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Stories of survival, told in

Self-love, care and empowerment in the aftermath of sexual abuse primary theme of upcoming First Person Arts Festival

The self-made entrepreneur looking to make a splash as the first openly gay rapper in the game. | Page: 6

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Out of your head


ast week, I took part in an event deuality? signed to empower men right here A recent study at the University of Califorin Philadelphia. nia-Davis, which surveyed close to 400 black The event was informative, edmen, suggests that while black heterosexual ucational, and I left with a lot of males aren’t predominantly more averse to smart insight to take from what was the notion of homosexual men and women essentially an all-day event. Open to than white males, there is a significant differall, the event was predominantly Afence in preconceived notions. In fact, one line in the report reads: rican-American males with ages ranging from Gender differences in black heterosexual their mid-20s to late 70s. The topics examined attitudes (men’s attitudes toward gay men nutrition, healthy living and sexual and menwere more negative than their attitudes total health. wards lesbians or women’s attitudes towards But there was an exercise in the latter that gay men) appeared to result primarily from rubbed me the wrong way. men’s greater tendency to regard male homoDuring a mental health exercise, the presexuality as unnatural. senter asked men to sit in close proximity, But so much so that it’s subconlook into each other’s eyes and exscious even in conversation with plain what they’d do to better the other men? city if they were given $1 million. If you sat in this presentation, Easy enough exercise, right? The like I did, it would appear so. weird part is that as he told the men So, this begins the impetus of a to get together and to get real close, new series of pieces I’d like to delve he repeatedly stressed and affirmed into, and I need your help, Philly. for them “not to worry,” because the I’m looking for men, specifically “exercise is not that kind of party.” black and brown men of all genders Each time he said it, you could and ages who’d be willing to tell hear the chuckle of men in the me their thoughts on gay and trans room, ostensibly normalizing the lifestyles and their view on it. I’m presenter’s remarks. wondering just how ingrained this “Not that kind of party.” is in inner-city communities. I want I know what he took it to mean. to know what it’s like in the deep Basically, don’t worry men, you ar@SPRTSWTR pockets of Black Philly where old en’t gay because you’re sitting so school meets new, where you still go close to each other staring into each to church on Sunday with “pop-pop,” and all other’s eyes. It’s just an exercise. Don’t feel connect after to crush the post-church fish or like this is going to assume you’re gay. chicken fry. Except no one was assuming that. And I’m interested in how it’s perceived in the I’m willing to wager that if he didn’t feel the music world. We got a head start on that courneed to preface it, corralling together in close proximity wouldn’t have been an issue. In tesy of Cliff Vmir, who told us his aspirations as a gay man of making it big in hip-hop (see the room, were two HIV-positive men, one of page 6). whom was gay. I know this because the preBasically, the goal here is to explore how we sentation followed this presenter’s from mem– me included – as black men in Philadelphia bers of Philadelphia FIGHT on how it’s possichip away at reversing the mindset of visualble to live with HIV, the importance of getting izing an LGBT lifestyle as taboo. If you’re intested. terested in exploring how we get “it’s not that Side note: Did you know HIV can live dorkind of party” out of the subconscious as a mant in someone for 10 years? Really insightnegative thing or a joke. ful presentation from FIGHT; consider this a In a perfect world, this looks very similar shameless plug in checking out the important to the summit I attended, we get a bunch of work happening from that organization. guys in the room to chop it up over some food, Anyway, I thought about this guy and what drinks, beer, whatever’s clever, but let’s start must’ve been going through his head as the presenter repeatedly felt the need to secure the discussion, men and see if we can grow this into something bigger. masculinity and a light bulb moment for a fuMy email is kgabriel@philadelphiaweekly. ture story went off: com. Are men of a certain age and race still inHope to hear from you. Enjoy your week, secure about how they’ll be perceived when it Philly. comes to sexuality? And specifically homosex-






Highdeas The following came via submission from a PW reader who goes by BigDawg885 who said that these occurred to him while "chiefin with the fellas" last week... We would never let kids take candy from strangers on any other day, but we dress them up in costumes and let them take as much as they can on Halloween. We’d never kiss a complete stranger, but we’re perfectly fine with eating and drinking from utensils at public restaurants under the assumption that they’ve been washed thoroughly.

STATE For those who saw former Philadelphia mayor Michael Nutter as a fraud, this latest news isn’t going to change that thinking. During his time as mayor, Nutter was a staunch critic behind decriminalizing marijuana and certainly opposed legalizing it. However, according to an Inquirer report, Nutter apparently has changed his tune, joining NJ-based cannabis organization Green Leaf Medical as a senior adviser and consultant. We don’t know how much Nutter will profit from this, but we can’t stop picturing him like those “Hulu Has Live Sports” ads.


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Smoke and mirrors

You’d never get into a total stranger’s car for risk of your life, but now it’s totally normal to willingly pay to risk your life by getting into a stranger’s car thanks to Uber and Lyft.

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The number of students at Peirce Elementary School in North Philadelphia with pissed off parents after it was discovered that the Philadelphia School District failed to act quickly after discovering that Peirce was the latest in a long line of city schools found to contain asbestos. School reps said that it was slow in getting the word out and crews over to remediate given it “did not have the capacity to do so for this location.” Which some parents believe was translation for, “it’s North Philly kids, we’ll get to it when we get to it.”

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“It doesn’t matter. We still got 79 games... that’s a long way.” — Sixers center Joel Embiid following Monday night’s 105-103 win over the Atlanta Hawks, a game in which Embiid dropped 36 points and added 13 boards improving the Sixers to a perfect 3-0 record in the Eastern Conference for the first time since the 2013-14 season.

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“It’s Philly, you’ll get used to it.” — Woman tells obvious out-of-towner who looks aghast while watching a random man urinate on the steps of the Union League along Sansom Street on Saturday night. We can’t confirm the look, but it was described to our editorial staff as “bitch looked like she saw a ghost on Halloween night,” which we think is about as Philly as a description can get.





Despite being on television and amassing scores of followers on social media, Cliff Vmir revealed that winning a Power 99-FM’s inaugural Diamonds in the Rough contest was the biggest thing to happen to his budding career to date. | Images: Lauren Media Group

Pursuit of T the bag

We dive inside the multi-faceted mind of influencer Cliff Vmir OCTOBER 31 - NOVEMBER 7 , 2019 | PHILADELPHIA WEEKLY

hese days, the culture of quiring bags while in his own bag (in hip-hop is obsessed with the parlance of Philadelphians). At just 22, Vmir has built a “the bag.” million-dollar empire in the The phrase “Get the BY RYAN bag” is motivation to everyone K. SMITH hair industry. He’s done it all while donning long, luxuwithin earshot to go out and get rious, prismatic hairdos and paid. Folks grind day and night in pursuit of the bag and the more corresponding, fashionable nails. bags, the better. New Jersey-born His glamorous look is an expression influencer Cliff Vmir is adept at ac- of however he feels at the moment.



“Beauty, to me, is how you express yourself,” Vmir said in a candid interview with PW recently. “Beauty can be a look; it can be just how you carry yourself. I feel like it’s within.” Don’t let the dolled-up appearance lead you to false assumptions. Though often mistakenly labeled as transgender or a drag queen, Vmir identifies 100 percent as a gay, Black man. The only transition he is looking to make is from celebrity hairstylist to superstar rapper. Vmir received a significant boost in ascent from follicles to freestyles by being named an opening act at Power 99’s (98.9-FM) perennial Powerhouse concert on Oct. 25. He got there by becoming the first LGBT act to win the station’s annual “Diamonds In The Rough” contest. Though he has ripped around 20 shows in his fledgling career on the mic, Powerhouse was his biggest stage yet. “To get voted as an opening act at the Powerhouse, it was, like, such a surreal feeling,” Vmir gushed. For a little background, Power 99 has put on Powerhouse since 1982, according to the station’s bio. Each year, the concert is a showcase of some of the brightest stars in hip-hop and R&B, and is perennially filled to capacity. For the latest installation, the draw for fans were some of hip-hop’s premier acts such as Migos, Lil Uzi Vert, Lil Baby, Da Baby, Jeezy, Megan Thee Stallion, A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie, PNB Rock and Jacquees. The Diamonds In The Rough contest, now in its fifth year, is an opportunity for local artists to get some shine. Named in honor of station standout DJ Diamond Kuts (who broke ground herself by becoming the sole female mixer in the history of Philly’s airwaves). Fans vote for artists in the pool, and the field is narrowed down to five. More votes are cast to crown a winner, however, in a quality-control kind of capacity, the station’s staff has to approve the final selection. This year, Vmir was the last one standing out of 600 contenders. The choice was made solely based on talent, according to Derrick Corbett, media director of urban programming for Clear Channel, the parent

company of Power 99. “It’s just surreal, because last year around this time, I entered into the competition and I wasn’t one of the top five,” remembered Vmir. “So to be able to see the progress, I can only imagine what will go on next year, and the year after that [beyond Powerhouse].” The unprecedented nature of Vmir’s win is something he hopes to replicate throughout his career in a hip-hop industry that historically hasn’t been kind to men like him. For starters, there has never been an openly gay male rapper on the radar. Even in 2019, the f-bomb used to describe LGBT people, in addition to other homophobic language, is prevalent in rap lyrics. Vmir is looking to break that cycle. “When you’re one of the first to do many things, you [hear the word ‘no’] a lot,” he said. “You get the door slammed in your face. I want to basically show out for everyone who’s always been told ‘no’ because of their sexuality. I feel like sexuality shouldn’t have anything to do with talent.” Nevertheless, hip-hop accepts hustlers with


open arms, and Vmir is most certainly that. Bigotry adds undeserved obstacles to Vmir’s journey, but he’s used to making a way out of no way in the face of adversity. As a teen, he was abandoned by a father unaccepting of his lifestyle after he refused to play sports or do other things paternally pushed on him. He was left with an ailing mother who was bed-ridden after a knee replacement. With no money coming in, Vmir took on the role of provider and thus his pursuit of the bag commenced. Vmir honed a knack for hair design on Barbie dolls and applied that to human heads. “I was just tired of seeing my mom suffer,” he recalled. “I had a friend who always asked me could I come to her house and do her hair, so I just started saying, ‘Can you start paying me?’ And then, it went from her paying me, into her mom paying me, to their aunt paying me. I was, like, a freshman in high school, getting out of school, catching public transportation to wherever I needed to go do people’s hair and literally, I would take the majority of the money and give it to my mom.” SEE CLIFF, PAGE 8



PEOPLE Cliff Vmir’s claim to fame might be the hair empire that made him a millionaire before age 20, but his goal is to become the next big thing in hip-hop and the first to make a major name as an LGBT rapper. | Image: Ryan K. Smith

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CLIFF, FROM PAGE 7 Vmir made such a name for himself as a hairstylist that at just 16 years old, he was invited to teach classes in Atlanta. That was a big break, but Vmir made his bones by styling hair in Philly. While working at a salon in Delaware, Vmir would get a lot of clients from the city, so he made himself more accessible to them by setting up shop in a Philly beauty parlor, and his buzz snowballed. According to Vmir, consistency has been the main ingredient of success. He stayed diligent in his grind, and soon, starlets including Cardi B, Blac Chyna, Trina and Joseline Hernandez became clients. He’s amassed a following of over 860,000 on Instagram, where he garners 100,000 to 450,000 views per post. Vmir has also taken to reality TV through his web series, Wig Out, on BET Networks. The eight-episode first season boasts over 20 million views across platforms. Perhaps Vmir’s biggest triumph in the hair hustle is making a million dollars before the age of 20 through his Hym Hair brand. Founded in 2016, Hym Hair offers a range of products, including hair and hair maintenance products, in addition to Vmir’s styling prowess. “Whether a client was coming in and they were just getting a $250 basic sew-in [or] adding hair on through their sew-in services, by the time they add three or four bundles, they’re already at $600, $700 or $800,” Vmir explained when asked how he got to million-dollar status. “[You can do it] If you’re doing three or four of them a day, then you’re getting booked for seminars and classes, then you have a website that you’re selling your products on, and people are paying you for Instagram promotion.”


