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Philly-raised Thaddeus Phillips brings his latest show to the web

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‘Zoo Motel’

Meet the artist whose video garnered more than a million Facebook views in less than two weeks. Page 16



‘Bad things’ make smart choices


over how all of this is going to go down with’m writing this less than 24 hours removed from one of the biggest de- out fail. Watching that debate Tuesday night bacles in American politics and a proved just how good the current commandweek removed from the social media er-in-chief is at masking disinformation, lies – firestorm of an announcement that and blatant racism – in a veil of terms, saying PW is moving to a conservative view- and phrases that make you wonder WTF he’s point – which led me to effectively re- really saying. What do I mean? Look at how the punk-ass sign as editor-in-chief of this publication. Proud Boys are on Cloud Nine after Trump It hasn’t been a good week. In fact, it’s been a pretty shitty one. As I await a decision from “denounced” white nationalism by effectively our publisher-owner if a move to conserva- telling them to “stand back and stand by.” If you listen closely you know exactly what tive is, in fact, happening, juxtaposed with he’s saying. head-scratching confusion on how someone His “bad things” statement was a like Donald Trump could hold the ploy to get people to think the syshighest office in the land is more tem is rigged, ineffective and not draining than ever. one you need to waste your time Oh, and on Monday my car was worrying about. This was to make broken into and ransacked. I had those undecided and unregistered mistakenly left 88 cents from my to stay home because staying put change at the grocer laying visible means one less vote that could sway in the center console and apparhim out of the Oval Office and thrust ently that qualified me to get disreback into whatever crevice he fell spected and have my car tossed. out of. But back to Trump and his comWhether by mail or in-person, ment over voting. you best believe I’m casting a balOnly until this week did Philalot ahead of or on Nov. 3. I think afdelphia have a clear head on how ter last night it proved we have to. I much of the voting process it was think locally and nationally there willing to divulge and how it was @SPRTSWTR needs to be a shakeup and the only going to work beyond showing up way that happens is to get out and at the polls. I know this because I cast a ballot. Having your voice spoke to someone at the Board of Elections last week as I had my own questions heard one way or the other but at least you about voting in Philadelphia, the status of my didn’t stand on the sidelines and watch as othmail-in ballot and why it’s taking so long. I ers decided the next four years of your life for you. also know this because the city praised itself I honestly think Trump hated on Philly beearlier this week with the announcement that cause with these seven sites we seemingly do it figured out a solution for people reticent to vote by mail and offered seven sites to act as have our act together to get information out one-stop shops for everything from register- and to assist people in where to turn to cast ing voters to picking up and casting a mail-in their ballot with some sense of security. Does it defeat the purpose of mailing it in? Maybe, ballot. This is the mess The Orange One was refer- but it’s also slightly easier than standing in line six feet apart at the polls during a panring to and until this week he was right. But after canvassing the site of the Office of the demic. Even though the in-person route does offer a guarantee – unless of course, these digCity Commissioners, by all accounts these ital machines produce hanging chads too. sites will act as the de facto physical location Bad things happening in Philadelphia. for those who don’t want to vote in person or Bitch, please. You have bad things happening have questions on how to register before the in your own back yard, bruh, stay the hell Oct. 19 deadline out of ours. I need to give a shoutout to CounIt’s a solution. So please, don’t believe cilmember Jamie Gauthier who told Trump to Trump’s hype. There aren’t bad things happening here “keep Philadelphia’s name out your mouth.” when it comes to voting. More like slightly de- Putting it in that manner was the most Philly AF way to say, “Donald, you don’t want this layed things but that was only because there was, and in part still is, so much confusion smoke.”

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Good timing It’s really hard to know WTF to believe when it comes to voting this election, but if you want it straight from the source in Philadelphia, this week the city officially announced the opening of seven satellite election offices dispersed throughout the city giving residents an opportunity register to vote ahead of the Oct. 19 deadline, and request, receive and return their mail-in ballot all in one location. Want to see if one of the seven locations is near you? Visit philadelphiavotes.com.

That was the contract signed by Eagles quarterback Carson Wentz last season. That’s $128 million to have just thrown three TDs in three games, been sacked 11 times for nearly a football field worth of lost yards (-81), oh and his six, yes six interceptions notwithstanding. The Birds (0-2-1 overall) fly to San Francisco this week to suck in wildfire smog and try to earn the season’s first win. No pressure.

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Not sure if you noticed, but last week we suggested adding a conservative viewpoint to our publication and liberal Philadelphia lost its mind. We heard all the noise, but we also heard the voices who reached out and thought this idea wasn’t a terrible one in our pursuit of being balanced. If this appeals to you we’ve created a Kickstarter campaign and are asking for your support as we look to grow an audience around this. See what we’re trying to build at http://kck.st/2Fr0Qos

$128 million

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“Men rely on strength but women, we rely on technique.”













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– Lisa Forrest, the Philadelphia Fire Department’s first woman battalion chief, told the Inquirer on Monday. Forrest can certainly put a claim on this personally as, at just 4-foot, 10-inches, she’s the biggest thing we can hold onto as a positive story in this city right now. Lisa, if you’re reading this, respect, congratulations on the appointment and stay safe.







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Y’all stealing from alpacas now? Philly-based fashion house Urban Outfitters can’t catch a break, and on Wednesday, PETA supporters certainly didn’t give them one. A PETA investigation that found an alpaca farm using cruel and honestly fuckedin-the-head shearing tactics also uncovered that the farm supplies, you guessed it, URBN, but specifically the company’s store, Anthropologie. On Wednesday, activists with a live alpaca in tow surrounded Anthropologie’s Walnut Street location demanding it cease with the sale of its alpaca fleece items. No word on how many entitled white girls were furious – on either side.

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“All four wheels. I went to bed and they were attached to my car, I woke up and my car was on crates. I think I’m more impressed that no one, including myself, heard or saw anything.” — This was an East Kensington resident to police officers as she explained the theft of wheels stolen off her Honda Accord overnight on Saturday. We too are amazed that someone can steal four tires off of someone’s ride and no one hears anything. If you’re a former thief and would like to let us know all about the art of stealing people’s shit on the sneak – quietly, we’d love to know.






‘NARCOS’ STAR TAKES TO THE WEB ‘Zoo Motel’ a live, remote, interactive theatrical experience BY A.D. AMOROSI

Thaddeus Phillips’ new project will be on the web. Image | Tatiana Mallarino







o say that experimental multimedia theater performer, director and playwright Thaddeus Phillips has a uniquely up-close-and-personal history with Philadelphia is like saying our cream cheese is white and our pretzels are soft. Old City and South Philly are his former homes, yet places he has returned to often from his current family dwelling in Bogota, Colombia, (wife, playwright Tatiana Mallarino, is from Bogota, where they’re raising their 7-year-old son), that is, until the pandemic. Though the Philadelphia Fringe Festival 2020 is running to its close soon after this cover story comes out, it is that live, local, month-long performance art event where Phillips initially made his densest bones, where audiences began to be fascinated by his mini-travelogues, his often macabre and humorous mix of time-shifting history, mystery, language and multiculturalism and his kinetic energy and amorphous scripts. “FringeArts and Thaddeus grew up together,” Nick Stuccio, the capo de capo of all things Fringe, told me not so very long ago. “Thaddeus is part of our DNA. Without him, we would be a different organization.” Beginning with 1996’s “Shakespeare’s Storms,” in which Phillips married The Bard’s “The Tempest” and “King Lear” with nothing but a cast of Barbie dolls, a suitcase, and a kiddie wading pool (“When I started out I was big on puppets and dolls to do my bidding,” Phillips told me the other day), he ran the voodoo down on a gamut of diverse, daring, multidisciplinary theater pieces that touched on the manner in which we communicate, move, love and lose. Phillips’ smart, snarky, hybrid productions have been Fringe must-sees: Latin-flavored comic travelogues like “17 Border Crossings,” “Flamingo/Winnebago,” and “¡El Conquistador!”; spare, spooky locally-themed enterprises such as the Edgar Allan Poe death trip “Red-Eye to Havre de Grace;” hypnotically moody interplanetary ruminations such as “A Billion Nights on Earth;” dueling takes on the most notorious drug smuggler in U.S. history with “The Incredibly Dangerous Astonishing Lucrative and Potentially TRUE Adventures of Barry Seal,” and the splashily-costumed “Alias Ellis Mackenzie.” “I first played Barry Seal in ‘Alias El Mexicano,’ which is where and why I got hooked,” said Phillips, reminiscing not just about the pilot-drug runner, but his time, too on Netflix’s long-running drama, “Narcos,” where he plays CIA Agent Owen. “Then, in ‘Narcos’ there is a funny scene when the DEA guys ask about my boss, who this pilot in a picture, and I come in the room with a coffee and say, ‘Oh that is Barry Seal,” which is nuts cause I played Barry Seal in that FoxTelecolombia/ MundoFox show about another drug dealer! They were making so many shows at that time about all that. Barry Seal is one of the most fascinating characters of the past century and


Philly-raised Thaddeus Phillips will launch ‘Zoo Motel’ on the web. His previous works include the Edgar Allan Poe death trip ‘Red-Eye to Havre de Grace,’ pictured here. Image | Johanna Austin/Austin Art

links all political scandals, CIA drug dealing, Arkansas, the Clintons, the Bushes together, in a crazy, yet true, way.” Now, officially starting Oct. 5 (they’re currently in previews, you can watch) and running through Oct. 25, Phillips, along with his wife (directing via Zoom monitor from another room in their house), Philly-bound set and stage designer Steven Dufala via Skype, Phillips’ Lucidity Suitcase Intercontinental and The Miami Light Project will world premiere “Zoo Motel,” a live, remote, interactive theatrical experience. Live from Phillips’ studio space in Cajica, Colombia, each audience member – 21 per show so to fill the 21 rooms in their motel – will receive, upon reservation, an email file with a printable room key, a take-out menu and a foldable set piece they can hold. Thirty

minutes before show time, a clerk will check each temporary resident into their room, and the interactive magic (genuine sleight of hand taught to him by NYC trickster Steve Cuiffo) and highly improvised, but intensely choreographed (learned from famed Spanish/ Ukrainian dance team Fernando & Katya via Instagram) movement commences when Phillips enters his own room in the motel, which, in his words, has an unexplainable connection to the other 21 rooms. Phillips, Dufala & Co. have transformed Phillips’ studio into a fictional motel room that could be anywhere on earth, and fitted it with a central rotating camera that allows for a constantly moving and shifting perspective as well as scores of prestidigitations, transformations and wild visual and sonic surprises. “I am on the only one in it, and the rooms

are the 21 spectators, or screens – one screen could be one person, a couple or a family watching together, thus there are only 21 tickets available nightly – that’s the 21 rooms,” said Phillips by way of explaining his physical role in “Zoo Motel.” Thursdays to Sundays, you can catch “Zoo Motel” at 8pm – 63 minutes with no intermission – for $35 per household at www.zoomotel. org.Before that, Phillips spoke with me while deep in the machinations of “Zoo Motel” rehearsals. A.D. Amorosi: We started talking about Barry Seals for a minute, and of course, “Narcos” came up. How did you get to that series in the place? Thaddeus Phillips: I was living in LA for a summer to try to make it in Hollywood. I SEE FILM, PAGE 8





