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Holistic Meditation & EMcee Monkey D Part 2 Ladies Griphyn 2012 Facts



Welcome to 2012 We all by now have heard many predictions about this infamous year. Some say the world is going to end based off of the Mayan long count calender. I am sure that we will see great changes in our world over the next years as we do every year before but what does the Mayan calender actually tell us about this event. THE MAYAN CALENDAR DOES NOT END IN 2012

of the Great Cycle, and can be used to map history, as if it is measuring not individual gestation but species gestation, since 5 Great Cycles add to exactly 26,000 Tuns; the “Grand Year” or precession of the equinoxes - a higher harmonic of 260. NOTE: The astronomer Philip Plait has stated very clearly that the Mayan calendar does not end in 2012 at all, that it is like the odometer on your car, as each section of the odometer reaches 9 and then clicks over to 0, the next number to it starts a new cycle, so that when all the numbers again reach 0 all the way across the odometer - the last number will change from 1 to 2 and the new cycle starts all over again.

KEEP READING!!! The date December 21st, 2012 A.D. ( in the Long Count), represents an extremely close conjunction of the Winter Solstice Sun with the crossing point of the Galactic Equator (the Equator of the Milky Way) and the Ecliptic (path of the Sun), what that ancient Maya recognized as the Sacred Tree. This is an event that has been coming to resonance very slowly over thousands and thousands of years. It will come to resolution at exactly 11:11 am GMT.

The Tzolkin is a 260-day calendar based around the period of human gestation. It is composed of 20 day-signs, each of which has 13 variations, and was (and still is) used to determine character traits and time harmonics, in a similar way to Western astrology. The Maya also used a 365-day calendar called the Haab, and a Venus calendar, plus others. They measured long time periods by means of a Long Count, in which one 360-day year (a “Tun”), consists of 18 x 20-day “months” (“Uinals”). Twenty of these Tuns is a Katun; 20 Katuns is a Baktun (nearly 400 years); and 13 Baktuns adds up to a “Great Cycle” of 1,872,000 days, ( 5200 Tuns, or about 5125 years). Mayan scholars have been attempting to correlate the Long Count with our Western Gregorian calendar, since the beginning of this century. There has been massive variation in the suggested correlations, but as early as 1905, Goodman suggested a correlation only 3 days from the most popular one today. Known as the GMT correlation, or “correlation # 584283”, this was finalized in 1950, and puts the start of the Great Cycle ( day on 11th August 3114 BC, and the end-date (known as as 21st December 2012. Jose Arguelles has pointed out that the Tzolkin is a harmonic 3

Now that we can understand the calendar and know that “the world” does not end, we can look at things that we still might need to be concerned about.

Sunspot Cycles: Adrian Gilbert and Maurice Cotterell, in

their book the Mayan Prophecies, say that the end of the Great Cycle is the culmination of a series of long-term sunspot cycles which will flip the sun’s magnetic field, causing earthquakes and flooding on earth. Moreover, the changing magnetic field will alter the endocrine production of the pineal gland. John Major Jenkins has pointed out that the detailed graphs of the cycles do not actually show significant termination points at the end of the Great Cycle; click here for Jenkins’ full unabridged

review of The Mayan Prophecies. According to John Major Jenkins, it will take 36 years to precess through the Galactic equator. The Galactic Alignment “zone” is 1998 +/- 18 years = 1980 to 2016. This is “era 2012”

“Maybe it already did--on July 31st,” says Hathaway. The first spot of a new solar cycle is always backwards. Solar physicists have long known that sunspot magnetic fields reverse polarity from cycle to cycle. N-S becomes S-N and vice versa. “The backward sunspot may be the first sunspot of Cycle 24.”

[So why are we worried?]

It sounds exciting, but Hathaway is cautious on several fronts:

2007 = 2012 - proof?

First, the sunspot lasted only three hours. Typically, sunspots last days, weeks or even months. Three hours is fleeting in the extreme. “It came and went so fast, it was not given an official sunspot number,” says Hathaway. The astronomers who number sunspots didn’t think it worthy!

