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From the beaches of Makaha to Ho‘okipa, Primo has been enjoyed by locals and watermen of Hawai‘i for over 100 years. Now Primo has come ashore on the mainland.

Okole Maluna




Thievery Corporation onstage at Street Scene Downtown San Diego Photo By Blair Robb




JACE EVERETT INTERVIEW The Man Behind HBO’s True Blood Song ‘Bad Things’ VOKAB KOMPANY INTERVIEW The Boys Get Up & Down During A Crazy Photo Shoot REVOLT SUMMER SURF SERIES 3.0 The 3nd Event In The Eco Friendly Surf Series TERROR AT 13,000 FEET Leslie Krouse Jumps At True Adventure RANI YAHYA PROFILE His Road From Victim To Victory ASP WORLD TOUR HURLEY PRO TRESTLES Mick Fanning Scores A Big Win & 105k ZOMBIES & VAMPIRES & WEREWOLVES Beth Accomando Scares Up Her Reviews SWOLLEN MEMBER Suburban Noize Is Behind Their New Music NIKSTER HELPS TO SAVE THE TURTLES The Sexier Side Of Green And Revolt Team Up PLUS: MOTHER EARTH NEWS MOVIE PREVIEWS CD REVIEWS BOOK REVIEWS WHORESCOPES COLUMNS BLURBS & MORE WWW.REVOLTINSTYLE.COM  7




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ON THE COVER Benicio Del Toro as Wolf Man Release date: Feb 2010 Images courtesy of Universal Pictures

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Hi Revolt My son Zack (Grom 12 & under) will not make it tomorrow. He took a board to the face yesterday and received 8 stitches. Doc says no surfing for a week. Thanks for a great summer series and see you next year. - DC Hey DC, Sorry to hear about your boy. One thing about them Groms...they heal overnight! I’m sure he’ll be in the water before you can say “Duck & Cover”


Hi, My name is Jason Chase. I am reaching out to you because I like the way your magazine depicts local artists and I would like to be considered for a review and/or feature in your magazine. You can hear my stuff at thank you very much, Jason Hi Jason, We like nothing more that promoting local talent. If you get a chance send me over your CD so I can review it in the next issue. Love the picture of you flipping off the wall in Mission. Looks like you have a show at Winston’s in O.B. on October 13th. I’ll let everyone know to come check out the show. Send CD to P.O. Box 9771 San Diego, CA 92169 Best, Leslie




Model - Mona Noorian Swimwear - Photographer - Jon Tiffin 10  WWW.REVOLTINSTYLE.COM

Greetings from REVOLT Ok friends, we said it was gonna happen & it did. We pushed Leslie out of the plane like we said in the last issue. She was a bit freaked out - but now that it’s over we can’t shut her up. She wants to do it again! Can’t blame her. We all want to go back up. Yeah, I said WE all. I jumped as well. Can’t let her have all the fun. If we endorse something within the pages of Revolt In Style, it’s because we truly believe in it. Skydiving is one of the craziest/coolest things I have ever done. Sitting in that open fuselage door at 13,000 feet. Knowing that you have no possible way of backing out now. Then an overwelming calm takes over your body as you rock back...rock forward... & BAM. You are falling from the sky at 120 mph. Some people don’t remember much of the free fall. Some feel that it’s the longest minutes of their life. I fall somewhere in between. Plenty of time to feel the rush. Plenty of time to look around. Plenty of time to have my friend Lee (veteran skydiver) catch up to us & grab my arm (Scaring the crap out of me!) Mess around with the camera crew filming us, for a sec, look around one more time, then...POP. The chute opens, you slow down, adjust the straps & enjoy the hell out of what you are doing! Now THAT is a cool perspective on the best little city on the planet. If you have the balls (ahem) opportunity to jump, make sure you do two things. Do it at Sky Dive San Diego and do it around sunset. The view is spectacular. What a rush! Top Ten Things To Do Before You Die!



What’s next? Well, we’ve been pretty busy lately with our Surf Contests, our ASR parties, our Movie screenings. All while we’re putting together another amazing issue of Revolt for you guys. Photo shoots one after the next ‘till they kinda start to run together. Some of our (cough) friends in the publishing world like to whine & bitch about life in their magazines. I choose to go a different direction. This is the best life imaginable. I get to run around all day with my beautiful girl Leslie, getting into all kinds of cool trouble. Meeting interesting people, trying some pretty incredible things (like jumping from a plane) We don’t answer to anyone & we do pretty much whatever the f**k we want. I love this town! I love my life! We have a few events coming up that you are all invited to attend. On the 10th of Oct. we are throwing a big ‘Welcome To The Neighborhood’ Party for our friends at East Lake Tavern & Bowl. Great new venue down in the South Bay. Definitely worth the drive to check out this overthe-top Sports Bar / Bowling Alley / Restaurant. Preston & Shane are helping us out with a Kick Ass Car Show. Blake will be down there with the crew from Sky Dive San Diego. We’ll raffle off a couple of tandem jumps to the crowd. The whole thing kicks off around 4pm, so don’t be late. Next up we have a great festival at the s tadium. MTS Kick Gas Festival. Qualcomm Stadium, October 24th, 11am - 7pm. West Coast’s LARGEST Eco-Party. A solar-powered, “green” event that showcases innovative alternative fuel technologies within an interactive and entertaining festival environment. Featuring MATISYAHU with special guests Matt and Kim. Plus 20 more bands and DJs! Our music feature this month ‘Vokab Kompany’ will be playing too. Check out the full line up at Look at the back cover if you havent already. The 5th Annual Revolt In Style Boo-Fest is coming! The line up is Vokab Kompany & 3rd Borough for some great rock/funk/psychadelic/hiphop/ electronica get down on da floor good times music. These guys are gonna serve up some great music & promote their new CD. Any of you follow HBO’s True Blood? Well, we do. We just booked Jace Everett for Boo-Fest as well (his hit song ‘Bad Things’ is that kick ass number at the beginning of the show. How sic is that? Costume contests, raffles, giveaways & tasty drink concoctions on special all night. Boo-Fest is one of our most memorable events of the year. Don’t give me grief if we sell out & you can’t get in. Advance tickets are available, so dont miss this one. OK OK that’s enough outta me. We have to get this thing to the printer. Hope you all enjoy this Issue, Happy Halloween & hope to see you at all our events. Peace, B & L



T A R O R R T TE E E F 0 0 0 , 3 1

FEELINGS OF FEAR & TERROR GIVE WAY TO ECSTASY AND JOY Story By Leslie Krouse Images By SkyDive San Diego


ne thing about Revolt In Style, we (the owners) pride ourselves on the fact that if we wouldn’t personally, try it, taste it, wear it, drink it, or do it ourselves, it doesn’t go in the magazine. We feel it is our moral obligation to sacrifice ourselves for you. So when Brian and I decided to thrust our bodies out of a perfectly good airplane at 13,000 feet, well, it’s just another day at the office. Lets go back a few years. For some reason unbeknownst to me, I’ve developed an insane fear of heights. The bunny hill has become a mountain. I don’t quite know where it came from, but I knew it had to go. I had always said, “I think the only way I’m going to get rid of this fear, is to jump out of a plane”. Crap, the opportunity came up with our new partner, Skydive San Diego, so undoubtedly, I had to put my money where my mouth is, and just go for it.


So the day arrived. Blake (GM of SkyDive San Diego) called saying, “it’s socked in and we may need to reschedule”. Cool, A ton of bricks just lifted off my back. It’s Monday morning, this is too much stress; I’m not a big fan of Mondays in the first place. Well, that was short lived. Blake called back about an hour later telling us to get over there “right away”. I have to admit, I have one of the most over active imaginations that any person should ever have. All these scenarios started racing through my head. What if the guy I’m jumping with just broke-up with his girlfriend, or he just got evicted, or is going bankrupt, or he has a heart attack on the way down, or he just plain hates life. I mean, it could happen. You hear about these things, don’t you? Needless to say, I had myself so completely freaked out on the way over there, I ended up in tears. I don’t want to die. I know...drama queen. We arrive around 11:30am, filled out all the necessary paperwork, watched a video, then proceeded outside to get rigged up. This is when I met Nick Boyd, the person whose hands I’m putting my life into. So, of course I had to ask the questions. How’s your life, everything good? Now, what I should have been asking was, how many jumps have you had, how long have you been working here, etc. I think I had myself so petrified, that it didn’t occur to me to find out any pertinent information. As Nick was strapping me in, I heard him comment about being late for work. Late for work? You don’t work here? Before I could ask him to clarify this, I was whisked away to talk to the video cameras. The next thing I know, we were being led to the plane. I climbed in first, Nick follows, but he’s not sitting across from me...odd. So, I’m sitting in the corner of the plane, just behind the pilot. Just as we start rolling Nick yells to the pilot, “Can you radio down that I’m going to be about 5 minutes late for work?” Then the guys sitting straight across from me, asked Nick “Why are you jumping tandem?” Llike he has never done this before. So, here I go again with the scenarios. Did they stick me with the janitor? Why is he so worried about being late for work? How come that guy asked him why he’s jumping tandem? Who is this guy I’m strapped to? Shit, it’s time to jump. This is the moment that I realized, I’m the last person to jump out of this plane. Crap. How can I get out of this? The mental pinball machine in my head was getting exhausting. Wait, I’m at the edge of the plane. Quick, put the brakes on. You can stop this. HOLY SHIT!!! We are way the f**k up here. I think Nick sensed my apprehension, because I couldn’t take my eyes off the ground. They always say “Don’t look down”. I found out why. You become paralyzed with fear. So he grabbed my forehead, pulled my head back, rocked, and we were out. I don’t think I have ever been so terrified in my entire life. Then it occurs to me, the cameras, and the videos, are focused on my every move/expression. Smile, wave to the camera, I had to repeat this over and over to myself. Hyperventilating at 120 mph with a smile on your face is not as easy as it sounds. They say the freefall, which lasts about a minute, for most people, goes by in a flash. I think it lasted about 12 hours for me, or at least seemed that way. Then the chute popped open. Talk about slamming on the brakes. I don’t think you really realize how fast you are going until you stop, and the other guys don’t. Aahh, I can see all of San Diego, look how beautiful this city is. At that moment a sense of peace and calm came over me. Nick pointed to a Hawk that was coasting in the breeze, and I was right there with him. I was finally flying with the birds. It’s so amazing. “We are coming in for a landing”, Nick tells me “ Pick up your feet. Now stand up.” Smooth, my feet are back on the ground. I’M ALIVE. I did it. Wow, it’s over. Wait! It’s over, but it just started. But, I didn’t need to freak out so much; I need to try this again. I want a do-over. I need a mulligan. Nick unhooks me and takes off to work. Blake came up and asked how it went. “Well, what does the guy I just jumped with do here?” I asked. Blake proceeds to tell me that Nick trains all the Navy Seals, and has over 6,000 jumps under his belt. “If you’re in the Military in San Diego, you are trained by Skydive San Diego” states Blake. So it turns out, one of the top guys, in probably the world, literally had my back. I wish I would have known this prior; it may have made a little difference to my psyche. Probably not. What an incredible experience. I think everyone needs to put this on his or her bucket list. Now, I’ve been asked if this has made a difference with my fear. Well, on some small scale I’d have to say yes. Hills that use to make me nervous riding my bike down, don’t. I can now ride down them with no hands, and no fear. So for now, I’ll have to say yes. But we will have to see in the winter, on the mountain. I’ll keep you informed. BTY, if anyone wants to jump, I’ll go with you.



