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HealtH and FitneSS FeStival September 21 – 22 ExpEriEncE thE ultimatE wEEkEnd and workout with your favoritE fitnEss idols including Jillian Michaels, shaUn T,

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- 25

I p h i l a d e l p h i a w e e k l y. c o m

allie cOnOVeR & Many MORe!

Buy TickeTs now aT classes include Zumba, Pilates, yoga, Bootcamp, insanity and many more !

Must be 21 or older to gamble, enter and remain in a New Jersey casino or participate in any Caesars Entertainment promotion. Know When To Stop Before You Start.® Gambling Problem? Call 1-800-GAMBLER. ©2013, Caesars License Company, LLC.





BUDDY GUY October 5



November 22




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Beverages for purchase not included. Show schedule subject to change or cancellation without notice. Management reserves the right to change or cancel this promotion at any time without notice. Must be 21 or older to gamble, enter and remain in a New Jersey casino or participate in any Harrah’s Resort promotion. Know When To Stop Before You Start.® Gambling Problem? Call 1-800-GAMBLER. ©2013, Caesars License Company, LLC.

21+ with valid ID required to enter. We accept US-issued driver's licenses, military state IDs and passports. Dress to impress. Nightclub attire is required to enter and is enforced at all times. Management reserves the right to refuse admission. Know When To Stop Before You Start.® Gambling Problem? Call 1-800-GAMBLER. ©2013, Caesars License Company, LLC.

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OMG! Let’s not make any more a fool of ourselves, people! There are trolleys all over the world! I grew up in Philly, and in fact, purposely rode on the streets with trolley tracks. I never once had a problem. Hence, most of the major and even smaller cities and towns are restoring trolley service (thus, tracks) on city public streets. Learn how to ride a bike! Gripe about important issues like health care, education.

In response to Randy LoBasso’s blog about the Streets Department saying they’ll be paving around, not over, the rail tracks on 11th and 12th streets in Center City: From Twitter: That’s weak. —@veneziar Depressing! Especially since the trolley tracks are not even being used! —@jadebarnes


Nooooooooooo! —@timaree_leigh I might actually cry. —@yepitsjana We need to keep these tracks maintained because if money is available, say, 10 years down the road to bring the 23 [trolley] back, they can simply just purchase the vehicles and place them on the tracks and they’re ready to. Bicyclists can stop whining. ROY via The track serves importance in the history of Philadelphia’s trolleys, especially with the 23 being North America’s longest trolley line, spanning 12 miles from Chestnut Hill to Oregon Avenue. We need to keep


In response to Randy LoBasso’s blog about new data showing Pennsylvania to be among the worst states on abortion rights: the tracks and press the city to redirect funds to invest in the return of the trolley. If Philadelphia is so worried about going green, wouldn’t it be logical to remove the diesel buses off the line and put the trolleys back? Can’t the bikers go a block over to 13th or 10th where there are bike lanes already in place? Are the bikers that lazy, they can’t go a block over? Get your ish together, Philadelphia.

The government tries to force women into giving birth to their child by shutting down abortion centers or placing other restrictions. However, forcing someone to become a mother doesn’t force the person to become a good mother. A proper way to save the life of unborns should be improving sexual education for teenagers and adults, together with supporting young mothers and their babies.



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8 I PHILLYNOW The Philadelphia Collective; Stereophonics; Manayunk StrEAT Festival; the Soul Rebels and more.

21 I FALL GUIDE PW’s annual sneak peek at the city’s biggest cultural season—from music and art to books and debates.

55 I DRINK CITY Out and about at the new Ocean Prime; autumn cocktails aplenty; craft beers and more.

63 I FOOD & DRINK Pennsylvania 6 sounds like good old-fashioned exuberance—and it is.

Last call, Fringe Fest lovers! Here’s one final review and some Q&As.

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September 18-25, 2013


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74 I MUSIC With Boot & Saddle, indie promoter extraordinaire Sean Agnew’s got a brand new bag.

76 I FILM The gorgeously-shot Prisoners is one of the best-looking stupid movies ever.

80 I IN 30 SECONDS New LPs from Janelle Monae, Arctic Monkeys and Man Man; Derek on the idiot box and more. 85 I SAVAGE LOVE 85 I ADULT 91 I REAL ESTATE 94 I OPEN HOUSES ON THE COVER: Portrait of Philly drag performer Sooshi Harajuku, photographed by J.R. Blackwell earlier this year at Voyeur nightclub. This fall, Voyeur hosts the popular drag show The Dollhouse Revue every Thursday at 11 p.m.

p h i l a d e l p h i a w e e k l y. c o m I september 118 -


I p h i l a d e l p h i a w e e k ly 5

I p h i l a d e l p h i a w e e k l y. c o m

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Closing School Libraries? This Means War Philadelphia’s school budget woes have shuttered the district’s much-lauded libraries. It’s a failure of basic civilization that cannot be allowed to stand. By Stephen H. Segal //


nd so finally it’s come to this: The Philadelphia School District has closed its top schools’ libraries due to the budget crisis. Only 15 librarians remain in the entire district, where enrollment has already climbed past last year’s 150,000 students. As the Inquirer reported Friday, principals at Central High and Masterman are scrambling to figure out how exactly they’re supposed to give students an education without being able to give them books to read. Let me spell this out in no uncertain terms: The library is the single most important operation in any school. It’s more important than each and every classroom. The library is where students engage their own minds. The library is the place that embodies the concept of intellectual activity being something for a person to choose. Whether you are a social progressive who believes public education should be the nation’s top funding priority, a fiscal conservative who believes a free market of school-choice options is the only way to keep educators accountable for their job performance, or a moderate who just hopes kids will emerge into adult society as vaguely functional human beings, there is nothing to debate here. Libraries are civilization. Whether you believe public-school teachers are tragically underpaid and under-appreciated martyrs to humanity’s future or lazy union employees who enjoy coasting on tenure and seniority through a lifetime of ten-month work years, there is nothing to debate here. Libraries are education. Whether you point a finger of blame for our sorry school system at negligent parents, corrupt politicians, inner-city violence or an uncaring corporate nation that prefers to raise mindless consumers rather than engaged citizens, there is nothing to debate here. Libraries are sanctuary. A school where students are not free to use a library is not a school. It’s a multiple-choice indoctrination camp. On occasion, I’ve heard people suggest that the ubiquity of the internet makes libraries obsolete. They are wrong. They are very, very wrong. And here’s why: because what a library is goes much

deeper than its collection. Yes, the internet is the greatest library collection of documents ever imagined by man—and yet it is a collection, not a library, because people are not disembodied information searches; we are people. We exist in our bodies, adjacent to other people who exist in their bodies, and the library is where we go and join those other people in the shared communion that seeking knowledge and understanding of our world is good. That communion—the unspoken pact everyone in every library has tacitly signed that we are part of an ongoing, eons-old quest to improve

A school where students are not free to use a library is not a school. It’s a multiple-choice indoctrination camp. our lives via learning—is what makes it possible for a people to keep creating tomorrow. The books, whether they’re printed books on shelves or digital books on screens, are important. But what actually makes the library the core of civilization, of education, isn’t the books themselves—it’s the communal agreement that sharing the books makes us all, individually and collectively, better. Any closed library is an insult to civilization. Closing the libraries inside schools isn’t just an insult: It’s a declaration of war. As of last week’s hobbled attempt at a new school year, Philadelphia has launched a suicidal war on our own future. The question is no longer who’s responsible. The question is: What are we all going to do about it? 


p h i l a d e l p h i a w e e k l y. c o m I

EN G A G I N G S I N C E 1 8 3 2 .

september 118 -


at our door, and let us answer all of your questions. We’ll do whatever it takes to help you pop the big one with confidence. So stop by today, and make a little history of your own. / KING OF PRUSSIA MALL, Lower level of the Plaza outside of Nordstrom MON TO SAT 10AM – 9PM, SUN 11AM – 6PM / (610) 265-6152

I p h i l a d e l p h i a w e e k ly 7

As one of the nation’s oldest jewelry stores, we’ve been helping men create the perfect ring for nearly 200 years. We’ve also taken the stress out of the whole experience. Check your nerves

I p h i l a d e l p h i a w e e k l y. c o m

- 25

8 p h i l a d e l p h i a w e e k ly I S e p t e m b e r 1 8

Style stars take the runway by storm at the Philadelphia Collection each year.


The Philadelphia Collection

Break out your best heels and get ready to don that trendy faux-fur jacket you impulsively bought last week during your fall shopping escapades: Philly’s own brand of Fashion Week has officially landed. In the City of Brotherly Love (and Sisterly Affection), the Philadelphia Collection is all-inclusively celebrating and spreading fashion with events in Old City, Center City, Passyunk, Manayunk, Northern Liberties and beyond. Whether you’re looking for trunk shows, discussions led by industry notables, large-scale runway walking, fashion soirees, makeovers or even a fashion show for your wee one, the Philadelphia Collection has all the bases covered. With 75 independently-produced featured events mixed in with smaller abundant showcases, the Philadelphia Collection will own the next eight days, and although some scheduled events—like the XIX Most Fashionable Women in Philadelphia Awards—are by invitation only, the majority are all-encompassing for the city’s fashion-savvy public to enjoy. Sip cocktails and get the inside scoop from Nicole Richie’s stylist in Center City. Expand your horizons beyond American Apparel at Kembrel’s Affordably Made in the USA trunk show. Watch the line between street art and fashion blur on Fabric Row. And check out the highenergy runway show, student designer displays and more at the 20th annual Phashion Phest, plopped right inside the Shops at Liberty Place. You can even commit to a full-body workout and shop at a pop-up jewelry mart immediately afterward to give yourself a little sparkle and shine not induced by sweat. Since the Philadelphia Collection was founded four years ago, Philadelphia has been both praised by Lucky magazine and highlighted by Forbes as one of the best shopping cities in the United States. With an abundance of opportunities to see how much our city’s boutiques and fashion luminaries have to offer firsthand, the jam-packed mix of Philadelphia Collection soirees, style showcases and informative talks are sure to leave you with more than just a new go-to fall wardrobe staple. / LAUREN ARUTE Through Sept. 25. Various events at various venues.

Wednesday, September 18 AR T

Jason Rhoades: Four Roads

This exhibit pays tribute to L.A-based artist Jason Rhoades, who died seven years ago at the age of 41. Using materials including neon, power tools, plastic buckets and even a V-8 engine, Rhoades’ eye-catching, detail-oriented work are both humorous and engaging. 6:30pm. Free. Institute of Contemporary Art, 118 S. 36th St. 215.898.5911. M U SIC

No Joy

After gaining recognition from Bethany Cosentino of Best Coast via Twitter when she called them “the best band ever,” the gigs started pouring in for four-piece, doom-

tinged shoegaze band No Joy. With their ethereal vocals and moody guitars, it’s no wonder the band gained notoriety seemingly overnight. 8pm. $10. Kung Fu Necktie, 1250 N. Front St. 215.291.4919. MUSIC


Since its formation just two years ago, Scottish electropop band Chvrches has already taken off with their edgy sound, with a full U.S tour already under their belts and another one on the way. The four-piece’s latest album, The Bones of What You Believe, has already been deemed one of this year’s most anticipated fall releases by Pitchfork. 8pm. $20. Union Transfer, 1026 Spring Garden St. 215.232.2100.

Tuesday, July 23 Thursday, September 19

2 4 / 7 A C T I O N | L I V E E N T E R TA I N M E N T WAT E R F R O N T D I N I N G




Stereophonics My brother did a semester abroad while at Marist College; in his junior year, he studied in Leeds. He came back with a Leeds United scarf, a puffy face bloat from drinking non-stop and a copy of the Stereophonics’ debut album, Word Gets Around. Earlier that spring, they’d released Performance and Cocktails, and that one I sought out myself. They’re both killer records, to be sure, two in a canon of modern Brit rock LPs that have sold millions and won them adoring fans. “Hurry Up and Wait,” from Performance, is like a better version of Radiohead’s “High and Dry.” It’s true, both have a little bit of that ‘90s feel that beckons a little bit of that Empire Records vibe—especially the big hit from their debut, “Local Boy in the Photograph.” But they’ve aged gracefully. After more than 15 years of touring, sometimes even headlining mammoth festivals like Reading and Leeds and Glastonbury, they’re a well-oiled machine. With eight albums in their repertoire, even if some of em’ are a little lackluster, they could sure as shit put together one helluva setlist. The brothers Jones—Kelly provides lead guitar and vocals and Richard bass and backup—know how to have a good time, too. Know how I know? Kelly’s voice sounds absolutely drenched in whiskey and tobacco. Which everyone knows is fuel for writing good songs and putting on a great show. / BILL CHENEVERT

It starts at ten thousand bucks and builds with every pull. The payout could go off at any time, but it’s guaranteed to hit by $100,000!

TROTTER’S $150,000

PIGSKIN PAYOUT EVERY WEEK, ALL SEASON LONG! MAKE YOUR PICKS EACH WEEK. Win your share of $5,000 in weekly prizes or have the most correct picks at the end of the season and win $50,000 CASH!

8pm. $25. With the Wind + the Wave. The Theater of Living Arts, 334 South St.

Street Fare: Sip, Savor, Stroll


The Rittenhouse Row Fall Fashion Crawl

This pub crawl and fashion event hybrid allows shoppers to sip cocktails from the area’s top mixologists and get in on exclusive in-store events at participating Rittenhouse retailers, including Knit Wit, Juicy Couture, South Moon Under and Nicole Miller. Pick up your map and wristband at Sephora, and let the crawl begin. 6pm. $25. Sephora, 1714 Chestnut St. 215.563.6112. SC R EEN

Everything Went Down

A gloomier take on a traditional musical, Everything Went Down tells the story of a budding friendship between a young professor and a music student whose lives crossed paths at a time of grief and loss. 7pm. Free. The Reel at Temple University, 1755 N. 13th St.



I p h i l a d e l p h i a w e e k ly 9

With two of her novels adapted into acclaimed feature films, award-winning author and New York Times bestselling author Terry McMillan is visiting the Free Library with fellow award-winning writer and professor Jesmyn Ward. The duo will discuss their latest works, an account of a family living in a multi-racial Los Angeles neighborhood and a piercing memoir centered on five young men whose lives ended too early, respectively. 7:30pm. $15. Central Library, 1901 Vine



Terry McMillan and Jesmyn Ward

St. 215.686.5322.

september 118 -

Historic Germantown Avenue will be lined with more than 40 gourmet food trucks and local restaurants tonight, serving up as much craft beer, wine, cocktails and savory samples as your stomach can handle. 6pm. Germantown Ave., between Sedgwick and Mt. Airy aves.

p h i l a d e l p h i a w e e k l y. c o m I


I p h i l a d e l p h i a w e e k l y. c o m

- 25

1 0 p h i l a d e l p h i a w e e k ly I S e p t e m b e r 1 8

PHILLYNOW Friday, September 20


My Mother’s Italian, My Father’s Jewish, and I’m Still in Therapy!

Just the title says, well, all we want to know about this comedic play, which takes us back to Steve Solomon’s formative years and follows him through to the present. Meet a whirlwind of characters, from stuttering Cousin Bob to Steves’s new therapist, who’ll make you want to run home and hug your parents. Through Oct. 6. $10-$35. Bristol Riverside Theatre, 120 Radcliffe St., Bristol. FOOD

KenCrest Annual Tasting Event: Flavors of the Community MUSIC

The Soul Rebels If there’s one thing that can be mined in the wake of New Orleans post-Katrina, it’s that we humans can find sheer will and pure joy, even in the darkest of times, and the Big Easy-based Soul Rebels continue to turn people out, year after year, with their unstoppable spirit. What is essentially now an amorphous and ever-changing collective, there is one ageless tie, and that’s funk. Funk, as we all know, comes in all kinds of shapes and sizes: from jazz to hip-hop to soul and R&B, even rock. The Rebels aren’t afraid to mix, match, blend, oscillate and pounce on these variations, and they do so with such high energy and happinessspreading instruments. We’re talking about brass. Sure, they’re very much about percussion, singing and guitars, but being such a robust brass ensemble really makes them shine. The Soul Rebels would be an excellent enough show on their own, but add in Karl Denson’s Tiny Universe—for whom the Rebels are opening—and you’ve got a stellar way to spend your Friday evening and 20-something dollars. The supremely righteous saxophone that Denson wields will undoubtedly be lifted up by the eight (or more)-piece collective tonight. There’s no telling how this show could evolve, what they’ll cover, what they’ll improvise, how late they’ll wail. But what’s absolutely certain is that you will move, sweat and leave feeling 1,000 percent better about life. / B.C.

Local restaurants, bakeries and beverage vendors will sample their wares at this tasting event; special guest chefs Chef Tanner from Montgomery County Culinary School and Dr. Drew Nussbaum will perform cooking demonstrations. Proceeds benefit children and adults with intellectual disabilities and autism. Thurs., Sept. 19, 6:30pm. Prophecy Creek Park, 205 W. Skippack Pike, Ambler.

9pm. $21-$25. With Karl Denson’s Tony Universe. The Blockley, 3801 Chestnut St. 215.222.1234. ST YLE F RINGE

XY Scheherazade

This solo performance follows a trans woman as she navigates gender roles and the memories of trauma, all in an apocalyptic fantasy setting. 7pm. $15. Plays and Players, 1714 Delancey Pl. STAGE

Bunny Bunny

Saturday Night Live writer-turned-playwright Alan Zweibel’s poignant play examines his relationship with former SNL actress Gilda Radner. The play explores their longstanding friendship, and examines the relationship that could have been. 8pm. $30. Walnut Street Theatre, 825 Walnut St.


Dream Date

Inspired by Shakespeare’s The Tempest, Dream Date follows an evil wizard named Todd as he rules over a remote island in the Gulf of Mexico, 1,000 years after the collapse of the American empire. 5:30pm. $5. Vox Populi Gallery, 319 N. 11th St. M U SI C

El Ten Eleven

This L.A.-based post-rock duo have drawn comparisons to Pinback and the Six Parts Seven. The coolest part: They don’t use any laptops or sequencers. It all revolves around some damn fine guitar work. 9:15pm. $12-$14 1201 Frankford Ave.


Lucinda’s Bed

Mia McCullough’s gripping play follows Lucinda, a woman whose life changed after the monster who lived under her bed decided to introduce himself one night. 8pm. $25. Walnut Street Theatre, 825 Walnut St. EVENT

Dumbledore’s Powers

The perfect way to celebrate your Hogwarts fandom and your love of fall: a Harry Potter straw maze. This familyfriendly installation lets you walk around the legendary Deathly Hollows. Ability to fly not included. 10am. $6-$20. Woodmere Art Museum, 9201 Germantown Ave.

Make Up For Ever Foundation Nation

Make Up For Ever’s team of professional makeup artists will host complimentary 15-minute foundation lessons. Hey, I always wondered about proper complexion application techniques. Thurs., Sept. 19, 6-9pm. Free. 160 N. Gulf Rd. King of Prussia. FESTIVAL

Narberth Fall Music + Arts Festival

Just because summer is over doesn’t mean that the outdoor festivals have to end. Enjoy street food, drinks, shopping and music from Vox Prophet, Beats Walkin’, the Zing Kings and Nash & the KZP. Sun., Sept. 22, 2-7pm. $1. Forest Ave. and Haverford Ave., Narberth, Pa.





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Boxes of Disposable Contact Lenses

Cannot be combined with insurance Now Offering KENNETH Sunglasses COLE

Prescription and Non-Prescription




3853 Aramingo Avenue

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Dr. Jeffrey Gold - Previously Sunrise Optical TOM FORD

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* Davis Vision accepted only at Aramingo Ave. and 4002 Chestnut St. locations * Now Accepting Bravo Health * Co-pays may apply

I p h i l a d e l p h i a w e e k ly 1 1

3853 Aramingo Avenue



september 118 -

most of these insurances: • City Workers • SEPTA employees • VBA • NVA • Blue Cross • Blue Shield • Americhoice • F.O.P. • Aetna • March Vision Care • United Healthcare Community Plan • Davis Vision* • Keystone East • Keystone Mercy • Health Partners • Bravo Health • All University of Penn Workers

p h i l a d e l p h i a w e e k l y. c o m I

1925 Chestnut Street ....... 215.854.0441 1325 Market Street


with most of these insurances: • City Workers • SEPTA employees • VBA • NVA • Blue Cross • Blue Shield • Americhoice • F.O.P. • Aetna • March Vision Care • United Healthcare Community Plan • Davis Vision* • Keystone East • Keystone Mercy • Health Partners • Bravo Health • All University of Penn Workers

I p h i l a d e l p h i a w e e k l y. c o m

- 25

1 2 p h i l a d e l p h i a w e e k ly I S e p t e m b e r 1 8


Saturday, September 21 M U S IC

Michael Franti and Spearhead Headed by Oakland-based musician, poet and activist Michael Franti, the Bay Area-founded outfit Spearhead makes a feel-good musical blend of hip-hop, reggae and folk vibes stemming from the group leader’s numerous projects of varying sounds and mediums. Call their latest LP, July’s All People, one of its most potent. Beginning his career as the leader of industrial punk band the Beatnigs in the late ‘80s, Franti’s style has honed toward a dancehall version of his previous anti-conformity raves. What ventured into a somewhat softer mix of industrial music and rap via Franti’s early’90s pairing with Rono Tse, the Disposable Heroes of HipHoprisy, also dabbled into jazz territory, eventually leading to his formation of Spearhead in 1994. Franti and his merry band of cohorts have been creating infectious politically- and world affairs-aware festival rock since. Speaking of world issues, unlike most of his leftleaning musical peers, Franti has actually planted his feet (bare, of course, as he prefers) in areas of the world where war is prevalent on a day-to-day schedule. His 2005 documentary, I Know I’m Not Alone: A Musician’s Search for the Human Cost of War, ably explored the lives of people living in Iraq, Palestine and Israel and advocates for peace in the Middle East. He’s earned a number of awards for his activism. His music’s just the icing on the cake. / RANDY LOBASSO

Michael Franti


Heartthrobs, Avatars, Playboys and Warriors

Matthew Cox’s exhibition takes the images of cultural icons past and present, be they Minotaur or Snow White, and splices their images with the skeletal projections of an X-ray. 6pm. Pentimenti Gallery, 145 N. Second St. 215.625.9990. SCRE E N

FirstGlance Film Festival

The FirstGlance Film Festival has come a long way since its humble beginnings in a Center City basement. Now having shown more than 1,500 award-winning films in three cities, the event has become one of the premier destinations for Philly’s indie crowd to show off its cinematic aptitude. Through Sept. 22. $9-$42 Franklin Institute, Franklin Theater, 222 N. 20th St.


Hero Thrill Show

Police and firefighters gather every year to raise money for the children of their fallen comrades by using the skills they have learned at work to entertain the people they could one day save. The proceeds go toward the children’s college tuition. 11:30am. $10-$25. Wells Fargo Center, 3601 S. Broad St. M U SI C


Bitter guitar strumming leads this band forward; an unhappy monotone voice punctuating the ever-lurching beat. These dudes are from a metal-studded late ‘80s alternate past sans Reagan, but damn, they make those good sounds, even if they are essentially aliens here. 8:30pm. $10. Milkboy, 1100 Chestnut St.

8:30pm. $30. With Michael Bernard Fitzgerald. Electric Factory, 421 N. 7th St. 215.627.1332.


A New Global Future: Peace Day Philly

Head to the Friends Center this week to experience workshops and talks designed to show how people can move headlong to a global tranquility. 9:30am. Free. Friends Center, 1515 Cherry St. peacedayphilly2013. FO O D

Manayunk StrEat Festival

Kicking off Manayunk’s Restaurant Week, food courts, farmers markets and more than 20 food trucks will set up along Main Street and offer their assorted delicacies to passersby. Picnic-style seating and live music make this an outdoor celebration worth enduring the approaching fall breeze for. 11am. Free. Manayunk, 4312 Main St.


Fight Fire With Fire

Are you proficient at getting drunk and judging grilled meats? Taste a bunch of BBQ samples while slurping up all of the beer your clumsy paws can manage. Proceeds go toward the Red Cross House and disaster relief. Noon. $25-$35. 39th and Market sts. Fight-Fire-with-Fire-A-BBQ-Cook-Off-Event READING

Chuck Wendig

Wendig is an up-and-coming writer unafraid of any four-letter word. His recent foray into the future, Under the Empyrean Sky, will be the centerpiece of the imaginative author’s talk, along with assorted writerly tips. 3pm. Free. Joseph E. Coleman Northwest Regional Library, 68 W. Cheltan Ave. 215.685.2150.

OCT 13-18 The event so nice, you’ll want to go twice. It’s...



FALL SIDEWALK SALE ! Shoppers...mark your calendars



MULTI-COURSE MEALS [ at fixed prices. you can’t beat it. ]

Spend a day exploring Haddon Ave for FASHION, ACCESSORIES, HOME GOODS, GIFTS, DECOR, FOOD, BEAUTY & ART at amazing discounts! BIG savings at more than 20 retailers! Sweet Dining Deals, too!

[Check for menus and details in late Sept]

I p h i l a d e l p h i a w e e k ly 1 3





Borough of Collingswood


september 118 -


p h i l a d e l p h i a w e e k l y. c o m I

“Haddon Ave is undeniably quaint, and yet it packs in diners to its myriad BYOBs every night, crowding them shoulder to shoulder...”

Oct 10, 11, 12

I p h i l a d e l p h i a w e e k l y. c o m

- 25

1 4 p h i l a d e l p h i a w e e k ly I S e p t e m b e r 1 8

Tuesday,September July 23 22 PHILLYNOW Sunday,

OVER 260 AMERICAN MICROS & 500 IMPORTS Huge Selection at Great Prices!




Deva Premal & Miten with Manose

1415 Locust St 215.985.1163













Tax not included • Quantities limited • Not responsible for typographical errors







. 49 + TAX


Deva Premal has a way of getting into your head with her voice. Never mind the fact that her angelic chanting ability drives the sound of her atmospheric musical craft; it’s the meaning behind it that has steered so many listeners toward making positive change in their lives, both minor and major. In 1990, in the ashram of the infamous mystic Osho in Pune, India, the Germany-born Premal was introduced to Miten, an Englishman formerly known as Andy Desmond, who has been her partner in music and love for over 20 years. With the former being a classicallytrained, lifelong student of mantra and the latter a wild child from the British rock scene, the two seemingly couldn’t have been more dissimilar. But despite their differences—and the 22-year age gap between them—their hearts connected, and eight years later, they released their first album, The Essence, which featured a rendition of the “Gayatri mantra” that had been recited to Premal since before she was even born. The couple now travels the world on the wings of the ethereal music they make, bringing their spiritual message to sold-out crowds near and far, whether in modest yoga studios or at large-scale festivals. For their latest 25-city tour, entitled MantraFest, they will be joined by frequent collaborator and bansuri maestro Manose, in addition to the GuruGanesha Band. / JAKE ABBATE



Styled at The Oval, The New Shape of Fashion

Back to the ‘80s Dance Workshop

7pm. $30-$125. With Maneesh de Moor. Temple Performing Arts Center, 1837 N. Broad St. 215.204.9860.

Expect cool clothes, movie screenings, a wine garden and more as the Oval plays host to the Philadelphia Collection 2013, a weeklong series of fashion and style events. 7am. Free. Eakins Oval, 2601 Benjamin Franklin Pkwy. STAG E

Superior Donuts

This clever comedy focuses on friendship, failure and racial tensions, all through the scope of one rundown donut shop in uptown Chicago. 2pm. $17. Stagecrafters Theater, 8130 Germantown Ave.

Hearken back to a time when people listened to “Love Shack” non-ironically. Philly Dance Fitness has put together an ‘80sthemed dance party with music spanning the whole, weird decade. 2pm. Free. Arts Parlor, 1170 S. Broad St. CIVIC

Philly Transit Hackathon

Join the Philly transit hackathon this weekend, where local computer whizzes will try to conceive and design apps to improve how people move and get around Philly. 9am. $10. 3rd Ward Philadelphia, 1227 N. Fourth St.

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I p h i l a d e l p h i a w e e k l y. c o m

- 25

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23 Tuesday,September July 23 PHILLYNOW Monday,

the Tony Award-winning musical based on a true story Book by

Music and Lyrics by

Alfred Uhry

Jason Robert Brown Co-conceived by

Harold Prince Production conceived by

Jorge Cousineau and Terrence J. Nolen

“An urgent reminder of what contemporary composers are still capable of achieving.” –LA Times

Sep 26 - Nov 3

40 N. 2nd Street, Old City, Phila.

215.922.1122 R E ADIN G

Mark Rosenberg: Eating My Feelings After 2010’s Blackouts and Breakdowns, his successful freshman novel about his former exploits as a party boy in New York City’s gay nightlife, Mark Brennan Rosenberg wrote last month’s Eating My Feelings: Tales of Overeating, Underperforming and Coping with My Crazy Family, a collection of essays about his body image as a child in the 1980s and living as an openly gay adult in the 2000s. In his second book, Rosenberg details—through “drunken debauchery and swearing like a trucker,” according to one Amazon review—both growing up questioning himself and then finding a home in New York City, where that devil alcoholism would get the best of him—though not before he was able to cull a ton of awesome stories out of it, providing him with the fodder to pen the I Hope They Serve Beer in Hell of LGBT literature. He’s been sober now for about five years. Rosenberg—whose blog, The Single Life, offers everything from post-breakup advice to hilarity titled “Fuck you, Taylor Swift!”—is currently on a nationwide tour, using cash he made through a Kickstarter campaign—overshooting his own $10,000 goal—to hit 30 different cities. Ever the innovator, the author has promised “something unheard of in this industry” to make anyone—who wants to be—part of the tour, though he hasn’t really gotten into specifics just yet. Just don’t bet on anything subtle. / R.L. 5:30pm. Free. Giovanni’s Room, 345 S. 12th St. 215.923.2960.


Recreation Center, 3301 Market St.

Philadelphia Idealist Grad Fair


Nowadays, they say a bachelor’s degree isn’t worth squat. Help yourself avoid unemployment by checking out this grad fair, where representatives from more than 60 schools will be on hand to talk about pursuing another degree. 5pm. Free. Drexel University

Everyone’s favorite boardgame-turned-movie hits the silver screen again as the Trocadero offers the chance to see the 1985 classic comedy-mystery starring Tim Curry for only $3. 8pm. Troc, 1003 Arch St.



SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 21 • Gates open 10am – 1st post 12:25pm • Over $3,000,000 in purses • Commemorative hat giveaway for the first 5,000 guests • Free parking & admission • BBQ & drink specials • Jockey t-shirt toss • PLUS, free family fun in the Picnic Grove!

Featuring Travers the 2013 inner w s k a Ste

National Anthem performed live by famed-vocalist, Lauren Hart!


TV COVERAGE HOSTED BY NBC 10’S SHEENA PARVEEN! Watch live on Comcast SportsNet beginning at 4:30pm.

EVERY THURSDAY NIGHT • 8PM Jumpstart your weekend at 360!





Visit for full listing

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september 118 -


I p h i l a d e l p h i a w e e k ly 1 7



I p h i l a d e l p h i a w e e k l y. c o m

- 25

1 8 p h i l a d e l p h i a w e e k ly I S e p t e m b e r 1 8

Kimmel center presents

24 Tuesday,September July 23 PHILLYNOW Tuesday,

Orquesta Buena Vista sOcial cluB® Featuring Omara Portuondo, Eliades Ochoa, Guajiro Mirabal, and Barbarito Torres

Wed, Oct 9 Merriam theater this program is generously supported by Health partners of philadelphia, congreso de latinos Unidos, inc. and UGi corporation/Amerigas

lisa laMpanelli

Skinny Bitch: NOT A Stand-Up Comedy Show Oct 10-13 & 25-27 innovation studio



First Person Arts StorySlam

Who doesn’t enjoy a good story before bed? Audience members listen and judge each storyteller’s five-minute slam. Tonight’s theme: The Birds and the Bees. 8:30-10:30pm. $10. L’Etage, 624 S. Sixth St. 215.592.0656. M U SIC


Diana Krall

Glad Rag Doll World Tour sat, Oct 12 academy of Music

tangO Fire

Flames of Desire

They survived the ‘90s, outlasted the 2000s, and now well into their third decade as a band, indie rockers Superchunk continue to prove they haven’t lost a modicum of energy. On their recently released 10th studio album, frontman Mac McCaughan hits the high notes with a surprising degree of consistency as found on the group’s 1990 eponymous debut. 8pm. $20. With Spider Bags. Union Transfer. 1026 Spring Garden St. 215.232.2100.

on sale now! KiMMelcenter.Org 215.893.1999 Season sponsored by:

Long Long Time: A Historic Tribute to Billy Joel by His Original Band

Who better to put on a tribute to the Piano Man himself than his original 1971-72 backing musicians? Reenacting their performance at Sigma Sound Studios in April 1972, the band will perform classics such as “She’s Got a Way,” “Billy the Kid” and “Everybody Loves You Now.” 8pm. $25. World Cafe Live, 3025 Walnut St. 215.222.1400. philly. READING

Thomas Keneally

Keneally’s latest (the author famously penned Schindler’s List) tells the story of two spirited Australian sisters working as nurses during World War I. Noon. Free. Central Library, 1901 Vine St.

Wednesday, September 25 M U SIC

sun, Oct 20 Merriam theater


The White Mandingos

The White Mandigos features Darryl Jenifer, founding bassist of hardcore giants Bad Brains, so expect a taste of classic punk rhythms as rapper Murs spits rhymes in this unconventional supergroup that also features one-time Rolling Stone journalist Sacha Jenkins. 8pm. $12-14. Kung Fu Necktie, 1250 N. Front St. M U SIC

Garland Jeffreys

You can’t put a price on Garland Jeffreys’ talent, but World Cafe Live is going to try. As one of the earliest musical performers to transcend genre barriers and blend styles as diverse as rock, reggae and R&B, Jeffreys’ eclectic songwriting sensibility has inspired a whole new generation of acts just as

varied, with bands like the Circle Jerks and Vetiver covering his work. 8pm. $25. World Cafe Live, 3025 Walnut St. ST YLE

20th Annual Phashion Phest

The mission of Phashion Phest is to showcase upscale fall fashion for men and women that is accessible in the Philadelphia market. More than 20 retailers and salons participate each year, and guests are able to immediately purchase the items displayed. To celebrate its 20th anniversary, this year’s Phashion Phest will include student designer displays, a silent auction and a lavish cocktail reception. 7pm. $25-$50. Liberty Place, 1625 Chestnut St. Compiled by Lauren Arute, Nicole Bonaccorso, Michael Brady, Jake Abbate and Max Ufberg.






Transportation Available as an Add-On






*Offer good for one trip only and cannot be combined with other discounts. Expires 12/31/13.


t . 21




A y,




free demos


DIY crafts farmers market local fare


official sponsor

FLowers contributing sponsors

I p h i l a d e l p h i a w e e k ly 1 9

live music



september 118 -


p h i l a d e l p h i a w e e k l y. c o m I


S At


7 PM M10 A


I p h i l a d e l p h i a w e e k l y. c o m

- 25

2 0 p h i l a d e l p h i a w e e k ly I S e p t e m b e r 1 8

Fall is Fabulous in Cape May

Fall at the Farm

October 5, 12, 19 & 26 | At Beach Plum Farm, 140 Stevens Street Bring the whole family down to Beach Plum Farm each Saturday in October for some good ol’ farm fun! Enjoy all of your fall favorites, including corn mazes & family hayrides, with live entertainment, festival food & Cape May Brewery beer.

TEDx Cape May Conference

October 20 In the spirit of “ideas worth spreading,” enjoy a full day of diverse performances & presentations under the provocative theme: “Nature & Nurture.”

Ghoulish Gatsby

12 Annual Phantom Ball at Congress Hall | October 25 Passed hors d’oeuvres, a rockin’ DJ, delicious themed cocktails & more! Don your best “Ghoulish Gatsby” costume for the chance to win cash & prizes totaling over $1,500!! th

Escape to the Cape

Lifestyle Retreat for Women | October 27 - 29 We invite you to relax, refresh & renew at the 2013 Congress Hall Retreat with inspirational workshops, a wine & chocolate reception, & a “Swag Bag” full of goodies!

Exit Zero International Jazz Festival November 7 - 10 Cape Resorts is offering Jazz Festival packages including VIP passes & breakfast! Also, join us for a special engagement; an intimate night of jazz at the Ebbitt Room November 7th.

Cape Resorts offers hotel packages for these great events. For more information please visit, or call 855.290.8467 to make your reservation.

pw’s FALL GUIDE 2013 Autumn in Philly: a veritable carnival of awesome. It’s a hit musical at the Walnut; it’s Janelle Monae at the Electric Factory; it’s Dali at the Art Museum; it’s Charles Vess at a science fiction convention. Here’s an advance look at what’s up for the next several months.

p h i l a d e l p h i a w e e k l y. c o m I

september 118 -


I p h i l a d e l p h i a w e e k ly 2 1

In the Heights runs at the Walnut Street Theatre through Oct. 20 (see p.22).

I p h i l a d e l p h i a w e e k l y. c o m

- 25

2 2 p h i l a d e l p h i a w e e k ly I S e p t e m b e r 1 8


Exuberance, Drama Take Center Stage Philadelphia’s mighty melange of theater companies has prepped some fantastic fall offerings. By J. Cooper Robb //


s Philadelphia’s Fringe Festival winds down its 17th year of performanceart innovation across scores of city stages, it’s time for the city’s theater companies to make their 2013-14 debuts. This fall promises Philadelphia theatergoers a wide variety of offerings to sample. The Walnut Street Theatre’s new season gets underway with an exciting production of the Tony Award-winning In the Heights (through Oct. 20). Featuring a spectacular book by Pulitzer Prize-winner (and proud Philadelphian) Quiara Alegria Hudes, the exuberant, poignant musical is set in a Latino neighborhood in New York City. Filled with rousing songs and memorable characters, the Walnut’s production succeeds on the strength of its marvelous cast, which, under Bruce Lumpkin’s skilled direction, executes Michelle Gaudette’s sweaty, sexy choreography with tremendous skill and verve. Jane Austen’s legion of fans will no doubt take delight in the Lantern Theater Company’s theatrical adaptation of her popular novel, Emma (Sept. 19-Oct. 27). Often adapted for film, Emma is the tale of a young, pretty, somewhat meddlesome matchmaker. This playful stage adaptation focuses the audience’s attention on the characters, as opposed to the visual extravagance of the Emma movies, with their grand estates and vistas of the bucolic English countryside. The great American musical Parade is the opening production at the Arden Theatre Company (Sept. 26-Nov. 3). Penned by immensely talented composer/lyricist Jason Robert Brown (The Last Five Years) and Pulitzer Prize-winning playwright Alfred Uhry (Driving Miss Daisy), Parade is the true story of Leo Frank, a Jewish factory manager and a transplanted northerner—played by the supremely talented Ben Dibble—accused of murdering a young girl in 1913 Atlanta. Featuring a spectacular score, the musical tells a hugely involving tale of anti-Semitism and social justice set in a Confederate state, where ancient prejudices are slow to die. Simpatico Theatre Project opens its season with The Brothers Size (Oct. 2-Nov. 3), a scorching drama from brilliant young playwright Tarell Alvin McCraney. Presented by one of Philly’s hottest small theater companies, the play is set in the backwoods of rural

The great American musical Parade premieres at the Arden next week.

Louisiana. Featuring perhaps McCraney’s most penetrating and poetic script, The Brothers Size draws on Yoruba mythology and the mystical world, speaking the truths of two brothers headed down very different paths. The Wilma Theater changes gears from

producer to presenter with their seasonopening presentation of The Convert (Oct. 9-Nov. 10). Part of a program instituted by the Wilma as a way for audiences to experience work by the nation’s top companies, The Convert is produced by Washington, D.C.’s legendary Wooly Mammoth Theater.

Penned by Danai Gurira, the drama tells the story of a young girl who escapes a forced marriage and discovers Christianity in 1895 South Africa. Curio Theatre Company flips its script with a unique gender-bending version of William Shakespeare’s tragic masterpiece Romeo and Juliet (Oct. 11-Nov. 2). Directed by Krista Apple-Hodge, this staging imagines both Romeo and Juliet as young women. The first production of Curio’s season of gender exploration, its same-sex lovers offer another explanation for why the ill-fated teens are compelled to hide their romance from their respective families. Amy Herzog’s Obie Award-winning 4,000 Miles (Oct. 11-Nov. 10) kicks off Philadelphia Theatre Company’s 2013-14 session. Moving and often extremely funny, this intimate play focuses on Leo, a young man who pedals across the country on his bicycle and arrives unexpectedly on the doorstep of his feisty grandmother in Manhattan’s West Village. It’s directed by Barrymore Award winner Mary B. Robinson, who is responsible for several of PTC’s most successful productions, including Molly Sweeny and Three Viewings. And finally, tongues will certainly be wagging at Theatre Exile with its provocatively titled starter Cock (Oct. 17-Nov. 10). A huge hit in Britain, the play explores the complicated story of a man torn between his boyfriend and a woman. An exploration of labels, stereotypes and forging an identity that rejects the usual definitions allowed by society, director Deborah Block’s emotionally charged production takes place in Exile’s intensely intimate converted Studio X garage stage.

Fall comedy IN THE CITY // Helium Comedy Club: The Sklar Brothers, Sept. 19-21. Jimmy Shubert, Sept. 25. Chris Kattan, Sept. 26-28. Sarah Colonna, Oct. 3-5. Craig Robinson, Oct. 11-13. Jonathan Kite, Oct. 17-19. Tim Lee, Oct. 20. Sebastian Maniscalco, Oct. 23-26 (w/Vanessa Marcil on Oct. 26). Keswick Theatre: Cheech & Chong, Oct. 27. The

Capitol Steps, Nov. 3. Eugene Mirman, John Hodgman and Tristen Schaal, Oct. 15. Steven Wright, Nov. 3. John Pinette, Nov. 30. Underground Arts: @DadBoner Live with Matt Braunger, Nov. 5. Tower Theatre: Bill Burr, Nov. 9. WORTH THE DRIVE // Sands

Bethlehem Event Center, Bethlehem: Mike Epps, Sept. 21. Andrew Dice Clay, Sept. 24. Jeff Foxworthy, Sept. 28. Kathy Griffin, Oct. 4. Joan Rivers, Nov. 1. Kevin James, Nov. 7. Soveriegn Performing Arts Center, Reading: Drew Carey, Nov. 23 Gypsies, Mount Pocono: Amy Schumer, Oct. 5. Jeff Ross, Dec. 7.

p h i l a d e l p h i a w e e k l y. c o m I september 118 -



I p h i l a d e l p h i a w e e k ly 2 3



I p h i l a d e l p h i a w e e k l y. c o m

- 25

2 4 p h i l a d e l p h i a w e e k ly I S e p t e m b e r 1 8


On the Venues’ Menus

The wheres, whens and whos of Philly’s upcoming pop concert season. By Bill Chenevert //

The Blockley Fri., Sept. 20: Karl Denson’s Tiny Universe Tues., Oct. 1: The Funky Meters Thurs., Oct. 3: John Brown’s Body Sun., Oct. 6: Giant Panda Guerilla Dub Squad Fri., Oct. 25: John Scofield and Uberjam Sat., Nov. 16: Talib Kweli with Big K.R.I.T. Fri., Dec. 6: Marco Benevento

Union Transfer Wed., Sept. 18: CHVRCHES Thurs., Sept. 19: Washed Out Fri., Sept. 20: Austra (early show) Fri., Sept. 20: Deerhunter with Crystal Stilts (late show) Tues., Sept. 24: Superchunk Mon., Sept. 30: Blitzen Trapper Tues., Oct. 1: Tricky Fri., Oct. 4: Foxygen Thurs., Oct. 10: Bonobo Sat., Oct. 19: Cold War Kids Tues., Oct. 22: Father John Misty (solo) Fri., Oct. 25: Of Montreal Sat., Oct. 26: Kurt Vile & the Violators with Beach Fossils Sun., Oct. 27 and Mon., Oct. 28: Animal Collective Tues., Oct. 29: Disclosure Wed., Oct. 30: Man Man Thurs., Oct. 31: Man Man with King Kahn & The Shrines Sat., Nov. 2: Built to Spill Sun., Nov. 3: The Dismemberment Plan Mon., Nov. 4: James Blake Wed., Nov. 6: Deer Tick Thurs., Nov 7: Kate Nash with La Sera Fri., Nov 8–Sat., Nov. 9: The Head And The Heart with Thao & The Get Down Stay Down (Sold out on Sat.) Wed., Nov 20: Jonathan Richman (early show) and Sleigh Bells (late show) Fri. Nov. 22: Mazzy Star Fri., Dec. 6: Phantogram

Electric Factory Wed., Sept. 18: City and Colour with Lucy Rose Sat., Sept. 21: Michael Franti & Spearhead Wed., Sept. 25: Neko Case Sat., Sept. 28: Local Natives with Wild Nothing Fri., Oct. 11: Timeflies with Chiddy Bang Sun., Oct. 13: Janelle Monae Sat., Oct. 26: Minus The Bear Sun., Oct. 27: Frightened Rabbit Fri., Nov. 1: Fitz & The Tantrums with Capital Cities Sat., Nov. 2: Matt Nathanson with Joshua Radin Sat., Nov. 9: My Bloody Valentine Wed., Nov. 13: Alkaline Trio with New Found Glory Sun., Nov. 24: Lamb of God with Killswitch Engage Johnny Brenda’s Sat., Sept. 28: The Dodos Fri., Oct. 11: Obits Thurs., Oct. 17: Islands Fri., Oct. 18: The Lawsuits album release party with The Fleeting Ends Tues., Oct. 22: The Men with Purling Hiss Fri., Nov. 1: Weird Hot with El Malito Fri., Nov. 8: Neil Hamburger & Tim Heidecker (TWO SHOWS!) Sat., Nov. 9: Tim Kasher with Laura Stevenson Tues., Nov. 12: Destroyer (solo) with Pink Mountaintops Wed., Nov. 13: RAC with MNDR Sat., Nov. 23: Hoots & Hellmouth Kung Fu Necktie Wed., Sept. 18: No Joy with Hello Shark Mann Center Wed., Sept. 18: Arctic Monkeys with The Walkmen Thurs., Sept. 19: Vampire Weekend with Sky Ferreira Fri., Sept. 20: Sigur Ros Sat., Sept. 21: Steely Dan Sun., Sept. 22: Pet Shop Boys Wed., Sept. 25: J. Cole with Wale

Pop music’s electric lady, Janelle Monae, hits the Electric Factory next month. Wed., Oct. 2: Two Door Cinema Club Sat., Oct. 5: Hall & Oates Sun., Oct. 13: Brian Wilson and Jeff Beck Sat., Oct. 19: Franz Ferdinand Mon., Nov. 11–Wed., Nov. 13: Phil Lesh & Friends Wed., Nov. 27: Amos Lee

Susquehanna Bank Center Sun., Sept. 29: Thirty Seconds to Mars Fri., Oct. 4: The Weeknd Fri., Nov. 1: Pretty Lights Fri., Nov. 8: Paramore Fri., Nov. 29: Slayer

The Trocadero Sat., Sept. 21: Lee Scratch Perry Fri., Oct. 25: Stephen “Ragga” Marley Fri., Nov. 8: Less Than Jake Sun., Nov. 10: Yo Gotti Sat., Dec. 7: Wax Sun., Dec. 15: Protest the Hero

The Tower Thurs., Sept. 26: Jack Johnson

The TLA Thurs., Sept. 19: Stereophonics

Sun., Sept. 22: Icona Pop Thurs., Sept. 26: Oh Land Fri., Sept. 27: Danny Brown and Action Bronson Sun., Sept. 29: Immortal Technique with Brother Ali Wed., Oct. 2: Streetlight Manifesto Sun., Oct. 6: Marky Ramone’s Blitzkrieg with Andrew W.K. Thurs., Oct. 10: Ra Ra Riot Sun., Oct. 13: Deltron 3030 Thurs., Oct. 17: Noah and the Whale Wed., Oct. 23: Cults Fri., Nov. 1: Jessie Ware Sat., Nov. 2: Holy Ghost! Tues., Nov. 5: Drive-By Truckers with Old 97’s Thurs., Nov. 7: Hanson Sun., Dec. 1: NOFX

Wells Fargo Center Sat., Sept. 21: Michael Buble Fri., Oct. 18: Selena Gomez Sat., Oct. 19: Drake Mon. and Tues., Oct. 21 and 22: Pearl Jam Sun. Nov. 3: Josh Groban Sun., Nov. 10: Justin Timberlake Fri., Dec. 6: P!nk Wed., Dec. 11: Rod Stewart World Cafe Live Sat., Oct. 12: Mason Jennings Sun., Oct. 13: Vanessa Carlton Tues., Oct. 15: Over the Rhine Sat., Oct. 19: Jay Brannan Fri., Oct. 25: Janeane Garofalo Fri., Oct. 25: Brendan Canning from Broken Social Scene Wed., Oct. 30: Bitch presents Beach with Our Lady J Mon., Nov. 4: The Fratellis Fri., Nov. 15: Sister Hazel Sun., Nov. 17: Res Sat., Nov. 23: Jose James Fri., Nov. 29: Stephen Kellogg Wed., Dec. 4: John Medeski


SUNDAY / 2:30 PM NOVEMBER 10, 2013

MONDAY / 7:30 PM NOVEMBER 11, 2013

TUESDAY / 7:30 PM NOVEMBER 12, 2013

Perelman Theater, Kimmel Center for the Performing Arts

Perelman Theater, Kimmel Center for the Performing Arts

The Lincoln University


MENDELSSOHN Sinfonia No. 9 in C major (“Swiss”)

p h i l a d e l p h i a w e e k l y. c o m I

VILLA-LOBOS Concerto for Guitar and Small Orchestra, A. 501

september 118 -


I p h i l a d e l p h i a w e e k ly 2 5 | 215.545.1739

I p h i l a d e l p h i a w e e k l y. c o m

- 25

2 6 p h i l a d e l p h i a w e e k ly I S e p t e m b e r 1 8


Lives Get Lit

It’s a season full of inspiring life stories, from Malcom X to Steely Dan’s Don Fagen. By Eugene Holley //


s fall approaches, it’s time to take down the awning, pull out the afghan, make sure the firewood is chopped, and cozy up with books that will transport us to some other place or time. Here are five worth the trip. For the past decade, Harvard professor Henry Louis Gates’ expansive PBS documentaries have shown us how interwoven our black and American ancestries really are. This fall, his massive six-part, six-hour series The African-Americans: Many Rivers to Cross chronicles the cultural, political, religious and historical evolution of black Americans from 1513 to the election of President Barack Obama. The sametitled companion book (Smiley Books), co-written by fellow Harvard scholar David Yacovone, elaborates and expands on the documentary, with evocative illustrations, photos and interviews by a multitude of African-Americans notables, from journalist Charlayne Hunter-Gault and former Black Panther Kathleen Cleaver to former Secretary of State Colin Powell. The book is a superb literary soundtrack that marks the rise of a people from slavery to freedom. Philadelphia is as important to AfricanAmerican history as it is to American history. University of Michigan professor Michael Awkward’s Philadelphia Freedoms: Black American Trauma, Memory, and Culture After King (Temple University Press), drives that point home in this searing book that captures all of the turbulent civil rights struggles that took place in the City of

Brotherly Love, from the ‘60s to the ‘90s. From a tense Philadelphia 76ers game that took place after Martin Luther King was assassinated in 1968 and the impassioned, empowering themes of black fatherhood and family on Gamble and Huff’s Philadelphia International label of the ‘70s to his examination of Andrea Lee’s novel Sarah Phillips and Toni Morrison’s Beloved alongside Barack Obama’s 2008 speech on race at the National Constitution Center, Awkward dives right in. He brilliantly juxtaposes Philadelphia’s mythic image as the city where American democracy was born with the real life, bitter struggles of African-Americans and their quest to obtain those demo-

Ride your heart out. SEPTA is the key to your commute, play and everywhere in between.



p h i l a d e l p h i a w e e k l y. c o m I

Fall and Winter Highlights

september 118 -



Gary Burton OCTOBER 6

Paul Taylor Dance Company OCTOBER 24-26

Joshua Redman Sweet Honey in the Rock Quartet




Celebrating the Holydays DECEMBER 7 | 215.898.3900 |

The Cutting Room

I p h i l a d e l p h i a w e e k ly 2 7

Truth Values: One Girl’s Romp Through M.I.T.’s Male Math Maze

BYOB • Take out Delivery • Catering 3 COURSE LUNCH & DINNER SPECIAL AVAILABLE 123 S. 23rd St. (23rd and Sansom St.) Philadelphia, PA 19103


Ordering Online, make reservation, and promotion offering visit


Closed Monday. Open from Tuesday to Sunday

Malcolm X Steles (Yale University Press), is the literary version of her stunning 13 sculptures of Malcolm X, currently on exhibition at the Philadelphia Museum of Art. The author of The President’s Daughter and Echo of Lions—two historical novels that dealt with the Thomas Jefferson/ Sally Hemings affair and Amistad slave ship rebellion, respectively—looks at the former Nation of Islam leader with the kind of oblique angles that only sculpture can reveal. And who can talk about Philadelphia museums without dealing with the newest kid on the block, the Barnes Museum, and all of the drama its controversial arrival to Center City from Merion County ensued? That’s exactly what journalist John Anderson’s Art Held Hostage: The Battle Over the Barnes Collection (W. W. Norton & Company) does. Originally published as a hardback a decade ago, the new paperpback edition features a new epilogue that updates this sensational, tangled web of class, race, prestige and politics. The book details how the art collection of industrialist Albert C. Barnes was taken from the trusteeship of the historically black Lincoln University and transported downtown, against the will of Barnes’ estate. Though there is no question that the Barnes’ addition has added some well-needed spice to Philly museum culture, Anderson makes it very clear that the dust on this matter is far from settled.