FILM, FROM PAGE 7 got an audition for “The Revenant,” the Leo DiCaprio picture, and was not cast, but, at a party, a guy with odd shoes said there was this new show coming called “Narcos” and that I just had to get on it. I was like, “That’s impossible,” but emailed a contact that I had in Colombia, went in and read for CIA Agent Owen in an odd office in Glendale, California, and got the part. We were back in Colombia and started filming in no time. It was super cool, the director was Brazillian and out of his mind, and everything was a wild mess. The second director, a Colombian was genius, and I learned a lot about cinema, things of which I am still using in “Zoo Motel.” Such as? All those super cool camera moves. In Philadelphia, up until “Zoo Motel,” everything you have produced has been presented through the Fringe, be it the Fringe Fest or at FringeArts HQ. Why not this show? I sent the idea to Nick (Stuccio) this summer. He flat out said “no.” In the world’s shortest email. So that to me is a bit of drama. In terms of other works, the new curators of FringeArts replies have been things like, “Dear Thaddeus, will we consider watching your 15-minute video proposal this spring, if we find time and interest, we will get back to

you.” So that is why we have not been around in the past two to three years there. . . . BUT then again, Nick and the Fringe have been super cool now that we are up in helping to promote. Look, New York theaters said they would consider. But, Miami Light Project said “HELL YES.” So, we have this partnership with them. In this brave new world where geography does not exist, specific place and location does not matter. You described “Zoo Motel” at its start as “a place in which planes have suddenly stopped, passports invalid and time stands still, and from that, something new and magical fights to emerge. This pretty much sounds like the whole of the present moment. Tell me please about the lightbulb moment where you realized that a) all life had changed b) in Seinfeld speak “THAT’S A SHOW”? The light bulb came on in February at the Milan airport. I was directing a new work about the climate catastrophe for the Teatro De Abadia in Madrid, called “Ántropoceneo”´(“The Anthropocene”), and had to fly to Milan for the day for a press conference for an upcoming tour to Italy of “17 Border Crossings.” At the airport in Milan, I got my temperature checked on my head, which struck me as very odd. Four days later, the show in Madrid opened, then I landed back in Colombia and while

waiting in line at passport control, I got an email from the Italians saying the situation was getting bad and the tour would need to be cancelled. Then the show in Madrid was cancelled, then a new creation in New Jersey, cancelled and a nine-city tour to China, like dominos it all fell down. I made it back to Colombia with a few weeks of freedom only to see it come right to our door. What was “Antropoceno,” the show you were working on in Madrid about pandemics? What sort of race did you have to make to get back to your family in Colombia, and how did any elements of that Madrid-based show make it into “Zoo Motel?” “Antropoceno,” the show that only played for a few performances in Madrid, was a collective creation about the current state of the world, based in large part on David Wallace-Welles’ “The Uninhabitable Earth,” and began with an image of Greta Thunberg ascending onto a massive dome structure and then falling into the earth. It was about the Anthropocene, the new geological epoch that was created by humankind’s effects on earth, thus environmental collapse, pandemics, massive migrations, etc. It also featured a girl in 2087 wearing a gas mask to survive . . . I took a flight in the middle of “Antropoceno” rehearsals in January from Madrid to London to LA to do “17 Border Crossings” in Los Angeles. That flight is in a scene in “Zoo Motel,” and

brings in the Madrid show elements. When, why and how did Philly’s Steven Dufala become part of this? Steven and I worked together on “A Billion Nights on Earth,” and I emailed him and asked what he was up to, he said not much at that moment and we both dived in. What were the first things that the two of you came up with to create a theme(s) and a look(s) and a sound(s) that have lasted through to its present incarnation and why? How to design the room. We wanted to avoid two things, clearing being on Zoom, and video editing. This meant liberating the webcam and allowing it to be an EYE in the room. Then we designed certain decorations in the room that have a theatrical presence and transform. This is the first incarnation, thus the “Zoo Motel” will be a place that will evolve and grow as the performances happen and spectators are invited in. While I’m certain that your life as an international artist with family/friends in America has meant a decade’s worth of Skype, Zoom and other tech related web communication, how was/is this time different? Actually, most international communication before this hit was via email, and sometimes Skype for tech meetings with designers and such. Zoom of course was unfamiliar to

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School? Reopening? Green Phase? Testing? COVID19? Safety? Voting? Stimulus Check? Rent? Food? School? Reopening? Green Phase? Testing? COVID19? Safety? OCTOBER 1 - 8, 2020 | PHILADELPHIA WEEKLY

Voting? Stimulus Check? Rent? Food? School? Reopening? Green Phase? Testing? COVID19? Safety? Voting? Stimulus Check? Rent? Food? School? Reopening?



me and many people six months ago. Now y’s Steveninstead of meeting via these platforms, the huge difference is we are creating, so we have n “A Bil-studio time when Steven and I are working d him andtogether but in separate spaces, or when we t much atrehearse with Newton Buchanan, who is the night clerk and stage manager, it feels like a t the twonormal rehearsal, just online. theme(s) How and why did you utilize that differhat haveence for “Zoo Motel?” carnation Due to the camera work, “Zoo Motel” can only be created this way because it will be exed to avoidperienced on screens, thus it is better to have , and vid-the design team, stage management and direce webcamtion, watch via screens, like a film. oom. Then Can you please explain, as thoroughly the roomas possible without giving away the game, ransform.how this web-based work is genuinely e “Zoo Mo-interactive? nd grow as At some point, for a magical reason, I am tators areable to see the other people in their rooms – the audience, the spectators – and talk with ife as anthem, and they can talk to me. Interactive ely/friendsements are emailed to each ticket buyer that e’s worthare used for these interactions. h related Hey, by the way, I’m just thinking out s/is thisloud: What is this “Not for Nothing” film you are part of and scheduled in pre-prommunica-duction in South Philly? and some- That is a film by South Philly native and ex designersMTV host Frankie Tartaglia that he wrote and amiliar towill direct. We were to shoot in April, which of course did not happen. The airport here only opened yesterday, with only weekly flight to Miami, and they plan to shoot in November. I am not gonna fly on a plane to go to shoot in November under these circumstances, with Florida having almost no rules to stop the spread, and thus, well, I won’t be able to be in the film, which is sad for me, but great for Frankie and the film, ‘cause I was terribly miscast. Back to “Zoo Motel.” What does it mean to train with sleight-of-hand magician Steve Cuiffo and choreographers Fernando & Katya over the web? With Steve it is easy, as we can get up close and really go over tricks and brainstorm ideas. The challenge is how to invent some magic that we can do with audiences not in the same room. Fernando and Katya live in Spain, and the process has been of me sending improvs literally from the streets of Madrid to my phone for me to craft from, then I sent videos back. You, Dufala, etc. – what is it like to argue through Skype? Do you just hang up? Texting is great, you can just not respond. But neither Dufala nor I have the temperament to argue. Things have been a bit tense when deadlines approach, but we work with focus and calm. And hope the set pieces he built in his studio arrive in time. The last package is currently still in Colombia customs holding, we hope to have by Friday. “Zoo Motel” is influenced by Orson Welles, Michael Gondry and Robert Lepage – all three filmmakers of whom I am greatly acquainted, learned and have immense

respect toward, and awe for. Any hints as to what and how their inspiration affects the overall work? “Zoo Motel” is essentially a live movie, done via one shot as the camera can move during the play, the webcam, is liberated and used as an “eye” to track and move around the room. Welles was the master of fantastic shots and using the camera as an eye, and tracking shots and going into things. Gondry employs surreal and theatrical transformations, in which he takes you to different places using real different sets next to each other that the camera passes, without editing, and Lepage really pioneered bringing this cinematic, yet theatrical language to the stage. What has been so fantastic is really experimenting with the blend of film and theater. “Zoo Motel” is totally cinematic, even if in one room, yet also theatrical since it is live, but the direction, cinematography and lighting is done as if it is a film, yet performed as a play. What is life like in Cajica, Colombia? Cajica is the countryside outside of Bogota, we live in a newer development of dope houses surrounded by fields. Since it is almost at the equator, there are no seasons, since it is in the countryside, you see no action on the street, just the cows in the field and then mountains in the distance and hear a highway hum in the distance. Thus, every day here is absolutely the same, so time really feels stopped as nothing indicates its passing . . . I feel like we live on a spaceship or another planet colony enclosed in a dome. How do you feel as if Trump’s America or Biden’s America or all the things that are BLM affect you, and what you are doing? The government here is like a mini U.S. one, the president is far right, quite an ignorant and unprepared person who has installed anti-peace people in charge of the peace process, gas and oil people in charge of the environment, etc., etc. And the BLM type movement started here, without a name, as a class movement, rather than a race one. Last week, the Colombian police put their knee on a young, but poor lawyer and killed him in the same way George Floyd was killed. Riots started here where they killed many more people, so, it’s just like the USA only a few months behind in events. Ultimately, all of the themes of “Zoo Motel,” no matter how diverse and disperse, are about connection and disconnection, or, rather, our connections in the current disconnection. Why? “Zoo Motel,” is a show that will be performed live, yet remotely, so there is a connected disconnection. We are also all, globally, currently connected in the disconnection of living with all this. It is a sort of abstract, yet real liquid, yet very concrete way to play with doing something live, yet remote.



Thursdays to Sundays, you can catch 'Zoo Motel’ at 8pm – 63 minutes with no intermission – for $35 per household at www. zoomotel.org. Image | Tatiana Mallarino






Alt = Conservative?

I just saw your back-bending article about ‘giving voice to the voiceless’ — the voiceless being the ‘alt’ conservatives — and the current ‘conservative’ party seeking untold individual wealth, power, and privilege — a fascist party seeking unchecked power at the expense of every one, whose strings are being pulled by shadowy international figures in tyrannical positions themselves.

Please don’t. The voiceless are still those without power. Those without work, those living in poverty, those without a place to live, those who live their lives as any race other than white, those with different accessibility needs, anyone that doesn’t identify as male, those without the right connections to the right people with power...the list goes on.



Brandon | Philadelphia

Progressive change makes the world – and Philadelphia – go round I was appalled to read the opinion piece about your shift toward conservatism. The majority opinion is not always what is morally good, but in recent history, Philadelphia has seen small grassroots movements that attract attention and support. What was alternative became normalized, and to me, these values of uplifting our neighbors make a society whole and good. A home does not make a person a resident. Some of our neighbors, going through tough times, cannot afford to own homes, but they are still residents of our city. Homelessness, of course, is not good, it is the result of a failed system, of poverty, of drugs, of lack of healthcare. The homeless encampment is a

last resort for our neighbors who have lost everything and desperately need support. Sure, it might be ugly, but what’s uglier is thinking that as “residents,” we have the right to decide what’s best for those who do not own as much property as we do. Challenging social norms has always and will always be American, and frankly Philadelphian. If we want to do what is morally good, we must always be willing to change and grow. That is progressive, not #alternative, and certainly not conservative. Change with the population of your city, instead of giving into what is popular: dirty money and pitting groups of people against each other. Disappointed “Resident,”

Alison | Philadelphia

Conservative is most definitely ‘alt’ in Philadelphia in 2020 I read that you folks may be considering going conservative. Bravo! As staff editor of Wikidelphia, I’m continually searching through every news source I can find in Philly, looking for subjects to create Wikidelphia entries about. What do I see? Left, left, left, left, and more left. The sole, solitary exception is a year-old outlet called Broad and Liberty. As a liberal outlet, PW currently competes in a crowded field, and the people of Philly are ill-served by the constant monotone. To serve the public truly, the leftist monopoly on news-and-views desperately needs to

be broken. Whichever party runs a city or country, the people are never well-served by a decades-old, one-party monopoly. Philly is Democrat-OWNED, and that’s not healthy. I’d say the same if it were Republican-owned, as it was in the days of the disastrous Sesquicentennial Exposition of 1926. So if you folks are actually considering going conservative, hurray and huzzah! There’s a greatly underserved audience awaiting you, and they’ll rejoice and celebrate when they find the new PW! Remember, “Conservative Is The New Counterculture”.