The Turismo


Uptown: Old school shape in a new school 8-base lens wrap. Medium to large fit. Metal Alloy frames with spring hinges. Matte Black, Gun Metal or Matte Silver Turismo: Retro lens shape and double bridge built into a modern full wrapping frame Medium all around size and fit. Interchangable badges (temple) All of their styles are polarized and retail for $95. The lenses are indestructible polycarbonate, optically correct and block all UVA, B & C rays. Available in perscription.

LANDYACHTZ Big Stick Classic


California Roadster

BLOOD Energy Potion


San Diego Street Legal Golf Carts, Inc. specialize in custom street legal golf carts & NEV’s. Coolest vehicle for surfchecks or running errands. Most people only drive about 20 miles a day. This will do the trick & then some. Now for the good news...$10,000 Tax Credit $5,300 = Net Cost $4,700 Oh yeah. Sign us up. www. 5010 Cass St. Suite C 858.449.3225

looks just like an IV transfusion bag, but is actually a drinkable concoction loaded with sweet fruit punch flavored energy drink. I love this part of the product description: “Not only does Blood Energy Potion have a similar nutritional makeup to real blood, but it has the same color, look, and consistency of blood. Get real blood nutrients without that real blood taste!” My only question is why it can’t taste like real blood? C’mon. You can pre-order individual bags of BLOOD over at Urban Collector for $5.99 Vampire Bill would be proud.



Apple has announced their new iPod nano. This new 5th gen iPod nano with a built-in video camera, and features a larger screen 2.2-inch display(376 x 240), a FM tuner with Live Pause & iTunes Tagging and a pedometer can work with Nike+. About its new camera specs: H.264 VGA video, 640 by 480 pixels, up to 30 frames per second with AAC audio; 15 real-time special effects: Sepia, Black and White, X-Ray, Film Grain, Thermal, Security Cam, Cyborg, Bulge, Kaleido, Motion Blur, Mirror, Light Tunnel, Dent, Stretch, and Twirl. Prices are the 8GB model for $149 and 16GB for $179.


iPod nano 5G with Video Camera


Pentax has announced an entry-level digital SLR, the K-x, features including Live View and HD video. The PENTAX K-x DSLR features a 12.4 megapixel CMOS censor, capture widescreen HD 720p video at 24fps, 2.7-inch LCD with autofocus and Face Detection Live View, 4.7fps capture rate, 1/6000 sec max shutter speed and 11-point wide-angle autofocus. It’s due out in October available in black, white, red, or navy blue. $650




The Kahuna Big Stick is designed to allow riders to smoothly “paddle” their way with big strokes on a longboard. The idea is to take a big stroke by beginning the stroke with a “pull” on the pavement and transition to a “push” so that you get a full stroke. Not only does the Kahuna Big Stick give a great upper body and cardiovascular workout, it helps save the knees and feet from the constant kick of pushing a longboard. 149.


RIPCURL F-Bomb Chest Zip _

The absolute ultimate in wetsuits with every feature imaginable: 100 percent E3 for ultimate flexibility, double liquid taped for maximum durability, and fireskin polypro lining for complete warmth. Ripcurl Pacific Beach- (858) 273-8070

_ Surf Camera Case

The Surf Camera case has an inside bead to hold your camera in place while being pounded by 20 foot waves but will quickly eject out from the case for that quick surf photo by pulling on a floating handle (included) and can quickly insert back in so you can surf the next wave for yourself. And in case you drop your camera while it’s out of the case, don’t panic, it comes with a retractable cord too. To learn more about this product please visit


RIPCURL Dawn Patrol Back Zip

The all new Dawn Patrol brings back our classic name in a suit that has more features than ever at an amazing price point. This suit features an E3/Ultralight combo; fireskin lining; super soft collar; bluesteel zip; and a completely new design. This suit is without a doubt the premium suit at its price. Ripcurl Pacific Beach- (858) 273-8070


Power Balance Inc. is a wearable performance and wellness technology company that creates Mylar holograms embedded into wristbands. The products optimize an individual’s ability to achieve better balance, increased strength and greater flexibility by utilizing frequencies that occur in nature to improve the body’s ability to absorb oxygen. Power Balance uses a Mylar hologram coded with body beneficial frequencies which reacts with the body’s energy field to create a harmonic loop. This loop maximizes energy distribution and increases the body’s ability to absorb and deliver more oxygen to various parts of the body. 29.99

This holiday season Nintendo will release a new Black version of the Wii Remote bundled with a Black version of the Wii MotionPlus accessory, which brings precise motion control to games that have been designed for it. A Black version of the Nunchuk controller also will be available for the holidays. The Black bundle is the first new color for the Wii Remote and Wii MotionPlus. The Black Nunchuk will be available at Games On In PB



Nintendo Black Wiimote bundle

They took the Evo and removed most of the wood to create a durable light weight frame, filled it with a super light foam and wrapped it with a couple layers of carbon fiber. What they got is an extremely light, stiff and durable version of an already sick board. Unfortunately it wasn’t cheap to do so this board will cost you a couple pennies. Start fillin that piggy bank cause this board is worth every penny. 533.


The eagle has landed. Jet-setting International watch highlights aeronautical styling with 58 preset cities world wide, dual time with digital features, stainless steel casing and band, alarm, date and time, stopwatch, and light-up face. 100 meter water resistance 349. Ripcurl Pacific Beach- (858) 273-8070





Feel good that you are helping the environment & the local economy

SAME PRICE AS REGULAR DIESEL CLEAN BURNING FUEL WILL MAKE YOU FEEL GOOD WHEN YOU FILL UP...FOR A CHANGE. If any of you Dieselheads out there are still on the fence about running this clean burning, clean smelling alternative to regular Diesel fuel, the expense excuse is no longer an issue. In fact there should be no issue whatsoever. We can attest to that! The Revolt In Style truck ‘Big Blue’ has been running worry free on the stuff for two + years now. The only difference we have noticed is the absense of the rotten diesel smell, a quieter running engine, a smoother running engine and let’s not forget the INCREASED MPG! A fraction of the greenhouse gas emmissions. More than one proffesional mechanic has told us to expect the engine to last for 500,000 miles or more. BioDiesel has a lubricating effect on engine parts & also cleans out injectors & fuel lines. But the greatest benefeit of all...WE ARE NOT CONTRIBUTING TO BIG OIL COMPANIES OR MIDDLE EASTERN OIL TYCOONS. New Leaf Biofuel makes the stuff right here in San Diego from reclaimed cooking oil collected at local restaraunts.

Mike Lewis, Owner of Pearson Fuels on El Cajon Blvd has just committed to selling his BioDiesel for the same price as regular Diesel Fuel through the end of 2009. He purchases his Biodiesel from our good friends over at New Leaf Biofuel. “So here we are, starting right now, I will do everything in my power to sell B99 at the same price as we sell regular diesel. Our regular diesel price is never the cheapest in town and never the

BIODIESEL FAQ’s: What is biodiesel?

Biodiesel is the name of a clean-burning alternative fuel that does not contain petroleum. Biodiesel is often sold blended with petroleum diesel. The percentage of biodiesel in the blend is designated by a number, “B20” is 20% biodiesel and 80% petroleum diesel, “B5” is 5% biodiesel, and “B100” is pure biodiesel.

How is biodiesel made?

Biodiesel is manufactured through the chemical process “transesterification”. In this process, the glycerin is separated from the fat or vegetable oil. This leaves behind two products -- mono-alkyl esters (the chemical name for biodiesel) and glycerin (a valuable byproduct typically sold to be used in soaps and other products).

Is biodiesel safe to use?

Yes. Biodiesel is biodegradable, nontoxic and essentially free of sulfur and aromatics.

Is biodiesel the same as raw vegetable oil?

No! Raw vegetable oil cannot meet biodiesel fuel specifications, it is not registered with the EPA and it is not a legal motor fuel. Fuel-grade biodiesel must be produced to strict industry specifications in order to insure proper performance.


most expensive. It is 8/25/09 and I hope to continue this policy through the end of the year and if we don’t see real significant increases in the volume of Biodiesel we will probably stop selling it at the end of the year. Today our diesel price is $2.89 and the biodiesel price is $2.89. Before you beat me up and say that price is way too high anyway. For reference, the average price of regular diesel in San Diego today is $2.84 and the highest price is $3.19. For those of you who are our regular customers, we continue to appreciate your support. Lets see what happens.” Pearson Fuels opened in 2003 as the nation’s first Alternative Fuel Station. From day one the station offered an amazing number of firsts in what most people thought was the mature retail fueling industry. Specializing in bringing alternative fuels to the public, Pearson brought the first Ethanol station to the state of California, the first Biodiesel station to San Diego and the county’s first dual pressure CNG station. Pearson featured San Diego’s largest Electric Vehicle charging facility, the county’s first Propane Vehicle Fueling Station and was the first independent station in San Diego to offer Ultra Low Sulphur Diesel. Three grades of gasoline rounded the offering to a total of 10 different vehicle fuels. This was the first time a facility like this had ever been built. From the beginning, the facility garnered worldwide interest with extensive national and international attention. Educators, government agencies, business owners, students, members of the media and customers flocked to see what many writers called, “The Fuel Station of the Future”. The company continued to grow and built a state of the art retail establishment on site in 2006. In 2007 Pearson’s cutting edge approach to alternative fuels enabled them to make an unprecedented agreement with the California Air Resources Board to develop Ethanol (E-85) fueling infrastructure through out the state. Pearson Fuels has common ownership with one of San Diego’s landmark car dealerships, Pearson Ford. For the first years of the company’s existence it also was known as RTC Fuels and Pearson Ford Fuels. So now you know friends...If you dont take advantage of this golden opportunity it may be gone forever.....