Though lucrative, Vmir is looking to ditch the hair industry entirely and become the next big thing in hip-hop. “I just felt like once you’re at the top of the industry and there’s nothing else to do, and you’ve been doing it for so long, you’re kind of looking for new excitement,” he expressed. Vmir started rapping in 2018 and credits the current swarm of female acts dominating hip-hop (i.e. Cardi B, Nicki Minaj, Megan Thee Stallion, City Girls, etc.) as his influences. He currently has two singles spinning on all major platforms: “Get Money” featuring Cuban Doll and “Throw It Back” with fellow LGBT-emcee Kidd Kenn. “I make music for people who are super-confident. I make music for people who may need that push. You may wake up in the morning and say, ‘OK, I’m feeling down, but let me listen to this music to get me back on track,’” he said. “I make music for bad bitches.” Though he is trying to leave hair alone, Hym Hair is slated to drop a new line of shampoos and conditioners in the spring. A new season of Wig Out is scheduled to premiere in January. His debut EP, Welcome To My Reality, is expected to drop at the top of the year. “Y’all are just going to start seeing me everywhere,” Vmir predicted. “Every billboard, every magazine, anything that artists can get on, y’all going to see me on a lot of lineups. I’m going to start working very hard. I just want my legacy to show [that] he was super young, he had a lot of obstacles that he went through in his life, but he still got it done. I want people to remember that I’m a boss.”





Pissed on

his parade Journalist who exposed R. Kelly takes the stage at upcoming First Person Arts Festival


s Ronan Farrow has and their families pour over the with Harvey Wein- torturous aspects of rape and stein, Matt Lauer and abuse at Kelly’s hands. “I’ve never not taken that the manipulative culture of male empowerment phone call,” said DeRogatis when asked if the case is over women in the film BY A.D. over now that he’s puband news business, Jim AMOROSI lished “Soulless: The DeRogatis has done so Case Against R. Kelly,” with Robert “R.” Kelly and with its subject behind bars music. Only, DeRogatis – a revered for six months. DeRogatis is music journalist with major one part of a night of revelachops in investigative beat tion at the annual First Person journalism – has been at this, Arts Festival taking part in the singularly and doggedly, for event’s marquee production, 20 years, as the only man who #IMNOJANEDOE on Nov. 3. He would listen to, and believe, over sat down with us ahead of the 40 black girls-turned-women event.

Jim DeRogatis, the reporter who spoke to the women who allege sexual abuse at the hands of singer R. Kelly, will take part in a panel discussion at the 18th annual First Person Arts Festival on Nov. 3. | Image courtesy: Jim DeRogatis






DEROGATIS, FROM PAGE 9 You have lived with this story for 20 years. Are you at all tired of having to rerun or re-live this for people who are only now dealing with R. Kelly’s guilt? Yeah. I hate it. I’d rather be talking to you about Lizzo or virtually anything else. I get it, but, why keep doing it? Why keep going? I hate the Javier narrative, that I AM OBSESSED with R. Kelly (laughs). Early in my career, when I was an investigative beat reporter in New Jersey, and writing music for free for fanzines, I had two brilliant women editors who were mentors. They told me that sometimes you choose the story, and sometimes your story chooses you. So, since November 2000 when I got the fax that started this – Robert has a problem, Robert likes young girls – turned out to be true, it’s not me chasing the story. It is women coming to me who saw my stories and saying that I got it right. They say, “I have a story. No one will listen to me.”

Music artist R. Kelly, who it's said to have raped and sexually abused scores of women is chronicled by journalist Jim DeRogatis, one part of a panel discussion at this year's First Person Arts Festival. | Image: Wikicommons




Branding. Digital. Experiential. And so it continues then. To me, you’re not a reporter, much less a human being, if a woman is on the phone, saying, “No one will listen to me. Can I tell you my story,” and you don’t take that call. Whether it’s the girls who spoke to me in the fall of 2000 – and girls is the right word, as their contact with me started at age 14 and 15 – or the Savages and the Clarys coming to me in 2016 about the cult story, and 48 women whose stories I heard in the intervening years … this story chose me. You are coming to Philly for a festival that focuses on the memoir as art. How is this story your story? If I look at a career as a writer, starting with the day I spent at age 17 with Lester Bangs, then publishing his biography in 2000, or sitting with Kurt Cobain before In Utero came out, or getting shouted out in the audience by Common only to have this guy hand me his mixtape and tell me he’s coming up – that’s how I met Kanye – I’d rather talk about those stories. R. Kelly? I wish it hadn’t taken up 20 years of my life. I prefer to dwell on the good power of music. If you don’t think the best music is being made now or is about to be made in a basement in Tulsa or a bedroom in Brooklyn, then get the fuck out of the way. This is the best beat in the world. In my head, I’m still 17. Before I became a writer full-time, I worked, in the 1990s, in the music business and had contact with people at Jive, Kelly’s label. They knew about his predilections. What did you know about him before 2000? I started at the Sun Times in 1991 as the pop music critic. “R. Kelly likes them young” was always the phrase I heard. Exactly. Aaliyah. The Aaliyah thing blew up in 1996. I interviewed her, and Kelly when he produced “You are Not Alone,” Michael Jackson’s only No. 1 hit after the accusations against him. Kelly did not talk about the Aaliyah incident, but he said that he wrote that Michael song about “some shit going down in my life.” Clearly, that’s about Aaliyah, though she denied it. Everybody I spoke to at Jive and the minister whose name was on the wedding certificate denied it. I was facing a wall of denials. Still, that didn’t sit easy with me. In 2000, that fax came through mentioning a lawsuit and an ongoing police investigation – numerous things that turned out to be true. I took those words seriously. Our lead in that Dec. 20, 2000, story was prescient and borne out now by 41 felony counts against Kelly, with possibly more to come. Our lead was that R. Kelly has consistently abused his position of wealth and fame to pursue illegal sexual contact with underage girls. Bam. On Dec. 21, 2000, what were you thinking, after the story ran? That we were late to this story, as victim

No. 1 starts in 1991. Shame on the media. Shame on us. We should have taken this seriously sooner. Me and all of my colleagues also thought, well, now R Kelly is done. Boy, were we wrong. Now, he’s done. He’s never going to breathe fresh air again. Put this in perspective, brother: 41 felony counts. No one in the history of pop music, which has a long, sad history of men abusing women – before Frank Sinatra to well after Ryan Adams – has ever faced a trail like this, with federal racketeering suits, with his enablers being indicted, with 195 years behind bars. So why didn’t people come forward? We all heard the whispers. But, Kelly was an unprecedented cash cow … he himself earned a quarter of a billion dollars, and that Jive earned a billion dollars and sold a 100 million records, to say nothing of what he produced and wrote for Whitney Houston and Celine Dion to collaborations with Lady Gaga. How did these record executives shave or put on their makeup knowing that daughters and sisters were getting hurt… Popular culture and the media turn this into a joke couldn’t have helped. Dave Chappelle. Saturday Night Live. We were normalizing the behavior of a serial rapist. It shouldn’t have been “the pee tape.” It should have been “the rape tape.” How was it as a Caucasian man going to these Black girls and Black mothers to report on the crimes of a beloved, successful Black entertainer? I know, the fat white rock critic, right? The bullshit phrase of anyone with white privilege that “I don’t see color,” that’s nonsense. I was clearly not a member of that community, and yet, my overwhelming experience was not to have doors slammed in my face or being distrusted. I also never heard “I hate R Kelly.” What I heard was that “brother has a problem,” and “brother’s hurting people and needs to stop.” I was welcomed into people’s homes, had people cry on my shoulder, and was offered tea and conversation, glad to talk to me because no one else wanted to listen. Understanding the music must have helped. Yes. Despite the fact that I was waiting for Wire to come to town the next night, they might have a Mavis Staples record on the table or Common playing in the background. If I told them about being hugged by Mavis Staples, that the experience was like being hugged by an angel, suddenly we’re cousins. I understood Kelly’s music and how people could be smitten with him. I understood the power of music, and its ability to get inside your soul, and seduce. #IMNOJANEDOE | Nov. 3, 2 p.m. Levitt Auditorium, 401 S. Broad St. firstpersonarts. org/Festival


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PW picks: The First Person Arts Festival

StorySlams are the bread and butter of what makes First Person Arts a success. Come see why on Nov. 6 and then again on Nov. 16 when the best storytellers go against each other to be crowned the best in the city. | Image courtesy: First Person Arts




If you can’t see em all, we encourage you to not miss these five BY KERITH GABRIEL


or 18 years, the First Person Arts Festival has been captivating audiences. As arguably one of the primary organizations focused on storytelling through presentations, discussion and education in the city, this event has served as the crown jewel of FPA’s existence. After writing this, I’m almost embarrassed to admit that this will be my first time in attendance. Look, I know I can’t be the only one so I’m helping us all out with the five events you must check out at this year’s festival, running Nov. 3-17. The theme here is “Transformation,” which I think is evident in each of the following. #IMNOJANEDOE This is the marquee event of the entire festival this year. A night of stories from people who survived sexual assault and abuse and the journalists that broke the doors wide open on a number of high profile cases. Locally, WHYY’s Annette John-Hall, who created the Cosby: Unraveled series is part of a panel highlighted by Megan Twohey, the Pulitzer Prize-winning reporter who exposed Harvey Weinstein and his alleged decades of sexual misconduct and abuse to scores of actors in Hollywood. This event hopes to explain a number of things: the fear to come forward, the power of voice once you do and the aftermath of how life goes on after such a violation. It’s empowerment, all packed into one twohour event. | Nov. 3, 2 p.m., $25. Levitt Auditorium, 401 S. Broad St. single/SelectSeating.aspx?p=63552 Jericho Brown This renowned writer and poet explore the life of transients who settle in Philadelphia and how their differences make an ever-evolving city. Through a mix of development and subsequent gentrification, Philly is becoming a city where the term “melting pot” has perhaps never been more accurate. But what’s it like to settle into neighborhoods where the old ways aren’t used to new blood? As part of First Person Arts’ Becoming Philadelphia series of shows at this year’s festival, Brown will explore this and more through poetry that plans to make you think. | Nov. 6, 6:30 p.m. Free. Joseph E. Coleman Northwest Regional Library, 68 W. Chelten Ave.

StorySlams and the Grand Slam These jawns are the bread and butter of First Person Arts. It’s where Philly gets to tell the story and may the best story win it all. This year, participants will choose from three themes: Romance, Comedy of Errors and Sexy; then go to town on a provocative piece of writing that fits in that theme. This is going down at the Ruba Club (416 Green St.) on Nov. 6. Now, the winners of FPA’s 2019 StorySlam season go head-to-head on Nov. 16 in front of a panel of celebrity judges to determine who of the lot is literally Philadelphia’s greatest storyteller. The winner will receive a $250 cash prize, free admission to StorySlams for life and the title of “Best Storyteller in Philadelphia.” | StorySlam, Nov. 6, 7 p.m. $15 ($17 at door). Ruba Club, 416 Green St. GrandSlam, Nov. 16, 7 p.m. $25 ($27 at door). World Cafe Live, 3025 Walnut St. I Killed the Cow Larissa Marten is the actress and storyteller that will look to get the audience to look at sexual assault beyond the stigma through a humorous act that uses metaphor to portray assault and misconduct. In it, this New Yorkbased Martens hopes that through reflection we can all look at abuse through a much different lens. I Killed the Cow is part of a nationwide tour for Martens, one that makes a timely pit stop here in Philly for the First Person Arts Festival. | Nov. 10, 7 p.m, $25 ($27 at door). African-American Museum of Philadelphia, 701 Arch St. single/SelectSeating.aspx?p=63554 Engaging Males of Color What does life look like after “rejoining society” following incarceration? I bet you wouldn’t ever think the word hilarious would ever be used as a description. It is and a group of formerly incarcerated men, led by comedian Ali Siddiq will explain how. All of the stories are true, deeply personal and plan to portray a real look at life after prison straight from the source. Considering how I think we all have this preconceived notion from what movies and TV shows have conveyed about life after prison, knowing just how true (or completely bullshit) that is for me, is high on the agenda. | Nov. 14, 7 p.m. Free. WHYY 150 N. 6th St.


