ (about a couple who stay together despite losing everything in Hurricane Katrina) and the intimately appealing, if edgy, “I Am Your Skin.’’ There is a surplus of angst on this record - sometimes Endicott sounds like Bono with a gutter mouth or Bowie after a depressing philosophy class - but the guitar-fueled, synth-topped rhythms still churn mightily enough to blow away any ill winds.

SAY ANTHING – SAY ANYTHING Genre –Alt/pop/punk Pop-punk band Say Anything’s new self-titled album reflects the changing life of frontman Max Bemis-he is now married (wife Sherri DuPree guests on the songs “She Won’t Follow You” and “Cemetery”), has converted to Christianity (referenced in the upbeat single “Hate Everyone”) and hasn’t suffered bipolar relapses that have previously derailed tours. Life has settled down for Bemis, but it doesn’t show on the new set. Taking a cue from painter Jackson Pollock, the artist splatters pieces of his influences and experiences across an audio canvas for listeners to interpret. “Do Better” leans on strings and electronics to create a musical takeover (Bemis sings, “We could do better/We could be the greatest band in the world”), while “Less Cute” features horns during the verse that lead into a rocking chorus. The chaos is nothing new for Say Anything, but the band’s newest release is tightly executed and gives fans a deeper look into Bemis’ clever mind.

BOB DYLAN – CHRISTMAS IN THE HEART Genre - Rock It’s that time of the year again, lets put on some Christmas cheer with Dylan. Bob Dylan is so far into the creative renaissance that began with his 1997 album, “Time out of Mind,” that even fans could forget his knack for taking unexpected left turns. But even by Dylan’s standards, his new album “Christmas in the Heart” is an odd one-a collection of straight-ahead Christmas songs that benefits Feeding America, as well as food charities in other countries. But it will remind listeners that for nearly a decade Dylan has been working on his croon-exploring musical styles that are more polished than folk and blues. This set, which mixes holiday classics like “Here Comes Santa Claus” with lesser-known songs like “Christmas Island” and a raved-up, accordion-heavy take on “Must Be Santa,” includes a breadth of styles that reminds one of Dylan’s satellite radio show as much as his albums. And speaking of left turns, he sings part of “O Come All Ye Faithful” in Latin-and gets away with it.

DASHBOARD CONFESSIONAL – ALTER THE ENDING Genre – Alt/Rock/Indie Dashboard Confessional frontman Chris Carrabba could likely take his pick of any female fan in the audience. But somehow the singer/songwriter always manages to get his heart broken by the opposite sex. The band’s sixth studio album, “Alter the Ending,” is a perfectly blended concoction of acoustic melodies, graceful harmonies and powerful anthems wrapped around the story of a man trying desperately to save a failing relationship. The pounding drums on the opener, “Get Me Right,” emphasizes Carrabba’s pursuit of love, while the heavy title track finds him pleading with the object of his affection to stay. And on the closer, “Hell on the Throat,” the artist sings about loss and acceptance over simple acoustic chords. “Alter the Ending” displays much of the same raw insecurities that Carrabba has become known for, but it also shows emotional growth, as heard on “Water and Bridges,” where he sings, “I’ll make the best of the best I can, and I’ll be better for it if I ever get my chance.”

BOYS LIKE GIRLS – LOVE DRUNK Genre – Emo/Pop Boys Like Girls’ self-titled debut album was an unexpected success, eventually going gold. Devoid of any hit singles or a truly distinctive sound, the album seemed to catch on because it was a perfect distillation of the emo pop sound with no rough edges to scare people away. For the follow-up, 2009’s Love Drunk, the band sticks to the same basic template of super slick, glossily produced emo pop with uptempo songs that sound stadium singalong-friendly and ballads that seem destined to melt teenage girls’ hearts. The difference this time is that the songs are better written and hookier, especially the rockers. “She’s Got a Boyfriend Now” and “Contagious” sound like 2000s updates of the classic ‘80s sound of pop/rockers like Bryan Adams and Rick Springfield; “Real Thing” even conjures up the red leather and headbanded ghost of Loverboy. Strip away a few of the modern things like Auto-Tune and programmed drums, and there you are. These very catchy, super fun rockers comprise two-thirds of the album and the strongest part of the record; the rest is made up of modern rock ballads that sound like the work of a different band entirely. In the end, Love Drunk is an improvement on their debut and a surprisingly good pop/rock record with emo leanings.