Can I use biodiesel in my existing diesel engine without modification?

Yes. Biodiesel can be used in any diesel engine (compression-ignition) with no modifications.

What are the benefits of biodiesel?

There are a number of benefits to Biodiesel produces a cleaner-smelling exhaust. Some users have compared it to the smell of French fries or popcorn. Biodiesel also will improve lubrication, improve cetane levels, and help clean injectors, fuel lines, pumps and tanks. It is also safer to store and transport since it has a higher flash point than traditional diesel and is classified only as combustible, not flammable or explosive. There are also many environmental benefits to biodiesel. It is as nontoxic as table salt and biodegrades four times faster than conventional diesel. Biodiesel therefore presents a much smaller risk in the case of spills in marine and other sensitive environments. It is cleaner burning and reduces greenhouse gas emissions by almost 80% relative to petrodiesel. In addition, particulate matter, hydrocarbons and sulfer emissions are significantly reduced. Also, because it is a domestically produced and renewable fuel, biodiesel is a compliance method under the federal Energy Policy Act. In fact, it’s the least-cost, easiest to use compliance method for fleets subject to those requirements.


4067 El Cajon Blvd. San Diego, CA 92105 Phone: (619) 243-0456


Nikster was created with a passion for giving back to the environment and society. Nature, and healthy living inspire their bikinis. Their focus is to incorporate this ideal into an eclectic line of products. The swimwear line is more than just traditional bikinis; it’s a community of same-minded people who love, trust and respects the planet and each other. Nikster carries genuine Brazilian bikinis and eco-bikinis. The eco-bikinis are made from sustainable soy, organic cotton, bamboo, and other natural fibers which all promote a healthy and sustainable lifestyle. The most recent eco-bikini line was manufactured in the US, reducing the company’s carbon footprint. These exotic yet classy bikinis are accessorized with shells, pearls, stones, bamboo, coconuts, and other hand-selected elements from tropical destinations around the globe! In addition, some designs are carefully hand-finished through macramé stitching, embroidered beads, or hand painting. Come and step into their world, you will look glamorous and be the sexy and socially conscious woman you are. At Nikster they believe that a woman’s body is her temple and thus an expression of her inner beauty and strength. When you change into the swimwear, the comfort and tranquility of the products will shine through and revitalize both the way you look and most importantly, the way you feel.

As a business, they believe it’s their responsibility to promote eco-friendliness and social responsibility. They encourage everyone to do his or her part. Small steps can make a lasting difference. Simply reducing polluting materials and consumables is one of the easiest ways to making a tremendous impact. Nikster uses recycled materials wherever technologically possible. “The ills of humanity have taken a toll on our beautiful planet, our creatures, and ourselves! Let us not turn a blind eye and pretend the destruction of our eco-system is not taking place, but instead embrace it and learn to coexist in a sustainable manner! -Nikster At least 5% of their gross sales are donated to helping globally responsible charities and organizations that focus on helping protect endangered sea turtles



Revolt In Style Magazine presents the San Diego Screening Of ‘The Outside’ starring Michael Graziadei, Nia Peeples & Cris Judd. A few hundred of our closest friends made it down to the Landmark Theatres in La Jolla recently to take in the new feature length surf/lifestyle movie by Ari Davis. The theatre was packed to capacity and everyone seemed to enjoy the movie. The film received a standing ovation at the end.


The afterparty was held at Prospect Lounge in La Jolla. The cast, crew and a long list of VIP’s made their way thru the maze of papparazzi to get their gratuitous mug shots in front of the step & repeat. Once Inside, the VIP area was packed & the music was bumpin till late night. Special thanks to our sponsors: Rockstar Energy Drink, Primo Beer, Sky Vodka, Shark Eye Surfboards, Pleasure Ground Eyewear, LeftCoast Design Group, 858 Graphics & Brannon from Prospect Lounge .



above: Mick Fanning ripping it up, day 3.

Fanning Wins Hurley Pro Claims US$105k and ASP World No. 2 Spot Photos by: Michael Lallande

LOWER TRESTLES, California – Mick Fanning (AUS), 28, former ASP World Champion (2007), has taken out the Hurley Pro Trestles, besting fellow Finalist Dane Reynolds (USA), 24, to claim the richest winner’s prize purse in surfing history, US$105,000. Event No. 6 of 10 on the 2009 ASP World Tour, the Hurley Pro Trestles enjoyed rippable swell at the start of the waiting period before enduring three consecutive lay days to culminate in today’s marathon of barrier-breaking action. With mind-blowing surfing going down from Round 4 through the Finals in clean two-to-three foot (1 metre) surf at Lower Trestles, it was the lightning-fast Australian who turned up the juice against Reynolds to claim his firstever ASP Dream Tour win in California. “I’m overwhelmed,” Fanning said. “I’d like to congratulate Hurley and a huge thank you to them. I’d like to congratulate Dane (Reynolds) too. The sort of thing that he did, he’s only the start of what we’ll see in the next few years, so thanks for inspiring all of us. The conditions this week been very difficult, but that’s surfing. You’ve got to surf in all kinds of stuff, you can’t sit there and imagine one perfect wave at Trestles.” In addition to racking up US$105,000 for today’s efforts, Fanning’s win rockets him from 7th to 2nd on the ASP World Tour ratings, bringing him right back in the hunt for the 2009 ASP World Title. “If you win an event you’ve got to beat everyone,” Fanning said. “It’s not just Kelly (Slater) I beat, you’ve got to get through everyone. That was just part of the path. Kelly’s amazing, but I’m just stoked to have a Final with Dane. The win doesn’t really change my approach to the title. I was sitting in seventh before this event and I was looking to climb up the ratings. I wasn’t really that happy where I was. I did some work and if it does happen again this year it’s going to be pretty big. I guess it’s more about building momentum again this year and


getting the hunger back.” Despite falling short in the Final, Reynolds was a regular standout at the Hurley Pro Trestles, posting the top two single-wave scores of the event (a 9.70 and a 9.67) with his futuristic blend of progressive surfing. “It was a good time,” Reynolds said. “You can’t win the first one (Final), can you? I got an I.V. before the Final. I was cramping up really bad. I’m not used to surfing this much in one day. Sometimes I surf this much, but not this many heats and it’s different when you’re not milking every section. Trestles is almost like a skate park. It’s just soft enough to where you can push it around, but it’s pushy enough to where you don’t have to work too hard. Unfortunately this event wasn’t great, but it turned on for the last day and it had some good moments.” His Runner-Up finish marks a career best result for the young Californian, vaulting Reynolds from 20th to 11th on the 2009 ASP World Tour ratings. “I was starting to feel pretty discouraged because I had three 17ths in a row,” Reynolds said. “That beats you down a bit and it feels good to make some heats. I enjoy competing and today was a fun day.” Kelly Slater (USA), 37, reigning nine-time ASP World Champion and defending event winner, wowed throughout the Hurley Pro Trestles, dispatching of rookie Kekoa Bacalso (HAW), 24, and Heitor Alves (BRA), 27, before getting stuffed by a hyper-focused Fanning in their Semifinal heat.

“I didn’t go out there with any sort of game plan,” Slater said. “I was just trying to feel it out and I kind of read it wrong. The heat before, they had a lot of waves, and I didn’t think priority was really going to matter, but a lot of times, you have priority and there’s pressure to take that first one (wave), and it’s bumpy and the second or third one is real glassy. That happened in Dane’s heat and he got those real good ones, but that’s just the way it goes. I wasn’t really feeling it today anyway. Someday you feel it and you’re on and sometimes not. I kind of struggled through my first couple of heats anyhow.” Slater, who wore the heavy public expectation of hunting down his 10th ASP World Title in 2009, started the season uncharacteristically with three consecutive 17ths. The Floridian then rallied with a win in Brazil before netting a 9th in South Africa, and although today’s Equal 3rd place finish at the Hurley Pro Trestles moves him from 8th to 6th on the 2009 ASP World Tour ratings, Slater was guarded when discussing the remainder of the year. Highlights from the Hurley Pro Trestles are available via For more information, log onto

HURLEY PRO TRESTLES FINAL RESULTS: 1 – Mick Fanning (AUS) 17.40 2 – Dane Reynolds (USA) 13.10


above: CJ Hobgood Fins Out

1 – Joel Parkinson (AUS) 5486 points 2 – Mick Fanning (AUS) 4550 points 3 – Adriano de Souza (BRA) 4348 points 4 – C.J. Hobgood (USA) 4272 points 5 – Damien Hobgood (USA) 3974 points 6 – Kelly Slater (USA) 3906 points 7 – Bede Durbidge (AUS) 3760 points 8 – Taj Burrow (AUS) 3685 points 9 – Taylor Knox (USA) 3616 points 10 – Bobby Martinez (USA) 3582 points

above: Dane Reynolds Finishes with a solid deuce

above: Mick, Rob & Dane & others celebrate

above: Slater Air

above: 105 Grand AND this trophy?



GREAT BUSINESS, GREAT FRIENDS GORDON & SMITH FIFTY YEAR ANNIVERSARY PARTY REUNITES SURF & SKATE LEGENDS Photos By Leslie Krouse A Brief History of Gordon & Smith Larry Gordon and Floyd Smith forged a close friendship in the mid 1950’s while surfing together. This led to the creation of a surfboard company which became a brand with worldwide recognition. In the late 50’s most surfboards were shaped from balsa wood. The boards were heavy, hard to maneuver, and easily became waterlogged. Polyurethane foam was a new and ideal material soon to become cutting edge. Larry, a chemistry student, was able to source the foam chemicals with help from Gordon Plastics, his father’s family business. With no surfboards available within 50 miles, Larry and Floyd built a mold and began blowing their own foam and building surfboards. By the winter of 1959, the demand for their foam surfboards forced a move from Floyd’s Pacific Beach garage into their first legitimate surf shop. Gordon and Smith was born and would become one of a small group of individuals to pioneer the Surf Industry.