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Stories that hope to spark conversation around sexuality and the stigma that coincides will all be on display and the primary topic at ‘The First Time,’ an Erotic StorySlam event at this year’s First Person Arts Festival. | Image: Michael Prewitt




Only a few work harder to normalize sexuality than Dr. Susana Mayer and her Erotic Literary Salon


A merger of erotic storytelling, conversation and discussion in the hopes of normalizing sex will take place during "The First Time," and Erotic Slam part of this year's First Person Arts Festival. | Image: Marcel Gaelle


t’s an extremely busy time for Susana form like the First Person Arts Festival has Mayer. the power to spark a change in beliefs. The Philly-based sexologist is in the “For people who have never attended the midst of her new book and, in sup- Erotic Literary Salon, the Erotic Slam will plying information for this story, was give them a taste of some of the styles of work also in the throes of finalizing every- they might be exposed to at the Salon,” wrote thing for said book to hungry publish- Mayer. “At the Salon, it is not unusual for me ers. to notice a person connect with a heartfelt stoThe book, “Does Sex Have an Expiry or one involving trauma. By their facial expression, I know an ‘aha’ moration Date? Rethinking Low Libido for Women Aged 35-105 and the Men BY KERITH ment has been realized. Other times GABRIEL they connect with a story involving Who Love Them: A Guide to Developfetishes, and I know they have just ing Your Ageless Sex Life” is pretty realized they are not the “only ones.” self-explanatory by way of title. This The first hour of the event is planned as a exploration is much of the focus of Mayer, the founder and host of the Erotic Literary Salon, mini sex-ed class, but it’s by design. It’s hard to understand the full scope of the immersive which for more than a decade has been a place stories planned on the night without some for people to meet and learn about all things sex, a place to share sex stories through story- cursory knowledge of sex from a scientific telling and first-person dialogue, and discuss barometer. This notion of knowledge leading to acceptance – or at least understanding – any and all topics surrounding, you guessed makes for a better event. It’s the foundation of it, sex. It’s perhaps why, despite knowing very little what the 11-year run of the Erotic Literary Saabout First Person Arts, it made sense for the lon is built and one Mayer writes won’t waver in this collaboration with FPA for the Erotic two to combine forces for the production of Slam. an Erotic Slam called “The First Time.” In it, “The stories to be heard at the Erotic Slam a series of storytellers will read their unique have one thing in common – the first time stories across a host of sex topics and themes. the reader experienced something, and I sugAttendees are also encouraged to join in and tell their sex stories, for better or worse, in a gested the theme refer to something sexual,” Mayer wrote. “These curated presenters are safe space where discussion is encouraged. Mayer knows this type of conversation used to sharing edgy pieces in a sexually explicit manner. These pieces might make some works. It has for the past 11 years for her since people squirm and others think ‘eek, did that really happen?’” starting the Erotic Literary Salon. While this is Mayer’s first collaboration “[The purpose of the Erotic Literary Salon] is to provide people a different experi- with First Person Arts on this topic, this is not her first rodeo. She knows of the power such ence and perhaps a more comfortable scene to share sexually explicit stories,” Mayer said storytelling has to change the notion, inspire via email to PW. “Non-fiction, fiction, poetry, courage and incite exploration – regardless of age. all styles of work are presented. The pieces do “I’m not imagining this since I receive not have to be memorized, it is not about the presentation. There is no judging, it is about emails often thanking me for holding the the content. There is a wide range of presen- [Erotic Literary Salon] space and telling me how they could relate to a specific story,” tations, from spoken word to ones read off of a phone. I often hear the words ‘safe and com- wrote Mayer. “I can only hope someone attending the Erotic Slam will have a similar fortable’ space to describe the Salon.” response.” As for Mayer, she’ll also have plans to give The First Time | Nov. 4, 7 p.m. $15 ($17 at a reading at the event focusing on the “Sildoor), TIME Restaurant, 1315 Sansom St. my. ver Lining of Low Libido.” There’s a stigma around life at a certain age and the sex (or thereof) that is believed to arrive as a re- px?p=63549 sult. Mayer hopes the grind she’s putting in @SPRTSWTR between a new book and speaking on a plat





Punk act Flipper recently made a stop in Philadelphia as part of its 40th anniversary tour. The band, which has changed many versions of itself over the years, hasn’t changed its sound, blowing the doors off First Unitarian Church on Oct. 25. | Image courtesy: Malco 23

Despite many iterations, nothing’s been able to kill off legendary indie punk pack, Flipper




ivergent punk acts are exactly and write music, DePace said. what we need in this time of po“This anniversary gave us an excuse and a litical fuckery and social anarchy. reason to kind of get back out and do it again, Flipper is the essential band and it’s worked out really great.” for going against the norm. The Whether you listen to “Brainwash” or “Sex band stopped by First Unitari- Bomb,” you can notice the signature sound of an Church on Oct. 25 as the band. Sporadic, nonsensical lyrpart of its 40th anniversary U.S. tour. ics, a cacophony of loud guitars and Supported by Philly bands Narcos banging drums and a slow rhythm BY ALEX and Taiwan Housing Project, all of that feels slightly off. DePace said this NAGY these performances perfectly set the different approach to punk music is tone for what amounted to an off-thewhat made them stand out, especially rails show. in the emerging hardcore scene of the These punks from the late 1970s have never 1980s. paid attention to what everyone is listening “I think our music was smart and enterto; they create whatever sounds they want. In taining, and there was some intelligence and turn, the band became one of the most influ- humor to it,” he said. ential groups in the punk and grunge scene. Flipper was joined on this tour by David They’re said to have influenced Nirvana, Yow of Jesus Lizard, who took the place of the whose bassist, Krist Novoselic, actually played lead singer. Donning a black “Fuck Trump” with Flipper for a few years in the mid-2000s. T-shirt, Yow and the band came out on stage “It wasn’t planned or conceived or anything with some welcoming words before they startlike that,” said Steve DePace, the original ed playing. drummer of the band. “We just literally went “This song has some words and sounds. We into a room, plugged in our instruments and hope you like it,” he said. Then, they played made noise, and that’s what came out.” “The Light, The Sound, The Rhythm, The DePace credits Sex Pistols as one of the Noise,” as the crowd started to fire up. band’s influences. He also gave recognition Now, for those who have been to First Unito original members Will Shatter and Bruce tarian quite a few times for shows, you’re Loose for heavily influencing the Flipper well aware of the acoustics. With Flipper, the sound we all know and love. sound could’ve imploded eardrums. Few punk Some bands can hardly make it past a year shows – especially those boasting 40 years – together without a feud, so how has Flipper have been louder, appropriate for catching the managed to stay together after 40 years of essence of what Flipper is. members coming and going and lots of perPunks old and new were shoving each other sonal issues? in the tightly-packed pit. Some crowd-surfed “We’ve put up with a lot of tragedy over the and, while in the air, were screaming lyrics years,” DePace said. right back at Yow. Shatter tragically died from a drug overYow dove into the crowd about half-way dose in 1987, and Loose left the band in 2015 through the set as he sang an uplifting sentiafter suffering back issues for many years. ment from the song “Way of the World.” John Dougherty replaced Shatter shortly af“That’s the way of the fucking, shitty ter he died, but he also ended up passing away world,” he uttered into the mic over and over in 1993. again as the crowd passed him around. Ricky Williams, Flipper’s original lead voDePace shared some of the band’s plans for calist, is responsible for the band’s name. the near future. “He had a bunch of pets and he named all “I’m hoping to continue through at least of them Flipper, so when we were trying to de- next year – putting out records, touring, cide on a name, he just came up with it and we playing and doing some other things. We’re went with it,” DePace recalled. working on a double feature documentary and Williams was fired from the band before he I have ideas for a couple of books and some art could even record with them due to his uncon- gallery events,” he said. trollable drug problems. However, nothing has In summation, know this isn’t the last you’ll derailed them from continuing to follow their see of Flipper. passion as musicians. As long as they are @ALEXBNAGY physically able, Flipper will continue to tour



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COMING TO THE STAGE Consider throwing these upcoming shows on your concert calendar.

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Black Violin

This duo has set out to defy stereotypes of what classically-trained musicians look like. They infuse hip-hop and popular music into their violin strings to create exciting music to get everyone moving. They play about 200 shows a year, most of which include free performances for children in low-income communities. | Nov. 8. 8 pm. $35-$75. Academy of Music at The Kimmel Center, 240 S. Broad St.

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The only thing they’ll steal from you is your heart. This band’s known for being deep and connecting with fans through vulnerable lyrics. Their music feels like a shrooms-enhanced carriage ride through a wheat field to find yourself – or something like that. | Nov. 9. 8:30 pm. $23. Union Transfer, 1026 Spring Garden St.


This band is one of the most deserving of a big break. We think they’ve finally achieved it after being together since 2005. They’ve opened up for huge names – like Train and Fitz and The Tantrums – and even gained the attention of Sia when they were starting out. Now on their own tour, they certainly have gained the attention of millions of fans. | Nov. 14. 7:30 pm. $35.50-$115. The Met Philly, 858 N. Broad St.

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This band’s known specifically for their crazy-ass shows. Think Nine Inch Nails-level heavy shit. Pigface hasn’t toured in about 14 years, so chances are they’ll let rip all they’ve had bottled up. | Nov. 18. 7:30pm. $30.50. Theatre of the Living Arts, 334 South St.

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Mega Ran

We bet you’ve never heard of a video game-inspired rap artist. If you have, then you’ve already been a fan of Ran’s music for a while. He infuses education and gaming with old-fashioned hip-hop to create a sound everyone can jam to. CAPCOM made Ran the first musician to ever be licensed by a video game producer. Come see why he can’t help but turn his audience members into superfans by the end of his sets. | 8:30 pm. $12. Kung Fu Necktie, 1250 N. Front St.


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We’re not sure how Cher released 26 fucking studio albums in her career and has yet to show her age. She’s literally the G.O.A.T. of wigs and faces and one who is so damn popular that she had to add a second stop in Philly by popular demand. You know what they say – when the world bursts into flames, all that will be left is Cher and cockroaches. At least, someone out there must say that. Maybe. | Dec. 6. 8 pm. $48. Wells Fargo Center, 3601 S. Broad St.

Strand of Oaks

Timothy Showalter – the indie musician behind the moniker – first played his “Winter Classic” shows at this same venue five years ago. Now, this three-day performance has become an ideal way to close out the year. Showalter aims for this performance to be a space for all to gather and reflect on the days that have passed. We’re ready for this to be a long-running Philly tradition. | Dec. 12-14. 8:30 pm. $23. Boot and Saddle, 1131 S. Broad St.

Dr. Jon Fisher

The Starting Line

We weren’t sure if we’d ever see these guys again. These Philly-based pop-punks are back on the road, courtesy of their “Est. 1999” tour. They haven’t released anything since 2012, so you’ll probably get treated to a slew of new material … assuming there’s new music coming down the road. Just hang in there; your patience will get you past the finish line. | Dec. 21. 8:30 pm. $32.50. Franklin Music Hall, 421 N. 7th St.


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Festival calendar The what, when and how to plug into two weeks of these transformative events #ImNoJaneDoe

The voices behind the #MeToo movement and other revolutions against sexual harassment deserve all the recognition. Some brave women who have told their stories and stood up against national and local harassment scandals will be here to prove why speaking up is so important. | Nov. 3. 2 pm. $25. Levitt Auditorium, 401 S. Broad st.

