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Before she checks in for her show next week in Fishtown, we invite you to check out the self-made enigma known as...

Adia Victoria Calendar: Eat, drink and get a tattoo...or two. All three tied to big events in Philly this week. | Page: 26


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er name is Lori. can or several, she accepts with a smile. On I don’t know her last name, this day, while we stopped and chatted on my because she refuses to tell front stoop, she kept saying “I hope I’m not me, but she’s anything but a taking up too much of your time.” Of course, mystery. I run into her most mesmerized like a 5-year-old listening to a Thursdays when she stops grown-up read a book at the library, I told her in from my house to collect to continue. grabs the paper bag of good“So I stayed with friends for a while, but things always went south,” she conies I’ve left especially for her. If she tinued. “People want to help, but sees my car, she’ll ring the doorbell help has a time limit and when it’s and a 5-10 minute conversation time to go, it’s time to go. I’ve stayed about the week that almost always at shelters, but they can be a scary ensues. place, but I have a nice place to go Lori is a picker. She’s a short, elwhere no one bothers at night and I derly but sharp-witted Asian-Amerfeel safe there.” ican woman, and can be found That place is in a wooded area of pushing a small shopping up cart a local park in which Lori wakes up up blocks throughout the neighwith the sun, goes into a local coffee borhood stopping intermittently to shop to clean up and then goes about sift through recycling bins and bags her day. looking for one thing: cans. The day is picking, walking for We’ve spoken a few times, I’ve miles combing the streets for metal naively offered a few bucks but she that she can bring to recycle at the refuses to take it. @SPRTSWTR various recycling centers or scrap “You wanna help me out? Just metal yards throughout Kensingsave me all your cans, please,” she’ll ton. She noted on a typical day she can collect plead. It’s come to the point where on Thursenough cans to make $20-25. And on a good days now, a part of my morning routine before getting out the door has become “making a day can collect as much as $40. “I use it for food, to buy some clean clothes, bag for Lori.” Lori, 68, claims she has lived in my neigh- a bottle of white wine,” she said, vowing that borhood just at the edge of Fishtown prop- despite plying her trade in one of the city’s er her whole life. She’s seen the changes most drug-infested areas she’s never been tempted to join in. the neighborhood has undergone from once “I drink, but I don’t do drugs,” she continblighted section into one of Philadelphia’s ued. “I see what it does to people around here, most vibrant communities. But it’s been that change that has displaced Lori since 2015. The they look like zombies walking around, it’s so perfect storm of losing her job, her husband sad.” What Lori doesn’t want me to think of as “Andy” due to throat cancer and subsequently sad is her life. Does she wish her circumstancher home forced her out onto the city’s mean es were different? streets. I think anyone not living among the 1 per“It was like by the time I realized what was cent wishes that. happening to me, I had nothing,” Lori told me. But to people that also know her and see “We didn’t have much money, to begin with, and were just hanging on with my job. My her around, please know: “I don’t hurt nobody, husband’s money went to all of his hospital I don’t steal and I’m not like these other [pickers] who go through the garbage and leave a bills and everything just piled up. We don’t mess,” she said. “Recycling helps the commureally have any family in this country and the nity and the environment and allows me to get few friends we do have they have problems by until I can one day get back on my feet.” of their own and I didn’t want to bother anyShe’s Lori, and while she probably doesn’t body.” know it, she’s truly an inspiration. It’s her pride that I think impresses me the most. Even with the cans, she doesn’t beg TWITTER: @SPRTSWTR or ask for anything else and whether it’s one



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That’s the record of the Sixers at home when Kendall Jenner is in the building. It was an intense atmosphere Inside the Wells Fargo Center was an intense Sunday night when the Sixers knocked off LeBron James and the Lakers. One of the many stars in attendance was Jenner, who is reported to have split from Sixers guard Ben Simmons. But we guess the “star” couldn’t pass up a chance to see a legit East Coast meets West Coast battle between a collective of so many successful, rich and multicultural athletes.





The millions of dollars in outstanding city taxes at the end of the 2017 calendar year in Philadelphia. This just in from a Pew Charitable Trust study released this week, the City has actually improved its collection of delinquent accounts by almost 97 percent. Just five years earlier? Philadelphia was listed as the city with the most debt in regard to its size and population: $548 million in unpaid city taxes, including some debts listed as “decades old." You hear that and you think about what a portion of $447.7 million could do for city-run institutions, like police departments, health care centers and SCHOOLS.


Subterranean art We just want to know...

Who requested Mayor Jim Kenney, City Council President Darrell Clarke, and Parks Commissioner Kathryn Ott Lovell to attend and officiate their wedding? Because according to the Mayor’s daily press release, it happened as part of a pre-Valentines Day celebration at LOVE Park on Wednesday. Anything for the ‘Gram, we suppose.

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Instead of Comcast ads, cheesy used car advertisements, graphic images of someone administering Naxolone and whatever else fills the on-track billboards along the Broad Street subway line, one stop will offer art from over 30 city artists.

John Montesano Art Director

Andrea Cantor Senior Staff Writer

Contributors: Swabreen Bakr, Daniel Barnes, Jared Brey, Gregory Dale, Maura Ewing, Logan Gardner, Katie Kohler, Dan Savage, Colt Shaw, Timaree Schmit

To contact the news department:

Spearheaded by Brendan Lowry (@Peopledelphia), the installation dropped at SEPTA’s Walnut-Locust station replaces all 110 advertising spaces with unique pieces of art, an overhaul being dubbed the Track Takeover. Enjoy.

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Adrian De Jesus Director, Street Team

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“We going to the Finals this year, my G. Believe that. On momma and momma’s mama.” – A Sixers fan, clearly overjoyed following the team’s 143-120 win over the visiting Los Angeles Lakers on Sunday. With upgrades to the roster and an impressive home win-streak, we’re feeling a bit overjoyed at the prospects of this being one hell of a year too. Could the Sixers make The NBA Finals? God, we hope so. But we’re going to remain realists and let fans, like this guy, remain the eternal optimist.

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Is anyone else surprised that... Joseph Ashdale, head of the PPA Board of Directors could be linked (allegedly) to the federal indictment of John Dougherty? As the saga continues on charges against city labor union leader, Johnny Doc, this week’s icing on an already layered cake was that along with receiving funds to pull strings in City Council for Johnny Doc, Council Majority Leader Bobby Henon also allegedly accepted a bribe from “PPA Official No. 2,” – who sources tell is none other than Ashdale – to reject a Council demand for an audit of the agency in 2016. At the time, Council believed the PPA was withholding funds that should’ve gone to the school district. Imagine that, the PPA readily boots cars for nonpayment of parking tickets but just as quickly pays off members of Council to so city government won’t look into its own nonpayment to city schools. Now, that’s fucking rich.





“While I agree that placements can be traumatic for children, the circumstances justifying placements can be just as traumatic. I can say with certainty Cynthia Figueroa that DHS (United States Department of Human Services) supervisors and social workers are not in the business of removing children unnecessarily.” – Pamela Robinson, DHS union president said this during Tuesday’s three-hour Council hearing, organized by Councilmember David Oh. As to be expected, the comment according to an Inquirer report was met with jeers from mothers in the crowd that felt a bit differently. It should be noted that as Robinson said this, she may have momentarily forgotten that Philadelphia has the largest population of children placed in foster care of any major city in America.

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mesmerize Before she checks in for her show her next week in Fishtown, we invite you to check out the self-made enigma known as Adia Victoria It took Adia Victoria more time than most to get comfortable in her own skin. All the touring, hotel rooms, sleepless nights and playing the “buck stops with her”role to become everything and everyone she needed to be just to get eyes on her music – a unique sound that has mesmerized large concert halls and intimate bar stages all over the world – didn’t arrive without a supreme lack of introspection. It had to be the life for this Nashville-based Blues rocker, the one NPR’s Tiny Desk host Bob Boilen described as ‘powerful and direct, with no artifice” in 2016. That’s what it took to achieve notoriety, to become a recognizable name as a Black female in a room reserved for male-dominated Blues rockers (see, Stevie Ray Vaughn, Eric Clapton, Jimmy Page). CONTINUED ON PAGE 8

Sultry blues rocker Adia Victoria headlines Johnny Brenda’s on Jan. 20, the second stop in her tour for Silences her fifth album. | Image courtesy: Red Light Management




As fame grew, so did feelings of what should’ve been the happiest time in her young life. “I was working so hard, but I just felt so obscure,” Victoria tells PW, as she recalls the early stages of her budding career. “I was kind of trying to figure out my bearings and who I was [back then]. I was everything, I was the singer, my own manager, the one responsible for getting my band from Point A to Point B. Frankly, I was traumatized by it all, touring, the sheer demands [that come from the] nature of my work, I got home from touring I realized that I had no connection with myself. I had no ability to talk to myself.” Reflection took nearly three years. Today finds a different Adia Victoria. One that’s confident, one that’s allowing herself to not take on everything, to not have to be the strong one. With a management team in place to handle all the nuts and bolts, Victoria has found time to get back into the studio. A new band and leash on her creativity formed Silences, her fifth studio album and perhaps her most freeing piece of work, artistically. Victoria hopes to prove this to the adoring fans she’s amassed over all those labor of love stops as she embarks on her Silences tour beginning Feb. 19, with the second stop inside the intimate setting of Johnny Brenda’s in Fishtown on Feb. 20. “I mean I think that this album is a deep reach inside myself, deeper than I’ve ever gone into and certainly that I’ve ever allowed the public to see,” said Victoria. “There was a time there where I realized I had no connection with myself, I couldn’t even look at my guitar. But I always knew I needed to make art, and there was this absurd part of my psyche that wouldn’t allow me to evaporate into these really strong feelings of panic and depression. This album is very personal and I feel renewed as a result of making it.” Philadelphia is a stop on a world tour of Silences scheduled to include stages in Paris, Amsterdam, parts of Germany and Belgium before the tour’s final rest at the upcoming Boston Calling Music Festival, May 24-26. Victoria said coming to Philly was an important part of the process since she despite being raised Seventh Day Adventist in South Carolina, she still lays claim to some Philly roots. “My mother is actually from West Philly,” Victoria affirmed. “She always told me to stay away from the cheesesteaks and head straight to the sandwich shops in the Italian Market. I’m supposed to get the one with the broccoli [rabe] on it. That’s all I know, and if time allows that’s what I’ll be doing.” If you’ve yet to hear Adia Victoria, her sound is distinct. A familiar blues drum riff and base strum from her bandmates are highlighted by the twang of her electric guitar and a voice that coils around your sensibilities like an anaconda. Keeping with a blues theme, each song tells a unique story, specifically her latest track off Silences, called, “Different Kind of Love,” a mesmerizing delivery




With a management team, new bandmates and a renewed passion for her creative abilities, Adia Victoria is ready to showcase the lessons learned with an upcoming tour promoting her new album, Silences describing a tale of loss, love, and hope – all things that seem to fit perfectly with the steps Victoria’s career has taken to date. “It’s basically me talking to myself, reading between the world and yourself and my love with words,” said Victoria. “I’m talking about all the ways I find that the world tries to find love, [and for me], between men and relationships [blowing up] in my face and counting up all the failures. So in the video [for a Different Kind of Love], I just wanted to keep it simple and I wanted to show off my new band. You know these guys are good looking boys and I wanted people to see that the dynamics between me and working with all of them because it’s been such a grounding force for me.” You would think that before having a solid backing from a management standpoint that standing on her own two would arrive with some sense of empowerment for Victoria, a voice that has remained vocal about advanc-

es for both women and African-Americans in the past, but as she explained, it was the exact opposite. “There was no choice, man. No one is coming to do this shit for you,” Victoria explained. “I don’t see it as empowering. The way I looked at it was like if somebody chopped off your right arm, you better be just as good with the left. I had to be because I had to find a way for me and the guys in my band. All that shit falls on you, booking hotel rooms, talking to [venue] managers, yeah, you learn about the business, but then after you do all of that shit, when do you have time to be creative? I missed the creative aspect of making music, that’s always been the fun part for me. Now, with this new album and as I get ready to set out on this tour, I finally feel like I have that.” It’s a tour that the likes of Paste, Rolling Stone and others are excited for. But Victoria isn’t doing it for fame or notoriety or valida-

tion anymore. Frankly, she doesn’t have to. “I’m a little bit more fine-tuned and aware of what I want to put out the world,” said Victoria. “This is going to be a completely different show. This has nothing to do with me having to be a strong Black woman or anything like that. It’s annoying that that’s the [stigma] that Black women in this country have had to maintain. But it’s OK to be vulnerable, it’s OK to allow people to help. Honestly, I want people coming to see my show in Philly to know that I’m still the same strange young woman who’s constantly questioning this world and turning it into art. I want my fans to feel like they have an ally in me and I hope that always comes out in my music.” Adia Victoria | Feb. 20, 7pm. $12-15. Johnny Brenda’s, 1201 N. Frankford Ave.