Generally speaking, scientifically accepted records of sunspot activity do seem to be heading for a climax in the near future. From: Note: Real science is predicting the next/current sun cycle to be the worst in 50 years. The first two sunspot’s of 2006 are moving in reverse direction. August 15, 2006: On July 31st, a tiny sunspot was born. It popped up from the sun’s interior, floated around a bit, and vanished again in a few hours. On the sun this sort of thing happens all the time and, ordinarily, it wouldn’t be worth mentioning. But this sunspot was special: It was backward. “We’ve been waiting for this,” says David Hathaway, a solar physicist at the Marshall Space Flight in Huntsville, Alabama. “A backward sunspot is a sign that the next solar cycle is beginning.” Right: The tiny, backward sunspot of July 31, 2006. Credit: SOHO. [Larger image] “Backward” means magnetically backward. Hathaway explains: Sunspots are planet-sized magnets created by the sun’s inner magnetic dynamo. Like all magnets in the Universe, sunspots have north (N) and south (S) magnetic poles. The sunspot of July 31st popped up at solar longitude 65o W, latitude 13o S. Sunspots in that area are normally oriented N-S. The newcomer, however, was S-N, opposite the norm. This tiny spot of backwardness matters because of what it might foretell: A really big solar cycle. Solar activity rises and falls in 11-year cycles, swinging back and forth between times of quiet and storminess. Right now the sun is quiet. “We’re near the end of Solar Cycle 23, which peaked way back in 2001,” explains Hathaway. The next cycle, Solar Cycle 24, should begin “any time now,” returning the sun to a stormy state.

Second, the latitude of the spot is suspicious. New-cycle sunspots almost always pop up at mid-latitudes, around 30o N or 30o S. The backward sunspot popped up at 13o S. “That’s strange.” These odd-isms stop Hathaway short of declaring the onset of a new solar cycle. “But it looks promising,” he says. Even if Cycle 24 has truly begun, “don’t expect any great storms right away.” Solar cycles last 11 years and take time to build up to fever pitch. For a while, perhaps one or two years, Cycle 23 and Cycle 24 will actually share the sun, making it a hodgepodge of backward and forward spots. Eventually, Cycle 24 will take over completely; then the fireworks will really begin. Meanwhile, Hathaway plans to keep an eye out for more backward sunspots. FROM: Another force that could influence our world happens at the time (Winter solstice) of the end of the Mayan calendar. The place where the December solstice sun crosses the Milky Way is precisely the location of the “dark-rift in the Milky Way ...’xibalba be’ - the road to the underworld.” On the winter solstice of 2012, the noonday Sun exactly conjuncts the crossing point of the sun’s ecliptic with the galactic plane, while also closely conjuncting the exact the center of the galaxy.

Satellite operators and NASA mission planners are bracing for this next solar cycle because it is expected to be exceptionally stormy, perhaps the stormiest in decades. Sunspots and solar flares will return in abundance, producing bright auroras on Earth and dangerous proton storms in space: full story. But when will Solar Cycle 24 begin?


We’re not from Milky Way Astronomical updates of 2012 are pouring in. We are grateful for the Mayan Calendar for pointing the way. It is a good map but now, thru science, we are starting to see the actual landscape. Have you ever looked out into the night sky and seen the Milky Way Galaxy? Did you notice the obvious tilt? It is at a steep angle to the straight line of the horizon. Why? It turns out that our solar system appears to belong to another galaxy that is colliding with the Milky Way. This was recently discovered when scientists were trying to figure sources for “dark matter” that would account for forces we can measure but not see visibly. Using near-infrared (wavelengths of light outside human eye and optical telescopes) a huge sister galaxy circling the Milky Way was discovered. It’s called the Sagittarius dwarf galaxy (SGR for short). For those keen on the 2012 data, this is the reason our entry point to the Rift, center, heart (HunabKu) of the Milky Way is thru Sagittarius. The two collide at that point. This explains why our solar system is at an angle to the plane of the galaxy and also why we dip above and below that center line every 12,000 yrs or so.

The only field large enough would be from - the center of the galaxy. What does all this mean? Putting it all together, it implies the 2011-2012 event is a natural cycle of solar maximum bursts which could scorch all or parts of the earth. How is the world preparing? Russia is building a huge underground city to hold 60,000 people, the YAMANTAU Mt. Complex. Norway has already built enough facility for their entire population to go under ground. Sweden, working with NATO, has created an underground seed bank (a modern day Noah’s Ark). And here in the USA? The Bush family has made one of the largest land purchases in history for their own personal private compound in Paraguay (the only inland nation of South America) and told the rest of us to fend for ourselves.

Dresden codex: there is an + and X cross in the sky band as well as the 8 pointed cross. The zodiac cross rotates during the precession of the equinoxes against the backdrop of the Galactic Cross with one revolution in 26.000 years (length of a Great Year or Platonic Year). The Galactic Cross rotates with one revolution in 220 million years (time of the revolution of the Solar System around the Galactic Centre). That’s why the Galactic Cross is regarded as a fixated cross during a precession cycle, its rotation can be neglected.