Paul Sank, Staff Editor | Wikidelphia.org


Image | chayka1270

President Trump and Democratic hopeful Joe Biden squared off in the first of their debates on Tuesday.

Your turn:

Who won, and why? Send your thoughts to voices@philadelphiaweekly.com



Philly police not helping their cause I understand that this incident doesn’t rank with the atrocities alleged to many police officers these days, but it was totally unnecessary and perpetuates the lack of respect police command these days. I was driving in Northern Liberties and passed a sign that read “Road Closed to Local Traffic.” I proceeded just about 50 feet until I realized I could not pass through due to a change in the location of the construction vehicles there. An officer was parked at the construction site and called out to me, “Learn to read the sign!” I said “Excuse me?” He repeated his

comment. I replied “You don’t need to be rude about it.” He escalated things by responding “You don’t tell me what to do!” How about offering assistance, perhaps saying that the construction had just advanced to a new point of disrupting traffic – or at very least not saying anything at all? The force’s mission is described as “Honor/ Service/Integrity.” This officer showed none of these. I had at times felt sorry for some of the local officers considering the criticism heaped upon them recently, but little incidents like this one make me feel it is perhaps fair and then some.

Eric Hanson | Philadelphia

Insulin reform helps the health of Black Americans COVID-19 has gripped national headlines for months. But long before the U.S. outbreak of the novel coronavirus, the country was battling another deadly epidemic: diabetes. One of the leading causes of death in the United States, the disease claims the lives of more than 83,000 Americans each year. And – much like COVID-19 – diabetes disproportionately impacts people of color. That’s why it’s so encouraging that the Trump administration will soon make it easier for millions of diabetic Americans to manage their health. A recent proposal would cap the amount of money that Medicare beneficiaries pay out-of-pocket for insulin at $35. That reform will go a long way toward getting older patients with diabetes the medicines they need to stay healthy – a fact that’s certainly worth celebrating. But it’s only one step toward tackling a health crisis that shows no signs of relenting. Diabetes doesn’t affect all groups equally. Black Americans are 60 percent more likely to be diagnosed with diabetes than whites. Black women are particularly vulnerable – nearly 13 percent of Black women over 18 have the disease, compared with just 7.5 percent of white women. For many of these patients, staying alive requires rigorous adherence to a medication regimen, including regular injections of insulin. Unfortunately, these medicines can prove prohibitively expensive. In one recent survey, a quarter of diabetic patients reported using less than the prescribed amount of insulin because of the medicine’s cost. The persistent wealth and income gap between Americans of color and white Americans means that these financial burdens pose a unique challenge for Black patients. Especially in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic,

the inability to afford insulin has only deepened racial inequities that have plagued our nation for decades. After all, those with diabetes who are unable to manage their disease effectively – a group in which African Americans are overrepresented – are at heightened risk of severe complications from COVID-19. According to the Centers for Disease Control, Black Americans account for 21 percent of deaths from the novel coronavirus, despite making up just 13 percent of the population. Reforms that enable patients of color to better manage their diabetes could vastly reduce such health-care disparities. We hope that’s precisely what the administration’s proposal will do. Under this reform, more than 1,750 Medicare prescription drug plans will cap out-ofpocket costs for a variety of insulin products at $35 a month. That change will take effect next year. This will bring down pharmacy costs for the millions of Medicare seniors with diabetes – including Black Americans. But given the scope of the challenges facing diabetic patients, this reform still represents a modest improvement over the status quo. For systemic change, patients need policies that target the real drivers of high insulin costs. That begins with the opaque system that brings medicines to pharmacies. Every year, manufacturers provide over $100 billion in rebates and other price reductions on brand name drugs. But supply chain middlemen have pocketed these savings instead of passing them on to patients at the point of sale. Other drivers abound. Policymakers need to do everything they can to help less advantaged patients afford insulin. And on that measure, the administration’s Medicare proposal is one step in the right direction.

Linda Blount is president and CEO of The Black Women’s Health Imperative, the first nonprofit organization created by Black women to help protect and advance the health and wellness of Black women and girls. This piece originally ran in the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette.

READY TO REBOUND? PHILLY IS REOPENING: LET CUSTOMERS KNOW YOU’RE READY AND OPEN. Philadelphia Weekly is ready to help your business rebound from the lockdown. Your customers are ready to get back out and support you. PW hasn’t missed a week since the lockdown began, and our readers are the people most excited to be in your establishment!


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Will the city extend OK for outdoor structures?

Image | Johan Mouchet



ining out, or in, whatever – eatNational Gaming just announced that it was ers are making the most out of issuing almost $1 billion in new shares after the four to the (dining room) its Barstool-branded sports book opened in floor arrangement that the may- Pennsylvania. Of course, Penn National wants or has imposed (even Adam San- to cash in on the gold rush of investments todler had to eat outdoors. Dag. ward internet sports betting operations such See below), and restaurateurs as Golden Nugget Interactive and DraftKings. seem to have created a patchRBG tribute work-quilt’s worth of diverse outdoor, raised, Sure, the late great Supreme Court Justice patio-like settings. Blue Corn in the Italian Ruth Bader Ginsburg was as down, and iconMarket, Brauhaus Schmidt and Pumpkin on ic, as Notorious B.I.G. But, did Biggie get a meSouth Street. Positano Coast in Old City. The morial window at Rittenhouse Square’s tony array of Schulson-Tinari locations in Cen- boutique, Sophy Curson? Nope. The legendary ter City (yeah, they’re opening their private ladies-who-lunch salon, where Ginsburg was bowl-a-rama, Elbow Lane, this week – said to have shopped, has been featurask them). Each has their own entrée, I ing RBG’s signature white collar in its mean, entre, into how they appropriate, window on several black-and-white BY A.D. designate and design solid, structural, AMOROSI outfits, along with photos and Ruthal fresco dining locations for comfort quotes. Pour out a 40-ounce when you and culinary enterprise. see it (yu know, but neatly) and the So could the City’s licensing peeps start tribute is complete. breathing down some of these restaurant’s Celebrating … bricks? necks, or is City Council actually looking to Things are getting desperate if we’re celkeep these structures up through 2021? Per- ebrating bricks. And yet, here we were, at mits for many of the outdoor “streeteries” a socially distanced opening soiree for the expire Dec. 31, 2020, but restaurateurs wish to Australian brick manufacturing company’s keep them up beyond that so to survive winter first design/architecture studio in the U.S., and to save rebuilding time and costs. Look for Brickworks, popping the top on its shoppe at Philly City Council to do something positive the Witherspoon Building at 13th & Walnut for a change and push that idea into legisla- with a ribbon-cutting ceremony and a chamtion. pagne toast at 11am in the morning. It’s got Barstool neighbors to tell you something is not so hot when I beWe know that you either love or hate the gin drinking at 11 in the morning. And look, sweatily machismo-driven Barstool Sports I come from a family of marble and tile conwith no grey area between those emotions. tractors, and making a mountain out of ... But along with its unbeloved owner, Dave well, brick … is not a good look for any wild Portnoy, it’s probably moving to Philly (unless child, former or not. THIS PANDEMIC REhe’s kidding) to join his money in what’s been ALLY NEEDS TO FUCKING END. I AM SO a successful $450 million partnership with the BORED. area’s Penn National Gaming (and the Penn Kanye’s shout out National Sportsbook) and its launch of the Kanye West may be goofy (just pick a manBarstool Betting App. To go with that, Penn ner in which that is true), but over the week-


PHILADELPHIAWEEKLY.COM @PHILLYWEEKLY end he shouted out Philly native, Cheyney U’s James Lindsay’s Rap Snacks dynasty – where hip-hop stars get their own chips and bag design with an occasional unreleased track to go with each snack, a la Fetty Wap’s honey jalapeño – with a tweet that read, “JAMES LINDSAY IS THE MOST IMPORTANT AND POWERFUL ENTREPRENEUR IN THE WORLD ... HE DON’T GOT TO BEG TO BE ON BOARDS SEATS HE MADE HIS OWN JAMES IS TRULY FREE.” Back in town M Night Shyamalan is in Philly again, shooting the C-19 aborted finish to season 2 (four episodes left) of AppleTV’s “Servant,” according to a Sept. 14 tweet. Night also got busy on Instagram, surprisingly showing off a mock-up poster of his due-for-2021 flick, “Old,” that he’s currently shooting. Oddly Image | Thaddeus Phillips enough, his recent Instagram feed features a handful of stacked Alfred Hitchcock coasters and shots of his daughter Saleka whose new single “Clarity” is out with a video shot at the old Ortlieb’s by her film school-attending sister, Ishana Night Shyamalan. ‘Hustle’ And since Night’s Servant shoot doesn’t count as it was in cinemus interruptus, Netflix’s b-balling “Hustle” from producer LeBron James is the first new studio production to shoot in Philly since the beginning of C-19’s shutdowns. Like starting next week. “Hustle” star Adam Sandler dined with a crowd of four-or-more (even the Sandman can’t eat beyond four indoors – fucking Kenney) outside Osteria, while director Jeremiah Zagar stopped by to see mom and dad, artists/ curators/unofficial Mayors of South Street, Julia and Isiah Zagar, at home. Giant donation I don’t normally talk about nice things and good deeds, but the Giant grocery chain gave $1.2 million to Philly’s Please Touch Museum along Centennial Drive so to save its grocery store exhibit (really?) and to bring much-needed funding to the cool, but sadly out-of-theway (c’mon, who goes there?!) curatorial curiosity. Masked Philly: Thaddeus Phillips In Icepack’s continuing saga of asking mask-donning local celebrities what they’ve been up to beyond the pale during C-19, this week I reached out to Philly-raised, Bogota,

Colombia-living cover boy, Thaddeus Phillips who this week opens his “Zoo Motel” online. With Colombian quarantine different from U.S. quarantine (they’re only allowed out of the house three days a week, with travel bans only now lifting), Phillips and his family got away from work by going to the birds. “We hung hummingbird feeders, and now have two species of amazing hummingbirds coming to our garden,” he said. “We also took the Lego Hong Kong Alley we made, and made it much more ‘virus friendly,’ turning it into a plaza and then turning that into a 3,000-piece Lego magical city that filled an entire room. Look, here in Colombia, the government did impose a quarantine, a nationwide, legally binding one. From March 17 to September 1, you could not leave your house, only for essentials. Everyone, nationwide, must wear a mask. That is totally different than the U.S. one, but only on paper, as they issued 43 exceptions to the quarantine as early as April, allowing actually most people to go out, thus making Colombia, not far behind the USA as one of the worst affected countries.” As for wearing the masks, Phillips believes they are essential. “The U.S. government ushered in a genocide with their refusal to issue a nationwide mandate on masks in February. However, while totally necessary, and I will always wear it, I do not like wearing it at all. Mine is a costume element from a one-day shoot I did playing a robber in ‘The Amazing Spider-Man 2’ movie, which was never used in the film, but I dug it out of a box and use it for the 30-minute weekly allowed exercise to skateboard during the five-month lockdown. As for the very first thing that Phillips will do when the masks are allowed to come down, he can’t wait to drink in theater festival bars in post-show settings. “In 1918, masks were mandated and worn in many nations during the flu pandemic, and then they were not. Thus they should come off in a year or so. However, the world is riddled with such idiocy, incompetence and greed, that major nations are failing their response to this pandemic, that I am afraid they will need to be on much much longer.”