In the 60’s Gordon and Smith became one of the leading manufacturers in the industry. Many legendary team riders and shapers had joined forces with G&S which helped them carve out a niche for the company in a time when surfing was defining an era. In 1965 Floyd moved to Australia to start Gordon and Smith Surfboards on that continent. This expansion brought the innovation and quality of G&S to Australia and provided design innovation in return, plus a new loyalty from around the globe. Floyd returned to the U.S. in 1969.

also become one of the largest, most successful skateboard companies and one of the first to sponsor professional team riders. Skateboarding exploded as the company sold 500 Fibreflex skateboards per day with a 6 month backlog and skaters became overnight superstars. In the early 80’s Gordon and Smith began producing surf wear primarily for the specialty stores. This was highly successful through the 80’s and 90’s.

Two years later he sold his part of the business in order to pursue other interests. Today Floyd lives in Northern California.

Through the past 5 decades, as it is today, the focus is on building boards. Gordon & Smith still makes boards with as much passion and care as the very first one.

The late 60’s early 70’s experienced the beginnings of the short board revolution. Always staying current but never sacrificing integrity, Gordon and Smith was able to successfully lead this progression of change to become, at that time, the world’s largest surfboard manufacturer. Few of the other established manufacturers survived this transition with the extinction of traditional long boards. During this time Gordon and Smith

Larry Gordon still owns the business, his daughter Debbie Gordon runs the Custom Surfboard and Skateboard Divisions. Larry still surfs at Tourmaline, and is looked upon as a legend in the surfing industry. His ability to stay true to his vision of 1959 by perpetuating innovation and staying relevant to current lifestyle is one reason Gordon and Smith has stood the test of time.

Top left clockwise• Reed Mayne & Debbie Gordon • Joe Roper & John Haffey • Larry Gordon & Raffle Winner • Josh Hall, The Miller Brothers Donna Frye & Joe Joe Roper • Rick & Joe Roper • Skip Frye & Jim Hogan

Timeline Fish Family 1973

Modern Maching 1974 1981 G&S Surfwear is introduced

Surfboard Signiture model era Hynson 1965 Skip Frye 1967 Midget Farrely Stringerless 1967

1959 'Gordon & Smith established

1978 Mark Richard twin fin model MR was 4 time World Champion

1969 Shortboard revolution begins /among the first to test and promote this new trend 1961 first advertisement ran in Surfer magazine.

1982-90 Surfboard/Surfwear team Charlie Kuhn Jimmy Hogan McNulty 1998-2003 enjoyed a Fomenko resurgence in the longboard market Peter Johnson Isaac Wood Hunter Lupton

G&S won both Surfboard Manufacturers "Rip Off" contests held in 1974 and 1975

1982 Stamp Logo

1964 invented the Fibreflex Skateboard/ first multi layered deck/dominated slalom racing

1975 started using our nick name “G&S”

1961 started using the "Original Logo"

1967 developed the Hyperformance fin / led by Skip Frye this concept is still used today

1959 they built a mold and started foaming surfboard blanks

1960 first poster


1963 introduced the fiberglass nose and tailblock

Larry and Floyd in the early days 1960

13 The Magic Little Gypsy Egg and Twin fin Waterskate

1985 Surfman logo 1975-78 Skateboard business exploded - Fibreflex domination /Stacy Peralta Warptail/ Henry Hester Model/Steve Cathey - Yo Yo's/ Doug Salidino & Dennis Martinez

1982 San Diego Mayor Roger Hedgecock presented G&S with the DISTINGUISED BUSINESS award

2000 FibreFlex resurges in popularity

1969 1970 1971 1972

Tri fin surfboards

1918929-28-999SkSaktaetbeobaoradrdTeTaem am BillB y iRllu f/uNfef i/l N Bleein delern/ dNeicr k/yNGicukeyrrGouererro y fR lB

aretaeraTm 19920-'s99Su Srufrbfobaoradr/dS/urSfuwrefw eam BBrriyaannJJeennnnininggss OOm maarr EEttcchheevveerryy




RSSS 3.0


Crystal Pier, Pacific Beach The RSSS 3.0 3rd event was an incredible day for riders and spectators. The surf gods served up some chest -to- head high, rippable sets, all day long. With the absence of a couple of our points leaders, some of the other riders caught up and passed them. This means it’s anyone’s series! At each event All top Pro Am riders receive a cash prizes, plus the winner will receive an Aviso Carbon Fiber Board courtesy of Overall Series winner will receive ANOTHER Aviso Carbon Fibre of their choice. All top riders in every division receive a swag bag containing killer gear provided by our sponsors and friends in the surfing community. New Surfboards, New Skateboards from Sector 9, Watches, Backpacks, Tshirts, Hats, Sunglasses, Surf gear & accessories, Concert Tickets, Gift certificates, DVDs, Stickers & more. Not to mention the DJs from will be serving up fresh beats all day. So, it is definitely worth your while to compete in our last event of this season. The divisions include Pro Am, Jr’s, Groms, Women’s, Longboard & Stand Up Paddle. Make sure you mark your calendar so you don’t miss out on any of this great summer surf action. Yes, it is still summer for us. The Surfrider Foundation and San Diego Coastkeepers will be on hand to help us clean up our beaches & keep the event GREEN. The four part surf series known as the ‘RSSS 3.0’ is presented by Maui Lu. A huge THANK YOU to all our sponsors that have assisted us in making this the best season for RSSS to date! Check out the latest scores, pictures & videos at About RSSS - The Annual 4 part Pro Am Surf Series. 3 years and going strong. Featuring local national and international talent, Surfboard and Winch Demos. In 2009 the event went ‘Green’ featuring Eco friendly materials and products as well as recycled and biodegradable banners & media.


Rob Patterson with a new Aviso. Stoked!

Solid rippable waves held up all day

Scott Chandler making it look easy

Final Results Contest 8/22/09 Pro/Am Final 1 - Rob Patterson 2 - Ian Baksh 3 - Macy Mullen 4 - Mason DeRieux

Woman’s Final 1 - Bre Ann Custodio 2 - Allisa Lentz 3 - Nicole Pratt 4 - Fernanda Sphair

Jr’s Final 1 - Mason DeRieux 2 - Mike Delegge 3 - Jeremy Belgan 4 - Takato Yamada

Longboard Final 1 - Freedom Fisher 2 - Pedro Smith

Grom’s Final 1 - Kody Clemens 2 - Michael Gumina 3 - Kyle Crompton Rocks!

Stand-Up Paddle Final 1 - Scott Chandler 2 - Chuck Glenn 3 - Ulyses Thomas



Revolt In Style Magazine threw another great event at BareBack Grill Downtown on E Street last month for ASR. Partygoers were entertained with the cool sounds of Michael McGraw in the front room and an amazing mix of HipHop/Funk/Electronica by Vokab Kompany in the adjoining 624 Lounge hosted by Osiris Shoes & Skate Mafia. Guests were invited to

Photos by Blair Robb


donate to the San Diego Chapter of the Surfrider Foundation. In return they had a chance to win some great raffle prizes including two Tandem Skydives courtesy of SkyDive San Diego & Coffee Gift Bags courtesy of Kono’s Coffee. We managed to raise close to a grand for Surfrider Foundation. A Packed house. A great crowd. Nothing but good times & good tunes. Huge Shout to Michael McGraw, Vokab Kompany & special thanks to all our sponsors: Surfrider Foundation, Primo Beer, Monster Energy Drink, Sky Dive San Diego, Kono’s Coffee.


Pink Stilettos is a team participating in the 3-Day, 60-mile Breast Cancer Walk, taking place here in San Diego, November 20-22 The team was originally formed a couple of years ago to support one of their team members, Danielle Barr, who was diagnosed with breast cancer. Since then, she has fought it! Unfortunately, another team member, Brooke Greer, has recently lost her mother to breast cancer. Melissa Myers and Christal Adams have also lost family to cancer this past year. Every member of the team has had personal experience with the heartaches of cancer. This disease on so many levels affects so many people. As participants of the walk, they’ve been hard at work putting together events to raise money. The net proceeds will support breast cancer research, education, screening and treatment through Susan G. Komen for the Cure and the National Philanthropic Trust Breast Cancer Fund. They’ve had some very successful fundraising events this past summer, including the Revolt Summer Surf Series contest, food and wine-tasting at Café Bleu, Sundaze at the Wavehouse, Hillcrest Cityfest, and Abbot Kinney Festival in Venice, CA. They have many great events coming up and there are many more in the works. In a matter of days the Pink Stilettos will be launching their website. Dedicated to spreading awareness and support for the entire cancer community, the site will have information on all types of cancers, support centers, doctors, self exam information, events, research organizations, ways to get involved, ways to donate, products, partners, etc. It’s going to be great!

Come join the Pink Stilettos and help support the cure! Eastlake Tavern & Bowl October 10 881 Showroom Place | Chula Vista | CA 91914 5pm to 8pm Car Show/Skydiving Demo’s/Bowling No Cover Casino Night at Offshore Tavern October 11 2253 Morena Blvd. 6pm Casino Games Raffle Prizes Sunday Night Football $3 Drink Specials Café Bleu Wine-Tasting October 24 530 University Ave. 1pm – 4pm $40 Food & unlimited fine wine tasting Raffle prizes RSVP required Website:
 Email: To make a donation: WWW.REVOLTINSTYLE.COM  27