Fall author appearances Resa Aslan. (Zealot: The Life and Times of Jesus of Nazareth.) Wed., Sept. 18. 7:30pm. $15 ($7/students). Free Library, 1901 Vine St. 215.686.5322. Terry McMillan (Who Asked You?) and Jesmyn Ward (Men We Reaped). Thurs., Sept. 19. 7:30pm. $15 ($7/students). Free Library, 1901 Vine St. 215.686.5322.

- 25

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cratic rights guaranteed by the Constitution signed her two centuries ago—and still being sought today. Just as Soul Train brought black soul music into the homes of mainstream U.S.A. back in the ‘70s, locally, radio stations like WDAS-FM played music by hip white groups like Chicago, the Doobie Brothers and Steely Dan, the last of which consisted of the songwriting duo Walter Becker and Donald Fagen, who jointly penned hits like “Black Cow” and “Deacon Blues.” With the release of his first book, Eminent Hipsters (Viking), the North Jersey-born Fagen crafts a revealing, dry humor-ridden memoir that waxes philosophic about growing up in the Cold War-’50s and ‘60s as a nerdy Jewish kid who was down with sci-fi novels, jazz and R&B. Fagen also writes about meeting Becker at Bard College, the origins of Steely Dan and the perils of traveling as an aging rocker. What one gets from this book is how Fagen transforms his life into the kind of aural artistry that still makes him relevant; he’ll discuss the book with WXPN’s David Dye on Oct. 24 at the Free Library of Philadelphia. The incredible Philly-born, Europe-based Temple graduate and novelist/visual artist/ poet Barbara Chase-Riboud is also a master of transmutative artistry. Her new book, The

Lauren Mandel (Eat Up: The Inside Scoop on Rooftop Agriculture). Valley Green Inn, Forbidden Drive, Wissahickon Valley Park. Tues., Sept. 24. 6pm. Free (registration required). 215.247.0417x109.

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FALL GUIDE • BOOKS (continued)

David J. Wagner (American Wildlife Art). Thurs., Sept. 26. 6:30p;m. Free (registration requested). Academy of Natural Sciences, 1900 Benjamin Franklin Pkwy. 215. 299.1000. Natasha Tretheway (Poet Laureate of the United States). Wed., Oct. 2. 6:30pm. $10. College of Physicians of Philadelphia, 19 S. 22nd St. 215.563.3737. Salman Rushdie (Joseph Anton) and Martin Amis (Lionel Asbo: State of England). Tues., Oct. 1. 7:30pm. $15 ($7/students). Free Library, 1901 Vine St. 215.686.5322. Emma Marris (Rambunctious Garden) on how urban nature changes lives. Mon., Oct. 7. 6pm. Free (registration requested). Academy of Natural Sciences, 1900 Benjamin Franklin Pkwy. 215. 299.1000. Charles Vess (Drawing Down the Moon) and Allen Steele (Apollo’s Outcasts). Nov. 8–10. Philcon, the Philadelphia Science Fiction Convention. Crowne Plaza Hotel, 2349 W. Marlton Pike, Cherry Hill, NJ. Malcolm Gladwell (David and Goliath: Underdogs, Misfits and the Art of Battling Giants). Wed., Nov. 20. 4:30pm. Penn Museum, 3260 South St. 215.898.4000. Anjelica Huston (A Story Lately Told: Coming of Age in Ireland, London and New York). Thurs., Nov. 21. Noon. $15 ($7/students). Free Library, 1901 Vine St. 215.686.5322.


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$29 Student + 25-and-younger tickets $20 Arts Bank at the University of the Arts 601 South Broad Street (at South Street)

2013 FRINGE FESTIVAL SEPTEMBER 5 TO 22 215.413.1318

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september 118 -


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The Walls Are Alive

It’s an artful autumn in galleries and museums from Old City to Mount Airy. By Sean Corbett //


hen scanning Philadelphia’s diverse and shape-shifting art-filled neighborhoods, patterns begin to emerge. This is a city whose streets are popping with fresh public artwork, whose galleries and museums are known around the world for their relevance and whose artists are always pushing and pulling at important questions, working together and doing our city proud. Aside from the occasional naked man climbing a bus—or maybe because of him, Philly’s streets are as perfectly viable a muse for its artists as anything else in the city. With a sculpture in every park and something artful to find in every neighborhood, artists work to keep things fresh here, which is why some of autumn’s most exciting action comes from local artists who’ve inspired and conspired with other area creatives. The collaborative spirit is alive and well this season. This month, with the African American Museum in Philadelphia’s exhibit, The Unflinching Eye: Works of the Tiberino Family Circle, is a time to remember and celebrate the amazing body of work by prolific Philadelphia artist Ellen Powell Tiberino and her extended clan, who have continued her wondrous legacy. Ellen Tiberino got Philly: She was quoted in 1988 as saying, “I paint life, and life is not always beautiful.” Responsible for some of the most amazing three-dimensional murals, sculptures and large-scale paintings in the City of Philadelphia’s Mural Arts Program, a selection of the Tiberino family’s vibrant and poignant work will be on display through March 2014. Most art lovers start their Philly adventures at the top of the rear steps at the Philadelphia Museum of Art. This month, the museum welcomes a retrospective of Philly-born artist/writer/poet Barbara ChaseRiboud, with The Malcolm X Steles, which focuses predominantly on her Malcolm X sculpture series. November at the PMA brings the exciting and mind-twisting work of Salvador Dali, Roberto Matta, Joan Miró and Dorothea Tanning, among others, in The Surrealists, which offers a historical tale about the revolutionary movement. Back out in the streets, Made in Philly will essentially come right to you this fall. Held throughout September and October via a coordinated takeover of 50 street-level advertising spaces throughout Philadelphia,

Something for everyone: Ryan McGinness’ psychedelic, layered paintings (like Everything Is Alive, above) will be on view at the Bridgette Mayer Gallery through October and November in the show Finding Infinity; Thomas Buildmore’s explosive, street-art inspired still-life series of bouquets (Synthetic Sympathy, below) can be seen in Old City’s Indy Hall, and next month, Gravy Studio in Fishtown will be featuring the aged digital photography (next page) of Andrew Pinkham.

Made in Philly brings you outstanding artwork, diverse and accomplished professional artists in place of soul-crushing corporate ads. Neighborhood-specific installations will highlight this project. The October portion comes partnered with this year’s Philadelphia Open Studio Tours, lifting white gallery walls to bring audiences directly into the creative process. Contained within the weekends of Oct. 5-6 (East Philly) and Oct 19-20 (West Philly), the Center for Emerging Visual Artists-run program is the largest selfguided tour of artist studios and creative workspaces in the Philadelphia area, with options for guided trolley tours as well. Speaking of self-guided tours, you’ll want to take a few leisurely, flannelled walks through the pulsating art-filled neighborhoods of Rittenhouse Square, South Street, University City, Old City and Northern Liberties. With too many galleries to mention, it is always a good idea to just wander around and walk in. Take, for instance, an evening jaunt down Frankford Avenue between Girard Avenue and York Street in Fishtown, with its fleet of pop-up galleries, small shops, DIY spaces, outdoor art and established galleries paired alongside friendly little restaurants, coffee shops and urban gardens. It’s here, with the neighborhood’s quiet but alive vibe, where you can still feel like you’re truly exploring. Outside Rocket Cat Cafe, Shepard Fairey’s mural was recently vandalized, so watch for something new by the Mural Arts Program soon. Down the street, a sculpture/mural changes as you walk by. Everywhere, artful graffiti winks at you as you pass. The area is built as much by art as it is by red bricks. Take a step into Fjord, Circle of Hope, the Soup Kitchen, Pizza Brain or White Stone Gallery, and see what all the fuss is about. The fuss continues throughout the city in November with the Knight Foundationfunded CITYWIDE project, which will unify the city’s artist-run collectives in a monthlong, multi-gallery exhibit. More than 20 groups will participate in an exchange of exhibitions, ideas and practices. For example, the owners of Rebekah Templeton will have a show at Grizzly Grizzly, while members from Grizzly Grizzly commandeer Rebekah Templeton for the month. The sweeping shared project represents a geographical and ideological collaborative exchange that involves over 100 local artists. >>>

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september 118 -


Thomas Jefferson University Hospital is home to

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Philadelphia- According to industry experts, there are over 33 physical problems that will come under scrutiny during a home inspection when your home is for sale. A new report has been prepared which identifies the eleven most common problems, and what you should know about them before you list your home for sale. Whether you own an old home or a brand new one, there are a number of things that can fall short of requirements during home inspection. If not identified and dealt with, any of these 11 items could cost you dearly in terms of repair. That’s why it’s critical that you read this report before you list your home. If you wait until the building inspector flags these issues for you, you will almost certainly experience costly delays in the close of your home sale or, worse, turn prospective buyers away altogether. In most cases, you can make reasonable

pre-inspection yourself if you know what you’re looking for, and knowing what you’re looking for can help you prevent little problems from growing into costly and unmanageable ones. To help homesellers deal with this issue before their homes are listed, a free report entitled “11 Things You Need To Know To Pass Your Home Inspection” has been compiled which explains the issues involved. To order a FREE Special Report, visit inspection.asp or to hear a brief recorded message about home to order your FREE copy of this report call toll-free (800) 560-2075 and enter 3003. • You can call any time, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Get your special report NOW to learn to ensure a home inspection doesn’t cost you the sale of your home.

This report is courtesy of Larry Levin, Realtor, Coldwell Banker Preferred. Not intended to solicit buyers or sellers currently under contract. Copyright © 2013

THROUGH THE LOOKING LENS Cornelius Varley’s Wondrous Images of Art and Science, 1800 - 1860 AND

THE DRAWING ROOM Try your hand at drawing with a camera lucida or obscura, or a graphic telescope!

Chinatown’s Space 1026, central to the CITYWIDE Kickstarter campaign to raise funds to produce a hand-printed book to document the month of art, will feature colorful printed and quilted work by Crystal Stokowski and Michael Persico in October’s Wet Dreams. Old City’s Indy Hall, an alternative office space known to be an exciting place for hungry self-starters to pull up a seat next to like-minded creatives, will continue its new series of exhibitions in the space, with Philly, Boston and NYC-based artist Thomas Buildmore’s explosive, street-art inspired still-life series of bouquet paintings. Gravy Studio, a Fishtown photography gallery and education studio not far from the vibrant Crane Arts Building, provides a new show each month this fall, with aged digital photography by Andrew Pinkham in October and cinematicstyle storytelling by Julianna Foster in November, followed by Andrew Swartz in December. And when James Weingrod’s space-bending exhibit comes down at Napoleon, get ready for an exhibit by UArts sculpture tech Lewis Colburn. In December, they will host an open call for a performance piece. At the beautiful Bridgette Mayer Gallery, Ryan McGinness’ psychedelic, layered work will be on view through October and November in a show called Finding Infinity, which coincides with his mural dedication on the far side of the University City Science Center, organized by the Mural Arts Program.

Back north of Girard Avenue, on Lawrence Street, the excellent and unassuming Salon 1522 features a collaborative show this month filled with ceramics made in Georgia, Texas and Philly called Electric, Wood, Love. Owner Shane Leddy will open his studio in November, and Champion of Empty Rooms co-chair Veronica Cianfrano will inhabit the space in December with small, overlapping memories and large canvas work. Outside the city, it is always worth the drive to Mount Airy Contemporary, whose early fall will be filled with kinetic sculptures and abstract paintings by Brad Litwin and Jonathan Eckel, and the Mount Airy Arts Garage, who’ll be hosting a festive Chanukah Art Market in December.

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I p h i l a d e l p h i a w e e k l y. c o m

11 Critical Home Inspection FALL GUIDE EXHIBITS (continued) • Traps to be Aware of Weeks Before Listing Your Home for Sale

APS Museum 104 S. Fifth St.

More fall museum exhibits Jordan Eagles: Blood Work. A new series based on the elemental qualities of blood and copper, as well as minimal works in blood dust and gauze. In the presence of light, the works vibrate iridescent reds, crimsons, oranges, browns and black, projecting an intense glow. These effects make the works appear as if they are illuminated from within. Artist reception: Wed., Sept. 25. 5–7pm. $10. College of Physicians of Philadelphia, 19 S. 22nd St. 215.563.3737. Dinosaurs Unearthed. More than a dozen realistic, full-bodied animatronic dinosaurs reflecting the most up-to-date scientific understanding—as well as skeletons, fossil casts of skulls, claws and horns, real specimens of mosasaur and spinosaurus teeth, an Oviraptor egg and the ever-popular coprolite (dino poop). Opens Oct. 12. Academy of Natural Sciences, 1900 Benjamin Franklin Pkwy. 215.299.1000. One Day in Pompeii. In the year 79, Pompeii vanished beneath thick layers of volcanic ash left by the eruption of Mount Vesuvius. But what nature destroyed, it also preserved. Hundreds of exceptional artifacts offer an insider’s glimpse into the daily life and tragic end of this ancient Roman city. Opens Nov. 9. $27.50. Franklin Institute, 222 North 20th Street, 215.448.1200.

Everyone Something For Glenside (Phila)

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Tickets & info: & • 215-572-7650 Convenient to Septa rail & bus • FREE Parking

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SAT nOv 23 • 8Pm

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Playing Chicken

Our state legislators will spend the fall arguing over whether Philly gets to keep its trains & trolleys. By Randy LoBasso //

I p h i l a d e l p h i a w e e k l y. c o m


- 25

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From Wild Flowers to Poker, Nat King Cole to Mozart, books of spells, pumpkin painting, watercolor and clay...

Discover more of WooDmere this fall Exhibitions | Friday Night Jazz | Classic Sundays Straw Maze | Family Happenings | Classes & More 9201 Germantown Avenue, Philadelphia | 215-247-0476

hiladelphians love to complain about SEPTA. But what happens when there’s no SEPTA left to complain about? That’s one of the most important issues state lawmakers will attempt to hammer out when they reconvene on Sept. 23. They’ll attempt to pass a $2 billion-plus state transportation bill, which will include new and maintenance funding for roads, bridges and yes, mass transit. Passing it is considered a high priority by the state government. But just like everything else that gets packed in and shredded out the Capitol’s grinder in small shards, the state’s divided government doesn’t know how much to spend and what to spend it on. All we know is that not passing it will add another dimension to the nightmare that is Philadelphia’s economic recovery. How do we know? Because SEPTA recently gave us a sneak peak of what non-passage might mean: a plan they aptly named their “Doomsday Budget.” Every spring in Harrisburg, legislators from both parties, in both the House and Senate, come together to celebrate budget season. Insults are exchanged, bills are proposed, bills are withdrawn, protesters have been known to camp out for their issues,

and somehow, a budget for the next fiscal year gets tossed out the back end. This past legislative session, the Republican-controlled legislature and Gov. Corbett had hoped to pass at least one of the “Big three” anticipated bills: transportation, liquor privatization and pension reform. But there was a problem: No one could agree on any of them. So none were passed. Now, transportation is considered the most time-sensitive legislation for the fall—and may have the largest direct effect on how Philadelphians live their lives. It will determine the next decade of our massively underfunded mass transit system’s life. As originally written by the Senate, the transportation bill was a massive $2.5 billion spending and tax-morphing bill (don’t call it an increase) that would have allocated money for Pennsylvania’s 1,000 decrepit bridges as well as bicycle and pedestrian infrastructure. It provided enough money (about $510 million) to at least let SEPTA maintain its status quo through 2017 (though SEPTA says it really needs about $6 billion). After a more conservative House committee got a hold of it last spring, the bill shrunk to about $2 billion. In any other year, that would have easily passed the legislature and

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THURSDAY, SEPT. 19, 2013 – THRU –








Guitar Center Wilmington

5141 Brandywine Pkwy., Wilmington (302) 478-3831

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FALL GUIDE • POLITICS (continued) been signed by the governor. But the state House was largely taken over by Tea Party Republicans in 2011. So cutting a half-billion dollars wasn’t nearly enough. Because after all, state legislators in places most of us have never heard of were sick and tired of believing their tax dollars are paying for our bus and train rides. This was perhaps best exemplified by a heated email exchange the Harrisburg news source Capitol Wire picked up in early May between two Republicans from opposite Pennsylvania borders: Tea Party state Rep. Daryl Metcalfe of Butler County, which is about 30 miles from the Ohio line; and moderate Tom Killion of Delaware County. “Your buses don’t do a thing for my constituents,” Metcalfe wrote to his fellow Republican. “How about we pay for your state roads and bridges, and you pay for your own buses? It is only fair since we only receive funding for our roads and bridges too.” Killion argued that 40 percent of Pennsylvania economic activity takes place in the southeastern portion of Pennsylvania— implying that without Philly, Pennsyltucky’s days of relevancy would be numbered. But that fell on Metcalfe’s deaf ears: “State expenditures should go to the common interests of the state, not special interests, like subsidizing a minority of our population’s bus fare, which is just more welfare.” Despite ridership being at a 23-year high, SEPTA has been operating on a shoestring budget for years. Its capital budget is at a 15-year low of $308 million—less than half of Boston’s MBTA budget and just a quarter the size of New Jersey Transit’s budget. Thing is, there’s no evidence to suggest transportation will actually be at the top of the Senate’s and House’s list when they get back in session on Sept. 23. So SEPTA has gone ahead and told us what they’re ready to do if the 253 legislators and the governor

can’t come up with something by the time winter break begins. “Casey told the committee SEPTA would be forced to significantly shrink the current transit system over the next 10 years without state funding action,” SEPTA spokesperson Andrew Busch wrote in an email to reporters last Thursday. What’s SEPTA’s shrinkage mean for you? That depends. Do you live in West Philadelphia? Say goodbye to your trolleys along Lancaster and Baltimore Avenues—they’d be converted to bus routes, either next year or by 2016. So would the Girard trolley from West Philly to Port Richmond. Are you a regional commuter? The Doomsday Budget would eliminate nine of the region’s 13 regional lines over the next 10 years, including Chestnut Hill East, Chestnut Hill West, Thorndale and Doylestown. SEPTA estimates about 12 percent of its ridership would be eliminated and either have to find another way to work, or let the free market do its job and find another. For a city that’s experiencing population growth, an increase in transit ridership and declining car ownership, cutting more transit funds comes across as nothing short of malevolent. Metcalfe, for his part, isn’t buying it. SEPTA, he says, is “trying to scare people. With the legislature coming back, this is a good time to roll it out there, but I think it’s going to backfire,” the Butler County Republican told the Inquirer. “It’s a very small minority of people who actually ride the buses…it’s hundreds of millions of dollars for a very small percentage of the population of our state.” We’d like to be hopeful about the bill over the coming weeks, but the idea of sabotaging a northeastern state’s urban economic hub in the name of cutting “welfare” and using the leftover cash to fund the natural gas industry has the Tea Party’s signature all over it.

More debates on the fall legislative agenda LGBT: State Rep. Brian Sims (D-Philadelphia) is co-sponsoring a bill that would ban “gay conversion therapy” for LGBT youth in the state of Pennsylvania. Higher ed: For future Pennsylvania college students, both State Sen. Daylin Leach (D-Montgomery) and State Rep. Brendan Boyle (D-Philadelphia) have introduced different versions of a bill that would allow students to go to college for no up-front costs, then pay the state back with a percentage of their income when they inevitably (see: hopefully) become employed after graduation. Weed: Marijuana legislation at the state level doesn’t really have a chance of becoming law with Tom Corbett in the governor’s mansion, but the fine people at Philly NORML and the Panic Hour comedy troupe have been putting together a series of monthly protests at Independence Mall they’re calling “Smoke Down Prohibition.” The next one will be this weekend (Sept. 21), and if you can’t make it, fear not: There will be one in October, and November, and the month after that, we’re sure. Guns: There was another mass shooting in the U.S. this week. This time, on Monday, 13 people were killed in Washington, D.C.’s Navy Yard. Well, a group of Pennsylvania legislators—led by Philly representatives and senators—have been trying for more than half a dozen years to pass legislation which would, among other things, restrict certain firearms often involved in mass shootings from Pennsylvania’s hands. They’ve so far been unsuccessful. Health: The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act allows for states to be flexible on expanding their Medicaid program to those poor and working class individuals who earn 133 percent of the poverty wage. Gov. Corbett has finally come around to agreeing to a Medicaid plan—but it’s just about the worst crap we’ve ever heard. The state legislature will likely hold hearings on it this fall, and the federal government will weigh in, too. / R.L.


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september 118 -

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šª×ne 0ì¥eAþ üüüÁ nӑ[A¥ ‘×[ªì¥á-ŽAÓ A[þÁ¥ná ›’¼’Ă’foÞ›í\«âÔ«› w  «Ô ³Ą¡†üŽn¥

p h i l a d e l p h i a w e e k l y. c o m I


‘×[ªì¥á ,Ž@Ó @[þ  nӑ[@¥

‘×[ªì¥á ,Ž@Ó @[þ 9Žþ »@þ |ªÓ »Ón×[ӑ»á‘ª¥× üŽn¥ áŽnþ [ªìše Qn . Ê 9Žþ »@þ |ªÓ »Ón×[ӑ»á‘ª¥× üŽn¥ áŽnþ [ªìše Qn . Ê  nӑ[@¥

‘×[ªì¥á ,Ž@Ó @[þ

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Extraordinary Journeys, in Minutes & Miles From Ron Howard’s Rush and Redford’s solo turn to the horror of slavery, the season’s films promise real drama. By Sean Burns //


ell, aren’t we glad that’s over. After a fiscally calamitous summer in which the world ended every weekend to mass audience indifference, it’s time for the leaves to turn and for Hollywood to grow up a little bit. While the big, prestigious Oscar contenders don’t usually roll out until winter, I always prefer the fall, where studios tend to slot adult releases that are deemed too risky or sophisticated for their holiday blockbuster slots. The season kicks off with Ron Howard’s Rush (9/27), a study piece of pop mythmaking in which Opie returns to his Grand Theft Auto roots, chronicling the rivalry between Formula One racers Niki Lauda (Daniel Bruhl) and James Hunt (Chris Hemsworth) for the 1976 championship. Scripted in bold strokes by The Queen’s Peter Morgan, it’s a high-octane riff on Amadeus, with disciplined, intellectual Lauda pushed to the brink trying to keep up with the swaggering,

reckless Hunt. Howard gorges himself on the funky period details, and boy, do those cars move like rockets. Hey, if it worked for Justin Beiber, Katy Perry and One Direction, why not Metallica? Our little Danish friend and company get the 3-D concert movie treatment with Metallica: Through the Never (9/27). Ditching the teenyboppers’ behind-the-scenes puff-piece framing device, crafty B-movie director Nimrod Antal (Predators) has cooked up some sort of fantastical side-story about a roadie (Dane DeHaan) being pursued through riotstrewn streets by a horseman as the band plays on. Whatever—it can’t be as surreal as watching the group’s therapy sessions in their last big-screen outing, 2004’s Some Kind of Monster. It’s been seven years since Alfonso Cuaron’s Children of Men set a new bar for vertiginous single-take tracking shots, and he’s spent the last four or five of those working

on Gravity (10/4). A technical breakthrough so unprecedented that James Cameron was recently quoted saying nice things about a film that wasn’t directed by James Cameron, the film stars Sandra Bullock and George Clooney as two astronauts adrift in lower orbit after a space station mishap. Blending old-school photography with photo-realistic computer animation, Cuaron and his madman cinematographer Emmanuel Lubezki had to invent the technology to make these weightless stunts possible. ‘Tis apparently the season for minimalist elemental survival stories, because this fall also brings J.C. Chandor’s All Is Lost (10/18), starring Robert Redford—and only Robert Redford—as a man alone on a sinking ship in the Indian Ocean. A thousand miles in the opposite direction from Chandor’s hyperverbal debut, Margin Call, we’re told Redford has but a single word of dialogue here. (No points for guessing it begins with the letter

“F.”) The 77-year-old Sundance Kid has been earning raves for his purely physical performance, a mean feat when you consider that the last time someone tried a movie like this, Tom Hanks at least had a volleyball to talk to. Speaking of Hanks, Tom’s got his own set of nautical woes in Captain Phillips (10/11). After getting out of the Bourne franchise while the getting was still good, director Paul Greengrass returns to the hand-held, just-the-facts-ma’am docudrama format of his earlier films Bloody Sunday and United 93, this time tackling the harrowing true-life tale of the container ship Maresk Alabama’s attack by Somali pirates. In the title role, Hanks takes another shot at his bizarre Boston accent from Catch Me If You Can. If you’ve seen Dirty Pretty Things, Inside Man or Redbelt, you already know that Chiwitel Ejiofor has been so damn good for so long, stardom is way overdue. Looks like it might finally happen with 12 Years a

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Slave (10/18). Rapturously reviewed at the Telluride and Toronto Film Festivals, director Steve McQueen’s follow up to Shame stars Ejiofor as a free man kidnapped and sold into slavery. A bunch of no-names like Brad Pitt, Michael Fassbender, Benedict Cumberbatch and Paul Giamatti co-star. Fourteen years ago, director Kimberly Pierce’s Boys Don’t Cry came out of nowhere and scored Hilary Swank an Academy Award. But Hollywood can be cruel sometimes, which is the only explanation for why Pierce vanished afterwards and is now stuck remaking Carrie (10/18). Chloe Grace Moretz steps in for Sissy Spacek as the prom queen who takes a batch in pig’s blood. Juli-

anne Moore takes over Piper Laurie’s role as Carrie’s mom. John Travolta and Nancy Allen could not be reached for comment. Back in January at Sundance, I predicted that you’d probably never get a chance to see Escape from Tomorrow (10/11), director Randy Moore’s outrageous phantasmagoria that was covertly shot guerilla-style at Disney theme parks. The famously litigious Mouse House can’t be too pleased with their trademarks being used in this darkly hilarious tale of a bad dad’s perverted meltdown, but we’re told that the film has cleared the legal hurdles and will see the light of a projector this fall. Somebody must have wished upon a star.


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Then And Now: Jazz Cubano

Little Screens, Big Stars Modern issues, familiar faces & interesting characters. By Craig D. Lindsey //


PONCHO SANCHEZ AND HIS LATIN BAND Saturday, October 26, 2013 8PM

OMAR SOSA AFRI-LECTRIC BAND Saturday, November 16, 2013 8PM

Call: (215) 641-6518 or go to:

NINETY MILES With Stefon Harris, David Sanchez, and Christian Scott Saturday, December 14, 2013 8PM

Jazz Cubano is supported by the Pew Center for Arts and Heritage

t’s fall TV time again, and the big question worth asking: Why? We officially live in a time now where the best shows aren’t on networks, but on cable and streaming video-on-demand services. And they don’t have to appear during the fall. They show up whenever the hell they want. And, yet, networks are still keeping up the antiquated practice of airing new shows that’ll most likely disappear from the airwaves in a month. The big trend among the new sitcoms this fall is certain-to-be-tiresome shows about people dealing with their awful-ass parents. Giovanni Ribisi and Seth Green keep butting heads with annoying fathers Martin Mull and Peter Riegert in the Seth MacFarlaneproduced Dads (Tuesdays, 8pm, Fox), while Anna Faris has to deal with irresponsible mother Allison Janney for the Chuck Lorreproduced Mom (9/23, 9:30pm, CBS). Will Arnett serves as referee for his bickering parents in The Millers (10/3, 8:30pm,

CBS). The Goldbergs (9/24, 9pm, ABC) takes you back to the ‘80s, as Jeff Garlin and Wendi McLendon-Covey scream their way through raising three children. James Caan is the bastard pops in Back in the Game (9/25, 8:30pm, ABC), as a once-promising athlete who gives his ex-softball-playing daughter (Maggie Lawson) a hard time. Will and Grace scene-stealer Sean Hayes tries not to be an awful parent himself as he plays a gay single dad in Sean Saves the World (10/3, 9pm, NBC). It’s all about culture clash with Welcome to the Family (10/3. 8:30pm, NBC), as white and Hispanic parents find themselves becoming grandparents once their teenage children get together and have a kid. And Sarah Michelle Gellar tries to keep eccentric dad Robin Williams on a leash in David E. Kelley’s The Crazy Ones (9/26, 9pm, CBS). There are also sad-ass sitcoms about sad-ass single folk. The confidently hilarious Rebel Wilson plays the resident pathetic fat chick in Super Fun Night (10/2, 9:30pm,

Fairmount Park • Philadelphia

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ABC), where she and her fellow pitiful girlfriends decide to live like Carrie Bradshaw and them. Over on the guys’ side, sitcom killer Jerry O’Connell co-stars with Tony Shalhoub and Kal Penn in We Are Men (9/30, 8:30pm, CBS), about a bunch of divorced dudes living in a swinging singles’ complex. Not all of the sitcoms look gawdawful. The Michael J. Fox Show (9/26, 9pm, NBC) seems promising, with the TV icon returning to the Mech Trim: 3.23” x 5.25” Final Trim: 3.23” x 5.25” airwaves as a doting father and admired Mech Live: 2.98” x 5” Final Live: 2.98” x 5” newscaster who doesn’t let his Parkinson’s Mech Bleed: None Final Bleed: 3.23” x 5.25” deter him from his daily duties. Brooklyn Nine-Nine (Tuesdays, 8:30pm, Fox) is another Grotesk Fet) LOAD WITH hopefully CHANGES rewarding half-hour, with Andy Samberg and Andre Braugher as part of a APPROVED TO LOAD indd less-than-stellar Brooklyn police precinct. And usual eye candy Malin Akerman tests out her comedic skills as the title character in Trophy Wife (9/24, 9:30pm, ABC). In the hour-long drama department, the most talked-about show is Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. (9/24, 8pm, ABC), where Joss The MalcolM X STeleS Whedon is looking to do a weekly, actionSEPTEMBER 14, 2013 – JANUARY 20, 2014 9-4-2013 2:05 PMfemale-friendly drama that will packed, attract both fanboys and the girls they hope rotesk Ultra, to see naked one day. In fact, there’s a lot of sci-fi/fantasy stuff popping off on the networks this fall. Once Upon a Time has gotten so damn popular, there’s a spinoff now: Once Upon a Time in Wonderland (10/10, 8pm, ABC). Sleepy Hollow (Mondays, 9pm, Fox) takes a rather studly Ichabod Crane (Tom Mison) and somehow transports him Open Wednesday and to contemporary times. The J.J. Abrams-proFriday Nights duced Almost Human (11/4, 8pm, Fox) is a futuristic police procedural with Karl Urban as a shell-shocked cop and Michael Ealy as his android partner. And even though The exhibition is generously supported by The Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts. vampires are so passé these days, there Malcolm X #3, 1969, by Barbara Chase-Riboud (Philadelphia Museum of Art: 125th Anniversary Acquisition. Purchased with funds

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contributed by Regina and Ragan A. Henry, and with funds raised in honor of the 125th Anniversary of the Museum and in celebration of African American art, 2001-92-1)

are two new bloodsucking shows this fall. Jonathan Rhys-Meyers takes the title role in Dracula (10/25, 10pm, NBC), and there’s The Originals (10/3, 9pm, CW), a spinoff of The Vampire Diaries that has nothing to do with the Motown singing group of the same name. Damn. It’s not just vampires, though—villainy is popping up all over this bitch. James Spader gets all nefarious as a sought-after criminal suspiciously aiding the FBI in The Blacklist (9/23, 10pm, NBC), while Spader’s fellow The Practice alumni Dylan McDermott is a rogue FBI agent who takes a family hostage in the aptly-titled Hostages (9/23. 10pm, CBS). That show is based on an Israeli series, but the serial drama Betrayal (9/29, 10pm, ABC) is based on a Dutch series. As the title suggests, you can expect a huge amount of double-crossing, backstabbing and other salacious, sheisty shit. Meanwhile, Lucky 7 (9/24, 10pm, ABC), about a group of coworkers who wins the lottery, is based on a British drama. The Tomorrow People (10/9, 9pm, CW), about young people who possess powers as a result of human evolution, is also based on a British series. While some networks are going overseas for TV-show ideas, others are going back in time. Taking a cue from Hawaii Five-O, the Peacock Network has rebooted Ironside (10/2, 10pm, NBC), with Blair Underwood slipping into Raymond Burr’s mobile seat. And Reign (10/17, 9pm, CW) takes it back even further—to the 16th century—as it follows the early, juicy years of Mary, Queen of Scots. So, there you have it: Fall TV 2013, in a nutshell. You can now go back to bingewatching Orange is the New Black.

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I p h i l a d e l p h i a w e e k ly 4 3

The Survivors Project: Telling the Truth About Life After Sexual Abuse is available at Amazon & elsewhere

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4 4 p h i l a d e l p h i a w e e k ly I S e p t e m b e r 1 8







on Tuesday, October 1, 2013 at

First District Plaza, 3801 Market Street, at 10:00 AM. (EST) Conditions of Sheriff’s Sale for JUDICIAL/FORECLOSURE SALE Ten percent of the highest bid for each property auctioned off shall be deposited in cash, certified check, attorney’s check or money order with the Sheriff by each bidder when his bid is registered, provided that in no case shall less than Six Hundred Dollars ($600.00) be deposited, otherwise upon failure or refusal to make such deposit, the bidder shall lose all benefit of his bid and the property may be immediately offered again and sold unless a second bid has been registered, then, the second highest bidder will take the property at the highest bid price. Additionally, where there is active bidding, the highest bidder, and the second highest bidder, if any must post the entire amount of the cost of the distribution policy for the property at the time of sale by cash, certified check, attorney’s check or money order with the Sheriff. The balance of the purchase money must be deposited in cash, certified check, attorney’s check or money order together with a Deed poll for execution by the highest bidder to the Sheriff at his office within 30 days from the time of the sale. An extension of time for an additional 30 days may be granted at the discretion of the Sheriff upon receipt of written request from the buyer requesting the same, except when a second bidder has been duly registered. Also, if the first bidder does not complete settlement with the Sheriff within the thirty (30) day time limit and a second bid was registered at the sale, the second bidder shall be granted the same thirty (30) day time limit to make settlement with the Sheriff on his second bid. Thereafter, the Sheriff shall be at liberty to return the writ to court. A second bid must be registered on any property immediately after it is sold. The second bidder must present the same amount of deposit that the highest bidder delivers to the Sheriff at the sale. An extension of time under no circumstances will be granted or honored by the Sheriff whenever a second bid is registered on a property at the sale. The first bid or opening bid on each property shall be a sum sufficient to pay all Sheriff’s costs including advertising, all taxes, water rents and municipal claims due to the City of Philadelphia. If there is no other bid price above the opening bid price, the property shall be sold by the auctioneer to the attorney on the writ at that price. The deposit by any bidder who fails to comply with the above conditions of sale shall be forfeited and the funds will be applied to the Sheriff’s cost, then to any municipal claims that the City of Philadelphia has on the property. Finally, if a balance still remains, a Sheriff’s Distribution Policy will be ordered and the money will be distributed accordingly. No personal checks, drafts or promises to pay will be accepted in lieu of cash, certified checks, attorney’s checks or money orders






made payable to the Sheriff of Philadelphia County. The Sheriff reserves the right to grant further extensions of time to settle and further reserves the right to refuse bids from bidders who have failed to enter deposits on their bids, failed to make settlement, or make fraudulent bids, or any other behavior which causes disruption of the Sheriff Sale. Said bidders shall be so refused for the sale in which said behavior occurred and for said further period of time as the Sheriff in his discretion shall determine. The Sheriff will not acknowledge a deed poll to any individual or entity using an unregistered fictitious name and may, at his discretion, require proof of identity of the purchaser or the registration of fictitious names. The bid of an unregistered fictitious name shall be forfeited as if the bidder failed to meet the terms of sale. All bidders are advised to remain at the sale until after the last property is sold. The Sheriff reserves the right to re-sell any property at any time before the end of the sale, upon the successful bidders’ failure to tender the required deposit. The Sheriff reserves the right to postpone or stay the sale of any property in which the attorney on the writ has not appeared and is not present at the sale. Prospective purchasers are directed to the Web site of the Philadelphia Bureau of Revision of Taxes, (BRT) brtweb.phila. gov for a fuller description of the properties listed. Properties can be looked up by the BRT number – which should be cross checked with the address. Prospective purchasers are also directed to the Room 154 City Hall, 215-6861483 and to its website philadox. and to its website at where they can view the deed to each individual property and find the boundaries of the property. PROSPECTIVE PURCHASERS ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR DETERMINING THE NATURE, LOCATION, CONDITION AND BOUNDARIES OF THE PROPERTIES THEY SEEK TO PURCHASE. The BRT # refers to a unique number assigned by the City Bureau of Revision of Taxes to each property in the City for the purpose of assessing it for taxes. This number can be used to obtain descriptive information about the property from the BRT website. Effective Date: July 7, 2006

The letters C.P., Court of Common Pleas; O.C., Orphans’ Court; Q.S., Court of Quarter Sessions; C.C., County Court - indicate the Court out of which the writ of execution issues under which the sale is made: S. 1941. 223. means September Term, 1941. 223, the term and number of the docket entry; the figures following show the amount of debt; and the name following is that of the attorney issuing the writ. Attention is called to the provisions of Act No.104, approved July 27, 1955, which requires owners of properties which are used, designed or intended to be used by three or more families, or of commercial establishments which contain one or more dwelling units, to deliver to the buyers of such properties a use registration permit at the time of settlement, under certain terms and conditions. Sheriff Sales are not subject to provisions of the said Act and the Sheriff will, therefore, not deliver use registration permits in connection with any sales conducted by him. Very truly yours, JEWELL WILLIAMS Sheriff City and County of Philadelphia

1310-305 6609 Ditman Street 19135 41st wd. 1384.17 SqFt BRT#411242800 IMPROVEMENTS: RESIDENTIAL PROPERTY Bradley J. Hoch and Melissa A Sweeney C.P. April Term, 2013 No. 00764 $135,492.06 KML Law Group, P.C. 1310-306 2401 Pennsylvania Avenue #21A1 19130 15th wd. 1262 Sq Ft BRT#888151138 IMPROVEMENTS: RESIDENTIAL PROPERTY James M Joseph and Paul Starcheski C.P. September Term, 2009 No. 00418 $283,713.39 KML Law Group, P.C. 1310-307 2934 Arlan Street 19136 57th wd. 4440 Sq Ft BRT#572050540 IMPROVEMENTS: RESIDENTIAL PROPERTY Edward Gallagher and Erin M. Gallagher C.P. March Term, 2013 No. 01664 $199,881.04 KML Law Group, P.C. 1310-308 2168 Unruh Avenue 19149 54th wd. 5462.40 Sq Ft BRT#541151400 IMPROVEMENTS: RESIDENTIAL PROPERTY Jahangir Ahmed C.P. March Term, 2013 No. 03671 $155,727.28 KML Law Group, P.C. 1310-309 6440 Haverford Avenue 19151 34th wd. 1362.42 Sq Ft BRT#343040700 IMPROVEMENTS: RESIDENTIAL PROPERTY Brian McClellan C.P. April Term, 2013 No. 00434 $98,073.54 KML Law Group, P.C. 1310-310 714 West Wellens Avenue 19120 49th wd. 1125 Sq Ft BRT#492031200 IMPROVEMENTS: RESIDENTIAL PROPERTY Sherille L. Scott C.P. March Term, 2013 No. 02751 $73,800.89 KML Law Group, P.C. 1310-311 531 Greenwich Street 19147 1st wd. 660 Sq Ft BRT#011275300 IMPROVEMENTS: RESIDENTIAL PROPERTY Sen Sa C.P. April Term, 2009 No. 00646 $161,992.35 KML Law Group, P.C. 1310-312 5929 McCallum Street 19144 59th wd. 588 Sq Ft BRT#593143500 IMPROVEMENTS: RESIDENTIAL PROPERTY Kevin M. Bradley, Jr C.P. January Term, 2013 No. 03520 $78,042.93 KML Law Group, P.C. 1310-313 412 Tyson Avenue 19111 35th wd. 2449.14 Sq Ft BRT#353164100 IMPROVEMENTS: RESIDENTIAL PROPERTY Dawn Reidy and David J. Reidy C.P. September Term, 2009 No. 00132 $71,096.52 KML Law Group, P.C. 1310-314 7464 Rhoads Street 19151 34th wd. 1626.90 Sq Ft BRT#343156200 IMPROVEMENTS: RESIDENTIAL PROPERTY Carla Watts C.P. January Term, 2011 No. 02976 $126,895.20 KML Law Group, P.C. 1310-315 6320 Milton Street 19138 22nd wd. 4168.38 Sq Ft BRT#221303800 IMPROVEMENTS: RESIDENTIAL PROPERTY Herschel Davis Jr and Derrick Harrison C.P.

