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Foo Fighters took home a career record single night total of five honors at the 54th Annual Grammy Awards in February.

2012 winter x games - 35 green / electric avenue - 38 music reviews - 40 4th and b - 41 spin nightclub - 42 music calendar / dj ideal - 43 movie reviews - 45 Dave Grohl of Foo Fighters performs in front of a sold out audience at SDSU Viejas Arena | Photo by Eric Hendrikx






















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Model: Italia La Ragione Photographer: Scott Allison Make Up: Kandice Brock




eel free to give us a huge round of applause. We are back. Better, stronger, faster than before. The RIS crew has weathered some pretty intense hurdles and changes in the last couple of months. Everything from crappy snowfall to moving the Revolt compound to the ‘flu bug from hell’. But ‘Improvise, Adapt and Overcome’ is not only a military mantra, but also lends itself to the Revoltanian way. So we do, and we did...& here we go again. Every year we take off January and travel to various winter destinations to demo the latest snow gear & check out any new resort features. This year, November thru February, almost no snow at all! With the exception of a few flurries we are left with minimal coverage. But, as we prepare to go to print there is actually the forecast for snow. Sweet! On top of that... the Revolt compound moved. We vacated and relocated the whole operation in February. Took some doing, but it was well worth it. Better location. Ocean view. Great neighbors. Change is good. We picked up a new whip from Mossy Ford. A shiny Ford Edge has replaced Big Blu as the latest Revolt work horse. I missed that big F250 for about a minute. The increased mileage makes life a lot easier. Big shout out to Mike & the crew at Mossy - Thanks guys! For the cover feature we spent a few days shadowing our new friend, PLG, as he trained for the Asian XGames. For those of you living under a rock....Pierre-Luc Gagnon is one of the top vert skateboarders on this planet. He lives up in Carlsbad & when he’s not hucking 50ft airs on the Mini Mega ramp or mastering unreal maneuvers on his private halfpipe, he trains at our favorite gym The Arena with Rob G. Check out his interview on pg. 28. We also followed Scott Chandler and his team of Big Wave Hunters down south to Todos Santos. They took over the monster break ‘Killers’ for an unforgettable tow-in session last month. Pg. 19 This issue has a ton of fresh content, interviews and reviews to kick off a new year right. Hope you enjoy reading it as much as we did putting it all together for you.

PLG prepares to drop in on the Mini Megaramp set up at Blackbox in Carlsbad before it got sent off to Asia X Games


Peace - B & L


N in e

To reward our readers for their patience and to kick off a new year IN STYLE, we are giving away some cool swag this issue.

M il li m

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Log onto and register to win a set of the new MUNITIO ‘Call Of Duty’ Billets. “The baddest headphones on the planet”. We’re sure you’ll agree. Also, we’re giving away some MOUNTAIN HIGH Lift Passes. They have plenty of the white stuff & we want you to go tear it up... on REVOLT! So, log on & score some free swag...Good Luck!

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HEADLINE NEWS It’s on a need to know basis...




MILLIONS OF EYEBALLS ON THESE RIS COVER ALUMNI More than one RIS cover model has shown up on the boob tube over the years, but here’s a few that have recently enjoyed millions of views on TV lately... You may not recognize her by the hair color, but our cover girl back in October 2005 was none other than Heather Sinn. She showed the world her knack for drama and a bit of tattoo finesse on Spike TV’s INK MASTERS reality show, hosted by Dave Navarro. Sadly, she got the axe after episode four.

Urijah Faber a.k.a. The California Kid, graced the cover of RIS back in 2007 and then went on to dominate the featherweight division of the WEC and UFC. Now you can see him live Friday nights on FX’s The Ultimate Fighter opposite arch nemisis/coach Dominick Cruz. The two will square off at the end of the series for their much anticipated rubber match. Brett Swain - Wide receiver for the San Francisco 49ers featured on the cover of RIS back in August 2011 wearing the RSSS official rash guard and flashin’ shakas. (Brett was actually the first NFL player ever to compete in a Pro Am surf series) More recently he was seen on the tube helping his team win 14 football games, the NFC West title & narrowly missing out on a second Super Bowl appearance. New York can suck it!


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After a horrific crash during training for Red Bull No Limits 2010 (that nearly took his life & postponed the stunt for a year) Levi Lavalle got his Levi shatters his old record chance at redemption, and at setting the new world record! & just to ‘Up the anty’...Red Bull doubled down by adding freestyle MX champion, Robbie Maddison to the mix, jumping simultaneously with the snowmobile while attempting his own world record distance jump. New Years Eve in San Diego was the place to be, thanks to the annual Red Bull No Limits extravaganza. In a live broadcast from the Embarcadero, ESPN celebrated the New Year by televising the first-ever simultaneous world-record breaking distance jumps as Levi LaVallee and Robbie Maddison launched across more than 300 feet of water in San Diego’s Embarcadero Marina Park. The world-record feats set by LaVallee at 412 feet, 6 inches and Maddison at 378 feet, 9 inches were witnessed by thousands of fans in attendance as the fog cleared over the marina. After the spectacular event Levi was quoted as saying “I’m as excited as I think a person can be,” said LaVallee. “I just landed an over 400-foot jump. I’m not sure how the sled’s doing, but I’m okay, so it was good. It’s an amazing feeling.” Revolt In Style was there with you, every foot of the spirit. Awesome!


A nameless (but ultra-cool) individual stopped by the Revolt Compound and handed over a stack of RIS mags from the early 80’s. More proof that each issue of RIS magazine is being read and collected by smart people everywhere. And apparently this has been going on for decades! What other magazine can say that? Not one. And don’t forget, RIS is FREE. Alawys has! We hand deliver RIS to over 500 surf/skate/snow/coffee/gym/boutique/campus locations in San Diego and Orange Counties. Places where our audience actually shop and socialize. Because of that, every single copy of RIS gets picked up. That’s right, a 100% pick up rate. Cool as hell and eco friendly! It’s because of this targeted distribution that Revolt In Style has an army of fanatical readers who await each new issue as if it was the new phone book or somethin’. Unreal how far we’ve come and how much history RIS has in Southern Cal. 25 Years and still going strong! Booyah.


7 Things that we absolutely worship this month...

This issue we find exceptional taste in everything from Seared Ahi to smokin’ earbuds and even some comfy drawers. Everything is tested and approved by the RIS crew before being shared w/ the masses.

MUNITIO Billets - The baddest earphones on the planet....just got badder. Lighter than previous versions, these tactical headphones are the bomb. 69.

STONE IPA Brewskis - These may be our Kryptonite. One’s not enough & six are tooo many. But oh-my-god they are smooooth! Available at Heidi’s Liquor and Wahoo’s Fish Taco.

SURFSIDE SUSHI Seared Ahi - Master Sushi Chef and ninja assassin Aki-san offers yet another incredible appetizer. Fresh tuna lightly seared w/ fresh greens & spicy wasabi sauce. 4527 Mission Blvd. Pacific Beach

BR4SS Underwear - The second best thing cupping the junk lately. These skivies just fit rite. Never any chafing, plenty of support and ohh, so soft. 12.

DIZM Sunglasses - These shades have been glued to Brian’s face since they arrived at the Revolt offices. Lightweight, polarized, minimalist badass shades. ‘nuff said. 70.

SECTOR 9 Bengal Skateboard - The new skate from Sector 9’s Deep End Series. 7 ply maple deck. Dominates for park riding and beer runs for the new Revolt compound. Available at Soul Grind in Pacific Beach. Mention us & take off 10 bucks! 159.

HEIDI’S LIQUOR & DELI - North PB’s go-to location for a vast selection of imports, microbrews, fine wines and anything boozy. Newly remodeled deli for freshy-fresh sammies. 980 Turquoise St & Cass 92109

If you have something you worship & think we should know about as well - drop us a line.




NEW PRODUCT Preview of 2012 action sports essentials


No glove, no love. Choice riding gloves made from rugged nylon and neoprene. Where’d the name come from? Think about it. Yew!

KINGS Expedition High Performance SUP

The EX model is the “brain-child” of master shaper designer and engineer, Dave Daum. Dave has been designing and building the finest performing and highest quality water craft for more than 40 years. Designed for speed & long distances. When you paddle this board you’ll feel as though your coasting across ice on ice skates! The EX is a 100% Handcrafted American Made product. 1622.


DB’s popular Sortie frame was redesigned this year to fit 29ers. The Sortie 3 29er is one of our favorites - the KnuckleBox suspension system is designed in a low and tight manner to allow for better tracking, cornering, and optimized wheel rate for all-mountain riding. 29ers are taking over the market. 3800.

STEREO Vinyl Cruiser

Inspired by your dad’s first skateboard... Affectionately known as a ‘Banana Board” from the 70’s. Perfect board to keep in your trunk and use for puttin’ about. Complete with some ‘Cheap Sunglasses’ Oh, that was the 80’s. Crap. Grab one of these beauties at FeeLit in East Village. 79.


Revolt In Style tested and approved. The next evolution of the 9mm earphone takes the rugged, tactical aspects of the original to the next level, while keeping the superior audio elements intact. These MUNITIO Winter Billets are machined out of aircraftgrade aluminum with clean, anodized finishes. Best-in-class performance with an in-line mic and lightweight frame. The perfect field device for music, communications and mobile gaming. 69.



Just introduced - the highly anticipated ZR4 Diver Chronograph, Vestal’s vintage inspired follow-up to the very popular ZR3 watch series. 300.

GOPRO HD Hero2 Even more user-friendly than before. Wearable, gear mountable. Undoubtably the world’s most versatile camera. 1080p video and 11 megapixel photos in a waterproof housing. 299.


This rolltop dry bag pack is temporarily submersible to keep your gear dry at the beach or on the panga. The large size is perfect for longer excursions. Features include waterproof seam welded construction with internal dry sack to keep your wet and dry items apart. 120.00


MAKE IT HAPPEN...OR DIE TRYING! If you want to believe them crazy Aztecs... 2012 may be your last year on earth. And for those of you that include, “Finish a Triathalon before I die.” on your bucket list, well, here’s the gear you’ll need to succeed. MOTOROLA MOTACTV Fitness Tracker This smart fusion of music and fitness alters its workout performances with you, so you can focus on fitness, not playlists. 249. MATUSE Superfrog Dojo Triathlon Suit This suit is the best fitting and best price point suit in the Tri market if you want performance, fit and style all wrapped into one. The whole suit is made from their Geoprene rubber. The smooth skin exterior is SCS & Titanium Alpha Technology. This has reduced drag and almost no water absorption which means you stay light and fast. 399. SLIPPY The Slippy A low-resistant “sock” to help athletes put on their wetsuit quickly without ripping & tearing the material.10. NEW BALANCE MT10 Running shoe The Minimus Trail takes the durability of a Vibram outsole and combines it with a fitted, minimalist upper- good with or without socks. We like these guys ‘cause on top of putting out a choice product, New Balance continues to manufacture their product in the USA! Team America, F***K Yeah! 104. OAKLEY Flak Jacket Shades The XLJ features a permanent lens coating that prevents rain and sweat from building up on the lens. The semi-rimless design means there’s no frame rim to block downward view. 220.