MMA’s King of the Submission Jungle Photos By Jon Tiffin Story By Taff Davies

Although the man with the memorable name might still be unknown to some MMA fans out there, the reputation of San Diego MMA fighter and Jiu Jitsu wizard Rani Yahya is rapidly growing. A 135 pound fighter in the WEC, the MMA organization owned by the parent company of the UFC, Yahya has the highest submission percentage of any ranked fighter in the MMA world. With a record of 15-4, an amazing 14 of his wins have been by submission. This incredible 93% submission rate is due to Yahya’s Jiu Jitsu skills, which have also landed him 3 Jiu Jitsu World titles as well as the 2007 ADCC lightweight championship (the ADCC is the most prestigious submission grappling tournament in the world). Since signing with the WEC in 2007, Yahya has submitted 4 out of his 5 opponents in the first round. His last 3 fights have each earned him Submission of the Night awards, a record not matched by any other fighter in MMA. So how did Yahya get so good? And why does his Jiu Jitsu work so well for MMA when other, more famous Brazilian Jiu Jitsu champions haven’t come close to matching Yahya’s submission rate in MMA? To answer these questions, it’s necessary to find the source of Yahya’s Jiu Jitsu. In finding that source, a story is uncovered that could have been written for Hollywood, instead of drawn from real life. Born in 1984 in Brasilia, the capital of Brazil, Yahya started training in Judo by the age of 4. A natural athlete, Yahya was on his way to becoming a Judo champion when fate intervened in the form of a near fatal snake bite at the age of 11. Rushed to the hospital, Yahya was close to death until a man known simply as Ataide came to save him, bringing the anti-venom Yahya needed to stop the poisoning. Fortunately for Yahya, Ataide is the Head of the Reptile Dept. of the Brasilia Zoo. A man known by some as the “Crocodile Dundee” of Brazil, Ataide is one of the foremost experts in the world on deadly reptiles. But Ataide is an expert in another area as well, Jiu Jitsu. Like Yahya, Ataide trained in martial arts since he was 4, learning from one of the 5 original Red Belts (Jiu Jitsu’s highest rank) of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. Because of his intense study of snakes, Ataide eventually transformed the style of Jiu Jitsu he was taught into his own special system, which features snake-like chokes and strangles. Thus was born Ataide’s Constrictor Jiu Jitsu. Constrictor Jiu Jitsu’s practitioners suffocate their prey just like the snakes that Ataide still handles daily. This style is particularly effective for MMA because it doesn’t rely on fighting from the back like many Jiu Jitsu fighters do. Because of this, Constrictor Jiu Jitsu fighters are not as susceptible to ground and pound and can quickly neutralize opponents who make the mistake of going to the ground with a Constrictor fighter. Besides Yahya and many others in Brazil, UFC fighter Paulo Thiago (who defeated Josh Koscheck in Thiago’s 2009 UFC debut) is also a student of Ataide. When Ataide saved Rani Yahya’s life, he recognized something special in the young boy, and adopted him as his martial arts son, teaching him the secrets of Constrictor Jiu Jitsu. Because of this influence, Yahya developed a passion for snakes as his mentor Ataide did. Like a modern-day Spiderman, Yahya feels the snake that bit him also transformed him, giving him special powers along the way. Since that first bite 14 years ago, Yahya has never been sick. Incredibly, when another poisonous snake bit him several years later, it had almost no effect. Today, Yahya has left the real jungle and concentrates on a different one in the MMA world. He lives, trains and teaches in San Diego, where he is the Head Instructor of No Gi Jiu Jitsu for The Arena, the well-known San Diego MMA gym where fighters like UFC standout Diego Sanchez train. Besides his skills as a fighter, Yahya also possesses a great ability for teaching, sharing the Constrictor techniques with students who are looking for a submission grappling system that works well for both MMA and Jiu Jitsu. At The Arena, Yahya is establishing the roots of the Constrictor system in San Diego and eventually the rest of the U.S., as more people learn about this incredibly effective Submission Grappling style. Whatever happens for Yahya in the future, one thing is certain. Whoever he faces next in the WEC, they better bring their A game. Because if they don’t, Yahya will strike as fast as the snake that originally bit him, earning yet another victory for Rani Yahya, MMA’s King of the Submission Jungle. For more info on Rani Yahya or The Arena, go to or call 619-222-5554.



VOKAB KOMPANY A mix of hip-hop, funk, electro, and rock By Leslie Krouse Photos By Blair Robb

Vokab Kompany is fast becoming one of the hottest groups to hit the streets of San Diego, and soon to be setting the world on fire. The brainchild of Burkey Baby and Robbie Gallo, the two met in Tahoe about 15 years ago, and musically meshed instantly. Moving forward to bring us an eclectic compilation of genres and sounds. “The New Kong’ is the latest delivery. This critically acclaimed new album, is a mix of hip-hop, funk, electro, and rock, throw in some heavy bass and some sweet vocals, and you have one bad-ass CD. They have re-defined the standard for music. I dragged the boys down to Belmont Park for an incredible, and fun, photo shoot. BTW a special shout out to Alvaro Nunez the incredible drummer for Vokab, who didn’t get his new visa in time to be able to get in on the shoot. Kudos to Alvaro, he makes the trek from Mexico just to play in the band. Now, here are more fun facts about the band. RIS: What you think of that insane photo shoot? VOKAB: Insane. We couldn’t imagine any photo shoot ever being any better than that. You should have ridden the Roller Coaster with us. 5 times. There was a bunch of mirrors, a roller coaster, some motion sickness, a yellow submarine, and some funny pants. RIS: So tell us. Who is Vokab Kompany? VOKAB: Well, I’m Burkey Baby, and this is Rob Hurt (aka Robbie Gallo) we are the MC’s and singers of the band. We’ve got Geoff Nigl on Keyboard, and Aaron Cheatham who plays the bass; he’s usually half naked all the time. Then there is Spencer Sharpe our Violinist, it’s just something that really defines our sound, is having the violinist mixed in with the hip-hop, and the heavy synths. and then throw in some funky bass. Our guitarist Jeremy Holmes, who will call cut anytime he wants, he plays a lot of cool stuff. And our drummer Alvero who is in Mexico today, he’s really handsome, and he usually wears a diaper and bonnet. RIS: Describe Vokab’s Music? VOKAB: So, Vokab Kompany, it’s hip-hop, it’s live, and it’s fun, we think it’s exciting. It has electronic influence to it. Real heavy Synth, and a new sound, with the heavy funk, and the heavy bass. RIS: Now you have a show coming up on October 31st, with Revolt In Style. ROBBIE: It’s called Boo-Fest it’s Halloween. We are going to have a good group, and friends of ours called 3rd Burrough. A DJ that is one of our best friends, named DJ Carlo. He plays all that good, new stuff that actually San Diego needs to be put on. And a lot of good music to dance to. We are fortunate enough to work with you guys at Revolt, and billing this as our big CD release party, as well. We have been working on this ‘The New Kong’ album for over a year and we finally have it ready to release it to you guys, to the city, to the state, and the world. BURKEY: Hey, we’ve got some great guests on the album. Souleye, from the band Boulevard. We have the whole band Mutaytor, they let us do a remix, and they’re sick. They got the base player from Oingo Boingo Johnny Avila from back in the day. They have Hambone from Social D on the drums; they are a sick eclectic band out of LA. Like a circus act, they are awesome. We got Lateef The Truth Speaker, who’s been one of Robbie and mines favorite hip-hop artist for the last 15 years. We’ve got Radioactive(Spearhead) awesome musician, crazy freak of nature. We got our buddy Deploi from LA; he works with a group called House of Vibe. We got Karen Mills who is Jason Mraz back up singer. J Boogie, a sick DJ out of San Francisco. Solovox out of Oregon. A lot of people came together to collaborate on this project. That’s why we are a Kompany. RIS: The new album ‘The New Kong” is Great! “That Day” is my favorite song. What influenced the record? VOKAB: Sick. ‘That Day’ was produced by Freddy Machete another sick producer out of the Bay area. The whole idea is that Burke and I have just so much different influence as far as music goes. From Hip-hop, to rock, to metal, to electronic. It’s just cool that we are able to incorporate all this into one album, with different producers, and the great band that we have. RIS: Any shouts out to anyone here in San Diego? VOKAB: 3rd Burrough a sick band. The Grand Artique, is a little shop over there on Grand Ave, they got us dressed and got us some outfits for the shoot. Our best friend just opened up a new Deli in Mission Beach called the Rubicon Deli. Of course Revolt In Style Magazine. We are very stoked to be working with you guys. It’s definitely a community down here.

930 Market Street, Downtown, San Diego, CA 619-677-BOWL (2695) WWW.BOWLEVT.COM WWW.REVOLTINSTYLE.COM  31


JACE EVERETT Wants to do “BAD THINGS” with you By Leslie Kouse

“When you came in the air went out. And every shadow filled up with doubt. I don’t know who you think you are, but before the night is through, I wanna do bad things with you”; You know the song, now meet the artist. Jace Everett is the singer/songwriter of the hit theme song entitled ‘Bad Things’ for HBO’s ‘True Blood.’ Revolt In Style was fortunate enough to secure Jace for our 09’ BOO-FEST. I had to find out a little more about the man behind the song. Here’s what I found out.

RIS: How did it come about that your song was chosen for ‘TRUE BLOOD’? JACE: Alan Ball the creator of the show, is an ITunes junkie when he’s writing. When he’s working on a new project, he tends to take a break and drop $100 on iTunes. It was one of the times that he came across “Bad Things”. It had been on ITunes since 2005. He then sent the song to Digital Kitchen for them to use it as a placeholder for the opening credits. I think they tried to replace it. But, I don’t think they tried very hard; they all seemed to fall in love with ‘Bad Things’. They thought it was a really good fit. So they decided to stick with it. RIS: They chose wisely. I think ‘Bad Things’ sets the tone for the show. What do you think of the show? JACE: The think the show is great. I’m not sure if a lot of people get all the humor, and irony, and the tongue and cheekiness of the show. I think Alan is paying homage to the genre, but he’s also poking fun of the genre, all at the same time. When it comes to ‘Bad Things’, everyone talks about how it’s a dark, brooding, and sexy song. Yeah, it has all that, but its also pretty tongue and cheek, and intentionally over the top. I think Alan picked up on that immediately, which made me really happy. Dark humor is kind of my thing. It started out a violent song, and I turned it into a love song. Just like the show, the song has the duality, which is what makes the show fun to watch, and the song fun to listen to. I ‘m a very lucky man to be apart of the ‘True Blood’ family. RIS: You have had nearly 4 million hits on myspace for “Bad Things” how do you put that into perspective? JACE: You mostly think “goddamn” I wish I got paid for that. In introspect it’s great. I was the number one Americana Blues Artist for most of this and last year, on myspace. Which is cool and exciting, because it has lead up to opportunities to talk to you, and perform at your event. RIS: ‘Bad Things’ has also been nominated for a 2009 Scream Song of The Year Award, what do you think about that? JACE: I think it would be kick to win. I just told people about it, and said if you dig the song vote yes, if you don’t that’s fine to. I am up against some pretty powerful bands. I’m not going to worry too much about it. The fact that I was nominated is fun. Whatever happens; happens. But, It would be great to win. RIS: Now your new album ‘Red Revelations’ seems to have more of an Americana, Bluesy, Rocka-Billy sound compared to your self-titled 1st album, which had more of country flair. What do you attribute that to? JACE: The first album was Sony Nashville. I wanted to do more stuff like ‘Bad Things’ and they wanted me to do more song like the ones on the album that I didn’t write. I was just coming out of a divorce, I was young, and I didn’t even expect to get a record deal. So I just went with it. I’m a little older and a little wiser now. This new record is not a rejection of all that. It’s really a synthesis of everything I love. Which are rock, blues, country, soul, atmospheric cinematic type stuff, and rock-a-Billy, putting in all in a pot and coming up with my own Everett gumbo if you will. It’s all about not locking myself into one particular thing. RIS: So I read, ‘True Blood’ inspired some of the songs on your new album? JACE: Well two of the songs I wrote, were directly inspired from episodes in the first season. I wrote 3 or 4 of the songs on the record before True Blood happened. But, some of the songs I wrote with Chuck Prophet, one of my co-producers on the album. He brought in a couple song ideas that were inspired by ‘True Blood’; the show really got his juices flowing, so we finished those together. Then there are two songs that I wrote, that were very much created because of ‘True Blood’. The first is ‘Burn for You’; I wrote that after a show in the first season. It’s the episode where Bill runs out into the sun, because he wants to save Sookie. And then ‘Damned If I Do’, I really tried not to write anything about vampires; because I thought it might be a little too cheesy. But, ‘Damned If I Do’ could easily be a song about a love affair between a vampire and a human, if you get into the lyrics, or it could be about two college kids. I just tried to leave it open for your own interpretation. RIS: You’re playing for us on October 31, at our 5th annual BOO-Fest, what can we expect to see? JACE: I’m tall for my age. I don’t know. I’ll let you know when it’s over. I never know what to expect. We are going to give you a possibly even creepier version of what we do. It’s Halloween after all. When would there ever be a better time to see this guy perform, than on Halloween. Trust me, you do not want to miss this incredible opportunity, live and in person. Are you kidding me? See you there.