February Term, 2012 No. 03316 $232,951.17 KML Law Group, P.C. 1310-316 2238 West Lehigh Avenue 19132 16th wd. 1431.90 Sq Ft BRT#162353600 IMPROVEMENTS: RESIDENTIAL PROPERTY Devon Gudger and Charles W Gudger C.P. March Term, 2013 No. 02408 $102,909.51 KML Law Group, P.C. 1310-317 1514 West Louden Street 19141 13th wd. 2234.97 Sq Ft BRT#132402200 IMPROVEMENTS: RESIDENTIAL PROPERTY Unknown heris of Flossie Bailey, deceased, Anthony Bailey, solely in his capacity as heir of Flossie Bailey, deceased and Victor Bailey, solely in his capacity as heirs of Flossie Bailey, deceased. C.P. January Term, 2013 No. 01656 $112,152.41 KML Law Group, P.C. 1310-318 5939 Weymouth Street 19120 35th wd. 1162.50 Sq Ft BRT#352229900 IMPROVEMENTS: RESIDENTIAL PROPERTY Sengchanh Xayaseng C.P. April Term, 2012 No. 01638 $172,729.17 KML Law Group, P.C. 1310-319 3211 Aramingo Avenue 19134 45th wd. 1073 Sq Ft BRT#451392300 IMPROVEMENTS: RESIDENTIAL PROPERTY Arminda L. Paz C.P. January Term, 2013 No. 00712 $122,726.35 KML Law Group, P.C. 1310-320 1318 North Marshall Street 19122 14TH wd. 2392.20 Sq Ft BRT#141031815 IMPROVEMENTS: RESIDENTIAL PROPERTY Carlisa Mitchell and David W. Mitchell C.P. January Term, 2013 No. 00476 $192,930.89 KML Law Group, P.C. 1310-321A 2541 North 9th Street 37th wd. parcel #1 - Situate on the easterly side of Ninth Street at the distance of One Hundred and fifty six feet eleven inches southwardly from the southerly side of Huntington Street. Parcel #3- situate on the east side of 9th Street at the distance of 113 feet 10 inches southwardly from the south side of Huntington Street. IMPROVEMENTS: ROW 2 STY, MASONRY (BOTH PROPERTIES) American Dream Group Investments, LLC C.P. April Term, 2012 No. 03429 $69,787.37 Chandra M. Arkema, Esquire 1310-321B 2547 North 9th Street 37th wd. parcel #1 - Situate on the easterly side of Ninth Street at the distance of One Hundred and fifty six feet eleven inches southwardly from the southerly side of Huntington Street. Parcel #3- situate on the east side of 9th Street at the distance of 113 feet 10 inches southwardly from the south side of Huntington Street. IMPROVEMENTS: ROW 2 STY, MASONRY (BOTH PROPERTIES) American Dream Group Investments, LLC C.P. April Term, 2012 No. 03429 $69,787.37 Chandra M. Arkema, Esquire 1310-322 3031 Euclid avenue 32nd wd. Land area: 849.60 Sq Ft

BRT#323018800 IMPROVEMENTS: ROW 2 STORY MASONRY Dawn Reid C.P. March Term, 2013 No. 03462 $91,681.67 Milstead & Associates, LLC 1310-323 5702 North Lambert Street 49th wd. Land area 906.24 Sq Ft BRT#172423700 IMPROVEMENTS: ROW B/GAR 2 STY MASONRY Dawn Y Larry C.P. March Term, 2012 No. 00954 $73,449.01 Milstead & Associates, LLC 1310-324 7707 Hasbrook Avenue 63rd wd. (formerly 35th wd.) Land area: 3447.37 Sq Ft BRT#631088600 IMPROVEMENTS: S/D W DET GAR 2 STY MASONRY Gregory Schumann and Patricia A. Schumann fka Patricia A. Walker C.P. August Term, 2012 No. 01865 $7,993.87 Milstead & Associates, LLC 1310-325 246 South 55th Street 60th wd. (formerly part of the 46th wd.) Land area 1578.50 Sq Ft BRT#604201000 IMPROVEMENTS: SEMI DET 2 STORY MASONRY Clarence Burchette aka Clarence Lee Burchette C.P. July Term, 2012 No. 00435 $161,490.38 Milstead & Associates, LLC 1310-326 4545-47 North Front Street 88th wd. (formerly part of the 42nd wd.) Land area: premises A 1130 Sq Ft; premises B 3560 Sq Ft PremisesA:BRT#4212564 00;PremisesB:BRT#884348610 IMPROVEMENTS: PREMISES A: IND LUMBER YARD MASONRY; PREMISES B AUTO REPAIR SHOP MASONRY David Torres C.P. September Term, 2012 No. 00616 $323,819.83 Milstead & Associates, LLC 1310-327 4930 Knorr Street 41st wd. Land ara 1778.60 Sq Ft BRT#412017000 IMPROVEMENTS: ROW CONV/APT 3 STORY MASONRY John C. Kuhn C.P. August Term, 2012 No. 01822 $157,500.00 Milstead & Associates, LLC 1310-328 2618 South Fairhill Street 39th wd. 700 Sq Ft BRT#392324500 Subject to Mortgage IMPROVEMENTS: RESIDENTIAL DWELLING Sean Babischkin C.P. July Term, 2012 No. 02470 $220,347.55 Powers, Kirn, & Javardian, LLC 1310-329 4076 East Roosevelt Boulevard 35th wd. 1568 Sq Ft BRT#351020800 Subject to Mortgage IMPROVEMENTS: RESIDENTIAL DWELLING Kelvin Obara C.P. February Term, 2013 No. 00222 $99,373.94 Powers, Kirn, & Javardian, LLC 1310-330 1901 South 29th Street 39th wd. 2695 Sq Ft BRT#482379000 Subject to Mortgage IMPROVEMENTS: RESIDENTIAL DWELLING Rufus Rahaditomo C.P. December Term, 2012 No. 03941 $112,021.19 Powers, Kirn, & Javardian, LLC 1310-331 734 Millwood Road 191154122 63rd wd. 6774 Sq Ft PRCL#632049100 IMPROVEMENTS: RESIDENTIAL PROPERTY Matthew Kline, Delilah Kline C.P. March Term, 2013 No. 02984 $267,249.35 Phelan

NOTICE OF SCHEDULE OF DISTRIBUTION The Sheriff will file in his office, The Land Title Building, 100 South Broad Street, 5th Floor, a Schedule of Distribution Thirty (30) Days from the date of the sale of Real Estate. Distribution will be made in accordance with the Schedule unless exceptions are filed thereto within ten (10) days thereafter. N.B. - For the benefit of our non-professional readers who do not understand the meaning of the letters and figures following the defendant’s names, we make the following. EXPLANATION The name first appearing in each notice is that of the defendant in the writ whose property is being sold. All Writs are Writs of Executions.

www.Officeof Philadelphia SHERIFF’S SALE OF Tuesday, October 1, 2013 1310-301 12455 Barbary Road 19154 66th wd. 3160 Sq Ft; row b/gar 2 sty masonry BRT#663188500 IMPROVEMENTS: RESIDENTIAL DWELLING Thomas F Kane and Dolores Kane C.P. July Term, 2012 No. 02971 $183,830.17 McCabe, Weisberg, & Conway, P.C. 1310-302 442-444 East Indiana Avenue 19134 7th wd. 1849.5 Sq Ft; row 2 sty masonry BRT#071240600 IMPROVEMENTS: RESIDENTIAL DWELLING Keith Feingold, known surviging heir of Almar Feingold, deceased mortgagor, and real owner, Corinna Feingold, known suriving heir of Almar Feingold, deceased mortgagor and real owner and unknown surviving heirs of Almar Feingold, deceased mortgagor and real owner C.P. May Term, 2012 No. 00292 $73,937.50 McCabe, Weisberg, & Conway, P.C. 1310-303 2313 Mifflin Street 19145 48th wd. 2103 Sq Ft; row 2 sty masonry BRT#482031600 IMPROVEMENTS: RESIDENTIAL DWELLING Roxanne Nelson C.P. March Term, 2012 No. 00787 $73,256.54 McCabe, Weisberg, & Conway, P.C. 1310-304 3113 South 82nd Street 19153 40th wd. 3652 Sq Ft; semi det 2sty, masonry BRT#405008400 IMPROVEMENTS: RESIDENTIAL DWELLING Theresa Thomas Pinkett C.P. August Term, 2011 No. 04113 $91,489.82 McCabe, Weisberg, & Conway, P.C.



Hallinan, LLP 1310-332 670 Adams Avenue 191202112 35th wd. 1700.84 Sq Ft PRCL#351009500 IMPROVEMENTS: RESIDENTIAL PROPERTY Jose Hernandez C.P. January Term, 2012 No. 04903 $139,871.62 Phelan Hallinan, LLP 1310-333 1418 West Somerville Avenue 19141-1614 17th wd. 1435 Sq Ft PRCL#171077600 IMPROVEMENTS: RESIDENTIAL PROPERTY Lisa Achille Blume C.P. August Term, 2012 No. 01173 $82,187.30 Phelan Hallinan, LLP 1310-334 3937 K Street 19124-5429 PRCL#332322600 IMPROVEMENTS: RESIDENTIAL PROPERTY Birzo Rivera, Rosa S. Lopez aka Rosa Lopez C.P. February Term, 2013 No. 02482 $61,323.40 Phelan Hallinan, LLP 1310-335 6322 Argyle Street 191115624 35th wd. 5947.06 Sq Ft PRCL#353234200 IMPROVEMENTS: RESIDENTIAL PROPERTY Lisa D. Bendezu aka Lisa Bendezu, Luis E. Bendezu aka Luis Bendezu C.P. March Term, 2012 No. 01566 $234,868.97 Phelan Hallinan, LLP 1310-336 4733 Comly Street 19135 41st wd. 1440 Sq Ft; det 2sty masonry BRT#411126000 IMPROVEMENTS: RESIDENTIAL DWELLING Thomas McGahan and Jennifer Ashcroft McGahan C.P. January Term, 2012 No. 03943 $133,691.28 McCabe, Weisberg, & Conway, P.C. 1310-337 1604 Yerkes Street 19150 10th wd. 6397 Sq Ft; det w/gar 2sty masonry BRT#102322500 IMPROVEMENTS: RESIDENTIAL DWELLING Binta Lewis C.P. January Term, 2013 No. 00483 $224,496.70 McCabe, Weisberg, & Conway, P.C. 1310-338 1330 Castle Avenue 19148 26th wd. 2524.5 Sq Ft; row 2 sty masonry BRT#394541400 IMPROVEMENTS: RESIDENTIAL DWELLING Staveley C. Andrews and Jane M. Bruno aka Janet Andrews C.P. October Term, 2011 No. 01855 $169,920.50 McCabe, Weisberg, & Conway, P.C. 1310-339 1046 East Cheltenham Avenue 19124 35th wd. 2214.24 Sq Ft; row b/gar 2 sty masonry BRT#351301500 IMPROVEMENTS: RESIDENTIAL DWELLING Santa Garcia C.P. August Term, 2012 No. 01908 $132,818.71 McCabe, Weisberg, & Conway, P.C. 1310-340 5338 Chancellor Street 19139 46th wd. 2175 Sq Ft; row 2 sty masonry BRT#603039000 IMPROVEMENTS: RESIDENTIAL DWELLING Robert Gray, Jr., known surviving heir of Harriet Gray, deceased mortgagor and real owner, Paulette Gray, known surviving heir of Harriet Gray, deceased mortgagor and real owner, Darryl Gray, known surviving heir of Harriet Gray, deceased mortgagor and real owner and all unknown surviving heirs of Harriet Gray, deceased mortgagor and real owner. C.P. December Term,

2012 No. 02121 $76,923.84 McCabe, Weisberg, & Conway, P.C. 1310-341 2214 West Cumberland Street 19132 16th wd. 2700 Sq Ft; row 2sty masonry BRT#162283500 IMPROVEMENTS: RESIDENTIAL DWELLING Ronald W Warren C.P. September Term, 2012 No. 01780 $61,727.54 McCabe, Weisberg, & Conway, P.C. 1310-342 5739 Dunlap Street 19131 4th wd. 2625 Sq Ft; row b/gar 2sty masonry BRT#043241100 IMPROVEMENTS: RESIDENTIAL DWELLING Gilbert J. Rogers C.P. March Term, 2013 No. 03449 $53,143.57 McCabe, Weisberg, & Conway, P.C. 1310-343 5033 Schuyler Street 19144 13th wd. 6888 Sq Ft; s/d w det gar 3 sty masonry BRT#133158300 IMPROVEMENTS: RESIDENTIAL DWELLING Anthony Wall C.P. July Term, 2008 No. 02738 $481,628.89 McCabe, Weisberg, & Conway, P.C. 1310-344 4625 Sheffield Street 19136 41st wd. 1200 Sq Ft; row 2 sty, masonry BRT#651146500 IMPROVEMENTS: RESIDENTIAL DWELLING David J. Clawges C.P. July Term, 2012 No. 00975 $168,290.44 McCabe, Weisberg, & Conway, P.C. 1310-345 5831 Penn Street 19149 62nd wd. 3175.4 Sq Ft; row w/det gar 2sty masonry BRT#621492500 IMPROVEMENTS: RESIDENTIAL DWELLING Fritz Edmond and Manoicheka M. Edmond aka Manoucheka M Edmond C.P. January Term, 2012 No. 04240 $131,097.21 McCabe, Weisberg, & Conway, P.C. 1310-346 4017 Howland Street 19124 33rd wd. 1200 Sq Ft; row b/gar 2sty masonry BRT#332374400 IMPROVEMENTS: RESIDENTIAL DWELLING Jose A. Baez, Jr C.P. November Term, 2012 No. 00027 $36,164.92 McCabe, Weisberg, & Conway, P.C. 1310-347 153 North Lindenwood Street 19139 44th wd. 1208 Sq Ft; row 2sty masonry BRT#44154600 IMPROVEMENTS: RESIDENTIAL DWELLING Property of Ronald Williams, known surviving heir of Sarah S. Williams, deceased mortgagor and real owner, Harvey Williams, known surviving heir of Sarah S. Williams, deceased mortgagor and real owner, Stephanie Williams, known surviving heir of Sarah S. Williams, deceased mortgagor and real owner, Carissa Williams, only surviving heir of Sarah S. Williams, deceased mortgagor and real owner and unkown surviving heirs of Sarah S. Williams, deceased mortgagor and real owner. C.P. July Term, 2011 No. 01075 $63,479.67 McCabe, Weisberg, & Conway, P.C. 1310-348 47 East Phil Ellena Street 19119 22nd wd. 2907.5 Sq Ft; row 3 sty masonry BRT#222000900 IMPROVEMENTS: RESIDENTIAL DWELLING Cecilia T. Billups C.P. July Term, 2012 No. 04085 $99,198.65 McCabe, Weisberg, & Conway, P.C. 1310-349 3449 Cottman Avenue 19149 64th wd. 3152 Sq Ft; row

conv/apartment 2sty masonry BRT#642090000 IMPROVEMENTS: RESIDENTIAL DWELLING Andrew L. Nguyen aka Linh Tuan Nguyen C.P. April Term, 2013 No. 02693 $151,221.95 McCabe, Weisberg, & Conway, P.C. 1310-350 8636 Bayard Street 19150 50th wd. 2586.56 Sq Ft; row b/gar 2sty masonry BRT#501208500 IMPROVEMENTS: RESIDENTIAL DWELLING Theola Thompson and Thomas Thompson C.P. August Term, 2009 No. 03564 $119,653.51 McCabe, Weisberg, & Conway, P.C. 1310-351 2942 McKinley Street 19149 62nd wd. 2269025 Sq Ft; row b/gar 2sty masonry BRT#621250600 IMPROVEMENTS: RESIDENTIAL DWELLING Dorian Parsley C.P. April Term, 2012 No. 00802 $150,823.61 McCabe, Weisberg, & Conway, P.C. 1310-352 5258 Akron Street 191241913 62nd wd. 2420.06 Sq Ft; row b/gar 2sty masonry BRT#621418100 IMPROVEMENTS: RESIDENTIAL DWELLING Osama Fadl C.P. January Term, 2013 No. 03758 $68,736.35 McCabe, Weisberg, & Conway, P.C. 1310-353 930 Brill Street 19124 35th wd. 2087 Sq Ft; row b/gar 2sty masonry BRT#351177900 IMPROVEMENTS: RESIDENTIAL DWELLING Dave Waldman aka David C. Waldmann C.P. May Term, 2011 No. 03360 $63,456.13 McCabe, Weisberg, & Conway, P.C. 1310-354 2225 Taggert Street 191252917 31st wd. 733 Sq Ft PRCL#312059600 IMPROVEMENTS: RESIDENTIAL PROPERTY Edward M. Rettershofer C.P. June Term, 2012 No. 01135 $96,940.97 Phelan Hallinan, LLP 1310-355 3938 Dungan Street 191245506 33rd wd. 1125 Sq Ft PRCL#332408700 IMPROVEMENTS: RESIDENTIAL PROPERTY Josue D. Falu C.P. April Term, 2012 No. 01808 $104,631.46 Phelan Hallinan, LLP 1310-356 4147 North Fairhill Street 19140-2634 43rd wd. 882 Sq Ft PRCL#433244200 IMPROVEMENTS: RESIDENTIAL PROPERTY Kevin Murray, Latisha S. Murray C.P. February Term, 2012 No. 03586 $25,605.50 Phelan Hallinan, LLP 1310-357 5151 D Street 191203609 42nd wd. 1680 Sq Ft PRCL#421482600 IMPROVEMENTS: RESIDENTIAL PROPERTY Lamont Mccoy aka Lamont W Mccoy C.P. March Term, 2012 No. 02610 $74,298.10 Phelan Hallinan, LLP 1310-358 1700 East Hunting Park Avenue 19124-4422 33rd wd. 3000 Sq Ft PRCL#332077200 IMPROVEMENTS: RESIDENTIAL PROPERTY Maryann Daniels C.P. September Term, 2012 No. 02845 $78,001.49 Phelan Hallinan, LLP 1310-359 1408 S Clarion Street 19147-

4921 1st wd. 624 Sq Ft PRCL#012510500 IMPROVEMENTS: RESIDENTIAL PROPERTY Samuel V. Fulginiti C.P. July Term, 2012 No. 03164 $51,611.96 Phelan Hallinan, LLP 1310-360 7345 Woodbine Avenue 191512212 34th wd. 1477.22 Sq Ft PRCL#344139300 IMPROVEMENTS: RESIDENTIAL PROPERTY Tamara Battle C.P. December Term, 2011 No. 00736 $131,584.44 Phelan Hallinan, LLP 1310-361 2804 Agate Street 191344202 25th wd. 700 Sq Ft PRCL#252338700 IMPROVEMENTS: RESIDENTIAL PROPERTY Mark Fernandez C.P. February Term, 2013 No. 00472 $123,267.06 Phelan Hallinan, LLP 1310-362 4041 North Twelfth Street 19140-2101 43rd wd. 1305 Sq Ft PRCL#433162500 IMPROVEMENTS: RESIDENTIAL PROPERTY Gwendolyn Burbage C.P. March Term, 2013 No. 02234 $68,322.85 Phelan Hallinan, LLP 1310-363 5045 Walnut Street 191394250 60th wd. 2486.33 Sq Ft PRCL#602044600 IMPROVEMENTS: RESIDENTIAL PROPERTY Cecilia Ann Roberts, in her capacity as executrix and devisee of the estate of Edna Roberts aka Edna Robert. Chere Cunningham, in her capacity as executrix and devisee of the estate of Edna Roberts aka Edna Robert. Patrice Cunningham, in her capacity as executrix and devisee of the estate of Edna Roberts aka Edna Robert. C.P. July Term, 2011 No. 02216 $19,259.75 Phelan Hallinan, LLP 1310-364 1230 Arch Street aka 1228-1232 Arch Street, Unit 4C 191072822 88th wd. Together with a proportionate undivided interest in the common elements (as defined in such declaration) of 1.7740%. PRCL#888038080 IMPROVEMENTS: CONDOMINIUM UNIT SandraL. Scalise, in her capacity as heir of Alphonse Scalise, deceased. Christopher Bowles, in his capacity as heir of Alphonse Scalise, deceased. Joseph Bowles, in his capacity as heir of Alphonse Scalise, deceased. Unknown heirs, successors, assigns, and all persons, firms, or associations claiming right, title, or interest from or under Alphonse Scalise, deceased. C.P. August Term, 2012 No. 00375 $289,688.62 Phelan Hallinan, LLP 687 1310-367 7122 Akron Street 191491201 54th wd. 1286.40 Sq Ft PRCL#542428600 IMPROVEMENTS: RESIDENTIAL PROPERTY Shao Bo Chen C.P. April Term, 2013 No. 00293 $75,039.94 Phelan Hallinan, LLP 1310-368 6527 Cutler Street 191263504 17th wd. 1440 Sq Ft PRCL#172074200 IMPROVEMENTS: RESIDENTIAL PROPERTY MaryRaven in her capacity as adminstratrix heir of the estate of Ruby Pugh. Unknown heirs, successors,

assigns, and all persons, firms, or associations claiming right, title, or interest from or under Ruby Pugh, deceased. C.P. September Term, 2012 No. 02235 $74,716.90 Phelan Hallinan, LLP 1310-369 2544 South 66th Street 191422701 40th wd. 1712 Sq Ft PRCL#406018500 IMPROVEMENTS: RESIDENTIAL PROPERTY Raymond Brown C.P. February Term, 2013 No. 01446 $84,124.76 Phelan Hallinan, LLP 1310-370 64201 Delaire Landing Road aka 64201 Delaire Landing Road Unit 7B201 aka 64201 Delaire Landing Road Unit 7B 19114-5415 88th wd. 1022 Sq Ft PRCL#888650876 IMPROVEMENTS: RESIDENTIAL PROPERTY Dayna B. Rouman C.P. June Term, 2012 No. 03911 $73,869.00 Phelan Hallinan, LLP 1310-371 2644 Sylmar Street 19142 4th wd. 928 Sq Ft BRT#406133500 IMPROVEMENTS: RESIDENTIAL DWELLING Kimberly L. Barkley C.P. February Term, 2010 No. 00563 $75,535.82 Udren Law Offices, P.C. 1310-372 1841 West Champlost Street 19141 17th wd. 2501.25 Sq Ft BRT#171212500 IMPROVEMENTS: RESIDENTIAL DWELLING Sharrod Davis C.P. April Term, 2013 No. 00528 $96,081.77 Udren Law Offices, P.C. 1310-373 191 W 65th Ave B 19120 51st wd. 2190 Sq Ft BRT#611399000 IMPROVEMENTS: RESIDENTIAL DWELLING Diane Donlen C.P. August Term, 2010 No. 04583 $99,588.39 Udren Law Offices, P.C. 1310-374 2126 North Woodstock 19121 32nd wd. 960 Sq Ft BRT#322025400 IMPROVEMENTS: RESIDENTIAL DWELLING Stephen Webb aka Rev. Stephen Webb C.P. March Term, 2013 No. 03411 $55,105.39 Udren Law Offices, P.C. 1310-375 1625 Wakeling Street 19124 23rd wd. 1953.63 Sq Ft BRT#622001000 IMPROVEMENTS: RESIDENTIAL DWELLING Shaya Gross C.P. April Term, 2013 No. 03421 $93,409.93 Udren Law Offices, P.C. 1310-376 1526 North Lawrence Street 19122 17th wd. 756.50 Sq Ft BRT#182255500 IMPROVEMENTS: RESIDENTIAL DWELLING Maria Constante, Alejandro Quintos C.P. April Term, 2013 No. 00367 $82,659.62 Udren Law Offices, P.C. 1310-377 8910 Rising Sun 19115 63rd wd. 8167.50 Sq Ft BRT#632287300 IMPROVEMENTS: RESIDENTIAL DWELLING Jennifer C. Schiele, John F. Schiele C.P. December Term, 2012 No. 03824 $245,170.76 Udren Law Offices, P.C. 1310-378 15081 London Road 19116 58th wd. 2904 Sq Ft BRT#583169400 IMPROVEMENTS: RESIDENTIAL DWELLING Dorothy A.

Keough C.P. January Term, 2013 No. 01764 $117,317.95 Udren Law Offices, P.C. 1310-379 1016 South 5th Street 19147 2nd wd. 1200 Sq Ft BRT#021423210 IMPROVEMENTS: RESIDENTIAL DWELLING Sheila Dixon C.P. December Term, 2012 No. 02659 $237,467.60 Udren Law Offices, P.C. 1310-380 4313 Ludlow Street 19104 Bashisha Sherrod C.P. January Term, 2007 No. 01374 $68,697.74 Udren Law Offices, P.C. 1310-381 2101 Welsh Road, Unit 11 19115 56th wd. 1320 Sq Ft BRT#888560115 Subject to Mortgage Leon Lyman C.P. January Term, 2013 No. 154637 $8,687.00 Evan R. Bachove, Esquire, Fineman Krekstein & Harris, P.C. 1310-382 4237 Neilson Street 19124 33rd wd. 810 Sq Ft OPA#332530000 Subject to Mortgage IMPROVEMENTS: RESIDENTIAL DWELLING Laura Stieber aka Laura L. Espinosa C.P. November Term, 2012 No. 0200 $102,315.30 Mitchell B. Klein, Esquire 1310-383 4145 Whiting Place 19154 66th wd. 2581.90 Sq Ft OPA#662596600 IMPROVEMENTS: RESIDENTIAL DWELLING Richard Jaroski C.P. January Term, 2013 No. 3631 $12,837.98 Mitchell B. Klein, Esquire 1310-384 6017 Walker Street 19135 55th wd. 2800 Sq Ft OPA#552320700 IMPROVEMENTS: RESIDENTIAL DWELLING Luis Angel Serrano, Jr., aka Luis Serrano, Jr C.P. March Term, 2013 No. 01921 $32,472.15 Mitchell B. Klein, Esquire 1310-385 1206 Sydney Street 19150 50th wd. 2748.37 Sq Ft BRT#502470900 IMPROVEMENTS: RESIDENTIAL DWELLING Richard Kenney aka Richard Lawrence Kenney C.P. March Term, 2013 No. 03303 $206,372.22 Udren Law Offices, P.C. 1310-386 2031 South Croskey Street 19145 48th wd. 783 Sq Ft BRT#482211700 IMPROVEMENTS: RESIDENTIAL DWELLING April B. Lovett C.P. September Term, 2012 No. 01571 $45,844.32 Udren Law Offices, P.C. 1310-387 1838 West Seybert Street 19121 47th wd. 621.74 Sq Ft BRT#471084900 IMPROVEMENTS: RESIDENTIAL DWELLING Lamont C. White C.P. February Term, 2013 No. 02067 $76,119.00 Udren Law Offices, P.C. 1310-388 2725 Tolbut Street 19152 57th wd. 2580.90 Sq Ft BRT#571114000 IMPROVEMENTS: RESIDENTIAL DWELLING Jamie Kayros C.P. March Term, 2013 No. 03409 $193,561.43 Udren Law Offices, P.C. 1310-389 316 East Albanus Street 19120 42nd wd. 1125 Sq Ft BRT#421147800 IMPROVEMENTS: RESIDENTIAL

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september 118 -


p h i l a d e l p h i a w e e k l y. c o m I


I p h i l a d e l p h i a w e e k l y. c o m

- 25

4 6 p h i l a d e l p h i a w e e k ly I S e p t e m b e r 1 8

SHERIFF’S SALE DWELLING Myriam Velez C.P. April Term, 2012 No. 03402 $42,492.10 Udren Law Offices, P.C. 1310-390 10838 Perrin Road 191543924 66th wd. 1802 Sq Ft PRCL#662076900 IMPROVEMENTS: RESIDENTIAL PROPERTY Justin Frank C.P. March Term, 2013 No. 02217 $168,178.56 Phelan Hallinan, LLP 1310-391 6345 Bingham Street 19111 35th wd. 1584 Sq Ft PRCL#353272900 IMPROVEMENTS: RESIDENTIAL PROPERTY Alvarao A. Acosta C.P. June Term, 2012 No. 03903 $116,948.43 Phelan Hallinan, LLP 1310-392 325 Green Lane 19128 21st wd. 6004.87 Sq Ft PRCL#211177000 IMPROVEMENTS: RESIDENTIAL PROPERTY Thomas Bell C.P. February Term, 2012 No. 03691 $306,700.14 Phelan Hallinan, LLP 1310-393 133 West Apsley Street aka 133 Apsley Street 191443601 12th wd. 1885 Sq Ft PRCL#123005700 IMPROVEMENTS: RESIDENTIAL PROPERTY Renee Broomer C.P. March Term, 2012 No. 01563 $77,793.82 Phelan Hallinan, LLP 1310-394 1818 Pennington Road 191512017 34th wd. 1535.34 Sq Ft PRCL#343332400 IMPROVEMENTS: RESIDENTIAL PROPERTY Vincent Rawlins aka Vincent Harcourt Rawlins C.P. February Term, 2012 No. 03241 $97,761.81 Phelan Hallinan, LLP 1310-395 2125 Loney Street 191523218 56th wd. 2619.75 Sq Ft PRCL#147N14220 IMPROVEMENTS: RESIDENTIAL PROPERTY Avraham Katalan, Joy Katalan C.P. June Term, 2012 No. 01482 $174,619.07 Phelan Hallinan, LLP 1310-396 2638 South Robinson Street aka 2638 Robinsin Street 191423524 40th wd. 1096 Sq Ft PRCL#402907100 IMPROVEMENTS: RESIDENTIAL PROPERTY Stanley Dais C.P. December Term, 2010 No. 01078 $67,899.10 Phelan Hallinan, LLP 1310-397 5011 North Franklin Street 19120-3111 49th wd. 996.87 Sq Ft PRCL#491231400 IMPROVEMENTS: RESIDENTIAL PROPERTY Kimberly Spady C.P. July Term, 2012 No. 04450 $76,356.36 Phelan Hallinan, LLP 1310-398 1127 Plane Road 191153714 63rd wd. 6380 Sq Ft PRCL#632108800 IMPROVEMENTS: RESIDENTIAL PROPERTY Shawn Koehle, Deborah Koehle C.P. August Term, 2010 No. 02980 $218,053.10 Phelan Hallinan, LLP 1310-399 902 Emily Street 191482304 39th wd. 768 Sq Ft PRCL#393288700 IMPROVEMENTS: RESIDENTIAL PROPERTY Azhar Jamal C.P. March Term, 2012 No. 02606 $75,603.14 Phelan Hallinan,


1310-400 1922 South 2nd Street 191482602 39th wd. 1125 Sq Ft PRCL#391280700 IMPROVEMENTS: RESIDENTIAL PROPERTY Catherine Konowal Runowski C.P. June Term, 2012 No. 01656 $81,505.22 Phelan Hallinan, LLP 1310-401 637 East Clearfield Street aka 637 Clearfield Street 191343001 33rd wd. 806.30 Sq Ft PRCL#331006500 IMPROVEMENTS: RESIDENTIAL PROPERTY Vladimir Marc C.P. March Term, 2012 No. 01354 $59,102.95 Phelan Hallinan, LLP 1310-402 1316 Longshore Avenue aka 1316-18 Longshore Avenue 19111-4510 53rd wd. (formerly of the 35th wd.) 9000 Sq Ft PRCL#532173900 IMPROVEMENTS: RESIDENTIAL PROPERTY Ercilia E. Vargas, Jose Roja C.P. July Term, 2012 No. 03186 $245,046.14 Phelan Hallinan, LLP 1310-403 6304 Torresdale Avenue 191353304 41st wd. 1268.50 Sq Ft PRCL#41129800 IMPROVEMENTS: RESIDENTIAL PROPERTY Bounwasania A. Kounlavong C.P. July Term, 2012 No. 00525 $108,638.41 Phelan Hallinan, LLP 1310-404 7036 Torresdale Avenue 191351915 41st wd. 2500 Sq Ft PRCL#412401800 IMPROVEMENTS: RESIDENTIAL PROPERTY Jose A. Borges, Jr C.P. February Term, 2013 No. 02834 $159,177.80 Phelan Hallinan, LLP 1310-405 4410 Benner Street 191353602 55th wd. 2250 Sq Ft PRCL#552013300 IMPROVEMENTS: RESIDENTIAL PROPERTY Eileen M. Kowalczyk C.P. November Term, 2011 No. 03243 $53,629.79 Phelan Hallinan, LLP 1310-406 1218 South 50th Street 191435102 27th wd. 882 Sq Ft PRCL#273082600 IMPROVEMENTS: RESIDENTIAL PROPERTY Gau Ly aka Gau Ti Ly, Mei Yu Wu C.P. November Term, 2011 No. 02678 $39,927.97 Phelan Hallinan, LLP 1310-407 3222 Saint Vincent Street 19149-1513 55th wd. 1840.15 Sq Ft PRCL#551432900 IMPROVEMENTS: RESIDENTIAL PROPERTY Frank M. Henry, Jr C.P. January Term, 2012 No. 03574 $155,041.38 Phelan Hallinan, LLP 1310-408 1310 Marlborough Street 19125-3215 18th wd. 1919 Sq Ft PRCL#181058000 IMPROVEMENTS: RESIDENTIAL PROPERTY Rachel Ben-Or C.P. June Term, 2012 No. 00556 $194,319.96 Phelan Hallinan, LLP 1310-409 5304 Akron Street 191241220 62nd wd. (formerly 23rd wd.) 1345.41 Sq Ft PRCL#621418500 IMPROVEMENTS: RESIDENTIAL PROPERTY Denise K. Caceres C.P. March Term, 2013 No. 01009 $83,970.81 Phelan Hallinan, LLP




1310-410 2159 Benson Street 191522403 56th wd. 1993.20 Sq Ft PRCL#562145100 IMPROVEMENTS: RESIDENTIAL PROPERTY Mahmoud Al-froukh C.P. February Term, 2013 No. 01610 $234,035.25 Phelan Hallinan, LLP 1310-411 3900 Ford Road Unit PHP 19131-2039 88th wd. PRCL#888520341 IMPROVEMENTS: CONDOMINIUM Ellyn Elshana Waney C.P. June Term, 2012 No. 00740 $156,101.04 Phelan Hallinan, LLP 1310-412 1115 Friendship Street 191114201 35th wd. 5280 Sq Ft PRCL#532304700 IMPROVEMENTS: RESIDENTIAL PROPERTY Wandenizio Pereira Dos Santos, Maria Luiza Dos Santos C.P. October Term, 2010 No. 01944 $147,860.85 Phelan Hallinan, LLP 1310-413 6226 N Camac St aka 6230 N Camac St 19141-3350 49th wd. 3192 Sq Ft PRCL#493190000 IMPROVEMENTS: RESIDENTIAL PROPERTY Eric Hodge, Sydella Hodge C.P. March Term, 2012 No. 02133 $144,308.10 Phelan Hallinan, LLP 1310-414 6612 Torresdale Avenue 191352828 41st wd. 1368 Sq Ft PRCL#411300100 IMPROVEMENTS: RESIDENTIAL PROPERTY Richard Sevillano aka Richard J. Sevillano C.P. April Term, 2012 No. 01660 $93,228.57 Phelan Hallinan, LLP 1310-415 3220 D Street 191341704 7th wd. 772.5 Sq Ft PRCL#073147300 IMPROVEMENTS: RESIDENTIAL PROPERTY Johnna Ithier C.P. March Term, 2013 No. 02417 $40,558.87 Phelan Hallinan, LLP 1310-416 2007 South 28th Street 191452502 48th wd. 1438.56 Sq Ft PRCL#482346100 IMPROVEMENTS: RESIDENTIAL PROPERTY Suhendra Fnu C.P. October Term, 2011 No. 01950 $142,157.12 Phelan Hallinan, LLP 1310-417 865 Perkiomen Street 19130 15th wd. 854 Sq Ft PRCL#151373900 IMPROVEMENTS: RESIDENTIAL PROPERTY Eric B McCoy, Vera D. Scott C.P. April Term, 2008 No. 02248 $337,318.43 Phelan Hallinan, LLP 1310-418 402 Lemonte Street 191284533 21st wd. 3942.22 Sq Ft PRCL#212321900 IMPROVEMENTS: RESIDENTIAL PROPERTY Todd R. Marvin, Lori A. Marvin C.P. April Term, 2012 No. 02750 $216,706.21 Phelan Hallinan, LLP 1310-419 848 East Cornwall Street 19134-1906 33rd wd. 819 Sq Ft PRCL#331117400 IMPROVEMENTS: RESIDENTIAL PROPERTY Kieron Marks-Parnell, in her capacity as administratrix and heir of the estate of Rosslyn F. Marks. Sylvester Marks, III in his capacity as heir of the estate of Rosslyn F. Marks. Unknown heirs, successors, assigns, and all persons, firms,

or associations claiming right, title, or interest from or under Rosslyn F. Marks, deceased. C.P. October Term, 2012 No. 00044 $35,715.39 Phelan Hallinan, LLP 1310-420 4037 North Broad Street 191403030 43rd wd. 1600 Sq Ft PRCL#433184200 IMPROVEMENTS: RESIDENTIAL PROPERTY Charles D. Mason C.P. September Term, 2012 No. 00509 $204,524.46 Phelan Hallinan, LLP 1310-421 3612 Tulip Street 191342727 45th wd. 894 Sq Ft PRCL#451432800 IMPROVEMENTS: RESIDENTIAL PROPERTY Joseph D. Thomas, Susan Golus C.P. June Term, 2012 No. 01129 $80,258.84 Phelan Hallinan, LLP 1310-422 6701 Ogontz Avenue 191262639 87th wd. 1860 Sq Ft PRCL#871075500 IMPROVEMENTS: RESIDENTIAL PROPERTY Raheem A. Bey C.P. January Term, 2010 No. 02837 $236,324.60 Phelan Hallinan, LLP 1310-423 3153 Hartville Street 191342304 33rd wd. 667.50 Sq Ft PRCL#071552700 IMPROVEMENTS: RESIDENTIAL PROPERTY Omyra Sanchez, Miriam E Faulkner, Confessor Baez, Vernon L. Johnson C.P. August Term, 2011 No. 03112 $19,989.48 Phelan Hallinan, LLP 1310-424 6612 Guyer Avenue 191422603 40th wd. 1061.45 Sq Ft PRCL#406323100 IMPROVEMENTS: RESIDENTIAL PROPERTY Jack Janes C.P. May Term, 2012 No. 02701 $58,211.95 Phelan Hallinan, LLP 1310-425 1384 North 76th Street 191512823 34th wd. 2240 Sq Ft PRCL#343309000 IMPROVEMENTS: RESIDENTIAL PROPERTY Tara Theresa Bligen aka Tara Bligen C.P. March Term, 2013 No. 01752 $168,955.74 Phelan Hallinan, LLP 1310-426 6139 Walker Street 191353525 55th wd. 1522 Sq Ft PRCL#552322600 IMPROVEMENTS: RESIDENTIAL PROPERTY Eleanor Fisher, John J. Martino C.P. August Term, 2011 No. 03930 $78,593.57 Phelan Hallinan, LLP 1310-427 542 Burgess Street 191162818 58th wd. 10871 Sq Ft PRCL#582239700 IMPROVEMENTS: RESIDENTIAL PROPERTY Irene M. Thammavong, Xaysang Thammavong C.P. March Term, 2009 No. 01759 $261,987.89 Phelan Hallinan, LLP 1310-428 29 North Robinson Street 19139-2311 34th wd. 1349.04 Sq Ft PRCL#341165300 IMPROVEMENTS: RESIDENTIAL PROPERTY Tanya R Reid C.P. April Term, 2010 No. 00028 $63,818.40 Phelan Hallinan, LLP 1310-429 1337 Wells Street 191114921 53rd wd. 1170 Sq Ft PRCL#532020900 IMPROVEMENTS: RESIDENTIAL PROPERTY Mikhail Khalapov

C.P. August Term, 2011 No. 00977 $151,391.92 Phelan Hallinan, LLP 1310-430 4311 Shelmire Avenue 191363624 65th wd. 1279.47 Sq Ft PRCL#651045700 IMPROVEMENTS: RESIDENTIAL PROPERTY Andrew Dempsky, Cynthia Dempsky C.P. March Term, 2012 No. 01216 $126,734.24 Phelan Hallinan, LLP 1310-431 1816 West Ruscomb Street 19141-1019 17th wd. 1264 Sq Ft PRCL#119N010083 IMPROVEMENTS: RESIDENTIAL PROPERTY James E McDaniels Jr aka James E McDaniels C.P. March Term, 2012 No. 02621 $113,549.04 Phelan Hallinan, LLP 1310-432 2654 Carroll Street aka 2654 South Carroll Street 191422115 40th wd. 1256 Sq Ft PRCL#406112500 IMPROVEMENTS: RESIDENTIAL PROPERTY Steven B. Brown aka Stephen Brown C.P. June Term, 2012 No. 01368 $47,374.03 Phelan Hallinan, LLP 1310-433 2367 East Cumberland Street 19125-3126 31st wd. 1140 Sq Ft PRCL#314037300 IMPROVEMENTS: RESIDENTIAL PROPERTY James P. Ackley, jr., heir of James Ackley, deceased. Nora Louise Ackley, heir of James Ackley, deceased. Unknown heirs, successors, assigns, and all persons, firms, or associations claiming right, title, or interest from or under James Ackley, deceased. C.P. December Term, 2011 No. 00889 $148,565.67 Phelan Hallinan, LLP 1310-434 2512 South Chadwick Street 19145-4520 26th wd. 690 Sq Ft PRCL#261331600 IMPROVEMENTS: RESIDENTIAL PROPERTY Donna M. Rhoades aka Donna Rhoades C.P. December Term, 2009 No. 01327 $273,824.15 Phelan Hallinan, LLP 1310-435 8502 Fayette Street 191501902 50th wd. 1458 Sq Ft PRCL#502300300 IMPROVEMENTS: RESIDENTIAL PROPERTY Jerome Rollerson C.P. October Term, 2007 No. 04061 $75,467.35 Phelan Hallinan, LLP 1310-436 1737 North Lindenwood Street 19131-3617 52nd wd. 750 Sq Ft PRCL#521317200 IMPROVEMENTS: RESIDENTIAL PROPERTY Kimberly Barkley, James Barkley C.P. June Term, 2009 No. 00162 $65,984.97 Phelan Hallinan, LLP 1310-437 2411 Vista Street 191524304 56th wd. 2568.60 Sq Ft PRCL#561332400 IMPROVEMENTS: RESIDENTIAL PROPERTY Raed M. Sheikh-Yousef aka Read Sheikh Yousef C.P. October Term, 2011 No. 01524 $59,397.43 Phelan Hallinan, LLP 1310-438 116 Almatt Drive 191152742 57th wd. 7500 Sq Ft PRCL#632192639 IMPROVEMENTS: RESIDENTIAL PROPERTY Jennifer Burke Kuehnle aka Jennifer Burke-Kuehnle C.P. December Term, 2011 No. 02539 $445,271.27 Phelan Hal-


1310-439 427 West Fisher Avenue 191203207 42nd wd. 1125 Sq Ft PRCL#422258600 IMPROVEMENTS: RESIDENTIAL PROPERTY Donna M. Williamson C.P. August Term, 2010 No. 02551 $57,084.91 Phelan Hallinan, LLP 1310-440 732 Brighton Street 191114028 53rd wd. 2689.50 Sq Ft PRCL#532244100 IMPROVEMENTS: RESIDENTIAL PROPERTY Natacha E. Audain aka Natacha Audain C.P. August Term, 2012 No. 03177 $105,180.62 Phelan Hallinan, LLP 1310-441 1814 Farrington Rd 191512011 34th wd. 1530.56 Sq Ft PRCL#343350800 IMPROVEMENTS: RESIDENTIAL PROPERTY Ricado Rosa aka Ricardo A. Rosa C.P. October Term, 2012 No. 00218 $165,380.60 Phelan Hallinan, LLP 1310-442 5418 Rutland Street 191241128 62nd wd. 1488 Sq Ft PRCL#621326300 IMPROVEMENTS: RESIDENTIAL PROPERTY Jean Striplet C.P. December Term, 2011 No. 00457 $93,379.75 Phelan Hallinan, LLP 1310-443 53 East Sedgwick Street 19119 22nd wd. 11112 Sq Ft PRCL#222130000 IMPROVEMENTS: RESIDENTIAL PROPERTY Bessie M. Pierce aka Bessie Miriam Pierce, Cleveland C. Pierce C.P. October Term, 2007 No. 01366 $158,594.00 Phelan Hallinan, LLP 1310-444 2435 South 74th Street 191531404 40th wd. 960 Sq Ft PRCL#404129900 IMPROVEMENTS: RESIDENTIAL PROPERTY Aissa Christine Bamba, in her capacity as administratrix and heir of the estate of Mama Bamba aka Bamba Mamadou. Ali Bamba, in his capcity as heir of the estate of Mamadou Bamba aka Bamba Mamadou. Unknown heirs, successors, assigns, and all persons, firms, or associations claiming right, title, or interest from or under Mamadou Bamba aka Bamba Mamadou, deceased. C.P. August Term, 2010 No. 04091 $79,298.86 Phelan Hallinan, LLP 1310-445 57 W Duval Street 19144 59th wd. (formerly part of the 2nd wd.) 3412.50 Sq Ft BRT#593114300 IMPROVEMENTS: RESIDENTIAL REAL ESTATE Khalid Paige C.P. April Term, 2013 No. 00347 $78,204.98 Stern & Eisenberg, PC 1310-446 3560 North Randolph Street 19140 43rd wd. 543.76 Sq Ft BRT#432067800 IMPROVEMENTS: RESIDENTIAL REAL ESTATE Emmett Daniels C.P. March Term, 2013 No. 02312 $51,837.23 Stern & Eisenberg, PC 1310-447 7435 Andrews Ave 19138 10th wd. (formerly part of the 42nd wd.) 1212.80 Sq Ft BRT#101142400 IMPROVEMENTS: RESIDENTIAL REAL ESTATE Deborah Myers C.P. January Term, 2013 No. 01408



$122,938.57 Stern & Eisenberg, PC 1310-448 2667 Aramingo Avenue 19125 31st wd. 898.76 Sq Ft BRT#312147900 IMPROVEMENTS: RESIDENTIAL REAL ESTATE The unknown heirs, executors, and devisees of the estate of Agnes C. Borner C.P. May Term, 2013 No. 01239 $78,764.18 Stern & Eisenberg, PC 1310-449 1932-1934 Federal Street 19146 36th wd. (formerly the 29th wd.) East side of 20th St James Black C.P. January Term, 2013 No. 01883 $329,287.10 Matthew R. Lubniewski, Esquire 1310-450 7400 Ruskin Road 19151 34th wd. Basil A. Scott and Janice V Scott C.P. December Term, 2012 No. 01157 $271,372.07 Nicholas A. Dimomenico, Esquire 1310-451 3444 Aldine Street 19136 64th wd. Land area: 1614.56 Sq Ft Improvement area: 1448 Sq Ft OPA#642111200 IMPROVEMENTS: RESIDENTIAL REAL ESTATE - SINGLE FAMILY DWELLING Jean Ysalem Metelus C.P. November Term, 2012 No. 01704 $122,966.16 Robert J. Wilson, Esq., Wilson Law Firm 1310-452 8550 Temple Road 19150 50th wd. Land area: 1450.80 Sq Ft Improvement area: 1088 Sq Ft OPA#501082800 IMPROVEMENTS: RESIDENTIAL REAL ESTATE - SINGLE FAMILY DWELLING Robin Renee Brace aka Robin Brace C.P. December Term, 2012 No. 01704 $135,066.80 Robert J. Wilson, Esq., Wilson Law Firm 1310-453 1806-18 Rittenhouse Square Unit 1709 19103 8th wd. 536 Sq Ft BRT#888083133 Subject to Mortgage Defendant, F. Price Connors C.P. March Term, 2013 No. 013089 $12,038.73 Evan R. Bachove, Esquire, Fineman Krekstein & Harris, P.C. 1310-454 2567 North Napa Street 19132 28th wd. OPA#028153800 Subject to Mortgage IMPROVEMENTS: RESIDENTIAL PROPERTY James M Jones and Naila A. Mattison-Jones C.P. April Term, 2013 No. 03794 $31,758.32 brett A. Solomon, esquire 1310-455 2111 Ridge Avenue 19121 47th wd., 14th division 1557.25 Sq Ft OPA#472083700 IMPROVEMENTS: VAC LAND RES< ACRE Gerald Lemoine and Gloria Lemoine C.P. February Term, 2010 No. 02105 $20,000 Drew Salaman, Esquire 1310-456 927 Marcella Street 191241734 35th wd. 1050 Sq Ft PRCL#351128200 IMPROVEMENTS: RESIDENTIAL PROPERTY Cheryl D. Watson C.P. April Term, 2010 No. 00884 $71,332.16 Phelan Hallinan, LLP 1310-457 2600 S Lloyd Street aka 2600 Lloyd Street 191532419 40th wd. 1145.90 Sq Ft BRT#404017500 IMPROVEMENTS: RESIDENTIAL DWELLING Karen E. Chapman C.P. January Term, 2013 No. 01887 $143,992.53 BARBARA

A. FEIN, ESQUIRE 1310-458 8605 Rugby Street 19150 50th wd. 1440 Sq Ft BRT#502105300 IMPROVEMENTS: RESIDENTIAL PROPERTY Bryant Rolls C.P. April Term, 2013 No. 004866 $118,672.28 Christopher A. DeNardo, Esquire 1310-459 1455 East Luzerne Street 19124 33rd wd. 1230 Sq Ft BRT#332027900 IMPROVEMENTS: RESIDENTIAL PROPERTY Unknown heirs, successors, assigns, and all persons, firms, or associations claiming right, title, or interest from or under ruperta V. Francis, deceased C.P. April Term, 2013 No. 000999 $30,031.53 Christopher A. DeNardo, Esquire 1310-460 1129 Wingohocking Street 19140 49th wd. 2552 Sq Ft BRT#491011800 IMPROVEMENTS: RESIDENTIAL PROPERTY Alphonso Bridges C.P. May Term, 2013 No. 2001 $84,396.36 Christopher A. DeNardo, Esquire 1310-461 734 Melon Place, Unit A 19123 14th wd. Land area: 0 Sq Ft undivided interest in the common elements (as defined in such declaration) of 0.586%. Condominium BRT#888140376 IMPROVEMENTS: RESIDENTIAL DWELLING Terrence Jenkins C.P. May Term, 2013 No. 002337 $108,727.17 Martha E. Von Rosenstiel, esquire; Heather Riloff, Esquire 1310-462 201-59 North 8th Street, Unit 502 19106 5th wd. Land area 0 Sq Ft together with a proportionate undivided interest in the common elements (as defined in such declaration) of 0.747%. Condominium BRT#888037055 IMPROVEMENTS: RESIDENTIAL DWELLING Sang Jin Han and Rosalia Han C.P. May Term, 2013 No. 001081 $338,916.54 Martha E. Von Rosenstiel, Esquire; Heather Riloff, Esquire 1310-463 2719 East Huntingdon Street 19125 31st wd. 1260 Sq Ft BRT#314166700 IMPROVEMENTS: RESIDENTIAL DWELLING Angela M. DeVos and Jacob Deane DeVos C.P. April Term, 2013 No. 00862 $197,573.00 Martha E. Von Rosenstiel, Esquire; heather Riloff, Esquire 1310-464 1419 68th avenue 19126 10th wd. 2028.52 Sq Ft BRT#58101254600 IMPROVEMENTS: RESIDENTIAL REAL ESTATE Tamika Hunter C.P. August Term, 2012 No. 01273 $329,334.57 Stern & Eisenberg, PC 1310-465 6231 North Gratz Street 19141 50th wd. 1200 Sq Ft BRT#172288600 IMPROVEMENTS: RESIDENTIAL REAL ESTATE Dorothy Butler C.P. April Term, 2013 No. 00354 $67,567.84 Stern & Eisenberg, PC 1310-466 7006 Lynford Street 19149 54th wd. 1493.09 Sq Ft BRT#542192300 IMPROVEMENTS: RESIDENTIAL REAL ESTATE Barbara N. BrookinsSweat C.P. May Term, 2013 No. 01104 $141,268.50 Stern & Eisenberg, PC

1310-467 5732 Nassau Road 4th wd. 1538.62 Sq Ft BRT#043254900 Subject to Mortgage IMPROVEMENTS: RESIDENTIAL DWELLING Ann G. Moss Nelson fka Anna G Moss C.P. July Term, 2012 No. 04061 $91,467.11 Law Offices of Gregory Javardian 1310-468 6966 Wister Street 10th wd. 1469.70 Sq Ft BRT#102128600 Subject to Mortgage IMPROVEMENTS: RESIDENTIAL DWELLING Charles A.J. Halpin III, Esquire, adminsitrator of the Estate of Samuel Evans, deceased C.P. December Term, 2012 No. 02825 $106,588.83 Powers, Kirn, & Javardian, LLC 1310-469 1801 Wynnewood Road 34th wd. 4016 Sq Ft BRT#344217700 Subject to Mortgage IMPROVEMENTS: RESIDENTIAL DWELLING Charles A J Halpin III Esquire, adminstrator of the estate of Fruamn P Austin, deceased C.P. December Term, 2012 No. 02837 $203,008.93 Powers, Kirn, & Javardian, LLC 1310-470 3324 North Bailey Street 38th wd. 906.31 Sq Ft BRT#381183600 Subject to Mortgage IMPROVEMENTS: RESIDENTIAL DWELLING Henrietta Hall-Edwards C.P. July Term, 2012 No. 01730 $99,870.97 Powers, Kirn, & Javardian, LLC 1310-471 1330 South 24th Street 36th wd. 1050 Sq Ft BRT#361376000 Subject to Mortgage IMPROVEMENTS: RESIDENTIAL DWELLING Edward William Hardy C.P. December Term, 2012 No. 03469 $74,018.24 Powers, Kirn, & Javardian, LLC 1310-472 1803 Arnold Street 56th wd. 2511.52 Sq Ft BRT#562190000 IMPROVEMENTS: RESIDENTIAL DWELLING Nechama Kaufman C.P. July Term, 2012 No. 00498 $201,286.56 Powers, Kirn, & Javardian, LLC 1310-473 5534 Lansdowne Avenue 52nd wd. (formerly part of the 24th wd.) 1305 Sq Ft BRT#041253500 Subject to Mortgage IMPROVEMENTS: RESIDENTIAL DWELLING Ernest Ellison C.P. December Term, 2012 No. 03467 $76,203.44 Powers, Kirn, & Javardian, LLC 1310-474 4729 Walnut Avenue 46th wd. 2427.57 Sq Ft BRT#601043100 Subject to Mortgage IMPROVEMENTS: RESIDENTIAL DWELLING Raymond Payton, Administrator of the Estate of Joan L. Payton, deceased C.P. September Term, 2012 No. 03268 $125,558.79 Powers, Kirn, & Javardian, LLC 1310-475 1637 E Comly Street 62nd wd. 2126.30 Sq Ft BRT#621139600 IMPROVEMENTS: RESIDENTIAL DWELLING Joanne R. Martinelli and Craig J. Martinelli C.P. April Term, 2012 No. 03792 $91,480.71 Powers, Kirn, & Javardian, LLC 1310-476 2122 South 65th Street 19142 65th wd. 1344 Sq Ft BRT#403012000 IMPROVEMENTS: RESIDENTIAL DWELLING Mohammed A.