VAPUR Anti-Bottle

Introducing the newest product to hit the eco-friendly world. The bottle is made of a sturdy flexible plastic that is environmentally safe, comes in three sizes and different colors. It also comes with a carabiner to secure your bottle to anything you would like. about 9 bucks.

DIAMONDBACK Podium 7 Roadbike The 7 is DB’s highest-end carbon race machine, built to be as aerodynamic and responsive as possible for the serious rider. The 7 is built with full Campagnolo Super-Record components, which just makes everybody’s mouth water. This is the crem de la crem for 2012. 7000. SHIMANO SH-TR31 Cycling Shoe The Reversed strap closure for a secure fit while pedaling and a large heel strap for fast transitions. Seamless, quick-dry interior offers comfort without socks. 139. www. PROFILE DESIGN Cobra T2 Aerobars Tuck position! Aggressive, low hand position. Sturdy aluminum forged brackets. Injection molded F-22 length, width, and rotationally adjustable anatomic armrests. 189. GIRO Atmos Helmet Last but not least. Always protect the bean. Ultra lightweight and so comfortable you’ll forget you have it on...till you need it. 179.

ar top ge




The REVOLTINSIDER interviews the owners of the wildly popular Wahoo’s Fish Taco’s. They open up about their growing business, giving back and a close connection with the action sports world. Two guys, one dream. Just havin’ fun & keepin’ it real.

We get a lot of MMA fighters that are in training and they will ask for double meat to get more protein, or add extra rice and beans. Some like a corn tortilla instead of flour, and since everything is fresh and healthy you can never go wrong with what ever you order. We also have a dish called the Volcano Bowl, which mixes our teriyaki sauce with the ‘Mr. Lee’ sauce & your choice of meat, for a spicy sweet taste. Another item that’s not on the menu, but is popular, is the California Burrito.


With Wing Lam and Tal O’Farrell 24 years ago Wing Lam and his two brothers set out to build a casual spot where surfers could come and dine on fresh & tasty grub after they got out of the water. It soon turned into a place where everyone that plays hard, including surfers, skaters, snowboarders...whoever, could all come together for authentic Mexican fare served up in a great atmosphere. Now, his business partner and friend Tal O’Farrell keeps the good vibes and fresh ingredients the priority here in San Diego. We got a chance to catch up with the guys at Wahoo’s La Jolla location. They brought us up to speed on what’s new & where the company is heading next : RIS: Hey guys, thanks for taking the time to sit with us, I know you’re both busy. So let’s get right to it. In this tough economy, you guys have over 60 locations in 5 different states. To what do you attribute Wahoo’s success?


WING: Right now we’re just trying to stay lean & mean. You have to work better & work smarter than everyone else. Taking care of our customer is the most important thing we can do... you just can’t cut corners. Plus, it’s got to be about location. We have locations in California, Hawaii, Texas, Nebraska and we just opened our newest location in Manhattan New York.

green sauce, add rice and beans, your favorite meat, top it with cabbage, guacamole, sour cream, and you’re good to go.

RIS: If you could open a Wahoo’s anywhere in the world, we’re would it be? WING: I would love to open one in Rio, Brazil. I grew up there...and with the Olympics in 2016? Oh boy, that would be a full circle for me. RIS: What’s your favorite item on your menu? TAL: The #1. Grilled fish and white rice. Simple and incredible. That’s my dish. WING: Anything in a bowl. The chicken bowl, steak bowl, shrimp bowl. Anything with our rice and beans. TAL: Right now most popular item on the menu is the Outer Reef Burrito. It’s actually something that our partners in Hawaii came up with; they merged together the best of all worlds. First, you take the tortilla and heat it up so it’s nice and crispy, then we add your choice of cheese...get that all melted & then slather it with our famous

The Outer Reef Burrito. Perfectly awesome.

RIS: Any secret items that you guys leave off the regular menu? TAL & WING: We have the ‘Mr. Lee’ sauce, it’s not on the menu, but when people do find out about it, they freak! It’s that good. It’s an Asian chili sauce that Wing’s father came up with & used to make all the time. So Wing adopted it into the restaurant. It’s awesome, and it has so much flavor. It’s nuclear hot... It’ll get ya’. Some of our super loyal customers have gotten to the point where they’ve created their own combinations. We’ll basically create whatever you want from the menu. There are literally hundreds of combinations.

RIS: Wahoo’s has a bit of a ‘Green’ side, and I’m not talking about the salsa. Tell us some of the things Wahoo’s does to help the environment? TAL: We do a lot at Wahoo’s. First and foremost, the biggest thing (that a lot of customers may not even notice.) is we don’t use disposable plastics (plates or utensils). We use real plates...real forks, knives and spoons. This is a huge deal. That means 50 to 60 percent of our daily usage is reused, and is not going into a trashcan. Most restaurants in our category use plastic that’s a one-time use. That all goes into the landfills. We’re really proud that we do this. If you think about how much we keep out of the landfill over the span of a year. Then multiply that by the 24 years (that Wahoo’s have been open). The amount of trash that we could have created, but didn’t... is incredible. Another cool ‘Green’ thing we do is to recycle our veggie oil with Buster Bio Fuels. He turns it into clean burning Biodiesel fuel that we run in our trucks. RIS: How do you give back to the communities that support you? TAL: That’s another thing we’re proud of at Wahoo’s. Basically anyway and every way we can help, we do. Every surf, skate, snow, MX contests... We’re there. We sponsor the O.C. Marathon and host free concerts. Wing is constantly doing silent auctions for charity. I’m constantly barraged with events, and I only have two stores. We’re really involved in helping our local communities. The local schools bring in their Kindergartners, they put on chef’s hats and we give them a tour. We feed them taco’s & fries and teach them about running a business. We donate food to the Surfrider Foundation’s beach cleanups. And of course, we support your Revolt Summer Surf Series. I’ve said no to just a few people, but that’s only because I just really don’t have any more to give.


“Lets put it this way, I work with the surf, skate, and snow community, so opening up a KFC would have been a jackass kind of move.”

It’s Beach food no matter where

your beach happens to be

Rider: Josh Boothby. Photographer: Matt Lingo


l™ Drop In. Have Fun. Eat Wel

#1 Combo Platter All this for only $4.55

ENCINITAS - LA JOLLA - MISSION VALLEY - PT. LOMA - RANCHO BERNARDO Special Events Catering and Party Packs available.


RIS: So, what’s new with Wahoo’s? Wing: We just opened our very first full-service bar in Fashion Island, Newport Beach. It brings in a whole new element, because of the location. There’s a lot of people walking around. They come in and see that we have a full bar & the price point on the food is great. So, they just stay & enjoy. Another first for Wahoo’s is that we opened a new location in Old Town, Orange, Inside the city’s very first hotel, built back in 1886. We had the support of the Mayor and the community when we took this neat historic location and revitalized it into something useful. RIS: Now, I wanted to ask Tal, since you are one of only a few, who have franchises with Wahoo’s, why did you decide to open your own Wahoo’s? TAL: The reason I got into it, (it’s been almost 12 years now), is that it’s fun, it’s fresh, it’s healthy and it’s rockin’. It’s definitely not like having a ‘jobby job’. I was already with Sector 9, so it seemed like a natural progression to open a place where all the athletes can come together. Lets put it this way, I work with the surf, skate, and snow community, so opening up a KFC would have been a jackass kind of move. it’s all the same vibe weather you’re a rock climber, snowboarder, kiteboarder, MMA fighter, or whatever. You know when you come here you’re going to have a fresh and healthy meal. I also like the fact that the company as a whole is continuing to grow and expand. They keep it real. We sat with Wing and Tal for over an hour, had some really great food & cold drinks. You just know, when someone is being genuine. Not trying to sell you something. Just talking from the heart. It was like that during our entire conversation. Two succesful guys that are proud of what they do, and for good reason. We wish them both continued success, not only because we think they’re good guys, but we also want to feast on their epic food for decades to come. Thanks guys. The REVOLTINSIDER gives Wahoo’s Fish Tacos a five out of five!


Not for the squeamish

Words by Brian Terhorst Photography By Aaron Goulding


odos Santos is an island that sits approximately twelve miles off the coast of Ensenada in Baja California. It is home to one of the biggest waves on the planet, known as ‘Killers’. Killers is a right point break located on the North side of the island, and it sits in the middle of a huge bay, Bajia de Todos Santos. As a result, huge northwest swells funnel toward the bay in deep water canyons unimpeded by the continental shelf, slamming onto the reef that protects Todos Santos island. Some of best in the world have challenged these monsters over the years and come out on top. In 1998, Taylor Knox won the K2 challenge for paddling into the biggest wave of the year at Killers, a 52-foot bomb. Brad Gerlach won the 2006 Billabong XXL competition after getting towed into a 68 foot beast and In 2007, Greg Long was awarded the Billabong XXL for a paddle-in wave. This is an experts-only wave that gets absolutely monstrous in the wintertime. It was the West Coast’s first legitimate big wave, discovered by the Windansea guys back in the ‘60s, and despite the mid-’90s Maverick’s mayhem, remains a rite of passage for any aspiring big wave charger this side of Oahu. In 2010, the Big Wave World Tour adopted Killers and held its inaugeral contest, the Todos Santos Big Wave Event. Be warned, If you don’t know exactly what you are doing you may find out, first hand, how the wave got it’s name. The first big swell of 2012 found the crew from Chandler Surf packing up their tow-in gear and making a ‘bee line’ for Killers. Our Surf Editor Aaron Goulding and his son were there to document the trip and provide extra support for the team.

Jamie Mitchell makes a huge drop on what must have been one of the largest waves of the morning.


Scott Chandler tows behind Ian Pancer. Both men work as a team to find the perfect wave.

This is what makes it all worth while. Huge waves, big drops, frigid water, and Rusty Long sharing one with you.