san diego’s best KPR $10 HOME 9:30 GROWN



PrE Se N t S oct 9 Endoxi, Nova, Tori Roze oct 23 Astra Kelly, Ghost Bird, Apes of Wrath • 619 595 0300 1337 India Street, San Diego WWW.REVOLTINSTYLE.COM  33




hile Swollen Members may have enjoyed a successful career as one of the premier groups in underground hip-hop, when it came time to record their sixth studio album, they were forced to confront the skeletons that had been hiding in their closet. During the time the group’s new album “Armed To The Teeth” was taking shape, Swollen Members’ record label had collapsed; Mad Child was struggling with drug addiction and was embroiled in legal battles. His association with motorcycle clubs provoked police to swarm his house in full riot gear. With a desire to consistently raise the bar within the hiphop genre, Mad Child and Prevail were inspired to beat back personal demons and concentrate on creating the most powerful musical statement of their career.

been through. The next day I was so happy I wasn’t kicking around like a dolphin anymore, I still felt like an 80 year old man. I just laid in bed at my parent’s house for 10 day, with nothing, cold turkey. I started taking the Suboxone again, 8mg in the morning and 8 mg at night. The next day I was doing my banking. I think the key is to way to take the medicine. But, I still made a big mess of my life, so I’m working on cleaning it up, and fix all the damage I’ve done. RIS: Let’s talk about the new album. What are you hoping for?

I had a chance to chat with Mad Child and find out more about his battle with addiction, and the hopes, and future of the band.

MC: I hope we can get as high up as we can go. I think the only two good things I did while I was on drugs, was create this album, and the fact I called Kevin Zinger and joined up with Suburban Records. I think he’s a great guy. Its funny, he was the first person I called off my list to shop the record. We hit it off right away and I never called anyone else. He’s like my long lost brother; we’re even the same height. As far as what I hope for the record. Obviously in the last few years with the whole world has changed a lot with the Internet. Things that were pertinent 4 years ago are not the same things today. I’m really trying to get my head wrapped around the whole social networking thing. It’s a huge learning experience for me. It’s changing all the time. But yeah, if we can do decent numbers independently, I’d be excited about that. I already excited that we are already starting to get press in America, so it seems we are going in the right direction.

RIS: How did you kick the habit?

RIS: Is there any particular song on the album that resonates what you are all about?

MC: It was pretty gnarly. A friend tried to take me to rehab in California last year. I thought it was great that he tried so hard, but I wasn’t ready. So, unfortunately I had to sink a little lower for another 10 months before I really realized that I had to do it. I made a choice after going to LA, that when I got back I was going to kick it. My plan was to get on Suboxone, which is a Treatment for Opioid Dependence. So the doctor prescribed the maximum amount you can legally give a patient. Because of the amount of the oxycotton I was taking. Which by the end of my addiction was 20 80mg per day. You are supposed to wait awhile before you start the Suboxone; to let your body flush out the opioid’s in your system. I waited a few days, so the Dr. ok’d me to take start taking them. I guess I should have waited longer, because I had a bad reaction and ended up in the hospital that night. It was really crazy I was threatening the Doctors. Seriously, if they would have asked me if I wanted them to put me out I would have said yes. It was the worst thing I have ever

MC: The song “My Life” is definitely about the drug addiction that I went through. I wrote that song all by myself. I’m not saying it’s my favorite song, but it is the best one that explains what I went through in the last 4 years. But, I did it in a fun way, but it still lets people know what I went through. I’m really excited about the whole album. I do honestly feel that this is our best album. I think some of the old Swollen fans might be a little startled at first, because it’s a little more street, than our previous albums.

Vancouver-based Swollen Members have paid their dues and while they’ve tasted success in their homeland where the group is one of the top selling urban acts of all-time, they continue to work their way towards the top of the hip-hop totem pole. Swollen Members are ready to let the industry and fans know they are some of the most lethal MCs spitting in the game with the release of their new studio album “Armed To The Teeth” on October 13, 2009.

RIS: Any shouts or thanks to anyone? MC: As far as shout outs. To our crew Battle Axe Warriors, and all the Subnoize Soldiers, and the Swollen Army. Basically this is all our family.



HEAR THIS Music Editor Leslie Krouse

Editor’s Pick - Vokab Kompany – The New Kong Genre Hip-Hop/Electronic/Funk ‘The New Kong’ is an eclectic compilation and several different genres. Hip-hop, to electro rock, mix with a twist of funk, add in intelligent drum and bass, then throw in an insane amount of talent. All this pulled together by two of the most talented MC’s/Singers, Burkey Baby and Robbie Gallo. Geoff Nigl-Keyboard, Aaron Cheatham-bass, Spencer Sharpe-Violinist, Jeremy Holmes-Guitar, and Alvaro Nunez-Drums are the rest of this illustrious band. Album opener “That Day” is a toe-tapping tune, with a great beat, free flowing vocals, and a sweet combination of synths. guitar, and drums (I think I even hear a flute). A few other stand out songs are “Merry Go Round” featuring Radio Active and Karen Mills, “Sneaker Drip” a remix with J Boogie, and “Shine” featuring Souleye, and Solovox. There are 14 incredible tracks to choose from. It’s safe to say that Vokab have made a statement with an album that is creatively different from any other that I’ve heard so far. Mixing, mashing, sampling and creating, Vokab Kompany made their statement a solid one, without being overshadowed by a laudable list of contributors

Stars of Track and Field – A Time for Lion Genre –Alt/Rock ‘A Time for Lions’ is the sophomore effort for the Portland-based trio, Stars of Track and Field. The band’s debut album, ‘Centuries Before Love and War’ was a critical success. The band didn’t have a bassist and instead compensated with a unique set of computer blips and bleeps. For the most part the computer blips are gone. Opening track “Racing Lights, “sets the tone from the very beginning as it dives head first into a giant chorus, a titanic wall of sound and one of the more impassioned choruses released this year. Fueled by vocalist Kevin Calabra’s vigorous vocals, “Racing Lights,” makes a huge statement before even a full minute has elapsed. Second track “End of All Time,” picks up right where “Racing Lights,” left off and delivers another irresistible, powerful chorus. Seven minutes in and you already have two highly indelible songs. In an attempt to display their diversity, the trio chases down Brit-pop on “The Breaking of Waves,” in which a singing guitar gives way to Calaba singing, “Its all I can see, its the breaking of waves, I wrap my coat around you, you stare down at your feet.” I have to say this is probably their best album to date.

Ace Frehley - Anomaly Genre – Classic Rock It’s been 20 years since Ace Frehley has released a CD, and the wait is over. ‘Anomaly’ if you are remotely a fan you are going to really like this CD. The opening track “Foxy & Free” sounds like something off of Ace’s 1978 solo album. “Pain In The Neck” has a trademark Ace Frehley guitar solo. “Genghis Khan” is probably my favorite song on the CD. It starts with acoustic guitars, and then kicks in a great beat; it also has vocals by Meat Loaf’s daughter Pearl Aday. Ace’s guitar work is amazing on this track. “Space Bear” is a heavy groovy instrumental. ‘Anomaly’ has one track that is a complete departure for Ace Frehley, its an acoustic song basically singing about all his past mistakes, its called “A Little Below The Angels” the ending is a little strange, but it’s a great song. “Fractured Quantum” is the closing track; it’s an instrumental you can get lost to. Put on your headphones when you listen to that song.

Wolfmother – Cosmic Egg Genre – Rock It’s been 4 years since Wolfmother deputed their self-titled album. In that short amount of time he has manage to be the only standing survivor. When most band would have call it quits, Andrew Stockdale just dusted himself off and hired 3 different guys. Wolfmother is born again. “Cosmic Egg” is what was hacked from this new Endeavour. The album was recorded with My Bloody Valentine producer Alan Moulder, in Byron Bay, and Los Angeles. With featured guest Slash, this album is classic Wolfmother. “New Moon Rising” is the first song to be released. With a ‘Doors-esque’ feel to the song, it definitely makes you feel like they have transformed back to the 70’s. But, don’t worry Stockdale won’t let those head-bangers down. With the addition of the new members he has added rhythm guitars, this will allow Stockdale to do what he loves most: jamming out with heavy riffing and long, powerful guitar solos. This September, the ‘New Moon Rising Tour’ will be the band’s first Australian headline jaunt with the new personnel. Featuring in the new line up is Ian Peres on bass/keys, Aidan Nemeth on guitar and Dave Atkins on drums. CD on sale October 27th 2009

A CITY SERENE - The Art of Deceiving Perception THEY NEED YOUR HELP Genre – Screamo/Rock On Sunday, September 13, San Diego based band ‘A City Serene’ was involved in a major traffic accident resulting in all six members being air-lifted to area hospitals with life-threatening injuries. The band, which had just released their Debut EP, ‘The Art of Deceiving Perception’, was on tour traveling north on Interstate 5 near Bakersfield when a truck traveling the opposite direction lost control, crossed the median, and hit their bus head on. The incident shut down the freeway in both directions while crews cleared the accident and allowed life support to land. All band members were sent to different hospitals, the closest being nearly three hours from San Diego. The band needs your support now more than ever. The families of the band are under an immense burden, not only emotionally but financially as well. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE donate to the band. You can visit to purchase their EP, in which all proceeds, will go directly into the fund as well. To assist with the financial burden this tragic event will pose to the band’s families, A City Serene fund has been set up through PayPal, allowing friends and fans to donate anything they can to the cause. Updates on the band’s condition can be found here.