Chowdhurry C.P. April Term, 2012 No. 01865 $75,815.85 Powers, Kirn, & Javardian, LLC 1310-477 1119 East Palmer Street 19125 18th wd. 2059 Sq Ft BRT#181136920 IMPROVEMENTS: RESIDENTIAL DWELLING Timothy Lipczynski C.P. April Term, 2013 No. 4090 $401,397.04 Weber Gallagher Simpson Stapleton Fires & Newby, LLP, Sarah A. Elia, Esq. 1310-478A 5631 North 11th Street 49th wd. 1440 Sq Ft BRT#492238600 IMPROVEMENTS: RESIDENTIAL DWELLING David Steiner C.P. May Term, 2013 No. 2391 $384,581.10 Weber Gallagher Simpson Stapleton Fires & Newby, LLP, Sarah A. Elia, Esq. 1310-478B 2356 East Boston Avenue 31st wd. 1144 Sq Ft BRT#313174200 IMPROVEMENTS: RESIDENTIAL DWELLING David Steiner C.P. May Term, 2013 No. 2391 $384,581.10 Weber Gallagher Simpson Stapleton Fires & Newby, LLP, Sarah A. Elia, Esq. 1310-478C 253 Rosemar Street 61st wd. 1050 Sq Ft BRT#611239800 IMPROVEMENTS: RESIDENTIAL DWELLING David Steiner C.P. May Term, 2013 No. 2391 $384,581.10 Weber Gallagher Simpson Stapleton Fires & Newby, LLP, Sarah A. Elia, Esq. 1310-478D 5515 Torresdale Avenue 23rd wd. 1106 Sq Ft BRT#411305000 IMPROVEMENTS: RESIDENTIAL DWELLING David Steiner C.P. May Term, 2013 No. 2391 $384,581.10 Weber Gallagher Simpson Stapleton Fires & Newby, LLP, Sarah A. Elia, Esq. 1310-479 6313 Elmhurst Street 191115804 53rd wd. 1323.12 Sq Ft BRT#531220200 IMPROVEMENTS: RESIDENTIAL DWELLING Ramon Padilla and Minerva Rolon C.P. October Term, 2009 No. 05076 $184,139.16 BARBARA A. FEIN, ESQUIRE 1310-480 5547 Hazel Avenue 46th wd. 1665 Sq Ft BRT#463012800 Subject to Mortgage IMPROVEMENTS: RESIDENTIAL DWELLING Cathryn Anyumba C.P. September Term, 2012 No. 00716 $60,227.63 Powers, Kirn, & Javardian, LLC 1310-481 212 East Wellens Avenue 42nd wd. 1440 Sq Ft BRT#421188500 Subject to Mortgage IMPROVEMENTS: RESIDENTIAL DWELLING Anthony B Jefferson and Valerie RowellJefferson C.P. May Term, 2012 No. 02592 $112,205.30 Powers, Kirn, & Javardian, LLC 1310-482 1644 South 4th Street 1st wd. 2415 Sq Ft BRT#011431900 Subject to Mortgage IMPROVEMENTS: RESIDENTIAL DWELLING Ernest Wilkie and Linda A. Smith C.P. September Term, 2012 No. 03468 $218,993.25 Powers, Kirn, & Javardian, LLC 1310-483 3546 K Street 33rd wd. 1662 Sq Ft BRT#331393300 Subject to

Mortgage IMPROVEMENTS: RESIDENTIAL DWELLING Michael Frazier C.P. June Term, 2012 No. 01434 $58,132.42 Powers, Kirn, & Javardian, LLC 1310-484 3334 Cottman Avenue 55th wd. 1600 Sq Ft BRT#551515400 Subject to Mortgage IMPROVEMENTS: RESIDENTIAL DWELLING Rose Tomberlain C.P. August Term, 2012 No. 00651 $149,878.62 Powers, Kirn, & Javardian, LLC 1310-485 1231 North 58th Street 52nd wd. 1348.50 Sq Ft BRT#043127400 Subject to Mortgage IMPROVEMENTS: RESIDENTIAL DWELLING Anthony G D Lemmon, Co-Administrator of the estate of Samuel N Lemmon, deceased and Cheryl Lemmon, Co-Adminstratrix of the estate of Samuel N Lemmon, deceased C.P. August Term, 2012 No. 00509 $84,402.93 Powers, Kirn, & Javardian, LLC 1310-486 6336 Eastwood Street 19149 35th wd. 1107.01 Sq Ft; row b/gar 2 story masonry BRT#541266900 IMPROVEMENTS: RESIDENTIAL DWELLING Irene I Gaskins by deed dated 09/30/1999 and recorded 10/07/1999 in record book JTD 1184, pg 628 C.P. December Term, 2009 No. 03503 $120,745.21 Federman & Associates, LLC 1310-487 6816 N Carlisle Street 19126 semi detached 2 story masonry BRT#101012000/ PRCL#119N1243 IMPROVEMENTS: RESIDENTIAL DWELLING Patricia Davis in her capacity as heir of Hudson I Lindsay, deceased and unknown heirs of Hudson I Lindsay, deceased C.P. December Term, 2012 No. 000260 $57,134.54 Federman & Associates, LLC 1310-488 2409 South 62nd Street 19142 40th wd. 1440 Sq Ft BRT#402100400 IMPROVEMENTS: RESIDENTIAL PROPERTY C.P. December Term, 2010 No. 0126 $85,440.94 Scott A. Dietterick, Esq., Kimberly A. Bonner, Esq., Joel A. Ackerman, Esq., Ashleigh L. Marin, Esq., Ralph M. Salvia, Esq., Jaime R. Ackerman, Esq., Zucker, Goldberg & Ackerman, LLC 1310-489 3958 Wyalusing Avenue 19104 24th wd. 876 Sq Ft BRT#24318400 IMPROVEMENTS: RESIDENTIAL PROPERTY C.P. December Term, 2012 No. 3449 $80,060.58 Scott A. Dietterick, Esq., Kimberly A. Bonner, Esq., Joel A. Ackerman, Esq., Ashleigh L. Marin, Esq., Ralph M. Salvia, Esq., Jaime R. Ackerman, Esq., Zucker, Goldberg & Ackerman, LLC 1310-490 1802 North 22nd Street 19121 32nd wd. 1360 Sq Ft BRT#322089300 IMPROVEMENTS: RESIDENTIAL PROPERTY Will A. Pitt, Jr C.P. May Term, 2010 No. 002716 $141,173.01 Christopher A. DeNardo, Esquire 1310-491 1301 Wakeling Street 19124 62nd wd. 8191 Sq Ft BRT#234159700 IMPROVEMENTS: RESIDENTIAL PROPERTY Marilyn D. Peed and Vincent D Peed C.P. Oc-

tober Term, 2012 No. 000708 $222,590.88 Christopher A. DeNardo, Esquire 1310-492 327 East Upsal Street 19119 22nd wd. 1440 Sq Ft BRT#221096400 IMPROVEMENTS: RESIDENTIAL PROPERTY Susie A. Hooks C.P. April Term, 2012 No. 001415 $108,684.19 Christopher A. DeNardo, Esquire 1310-493 4217 Levick Street 19135 55th wd. 1131.46 Sq Ft BRT#552080200 IMPROVEMENTS: RESIDENTIAL PROPERTY Joyce C A Marinari and Congrad G. Hofmann C.P. March Term, 2013 No. 003387 $20,603.49 Christopher A. DeNardo, Esquire 1310-494 123 North 51st Street 19139 44th wd. 825 Sq Ft BRT#441094900 IMPROVEMENTS: RESIDENTIAL PROPERTY Beverly Williams C.P. March Term, 2013 No. 004328 $29,719.73 Christopher A. DeNardo, Esquire 1310-495 2226 North Hobart Street 19131 52nd wd. 1691.77 Sq Ft BRT#522245700 IMPROVEMENTS: RESIDENTIAL PROPERTY Unknown heirs, successors, assigns, and all persons, firms, or associations claiming right, title or interest from or under Rose A. Dent, deceased C.P. April Term, 2013 No. 003050 $78,748.99 Christopher A. DeNardo, Esquire 1310-496 2424 South Camac Street 19148 39th wd. 679 Sq Ft BRT#394347500 IMPROVEMENTS: RESIDENTIAL PROPERTY John S. McKnight (Mortgagor) and Frances A. McKnight (real owner and Mortgagor) C.P. September Term, 2012 No. 0491 $41,472.18 Christopher A. DeNardo, Esquire 1310-497 5922 Vine Stret 19139 4th wd. 1050 Sq Ft BRT#042162100 IMPROVEMENTS: RESIDENTIAL PROPERTY Dairen L. Thomas C.P. February Term, 2013 No. 001307 $58,212.99 Christopher A. DeNardo, Esquire 1310-498 2122 South Woodstock Street 19145 48th wd. 783.75 Sq Ft BRT#481340600 IMPROVEMENTS: RESIDENTIAL PROPERTY Jimmy S. Tjoeng C.P. October Term, 2011 No. 003166 $91,100.66 Christopher A. DeNardo, Esquire 1310-499 6722 Gillespie Street 19135 55th wd. 1440 Sq Ft BRT#552435600 IMPROVEMENTS: RESIDENTIAL REAL ESTATE Tammy Reed, coexecutrix of the estate of Terry P. Tobin and Daniel Tobin, co-executor of the estate of Terry P Tobin C.P. May Term, 2013 No. 00333 $105,628.76 Stern & Eisenberg, PC 1310-500 368 E Church Hill Ln 19144 12th wd. 3079.64 Sq Ft BRT#122033900 IMPROVEMENTS: RESIDENTIAL REAL ESTATE The unknown heirs, executors, and devisees of the estaet of Mabel Abrahama aka Mael A. Carroll C.P. May Term, 2013 No. 00925

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$68,046.89 Stern & Eisenberg, PC 1310-501 303 Forest Hills Avenue 19116 58th wd. 6555 Sq Ft BRT#583028600 IMPROVEMENTS: RESIDENTIAL REAL ESTATE Edward F. O’Toole and Katie L. O’Toole C.P. March Term, 2012 No. 02370 $140,809.75 Stern & Eisenberg, PC 1310-502 1310 Medary Avenue 19141 42nd wd. 4606 Sq Ft BRT#493055300 IMPROVEMENTS: RESIDENTIAL REAL ESTATE Angela R. Garner C.P. May Term, 2013 No. 00256 $159,972.50 Stern & Eisenberg, PC 1310-503 6631 North Bouvier Street 19126 10th wd. 1264 Sq Ft BRT#101066400 IMPROVEMENTS: RESIDENTIAL REAL ESTATE Nicole Wimbush C.P. March Term, 2013 No. 03773 $64,779.87 Stern & Eisenberg, PC 1310-504 7102 Bustleton Avenue 19149 54th wd. 2064.70 Sq Ft; row b/gar 2sty masonry BRT#542454500 IMPROVEMENTS: RESIDENTIAL DWELLING Raymond G. Brown and Patricia A. Brown C.P. February Term, 2012 No. 02988 $81,739.86 McCabe, Weisberg, & Conway, P.C. 1310-505 3049 Tulip Street 19134 25th wd. 1523.62 Sq Ft; row 2 sty masonry BRT#252357600 IMPROVEMENTS: RESIDENTIAL DWELLING April M. Boerner C.P. October Term, 2012 No. 02436 $45,360.88 McCabe, Weisberg, & Conway, P.C. 1310-506 4405-7 Silverwood Street 19127 21st wd. 6298 Sq Ft; det 3.5 sty stone BRT#211239100 IMPROVEMENTS: RESIDENTIAL DWELLING Peter McDonough C.P. March Term, 2013 No. 03307 $225,401.89 McCabe, Weisberg, & Conway, P.C. 1310-507 1909 Bainbridge Street 19146 30th wd. 3300 Sq Ft; row 3 sty masonry BRT#301047600 IMPROVEMENTS: RESIDENTIAL DWELLING Charlotte Miles C.P. September Term, 2008 No. 01954 $263,591.01 McCabe, Weisberg, & Conway, P.C. 1310-508 2444 South Philip Street 19148 39th wd. 986 Sq Ft; row 2sty masonry BRT#391310500 IMPROVEMENTS: RESIDENTIAL DWELLING Jacqueline Pooler and Camel Real Estate, LLC C.P. July Term, 2012 No. 04135 $146,218.60 McCabe, Weisberg, & Conway, P.C. 1310-509 9622 Convent Avenue 19114 57th wd. 1498 Sq Ft; s/d w g/g 2s masonry BRT#572217000 IMPROVEMENTS: RESIDENTIAL DWELLING Margaret M Direnzo C.P. April Term, 2013 No. 02895 $118,103.40 McCabe, Weisberg, & Conway, P.C. 1310-510 914 Brighton Street 19111 53rd wd. 1220 Sq Ft; s/d w b/g 2s masonry BRT#532248000 IMPROVEMENTS: RESIDENTIAL DWELLING Derrick Cain C.P. December Term, 2011 No. 01713 $128,580.01 McCabe, Weisberg, & Conway, P.C.

1310-511 729 North Capitol Street 19130 15th wd. 3013.53 Sq Ft; row 1.5 sty brick BRT#151091460 IMPROVEMENTS: RESIDENTIAL DWELLING James McQueen Sr aka James McQueen C.P. February Term, 2012 No. 01495 $201,621.49 McCabe, Weisberg, & Conway, P.C. 1310-512 1728 North Creighton Street 19139 52nd wd. 2810.56 Sq Ft; row 2sty masonry BRT#521285100 IMPROVEMENTS: RESIDENTIAL DWELLING Aubrey L. Stanley and Paulette Stanley C.P. April Term, 2013 No. 00760 $83,312.63 McCabe, Weisberg, & Conway, P.C. 1310-513 729 Disston Street 19111 53rd wd. 4196.25 Sq Ft; s/d w b/g 2s masonry BRT#532200700 IMPROVEMENTS: RESIDENTIAL DWELLING Ariel Virella C.P. December Term, 2011 No. 02672 $194,155.84 McCabe, Weisberg, & Conway, P.C. 1310-514 625 Sears Street 19147 1st wd. 1808 Sq Ft; row 2 sty masonry BRT#012005900 IMPROVEMENTS: RESIDENTIAL DWELLING John T. Nolan, Jr C.P. December Term, 2012 No. 00587 $178,323.46 McCabe, Weisberg, & Conway, P.C. 1310-515 12635 Biscayne Drive 19154 58th wd. 3019 Sq Ft; row b/gar 2sty mas +other BRT#663409600 IMPROVEMENTS: RESIDENTIAL DWELLING Brian Seiger and Lindsey Goeke C.P. June Term, 2012 No. 00183 $203,559.89 McCabe, Weisberg, & Conway, P.C. 1310-516 2512 East Oakdale Street 19125 31st wd. 1765 Sq Ft; row 2 sty masonry BRT#314231500 IMPROVEMENTS: RESIDENTIAL DWELLING Kevin Hartzag C.P. March Term, 2013 No. 03607 $97,760.97 McCabe, Weisberg, & Conway, P.C. 1310-517 346 East Church Lane 19144 12th wd. 4113 Sq Ft; semi/det 3 sty stone BRT#122032700 IMPROVEMENTS: RESIDENTIAL DWELLING Richard A. Tyler Jr., Divonne Tyler and the United States of America c/o United States Attorney for the Eastern District of Pennsylvania C.P. February Term, 2013 No. 00993 $203,469.26 McCabe, Weisberg, & Conway, P.C. 1310-518 6364 Marsden Street 19135 41st wd. 2366.50 Sq Ft; row 2 sty masonry BRT#411253200 IMPROVEMENTS: RESIDENTIAL DWELLING Mario Stagliano Jr C.P. June Term, 2012 No. 00188 $85,481.35 McCabe, Weisberg, & Conway, P.C. 1310-519 1228 South 53rd Street 19143 51st wd. 3042.21 Sq Ft; semi det 2 sty masonry BRT#511230700 IMPROVEMENTS: RESIDENTIAL DWELLING Dereck Arnold Wise, Administrator to the estate of Gazel E. Wise, deceased mortgagor and real owner C.P. April Term, 2011 No. 00065 $106,895.50 McCabe, Weisberg, & Conway, P.C. 1310-520 4039 Markland Street 19124

33rd wd. 2207.6 Sq Ft; row b/gar 2 sty masonry BRT#332499100 IMPROVEMENTS: RESIDENTIAL DWELLING Lisa R. Rhoades C.P. April Term, 2012 No. 03658 $108,532.22 McCabe, Weisberg, & Conway, P.C. 1310-521 6918 Souder Street 19149 row b/garage 2 story masonry BRT#542302200 IMPROVEMENTS: RESIDENTIAL DWELLING Marina Williams C.P. April Term, 2013 No. 002223 $111,865.55 Federman & Associates, LLC 1310-522 6001 Alma Street 19149 53rd wd. 2236.68 Sq Ft BRT#531337000 IMPROVEMENTS: RESIDENTIAL PROPERTY Carolina Abella-Franco C.P. March Term, 2013 No. 02477 $141,262.75 KML Law Group, P.C. 1310-523 555 Devereaux Avenue 19111 35th wd. 1458 Sq Ft BRT#353006900 IMPROVEMENTS: RESIDENTIAL PROPERTY The unknown heirs of John Ha, deceased Tuan Ha, Solely in his capacity as heir of John Ha, deceased and Nga Tran solely in her capacity as heir of John Ha, deceased. C.P. August Term, 2012 No. 03586 $105,403.39 KML Law Group, P.C. 1310-524 742 South Frazier Street 19143 46th wd. 935.55 Sq Ft BRT#463232800 IMPROVEMENTS: RESIDENTIAL PROPERTY Corey J. Dorsey C.P. December Term, 2012 No. 02210 $49,614.84 KML Law Group, P.C. 1310-525 3827 Etta Street 19114 57th wd. 3806.40 Sq Ft BRT#572139800 IMPROVEMENTS: RESIDENTIAL PROPERTY The unknown heirs of Cletus P. Smith, deceased, Babette Brennan, solely in her capacity as heir of Cletus P. Smith, deceased, Donna M. Smith, solely in her capacity as heir of Cletus P. Smith, deceased, Sean Smith, solely in his capacity as heir of Cletus P. Smith, deceased, Yvette Haegle, solely in her capacity as heir of Cletus P. Smith, deceased, and Yvonne Smith, solely in her capacity as heir of Cletus P. Smith, deceased. C.P. October Term, 2012 No. 00508 $167,939.27 KML Law Group, P.C. 1310-526 815-837 Arch Street, #717 19107 5th wd. 910 Sq Ft BRT#888112942 IMPROVEMENTS: RESIDENTIAL PROPERTY Jin Huo Chen, Yan Ping Chen aka Yen Ping Chen and Xiao Yun Lin C.P. October Term, 2012 No. 00186 $364,343.15 KML Law Group, P.C. 1310-527 1921 West Berks Street 32nd wd. North side of Berks Street 148 ft 11 in west of 19th St; front 14 ft 11 in, depth 56 ft 3 in Oliver Acquisition Group, LLC C.P. November Term, 2012 No. 003100 $133,113.42 Phillip D. Berger, Esq., 1310-528A 152 N Edgewood Street 34th wd. West side of Edgewood Street 393 ft 4 in north of Arch Street; front 15 ft 1 in, depth 62

ft 6 in Strong Family Properties, LLC C.P. September Term, 2012 No. 001784 $226,227.47 Phillip D. Berger, Esq., 1310-528B 127 North 59th Street 4th wd. East side of 59th Street 194 ft 0 in north of Arch Street; front 15 ft 0 in, depth 67 ft 0 in Strong Family Properties, LLC C.P. September Term, 2012 No. 001784 $226,227.47 Phillip D. Berger, Esq. 1310-528C 2131 North 30th Street 32nd wd. East side of 30th Street 75 ft 6 in north of Westmont Street; front 15 ft 0 in, depth 57 ft 0 in Strong Famly Properties, LLC C.P. September Term, 2012 No. 001784 $226,227.47 Phillip D. Berger, Esq., 1310-529 2100 Princeton Avenue 54th wd. Southwest side of Princeton Avenue front 27 ft 6-1/2 in, depth 110 ft 0 in Zhi Ren Li C.P. Septemer Term, 2012 No. 01351 $174,069.98 Phillip D. Berger, Esq., 1310-530 6148 Reedland Street 19142 40th wd. Southeasterly side of Reedland Street 162 ft 1 in northeasterly side of 62nd st; front 16 ft, depth 16 ft BRT#402207300 Subject to Mortgage Tieasha Pulley C.P. July Term, 2012 No. 00982 $90,009.90 Louis P. Vitti, Esq. 1310-531 1025 Tyson Avenue 19111 53rd wd. 1506.83 Sq Ft OPA#532235600 IMPROVEMENTS: RESIDENTIAL DWELLING Pamela French and Beth French C.P. October Term, 2012 No. 03451 $67,616.03 Mitchell B. Klein, Esquire 1310-532 1534 South 20th Street 36th wd. West side of 20th st 120 ft 0 in north of Tasker Street front: 16 ft 0 in, depth: 66 ft 0 in Subject To Mortgage of Lava Funding, LLC assigned to Parke Bank in principal sum of $50,000.00 Charles Hodge C.P. Feburary Term, 2013 No. 02345 $70,203.14 Phillip D. Berger, Esq., 1310-533 4905 Frankford Avenue 23rd wd. 2613 Sq Ft BRT#871113250 Subject to Mortgage Subject to Rent IMPROVEMENTS: THREE STORY STORE/OFFICE PLUS APARTMENTS Hui Lai Cui and Wen Fang Chen C.P. May Term, 2013 No. 03948 $92,950.01 Jeol S Todd, Esquire 1310-534 6345 Marsden Street 19135 41st wd. 2169.56 Sq Ft; row 2 sty masonry BRT#411268900 IMPROVEMENTS: RESIDENTIAL DWELLING Simon Ramos C.P. April Term, 2009 No. 00918 $89,138.62 McCabe, Weisberg, & Conway, P.C. 1310-535 2090 Pickwick Street 19134 45th wd. 1720 Sq Ft; row 2 sty masonry BRT#452180000 IMPROVEMENTS: RESIDENTIAL DWELLING Lakeesha M. Williams C.P. February Term, 2011 No. 00594 $56,072.00 McCabe, Weisberg, & Conway, P.C. 1310-536 4911 Girard Avenue 19131 44th wd. 2932 Sq Ft; row w/det gar 3sty masonry BRT#442080700 Subject to Mortgage IMPROVEMENTS:

RESIDENTIAL DWELLING Patricia Rice nka Patricia Knox C.P. June Term, 2010 No. 02964 $28,145.15 McCabe, Weisberg, & Conway, P.C. 1310-537 6109 Marsden Street 19135 41st wd. 3260 Sq Ft; s/d conv apt 2 sty masonry BRT#411262000 IMPROVEMENTS: RESIDENTIAL DWELLING Anthony Pizzaro C.P. December Term, 2006 No. 00791 $90,776.44 McCabe, Weisberg, & Conway, P.C. 1310-538 3511 Ashville Street 19136 64th wd. 2965.44 Sq Ft; row b/gar 2 sty masonry BRT#642283200 IMPROVEMENTS: RESIDENTIAL DWELLING Kristy Swedberg C.P. October Term, 2011 No. 04788 $168,386.37 McCabe, Weisberg, & Conway, P.C. 1310-539 2021 Mercy Street 19145 48th wd. 1600 Sq Ft; row 2 sty masonry BRT#481123300 IMPROVEMENTS: RESIDENTIAL DWELLING William Powell aka William T. Powell C.P. December Term, 2012 No. 01215 $76,597.10 McCabe, Weisberg, & Conway, P.C. 1310-540 110 Benjamin Court 19114 57th wd. 1176 Sq Ft; res condo 3 sty mas + other BRT#888570420 IMPROVEMENTS: RESIDENTIAL DWELLING All unknown surviving heirs of David Rosenfled, deceased mortgagor and real owner C.P. January Term, 2012 No. 03912 $203,139.68 McCabe, Weisberg, & Conway, P.C. 1310-541 9401 Kirkwood Road 9114-2605 57th wd. 5231.8 Sq Ft; apartment 2-4 units 2 sty mas +O BRT#572322701 IMPROVEMENTS: RESIDENTIAL DWELLING Valeriy Murin C.P. February Term, 2013 No. 02661 $210,554.35 McCabe, Weisberg, & Conway, P.C. 1310-542 215 Daly Street 19148 39th wd. 1470 Sq Ft; row 2 sty masonry BRT#391093900 IMPROVEMENTS: RESIDENTIAL DWELLING Lisa Ross aka Lisa Henze Ross aka Lisa H. D’Alfonso and Marilyn Mullen, adminstratrix of the estate of Helen Moore, deceased mortgagor and real owner C.P. April Term, 2013 No. 00729 $22,211.84 McCabe, Weisberg, & Conway, P.C. 1310-543 1241 Robbins Street 19111 53rd wd. 1744 Sq Ft BRT#531044100 IMPROVEMENTS: RESIDENTIAL PROPERTY Rochelle Anapol, Kenneth H. Anapol and Theresa Smith C.P. October Term, 2010 No. 03832 $132,828.62 KML Law Group, P.C. 1310-544 6010 Buist Avenue 19142 40th wd. 1160 Sq Ft BRT#402261500 IMPROVEMENTS: RESIDENTIAL PROPERTY Ebony Stewart as adminstratrix of the estate of Frankie L. Stewart, deceased C.P. November Term, 2012 No. 02720 $37,868.69 KML Law Group, P.C. 1310-545 4023 K Street 19124 33rd wd. 1120 Sq Ft BRT#332324800 IMPROVEMENTS: RESIDENTIAL PROPERTY Tinh

Thi Le and Tommy Thanh Tieu C.P. January Term, 2013 No. 02031 $87,096.33 KML Law Group, P.C. 1310-546 1310 Wagner Avenue 19141 49th wd. 2000 Sq Ft BRT#493018000 IMPROVEMENTS: RESIDENTIAL PROPERTY John Wiggins C.P. April Term, 2011 No. 02170 $83,205.65 KML Law Group, P.C. 1310-547 3313 Knorr Street 19149 55th wd. 1754.50 Sq Ft BRT#551217300 IMPROVEMENTS: RESIDENTIAL PROPERTY Amanda L. Mitch aka Amanda Mitch C.P. February Term, 2013 No. 01686 $166,166.67 KML Law Group, P.C. 1310-548 2307 Almond Street 19125 31st wd. 889 Sq Ft BRT#312086000 IMPROVEMENTS: RESIDENTIAL PROPERTY William J. Collins Jr C.P. April Term, 2010 No. 01769 $117,886.27 KML Law Group, P.C. 1310-549 356 East Meehan Avenue 19119 22nd wd. 1671.71 Sq Ft BRT#222089100 IMPROVEMENTS: RESIDENTIAL PROPERTY Frenchy Risco C.P. June Term, 2009 No. 00538 $211,880.04 KML Law Group, P.C. 1310-550 1257 North Newkirk Street 19121 29th wd. 5704 Sq Ft BRT#884460445 IMPROVEMENTS: RESIDENTIAL PROPERTY Elser Street Properties, LLC C.P. November Term, 2010 No. 02086 $109,292.79 KML Law Group, P.C. 1310-551 150 East Walnut Lane 19144 59th wd. 2614.62 Sq Ft BRT#592059400 IMPROVEMENTS: RESIDENTIAL PROPERTY Diamond A. Webb C.P. January Term, 2012 No. 01600 $122,927.68 KML Law Group, P.C. 1310-552 5464 North Marvine Street 19141 49th wd. 1260 Sq Ft BRT#493102400 IMPROVEMENTS: RESIDENTIAL PROPERTY Gennie W Carter C.P. September Term, 2012 No. 02872 $19,627.04 KML Law Group, P.C. 1310-553 5312 North 2nd Street 19120 42nd wd. 2008 Sq Ft BRT#422412100 IMPROVEMENTS: RESIDENTIAL PROPERTY Shirley M Hart C.P. November Term, 2009 No. 00965 $29,564.32 KML Law Group, P.C. 1310-554 3511 North 22nd Street 19140 11th wd. 2925 Sq Ft BRT#112307100 IMPROVEMENTS: RESIDENTIAL PROPERTY Shalimar Blakely C.P. March Term, 2010 No. 00870 $89,402.55 KML Law Group, P.C. 1310-555 3314 Welsh Road 19136 64th wd. 2051 Sq Ft BRT#642307300 IMPROVEMENTS: RESIDENTIAL PROPERTY Thomas J Barrett Jr C.P. October Term, 2008 No. 02774 $143,413.12 KML Law Group, P.C.


1310-576 1147 South 61st Street 19143 3rd wd. 1591 Sq Ft BRT#033225200 IMPROVEMENTS: RESIDENTIAL PROPERTY Rosalinid D. Miles aka Rosalind Miles-Thompson C.P. March Term, 2013 No. 02807 $82,623.46 KML Law Group, P.C. 1310-577 1336 Steinber Street 19124 33rd wd. 877.50 Sq Ft BRT#331243800 IMPROVEMENTS: RESIDENTIAL PROPERTY Alan Stasson C.P. March Term, 2013 No. 03284 $37,045.92 KML Law Group, P.C. 1310-578 5959 Upland Way 191312233 52nd wd. 1320.48 Sq Ft BRT#522010900 IMPROVEMENTS: RESIDENTIAL PROPERTY Wanda Henry C.P. January Term, 1999 No. 01690 $69,848.43 KML Law Group, P.C. 1310-579 2113 East Clementine Street 19134 25th wd. 1466.25 Sq Ft BRT#252266800 IMPROVEMENTS: RESIDENTIAL PROPERTY The unknown heirs of Theresa A. Griffin aka Theresa Griffin, deceased, Nigel Griffin, solely in his capacity as Heir of Theresa A. Griffin aka Theresa Griffin, deceased, Walida Armstrong, solely in her capacity as heir of Theresa A. Griffin, aka Theresa Griffin, deceased and Alexander Griffin, solely in his capacity as heir of Theresa A. Griffin aka Theresa Griffin, deceased C.P. June Term, 2012 No. 03035 $29,268.11 KML Law Group, P.C. 1310-580 236 West Sparks Street 19120 61st wd. 1050 Sq Ft BRT#611251800 IMPROVEMENTS: RESIDENTIAL PROPERTY Michelle Carter C.P. October Term, 2012 No. 00051 $51,795.67 KML Law Group, P.C. 1310-581 3940 I Street 19124 33rd wd. 1599.18 Sq Ft BRT#332148100 IMPROVEMENTS: RESIDENTIAL PROPERTY Evelyn Alvelo and Jesse Alvelo C.P. January Term, 2013 No. 01735 $106,610.45 KML Law Group, P.C. 1310-582 4522 Carwithan Street 19136 65th wd. 1894.80 Sq Ft BRT#652119300 IMPROVEMENTS: RESIDENTIAL PROPERTY Jorge Lopez C.P. March Term, 2012 No. 03592 $140,942.44 KML Law Group, P.C. 1310-583 2724 Stevens Street 19149 62nd wd. 1005 Sq Ft BRT#621198400 IMPROVEMENTS: RESIDENTIAL PROPERTY William T. Martin Administrator of the estate of Roberta A. Martin, deceased C.P. October Term, 2012 No. 00070 $51,812.28 KML Law Group, P.C. 1310-584 9921 Bustleton Avenue aka 9921 Bustleton Avenue Unit o2 19115-1505 88th wd. 0 Sq Ft PRCL#888580831 IMPROVEMENTS: CONDOMINIUM PROPERTY Svetlana Zakurdayev, Leonid Zakurdayev C.P. January Term, 2012 No. 02564 $135,435.72 Phelan Hallinan,


1310-585 7144 Cottage Street 191351202 41st wd. 1440 Sq Ft PRCL#412286200 IMPROVEMENTS: RESIDENTIAL PROPERTY Wendell Bissainthe C.P. November Term, 2012 No. 02771 $146,717.43 Phelan Hallinan, LLP 1310-586 133 Osborn Street 191283716 21st wd. 1782 Sq Ft PRCL#213046700 IMPROVEMENTS: RESIDENTIAL PROPERTY Stephanie Palmer, Justin Palmer C.P. January Term, 2013 No. 03872 $228,516.46 Phelan Hallinan, LLP 1310-587 1931 East Pike Street 191244431 45th wd. 1335.60 Sq Ft PRCL#452219700 IMPROVEMENTS: RESIDENTIAL PROPERTY Alberto Claudio C.P. September Term, 2012 No. 01226 $55,383.62 Phelan Hallinan, LLP 1310-588 4558 Maple Stree 191363716 41st wd. 2350.10 Sq Ft PRCL#651098000 IMPROVEMENTS: RESIDENTIAL PROPERTY Sara J. Marcucci C.P. June Term, 2010 No. 03916 $121,223.86 Phelan Hallinan, LLP 1310-589 1900 Lott Street aka 1900 Lott Avenue 19115-3216 58th wd. 6750 Sq Ft PRCL#581044900 IMPROVEMENTS: RESIDENTIAL PROPERTY Adel Etreih C.P. March Term, 2009 No. 01971 $356,845.64 Phelan Hallinan, LLP 1310-590 2209 South Colorado Street 19145-3808 26th wd. 703.25 Sq Ft PRCL#3262021300 IMPROVEMENTS: RESIDENTIAL PROPERTY Guiseppi R. White C.P. August Term, 2012 No. 00371 $89,152.48 Phelan Hallinan, LLP 1310-591 820 South Saint Bernard Street 19143-3309 61st wd. 2100 Sq Ft PRCL#27S4138 IMPROVEMENTS: RESIDENTIAL PROPERTY Fatin Dantzler C.P. November Term, 2011 No. 00788 $346,254.96 Phelan Hallinan, LLP 1310-592 2115 South Woodstock Street 19145-3508 48th wd. 783.75 Sq Ft PRCL#481333200 IMPROVEMENTS: RESIDENTIAL PROPERTY Marjorie Wilkinson aka Margie Wilkinson aka Margurite Wilkinson C.P. October Term, 2009 No. 01796 $114,085.11 Phelan Hallinan, LLP 1310-593 1200 West Oregon Avenue 19148-4328 39th wd. 1465.20 Sq Ft PRCL#395021200 IMPROVEMENTS: RESIDENTIAL PROPERTY Joseph J. Doyle C.P. August Term, 2012 No. 00381 $247,124.14 Phelan Hallinan, LLP 1310-594 2104 Melvin Street 191313018 52nd wd. 1297.60 Sq Ft PRCL#522249900 IMPROVEMENTS: RESIDENTIAL PROPERTY Christopher Ming C.P. March Term, 2013 No. 02988 $141,939.66 Phelan Hallinan, LLP 1310-595 2312 Nicholas Street aka 2312 West Nicholas Street 19121-



2912 29th wd. 781.83 Sq Ft PRCL#12N100221 IMPROVEMENTS: RESIDENTIAL PROPERTY Aris S Cottman C.P. March Term, 2013 No. 02745 $60,880.23 Phelan Hallinan, LLP 1310-596 901 South 47th Street 191433618 46th wd. 2990 Sq Ft PRCL#461195400 IMPROVEMENTS: RESIDENTIAL PROPERTY Joachim V. Treichel, aka Joachim Treichel, aka Joachim V C Treichel C.P. February Term, 2012 No. 00504 $350,779.17 Phelan Hallinan, LLP 1310-597 1916 Delancey Place 191036612 8th wd. 1800 Sq Ft PRCL#081033600 IMPROVEMENTS: RESIDENTIAL PROPERTY Marc Dambrosio C.P. July Term, 2012 No. 03561 $813,935.22 Phelan Hallinan, LLP 1310-598 4220 Magee Avenue 191352607 55th wd. 1978.56 Sq Ft PRCL#552141500 IMPROVEMENTS: RESIDENTIAL PROPERTY Thanh M. Vo, Zam Vo, Thuyen H. Vo aka Thuyen H. Pham C.P. March Term, 2013 No. 02736 $125,563.59 Phelan Hallinan, LLP 1310-599 1641 North Robinson Street 19151-3935 34th wd. 1434.56 Sq Ft PRCL#342277000 IMPROVEMENTS: RESIDENTIAL PROPERTY George Akanno, Felicitas Akanno C.P. August Term, 2012 No. 00198 $54,013.93 Phelan Hallinan, LLP 1310-600 6700 Dicks Avenue 191422605 40th wd. 1486.25 Sq Ft PRCL#406290300 IMPROVEMENTS: RESIDENTIAL PROPERTY Thanh Nguyen C.P. January Term, 2012 No. 01018 $93,665.85 Phelan Hallinan, LLP 1310-601 5848 Sansom Street 19139 60TH wd. 1420.73 Sq Ft BRT#604160800 IMPROVEMENTS: RESIDENTIAL DWELLING Lisa Thomas C.P. March Term, 2010 No. 5458 $81,758.46 Powers, Kirn, & Javardian, LLC 1310-602 2138 E Sanger Street 41st wd. Situate on the southwesterly side of Sanger Street at a distance of Two hundred seventy-five feet eight inches southeasterwardly from the southeasterly side of Torresdale Avenue IMPROVEMENTS: ROW B/GAR 2 STY MASONRY Wilson Acevedo and Jennifer Groce C.P. February Term, 2013 No. 00676 $103,522.44 Chandra M. Arkema, Esquire 1310-603 3326 W Cumberland Street 28th wd. Situate on the south side of Cumberland Street at the distance of 203 ft 4 inches westward from the west side of 33rd Street IMPROVEMENTS: ROW 2 STY, MASONRY D’Andre T. Parmley C.P. April Term, 2013 No. 00373 $72,848.98 Chandra M. Arkema, Esquire 1310-604 2007 74th Avenue 10th wd. Situate on the northeast side of Seventy-fourth Avenue (sixty feet wide) at the distance of Fifth-nine Foot eleven inches

northewestward from the northwest side of Twentieth Street IMPROVEMENTS: ROW B/ GAR 2 STY MASONRY Ruth P. Burnett (deceased) C.P. May Term, 2013 No. 00923 $109,884.34 Chandra M. Arkema, Esquire 1310-605 1616 W Juniata Street 13th wd. Situate on the southeast side of Juniata Street at the distance of Four hundred ninety-four feet eight inches northeastward from the northeast side of Germantown Avenue IMPROVEMENTS: ROW 2 STY MASONRY Mark Byrd C.P. April Term, 2013 No. 03536 $44,589.84 Chandra M. Arkema, Esquire 1310-606 4211 Chippendale Street 19136-3603 65th wd. 1274 Sq Ft BRT#651123900 IMPROVEMENTS: RESIDENTIAL DWELLING Jason Gensamer, Laura Gensamer C.P. March Term, 2013 No. 00877 $168,045.59 Udren Law Offices, P.C. 1310-607 4639 Umbria Street 19127 21st wd. 1937.80 Sq Ft BRT#211468700 IMPROVEMENTS: RESIDENTIAL DWELLING Jeremiah M. Tanious C.P. March Term, 2013 No. 03389 $248,013.20 Udren Law Offices, P.C. 1310-608 2314 East Harold Street 19125 31st wd. 1024 Sq Ft BRT#314172500 IMPROVEMENTS: RESIDENTIAL DWELLING Michael Bickel C.P. April Term, 2013 No. 00380 $85,268.43 Udren Law Offices, P.C. 1310-609 6208 Master Street 191514117 34th wd. 900 Sq Ft BRT#342027000 IMPROVEMENTS: RESIDENTIAL DWELLING Judy A. Boyd C.P. May Term, 2011 No. 03226 $64,825.74 Udren Law Offices, P.C. 1310-610 1403 E Cheltenham Ave 19124 62nd wd. 1265.75 Sq Ft BRT#621079500 IMPROVEMENTS: RESIDENTIAL DWELLING Juanita Aponte C.P. May Term, 2012 No. 00021 $105,783.47 Udren Law Offices, P.C. 1310-611 115 S 61st Street 19139 46th wd. 1326.75 Sq Ft BRT#031170200 IMPROVEMENTS: RESIDENTIAL DWELLING Angelique Pressley, Samuel Pressley C.P. March Term, 2012 No. 00532 $45,631.91 Udren Law Offices, P.C. 1310-612 4925 Ella Street nka 4925 Ella Street 19136 42nd wd. 1232 Sq Ft BRT#421312600 IMPROVEMENTS: RESIDENTIAL DWELLING Daniel Mcilhenney, Paul Wilhite C.P. March Term, 2013 No. 03736 $43,972.72 Udren Law Offices, P.C. 1310-613 6822 N 15th Sreet 19126 10th wd. (formerly part of the 50th wd.) 1705 Sq Ft BRT#101020600 IMPROVEMENTS: RESIDENTIAL DWELLING Alexander Z. Payne, Sr C.P. September Term, 2010 No. 00724

I p h i l a d e l p h i a w e e k ly 4 9

PRCL#532030700 IMPROVEMENTS: RESIDENTIAL PROPERTY Laquanda A. Mccoullum aka Laquanda McCoullom aka Laquanda Mccoullum C.P. September Term, 2012 No. 03011 $141,508.79 Phelan Hallinan, LLP 1310-566 819 Caledonia Street 191281104 21st wd. 16196.70 Sq Ft BRT#214116265 IMPROVEMENTS: RESIDENTIAL PROPERTY James R Barkley, Kimberly L. Barkley C.P. August Term, 2009 No. 03837 $347,843.74 Phelan Hallinan, LLP 1310-567 1200 Gilham street 19111 53rd wd. 1946 Sq Ft BRT#531156900 IMPROVEMENTS: RESIDENTIAL PROPERTY Edward A. Torres C.P. August Term, 2012 No. 02278 $168,772.10 KML Law Group, P.C. 1310-568 245 Byberry Road 19116 58th wd. 2688 Sq Ft BRT#583000710 IMPROVEMENTS: RESIDENTIAL PROPERTY Sherri A Verdon C.P. June Term, 2012 No. 03353 $178,977.40 KML Law Group, P.C. 1310-569 1214 Frederal Street 19147 2nd wd. 1134 Sq Ft BRT#021272200 IMPROVEMENTS: RESIDENTIAL PROPERTY Ernest Wilkie C.P. February Term, 2013 No. 01655 $246,006.80 KML Law Group, P.C. 1310-570 8415 Provident Street 19150 50th wd. 1448.90 Sq Ft BRT#501192000 IMPROVEMENTS: RESIDENTIAL PROPERTY Charles A. Wardlaw C.P. October Term, 2008 No. 00324 $117,926.23 KML Law Group, P.C. 1310-571 4324 Pilling Street 19124 23rd wd. 1406.50 Sq Ft BRT#234239900 IMPROVEMENTS: RESIDENTIAL PROPERTY Antonio Nevarez and Jessica Nevarez C.P. February Term, 2010 No. 02186 $79,402.61 KML Law Group, P.C. 1310-572 5243 Wissahickon Avenue 19144 12th wd. 2213.61 Sq Ft BRT#123245010 IMPROVEMENTS: RESIDENTIAL PROPERTY Jada Pennick and Charles H. Pennick C.P. October Term, 2012 No. 04267 $208,289.06 KML Law Group, P.C. 1310-573 1158 South 52nd Street 19143 51st wd. 1552 Sq Ft BRT#511200300 IMPROVEMENTS: RESIDENTIAL PROPERTY Mickey R. Davis C.P. March Term, 2013 No. 03111 $65,136.37 KML Law Group, P.C. 1310-574 6532 Lansdowne Avenue 19151 34th wd. 1395 Sq Ft BRT#344019500 IMPROVEMENTS: RESIDENTIAL PROPERTY Basil A Scott and Janice V Scott C.P. March Term, 2011 No. 03346 $147,137.94 KML Law Group, P.C. 1310-575 4611 Oakmont Street 19136 65th wd. 1136 Sq Ft BRT#651083400 IMPROVEMENTS: RESIDENTIAL PROPERTY Drexel Morlte C.P. March Term, 2013 No. 03127 $142,295.84 KML Law Group,



1310-556 3014 Hellerman Street 19149 55th wd. 2161.25 Sq Ft BRT#551039200 IMPROVEMENTS: RESIDENTIAL PROPERTY Unknown heirs of Harry H Baker, deceased and Harry Hoch, solely in his capacity as Harry H Baker, deceased C.P. December Term, 2012 No. 03254 $140,794.06 KML Law Group, P.C. 1310-557 5313 Delancey Street 19143 60th wd. 870 Sq Ft BRT#603071000 IMPROVEMENTS: RESIDENTIAL PROPERTY Unknown heirs of Ruth Williams, deceaesd and Joyce Craig-Murray, solely in her capacity as heir of Ruth Williams, deceased C.P. December Term, 2012 No. 02786 $76,026.88 KML Law Group, P.C. 1310-558 2216 Bryn Mawr Avenue 19131 52nd wd. 4207 Sq Ft BRT#521270200 IMPROVEMENTS: RESIDENTIAL PROPERTY Dwight Johns, solely in his capacity as heir of Blanche Johns, deceased C.P. February Term, 2013 No. 00138 $171,640.80 KML Law Group, P.C. 1310-559 3838 Cambridge Street 19104 24th wd. 1395 Sq Ft BRT#243208800 IMPROVEMENTS: RESIDENTIAL PROPERTY Julian David Burnett C.P. February Term, 2010 No. 00538 $58,576.54 kmo 1310-560 516 East Cabot Street 19125 18th wd. 1440 Sq Ft BRT#181376800 IMPROVEMENTS: RESIDENTIAL PROPERTY Colleen Booth and Jacomb Timothy Booth C.P. March Term, 2011 No. 00907 $212,299.17 KML Law Group, P.C. 1310-561 102 West Apsley Street 19144 12th wd. 2278.28 Sq Ft BRT#123002830 IMPROVEMENTS: RESIDENTIAL PROPERTY Lashawndrea Price and Syid Price C.P. February Term, 2012 No. 03337 $227,765.18 KML Law Group, P.C. 1310-562 1116 East Tioga Street 19134 33rd wd. 1345.55 Sq Ft BRT#331208600 IMPROVEMENTS: RESIDENTIAL PROPERTY David R Prado C.P. March Term, 2013 No. 02602 $65,952.91 KML Law Group, P.C. 1310-563 5130 Newhall Street 191444020 12TH wd. 2491 Sq Ft PRCL#123221900 IMPROVEMENTS: RESIDENTIAL PROPERTY Jay Longshore aka Jay A. Longshore, aka Jay Alan Longshore, Sakuntala Lonshore C.P. June Term, 2012 No. 02386 $59,576.15 Phelan Hallinan, LLP 1310-564 1320 East Oxford Street 191253217 18th wd. 1149.72 Sq Ft PRCL#181075800 IMPROVEMENTS: RESIDENTIAL PROPERTY Kevin Francis Miller C.P. July Term, 2012 No. 02370 $78,325.66 Phelan Hallinan, LLP 1310-565 1236 Fanshawe Street 191114924 35th wd. 1900.50 Sq Ft


september 118 -


p h i l a d e l p h i a w e e k l y. c o m I


I p h i l a d e l p h i a w e e k l y. c o m

- 25

5 0 p h i l a d e l p h i a w e e k ly I S e p t e m b e r 1 8







$147,131.01 Udren Law Offices, P.C. 1310-614 2760 Island Avenue 19153 40th wd. 1120 Sq Ft BRT#405753400 IMPROVEMENTS: RESIDENTIAL DWELLING Dawn Brown, Gregory A. Brown, Sr C.P. April Term, 2013 No. 01011 $153,614.65 Udren Law Offices, P.C. 1310-615 164 N Millick St 19139 34th wd. 1426 Sq Ft BRT#341124100 IMPROVEMENTS: RESIDENTIAL DWELLING Ronald Tolbert C.P. March Term, 2013 No. 03390 $160,786.99 Udren Law Offices, P.C. 1310-616 2235 South 18th Street 191453832 26th wd. 997.50 Sq Ft PRCL#262060700 IMPROVEMENTS: RESIDENTIAL PROPERTY Bernard Zerambo C.P. June Term, 2012 No. 00062 $213,688.53 Phelan Hallinan, LLP 1310-617 5615 Catharine Street 46th wd. Land area: 1065 Sq Ft BRT#463095700 IMPROVEMENTS: ROW 2 STORY MASONRY Brigette Campbell C.P. November Term, 2012 No. 02568 $84,363.06 Milstead & Associates, LLC 1310-618 110 West Chew Avenue 61st wd. 1792 Sq Ft BRT#105N18266 IMPROVEMENTS: ROW CONV/APR 2 STORY MASONRY Wahabit Edwards C.P. December Term, 2003 No. 002181 $76,357.47 Milstead & Associates, LLC 1310-619 3354 E Street 7th wd. (formerly part of the 33rd wd.) Land area 749 Sq Ft BRT#073195900 IMPROVEMENTS: ROW 2 STORY, MASONRY Jorge L. Mateo, Jr C.P. August Term, 2012 No. 02299 $62,051.66 Milstead & Associates, LLC 1310-620 4850 Brown Street 44th wd. 1169.9 Sq Ft BRT#441364300 IMPROVEMENTS: RESIDENTIAL DWELLING Vivian Bennett as Administratrix of the Estate of Archie Tarpley, deceased C.P. May Term, 2012 No. 03965 $84,375.20 Law Offices of Gregory Javardian 1310-621 2729 South Sheridan Street 19148 39th wd. 920 Sq Ft BRT#395178200 IMPROVEMENTS: RESIDENTIAL DWELLING Xin Gao C.P. January Term, 2013 No. 003602 $82,122.96 Martha E. Von Rosenstiel, Esquire; Heather Riloff, Esquire 1310-622 2649 South Camac Street 19148 39th wd. 708 Sq Ft BRT#394342600 IMPROVEMENTS: RESIDENTIAL DWELLING Anthony M. Macaluso C.P. March Term, 2013 No. 003421 $219,606.87 Martha E. Von Rosenstiel, Esquire; Heather Riloff, Esquire 1310-623 2110 Federal Street 19146 36th wd. 1034.11 Sq Ft BRT#361044800 IMPROVEMENTS: RESIDENTIAL DWELLING Chanel Cunningham C.P. March Term, 2013 No. 000361 $201,513.34 Martha E. Von Rosenstiel, Esquire;