But the trail gets hotter - literally. Moon shots from the 1960s revealed glass on the moon. Glass is made from intense bursts of heat on sand. The event happened within the last 30,000yrs ago. Ancient petrogrpahs of primirtive people (archeological carvings) from that era (12,000+y.a.) show the sun causing extreme energy bursts changing earth atmosphere.

The two crosses (Zodiac Cross and Galactic Cross) form an eight pointed cross and four times during a precession cycle they overlap. The moments of conjunction are called a Great Celestial Conjunction.

Next clue - the current 11 year Sun Spot Cycle has passed the minimum (sun spot activity should have begun over a year ago and has not for the first time ever). This appears to be caused by a gravitation field influencing the sun.

It’s the cosmic event that is associated with John Major Jenkins Galactic Alignment. The next one is occurring right now during era-2012 on the winter and summer solstices

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RMV Presents Part 2

Cover art by T. Fullbright 6

Ladies Gryphyn H

er hands were clenched into fists behind his back and her legs had wrapped themselves around his lean hips. The ring in her ears was growing louder and more pronounced. Like a large horn going off. His large palms are pressed against her back, holding her closer. She soon realizes she is no longer wearing her denim and tank top. Instead she is adorned by a sleek off white dress that made her blush. Suspended weightlessly between what appeared to be a drain leading back Earthside, while above them was the funnel taking them home. Time means nothing here and that alone made him joyful. It didn’t take Adariyan long to discover he had been redressed in a dark kilt and no tunic. Not that he much cared. With any luck his old friend would be as insatiable as she was before. If that is the case he would relish the fun to be had with her. Before he hands her over to the High Council. He put that thought to the side and finally centered himself enough to understand the situation. He takes note that his right hand is high enough to reach her dark curls as he caresses them for a moment, memorizing their scent and texture. Before he shows anymore weakness he grabs a large chunk of curly brown hair. One good hand full of her hair and he pulls down with sensual force, pulling her head back exposing her neck and almost bare chest. First instinct was to bite. Ravage! He felt her blood coursing through a beautiful porcelain neck. Just a few more inches, and he would finish her. Instead, he places forceful kisses on every piece of flesh he can find. How they hated each other.


The colors surrounding Natalie and Adariyan swirled together like smoke, slithering hither and thither creating a multitude of different images and scenes. As Adariyan’s lips made contact with Natalie’s neck the two of them flipped upside down and right back up again now with Natalie holding a short blade to the middle of Adariyan’s back. Smiling at her thought, Adariyan trails his hand down her back, in between her thighs and pulls her .22 from the holster hidden by the makeshift dress she was barely wearing. Natalie quickly raises her hand holding the knife and pulls it close to Adariyan’s throat, her other hand trying to take control of the gun. He grabs her wrist, spins her around and pins her back to his chest before disarming her. Adariyan leans his head down and inhales her scent. Herbs, lilac and some human perfume, he couldn’t help but note he hated when she wore perfume. It took away from her natural Otherworld scent. The scent he grew up loving. Natalie took advantage of the man’s nostalgic lapse in judgment. Before he could react she elbows him in the sternum and takes the gun, grabbing a fist full of his black hair she flipped him over her. At his landing she placed her foot on his throat. Taking a quick look around for the Other World portal, Natalie leans over and picks up the small fire arm. As she stood, she looked down at Adariyan, her foot still firmly placed on his neck. His eyes no less gray or captivating than before, it was then she realized he could have kept fighting. You never did know when to fight. “Or maybe I never knew when to stop fighting.” Natalie was unaware she had spoken out loud until he looked at her quizzically.

Natalie and Adariyan have no choice but let these emotions play out. All of the years of torment between the two of them are going to be revealed before they can leave and they both know it.

Shaken by her slight revelation, Natalie removed her foot from the man’s neck and stepped back. Looking around and once again she found the portal exit and tried to make a step that direction.

When passing through to Other World, you surrender yourself to the elements themselves. Much like any other deities, the elements were vengeful sadistic beings. Perhaps it is only natural that one would grow bored and tired of watching the world thrive and change. Or maybe it was resent that kept them malevolent, resent for those with the power of emotion. Whatever it is, the elements played these sordid games whenever the chance arose.

It didn’t take her long at all to realize she wasn’t going anywhere. She wasn’t getting any closer to the black and purple swirling mist to take them home. Her feet simply wouldn’t pick up and move.

It was their cruel joke to be played on those foolish enough to have emotion in their souls. Didn’t they know emotions are dangerous? They can make even the strongest man bow to the devil and dance his jig.

Never once did she consider how much she had let herself feel since being Earthside. It was always ingrained in her childhood lessons she had lost sight of what having emotions meant.

Shock, the elementals won’t let her run. Rat bastards. As Adariyan stood and gained composure she cursed herself for thinking it would be that easy to go home.