When waves like this roll through you need to be on your “A” game. Any hesitation could mean life or death.

Most surfers need to get there early and hire a boat from Ensenada. Or you can play like the big boys and bring your own rig, like the crew from Chandler Surf. Fully outfitted with custom jet boat, tow-in water craft, rescue sled and a variety of boards to handle whatever Killers throws your way. This is how it’s done.

Something you don’t see everyday... Scott Chandler breaks out his custom foil & blows some minds in the line-up. Note the boots.

As the day unfolds, the line-up fills in with riders. There are about a hundred things that can go wrong at any time on these giant bombs. A trip to Killers demands 100% of your attention or it will most definitely end poorly.

Photo by Rob Kieth

Revolt In Style surf editor Aaron Goulding with his son Jonathan. Side note by Aaron Goulding: “My 15 year-old son had never seen waves this big and was more than a little hesitant to cruise on the ski with me to take photos. But he finally mustered the courage to jump on the ski (and good thing he did). While shooting the action a fellow photographer’s ski died in the impact zone and he desperately needed a tow. I hollered for him to throw me the rope. He tried. After a few unsuccessful tosses, I looked out to sea and saw a big bump on the horizon. I shouted out for my son to jump in & grab that rope. He was scared. He didn’t want to, but he did. He jumped off our ski, grabbed the rope, swam back and tied it to our sled. We made it out of harm’s way just as the massive sets rolled in. I was very proud of my son. Any father would be. I told him that he just may have saved that man’s life. About an hour later that man came up on his ski and said, “Hey guys, I got my ski running. It overheated. I wanted to thank you. I guess you kind of save my life.” Yeah. Good work Jonathan!





MICHEL FLORES takes home the coveted title... and a BABY!

Words by Brian Terhorst | Photos by Aaron Goulding

Athlete of the month

Brazilian shredder and 2011 RSSS Pro Am Champion Michel Flores receives the coveted title of ‘Wahoo’s Athlete of the month’ He scores a $50 gift certificate from Wahoo’s Fish Tacos for excellence in his sport and a great outlook on life. HUGE Congrats to Michel and wife Ryan.


ichel Flores has been competing in the RSSS Pro Am series for the better part of 4 years. Conflicting contest schedules, travel between his native country Brazil and the US & a tenacious Eric McHenry have kept him from achieving top spot with the RSSS thus far. He’s been continually mixing it up each season and he was always close, but McHenry held on to the title for the past three seasons. Michel and McHenry have an ongoing (friendly) rivalry brewing that drew a ton of publicity for the event and created a killer dynamic for the final event in October. After an epic, day of competition in October, Michel came out on top for 2011. Part of prize package for the champion was a write-up in Revolt, but when it came time to talk... Mr. Flores was nowhere to be found. Phone calls, emails, facebook. Nada. Now, Mrs. Flores was seen at the past few events with a bit of a baby bump, so we figured he had more important matters to attend to. He gladly got a pass. Since then, things have calmed down a bit & we finally got a chance to catch up with the Champ. Here’s what he had to say: RIS: Michel, you’ve been a busy guy! SO, huge props on your 2011 RSSS championship! What are you gonna do now? MF: “Ive had alot going on...been back and forth to Brazil 3 times and our son was born yesterday! Thanks so much for the pics in the magazine, it looked awesome, I wish I could have gotten back to you sooner for you to publish the questions in the magazine.”


Not at all bro, we understand completely. Congratulations to you and your wife! So, who was your toughest competition at the 2011 RSSS ? MF: My toughest competition was Eric McHenry. RIS: What was the most memorable moment of the season? MF: The most memorable moment of the season was the first event when I won with my friend Caue Wood. RIS: what are you up to now? MF: Surfing and being a dad. RIS: What are your plans for the future? MF: My plans for the future are surfing contests in California and looking for a sponsor to get back to surfing contests internationally. RIS: Who are your sponsors? MF: Power Balance, Sambazon, Green Gold and Zanadu Surf Designs. RIS: What board are you using MF: I use Zanadu Surf Designs. RIS: Anybody you want to thank? MF: I want to thank the Revolt Surf Series, Progress Project, Quiver Boardworks and all the sponsors who give their time and products to the cause. RIS: What was the best thing about the RSSS? MF: The best thing about RSSS that they put together great contests that bring together friends and family to compete and have fun!


‘GREEN’ Pro Am Surf Series offers more prize money, larger setups, live web casts & stronger media ties for 2012. Photo by Aaron Goulding


or the past 5 summers, Revolt In Style Magazine has been dedicated to the establishment and development of a grassroots Pro Am Surf Series and ‘Green’ Beach Festival, supported by surfers and media from around the globe. The Revolt Summer Surf Series or RSSS is a San Diego based surfing competition dedicated to providing a stage for both male and female surfers (professional & amateur) to perform in their sport and be recognized for their achievements. Multiple events are held in strategic San Diego locations through out the entire summer season. This platform has allowed the RSSS to help talented surfers advance their skills in a safe and positive competition format, while also providing a highly visible, family friendly and eco-friendly setting for spectators. Not only is the RSSS building an event that focuses on the competition of surfing but also provides exposure for sponsors and revenue for the surrounding businesses & beach communities. Other elements, including a ‘Green’ beach fair, surfboard demo’s, live DJ’s, special celebrity appearances, raffles, giveaways & beach games, add to the festival atmosphere. Each summer the RSSS has partnered with the Surfrider Foundation, SD Coastkeepers, San Diego Lifeguard Association, LifeSaving Del, Discover and other important community organizations. They are privately insured and secure proper permits from San Diego Parks and Recreation for each event. NOW EIGHT DIVISIONS! The RSSS offers four separate events with eight diferent divisions: Men‘s Pro Am, Junior’s (13-16), Grom’s (12 & under), Women’s, Longboard, Expression session, Open Stand Up Paddle and new this season, the Youth Stand Up Paddle (14 & under)

In 2012, the RSSS is expected to be even larger than previous years with more prize money, larger setups, live web casts & stronger media ties. The legendary gift bags awarded to all the top riders from each division are full of the finest surf gear & products provided by the sponsors. To date the RSSS has awarded their competitors over $200,000 in cash and prizes, including new surfboards, skateboards & bicycles. ECO FRIENDLY Partners like The Surfrider Foundation, San Diego Coastkeepers, The Progress Project, and Buster Biofuels help raise ocean, coastal, and environmental awareness at each event. They have eliminated the use of plastic and styrofoam containers for food & beverages and repurpose their advertising banners each season. Onsite activation with eco friendly products, beach clean-ups and recycling programs at each event is not only smart, but sends a great message. The RSSS cares! THE FINALS Held at Crystal Pier the same day as the Annual Pacific BeachFest. The BeachFest is the annual P.B. signature end-of-summer festival that attracts an estimated 50 to 75,000+ people. Live Music & DJ’s perform on three different stages while Surfing, Skateboarding, Running and Volleyball competitions run simultaneously. Hundreds of product and food vendor displays help create an amazing backdrop for the final RSSS surf event of the season. This is an exciting addition to the RSSS event plan, not only for the competitors but also for the sponsors. In 2012 the RSSS expects to attract 100,000 people to their combined events. For more information go to or call 858.488.8730



La Jolla stockbroker was never really an option...

Interview & Photography by Aaron Goulding


alifornia native, Gary Seagraves, picked up surfing as a young kid, but had no idea he would end up working in the surf manufacturing industry. He attended college at SDSU in 1988, and after graduating in 1991 with a B.S. in Business/Finance, he took a job right out of college at a Stockbrokerage firm in La Jolla. Six months later, still with long hair and playing in a grunge band, he decided wearing a suit wasn’t for him and found himself working for a La Jolla based surfboard builder. Two years later, he founded Seagraves Surfboards and brokered board sales for a couple different companies as well as his own. At the same time, he also began brokering snowboard deals. “We were right in the middle of the snowboard explosion. Everyone interested in building or selling snowboards were getting into the business. There must have been 300 labels and only 30 manufacturers at that time. I worked as the manufacturer’s rep for Mori Mora, Japan, brokering and outsourcing manufacturing for labels such as O’Neil Japan and Chromaphobia. Two years later, he found himself manufacturing snowboards right here in San Diego under the company name, Rocket Science Snowboard Manufacturing. “We built thousands of boards for Forum Snowboards and some other companies as an OEM snowboard manufacturer.” By 1998, the market was saturated and it was back to Surfboard building. “What a relief it was to get out of the factory and back into the surf. I concentrated my efforts on building boards for my surf team of great local surfers like Mike Myers, Al Bandy, Monte McCullough, and others.” Seagraves was building product for Stash Japan and still ghost shaping a little for a couple companies like Christiansen and Brewer. The surf industry was still a good industry to be in until 2005 when Clark Foam closed its doors and there were 350,000 blanks per year void in the market. All of a sudden foam blank companies popped up out of nowhere and he was one of them. “Within a week of Clark Foam shutting down, I was hired by Petritech to shape, validate, and run the surfboard blank division of the Foam Company.” By 2009, the surfboard manufacturing industry had spiraled downhill, manufacturing surfboards is no longer a cottage industry and large companies were building surfboards and foam overseas. “No better time than now to film and produce a surf documentary” Seagraves noted. The rest is history……..