Heather Riloff, Esquire 1310-624 6044 Lawndale Avenue 19111 35th wd. Land area 1916 Sq Ft BRT#352318610 IMPROVEMENTS: RESIDENTIAL DWELLING Steve M. NG C.P. April Term, 2013 No. 003179 $128,985.17 Martha E. Von Rosenstiel, Esquire; Heather Riloff, Esquire 1310-625 2951 Disston Street 19149 55th wd. 2624.06 Sq Ft BRT#551307200 IMPROVEMENTS: RESIDENTIAL DWELLING Jeffrey E. Degnan C.P. January Term, 2013 No. 003552 $84,544.71 martha E. Von Rosenstiel, Esquire; Heather Riloff, Esquire 1310-626 400 Roselyn Street 19120 61st wd. 1050 Sq Ft BRT#612176000 IMPROVEMENTS: RESIDENTIAL DWELLING Robert A. Adedinsewo C.P. January Term, 2013 003573 $110,613.49 Martha E. Von Rosenstiel, Esquire; Heather Riloff, Esquire 1310-627 837 Scattergood Street 19124 35th wd. 1038.10 Sq Ft BRT#351164100 IMPROVEMENTS: RESIDENTIAL DWELLING Qing Y Lin C.P. March Term, 2013 No. 000623 $70,460.64 Martha E. Von Rosenstiel, Esquire; Heather Riloff, Esquire 1310-628 4238 Longshore Avenue 19135 55th wd. Land area: 2825.64 Sq Ft BRT#552174100 IMPROVEMENTS: RESIDENTIAL DWELLING Alisa Bensel and Elijah Munoz C.P. March Term, 2013 No. 01434 $172,174.36 Martha E. Von Rosenstiel, Esquire; Heather Riloff, Esquire 1310-629 842 North 19th Street, Unit A 19130 15th wd. Land area: 0 Sq Ft res condo 3 sty masonry BRT#888153918 IMPROVEMENTS: RESIDENTIAL DWELLING Karen A. Jackson and Cheryle Jackson C.P. August Term, 2012 001116 $360,027.24 Martha E. Von Rosenstiel, Esquire, Heather Riloff, Esquire 1310-630A 1218-1222 Snyder Ave 39th wd. Southerly side of Snyder St 0 ft east of Iseminger St, front 50 ft, depth 74 ft Superior Plumbing Supply, Inc C.P. April Term, 2013 No. 05022 $973,753.10 McGrath 1310-630B 2109 S Iseminger St 39th wd. Southeasterly side of Iseminger 77ft south of Snyder front 43 ft, depth 50 ft Superior Plumbing Supply, Inc C.P. April Term, 2013 No. 05022 $973,753.10 McGrath Law Group 1310-631 5913 Ellsworth Street 3rd wd. (formerly part of the 46th wd.) 1760 Sq Ft BRT#033133600 IMPROVEMENTS: ROW 2 STORY MASONRY Chantille A. Jackson C.P. March Term, 2012 No. 00012 $92,326.32 Milstead & Associates, LLC 1310-632 6420 Garman Street 40th wd. 1120 Sq Ft BRT#406265100 IMPROVEMENTS: ROW BAR/ GAR 2 STORY MASONRY Dolores Fahy and Joseph P. Fahy, Jr C.P. October Term, 2011 No. 00339 $105,376.02 Milstead & Associates, LLC

1310-633 1217 North 52nd Street 44th wd. 1416 Sq Ft BRT#442278700 IMPROVEMENTS: STR/OFF + APTS 2 STORY MASONRY Chris White aka Chris Charles White and Myra White aka Myra Charles White C.P. December Term, 2008 No. 002465 $99,003.58 Milstead & Associates, LLC 1310-634 926 Belmont Avenue 34th wd. 1520 Sq Ft BRT#98N579 IMPROVEMENTS: S/D CONV APARTMENT 3 STORY MASONRY James Watson C.P. September Term, 2012 No. 00607 $163,378.24 Milstead & Associates, LLC 1310-635 915 Washington Avenue 2nd wd. 765.28 Sq Ft BRT#021148300 IMPROVEMENTS: ROW 3 STORY MASONRY Tri Tran and Le Ngoc Duong C.P. February Term, 2013 No. 01022 $377,699.75 Milstead & Associates, LLC 1310-636 1448 West Loudon Street 13th wd. 1125 Sq Ft BRT#132401400 IMPROVEMENTS: ROW W-OFF/STR 2 STORY MASONRY Andre H. Mitchell C.P. September Term, 2011 No. 02241 $157,056.60 Milstead & Associates, LLC 1310-637 5305 Saul Street 62nd wd. (fomerly part of the 23rd wd.) 1388.05 Sq Ft BRT#621463900 IMPROVEMENTS: ROW 2 STORY MASONRY Dianne Ricketts C.P. November Term, 2012 No. 02573 $66,312.18 Milstead & Associates, LLC 1310-638 6619 Ridge Avenue 21st wd. 31142 Sq Ft BRT#97N040099 IMPROVEMENTS: AUTO REPAIR SHOP MASONRY Classic Performance Group, LLC and Chester J. Franczyk, III Guarantor C.P. January Term, 2013 No. 002090 $372,197.72 Milstead & Associates, LLC 1310-639 2108 Green Street 15th wd. 1318.56 Sq Ft BRT#152035500 IMPROVEMENTS: ROW CONV/APARTMENT 3 STORY MASONRY Thomas B. Leiser C.P. November Term, 2008 No. 02788 $237,202.36 Milstead & Associates, LLC 1310-640 234 Lindley Avenue 42nd wd. 2097.92 Sq Ft BRT#422187300 IMPROVEMENTS: ROW W/ DET GAR 2 STORY MASONRY Kevin H. Price C.P. September Term, 2012 No. 01552 $66,617.54 Milstead & Associates, LLC 1310-641 3570 Stouton Street 45th wd. 816.48 Sq Ft BRT#452396600/ PRCL#26N2257 IMPROVEMENTS: ROW 2 STORY MASONRY Leroy Lighty, Original Mortgagor and Real Owner and Jennina A. Lighty, Real Owner C.P. September Term, 2012 No. 00052 $45,963.71 Milstead & Associates, LLC 1310-642 5619 Spruce Street 60th wd. 1936 Sq Ft BRT#604065800 IMPROVEMENTS: RESIDENTIAL DWELLING Lynn Real Estate Holdings, LLC, Anthony Lynn and United States of America C.P. July Term, 2012 No. 00379 $82,908.48 Law Offices of Gregory Javardian

1310-643 3241 North Dover Street 19129 38th wd. 831.14 Sq Ft BRT#381274300 IMPROVEMENTS: RESIDENTIAL PROPERTY Unknown heirs of Henry C. Taylor, deceased, Mark Taylor, solely in his capacity as Heir of Henry C. Taylor, deceased and Robin Taylor, solely in her capacity as heir of Henry C. Taylor, deceased. C.P. December Term, 2012 No. 01409 $174,521.00 KML Law Group, P.C. 1310-644 6909 Forrest Avenue 19138 10th wd. 1500 Sq Ft BRT#102527800 IMPROVEMENTS: RESIDENTIAL PROPERTY Anita K. WeldonPalmore, as the adminstratrix of the estate of John L. Palmore, deceased. C.P. January Term, 2013 No. 01469 $61,932.77 KML Law Group, P.C. 1310-645 141 Linton Street 19120 61st wd. 1054.69 Sq Ft BRT#612145501 IMPROVEMENTS: RESIDENTIAL PROPERTY Laneeke Long C.P. December Term, 2009 No. 02519 $48,053.00 KML Law Group, P.C. 1310-646 5663 Matthews Street 19138 12th wd. 900 Sq Ft BRT#122296500 IMPROVEMENTS: RESIDENTIAL PROPERTY Thanya Redman C.P. March Term, 2013 No. 02301 $130,751.76 KML Law Group, P.C. 1310-647 1005 South Chadwick Street 19146 30th wd. 800 Sq Ft BRT#301315700 IMPROVEMENTS: RESIDENTIAL PROPERTY Joan H. ShawEnnis C.P. March Term, 2013 No. 00504 $181,619.53 KML Law Group, P.C. 1310-648 1417 Betsy Ross Place 19122 20th wd. 1602 Sq Ft BRT#202269100 IMPROVEMENTS: RESIDENTIAL PROPERTY Annette James C.P. March Term, 2013 No. 04072 $56,471.86 KML Law Group, P.C. 1310-649 54 East Herman Street aka 54 Herman Street 191442017 59th wd. 2475.10 Sq Ft PRCL#592079800 IMPROVEMENTS: RESIDENTIAL PROPERTY Sharita Jones, individually and in her capacity as Co-administratrix CTA of the estate of George Jones aka George Bernard Jones, Sr.. Stacy R. Jones, dividually and in her capacity as Co-administratrix CTA of the estate of George Jones aka George Bernard Jones, Sr. Trina Drinks, in her capacity as Co-administrator CTA of the estate of George Jones aka George Bernard Jones, Sr. Unknown heirs, successors, assigns, and all persons, firms, or associations claiming right, title, or interest from or under George Jones, deceased. C.P. February Term, 2013 No. 02175 $27,567.99 Phelan Hallinan, LLP 1310-650 1808 South 9th Street 191481660 1st wd. 912 Sq Ft PRCL#012387900 IMPROVEMENTS: RESIDENTIAL PROPERTY Mohamed A. Menaldi C.P. February Term,

2012 No. 03243 $253,125.23 Phelan Hallinan, LLP 1310-651 5915 Agusta Street 191493607 53rd wd. 1123.75 Sq Ft PRCL#531255100 IMPROVEMENTS: RESIDENTIAL PROPERTY Frederick J. Weidman, Jr., Lynda Weidman aka Lynda Springman C.P. November Term, 2011 No. 00358 $56,476.77 Phelan Hallinan, LLP 1310-652 5835 North Park Avenue 19141-3102 49th wd. 2368.20 Sq Ft PRCL#493229900 IMPROVEMENTS: RESIDENTIAL PROPERTY Ronald Wilbur Smith C.P. August Term, 2012 No. 01543 $97,193.99 Phelan Hallinan, LLP 1310-653 2019 Lansing Street 191523609 56th wd. 2525 Sq Ft PRCL#561480900 IMPROVEMENTS: RESIDENTIAL PROPERTY Sadallah Ahmad, Ashraf Ahmad C.P. February Term, 2013 No. 00810 $167,769.29 Phelan Hallinan, LLP 1310-654 7369 Woolston Avenue 191381226 10th wd. 1280 Sq Ft PRCL#102418500 IMPROVEMENTS: RESIDENTIAL PROPERTY Shaina C. Battis C.P. December Term, 2010 No. 01407 $120,133.20 Phelan Hallinan, LLP 1310-655 2303 South 22nd Street 19145-3406 48th wd. 992 Sq Ft PRCL#482195200 IMPROVEMENTS: RESIDENTIAL PROPERTY Lamarr W. Mcneil C.P. May Term, 2012 No. 01648 $50,693.11 Phelan Hallinan, LLP 1310-656 4969 Pennway Street 191243505 23rd wd. 1464.94 Sq Ft PRCL#233108600 IMPROVEMENTS: RESIDENTIAL PROPERTY Delores T. Reed aka Delores T. Walker C.P. August Term, 2012 No. 01380 $75,395.83 Phelan Hallinan, LLP 1310-657 4135 North 8th Street 191402201 43rd wd. 1080.45 Sq Ft PRCL#433348700 IMPROVEMENTS: RESIDENTIAL PROPERTY Tabatha Mcelveen C.P. March Term, 2012 No. 00768 $30,329.15 Phelan Hallinan, LLP 1310-658 9130 Dale Road 19115-4208 56th wd. 7388.85 Sq Ft PRCL#562376300 IMPROVEMENTS: RESIDENTIAL PROPERTY Safeer Khan, Grace Khan C.P. January Term, 2013 No. 01850 $331,020.47 Phelan Hallinan, LLP 1310-659 932 Granite Street 191241731 35th wd. 1050 Sq Ft PRCL#351134800 IMPROVEMENTS: RESIDENTIAL PROPERTY Stephen Postell C.P. February Term, 2013 No. 00806 $96,148.88 Phelan Hallinan, LLP 1310-660 3915 North 10th Street 191403107 43rd wd. 816 Sq Ft PRCL#433157400 IMPROVEMENTS: RESIDENTIAL PROPERTY Marjorie Giddings C.P. September Term, 2012 No. 03430 $37,274.02 Phelan Hallinan, LLP

1310-661 4624 Wayne Avenue 191443624 22nd wd. 2842.50 Sq Ft PRCL#133091300 IMPROVEMENTS: RESIDENTIAL PROPERTY Alexander Bravershteyn, Igor Polin C.P. April Term, 2013 No. 01795 $216,207.86 Phelan Hallinan, LLP 1310-662 1927 Fitzgerald Street 19145-3612 26th wd. (formerly part of the 48th wd., late the 36th wd.) 672 Sq Ft PRCL#262258800 IMPROVEMENTS: RESIDENTIAL PROPERTY Leonard Apadula C.P. March Term, 2013 No. 01989 $111,105.21 Phelan Hallinan, LLP 1310-663 4911 Wyndale Avenue 19131-2613 52nd wd. 1440 Sq Ft PRCL#521168800 IMPROVEMENTS: RESIDENTIAL PROPERTY Jade B. Mitchell-Blackwood C.P. September Term, 2012 No. 03373 $154,827.04 Phelan Hallinan, LLP 1310-664 897 Carver Street 191241009 35th wd. 1262.80 Sq Ft PRCL#139N230298 IMPROVEMENTS: RESIDENTIAL PROPERTY Marie M. Polynice C.P. December Term, 2012 No. 01689 $104,443.69 Phelan Hallinan, LLP 1310-665 2023 South Simpson Street 19142-2023 40th wd. 750 Sq Ft PRCL#401189700 IMPROVEMENTS: RESIDENTIAL PROPERTY Daniel Dorestal aka Etienne Dorestal C.P. April Term, 2013 No. 02456 $15,996.19 Phelan Hallinan, LLP 1310-666 2832 Memphis Street 191344208 25th wd. 714 Sq Ft PRCL#252314200 IMPROVEMENTS: RESIDENTIAL PROPERTY James D. Busk C.P. April Term, 2013 No. 04945 $65,335.99 Phelan Hallinan, LLP 1310-667 7301 Shelbourne Street 191113011 63rd wd. 3360 Sq Ft PRCL#631097900 IMPROVEMENTS: RESIDENTIAL PROPERTY Kevin Kartasevich, Melissa Kartasevich C.P. February Term, 2013 No. 01835 $106,488.33 Phelan Hallinan, LLP 1310-668 3327 East Thompson Street 19134-5308 45th wd. 1296 Sq Ft PRCL#451233100 IMPROVEMENTS: RESIDENTIAL PROPERTY John R. Povernick C.P. November Term, 2011 No. 02197 $61,855.74 Phelan Hallinan, LLP 1310-669 6843 Algard Street 191352105 55th wd. 1252.80 Sq Ft PRCL#552376600 IMPROVEMENTS: RESIDENTIAL PROPERTY Kevin F. Miller C.P. July Term, 2012 No. 04326 $44,781.63 Phelan Hallinan, LLP 1310-670 329 North 9th Street aka 329 North 9th Street Unit A-8 19107-1409 5th wd. 1069.32 Sq Ft PRCL#056296105 IMPROVEMENTS: RESIDENTIAL PROPERTY Sam A. Sam C.P. December Term, 2012 No. 03129 $144,867.49 Phelan Hal-


1310-671 1354 Unruh Avenue 191114920 53rd wd. 1209 Sq Ft PRCL#532065100 IMPROVEMENTS: RESIDENTIAL PROPERTY Ana Burgos, Marta L. Diaz C.P. March Term, 2013 No. 01970 $104,954.92 Phelan Hallinan, LLP 1310-672 4618 North 13th Street 191401230 49th wd. 1522.36 Sq Ft PRCL#491511000 IMPROVEMENTS: RESIDENTIAL PROPERTY Melody Sanders, in her capacity as Administratrix and heir of the estate of Constance L. Sanders aka Constance Lee Sanders. Brian Keith Sanders, in his capacity as heir of the estate of Constance L. Sanders aka Constance Sanders. Unknown heirs, successors, assigns, and all persons, firms,






or associations claiming right, title, or interest from or under Constance L. Sanders aka Constance Lee Sanders, deceased. C.P. August Term, 2011 No. 04398 $49,299.06 Phelan Hallinan, LLP 1310-673 579 East Herman Street 19144-1018 59th wd. 918.90 Sq Ft PRCL#592091900 IMPROVEMENTS: RESIDENTIAL PROPERTY Maurice A. Brown, in his capacity as co-administrator and heir of the estate of Gregory Brown; Sherry Rhodes in her capacity as co-administratorof the estate of Gregory Brown; Paul Brown, in his capacity as heir of the Estate of Gregory Brown. Unknown heirs, successors, assigns, and all persons, firms, or associations claiming right, title, or interest from or under

Gregory Brown, deceased. C.P. February Term, 2012 No. 03110 $27,765.90 Phelan Hallinan, LLP 1310-674 5134 Parkside Avenue 191314715 44th wd. 1312 Sq Ft PRCL#521093900 IMPROVEMENTS: RESIDENTIAL PROPERTY Ella Deans-Francis C.P. September Term, 2012 No. 00033 $138,062.78 Phelan Hallinan, LLP 1310-675 1221 Stirling Street 191115837 53rd wd. 1744 Sq Ft PRCL#531055100 IMPROVEMENTS: RESIDENTIAL PROPERTY Mark S. Cooper, Jr., Tanya Kennedy C.P. April Term, 2012 No. 03076 $146,765.45 Phelan Hallinan, LLP 1310-676 2411 S Chadwick Street

19145 26th wd. 902 Sq Ft BRT#261316900 IMPROVEMENTS: RESIDENTIAL DWELLING Michael Sofi, Robert Polizzano, and Michele Polizzano C.P. March Term, 2012 No. 3629 $76,900.79 Weber Gallagher Simpson Stapleton Fires & Newby, LLP, Sarah A. Elia, Esq. 1310-677 6535 Guyer Avenue 19142 40th wd. TXPRCL#406307800 Subject to Mortgage Latishea T. Small C.P. April Term, 2013 No. 00460 $90,988.16 Kirsten S. Miniotts 1310-678 4222 Cottman Ave 19135 41st wd. 2000 Sq Ft BRT#871193650 Subject To Mortgage Yes, mortgage granted to MERS (as nominee for American Brokers Conduit) dated 2/8/07 and recorded

on 2/26/07 as document id #51639344. IMPROVEMENTS: SINGLE FAMILY RESIDENTIAL, STONE/BRICK ATTACKED DWELLING No Agent Properties, LLC C.P. June Term, 2010 No. 1090 $501,422.46 David J. Scaggs, Esquire, The Granger Firm 1310-679 5321 Hadfield Street 19143 51st wd. 1120 Sq Ft; ROW CONV/APT 2 STY MASONRY BRT#511103900 IMPROVEMENTS: RESIDENTIAL DWELLING Latanya Rose, known surviving heir of Janice Rose and all unknown suriving heirs of Janice Rose C.P. October Term, 2012 No. 02953 $54,649.19 McCabe, Weisberg, & Conway, P.C. 1310-680 5527 Ludlow Street 19139 60th wd. 1032 Sq Ft; ROW 2 STY

MASONRY BRT#604006400 IMPROVEMENTS: RESIDENTIAL DWELLING Property of Arlean D. Bowman, Known surviving heir of Laura Bowman, deceased mortgagor and real owner, Howard Bowman, Known surviving heir of Laura Bowman, deceased mortgagor and real owner, Vernatta Bowman, Known surviving heir of Laura Bowman, deceased mortgagor and real owner, Marcus Bowman, Known surviving heir of Laura Bowman, deceased mortgagor and real owner, all unknown surviving heirs of Laura Bowman, deceased mortgagor and real owner C.P. December Term, 2011 No. 00111 $40,513.87 McCabe, Weisberg, & Conway, P.C.

p h i l a d e l p h i a w e e k l y. c o m I

september 118 -


I p h i l a d e l p h i a w e e k ly 5 1

I p h i l a d e l p h i a w e e k l y. c o m

- 25

5 2 p h i l a d e l p h i a w e e k ly I S e p t e m b e r 1 8

Annual Public Notice of Special Education Services and Programs, Services for Gifted Students, and Services for Protected Handicapped Students Notice to Parents According to state and federal special education regulations, annual public notice to parents of children who reside within a school district is required regarding child find responsibilities. School districts, intermediate units and charter schools are required to conduct child find activities for children who may be eligible for services via Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973. For additional information related to Section 504/Chapter 15 services, the parent may refer to Section 504, Chapter 15, and the Basic Education Circular entitled Implementation of Chapter 15. Also, school districts are required to conduct child find activities for children who may be eligible for gifted services via 22 Pa Code Chapter 16. For additional information regarding gifted services, the parent may refer to 22 PA Code Chapter 16. If a student is both gifted and eligible for Special Education, the procedures in IDEA and Chapter 14 shall take precedence. This notice shall inform parents throughout the school district, intermediate unit, and charter school of the child identification activities and of the procedures followed to ensure confidentiality of information pertaining to students with disabilities or eligible young children. In addition to this public notice, each school district, intermediate unit, and charter school shall publish written information in the handbook and on the web site. Children ages three through twenty one can be eligible for special education programs and services. If parents believe that the child may be eligible for special education, the parent should contact the appropriate Regional Office or Charter School Principal identified at the end of this public notice. Children age three through the age of admission to first grade are also eligible if they have developmental delays and, as a result, need Special Education and related services. Developmental delay is defined as a child who is less than the age of beginners and at least 3 years of age and is considered to have a developmental delay when one of the following exists: (i) The childâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s score, on a developmental assessment device, on an assessment instrument which yields a score in months, indicates that the child is delayed by 25% of the childâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s chronological age in one or more developmental areas. (ii) The child is delayed in one or more of the developmental areas, as documented by test performance of 1.5 standard deviations below the mean on standardized tests. Developmental areas include cognitive, communicative, physical, social/emotional and self-help. For additional information you may contact Elwyn SEEDS at (215) 222-8054.

Evaluation Process Each school district, intermediate unit, and charter school has a procedure in place by which parents can request an evaluation. For information about procedures applicable to your child, contact the school, which your child attends. Telephone numbers and addresses can be found at the end of this notice. Parents of preschool age children, age three through five, may request an evaluation in writing by addressing a letter to Elwyn SEEDS at 4025 Chestnut Street, 2nd Floor, Philadelphia, PA 19104. Consent School entities cannot proceed with an evaluation, or with the initial provision of special education and related services, without the written consent of the parents. For additional information related to consent, please refer the Procedural Safeguards Notice which can be found at the PaTTAN website, www.Pattan. net. Once written parental consent is obtained, the district will proceed with the evaluation process. If the parent disagrees with the evaluation, the parent can request an independent education evaluation at public expense. Program Development Once the evaluation process is completed, a team of qualified professional and parents determine whether the child is eligible. If the child is eligible, the individualized education program team meets, develops the program, and determines the educational placement. Once the IEP team develops the program and determines the educational placement, school district staff, intermediate unit staff, or charter school staff will issue a notice of recommended educational placement/prior written notice. Your written consent is required before initial services can be provided. The parent has the right to revoke consent after initial placement. Confidentiality of Information: School districts, intermediate units and charter schools maintain records concerning all children enrolled in the school, including students with disabilities. All records are maintained in the strictest confidentiality. Your consent, or consent of an eligible child who has reached the age of majority under State law, must be obtained before personally identifiable information is released, except as permitted under the Family Education Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA). The age of majority in Pennsylvania is 21. Each participating agency must protect the confidentiality of personally identifiable information at collection, storage, disclosure, and destruction stages. One official at each participating agency must assume responsibility for ensuring the confidentiality of any personally identifiable information. Each participating agency must maintain, for public inspection, a current listing of the names and positions of those employees within the agency who have access to personally identifiable information. For additional information related to student records, the parent can refer to the Family Education Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) This notice is only a summary of the Special Education services, evaluation and screening activities, and rights and protections pertaining to children with disabilities, children thought to be disabled, and their parents. For more information or to request evaluation or screening of a public or private school child contact the responsible school entity listed below. For preschool age children, information, screenings and evaluations requested, may be obtained by contacting Elwyn SEEDS.


S E P T. 2 7 - O C T. 6




NABUCCO S A T . 09 / 28 / 13 6:00 pre-show 7:00 broadcast

Call 215.732.8400 for information Register for FREE tickets at


I p h i l a d e l p h i a w e e k ly 5 3




september 118 -

Opening night broadcast | Open-air seating | Open to all

p h i l a d e l p h i a w e e k l y. c o m I


I p h i l a d e l p h i a w e e k l y. c o m

- 25

5 4 p h i l a d e l p h i a w e e k ly I S e p t e m b e r 1 8

Don’t miss the region’s only Tall Ship event! OCT. 11 - 13, 2013 A weekend-long Festival with Tall Ships, live music, crafts, vendors and activities along the waterfront. The Festival also features great food from some of Philly's food trucks and the Pirate’s Lair kids zone presented by MetroKids!







September 18 – December 29, 2013


This exhibition is made possible by The Pew Center for Arts & Heritage. ICA thanks Hauser & Wirth and David Zwirner for their sponsorship and in-kind contributions. Marketing is supported by Lisa A. & Steven A. Tananbaum.

Institute of Contemporary Art University of Pennsylvania



n the basement at 1500 Sansom, of course, there’s Rumor, the sparkliest straight-folks dance club around. And then, a few floors upstairs, one finds a bunch of vaguely young-ish journalists trying to make some sense out of this crazy old world. In the middle, though, is where the season’s excitement lies: the brand spanking new seafood-and-steak joint Ocean Prime, a decadent restaurant and bar that just opened its doors last week with a VIP preview party that raised the stakes for poshness a few notches. / S.H.S. Want to see your scene in PW’s Drink City? Tweet us at @phillyweekly or email to

PICTURED: Bartender Lou Smith (below, pouring) greets the VIP crowd at Ocean Prime’s very first Friday night in business. (Photos by Al B. For /

september 118 -


I p h i l a d e l p h i a w e e k ly 5 5

DRINK CITY Know about a party, venue, or other upcoming fun we should know about? Friend us and send a message! Or email tips@ philadelphia

The party starts at Ocean Prime, Center City’s newest food & drink spot.

p h i l a d e l p h i a w e e k l y. c o m I

is PW’s new drinks & nightlife showcase! Look for this special section in our print edition every month— and stay up to date with what’s new and exciting by following us on Facebook and on Twitter at @phillyweekly.

An Optimal Night at Prime

I p h i l a d e l p h i a w e e k l y. c o m

- 25

5 6 p h i l a d e l p h i a w e e k ly I S e p t e m b e r 1 8

Year of Beer



Pumped for Pumpkin Ale Five craft beers that herald the fall equinox.



10AM - 3PM


Happy Hour Specials MONDAY THRU FRIDAY, 4-6PM

$2 OFF ALL DRAFTS • $3 WELL DRINKS $5 GLASSES OF WINE Happy Hour Menu Quizzo Nothing Over $5


Please like us on Facebook and join us on Twitter for all event updates and Abbaye Specials 637 N. 3RD STREET, PHILADELPHIA 215.627.6711 •



Brooklyn Post Road Pumpkin Ale. Now let’s reel it back in a bit. Years before pumpkin beers were trendy, Brooklyn was very quietly making their annual pumpkin ale under the Post Road label, helping set the stage for the pumpkin-beer boom we now experience annually. Brooklyn’s brew is tame by today’s standards, but it retains a drinkability many others can’t match; its light body, puffy head and lively carbonation are a far cry from the uber-spicy brews that now dominate this style. The pumpkins show through in the flavor without being overpowering, suggesting a sweeter-than-normal Oktoberfest. It’s a great accompaniment to traditional autumn meals, and you can have a pint at Fox and Hound or Falls Taproom.


Weyerbacher Imperial Pumpkin. When it comes to breweries who release their pumpkin ales way too early in the year, Easton, Pa.’s Weyerbacher is among the guiltiest of the guilty, pushing out Imperial Pumpkin in mid-July. That’s absurd. It’s easy to forgive, though, since the beer is so damn good. At a robust 8 percent ABV, this is no shrinking violet of a beer, either in alcohol content or taste. It’s rich and hearty from the use of real pumpkin—most pumpkin ales don’t incorporate any actual pumpkin, instead deriving their pumpkin-pie-like taste purely from the spices—making it a fat, chewy, sweet brew with oodles of cinnamon, nutmeg, clove and cardamom wafting from every glass. There’s a touch of alcohol heat in the finish, too; try it at 2nd Street Brew House, Kite & Key, the Industry and Jolly’s.



1 2

Southern Tier PumKing. Come autumn, pumpkin beers are all the rage. People start to crave brews swimming with nutmeg, allspice, cinnamon: the spices that make pumpkin pie so damn nice. Most pumpkin beers offer a dash of such spice and a gentle touch of the orange super-squash itself—just enough to make for a noticeable twist on your run-of-the-mill autumn beer. PumKing, though, by New York’s Southern Tier, takes all that and jacks up the volume to 12 with the explosive sweetness of loads and loads and loads of pumpkin. This is perhaps the most extreme pumpkin beer on the market; you won’t be able to finish a full glass of it, but you’ll be glad you tried. Watch for this to arrive on tap in the weeks ahead.

Monday-Saturday 12-7pm Sunday 12-4pm Free tours on weekends!





Stoudt’s Pumpkin. The folks at Pennsylvania’s Stoudt’s Brewing don’t get nearly the credit they deserve as pioneers in the craft beer world. Founded in 1987, they’ve been making great regional brews for longer than almost anyone else. Though they’ve generally stuck fast to tradition, they do a little experimenting from time to time, too—such as this pumpkin-infused twist on their gold-medal-winning Oktoberfest. Mild spices and the faintest hint of pumpkin blend perfectly with the bready caramel malts of the Oktoberfest style, making this a pumpkin beer for people who traditionally don’t like pumpkin beer. Look for it at Baggataway Tavern.


Dogfish Head Punkin Ale. True story: Punkin Ale was a prize-winning beer before Dogfish Head was even a thing, winning the 1994 Punkin Chunkin Recipe Contest a full six months before the brewery officially opened its doors. As with almost everything they do, Dogfish’s take on pumpkin beer is its own: full-bodied and sweet with hints of brown sugar and molasses along with earthy charred pumpkin. They then load up on the traditional pie spices. This isn’t a quaffing beer—not because its 7 percent ABV is particularly strong, but because it’s heavy and bold. Try it at Resurrection Ale House and Moriarty’s Pub. / ERIC SAN JUAN Follow PW’s Year of Beer online weekdays at:


Monk’s Café Top 5 Places in the World to have a Beer All About Beer Magazine, 2010

Top 5 Places in America for Beer & Food Celebrator Magazine, November 2006

Best Mussels in America Maxim Magazine, August 2009

PHILLY’S BEST Draft Beer* BEST Beer Selection* BEST Late Night Dining* BEST Bar Food* BEST Fries*

16th & Spruce • PHiladelphia 215.545.7005 •

I p h i l a d e l p h i a w e e k ly 5 7

’97, ’98, ’99, ’00, ’01, ’02, ’03, ’04, ’05, ’06, ’07, ’08, ’09, ’10, ’11 & ‘12


*Philly’s Best, Best of Philly, etc. Awards

september 118 -

BEST Burgers*

p h i l a d e l p h i a w e e k l y. c o m I

BEST Beer Bar*

I p h i l a d e l p h i a w e e k l y. c o m

- 25

5 8 p h i l a d e l p h i a w e e k ly I S e p t e m b e r 1 8

DRINK CITY Drinking Games

Fall Fun With Beverages From pumpkin beers we move on to pirate sneers (and back). Here’s what autumn holds for the Philly area’s drinking calendar.


Talk Like a Piraat. There has always been a certain amount of overlap between the culture of the tavern and the culture of the pirate ship. At 7pm on Thurs., Sept. 19, they come together at Teresa’s Cafe & Next Door Bar (124 N. Wayne Ave., Wayne, 610.293.9909, Whoever does the best pirate impression in the best pirate costume will win a giant 9-liter bottle of Piraat ale.


Pumpkinfest. Did your mouth start watering at the description of those pumpkin beers on page 56? Well, good news: Hop Angel Brauhaus (7980 Oxford Ave., 215.437.1939, is hosting a pumpkin beer festival Sept. 21–22, featuring a selection of brews, a jack o’lantern contest, keg bowling and more.

3 4 5

Resurrection Ale House’s 4th Anniversary. Sept. 24 marks a joyous birthday celebration for Resurrection Ale House (2425 Grays Ferry Ave, 215.735.2202,, where they’re busting out the Allagash starting at 5pm.

kin event at The Institute Bar (549 N. 12th St., 267.318.7772,—purportedly the biggest pumpkin beer fest in the world. More than 80 brews, plus DJs and bluegrass bands will be available for your tasting and/ or listening pleasure—respectively!—from 11am to 7pm.

6 7

St. Practice Daze. September is halfway to St. Patrick’s Day— which means it’s time for the folks at McGillin’s Olde Ale House (1310 Drury St., 215.735.5562, mcgillins. com) to celebrate St. Practice Daze with a weekend of stout and live Irish music Sept. 27–28.

Midtown Village Fall Festival & Beer Garden. On Sun., Oct. 6, Drury Street outside of McGillin’s (215.735.5562, will come alive with a neighborhood entertainment festival featuring karaoke, DJs, live performances and plenty of German food and drink.

5th Annual Charlie Brown Great Pumpkin Festival. Did you think we were done with the pumpkin? We haven’t even started yet. Sat., Oct. 5 is the massive Great Pump-

Pumpkin Smash! Look, it’s fall, okay? There is going to be a lot of pumpkin beer. On Sun., Oct. 13, it’s City Tap House (3925 Walnut St., 215.662.0105,

that picks up the proverbial carving knife and runs with it. (That’s a figure of speech. Don’t run with knives.) More than 30 squashtinged drafts will include such brews as Great Gherkin, Punkuccino, Hansel & Gretel and Mr. Yuck.


Wet Hop Rodeo and Ranchero Brunch. Yeah, the pirate thing was fun. But now it’s time for cowboy—now being Nov. 9 at Johnny Brenda’s (1201 Frankford Ave., 215.739.9684,, where the 4th annual Wet Hop Rodeo brings an assortment of fresh hopped beers together with a Tex-Mex brunch. Stuff yourself with huevos rancheros and a Victory in good conscience and even better appetite. / S.H.S.


Bottles available now! Crafted in Berks County, Pennsylvania. Distribution information available at:

Photo credit: Jamie Pesotine



Promotional Listings

3rd Annual PINKTOBER Fashion Show 1113-31 Market St., Phila, PA 19107 (215) 238 1000 Fashion Designers: Kristin Simms, Trisha Williams and students from Moore College & The Art Institute of Philadelphia. Tix: $7 adv & $10DOS, Doors: 6pm on Oct 6th.

a lovingly restored neighborhood tavern


637 N. 3rd St., Phila, PA 19123 (215) 627-6711 U Buy The Glass Night with Left Hand Brewing, Wednesday, October 16th from 7pm to 9pm. Raffles, giveaways, and great beer from Left Hard Brewing!

The Scene: Networking and Entertainment in Old City

Arden Theatre Company 40 N. 2nd Street Philadelphia, PA 19106 (215) 922-1122 Join fellow young professionals over drinks and hors d’oeuvres before select performances at a reduced ticket price. Continue the party with the cast at a local hotspot with the cast and staff of the Arden. Tickets are $30. Admission price includes pre and post-show parties and ticket to the performance.

La Cage Aux Beach

Venture Inn 255 S Camac St., Phila, PA 19107 (215) 545-8731 On the last Friday of every month, Sandy Beach hosts La Cage Aux Beach, a monthly Cabaret. Drag Queens, Kings, Burlesque, Singers, Dancers and Comedians. Everyone will get a chance to shine under Sandy’s direction. This is a show not to miss. 11pm. Every last Friday of the month.

great beer, wine & spirits $3.50 ROTATING Blackened Green Beans : Bistro Salad : Fresh Chicken Salad Burger onBlackened LeBus Brioche Bun : Jambalaya : Oyster Po’ Boy w/Remoulade Green Beans : Bistro Salad CRAFT BEERS SPECIALSFreshFresh Sausage Sandwiches : Fresh Pommes Frites w/Monk’s Bourbon Mayo


diner + bar



(2229 Grays Ferry Avenue)



$2 Domestic beers | $3 import beer $4 wine | $5 cocktails



$2-$4 rolls | $3 appetizers


IRISH CITY SPECIAL: $8.00 16oz can of Magners and a shot of Tully.

1316 Walnut St. | 215-546-8888 Find us on Facebook


1126 South 9th Street, Philadelphia (267) 761-9154

2013 Walnut Street

I p h i l a d e l p h i a w e e k ly 5 9

HAPPY HOUR Monday- Friday 5-7pm


23rd & South Streets



full menu 11:30am – 2am daily

september 118 -


p h i l a d e l p h i a w e e k l y. c o m I

on 9 th

: Fresh Chicken Salad : Fresh Burger on LeBus Brioche Bun : Jambalaya : Oyster Po’ Boy w/ Remoulade sauce : Fresh Sausage Sandwiches : Fresh Pommes Frites w/ Monk’s Bourbon Mayo

I p h i l a d e l p h i a w e e k l y. c o m

- 25

6 0 p h i l a d e l p h i a w e e k ly I S e p t e m b e r 1 8

DRINK CITY Raise Your Glass

Philly’s Fall Cocktails

Eleven new alcoholic formulations that want to shake up your happy-hour habits.


he season has arrived for drinking a richer, more complex array of cocktails. A quick survey of local bars and restaurants shows that, in this regard, Philadelphians will be swigging very well indeed this fall. Hop Sing Laundromat is rolling out a number of new cocktails, from one of the best Manhattans I’ve ever sipped (built on a base of single-barrel, 121-proof Willett bourbon) to the magnificently named “General Tso’s chocolate shake,” a great endof-evening treat swirling with flavors of fresh muddled raspberries, Avión Espresso liqueur, Meletti chocolate liqueur, and Double Cross vodka. It’s subtle, complex, and delicious, the strawberry and shaved orange peel garnishes lending it a stellar brightness. Keep an eye out for more creations from Lêe and his team in the coming weeks and months. Percy Street has been working on a barrel-aged rye cocktail recently: As of the time of this column’s writing, Dad’s Hat Rye was luxuriating in a barrel with Carpano,

Fernet, maple syrup and cranberry. Once it’s ready, it will be finished with black walnut bitters and served, with luck, by the bucketful. Team Solomonov-Cook is also whipping up the “Smashing Pumpkin” at Zahav, based on Don Q rum infused with baharat spice (clove, mace, allspice, and cinnamon), mixed with Madeira and lifted with lime juice. It’s enough to make you yearn for the colder weather to arrive. Bar Ferdinand is also working with the season’s quintessential gourd in their “Old Grand Dad Pumpkin Manhattan”: Think bourbon infused with roasted and pureed pumpkin, cinnamon, all spice, clove, molasses, and nutmeg. So, too, is Twisted Tail with their “Drunkin Punkin,” a Catdaddy Moonshine and Kraken Rum drink with pumpkin puree and more. Barclay Prime is whipping up a notable whiskey one, as well: The “Picture in the Rye” brings together Bulleit Rye, yellow Chartreuse, and gingerbread bitters. It’s not all spice this time of year, though; there are plenty other autumn-appropriate

flavors that are being featured around the region, including the fig-walnut mint julep at Doc Magrogan’s and the fig-honey old fashioned at Isabella, which, unexpectedly and appealingly, also incorporates balsamic syrup and honey. Harvest Seasonal Grill is taking a slightly different approach to mixing whiskey with their eponymous “Cranberry Bourbon,” a gathering of Woodford Reserve, muddled cranberries, agave nectar, and ginger ale. Citron and Rose’s “Kosha Nostra,” a cocktail of rye, absinthe, and horseradish bitters, is possessed of a name I wish I’d thought of myself. Barbuzzo is whipping up the “Normandy,” a Calvados and cinnamon-roasted apple tipple that almost sounds healthy. Vernick is offering a Cognac and rooibos tea concoction called the “Field Gun Envy.” They all are wonderfully indicative of the creativity, risk-taking, and energy that define our local drinking scene right now, and promise a phenomenal season of serious guzzling ahead. / BRIAN FREEDMAN


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6:30 pm party 8:00 pm performance

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6 2 p h i l a d e l p h i a w e e k ly I S e p t e m b e r 1 8 - 25

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American Classic

Pennsylvania 6 sounds like good old-fashioned exuberance—and it is.

By Brian Freedman //


Soft-shell miracles: Pennsylvania 6 fries clams like they were meant to be. (Photo by J.R. Blackwell)

tangy, funky goat cheese and yogurt gelato, proved to be a deliciously refreshing way to end the meal. It all adds up to a restaurant that finally fulfills the promise of the bi-level space on 12th Street that, over the years, has had its share of disparate occupants. This is the kind of grownup American cooking that I think we need more of. Those fried clams, it turns out, were harbingers of all the good stuff that was to come. With apologies to HoJo, Pennsylvania 6 is where it’s at. 



I p h i l a d e l p h i a w e e k ly 6 3

114 S. 12th St. 267.639.5606. Hours: Daily, 11am-10pm. Cuisine: American bistro, elevated. Hours: Mon.-Fri., 11:30am-2am; Sat.-Sun., 2pm-2am. Price range: $6-$26. Atmosphere: Clubby and unprepossessingly sexy. Food: Deeply flavored, thoughtful and certainly worth a visit. Service: Friendly and accommodating, with real knowledge and enthusiasm.

september 118 -

This, then, is serious American food devoid of pretense, just as it should be. And it’s served in a space that’s fittingly clubby and full of old-school charm, the blown-up photos on the walls of golden-age Hollywood luminaries amplifying and reinforcing it. I do, however, wish that the wine list were more suitably tailored to the food: The selection of whites you’re presented with, for example, consists of five Chardonnays, three Sauvignon Blanc or SB-based blends, two Rieslings, a Pinot Grigio and a Pinot Gris. With crudos this complex, why no Albariño, no Viognier, no Rueda? Food this well-conceived deserves more interesting wine. There are plenty of solid bottles, yes, but too little range. The cocktail program, however, also under the watchful eye of the charming, welcoming bar manager Ryan Fenton, is full of potential and succeeds quite well right now. Overall, then, Pennsylvania 6 seems to be hitting on the vast majority of its cylinders. Even desserts embodied the unique American fervor that so much of the food here does. Dark chocolate pot de creme, all velvet-textured and paired with caramelized banana, brought me back to banana splits of years gone by—but infinitely better than they ever were. Almond cake, served with macerated strawberries and a

p h i l a d e l p h i a w e e k l y. c o m I

oward Johnson is dead to me now. For much of my youth, following everything from middle-school band concerts to Little League games, my parents would take my sister and I to HoJo for a meal of fried clam strips and milk shakes. And for the longest time—until a few weeks ago, in fact—I held that totemic chain’s fried clams in higher esteem than anyone else’s. They probably weren’t all that great, of course, but they were perfect for what they were, which is no small feat. But then I sunk my teeth into the tender New England jewels at Pennsylvania 6, soft-shell Ipswich miracles breaded and fried until a nutty cocoon crisped up around a center as sweet and briny as some sort of unsullied seashore. Frying clams this well is a lost American art—which is surprising in this age of highly accomplished bistros. Thank goodness, then, that Chef Marc Plessis and company do it, and so much else, as well as they do in their 12th Street digs. For fans of Plessis and his highly successful run at XIX, it should come as no shock that fish and seafood are treated so lovingly here. His lobster roll, for instance, was a wonder of dignified simplicity, the lobster cooked in a court bouillon just to the point of tenderness and not a moment longer, the brioche roll gleefully buttered and toasted until the edges took on the texture of a creme brulee’s crown. On the other end of the oceanic spectrum are his crudos, ambitious setups that, in general, succeed very well. Yellowfin tuna was cast in an earthier light than usual, its accompanying parsley-caper vinaigrette and olives framing the fish in a unique and riveting manner. Kampachi, with its hit of cumin salt and cilantro, and the bright tang of lime and gooseberry, was a gently spicy, vaguely Latin-inspired plating that lingered on the palate long after it was swallowed. Only the fluke was a disappointment: It glowed promisingly within its sheen of curry oil, beneath its bright frizzle of julienned breakfast radish on top, the pine nuts and sea beans providing a toothy counterpoint to the tender flesh, but the fish itself was underseasoned to the point that it was barely discernible in context. That wasn’t an issue with anything else I tasted; this is a kitchen that revels in the sort of exuberant flavors that should define this school of American eating. Simply named “ham & cheese” is an homage to the glories of southern-comfort gluttony. You slather toasted slices of baguette with unctuous, cheddar- and cream-cheese-rich pimento cheese, lay a slice of pickled green tomato on top, and drape it all with a muslinthin sheet of Benton’s ham. Alongside a beer from the wellconsidered selection, it’s manna. It’s also a great prelude to the bistro steak, a generous cut of teres major rubbed with cumin and black pepper, grilled up, and accompanied by some of the best Swiss chard in town, the texture almost creamy, the better to match up with the intensely rewarding creamed corn. It all comes with spritely little marble potatoes which, on their own and especially dragged through the red wine beef sauce, are lovely little interludes ... but they didn’t really stand a chance when compared to the duck fat fries. (If no one at the table orders a dish that comes with them, make sure to get a side.)

I p h i l a d e l p h i a w e e k l y. c o m

- 25

6 4 p h i l a d e l p h i a w e e k ly I S e p t e m b e r 1 8

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Best of

2013 20

13 Est.


REDEFINING HOMEBREW Philly Homebrew Outlet specializes in Beer, Wine, Cheese and Charcuterie making equipment and ingredients as well as home and professional bar equipment. Our goal is to provide you with the best customer service and expert knowledge so everyone can succeed in meeting there homebrew goals.