‘Humans feel their emotions differently. They know not how to control their whole being. The humans are a great race but they are young and let their hearts run amok on their lives.’ Now, Natalie had been Earthside for the better part of one hundred and fifty years. She let her guard down and didn’t even notice, until it was too late. If this is what it takes to go home, fine. “You and I both know why the Elemental put us together and why he has dropped us off one dimension too early.” Natalie tried to conjure her denim jeans and tank top but was adorned instead with green leather pants, her battle tunic of hard leather and bone and her short sword at her hip, “Oh what the hell!?” “You really think they would let you arrive in ‘norm’ gear? You’ve forgotten home more than everyone realizes you have.” Natalie stepped towards Adariyan with foul intentions and balled fists, just one step and suddenly she realized she was no longer wearing her black gladiator heels. Instead she had her thigh high moccasins laced up. A thought came to her and she was soon bent down rummaging through what seemed to be dozens of little pockets in her boots. Laughing out loud Natalie finds each and every one of her precious blades. Some were made for throwing. Others were made for skinning and sawing through bone. Each and every one made her feel that much closer to home. Settling them back into their resting places she stands and faces Adariyan with a new confidence and quiet anger. “Why did you stop us?” Natalie glared at Adariyan as she took a long slender blade of some sort and held it between her teeth. With elegance she swept both hands behind her head to bring all of her unruly dark auburn curls to the crown. A few simple flicks of Natalie’s wrist and the long hair was secured with the blade in a ravishing wild knot. “Excuse me?” Adariyan had to shake himself awake, watching her was the last thing he should be doing. “I didn’t stop anything! You were the one that let emotion slip.” “I would never!”

stare. “So isn’t it clear the elementals are bored and we have to play the game to get out.” Natalie gave that a thought. She didn’t see anyway out of it but she also didn’t see the point of this ridiculousness. She had traveled the portals many times since the old days. What has changed about her? If it was her at all she reminded herself. Maybe it was Adariyan. “Still begs the question, why now?” ~~~~~~~~~~~*~~~~~~~~~~ At the large oak double doors the emblem of the Library and its chosen pupils was almost overbearing. Too much, even for a general. Rowan and Gwen made their way through the heavy door not slowing a bit as Rowan kicked it open. Gwen had never been in her sister and brother-in-law’s room. Before her anger at him sent her into a rage that matched her sisters, she noticed the bookshelves that lined all four walls. Scanning the room mindlessly she busied herself examining the scrolls. Rowan had every book known to man and demon right here in the Library as well as her very own stash in her chambers with the General. Finally able to take the rest of the room in Gwen realizes that isn’t the only thing the General has given her sister that would make her giddy. In the corner to the right a royal blue and green canvas screens barely hid a bathtub fit for three or four people easy. There was already a fire going just next to the tub which Gwen assumes is boiling water. The General must have sensed his wife coming. As happy as he was at the prospect of seeing Rowan, he knew she was in a foul temperament and was thankful of the gods that it was only Rowan and one sister. Not two. The third Gryphyn sister is Earthside, playing human and tracking any Otherworld activity, playing baby sitter really. Soon she would come home and be upset to find she still won’t have her sisters to rule with.

“Well I promise you I am not the one who wanted to revisit the past. We are supposed to go forward in the portal. Not lag around and reminisce.”

Hanging from the wall in between the fire and the tub was a black heavy robe and below that on a small table sat a book and a clay bottle of mead surrounded by a mass amount of assorted candles.

“If you think I have any desire to relive that nightmare you call a relationship again you are insane.” How dare he accuse her of being weak enough to lose focus in the portal? He knew her better than that. At least, she thought he would.

The idea behind that set up almost made Gwen blush. So she instead turned her attention back to the topic at hand. It wasn’t until then she noticed her sister and brother-in-law having a row.

“Don’t be so dramatic. Even if that was your intention I would have had to focus with you.” Adariyan gave her a duh

“How dare you take over my scouts and their orders? You know as well as I do you have just made me look weak in front


of my men. Because believe you me, you may be my husband and General. But this is still my throne, heritage and my military. Now you have under minded me in front of scouts. Let the rumors begin. What the hell were you thinking?” Rowan cast a quick glance at the surprise her husband had arranged.

silently to the fire. She took a heavy cloth in her hand, removed the pot and emptied the boiling water into the tub that was already half full with water and lily petals. She undressed, careful to put her short swords against the wall to her left, barely out of hands reach and she sank into the warm water.

She knew he would do something like this to make sure she couldn’t stay mad at him for too long.

Looking up through the large hole in the roof that would let rain water into the tub she remembered the night they had accidently made the hole.