RIS: So Gary, how many years have you been shaping now? GS: I’ve been shaping in La Jolla since 1991, so 20 years. RIS: I noticed that you not only shape boards but you actually do the entire process from start to finish. Please elaborate on this and what got you started doing the entire process. GS: Prior to December 2005, I purchased my surfboard foam blanks from Clark Foam so it wasn’t necessary to blow foam. After Clark Foam shut down, I had the opportunity to work with Petritech, a high technology foam manufacturer that was interested in creating cleaner chemistry surfboard foam. From that experience, we were able to create a less toxic MDI formula which I am still currently using. After the foam blank is made, we cut them in half and insert a wood stringer for strength. The board is then custom shaped and glassed according to the customers specs. RIS: Please explain the difference between the foam you use and Clark foam. GS: Clark foam was based on TDI foam chemistry, Toluene diisocyanate. The foam I use is MDI based Methylene diphenyl diisocyanate. MDI has a higher molecular weight and is less volatile than TDI in the work environment. It is closed cell and formulated for high strength to weight ratios. I do still shape a lot of TDI foam from US blanks, they have good blanks and mold sizes available. There is a lot of controversy on whether MDI is truly better for our health as board builders, so I would refer to what the EPA and other reputable agencies say about it. My experience is that it is in the raw chemical form and processing into the foam blank mold that TDI and MDI poses a health risk, so we shapers are most likely not being affected. Similar to a styro foam cup we drink out of that has styrene in it. RIS: How did the Clark Foam situation affect you? GS: I got involved in making surfboard foam within a week of the demise of Clark Foam. Many people ventured into the polyurethane foam market and I was hired by Petritech to run the Surfboard foam division of the company. It was a time of R & D for advancement in surfboard foam chemistry. RIS: What’s your favorite board to shape and why? GS: I really enjoy shaping and vacuum bagging bamboo surfboards. It’s a different experience and I like using different composites and resin systems. RIS: What sets you apart from the rest of the core shapers in San Diego? GS: Well, I make my own surfboard foam blanks and custom stringer inserts. I also build surf inspired furniture using combinations of foam and exotic woods. . RIS: I understand you shaped a special board for an amazingly talented local artist, Rich Morrison. Can you tell me about that and what kind of challenges you had to work through? And did the board work? GS: It was a unique piece that should be in a surf museum. The board’s core is recycled beer cans glued together with the 6’7”R blank rocker with dual basswood stringers, we added foam, then shaped it into a 6’2” twin fin, and glassed it like a regular board. It is functional art and yes it was surfed a couple times at Blacks and also Trestles. RIS: You also just released a new surf flick. What is it called, where can people see it, who is in it, and what is it about? GS:”Nightmare on Neptune” is a Surf Documentary about the La Jolla surf culture. It features Michael Myers, JP Marengo, Skip Frye, Mike Hynson and a lot of the local Windansea rippers. We recently premiered the surf film at Birds surf shed and more viewing dates will be announced on the website Look for the DVD in your local surf shop and online in the near future. RIS: What can you say about today’s surf board and how they are manufactured versus 10 years ago? GS: There has been a lot of innovation in surfboard building over the past 10 years with different core types and construction. But the preferred board today is still the polyurethane blank and polyester resin. Shaping machines have replaced traditional hand shapes. Many people are building them in third world countries which are hurting the market for US board builders. Support your local shaper and buy American! RIS: Gary where can people get a hold of you to have a custom board shaped by you? GS: Email me or call for a custom board or blank made in the USA

“What a relief it was to get out of the factory and back into the surf”


THE SEARCH IS ON.... Words by Brian Terhorst | Photos by Shawna Suffriti


an Diego may not be the birthplace of surfing but there is no denying the contributions and innovations that this beautiful city and its ocean loving community have provided to the surfing world. Pierce Kavanaugh was attending a surf film festival last fall In New York City, and was more than curious why a big ol’ shitbox like NYC had this great festival and en epic surf capital like San Diego had none. He did his due dillegence, got some solid advice from industry magnates and set out to attempt what he knew, just had to be done. Bring a San Diego Surf Film Festival to life! If you follow Revolt In Style, you recognize his name. Pierce Kavanaugh was featured in Revolt last year while promoting his own film, ‘Manufacturing Stoke’. An important documentary that shed some light on our waning surfing industry and the fact that; what should be the greenest sport on the planet is actually not living up to it’s potential. We are honored to officially announce the inaugural SAN DIEGO SURF FILM FESTIVAL at Bird’s Surf Shed, May 11-13, 2012 and welcome filmmakers and surf enthusiasts around the world to come celebrate the art of surf cinema in our beautiful hometown of San Diego. What made you want to start a film festival here in SD? San Diego lives and breathes surfing. There are so many other reasons but the initial idea came to me while we were screening our film MANUFACTURING STOKE at the New York Surf Film Festival. San Diego is the perfect surf town, Bird’s Surf SHED is the perfect venue and all of my previous film festival and touring experience seems to have led me to the this point. Thus, the SAN DIEGO SURF FILM FESTIVAL was born.


Who is invited to submit their work? Everybody and anybody is invited to submit their films. This is a filmmakers’ festival. We put a twist on the awards ceremony by letting the filmmakers actually judge the final films amongst themselves. By doing this, we are putting the decisions back into the hands of those who create the films. What can we expect to see during the festival? Submissions are coming in from around the world so this will truly be an international event. The SDSFF will showcase over 15 feature films and about 30 shorts. In addition, we will be sharing with attendees shaping demonstrations with San Diego’s elite surfboard shapers, panel discussions with filmmakers and an amazing art lounge for all to enjoy. San Diego has a deep well of talent and we would love for the world to get to experience this. What is the goal for the SDSFF? The goal is to simply gather the tribes and celebrate the art of surf cinema. Who doesn’t like to hang out with a bunch of friends, filmmakers and surfing legends to watch beautiful surf films? The festival will provide a platform for independent filmmakers to showcase their passion and hard work. I plan on this festival leading the way for other festivals in regards to bringing the soul back to surfing. Where will it take place? Bird’s Surf Shed which is located at 1091 W. Morena Blvd. San Diego, CA 92110. The Shed has become the premier spot in San Diego to showcase films, art shows and everything else surf related. Even if you can’t make the festival, all surfers need to make a visit to the Shed. Bird has the biggest private collection of surfboards that simply boggles the mind.

How long will it run? The SDSFF will be held Friday, Saturday and Sunday May 11-13th, 2012. Who is behind this project? The founding members that I like to refer to as the 3-headed seal are myself, my beautiful wife Petra and our close friend Ed Lewis. Ginger superstar Joe Hodnicki designed our logo and is doing all of the festival artwork. We also brought the amazingly talented filmmakers Gage Hingeley and Geoffrey Smart into the fold to insure our success. We have an amazing screening panel which includes Eric “Bird” Huffman who has been behind this and many of my other crazy antics from the start. A shout-out goes to Paul Tralka for having the insight to secure Primo as our initial sponsor. Revolt in Style, as you know, is our media partner and now that the festival is picking up steam people are coming out of the shorebreak to help out in some truly amazing ways. I consider San Diego to be one big family and like all families their support is invaluable. Where can you find out more info & get involved? We are still securing our sponsors for the inaugural festival and have had many inquiries about volunteers and interns, as well. All of the information is available on this site and I look forward to seeing you all there.




Word Games and Photo By Joe Foster



RIS: What if you won the lottery what would you do? CS I would buy a house, get a French bulldog, and help some people out.

RIS:Age? CS 20

RIS: What if you didn’t surf? CS I’d want to have another hobby like skating or snowboarding.

RIS: What if you owned a news channel? CS I would have super-hot chicks as the newscasters and hilarious guys and I’m sure it would be the best news channel ever. RIS: ASP or free surf? CS Free surf for sure it’s what surfing is about.

RIS: Sponsors? CS Fox Clothing and Wetsuits, Arnette, Cobian, Pro Lite, DSC training, HSS, java point, and Sanchos Tacos.

RIS: Family? CS Chris, Kathy, Jake, Breanna, and French Bulldog Kona RIS:Breakfast? CS Bagel with egg and cheese or avocado RIS: Best manuever? CS Airs


RIS: What if you were a pro baseball player? CS I’d have sick cars and id surf on my free time.

RIS: Blog? CS brother and I run it. Everything from music to surfing and our travels.

RIS: What if you lived in SD? CS I’d be stoked to live there. Everyone is cool, waves are fun, and they have the best food!

RIS: Favorite music artist? CS Red hot Chili Peppers, Metallica, Depeche Mode, they are all insane!

Bird's Surf Shed 1091 West Morena Blvd. San Diego, CA 92110

RIS: Favorite rap artists? CS The Game, Young Jeezy, Drake, B.G., Lil Wayne, 2pac, T.I.

Deadline for Filmmaker Submissions: March 31, 2012

RIS: Favorite meat? CS Ha! I knew you were gonna’ ask this it’s gotta’ be sausage. RIS: If you were a superhero who would you be? CS I’d have an “S.S”. on my chest for “Super Sausage” and I would hit the bad guy with sausage haha! RIS: What if you had Slater in a heat? CS Ha! I’d be stoked! Nothing to lose… I’d just go for it! If you win over him you’re the man but if you lose it’s expected.

RIS: Thanks? CS God for blessing me with the lifestyle I live! All my sponsors for supporting me especially Fox for letting me have an opportunity as a pro surfer. My family is the most supportive people so thanks to them! Also all my friends for pushing my surfing and both my shapers Pesce Surfboards and Timmy Patterson for making me the best surf equipment in the world!

MAY 11-13, 2012

For sponsorship opportunities please contact us.

S a n D i e g o S u rf F i l m F e s t i va l . c o m

HOOTS AND SHAKAS Phot os b y S haw na S ur f fr i t i , D avi d G r ay, Ed L e w i s


PLG pulls a Kick flip Melon at the Monster DC Ramp at Blackbox



Seven-time X Games Gold Medalist Pierre-Luc Gagnon Will Attempt Skateboard Mini-MegaRamp Three-Peat in Shanghai April 28 - May 1 when X Games Asia 2012 Returns to China for the Sixth Consecutive Year

AGE: 31 enise Russo GIRLFRIEND: D ntreal, Canada o M : N W O T E M HO ia arlsbad, Californ 0 C : IB R C T N E R 5 CUR edes Benz cls 5 rc e M : E ID !) R T N CURRE akin’ awesome re (f s g o d ll u B h c kateboards, S r ta s rk a D , PETS: Two Fren k rin mond nster Energy D o M : S R O S N ix Helmets, Dia O p P a S C l, a u is V n r, Electric ld Wheels, Thu o G l, re a Osiris Footwea p p A S Grip Tape, RD Supply, Grizzly der Trucks

PLG listens intently to strength and conditioning coach Rob G

a.k.a. PIERRE-LUC GAGNON Words by Brian Terhorst | Photography by Daniel Mathieu


LG has been riding a skateboard since he was 8 years old. During the cold winters in Canada his dad was there for him, driving him back & forth to the indoor skate parks and keeping him stocked up with the gear & equipment necessary to excel in his chosen sport. Now, over a decade after turning professional he can boast Gold Medals from The X Games, wins on the Dew Tour the Gravity Games and The Maloof Money Cup. He is at the pinnacle of vert skateboarding, but takes nothing for granted. Always looking to stay at the top of his sport he has begun a tough regiment at The Arena MMA Gym with strength and conditioning coach, Rob Garcia. Rob G. is one of the top strength and conditioning experts in the industry. He was Kelly Slater’s conditioning coach, and he worked with the 1996 U.S. Olympic Boxing Team. He has worked with Oscar de la Hoya, BJ Penn, Diego Sanchez, Sonny Garcia and a select handful of action sports athletes. Cross training with Rob G. is another way these athletes stay in top shape within their demanding sports. In a sport where the threat of traumatic injury is a constant, Pierre is well aware of the danger. He has experienced some major injuries over the years, and understands that there is a shelf life for most skateboard champions. He understands that what he has accomplished, very few (if any) in the world could do. But, by no means has he let his success go to his head. He’s an extremely centered kid. (I call him a kid only because he is younger than myself and still rides a skateboard) But seriously, he’s a man on a mission and has a clear view of the path before him. We arranged to hang out with Pierre for a few days to get a good idea about where he’s coming from. I’m glad we did.