Thanks to all of you that sent in CDs! The response has been ridiculously overwhelming. I have so many CD’s to choose from each month and only space enough for 5 or 6 each issue. If your CD didn’t get reviewed yet don’t think that your music sucks. It just means I haven’t gotten to it yet. If you got talent, we’ll showcase it. Send your CD and Bio C/O Leslie Krouse, Revolt In Style Magazine, P.O Box 9771, San Diego, CA 92169 and you just might end up in the next issue of Revolt In Style Magazine. Keep sending in your music and we’ll keep promoting it.


DJ Frances –

Laying loops and samples, a capellas and scratches while mixing live create the distinctive sound of DJ Frances, who is undeniably one of the most talented DJ’s in the music scene today. With a smile and flip of the hair, this lady will throw down the most electrifying and funkiest house sets with as much tenacity as a kickboxing match in the streets! While most DJ’s have switched over to the CD platform, Frances holds true to vinyl Serato and this keeps her in control of that groove she has so quintessentially captured as a performer. “I just love touching vinyl and having control of the record!”. She is currently on a “WHIPLASH” tour with DJ Diamond ( and is in the studio working on her own production. With high energy stage presence, elegant beauty, and unbelievable talent to match, you’ll be sure to love her!

“The best New Years ever!”... Fortune’s New Years 2010 at the Del Mar Marriott will feature

2 magnificent ballrooms, 1 outdoor pool lounge, 1 restaurant lounge, 2000 person capacity, over 20 of San Diego’s best DJs, after hours till 4am, 280 luxury hotel rooms and an entire next day of poolside partying for hotel guests & industry friends! After two successful years, Fortune’s New Years at the Del Mar Marriott has quickly become one of the premier events in Southern California. Regarded as “the best New Years ever had” from many party goers in 2008 and 2009 we can only imagine that this year will be even more amazing! The 280 room luxury hotel just 17 miles north of downtown San Diego conveniently located on the 5 freeway will be transformed into a 2000 person capacity venue to celebrate the New Year once again! Fortune’s Grand Ballroom will feature the female electro act Whiplash: DJ Diamond & DJ Frances 2x4 set along with San Diego’s award winning DJ Theron. The Royaltree Ballroom downstairs will have a mixture of hip hop, mash ups & party rock to offer a club like atmosphere with DJ Sanjay from Orange County. The Red Bull poolside patio will showcase San Diego’s veteran house music artists from Injoy Presents along with the acclaimed Saxophonist Jason Whitmore. The Arterra Lounge will feature the sounds of 4 the DJ and Get Down Society artists. Collectively the 4 areas of music will showcase some of San Diego’s finest talent playing a variety of styles to please everyone in attendance and keep the dance floor rocking all night! For the second year in a row Fortune is partnering with Red Bull Energy Drink to display a live broadcast of the Red Bull: New Years. No Limit. experiment on the flat screens and jumbo screen in the lounge and pool area. This year’s stunt will show extreme sports king Travis Pastrana jumping a car from the Long Beach pier onto a moving barge to kick of the 2010 celebration! The last two years hotel guests have experienced something very special and unique in that the New Years celebration continued on into the next day at the Resolution Day Party. This kind of partying usually only takes place in Las Vegas or Miami but Fortune has found away to bring the non stop party atmosphere right here to San Diego. This is the original and infamous New Years day party that attracts all of the service industry crowd and true rockstars to join the party and keep the dancing going well into the night! Returning this year to the stage will be San Francisco’s famed musician Chris Clouse, the #5 DJ in America Scotty Boy, as well as the huge cast of top San Diego’s djs from Fortune Music, Sleeping Giant Music and Starry Eyed Music. There is no better way to start your New Year Resolutions than with a full day of sunshine, close friends and great music! So weather you are looking for the premier North County New Year’s event to celebrate at, the hotel room to get away for a night, or the entire 2 day celebration to keep the party rocking, Fortune has created the ultimate environment for you to bring in 2010! For more information and to purchase event tickets, hotel rooms and VIP sections visit the brand new website dedicated to this year’s event at

DJ Diamond –

Originally born and raised in the Ko’olau Mountains and waves of Hawaii, Diamond was surrounded by the rhythm of the natural forces around her. Her father, who was a professional magician, played a huge role in Diamond’s love of performance. Becoming a DJ was the perfect combination of all of her loves. She left Hawaii to move to the mainland. San Diego became her home and gave her the opportunity to expand as an artist. Watch out for Diamond on Spike TV’s Internationally syndicated reality style show “The Club” in which Diamond rose to one of three finalist of hundreds of DJs competing. The finalists were selected by celebrity dj Paul Oakenfold! You can also see Diamond on the new reality show produced by Playboy Mexico, coming soon! Hear Diamond on XM Satellite Radio or through your TV via the nationally syndicated Music Choice cable station