“Rowan, you have had a long journey, Captain Hazelton has the scouts in order and your men will be taken care of until we can get them back in the field.” General Lukas calmly put down the bottle of mead he had been drinking as he regarded his wife with what Gwen could only sum up as extreme caution. Arms folded he leaned against his giant dark wood desk. The desk was covered in leather bound books, maps of Farcascadia and the Highlind Mountains, lands controlled by orcs. A broad sword sat just inches away from the General’s left hip and an open letter with the seal broken with the words ‘Gen. Lukas, Preventative Action’. Glancing at the General and then the letter Gwen made for the door. “I must be checking with Nistha. She must be curious as to our abrupt return,” Gwen turned quickly almost knocking over a basin of green glowing water that stood in the middle of the floor between the end of the four poster bed and a door leading to the court yard facing the west. “I will be at dinner tonight. We can regroup then.” Rowan took a breath as she took in the feeling in her stomach. She was home. Not sure what to do when not on the battlefield she simply stood there. In her own room, surrounded by her own things and still her short swords where on her hips and she eyed her husband with uncertainty. Trying to relax she went the book shelves and began touching the spines that she had so lovingly bound herself in her training. She closed her eyes and inhaled the scent of the salt water and lilacs. The birds let out random squawks here and there as the waves crashed against the unforgiving obsidian coast. Crossing the room to her husband’s side with raw determination she noticed he had the floors changed. Instead of the floors being covered with dark green carpets from Highlind, her boots made a heavy sound as she merged onto hardwood. Simple enough for her to change, so she shifted her weight with expert care. She moved silently now, and quickly to the desk where she grabbed the letter to the General. Pacing between the door leading to the hallway and the double doors to the courtyard she read the letter more than once. Her husband waited in silence for her reaction. Rowan let the letter fall to the floor next to the basin with swirling green substance in it. Turning to her right Rowan went


Rowan chuckled as the General came to sit next to the tub and began washing his wife’s neck. “So we are replacing Natalie and Adariyan Earthside,” Rowan took a breath. “It must be pretty bad over there.” “At least we know they are sending the best.” General Lukas kissed his wife’s fore head and began to explain how the letter came to him. After Rowan finished with her bath and clothed for dinner she and her love made their way down to the dining hall. Rowan much preferred eating in the comfort of her own chambers or outdoors. She hated having to be formal or anything of the sort and Gwen being here was just such an occasion. She loved her little sister and her company on the journey back from the field had been greatly appreciated. But now that they were home and Rowan had to prepare to deal with the latest issue Earthside, with that came a formal dinner with the Elders, a few politicians and her beloved little sister. She so wished she could be alone with Lukas. Blissfully alone for even one night of simple comfort and a little debauchery would please her far more than having to wear this goddess forsaken dress and pretend to give a lick about manners or political affairs. Rowan knew the best way for her to help her homeland is to be on the battlefield with her men. Using the magic she had studied so hard for so many decades to perfect. Protecting her sisters and her land from the orcs to the north.

To Be Continued in next months issue.

If you missed the first part you can read it in the Dec. 2011 issue


Photography by Greg Bloxham 11

Lyndee Lyndee: Age: 32 Brenton: Age 26 RMV: Where are you originally from and how long have you lived in the Magic Valley? Lyndee: Born and raised in Hazelton Idaho and have lived in the Magic Valley all my life. Brenton: Hazelton, Id... All my life. RMV: What are your aspirations and goals? Lyndee: To live a happy healthy life and raise a family with my husband Brenton: It’s just to be someone who is respected and independent.

Brenton Brenton: Probably the small town feel you get here. I always get a smile and hello from a familiar face anytime I go somewhere. Also the fact that my entire family is here. RMV: Have you ever modeled before or was this the first time? Lyndee: Yes I have modeled before, I have done several fashion shows for the Magic Valley Mall and modeled for Visions Photography Brenton: I wouldn’t call it modelling lol, but I did for a company that sold back drops. RMV: What was your favorite part about doing the shoots? Lyndee: Finding cool nooks and spots that people drive by everyday in Twin Falls and find they make for great pictures.

RMV: What is your favorite thing about the Magic Valley?

Brenton: Definitely not the cold Just getting to play and have fun with my sister and brother-in-law.

Lyndee: Literally being 30 minutes away from anything.... Camping, boating, 4-wheeling, fishing.

RMV: Do you like being in front of the camera and what do you like/dislike about it?