RIS: How did you get started in vert? PLG: My dad was always really supportive, especially when I was young. My dad told me as long as I stay in school and do what I have to do (school-wise) He would support my skating. He knew that’s what I wanted to do…skate every day. So it was his way to keep me in school and keep me motivated. He was like, “If you’re sucking’ at school, you know you’re not gonna get that new board. I’ll take everything away from you…you’ll be on your own.” When you’re a little kid…like twelve years old. How do you get a board? It’s not like you have a day job or anything. In Canada five or six months out of the year you can’t skate outside, so you kinda rely on your parents to run you to the indoor skate park. That’s where I got good. I was there everyday after school from 4 to 9.

“Since 2005 it’s pretty much been Bucky Lasik, Shaun White and myself.” RIS: When did you first turn pro? In 1996 the Vans Warped Tour had this contest series. At each stop of the tour they held a little vert contest where the winner would get a trip to California for the finals. I ended up getting second place. Man… I really wanted that trip to California. So, me and my dad drove down to New York the next day, and I won the stop in New York City. I ended up getting a trip out to Hollywood for the finals at Universal Studio. It was pretty cool

‘cause there was the Vans triple Pro contest and right before that was the Am contest, I wound up winning the Am contest, by winning that I got a sponsorship with Vans Shoes. That really allowed me to travel. …I think it was early ‘97 when they turned me Pro. My first Pro contest was the Tampa Pro. I think I made the top 10. Ended up going to Europe that summer… pretty much placing in the top 10, top 12, consistently all year. At the end of the year they ended up renewing my deal & that’s how everything got started. To this day I love traveling the world and skating for a living. It’s amazing RIS: So let’s talk about how you wound up in SD Fast forward to 2000…I got second place in the X Games in August & was like “What am I doing in Montreal still?” There was a great skate scene but as far as being a vert skater… it was really hard. There was me & Max Dufour & that was pretty much it. Max was focused on the business end of things, so I was skating by myself a lot…getting kinda bummed out. So, yeah…let’s move out to California. Came out here & moved in with Matias Ringstrom …now I’ve been here for 11 years. RIS: What do you like best about San Diego Just the fact that I’m living in the center of the vert scene. Bucky’s got a bowl in his backyard. Tony Hawk has a private ramp. We’ve got a private ramp with Monster Energy Drink & DC Shoes. All my friends that I skate with all live around here. It’s a perfect location & you can’t beat the weather RIS: Is there any one title or championships that rises above the rest? It’s hard to choose one over the other. I’m proud of different wins for different reasons. X Games is usually a little more pressure than any other events. It’s so big. The crowd at Staple Center


PLG - K grind at Bucky’s Bowl

It’s funny…. A lot of people still ask me, “Now that you’re a pro skater, do you still love skating? Or is it just a job for you?” Are you kidding me? Do you think I could keep getting better & keep progressing if I hated skating every day? 30 WWW.REVOLTINSTYLE.COM

and now Nokia Theatre. There’s such a big build up at X Games. If you do good at X Games you’re like set for the year. Live on ESPN…It’s a big deal. But then….Maloof Money Cup. It’s over a whole weekend - two days. You skate Mini Mega Ramp & then Vert. Each day is for half your score. There’s $75,000 on the line for first place. That’s another intense challenge… in a different way. Then there’s Dew Tour. You have to be consistent through out the year. Three or four stops in a row to win the overall. So, Then you have to have more of a strategy, versus just, like going for it. Sometimes you play it safe & settle for second or third instead of going for the winning run right off the bat.

PLG sparring at The Arena MMA gym with Mike Zamorano a.k.a. ‘The Riot’

In 2001 I was really happy with my skating & I felt like I had a good shot at winning X games but I broke my wrist like a week before. I remember flying to Philly & telling myself my wrist wasn’t broken, just sprained. The night before the event I finally went to the doctor in Philly to get an X-ray. My wrist was so bad I couldn’t even hold a fork. They were like “Are you crazy? Your wrist is dislocated & broken in two places. You need surgery immediately!” Then they were like... “I can do surgery for you tonight here in Philly for twelve thousand dollars.” I said “Forget about it.” & took a bus overnight to Canada. In Canada, you know, I had free health care. So I got surgery the next morning… three pins put in my wrist. I ended up watching the X Games on TV. That was the year Bob Burnquist won doing that Blunt Kickflip Out in the contest. So it’s actually probably a good thing.. (he laughs) …because he probably would have beat me.” But then the following year, I was pretty pissed off about missing the previous year. So I was really fired up & tried to win that contest. I ended up nailing everything & won the contest. I went & partied all night. Next morning, I was like super hung over from celebrating the win. I still had Best Trick. So I showed up to the ramp. I was in pretty bad shape but I wound up pulling it off & won the Best Tick too. That was probably like the best week ever. I won the Vert contest for the first time and backed it up with the Best Trick. That was my first two Golds in the X Games. RIS: Let’s hear some more accomplishments... After that a couple second places….got hurt again… three silvers in 2004. 2005 came back with another win. 2006 I broke my kneecap in three pieces. So I was out for a little while. Then the Dew Tour came around. The first couple of years me & Bucky (Lasick) were really battling for the title. I remember the first year I was like four points away from the win & he barely beat me. I ended up winning it a few years later…I think in 2008. Then Shaun (White) took it one year. Then I won the last two years Since 2005 it’s pretty much been Bucky Lasik, Shaun White and myself. I think we’ve pretty much won all the vert contests. When it comes to Mega Ramp obviously Bob Burnquist owns it. With Mini Mega, I mean between Bob & myself, we’ve had a pretty good battle on that thing. I really love Mini Mega ramp cause it’s close enough to vert. It’s not so big, you know? If you skate vert a lot you feel good on Mini Mega right away. You get the same set up. You don’t need that crazy oversized board like you do on the regular Mega ramp. It’s probably one of my favorite things to skate right now. RIS: So how is the dynamic between you guys anyway? We’re all friends. Sometimes we’ll say stuff in front of the media to create some kind of rivalry & keep it entertaining for the crowd and stuff. But we all travel together, we’re all friends. Behind the scenes we all skate together all year round. We all get along… it’s just…. we’re also all trying to win. Obviously on the ramp during the contest we’re gonna be competitive, but it’s a friendly competition. RIS: Ok, Let’s talk about the way sport is changing and the money that goes with it. It’s awesome for us because we get to make a good living from skating. But it’s not like basketball money...we’re making a descent living, but it’s nothing outrageous. You gotta realize, by the time you’re 40, your skateboard career is pretty much done. There’s only a few people, like Steve Caballero that still make a living out of skating after that age. You definitely have to be really smart with your money & plan for the future

“I can really feel the difference in the later heats of contests like the Dew Tour. As I’m getting older, I need to do other things besides skating to keep my body functioning properly.” RIS: What’s it like working with one of the best conditioning coaches in the world, Rob Garcia? It’s so cool. I got to meet Rob this year. He’s been helping me plan my conditioning & balancing that with the skating. He makes sure that I’m not overdoing it & I’m not too tired to go skate right after training. I can learn a lot from him. You know he was training Oscar De La Hoya for eight years? I have a lot of respect for what he’s done. We get along really well. There’s more than just training, there’s a friendship between us. We really get along. RIS: How much thought is spent on your diet? Growing up I used to have a lot of allergies. I changed my diet around 2005 and it’s fixed a lot of them. I don’t really eat wheat or gluten or that kind of stuff. I don’t get those (allergies) anymore, that’s really helped me. Now working with Rob he tries to give me tips to make my diet even better. Especially being on the road. It’s not easy to eat well. The last Dew Tour he came out with me to Vegas. He went to the market & was making my food in the room. It was pretty cool to have him there. It was like I had my own personal chef (laughing) So that was pretty dope. RIS: How does this conditioning play into your success? I can really feel the difference in the late heats of contests like the Dew Tour. The last couple of years the format of vert has changed. Usually you take four runs and then you move into the Superfinals where it’s the top five where you take four more runs. So it’s like eight runs pretty much back to back and that gets pretty tiring. Especially Maloof Money Cup where you skate Mini Mega ramp all day then vert right after. By the end of the day you get pretty burned out. For me boxing and doing all that stuff on the side is a lot harder (physically) than skating. If I’m in good shape doing that, then it makes skating pretty easy. When it’s the end of the day and I’m taking my last run, I’m not really tired. It’s great to be able to focus on skating and not focus on being tired. Boxing helps my reflexes & core strength throwing all the punches. I can relate. If I’m gonna do like a 540 on a skateboard or throw a left hook…it’s pretty much the same motion. You need that core strength to start your spin.

I dunno….I feel like I’ve been skating the best that I’ve ever been skating this past year, and I’ve also been boxing… so…It’s definitely not hurting my skating. RIS: Do you have any advice for the next generation of vert riders? Basically, you gotta find your passion and then stick with it. It’s really hard to be good at something if you don’t love what you’re doing. That’s what I’ve been living by pretty much my whole life. You have to love it to get better. So, find what you love and stick with it (and never stop). I feel that’s the key to success. Being passionate about what you’re doing and having a great time doing it. RIS: What organizations are you active with or part of? We did a few demos for the Tony Hawk Foundation. We just did a demo in Vegas. They’ve opened up a ton of skateparks for kids. I’m always down to support Tony’s foundation. It was a great turnout in Vegas, it was a really cool event. And obviously, Grind For Life. The foundation against cancer with Mike Rogers. They provide financial assistance to cancer patients and their families when traveling long distances to doctors and hospitals. And then there’s The Clash at Clairemont in March - I’m always part of that every year. RIS: What’s next for PLG It’s kinda the off season. Recently I’ve been filming a lot & shooting photos. We just dropped that video part with Monster Energy Drink. I’m working on an Osiris Shoes video part and a Darkstar Video part. Just getting ready for this years’ contests. Asian X Games end of April kicks off the season. I can’t wait to ride the Mini Mega Ramp that’s getting built at Blackbox in the parking lot. They put that in a container & ship it over to Asia. It takes like a month. So Yeah….learning how to box, skateboarding everyday….just doin’ what I’m doin’ (laugh) RIS: How can people follow you online? If you want to follow me, then follow me on twitter, instagram or facebook - @plgsk8. I want to thank all my sponsors and thanks to you guys too, for doing this feature on me. And Robbie Garcia...for showing me how to box.