DJ Theron –

Accomplished turntablist and award-winning deejay, Theron Hunt has been setting the standard as a musician in San Diego for nearly a decade. Mastering spinning vinyl first then switching over to Serato to keep up with the digital times, Theron truly epitomizes what a well-rounded, creative and skilled deejay should be. It’s no coincidence that Theron has won awards for being a phenomenal and popular deejay nearly every year for the past five years. So far he’s taken home “Best Resident DJ” by 944 Magazine in both 2006 and 2007, Eventvibe’s “DJ of the Year” in 2004 and the number one spot at the DJ Spin-Off at 4th and B nightclub in 2003, proves that club-goers know his innovative approach to deejay-ing and laid back persona are the perfect mix. His musical aesthetic refuses to conform to the status quo as he stays true to his roots of rock, 80’s, punk, old funk and breaks to create his own fresh style of party rockin’ house music.

DJ Sanjay –

Sanjay has been rockin houses all over the Western United States for the past 9 years. His roots in underground hip hop he has now fused a style that has taken from his numerous experiences in main room house music venues sharing the stage with the likes of Donald Glaude, DJ Dan, G*Roy, Humpty Vision, Bad Boy Bill, Steve Smooth, DJ Irene and the list goes on. His vast experience with house music along with his remarkable talent to read crowds and change styles up on the fly has led him to a style of party/mashup/club mixing. His sounds have rocked many bodies, and will rock more for years to come. Wherever the venue, whatever the setup, this ain’t no microwave overnight dj. Hard work and a flair for the extraordinary will rock any body, any crowd, with any type of music. to get more info & buy tickets! WWW.REVOLTINSTYLE.COM  47


Action Sports Icon Travis Pastrana Aims to Shatter World Record for Longest Distance Jump in a Rally Car On New Year’s Eve, Live from Long Beach on ESPN With four consecutive Rally America championships, nine X Games gold medals, the first double backflip on a motorcycle and a hit television series under his belt, it is safe to say that Travis Pastrana has reached the pinnacle of his career – and yet he’s showing no signs of slowing down anytime soon. In fact, on New Year’s Eve at Red Bull: New Year. No Limits., the action sports superstar will step on the accelerator and ring in 2010 by adding yet another jaw-dropping feat to his already impressive resume: the world record for longest distance jump in a rally car. Add a healthy dose of the Pacific Ocean to clear, and now you have a party! Red Bull: New Year. No Limits. will be televised live on ESPN/ESPN HD on Thursday, December 31, immediately following the Chick-Fil-A Bowl (approx. 11:00 p.m. ET / 8:00 p.m. PT). Viewing of Pastrana’s jump will be free to the thousands of revelers in downtown Long Beach. “I’m looking forward to being part of Red Bull: New Year. No Limits.,” said Pastrana. “Long Beach will continue the tradition of a fun and festive environment for this New Year’s celebration and flying over the water in a car and landing it onto a floating barge will push the limits of anything that I have ever executed in my career. Live events are always difficult and more entertaining, both for the fans and the participants, and so many factors play into the success of this jump. I live for this kind of excitement.” Joan Lynch, ESPN vice president, content development, added, “We are thrilled to team again with Red Bull to televise this live and exciting event on ESPN for a third year. ESPN is dedicated to bringing live and compelling programming to the viewer and no New Year’s show delivers more unique suspense and action than Red Bull: New Year. No Limits.” Before the clock strikes midnight on the East Coast on December 31, Pastrana will attempt to accomplish the first ever ramp-to-ramp car jump over water, a feat that will test the laws of physics and take his career to yet another level. With the world-famous Queen Mary docked in the background, Pastrana will jump his rally car off the Pine Street Pier onto a floating barge anchored in Long Beach’s Rainbow Harbor, aiming to shatter the existing mark of 171 feet and establish a new world distance record, live on ESPN. Jumping a car takes guts enough, but add water between the ramps, and Pastrana will feel what most, if not all, golfers feel when faced with hitting a ball over water – stay out of the water! On New Year’s Eve, Travis is not only the golfer, but also the golf ball!