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Fooling around There are definite levels to this latest on-stage dramedy from Tribe of Fools Theater




didn’t anticipate that I would cry. reframe a potentially traumatic experience When I recently attended a and take something compassionate from matinee showing of Clown Sex Ed, that.” the latest offering from the Tribe of But the ambitions for this piece were Fools Theater Company, I accurately not only be an exploration of personal predicted that I would laugh. Out of the gate, experiences but to actually provide audiences I giggled at the goofy entrances of red-nose- with accurate sexuality information. wearing clowns portrayed by Zachary Chiero “We started with our personal experiences and Tara Demmy, who comprise the cast for and what we both wished we had gotten out the show. of sex ed,” explains Demmy. “How do we I guffawed through the progression of take what’s personal for us but [deliver] the well-meaning (but hilariously ill-equipped) messaging in a way that’s entertaining and adult characters, each attempting to teach doesn’t feel like we’re just yelling information the young people in their care about the at them?” realities of sexuality. I gasped at surprising The answer was a team effort of educators moments of acrobatics periodically sprinkled and “an incredible director and stage throughout the hour-long piece. I cackled at manager.” the use of props to portray everything from Tribe of Fools, a Philadelphia theater chlamydia to a Catholic classroom company known for “creating new portrait of Jesus. plays that blur the lines between But I also teared up – and was theatre, dance, acrobatics and simply not ready for it. other highly visual and kinetic “I got out of a long relationship storytelling techniques,” brought and I was basically like, ‘what do I together the visions of Demmy and want?’” says Demmy of the origins Chiero into Clown Sex Ed through a of Clown Sex Ed. “I realized at the repeated cycle of improv, feedback age 30 there was so much I didn’t and revision. There is a small but know. There were questions I had mighty production team bringing and I was reflecting on my sex in expertise on choreography, education. No one told me it could costumes, lights and sound. feel good! It took me a long time For this production, they also to stop feeling guilty after feeling reached out to a number of local good, feeling pleasure.” experts including: the Mazzoni Looking back on her own sources Center, Advocates for Youth, of sexuality education, Demmy Planned Parenthood, William Way @TIMAREE_LEIGH drew inspiration for the characters LGBT Community Center, and and content. The comedian and yours truly as a local sex educator. theater artist, who is currently working on And given all this joy and learning about her PhD in Theatre and Performance Studies, sex, would could possibly have made me studied the tradition of red-nosed clown in cry? The ingenious way in which Demmy Italy for ideas. “It’s such a joyful form. Could and Chiero’s parent, nuns and gym teacher we create sexuality education that is joyful, characters are portrayed with such humanity. rather than fear-based or shame-based?” In lieu of a caustic parodies – prudish “Much in the Tribe of Fools way, we make religious figures and controlling parents – a joke about something and then three years Clown Sex Ed depicts sex education as it often later: it’s a show,” says Chiero, the nationally is: the wildly inadequate efforts of adults who touring actor and other half of the cast. He want to love kids and want to protect them says when they began to workshop and devise from harm. the piece, that there were some universal Sex education is not bad because people are teachers they wanted to depict. “Whether evil; sex education is bad because most people it was their parents, nuns, gym teachers,” don’t know how to do it better. he says, “they’re staples that just about “How do we find compassion and love everyone has had some experience with. for these people who have taught us?” asks The clowns are going through versions of Demmy, “That was our guiding principle. our own experiences, they’re going through We love these nuns. How do we show their heartbreak, discovering sexuality for the first inadequacies in terms of teaching this time.” education but show compassion for what Clowning, as an artform, provided a unique they’re trying to do?” opportunity to revisit all these real-world Demmy then proceeded to answer her own experiences through a new lens. “Clowns have question. different roles, they’re like children in that “We’re all clowns. Embrace uncertainty, they see things for the first time, they’re kind ask questions. Choose joy.” of naïve. Through their eyes, they can give Clown Sex Ed | Through Feb. 17. 7pm, us new meaning,” added Demmy, typically (2pm matinee on Feb. 16-17). $15-20. Philly because they’re so childlike and naïve, we Improv Theater, 2030 Sansom St. tribeoffools. don’t associate them with sexuality.” org “They’ve helped us find joy and connection,” Chiero says of the clowning TWITTER: @TIMAREE_LEIGH characters, “it gives us the opportunity to





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unplugged Philadelphia kickstarts plan of powering city offices with renewable energy BY WILLIAM HENGST In late December, Mayor Jim Kenney signed legislation planned to significantly advance climate action efforts in Philadelphia. Spearheaded by the City’s Office of Sustainability, the desire is to move all cityrun offices toward 100 percent renewable electricity for all City buildings by 2030. The City owns or manages approximately 600 buildings, including office buildings, libraries, police stations, recreation, and health centers. The bill authorizes the City to enter into a contract with the Philadelphia Energy Authority, that will, in turn, enter into a roughly 20-year power purchase agreement with Community Energy, LLC., a Radnorbased private energy company. Community Energy will build a 70-Megawatt utilityscale solar facility on 700 acres of vacant

land in Adams County, 100 miles west of Philadelphia. This facility will be seven times larger than the next largest solar array in Pennsylvania and will generate enough power to provide 22 percent of the electricity consumed by city government buildings. Community Energy has already built and financed solar projects in 10 states and in addition to Pennsylvania, the company also has developed a number of wind energy facilities. According to its CEO Brent Alderfer, “we have the technology to take on climate change. What we haven’t had is the leadership to take it on. Philadelphia’s recent commitment, however, demonstrates much-needed leadership on climate change in Pennsylvania.”

“We have the technology to take on climate change. What we haven’t had is the leadership to take it on.” – Community Energy CEO, Brent Alderfer The deal represents one of the largest power-purchase agreements between an American city and a renewable energy provider. A national survey conducted in 2017 found that 32 other cities, including Washington, D.C., and Houston, have signed similar long-term agreements to purchase renewable-powered electricity. According to OOS Director, Christine Knapp, “we already are in discussions with other large institutions in Philadelphia that are interested in pursuing power-purchase agreements, which will help advance our citywide climate goals.” Recently, SEPTA, the city’s transportation authority, issued a request for proposals from energy companies that would enable it to purchase 10 to 20 percent of its energy needs from a renewable source; this would be significant since SEPTA is one of the largest consumers of energy in the Philadelphia region. The City has completed or is currently undertaking a wide variety of energyefficiency projects designed to reduce energy consumption, costs, and carbon emissions. One of its first major projects included four large downtown office buildings – City Hall, the Municipal Services Building, One Parkway Center, and the Criminal Justice Center—at a cost of $12.2 million, all funded by a municipal bond. The project included updates to all

lighting and operating systems in these buildings. It has resulted in $1.4 million in annual savings, according to the OOS. A second major project, funded by an $11 million bond, is well underway at the Philadelphia Museum of Art—the largest energy consumer among all City buildings. Work includes upgrades to the operating systems and lighting. The Rodin Museum and the Perelman Building annex are also part of this undertaking. According to the OOS, the project is expected to save $766,000 a year upon completion. OOS manages the Energy Efficiency and Sustainability Fund using Capital Budget allocation. OOS distributes these funds to other city departments on a competitive basis in support of smaller energy-efficiency projects at municipal buildings. To date, the Fund has saved approximately $1.7 million in energy costs. The City has replaced sodium street lights with LED lights on some streets; these lights are more energy efficient, last longer and, when paired with a computerized control system, provide better illumination for drivers, pedestrians and bikers. Switching the rest of Philadelphia’s street lights to LED lights remains a high priority. Mayor Kenney’s Rebuild Initiative, or “Rebuild,” will invest $500 million

in the coming years to repair and upgrade City parks and recreation centers, playgrounds, and libraries. This initiative will be largely funded through long-term city-issued bonds, including bonds backed by revenues raised by the Beverage Tax, as well as a grant from the William Penn Foundation. Late last year the City announced the first round of 13 projects. As buildings are updated, they will be designed to be energy efficient and resilient to the changing climate. In 2018, Philadelphia City Council amended the building code to require all new commercial and multi-family buildings built in the city to comply with energy-efficiency standards that will ensure better insulation, lighting systems that use less energy, and windows that screen out more heat. These requirements could increase energy efficiency in new buildings by as much as 30 percent. As a result of all these undertakings, the City’s carbon footprint already has been reduced by approximately 17 percent over the past decade. A recent study by the American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy ranked Philadelphia 12th among 51 of the largest cities in the country for its energyefficiency efforts. Under Pennsylvania’s “power-switch” program, residents and businesses can switch to a supplier of 100 percent renewable-powered electricity. As of July

2017, 34 percent of residential customers in PECO’s territory (which includes Philadelphia) had switched to a renewable electricity supplier. The Philadelphia Energy Authority runs a city-wide program, known as “Solarize Philly,” that offers free solar assessments and discounted pricing for homeowners who install rooftop solar panels; the more customers who sign contracts, the deeper the discounts. To date over 3,500 households have signed up, and over 200 contracts have been completed for the work. The City is studying opportunities for further solar projects on municipal rooftops and cityowned lands as well. Despite all these initiatives, scientists say global warming is occurring faster than previously forecasted with global climate change is running at a rapid pace. A scientific study, released last November by the United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, reported that global carbon emissions increased by almost 3 percent last year. The study concluded that if emissions continue to rise at this rate the world is likely to see the onset of a global environmental crisis as early as 2030. William Hengst is a retired city planner. He can be contacted at


Image: Pixabay




What’s in a sculpture? Rodin Museum reopens with ‘Rethinking the Modern Monument’ exhibit, connecting monument controversies from past to present BY ANDREA CANTOR

After a brief hiatus, the Rodin Museum has reopened, while setting up its new “Rethinking the Modern Monument” installation. Featuring 80 sculptures, including 24 newly installed sculptures into the building, the works are predominantly created by or recreated in the image of famous French sculptor Auguste Rodin. Outside the museum stands a version of the artist’s famed colossal sculpture The Thinker (1903) of a man lost in contemplation, originally a depiction of the Dante Alighieri intended to be included on his acclaimed bronze doors project, The Gates of Hell (commissioned in 1880). The Rodin Museum’s new collection also includes Rodin’s early terracotta model of The Gates of Hell, which shows the artist was already changing plans on the commissioned work.