Lyndee: Yes I do like it!! Because you can portray many different emotions through just a picture. Brenton: Yeah, it’s fun coming up with creative shots. Lol probably worrying about you looking bad in them. RMV: What do you do for a living? Lyndee: I am the Manager of Claire’s Boutique in the Magic Valley Mall. Brenton: I do accounts receivable for a computer networking company and also bar tend a couple nights a week. RMV: How did you hear about the contest? Lyndee: Well my husband entered me and my sister into the girl of the month for the November issue without us knowing and he told us we got the November issue. He then notified us that we are in the running for the “girl of the year” and thanks to all of the people who voted we won that. Brenton: My brother-in-law actually signed Lyndee and I up without us knowing. He saw the magazine when we were all getting tattoos done. RMV: Who are your favorite local bands? Lyndee: Well they are kind of local but would have to say Royal Bliss, also Dirty Johnny is fun to listen too, One Dead Crow has also a great sound as well. Brenton: Hmm, they aren’t from the Magic Valley but not too far off... probably Royal Bliss. I love any live music RMV: What kinds of music do you like? Lyndee: I have a pretty eclectic taste, everything from country like Jason Aldean to 311, just saw Hawthorne Heights in concert and it was amazing and also love reggae as well.

RMV: Who are your biggest influences and why? Lyndee: I would have to say my husband Greg. He and I have the same goals and aspiration in life and together there is nothing that we have not been able to overcome or handle. My family also, for always being there and raising me with morals and values, I am very close with my family. Brenton: Influences in my life are definitely my mom and sisters. My mom has always pushed us girls to be strong and independent. She is such an amazing woman and am thankful that I have someone like her to look up to. RMV: Would you like to thank anyone for support or for just being there? Lyndee: I would like to thank my husband for unknowingly giving us the opportunity to be in this magazine if it were not for him doing this we would not be doing this interview right now and it has been a lot of fun getting to do this with my sister. I would also like to thank my sister Brenton, We had such a fun time with these photo shoots... It’s great to experience stuff like this with family. Brenton: My sisters are truly my best friends. They support and have supported me through everything life has put me through. I don’t know where I’d be without having them to turn to. I love them very much. RMV: Would you like to add anything else? Lyndee: Yes I would, This magazine is a great thing... Its great to see a magazine showcasing this valley that we live in. We are pretty lucky to live in such a great place! Brenton: I would just like to add a thank you to my brother-inlaw Greg for signing us up for your magazine. He is an amazing man and thankful to have him as a brother. Thank you for all the memories you allow the three of us to make together! Love you

Brenton: I love music and a variety.. Some of my favorites are Mumford and Sons, The Whitestripes, Hawethorn Heights, 30 Seconds to Mars, and Garth Brooks RMV: What do you like to do in your free time? Lyndee: If it is in the summer time, you will pretty much find me on the boat in the water playing!! I also love to cook , hang out with family and friends. Pretty much anything outdoors when the weather is nice. I Love to travel with my husband.... ROADTRIPS!! Brenton: I don’t get a lot of free time with both jobs but I love road trips, love going to concerts, hanging out with Lyndee and Greg, baking, and spending time with friends and family.


RMV’s Favorite pic


Holistic Meditation & EMcee Monkey D Interview

RMV: How old are you guys? Holistic: Earth years: 22, but years we’ve truly existed FOREVER EMcee Monkey D: 21 Just Turned :) RMV: Where are you from? Holistic: I’ve been asking myself this for years? Currently I believe a centered formless substance in the middle of my heart... but the short answer is Rexburg, Jerome, & now in Boise EMcee Monkey D: Jerome Idaho, Moved to Boise after high school RMV: How did you get started performing? Holistic: I’d only recorded about 10 tracks at the time and had been trying to get a show lined up for about 2 months..... The producer I was with didn’t like conscious music and since I wasn’t talking about drugs, sex, money or guns. He didn’t think that my music would be good for the crowd he brought in..... He kept promising me that I could get on a show at a later date. So I waited for him about 2 months and got a bunch of false promises and decided 2 go my own rout... about a week later I sent DJ Joey Bravo a track I had recently recorded. I was only hoping he might like it and could help me network or get play on his station. I think about a day later he sent me a message through Facebook asking if we wanted to get on a show that himself and Skillz were throwing in about a month... From 15

their it has just blown up!.....Currently Joey has put us on about 10 shows, let us freestyle live on the radio, and played our music on the Music Monster in Twin Falls. Joey has been our biggest help in the music industry as well as the most constructive person and artist I’ve met. Everything Joey does he has an open heart and positive attitude... Much love and respect to L.S.D. aka (Joey Bravo) EMcee Monkey D: Nait asked me to give it a shot with him after he had talked to a couple local people. He’s much better at networking than me. RMV: How long have you been performing? Holistic: my 1st show was December 4th 2010... So almost exactly one year EMcee Monkey D: 1 year as of the forth of this month. RMV: Tell us about your first show. Were you nervous? Holistic: I was nervous but, not as much as I thought I would be. My 2nd show though I was so nervous I threw up in the back about half way though my set... No one saw it luckily :D EMcee Monkey D: A little, it wasn’t too bad though; I know my songs and have never been a shy guy. Actually when we got started I got a rush out of it, and have been a Microphone Fiend ever since. RMV: How did you come up with your stage names?