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GRANT PAVOL Philly artist released his debut album last month

Grant Pavol’s debut album, ‘About a Year,’ was released last month. Image | Kate Killet





Born to a creative family of writers and musicians, Philly’s Grant Pavol credits the local underground Grant Pavol taught himself music scene for influencing his music and career. to play guitar as a teen and Image | Kate Killet has always been surrounded by music and art. At age 15, he began performing at and attending DIY shows in Philadelphia, where he approached his nowfriend, musician Shamir Bailey, to collaborate. Pavol’s deep roots in Philly played a part in Bailey’s decision to move there, before Bailey eventually signed Pavol and a bevy of other ground-breaking artists to his label, Accidental Popstar Records. Pavol is deeply influenced by Elliot Smith and Nick Drake, two singer-songwriters who weren’t career artists, but rather left a legacy in the wake of their absence. Like Drake and Smith, Pavol’s vocals and lyrical melodies carry the sincerity of his sound. Whether he’s strumming his guitar in his bedroom or tracking songs in a friend’s living room, Pavol is always immersed in the craft of singing and songwriting, and he has his family, friends and Philly to thank for that. His debut album, “About a Year,” which he recorded and produced himself from his dorm room during his freshman year of college, was released last month. PW recently caught up with Pavol to talk about his career. Music seems to run in your family. Talk a little about your early years and how you were drawn to performing at a young age. It does for sure. My parents were both in new wave and hardcore punk bands in the ‘80s, and so I grew up listening to a lot of punk and punk adjacent music from the ‘80s and ‘90s. Beyond that, many other members of my family are writers and visual artists, so there was always an innate call to create around the house as a kid. exposed me to new frontiers of music. At the ly try to sit in an isolated place and just try to find a tuning that fits whatever mood I’m in. time, there were a lot of noise/experimenI was actually more interested in visual art for most of my life; the music bug only real- tal shows going on, and those events really From there, I just noodle until I find an interesting melodic fragment or chord sequence. opened my ears up to sonic possibilities that ly bit me around eighth grade when I taught I always write the instrumentals I had never previously considered; myself ukulele and bass. A few of my friends first, then kinda ad lib nonsense were really starting to get into music around the most extreme music I had phrases to the melody until I find then, and I followed them into musical pur- heard up to that point was stuff BY EUGENE a sentence that fits the vibe of the suits. That led to house shows and a greater like the Dead Kennedys and Minor ZENYATTA piece. I write the rest of the song’s Threat, and all of a sudden I was appreciation for lo-fi music, which in turn led lyrics around the phrases that stick seeing all sorts of hyper-modern to my ambitions towards performing. – kinda an inside-out approach to techno, no wave, rap, etc. It was How have your deep roots in Philly imwriting as the content comes after crazy. Even to this day many of my pacted your career? From local artists to the structure. My songs are usually just about just living in the city itself, how has Phil- friends are involved in the local scene, and I my emotional states, though I will often write adelphia shaped you as a songwriter and find that I take most of my inspiration from about these states through the framework of them. artist? things I’m reading or studying at the time. Can you talk a little about your songPhilly is really key to my musical develop“Aquilifer” off of my new album, for instance, ment. I was (and still am) profoundly influ- writing process? Where do you find inspiexamines feelings of depression induced isolaration for your songs? enced by the local underground scene. tion through the historical role of the Roman I don’t have a super set process. I write on I started going to house shows in freshman aquilifer, something I learned about through a guitar in a lot of alternate tunings. I’ll usualyear of high school, and those shows really



college Latin course I was taking. How has the pandemic and all of its closures affected you and your career? Pretty heavily. Not being able to play shows has been a real drag, and a bunch of potential touring/promo plans I had have been scrapped. I’ve really been missing basement shows; the intimacy of those performances is what gives them their charm, and I’m scared that we won’t be able to have that for quite some time even after the pandemic is over. Beyond that, I’m doing OK, though. I’m still in college and online classes have been strange, but it is what it is. You take what you get. How did “About a Year” come together? What’s been the response from your fans? I wrote the album over a year-long period between the end of my senior year of high school and the end of my first year of college. After releasing my “Okay” EP, I knew I wanted to write an entire solo album, as I had never formally written/recorded a full length by myself. It honestly wasn’t very planned out though. I was recording the songs by myself in my dorm room as I wrote them, and it kinda existed as a nebulous set of independent songs until one day I had the epiphany that they formed a cohesive album. So far the response has been really good. People seem to enjoy it. Frankly it’s a relief to get it out! I’d been sitting on it for a really long time, so it’s nice for it to feel external to me. What’s ahead for you? Writing more songs? Hoping to perform live after the pandemic restrictions ease? So far, I’m finishing up preparations for album two. I’m trying to get together a big pool of songs so I can really make this follow up hit hard (I’ve got roughly 40 songs in the running for the tracklist as it stands). Beyond that, I’ve been assembling a live band and working on live arrangements for when the pandemic ends. I’m really eager to get out and play the songs for people; playing my songs live has always been a big element in the revision process, so it feels a little…off to be lacking that aspect of the process. Until then, though, I’ll just be writing. What are the best ways for people to keep up with you and your music? I’m on Instagram (@grantwpa) and I’m pretty active on twitter (@GrantPavol). I also have a Facebook page for my music. You can also follow my label, Accidental Popstar Records, on all social media, and you can pick up physical copies of my work through them, if that’s something you’re interested in.






GROOV MARRO Artist’s recent video quickly topped 1M Facebook views




O Groov Marro’s recent video, ‘Stop Me,’ garnered more than 1 million Facebook views in less than two weeks. Image | Pharaoh Visions Photography


roov Marro was raised in the Phil- hip-hop music die. He continues to showcase adelphia/Norristown area. Some positive messages in his music even when his of his musical inspirations from surroundings in the Philadelphia area are ofchildhood forward range from Lu- ten chaotic. Recently, he released a new mudacris, Jay-Z, T.I., Emsic video on Facebook called “Stop inem, Mac Miller and Me” that gained more than a milmore. lion views in less than two weeks. BY EUGENE Marro stands out for a number As a result, he has gained many ZENYATTA new fans all over the world and has of reasons – his unique look, his even been published on major hippositive/deep, yet clever, lyrical hop blogs such as thisis50.com. ability and his humble, yet cocky PW recently caught up with personality. Even more, he’s curMarro to talk about the new video and his carently serving his sixth year in the Army National Guard, while also pursuing a full-time reer. You recently released a video called career in music. Marro has never let his passion for real “Stop Me” that garnered more than a mil-



lion views on Facebook in less than Groov Marro hopes to return to live two weeks. Talk a little about how performances as soon as possible, after the video came together. Were you the pandemic passes. Image | Pharaoh surprised by the overwhelming re- Visions Photography sponse? Well, at the beginning of the video is a clip of my son from over two years ago. I just so happen to catch it on video and instantly said that I’d be using it in one of my future videos. I honestly did not expect that good of a turnout. It’s not easy getting people to come out to video shoots. My videographer by the name @EveryWay4K on social media brought all the visuals together perfectly! I was completely blown away by the response. I was watching the views climb, thinking there was some kind of glitch. The next thing I know, I wake the day it broke 1 million views to a bunch of congratulations texts telling me my video hit 1M before I even saw it for myself ! Let’s go back to the beginning. How did you become interested in music? Who were some of your early influences? My first interest in music actually came from my older brother. He is featured on a few of my songs and music videos by the name “KAF.” To this day, he is still one of the best freestylers I’ve come across. Early in my pursuit of a music career, I was inspired by artists like Jay-Z, DMX, Lupe Fiasco, T.I, Ludacris, Redman, Method Man, Chris Brown and Busta Rhymes, to name a few. Their unique styles, creativity, lyrical ability and the way they flow on a beat always stood out to me. You are now in your sixth year as a member of the Army National Guard. How do you juggle that while also pursuing a full-time canew music video ideas. reer in music? Although serving as a member of the PA What’s ahead for you? Where do you Army National Guard can be very tasking at see yourself after the pandemic clears and times and time consuming, it is also very ful- things get back to normal? filling. I already served a few years before I Well, after teaming up with Caleb Box of took my passion for music public. So knowing Vibe Star Entertainment, we have come up how things work and understanding what I with some great promotional moves and plans can and cannot do/say as far as my music and to take things to the next level. When things video content goes, it isn’t very hard to juggle go back to normal, I plan on going back to live between the two. performances as soon as possible with Vibe How did the pandemic affect your ca- Star Ent. reer? How did you spend your time in We are well-connected and very knowledgeself-isolation? able in this area, so you can look forward to Me being an essential worker, I personally seeing us as one of the big names in Hip-hop do not feel as though the pandemic affected in the future! me very much, aside from not being able to Fans can keep up with Groov Marro online do live performances. I had to cancel multiple here: performances that were scheduled ahead of IG: https://www.instagram.com/groovmarro time. FB: https://www.facebook.com/GroovMarro I look at self-isolation as something pos- YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/cgroov marro itive. It has given me ample time to create Twitter: https://twitter.com/GroovMarro more content, explore different styles and LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/groovmarro try different deliveries on my music. Also Website: https://groovmarro.com





THE RUNDOWN Image | Nathan Ansell

How we’re watching the Birds this season

The Eagles are back. Now, where should you watch the game? Here are a few of our suggestions, but be sure to contact the venue for reservations, restrictions, etc.

BRU Craft & Wurst

Large projection wall, 49 beers on tap and great game day grub! Indoor - Specials for NFL games with sound on the projection wall plus eight HD flat-screen TVs above the bar with the sound on, 39 beers on tap, German fare. Outdoors – Bru, along with Tradesman’s, has TVs on the Chestnut Street sidewalk or watch the game on Juniper Street for their street closure called Juniper Gardens. 1318 Chestnut Street | (215) 800-1079 | bruphilly.com


SET NoLibs

Philadelphia’s newest sports bar and neighborhood restaurant. One of New York City’s top sports hot spots and neighborhood restaurants is now here in Northern Liberties and gearing up for its first full season! Philadelplphia’s hottest new sports hot spot features ample large screen HD televisions inside and out! 1030 N 2nd St #101-102 | set-hospitality.com/ location/set-nolibs


Hottest city sports bar and restaurant for Eagles three years in a row! Tradesman’s was one of the largest and most popular game day hot spots last season – and heads into the new Eagles football season as one of the largest again – with indoor viewing, outdoor TVs and a street closure with a giant media wall in the middle of Juniper Street. 1322 Chestnut Street | (267) 457-3994 | tradesmansphl.com

Evil Genius Beer Company

Indoors – Catch the game in Fishtown on a giant projection wall plus HD flat screens above the bar. Enjoy serious beer with seriously funny names – including many varieties on draft during games you can only enjoy at Evil Genius Beer Company’s bar and tasting lab. Outdoors – Evil Genius has one of the area’s most elaborate outdoor set-ups in the Evil Genius Beer Garden, featuring outdoor seating and tables, covering from the elements and HD large TVs around the beer garden with the sound on! 1727 N Front St. | (215) 425-6820 | evilgeniusbeer.com

Morgan’s Pier

For sports fans, the only thing more Fall than pumpkin spice is the return of the Philadelphia Eagles. Bleed green during games and catch them at the Pier with the game, with sound, from televisions playing the full game from kick-off until the last play. New for 2020, look for Morgan’s Pier Philly Sports Package, featuring appetizers, and open bar for $75 per person (not including tax and gratuity), from 30 minutes before the start of the game to 30 minutes after kick-off. 221 N. Christopher Columbus Blvd. | (215) 279-7134 | morganspier.com

Nick’s Bar & Grille

Old City staple and neighborhood bar will pick up for the new season with all your Eagles, NFL, college and pro action. Indoors – Following Nick’s biggest sports season in the company’s history, look for the game with sound on at the bar, the games on in the dining room (with select sound). Outdoors – Nick’s has a sound system and is broadcasting the game over the speakers so outdoor guests can listen in and not miss a beat as they dine on 2nd Street. 16 South Second Street | (215) 928-9411 | nicksbarandgrille.com




Drive-in Movie Night

The Pennsylvania SPCA and IKEA invite you to a socially distanced drive-in movie night at IKEA’s South Philadelphia store on Oct. 10 at 6:30pm Individuals, families, and animal advocates, are invited to a special showing of “A League of Their Own.” Priority seating is available for those who wish to sit upfront, with first and second row spots available for a donation of just $200 and $150 (limit 10 tickets per car) respectively. General admission tickets, which parking will be given to on a first-come, first-served basis, are available for a donation of $40 per car. pspca.org

Here’s a roundup of some of the exciting events you won’t want to miss.