Thanks to all of you that sent in CDs! The response has been ridiculously overwhelming. I have so many CD’s to choose from each month and only space enough for 5 or 6 each issue. If your CD didn’t get reviewed yet don’t think that your music sucks. It just means I haven’t gotten to it yet. If you got talent, we’ll showcase it. Send your CD and Bio C/O Leslie Krouse, Revolt In Style Magazine, P.O Box 9771, San Diego, CA 92169 and you just might end up in the next issue of Revolt In Style Magazine. Keep sending in your music and we’ll keep promoting it.






Ah, October! The smell of blood and rotting flesh fills the air as Halloween approaches. The Halloween horrors started early with films such as “Halloween 2,” “Paranormal Activity,” and “Zombieland” all opening weeks before the trick or treating began. Now in my opinion you can never have too many zombies. So “Zombieland” comes along as a perfect Halloween treat. This time out Woody Harrelson and Jesse Eisenberg try to survive in a world overrun by the undead. It’s played most definitely for laughs and maximum gore.

Like clowns need help in the ‘Creepy’ Department?

It’s structured a bit like a zombie survival guide with the number one rule being “Cardio.” If you can always outrun the zombies you’ll be in pretty good shape to survive. The film is a delight and Bill Murray steals the show as … well himself.

This year the release of “New Moon” (November 20) the second installment of the “Twilight Saga” reignites an age old Halloween rivalry: werewolves versus vampires. In “New Moon,” Bella is even more torn between Edward, the sparkling vampire, and Jacob, the hunky werewolf. The rivalry also exists elsewhere. In “Underworld: Rise of the Lycans” (now available on DVD), Michael Sheen plays a lycan (a werewolf) who falls for a vampire (Rhona Mitra) in a Romeo and Juliet style tale that provokes an epic battle between the species. “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” Sensitive young vampires in love also had both vampires and a werewolf (Seth Green). And early next year there will be the eagerly anticipated “The Wolfman” with Benicio Del Toro in the title role.

But while vampires have always maintained their popularity, werewolves have never caught on in quite the same way. Vampires have always had a sexy component, even going back to Bram Stoker’s 19th century novel “Dracula.” “The Lost Boys” put their appeal in hip contemporary terms: “Sleep all day. Party all night. Never get old. Never die. It’s fun to be a vampire.” Vampires tend to dress well, look cool, and they seduce you and then bite you on the neck. What’s not to like? Werewolves on the other hand,

transform during a full moon, and become hairy, wolfen creatures, and always wake up in the morning naked with blood on their breath and not knowing where they’ve been the night before. Not exactly attractive? Vampires have all sorts of cool movies to boost their popularity. You get exotic Bela Lugosi, romantic Frank Langella, haunted Gary Oldman, and others making Dracula a sexy if rather pale count to die for. For the young there’s “The Lost Boys,” “Buffy the Vampire Slayer,” and “Near Dark” among many others. Then you get the bodice ripping “True Blood” on HBO. So vampires get plenty of good press as the sexiest bad boys and girls of horror. But werewolves could find themselves gaining popularity with the Wolf Pack of “New Moon” inspiring new fans. So in defense of werewolves, I suggest you check out the following films and maybe you’ll warm up to the big hairy oafs.

Super Fly Vampire Oldman

“The Wolf Man” (1941) had Lon Chaney as one of the first and most memorable werewolves. He gave us a tormented soul and a man who didn’t realize that he was cursed. So every full moon he would transform and attack people. It was moody and atmospheric, and gave us an interesting protagonist. But for something more fun and violent, you have to see John Landis’ “An American Werewolf in London” In this clever, witty take on werewolf lore, David Naughton gets bit by a werewolf while his friend (Griffin Dunne) gets killed by one. So the undead Dunne comes back to warn his friend that he will change and kill others so it’s best that he just kill himself. Of course Naughton doesn’t heed the warning and he does indeed transform (in fabulous fashion thanks to Rick Baker’s still impressive make up and effects). The film contains the best lycan soundtrack ever featuring Blue Moon, Moondance, and Bad Moon Rising among others. For fun and more action with a British setting again, there’s “Dog Soldiers,” from “The Descent’s” Neil Marshall. This one has a wicked sense of fun and a military twist. And for a perverse psycho-sexual fairy tale take on werewolves, there’s Neil Jordan’s “The Company of Wolves.” And for total cheese ball fun there’s the “Underworld” franchise. Pretty dumb but you gotta love the fact that acclaimed thespian Michael Sheen (who has played David Frost and Tony Blair) plays the rebellious lycan Lucian who sets the whole saga in motion. These films should provide a good intro to werewolves and then you have Benicio Del Toro to look forward to in 2010. Plus “New Moon” may be just what werewolves need to move them up the cool scale and begin to challenge bloodsuckers as this year’s sexy beast.



WATCH THIS By Beth Accomando

Instead of reviewing what will be opening in theaters I wanted to highlight a program that’s quite appropriate as a lead in to Halloween. It’s the San Diego Asian Film Festival brand new late night Extreme Program curated by Phil Luque. He says, “Extreme cinema is a part of the Asian film experience; whether it is embraced with open arms or with strong disdain is always an issue. For me, the extreme film experience from Asia specifically is very particular to fringe cultural experiences that could not be seen in many other cinematic forms.” So enjoy some extreme programming courtesy of SDAFF. All these films get the Revolt seal of approval: RRRRR! Revolutionary indeed! (all films screen at UltraStar Mission Valley at Hazard Center)

Neko Ramen Taisho or Pussy Ramen Saturday, October 17

Afro Samurai: Resurrection Friday, October 16

Not all extreme cinema has to be violent as this mix of live action and plush puppets proves. Employing puppets for the feline lead characters, filmmaker Minoru Kawasaki delivers a tale of one young cat coming to terms with his celebrity dad. Previously, Kawasaki made Calamari Wrestler, about a wrestling squid, and Executive Koala, about an executive who happens to be a koala. This guy obviously has some anthropomorphic issues to work through. Taisho was the hero of a manga series and now he gets his big screen debut. If this sounds too cute and cuddly, it is but in that very special way that Japanese films mix cute and twisted. So we have Taisho attempting suicide, trying to make a living as a sushi chef and a surgeon, and trying to make out with a real cat. OMG kitty porn!

Vampire Girl vs. Frankenstein Girl Friday, October 23

The sequel to the acclaimed Afro Samurai Spike TV show featuring the voice of Samuel L. Jackson as a vengeance bound black samurai. It’s safe to say that this is the first blaxplotation anime featuring a badass black samurai. The action is not for the faint-hearted and the character designs are stunning. The anime is mostly monochromatic, which makes the splashes of red blood all the more striking and vivid. According to the film’s executive producers and writers, Leo Chu and Eric Garcia, it’s quite violent and there’s sex, and sometimes they happen at the same time. Garcia adds, “we all get excited every time we stumble onto something that seems like it’s going to be badass – whether visually or narratively. And nothing’s more badass than when cultures collide and to create something you’ve never seen before!” Although made for television, Chu says, “We tried to create a cinematic experience.” “There aren’t very many avenues for adult animation of this nature in the U.S.,” adds Garcia, “Spike has been a wonderfully supportive partner. But we’ve always wanted to see it on the big screen.”


What a great title for a film leading up to Halloween. In this film, blood flows, or rather gushes from the first frame as flesh is ripped off of bodies and limbs hacked away. But it’s all in goofy extreme fun. Nothing in this film is meant to be taken seriously not even the oh-so-politically-incorrect racial stereotypes. Fortunately, Afro Samurai is around for balance.

Detroit Metal City

Saturday, October 24 The series closes with a goofy charmer called Detroit Metal City. An adorable wannabe singer pursues a career as a pop star but passes out one night only to wake up as a death metal rock star singing about raping his mother and killing his father. The film milks this gag for all its worth by showing him trying to reconcile his desires with what he has become. Gene Simmons even has a cameo.

By Jerry Waddles Titles available at Ducky Waddles Book Emporium


Projects and Ruminations on the Art of Living Dangerously By William Gurstelle



Want to add some excitement to your life? This daring combination of science, history and DIY projects will show you how. Written for smart risk takers, it explores why danger is good for you and details the art of living dangerously. All of the projects have short learning curves, are hands on and affordable and demonstrate true but reasonable risk. With a strong emphasis on safety, each potentially life-altering project includes step-by-step directions, photographs, and illustrations along with troubleshooting tips from experts in the field. If you liked JACKASS, you’ll love this book. 208 pages. $16.95 Publisher: Chicago Review Press ISBN-10: 9781556528224

JUXTAPOZ POSTER ART The third book in an ongoing series from the seminal West Coast art and culture magazine, Juxtapoz Poster Art focuses on the art of screen print posters. In the past 10 years screen printing has ballooned in popularity and a new class of artists has emerged. These artists stepped away from the psychedelic posters of the ’60s and developed their own aesthetic-incorporating everything from hand-drawn type to found objects. Their posters have become soughtafter collectors items for art and music fans alike. The individual styles of the artists come together to create an encyclopedia of some of the finest screen printing work today, with bold and vivid ranges of color and stunningly intricate designs. Hardcover, 208 pages, 250 color illustrations. $29.95 Publisher: Gingko Press ISBN: 978-1-58423-346-6