The collection features 80 sculptures by Rodin and other artists, such as Chana Orloff’s The Dancers (Sailor and Sweetheart) . | Image: Andrea Cantor




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Curator Alexander Kauffman of Rodin Museum’s latest “Rethinking the Modern Monument” exhibition poses the ongoing questions of what our monuments should be of and who they should honor. Other displayed works include pieces by Jean Arp, Barbara Hepworth, Jacques Lipchitz, Marino Marini, and Alberto Giacometti. The collection additionally highlights Pablo Picasso’s Man with a Lamb (1943), which is intended to defy symbolic meaning during its creation in Nazi-controlled, Vichy France, and Chana Orloff’s The Dancers (Sailor and Sweetheart) (1923). The latter piece by Orloff stands in a modernist contrast to Rodin’s The Kiss (carved between 1888 and 1898), noted for its provocative and sexualized depiction of lovers in an embrace. Running through December 2020, the collection of monuments, large-scale structures and early designs intended for public monuments are curated by Alexander Kauffman, a postdoctoral curatorial fellow of Andrew W. Mellon and Anne d’Harnoncourt. Kauffman extensively studied the works of Rodin and traveled to France to see his monuments that still stand there and wants to break down preconceived notions of a Rodin among a current day, American art audience. Particularly, he hopes to shed light on the highly radical nature behind Rodin’s pieces and the scrutiny that they faced in his time. “Today in the U.S., we are accustomed to seeing Rodin in the context of an art museum. But in France, in its own day, Rodin was an innovative and highly controversial monument maker,” said, Kauffman, during a press event on Feb. 7 unveiling the new exhibit. “Ultimately, through his monuments, you can see Rodin as a major player in the social and political conversations of his day and as a much more complicated figure than we sometimes remember today.” Unlike typical monuments in his day, Rodin did not seek to glorify individuals, instead opting for a collective tribute. For example, The Burghers of Calais (1889), which has a remodeled version in the courtyard of the Rodin Museum, showcases six men who were said to have sacrificed their lives during the Hundred Years’ War between England and France to save their city of Calais. While the men are sculpted with individual features, none stand

out among the others. Rodin even wanted to forgo a pedestal to emphasize the French Republic and its egalitarian beliefs, which was ultimately denied by his patrons who wanted the piece to evoke heroism. Rodin surmised his perspective on going against the grain when it comes to public monuments. “By convention, a statue in a public place must represent a great man in a theatrical attitude which will cause him to be admired by posterity. But such reasoning is absurd…,” Rodin stated in 1907 to French art critic Paul Gsell. “There is nothing more beautiful than the absolute truth or real existence.” Kauffman not only explores Rodin and his work but also uses him as an exemplar to question the factors that go into creating honorary monuments, still paramount to today’s discourse. Being situated on the Parkway in Philadelphia, Kauffman is quick to make the analogy to the former Frank Rizzo statue outside the Municipal Services, which has drawn support for its removal due to the former mayor’s contentious history around police brutality and relationships with the Black and LGBT+ community. “It speaks to many of the conversations that we are asking about monuments in Philadelphia and in cities across the country. Questions like: Who should are monuments honor? What should our monuments look like? And who should ultimately be deciding?” continued Kauffman. “I was inspired by moments of activism towards removing monuments of those in the Confederacy across the American south and also proposals for new monuments in Philadelphia.” Kauffman praised the city’s public installations in 2017, such as Monument Lab: A Public Art and History Project, which commissioned artists to challenge the quo of monuments, and The Octavius V. Catto Memorial at City Hall, which is Philly’s first monument dedicated to a Black American on public land.


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No ‘Complaint’ Watsky comes to Philly to perform his fifth album at Union Transfer BY ANDREA CANTOR

Slam poet turned rapper George Watsky, known as just Watsky, is heading to Philadelphia’s Union Transfer on Feb. 27 with his Complaint tour. The tour which kicked off on Jan. 31 in Nashville, showcases Watsky’s fifth studio album, Complaint, which dropped on Jan. 11 of this year. This comes after his Welcome To The Family tour late last year that promoted two of his earlier dropped singles from the album: “Welcome To The Family” and “All Like Whatever.” CONTINUED ON PAGE 18

A multimedia artist, Watsky hopes to continue to experiment with more sounds and platforms in years to come. | Image: Mike Squires






Following a widely successful year in 2016 with his chart-topping album x Infinity and New York Times bestseller How to Ruin Everything: Essays, Complaint, comparatively speaking, has flown a bit more under the radar. But as Watsky fans have come to expect, his album has nothing that can be expected. Filled with personal songs that range from the serious to the hilarious, respectively from “No Complaints, No Conversations” to “Mean Ass Drunk,” the album incorporates different styles and experimentations. But fans who have yet to experience one of the hip hop artist’s live shows may not expect the collaborative musical presence on his concert stage. “I believe the collaborative process is super important and if people only know me from my videos they might be surprised what a dynamic musical show it is when they come and see us,” explained Watsky. “Everyone on stage is just truly an incredible musician and I’m really proud of the live experience.” The San Francisco artist jumped onto the national scene after his YouTube video “Pale Kid Rap Fast” went viral in 2012, the same year that he performed in the balcony of the Trocadero. “I always have a great time in Philadelphia, [and] I love the city and the people,” said Watsky. “From the little tiny show that I played at the Trocadero balcony in 2012, one of my favorite tour pictures that I look back is the concert I played for 30 people at the Troc balcony and much fun we had. [Playing in Philly is] an extension of that experience, and I see people coming back from show to show and year to year and I can’t wait for this next one.” Philadelphia Weekly continued to chat with the celebrated wordsmith to ask more question on his craft and career. In a tweet about Complaint last month, you wrote “Without pain, joy has no context. If you’re always happy, happiness starts losing meaning.” How do you think that sentiment is embodied in this record? How much of that stems from your personal life? It’s a super personal album. Everything I write about in general is personal even if it’s political. But this one is in some ways a smaller album, in the sense that it’s more focused on my life. But with that being said I make an effort to even if I have specific context for what’s going on in the songs, to remove anybody involved in it except for myself, because I don’t feel like the actual events are that interesting to people, what’s actually interesting is the emotion underneath it. So yes it’s very personal, but the specific events aren’t really what I’m trying to get at



Hip hop artist Watsky takes his Complaint tour to Union Transfer on Feb. 27.

here, it’s more the universal truths that are underneath that. Basically, it’s an album that traces the arc of the relationship, sort of split into thirds. The first third of the album focuses on the early stages, the honeymoon period of a relationship, the middle of it is trying to figure it out, and the last third of it is grappling with the end. Your fourth album, x Infinity, gained a lot of positive feedback and attention. Did

that make it harder or easier to go into this fifth record? I think that at this point I know that I have a very loyal following and that’s taken the pressure off of me because they’re in a way the same as an artist who has a patron. I have this group of patrons who allow me the freedom to do what I want, and I think that we have a trust relationship where the folks that have supported me really royally over the years know that at least I’m going to give them my

best effort to make the most creative work that I can. That’s interesting to me that I want to be making. And given that, I’ve had so much freedom to switch from funny stuff to serious stuff to narrative-driven work, experiment with melody or experiment with my form and there’s always going to be people when you’re experimenting who want you to do the thing you did before. But I understand that’s part of what you have to accept when you’re trying to put your work out publicly, so sometimes it stings when you hear people say negative stuff

PHILADELPHIAWEEKLY.COM @PHILLYWEEKLY or want you to return to what you were doing before. But in general, I feel a huge amount of freedom to do what I want. In terms of artistic freedom, the album had some autotune on it, which is not typical of your alternative hip-hop sound and may surprise a lot of your fans. What made you decide to incorporate that type of technology into the record and how did you think it was executed? Autotune is a funny one. It’s sort of a dog whistle for certain group of hip hop fans that some people associate with insincere music. I personally don’t feel that way at all. I mean I look at someone like Bon Iver, who is using autotune all over his record. There are so many creative ways to deploy autotune that I feel like I should have every tool in my tool bag available to use and autotune is just another creative filter that you can use to achieve an interesting sound. The irony of people getting upset about autotune as a way to mask your real singing voice or not be a legitimate thing is that there are other plugins that you can use that are much more effective at making it sound like your real singing voice but are actually able to pitch correct just as intensely as autotune but you don’t know that you’re hearing something that’s been autotuned … So when you’re putting autotune in the way that T-Pain does or something on a track, in my mind it’s a creative sonic choice where you’re not trying to hide what you’re doing to your audience you’re actually being very upfront about the effect you’re using. What is the song you are most proud of on Complaint? I put them all on there for a reason because they scratched a different itch for me. But I think “Whitecaps,” may be the most complete for me; I like the way that all the sections complement each other. I’m really proud of that one. You started out as a slam poet and it is clear that you place a heavy emphasis on lyric construction. Do you find that is generally missing or abundant in music nowadays, both in mainstream and alternative music? I think that the Internet has allowed for an explosion of creativity and an explosion of options for people. Sure, there’s there some simplistic stuff on the radio but that’s always been the case in the case when I was growing up in the school. It’s simple stuff can be can be profound and moving too. But look at folks like what’s coming out of Chicago with Chance [the Rapper] and Noname and Saba and they have big followings and they’re making incredibly nuanced interesting complicated music that has a big following. Kendrick, who is a mainstream artist, is genre pushing and

MUSIC someone like Donald Glover, I mean he’s the gold standard for creative experimentation, being willing to modify your sound entirely from album to album. So no, I’m actually super inspired by how much boundary pushing is happening right now. Another person who values the craft of language is Lin-Manuel Miranda, whom you have formed a good relationship with the past couple of years. How has his support meant for you personally and professionally? He hasn’t sent me anything specific about it, but he shared some really nice comments about it on Twitter. Lin is a pretty incredible person. He’s just somebody who I look to as an inspiration not only in how he manages the creative process but what he does with the powers that his platforms gives him. It’s pretty amazing how he’s been able to not just pay lip service to social justice and Puerto Rico, but actually, transform the plans of his life and his work around what he thinks the right thing to do is. I think he is someone everyone can look to [and learn] walk the line between artist and activist and human. It’s been a handful of years since you broke out on the internet with Pale kid raps fast and work on Epic Rap Battles of History. Where do you hope to go? At this point what I’m interested in is making the best work that I can and being a multidisciplinary artist. I had a degree in college in interdisciplinary studies. It was [one of those] create your own degrees where I took acting classes and screenwriting classes and playwriting. That’s what I wanted to do with my life; create cross media works of art. So in terms of of what I’m going to be doing. In a way, I never deviated. I’ve had funny stuff, I’ve had serious stuff, but if you go back and look at my 2009 album, what I was doing when I was doing spoken word and I still put spoken word songs on my album. It’s kind of a similar mix of autobiographical work, humor, serious subjects, dipping into the political, subversively funny stuff. I’ve gotten little breaks along the way. Sure, I had Def Poetry and then I had the Bible video but with aesthetic differences. I feel like I’ve sort of been doing the same thing since I was like 15 and I don’t plan on stopping. I’m going to keep being the same person and just trying to make something that I think it’s interesting and better than the last thing I made. Watsky | Feb. 27. 8:30pm. $20-$85. Union Transfer, 1026 Spring Garden St. utphilly. com/events/watsky/


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‘Dark, but uplifting’ Netflix’s Russian Doll: the next television series you need to make a must watch