The First Time

Listen to stories about first times – you know what we mean. This partnership between First Person Arts and Erotic Literary Salon was created to normalize sexuality and stay open to the conversation surrounding it. | Nov. 4. 7 pm. $15. Time, 1315 Sansom St.


Typically, these story-sharing events have a set theme, but you get to pick it this time. Whether you choose “Romance,” “Comedy of Errors” or “Sexy,” get ready to share and hear some fascinating stories. | Nov. 6. 7 pm. $15. Ruba Club, 416 Green St.

Ladan Osman

Osman will be the first poet featured in the festival’s “Becoming Philadelphia” series. She will share pieces of her poetry, and guests will be asked to share their stories on what it means to them to be a Philadelphian. | Nov. 7. 6:30 pm. Free. Kingsessing Library Branch, 1201 S. 51st St.

Socrates Now

Ancient Greek philosophy isn’t always so easy to explain. This solo performance will unpack the essentials of Socrates’ ethics in a way everybody can have fun with. | Nov. 5. 7 pm. $35. International House, 3701 Chestnut St.

Taylor Mali

Mali will join in the Becoming Philadelphia series to share his well-known poetry. He’s been on “Def Poetry” with Russell Simmons and trained in Oxford alongside members of the Royal Shakespeare Company. This guy has some serious chops. | Nov. 10. 2:30 pm. Free. South Philadelphia Health and Literacy Center, 1700 S. Broad St.

Telling stories doesn’t come naturally to everybody. If you’ve always wanted to speak at a First Person Arts slam but never worked up the courage, this is the workshop for you. Writer Nimisha Ladva will teach you how to shape your experiences into entertaining stories. | Nov. 9. 2 pm. $25. Parkway Central Library, 1901 Vine St.

Coming home from prison can be a huge transition. Formerly incarcerated men and comedians familiar with the topic will share their stories of taking their experiences and turning them into successful career opportunities. | Nov. 14. 7 pm. Free. WHYY, 150 N. 6th St.

Tina Chang

I Killed the Cow

This one-woman show is an entertaining way to open the conversation on sexual assault. Larissa Marten aims to strip away the stigma and halt the spread of misinformation around the topic with her performance. | Nov. 10. 7 pm. $22.50.


Engaging Males of Color

Listen in on a reading from Chang’s new poetry book “Hybrida.” Chang is an acclaimed poet who was the first woman to be named Poet Laureate of Brooklyn. You should all be so lucky that you get to see her for free. | Nov. 16. 2 pm. Free. Independence Library, 18 S. 7th St.

Comedy SlamCamp

Davis is another talented poet who will be sharing one of his newest collections. “Night Angler” is a touching narrative on fatherhood and protecting black lives in modern America. | Nov. 12. 6:30 pm. Free. Lucien E. Blackwell Regional Library, 125 S. 52nd St.

There is little that is more intimidating than standup comedy. Luckily, you have Che Guerrero, one of Philly’s funniest comedians, to guide you through all the essentials of being alone on stage with a mic. You’ll never bomb at an open-mic again if you listen to what he has to tell you. | Nov. 16. 2 pm. $25. World Cafe Live, 3025 Walnut St.

Out of the Shadows


Geffrey Davis

Jericho Brown

Where you’re from inarguably shapes your identity. However, Brown’s stories of blackness, queerness, trauma and more can connect with any audience. Join him as he discusses “The Tradition,” his newest poetry collection. | Nov. 6. 6:30 pm. Free. Joseph E. Oolman Library, 68 W. Chelten Ave.

Holiday Gift Making

Believe it or not, it’s time to start thinking about Christmas presents. There’s no better gift than one that comes from the heart – even if you can’t craft to save your life. This workshop will help you infuse some creativity and love into your holiday gifts. | Nov. 10. 2 pm. $25. Da Vinci Art Alliance, 704 Catharine St.

Women who have been wronged by the government’s oppressive rules won’t stay silent any longer. This event will feature women sharing their experiences with fighting for abortion access. It’s important for them to speak up in a time where reproductive rights are being attacked. | Nov. 12. 7 pm. $10. American Friends Center, 1501 Cherry St.

The two-week-long festival ends with an epic StorySlam. Contestants of this competition will tell their best stories for a chance to win $250, free admission to slams for life and the coveted title of “Best Storyteller in Philadelphia.” | Nov. 16. 7 pm. $25. World Cafe Live, 3025 Walnut St.





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Here’s the Thing newest October 24th, 2019

news items A utility pole in Kingston, NC is drawing attention due to a growth of Kudzu that resembles a crucified Jesus Christ. Kent Hardison noticed the pole en route to his job at Ma’s Hotdog House, where he’s usually quick to eradicate such growths, but couldn’t bring himself to “raise a can of Roundup to a likeness of Jesus.” While many have claimed to see the face of Christ in a variety of mediums (grilled cheese sandwich, cow spots, Cheetos, birth marks), finding a likeness to the crucifixion is a rar-

er phenomenon, and has immediately captured the imagination of locals. Enthusiasm is spreading across N.C., but it remains to be seen whether or not local power authorities will allow the vine to continue growing. A gentleman was arrested in Boulder, Colorado on charges of unlawful sexual conduct and criminal invasion of privacy after he was discovered hiding in the tank of a port-o-john at a yoga


festival. He was discovered by a woman who lifted the lid and saw him “leering up” from below, donning a make-shift poncho of blue tarp and wallowing in the slurry of waste. He escaped after the discovery and ran through the festival covered in waste, eluding security officials who were wary of making physical contact. He was apprehended on unrelated charges a week later and officers made the connection while he was in custody. Eye witnesses have confirmed his identity.

for real human beings!

Aquarius | A line you drew in the sand long ago, vowing never to cross, must be crossed. Things change and compromises sometimes must be made for you to advance.

Taurus | Fake it ’til you make it. Assuming the regalia of success and happiness will do wonders for your inner landscape. On a long enough time line, it will all work out.

Leo | You may feel a need to take someones advice or assistance. Don’t. Listen and consider what others say, but the less you dilute yourself, the more successful you’ll be.

Scorpio | You will have an overwhelming urge to advise or assist a Pisces, thinking they’re in over their head and need you. They don’t. Focus on your own situation and they’ll do just fine.

Pisces | Energy that you set into motion will have far-reaching implications regarding your commitments and alliances. Choose wisely which brick to remove from the Jenga tower.

Gemini | Someone who is pissing you off with criticism or mean words means well, they’re emotionally stunted. See the motive buried beneath their actions and address it directly.

Virgo | You might think hindsight is only available after the fact, but that’s a lie we tell ourselves to excuse our weaknesses. You know how things will turn out. Do the right thing.

Sagittarius | Stop doing a repetitive task for the amusement of someone else. You’re not a trained seal. Get back to what matters. Life’s too awesome to spend it as someones jester.

Aries | You’ll have a much better time both socially and professionally if you engineer your conversations mindfully. Small talk is a wall as impenetrable as silence.

Cancer | A shudder in your time stream will be beneficial this week. Continuing at a comfortable pace, everything will slow around you. Git-rdone while it lasts.

Libra | Something that feels beyond your control is not. You have the right to be happy, and the power to shake the pillars of heaven and earth. Slog through swamps and you’ll find ocean.

Capricorn | This week you’re between two mirrors. The world and everyone you know is you reflected to infinity. How you act and what you do will effect your reality much more than usual.

wacky facts A person who uses a metal detector to hunt for treasure is called a detectorist. • The largest nugget of gold ever found in the western hemisphere was discovered by a Mexican detectorist in 1989. It weighs 26.6 pounds and is called the Boot of Cortez and really looks like a big gold boot. • Shipwreck experts estimate that there is somewhere around $60 billion worth of treasure at the bottom of the ocean. • The only authenticated pirate treasure chest in the world, once owned by Thomas Tew, AKA the Rhode Island Pirate, is located at the St. Augustine Pirate and Treasure Museum in Florida. • There are only three remaining authentic Jolly Roger flags in the world. • There is not a single documented case of a pirate treasure map existing. • Oak Island in Nova Scotia has been the site of over 200 years of treasure hunting, though no physical evidence exists of treasure being found there.


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left-rights 1. Mouth seepage 5. Molecular unit of heredity 10. A shallow fight 14. Connection point 15. Unfamiliar and foreign 16. Everything in its place 17. Incapable of being reconciled with reality 19. On 20. Hot leaf water 21. Doesn’t forbid 22. To aim your energy and hopes 24. BMO, or kittens 25. Deft and experienced 26. Ownable land 29. A private party 30. Ice block fort/house 31. Schleps 32. Transferred weight from legs to butt 35. A plant with showy, pendulous flowers 36. Wheeled apparatus of conveyance 37. Serf 38. 112.5 degrees 39. Augments the 40 across of something 40. The rejected light of an object 41. Chapters of a song 43. aka the strangler fig 44. Nimbleness 46. Exiles

47. Does something to your tongue 48. Possessing no mental aberration 49. Hasten 52. Reusable bag 53. A bad turn 56. Always 57. Take by force 58. Where websites live 59. Everything between purple and orange 60. Carried 61. Pillar of the forest up-downs 1. A brief fit of bad vibes 2. Cornbread 3. The figurative lightbulb 4. Cowboy nickname 5. Merriment 6. Fill with high spirits 7. The point of a quill 8. Snake of the sea 9. Clandestinely 10. The fastening agent in a saddle stitch 11. Without mercy or empathy 12. To deeply, earnestly love 13. Written with a clackity clack 18. Mickey’s dog 23. Just a couple of knights 24. Sicken with sweetness 25. What the Grim Reaper

reaps 26. Fluster to anger 27. Breastplate 28. Lessened the suffering 29. Deices the sidewalk 31. The only food that never spoils 33. Mountain, sleeping Z, full moon, mountain 34. A bird that likes the beach 36. To not believe in 37. Geologic time 39. 3 muskateers 40. Whipped with a switch 42. Baby eels 43. Disallowed 44. In the wake of 45. Kept in the glove box 46. Billiard table fabric 48. A short, theatrical episode 49. German mister 50. Sand and a palm tree and nothing else 51. Nature of being 54. Took the red pill 55. Lovably crazy person

I often find you quite delightful




Justice league Confusion, doubt and uncertainty remains in key Presidential candidates after Philly stop

t c p S b mative plete se When preside shit – gritty d the mo with th falls hop

We lear Oct. 28 at Hall at Ea Steyer, sta been nega justice sys ging of h room full “This c erate, lega said, stati of his 30-m stage, flan journalist DeAnna H was form visory boa Educate, a rights to fo Hoskins regarding ple in Am have the a which isn nority com to ramble nation wit question, ing Steyer His res question, does a pro The mo of a Trum do-politici and failin questions notably M about whe hired a fo six-second by PW), split-secon convenien “Let me before pro




t might sound a bit harsh to compare billionaire 2020 presidential candidate Tom Steyer to Donald Trump, but don’t let Steyer’s normative capacity to speak in complete sentences fool you. When it comes to the essential presidential skill of knowing your shit – that is, knowing the nitty gritty details of policy issues and the most effective policies to deal with them – Steyer, like Trump, falls hopelessly short.