A Book for the Growing Community of F**K Iteers Book Review By Lee Sammartino The economy is bad. The world’s political climate is even worse. Gas Prices are up. Travel and tourism is down. Business is uncertain. The Swine Flu epidemic is imminent. Global warming is threatening our way of life. Bill collectors are on a rampage. The media are in a frenzy. Unemployment is the highest it has been in 26 years. Families are staying home instead of going out. The government is further decimating the middle class, while simultaneously increasing the population of poor and lining the pockets of the rich. Funding has dried up. With every report of the economy showing signs of stabilization, out comes another report about a car company going under, or a real estate market falling out, thus diminishing peoples hopes and driving peoples fear of spending 89 cents on a 2 liter bottle of soda because that is now considered a luxury item. The retail climate is cold. Clients are slow paying. Clients are “no” paying. My cholesterol is up. My bank account is down. People are stressed out. I was stressed out…until I learned to say F**K It! I am not much for the self-help industry, which means that I actually loathe it; however, in every bad there is an equal amount of good. In steps The Way of F**K It (Hay House), a little gem of a book. A “three-session” bathroom novel, this literary masterpiece reinforces the fact that it is O.K. to just say “F**k it!” Sometimes we are so consumed in dealing with life’s issues that we actually forget to live and enjoy life. Before reading this book my attitude was “I have work to do.” After reading the book, “F**K It, I have already worked 13 hours today. I will finish it tomorrow. F**K It, I am going for a run!” “What you think matters, probably doesn’t. What you think is real, probably isn’t. Who you think you are, you probably aren’t. F**k It, just enjoy yourself.” Ironically, even though Americans may be the most in need of learning to say “f**k it,” stores in this puritan country wouldn’t carry this book. The Way of F**k It, by John C. Parkin & Gaia Pollini, is available at Amazon or



PLAY THIS By Andrew Urbanek

It’s that time of year again, when the big guns start to show in the game industry. And this year is no different, with October bringing two of the biggest console exclusive games to the table. For the XBOX 360, there is Forza Motorsport 3, a sim racing game from developers Turn 10. On the Playstation 3 side of things, there is Uncharted 2: Among Thieves, Naughty Dog’s swashbuckling adventure continuing the exploits of Nathan Drake. While the two games couldn’t be any more different, they do share a few similarities. First, both are guaranteed to be the pinnacle of their genre this year. Second, neither has any direct competition on any platform for at least the next 6 months.

tire pressure. Gearheads can spend days tuning a car to perfection…and then sell their work. The online marketplace allows players to sell their tuning to other less-mechanically inclined players for any price they wish. Being sold alongside these will be thousands of custom paint jobs. The in-game livery editor allows artists to create complex works which can be applied to any vehicle. All this means that winning races isn’t the only way to earn enough dough for that Bugatti Veyron.

What does this mean for gamers? Simply, you get to explore locations around the world, seeking treasure and shooting more enemies than would seem possible. Oh, sure, your adversary has his own private army, but when you’re gunning down dozens of these lackeys at a time, you’ve got to wonder just how good those recruitment incentives could be. Still, it provides for non-stop fun set it some truly stunning locales. It is immediately obvious that the visuals that Naughty Dog have achieved are nothing short of jaw-dropping. Their attempt at blending together the art of cinema and gaming, of the immersive action and storytelling, have truly succeeded. Animation, physics, sound and artistic direction all combine together to ensure that no other game this year could come close to matching Uncharted in presentation. Overgrown jungles are green and lush, war torn urban environments are brutal and twisted, and the ice and snow of the Himalayas is cold and pristine. And all of it is presented without a single loading screen.

Forza Motorsport 3

It could be about the love of cars. It could be about the joy of customization. It could be about the need to take first. It could be, as Forza Motorsport 3 is certainly all of these things, but it’s really about putting rubber to tarmac. And what gorgeous tarmac it is, from real-life tracks like the Nurburgring, Catalunya, and Road America to fantasy courses in locals such as Montserrat, New York, and the Amalfi Coast. Of course, all this road would be meaningless without toys to drive on it. Boasting over 400 cars, Forza 3 puts you in the driver seat of pretty much everything from a VW Beetle to a Range Rover Sport to the Lamborghini Reventon to the latest in Le Mans Prototype machines. And with a physics being recalculated 360 times every second, every one of those cars is guaranteed to feel as accurate and unique as they are in real life.

A pure-bred racing sim, one of the biggest advances Forza 3 is bringing to the genre is accessibility. Numerous assists such as the racing line, anti-lock brakes, one-button driving (which handles the braking for you) and a bright racing line to follow mean you don’t have to put in hundreds of miles in the game just to be competitive, which is a good thing since competition is the name of the game. The over 1000 events on over 100 courses is just the beginning. Of course, if you don’t want to spend time on the track, you can always while away the hours in the garage or in the paint shop. Every car in the game can be customized with hundreds of mechanical and cosmetic parts, and every bit can be adjusted right down to the


All of this shapes Forza Motorsport 3 into the best sim racer to date on any console, which is a good thing, as it is the only sim racer available this year. Sony has given Turn 10 an early Christmas gift with Gran Turismo 5 being delayed into the middle of next year. Until then, Forza will certainly be enjoying the luxury of a few laps out on an empty track.

Uncharted 2

We find our favorite treasure hunter Nathan Drake lured back into the treacherous world of thieves and mercenary treasure-seekers. In the last game we didn’t get a lot of background on Nathan’s past but expect to get a whole lot more of that information this time. The tenth game by premier PS3 developer Naughty Dog, UNCHARTED 2: Among Thieves will allow players to take control of Drake and embark on a journey that will push him to his physical, emotional and intellectual limits to discover the real truth behind the lost fleet of Marco Polo and the legendary Himalayan valley of Shambhala.

And it’s all dangerous. Filled with everything from foot soldiers with knives to fully armored attack helicopters, treasure hunting has never been so aggressively prevented. But while enemies are intelligent, you are given the freedom to move through the environments as fluidly as has ever been seen in any game. This natural movement and the ability to interact with almost anything you see allows you to take on your opponents as stealthily or as directly as you wish. However, if taking on hoards of computer-controlled enemies isn’t your style, Uncharted 2 now offers robust multiplayer modes. Offering both competitive and co-operative gameplay, you can go online and compete in 10-player heroes-versus-villains matches. Individual player characters can be customized with a variety of boosts to compliment your playstyle, and to strengthen the attributes needed for either a deathmatch or a transport-the-booty game. On the cooperative side, up to three players can work together to accomplish objectives against special enemy characters. Truly the king of adventure games, and unmatched by anything this year, Uncharted 2: Among Thieves provides the only fully cinematic experience on any console this holiday season. Good for us, as it does it so perfectly, any other attempt would just pale in comparison. All Titles Available At Games On In Pacific Beach

OCTOBER SALE PLAYSTATION 3 + 2 GAMES • • • • • • $249.95 XBOX 360 + 2 GAMES • • • • • • • • • • • • $249.95 NINTENDO WII + 2 GAMES • • • • • • • $249.95 STREET FIGHTER 4 • • • • • • • • • • • • • $24.95 RESIDENT EVIL 5 • • • • • • • • • • • • • • $29.95


953 Garnet Ave Pacific Beach 858•272•4212 youneedcheapfun




“We all know where you’ve been... Find out where you’re GOING!” by Angela Lovell

Covered In SCALES You’re losing your edge, Libra. I can’t believe you’d rather go to Disneyland instead of Universal’s Halloween Horror Nights for your birthday. What is this mutation of your normally bad-ass character?! I don’t know, but I suspect Subway’s putting something in their Mountain Dew. On a sidenote, your birthday present from me is a bunch of Subway Scrabble stubs. Enjoy, ya whackadoo!

It Was A Dark and SCORPIO Night You get way too excited about the holidays and that’s why nobody’s coming around to visit. The lack of socializing will drive you to drink pretty heavily. I predict this Halloween will leave you incredibly hungover but look on the bright side - at least you won’t pee the bed. (This time.)

It Came From ARCHER Space When you look around at your friends on their way to child-rarin’ and retirement, and then you look at your single’s apartment, ask yourself, Sagittarius, “Is this because I’m only attracted to non-commital freaks?” And then forget about your answer as soon as you realize it like you always do. At least you’re only boinking hot people again instead of things that looked like they wandered off the mother ship. Movin’ on up, Sag!

CAPRICORNered Well, you got busted again, which is nothing new after a lifetime of philandering. But this Halloween be careful answering your door - those trick-or-treaters dressed like Ike Turner and Chris Brown probably aren’t visiting you for candy.



GEMINIght Of The Living Dead

If I have to listen to you argue one more time why Jaws is scarier than The Exorcist I’m gonna reveal your secret love of mayonaise packets to the world. Seriously, Aquarius, you won’t be satisfied until a film is made in which shark battles Satan. In the meantime, I’m gonna take you to Sea World and throw a bunch of mayo packs into the shark pool while I record your doggy-paddlin’. Now THAT’S a movie!

I must say, I never considered myself a necrophiliac until boinking you. But that’s what my babysitterto-Alec-Baldwin fantasy is for, I suppose. My advice to you in your next sexual conquests: Stock up on lube. Nobody’s achieving natural wetness in your bed.

Reeses PISCES Your love of E.T. is nothing compared to that of your fear of Chucky. And now that word is out that the lil’ black midget from Bad Santa is playing Chucky at The Chinese Mann’s, you’ve never been so terrified. I can’t get you over your obvious racism, but I can tell you that on the path to Hollywood Boulevard’s Hooters you might have to confront your fears. Which is okay by you cos wings and boobies will always prevail.

The Invisible RAM Don’t think your toiletpapering shenanigans will go unpunished this Halloween. Especially when you start tossing it before the sun even sets, dumbass. Hey, and aren’t you still on house arrest? I guess if I was that drunk I wouldn’t hear the beeping of my ankle bracelet either.

I Vant To Suck Your BULLood You better watch out - the next person you get into a fight with over True Blood versus Twilight just might be a little more unstable than yourself. That’s how bitches like you lose blood, and not in your creepy vampire-on-Taurus fantasy way.

VaCANCERy Bates Motel

At The

Your loved ones have never been more annoyed by you. Even your mother gets creeped out by your clinginess. Which is exactly why you should get a pet, Cancer. Cos when that little birdie bashes its head into the bars of its cage until it achieves death, you’ll finally realize just how annoying you are.

Welcome To The Twilight ZoLEOne How original are you for crafting your own slutty Halloween costume this year and not just buying one from Fredericks of Hollywood like all of your whorish friends. But beware: You of all people shouldn’t be trying to catch any part of your costume on fire. Sure, “Sexy Volcano” looks good on paper, but next year’s “Sexy Burn Victim” won’t look good to anyone.

VIRGIN Sacrifice You say you don’t wanna dress up as the Wolfman this Halloween, yet you won’t shave that thing off your face. Nobody trusts people with facial hair, but especially in your case cos you’re such a damn liar. Don’t even go out this Halloween. You’ll only get your ass kicked. Again.








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