The Agenda Trade Show showcases the latest brands and products in the action sports & lifestyle industry. Stone Hendrikx dropped in to the show to visit some of our friends check out all the new goodies coming this year.

Photos By Eric Hendrikx


STREET SPOT #1: Torrey Pines High School


I map it. You find it. We all shred it!

Stone and Pro skater and owner Ronnie Creager

Stone and Mike V at Elephant Brand Skateboards

ur first spot is in San Diego. That’s right. The whale’s vagina. But that’s not the only reason I love San Diego. I love that sunny metropolitan snooch for all its awesome skateboarding spots. I grew up in San Diego. And as the city’s most celebrated news anchorman of all time, Ron Burgundy, might say… It has a formidable scent. It stings the nostrils. In a good way. Stone & Tyrone of Lurkeville Skateboards

Torrey Pines High School is home to dozens of stair sets, manual pads, ledges, rails. It’s is also the high school that Tony Hawk graduated from in 1986. And what’s so awesome about skating TP is that you’re not allowed to skate there. Neither was Tony. When we got to TP, we found that they have skate-stopped the ledges to make them unskatable. But as you can see in the video edit, you can still have a great time skating there. One of my favorite San Diego skaters, Jimmy Carlin, did a nollie laserflip manual on the downhill manny pad in the Torrey Pines parking lot in Mystery Skateboard’s Color Theory video.

Deus Ex cycles are as dope as their brand

Neff Headwear is expanding like craaazy

Make sure to watch the video edit of Torrey Pines at and get out there and skate the spot! Stay classy San Diego….

Ripping skater Greyson Fletcher and his pops the infamous Christian Fletcher at Lost

Photos By Eric Hendrikx


Stone runs into pro skater Fabrizio Santos

Stone and Colt Cannon of Element













The park is going off right now. Especially the Playground where you’ll find the new The Concert Hall Hand Rail is just one of four new features that will be introduced at Mountain High this winter. The next three consist of The Hollywood Wallride, LA Convention Center Rails and The Wedge Quarterpipe. Check it out today at the base of West. Mountain High’s new BAGJUMP is here! The only freestyle air bag of its kind in Southern California. Take your riding to a new level by practicing on this huge, inflatable landing pad before heading to the snow. The BAGJUMP can be used by anyone from beginners to professionals, for Olympic level training or just for recreation. The great feeling of “landing on a cloud” can be experienced with skis or snowboards, and for you this means a great way to improve your technique. The Bag Jump is currently open weekends and holidays from 9am to 7pm (weather permitting).


Bear Mountain has rounded up a crew of professional coaches for Freestyle Camp to give expert advice on every element of park riding. Skiers and snowboarders will get tips and techniques on how to master rails, boxes, jumps, and half pipe, as well as video analysis for reinforcement. Not only has Bear Mountain assembled the best team possible, campers will be training on Bear’s nationally recognized Terrain Parks and So Cal’s only Superpipe. There are three levels available for skiers and snowboarders ages 8 and up; Skilled Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced. The only requirements include basic riding skills and ability to navigate on intermediate terrain, along with a helmet. The Freestyle Camp is a unique learning experience that can prove valuable for any rider. No matter what the goal, Bear Mountain will get you one step closer.

Enjoy the adventure of night skiing and snowboarding during Snow Summit night session, a time where skiers and snowboarders can cruise the slopes beneath the stars. Snow Summit’s quintessential beginner to intermediate runs, including Upper Miracle Mile and Summit Run, are open for both skiers and snowboarders, along with the legendary Westridge Park. Boasting plenty of jumps and jibs to get your adrenalin pumping, skiers and riders will find features to suit their style as they ride through the often less crowded terrain park. As if that wasn’t enough, Westridge undergoes a full evening groom during Night session, giving riders the freshest terrain since first chair. Find all the information you need regarding current ticket prices on our Rates page.

More Flights - Air service continues from Los Angeles, San Francisco and San Jose. New additions? Orange County and San Diego! Regardless of what part of California you’re flying from, you can get to Mammoth in about an hour. Book your flights here. New High-Speed Quad – Out with the old fixed-grip 3-seater at Chair 5 and in with the new Doppelmayr high-speed quad. Get to the top of Dry Creek in half the time starting December 16. RFID Lift Pass – Skiers and snowboarders at Mammoth will enjoy direct-to-lift access thanks to a newly installed RFID gate system. Re-load your lift tickets online or via your smartphone so you never have to wait in a ticket line again.

All Dual-Mountain and Bear Mountain-Only season passes are valid for Summit Nights, which begin at 3:00 pm and go strong through the night until 9:30 pm.

Unbound Terrain Parks – Nine parks and three pipes lead the nation in terrain parks yet again. We opened the first Olympic-size half pipe in North America this season and haven’t slowed down since!

Shaun White scores a perfect 100 in Men’s Snowboard SuperPipe Finals during Winter X Games 2012. Photo: Christian Pondella

Overall, 35.4 million people in the U.S. tuned in to watch the Winter X Games - The highest-rated and most-watched Winter X Games telecast ever


WINTER X GAMES 2012 Four days in Aspen saw a perfect 100 score, a five-peat, first-ever tricks and a celebration of the life of Sarah Burke.


he 108,000 people that witnessed Winter X Games Aspen 2012 saw some amazing feats over the four days. However those that stuck around for the final event Sunday night saw history in Snowboard SuperPipe. Shaun White - one of the most decorated X Games athletes in history - scored a perfect score of 100.00 on his final run to capture his fifth-consecutive Snowboard SuperPipe gold. He is the first athlete to win five consecutive SuperPipe gold medals and is just the third athlete to win five consecutive in a discipline.

“It’s unreal, I have wanted that 100 forever,” White said trying to catch his breath from excitement. Before his third run, White had already sealed the gold medal but he had more to prove. He wanted to land the back-to-back double McTwist 1260 after missing it on his second run. “For me, it wasn’t complete until I landed that run,” White said. “I am glad I did. I have been to so many X Games now, and I will forever remember this. Getting that 100 score, the perfect score. It is crazy.”





3 8


6 7

1. Heath Frisby pulling the first front flip completed in competition competing in Snowmobile Best Trick. Photo: Eric Lars Bakke

4. Maddie Bowman (Silver Medal) during the Women’s SuperPipe Finals. Photo: Flip McCririck

7. Samson Danniels, Gregory Peck, Sean Rose and Josh Dueck competing in the Mono Skier X Finals. Photo: Eric Lars Bakke

2. A Monster team helmet pays tribute to Sarah at the Sarah Burke Tribute. Photo: Tomas Zuccareno

5. Louri Podladtchikov competes in the Men’s Snowboard Slopestyle Finals. Photo: Christian Pondella

8. Louie Vito competes in the Men’s Snowboard Superpipe Practice during Winter X Games 2012. Photo: Christian Pondella

3. Ryan Paul (Team rider, Mt High) takes the Silver in the Men’s Snowboard Street Finals. Photo: Pete Demos

6. Gold medalist Shaun White celebrates his perfect score of 100 competing in the Men’s Snowboard SuperPipe Finals. Photo: Tomas Zuccareno

*all photos courtesy of ESPN images


Bobby Brown competes in Men’s Ski Slopestyle practice during Winter X Games 2012. Photo: Christian Pondella/ESPN Images




ZERO MX Responsive . Planted in the corners. Tuned for flight. Twist the throttle and start carving the track. Silent and powerful, the Zero MX opens a visceral new world of moto possibility.

CAR 2 GO Smart fortwo ED

San Diego is the first city in North America to have a large scale all electricdrive carshare fleet. The zero emission electric-drive smart fortwo vehicle will provide a way to get around town without stopping at the gas station and help to clean the air... Drive where you want for as long as you want. It’s as personal and flexible as owning your own car, minus the hassle and expense. Do your part to help keep San Diego green by becoming a car2go member!



A2B Velociti 24

EXSKATE The Green Machine

Segway of Pacific Beach 4150 Mission Blvd #141 (858) 270-2881

Where would you go with an exceptionally lightweight, highly maneuverable and powerful dirt bike? The new Zero MX has taken huge leaps forward in terms of power and response. Track tuned suspension and power-to-weight ratio results in a dirt bike with uninhibited responsiveness. Intensity combines with silence to open up a new world of riding possibilities. Think about it: if no one heard you riding, where would you ride?

The Velociti is Ultra Motor’s newest addition to the A2B line of electric bicycles. Powered by a 400 watt brushless motor. The bicycle comes with a battery pack that powers the electric motor and gets you moving to about 20 MPH on flat ground without pedaling. 20 mile range before recharging. The seven-speed Shimano derailleur helps you to pedal when it is time for a workout.

The Green Machine in Version 2.0! The M6 800 V2 is an advanced rider’s model that will easily take you places on a skateboard you’ve only dreamed about. The M6 combines the carving & freestyle of snowboarding, skateboarding & surfing with the trail... small sticks and stones won’t stop the fun! The environmentally-friendly electric board has a wireless remote control to engage a quiet belt driven motor that hits 20 MPH!

The Next Step in Motorcycle Evolution Zero Gas | Zero Exhaust | Zero Noise


Instant acceleration, lightweight, agile and fully electric. Zero Motorcycles combines the best aspects of a traditional motorcycle with today’s most advanced technology to deliver production models that are exhilarating to ride, effortless to operate and carefree to maintain. Discover the experience of riding a Zero. Contact your local dealer today.