K, I know Stephen Silver just diagnosed OCD and even enjoys his death did an awesome review of Velcycles because he can control his day. Howevvet Buzzsaw — basically, an iner, Alan still must endure his breakup to his tensified The Picture of Dorian long-time girlfriend, Beatrice. Carrying the Gray which I’m all about— but ring he was going to propose to her with, he I need to give a big shout out to tries to perfect his loops, in hopes that he can another Netflix Original. While change her mind. it may be too much back-to-back commercialWhile this features a yin-yang character ized reviews for an alt paper to handle, Rus- duo that would otherwise be reductive, the susian Doll should be your next weekend binge. pernatural implications of Nadia’s and Alan’s Moreover, I cannot stop talking about it to relationship give the pairing a narrative pass people and hopefully writing it out will put an on archetypal night and day personalities. end to my incessant rants or at least calm the But their character matchup also lends itwaters. Not likely, but worth the self to another of the show’s many try. messages, which is that self-reflecCreated by the women dream tion is most effective when someone team Natasha Lyonne, Amy Poeelse is holding up the mirror. hler, and Leslye Headland, Rus“Angels are all around us,” Shifra sian Doll was released earlier this (Tami Sagher), a Rabbi’s assistant, February and is the Hitchcockitranslates a prayer she offered Naan, darkly twisted version of 1993 dia. Groundhog’s Day, which starred Accepting and providing help for Bill Murray and Andie MacDowothers is a crucial element to Rusell. But Russian Doll elevates the sian Doll’s success as both dark but well-known plotline of reliving the uplifting. same day by incorporating a nestNadia learns that lesson when she ing doll, or a matryoshka doll as spends a night in a homeless shelter, safeguarding a man named Horse’s the Russians say it, of themes from (Brendan Sexton III) shoes so that Jewish mysticism to psychological he won’t leave and freeze to death as trauma. @ANDREACANTOR well as when she continuously calls Nadia (Lyonne), a troubled the gas company to fix a leak for her 36-year-old game designer, keeps reliving her birthday after she is hit by a car therapist and childhood guardian Ruth Brenwhile looking for her cat Oatmeal. Stuck in ner (Elizabeth Ashley) to make sure she stays a loop, more a dialectical spiral, after every alive. death she returns to a black bathroom with Not for the nihilist, the characters realize Henry Nilsson’s “Got to Get Up” playing in they need each other in order to break their the background, emanating from her drug Sisyphus ways, the Greek mythology about and sex fueled birthday party. the king of Corinth who had to roll a heavy With each new loop, Nadia looks up from stone up a hill for eternity. By extension, viewthe sink and into the mirror, processing her ers can also venture to the edge of the abyss latest death and resurrection. She then walks with them, recognize their root problems and over to the Nosferatu-esque, coffin-shaped still find the purpose and meaning in life. door with a blue galaxy-shaped light, a possiQuestions circulate around whether the ble cosmological signifier to her purgatorial buzzworthy show will bring about a second season and given the amount of publicity it existence, and pulls the trigger on the gunhas generated and its perfect Rotten Tomatoes shaped doorknob, thus sealing her fate to her score, it would seem likely. But I hope that next imminent death. Russian Doll will not be up for renewal as to Sprinkling motifs throughout the entirety of the show, the audience is gradually let in on preserve what it was able to achieve. It is television that can be binged in mere the full weight of her core trauma and residual guilt — her relationship with her mother, days, two in my experience, but needs to be rewatched to be fully appreciated, particularly who died at 35, adding extra importance to Nadia’s 36th birthday. Breaking the fourth wall, for its foreshadows and callbacks of motifs. Some have argued that the show leaves the show travels through childhood memories of Nadia’s mother smashing all the glassware viewers unsatisfied, I contend that Russian Doll trusts its audience, gifting them with a in the house and filling her car with watermelons, even throwing fur coats on the street Twilight Zone ending that keeps the door open for endless lives that Nadia and Alan can lead. to make room. On a whole, Netflix has struck out with Drowning, gas leaks and an intense battle with stairs that led to multiple broken necks, many of its originals, but over the last few with each death Nadia seems to value life a bit months, with fan favorites like Bird Box, cult favorites like You and Velvet Buzzsaw, the more. That’s amplified when she meets Alan Zaveri (played by Charlie Barnett) as they are streaming service seems to have hit a stride that you can’t help but watch – for better or about to crash in an elevator... worse. “I die all the time,” Alan says to Nadia, moments before plunging to their deaths. TWITTER: @ANDREAJCANTOR Also stuck in a loop, Alan suffers from un-


Core trauma as a child meets residual guilt as an adult for Natasha Lyonne’s (left) character, Nadia in Russian Dolls, another gem from Netflix. | Image courtesy: Netflix


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Waiting in the Lobby Lavish gifts and trips to Las Vegas? That’s the Lobby world in the voting machines industry BY ANDREA CANTOR


uring the 2018 midterm elections, the Pennsylvania Election Protection Coalition calculated that 18 Philadelphia-based precincts experienced broken or malfunctioning voting machines. The number of ineffective polling stations strongly emphasized the importance of technological changeover. In April of the same year, the Pennsylvania Department of State announced that counties must select new voting Photo by Andrea Cantor

systems in time for the 2020 primary, if not by the November 2019 general election. The voting machines must incorporate a paper record to provide more accurate post-election audits. However, controversy has brewed over the transparency and ethics regarding the selection process of said machines after news broke that the elections director of Luzerne County accepted gifts, including a free trip to Vegas, from its chosen vendor. CONTINUED ON PAGE 24






Above: Philadelphia had 18 precincts experience broken or malfunctioning machines during the 2018 midterm elections, highlighting the need for new voting systems.


The company in question is Election Systems & Software (ES&S), a voting systems manufacturer based in Omaha, Nebraska. The same company DePasquale said is also vying to become Philadelphia’s new voting equipment provider. “I’ve been on the job for six years, this was eye-opening to me that there are even lobbyists for these things,” said Auditor General Eugene DePasquale to Philadelphia Weekly. Philadelphia has six competing bids right now, currently under review by a confidential committee consisting of commissioners from the City Council, Office of the Mayor, Office of Innovation and Technology (OIT), and Office of the Chief Diversity and Inclusion Officer. The committee was preparing for a vote on Feb. 13, but decided to delay in a public announcement made in the late evening on Feb. 12. Auditor General DePasquale and City Controller Rebecca Rhynhart had publicly recommended that the commissioners delay the vote to evaluate alternative options and maintain transparency. On Tuesday, Feb. 12, the City Commissioners Office decided to delay the voting, stating that while the selection committee made recommendations to the City’s Procurement Department, a commissioner vote has been postponed while the Department negotiates. Nick Custodio, the deputy commissioner for City Commissioner Lisa M. Deeley, stated before the statement that the delay in the vote was not a result of either DePasquale’s or Rhynhart’s disapproval. “This week, the selection committee made its recommendations to the Procurement Department for additional negotiations of price and other terms, which is an option available to the selection committee pursuant the Best Value Regulations,” read the public statement. “Accordingly, the Commissioners’ vote is postponed while these additional negotiations take place.” Others had not been vocal for a delay in voting, citing the review process Philadelphia had already performed. “Prior to issuing the voting machine contracting opportunity, staff spent several months conducting research in preparation for the issuance of the RFP (Request for Proposals),” Deputy Communications Director of the City of Philadelphia Mike Dunn explained to PW. “This research involved, but was not limited to, a review of federal and state documentation, a survey of requirements from other locales, a State/Federal sponsored security symposium attended by both City Commissioners and OIT staff, observation of elections in other municipalities, and the issuance of a request for information (RFI) in June.” Dunn went on to say: “As a result of this due diligence, OIT and the City Commissioners issued an RFP in November 2018 that resulted in multiple proposals. The Selection Committee continues its consideration of those proposals. The Mayor’s

Office is hopeful that this extensive effort will meet the Governor’s mandate for the selection of new systems by year’s end and implementation in 2020. This, in turn, will result in new voting technology that meets Philadelphia’s electoral needs for years to come.” But from Auditor General DePasquale’s reading of the RFP, it seemed to benefit one vendor in particular — Election Systems & Software (ES&S), a voting systems manufacturer based in Omaha, Nebraska. “I wouldn’t want to suggest fraud at this point. I am concerned that the RFP appeared to be written to benefit one vendor, I say appeared, that’s why I think having commissioners answerable to more questions is critical,” said DePasquale to PW, clarifying that the stated vendor was ES&S. “I don’t think they’ve been very transparent about the whole thing. This is a very important decision. They’ve got to make sure that they get this thing right and I’m just not convinced that they’ve weighed all the options appropriately.” Custodio explained that all of the systems under committee review met the recommendations by the University of Pittsburgh and The Blue Ribbon Commission On Pennsylvania’s Election Security study, including that they use “voter-marked paper ballots (either by hand or by machine).” Custodio also contested that the RFP included only one certified system, Unisyn, in its release. “The RFP was written and released at a time when there was only one certified system, a system by a vendor named Unisyn. There was no real guarantee anything else would be certified by February 13th,” said Custodio. “One system didn’t complete their federal certification until January 30th and others have still yet to be certified. Several additional systems that we saw during our RFI phase, which was used to inform the writing of the RFP, have not been certified.” DePasquale attempted to create more transparency in the selection procedures when he issued a list of six questions to every county election last month with a Feb. 8 deadline. Nine counties missed the deadline, Philadelphia being one of them. “Philadelphia has hundreds of thousands of voters. This system has to work and has to work well to make sure every eligible voter who casts a vote gets counted properly on Election Day,” DePasquale continued. “Who the next president of the United States may very well depend on this system working properly.” DePasquale explained that Philadelphia’s election office, headed by Acting Supervisor of Elections Kevin Kelly, did get back to him with some information on Feb. 11, the same day the auditor general released a press release about the missed deadlines. The provided information from Philadelphia County is now under review.




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FACEBOOK Auditor General Eugene DePasquale sent a letter to Acting Supervisor of Elections Kevin Kelly with six questions about the new voting system procedure, but Kelly missed the Feb. 8 deadline. | Letter courtesy: Department of the Auditor General


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Love Letter Steve Powers Pop-Up!

Looking for something a little out of left field for Valentine’s Day 2019? Well, look no further, because the baddies behind Mural Arts and the Love Letter project are coming in with another batch of bus window beauty. Steve Powers, artist and creator of the Love Letter project, is gonna spend his day alongside Cupid live printing a special love-related image at the Suburban Concourse Station on Valentine’s Day. It’s free and a little dirty … this is about as left field as we can go | 11am. Free. Suburban Station, Concourse Level at Track 0, Section A, 16th St. and JFK Blvd. VALENTINE’S DAY

Valentine’s Day Comedy And Dinner Show Comedy. Live music. Love. Honestly, what else could you need? Well, how about a surf and turf dinner? Yeah, that’s good too (though we’ve got mad love for the vegans and vegetarians amongst us, and wouldn’t begrudge anyone a nice tofu dinner). Put it all together and what do you get? Buddy Love’s Valentine’s Day Comedy and Dinner Show. Man, with a name like that, it’s almost like he was made for this. | 730pm. Prices vary. Ukie Club, 847 N. Franklin St.



Hedwig and the Angry Inch: Valentine’s Day Benefit Performance

Starring the award winning reTHEATER cast, featuring Mimi Imfurst from RuPaul’s Drag Race as Hedwig, this one-time performance of the raucous Broadway hit will go to benefit the Attic Youth Center, which creates opportunities for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and questioning (LGBTQ) youth to develop into healthy, independent, civic-minded adults. ‘Nuff said, amiright? | 8pm. Prices vary. Voyeur Nightclub, 1221 Saint James St.