ning the box [on the job application] so that question can’t be accurately answered? Yes I am.” Luckily for those in the audience who were hoping to hear some intelligent answers, New Jersey Sen. Cory Booker graced the stage upon Steyer’s exit. Booker said all the right things and underscored an oft-ignored tenet of the country’s criminal justice system. He spoke not only of black plight within a racist system, but also of the rich, predominantly-white grifter class. “You have a nation that went through a financial crisis where people were coming into neighborhoods like Newark and [pulling] all kinds of mortgage scams,” Booker ranted, elegantly. “You had rating agencies on Wall Street rating trash as treasure, people crashing the whole economy – nobody goes to jail virtually.” He also railed against pharmaceutical companies for, as he sees it, creating the opioid crisis. “I will hold the pharmaceutical companies who’ve done these crimes accountable, We learned this in the afternoon of Oct. 28 at the Justice Votes 2020 Town BY TOM and I will do it with a seriousness that Hall at Eastern State Penitentiary where BECK begins to restore people’s faith that we have a justice system that doesn’t just Steyer, standing before 100 people who’ve work for the wealthy, it works for all been negatively affected by the criminal justice system, resembled a 12th-grader brag- Americans.” It’s the right answer, but Booker’s newging of his extensive arithmetic skills to a found hostility to pharmaceutical companies room full of Ivy League math professors. is interesting. In 2017, he stopped accepting “This country started with massive, delibdonations from the industry amid criticism erate, legalized injustice and racism,” Steyer said, stating the obvious near the beginning of being too cozy with it. It begs the question: of his 30-minute slot onstage. He was center- would 2016 Cory Booker have made that same stage, flanked with moderator and MSNBC comment? Somewhere in between Booker and Steyjournalist Ari Melber to his right and host er on the competency-o-meter was California DeAnna Hoskins on his left. Hoskins, who was formerly incarcerated, serves as an ad- Sen. Kamala Harris, who mostly said all the visory board member to Voters Organized to right things, albeit saying them like a rapper (during her talk there was a “let’s talk truth,” Educate, an organization that seeks to restore a “you hear me?” and a “you know what I’m rights to formerly incarcerated people. Hoskins asked Steyer about his feelings talking about”). Unfortunately, she dodged regarding having a “protected class” of peo- questions about her spotty past as a proseple in America – that is, in short, people who cutor in California – something all voters deserve serious answers to. have the ability to sue when treated unfairly, But she made up for it by taking hardline which isn’t always the case for people in mistances on legalizing marijuana, ending solnority communities. When Steyer proceeded to ramble aimlessly about ending descrimi- itary confinement (she called it “inhumane” nation without answering the protected class and “unnecessary”) and recognizing the counquestion, Hoskins called him out on it, blow- try’s failure to adequately support people who are recently released from prison in getting ing Steyer’s cover. their life back on track. His response? “Here’s the answer to your “The incarceration system of America has question, DeAnna,” – here it comes – “what not been humane,” Harris said. “There must does a protected class mean?” The moment was a quintessential example be accountability, but there also must be a of a Trumpishly unseasoned, noobish pseu- path.” Unfortunately for Harris, Booker and esdo-politician having an I’m fucked moment and failing to recover. Steyer botched similar pecially Steyer, there must also be a path to questions throughout his appearance, most nomination. Right now, it’s not looking pretty notably Melber’s straightforward question for any of them. Of the three, Harris polls the about whether any of his businesses have ever best nationally at merely 5.3 percent, accordhired a formerly incarcerated person. After a ing to RealClearPolitics’ national polling average. That’s compared to the top three, Joe six-second awkward pause (which was timed Biden, Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders, by PW), Steyer not-so-brilliantly made the split-second decision to evade the question by who are at 27.5, 21.7 and 17.7 percent, respectively. conveniently asking himself an easier one. “Let me just answer your question,” he said @IAMTOMBECK before proceeding not to, “am I in favor of ban-


Woden helps brands convert audiences into evangelists. Begin crafting your story today. learn more: WODENWORKS.COM

learn more and sign up for early access at






Dracula’s Ball

Come one, come all to this horror-filled ball. Industrial groups Conjure One and Statiqbloom will be granting the crowd with exclusive live performances. Take a bite out of something different this Halloween. | 9 pm. $26. Underground Arts, 1200 Callowhill St.


Fright Freakout The DJ can’t even spin without screaming all night. Rare songs from the 50s and 60s will be dug up from the graveyard to be raged to. | 8 pm. Free. The International Bar, 1624 N. Front St. PARTY

The Purge: EDMHalloween

Three Philly DJs will keep the blood pumping all night at this party. Best dressed gets an exclusive VIP package for the venue. | 10 pm. Free. West & Down, 3816 Chestnut St.

You can get a sense for Wolfe’s positive energy by just looking at her. Her bewitching voice and appearance have won the hearts of lo-fi fans everywhere. Come listen to her enchanting voice. | 8:30 pm. $25. Union Transfer, 1026 Spring Garden St.

Wolf Eyes

We’re not really sure how to describe the insanity of the music these guys create. Just consider them as hell-like soundscapes that are almost like nails on a chalkboard, but metal and more than tolerable to listen to. | 7:30 pm. $13. Kung Fu Necktie, 1250 N. Front St.

Are You Afraid of the Dark?


Chelsea Wolfe




Everybody remembers the iconic TV show from the 90s. This entire party is actually 90s-centric, so all your favorite throwbacks will be spun all night. The only thing scarier than ghosts is nostalgia. | 10 pm. $7-$10. Punch Line Philly, 33 E. Laurel St.


The Food Trust’s Market at Cherry Street Pier

When we found out that Cherry Street Pier was coming, at first glance at the space we thought, farmers market! We didn’t know how or even if it was possible, but that it just made sense, and even went the lengths of exploring ourselves as an organization on how we could partner with the folks at the Delaware River Waterfront Corporation to get it done. Well, it was very much possible, as the Food Trust, in partnership with Aetna, created one that’s fantastic, and if you have yet to check it out you should as it only runs through Nov. 16. Grab fresh produce, check out merch from local small business retailers, look at some local art and enjoy some of the best ready-made food around. If meteorologists are right – because they usually are – it’s supposed to be the perfect fall weekend for this. We love that this event is still going strong and that someone shares our vision for the right use of a phenomenal piece of city space. WHAT: The Food Trust’s Market at Cherry Street Pier WHEN: Saturday, Nov. 2, 10 a.m.-2 p.m. COST: Free to enter. WHERE: 121 N. Columbus Blvd. MORE:



Frankford Hall-oween

The hall is consumed for a day with a Halloween party and costume contest. Be the best dressed there to win plenty of prizes. At this rate, you’ll have to have about a hundred costumes in your closet to assure you can win all these contests going down this week. | 8 pm. Free. Frankford Hall, 1210 Frankford Ave.

sinfully delicious food and drinks. Participate in the second annual Mutter costume contest, which is only for the most ghastly of ghouls. | 6:30 pm. $50. Mutter Museum, 19 S. 22nd St.


There’s no better place to spend Halloween than at a museum all about death. This spooky fest has been turning the party for five years with shocking circus performers, loud DJs and

Usually, a fas slow car equ However, thi artist is no a your friends this musical pm. $10. Eve W. Girard Av



Comedy and Cocktails

Philly V Award

Not that you’ll really need it, though, because the comedians performing here will hopefully know their way around a stand-up situation. | 8 pm. $15. New Liberty Distillery, 1431 N. Cadwallader St.

Our vegan fo an unstoppa your praise t are making i this awards worry - you w some of the $25. Friends Cherry St.



PEX Halloween Ball: Wizard of Woz

This wonderful world isn’t so PG. This creative party by The Philadelphia Experiment will place you right in the fantasy world. It definitely won’t have you clicking your heels and wishing you were home. | 9 pm. $35. Warehouse on Watts, 923 N. Watts St. MUSIC

Mischief at the Mutter

Fast C Car



Willie Nile

Nile may be the Bruce Springsteen of our generation. He’s received plenty of praise from him for his songwriting skills and his electric stage presence, anyway. | 8 pm. $25-$34. City Winery, 990 Filbert St.




Fast Car Slow Car

Usually, a fast car plus a slow car equals a car crash. However, this electronic R&B artist is no accident. Bring your friends out to witness this musical magic. | 8:30 pm. $10. Everybody Hits, 529 W. Girard Ave. INTERESTS

Philly Vegan Awards

Our vegan food scene is on an unstoppable rise. Give your praise to the chefs that are making it all happen at this awards ceremony. Don’t worry - you will get to try some of their food. | 7 pm. $25. Friends Center, 1501 Cherry St.


Nerdy By Nature Open Mic

Whether you’re brave enough to get up and entertain or just comfortable enough to watch, this is the place for you. Come dressed up in your finest cosplay gear - we know you must have plenty stuffed away in that closet of yours. | 8 pm. $5. Amalgam Comics and Coffeehouse, 2578 Frankford Ave.

to this little urban jungle. It’s been standing vacant and, technically, prohibited from the public for a while. | 6 pm. Free. Cherry Street Pier, 121 N. Columbus Blvd.

In the mood to fuck it up tonight? Catch these hardcore guys while they’re in town. You’ll be swinging yourself around in the pit in no time. | 7 pm. $31. Theatre of Living Arts, 334 South St.

Are you wondering about the fate of the highly vandalized space? Be a part of the discussion of what will happen




What’s old is new again. This exhibition by Swedish artist Ulla-Stina Wikander

that sip tea and giggle about their boyfriends. Heavy metal babes are welcome to let it rock this Saturday morning with a vegan brunch and entertaining drag show. | 1:30 pm. $15. Tattooed Mom, 530 South St.


Knocked Loose


Graffiti Pier: Let’s Talk About Its Future

features her vintage embroideries. She’s covered some old household products in them, making for a colorful display. | 12 pm. Free. Paradigm Gallery, 746 S. 4th St.


Rescue Run 5K This happens to be Philly’s first and only race to benefit pet adoption. You always hear that you should adopt and not shop, so be a part of that advocacy by running for a paws-itive cause. | 8:30 am. $35. FDR Park, 1500 Pattison Ave. INTERESTS

The Sabbath: Metal Diva Brunch


EDM Halloween Hangover

You haven’t said your final goodbyes to the Halloween season yet. It all culminates in this last blowout party on deck. We salute those who still have a little bit of energy left in them after all these damn parties. | 10 pm. $20. Moshulu, 401 S. Columbus Blvd.


The Great Harvest Cider and Beer Festival

This just screams “fall.” Warm up or chill out with plenty of flavors of cider and beer that will be available at this huge festival along 11th St. This commences the awkward period between Halloween and Thanksgiving where everyone just wants to hurry up and get to Christmas already. | 11 am. Free. Hawthornes Beer Cafe, 738 S. 11th St. MUSIC

The Maine

These guys may be some of the most active musicians out there. They’ve been


pursuing their dreams since 2007, and have had a massive payoff for their hard work through a dedicated fan base. | 7 pm. $25. Union Transfer, 1026 Spring Garden St. COMEDY

Nick Offerman

Who doesn’t love this guy? From his portrayal as Ron Swanson on “Parks and Recreation” to his own self who stars in craft-making competition show “Making It” alongside Amy Poehler, Offerman’s disarming comedy and amazing personality always shine through. | 8 pm. $30-$50. The Met Philly, 858 N. Broad St.

Brunch isn’t just for ladies


The Food Trust’s Market

You can trust that you’ll find some good ass food at this weekly open-air market. It’s so refreshing that we can get farm fresh produce in an urban setting every weekend. Otherwise, we’d just be eating Wawa and cheesesteaks all week. | Saturday, 10 am. Free. Cherry Street Pier, 121 N. Columbus Blvd.


26 X





Blues Traveler

Go back in time to 30 years ago, when this group first started. Flash forward and they’re still as relevant as ever. Hop on the wild ride with these rockers. | 8 pm. $30. The Fillmore, 29 E. Allen St. INTERESTS

HERspace Sip and Shop WELLNESS

Doggy Noses and Yoga Poses

This is the best food for your soul. Relax and stretch out as puppies wander around to give you all the snuggles they can give. It’s all to benefit Compass Rose Rescue, an organization dedicated to saving animals. | Sunday, 10:30 am. $35. Love City Brewing Co., 1023 Hamilton St.