THREE’S COMPANY Pastrana will follow in the footsteps of fellow motorsports athletes Robbie Maddison and Rhys Millen, who rang in the last two New Year’s Eve celebrations by pushing their physical, mental and technical limits to break boundaries and records, in front of thousands of fans in Las Vegas and millions of viewers on ESPN. For Red Bull: New Year. No Limits. event details, visit, and for information on Pastrana, visit


By Jerry Waddles Titles available at Ducky Waddles Book Emporium


Treasures From the Library of Congress by Harry Katz



Baseball, the sport that helped unify the country after the Civil War, remains the national pastime. The Library of Congress houses the world’s largest baseball collection. BASEBALL AMERICANA presents the best of the best of that treasure trove, documenting the history of the game and providing a unique look at America since the late 1700’s. The more than 350 fabulous illustrations , many never before published, feature first-generation, vintage photographic and chromolithographic baseball cards, photographs of famous players, ball parks, newspaper clippings, cartoons, advertisements, and much more. Packed with images that will surprise and thrill even the most expert collector. BASEBALL AMERICANA is a gift for every baseball fan. $29.99 Publisher: Smithsonian Books /Harper Collins ISBN-978-0-06-162545-


By Alexandra Lier and Kevin Thompson The ultimate cult book to SPEED, the greatest human obsession of all. SPEEDSEEKERS is organized in five main chapters: History, Garage, Speed, Landspeed, and Style & Sound. Breathtaking archival photographs of legendary racers and race cars, contemporary images of today’s racers and current record holders with their wheels and their fans along with a world of supporting cast, customizers, painters and pin-stripers, model builders, illustrators, tattoo artists, musicians and designers fill out this collection of all things speedy. Some people spend their entire lives in pursuit of the ultimate rush. SPEEDSEEKERS leaves no doubt about why. $45.00 Publisher: Gingko Press ISBN: 978-1-58423-314-5




“We all know where you’ve been... Find out where you’re GOING!” by Angela Lovell

Little SAGITTARIUS Lay Down His Sweet Head

BattARIES Not Included

Little Town Of BethLEOham

You drunks don’t need an excuse to bingedrink, but you’ll use the holidays and your birthday as an excuse to get blackout wasted. Just be careful where you pass out you know what a germaphobe you are and you’ll need a clean place to puke.

Your sex toys are so outta control that the neighbors grip the walls fearing an earthquake every time you masturbate. Go to a bar, pick up ANYONE (lucky for you everyone’s more desperate this time of year), and get laid the old-fashioned way. At least the sounds of boinking won’t terrify those unfortunates in your building. It’ll just make them a little sick.

Going home for the holidays can really suck, but look on the bright side - you’re the only one from that armpit of a town who did something with their life. (And YES, medical testing counts as “something!”)

Frosty The GOATman You cold bastards need to use that money you would’ve spent buying the love of others and invest it instead in a treadmill. Tough love, Capricorn! But it’s the only kind you ever give so shut your fat hole. AQUARIUS Faithful



Your good looks can only take you so far - literally. I’m tired of driving your ass everywhere. Quit buying Skittles and guitars and get your own damn car. Otherwise your Xmas present this year will come in the form of all the gas your friends have bought. We Wish You A Merry FISHmas Nobody likes your racist jokes. Get that shit under control before the office holiday party and quit wishing everyone “Merry Christmas” instead of the PC “Happy holidays!” Hannukah is real, whether you like it or not.


The Little BULL


If you really want to die alone (and I kinda think you do) keep wearing that Snuggie to sporting events. I know it’s the easiest way to conceal your misshapen body, but the world is not your livingroom, Taurus. And A ParTWINS In a Pear Tree Thanks to those extra hairy genitals of yours you still haven’t noticed the cold weather - just like the STDs you also don’t notice brewin’ beneath your forrest. It Came Upon the Midnight CRAB You didn’t care all year, but try to go easy on the binging and purging this holiday season. I suggest drinking a bottle of red wine instead of eating Ambien before bed. That crap always makes you sleep-eat which leaves a huge mess of both the kitchen and your ass.

Round Yon VIRGIN Mother and Child I warned you about getting laid, but as usual, you sat around watching reality TV instead of cultivating your own life. All you’re getting for Xmas is the regrowth of your hymen. ENJOY! Jingle SCALES Make sure you buy two of everything for friends so that you’re not tempted to keep their gifts (like last year.) Your closets may be full but your heart is empty, Libra. I Saw Mommy Kissing SCORPIO When you hit on your friends’ moms this holiday be sure to treat them as you would any other fresh, young thing you’re trying boink for your usual ten minutes. Nobody likes the term “cougar” - not even the old, horny ladies to which it refers.







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