Take in a movie, see some art, more Kids Music Day

The Philly-based nonprofit Keep Music Alive is celebrating the milestone 5th Annual Kids Music Day by partnering with a record 1,000-plus music schools and stores to hold a special event that benefits children playing music. In keeping with the times, the majority of Kids Music Day activities this year will be virtual and can be found using the “search by ZIP Code or city & state” function on the new Kids Music Day website at www.KidsMusicDay.org. The 5th Annual “Kids Music Day” will be celebrated on Friday, Oct. 2, and includes live-streamed performances and open mics for kids, free online lessons, virtual instrument petting zoos online instrument clinics and Kids Music Day sales on select instruments, accessories and lesson programs.


James Oliver Gallery has announced the reopening of its doors on Oct. 24 with UNPLUGGED. Internationally acclaimed Australian Pop painter Johnny Romeo returns to Pennsylvania with his latest brainchild, the exciting new group exhibition UNPLUGGED. This impressive showcase sees Australia’s King of Pop work together with celebrated Philadelphia-based gallery James Oliver Gallery for the first time to masterfully curate a selection of works from 12 of Romeo’s close artistic friends from across America and internationally, alongside his own paintings. Artists include Philadelphia’s James Oliver. Oct. 24 - Nov. 28. jamesolivergallery.com.

Lisa Naples: Using the Sun to Find North

Using the Sun to Find North is one of the chief ways people navigate when they find themselves disoriented and with no compass or map. Lisa Naples’ upcoming exhibition at The Clay Studio will include several series that explore this theme. The collection of plate paintings titled Wayfinding begins with our heroine, a red-tailed hawk, having hit her mid-life and fallen flat out of the sky, exhausted. This series tracks her progress as she faces choices that will decide the quality of her remaining days. 139 N. 2nd St. Friday, Oct. 2 – Nov. 15 (in person and online exhibit). Theclaystudio.org


Trunc, located at 929 N. 2nd Street, is back open for business and hosting a special fundraiser for The Colored Girls Museum. Philadelphia’s only black-owned, veteran-owned and female-owned maker spaces and retail shops are now reopened for business in the heart of one of the city’s hottest neighborhoods, Northern Liberties. Right now, on display and for sale, Trunc is hosting ceramic pieces by artist Dominique Ellis where 50 percent of all proceeds will go to support The Colored Girls Museum. The Colored Girls Museum is a memoir museum, which honors the stories, experiences, and history of ordinary Colored Girls. For more about Trunc, visit trunc.net.

Betsy’s back

Betsy Ross is open, and Betsy herself is welcoming visitors. Now that Independence Hall and the Liberty Bell have reopened, and the carousel is spinning at Franklin Square, it’s a great time to visit Old City. The Betsy Ross House is open Tuesday through Sunday 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Admission is $5 at the entrance to the courtyard; for contact-free ticketing, purchase in advance at historicphiladelphia.org





Dine Latino is a program of the Greater Philadelphia Hispanic Chamber of Commerce that supports Latino-owned restaurants affected by the pandemic. Dine Latino Restaurant Week, which runs through Oct. 4, is a promotional campaign that seeks to boost the revenue of Latino-owned restaurants during Hispanic Heritage Month by promoting the availability of al fresco dining, delivery and take-out at a time when restaurants have been required to significantly scale back their operations. During Dine Latino Restaurant Week, participating restaurants will offer a complimentary dessert or appetizer when customers purchase two dinner entrees. Due to COVID-19 restrictions, we recommend that customers become familiar with restaurant reservations policies by calling in advance or by visiting their website. For a full list of participating restaurants, visit philahispanicchamber.org, but here are a few of our favorites.

Bar Bombon

Bar Bombón is food for life. All their dishes are made with plant-based ingredients. Their proteins are made with non-GMO soy and organic grains. And since homemade tortillas still make a better taco, they make them the old way, just like Abuela did. ¡Buen provecho! 133 S. 18th St. | 267-6066612 | Barbombon.com

How we’re enjoying Dine Latino La Llorona

Be sure to check out the extensive menu. You’ll be sure to find something you’ll like. And there are happy hours Tuesday to Friday from 4-6pm. 1551 W Passyunk Ave. | (215) 515-3276 | Lalloronaphilly.com

Amigo’s Restaurant and Pizza

Amigo’s is located in the heart of North Philadelphia, one of the most varied and culturally rich areas in the eastern United States. For this reason, they offer a great variety of local dishes and Hispanic cuisine. They also offer some the best pizza you can find in the tri-state region, apart from delicious hamburgers, cheesesteaks, wraps, hoagies, and grinders. 576 Cottman Avenue | 267-686-8216 | cottman. amigosrestaurant.co

Jezabel’s Argentine Bakery & BYO

Jezabel’s Café and Bakery’s mission is to offer an authentic Northwestern Argentine experience in a warm and welcoming setting, a place for the community to gather and enjoy simple yet delicious food prepared using local fresh ingredients, at fair and reasonable prices while promoting a more sustainable planet. 206-208 S. 45th Street | 215-554-7380 | jezabelscafe. com



Nemi is a modern Mexican restaurant at the heart of Port Richmond. At Nemi, they respect traditional flavors while adding new cooking techniques to bring the best experience to the neighborhood. They welcome anyone who wants to enjoy food and smile with every bite of their dishes, which they prepare with fresh ingredients. Most importantly, their chefs and staff have a true passion for food. 2636 E Ann St. | 267-519-0713 | Nemirestaurant.com

Sazon Restaurant and Cafe

Much of their menu is vegetarian friendly, for example their rice, beans and vegetable soups are not cooked with any meat products whatsoever. Sazon only cooks with corn and olive oil. Are you allergic to wheat flour? At Sazon, no problem, chef Judith cooks with fresh oil in a separate pan and an area without a single spec of flour for her gluten-free clients. Many delicious vegetarian dishes are available daily. 941 Spring Garden St. | 215-763-2500 | sazonphilly.com.


Philadelphia has a stellar array of Blackowned and operated shops, boutiques and bookstores. Visitors and locals can shop madeto-measure suits with Super Bowl cred (Damari Savile); grab the essentials at the city’s first boutique specializing in natural products for Black hair and skin (Marsh + Mane); catch a yoga workshop after shopping accessories and clothing (The Sable Collective); and peruse history, health and fitness, and children’s books at one of the oldest Black-owned bookstores in the country (Hakim’s Bookstore). Go to visitphilly.com for a much longer list, and be sure to contact the business before visiting, but here are some of our favorites.



Hakim’s Bookstore & Gift Shop

One of the country’s oldest Blackowned bookstores resides at the same West Philly address where Dawud Hakim founded it 60 years ago. Historic, activist, welcoming, oldschool and family-friendly, the shop now belongs to Hakim’s daughter, Yvonne Blake. 210 S. 52nd Street | Hakimsbookstore.com

Black-owned businesses that deliver the goods Blue Sole Shoes

Owner Steve Jamison, a fashion footwear specialist, established his sunny Rittenhouse Square boutique in 2007 to cater to high-end tastes in men’s shoes, socks, accessories – and customer service. Among the designers in stock: Harris, Magnanni, John Richmond, Jo Ghost and Tateossian. 1805 Chestnut Street | Bluesoleshoes.com

Cultured Couture Vintage

This Brewerytown bastion of timeless style owned by Erik Honesty is best known for its stock of smart designer vintage menswear – Hermes scarves, ties, coats and shirts, Louis Vuitton and Gucci luggage, with select women’s pieces and Honesty’s own line of royalty-inspired, sui generis capes. 2639 W. Girard Avenue | Culturedcourteregallery.com

Philadelphia Diamond Company Custom engagement and wedding rings, one-of-a-kind pieces and gemologist-certified appraisals are the reason clients call ahead to book appointments at this Old City jewelry shop, owned by Ken and Nicole Black. 421 Chestnut Street | Philadelphiadiamondco.com

3rd Element Spa

Proving sisters make the best small business partners, owners Tomika Branch and Chyvonne Shackelford established their full-service day spa in their West Oak Lane neighborhood. Popular here: Oxygen facials, gel manicures, detox pedicures, plush waxing, lash and brow enhancements, massages, and 3rd Element lip balm and body butter and wash. 7175 Ogontz Avenue | www. instagram.com/3rdelementspa/

Amazulu Collections

Seven days a week for more than 30 years, this Reading Terminal Market stall has represented international artists and lived the motto, “where cultures meet.” For sale: folk dolls, original paintings, body care, cultural clothing – including Urban Karma, owner Charita Powell’s vibrant clothing collection – and sterling silver jewelry of her own design, made by Indonesian artisans. 51 N. 12th Street | facebook.com/AmazuluCollections/


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In conclusion.... Restaurants announced for Live! Live! Casino & Hotel Philadelphia has announced partnerships with three Philadelphia restaurants – Lorenzo and Sons Pizza, Sang Kee and Termini Brothers Bakery – to open new locations at the gaming and entertainment destination set to open in early 2021. Lorenzo and Sons Pizza, a South Philadelphia staple since 1970 and one of the 101 best pizzas in America as rated by The Daily Meal, will feature their famous recipe and a selection of new and exciting personal gourmet pizzas made popular at their West Chester location. Sang Kee Noodle Bar & Kitchen, the brainchild born out of a collaboration between the owners of the landmark Chinatown restaurant, Sang Kee Peking Duck House, and Strother Enterprises, a well-known, locally-owned food service company, will be a traditional noodle bar featuring classic noodles and dim sum selections, along with Asian favorites like General Tso’s Chicken and Beef & Broccoli. For every sweet tooth, look to Termini Brothers, a beloved South Philadelphia bakery with a 99-year history, to serve their family recipes for cannolis, cookies and cakes. Visit livecasinohotelphilly.com for details.


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New open-air steakhouse opens Glu Hospitality owners Derek Gibbons and Tim Lu have announced the grand opening of Northern Liberties’ brand-new, open-air steakhouse Germantown Garden Grill at 1031 Germantown Avenue. The duo behind Leda and the Swan, Germantown Garden, Vesper Center City and Hunnies Crispy Fried Chicken continue to pivot their hospitality company by transforming Vesper Pool Club into a new outdoor dining destination for the fall season. Visit gggrill.com for all the details.