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BRANZINO 261 S. 17th St. 215.790.0103. Cuisine: Fish-focused and inspired by Northern Italy. Salmon belly crudo arrived marching across a brick of pink Himalayan salt and glistening a similar color. Drizzled with lemon oil and brightened up with radish and cucumber, it was a deceptively simple preparation, resonant and restrained all at once. Charred octopus embodied all the tender meatiness you’d hope for, and without the gnawing chew it often falls victim to. Knobs of morcilla and coins of fried fingerlings lent it a lovely Spanish air without ever feeling heavy-handed. Speck-wrapped Alaskan halibut was just barely overcooked, but that was a minor hiccup: A quick drag of that otherwise excellent fish through the almond gazpacho and a singing brown butter moistened everything right up. And, as Chef Mike Stollenwerk did with a particularly memorable serrano-wrapped cod back at Fish a few years ago, accompanying roasted grapes and cauliflower gave it a sweetness and depth that jibed perfectly with the ham. He also topped it with what he described as dried milk powder solids, an ingenious, delicious preparation that involves straining the fat out of brown-butter solids and then re-cooking them in butter before mixing them with roasted marcona almonds. It’s like butter on steroids: An A-Rod of lactic goodness. (B.F.) CHEU NOODLE BAR 255 S. 10th St. 267.639.4136. Cuisine: Asian-inspired, but far from beholden to it. Hand-torn noodles with lamb neck, earthy and deep and lifted with the mystery of cumin, rested alongside pickled mustard greens. BBQ pig tail, the fat all melted and sexy, the moist meat glazed with a gorgeous Korean barbecue sauce and snappily crisp from a stint in the deep fryer, hinted at the togarashi from its initial sear. On its bed of ramp kimchi, this was a meal in itself. Pork belly bun played in the same end of the flavor pool, but here the sweet richness of the pig was cut with spicy cucumbers and the cosseting comfort of a riff on a steam bun whose recipe owes plenty to English muffins. Long beans with burnt onion were milder but no less rewarding, their green flanks charred and nutty and echoing the clumps of fried quinoa clinging to them like remoras on a whale. (B.F.)

FITLER DINING ROOM 2201 Spruce St. 215.732.3331. Cuisine: American bistro. Potato gnocchi melt on the tongue with the slightest pressure, bathing the palate in all the Chartreuse butter perfume they’ve absorbed. So, too, have the escargots studding the plate. The crunch of hazelnuts, the melting gnocchi, the springtime brightness of ramps (wild onion) and that phenomenal butter were more than enough to pull it all off. A salad of roasted beets were livened up with pickled ones alongside, and the tension between the sweetly acidic latter and the sweetly earthy former found its counterpart in the intersection of buttermilk dressing and mushrooms, including maitakes and black truffles. Globe artichoke soup was a hearty flavored wonder, complicated beautifully with La Quercia prosciutto and fresh garbanzos. (B.F.) HONEY’S SIT ‘N EAT 2101 South St. 215.732.5130. Cuisine: Comfort food, with particular love lavished on breakfast and brunch. Eggs are done impeccably, from the simple to the baroque. Order them sunny-side-up, and the whites arrive crisp-edged and nutty, anchored by yolks that jiggle lasciviously, almost flirtatiously. Scrambled and rolled into tortillas, they serve as the sponge for accompanying flavors of salsa verde, red onions, pureed black beans and the rest, rounding out those components and somehow amplifying them. Scrambled, stuffed into a biscuit sandwich and given greater properties of unhealthfulness with the addition of breakfast meat, they become a dietician’s worst nightmare and a hangover’s best friend. Speaking of hangovers, an occasional special of macaroni and cheese pancakes justifies overindulging the night before just so that these shockingly airy miracles can be the next morning’s salvation. What by all logic should be boulder-inthe-stomach gluten boluses are in fact remarkably elegant, despite the richness of their flavor. The Honey Cristo works in a similar fashion, the subtly sweet French toast balanced out with smoke-kissed ham and nutty Swiss cheese, two eggs staring out on top and imploring you to tuck in. (B.F.)

Now Serving Two Locations: Fishtown 250 E. Girard Ave. Philadelphia, PA 19125 215-426-2277 hours: Mon-thurs 11am-9:30pm Fri 11am-9:30pm • sat 12-9:30pm sun 12-9:00pm

Bryn MAwr 1003 1/2 w. Lancaster Ave. Bryn Mawr, PA 19010 610-581-7070 hours: Mon-thurs 11am-9:30pm Fri 11am-10pm • sat 12-10pm sun 12-9:00pm

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Saigon Cuisine

LUCHA CARTEL 207 Chestnut St. 267.825.7103. Cuisine: Mexican- and Latin-inspired food. Each thumbnail-sized piece of the crispy fish tacos was perfectly fried and crunchy with beer batter. The chorizo burger was better—traditional and jalapeno-spiked sausages blended with ground beef into a flavorful 9-ounce patty, topped by a crown of fried queso tropical. The real bright spot at Lucha, it seemed, was with pork. A happy hour carnitas taco was anchored by pork confit swirling with life from its overnight orange-juice marinade. Each bite left the faintest aroma on the tongue, the result of smart additions of cinnamon, cumin, clove, and Mexican Coca-Cola. Cochinita pibil was well conceived and executed, each bite ringing with the pleasant tang of guajillo peppers, a whiff of achiote and orange juice. (B.F.) NOORD 1046 Tasker St. 267.909.9704. Cuisine: Dutch-centric Northern European. The rabbit leg confit maintained a moistness and delicacy that the notoriously difficult-to-cook meat rarely does. Forked with zuurkool (think of sauerkraut) as well as a coin of smoked pork sausage and maybe a tender carrot slice, this was as hearty as it was thoughtful. So, too, were the bitterballen, gorgeous fried meatballs of roux-creamy braised pork lifted with nutmeg and mustard. They arrived four to the order, a neat little procession of rich, palate-coating goodness. One of them had developed a crack in its carapace, and the impossibly moist center had begun to ooze out: one of the sexiest things I’d seen all month. A special of chicken croquettes, also perfectly fried, embodied a different side of the concept, seasoned with onion powder and thyme and based on the previous day’s impeccable rotisserie chicken. (B.F.) SAIGON CUISINE 4000 Chestnut St. 215.222.9777. Cuisine: Vietnamese, with occasional forays to China. Their pho is excellent, built on a base of broth whose clarity and purity of flavor sets it apart. Unlike so many more deeply developed pho broths in the city, this one is unique for its lightness, delicacy and remarkable freshness. As such, it took exceptionally well to the traditional accompaniments of lime, basil,

scallion, onion, sprouts and cilantro. The tofu roll succeeded for a similar reason: With its fried batons of tofu all mushroom-y and earthy, this gently basilperfumed appetizer was memorable for its freshness and clarity as well. Shrimp stew arrived sizzling in a clay pot, and the music of its crackling procession to the table accurately heralded the treats tucked inside. The shrimp, all plump and generous, luxuriated in a sweet-tangy sauce that, by the time it had cooled off enough to taste, glazed the outside of each curled-up crustacean. (B.F.) STRANGELOVE’S 216 S. 11th St. 215.873.0404. Cuisine: Southern-inspired gastropub. Fried catfish bites, all creamy and tender inside their crackly carapace, were lovely on their own and even better when dragged through a spicytart remoulade. Mushroom torta, constructed on a base of Mexican-style flatbread, proved to be a clever reworking of the more familiar ones that have grown so tired lately. And its topping, like the best of the dishes here, managed to be both restrained and rewarding: arugula, lemon, a truffle vinaigrette and a spread of butter-cooked corn pureed with honey. Even the fried green tomatoes, if their crown of crabmeat ravigote, tomatoes and cucumber was a touch too wet, ultimately won me over with the sheer pleasure of its flavors. (B.F.) XI’AN SIZZLING WOKS 902 Arch St. 215.925.1688 Cuisine: Chinese. Biang biang noodles, each one as long as the entire track of the former R5 and jauntily ragged along the edges, practically springs back against the molars with the first few chews. Glistening with a deeply savory, unexpectedly refreshing ginger scallion sauce, they are, for $5.95 a bowl, among the great bargains in Chinatown. “Special Ma-la hot,” all shimmering red like some sort of liquid ruby, and with chili flakes clinging to the edge of the ceramic vessel, contained an entire universe of treats: Cabbage and broccoli and slippery vermicelli and beef like a shot of umami straight to the heart. And then there’s the glorious liang pi, a heaving helping of chewy noodles, glutenous wheat nubs like some kind of soaked bread, thin-sliced lengths of cucumber and a sauce as bracingly piquant-spicy as any in the ‘hood. (B.F.)

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WEdNESday OPEN MiC MuSiC JaM! hoSted By reverend tJ mCglinChey Sign upS at 8:30 and live muSiC StartS at 9! KaraOKE EVEry tHurSday! Sing along with ameriCan idol ConteStant Bartender taylor!




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7 0 p h i l a d e l p h i a w e e k ly I S e p t e m b e r 1 8


Monster Mashup Slip into Alley of Nightmares for some terrifying comedy.


s the Halloween season approaches, horror fans looking to quench their thirst for the macabre a little early have an opportunity to laugh themselves to death at this year’s Fringe Fest, when Philly Improv Theatre presents Alley of Nightmares, a live sketch-comedy show inspired by classic horror anthologies, such as Tales from the Crypt, Creepshow and the ever-popular Twilight Zone. With “the Gatekeeper” as their guide, creator Paul Triggiani, along with co-creator Rob Baniewicz, intend to thrill and chill audiences with laughter while paying homage to a beloved genre. PW spoke with Paul about their on-stage exploits. In your own words, describe Alley of Nightmares. Alley of Nightmares is a sketch comedy show based on classic horror anthologies. In horror anthology stories, things always begin in the “real world” and descend into horror when something bizarre or fantastic happens. Sketch comedy is the same way. We just blended the two. What was the inspiration for the show? Rob and I both grew up reading Tales from the Crypt and watching The Twilight Zone and The Kids in the Hall. When we met doing sketch comedy (in Meg & Rob and Secret Pants, respectively), we connected on those interests and realized that a lot of the sketches we were writing could easily be horror stories if not written as comedy. It started there. Is your goal to frighten your audience, or are you more interested in its comedic value? We’re in this

to give people a good show and make them laugh. One of our cast members, Matt Schmid, wanted me to stress this: This is a comedy show. If anything in this show legitimately scares you, you probably shouldn’t see any more comedy shows. Tell us how you got into this business in the first place. We both got into comedy because that’s what you do when you’re an anxious person, I guess. We both trained at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theater and People’s Improv Theater in New York and with Kevin McDonald from The Kids in the Hall, but the best teacher you can have in comedy is just doing it. Audiences are the best teacher we’ve ever had. Have you been a fan of the horror genre for long, or is this a more recent favorite? Rob is and has been a horror fan for a long time; he directed a short horror film that screened in the TromaDance film festival, among others; he also frequents Exhumed Films screenings. I’m much less of a horror fan because I’m not any fun. How do you think the Cryptkeeper would fare in an episode of The Twilight Zone written by Alfred Hitchcock? We decided that if this happened, the Cryptkeeper would wake up in a world where everyone takes his puns literally. That said, he’d be fine. He’s a corpse. / KENNEDY ALLEN Alley of Nightmares runs Sept 19-22. Times vary. $12. Mainstage at the Adrienne, 2030 Sansom St.


s this year’s Fringe Festival winds down to a close, there are still some worthwhile productions to catch. Two women on the verge of obliteration—one, a white trans chick amid America’s ruins and the other a Persian in medieval times—have their say as doom looms in Unstuck Theater’s haunting XY Scheherazade (above, Sept. 19-22 at Plays & Players Theatre, 1714 Delancey Place). And Kaleid Theatre examines humanity’s lack of connectivity despite our over-gadgeted, social media-dominant existence in Glow (below, Sept. 20-22 at First Unitarian Church of Philadelphia, 2125 Chestnut St.; contains strong language). For more shows and info:

The The is happening The The world The The world happening world isworld happening world ishappening happening world is happening isis happening

The world is

inin PHL PHL in PHL in PHLin PHL in PHL

p h i l a d e l p h i a w e e k l y. c o m I

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DESIGN: Ute Kraidy

DESIGN: Ute Kraidy DESIGN: Ute Kraidy DESIGN: Ute Kraidy DESIGN: Ute Kraidy

DESIGN: Ute Kraidy DESIGN: Ute Kraidy


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DESIGN: Ute Kraidy


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The Survivors Project: Telling the Truth About Life After Sexual Abuse is available at Amazon & elsewhere

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Land of the Lost, Found

If you missed MinorityLand, don’t miss this chat with director Gabriela Sanchez.


s the social and economical climate of Philadelphia begins to shift in new directions, reticulated communities are being altered for the sake of urban renewal. Universities and corporations expand and infringe upon the delicate network of our beloved neighborhoods for the sake of student housing, strip malls and luxury condominiums. Despite the swelling within these gentrified areas, the concerns of the affected communities go unheard, collecting dust upon the shelves of urban well-being for the sake of higher property values. MinorityLand, the inaugural production of Power Street Theatre Ensemble that had its three-day Fringe Fest run at North Philly’s Taller Puertorriqueño over the weekend, focused directly upon the impact of metropolitan reform and the people it affects. Gabriela Sanchez, founder and co-artistic director of Power Street Theatre Company, explains why “minority land” exists, and why it shouldn’t. Describe the show in your own words. MinorityLand is a world where a community of diverse people have struggles, passions and thoughts that become alive on stage. Power Street Theater’s debut production, MinorityLand explores the existing conditions and the effects within the parameters of the “minority” terminology. What does it mean to be a minority, whether if that is through gender, sexuality or race? Within a “minority” paradigm, one’s identity is bound by the confines of ignorance and labeled as inferior when in fact, those hearts and minds possess first-rate potential and the capacity to become a positive change agent for themselves and the world at large. Also, MinorityLand tackles what it means to be a community. When gentrification strikes in a neighborhood similar to Temple University, residents are forced out, and everything they have ever known is gone. What inspired the project? My inspiration for MinorityLand was to give a voice to the unheard voices; those same exact people who are considered “minorities” are my family, friends, students, mentors, and the list could go on and on. As a young Latina girl, I grew up in University City, where there wasn’t much representation of Latinos at that time; however, a variety of cultures empowered the streets with loud music, block parties and food that would satisfy every taste bud. My second home was North Philly—“El Barrio”—where diversity continued to exist in the

streets and always captured my eye. Each block became a family over the years and experienced ups and downs together. I must say, I miss those days when kids made something out of nothing, when everyone looked out for one another and when unconditional love overpowered dysfunction. Diversity is my inspiration as an individual and an artist, which explains my need for creating Power Street. Power Street Theater Company’s mission is to provide each young voice with a venue to become a catalyst for positive change through artistic expression. What is one of your fondest memories within the community that the show focuses on? MinorityLand focuses on a community of people who laugh, cry, dance and argue together while becoming a family of their own. Each character is so clearly different by their physical appearances, but most importantly, by their way of thinking. The characters are constantly challenging one another on spicy topics; however, we learn as the audience that the unconditional love that Mama Julia instills in each one of them overpowers any negative energy that tries to rip them apart. Mama Julia reminds me of my grandmother, who was the leader of the block, the wise lady who always told a story with a lesson to learn and would give her last plate of food to a homeless person. She was a woman who everyone loved and respected. How do you think members of a minority community can resist the more detrimental affects of gentrification? I think that members of a minority community can resist the more detrimental affect of gentrification by reaching out to various community organizations that can educate them on how to buy homes instead of renting for 20+ years. In theory, I believe that teaching people how to help themselves is extremely effective. People can eventually own their own homes, and the communities will be more stable by educating people on how to purchase homes, budget and, most importantly, maintain a mortgage. I constantly think about how we can move forward as a community and create equal opportunity. Something that comes to mind is to not consistently depend on the system, but instead depend on yourself. My dad would always tell me this saying: “You don’t give a man a fish. You teach a man how to fish.” / K.A.

Review: A Doll’s House One of the most audacious productions at this year’s Fringe Festival is not a site specific work or a bizarre blend of disciplines. Instead, it is a staging of an iconic play in a conventional theater. Nevertheless, EgoPo Classic Theater’s season opening production of Henrik Ibsen’s A Doll’s House is daring because it puts the entire play in the hands of a child. Normally performed with a cast of at least five, director Brenna Geffers’ bold production relies on the talent of 14-year-old actress Mackenzie Maula. Already a Barrymore Award nominee for her performance in Walnut Street Theatre’s revival of Fiddler on a Roof, Maula’s age is fitting for a drama about a woman, Nora, who is treated both as a child and a doll to play with by her husband, Torvald. Smartly directed by Brenda Geffers and wittily adapted with a streamlined text, the production introduces Maula as a young girl imagining what life will be like as an adult. Using dolls to represent the characters in Ibsen’s drama—Nora is Barbie, Torvald is Ken, and the evil Krogstad is represented by a Darth Vader action figure— Maula has an engaging playfulness, but the production doesn’t fully realize some of its darker elements. That said, Maula is clearly a promising young actress, and in its most potent scenes, Geffers’ production raises a number of troubling concerns about the many challenges faced by teenage girls in a society that remains obsessed with physical beauty. / J.COOPER ROBB Through Sunday, Sept. 22. $15-$25. The PlayGround at the Adrienne, 2030 Sansom St.


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Hang Your Hat Here With Boot & Saddle, indie promoter extraordinaire Sean Agnew’s got a brand new bag. By Max Ufberg //


ean Agnew is a music geek. The 36-year-old owner of multiple concert ventures, including promoting agency R5 Productions, hotspot venue Union Transfer and the recently-reopened Boot & Saddle gushes when talking about his favorite performers, pausing three or four times mid-sentence to reconsider his answer. He eventually settles on a tie: The Evens, one of punk legend Ian MacKaye’s lesser-known bands, and the post-rock outfit Godspeed You! Black Emperor—bands that only a music geek would know. For someone who’s been promoting shows for some 17 years, his words still flow fast and fervent when the conversation turns to music. It’s a good thing he still cares so deeply, too. It must make his seemingly gargantuan workload at least a little bit easier to handle. For years, Agnew had his hand in virtually every underground venue in the city, so it didn’t take long for the rest of the local entertainment industry to began to take notice of his small but active company. In 2008, Avram Hornik, owner of Four Corners Management, which owns nighttime spots like Drinkers Pub/Tavern and Morgan’s Pier, approached Agnew about expanding his business. “Four Corners reached out to me and were like, ‘Hey, we noticed that you’re doing shows at all these ballrooms, churches, art spaces, etc. Would you ever be interested in doing it in your own space, if we partnered up?’ And I was like, ‘Yeah,’” recalls Agnew. “For a few years, we actually were looking at a bunch of different buildings together. We looked at like 30-plus buildings, and nothing was ever really right. We didn’t rush into it; we took our time.” After finding a venue in the then-abandoned Spaghetti Warehouse and bringing in another partner, New York City promoter The Bowery Presents, the 1,000 person-capacity Union Transfer was born. Buoyed by UT’s latest success, his latest venture, the renewed and refurbished Boot & Saddle, is a much more intimate venue. Replete with a 60-seat, craft beer-filled, folk-artadorned bar area, Boot & Saddle, which had remained vacant since it closed shop in 1995, brings the feel of the Old West to the not-so-old hipsters of Philadelphia. Murals of cowboys adorn the pub-style walls, a lasso hangs above the bar top, and Waylon Jennings drawls slowly out of the speakers. The concert hall itself, which is separated from the bar area by two huge swinging doors, fits 175 people. The decision to open Boot & Saddle, like most of Agnew’s business ventures, was an informal one. “Everything was going well at Union Transfer, so we were like, ‘Hey, let’s open up a smaller room.’ It was that kind of discussion,” he says. “Up until a few months ago, R5 was just me, and now I have a friend helping, so, we’re about one-and-a-half,” Agnew tells PW with a laugh. Considering the range of bands that R5 books for other venues—the calendar shows everyone from indie rock behemoths Neutral Milk Hotel to the lesser-known locals Work Drugs—it’s amazing that Agnew ever had any time to focus on his own venues, although he admits he’ll be scaling back R5 a bit for 2014. Agnew got his start in the industry in 1996 when he moved from Ardmore to Philadelphia to attend Drexel, where he

The future’s so bright... R5 Productions honcho Sean Agnew has a new venue to fill with hot acts and happy audiences. (PW file photo by Jeff Fusco)

began working for the college radio station, WKDU. “That’s where I met a bunch of other kids who then started getting me into more current punk bands at that time, the mid-90’s. And then I started to going to different punk shows and getting involved in the scene that way,” says Agnew, who had been listening mainly to the classics of punk and hip-hop, like Black Flag and Public Enemy, prior to that. There was no grand plan to build up R5 Productions, he says; he was just looking for a way to get involved in the music scene. “The first year we did shows, I maybe did seven shows. The next year, 14 shows. The next year, 20. It kind of just took a very organic route, where it was small baby steps. And then eventually, I started doing more and more bands. It was the mid-90’s, so there weren’t really websites or email lists, so it was just pretty simple: Make a flyer, tell your friends, and get word out that way.” Of course, Agnew has his share of criticism, much of which centers on R5’s current dominance over the local indie music scene. “Some people think that we’re a big entity or we’re not super punk. Some people kind of give us shit for that,”

he admits. “But the overwhelming majority has been super positive.” Even if there are some critics, he’s still got a pretty starpowered support system. “We’ve played several shows where Sean has been the promoter. He’s got a very personal touch, so I got to know him. It’s kind of a certain camaraderie. I mean, he knows that I’m from Philly, and we all try to help each other out as much as you can,” says Philly native Alec Ounsworth, frontman of indie darlings Clap Your Hands Say Yeah, who played the Union Transfer’s inaugural show in 2011. Ounsworth, like so many of his musical peers, has full confidence that Boot & Saddle— like any project Agnew undertakes—will come out successful. History suggests as much. “If it’s anybody that’s going to try to put this kind of thing together, I would trust that R5 can pull it off,” adds Ounsworth. “They’re good.” That praise must mean a lot to Agnew. Because despite his high-profile partnerships and the ultra-cool bars, he’s still just a guy living out a music geek’s dream. 

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The Family

A Curious Yet Worthwhile Mess Robert De Niro gets his groove back in The Family.


obert De Niro has been sleepwalking through so many movies over these past 15 years that it’s downright shocking to find him as alert and engaged as he is in The Family, a bizarrely atonal farce from The Fifth Element director Luc Besson. Wearing shorts, a bathrobe and a big bushy beard, De Niro puts a spring in his step as Giovanni Manzoni, a former gangster who ratted out the boss and has been bouncing around France courtesy of the Federal Witness Protection Program ever since. Much to the consternation of his crotchety case handler (Tommy Lee Jones), old habits die hard. Giovanni’s wife (Michelle Pfeiffer) can’t seem to shake her penchant for arson, while their teenage kids (Glee’s Dianna Agron and John D’Leo) are chips off the old block: He runs every high school cafeteria like a con game, while she savagely fends off aggressive suitors with a tennis racket. It’s a cheerful family full of sociopaths, wildly over-reacting to every perceived slight with bursts of graphic violence. As they’re a bunch of ugly Americans abroad, you can probably imagine that the snubs keep coming. Besson doesn’t stint on the R-rated bloodletting, which lends an odd aftertaste to the breezy slapstick surrounding it. Working from Tonino Benacquista’s novel Malavita, Besson and co-screenwriter Michael Caleo liberally sample from a variety of plotlines, most of which are abandoned after a scant few scenes. At first, Giovanni intends to write his memoirs, but nothing really comes of that, so he moves along to pounding on plumbers, torturing city officials and blowing up chemical plants in a civic-minded attempt to improve the tap water quality in their tiny Normandy village. There’s a neighborhood barbecue that goes nowhere, a high school swindle that is never quite explained, plus an odd detour in which Agron seduces her math tutor. Meanwhile, there’s still a $20 million bounty on Giovanni’s head, specifying that his wife must be raped and his children murdered, too. This is a weird movie. Despite all the carnage, De Niro greets every scene with twinkly-eyed delight. Pfeiffer revisits her Married to the Mob shtick, and the two kick up a relaxed, sexy rapport. But Bobby saves the best banter for Jones, aggravating the pokerfaced fed to no end, even dragging him along to a local film society screening of Goodfellas. The Family is a curious mess, but the cast is having a grand old time. (Sean Burns)

A desperate dad: Keller Dover (Hugh Jackman, right) questions Det. Loki (Jake Gyllenhaal) about the probe into his daughter’s abduction.

A Visual Feast in a Garbage Can Jackman and Gyllenhaal star in the bizarre, gorgeously-shot Prisoners, one of the best-looking stupid movies ever By Sean Burns //


here was a certain type of hand-wringing Hollywood melodrama that became briefly inescapable shortly after 9/11, during the walk-up to the Iraq War. Filmmakers preoccupied with revenge and its consequences focused inward, none too subtly playing out global concerns on a domestic stage. In the Bedroom got there early, and Eastwood’s Mystic River was probably the best of the bunch. Meanwhile, a rash of already-forgotten also-rans like 21 Grams, Reservation Road and Snow Angels throbbed with doomy grandeur, thrusting average ‘Mericans into dour, no-exit narratives staring long into the abyss, with tedious results. At least for the first couple of reels, Quebecois director Denis Villeneuve’s Prisoners feels like a throwback to this genre that nobody particularly missed. In a bleak Pennsylvania town where it rains all the time, Hugh Jackman’s Keller Dover takes his son deer hunting while gravely intoning ominous wisdom and prayer. It’s Thanksgiving Day, yet it remains difficult for us to celebrate with the Dover family because the camera angles loom low, and a pervasive, menacing hum all but drowns out their dialogue. Neighbor Franklin Birch (Terrence Howard) plays an off-key version of “The Star Spangled Banner” on his trumpet, letting you know up front that this movie is going to be incredibly restrained. And all that’s before the youngest Dover and Birch daughters go missing after dinner. A ramshackle RV was spotted in the neighborhood earlier that afternoon. It’s owned by a creepy simpleton (Paul Dano) with the IQ of a child and questionable personal hygiene. Jackman’s mad-as-hell Dover, already kicking at full Sean Penn “Is that my daughter in there?” steam, is convinced this kid must be the culprit. But Detective Loki (no shit, that’s really his name) ain’t so sure. Here we must stop and note that Loki is played by Jake Gyllenhaal as a collection of such bizarre actorly tics that most of the time, he seems to be doing an extremely mean-spirited impression of Ryan Gosling. Walking slow and staring blankly with an ever-present toothpick in his mouth, Gyllenhaal has no character whatsoever to play on the page, so he shoves all his chips into the center of the table with weird affectations that do nothing for the film except maybe make you wonder about the PA police force’s lax policy on scary neck tattoos. As always happens in this type of movie, Jackman is driven to take the law into his own hands. Truth the told, I’d probably do the same if the investigating officer in my daughter’s abduction carried on like a bondage-club bouncer with Asperger’s Syndrome. Before long, Dover

has kidnapped Dano’s whimpering weirdo, chained the kid to a radiator and is beating his face into paste as an advanced interrogation technique. Then he drops to his knees and prays for forgiveness because it’s that kind of movie. So, the table is set for a classic guilt-feast of becoming a monster to fight monsters—another glum, familiar parable of grief driving good men to bad deeds. Yet this is only the beginning, folks. Turns out Prisoners is just getting warmed up. Taking a sharp-left turn into Crazy Town and stomping on the gas, screenwriter Aaron Guzikowski ups the ante with an alcoholic pedophile priest who keeps the moldering corpse of a child killer in his smelly basement. There are buried, mutilated child mannequins, a secret code involving mazes with no end that’s all part of an organized “war against God,” and even actual booby-traps filled with poisonous snakes. If all this still doesn’t sound hambone goofy enough for you, Melissa Leo is in the picture. I think it is somewhere around the moment when Hugh Jackman builds a Home Depot torture chamber that Prisoners goes bonkers. Honestly, the glum portent becomes a lot more watchable after losing its goddamned mind. (I wasn’t aware so many homes in Pennsylvania come equipped with underground dungeons and lairs. Realtors should stress that more often.) Guzikowski’s screenplay is so elaborately convoluted and icky, I was shocked to discover it was an original idea and not an adaptation. Everything about this story structure stinks of a shitty novel somebody bought at an airport. But it must be said that this is one gobsmackingly gorgeous pile of garbage. Legendary cinematographer Roger Deakins recently made the jump to digital, and as with last year’s Skyfall, he’s expanding the boundaries of low-light photography using practical sources. A candlelight vigil for the missing girls is illuminated with an almost heavenly glow, while a late-movie race against time, shot from inside Detective Loki’s speeding car in the rain (of course it’s raining) blurs into a poetic abstraction of blown-out streetlights and blurred neon signs. The man is an artist, and Prisoners is one of the best-looking stupid movies I’ve ever seen. 

Prisoners Starring: Hugh Jackman, Paul Dano and Jake Gyllenhaal Director: Denis Villeneuve

Th e sTory of a g e n T i l e w h o wa n T s To m a r ry a J e w i sh g i r l ... so he’ll neVer haVe To make anoTher decision.

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TRIBUTE GATHER AROUND THE TABLE: CONVERSATIONS ON THE HISTORY, IMPACT, AND IMPLICATIONS OF FOOD IN OUR SOCIETY During the 2013-14 academic year, our Beyond the Page public programming series will frame critical conversations around the common theme of food.

Expounding on E. A meditation on the late, great E. Steven Collins. By Nia Ngina Meeks //

I TEMPLE STUDENTS EXPLORE URBAN FARMS AND COMMUNITY GARDENS Moderated by Glenn Bergman of Weaver’s Way September 24, 5:30 PM EATING ARCHITECTURE: A Conversation with Jamie Horwitz and Paulette Singley October 10, 2:30 PM GOOD MORNING, BEAUTIFUL BUSINESS: A Talk by Judy Wicks October 16, 12:00 PM THEN AND NOW—THANKSGIVING FEASTS Chef Walter Staib on Colonial Thanksgiving Traditions November 14, 12:00 PM FOOD FILM FRIDAYS Movies about food at noon on September 20, October 18, and November 22. Selections revealed on twitter and facebook. All programs are free and open to all. More information including full program descriptions at Support the libraries:

t’s been over a week, and I’m still struggling to wrap my head around the fact that I’ll no longer hear E. Steven Collins, whose resonant voice flowed like warmed maple syrup and whose insights outpaced Wikipedia. Even writing this remembrance is surreal. E. was a Philly staple, having spent much of his professional life delivering news and opinions for radio audiences hungry to make sense of the controversies that engulfed the world. At every outlet and at every turn, from WRTI to WHAT to WDAS to Radio One, he used his perch to crusade for truth, justice and the idealized— if not always realized—American Way. Exercising the right to vote. Curbing institutional racism. Raising families. Building communities. Fortifying schools. Creating meaningful jobs. Cultivating small and minority-owned businesses. Cheering Philly. All were recurring themes of his 40-year radio career. But defining E. as merely a voice on the radio, as just a talk show host, would be a disservice. Indeed, he stood at the nexus of a galaxy, where the worlds of civic engagement, commerce, politics and journalism orbited and sometimes collided with each other. The range of men and women he had on speed dial attested to his stretch of influence, and points of passion. So did those who admired him. Grassroots groups called on him for help opening doors or airing a good word about good works. Corporate players chatted him up so they could figure out how to be better citizens. Elected officials and those vying for office, of both parties, sought his counsel on policy approaches—and suffered his verbal lashes if their moves failed to put people first. He was among the city’s dwindling cadre of great public citizens, people who used their influence and Rolodex to further goals beyond and greater than themselves. Given today’s standard, his outlook was both throwback and remarkably fresh. When I first met him, I used to think it was his early Catholic education that instilled his sense of service. It wasn’t unusual for him to have five events to attend in the same day, six days in a row. He told me later that his drive came largely from his desire to live up to the example of his father, who modeled early on what it meant to be a man. Not just in his household, but in his community, and what those responsibilities meant, for him and those watching him, especially his two sons. There was no greater joy E. took than in being a father, from his days as a single dad to his years as a blissfully married one. Loving his wife, raising Rashid and Langston, helped define him as a man, he told me. Almost fanatically, he would seek to help other men discover that joy. In a culture that too often touts the antithesis—especially among black men—his example helped affirm and guide others, as the faces of and reflections from grief-stricken men mourning him reminded me. As did those of the many women, who chuckled at his flirtatious ways, knowing his unwavering devotion to the love his life, Lisa. As mourners, we span generations, ethnicities, even cities. He had an unfailing eye for talent and would help you advance on your career ladder, regardless of your career or rung on that ladder. He invested time and money, vacillated from strict coach to your biggest cheerleader. Male or female. Gay or straight. Black, white, Asian, Latino or “other.” I was among those beneficiaries, for E. had a hand in coloring my Philly experience, from my early days until now. The Unity Day festival he helped create. The protest buses to D.C. from Progress Plaza he helped organize to push for a holiday for the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and against apartheid in South Africa. The concerts and parties he promoted. The Concerned Black Men Inc. scholarship programs and Black History Month bees. The Philadelphia Association of Black Journalists, fiercely proud in being among the earliest members of an organization that started here and went national,

Rest in peace: Philadelphia radio veteran E. Steven Collins died of a heart attack on Sept. 9. (Photo by Robert Mendelsohn)

birthing chapters and careers across the country. We were teammates in the crew that conceived and produced the Mid-Atlantic Emmy-Award-winning 2003 mayoral debate between incumbent John Street and challenger Sam Katz. And I’ll never forget the Afro wig he donned last year to help Philly boogie into the Guinness Book of World Records for the largest Soul Train line to honor Don Cornelius. Or the many stories. Or the open invitation to the family pool. From the serious to the zany and the spaces between, he has been a presence in my life. And in speaking with so many people this past week, I realize that my story is just a variation of a theme. There are countless other people with their own E. stories. He told me once that, “E. stands for ‘excellent,’ but my mother called me Ernest.” It just as easily could have stood for exceptional or extraordinary; for he was both. For me, it will stand for everlasting, because that will be the stretch of his impact on my life. And I know I’m not alone.  Radio One will present a public memorial for E. Steven Collins on Sat., Sept. 21, from noon to 3 p.m. at Sharon Baptist Church, 3955 Conshohocken Ave. In lieu of flowers, the Collins Family asks that tax-deductible donations be made to Concerned Black Men Inc., 7200 N. 21st St., Philadelphia, PA 19138. Nia Ngina Meeks is a Philadelphia-based writer and news analyst. Find her on Twitter at @nmpurpose.

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DAYS / DOZENS OF EVENTS lobalPhilly™An47 2013 will consist of a wide array of global, international exposition presented by the Global Philadelphia Association international and multicultural events and activities sponsored by the Global Philadelphia Association’s 100-plus members. This first-of-its-kind exposition, running from Sept. 15-Nov. 1, 2013, will shine a spotlight on the many international dimensions of the Greater Philadelphia area.


The Electric Lady (Bad Boy) Sounds like: One of the most anticipated releases of the season, she slays with classy collabs, futuristic fables, soulful slow jams and a few hype party starters. Free association: One of the most thrilling artists in the game keeps our collective intrigue. For fans of: Prince/Big Boi/Miguel + sexy cyborgs, Laura Mvula/Lianne La Havas. (Bill Chenevert)


September 15 – November 1 | Ph: 215•241•5495 | | @globalphilly13

Dozens of events, including many of the year's major celebrations, will be featured during GlobalPhilly™ 2013 within one or more of several categories: advocacy, arts, commerce, cuisine, education, heritage and sports. The Global Philadelphia Association will highlight these events as part of its mission to move Philadelphia forward as a world city. One major element of the GlobalPhilly™ 2013 exposition is The the participation of several Philadelphia restaurateurs promiworld is happening nent in our city of world-renowned cuisine. “Top Chef” winner Kevin Sbraga of Sbraga Restaurant has been leading this initiative on behalf of the Association for the past few months; the list of participating chefs and their restaurants includes Tim Spinner of Calaca Feliz, Peter Woolsey of Bistrot La Minette and more.

in PHL

September 15 – November 1

For more information about Global Philadelphia Association and GlobalPhilly™ 2013, please contact GlobalPhilly™ 2013 Coordinator Asmaa Lahou at or Communications Director Kathleen Quigley at And as always, join in the conversation, where ADVOCACY • ARTS •at COMMERCE • CUISINE • EDUCATION • HERITAGE •SPORTS you can take part in the mission to help the Greater Philadel47 DAYS / DOZENS OF EVENTS phia region realize its full global potential. DESIGN: Ute Kraidy

I p h i l a d e l p h i a w e e k l y. c o m

- 25

8 0 p h i l a d e l p h i a w e e k ly I S e p t e m b e r 1 8


An international exposition presented by the Global Philadelphia Association | Ph: 215•241•5495 | | @globalphilly13

On Oni Pond (ANTI-) Sounds like: Local weirdo heroes strike again. Their fifth in about a decade, and it’s their best-cacophony that comes back to a piano and a twisted sense of humor. Free association: The moments of sophistication are more striking than ever before. For fans of: Zappa/Beefheart + Maps & Atlases, Dr. Dog x Mr. Bungle, West Philly savants. (B.C.)


B.O.A.T.S. II #METIME (Def Jam) Sounds like: The emcee with the laziest flow on Earth and guest-game star on countless tracks astounds with more uninspired tracks about booty, herb and money. Free association: At least he knows that he’s essentially a parody of himself already. For fans of: Chief Keef + Trinidad James x Drake/Lil’ Wayne, ign’ant funny shit. (B.C.)


Apar (True Panther Sounds) Sounds like: The Basque foursome of alt-rock dance comrades delivers on their fourth, a delightful sonic treat of synths, industrial beats and joyful electric noise. Free association: Once in a while, a little Spanish charm pushes through the fray. For fans of: Two Door Cinema Club x Cut Copy, New Order + Tanlines, spanish techno. (B.C.)


AM (Domino) Sounds like: An excellent fifth LP from the Sheffield boys who deliver the beautiful balance of thrash, snark and classic rockness that Humbug promised. Free association: This is how UK piss and vinegar should always manifest itself. For fans of: The Jam/Clash/Strokes/Streets/ Cribs, Bloc Party + Klaxons, pints and fights. (B.C.)


Feels Like Home (Warner Bros.) Sounds like: The 51-year-old country rock siren’s eighth is certainly a little more Memphis than L.A., and that’s really okay. Bring on the boots and barbecue. Free association: It’s always nice to see a once-giant talent aging gracefully. For fans of: Lucinda Williams + Neko Case, Vince Gill/Brad Paisley, hate for Lance. (B.C.)



Currently streaming on Netflix Captive audience: The Office fans; decent human beings; people who like a good cry with their comedy. Moment of truth: Just when you think you’re ready to dismiss Ricky Gervais as an annoying, dickish fame whore, here he comes with a show which reveals that not only is he a humanist at heart, but he also has a heart. Gervais plays the title character in this mockumentary sitcom, a mentally handicapped yet utterly decent nursing home employee. While some more cynical viewers may choke on the rampant sentimentality (and this show extols a lot of emotional moments in its seven episodes), this well-orchestrated mix of hilarity and pathos shows just how much of a silly softie Gervais really is. Emmy or phlegmmy: Emmy. (Craig D. Lindsay)


Wednesdays, 10:30pm, Comedy Central Captive audience: Black folk—especially those who know who Baratunde Thurston is; people who’ve given up on Dave Chappelle ever coming back to TV. Moment of truth: The Mad TV alumni-turned-sketch comedy duo return for a third season full of giggle-inciting sketches that’ll likely end up becoming viral video sensations. (Seriously, these guys are really popular on YouTube.) You kinda have to be diehard fans to get their absurd, race-based humor, especially since some of their familiar, sillier characters— the stubborn substitute teacher, all those football players with the wacky names—make appearances in the first two eps. Of course, President Obama returns, along with his always-agile anger translator, Luther. So, we’re definitely all good here. Emmy or phlegmmy: Emmy. (C.D.L.)


Sundays, 9pm, HBO Captive audience: Scorsese fans; The Sopranos fans; those strange people who watch this instead of Breaking Bad on Sunday nights. Moment of truth: Even though this show has a superior cast (with Steve Buscemi leading the charge as Nucky Thompson), awe-inspiring production values and both Martin Scorsese and Mark Wahlberg serving as executive producers, this sprawling period piece about early 20th-century criminal kingpins still hasn’t clicked with audiences. Now in its fourth season, the drama continues to be well-done yet largely unremarkable. Ron Livingston and Jeffrey Wright show up as the latest gents out to get a piece of Thompson’s Atlantic City pie. Hey, as long as Michael Kenneth Williams is around as Chalky White, I’m straight. (C.D.L.)

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Diverse school community and global focus Developmental preschool

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Please call (610) 667-1284 to reserve a space 150 North Highland Avenue, Bala Cynwyd, PA 19004 -

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Enjoy the designs and furniture of Josef Frank (1885-1967), one of the leading pioneers of Swedish modernism. 1900 Pattison Ave., Philadelphia, PA 19145 215.389.1776 www.americanswedish.

“CirCle the Square” Original artwork only and recently voted as one of the Top 20 Art Shows in the entire country.

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10 Worst Tracks of All Time OK, maybe they’re not the most abysmal songs ever. But they’re damn sure drive me crazy. By Bill Chenevert //


he other night, I heard Smash Mouth’s “Walking on the Sun,” and a visceral, potent wave of hate washed over my being. For no good reason, I became angry at the world and, more specifically, angry at the world for letting that goddamn song reach my eardrums at that moment. And that was because, at one point in time, we rewarded this piece of shit with sales, video watching, concert tickets and radio listens. There are some bands and some songs that eventually come to feel like a personal vendetta against you. Then something really sad happens: Other people laud it and celebrate it. You need only look at the video for Nickelback’s “Rockstar” to have one of those moments where you just want to kill someone—hell, anyone. I started talking with friends and collegues about what it would mean to make a list of 10 of the worst songs of all time. What are we really talking about here? Can we objectively name 10 songs, and what kinds of songs would they be? The weird thing that crystallized, as specifics started tumbling into place, is that so much of this rubbish is from the late 1990s. Folks were extremely productive in the realm of bullshit production; they just kept dirtying the atmosphere with their garbage. Now, does this mean that, as a 30-year-old man, I’m inclined to hate on the inane schlock that populated my middle-school dances and Total Request Live? Perhaps. Or does it mean that we’re on to something, and that maybe there was something in the air or water in the late ‘90s that we can look back on with a squint and a headshake? Also, to be clear, there are a handful of artists and tracks that are going to be relegated into the obvious category, one in which there is no dispute that it is true artistic refuse. We’ll call that the “Agreed” category, which you’ll find at the end. But before that, here are 10 tracks that should surely be contenders for the worst song of all time. Creed, “With Arms Wide Open” (2000) It was hard choosing just one Creed song to include in this collection. Otherwise, it wouldn’t be completely out of the question to make such a list with 10 Creed songs, would it? But this is the song that people sing when they want to make fun of Scott Stapp (with good reason), so here it is. Aerosmith, “I Don’t Want to Miss a Thing” (1998) Sure, Aerosmith’s a deserving Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductee. But like all bands that have good intentions but want to keep on making money for decades, there’ve been some missteps. Oddly, this is their only number-one hit, and it is forever linked to NASA bullshit and the imagery of Liv Tyler and Ben Affleck making out. Smash Mouth, “All Star” (1999) Personally, I’m against the phrase “rock” in most

capacities: “Ooh, you’re really rocking those heels.” “Are you ready to rock?!” And it is fairly argued that this song popularized the phrase as we know it today. And for that alone, Smash Mouth deserves to die of gonorrhea and rot in hell.* Goo Goo Dolls, “Iris” (1998) Again, a 10-track playlist of Goo Goo Dolls could be a suitable “10 Worst Songs of All Time List” all its own. But this one’s really the worst, isn’t it? And it was huge—another giant hit from a shit movie that became a huge pop radio success. Also, do you not envision Meg Ryan riding a bike all armsin-the-air, with the wind flipping through her little curls? Train, “Hey, Soul Sister” (2009) No explanation needed. LFO, “Summer Girls” (1999) Also known as the “Abercrombie & Fitch song,” this was a thing, again, in the summer of ‘99. It just seems so obvious that it’s an incredibly bad idea to wrap your band’s identity around a trendy nationwide retail chain. Black Eyed Peas, “Boom Boom Pow” (2009) This list wouldn’t be complete without a little horrific hip-hop, would it? It was tough to decide between this one and “I Gotta a Feeling,” but “Boom” seems like a better paradigm for the way in which B.E.P. decided to dumb everything down as much as humanly possible in order to churn out hits. Despite its huge success amongst pre-teens, we adults know idiocy when we see it. Sugar Ray, “Fly” (1997) Man, this one had staying power, right? And while it may not have been the worst song ever (maybe not even the worst Sugar Ray song of all time), Mark McGrath is clearly one of the biggest douchebags to ever exist. Dude co-hosts Extra now. In the words of Ed Lover, c’mon, son. Nickelback, “Rockstar” (2006) Just watch the video, and please, if you can, explain to me its merits, or plead your case for why this doesn’t deserve to be on this list. Limp Bizkit, “Break Stuff ” (2000) I’m not even that mad at “Nookie”; it’s actually kinda fun. Even “Faith” has its moment. But the way in which Fred Durst personified white male aggro assholery was truly despicable. In a way, I thank him for showing me the cookie cutter males to stay away from for the rest of my life. Agreed: CrazyTown, “Butterfly.” Dave Matthews Band, “Ants Marching.” Hootie & the Blowfish, “Only Wanna Be with You.” 2gether, “U + Me = Us (Calculus).” Baha Men, “Who Let the Dogs Out?” Rebecca Black, “Friday.” *Not really, it’s from Ace Ventura: Pet Detective.

20is the new black Photo by Paul Loftland

Phashion Phest 20th Anniversary Wednesday, September 25, 2013 The Shops at Liberty Place - 7:00pm Get your tickets today at or call 215.670.4325

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SAVAGE LOVE By Dan Savage // My question is one of etiquette. My lesbian wife and I live in an apartment. The noise pollution between flats can be pretty bad. Anyone who lives in the building is aware of this, and keeping noise down after certain hours is a common courtesy. I wouldn’t play loud music after a certain hour, or let doors slam, or break out the drum kit. If any of these things happen after around 11:30 p.m. on a work night, I don’t think I’d feel any qualms about going around to whoever is being inconsiderate and asking them to keep it down. But what about noisy sex? My neighbor’s girlfriend is pretty loud during sex. If the racket were being made, say, before midnight, I could bear it. It would be gross, because I think he’s slimy, and he has a terrible hipster mustache, but I wouldn’t be writing to you. I’d just cope as best I could and try to fall back asleep. But what about sex at crazy o’clock? Is it OK for us to pound on the wall and ask them to keep it down? What’s your opinion? Sleepy Lesbians Next Door



MEMBERS: $5.00 & NON-MEMBERS:$15.00











Dating Easy




Closeted gay men don’t use colored T-shirts to send messages to out gay men. They use Craigslist. Look, PID, Jeffrey Dahmer—aka the Milwaukee Cannibal—ate a friend of mine. By which I mean to say: Some gay people are insane. I’m not saying you’re in danger of being drugged, raped, butchered and eaten by this guy from your writing group. But the guy is—if your account is accurate—more than a little unpleasant and a whole lot batshit. Confide in some friends in your writing group about what’s going on, and be prepared to leave the group and/ or form a breakaway group if Mr. Red Sweater continues to detect clues in your wardrobe. Also: Do not spend any more time alone with this guy. Someone who would accuse you of making super-secret passes at him via red T-shirts is capable of making baseless accusations about much worse. And finally, PID, a bonus pro tip: Writers don’t always need a writers’ group to write. Sometimes they just need to write.