Do you support local female artists? Fuck yeah you do. Show your love for the creative women of Philly at this art show, where all the beautiful works you see will be up for sale. | 3 pm. Prices vary. Philly Art Collective, 253 N. 3rd St. MUSIC

Funk You

Don’t take this as an insult. In fact, you should take it as the complete opposite. Some of the finest funk sounds will be delivered to your ears at this amazing performance. | 7:30 pm. $10. Johnny Brenda’s, MilkBoy, 1100 Chestnut St. INTERESTS

Philadelphia Veterans Parade MUSIC

Creed Bratton

Everyone’s favorite creepy old guy is coming to town. You know him from acting a fool in his role on The Office. He’ll be dropping by to give us a night full of music and comedy - just him and his guitar. | Sunday, 8 pm. $20. Voltage Lounge, 421 N. 7th St.

This traditional parade gives thanks to those who are always fighting for us. Join in and show your support for the men and women in uniform in your life. | 12 pm. Free. Locations vary.



Ancient Puzzle Arts

Feel like you’re floating through space, but with oxygen. This DJ event promises to bring you some of the most cosmic beats your Earth-minded brain has ever heard. | 9 pm. $5. Silk City, 435 Spring Garden St. ART


What kind of religion is this? This electro duo will be partnering up with some intense percussionists to deliver a sonic experience that cuts straight through the heart. Whatever it is, we want to be a part of it. | 8 pm. $15. Pageant: Soloveev, 607 Bainbridge St.

most of the packaging we see at supermarkets, so it’s important for us to start searching for an alternative. Sit in on this environmental discussion of the history of our plastic use, and where it’ll take us in the future. | 6 pm. Free. The Franklin Institute, 222 N. 20th St. MUSIC

Great Grandpa

Who knew the old geezer could rock this hard? This band with an elderly name is actually a fresh, young group on the scene. Check out their brand new album, “Four of Arrows,” which just came out Oct. 25. | 8:30 pm. $12. Everybody Hits, 529 W. Girard Ave. DISCUSSION

Is It My Place?



November Scratch Night

Get an exclusive look at what some local artists have been spending their time on. On the other hand, if you’re a Philly artist, you’re welcome to share all your upcoming projects with a receptive audience at this meet-up for creative-minded folks. | 7 pm. Free. FringeArts, 140 N. Columbus Blvd. DISCUSSION

Preserve, Protect… and Pollute

Single-use plastic is choking our planet. They dominate

Neighborhoods are currently gentrifying rapidly throughout Philly. Whether you’re a lifelong resident or new in town, come to this discussion on how to be a good neighbor. We could all benefit from learning how to connect with our communities. | 5:30 pm. Free. Delaware Valley Regional Planning Commission, 190 N. Independence Mall. MUSIC

Kishi Bashi

We’re huge fans of Bashi’s expressive music. He’s been uplifting and enriching our ears for years, and we’re so happy he’s coming to town to share sounds off his new album “Omoiyari.” | 8:30 pm. $22. Union Transfer, 1026 Spring Garden St.



First Time

Listen to stories about first times - you know what we mean. This partnership between First Person Arts and Erotic Literary Salon was created to normalize sexuality and stay open to conversation surrounding it. | 7 pm. $15. Time, 1315 Sansom St. MUSIC

King Princess

This pop princess is doing it her way. She’s brand new to the music world, but everybody has been talking about her since her debut last year. You’ll see why. | 8 pm. $29.50. The Fillmore, 29 E. Allen St.




This up-and-coming trap god is highly in demand. So much so, that his show in Philly had to be moved from First Unitarian Church due to popular demand. Now, there’s room for everybody to catch his stop in town. | 8:30 pm. $20. Union Transfer, 1026 Spring Garden St.



A band that can stay together for 25 years is fucking admirable. These punk rockers let it all out with their music that typically addresses current issues and emotions, but they’ll be going acoustic for this special anniversary celebration. | 8 pm. $25. World Cafe Live, 3025 Walnut St.



Joshua Radin & The Weepies

Radin’s music will get you feeling something deep in your heart. He performed at Ellen DeGeneres’ wedding, so you know this guy is the real deal. Warm up with this soulful show, which is part of SiriusXM’s “Coffeehouse Tour.” | 7:30 pm. $27.50. Theatre of Living Arts, 334 South St. MUSIC

Erykah Badu

You can just feel the positive vibes radiating from Badu. She creates some of the smoothest R&B we’ve ever known, and she never fails to let us know that she is a master at her craft. | 8 pm. $39.95-$199.95. The Met Philly, 858 N. Broad St. themetphilly. com


Herbal Tea 101

Find your zen on your own. This instructional workshop will get you brewing soothing tea and centering your soul in no time. Weed isn’t the only herb that can get you feeling this chill. | Tuesday, 5 pm. $20. Voloshin, 2930 E. Jasper St.


Blankets and Brews

Who doesn’t love to snuggle up with a warm blanket and a cold beer? Learn how to knit a blanket at this creative workshop, while you enjoy some delicious local brews. | Tuesday, 6:30 pm. $85. Love City Brewing Co., 1023 Hamilton St.


28 X




No Such Thing As a Fish

This comedic podcast, featuring a former research team from a BBC show, has killed it in the UK. As researchers for the show “QI,” they gathered lots of useless facts, which have turned into the topics of their episodes. Seize the opportunity to watch them banter about it all onstage. | 8 pm. $35. Punch Line Philly, 33 E. Laurel St.


Philly AV

Art is, most importantly, about creating whatever you want. These artists featured in this exhibition have merged film, dance and more with their visual art to create multi-faceted performances to get anyone intrigued. | 8 pm. Free. Vox Populi, 319 N. 11th St.


Queer Soup Night

This fundraising event invites chefs to each create their own delicious soup to bring the queer community together. All are welcome to eat soup and donate to help local organizations thrive. | 6 pm. Prices vary. Greensgrow West, 5123 Baltimore Ave.


Managing Stress

It’s apparently National Stress Day. Most of us live every day with overbearing stress. Learn how to lift that weight off your shoulders and carry on with your life at this free workshop. | Wednesday, 4 pm. Free. Critical Path Learning Center, 1233 Locust St.




WHOREible Decisions

It also happens to be the podcast everybody loves to see live. Sit in on the discussion of all the ups and downs of navigating relationships in the modern world. | 8 pm. $35. Franklin Music Hall, 421 N. 7th St.

We aren’t always proud of the crazy shit we’ve done, but much of it was done out of necessity. Usually, that necessity has to do with sex. This live podcast featuring two NYC girls will cover the nitty gritty of dealing with a savage dating scene. | 8 pm. $35. Theatre of Living Arts, 334 South St.


U Up? Live


All Else Failed

All else may have failed, but these hardcore legends are still standing. They’ve been a prevalent force in the Philly music scene since 1995, and they’re not going anywhere. Get in the pit for this can’tmiss show. | 8:30 pm. $12. Kung Fu Necktie, 1250 N. Front St. MUSIC

The Interrupters

Interrupting the punk world since 2011. Although fairly fresh on the scene, they’ve made their mark by working with punk legends like Rancid and Green Day. They’re refreshingly unique and incredibly powerful. | 8 pm. $28. The Fillmore, 29 E. Allen St.


Samin Nosrat

If you meet a woman who can cook delicious food and write beautiful words, marry her. Nosrat is one of those blessed ones, who gained lots of acclaim with her book “Salt, Fat, Acid, Heat,” which was also adapted into a documentary-style series on Netflix. | 7:30 pm. $25-$55. Academy of Music, 240 S. Broad St. DISCUSSION

Space Weather

The Federal Executive Board of Philly will be hosting this presentation on why we should care about what’s going on in space. All the activity happening light years away may seem irrelevant, but it’s more important than you’d think. We need to be prepared, especially if we’re going to launch a “space force” some time in the future. | 1 pm. Free. William J. Green Federal Building, 600 Arch St.



Burlesque Battle Royale

Seductresses will go head-to-head in this weekly competition. Each night has a different theme, and different performances to get jaws dropping. Little will be left to the imagination as the stakes get higher. | 10 pm. $10. Tabu, 254 S. 12th St.


discourse. | 5 pm. Free. Institute of Contemporary Art, 118 S. 36th St. MUSIC

The New Negroes

This series features legendary black stand-up comedians and musicians. It’s now also a Comedy Central series. We wouldn’t want to miss this. | 8 pm. $20. Underground Arts, 1200 Callowhill St.



This collective can’t really be nailed down to a single genre. In all the music they create for themselves and for stage productions and films, they create their own inimitable sounds. | 9 pm. $12. Johnny Brenda’s, 1201 N. Frankford Ave.


Song-Poems: Karl Blau

This indie artist is the definition of do-it-yourself. He’s self-released about 40 records over 20 years, and has done his fair share in making music history. | 6 pm. Free. Parkway Central Library, 1901 Vine St.



Black Lung

The name couldn’t be any more metal. Get real heavy with this band from Baltimore that’s crushing the scene by being themselves. | 7 pm. $10. Century, 1350 S. 29th St.

College Behind Bars Screening



This Ken Burns documentary explores the stories of incarcerated people who are working hard to get college degrees. Formerly incarcerated college students will also be in attendance. | 7 pm. $5. WHYY, 150 N. 6th St.

Dance Your Pounds Off

We’re getting Richard Simmonds vibes. This dance fitness program is easy for anybody to get behind. Don’t worry about what you look like -just dance, damnit! | 7 pm. $20. Bodies in Motion, 1000 Diamond St.


They/She/He/ Who’s Gotta Have It? This discussion is based around art that challenges divisions between genders, cultures and languages. Works of queer, trans, black and asian artists will be the focus in this creative, representative

Jay and Silent Bob Reboot Roadshow

The Jersey stoner duo is back to show us their new movie. They’re traveling the country to screen it in cities everywhere, and we’re so blessed to have them stopping here. | Thursday, 7:30 pm. $50. Philadelphia Film Center, 1412 Chestnut St.

hie c oo ies n s ch o bo






End of days We're in awe of this image submitted by PW reader Oreste Mercado of a night stroll down Martin Luther King Drive. We're not sure if it's the rolling storm clouds, or residual daylight hitting the trees but this is a damn good pic. Thanks for sending, Oreste. Have an image you love and want to share with the rest of Philly? Send it our way via mail@philadelphiaweekly. com or tag us on social media using #PWBigPic.




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Any Any Occasion. Occasion. Every Day. Day. Any Occasion.Every Every Day. Any Any Occasion. Occasion. Every Every Day. Day. Any Occasion. Every Day. PH: PH: 215.629.9858 Cell: 215.990.7812 215.990.7812 PH: 215.629.9858 215.629.9858 Cell: Cell: 215.990.7812 215.629.9858 Cell: Cell: 215.990.7812 PH:PH: 215.629.9858 215.629.9858 Cell: 215.990.7812 215.990.7812 800 Lombard Street Street 800 800 Lombard 800Lombard Lombard Street Street Washington Square West Washington Square West 800 Street Washington Square Square West West 800Washington Lombard 800Lombard Lombard Street Street Philadelphia, PA Philadelphia, PA 19147 19147 Washington Square West Philadelphia, Philadelphia, PA 19147 PA 19147 Washington Washington Square Square WestWest Philadelphia, PA 19147

Philadelphia, Philadelphia, PA 19147 PA 19147

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Flea Market

General Employment

General Employment


PAID RESEARCH SUBJECT SPACE MISSION SIMULATION 8 day study of resilience at U. of PA. Must be healthy, about 27-55 yr. old with STEM educ. MS or BS+ equiv. exp or military exp. Compensated time & travel. Call 215-573-5855

Phila Flea Markets at The Food Trust’s Market at Cherry Street Pier

FLAGGERS ($12.50/hr) Traffic Plan seeks Flaggers to set up and direct traffic around construction sites. A valid PA driver license and clean driving record a must, good pay and benefits. If interested please fill out an application at 510 Hertzog Blvd, King of Prussia, PA on Mondayʼs 9am - 12pm or online at

At the Cherry Street Pier Now thru Nov 16th 10AM - 2pM

Bring resumyour Dress e. yo best. ur

★ ★ ★ ★ ★ THE NEW! ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★



Macy’s Wing at the Cherry Hill Mall

To register, visit: This event is free to attend, but registration is requested. If you are an employer, business opportunity owner or proprietary school administrator and wish to attend this job fair please contact Mitchell Smith at 856-779-3873. or email

General Employment

General Employment

Non-CDL Drivers



Sign-On Bonus

Paratransit Operations

DRIVERS AllThree's Luxury Sedan & Taxicab looking for professional drivers. High income. Set your own hrs. Please call M-F. 10a-4p. 215-333-1111

Immediate Positons Available / Paid Training / Benefit package Match of salary with experience! Flexible Shifts Available • Safety Bonus Incentives • Great Company Culture

DRIVERS/ LIMO - F/T Must be 27yrs. old & lic'd. Dave's Limousine, 5915 Harbison Ave.