©2012 Zero Motorcycles, Inc. Santa Cruz, California USA



MOTOWORLD OF EL CAJON 315 N Magnolia Ave | El Cajon, CA 92020 (619) 442-0941 |









By Leslie Terhorst | Vinyl by Markalan


Genre: Nu/Alt/Industrial Metal/Electronic/Rock/Dub/House After their 2009 mini-album ‘Vivarium’, The Glasgow quartet Twin Atlantic have made a name for themselves on the live circuit. Their emotionally driven sound has taken a huge step-up on this long-awaited debut. Sam McTrusty’s distinctly Glaswegian vocals lead the band on the soaring, infectious alt-rock anthem, and highlights the energetic opener ‘Edit Me’. The darker, and epic title track ‘Free’ and dizzying closer ‘We Want Better, Man’. Some of the other stand outs are, the sweeping pop rock of ‘Time For You To Stand Up’, the huge chorus of ‘Apocalyptic Renegade’, the subtly building ‘8 Days’ and the acoustic ballad ‘Crash Land’ all highlight their dynamic capabilities, and star potential. Free seems like the perfect title for a debut, because it sounds like they’re Free to do whatever they like, and their enjoying every second of it. Fans of Biffy Clyro and Foo Fighters will find much to love in this compelling album. Free was recorded in Santa Monica and produced by Gil Norton (Pixies, Echo And The Bunnymen, Foo Fighters, Jimmy Eat World). Be sure to catch them live, before they’re playing in much larger venues.


Genre: Blues/Garage/Alt/Rock I have to say it’s about f’ng time. If I had to listen to “That’s not my name” one more time, well let’s just say, I’m happy to hear something new. The Ting Tings sophomore album opens with ‘Silence’, starting with atmospheric synth, along with a skulking guitar and chanting yet subtle vocals reminiscing to Debra Harry in her early days, De Martino’s drums appear suddenly, hammering home the obvious but strong message: ‘This is The Ting Tings, and we are back”. It is definitely one of the better moments on this collection. Meanwhile, ‘Hit Me Down Sonny’ begins with a slow beat, bells, and some rapping? Yep, it’s just as cringe-worthy as it sounds on paper. If you can get past that rather massive “elephant in the room” however, a catchy riff appears and it all gets much better. If you decide that it’s worth a second listen, it’ll be a grower for you. Followup ‘Guggenheim’ is fun and will certainly get you bopping. With the help of a few “oohs”, White tells us, in 60s girl band style, about her failed romance. The chorus kicks in with the cowbell and bouncy guitar hook and we are carried away singing along: “This time I’m gonna get it right!”



Genre – Alt/Rock The Lumineers walk that line with an unerring gift for timeless melodies and soul-stirring lyrics. There seems to be a trend in the rise of the low budget DIY approach to the independent music scene, and I’m not quite sure how to categorize it. Following in the footsteps of the likes of Mumford and Sons, The Lumineers sound; an amalgam of heart-swelling stomp-and-clap acoustic rock, classic pop, and front-porch folk. Born out of sorrow, powered by passion, ripened by hard work, The Lumineers have found their sound when the world needs it most. The album was produced and mixed by Ryan Hadlock (Foo Fighters, Ra Ra Riot, Metric) at Bear Creek Studios, with additional mixing by Kevin Augunas (The Black Keys, Cold War Kids, Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros) at Fairfax Recordings. Hopefully, the extra production value will not take away from ‘The Lumineers’ whole-hearted sound; I’m guessing it won’t.

The Dunwells – Blind Sighted Faith

Stonerider - Fountains Left to Wake 2/28

Magnetic Fields - Love at the Bottom of the Sea 3/6


By Markalan |

Various Artists - The Lost Notebooks Of Hank Williams

A long-awaited collection of previously unrecorded Hank Williams lyrics newly set to music and performed for the first time as completed songs by artists whose own sensibilities have been profoundly shaped by Williams. When Hank Williams died, at the age of 29, in the back of his Cadillac sometime early morning on New Year’s Day 1953, he left behind a scuffed, embroidered brown leather briefcase, which he used to carry bound notebooks, among other items, darkening their pages with lyrics and song ideas. Hank Williams’ estate approached Bob Dylan with the notebooks, hoping he would set them to music. Dylan contacted like-minded friends, and the project evolved into a thirteen artist, twelve song compilation that sympathetically evokes the spirit of Hank Williams, and extends his legacy. Recorded by an array of rock and country stars, including Jack White, Norah Jones, Merle Haggard and Sheryl Crow.


White Rabbits - Milk Famous 3/6

Anti-Flag - The General Strike 3/20

The Shins - Port of Morrow 3/20

FeeLit is dedicated to showcasing local musicians, artists, and designers in a unique space located in San Diego’s East Village. 909 E Street San Diego, CA 92101 (707) 733-3548

Jay Z & Kanye West - Watch The Throne

For this project, music icons and pop culture visionaries JAY -Z and Kanye West have joined their extraordinary talents to form the group ‘THE THRONE’ and confirm the most anticipated album and touring event of the year, WATCH THE THRONE. The longtime friends and music innovators inspired each other to new heights with their collaboration on WATCH THE THRONE recorded in person at various locations around the world. Over a year in the making and a truly global affair, the duo recorded in London and Bath in the UK, Abu Dhabi, Sydney, Paris, and New York City. Though shrouded in secrecy, the album has already been heralded a ‘masterpiece’ by those who have heard it, and features production from The RZA, The Neptunes and Kanye’s longtime collaborator Mike Dean. The short list of featured vocals includes Frank Ocean, Beyonce, Curtis Mayfield and Mr. Hudson.


GO EXPRESS! Get your $10 rechargable RFID card today!

Tribal metal revolutionaries: Soulfly



ocated at 345 B Street, in the heart of downtown San Diego, is the iconic and independently owned music venue 4th&B. Since 1994 this twenty-one thousand square foot facility has hosted over three thousand performances by such artists and groups as: BB King, Buddy Guy, Willie Nelson, and Jack Johnson; the Black Eyed Peas, Snoop Dogg, Atmosphere, and Public Enemy; Thin Lizzy, Billy Idol, Deep Purple, and Blue Oyster Cult; Ministry, Korn, Cage the Elephant, and Go Go Bordello, just to name a few. This year promises to be just as exciting! Black Oil

The rest of the 2012 calendar kicks off on Thursday, March 22nd with the return of tribal metal revolutionaries Soulfly. Max Cavalera, the voice of the groundbreaking Brazilian thrash band Sepultura, fronts this rhythmic powerhouse. Also joining the Soulfly lineup is bassist Tony Campos, formerly of industrial metal pioneers Ministry. This show is the first of

their 2012 tour in support of their new album release entitled Enslaved. Supporting Soufly is the Orange County based group Black Oil. Local bands F.O.A. and Raise The Guns round out the bill for this crushing evening of music. F.O.A.

F.O.A. is a collaboration of San Diego’s own Mower and Slower. This electrifying tribute to classic Punk puts a uniquely heavy spin on music from bands like the Dead Kennedys, Circle Jerks, Descendants, Minor Threat, and more. Raise The Guns is a hard hitting, aggressive thrash band Raise The Guns that has been slugging it out in San Diego’s bar scene for the past several years. Their fast paced, “in your face” style is the perfect way to set off some serious mayhem. Other already slated events include the Saturday, April 14th extravaganza, the Monsters of Southern Rock Tour. This once in a lifetime event brings members of Lynyrd Skynyrd, .38 Special, Molly Hatchet and Blackfoot all to the same stage, and is a must-see for any Southern rock enthusiast. On Sunday April 22nd classic rockers Y&T are back in town, delivering their thunderous sound. And on Saturday, May 5th the Jägermeister Music Tour returns to San Diego, featuring Portugal the Man, and The Lonely Forrest. Besides bringing premier musical entertainment, 4th&B has also been at the forefront of hosting hard hitting Mixed Martial Arts action. On Friday, March 23rd the next step in the evolution of San Diego’s proud fighting tradition will begin with the onset of MMA Epic Fighting. This exciting and locally based promotion consistently provides thrilling cards which deliver vicious knockouts, suffocating chokes, and bone-crushing submissions. Anyone who is a fan of Mixed Martial Arts needs to come out and see some of the best and hungriest fighters around lay it all on the line at this Epic confrontation. Tickets for all events (21+)are available for secure purchase at, or by phone at 619.231.4343. Box Office hours are from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday, and also on the day of the event, one hour prior to advertised door times.

ACTIVATE online and never

wait in a ticket line again.* TRACK your days ridden,

vertical feet, and more.

RECIEVE special offers,

discounts, and promotions.

GUARANTEED reservation

in case of a sell out.

*Initial card picked up at ticket windows.

Stop at any ticket window for more info, or visit us at

888.754.7878 • MTHIGH.COM





don’t think I have ever seen someone work so hard to turn a place around. Spin Nightclub owner Daniel Maris is doing everything to turn 2012 into the best year they have ever had. Starting over and bringing in a whole new crew and some bangin’ new shows. Check out what he had to say about all the changes. RIS: I noticed you have some new managers, who are they, and can you tell me about them? • Tomas Serrano: Tomas is in charge of managing bookings through the clubs, setting up events and marketing each event properly. Tomas is known as ‘The Hub’, he knows everyone and can always find a solution. Filled with amazing talent and hard work, • Cyril Soubiran: Cyril has been Spin’s bar manager for years, he’s a very hard worker who makes sure everyone’s always at the top of their game and is very enthusiastic about the scene, its music and always keeping professional. I depend on Cyril for a lot of the tasks at Spin and he is al-


ways able to come through with what’s needed to be done. • Matt Felgner: Matt came on board over summer as our VIP host assisting our Bottle Service ladies with anything they needed. He quickly replaced our VIP manager and now holds a consistently high average of tables sold per night. Matt’s been a hard worker from Day 1 and I commend him for continuing to work hard. RIS: New Year, New Crew? Tell us something about this great looking group? SPIN: That’s right! Our crew was built from the ground up, and each individual has been extremely talented with his or her duties. I have to say as an owner I’m very lucky to have such hard working employees that have never given up even during the busiest of nights; these guys love to have a great time with the customers RIS: What are your hopes for the club in 2012? SPIN: As with any entrepreneur, ‘Exceed further than what you already expect from yourself’. We have some amazing innovation being brought to Spin that we believe will completely blow people away. I hope to have these new ideas and this innovative production in place before the winter ends. I wish I could say more about it but we will leave it as a big launch surprise for our guests.