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GAY AND COUPLED AND NOT MONOGAMOUS? A Savage Love reader and sex researcher is studying “relationship satisfaction among nonmonogamous gay couples.” His research is focused on gay male couples that have sex with other men but not relationships with other men, i.e., not guys in poly relationships, just open ones. If you’re gay, coupled and nonmonogamous but not poly, and you have a few minutes to spare for science—science!—take the survey at 



The failure to immediately answer certain questions in the negative is equal to answering in the affirmative. Examples: “Are you gay?” “Did you fuck my sister?” “Is that your butt plug?” Any attempt to avoid answering these questions—issuing a nonde-


september 118 -

I was in a monogamous relationship with a woman for two years. We split up and remained platonic friends. Months later, on a drunken night, we had sex. At that point, neither of us had slept with anyone else. After we had sex that night, the sexual lion was out, and I slept with two others (using protection, of course). Now my exgirlfriend and I may get back together, and she has asked the question: Have I slept with anyone else? So far, I have managed to avoid answering and, yes, we are currently sleeping together. Do I tell her? Blowjobs And Rights Of Privacy

Straight male here. I took a writing course, and some of us students created a writing group. We meet and workshop the things we’ve been working on. One of the guys in the group is gay, and a while ago, he confessed that he had very strong feelings for me. I didn’t have a problem with this, but I told him that I wasn’t into guys. The other day, he sent me an email telling me there was something he wanted to discuss. We met for dinner, and he told me that he felt like I had been sending him messages to indicate my interest in him. He said that this was cruel and that he felt like I was teasing him. When I asked him for examples, he told me that he noticed that I had started to dress like him, and that this was sometimes a way closeted men showed interest in other men. He mentioned that one week he had worn a red sweater, and the following week I had worn a red T-shirt. I never showed any interest in this guy. I never led him on; this entire thing has taken place purely in his head. I told him all this, and now he says he is hurt and doesn’t want to see me at the group. He suggested that we share the group, alternating meetings, but I refused. Am I being too harsh? Pulled Into Drama

Gym & Baths - Where Men Meet Men

p h i l a d e l p h i a w e e k l y. c o m I

I happen to agree with Robert Lopez, Jeff Marx and Jeff Whitty, creators of the Tony Award–winning musical Avenue Q, on the subject of apartment living, thin walls and noisy sex: “You can be as loud as the hell you want when you’re makin’ love.” Or, in this instance, your creepy neighbor with the hipster mustache and his girlfriend can be as loud as the hell they want when they’re makin’ love. But you and your wife—their annoyed neighbors—can be as loud as the hell you want when they’re making love. You can pound on the walls, SLND, make your displeasure known, scream and yell, etc. And even if your neighbors don’t take the fucking hint and quiet the fucking the fuck down, SLND, the noise you make may bring their annoyingly loud sex to a quicker end. The females of certain species— including our own—get loud during sex, i.e., scream and yell, because it helps the males of their species climax more quickly. (Female copulatory vocalization: It is a real thing with its very own Wikipedia page. Look it up.) If his girlfriend’s vocalizations are turning your inconsiderate mustachioed hipster neighbor on, the screams of his two lesbian neighbors could push him past the point of no return. Squicked out by the thought of giving your inconsiderate hipster neighbor an aural reacharound? Look at it this way: The quicker he comes, the quicker it’s over, and the sooner you can get back to sleep.

nial denial (“Me? Gay? Why would you think that?”), requesting an unnecessary clarification (“You mean your sister?”), stalling for time (“Can we talk about this later?”)—serves as confirmation that, yes, you are gay and/or fucking the sister and/or the owner of that butt plug. “Have you slept with anyone else?” is right up there with “Did you gay fuck my sister with that butt plug?” Your attempt to “avoid answering” the question was the answer to the question: Yes, you fucked other people. So unless this woman is an idiot, BAROP, you don’t need to tell her. She knows.

I p h i l a d e l p h i a w e e k l y. c o m

- 25

8 6 p h i l a d e l p h i a w e e k ly I S e p t e m b e r 1 8

Beautiful, Young Asian Staff. Body Shampoo. Total Relaxation. Back Entrance Open., 1527 Chestnut Street 2nd floor (Between 15th & 16th St.)

Cutie asian spa 1123 Race Street 1st Floor

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asian spa

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FOR MORE INFO CALL: 215.599.7663

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.700.6666 umbers: 1.800 om More Local N 18+ ww w.redhotdateline.c


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Face Painting & More


Face Painting • Balloon Twisting • Mascot Costumes Birthday Parties, Daycare Parties, School & Church Functions and Fundraisers • Professional & Affordable MOVING & HAULING




FACTORY DIRECT • FREE ESTIMATE & INSTALLATION MARGIE 215.592.8644 Serving the Community for Over 25 years



Brush-Roller Spray Painting Custom Textures Plaster & Drywall Repair Power wash


Shutters, 2-Inch Wood, Pleated Shades,Roman Shades, Drapes,Verticals, Mini-Blinds, Discount Price With Installation

Water damage • traSH removal Hauling • Scrap metal

Call Eileen


OpEN 7 dAys A wEEk • sENiOr disC. NO jOb TOO big Or TOO smALL

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flexibility in a short time frame is the key to our success tOny’S the name you can trust INSURED




PhiliP and Myk’s Removal SeRviceS



9900 $ 8999 $

Free estimates!

No Job Too big or Small


Trash Removal Basement Cleanouts Debris Removal Estates • Demolition

For Full House Row Home, Up to 750 sf

(Incl. Stairs & Hallway)

For Sofa, Love Seat & Chair

Scrap Metal Whole House Guts Power Washing Lic. & Insured Hauling

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Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning Service

PW Classifieds

PA 215-407-0121




FORTUNA ROOFING & SONS, INC. “The only roofer in the Review EVERY WEEK Since 1967”





215-927-0234 Free Estimates Reg. PA 040852 Direct Cell 215-327-3817

BARRY FISHER ELECTRIC: 100 + 200 AMP Circuit breaker, Wiring Lighting, Emergency repair. Specialist over 42 years, #1 Recommended, All Work Guaranteed. 215-927-0234. Free Estimates. Reg. PA 040852., Direct Cell 215-327-3817 G & G ELECTRIC RESIDENTIAL & COMMERCIAL SERVICE UPDATES. SECURITY LIGHTING, LANDSCAPE LIGHTING, HOME INSPECTIONS. L I C . & I N S U R E D. L I C . # 1 6 3 1 6 . NO JOB TOO SMALL. CALL 215796-1123.

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INITIALS: Bill Fully Insured Commercial & Residential Rev #1: Free Rev #2: Estimates Rev #3:

Quality Hardwood Floors


HEALTH SERVICES VIAGRA 100MG, 40 pills+/4 free, o n l y $ 9 9. 0 0 . S a v e B i g N o w, Discreet shipping. Call 1-800374-2619 Today!

4 STOCK WHEELS w/center caps & Lugs for Mercedes-Benz $550, new SWR ● CW $725ez!●SPR All four for● $500. Call Jimmy 610-909-5290



● PW ● ACW ● CG

YOUR FATHER, YOUR FAVORITE 48” SONY Rear-Projetion TV, like new. $150/OBO. NAME: Quality Call Jimmy 610UNCLE, YOUR HUSBANDAD - They’re 909-5290 SALES REP: DAN 129 Worth A Second Opinion. SeptemSIZE: 2x1 ber is Prostrate Cancer Awareness ANTIQUE FURNITURE Louis XIV Bdrm. DATE: 11-10-05 Month. Penn Medicine offers the This slug must appear in the upper CHECK FOR Set(9Piece) 3 Marble/Brass Tables. New Hardwood Installations INITIALS: most advanced treatment options GREAT Bill CONDITION! 856-547-4439. left corner of each page. Sanding • Refinishing •APPROVAL Staining f o r p ro s t a t e c a n c e r, i n c l uRev d i n g #1: the best Urology program in the EAGLES TICKETS SECTION 130, ROW Rev region and Proton Therapy at the #2: 18. AVAILABLE NOV 17TH vs WASHRo b e r ts P roto n Th e ra py CeRev n te r #3: INGTON (5)AVAILABLE $150 EACH, Hardwood Floors at Penn. September is Prostrate DEC 1ST vs ST LOUIS(5)AVAILABLE We Make Your Old Existing Floors Look New C a n c e r Aw a r e n e s s M o n t h , a n d $130 EACH, DEC 8TH(5)AVAILABLE EL 105 all types of hardwood floors CALL IF INTERESTED t h e M e n i n yo u r l i feSALES a re wo r tREP: h $130 EACH. ALL TYPES OF HARDWOOD FLOORS old floors Made like New Penn Medicine. Call 800-789-PENN 215-336-2500, EXT. 101. Installed • RepaIR • sandIng This slug must appear in the upper CHECK FOR (7366) or visit saNdiNg • refiNishiNg • staiNiNg RefInIshIng • staInIng WANTED ad name: AUTOS David left corner of each page.R APPROVAL prostatecancer to learn more about iNstallatioN plus repairs TIN (215)416-4000 Quality work • fully insured your treatment options. Hospital size: 1x1 CASH FOR CARS: Any Car/Truck. low rates • free estimates of the University of Pennsylvania. ning or Not! Top Dollar Paid. We Come Residential & Commercial run date: 032708 Penn Presbyterianexpected Medical Center. QuALiTY WORkS • FuLLY inSuRED Tel: 215-389-5514 To You! Call For Instant Offer: 1-888Pennsylvania Hospital. 420-3808 designer initials: dt

Old Floor made like new

Cell: 267-973-7001 TIN

DaviD R. Co. HaRDwooD Fl.

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rev #1: rev #2: rev #3:

PUBLIC AUCTION @ DEVON SELF STORAGE publication: sales rep:

pw, spr, swr eleanor

The following self storage units will be sold to the highest bidder to satisfy the owner’s lien for rent under 73 P.S. 190 et. Seq. Auction is with reserve Devon Self Storage reserves the right to set minimum bids and to refuse bids. CASH ONLY. Contents must be removed within 24 hours. “Phillip T Cline”, Auctioneer PA Lic AU005596.

PROPERTIES LISTED BELOW 2990 S 20th Street , Philadelphia ,PA 19145 on Monday 9/23/13 @10:00am List of names and units 1414........................Arlene Holmes 1440...........................Linda Simeo 1735.......................Patrece Booker 1073.............................. Fred Berry 1175................... Angela V Allmond 1189......................Joseph Rodgers 1217......................... Gina Redding 1528....................Haafiz Stevenson 1722........................Carmen Leuzzi 1257......................... Julia Hawkins 1125................Alexander C Broche 1605..............Richard Cunningham 12 E Oregon Ave, Philadelphia, PA 19148 on Monday 9/23/13@ 11:00am List of names and units 2546.......................Nicholas Dillon 2322............................ Daniel King 1124.......................Nancy D’Orazio 1114...........................Samuel Cruz 1112...........................Samuel Cruz 1168....................Nicholas J Capell 2579............................... Keith Bell 2666.......................Youcef Khellouf

5134 Lancaster Ave, Philadelphia, PA 19131 on Monday 9/23/13 @ 12:00pm List of names and units 1060......................Lamonda Burke 2223.........................Crystal Wright 3003...........................Latoya Grant 3014.........................Nicole Guions 3066..........................Johnie Brown 125 ................................... Jaja Ade 3028................. Catherine Brothers 2315.......................Cheryl Sanders 3134.......................Taurean Gomez 1018.......................Rashida Fowler 1111.......................Rashida Fowler 4002.......................Rashida Fowler 1080.......................Joseph E Jones

1831 W Allegheny Ave, Philadelphia, PA 19132 on Monday 9/23/13 @3:00pm List of names and units 2101........................Denise Wilkins 5007A................... Catherine Green 4102..........................Sandra Bond 2061.........................Arlene Bowen 1046......................Rudolph Bowen 3115........................ Walter Burnett 4006........................ Punchie Davis 5041........................... Helen Johns 1015......................... Sheron Jones 3037....................... Charlotte Mont 2092..... Yasmeen Pringle –Williams 2095..............................Terry Scott 1101................... Shirley Sturdivant 3048.........................Sankofa Tafari 335 E Price St 3016...........................Robert Taylor Philadelphia, PA 19144 3114...................... Haywood Vance on Monday 9/23/13 @1:00pm 1013.....................Leroy Whitehead 3042......................... Everton Wood List of names and units 2112....................Tiara Frazier Terry 2056D.........................Robin Wright 1094..........................Crystal Lewis 1263............................Gary Advent 3100 C Street, 2001.......................... Brown Ceara Philadelphia, PA 19134 2207............................. Ivy Thomas on Monday 9/23/13 4:00pm 2224........................ Pam Tompkins List of names and units 2017.................Christine Sheppard 2035..................... Felicia M James 1098......................Wilmer Eldridge 2066............................Linda Divon 2035......................Shirley Plowden 2051...................Teofilo C Santiago

I p h i l a d e l p h i a w e e k ly 8 9

AT: 215-805-0556 OR OFFICE: 215-468-3925


#1 Recommended All Work Guaranteed

2-24-05 New Hardwood Installations Sanding • DATE: Refinishing • Staining




Circuit breaker •Wiring •Lighting •Emergency repair

Cell 215-906-8840 SIZE: 2x2 856-962-9576

AIRLINE CAREERS begin here - Get FAA approved Aviation Technician training. Financial Aid for qualified students. Job placement assistance. CALL Aviation Institute of Maintenance 1-888-834-9715

september 118 -



•100 + 200 AMP

15% off Specialist over 42 years




PREGNANT? THINKING OF ADOPTION? Talk with caring agency specializing in matching Birth● SPR ● SWR ● CW mothers with Families Nationwide. LIVING EXPENSES PAID. Call 24/7 P U B L I S H I N G ● PW ● ACW ● CG FLOORS MADE LIKE NEW Abby’s One True Gift Adoptions. 866-413-6293. Void in Illinois/ AD NAME: Tony’s Cleanouts New Mexico/Indiana

REVIEW Phong’s Floor Sanding OLD



Fully Insured Free Estimates

Commercial & Residential

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PW Classifieds



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9 0 p h i l a d e l p h i a w e e k ly I S e p t e m b e r 1 8

HELP WANTED Experienced Drivers - Excellent Regional Runs! Great Home Time & Benefits! Up to $.39 Per Mile, Weekly Pay & Late Model Equipment. Arnold Transportation www.drivearnold. com 888-742-8056


215-683-COPS (2677) | RECRUITING NOW!! Starting salary $45,060 during training; $48,186 after graduation, with yearly increases Increased earning potential for current certified Law Enforcement Officers

Excellent benefits package • Exceptional promotional Opportunity Tuition Reimbursement REQUIREMENTS: Applicants must be 19 years of age with at least 1 year driving experience and meet 1 or more of the criteria below: • Completed at least 60 college credits from an accredited College, University or Institution • Served at least 2 years, active duty, in any Branch of the Military with an Honorable Discharge • Served at least 1 year of full time employment as a State Certified Law Enforcement Officer, anywhere in any State of the United States • Have successfully complete the Philadelphia Police Explorers Cadet Program

For more information and to apply, go to Must apply online Necessary documents must be uploaded electronically at the time of application or hand delivered on the specified date at the Municipal Service Building, 1401 JFK Blvd, Philadelphia, PA 19106 $$$ AVON Earn up to 50%. selling Avon. Call Patty 267-312-5290. ISR. ASSET AND MACHINERY MANAGER: (Industrial Machinery Mechanic). Res : H A D CO M E TA L T RADING Co. LLC., 2811 Charter Rd., Philadelphia, PA 19154 ATTENTION REGIONAL & DEDICATED DRIVERS! Averitt Offers Excellent Benefits & Hometime. CDL-A req. 888-362-8608. Recent Grads w/a CDL-A 1-6/wks Paid Training. Apply online at Equal Opportunity Employer. BECOME A MEMBER OF THE OUR SALES TEAM! PW-Philadelphia Weekly is seeking energetic, selfmotivated individuals to join our Advertising Department as an outside Account Executive. We offer a competitive base salary, commission, bonuses and an excellent benefits package. Candidate must be able to multi-task, have excellent verbal and communication skills and be proficient with Microsoft Word and Excel. Main job responsibilities are prospecting, cold calling and closing new business. 3 plus years sales experience in a related field required. Email your resume to DSimms@ CC B2B FINANCIAL CO iso lead Follow up and Salesperson. $10/p/ hr.+Bonus. 215-527-3460.

GENERAL HELP-$8.00-$10.00/ HR. PLUS INCENTIVE. FLEXIBLE SCHEDULES.INTERVIEW TODAY START TOMORROW. 215-271-0188. Gordon Trucking: CDL-A Drivers Needed. A better Carrier. A better Career. Up to $5,000 SIGN ON BONUS. Earn Up to .46 cpm. Refrigerated Fleet with Great Miles, Full Benefits, Great Incentives. No Northeast Runs! EOE. Call 7 days/wk! 866-554-7856 Heavy Equipment Operator Training! Bulldozers, Backhoes, Excavators. 3 Weeks Hands On Program. Local Job Placement Assistance. National Certifications. GI Bill Benefits Eligible. 1-866-362-6497 Part Time Teller Parke Bank, a community based Commercial Bank has an immed. opening for expd. PT Teller at Spruce St. loc. Min. 1 yr prior cash handling. Excellent communication skills, accuracy, atten. to detail & comp. skills req’d. Send resume to: or fax to 856-256-2590 PROPERTY INSPECTORS: Full & Part time. We train! Flexible hrs, Car required. 610-213-3735 SO. PHILLY PIZZERIA LOOKING FOR PIZZA MAKER/GRILL PERSON/ COUNTER PERSON and DELIVERY DRIVER. APPLY ON LINE: www. UNCLEOOGIES.COM

CDL-A Drivers: Looking for higher pay? New Century is hiring exp. company drivers and owner operators. Solos and teams. Competitive pay package. Sign-on incentives. Call 888-705-3217 or apply online at

Transfer Drivers: Need CDL A or B Contract Drivers, to relocate vehicles from local body plants to various locations throughout US-No forced dispatch: 1-800-501-3783

CDL-A Drivers: Up to $5,000 Sign-On Bonus. Solo and Teams. Excellent Home Time & Pay! BCBS Benefits. Join Super Serivce! 866-933-1902

$$$HELP WANTED$$$ Extra Income! Assembling CD cases from Home! No Experience Necessary! Call our Live Operators Now! 1-800-405-7619 EXT 2450 h ttp ://w w w.easy

Drivers - CDL-A SOLO & TEAM D R I V E R S N E E D E D ! To p P a y & Full Benefits. Even MORE Pay for Hazmat! New Trucks Arriving Daily! CDL Grads Welcome! 800-942-2104 D r i v e r s : H O M E W E E K LY & B I WEEKLY. EARN $900-$1200/WK. BC/BS Med. & Major Benefits. NO Canada, HAZMAT or NYC! SMITH TRANSPORT 877-705-9261 D R I V E R S : Tra n s p o r t A m e r i c a has Dedicated and Regional openings! Variety of home time options; good miles & earnings. Enjoy Transport America’s great driver experience! or 866-204-0648. Exp. Reefer Drivers: GREAT PAY /Freight lanes From Presque Isle, ME, Boston-Lehigh, PA. 800-277-0212 or

BECOME A MEMBER OF OUR SALES TEAM! Philadelphia Weekly, Philadelphia’s Leading Arts & Entertainment Newsweekly, is seeking an Account Executive

Must be: • Able to Multi-task • Goal oriented - Must develop successful business plans • Have excellent communication skills • Proficient with Microsoft Word and Excel • Able to develop and Maintain strong business relationships * Some sales experience a plus!

We offer a competitive base salary, commission, bonuses and an excellent benefits package. If you think you have what it takes to succeed, then outline why in your cover letter & email to:


H E L P WA N T E D ! M A K E E X T R A MONEY in our free ever popular h o m e m a i l e r p ro g ra m , i n c l u d e s valuable guidebook! Start immediately! Genuine! 1-888-292-1120 www.

BUSINESS OPPORTUNITY Keller Williams Center City, SUCCEED WITH US! Contact our Top Teams- to find out how KW puts their agents 1st! Join their teams or start your own team at KW Center City. For details - Check out our Full page ad in this weeks PW - Philadelphia WEEKLY. RELO@KW.COM 215-627-3500

MISCELLANEOUS SAWMILLS from only $4897.00MAKE & SAVE MONEY with your own bandmill- Cut lumber any dimension. In stock ready to ship. FREE Info/ DVD: 1-800-578-1363 Ext.300N

EMPLOYMENT SERV. AIRLINE CAREERS begin here - Get trained as FAA certified Aviation Technician. Housing and Financial aid for qualified students. Job placement assistance. Call Aviation Institute of Maintenance 877-492-3059

EQUAL HOUSING OPPORTUNITY All real estate advertised in this newspaper is subject to federal, state and localfair housing laws, which makes it illegal to advertise any preference, limitation, or discriminationbased on race; color; religion;sex; disability; familial; (presence of children);national origin; age (Pennsylvania and New Jersey); martial status or sexual orientation(Pennsylvania and New Jersey), or source of Income (Philadelphia only) in the sale, rentalor financing or insuring of housing. This paper will not knowingly accept any advertisingfor real estate which violates these laws. The law requires that all dwellings advertised beavailable on an equal opportunity basis. If you believe you have been discriminated againstin connection with the sale, rent, financing or insuring of housing or commercial property,call HUD at 1-888-799-2085

STUDIO/EFFICIENCY 12TH & PINE- Charming Studio w/ Exp red brick, HW floors, Laundry in bldg. AVAIL. NOW! GAS HEAT/HOT WATER INCL. $835. MSRE, 215-925RENT(7368), 318 S 15th ST.: COZY EFF/STD HRD/ fls NEW KIT., A/C, WD, STRG/bldg Avl Nov. $750/Ht, Ht Wtr Incld. 215-733-0480 C.C. LARGE STUDIO, 1st fl, NEAR TRANSPORTATION $795 215-8830542 THE CHATHAM: 20TH/WALNUT- Spac Studio & 1BR in High rise, Doorman bldg w/Magnificent Western & Southern exposure, View of Ritt S q u a re, H W f l o o rs, L a u n d r y o n site, Prof managed. AVAIL. OCT! ALL UTILS INCL. FROM $1285-$1860. MSRE, 215-925-RENT(7368), www.

ONE BEDROOM 1201 S. 13TH, A: $850/MO 1BD/1BA, wide open kitchen, laminate floors, ceiling fan, basement laundry, CALL PAUL CHIN PRU FOX & ROACH 215627-6005/215-440-2049 12TH DICKINSON ST 1st flr., modern, D/W, G/W, pvt. ent. $850/mo.+elec. 215-218-9701. 1304 PINE ST: CHARMING BI/LVL, SEP NEW KIT., HRDWD/FLS, DEC. FRPL/BDRM, EXP BRK WALLS Hi/ clgs, good/closet $1285 INCLD HT, HT WTR, CK/GAS www.centraassociates. com (215-733-0480) 13TH & SPRUCE: Fab renv. Huge 1BR, HW flrs, All amens. $1595+. PMG 215-545-7007 x108 1 4 X X S .1 6 T H ST Lg .1 b d r m . 1 ST. Flr.,D/W, G/D, A/C. Pvt. ent. $795/ mo.+utils. 215-465-8065. 1612 PINE: RITTENHOUSE SQ. NICE, HRDWD/FLS! Good Closet/sp, NEW K I T. A L L N E W A P P L S ! S H A R E D CRTYD WD, STRG! $1280 Ht, ht wtr, ck/gas INCLD www.centraassociates. com 215-733-0480 20TH WOLF VIC. Conv. to Trans. Brand new Appls. W/D,$950/mo+Elec/ Gas. 215-465-4601.


Pg. 68

241 S. 6TH, 903: $2,000/MO 1BD/1BA, wide open space, hardwood floors, brand new granite and stainless kitchen, hige walk-in closets, c/a, CALL LYNDA KREVITZ PRU FOX & ROACH 215-627-6005/215-421-6998 315 ARCH, 307: $1,600/MO 1BD/1BA, hardwood floors, recessed lighting, soaring ceilings, granite + stainless kitchen, c/a, CALL RYAN MCCANN PRU FOX & ROACH 215-6276005/215-558-2118


ALL AREAS - ROOMMATES.COM. Browse hundreds of online listings with photos and maps. Find your roommate with a click of t h e m o u s e ! V i s i t : h t t p : w w w.

THREE + BEDROOMS M A N AY U N K : 478 2 S i l v e r w o o d St. Lovely 3BR home in the heart of Manayunk w/eat-in kit & great o u td o o r s p a ce. $ 1 525/m o. J o h n B row n , P r u d e n t i a l Fox & Ro a c h Direct: 215-440-8173

Keller Williams Center City, SUCCEED WITH US! Contact our Top Teams- to find out how KW puts their agents 1st! Join their teams or start your own team at KW Center City. For details - Check out our Full page ad in this weeks PW - Philadelphia WEEKLY. RELO@KW.COM 215-627-3500 N Y-V T B O R D E R 4 0 a c re s o n l y $9 9,9 0 0. e a sy a cce s s A l b a ny NY, Bennington, VT perfect mini farm, open and wooded, ideal for equestrian or sportsman, abundant wildlife, surveyed and perc tested. Bank financing available Owner 802-447-0779

TWO BEDROOM RITTENHOUSE SQ AREA: 2BR+ Office, 3BA renovated home on charming street. 1blk to Ritt Sq. Parking avail. $2750/mo. 267-838-8006 RITTENHOUSE SQ. AREA (2013 Walnut St.) 2BRs or 1 lg bedroom/Office, 1 bath, WD, DW, CA, Gas heat, Carpeted. $1295/mo+. 215-627-4414


20XX RITT. SQ.: W/D, AC $1500++ Pet Possible. Avail. Now. Manny (267)325-2593





OCEAN CITY, MARYLAND. Best selection of affordable rentals. Full/ partial weeks. Call for FREE brochure. Open daily. Holiday Real Estate. 1-800-638-2102. Online reservations:


RITTENHOUSE SQ AREA: CONTRACTORS GARAGE or small 2 car garage. Prime Loc, Easy acces. $400/mo. Call 267-838-8006

26 T H & S O U T H - Contemporar y Townhome in great location, High ceilings, New carpeting, W/D, Dog friendly, Yard & Basement. AVAIL. NOW! $1575. MSRE, 215-925-RENT(7368), www.



320 S. 1 5 T H ST: S PAC I O U S, 2 DECORATIVE FRPLS, SUNNY, HRDWD/ FLS, t/o, REMODELED KIT, ALL S.S. APPLS. $1225/Ht, Ck Gas, Ht Wt, INCLD. www.centraassociates. com (215)733-0480

29XX S. SYDENHAM ST 2nd flr., recently renovated. Call 215-651-0498.

8TH & LOMBARD- Spacious Loft Style 1BR, HW floors, High ceilings, Dec FP, Laundry in bldg. AVAIL. OCT! $1,285. MSRE, 215-925-RENT(7368), www.

883 N.5TH, 3: $1,250/MO 2BD/1BA, hardwood floors, full tile kitchen, wide open space, rear yard, c/a, CALL RYAN MCCANN PRU FOX & ROACH 215-627-6005/215-558-2118

ANTIQUE ROW/PINE ST: LITE, AIRY, OVERLOOKING PARK. Lg LR/DR area, BR w/Lg closets. Lg galley kit (DW, GD), HW/Crpt floors. $975/mo. Ht, Ht/Wtr INCLUDED. Avail 10/01. Day 215-922-2722; Eve 215-925-5577 ART MUSEUM: 2601 Parkway Bldg$1,495 - Large 962 sq.ft. 1 BR/1 BA in popular full-service Art Museum 2601 Parkway Building. Features parquet floors, sep. kitchen and sep. dining room, w/d, a/c, g/d, d/w, shuttle; upgrades throughout. Rent includes cooking gas, hot water, cable. Pets ok with deposit. Avail Nov 1. Contact or 215-6052255. Photos available. OLD CITY (104 Chestnut/3rd fl) Lg 1BR, 1BA, approx 1300SF, Tall windows, view of BF Bridge, High ceilings, Carpeted, CA, Gas heat, DW, GD, WD. $1125/mo+. Avail Oct. 215-627-4414 OLD CITY: 3rd/Chestnut Ren Bilvl w/Huge BDRM. 1450SF. Exp brick walls, HWflrs, Skylite, Lg Windows, HVAC, WD, DW, Micro. $1550/mo+. 610-250-2280 TEMPLE/ST.JOES HOSPITAL: 17TH/ GIRARD, NEWLY RENVT BI-LEVEL 1 b d r m , C /A / H , W D/ b l d g . $ 6 0 0 + . 215-651-4653. THE ROOSEVELT (2220 Walnut Street) - Beautifully renovated apts. in the RITTENHOUSE SQUARE AREA of Philadelphia. STUDIO’S starting at only $790/mo+. and ONE BEDROOMS starting at only $1000/mo+. Call 215-640-8880 for an appointment.

TWO BEDROOM 1034 SPRUCE ST, 403 Center City. Stunning 2BR/2BA corner unit in newer mid-rise building will win you over! $2395/mo. John Brown, P r u d e n t i a l Fox & Ro a c h D i re c t : 215-440-8173 12TH & LOMBARD- 2BR w/lots of light, HW floors, C/A, Laundry in b l d g . AVA I L . N OW ! $ 1 325. M S R E , 215-925-RENT(7368), 17TH & LOMBARD- Super Deluxe 2BR condo, Beaut HW floors, C/A, D/W, W/D, Closets galore, Patio, Gated parking incl. AVAIL. NOW! $1850. MSRE, 215-925-RENT(7368), www. 2036 SPRUCE: $2,200/MO 2BD/1BA, hardwood floors, high ceilings, washer + dryer, 2 fireplace mantles, full tile bath with pedestal sink, gallery kitchen, great windows, CALL RYAN MCCANN PRU FOX & ROACH 215-627-6005/215-558-2118

46th & Hazel: 2BR Sunny, 5rm+bath, oak flrs, $1325./mo. +elec+gas 856 745 9922

BROAD & LOMBARD: Gorg 2BR bilevel, HW flrs, FP, Avail 09/07. $1695+. PMG, 215-545-7007x304 C i ty L i n e/ Ta rg e t ( 1 9 1 3 1 ) 2 B R, W/D, A/C, new carpet/appliances, garage, yard, MOVE-IN Cond. Walk to City Line, Target, PCOM & St.Joe’s: easy commute to 30th St and CC. $950+utils. 610-668-3202 OFF BROAD ST. ALL NEW, HDWD FLRS., C/A, MAGNIFICENT! NEW APPLS. $1095/MO. 215-292-2176. OLD CITY (4 S.Front St/4th fl) Bright 2BR or 1BR/Office, approx 2000SF, Facing Del River w/view of BF bridge. CA, Gas heat, WD, DW, GD, Wood/Carpet. $1350/mo+. 215-627-4414 PA C K E R PA R K 2 B E D R M . 2 N D F L R. , E XC E L L E N T CO N D. AVA I L OCT. 1ST. 215-467-8612.

29 0 0 S O. B R O A D ST- M AG N I F I C E N T ! 3 B D R M S. LOA D E D W/ E VERYTHING. Conv.TO Pub.Trans/ Any College.$2800/MO.+. AVAIL. 215-651-9190. D U R FO R S T.O F F 3 rd . A w a r d w i n n i n g , 2 b r. , O a k Flrs.All Appliances,EIK, Lg.Bth.215-849-4049. GRAYS FERRY off 28th ST 5mins. to Univ.City.3brm.tile bth,hdwd.flrs. All appls.215-849-4049. SO.DARIEN Off Hdwd. flrs.Ample Flrs.,Lg.Tile Bth, AMPLE STORAGE.215-849-4049.

ROOM FOR RENT CAMDEN NJ: Furn room, Cable/ internet incl. $110-$140/wk. 917557-9212 CENTER CITY, HEAD HOUSE SQUARE, SOCIETY HILL. “TOKIO B&B STUDIOS, 124 LOMBARD ST. Enjoy all of the City’s Historic Areas, Museums, Parks, Restaurants, etc. Everything w i t h i n yo u r rea c h ! E V E RYO N E WELCOME to enjoy our Comfortable environment and Reasonable R a te s. DA I LY ra te s STA RT I N G at $65. SPECIAL WEEKLY rates $300-$500. FANTASTIC MONTHLY rates $800-$1500. “TOKIO B&B” STUDIOS. Website http://sushi. Call MADAME SAITO 215-922-2515

Driving Results “We have been happy customers of the Philadelphia Weekly for 16 years. PW is the ideal place to place your real estate ads. Not only are we pleased with their level of customer service and our representative, we also receive excellent leads from our ads we place. Thanks to PW we have had great success in renting center city apartments.”

Tiffany Delio, Leasing Associate

Michael Singer Real Estate

Outer Banks 2013 Parade of Homes

TOUR 22 New Homes From Corolla to Manteo, NC October 10-13 Tickets $10 Good all 4 days

Info 252-449-8232

Preview tour

Estate Sale


AMERICAN LOG HOMES IS ASSISTING LIQUIDATION OF LAND DEVELOPER’S ESTATE 3 Log Homes selling for BALANCE OWED. FREE DELIVERY • Model #101 Carolina $40,840 - BALANCE OWED $17,000 • Model #203 Georgia $49,500 - BALANCE OWED $22,900 • Model #305 Biloxi $36,825 - BALANCE OWED $15,700 • NEW – HOMES HAVE NOT BEEN MANUFACTURED • Make any design changes you desire! • Comes with Complete Building Blueprints & Construction Manual • Windows, Doors, and Roofing NOT INCLUDED • NO TIME ON DELIVERY View at Ready Only Reply. Call 704-602-3035 ask for Accounting Dept.

RITTENHOUSE SQUARE soUtH & 26tH pine & 22nD CHerry & 21st WalnUt & 20tH sprUCe & 16tH

Fab 1br w/yard & private ent sunny 1br’s, HW floors, yard. Jr. 1br, HW floors, new kit. Great 1br, HW floors. Fab 2br, HW floors, Ca

$995 $1170-$1225 $850 $825-$1050 $1650

The Lofts at Logan View at 1666 Callowhill Street

CENTER CITY EAST broaD & sprUCe studio’s & 1br’s, C/a, W/D $875-$1050 sprUCe & 15tH Fab studio & 1br, HW floors $795-$820 sprUCe & 13tH studio’s, 1&2 br’s, HW floors $850-$1195 bainbriDGe & 12tH Mod studio’s, HW floor $825 sprUCe & 12tH studio & 2br, W/W, a/C $850-$1300 $770-995 Walnut & 23rd 1 & 2Bd's, hardwood, laundry pine & 10tH lrg 1br, HW floors, WD. $1300 $575-1000 Locust & 21st Studios & 1Bd's, laundry, heat incl. pine & 9tH sunny studio, HW floors, laundry $775 $850-950 Pine & 21st 1Bd's, hardwood, heat incl., yard loMbarD & 9tH Great studio, HW floors, C/a $950 $700-1000 Pine & 22nd 1 & 2Bd, hardwood, heat incl. $750-1100 Lombard & 23rd 1 &2Bd, bi-level, A/C QUEEN VILLAGE $875-1000 Chestnut & 20th Ultra mod 1Bd's, C/A, great location CHristian & 5tH Mod 1 & 2br, W/W, a/C $840-$1050 $875-1700 Lombard & 19th Newly renov, mod studio, 1 & 2Bd's soUtH & 5tH Cozy & studio’s $620-$625 $770-995 Walnut 23rd 1 & 2Bd's, hardwood, laundry $800-850 Mod 1Bd's, W/D,& C/A, incl. $575-1000 Locust &121st Studios 1Bd's,heat laundry, heat incl. sprUCe &Broad 4tH & Spruce Great br, HW floors $1000 $850-950 Pine 1Bd & 21st 1Bd's,w/d, hardwood, heat incl., yard $850-995 & 2Bd, hardwood, laundry CHristianLombard & 2nD & 9th Fab studio’s & 1br trinity’s $780-$1050 $700-1000 Pine & 22nd 1 & 2Bd, hardwood, heat incl. $995-1100 Monroe &Pine 2nD & 9th 2Bd's, Greath/w 2br, HW floors, pvt entrance. $1400 $750-1100 Lombard & floors, 23rd 1W/D &2Bd,Ca, bi-level, A/C $875-1000 Chestnut 20thbath, Ultra bi-level, mod 1Bd's, C/A, great location $995 Spruce & 12th 2Bd, & 1-1/2 laundry $875-1700 Lombard & 19th Newly renov, mod studio, 1 & 2Bd's $995-1350 Spruce & 16th Old World, & 2Bd's, hardwood ART 1MUSEUM $800-850 Broad & Spruce Mod 1Bd's, W/D, C/A, heat incl. Area Ultra Mod 1& & floors, 3Bd's, W/D, Deck, Parking laundry $950-1750 popUlar Art & 28tH 2br, HW a/C $1050 $850-995 Lombard 9th 1Bd & 2Bd, w/d, hardwood, $995-1100 Pine 9th 1 2Bd's, h/w floors, tHe breWery27tH Fab & parrisH $825-1375 Old City ultra&mod & 2Bd's, deckW/D $995 Spruce & 12th 2Bd, 1-1/2 bath, bi-level, laundry Mod 1br lofts, W/W, C/a, parking $1300 $1950 University City 3Bd, bath, renovated $995-1350 Spruce &2 16th Oldtotally World, 1 &W/D, 2Bd's,Gated hardwood $950-1750 aspen & 26tH studio’s $750-$800 Artsunny Area Ultra Mod&1 1br’s & 3Bd's,Nice W/D,Studio Deck, Parking $700 Spring Garden Collonade-Extremely $825-1375 Old City Fab studio’s ultra mod&1 1br’s & 2Bd's, deck parrisH &Q.V. 26tH 3rd & Bambridge Delightful $800-$900 $600-675 1 & 2Bd's, W/W, C/A $1950 University City 3Bd, 2 bath, totally renovated Mt. vernon & 21st lg. parquet floors $795 $375 Spring Garden & studio, 19th Studio, hardwood, Heat $700 Spring Garden Collonade-Extremely Niceincl. Studio $600-675 3rd & Bambridge & 2Bd's, W/W, C/A sprinG GarDen & 20tH studio/loft, HW floors $800 $625 Fairmount &Q.V. 18th Mod 1Bd, C/A, 1W/D $375 Spring & 19th Studio, hardwood, Heat incl. WallaCe Mt. & 20tH 1br, Garden eat-in Kit, yardYard, $925 $600 Vernon &Fairmount 21st Gret Studio, Laundry $625 & 18th Mod 1Bd, C/A, W/D FairMoUnt & 20tH & 20th large 2br, $1250 $600 Mt. Vernon & w/Den 21st Gret Studio, $700 Wallace 1Bd, parquet floors, yardYard, Laundry $700 Wallace & 20th 1Bd, parquet floors, yard sprinG GarDen &19tH Charming studio’s, HW floors $775-$825 $600 Aspen & 26th 1Bd, W/W, laundry Aspen & 26th 1Bd, W/W, laundry

Many More apartMents available!

studio, one + two bedroom apartments pet friendly | gourmet kitchens | oversized windows | nearby parking | in suite washer/dryer

call 215.569.9625

reinhold residential .com/loftsatloganview

The Chocolate Works | The Touraine | The Packard | The Metropolitan | The Old Quaker


Your own private courtyard

p h i l a d e l p h i a w e e k l y. c o m I

annmarie or John Annmarie or John 215.636.0100 (215) 636-0100 Annmarie or John Nancy or Ellen 636-0100 (215) 546-9247 nancy or(215) ellen Nancy or Ellen 215.546.9247 (215) 546-9247

september 118 -


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I p h i l a d e l p h i a w e e k ly 9 1

Join Philadelphia Weekly this November 13th for our 7th annual tasting event at the Crystal Tea Room! Try the latest treats from area restaurants: beer, liquor and nonalcoholic beverages.

I p h i l a d e l p h i a w e e k l y. c o m

- 25

9 2 p h i l a d e l p h i a w e e k ly I S e p t e m b e r 1 8

Property Management Group, Ltd

226 South St. // 215.922.4200 & Associates, Inc. Realtors

13th & Spruce

Broad & Pine

Cool 1BR Apt w/AC and Laundry.

Large 1BR apt, HW floors, Incl heat.



9th & Spruce

13th & Pine

Great 2BR Apt w/Exposed brick. Parking avail.

Adorable 1BR Apt, Close to Everything.



215.545.7007 We Offer Full Management and Leasing Services

ichael inger Real Estate

ONE BEDROOM 1628 S. 9th 1st floor 1 Bedroom, den, w/w carpet, w&d in Bldg eZ access to center city $750.00 ABBOttS Sq. #613 1 Bedroom, 1 Bath, c/a, w&d, Balcony, hrd.wood & w/w carpet $1,300.00 2135 WAlNut St (uPENN AREA) 1 Br., 1 Bath,c/a, elevator Bldg., partly furnished $1050.00 2108 GREEN St (ARt MuSEuM) all new 1200 sq.ft 1 Br., 1 Bath, hrd. flrs,c/a,w&d $1,200.00 tWO BEDROOMS 2700 ANN St.(PORt RichMOND) 1st rear 2 Brs., 1 Bath,, Bi-level, w&d in the Bldg.yard $775.00 2108 GREEN St large 2 Br., 1 Bath, hrd.flrs.,c/a, w&d, all new two units availaBle 1,750 & $1,800 $1,750 & $1,800 tOWNhOuSE 425 N. PREStON St (WESt PhilA) Bi- level, lg 4 Brs., 2 Baths call ellen 215-922-3600 ext. 211 $2,200.00 704 S. PhiliP (2ND & BAiNBRiDGE) 3 Bedrooms, 1 Bath, deck,c/a,w&d, open flr. plan $2,200.00 1612 S. lAWRENcE St 3 Bedrooms,1 Barh, hrd.flrs., w&d, Basement, small yard $1,350.00 cOMMERciAl 307 S. chADWick (BtW 16th-17th SPRucE –PiNE) 1900 sq.ft spectacular office space nnn $4000.00 951 E. PASSyuNk AvE (cARPENtER St) 1st floor approx 450 sq.ft.corner retail space 10-4-13 $1,000.00


over 50 years in the real estate business We manage a wide range of apartment homes in great neighborhoods, including:

RittenhouSe SquARe • old City • FitleR SquARe WAShington SquARe WeSt

215.925.Rent (7368)


Jumbo ($417K or more) adjustable rate mortgages that won't adjust for the first 5, 7, or 10 years! Interest APR* Rate



P&I Pmt Per $1,000

2.875% 2.98%


5/1 (360 Term)


3.25% 3.14%


7/1 (360 Term)


3.50% 3.33%


10/1 (360 Term)


   

APR= Annual Percentage Rate *This is a Variable Rate loan product. Rate and payments will adjust annually at the end of the fixed rate period. Rate, APR and payment may increase after consummation. Index used is the monthly average of the constant maturity yield on one year U.S. Treasury securities. Margin is 2.75%. Caps- 2% per adjustment, 5% over life of loan. Payment examples; 5/1- 60 pmts of $2904.25 at 2.875%, 300 payments of $2,944.46 at 3%. 7/1- 84 payments of $3046.44 at 3.25%, 276 payments of $2970.10 at 3.00%. 10/1- 120 payments of $3,143.31 at 3.50%, 240 payments of $3,005.85 at 3.00%. P&I example based on $700, 000.00 loan amount. Fully indexed rate based off current index (1 yr CMT) + 2.75% margin rounded up to nearest eighth. These payments do not include amounts for taxes and insurance premiums; actual payment will be greater. **Rates subject to change without notice. Subject to Credit Approval. Property Insurance Required. Primary residence only, up to 80% Loan To Value(LTV); LTV greater to maximum of 95% requires PMI (Private Mortgage Insurance) . Maximum LTV 65% for condominiums. Other costs and fees may apply. Please call the Lending Department at 215-755-1500 for more details. Prudential Savings Bank, NMLS #518005 MEMBER FDIC


THE CHATHAM: 20TH & WALNUT – Spacious Studio and One Bedroom in High rise, Doorman bldg w/Magnificent Western & Southern exposure, View of Rittenhouse Square, HW floors, Laundry on site, Professionally managed. AVAIL. OCT! ALL UTILS INCL. FROM $1,285- $1,860 26TH & SOUTH – Contemporary Townhome in great location, High ceilings, New carpeting, W/D, Dog friendly, Yard & Basement. AVAIL. NOW! $1,575 21ST & LOCUST – Adorable Studio in Brownstone bldg. HW floors, Laundry on HEAT/HOT WATER INCL. $825 premise, Open kitchen. AVAIL. OCT! 17TH & LOMBARD – Super Deluxe Two Bedroom condo, Beautiful HW floors, C/A, D/W, W/D, Closets galore, Patio, Gated parking incl. AVAIL. NOW! $1,850 FITLER COMMONS: 23RD & PINE – Cool One Bedroom across from Fitler Sq Park, HW floors, D/W, Lots of closet space, Laundry. AVAIL. NOW! HEAT/HOT WATER INCL. $1,095 22ND & SPRUCE – Two Bedroom in elevator bldg, Brand new kitchen, HW floors, Laundry on premises. AVAIL. NOW! HEAT/HOT WATER INCL. $1,275

olD CiTY The ChaTham FiTler Commons ClinTon PlaCe The imPerial In addition to being Built in an era when A historic building in Well-maintained, WASHINGTON SQUARE WEST/OLd CITy Next to the Avenue home to the Liberty Bell, THE IMPERIAL: BROAD & SPRUCE – Studios in High rise elevator bldg, craftsmanship and an upscale, residential of the Arts. Whether Handsome HW floors, Full kitchens, A/C, Laundry. Independence Hall and attention to detail AVAIL. OCT! GAS/HOT WATER INCL. $785 neighborhood. We many other attractions, you’re a student just historic building were paramount, face Fitler Square and restaurants, clubs and getting started or 11TH & PINE – Cozy Studio with view of Kahn Park, Elevator bldg, HW floors, facing Kahn Park theaters within walking The Chatham is AVAIL. NOW! HEAT/HOT WATER INCL. $725 Laundry on premise. are one block to a looking for a Center and Antique Row! distance, this a great a residence of number of fine neigh- Near Jefferson UniCity apartment that’s 12TH & LOMBARD – Two Bedroom with lots of light, HW floors, C/A, Laundry place to live. elegance in the RitAVAIL. NOW! $1,325 borhood restaurants, near everything, the in bldg. tenhouse versity & University We have beautifully cafes and shops. Imperial is a great 12TH & PINE – Charming Studio w/Exposed red brick, HW floors, Laundry in Square area. renovated 1 and 2 of the Arts. Heat/ bldg. AVAIL. NOW! GAS HEAT/HOT WATER INCL. $835 convenient to Penn. place to call home! bedroom apartments All Utilities Included Hot water included. Heat/Hot water Gas included. in historic Old City with 8TH & LOMBARD – Spacious Loft Style One Bedroom, HW floors, High ceiland Doorman ings, Decorative Fireplace, Laundry in bldg. AVAIL. OCT! $1,285 unique characteristics. included. building. 1117 Spruce Street • Philadelphia, PA 19107 • •

cEntER citY luXuRY REntAls

the carlyle

the Wellington

2031 LocuSt Street

135 S. 19th Street

· 24 hour doorman · Prestigious rittenhouse square address · many apartments have recently been updated with brand new kitchens and hardwood floors · Pet friendly

Studio, Completely renovated, with custom kitchen and bath and $1,395 hardwood floors, 396 sf 1 bedroom, hardwood floors, high ceilings, brand new kitchen and $1,750 bathroom, washer/dryer, 577 sf 1 bedroom, generous entertaining space, bay windows, $1,750 lots of natural light Washington square hoPKinson house 604-36 S. WASHINGTON SQ. Studio, high floor, southern $1,095

views, 413 sf

Studio, excellent closet space, Washington Squre views, 460 sf $1,085

stricKland roW 1014 Spruce STreeT Spacious studio, with separate $1,000

kitchen area, 480 sf

indePendence Place 241 SOuTH 6TH STreeT 1 bedroom with walk-in closet

old city/society hill

threetop views of Society Hill, floor-to-ceiling windows, 750 sf $1,700

Waterfront Pier 3 1 bedroom, updated kitchen, hardwood floors, 750 sf


aVenue of the arts center city one 1326 Spruce STreeT Studio, seperate area for

kitchen, balcony, lots of closet space, 494 sf $1,195 2 bedroom, 2 baths, split floor plan, balcony, skyline view, washer/dryer, 1209 sf $2,350

the ellington 1500 cHeSTNuT STreeT 2 bedroom, 2 bath, wood floors,

renovated bathrooms, washer/ dryer, open kitchen with stainless steel appliances, 1050 sf $2,695

2 bedroom, 2 baths, kitchen with breakfast nook, private $2,600 terrace, 1111 sf

Parc rittenhouse

2 bedroom, 2 bathroom

225 S. 18TH STreeT

custom home one half block

Studio, with lots of light, hard-

from Rittenhouse Square, lots of natural light, hardwood floors, fireplace, designer kitchen and baths


267 south 19th street rittenhouse square

Brand new unit less than one

the lanesBorough 1601 LOcuST STreeT Custom entire floor home with

block from Rittenhouse Square

360 degree city views, chef’s kitchen, designer bathrooms, incredible building details $8,950 throughout, 3422 sf

and washer/dryer

1830 rittenhouse sq. Brand new 1 bedroom plus den, with high end finishes and appointments and beautifully restored original building details, overlooks Rittenhouse Square, $2,495 778 sf

the dorchester 226 W. rITTeNHOuSe SQ. Studio, 573 sf $1,425 1 bedroom, private terrace, partial Rittenhouse Square views, $1,675 609 sf

wood floors, large marble bath and open kitchen, 425 sf $1,495

Junior 1 bedroom, wood floors, marble bathroom, washer/dryer, 528 sf


1 bedroom, marble bathroom,

with 3 bedrooms and 2 baths,

wood floors, excellent closet

hardwood floors, open kitchen

space, 653 sf



WanamaKer house

220 W. rittenhouse sq.

2020 WALNuT STreeT

1 bedroom, hardwood floors,

Spacious 2 bedroom, 2 baths,

Washington Square views, designer bathroom, 975 sf $2,590

generous entertaining space, hardwood floors, renovated kitchen with stainless steel ap-

the WarWicK

pliances, customized closets,

1701 LOcuST STreeT

skyline views, washer/dryer,

Studio, on a high floor with

1198 sf


hardwood floors, open kitchen, walk-in closet and marble bathroom, 423 sf


2 bedrooms, 2 baths, open chef’s kitchen, marble baths,

art museum the PhiladelPhian

2 bedrooms, 2 baths, private

walk-in closets in both bedroom,

2401 peNNSyLvANIA Ave

terrace, washer/dryer, city views,

lots of natural light, 1296 sf

Studio with sunrise city views,

1119 sf



570 sf

Allan Domb Real Estate

1845 Walnut St. Suite 2200 • 215/545.1500 FoR A complEtE list oF ouR REntAl pRopERtiEs, plEAsE visit


I p h i l a d e l p h i a w e e k ly 9 3

Corner 1 bedroom, with

study nook, private terrace, excellent storage space, 989 sf $1,695

floor with south and west views, $1,500 654 sf

258 south 18th st.


dramatic river and city views to the south, floor-to-ceiling $1,250 windows, 540 sf

aBBotts square 530 S. 2Nd STreeT 1 bedroom, 1.5 baths, fireplace,

academy house 1420 LOcuST STreeT Junior one bedroom on a high

september 118 -

society hill toWers 200-220 LOcuST STreeT Studio, on a high floor with

floors, chef’s kitchen, designer bathrooms and unique finishes such as exposed brick and ductwork, 2025 sf $7,500

1 bedroom plus den, 270 degree city views, 2 baths, 763 sf $1,795 2 bedroom, 2 bathroom, generous entertaining space, lots of closets, $2,375 1022 sf 2 bedroom, 2 bathroom, renovated, 270 degree views offering excellent natural light, hardwood floors, stainless steel appliances, 1079 sf $2,350

p h i l a d e l p h i a w e e k l y. c o m I

and southern city views, 850 sf $1,595 Spacious 1 bedroom with alcove, private terrace, and excellent closet space, 1205 sf $2,350

BanK Building 421 cHeSTNuT STreeT Brand new 2 bedroom plus den, 2.5 bathroom with wood

· 24 hour doorman · state-of-the-art fitness center · many apartments have recently been updated with brand new kitchens and hardwood floors · Pet friendly · Washers and dryers in many of the apartments · all utilities included except for electric

I p h i l a d e l p h i a w e e k l y. c o m

- 25

9 4 p h i l a d e l p h i a w e e k ly I S e p t e m b e r 1 8

open houses CALL 215.563.1234


Times are subject to change. Calling ahead to confirm time is advised.