Holistic: I choose Holistic Meditation because It (Meditation) describes a beautiful silent practice that will raise your Awareness/Consciousness though letting all of your thoughts settle as well as guide you back to your heart, true nature, and self realization... which is Enlightenment and Bliss... as well as the way I look at life (Holistically) and all that means is, looking at the world as a whole that is interconnected though consciousness or awareness-... Nothing is separated and all is perfect and flawless... Look inside yourself, find your center, and remember who you are! EMcee Monkey D: Its a character in a Japanese cartoon that is very odd but very tenacious, strong, and courageous. RMV: What kind of things do you like to sing about? Holistic: everything that will uplift consciousness ... I listen to the beat for about an hour so I can find the perfect words to describe the mood, thought, and feeling of the beat. After that I find the style and message so I can not only catch your ear, but after I do, I don’t want to waste your time or lie to the listener... I personally don’ enjoy being lied too by anyone, why would I want too lie to people that are taking the time to hear me? EMcee Monkey D: I write about all aspects of my life from love to hate, deep material to shallow material and everything in-between. This is because as a person in one way or another I think and feel all these emotions, so as an artist I have to stay real and touch on each topic. RMV: What is a favorite song of yours and why? Holistic: I don’t have a favorite they all have a specific purpose, but the ones I enjoy listening to the most so far are: Peaceful Revolution, Therapy, or Free Your Soul. My brother wrote an incredible verse in free your soul and I love hearing it. EMcee Monkey D: I don’t have A favorite song. But right now it would be “Aint No Thang” by Outkast. Its got me hooked at the moment. RMV: Where do you feel you are at this point in your career? Holistic: Although its very early in our career my brother and I have an incredible confidence in our skills and abilities... Not saying their isn’t room for improvement but we are comfortable in any situation... this point in our career will be the same as any other, we will remain humble and enjoy every opportunity that presents itself as much as the one before it... EMcee Monkey D: Not even on the first step RMV: Who are your biggest influences and why do you choose Hip Hop? Holistic: Hip Hop was one of my few true loves and was all about expressing myself... it was also the only place that I saw

free speech being practiced. I’ve always been the last person to be quiet or quieted. I practiced everyday starting young with memorization of lyrics and rhyme patterns then later began to write on my own around 8th grade. My biggest influence’s are Brad and Dusty Cook (my parents) & My little brother mashed noodle, MUSICALLY IT’S... KRS ONE, Rakim, Talib, Flobots, Lupe, and Black Thought. Outside of music it has been Osho, Gandhi, many different Buddah’s, Lao Tzu,Mooji, Drunvalo Melchizedek, Malcolm X, Martin Luther King Jr., and Gangaji... EMcee Monkey D: The people around me. My parents, friends, 2Pac, KRS-ONE, Eminem, Lupe and many other artists. I choose Hip Hop because its what I have always loved and been pulled toward as far as music. And its true to many aspects of kids in places like Jerome now days even. Its not just music its a way of life. RMV: Do you like any other kinds of music and if so who and why? Holistic: I Love all music, especially music that reminds me of the silence that we all come from... My favorite is when the wind plays the leaves like an instrument or when the rain dances with the leaves as each drop hits... it can be the most beautiful music if your in the right mind state..All vibration is a form or poetry, some is just more clear than others at pointing to the source/essence of life... Really though I appreciate all music. It all has its place/reason to exist. Even less conscious rap... EMcee Monkey D: I like almost every type of music. I mostly listen to Hip Hop But can appreciate everything. RMV: What are your plans for the future? Holistic: I keep the future out of my mind as much as possible. The more I think about the future the more time I waist in the present moment. If I give every moment full awareness and dont worry about past or future, the present moment will be beautiful and fully lived... as well as not a waist of time. After all the past and future don’t exist... The present moment is all that has ever been. EMcee Monkey D: Pursue my dreams in music, and reach my ambition through that. RMV: Where can people check you out? (Web sites, YouTube, Facebook, shows) Holistic: For people that are strapped for cash, you can get it free off this link Youtube ( or facebook ( but for those of you that want to buy my album and support our music-- here you can grab it for 9.99 or singles for .99 cents (http://www.