Big Philly Beerfest It’s big. It’s Philly. It’s beer. And it’s a fest …. ival. Yep. Checks out. It’s actually year numero cinco for the Big Fest of Philly Beer, and you best believe they’re comin’ in even bigger and beer-ier for this latest go-round. Just picture it. Beer here. Beer there. Craft beer damn near everywhere. Beer in bottles. Beer in mugs. Beer in carafes and cases and jugs. Beer on tables and counters and clutched in hands, on boards and boxes and even some that have been canned. Beer in that spot, and this one too, beer in your face, and-oops ... now there’s some on


your shoe. Sorry to go all Dr. Sue-ds on you, kids, but that’s the exact kind of whimsy an event this soaked in awesome brings out in us. Live music. Delicious food. Little cute-as-all-get-out 5oz. souvenir acrylic mugs. Beer itself may well be the best reason to attend, but make no mistake; it’s only truly the best when you taste and toast and talk away the evening with some loved ones and some friends. Big Philly Beerfest | Feb. 15. 8am. Prices vary. Pennsylvania Convention Center, 1101 Arch St. – CAL SETAR | @CALSFRO


Sweetheart Skate

Love, love, love and more love. That’s what this event, and all the others that follow, are all about. Really, that’s what this city is about. And not just brotherly love. Sisterly love. Fatherly love. Motherly love. Cousin-ly love. All the love, all the time. That’s what we’re about 24/7, but it’s not so often we get to share it with you all,

and the rest of the people at the rink. Watch out, kids! It’s triple lutz time! | 4pm. Prices vary. Dilworth Park, 1 S. 15th St. VALENTINE’S DAY

Vegantine’s Day Dinner

people, it’s a c an empty bar tv on in the co others still, it’s models and a neon. Look, a sound good to just here to le what’s going o no fuss, no jud fun. | 9pm. Pr Event Comple Moore Ave.

Veganites, unite! It’s gonna be a tasty veggie-only eventbrite.c culinary experience, and only you and Cupid are invited. Well, plus your date … assuming you have a date. FEBRU We didn’t mean to assume you had a date, though it’d be kinda weird if you didn’t and- FESTIVA -know what? We’re gonna stop talking now. This prix fixe gets you five courses of delicious vegan awesomeness ... and a whole evening without anyone Festival … con asking when your date is sides of the sa gonna show up. | 7pm. $40. Maybe not, bu Saint Benjamin Brewing to bet it doesn Company, 1710 N. 5th St. If you’re into a art and tribal then you’re he VALENTINE’S DAY humdinger of and twice on for you, the co actually goes Sunday, so yo Love means different things to different people. the option of twice on the l Who are we to judge? For week if you w some people, it’s a quiet Prices vary. P dinner at home with their significant other. For other Tattoo Arts Co N. Broad St.


21st An Philade Tattoo Conven

Neon Nights Lingerie Party

eventsprout PARTY

Love Bo


One more for amongst us! Y you could get Valentine’s Da Think again. J the day itself mean there a opportunities soused and th in the path of


LYWEEKLYPHILADELPHIAWEEKLY.COM @PHILLYWEEKLY people, it’s a cold drink at an empty bar, with a muted tv on in the corner. And for others still, it’s 15 lingerie models and a whole lot of neon. Look, all three options sound good to us … we’re just here to let you know what’s going on. No muss, no fuss, no judgement … just fun. | 9pm. Prices vary. TLO Event Complex, 1621 Cecil B. Moore Ave.




21st Annual Philadelphia Tattoo Arts Convention

Festival … convention … two sides of the same coin, right? Maybe not, but we’re willing to bet it doesn’t really matter. If you’re into all things tattoo art and tribal arm bands, then you’re headed to this humdinger of an event all day and twice on Sunday (luckily for you, the convention actually goes through Sunday, so you really do have the option of showing up twice on the last day of the week if you want). | 2pm. Prices vary. Philadelphia Tattoo Arts Convention, 131 N. Broad St. PARTY

Love Boat Gala

One more for the lovers amongst us! You thought you could get away from Valentine’s Day that easy? Think again. Just because the day itself is over doesn’t mean there aren’t more opportunities for getting soused and throwing yourself in the path of Cupid’s arrow.


If you’re feeling fetch (we will make it happen) and looking to let love loose, this deckedout gala may be just right for you. | 8pm. Prices vary. Moshulu, 401 S. Christopher Columbus Blvd. FOOD & DRINK

Drink Philly Wine & Chocolate Social

The sweetest event of the season (Disclaimer: We can neither confirm nor deny whether this is, in fact, the sweetest event of this, or any, season). The fourth annual Wine & Chocolate Social features some of Philly’s best sweet treats and boozy delights (plus the sweetest treat of all; you). Whatever you do, don’t miss Drunk Grandma’s. She’s delicious. | 7pm. $35. National Museum of American Jewish History, 101 S. Independence Mall East. DATING

Thank U, Next

Just call us Cupid (or Ariana Spanish Large), cuz we’re doing everything in our power to get you crazy kids shagged and shacked in 2019. Well, shagged, at least … we’ll leave the shacking/ non-shacking up to you. If you’re POC/Queer/Trans or just plain awesome and looking for love, then head on over to Gilbert’s Shoes for an entirely unique evening of speed dating, followed by a party specifically designed to wipe away any weirdness from, well, ya know ... the speed dating. | 8pm. $10. Gilbert’s Shoes, 1652 Ridge Ave.


Emo Night Brooklyn: Philadelphia

Thank U, Next

The Used. Taking Back Sunday. My Chemical Romance. Fall Out Boy. A Day To Remember. Yellowcard. Paramore. The Wonder Years … do we need to keep going? Ok, we’ll keep going. Panic! At the Disco. The Get Up Kids. Brand New. Rites of Spring. Modern Baseball. Mother flippin’ Weezer! Seriously, we could keep going, but we’re pretty sure you get the point. | 1030pm. $14. The Foundry, 29 E. Allen St. PARTY

Love Stinks Let’s Drink!

Who here has seen “The Wedding Singer?” And who here remembers the montage where he’s all depressed and sad because he thinks he blew it with Drew Barrymore, and he starts singing “Love Stinks” at that wedding before eventually getting his ass kicked by the bride’s father? This event is exactly like that scene, only with less Adam Sandler and no one’s gonna get punched in the face. | 10pm. $10. Stats on 17th, 111 S. 17th St.






Boyz II Men: 25th Anniversary of II

Ironically, the iconic Boyz II Men album “II”, is not actually their second studio album; it’s their third. But it is their second non-Christmas album, which is why it earned the deuce moniker. We all know the Boyz are Philly born and bred, which is awesome, but it’s still so jarring to think of soaring ballads and a capella music at the same time as we think of the grit and blue-collar style of the city itself. Those mean streets birthed “I’ll Make Love to You”! How wild is that? | Saturday 8pm. Prices vary. The Met Philly, 858 N. Broad St.

Photo courtesy of Whitney Fatone






Cheryl WoodruffBrooks’ “Chicken Bone Beach”

Chicken Bone Beach may not sound all that appealing, but it’s rich with history and, in a way, hope. The titular beach lies at the center of author Cheryl Woodruff-Brooks’ latest offering, an historical compilation of “Atlantic City’s racially segregated beach during its heyday from the 1920s through the 1960s and the residents who lived on the Northside near the established Missouri Avenue Beach.” Despite the name (and, of course, racial tensions) Chicken Bone Beach became a haven for African Americans at that time. | 3pm. Free. Uncle Bobbie’s Coffee & Books, 5445 Germantown Ave. FOOD & DRINK

Puppy Love Brunch

We always promise to get you the most important information right off the bat, and there’s few things more important to this event than the fact that you’ll be able to donate to Paws for the People, a non-profit dedicated to providing dog and/or animal therapy throughout the region. You’ll also get to pet puppers. And hug puppers. And eat brunch and listen to live music. | 11am. Free. City Tap University City, 3925 Walnut St.



Butterfly Love Fest

It’s a kid-friendly Valentine’s festival, and all the little larvae in your life are invited. And what’s a kidfriendly Valentine’s festival without some games, some prizes, a whole bunch of arts and crafts, a little dab of live music and, the piece de resistance … face painting! Seriously, what kid in their right mind doesn’t want their face painted? None. Or some. We don’t know honestly, we don’t have kids. But you probably do. So go to this event! | 10am. Prices vary. Insectarium and Butterfly Pavilion, 8046 Frankford Ave.

Mythic Creatures Opening Weekend

Is it technically “learning” if the thing you’re “learning” about is purely imagined? We say yes. How else do people become chiropractors? Zing! Just kidding, we’ve gone to many chiropractors and, if nothing else, it feels amazing. Anyway. This is opening weekend for the newest Academy of Natural Sciences exhibit, Mythic Creatures: Dragons, Unicorns & Mermaids, and it’s meant for anyone who wants to know about the terrifying realities that spawned the greatest myths in the world. | 10am. Prices vary. The Academy of Natural Sciences, 1900 Benjamin Franklin Pkwy.

Barney Cortez, The Fleeting Ends & Earth Radio



VHS Swap and Retro Flea Market

It’s back and swappier and flea-ier than ever. And if you’re asking yourself, “Self, what does any of that even mean?,” know that you’re not alone and everyone else reading this particular section is asking themselves the exact same thing. Much like a faded copy of “Spaceballs” on video cassette, the event itself won’t last long. So gather up your dusty and your dogeared and head on out for an afternoon of perusing Stuff You Want But Definitely Don’t Need. | 5pm. Free. South Street Cinema, 327 South St.



Philadelphia Tattoo Arts Convention Pin Up Contest

Do you know who The PA Liberty Belles are? Well, you’re about to. They’re the pinup gals of your dreams. The decadent 50s damsels you never knew you needed. Technically speaking, this event is a little bit of a cheat on our part since it’s an event within an event: The 21st Annual Tattoo Arts Convention. But it’s such a cool concept with such alluring subjects that we couldn’t help but hack it off and make its own special entry. | 415pm. Prices vary. Pennsylvania Convention Center, 1101 Arch St.


Marvel: A Murder Mystery

This is getting uncomfortable. Not for us, of course … for the evil geniuses at Evil Genius. It has to be getting weird, at the very least a little awkward or off putting to know that there’s some publication out there absolutely gushing about every single thing they do like some superhero fanboy with an unhealthy obsession. And we never even talk about their beer! What a thing. Anyway. This is yet another amazing event from a consistently amazing venue/brewery. We’d tell you to go, but chances are you’re already on your way. | 6pm. Prices vary. Evil Genius Beer Company, 1727 N. Front St.


Hype Dance Crew Presents: SEUSS

Who’s ready to get Hype!? Cuz the Penn Hype Dance Crew sure is, and they need a few good audience members to get them going for their spring show, SEUSS. Inspired by the uplifting words of Dr. Seuss himself, Hype Dance Crew has put together a seasonal stomp that’s hot enough for the summer, but made for the spring, aimed at answering the question … “Why fit in when you were born to stand out?” | 4pm. Prices vary. Iron Gate Theater, 3700 Chestnut St.


Sippin’ and Stitchin’ Patch Workshop

As the organizers of this event accurately noted, patches have been cool since bein’ cool was considered cool. Honestly, what cool kid didn’t have a patch on their bookbag in middle school? Maybe on their jean jacket if they were especially cool, maybe even on their jeans if their mom was crazy and they were allowed out later than 8. Relive their glory days (or the totally-not-made-up memories of your own) with a little sippin’, a little stitchin’, and a whole lot of cool. | 3pm. $40. Tattooed Mom, 530 South St.