Apply in Person Monday through Friday • 9:00am to 3:00pm 4201 Tacony Street, Philadelphia, PA 19124 | 215-992-8000 Apply

GENERAL AND TREATMENT FOSTER PARENTS NEEDED Open your heart and home to children of all ages New Foundations, Inc. 215-203-8733

AB MALE BLOOD DONORS NEEDED Will be compensated up to $85.00 for a complete donation, starting on their 2nd visit!! In order to donate you need: Valid picture ID. SSI card Be between 18 & 70 yrs. old. Be in good health. Walk-ins are welcome. New donors will be paid $40.00 for a full donation. INTERSTATE BLOOD BANK 1250 N. BROAD STREET. PHILA PA. 19121 215-765-2554

General Employment

BLOOD DONORS All donors paid $40.00 No appointment necessary. Walk-ins welcome. Must be healthy and have proper I.D. Must provide Social Security card.Interstate Blood Bank 1250-52 N Broad St. Phila PA 19121 215-765-2554 Hrs. 7:00 AM - 3:30 PM


LINE COOK - Exp'd. 40 hr. shift avail. Apply in person: The Dining Car, 8826 Frankford Ave. Phila. Teaching Position - F/T Teacher Assistants PT/FT, experience prefered. Email resume: amanda@alphabetacademy .com

Presented by Aetna

Farmer’s Market Every Saturday Indoors and Outdoors Phila Flea Markets Outdoors At The Race Street Pier SAturdAy, Nov 2Nd & 9th 10AM - 4pM Free AdmissioN!

Legal Notices

Sprint is proposing to modify an existing wireless telecommunications facility on a building located at 2100 West Allegheny Ave. Philadelphia, Philadelphia County, PA. The modifications include replacing antennas at +/-105 feet above ground level on the +/-114foot tall building. Any interested party wishing to submit comments regarding the potential effects the proposed facility may have on any historic property may do so by sending such comments to: Project 6119004029 - JLD EBI Consulting, 6876 Susquehanna Trail South, York, PA 17403, or via telephone at (203) 231-6643. Legal Notices

Notice of Public Sale: The following self-storage Cube contents containing household and other goods will be sold for cash by CubeSmart, 456 N. Christopher Columbus Blvd., Philadelphia PA 19123 (215)922-3715 to satisfy a lien on November 19th, 2019 at approx. 11 AM: A013 A055 B170 D436 G631

Steven White Matthew W Greisman George Ludwig William Goldberg Ashley Dugan

121 N. Columbus Blvd. Phila, PA 19106 (Where Race Street Meets The Delaware River) “Come Spend The Day Shopping On The River With Us” 215 - 625 - FLEA (3532)

CAPITOLO PArk FLeA MArkeT SAT, NOV 2 - 9am to 3pm

9th & Federal - Rain Date: 11/9



Shutters, 2-Inch Wood, Pleated Shades, Roman Shades, Drapes, Verticals, Mini-Blinds Discount Price With Installation

Call Eileen


FOR RENT Apartments for Rent

8500 BUSTLETON AVE. Corner of Evart St. Fall Special 2BR, $1,100 water & gas incld. 215-742-2261 Grant Garden Apartments Fall Special, upgraded 1 & 2 BR,1 BA. $750 - $980 includes water. Laundry room on site. Off of Blvd. 215-464-6411 Houses for Rent

PORT RICHMOND, 34XX Thompson 1 BR & office, sunroom, deck, C/A, everything is brand new, smart refrigerator, W/D, granite counters, gas stove $1500 / mo. + + 2 Mo. secur. Good Credit a Must. Serious inquiries 215-425-1244

Sell with PW Classifieds




200 Christian St. Unit #20 Don’t miss this pristine, impressive 2 bedroom, 2 bath, 1350 sq. ft. Designer Influenced Condo. Found in the sought after School House Condo, Elevator building with low condo fees. Parking right out front included. An open floor plan. Loft like - high ceilings - hardwood floors - Living room with 2 large windows - South facing - Dining area.

Kathy, Patrick and the


Conway Team Patrick Conway 215-266-1537 Kathy Conway 215-850-3842 Society Hill Office • 215.627.6005 Please visit us online at

The well equipped kitchen has plenty of cabinet space and designer lighting - The separate butlers pantry includes a Sub Zero freezer, wine cooler & additional cabinetry. The 2nd bedroom is currently used as a den with custom, hand designed Wainscoting. High ceilings - large window & 2 closets. Hall mechanicals & laundry. + a beautiful designer bath.

WOW - The main en suite bedroom - lovely space - high ceilings - great closet space & large window over looking the rear gardens. A lovely full bath with double vanity and large closet. There is also a pretty landscaped garden and sitting area right out front. The area is super - across from Triangle park - Java Coffee Shop, restaurants and parks. Great neighborhood. Great neighbors. This is truly easy living in the city. $499,900

What they are saying: “Pat and Kathy Conway are the best real estate folks that I have ever dealt with. Honest, transparent and a great work ethic. I highly recommend this team.” Gene Gabbard

Legal Notices

Sara Elia v. Mohamed S. Khedr. CCP for the County of Bucks, No. 2019-60025 Notice is given that a Divorce Complaint under Section 3301(d), Counseling Notice and Affidavit 3301(d), has been filed in the above named Court, praying for a Decree in Divorce. You, Mohamed Khedr, have been sued in Court. If you wish to defend, you must enter a written appearance personally or by attorney and file your defense or objections in writing with the Court, within twenty (20) days. You are warned that if you fail to do so the case may proceed without you and a Decree in Divorce may be entered against you by the Court without further notice for the relief requested by the Plaintiff. You may lose money or property or other rights important to you. You should take this paper to your lawyer at once. If you do not have a lawyer or cannot afford one go to or telephone the office set forth below to find out where you can get legal help. Bar Association, 135 E. State Street, Doylestown, Pennsylvania 18901; 1-800-479-8585


break up?

AT&T Mobility, LLC is proposing to modify an existing wireless telecommunications facility on a building located at 1501 Locust St., Philadelphia, PA 19102. The modifications include the replacement of antennas behind the existing screen wall at +/-124 feet above ground level on the +/-129 foot tall building. Any interested party wishing to submit comments regarding the potential effects the proposed facility may have on any historic property may do so by sending such comments to: Project 6119004504 - JLD EBI Consulting, 6876 Susquehanna Trail South, York, PA 17403, or via telephone at (203) 231-6643.

AT&T Mobility, LLC is proposing to modify an existing wireless telecommunications facility on an existing building located at 1800 Market Street, Philadelphia, PA 19103. The modifications will consist of the collocation of antennas at center heights of +/-75 and +/-69 feet above ground level on the 251-foot building. Any interested party wishing to submit comments regarding the potential effects the proposed facility may have on any historic property may do so by sending such comments to: Project 6119004482-MI, EBI Consulting, 6876 Susquehanna Trail South, York, PA 17403, or via telephone at (443) 866-1410.

PW Classifieds is a great place to sell your ex’s stuff. Contact





New Price | West Passyunk

Welcome home to this extra wide, modern home with hardwood floors throughout and abundant natural light. The open floor plan on the first floor features a large living/dining room, a kitchen with stainless steel appliances and sliding doors to a spacious back patio. Spiral stairs lead to an incredible, huge roof deck with fantastic views. This spacious, sunny home has been freshly painted and is move-in ready. 3 Bedrooms | 3 Bathrooms

Lovely, renovated home that is move-in ready! Enter into the large living/dining room with brand new floors and two ceiling fans. The kitchen has updated appliances and custom butcher block countertops. The basement has been partially finished and has a large laundry area complete with counter and an extra sink. There’s a great outdoor space for grilling and relaxing. This home features 3 bedrooms and 1 bath.



New Price | Pennsport

New Price | Graduate Hospital

The first floor of this well thought out renovation boasts an open floor plan with an expansive living room warmed by a gas fireplace leading to an ergonomically designed C-shaped kitchen. Oversized windows naturally illuminate the gleaming hardwood floors throughout. The kitchen is a chef’s dream with solid cabinetry, stainless steel appliances, and granite countertops. Enjoy 2 outdoor spaces! 3 BR | 1.5 BA

This pristine, beautifully renovated home on a charming block features bamboo floors throughout, beautiful exposed brick walls, and a modern kitchen. This bright and open home features 3 outdoor spaces: a nice rear patio, a private balcony, and a roof deck with stunning city views! 5 years left on the tax abatement!



New Price | Society Hill

New Price | Society Hill

This historically certified home, a classic beauty from the late Federal style circa 1830, has been lovingly restored and thoroughly maintained. You’ll be welcomed by a strong, handsome brick facade with historic details including a fire insurance plaque, shutters, and brass details. This home features vaulted ceilings, exposed beams, and remote-control skylights that close automatically when it rains. Enjoy the incredibly deep brick patio with custom landscaping.

Occupying more than 3,000 square feet of luxurious living space in a boutique building on the edge of Society Hill and Old City, this corner bi-level unit is a rare find. It comes with one car deeded on-site parking, 3 spacious bedrooms plus den and 3.5 baths. You’ll feel right at home the moment you enter the impressive two story foyer with grand staircase.



Anne E. Koons


The #1 Agent of the Cherry Hill Home Marketing Center 2018, 2017, 2016, 2014, 2013 & 2012 NJAR Circle of Excellence PLATINUM Award 2018, 2017, 2016, 2015, 2012,GOLD 2014, 2013

Direct 856-795-4709 office 856-428-8000 ext. 142

Cherry Hill/ Woodcrest This amazing architecturally designed home has 6 Bedrooms, 4 full baths, 2 half baths, walk-out finished basement & a 3-car garage that is nestled on an acre of property that backs to Woodcrest Golf course. Over 5,700sq ft w/an open spacious floor plan that is on secluded lot located in a great neighborhood with top rated schools and conveniently located near all major highways. $645,000

Merchantville Beautiful 3 Story Grand Victorian has 8 Bedrooms, 3.5 f baths located in the heart of town. The first floor has 12 ft ceilings, formal living room w/fireplace, parlor, dining rm, family rm & kitchen, crown molding, hardwood floors, gorgeous wood staircase and banisters with a cover front porch .This home has an updated heating system, full unfinished basement, a 2 car detached garage on almost an acre of property. Property is being sold in as is condition. $299,900.

Cherry Hill Contemporary 4 bedroom, 2.2 bath home with 2 car garage and in-ground pool. 2 story foyer w/ rounded staircase, living room with fireplace, full bar, large eat in Kitchen. Master bedroom suite has a luxurious bath and plenty of closet space. Full finished basement. Great outside for entertaining. Freshly painted throughout $540,000

Moorestown An amazing, truly unique 4 bedroom, 5 ½ bath home with gourmet kitchen, full finished walk out basement, 2 car garage w/home theater on 2nd level, a tennis-basketball court, built-in pool w/slide, hot-tub & waterfalls and a covered outdoor kitchen & bar which is nestled on a resort like professionally landscaped 2 acre property. $1,359,900

Cherry Hill/ Wilderness Run Beautifully updated 4 bedrooms, 2.5 baths, 3 car garage home that flows seamlessly from one room to the next, it's elegant, bright and spacious. Designer kitchen, with professional appliances. The master bedroom suite has a wonder-fully updated bath w/a free standing tub, glass enclosed shower w/decorative tiles, floating double vanities with marble tops and make up area, there are 3 walk in closets and patio doors to a private balcony. $635,000.