MilkBoy is back The Philadelphia-born brand that includes a legendary recording studio in Northern Liberties (N. 7th Street) and bar-and-restaurant concepts MilkBoy Philly (1100 Chestnut Street) and MilkBoy South Street (401 South St), announced its restaurant concepts are opening for socially-distanced dining. MilkBoy Philly, the original Chestnut Street location, reopened for outdoor dining and limited capacity indoor dining Sept. 22. The well-loved locale has recently undergone an array of renovations, including new flooring and the installation of two new beer taps, bringing the total to eight draft selections. The menu will consist of favorite comfort foods including a burger, cheese curds, and fried chicken, as well as a list of eight classic MilkBoy cocktails, including the Chestnut Street Skinny Dip and The Pharmacist. Additionally, MilkBoy South Street is now open for outdoor dining with more than 80 socially-distanced seats as part of the Open Dining Room Program, an initiative helmed by the South Street Headhouse District. Every weekend through the end of October, the Open Dining Room Program will take place on the closed-off 400 block of South Street, where MilkBoy South Street resides, as well as the 700 block, from Fridays at 5 pm until Sunday evening. The bar is offering a satisfying and all-new food and drink menu that includes cocktails, a selection of canned beers, and an array of unique house-made seltzers. Both bars are offering contactless menus via scannable QR codes in order to ensure a safe and seamless ordering experience. More info at Milkboy.tv.


New party game launched Three childhood best friends born and raised in Philadelphia have announced the launch of a new game for party night: “Capital Punishment, the Party Argument Game.” A game deck of hundreds of cards bearing names of celebrities, politicians and pop-culture references puts cultural phenomena “on trial.” Assuming their roles in a kangaroo court, players make their cases to convince a judge that their card, more than any other player’s card, is “guilty” of the worst charges they can put forward. Age-old dinner etiquette has long dictated that one should never discuss politics, religion, money or sex at the table. In Capital Punishment, it’s all on the table. The road to launch was anything but easy. Derrick Skipper, Julius Aldrich and Brian Bonner started their new game company in the wake of the tragic passing of another close childhood friend, and right as coronavirus lockdowns were being instated. Two of the partners have been unemployed all the while due to the pandemic. This, if nothing else, supplied plenty of free time to hash out the game, design the materials, and test it out with friends (safely, with their own quarantine pods!). Raucous, hilarious barroom conversations about politics and pop culture were always a regular pastime among the team. One member thought the general public would enjoy similar conversations just the same, and t includesthe game idea was born. Northern Though the focus on raucous conversand-restau-tion and debate sets the game apart, the style Chestnutshould be familiar enough for anyone to pick 401 Southup and play quickly and easily. And the public cepts arewill be able to pick it up soon enough. The first ing. Milk-large-scale print order has been placed, and treet loca-delivery is expected by December. Anyone can nd limitedpreorder the game right now at www.capitalwell-lovedpunishmentgame.com. array of g and the bringing The menu ds includd chicken, Boy cocket Skinny

eet is now e than 80 the Open ve helmed strict. Evctober, the e place on eet, where well as the til Sunday fying and t includes rs, and an ers. Both via scana safe and re info at


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PEOPLE TURN TO PW Historic Philly happenings Historic Philadelphia this fall with events at both Franklin Square and the Betsy Ross House. At Franklin Square, 6th and Race streets: Through Oct. 31, 6 - 9pm – Spooky Mini Golf – Embrace some socially-distanced, spooky fun as Center City’s only miniature golf course transforms into Spooky Mini Golf. Updated with COVID-related safety standards, the course is complete with fog, lights, music, and surprises waiting at every hole. The 18-hole game features reproductions of Philadelphia icons and landmarks. ($10 adults, $8 children). Plus, the Franklin Square Fountain runs shows every 30 minutes. In between the shows, the fountain is colored to complement the fall atmosphere in the Square. October 24, noon - 2 pm – Trick-or-Treat Street presented by Fox Rothschild – Trick or treat all through Franklin Square. Follow the map to special stops to receive a treat. Free for children 12 and under (Reservations are required in advance and are limited to 25 visitors every 15 minutes). Betsy Ross House, 239 Arch Street BETSY ROSS HOUSE, 239 ARCH STREET: Fridays, Oct. 2, 9, 16, 23, and 30, 6 - 8 pm – Spooky Twilight Tours Visit the Betsy Ross House Friday evenings in October for Spooky Twilight Tours. Travel back to Philadelphia in the 1700s and learn about the city’s gruesome history of infection and inoculation. Hear true, macabre tales about bloodletting, smallpox, yellow fever, and other gross experiences. Learn what it was like to live in the ghastly 18th century and discover why Philadelphia was an infectious place to be. Then, head into the House for a spooky, shadowy tour. Visit www.historicphiladelphia.org for details.

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Immediate Positons Available / Paid Training / BeneďŹ t package Match of salary with experience!                 Apply in Person                  Â? Â?Â? 

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Two Bedrooms for Rent

General Employment

PACKER PARK Near Sports complex 2nd. flr, 2BR, newly renov. c/a, $1500. 215-4670495 or 215-307-9406.

PAID RESEARCH SUBJECT SLEEP QUALITY STUDY 7-day study of cognitive performance at Univ. of Penn. Must be healthy, approx. 27-55 yrs. old, pref. with BS/BA degree or military exp. Compensated time & travel CALL 215-573-5855

Apartments for Rent

13TH & LOCUST AREA1 BR, 2nd fl. front, a/c & carpet $995 + util. Available Immediately. 215-384-4202 HOME IMPROVEMENT Windows

HAPPY WINDOWS Shutters, 2-Inch Wood, Pleated Shades, Roman Shades, Drapes, Verticals, Mini-Blinds

Discount Price With Installation

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215-465-7525 Legal Notices

Notice of Public Sale: The following self-storage Cube contents containing household and other goods will be sold for cash by CubeSmart, 456 N. Christopher Columbus Blvd., Philadelphia PA 19123 (215)922-3715 to satisfy a lien on October 12th, 2020 at approx.6:00 PM: www.storagetreasures.com: B207 Terrence Pickron Wanted to Buy

Vintage Jewelry, Costume Jewelry. Can be broken. Old cigarette lighters, old religious medals & old coins. Please call or text. 267-974-8801

PAID RESEARCH SUBJECT SLEEP QUALITY STUDY 7-day study of cognitive performance at Univ. of Penn. Must be healthy, approx. 27-55 yrs. old, pref. with BS/BA degree or military exp. Compensated time & travel CALL 215-573-5855 FLAGGERS ($12.50/hr) Traffic Plan seeks Flaggers to set up and direct traffic around construction sites. A valid PA driver license and clean driving record a must, good pay and benefits. If interested please fill out an application at 510 Hertzog Blvd, King of Prussia, PA on MondayĘźs 9am - 12pm or online at trafficplan.com. Health Care Pain Management Are you suffering from chronic P A I N ? Dr Wes Prokop TopDoc2020 who is Pain Management specialist helps patients with variety of chronic pain problems in our office at 15 Presidential Blvd, Bala Cynwyd, PA We accept Medicare, and major commercial insurances. We offer same day appointments, and since our practice is office based typically patients pay lowest out of pocket exp e n s e s . For appointment please call tel:610-795-7366 or cell 610888-1839 (voice/text) or email: PainCarePro@outlook.com



WHEREAS, on November 09, 2009, a certain mortgage was executed by Cherry L. Savage, as mortgagor in favor of Bank of America, N.A. as mortgagee and was recorded in Office of the Recorder ofDeeds of Philadelphia County in Mortgage Document ID 52146138 (“Mortgage�); and WHEREAS, the Mortgage encumbers property located at 1627 Conlyn Street Philadelphia, PA 19141, parcel number 135N03-0323; 171142800 (“Property�); andWHEREAS, the Property was owned by Cherry L. Savage, by virtue of deed dated June 29, 1959and recorded July 1, 1959 in Book CAB 1099; Page166; andWHEREAS, Mortgagor/Record Owner Cheryl L. Savage died on March 2, 2016 intestate and is survived by no known heirs; andWHEREAS, the Mortgage is now owned by the Secretary of the United States Department of Housing and Urban Development (“Secretary�), pursuant to an assignment recorded on July 30, 2015 in Document ID 52947454, in the Office of the Recorder of Deeds of Philadelphia County, Pennsylvania; andWHEREAS, a default has been made in the covenants and conditions of the Mortgage (paragraph9 (a)(i)), as died on , and that upon the death the entire principal balance becomes due and owing, and that no payment was made, and remains wholly unpaid as of the date of this Notice; andWHEREAS, the entire amount delinquent as of August 22, 2020 is $207,017.98 plus interest, costs and other charges through the sale date; and WHEREAS, by virtue of this default, the Secretary has declared the entire amount of the indebtedness secured by the Mortgage to be immediately due and payable;NOW THEREFORE, pursuant to powers vested in me by the Single Family Mortgage Foreclosure Act of 1994, l2 U.S.C. 3751 etseq., by 24 CFR Part 29, and by the Secretary’s designation of me as Foreclosure Commissioner, recorded on in Misc. , in the Office of the Recorder of Deeds of Philadelphia County, Pennsylvania, notice is hereby given that on October 13, 2020 at 10:00 AM at the Southeast Entrance of Philadelphia City Hall located at Broad Street and Market Street, Philadelphia, PA 19107all real property and personal property at or used in connection with the following described premises will besold at public action to the highest bidder: ALL THAT CERTAIN lot or piece of ground with the buildings and improvements thereon erected, described according to a Plan and Survey thereof made by Joseph F. Delany, Esq., Surveyor and Regulator of the Fifth District, on the Fourteenth Day of April, A. D. 1936, as follows, to wit:SITUATE on the Northeasterly side of Conlyn Street {50 feet wide} at the distance of one hundred fifty-three feet six inches Southeastwardly from the Southeasterly side of 17th Street (60 feet wide}, in the Forty-ninth Ward of the City of Philadelphia.CONTAINING in front or breadth on the said Conlyn Street eighteen feet one inch and extending of that width in length or depth Northeastwardly between parallel lines at right angles to said Conlyn Street, one hundred feet to the Southwestwardly side of a certain twenty feet wide driveway, extending Northwestwardly into 17th Street and Southeastwardly into 16th Street (60 feet wide).BEING No. 1627 Conlyn Street.TOGETHER with the free and common use, right, liberty and privilege of the aforesaid driveway as and for a passageway, driveway and watercourse at all times hereafter, forever, in common with the other owners, tenants and occupiers of the lots of ground bounding thereon and entitled to use thereof.BEING parcel No. 135N03-0323; 171142800.The sale will be held on October 13, 2020 at 10:00 AM at the Southeast Entrance of Philadelphia City Hall located at Broad Street and Market Street, Philadelphia, PA 19107. The Secretary of Housing and Urban Development will bid $207,017.98 plus interest, costs and other charges through the sale date. Ten percent (10%) of the highest bid is the deposit required at the sale.The amount that must be paid to HUD by the mortgagors or someone acting on their behalf so that the sale may be stayed is the total delinquent amount of $207,017.98 as of August 22, 2020, plus all other amounts that would be due under the mortgage agreement if payments under the mortgage had not been accelerated, advertising costs and postage expenses incurred in giving notice, mileage by the most reasonable road distance for posting notices and for the Foreclosure Commissioner’s attendance at the sale, reasonable and customary costs incurred for title and lien record searches, the necessary out-of-pocket costs incurred by the Foreclosure Commissioner for recording documents, a commission for the Foreclosure Commissioner, and all other costs incurred in connection with the foreclosure prior to reinstatement.There will be no proration of taxes, rents or other income or liabilities, except that the purchaser will pay, at or before closing, his prorata share of any real estate taxes that have been paid by the Secretary to the date of the foreclosure sale.When making their bid, all bidders, except the Secretary, must submit a deposit totaling ten percent 10% of the Secretary’s bid as set forth above in the form of a certified check or cashier’s check made out to the Secretary of HUD. Each oral bid need not be accompanied by a deposit. If the successful bid is oral, a deposit of ten (10%) percent must be presented before the bidding is closed. The deposit is nonrefundable. The remainder of the purchase price must be delivered within thirty (30) days of the sale or at such other time as the Secretary may determine for good cause shown, time being of the essence. This amount, like the bid deposits, must be delivered in the form of a certified or cashier’s check. If the Secretary is the high bidder, he need not pay the bid amount in cash. The successful bidder will pay all conveyance fees, all real estate and other taxes that are due on or after the delivery of the remainder of thepayment and all other costs associated with the transfer of title. At the conclusion of the sale, the depositsof the unsuccessful bidders will be returned to them.The Secretary may grant an extension of time within which to deliver the remainder of the payment. All extensions will be for fifteen (15) days, and a fee will be charged in the amount of $150.00 for each fifteen (15) day extension requested. The extension fee shall be paid in the form of a certified or cashier’s check made payable to the Secretary of Housing and Urban Development. If the high bidder closes the sale prior to the expiration of any extension period, the unused portion of the extension fee shall be applied toward the amount due.If the high bidder is unable to close the sale within the required period, or within any extensions of time granted by the Secretary, the high bidder’s deposit will be forfeited, and the Commissioner may, atthe direction of the HUD Field Office Representative, offer the Property to the second highest bidder for an amount equal to the highest price offered by that bidder.There is no right of redemption, or right of possession based upon a right of redemption, in the mortgagor or others subsequent to a foreclosure completed pursuant to the Act. Therefore, the Foreclosure Commissioner will issue a Deed to the purchaser(s) upon receipt of the entire purchase price in accordance with the terms of the sale as provided herein.KML LAW GROUP, P.C.Foreclosure Commissioners(215-825-6305)