RIS: What are some of the Not to be missed shows that are coming up? SPIN: Every month ‘Occupy Trance SD’ makes its way into Spin bringing some high quality talent and production that really packs the house, they’ve exceeded my expectations since they started four months ago. ‘ELEV8 & Wobble’ are two separate nights that bring out the big dubstep and drum n bass heads to witness some of the dirtiest beats with Spin’s 80,000 watt sound system...when the drop hits on the dance floor, believe me you feel it through your body. ‘Reggae Sunday’ is our weekly Sunday show. These guys bring amazing talent at least once a month and have been doing an amazing job with their scene for over a year. RIS: What are some of the highlights about SPIN? SPIN: If there were anything I could say about Spin, the best phrase would be ‘A True Dance Nightclub’. Spin offers an amazing 80,000 Watt Sound System with Pure Kinetic Lighting, Four Bars, an Open Deck rooftop that serves appetizers nightly and some of the best light production in San Diego. We have a newly built VIP section with comfortable seating and great service. With our new project coming up next quarter, we believe San Diego club lovers will flock to see some of the most innovative ideas put to work. Spin is also the only club in San Diego that offers After-Hours every night with the ability to stay open until 4AM and even 6AM where we are able to re-open the bar with alcohol sales. 

Feb/ March Music Calendar 03/16 8:30PM ENGLISH BEAT Belly Up


™ Nine Millimeter Earphones



Spotlighting the hottest Dj’s in Southern California



03/17 8:00PM ENGLISH BEAT Belly Up 03/20 7:00PM ANI DIFRANCO House of Blues 03/21 8:00PM CULTS WITH MRS. MAGICIAN Belly Up 03/23 7:00PM THE TING TINGS House of Blues 03/31 6:00PM HENRY ROLLINS (SPOKEN WORD) San Diego Womans Club 04/01 7:00PM POLYPHONIC SPREE House of Blues 04/03 8:00PM SLEIGH BELLS 4th and B 04/06 7:00PM TIGER ARMY House of Blues 04/07 8:00PM TRANSFER WITH BLACKOUT PARTY Belly Up 04/13 8:30PM STEEL PULSE Belly Up 04/15 7:00PM RISE AGAINST Viejas Arena (formerly Cox Arena) at SDSU 04/16 8:00PM M. WARD & fIREHOSE Belly Up 04/16 8:00PM ELVIS COSTELLO & THE IMPOSTERS Humphreys 04/17 8:00PM MADNESS Humphreys 04/17 8:00PM THE HIVES Belly Up 04/18 8:00PM BUZZCOCKS WITH THE MAKEUP SEX Belly Up 04/19 8:30PM JAMES House of Blues 04/27 8:00PM INCUBUS Harrah’s Rincon - Open Sky Theater

DJ IDeaL Producer, Promoter, DJ

(not necessarily in that order) RIS: You seem to excel in everything you try. Let’s begin with DJ IDeaL. What’s his DeaL? TS: For starters, the I, D & L are the ones that are oddly capitalized. And “the deal” is that “I deal” beats of all kinds and flavors of EDM. RIS: What got you into the music scene? TS: I’ve been in love with dance music since I was around 8 years old in when I was exposed to it through a family member from back home in Mexico City, and for the majority of my life, everything I’ve done has related to music. I ‘officially’ started pursuing the idea of dj’ing when I was 15, a junior in high school through my senior project. From house parties, undergrounds, and raves, I appreciated and learned about all genres of dance music. I went to college at UC Santa Cruz, where I was deeply submersed into the rave scene and truly got to experience the phenomenon of P.L.U.R., the rave ideology of living through Peace Love Unity & Respect. Music was not as easily available back then, and there was a sense of community in which you would meet others who had similar appreciation for the music, and that you’d typically only see at these events. Coming back to San Diego after college, I was lucky enough to be part of a radio show that would air on More FM 98.9 called REWIRE. We broadcast out of Tijuana and was a fun few years of playing at the clubs over there along with radio play every weekend, which led me into getting involved with nightclubs in San Diego/Los Angeles. RIS: How did you get into Promoting? TS: I got into promoting and became resident for some of the leading edge promotion companies of dance music then like Polkadot, Realivze Tribe & Giant, producing quality EDM shows at Tantrasutra/L5 (Now where Hard Rock is at), 4th & B, OBEC and more - constantly breaking talent like AVB and more. This too helped lead me to my present residency at Spin Nightclub, San Diego’s only true afterhours nightclub along with gigs in places like Avalon Hollywood, Club Space Miami, Lovefest San Francisco, TAO Las Vegas, Greece, Ibiza, Mexico and more. I also have led promotions for Ultra Music Festival for San Diego for the last 8 years, and have performed for the last 6. RIS:What are some of the other projects you’ve been featured on? TS: I’ve also been featured on mix shows such as Dance 4 Life Radio & My Fight With Fat. I even had the opportunity to be featured and host UMF Radio on XM/Sirius in 2010-2011. Working with San Diego’s favorite charity and association, Partying for a Purpose/Its All About the Kids, I’ve also had the opportunity of performing at The Playboy Mansion 4 times in the last 3 years, with the event in August 2012 looking like the best one to date! 3 years ago, I had the privilege of being introduced to the wonderful brand of Jagermeister when I was selected as their first House Music sponsored artist. The vision with where EDM & Jagermeister is going is amazing and I’m excited and honored to be able to join on the ride with them. I’ve also been involved with Dayglow, the touring paint themed extravagant party & brought it out to produce Dayglow San Diego in 2010 & 2011. In 2011 I also signed with Creator Entertainment, a 360 company with world-renowned talent like JES, Dennis Rodman, Soul In The Machine and more. Expanding from just my dj’ing, I also have a project called CO:LAB, a visual and auditory experience of a show that I do in conjunction with my VJ partner (visual mixer) where we sync audio to visual while mixing live – very fun to watch! RIS: You just had something really exciting happen to you, could you elaborate?  TS: With the creation of my partnership with my friend “J-Break”, Original and Remix Productions have come our way receiving great feed back, but most recently one of our remixes for Eddie Amador & Kimberly Cole on Citrusonic LA was part of the release which hit the Billboard Dance Charts at #16. Consequently following that, we were requested to do a remix for Mickey Avalon, which was just approved, and we have a slew more of original and remix projects set to release for 2012. RIS: Anything else you want to add? TS: Would love to have everyone follow me at my online links, and a big thank you to Revolt In Style for giving me the time to share myself with the readers! 








By Beth Accomando


oss Patterson gave Hollywood his best shot now he’s giving it his worst. Patterson is an actor who got tired of auditioning for bit roles in formulaic Hollywood movies. So he decided to make his own films in order to get noticed.

By Beth Accomando

We Need to Talk About Kevin (Oscilloscope Pictures)

Poolboy: Drowning Out the Fury, literally, is the worst film ever made.

All you really need to know about this film is that Tilda Swinton gives another flawless performance as a mother coping with a troubled son. Director Lynne Ramsay delivers an expressionistic, nonlinear film that builds slowly and hypnotically to a stunning ending. The less you know about the story the better. Opens March 2. Rating:

It’s also hilarious. It pretends to be a lost action film from 1990. Patterson, who wrote the screenplay, plays director Saint James St. James. Kevin Sorbo (of TV’s Hercules) is a Vietnam vet on a roaring rampage of revenge against Danny Trejo. Boom mics drop into frame, actors forget lines, and special effects go awry and there’s plenty of scenery for the actors to chew up. But there’s an art to being bad.


(The Weinstein Company) Shakespeare gets a modern makeover and proves he’s still remarkably relevant. Ralph Fiennes ably directs and stars in this rarely produced Shakespeare play about politics and revenge. Vanessa Redgrave is spectacular, and the text comes vividly to life. Get over your fear of the Bard and check this film out. Opens March 9. Rating:

“The best way I can describe it, is kind of like Los Feliz hipsters out here, where it takes a lot of money to look poor,” Patterson tells me at Street Justice’s LA offices, “It takes a lot of hard work to make bad movies.” Patterson and company are serious about making a good bad film. They work hard but they also have fun and that makes their film appealing. Poolboy pokes fun at the direct-to-DVD action films of the 90s, and finds humor in the low budget limitations and amateur production values. That puts a twist on the filmmaking process.

John Carter

(Walt Disney)

Edgar Rice Burroughs -- the man who gave us Tarzan -- provides the source material for this fantasy adventure about a Civil War vet who lands on Mars with interesting results. Disney left off the most interesting part of the character’s name, he was known as “John Carter of Mars.” I hope they don’t leave out the most interesting part of the books. Longer trailers are starting to look more silly than cool. Like The Phantom Menace. Ew! Opens March 9. Rating:

“It’s looking for the right thing,” says producer and editor Ivan Victor, “Even though the right thing might be someone delivering a line in a truly awful way. What’s the best worst read that you have of this particular line?” Here’s the thing. Most of what Hollywood makes isn’t bad it’s bland and mediocre. What audiences want is something entertaining, something that’s fun to watch with friends -- and there’s nothing like sharing a deliciously bad movie. Making a successful bad movie counts on an audience that grew up with B-movies, remembers them fondly, and gets all the references. Patterson’s business plan is to create a deliberately bad film that’s cheap to make but easy to get out virally where hopefully it will generate buzz. The plan worked. Poolboy got picked up by a distributor, and is now available video on demand.

The Hunger Games


After the success of Poolboy, Patterson wants to branch out. His next film is FDR: American Badass. This time the film’s not so much designed to be bad as it is to be deliberate camp. In just a few weeks, the FDR trailer got more than 300,000 hits on YouTube.

Hollywood is looking for its next franchise and the popular books of Suzanne Collins may provide just what they need. The story is set in a not-too-pleasant future where children are forced to partake in an annually-televised sporting event in which they must fight to the death in a boobytrapped arena. Sounds a little like Japan’s Battle Royale but with an anticipated PG-13 rating it’s unlikely to be as dark as that or even as grim as the books. Jennifer Lawrence, the exquisite young actress of Winter’s Bone, plays the lead. Opens March 23. Rating:

“Getting it out virally to everybody is the best way,” sys Patterson, “You don’t have to depend on a studio any more to get your work seen. Again, Patterson and his team prove that right way to tackle material is with inspiration, genuine passion, and knowing affection for the source material. Then a kind of alchemy comes into play. “What you have here is almost like a Hegelian transformation into opposite,” says actor Jesse Merlin, “It’s something that is so bad it approaches the sublime.” Merlin, by the way, plays Werewolf Hitler in FDR, which rewrites history to suggest that FDR got polio from a werewolf bite. Now that’s original, and Patterson is proving that his so-bad-it’s-good model for success is working. Distributors are now calling him and FDR should be available sometime soon.




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Revolt In Style is an intelligent, beautiful and sophisticated action sports lifestyle magazine, produced by the most creative minds in the...

Revolt In Style Magazine  

Revolt In Style is an intelligent, beautiful and sophisticated action sports lifestyle magazine, produced by the most creative minds in the...