Cherry Hill/ Short Hills This magnificent Coventry Model has an open floor plan, 4 bedrooms, 4.5 Baths, 3 car garage, 1st floor office, double staircases, full finished basement. The custom eat in kitchen has center island with breakfast bar, and extra windows allowing plenty of light. Large custom backyard with paver patio & fire pit. $699,900.


Voorhees/Sturbridge Woods Updated 4-bedroom, 3.5 bath, 2 car garages, finished basement, located on a private cult-de-sac in a desirable neighborhood.. The updated kitchen has center island breakfast bar w/5 burner stove & granite tops. There is a 1st fl office, Dining rm w/ butler’s pantry, Living rm, & cozy family rm w/gas FP. large master BR has a huge WIC, office, 2-sided FP & updated master bath. 3 add’l BR’s & Hall bath on 2nd fl. The BM has a media room, full bath, bonus rm & exercise rm. $599,900.

Clarksboro/Village At Whiskey Mill A 3 Bedroom 2.5 Bath, 1 car garage, w/3 levels of living space located in a quiet development. The first floor has a garage, family Rm and access to back yard. The main level you will find a large kitchen and dining area with sliding glass doors to deck. The 3 level has a master BR with private bath, large WIC and 2 additional bedrooms with hall bath and Laundry. $259,900


Now more than ever, EXPERIENCE counts, that is why you need to call our AUNT ANNE, because she has the

EXPERIENCE, COMMITMENT, PASSION & KNOWLEDGE to help you in selling or buying a home.





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can either goYou along for the

go along for the

or... ride ride or...



WILLIAM PENN HOUSE 1919 Chestnut Street, Philadelphia Rittenhouse sq • Rooftop Pool Fitness Center • Valet parking • 24 hr security • 24 hr Maintenance • All utilities included • Includes real estate tax no transfer tax

Unit #2904 3 BED | 2 BATH | 1,404 | $750,000 1417 CENTENNIAL RD, PENN VALLEY 3900 FORD ROAD, #23B, PHILADELPHIA Unit #923/924 3 BED | 2 BATH | 1,581 SQ FT | $499,000 3.1 BATH | 4,371 SQ FT | $849,900 2 BED | 3 BATH | 2,000 SQ FT | $209,000 Unit #2720 2 BED | 1 BATH | 1,134 SQ FT | $485,000 1310 Huntsman Ln, Gladwyne CONDO LIVING MAIN LINE SUBURBS Unit #705 2 BED | 2 BATH | 1,176 SQ FT | $475,000 4 BED | 3.1 BATH | 3,526 SQ FT | $1,150,000 190 PRESIDENTIAL BLVD, #415, BALA CYNWYD Unit #1914 1 BED | 1 BATH | 495 SQ FT | $320,000 1351 Bobarn Drive, Penn Valley NEW LISTINGS 2 BED | 2.1 BATH | 1,970 SQ FT | $625,000 5 BED | 4.1 BATH | 6,647 SQ FT | $1,099,000 Unit #2621 1 BED | 1 BATH | 837 SQ FT | $310,000 519 Spruce Lane, Villanova 191 PRESIDENTIAL BLVD, #824-25, BALA CYNWYD 106 Airdale Road, Bryn Mawr 3 BED | 3 BATH | 2,750 SQ FT | $675,000 Unit #510 1 BED | 1 BATH | 825 SQ FT | $310,000 2 BED | 2 BATH | 2,100 SQ FT | $325,000

Go Go Solo. Solo. IfIf you’re you’re looking looking for for your your first first

home, home, don’t don’t let let those those big big city city real real estate estate brokers brokers take take you you for for aa ride. ride. Solo Solo Real Real Estate Estate can steer you in the right direction and can steer you in the right direction and make make your first real estate experience enjoyable, uncomplicated and straightforward.

424 Devereux Dr, Villanova LAND | 0.68 ACRES | $665,000

118 Harvest Cir, Bala Cynwyd 4 BED | 2.1 BATH | 1,933 SQ FT | $550,000

4802 Renoir Ln, Schwenksville 5 BED | 4.1 BATH | 3,758 SQ FT | $549,000

JUST REDUCED 2369 Pineview Drive, Malvern 5 BED | 3 BATH | 2,666 SQ FT | $785,000

39 Aberdale Road, Bala Cynwyd 7 BED | 3.2 BATH | 2,818 SQ FT | $775,000

19 Rock Hill Rd, #2E, Bala Cynwyd 2 BED | 2 BATH | 1,216 SQ FT | $170,000

8 BED | 4.1 BATH | 6,200 SQ FT | $899,000

421 Old Gulph Road, Penn Valley 4 BED | 2.2 BATH | 3,197 SQ FT | $849,000

200 Price Ave, Unit#4, Narbeth 3 BED | 3.1 BATH | 3,038 SQ FT | $799,000

239 Trianon Ln, Villanova

4 BED | 4.3 BATH | 6,465 SQ FT | $2,795,000

817 Muirfield Road, Bryn Mawr

Rittenhouse Sq • Rooftop Pool • Fitness Center • Parking

2224 Carpenter St, Philadelphia

• 24 HR Security • 24 HR Maintenance

200 S Narberth Ave, Narberth MULTI-FAMILY | $735,000

1205 Chermar Ln, Penn Valley 5 BED | 4.1 BATH | 3,356 SQ FT | $725,000

646 Robinson Ln, Haverford 4 BED | 2.1 BATH | 2,494 SQ FT | $649,000

207 Lindy Ln, Bala Cynwyd 4 BED | 4.1 BATH | 4,217 SQ FT | $569,000

9 Heckamore Rd, Bala Cynwyd

1124 Youngsford Rd, Gladwyne

1305 Summer Hill Lane, Gladwyne

5 BED | 4.1 BATH | 4,716 SQ FT | $1,325,000


3 BED | 2.1 BATH | 1,455 SQ FT | $499,900

5 BED | 2.1 BATH | 2,272 SQ FT | $465,000

533 N. Spring Mill Road, Villanova

THE KENNEDY HOUSE 1901 JFK Blvd, Philadelphia

2501 Pond View Drive, Lansdale

6 BED | 6.2 BATH | 8,944 SQ FT | $2,590,000 5 BED | 4.3 BATH | 6,144 SQ FT | $1,325,000

2 BED | 2 BATH | 1,299 SQ FT | $227,000

5 BED | 3.2 BATH | 5,749 SQ FT | $749,000

4 BED | 2.1 BATH | 2,320 SQ FT | $575,000

1309 Summer Hill Lane, Gladwyne



4 BED | 3.1 BATH | 3,443 SQ FT | $798,000

1607 Winston Road, Gladwyne


Call us at 215-564-7656 or visit 2017 Chancellor 2017 Chancellor Street Street Philadelphia, PA PA 19103 19103 Philadelphia,

LOT | 0.5 ACRES | $150,000

• All Utilities Included

4472 Almond St, Philadelphia

• Includes Real Estate Tax

3 BED | 1.1 BATH | 1,280 SQ FT | $275,000

Unit #726 2 BED | 1 BATH | 1,147 SQ FT | $365,000 Unit#1819 1 BED | 1 BATH | 606 SQ FT | $219,000 Unit#1919 1 BED | 1 BATH | 606 SQ FT | $219,000 1814 Ludlow Street, Philadelphia Unit#2911 STUDIO | 1 BATH | 522 SQ FT | $184,900 INVESTMENT | | 1,650 SQ FT | $1,395,000 5860 Woodbine Ave, Philadelphia Unit #1512 STUDIO | 1 BATH | 475 SQ FT | $175,000 LISTINGS

6 BED | 4.1 BATH | 3,725 SQ FT | $679,000

809 Latona Street, Philadelphia


3 BED | 1 BATH | 1,288 SQ FT | $299,000




1 BED | 1 BATH | 570 SQ FT | $275,000

430 Hampden Rd, Upper Darby

229 S 58th St, Philadelphia

3 BED | 1 BATH | 1,248 SQ FT | $112,500

3 BED | 2.1 BATH | 990 SQ FT | $219,000

TWIN HOMES 500 Kingsley Court 3 BED | 2 BATH | 2,000 SQ FT | $487,000

Anne E. Koons The #1 Agent of the Cherry Hill Home Marketing Center 2018, 2017, 2016, 2014, 2013 & 2012 NJAR Circle of Excellence PLATINUM Award 2018, 2017, 2016, 2015, 2012,GOLD 2014, 2013 Direct 856-795-4709 office 856-428-8000 ext. 142 Website:

SOLO_Ads_Color_05.12.14.indd 12

SOLO_Ads_Color_05.12.14.indd 12


5/13/14 10:24 AM


5/13/14 10:24 AM

NEW PRICE Marlton/ Preserve at Little Mill Gorgeous custom 3-bedroom, 2.5 bath home backing to Preserve at Little Mill golf course with a 1st floor master suite, 1st floor study, 2 car garage & full unfinished basement. The large foyer has cathedral ceilings & ceramic floors. Living room has 12-foot ceilings, custom built entertainment center & gas fireplace. Large eat-in kitchen with French sliding patio doors to back deck & views of the golf course. $495,900.

Cherry Hill/Wilderness Acres 3 bedrooms, 3.5 baths, 2 car garage, in ground pool, walkout basement, an open floor plan with cathedral ceilings, 2 story windows, skylights, newly refinished hardwood floors, freshly painted throughout the interior and exterior, new roof along with HVAC that is situated on almost an acre of property. $724,900

To advertise in this section contact Sales 215-543-3743 ext. 104 or


What’s on TV? Anything you want. Xfinity X1 gives you access to your favorite shows and movies, from live TV to Netflix to Prime Video. Just speak into the Emmy Award–winning X1 Voice Remote to instantly find what you want to watch. Now that’s simple, easy, awesome. Go to xfinity.c om, call 1-800-xfinity or visit an Xfinity Store today.


Get started with Xfinity TV, Internet & Voice




a month for 2 years

with 2-year agreement

Now with up to 200 Mbps download speed

Free DVR service for 1 year

Equipment, taxes and other charges extra, and subj. to change. See details below.

Offer ends 11/26/19. Restrictions apply. Not available in all areas. New residential customers only. Limited to the Standard Triple Play with Performance Pro 200 Mbps Internet and Voice Unlimited services. Early termination fee applies if all Xfinity services are cancelled during the agreement term. Equipment, installation, taxes and fees, including regulatory recovery fees, Broadcast TV Fee (up to $10.00/mo.), Regional Sports Fee (up to $8.25/mo.), and other applicable charges extra, and subject to change during and after agreement term or DVR promo. After term agreement or DVR promo, or if any service is cancelled or downgraded, regular rates apply. Comcast’s charge for DVR service is $10.00/mo. (subject to change). Service limited to a single outlet. May not be combined with other offers. TV: Limited Basic service subscription required to receive other levels of service. Access to Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, YouTube and Pandora on Xfinity X1 requires an eligible set-top box with Xfinity TV and Internet service. Netflix streaming membership and Amazon Prime Video subscription required. Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, YouTube and Pandora use your Internet service and will count against any Xfinity data plan. Internet: Actual speeds vary and are not guaranteed. For factors affecting speed visit Voice: If there is a power outage or network issue, calling, including calls to 911 may be unavailable. All devices must be returned when service ends. Call for restrictions and complete details. © 2019 Comcast. All rights reserved. NPA228383-0001 NED-FRE-PHLWKLY-4-VA-V1

135059_NPA228383-0001 NED Half Page_PHLWKLY-4-VA-V1_10x9.875.indd 1

9/27/19 3:20 PM

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