Barney Cortez is a man and musician of many influences. We don’t know that for certain obviously; we’ve never spoken to Barney and so we can’t say anything about the man behind such musical masterpieces as “Patti Smith” unequivocally. All that being said, you take even a few minutes to listen to any of his albums and you’ll hear such a vast array of signature styles that you’ll be wondering just who didn’t have an influence on Ol’ Barn. | 8pm. $8. Ortlieb’s, 847 N. 3rd St.


Fire & Ice Festival: Specialty Chili & Ice Sculpture Shot Luges Homer Simpson would be beside himself. Not with anger or anything, he’d just literally be beside himself after eating the hottest chili known to mankind and going on a days-long mind bending trip wherein his consciousness would split and he’d be able to - literally - sit beside himself. For the rest of us, it’s just another delicious event featuring a whole bunch of chilis and several different ice luges. Ya know. For shots. | 1pm. Free. City Tap University City, 3925 Walnut St.



30 X




It’s about to get sexy all up in here. Seriously though, sexy times require not-sosexy talk, so listen close, compadre. Sabotage! is Philly’s newest recurring play party (if you don’t know what that is, well, we both feel sorry for you and suggest you maybe take a few minutes to Google it). If you’re LGBTQIA+ identified and kinky to boot, then you can look forward to a night of great music, socialization and, of course, as much or as little kinky play as you’re interested in. Just remember; boundaries still exist. | 4pm. Free. Philly Music Hall, 4817 Longshore Ave. MUSIC



Disturbed: Evolution World Tour

Who’s ready to get “Down With the Sickness?” Fans of Disturbed probably hate when people make that reference, since it ignores pretty much the entirety of their catalogue and makes it seem like they’re a one-hit band with little else to offer. To you, Disturbed fans, we apologize. But also … who hasn’t at least tried to do the “oowahahahah” thing once or twice in their lives? Come on, people. We know we’re not alone in this. | 730pm. Prices vary. Wells Fargo Center, 3601 S. Broad St.


Enough Is Enough: Women’s Wellness Group


That’s So Fetch! Mean Girls Trivia Night

This is a wellness group intended for women of color living in the patriarchy. This is a good thing. Seriously, even if you’re not a woman of color, even if you’re a member of the so-called patriarchy, you have to recognize the importance of wellness, of community, of being able to share histories and expected futures with other like-minded individuals. Life isn’t meant to be lived alone, after all. | 630pm. Free. Uncle Bobbie’s Coffee & Books, 5445 Germantown Ave.

Who’s feeling fetch? We are. You are too, even if you don’t know it yet. Look, Gretchen may not have been able to make fetch happen, but we think we’ve got the cultural cache necessary to make it a real, honest-to-goodness thing. So go on with your bad self. Throw on a few pieces of pink and let you fetch flag fly. Honestly, it’s a Monday night; you probably don’t have anything better to do than learn to hate Regina George all over again anyway. | 7pm. $30. Kung Fu Necktie, 1250 N. Front St.


Adult Mom // Bad Moves // Long Neck // Susie Derkins

There’s something intrinsically off putting about a band called Adult Mom. Like, we’d hope that any mom is an adult. But of course, not every adult is a mom, just like not every mom is an adult. It’s an interesting conundrum, and that’s before we even get to the music! Lo-fi. Shoe-gazey. Awesome as hell. Seriously, this is gonna be one heck of a show, and if you’ve got the time and the dime, we suggest you do yourself a favor. It’s what your mom would want. | 7pm. $12. PhilaMOCA, 531 N. 12th St.


President’s Day Weekend at Museum of the American Revolution

Monday is President’s Day, so we wanted to make sure we got at least one historical event in there. The Museum of the American Revolution has all kinds of cool stuff going on to celebrate, including offering guests the chance to try on 1790s clothing, walk through George Washington’s war tent and learn the story of Harry Washington, who escaped from Mount Vernon and fought on the other side of the Revolutionary War. | 10am. Prices vary. Museum of the American Revolution, 101 S. 3rd St.



Tuesdays with Tony

Tony Conrad was a filmmaker determined to transcend the boundaries of accepted artistic endeavors. Through work with the artist Jack Smith in the early 1960s to his later investigations with film’s sculptural and performative properties, Conrad’s contributions to filmmaking were often as experimental aas they were wide-ranging. | 7pm. Free. Institute of Contemporary Art, 3701 Chestnut St.


Birthright Citizens: A History of Race and Rights in Antebellum America

Hosted by the Program in African American History, this lecture with Professor Martha S. Jones, Society of Black Alumni Presidential Professor and Professor of History at Johns Hopkins University, tells how African American activists radically transformed the terms of citizenship for all Americans through battles in legislatures, conventions and courthouses. | 530pm. Free. The Library Company of Philadelphia, 1314 Locust St.


“Music For Food” Benefit Concert

Technically this event is free, but there is a suggested donation of $20 for adults and $10 for students. But that’s not the most important part of this event (though it contributes--literally). All proceeds from this concert, with all performances conducted by artists of the Curtis Institute of Music, go to benefit Sunday Breakfast Rescue Mission which has been helping the homeless and hungry in Philly for more than a century. | 7pm. Free. Asian Arts Initiative, 1219 Vine St. FOOD & DRINK BOOK

The Inquirer Presents: Dorothy Butler Gilliam

Firestone Walker Beer Dinner

The Philadelphia Inquirer and the African American Museum in Philadelphia have joined forces to host a conversation with Dorothy Butler Gilliam, the first black woman reporter at The Washington Post and author of “Trailblazer: A Pioneering Journalist’s Fight to Make the Media Look More Like America.” Speaking with a current Inquirer journalist, Ms. Gilliam will discuss her 60-plus year career, as well as the continuing fight for diversity in America’s newsrooms. | 6pm. Free. The African American Museum in Philadelphia, 701 Arch St.

Food and drink seem like such simple things, and yet there are deeply complex elements at play on every plate and within each glass. It’s so complex, in fact, that there are actually people whose job it is to determine what food would pair best with what alcohol. And not just wine! They basically have a beer version of a sommelier called a cicerone whose job it is to, yep, you guessed it, pair food with beer. Crazy. But also delicious. We’re always champing at the bit to learn more about this expansive world. Care to join us? | 630pm. $65. The Dandelion, 124 S. 18th St.


Vince Staples: Smile, You’re On Camera

Vince Staples seems like a strange cat, and not just because he used to be close with Odd Future (although that’s definitely a notch in the weird column). No, Staples just seems like the kind of guy who moves to, well, his own beat. He doesn’t “really like to listen to music.” He’s been in a bunch of movies. He’s only 25. And his music is undeniably eclectic. Honestly, he sounds like the perfect person to be a famous musician. | Tuesday 8pm. $30. The Fillmore, 29 E. Allen St.

32 X




Schitt’s Creek: Up Close & Personal

Ever wondered how Eugene Levy gets his eyebrows to do that thing? Ya know, that thing. That thing where they’re big and bushy. Anyway. Ever wondered how it is that he wound up co-creating a show with his son, Dan Levy? That also has a recurring part in it for his daughter, Sarah Levy? Well, wonder no more! Now is your chance to find out all about your favorite fish-out-ofwater show, Schitt’s Creek. | 8pm. Prices vary. The Met Philly, 858 N. Broad St.


From Stream to Sewer: A History of Philadelphia’s Landscape

Streams, streams and more streams. Most people don’t pay much attention to streams, let alone fully consider their potential for drastic impact on the surrounding terroir. Adam Levine, historical consultant for the Philadelphia Water Department, is not one of those people. Follow along in this illustrated lecture as he digs into the history of the city’s sewers and drainage systems and discusses the systematic obliteration of hundreds of miles of city streams. | 6pm. Free. Wagner Free Institute of Science, 1700 W. Montgomery Ave.


Switchfoot: The Native Tongue Tour

A band is only as good as their live show. How else can you truly measure a band or musician’s capabilities, than by their chops when it comes to an actual musical performance? To that end, we’ve heard that Switchfoot puts on one hell of a live show. And while inauspicious beginnings may give some pause - they started out in the Christian rock scene and their first big break was the soundtrack for the movie “A Walk to Remember” - all that really matters is that they bring the house down when they gig. | 715pm. $35. The Fillmore, 29 E. Allen St.


You know how it goes. You spot your crush across the room, maybe on the darkened stairs at your favorite sex club. It starts with a flutter. A flush. A feeling like you’ve suddenly lost control of certain faculties, like if you let yourself you might lift off the ground and float right out the window. But what’s really happening inside you? Spoiler alert: It’s not a heart attack. You’re feeling the Sexies, and there’s nothing you can do to stop it. | 630pm. $25. The Velvet Lily, 1204 Chestnut St.


Chiddy Bang

Chiddy Bang actually won’t be all by his lonesome at this show, as he’s bringing along special guests Tayyib Ali and Kofie Carter for support. But boy probably doesn’t even need it considering he cut his teeth as a young up-and-coming musician on the mean streets of … Drexel!? Yep. That’s right. Chiddy got his start rapping while studying with the Dragons, likely earning himself a Bachelor of Arts in Smoking Cyphers. | Wednesday 8pm. $20. The Foundry, 29 E. Allen St.



Science of Seduction

How to Ask for Money (Without Shame)


Nostalgia for the Light/ Nostagia de la Luz: Working Through Matter

Presented by the Wolf Humanities Center and the Cinema and Media Studies Program in collaboration with Lightbox Film Center at International House Philadelphia, “Nostalgia for the Light” / “Nostagia de la Luz” is a Chilean documentary follows two simultaneous investigations in the Atacama desert. One seeks outer space through giant telescopes, taking advantage of the desert aridity. The other concerns women digging in search of the final few bone fragments of loved ones disappeared by Pinochet’s dictatorial regime. | 7pm. Free. Lightbox Film Center, 3701 Chestnut St.



Dillon Francis & Alison Wonderland: Lost My Mind Tour

It’s not every day you see a co-headlined tour. Of course, it’s happened before, will undoubtedly happen again. But it’s a rarity these days, when so many bands and celebrities fighting and clawing in an effort to secure top billing. Not these two EDM superstars. Dillon Francis and Aussie counterpart, Alison Wonderland, aren’t just teaming up for their Lost My Mind tour; they’re putting together a crunchy collab that’s sure to rock your Spongebob socks clean off. | 8pm. $45. The Liacouras Center, 1776 N. Broad St.

Asking for money; it’s a tricky thing, rife with potential pitfalls. It’s also incredibly uncomfortable. Seriously, has anyone in the history of the world ever asked for money and felt truly comfortable and confident about it? No, of course they haven’t. But if you want to be successful, if you want to find investors or just pay your bills, you need to know how to raise more money, with less shame around the ask. It’s not an easy trick to learn, but nothing important ever is. | 6pm. Prices vary. CultureWorks Greater Philadelphia, 1315 Walnut St. cultureworksphila. COMMUNITY

Voices of Hope: A Black History Month Celebration

Celebrate Black History Month by focusing the spotlight on the next generation of artists, activists and fully realized black folks. Featuring the Gesu School gospel choir, Sister Cities Girlchoir and Philadelphia High School for the Creative and Performing Arts’ (CAPA) choir, along with CAPA’s jazz band and dancers, this’ll be an evening to honor iconic educators and the ever-brightening future of our deeply diverse nation. | 6pm. Free. Philadelphia High School for the Creative and Performing Arts, 901 S. Broad St.