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Help Wanted

Public Notice

Public Notice

Window and door installer needed ASAP. Call Oregon Window 215-336-3448

A fictitious name has been registered with the Pennsylvania Dept. of State on June 30, 2020 pursuant to the Fictitious Names Act of 1982-295 by Wasted Knot with principal place of business at 1914 E. Firth St., Phila. PA 19125. Wasted Knot LLC of 1914 E. Firth St., Phila. PA 19125 owns the said business.

T-Mobile proposes to modify an existing facility (new tip heights 247’) on the 249’ building at 1617 JFKBlvd, Philadelphia, PA (20191355). Interested parties may contact Scott Horn (856-809-1202) (1012Industrial Dr., West Berlin, NJ 08091) with comments regarding potential effects on historic properties.

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Legal Notice

IN AND FOR THE COUNTY OF SPOKANE SUMMONS BY PUBLICATION DEPENDENCY STATE OF WASHINGTON TO WHOM IT MAY CONCERN AND TO: TREY BEY and PATERNAL INTERESTS of CHRISTIAN PIERCE, DOB 7/28/12, Dependency Petition 19-7-02363-32, filed 9/26/19. A Dependency Petition has been filed in the above court. A Fact Finding hearing will be held on this matter on October 15, 2020 at 9:00 am at the Spokane County Juvenile Justice Center, 902 N Adams St, Spokane, WA 99260. YOU SHOULD BE PRESENT AT THIS HEARING. THE HEARING WILL DETERMINE IF YOUR CHILD IS DEPENDENT AS DEFINED IN RCW 13.34.050(5). THIS BEGINS A JUDICIAL PROCESS WHICH COULD RESULT IN PERMANENT LOSS OF YOUR PARENTAL RIGHTS. IF YOU DO NOT APPEAR AT THE HEARING THE COURT MAY ENTER A DEPENDENCY ORDER IN YOUR ABSENCE. To request a copy of the Notice, Summons, and Dependency Petition call DSHS at (509) 363-3550. To view information about your rights in this proceeding go to www.atg.wa.gov/ DPY.aspx.


break up? PW Classifieds is a great place to sell your ex’s stuff.






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                                                                       

                                                                     

                                                                           

                                                                                     

                                                                                   

“QUARANTINE IS KILLING ME! I CAN’T STAND THE INSIDE OF THIS APARTMENT ANYMORE!” -Literally Every Young Person in Philly Philadelphians have been trapped in their house for months. Work from home, eat at home, live at home. They’re craving a change of scenery. Don’t wait for them to start searching online. Give PW readers a reason to move today. Contact sales@philadelphiaweekly.com today to get your property listed. All real estate ads come with a FREE Real Estate Reggie listing each week! OCTOBER 1 - 8, 2020 | PHILADELPHIA WEEKLY




REGGIE Spacious

$1,825 / 1br - 950ft2 - Two Months Rent Free - One Bedroom Rental in Center City! 17th Street near Benjamin Franklin Parkway. Spacious one bedroom apartment available now! This apartment is a must see! With almost 1000 sq ft, you’ll have plenty of room to relax and enjoy your new home. The open floor plan makes entertaining easy with a pass-through kitchen. It’s newly redone and fully equipped with new cabinets, granite countertops and stainless steel appliances featuring a gas stove, refrigerator, microwave, dishwasher, and disposal for your convenience. The modern bath is also sure to impress with large, ceramic tile flooring, chrome fixtures, and pedestal sink with vanity. Three large walk-in closets allow for ample storage space and can accommodate furniture, desks, you name it! The separate bedroom also offers a quiet oasis for your busy city lifestyle. And your private balcony offers fantastic views of The Parkway and the city. So get ready to relax and enjoy! You’ll have access to all of the building’s amenities including the rooftop pool, 24 hour fitness studio, and 2 on-site restaurants. Don’t forget to take advantage of our 24 hour desk and concierge services. They’re here to assist you ‘round the clock! Call to schedule your tour today! 2 months free rent is available now through 9/30/20 for all new 12 month one bedroom leases. 215-981-5682.

Charming studio

$995 Charming Center City Studio ~ UNDER $1000! (Unit 1316). 1229 Chestnut St. Designed by prominent American architect Horace Trumbauer, the Adelphia House is a renovated Philadelphia landmark offering a grand two-story lobby with detailed tile floors and beautiful plaster work. Known for its popular restaurants and nightlife spots, Midtown Philadelphia is a fun and exciting place to live. Just steps away from some of Philadelphia’s best culinary experiences, you will revel in the hustle and bustle of Center City life! FEATURES: 24-hr front desk attendant. Controlled access. AMENITIES: PMC Lifestyle™ Program. Elevator. On-site laundry. On-site maintenance. Fully-equipped fitness center. Cat friendly. SERVICES: Online resident portal featuring rent payments and work order entry for your convenience. NEIGHBORHOOD: Local attractions include Rittenhouse Square, Philadelphia Museum of Art, The Franklin Institute, Walnut Street shopping, and the Benjamin Franklin Parkway. Local universities include Drexel University, University of Pennsylvania, and Thomas Jefferson University. Rittenhouse Square Park Farmer’s Market, Parc, Rouge, Dandelion, Garces Trading Company, El Vez, and Sampan offer exceptional dining within a few blocks. Easy access to Market East SEPTA station and SEPTA bus routes, routes I-95 and 76. (215) 510-0727.

Heated pool

$2,230 / 1br - 692ft2 - Large Closets, Heated Pool, Hardwood Flooring. 3601 Market St. Live at the nexus of the unique urban setting and close-knit community that is Philadelphia’s University City neighborhood. Our convenient location allows you to walk, bike, or ride to the many exciting nearby attractions, such as the Philadelphia Museum of Art, Penn Museum, Academy of Natural Sciences, Institute of Contemporary Art. Our pet-friendly studio, one-, and two-bedroom high-rise apartments offer spacious floor plans with modern interiors and stunning city views. Each floor plan also ensures your apartment necessities are more than taken care of, with included stainless steel appliances, hardwood flooring, quartz countertops, washers/dryers, and so many more luxury features. Quartz Countertops. 24-hour fitness center with yoga studio. On-site parking for vehicles and bikes available. High efficiency, stainless steel appliances. Ceiling Fan. Concierge Services. Sundeck. Call Now or Text (888) 525-9659 to contact our team.

Want to list your apartment with Real Estate Reggie? For only $75, you get 100 words to describe your place. For only $125, you get 100 words, plus a photo. Need something more or different? Reggie can make it happen. happen Deadline is every Monday at 10 am for Thursday’s issue. Email him at REReggie@philadelphiaweekly.com for details.

Exercise room

$1,390 / 1br - 563ft2 - 1 Bedroom~1 Bath~Center City (1411 Walnut St.) 1 Bedroom Apartment home with Hardwood Floors; Central Heating; Central Cooling; Microwave; Building Features Exercise Room and Front Desk. The original home of the Philadelphia Stock Exchange; Known for its popular restaurants and nightlife spots, Midtown Philadelphia is a fun and exciting place to live. Just steps away from some of Philadelphia’s best culinary experiences, you will revel in the hustle and bustle of Center City life! RENTAL FEATURES: Living room. Range / Oven. Refrigerator. Microwave. Heat: forced air. Central A/C. Double pane / Storm windows. Cable-ready. Hardwood floor. COMMUNITY FEATURES: Vintage building. Elevator. Doorman. Fitness center. Near transportation. pmcpropertygroup.com.

Vibrant luxury living

$1,303 / 1br - 610ft2 - 24/7 Go Fit Center Complimentary Classes,Resident Concierge, Fire Pit. 5450 Wissahickon Ave. The Avenue at East Falls brings vibrant luxury living to the city’s historic East Falls neighborhood. Steps from Fairmount Park and overlooking the Philadelphia skyline, our iconic 1950s-era residence is newly renovated, complete with a new swimming pool, our GOFit Fitness Center, and updated apartment interiors. Easy access to public transportation and minutes from Center City, the best of Philly is yours to enjoy. Property Amenities: Community Kitchen. Car Charging Station. Resident Concierge. Private Study Room. Outdoor Kitchen. Fire Pit. Dry Cleaning. GOChat BusinessCenter. 24/7 Go Fit Center Complimentary Classes. Game Room. Parking Available. Swimming Pool. Call Us Today! 215-709-6923.