EMcee Monkey D: What Holistic said :) RMV: How and where can people purchase an album? Holistic: ( $9.99 or grab just one song for .99 cents EMcee Monkey D: None are available its a work in progress. MAY. RMV: Do you have any upcoming shows that you would like to promote to your fans? Holistic: Idaho Falls: Muddy’s the 27th, New years eve we have one at the Press Box in Twin Falls, Pocatello the 7th of January, and January 13th in Reno NV at Rubans Cantina.... EMcee Monkey D: Anyone who is 21 or older were at The Press-box in Twin on New Years Eve. And for anybody who can make it were in Reno on 13 of January RMV: Would you like to thank anybody for your success? Holistic: 1st of all the most important would be both of my parents for allowing me to be free. They rarely ever tried to mold me into something that I wasn’t and that is very rare for a child.. Mom and Dad I love you and am forever grateful! 2nd My brother because I may not have been on stage without his help, heart, and drive. I love you KRIS! I’m Forever grateful to share this life with such a great brother, person, and friend... 3rd in no order Carley Davis, Chris Anderson, Interstate Bandit, Nick Dalsoglio, Cody Garey, Chris Davis, Erik Davis, Cody Davis, Mary Anderson/Whitmire, Kaileb Ross, Joey Bravo, Michael summers, Black Patt, Travis Cooley, Tony Standlee, Tracy and Lynda Anderson, Stephonie Atkinson, Matt Ross, Theo Fulbright and Review Magic Valley, Casey Anderson, Wade Bennet, Ryan Ward, Jason Macomber,Justin Hickman, Brent Clark, Scott Burton, Gary Krumm, and anyon else that I forgot I’m sorry I wrote this in about 5 minutes.... EMcee Monkey D: As far as what we have done in music I would like to thank anybody who supports and believes in us as well as Joey Bravo. He’s a good person and I appreciate his help. And the Review for the interview.



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one very remarkable detail about this picture. Left and right of the face in the centre we see two crosses, one vertical aligned, and one slanted. They suggest the rotational movement of the four pointed cross (the Zodiac Cross). FROM: conjunction%20crosses.html

The eight pointed cross becoming a four pointed cross during a Great Celestial Conjunction. The blue cross represents the Earth Cross while the red cross represents the Galactic Cross. Qs (blue circle) represents plane of the Solar System and the ecliptic, Es (green circle) represents the plane of the Galaxy. The points Z and Z’ in the picture above are the intersections of the ecliptic with the Galactic Plane and these crossings have been associated by Schele with the Maya Sacred Tree, they are the Gemini-Taurus (Z’) nexus and Sagittarius-Scorpio (Z) nexus. As we will demonstrate later in the Maya artefacts these points are often depicted as two separate crosses XX. We add to Schele’s observations that the Maya Sacred Tree is also identical to the red cross in the picture above, the intersection of the Galactic Plane with the Solar System’s plane and it’s perpendicular axis to this intersection. This cross is the cross that occurs in the Fejérváry-Mayer Codex with the Sacred Tree symbols on it The Galactic Cross and the Maya Sacred Tree therefore are interchangeable concepts! We have found abundant X, XX and 8 pointed crosses in the Maya artefacts and in all cases they are associated with the Maya Sacred Tree! These examples express the idea of a rotating zodiac cross against the backdrop of a Galactic Cross. The occurrence of these crosses in the Maya artefacts and their association with the Maya Sacred Tree in their astronomical context can be explained by the Earth Cross and the Galactic Cross as proposed in this article. Earth Cross One could argue that the Maya couldn’t possibly have understood that the Zodiac’s equinox and solstice axis form a cross and that this cross rotates along the ecliptic during a precession cycle. We have named this cross in our paper ‘Crucifying the Earth on the Galactic Cross’ the Earth Cross. The crosses under the armpits of the Maize God depicted at the Lower Temple of the Jaguars at Chichen Itza represent the crossing places of the ecliptic and the Milky Way. But there is


There are many other scientific reasons to be concerned that with a little research can be found in books, published studies and the web. There are also Governmental things that could happen such as wars and market crashes. Whatn ever the next big thing is to happen I am sure that we will make it through as a race of people that are compassionate and inventive. In closing we ask you to be vigilant in your government, pay attention and watch as we go through a period in time that no one have never seen. And above all no matter what, Be prepared for any thing... Even the zombie apocalypse. If you can make it through that then I am sure you will make it through the end of the world “As We Know It”.




Review Magic Valley Issue 6  

Winners of the lady of 2011, Part 2 ladies Griphyn, interview with Holistic meditation and Mc Monkey D and more.

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