Cults at Sphinx & Snakeskin: Philadelphia and Beyond Cults seem like such a ridiculous idea. Like, how in the world can people get so wrapped up in some kind of silly group, promising eternal glory in exchange for all your worldly possessions? But then it happens. And happens again. And again and again and again. And you start to think … “could I be susceptible to this?” And the answer is yes. The truth is, you’re much closer to becoming a cult-loving mouth breather than you’d ever willingly admit to yourself. Kinda scary, huh? | 7pm. $25. Sphinx and Snakeskin, 45 N. 2nd St.


Door 19: Renais-Science Faire

“Quirky” science meets themed soiree … what could possibly be better? Nothing! That’s what. Ok maybe a few things. An end to world hunger. True equality. Literally anyone else in the White House. There’s a few things. But, at least for one night, there’s nothing we’d rather be doing than listening to jolly minstrels, studying armored beasts and/or spending an enchanting (and possibly enchanted) evening learning all about myths and legends, propped against a backdrop of real, live science. Also … sorry for yelling. | 6pm. Prices vary. The Academy of Natural Sciences, 1900 Benjamin Franklin Pkwy.



Alan Walker: Different World Tour

Alan Walker is a Norwegian DJ who was born in England and is now touring the US (and lots of other places). As a kid, he was an avid gamer and had an interest in programming, which eventually led him to YouTube and electronic music production. In an earlier iteration of his musical career, he went by the name, DJ Walkzz. He’s a high school drop out. His mother’s name is Hilde. He likes to eat soap. That last thing may or may not be true. | 8pm. $27.50. TLA, 334 South St.






Baby, it's cold outside We started off the week with snow, ice, and slush. And while we know winter months are going to bring all of that and it just is what it is, it's hard not to keep pining for warmer temperatures. However, we will say this; when you have images like this of City Hall, captured expertly by photographer Aaron Ricketts, it's impossible not to fall in love with this farsighted view at just how gorgeous snow-covered Philly truly is.



The Doll Q: I am a 56-year-heterosexual man, and I have lived with ALS for the past six years. I am either in a wheelchair or in a hospital bed, and I have very little motor ability in my limbs. Like most or all male ALS patients, I still have full sensory ability, including a fully functioning penis. Are there safe websites or groups I can connect with that deal with helping paralytics like me find people who are interested in hooking up? I’m talking about people who have a fetish for paralytics. I know that some people have a thing for amputees; I imagine there’s a fetish for any number of diseases or afflictions. When I was healthy, I was into light bondage. That seems like a redundancy now, but I can still get into dress-up and role-play. I would be cool if someone was into the whole bathing, grooming, dressing thing, and whatever baby-doll fantasy they might have. Hell, I’d be happy if someone just wanted to give me a pity fuck! – Realistic About Getting Dominated Or Lustfully Laid-

with someone who is turned on by your whatever-the-fuck is good enough for the able-bodied, it’s good enough for people with disabilities. Provided of course that, able or disabled, we’re appreciated for everything we bring to the table or the chair or the bed. Ryan Honick, a disability advocate and public speaker, doesn’t think you should limit your search to websites aimed exclusively at the disability community. “It’s estimated that one in five people have a disability,” said Honick. “And when I think about how challenging dating can be anyway—disability notwithstanding—my immediate thought is that RAGDOLL shouldn’t exclude 80 percent of the population from his search. So I would encourage him to use some of the mainstream apps— like Tinder, OkCupid, Bumble, or Match—and put what he’s after front and center.” Honick would caution other disabled people that putting your disability front and center—even on mainstream dating apps—is likely to attract the attention of devotees. “I struggled to find any specif“RAGDOLL doesn’t seem like he ic online groups with respect to @FAKEDANSAVAGE would mind being with a devotee,” ALS and sexuality,” said Andrew said Honick. “But those of us who Gurza, a disability awareness condo mind need to be a little more sultant and the host of Disability After Dark, a terrific podcast that explores discerning. I’ve inadvertently attracted a fair number of people with a devotee fetish, and it and celebrates the sexual agency and desirhonestly squicked me out.” ability of people with disabilities. “But what Zooming out for a second: Safety is always a RAGDOLL is looking for might not be directly related to his specific disability. It sounds like concern when inviting a stranger over for sex, RAGDOLL, even for the non-disabled. In addihe is looking to engage with a community of people called ‘devotees.’ These individuals tion to attracting the attention of a few good and decent people, devotees or not, your relaare attracted to people primarily because of their disabilities, and that might be what he is tive helplessness could attract the attention of looking for. I know a couple who used a devo- a predator. So before inviting anyone over, get tee website to find each other, who dated and their real name and their real phone number. Then share that information with a trusted eventually married.” friend—someone who can check in with you If you’re open to playing with a devotee, before and after a date—and let your potential RAGDOLL, Gurza suggests checking out Paradevo (, a website for “female new fuck buddy know you’re sharing their devotees and gay male devotees” of disabled info with a trusted friend. Second to last word goes to Honick: “Anmen. “Many disabled people have also set up pro- other option, if it’s available to RAGDOLL and files on sites like FetLife to explore not only he’s open to it, would be hiring a sex worker.” And the last word goes to Gurza: “RAGtheir fetishistic sides but also how their disDOLL shouldn’t resign himself to the idea abled identities can complement and play a that he’s a ‘pity fuck.’ His desires as a disabled role in that,” said Gurza. man have full value and worth. And I want Now, many people, disabled and otherwise, look down on devotees, who are often accused him to know, as a fellow disabled man, that he of fetishizing disability and objectifying dis- can have a fulfilling sex life and that someone out there does find him attractive.” abled people. But people who are exclusively attracted to the able-bodied and/or the conventionally attractive are rarely accused THERE’S ALWAYS MORE OF SAVAGE of fetishizing the able and ambulatory or ob- TO LOVE! jectifying the facially symmetrical. Which is Read: Have a question?: why it has always seemed to me—and Gurza agrees with me on this point—that if being



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Apartments for Rent


General Employment

General Employment

Legal Notices

BLOOD DONORS All donors paid $40.00 No appointment necessary. Walk-ins welcome. Must be healthy and have proper I.D. Must provide Social Security card.Interstate Blood Bank 1250-52 N Broad St. Phila PA 19121 215-765-2554 Hrs. 7:00 AM - 3:30 PM NEW DONORS BRING THIS AD IN FOR A $10.00 BONUS

PAID RESEARCH SUBJECT SPACE MISSION SIMULATION 8 day study of resilience at Univ. of Pennsylvania. Must be healthy, 30-55 yrs. old with STEM educ. MS or BS+ equiv. exp or military exp. Compensated time & travel. Call 215-573-5855

8500 BUSTLETON AVE. Corner of Evart St. Winter Special 1BR $800, 2BR $975 water & gas incld. 215-742-2261 Grant Garden Apartments Winter Special, 1 & 2 BR, 1 BA. $775 - $980 includes water. Laundry room on site. Off of Blvd. 215-464-6411 Real Estate for Sale

FOR SALE BY OWNER 2 renov S Philly townhouses 2bd/1ba Wolf & 3rd $210K and Alder & Mifflin $220K ---------------------------------------Renovated twins 4bd/1.5ba 1 block off Lancaster Havertford Twnsp $345K & $365K Call: (215)990-3405

AB BLOOD DONORS NEEDED Will be compensated up to $85.00 for a complete donation, starting on their 2nd visit!! In order to donate you need: Valid picture ID. SSI card Be between 18 & 70 yrs. old. Be in good health. Walk-ins are welcome. New donors will be paid $50.00 for a full donation. INTERSTATE BLOOD BANK 1250 N. BROAD STREET. PHILA PA. 19121 215-765-2554



Shutters, 2-Inch Wood, Pleated Shades, Roman Shades, Drapes, Verticals, Mini-Blinds Discount Price With Installation

Call Eileen

215-465-7525 PROFESSIONAL SERVICES NOTICES PennSCAN Legal Notices Education/Training: NOTICE IS HEREBY ARE HIRING GIV– Get AIRLINES EN THAT Articles of on Incorapproved hands AviFAA poration were filed with and ation training. Financial aid for approvedstudents by the –Departqualified Career ment of State of the Complacement assistance. CALL monwealth of Pennsylvania Aviation Institute of Maintenon the 1st day of NOVEMance 877-207-0345 BER, 2018, for the purpose of creating a business corMiscellaneous: has been Aporation PLACE which FOR MOM: Theinnacorporated theliving provitionʼs Largestunder senior resions of the Business Corferral service. Contact our trusporation of 1988. ted, local Law experts today!The Our name of the corporation is service is FREE/no obligation. DTS 1-855-400-1032 SERVICES INC. CALL

PROPS TO OUR PARTNERS PW loves with work great brands across Philly. Want to hook up? Drop us a line at

ce of Intent to Remediate


Miscellaneous: Dental Insurance: Call Physicians Mutual Insurance company for details. NOT just a EMPLOYMENT discount plan, REAL coverage for 350 procedures. 855-890-4914 or General Employment BLOOD Penn Ad# 6118DONORS All donors paid $40.00 No appointment necessary. Walk-ins welcome. Must be healthy and have proper I.D. Must provide Social Security card.Interstate Blood Bank 1250-52 N Broad St. Phila PA 19121 215-765-2554 Hrs. 7:00 AM - 3:30 PM NEW DONORS BRING THIS AD IN FOR A $10.00 BONUS


Miscellaneous: MobileHelp, Americaʼs Premier Mobile Medial Alert System. Whether Youʼre Home or Away. For Safety and Peace of Mind. No Long Term Contracts! Free Brochure! Call Today! 1844-677-1569


AB BLOOD DONORS PW loves with work great brands across

NEEDED Will be compensated up to $85.00 for a complete donation, starting on their 2nd visit!! In order to donate you need: Valid picture ID. SSI card Be between 18 & 70 yrs. old. Be in good health. Walk-ins are welcome. New donors will be paid $50.00 for a full donation. INTERSTATE BLOOD BANK 1250 N. BROAD STREET. PHILA PA. 19121 215-765-2554

Philly. Want to hook up? Drop us a line at

SECRETARY/ LEASING AGENT - F/T Located in NE Phila. Pleasant person with good phone skills, to show apts., process applications, minimal secretarial work. Email resume to: or Call 732-886-6830 FLAGGERS ($12.50/hr) Traffic Plan seeks Flaggers to set up and direct traffic around construction sites. A valid PA driver license and clean driving record a must, good pay and benefits. If interested please fill out an application at 510 Hertzog Blvd, King of Prussia, PA on Monday’s 10am - 2pm or online at

Construction Workers - All trades. Must be exp'd & dependable. 215-908-3241 COOK/LINE COOK Exp'd. 40 hr. shift avail. Apply Legal Notices in person: The Dining Car, 8826 Frankford Ave. Phila., DRIVERS AllThree's Luxury Sedan & Taxicab looking for professional drivers. High income. Set your own hrs. Please call M-F. 10a-4p. 215-333-1111

The following self-storage Unit contents containing household and other goods will be sold for cash by CubeSmart 501 Callowhill Street Philadelphia 19123 to satisfy a lien on March 5, 2019 at approx. 11:00 am at: Unit C24 Iris Geller Rubin Unit 1048 Maurice Hall/F S Jeans Unit 2176 Shaun Griffin Unit 4107 Thomas Rowe

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NOTICE OF ACTION Philadelphia County


GENERAL AND TREATMENT FOSTER PARENTS NEEDED Open your heart and home to children of all ages New Foundations, Inc. 215-203-8733


Janitor PT Mon/Wed/Fri 3hrs/day $500/month 3 gov buildings Huntingdon Valley & Langhorne. Seniors and vets welcome (614)588-4115

The Department of Health has filed an Administrative Complaint against you, a copy of which may be obtained by contacting, Geoffrey M. Christian, Esq., Assistant General Counsel, Prosecution Services Unit, 4052 Bald Cypress Way, Bin #C65, Tallahassee Florida 32399-3265, (850) 245-4661.