Pet friendly


$1,779 / 605ft2 - Studio In A Pet Friendly Community! 1601 Vine Street. Discover the definition of exceptional living at The Alexander. Here, at our high-rise Philadelphia apartments, you will find the perfect blend of modern design and enduring style. The Alexander will feature luxurious homes with unique configurations and unmatched amenities, all in a smoke-free environment. Enjoy upscale urban living from the rooftop deck, the lavish courtyard or by simply letting our on-site concierge assist with making your everyday a little more extraordinary. Live in a walkable, pet-friendly residential neighborhood near museums and parks. Classic, warm, and inviting – find your future at The Alexander. Features: WoodLike Flooring throughout apartment. Oversized windows for extra light. Custom cabinetry in Kitchens. Open-concept floor plans. Walk-In Closets. Picturesque terraces and balconies in select apartments. In-home washers and dryers. Spacious studio-, one-, two-, and three- bedroom apartment homes available. Stainless steel appliances and quartz countertops in Kitchens. Views of Center City Philadelphia from select apartments. Community Amenities: Lavish Community Clubroom with Demonstration Kitchen. 2nd Floor landscaped terrace with BBQ Grilling Stations. 24-hour Concierge. On-Site Management. Public Art Landscaping. Access controlled garage parking. Roof Terrace with Observation Deck. Penthouse and Townhomes available. Fitness Center with Cardio Equipment. Refreshing, Spa-Inspired Indoor Pool. Valet Laundry Service Available. Storage available. Pet Friendly. Package Receiving. TV Lounge. On-Site Underground Parking Garage. Pet Grooming Station. Children’s Play Room. Smoke Free Building. Bike Storage with Mechanic Station. Call Now: (215) 596-4234 x 50.

Modern amenities

$1,595 / 1br - 700ft2 - 1 Bedroom – Midtown Center City – Modern Amenities (220 S. 16th St.) 1 Bedroom Apartment home with Hardwood Floors; Central Heating; Central Cooling; Microwave; Building Features Laundry On-Site. Known for its popular restaurants and nightlife spots, Midtown Philadelphia is a fun and exciting place to live. Just steps away from some of Philadelphia’s best culinary experiences, you will revel in the hustle and bustle of Center City life! RENTAL FEATURES: Living room. Range / Oven. Refrigerator. Microwave. Heat: forced air. Central A/C. Double pane / Storm windows. Cableready. Hardwood floor. COMMUNITY FEATURES: Vintage building. Elevator. Near transportation. pmcpropertygroup. com/properties.

Central air

$1,350 / 1br - Blocks from Center City! 1BR, HW Floors, Central Air! 15th near South. Beautiful one bedroom apartment with central Air and hardwood flooring throughout! Flexible lease term for lease ending (May-August). Option to Renew for additional 12 month lease term thereafter. This apartment also features a new kitchen, spacious closets, decorative fireplace and great sunlight! Hot water and cooking gas are included with rent, and tenant pays electricity. Laundry and additional private storage in the building! Building is located on 15th Street between Pine and Spruce Street, across the street from the famed Kimmel Center, and conveniently near the Avenue of the Arts, Broad Street and Rittenhouse Square! To view this apartment or any others we have available, Contact us at Centra Associates: 215-733-0480 www.centraassociates.com. Unit Amenities: Hardwood Floors. Cat Friendly. Close to Public Transportation. Washer/Dryer in Building. Microwave. Decorative Fireplace. Additional Storage for Apartment. Window A/C Unit. Conveniently Located near Ave of the Arts and Rittenhouse Square. Hardwood Floors. Garbage Disposal. Dishwasher. Central Air Conditioning. Cable/Internet-ready. Conveniently located near Rittenhouse Square. Close to public transportation. Building Amenities: Laundry in Building. Easy access to public transportation. Bike Rack. Cat Friendly. Conveniently Located in Rittenhouse Sq. Area. Pet Friendly. Conveniently Located near the Ave of the Arts. Brownstone Building.

Next to City Hall

$2,100 / 1br - 801ft2 - 1 BR + DEN APT NEXT TO CITY HALLROOFTOP, CLUBROOM, FITNESS CENTER. 1338 Chestnut St. Be a part of it all at Griffin – masterfully renovated apartments located along the Avenue of the Arts in the heart of Center City. With all-new finishes and features, complemented by a smart collection of amenities, Griffin is your canvas for artful Philadelphia living. Features: Spectacular city views. Luxurious bathrooms with quartz countertops and glass showers. Quartz countertops. Freestanding kitchen islands. Mecho-style blinds. Stainless steel appliances. Wood cabinets. Washers and dryers. Carpeted bedrooms. Engineered hardwood flooring. Keyless entry. Designer backsplashes. Modern kitchens. Community Amenities: State-of-theart fitness center open 24/7. Concierge service. Private conference space. Outdoor kitchen. Resident business lounge. Panoramic views. Prominent Avenue of the Arts address. 24-hour maintenance. Valet laundry. Walking distance to dozens of Center City shops, restaurants, and cultural institutions. Billiards. Fire pit. Onsite bike storage. 24-hour front desk. Historic character. Catering facility. Golf simulator. Onsite management team. Indoor-outdoor rooftop clubroom. Shuffleboard. Call Now: (833) 695-9442.

Private balcony

$1,850 / 2br - 985ft2 - Lease Today, Pets OK, Near Center City. 6100 City Ave. The Point at City Line is located on City Avenue. Lease today! This two bedroom two bathroom apartment features a private balcony and a washer and dryer! Apartment Features: Walk-in Closet. Electric Stove. Roommate Friendly Floor Plan. Air Conditioning. Extra Storage. Dishwasher. Vertical Blinds. Furnished Options Available, Call for Pricing. Pre-wired for internet and cable. Refrigerator, Microwave, Dishwasher & Electric Stove. Disposal. Private Balcony. Washer and Dryer in unit. Linen Closet. 855-459-6293.

Great location

$1,330 / 1br - Center City...Great Location, Entertainment, Dining, Fun! Studio Apartments available for rent! Apartments feature upgraded kitchens and baths. Rents range $905 to $1,080 based on availability and location. One Bedroom Apartments range $1,330 - $1,475. Apartments feature large windows and 9 ft. ceilings. Ask about our Preferred Employer Program! NO SECURITY DEPOSIT program! Cats are welcome (add’l fee)! All apartments are rented unfurnished. Chancellor Apartments is a convenient high rise apartment community in an amazing location in Center City. We are close to most major schools and universities, public transportation, historical attractions, shopping, restaurants and theaters. Center City at its best! Rent includes: heat, hot/cold water, 24-hour front desk attendant, free bike storage room, package acceptance service, 24-hour emergency maintenance service, on-site smart card laundry plus card access system and BuildingLink resident services portal access for all residents. The Chancellor boasts several different studio and one bedroom floor plans. Apartments feature high ceilings, large bright windows, ceiling fans in most units, hardwood floors and breathtaking views of the Philadelphia skyline and Delaware River. Many apartments have large walk-in closets, too! We have partnered with Optimal Sport Health Club to offer a generous discounted gym membership (we pay your initiation fee!). There are several off street parking lots and garages in the area, too! 206 S. 13th Street. 215-735-8404.

Free parking

$1,399 / 1br - Sunny 1BR - FREE PARKING - 15 minutes to Center City. 3300 Henry Avenue. Life by design. The Preston at Falls Center we designed a lifestyle that is unparalleled in apartment living. Our exclusive amenity package offers a living experience that is focused on wellness and convenience. Wake up each morning to a cup of gourmet coffee in our onsite café. Enjoy a true live-work environment by staying connected with free wifi in our club room. End your day with specialty pizza in our on-site restaurant. Afterwards we invite you to relax by one of our fire pits in the main courtyard or to enjoy a movie in our on-site theatre room. Cats Allowed. Elevator In Building. Exercise Facility. Large Dogs Allowed. Parking. Range. Resident Pays Electricity. Small Dogs Allowed. Washer & Dryer On Site. 215.515.0942.


$1,595 / 1br - 700ft2 - 1 Bedroom – Midtown Center City – Modern Amenities. 220 S. 16th St. 1 Bedroom Apartment home with Hardwood Floors; Central Heating; Central Cooling; Microwave; Building Features Laundry In-Unit. Known for its popular restaurants and nightlife spots, Midtown Philadelphia is a fun and exciting place to live. Just steps away from some of Philadelphia’s best culinary experiences, you will revel in the hustle and bustle of Center City life! RENTAL FEATURES: Living room. Range / Oven. Refrigerator. Microwave. Heat: forced air. Central A/C. Double pane / Storm windows. Cableready. Hardwood floor. COMMUNITY FEATURES: Vintage building. Elevator. Near transportation. pmcpropertygroup. com/properties.

Move to perfection

$1,870 / 1br - 750ft2 - Goldtex Apartments - New Fabulous Living In Center City. 12th Street near Vine. Goldtex Apartments | Make The Move To Perfection. Located in Philadelphia’s Loft District, you’ll just be footsteps away from everything Philadelphia has to offer. 2 blocks away from Reading Terminal Market for all your fresh groceries. 3 blocks away from Market East Station to connect you to anywhere in Philadelphia. Walk able to every major downtown area; Rittenhouse Square, Center City, Old City, Northern Liberties & everywhere in between. Easy commute out of the city; 3-minute access to Rt.76 & I-95. Goldtex’s brand new facade shines like a jewel box in the sky & you’ll be shining once you’re living here! Eco-Chic, modern and stylish living that saves you money and has the most modern, updated features available. Energy Star rated appliances. Modern CFL & LED lighting. New HVAC system. LEED compliant fixtures. Feel good coming home to this apartment that no one else will have! Call today & schedule a private tour. 215.883.2203.

Studio rentals

$1,350 / 500ft2 - TWO MONTHS FREE - Studio Rentals in Center City! 17th Street near Benjamin Franklin Parkway. Spacious studio apartments available now! These apartments are a must see! With almost 500-550 sq ft, you’ll have plenty of room to relax and enjoy your new home. With newly redone kitchens and fully equipped with new cabinets, granite countertops and stainless steel appliances featuring a gas stove, refrigerator, microwave, dishwasher, and disposal for your convenience. The modern bath is also sure to impress with large, ceramic tile flooring, chrome fixtures, and pedestal sink with vanity. Walk-in closets allow for ample storage space and can accommodate furniture, desks, you name it! The apartments offer a quiet oasis for your busy city lifestyle. So get ready to relax and enjoy, your new home is going to be awesome! You’ll have access to all of the building’s amenities including the rooftop pool, 24 hour fitness studio, and 2 on-site restaurants. Don’t forget to take advantage of our 24 hour desk and concierge services. They’re here to assist you ‘round the clock! Call or email to schedule your tour today! Rent special of 2 months free rent and discounted parking is available now through 9/30/20. RENTAL FEATURES: Living room. Dining room. Walk-in closet. Storage space. Range / Oven. Refrigerator. Dishwasher. Microwave. Garbage disposal. Stainless steel appliances. Freezer. Heat: forced air. Central A/C. Double pane / Storm windows. Cable-ready. Wired. Granite countertop. COMMUNITY FEATURES: Elevator. Secured entry. Controlled access. Doorman. Disability access. Shared pool. Fitness studio. Near transportation. Business center. Guest parking. Off-street parking. Garage - Attached. The Windsor. 215-981-5682.

Arts condo

$1,000 / 345ft2 - Arts Condo, 1324 Locust #615-Center City Studio w/ Utilities Included! (Avenue of the Arts/ Washington Square West). 1324 Locust St. The Arts Condominium building, formerly the historic Sylvania Hotel, is located in the Avenue of the Arts section of Washington Square, just off Broad Street. This studio includes a kitchenette with a microwave and mini refrigerator, AC unit, ceiling fan, hardwood floors throughout and bathroom with retro black and white tile and shower. The building features include a 24 hour concierge, wheelchair accessibility, 24 hour fitness center, secured bike storage room, coin operated laundry facility on site, community room, business center, and free wifi in common areas! Sorry, no pets. $250 move in fee. Moving permitted weekdays and Saturdays from 8-4:30 pm. UTILITIES INCLUDED (Electric, water and basic cable). 215-735-7368.


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