MAINTENANCE TECH Must have knowledge of plumbing, painting & some electrical. Prior maintenance exp. necessary. Salary commensurate with exp. Email:

P l u m b e r s / D r a i n Cleaners/Helpers w/ valid drivers lic must have min 3 years exp immediate openings 215-342-7200

CASE NO.: 2017-00602 LICENSE NO.: ME98035

If no contact has been made by you concerning the above by March 7, 2019 the matter of the Administrative Complaint will be presented at an ensuing meeting of the Board of Medicine in an informal proceeding. In accordance with the Americans with Disabilities Act, persons needing a special accommodation to participate in this proceeding should contact the individual or agency sending this notice not later than seven days prior to the proceeding at the address given on the notice. Telephone: (850) 245-4444, 1-800-955-8771 (TDD) or 1-800-955-8770 (V), via Florida Relay Service.



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REAL ESTATE New Price Fairmount Lovingly maintained and updated over the years, this 2 bedroom, 1.5 bath home offers a rare mix of original character and charm, including hardwood floors and woodwork, along with all the updates you would want, like a beautifully renovated kitchen and bathrooms, central air and double paned, energy efficient windows.


New Price Fishtown This beautiful, brand new home features nice hardwood floors and a stunning eat-in kitchen with island. This bright home offers 2 outdoor spaces: A rooftop deck with great views and a very large backyard, accessible through the sliding glass doors off the living area. This home offers 4 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms.


Under Contract Bella Vista

New Listing Lower Moyamensing

This nearly 1,700 square foot, bi-level condo with soaring ceilings is ready to move in! Be welcomed by an open floor plan into a grand living and dining room. This unit boasts very high ceilings, gorgeous hardwood floors (heated on the first floor), and 8’ solid wood doors. The expansive, shared roof deck has a center city view and additional shared storage.

A vestibule welcomes you into an open concept main living/ dining area with a large front window, parquet hardwood floors, high ceilings and a powder room. The spacious kitchen has butcher block countertops, with a counter to eat in, stainless steel appliances, and it opens out onto a stone patio and grass/garden area. 3 Bedrooms | 1.5 Baths

New Listing Queen Village

New Listing - Open Sunday 12 - 2 813 S. 19th Street


Discover a truly unique home. This bi-level, 3rd floor walk-up condo with two private decks, cathedral ceilings, fireplaces and master and guest suites. The dramatic living room space is filled with natural light, warmed by a cozy fireplace, a glass-globed chandelier and an adjoining raised deck. Enjoy the private garden courtyard of Blackwell Court. 3 Bedrooms | 3 Baths



This 4,500+ square feet, ultra modern, luxury home features floor to ceiling windows and a central atrium for a dramatic architectural effect. The first floor features an open concept living and dining room with gas fireplace and gorgeous hardwood floors. The stunning, spacious master suite occupies the entire third floor and has its own private balcony. With garage parking, 7 years left on the tax abatement, and 2 wonderful outdoor spaces. 3 BR | 3.5 BA


PROPS TO OUR PARTNERS PW loves with work great brands across Philly. Want to hook up? Drop us a line at



What They Are Saying: “I just wish everybody was as thorough and cared as much about customer service as the Conway team. Kathy and Pat saved me 30 phone calls and helped negotiate with me every step of the way. I recommend them to anyone who may ask. You can’t do any better. Thank you, Pat and Kathy” Thomas Brennan

Patrick Conway

215-266-1537 215-850-3842 Society Hill Office • 215.627.6005 • Please visit us online at

The Damon Michels Team “Specializing in MainLine & Center City” Damon Michels 275 Homes Sold in 2017

610.668.3400 MAIN LINE SUBURBS

The William Penn House Center City Living!

Kathy Conway

Anne E. Koons The #1 Agent of the Cherry Hill Home Marketing Center 2018, 2017, 2016, 2014, 2013 & 2012 NJAR Circle of Excellence PLATINUM Award 2018, 2017, 2016, 2015, 2012,GOLD 2014, 2013 Direct 856-795-4709 office 856-428-8000 ext. 142 Website:



Rittenhouse Square • Rooftop Pool • Fitness Center• Valet Parking • 24 Hr Security 24 Hr Maintenance

1311 FLAT ROCK RD, PENN VALLEY 5 BED | 3.1 BATH | 3,760 SQ FT | $1,175,000


29 MARPLE ROAD, HAVERFORD 4 BED | 3.1 BATH | 2,904 SQ FT | $749,000 1150 GRANDVIEW TER, WAYNE 4 BED | 3.1 BATH | 4,249 SQ FT | $649,000 1049 MORGAN AVENUE, DREXEL HILL 4 BED | 1.1 BATH | 2128 SQ FT | $235,000 41 CONSHOHOCKEN STATE ROAD UNIT #106, BALA CYNWYD 2 BED | 2 BATH | 1,584 | $209,000


34 SANDRINGHAM RD, BALA CYNWYD 5 BED | 5.3 BATH | 5,217 SQ FT | $1,095,000 713 WAVERLY RD, BRYN MAWR 4 BED | 2.1 BATH | 3,526 SQ FT | $989,000 836 LINDY LN, BALA CYNWYD 3 BED | 4 BATH | 3,500 SQ FT | $545,000 2924 MORRIS AVE, ARDMORE 4 BED | 2 BATH | 1,837 SQ FT | $469,000 2000 VALLEY FORGE CIR, PS176, KING OF PRUSSIA GARAGE | $25,000 1211 MIRABEAU LN, GLADWYNE 6 BED | 8.3 BATH | 15,317 SQ FT | $3,950,000 1320 MONK RD, GLADWYNE 6 BED | 8.2 BATH | 9,923 SQ FT | $3,850,000 1309 SUMMER HILL LANE, GLADWYNE 4 BED | 4.3 BATH | 6,465 SQ FT | $3,195,000 1461 LANES END, VILLANOVA 5 BED | 4.3 BATH | 7,322 SQ FT | $1,950,000 1124 YOUNGSFORD RD, GLADWYNE 5 BED | 4.3 BATH | 6,144 SQ FT | $1,499,000

Studios 1 Bedrooms 2 Bedrooms 3 Bedrooms

$200,000 to $300,000 $300,000 to $400,000 $400,000 to $500,000 $500,000 to $600,000

Includes real estate tax • No transfer tax

726 CONSHOHOCKEN STATE RD, PENN VALLEY 4 BED | 3.1 BATH | 4,894 SQ FT | $1,000,000 1417 CENTENNIAL RD, PENN VALLEY 5 BED | 3.1 BATH | 4,371 SQ FT | $949,000 1205 CHERMAR LN, PENN VALLEY 5 BED | 4.1 BATH | 3,356 SQ FT | $899,000 239 TRIANON LN, VILLANOVA 4 BED | 3.1 BATH | 3,443 SQ FT | $855,000 200 PRICE AVE, UNIT#4, NARBETH 3 BED | 3.1 BATH | 3,038 SQ FT | $835,000 200 S NARBERTH AVE, NARBERTH MULTI-FAMILY | $749,000 207 LINDY LN, BALA CYNWYD 3 BED | 4.1 BATH | 4,217 SQ FT | $729,500 1005 BARR LN, GLADWYNE 3 BED | 1 BATH | 1,258 SQ FT | $375,000

CONDO LIVING 191 Presidential Boulevard,t #824-25, Bala Cynwyd 2 BED | 2 BATH | 2,100 SQ FT | $369,000 1750 Oakwood Ter, Unit#1A, Penn Valley 2 BED | 2 BATH | 1,299 SQ FT | $227,000 1655 Oakwood Drive, Unit#N103, Penn Valley BED | 1 BATH | 858 SQ FT | $145,000 1030 E Lancaster Avenue, Unit #304, Bryn Mawr 1 BED | 1 BATH | 700 SQ FT | $128,000 2000 Valley Forge Cir, Unit#36, King of Prussia STORAGE UNIT | $12,000

8201 FENTON ROAD, GLENSIDE 6 BED | 5.2 BATH | 8,645 SQ FT | $800,000


3600 CONSHOHOCKEN AVE, #1701, PHILADELPHIA 2 BED | 2 BATH | 1,200 SQ FT | $120,000

Medford Twp./Taunton Lakes A truly unique custom built home located on Tauton Lake with 4 Bedrooms, 4 full baths, indoor pool, formal living & dining room, huge custom kitchen, sunroom, walk out basement, private office, 2 car garage is located on pristine grounds. $824,999

Cherry Hill/ Fox Hollow Woods This beautiful home is located in quiet neighbor-hood with 4 Bedrooms, 2.5 Baths, Sunroom, office, finished basement, located on a private cul-de-sac, in-ground pool, wood deck, brick patios & walkways with gorgeous landscaping. The large eat in kitchen has granite tops, breakfast bar and stainless steel appliances. Newer Brazilian cherry fls in living, dining rm and foyer. $569,900.


1901 JOHN F KENNEDY BLVD, UNIT#1819 1 BED | 1 BATH | 606 SQ FT | $249,000

210-20 S 25TH ST, UNIT#1403, PHILADELPHIA 2 BED | 2.1 BATH | 1,227 SQ FT | $1,599,000 236 GREENWICH ST, PHILADELPHIA 3 BED | 4.1 BATH | 3,620 SQ FT | $985,000 501 KINGSLEY COURT, UNIT#LOT 1, PHILADELPHIA 3 BED | 3.2 BATH | $498,700 503 KINGSLEY COURT, UNIT#LOT 2, PHILADELPHIA 4 BED | 3.1 BATH | 2,400 SQ FT | $488,370 1420 LOCUST ST, UNIT#16D/B, PHILADELPHIA 1 BED | 2.1 BATH | 1,386 SQ FT | $399,999 4523 BAKER ST, PHILADELPHIA 4 BED | 2.1 BATH | 2,240 SQ FT | $325,000 2248 N CARLISLE ST, PHILADELPHIA 4 BED | 2 BATH | 1,606 SQ FT | $239,000 3900 FORD ST, UNIT#6G, PHILADELPHIA 2 BED | 2 BATH | 1,328 SQ FT | $174,500 1933 N. 52ND STREET, PHILADELPHIA 3 BED | 1 BATH | 1,424 SQ | FT $125,000

1901 JOHN F KENNEDY BLVD, PHILDELPHIA Unit#2521/2 Unit #1020 Unit#1919 Unit#2911 Unit#2816 Unit#710

3 BED/3 BATH | 1,906 SQ FT | $950,000 2 BED | 2 BATH | 1,306 SQ FT | $495,000 1 BED/1 BATH | 606 SQ FT | $255,000 STUDIO/1 BATH | 522 SQ FT | $189,000 STUDIO | 1 BATH | 517 SQ FT | $175,000 STUDIO/1 BATH | 475 SQ FT | $175,000

PROPS TO OUR PARTNERS PW loves with work great brands across Philly. Want to hook up? Drop us a line at drops@



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Dreams reflected. On X1, it’s pride all year, only with Xfinity.℠ There’s power in seeing yourself on screen, and that’s why Xfinity created a first-of-its-kind community endorsed LGBTQ Film & TV Collection. With Xfinity On Demand, you have access to thousands of TV shows and movies at home and on-the-go. Simply say, “LGBTQ” into the X1 Voice Remote to easily immerse yourself in an awesome, diverse collection of content that reflects all of you. Simple. Easy. Awesome.

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