Monday through Friday 9:00 a.m. - 4:30 p.m. SALE OPEN HOUSES SATURDAY, 09/21/13 12:00-1:30PM Rittenhouse sq. 2101 MaRket st., #1803 $2,175,000 Coldwell BankeR PRefeRRed

12:00-4:00PM Bella Vista 1233 BainBRidge st., unit B $349,900 Coldwell BankeR PRefeRRed

noRtheRn liBeRties 968 n. 5th stReet $545,000 PRudential, fox, & RoaCh

soCiety hill 338 s. 3Rd stReet $519,900 PRudential, fox, & RoaCh

queen Village 225 CaRPenteR stReet $524,998 PRudential, fox, & RoaCh

gRaduate hosPital 1730 CathaRine stReet $699,900 PRudential, fox, & RoaCh

aRt MuseuM aRea 743 n. 17th stReet $650,000 PRudential, fox, & RoaCh

washington squaRe west 838-40 loMBaRd stReet $1,495,000 PRudential, fox, & RoaCh


PennsPoRt 515 Reed stReet $335,000 PRudential, fox, & RoaCh

Bella Vista 1233 BainBRidge st., unit h $399,900 Coldwell BankeR PRefeRRed

fitleR squaRe 2528 naudain stReet $445,000 PRudential, fox, & RoaCh


noRtheRn liBeRties 908 st. John neuMann st. $795,000 PRudential, fox, & RoaCh

soCiety hill 513 delanCey stReet $1,150,000 Coldwell BankeR PRefeRRed

SUNDAY, 09/22/13 11:00AM-2:00PM washington sq. west 916 waVeRly stReet $369,000 Coldwell BankeR PRefeRRed fishtown 1339 e. BeRks stReet $429,000 Coldwell BankeR PRefeRRed

12:00-1:00PM queen Village 207 fitzwateR stReet $359,000 PRudential, fox, & RoaCh washington squaRe west 718 RodMan stReet $454,900 PRudential, fox, & RoaCh queen Village 720 s fRont stReet $323,500 PRudential, fox, & RoaCh queen Village 778 s fRont st., h $579,000 PRudential, fox, & RoaCh queen Village 524 kauffMan stReet $349,900 PRudential, fox, & RoaCh

12:00-2:00PM aVenue of the aRts 400-440 s. BRoad st., #1207 $1,889,987 Coldwell BankeR PRefeRRed Bella Vista 912 e. Passyunk aVenue $319,900 Coldwell BankeR PRefeRRed gRaduate hosPital 1720 BainBRidge st., #B $449,900 Coldwell BankeR PRefeRRed Point BReeze 2108 fedeRal stReet $279,500 Coldwell BankeR PRefeRRed noRtheRn liBeRties 945 n. 5th stReet $495,000 Coldwell BankeR PRefeRRed

12:00-4:00PM Bella Vista 1233 BainBRidge st., unit B $349,900 Coldwell BankeR PRefeRRed Bella Vista 1233 BainBRidge st., unit h $399,900 Coldwell BankeR PRefeRRed

12:30–2:30PM queen Village 135 fitzwateR stReet $575,000 PluMeR & assoCiates

south PhiladelPhia 731 Manton stReet $295,000 PRudential, fox, & RoaCh indePendenCe CouRt 830 s. swanson stReet $688,000 PRudential, fox, & RoaCh noRtheRn liBeRties 810 n. hanCoCk st., 4 $353,500 PRudential, fox, & RoaCh

F E AT U R E D L I S T I N G S 2138 Spring Street


In the A. M. Greenfield School catchment you’ll find this superb 2000 sq ft townhouse. This impeccably maintained fourbedroom, two-bathroom residence features a wide, elegant staircase, organized closets, rich hard wood floors and a tranquil rear garden with mature planting and charming brick work.

Passyunk Square Townhouse


Here it is: a shining jewel on one of the most sought-after blocks in the hottest neighborhood in Philadelphia. This extra-wide and meticulously well-maintained home has it all: high ceilings, hardwood floors, granite, marble, stainless steel, central air... and designed to rival the pages of a magazine.

414 South Iseminger Street


Rarely available historically certified home. This 2 bed, 1.5 bath trinity style home is located on one of most quaint little streets in the fantastic Wash West neighborhood. Features include random width pine floors, brick patio & fantastic light throughout!

2127 Montrose Street


Perfectly proportioned 2-story home on a great block in Graduate Hospital! Newer rehab offers hardwood floors throughout, separate dining area, great L-shaped eat-in kitchen, and private deckedin patio garden. Two Spacious second floor bedrooms share a handsome 3-piece bath.

Bella Vista 1022 s. 6th stReet $399,000 PRudential, fox, & RoaCh Rittenhouse squaRe 511 s. 18th stReet $469,900 PRudential, fox, & RoaCh aRt MuseuM aRea 874 stillMan stReet $249,900 PRudential, fox, & RoaCh

1:30-3:00PM soCiety hill 604-36 s.washington aVe., 1812 $1,100,000 PRudential, fox, & RoaCh



REALTORS 530 Walnut Street, Suite 260 • Philadelphia, PA 19106 •

The Damon Michels Team

215.440.8173 / 215.627.6005 • “Specializing in MainLine &

Call: 215-840-0437

610.688.4310 MAINLINE

The William Penn House - Center City Living!

Rittenhouse sq 2208 Manning stReet $399,900 PRudential, fox, & RoaCh logan squaRe 2037 aPPletRee stReet $495,000 PRudential, fox, & RoaCh


washington squaRe west 901 Manning stReet $289,900 PRudential, fox, & RoaCh


Bella Vista 1101 washington aVe., V1 $1,050,000 PRudential, fox, & RoaCh

queen Village 308 PeMBeRton stReet $399,000 PRudential, fox, & RoaCh

noRtheRn liBeRties 800 n. lawRenCe stReet $200,000 PRudential, fox, & RoaCh

noRtheRn liBeRties 1010 n. leithgow stReet $369,000 Coldwell BankeR PRefeRRed

soCiety hill 627 loMBaRd stReet $550,000 PRudential, fox, & RoaCh

queen Village 854 indePendenCe CouRt $659,900 PRudential, fox, & RoaCh

gRaduate hosPital 2200 kateR stReet $357,500 PRudential, fox, & RoaCh

queen Village 870 indePendenCe CouRt $689,900 PRudential, fox, & RoaCh

soCiety hill 211-25 s 4th st., 104 $805,000 PRudential, fox, & RoaCh

PennsPoRt 116 alteR stReet $279,000 PRudential, fox, & RoaCh

soCiety hill 211-25 s 4th st., 406 $575,000 PRudential, fox, & RoaCh

queen Village 132 kenilwoRth stReet $549,900 PRudential, fox, & RoaCh

noRtheRn liBeRties 553 n. lawRenCe stReet $339,900 PRudential, fox, & RoaCh

PennsPoRt 232 washington aVe. $237,900 PRudential, fox, & RoaCh

queen Village 121 kenilwoRth stReet $849,000 PRudential, fox, & RoaCh

gRaduate hosPital 2236 kiMBall stReet $450,000 PRudential, fox, & RoaCh

Passyunk squaRe 710 Medina stReet $321,500 PRudential, fox, & RoaCh

noRtheRn liBeRties 601 PoPlaR stReet $575,000 PRudential, fox, & RoaCh

noRtheRn liBeRties 1008 n. Bodine st. l $625,000 PRudential, fox, & RoaCh

BRentwood 164 welsh stReet $1,499,999 PRudential, fox, & RoaCh

3:00-4:00PM washington squaRe west 1028 iRVing stReet $325,000 PRudential, fox, & RoaCh queen Village 1036 s. RandolPh stReet $350,000 PRudential, fox, & RoaCh gRaduate hosPital 750 s. 18th stReet $525,000 PRudential, fox, & RoaCh Rittenhouse squaRe 1414 s. Penn sq., 41gh $1,450,000 PRudential, fox, & RoaCh Bella Vista 913 s 7th stReet $435,000 PRudential, fox, & RoaCh

John Brown, Sean Kaplan, Eden Silverstein, Greg Williams Center City”



Rittenhouse Square • Rooftop Pool • Fitness Center • Valet Parking • 24 Hr Security • 24 Hr Maintenance

The Damon Michels Team The Damon Michels Team

1830 Addison St. Rittenhouse Sq. Studiosin MainLine $115,000 to& $150,000 1830 Addison St. Rittenhouse“Specializing Sq. Center City” 3 Bd/2 Ba; RenovatedTownhome, 1 Bedrooms $175,000 to $225,000 3 Bd/2 Ba; RenovatedTownhome, Damon Michels $525,000 2 Bedrooms $250,000 to $400,000 $525,000 Call: 215-840-0437 “Specializing in MainLine & Center City” The Damon Michels Team $400,000 to&$500,000 in MainLine Center City” 1830 Addison St. Rittenhouse Sq. 1830 Addison St. Rittenhouse“Specializing Sq. 3 Bedrooms Damon Michels Damon Michels 610.688.4310 Includes real estate tax • No transfer tax 3 Bd/2 Ba; RenovatedTownhome, 3 Bd/2 Ba; RenovatedTownhome, Call: 215-840-0437 215-840-0437 Call: $525,000 $525,000 Open Sun 11-4pm | Mon 12-6pm MAINLINE CENTER CITY 610.688.4310 CITY PHILA. 9am-6pm | Sat 11-3pm • Sunday 11-4pm CENTER SHEFFIELD COURT Open Mon-Fri The William Penn House CenTer CiTY PHiLa. Main Line SuburbS 610.688.4310 1830 Addison St. Rittenhouse Sq. Tues-Fri 9-6pm | Sat 12-3pm 1830 Addison St. Rittenhouse Sq. MAINLINE CENTER CITY The William Penn House - Center City Living! 3 Bd/2 Ba; RenovatedTownhome, 3 Bd/2 Ba;MAINLINE RenovatedTownhome, - Center City Living! The William Penn House $525,000 CENTER CITY Rittenhouse $525,000 Rittenhouse Square Square •• Rooftop Rooftop Pool Fitness Center Valet - Center City Living! Pool ••Fitness Center •• Valet 1830 Addison St. Rittenhouse Sq. Parking 24 Hr Security 1830 Addison St. Rittenhouse Sq. 1830 Addison St. Rittenhouse Sq. •• Parking •• 24 Hr Security 24 Hr Maintenance 3 Bd/2 Ba; RenovatedTownhome, 3 Bd/2 Ba; RenovatedTownhome, Rittenhouse Square • Rooftop 3 Bd/2 Ba; RenovatedTownhome, 24 Hr Maintenance 1830 Addison St. Rittenhouse Sq. Studios to $150,000 1830 Addison St. Rittenhouse Sq. Pool $115,000 •$175,000 Fitness Center • Valet 3$525,000 $525,000 $525,000 110 Montgomery Ave. Bala Cynwyd Bd/2 Ba; RenovatedTownhome, 1 Bedrooms to $225,000 3 Bd/2 Ba; RenovatedTownhome, Parking • 24 Hr Security • $525,000 1830 2 Bedrooms $250,000 to $400,000 Studios $115,000 to $150,000 Addison OPEN SUNDAY 1-3PM $525,000 1830 Addison St. Rittenhouse Sq. 1830 1830 Addison Addison St. St. Rittenhouse Rittenhouse Sq. Sq. Addison St. Rittenhouse Sq. Bedrooms $400,000 to $500,000 1830 Addison24 St.Hr Rittenhouse Sq. Maintenance 41830 New construction Carriage homes starting at $659K St. Rittenhouse Rittenhouse Sq. Addison St. Rittenhouse Sq. 13Bedrooms 31830 Bd/2 $175,000 to $225,000 Ba; RenovatedTownhome, 2047 Spruce St. #4, Square 331830 Bd/2 Ba; RenovatedTownhome, beds/3.1 baths; 2 car garage; Includes real estate tax • No transfer tax 3 Bd/2 Ba; RenovatedTownhome, 3 Bd/2 Ba; RenovatedTownhome, 33Bd/2 Bd/2 Ba; RenovatedTownhome, Bd/24 Ba; RenovatedTownhome, 3 Bd/2 Ba; RenovatedTownhome, 1/1$525,000 Condo – corner unit in Victorian Mansion $365,000 Open Floor plan with 3000 Sq ft 2 Bedrooms $250,000 to $400,000 $525,000 $525,000 $525,000 $525,000 Open Sun 11-4pm | Mon 12-6pm $525,000 1830 Addison St.Rittenhouse Rittenhouse Sq. Studios $115,000 to $150,000 $525,000 1830 Addison St. Rittenhouse Sq. 3 Bedrooms $525,000 864 Briarwood Rd., Newtown Square 519 S.Addison 21st street, square St. Rittenhouse Sq. $400,000 $500,000 Tues-Fri 9-6pm | Satto 12-3pm 1830 Addison St. Rittenhouse Sq. 1830 LINE SUBURBS Addison St. 31830 Ba; RenovatedTownhome, 1830 Addison St. Rittenhouse Sq. 1 Bedrooms $175,000 to $225,000 1830 6Bd/5.1Ba; Colonial; Greene Countrie Multi-Unit, corner OPEN SUNDA YRittenhouse 11building AM - 1 PMSq. 33MAIN Bd/2 Ba; 3 Bd/2 Bd/2 Ba; RenovatedTownhome, Bd/2 Ba; RenovatedTownhome, RenovatedTownhome, OPEN SUNDA Y 2 4 PM OPEN SUNDAY 2-4PM 1830 Addison St. Rittenhouse Sq. Includes real estate tax • No transfer tax 1830 Addison St. Rittenhouse Sq. 2 Bedrooms 3 Bd/2 1830 Addison St. Rittenhouse Sq. sixCarpenter spacious 1-Bedroom, 1 Bath units Ba; RenovatedTownhome, $525,000 2427 Street, Graduate Hospital 1.78 Acres; Radnor Township; $975,000 $525,000 33$525,000 Bd/2 Ba; RenovatedTownhome, $525,000 $250,000 to $400,000 Bd/2 49 Cornell Rd., Bala Cynwyd 117 David Drive, Bala Cynwyd 3 Bd/2Addison Ba; RenovatedTownhome, $950,000 3 Bd/2 Ba; 2798 RenovatedTownhome, $525,000 3 Bd/2 Ba; 1830 St. Rittenhouse Sq. 4 bed 3 Addison bath, sq ft Rittenhouse Cape cod on .29 acres 1830 St. Sq. 1830 Addison St.Rd., Rittenhouse Sq. $525,000 605 NewRenovatedTownhome, Gulph Bryn Mawr PA 3 Bedrooms $400,000 to $500,000 $525,000 3BD/1.1BA; Townhouse $329K Open Sun 11-4pm | Mon 12-6pm 1830 Addison St.St. Rittenhouse 5BD/2.2Ba 3,314 Sq. Ft. Colonial Sq. 1830 Addison St. Rittenhouse 3 Bd/2 Ba; RenovatedTownhome, $525,000 6-10 Strawberry #14, Old CitySq. $500,000 3 Bd/2 Ba; RenovatedTownhome, 3 Bd/2 Ba; 6Bd/4.1Ba; RenovatedTownhome, $525,000 $525,000 1830 Includes real 9-6pm estate 4,416 tax •Sq.Ft. No12-3pm transfer tax St. Rittenhouse Sq. Tues-Fri | Sat 3$525,000 Bd/2 Ba;Condo, RenovatedTownhome, $525,000 2Bd/2Ba; 4 Yrs. Young $349,000 1830 Addison St. Rittenhouse 1830 Finished, Walk-out LL $549K 510 S.Addison 11th Street, Wash Square West 3$525,000 Bd/2 Ba; RenovatedTownhome, 110 Fairview Road, Penn ValleySq. 3-Story; .43 Acres $1,175,000 Rent $1,850/mo 3 Bd/2 1830 Addison St. Rittenhouse Sq. Ba; RenovatedTownhome, 5Bd/3.1Ba; 4,654 Square Feet 1830 Addison St. Rittenhouse Sq. $525,0003-Story Twnhome C/A $339K 1830 Addison St. Rittenhouse Sq. 331407 Bd/2 Ba; RenovatedTownhome, Bd/2 County $525,000 Line Rd., Bryn Mawr 3BD/2BA; 940 Lindy Lane, Bala Cynwyd Open Sun 11-4pm | Mon 12-6pm 3 Bd/2 Ba; RenovatedTownhome, 3 Bd/2 Ba; RenovatedTownhome, Contemporary; 2.20 Acres; $829,500 3 Bd/2 Ba; RenovatedTownhome, New Construction – 922-26 N. 17th Street $525,000 $525,000 707 Conshohocken Bala Cynwyd $525,000 G Hillgate Community – Elevator! 3Bd/4Ba; 3122 Sq. Ft. $525,000 IN $525,000 1830 Addison St. Rittenhouse $525,000 Tues-Fri 9-6pm Sat 12-3pm ND| Rd., 6 Units - $314,900. Call for Details. Sq. 1830 Addison St. Rittenhouse EState 5BD/3BA; Renovated Colonial Sq. OPEN SUNDAY 2-4PM TownhouseP 1-Car Garage; $469,000 1519 Swain Street, Art Museum Area 1830 Addison St. Rittenhouse Rittenhouse Sq. 1830 4BD/2BA; Colonial in college Park Addison St. Sq. 147 Old Gulph Road, Wynnewood 3 Bd/2 Ba; RenovatedTownhome, 1830 Addison St. Rittenhouse Sq. 1830 Addison St. Rittenhouse Sq. 1830 Addison St. Rittenhouse 3722 Hamilton St., Powelton Village 1830 1830 Addison St. Rittenhouse Sq. 3 Bd/2 Ba; RenovatedTownhome, 3/4 Acres; Walk to Train $724K Sq. 471 Conshohocken State Road, Bala Cynwyd 3 Bd/2 Ba; RenovatedTownhome, 34BD/ Bd/2 4.2Ba; Ba; RenovatedTownhome, 4,955 sq ft Tudor Manor home, 3 Bd/2 Ba; RenovatedTownhome, 3BD/2.1BA 1,552 Sq. Ft Townhouse 6Bd/2.1Ba $495,000 3 Bd/2 Ba; RenovatedTownhome, $525,000 33$525,000 Bd/2 RenovatedTownhome, Bd/2 Ba; 2.2 3$525,000 Bd/24Sq.Ft; Ba; RenovatedTownhome, $525,000 1,598 1-Car Attached Garage $349K bd/3.1ba; 3,770 sq ft Stone Colonial $525,000 acres $1,695,000 863 N. Uber St. # A LL $399K $525,000 $850,000 Renovated, Central Air; Finished $525,000 $525,000 $525,000 1245 Hollow Rd., Penn ValleySq. 1025 BarrSt. Lane, Gladwyne 1830 Addison St. Sq. 1830 Addison Rittenhouse 1Bd/1Ba Condo -Rittenhouse $234,900 18301409 Addison St. Rittenhouse Sq. Wesley’s Run, Gladwyne 4bd/3.1Ba 2625 Sq. Ft; 190 Presidential #301 - The Corinthian 3 Bd/2 Ba; RenovatedTownhome, 1830 Addison St. Rittenhouse Sq.l 4BD/4.1Ba Contemporary 1727 Fitzwater St., #A Graduate 3 Bd/2 Ba; RenovatedTownhome, 865 N. Uber St. #A Hospita 1830 Addison St.Cape Rittenhouse Sq. 1830 3 Bd/2 Ba; RenovatedTownhome, 1830 Addison St. Colonial; Rittenhouse Sq. Renovated $600,000 5BD/4.1BA French 5,478 Sq.Ft. 2BD/2BA Condo $259,000 3$525,000 Bd/2 $1,295,000 3BD/3.1BA, 2700 Sq.Ft w/ Balcony Ba; RenovatedTownhome, 5,620 Sq.Ft. $1,500,000 2BD/1.1BA Townhouse $350K $525,000 3350 Bd/2 Ba; RenovatedTownhome, Bd/2 3$525,000 Bd/2 Ba;Northwoods RenovatedTownhome, Belmont Ave. Unit 314, Bala Cynwyd 863 N. 27th St., Art Museum Area Sutton Terrace $525,000 346 E. Lancaster Ave. Unit 305, Wynnewood $525,000 $525,000 $525,000 Updated; For Rent $4,700/month or $749K 1830 Addison St. Rittenhouse Sq. 3508 Hamilton Street Powelton 4Bd/2.1Ba; 1,864 Sq. Ft. $499K Village Renovated 2 bedroom, 1.1 bathroom, 1303Sq. sq 1830 Addison St. Rittenhouse Wynnewood Plaza 1830 Addison St. Rittenhouse Sq. ft $325K 2 bedroom, 2 bathroom, 1294 sq ft $255K 3 608 Bd/2Addison RenovatedTownhome, 1830 St.Ft. Rittenhouse Sq. 4BD/3.1BA; 3,300 Sq. REDUCED $635k S.Ba; 12th street, Wash.Sq. west 31348 Bd/2 Ba; RenovatedTownhome, 1830 Addison St. Rittenhouse Sq. 3 Bd/2 Ba; RenovatedTownhome, 1830 1830 Addison St. Rittenhouse Sq. Bobarn Drive, Penn Valley 1511 W. Montgomery Ave., Bryn Mawr 2636 Chestnut 2 bdBa; 2 story corner carriage home 1750 OakwoodStreet, TerraceArdmore #3H $525,000 3 Bd/2 RenovatedTownhome, 33$525,000 Bd/2 Ba; RenovatedTownhome, Bd/2 3$525,000 Bd/2 Ba; RenovatedTownhome, 5-6 Beds/3.2 baths; 5,419Contemporary Square Feet 1/2 Acre; $299,000 5BD/4.1BA, 5588 1333 South Street Washington Square West 2 bd/2ba; 1299 sq ftw/ at the Oakhill $250,000 3BD/1.1BA Twin Attached Garage $525,000 $925,000 $525,000 $525,000 $525,000 “The Hermitage” 922-26 Street 1830 St.17th Rittenhouse Sq. Duplex Addison w/ Parking;N. Separate Utilities $499K 1,280 Sq. $199,900 1830 St..89 Rittenhouse Sq. 2-3 Addison Car Garage; Acres $879K 1830 Addison St.FtRittenhouse Sq. 1129 N. Woodbine Ave., Penn Valley 6 units, new construction 1128 Saint Andrews Rd., Bryn Mawr 3 Bd/2 Ba; RenovatedTownhome, G 3 Bd/25BD/3.1BA; Ba; RenovatedTownhome, 2919 sq. ft. $769,000 3 Bd/2 Ba; RenovatedTownhome, IN D -OAK HILL PENN VALLEY -$299K-$314,900 1501 S. 12th Street Passyunk Square N 4 BD/3.1BA, 3,108 sq.P ft.Econtemporary $635,000 $525,000 $525,000 200 Simpson Rd.,Havertown Ardmore $525,000 1925 & 1927 Poplar Street 336 David Drive, OPEN SUNDAY 2-4PM

Commercial (office & 2 apartments) $489,000 4BD/2.1BA Split in Paddock Farms 201 Wynne Lane, Penn Valley 5 bd/3.1ba; 3,795 sq ft Contemporary; .69 acres 2,346 $695,000 Sq.Ft. $339K

1750 Oakwood Ter #8K 1256 Round HillEstates Road, Bryn Mawr - The

Completely renovated 6 bed 5.1 baths 3,834 sq ft. $849,000 2Bd/2BA; 1,247 Sq. Ft. $249K

Commercial Space and 4 Apartments $559K 2Bd/2.1Ba Townhomes $299,000

2824 Poplar PhilaArt Museum Area 812 S. 19th St. Street - Graduate Hospital 5BD/2.1BA, 2502 sq. ft., 3 storyBA twnhs $450K Great Investment 4BD/1.1 $349K

Feltonville 4850 n. Palthorp Street Renovated 2 Bedroom. Porch Front. $44,900.

eDUCAtionAl MeetinG CenteR 2501-15 S. Marshall Street 15,000 Sq. Ft. 3 Floors. Classrooms Elevator. Auditorium. Cafeteria $495,000.

noRtheRn libeRtieS 225 Green Street 3 Apartments. Good Income. $595,000.

630 N 3rd Street • Phila., PA 19123


BROKERS • BUILDERS • INVESTORS Fully Approved Single / Multi-Unit Residential & Mixed-Use Projects

DeliCAteSSen 3378-80 Frankford Avenue Two Floor Apt. Above Store. $119,000.

SoUth PhilADelPhiA 1511 S. Corlies Street 3 Bedroom. Garage Potential. $29,000.

2231 S.22nd Street Large 2 bedroom. Central Air. Porch Front. Renovated Kitchen and Bath. $119,000.

1900 S.22nd Street Corner Store and Apt. $1650/Month Income. $150,000.

PennSPoRt 1322 S. American Street Large 3 Bedroom. High Ceilings. 10-Year Tax Abatement. $469,000.

WARehoUSe 1634 n. Randolph Street 20x100 High Ceilings. $125,000.

Fred r. levine real

e s tat e


Market Makers!

■ 3 Prime Approved High Rise Sites Apts/Condos Old City & Northern Liberties Locations

■ 3791 Main Street, Manayunk

18,000 sq ft Build 16 Town Homes $900,000

■ Lot with Plans for 5 Apartments/Condos 107 Callowhill Street Northern Liberties, Philadelphia $300,000

■ Billboard Sign 107 Callowhill Northern Liberties, Philadelphia Leased For 10 Years to Clear Channel Outdoor $250,000

■ 9300 Sq. Ft. Lot Zoned CMX 2 Build Townhomes Mid-Rise or Commercial

Building 117 Spring Garden St. Northern Liberties, Philadelphia $1,200,000

■ 25 Homes Boardwalk Ventnor, NJ Approved & Shovel Ready! $7,000,000

■ 2 Bay Front Lots with Plans 5105 Winchester Ave. Ventnor, NJ $249,000 Each




Any Location!


Any Condition!

Courtyard Property in Wash Sq. West 3 bed 2.5 bath with deck and secured private entrance this is a must see!

Offers Within 24hrs



Please contact Mario DeJesse for details.

cell: 267-357-8107 • office: 215-227-3333 Allied Mortgage Group will pay all closing costs.


Work Direct with Buyer Broker w/25 yrs experience! 1. Hire Realty Broker Direct as your Buyer Broker 2. Buy a home priced over $300,000 3. Settle on purchase

4. Receive a 1% of sale price rebate

eg. $500,000 purchase pays you back $5000. Why give your business away? Get paid for it!

prior sales excluded, cannot be combined with any other promotional offer, Buyer Broker Agency contract required

Dennis McGuinn, Broker Call 267-246-2700



W W W. C E N T E R C I T Y R E A L E S TAT E C O L L C . C O M


A Variety of Great Rentals Available from Studios to Apartments to Homes. Looking to purchase, we can help with that too!!

Center City Real Estate Co., LLC 24 01 S O U T H ST R E E T, P H I L A PA 1 9 1 4 6 • 2 1 5 .73 2 . 2 1 0 0


september 118 -

2 1 5 .73 2 . 2 1 0 0

p h i l a d e l p h i a w e e k l y. c o m I

or email at:

Call 267-246-2700


For more information visit or @phillyweekly on Twitter .

Interested in being a vendor at the event? Call 215-599-7663 or email

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3 Story Victorian Row SQUARE Duplex Just Renovated!

5 Bedrooms, 3.5 Baths

$997,000 MLS 6220832

1 Bedroom 1 Bath $335,000 $339,000 MLS 5965620 MLS 5787044


Powers Brangan


WEST OAK LANE Charming Condominium $339,000

$242,500 $259,900 $217,500

$225,000 $115,000

MLS 5790241 MLS 5790241 MLS #6230806

5777406 MLSMLS 6238976


CENTER 3 Bedrooms State CITY of the2artBaths Loft

Historical Pitcairn Building Condominium $239,000 2 Bedrooms 2 Baths Condo 25956986 Bedrooms , 2 Baths MLS

Rittenhouse Square 2000 Pine Street Philadelphia, PA 19103

$489,555 $299,000 5746449 MLS MLS 6248998


FEATURED 3 PROPERTY Bedrooms 2.5 Baths


THE6197584 MURANO MLS The Residences Satring in the

$400,000s at THE MURANO



Duplex LIBERTIES Amazing location Walkers Paradise! $379,000 2 Bedrooms, 2 1Baths 1 Bedroom Bath MLS 5897864 $269,000 $269,900

Chestnut Hill 8039 Germantown Avenue Philadelphia, PA 19118

MLS 5784384

33 Bedrooms 2.5Baths Baths Bedrooms 2.5 Three Bedrooms, 1.5 Baths

3 Bedrooms, Baths 1 Bedroom 1.5 1 Bath MLS 5950613


$329,900 MLS 5965611


3 Bedrooms SQUARE1.5 Baths Alexandra

$369,000 3 Bedrooms 2.5 Baths

$400,000s 3 Bedrooms, 2.5 Baths $359,900

5744269 MLS MLS 6205668

MLS 6235486

For over 80 years the most respected name in Philadelphia Real Estate Center City’s Largest Independent Realtor

& Associates, Inc. Realtors

thIs week’s FeAtuRed PRoPeRtIes


8 spectacular contemporary townhouses with all amenities, 4 br, 3.5b, custom chef’s kitchen, 2 car garage, elevator, roof deck, tax abatement pending


Stunning architectural detail in spacious 5br, 3.5b, patio, parking, on beautiful treelined street

$1,399,000 Call Trish Kelly

Ultra sophisticated 1br +den/2nd br, 1b condo with custom upgrades, f/p, stunning!

$399,900 Call Karen Joslin

Unique & eclectic 3br,1b, exposed brick, 2 story atrium, h/w flrs, 5 f/p, extra-large garden, 1 car parking

$575,000 Call Trish Kelly

$1,300,000$1,800,000 Call Scott Neifeld

314-20 CATHARINE ST 303B

135 FITZWATER ST OpEN SuNDAy 9/22 12:30 - 2:30pm


Elegant 3br, 2b, 9’ fireplace, spectacular landscaped garden with waterfall

$369,000 Call michele Golembeski


3br, 1b, wood flrs, finished basement


search all Center City Properties at:

216 SOuTH ST

Turnkey restaurant with liquor license & 2 modern 2br apartments. Entirely rehabbed with all new equipment. High traffic location, reduced!

$2,800,000 Call michael Waxman or martin Bernstein 623 S American St #A Distinctive c1850 Trinity, 2br, h/w flrs, patio, c/a, stunning curb appeal

$239,000 Call michele Golembeski

226 South Street

215 922 4200

september 118 -

Serving The Philadelphia Area

p h i l a d e l p h i a w e e k l y. c o m I



I p h i l a d e l p h i a w e e k ly 9 7

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CALL 215.778.0901


R A N K E D #30 T E A M N AT I O N A L LY


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full story.

CALL 215.440.8345 OLD CITY




Fabulous 1BD/1BA condo unit featuring tons of natural light, hardwood floors, high ceilings, and gorgeous bedroom w/ chandelier. Also includes washer/ dryer.



Impeccable 3BD/1BA home featuring hardwood floors, contemporary bath, delicate moldings, and a nice sized rear patio, all located on an amazing block!

2200 KATER


Delightful 2BD/1BA home featuring tons of natural light, painted original pine floors, adorable eat-in kitchen, and a charming brick-paved, large sunny garden, all found on a most desirable, tree-lined block.



One of a kind 3BD/2.5BA home with a completely finished family room, lovely granite and stainless kitchen, wide open space, and incredible roof top terrace, also featuring amazing deck and fun yard! Also boasts intercom, security system, and 10 year tax abatement pending!



Brand new construction! Stunning 3BD/2.5BA home with 5 levels, offering top of the line fiber-glassed roof deck with wet bar and gas line, cute patio with planting area, and concrete yard, designed with high ceilings, incredible bedrooms, and an approved tax abatement.

105 S. 12TH 503

Luxurious 1BD/1BA condo unit boasting 6 extra-large windows, high ceilings, granite + stainless kitchen with drop down sushi bar, and Brazilian Cherry hardwood floors. This building has a doorman, fitness center, and has 1-year free parking in a garage located just across the street!



Delightful 2BD/1BA front porch home overlooking Konrad Square featuring brand new granite kitchen with light wood cabinetry, grand backyard, and many more charming details on an amazing block!

2321-25 E. THOMPSON




Exquisite 3BD/3BA new construction home with garage parking, finished basement, courtyard, and deck off the living space, beautifully designed dramatic vestibule entry, soaring ceilings, and 7’ windows.


Brand new 3BD/3BA home boasting garage, rooftop terrace with panoramic views of the city, landscaped private patio with 15’ bamboo plants, beautifully designed with soaring ceilings, wall of windows, gas fireplace, with 10 year tax abatement pending!




Spacious, turn of the century 3BD/2BA home with refinished pine floors, high ceilings, all new stainless + tile kitchen, beautifully boasting landscaped yard with garden, decked-in sitting area, and many other picture perfect details!



Stunning 2BD/2BA corner condo unit featuring textured balcony, wonderful oak flooring, granite kitchen, and fantastic unobstructed southern views, all with tons of sunlight streaming through the wide open space!

And be happy ever after. For more than 50 years, Solo Real Estate has been helping thousands of Philadelphia sellers get more money for their property without the hassles and struggles of trying to sell things on their own.



Great investment opportunity to own a rarely offered Society Hill duplex! 1st flr unit boasts 2BD/1BA, Pergo floors, eat-in kitchen, and door to private red brick yard with fence; 2nd flr is bi-level and features 2BD/1BA with hardwood floors, large sundeck, beautifully landscaped yard. Basement has common access.





Impeccably renovated 2 bedroom, den, 2.5 bath home boasting fabulous wine bar, historic fire place mantle, 2 breathtaking balconies, overlooking historic Washington Square Park!


Warm and handsome 2BD/2BA home offering den, wood burning fireplace, and sun deck, also boasting newer stainless and Corian kitchen and lovely master bedroom suite!

241 S. 6TH 1607



Delightful 2BD/1BA home featuring wide open layout, spacious stainless kitchen with wood cabinets, and adorable rear yard, all with incredible charm in a superb location.


3 gorgeous brand new construction homes! These stunning 2BD/2.5BA homes boast a fabulous roof deck, finished basement, big private concrete yard, solid oak hardwoods, and fiber-glassed full roof deck with center city views!


Fantastic and sun-filled 1BD/1BA be-level condo unit offering hardwood floors, many windows, high ceilings, and it’s very own private entrance, located on a charming tree-lined block!



Impeccable 2BD/2BA condo unit with parking featuring immaculate hardwood flooring, wide open space, spacious kitchen with bar counter, and a French door leading to a lovely covered balcony!

Exquisite, pet friendly 3BD/3.5BA penthouse with 2-car parking, wide open space, engineered wood floors, and 2,000+ sqft of bi-level deck, also boasting 24hr doorman building, contemporary lobby, gym, and community room!



New Construction in Washington Square West Six Luxury Townhomes

Starting at $1,800,000

You’ll love the bright open interior of these 5,000+ sq. ft. Contemporary Townhomes which feature every amenity for sophisticated living. Fireside living rm + study & entertainment area. 3 BRs, 4 baths, 3 prs. Poggenpohl kitchen, elevator, finished lower level, decks & 2-car garage. 10 year tax abatement pending. 2 Already Sold! (4 still for sale). Call today for more details:

John S. Duffy 610-667-6655 Ext. 33

Kerry Jay McCaw, REALTOR®, CNE®, GREEN® Donna Champion, REALTOR®, CNE®, ASP® 215 409 6931 direct | 215 848 5902 fax

240 W Tulpehocken St.

Tulpehocken Station District


MLS: 6254960

7000 sq ft Historic Property with Carriage house on 1.05 acres ready for restoration. 912 Catharine St

Bella Vista


MLS: 6174678

Spacious 3 story home a block away from the Italian Market. Solar Power. Two decks and a Patio. 418 Woodhaven Pl.



MLS: 6242645

Large split level on a quiet cul de sac. Property is great for entertaining with 2365 sq ft. Call us today for a free home evaluation, we also offer complementary staging consultations.

Long and Foster Real Estate, Inc. Independence Hall Office in Society Hill The Curtis Center 601 Walnut Street, Suite L -10 Philadelphia PA, 19106 215 409 6900 office

Barbara Louridas, Realtor Long & Foster Independence Hall Office, The Curtis Center

601 Walnut Street, Suite L-10 Philadeelphia, PA,19106

215-409-6900 office 215-429- 9605 mobile

For Sale $1,400,000

1545 -- 1551 W. Passyunk Ave. Phila. Pa 19145 4 Buildings to be sold for one price.

Excellent rental history.

For Sale 164,900

Philly Center City Office

South Philly Office


215-334-7700 Considering a career in real estate? Do you want to take your real estate career to the next level? Join the company that puts their agents first. To become one of the best-trained, best-equipped agents in the industry, call for a confidential interview.


Camilo C. Concepcion Broker Associate, Manager

Remodeled Kitchen and Baths

215-409-6901 EOE


I p h i l a d e l p h i a w e e k ly 9 9

808 Disston St. Phila. Pa 19111 Twin home with garage 3 bed 2.5 baths, full finished basement.

When you’re ready to buy or sell a home, turn to your local neighborhood experts:

september 118 -

For sale Retail Space street level Apartments on 2nd level.

When it comes to buying and selling real estate you need a real estate agent that not only knows the neighborhood but is backed by the strength and experience of the #1 independent real estate company in the Nation. We’re more than just a successful real estate company, we’re your neighbors and we know the places you call home.

p h i l a d e l p h i a w e e k l y. c o m I


Your neighbors. bors. Your Realtors.

ConwayTeam Kathy, Patrick and the

Press Release August 19th, 2013

As Featured in THE WALL STREET JOURNAL: PRUDENTIAL FOX & ROACH REALTORS congratulates KATHY, PATRICK AND THE CONWAY TEAM on being named one of REAL TRENDS’ Best Real Estate Agents in America. This New Report, REAL TRENDS’ Best Real Estate Agents in America ranks over 6,500 of the Nation’s Highest Finally a real recovery in the sluggish market. Producing Real Estate Agents based on calendar year 2012 sales production. Since June we have Sold over 35 homes and listed 33. Once again in The Prudential September, 2013 Thanks for making us 16th in Homes in four the Philadelphia Region. Real Estate Affiliates for 2009 our team has consistently Ranked in the topSold 3 for all Patrick Kathy quarters out of 68,000 Agents. Patrick Kathy 90% of ouR business comes fRom fRiends telling fRiends! 215-266-1537 215-850-3842 Thank you sincerely for your Business. September 2009 215-440-8172 215-440-8190

Here Comes The Sun!

90% of

our business comes from


121 Kenilworth St

759 S. 4th St


Rarely Offered! Home & Business Space in this 3222 Sq Lg Federal Period Home on One of QV Most Ft - C-2 . Lg Studio & Retail Space (1000 Sq Sought After Block. 2700 Sq Ft, 4/2, 6 Fp’s, Ft) + 3 + Den/2.5,, Fp, Garden & Roof Deck. Artisan Rittenhouse Artisan II Artisan Beaut1431 Classic Staircase & Many Original1805 DetailsLombard Meredith School Bainbridge 1501-1503 Kater + (8 Side Garden + Meredith School (10 Homes) $699,900 Homes) 5600 Sq Ft 4/3.5 4000 + Sq Ft 4/3.5 4000 + Sq Ft$859,900 4/3.5 Elevator Roof Deck TA Elevator Deck 2 Car Elevator Deck 2 Car Garage & 2 Car Garage Garage & TA TA $2,500,000

Have you ever had a dream about owning your own Deeded Queen Village ParkNew ing Space? WELL SOME870 Independence Ct TIMES DREAMS COME Rarely AvailableWe Taylor Style Townhome! 3+ TRUE. have 7 deeded Den/3.5, Private Garage, Hwrd Flrs, Fp, spotsElevator, available in a secured Juliet Balcony, Dk & Meredith School District. Queen Village Location. $689,900 $67,500.00 HURRY 2 ALREADY SOLD

1107-1121 N. Howard 1101-1115 N. Hancock 1102-1134 N Hope

ed uc d Re

221 Carpenter 4407 Pine St Street Beautiful Home. 3/2.5 2 Fp’s 3/2 & beautiful Garden Great House + lg garden $650,000 A terrific 4 unit,$435.000 Porch Front Stone Building. 4 + office/2.5 Garden & Garage. Lot sizeOriginal 19x136 $1,250,000 3/2, Pine Frs, FP, 2

Story Cook’s Kit & Roof Deck.

118 Catharine St Award Wining,3500 sq. ft, grdn & grg. $1,300,000

ed uc d Re

n $3,999,000 ti o

D OL S 2 534 Queen Beautiful

3 + Den/2.5 H/W & Garden $499,000


119-123 Federal N/C 7 Homes, 3 /2.5,

ns Co

L’EAU Jay-Z & Beyonce

H/W, Bsmt + Gar & TA

Development 24 Condos 2/2 Parking TA

From $509,000

From $399,000

832 N. Bucknell St

201 Queen St., #2

ft Le


RED $316,000

2338 Fitzwater A& C Condos 1/1 TA

upscale Builder’s Hm

From $229,000

2+ Den/2 Garden RED

127 Monroe Fab

825 S. 2nd St

Duplex Great Corner Property RED $379,000

1118 E. Moyamensing

4/2.5, patio,deck & finished basement $369,000

778 S. Front St., H



Rosa Court—Garage 3 /2 From $549,000


128 South St

1 Christian St #22

502 Delancey 4+Off/3 F & 3/2 Deck + 2 1/2 BA + Deck 3 Car + Parking RED $499,000 Prng $1,350,000

2940 S. Broad St

924 S. 2nd

718 Rodman St Washington Sq West 3 + Den/2, Fp, Hardwood Flrs T/O, Garden & 1 Car Parking.

Fp, Garden & Meredith School District.

Queen Village. Incredible Potential! Great Location! Historically Certified, 3.5 Story Hm, Beaut Restored Façade, 5/1.5 & Nice Yard. Needs Rehab.


RED $299,900

2107 Bainbridge Incredible 3 + media/2.5

RED $454,900


753-757 S. Marshall St

Deck & Garden $749,000

901 Manning St

1 Christian #49 3/2.5 Garden + 1 car Pkng $499,500



A Historical Gem! Terrific 3rd Floor Walk up 2 1/2 Story, 2 Bedrooms, Hardwood Floors T/O + 1 BR, Loft Like Flat - 743 Sq Ft,Great Size, a Lovely Garden. Space & Light Cook’s Kitchen, Spa Ba,Hrwd Flrs t/o, Low Condo Fees & TA. $359,900


x ple


810 S. 2nd St “A”

1000 sq. ft2/1 Prkng, Tx Abmt , lg grdn. $399,900

D OL S 3 125 Ellsworth—Phase III Pennspoint 3 to 4 + den /2.5 Gar TA From $499,000

207 Fitzwater St


854 Independence Ct

Acme Piano - The Best Building. Designer Quality Home. en pm Fab Unit. 2000 Sq Ft, Bi Level, 2/3, Hrwd ve lo 3 + Fin Bsmt, 2.5 BA, Hrwd Flrs, Fp & 3 Car e D flrs + Garage Parking & Roof Deck. Meredith Parking. w Ne School District $499,900 or For Rent $2800.

Pristine Designers Home 2 BR + Den/Sitting Rm, Hrwd Flrs t/o, Grt Kitchen & Bath, Side & Rear Garden




600-02 N 3American Pristine BR/3.5 BA,N/C 2 Car Garage Parking, Whilden’s Way 133 Salter Street Fab. N/C 1923-1925-2021-2023 3550 Sq Ft 3 + Den/4.5 3Lovely Private 3/2.5, Garden, Hrwd Flrs,Bsmt Fp, TA, 2 Decks + a Patio. & Meredith Home Newly ParrishCYN/C 3 tow/4 Garage, BR BalconiesDeck Garden + Garage, & TA From $469,000 School District. Garage TA $979,000Rehabbed,TA 3 BR + Den/ 2.5 BA, Hrwd Flrs t/o, From $650,000

RED $323,500

c tru

25 x 110, all self-contained + a large garden.


Zoned and Approved for 16 New Town homes + 2 912 S. 2nd St stacked Duplexes 228 W. Washington Sq 720 S Front St 20 off Street Spaces in The Mural House! NY UPPER EAST SIDEMonroe LIFESTYLE Great Buy! 123-25 St AT PHILA1PRICES! Christian #40 Condo 245 Monroe Street gated Community + Den/4.5 car BA,Courtyard 2/2.5 Deck Fab Lg SFD w/ Sep Apartment or a True Duplex. Incredible River Views, 2 BR + Den 7000Best Sq N/C Ft, 2.3Car Prkg,6 2BR/6 6 Fp’s, Home. Great1190 Floor Sq planFt,4/2.5 ,Deck $1,975,000 garage, TA $1,599,000 Garage $369,900 Grdn & $795,000 Many Original Details, 3/2 + 2 Offices. The Best + Sitting Rm, Hrwd FlrsGrg. t/o, RED Details & Tons of Elevator, Dk, Au Pair Suite & Lg Grdn. A True Deck & Views in QV. Character & a Green Roof/Roof Deck. Mansion on the Sq.



New 132 Kenilworth 246 St Catharine St

318 Fitzwater Street “The Dragon House”



on Fantastic cti Expanded Trinity tru Floors, 2 Tier Roof Deck & 2/1, Hardwood ns o C Garden. ew

Between 6th & 7th off of Fitzwater 3 Lots $350,000

110 Fitzwater St

516 1/2 Carpenter St

10 Catharine St

Best Block 2.5 Story Colonial. 2 BR + Den, 1.5 BA, Wood Floors, Fp & Lovely Garden. Meredith School

Complete Rehab! Corner Property, 3 BR + Den, Hardwood Floors & Deck

RED $425,000

RED $357,500

One of a Kind Double Corner property w/ 2 Car Garage, 3300 Sq Ft, 5/4, Hrwd Flrs, FP, Grdn, + an Amazing wrap around deck with Great River Views & Meredith School


623 S 6th 3 Condos

335 Christian

128 Pemberton St

1/1 + Deck, TA From $299,000 1 SOLD

4 /3.5 2 Car Parking

Multi 5/4 + Deck & Garden $649,900


RED $549,900

RED $749,900


714-22 Bainbridge St -13 Condos with Garage Parking - 2/2- Gardens & Decks. FROM $379,900

Great Rental

3rd & Bainbridge - Live & work from home in this fabulous space. 2 bedrooms +den,1.5 Baths, hardwood floors, Deck + Gallery space on 1st Fl. $3000 427 Queen St- Beautiful 3 story, 2 bedroom, 1 bath trinity, H/W, EIK & garden. $1400 225 Catharine St - Beautiful 3 BR + Den, 4 BA, H/W, Granite ktchn, grdn & 2 car parking. $3500 1028 Irving St 233 Bainbridge St., D 524 Kauffman St 776 S. 2nd St - Very nice 2 Bedroom, 1 Bath Bi level apartment w/ CA + Lg Deck. $1350 Charming 2 BR Home. 2 BA,large CA, Hrwd Brickhome with Charming 4 Storyfloors Trinityt/o, In ayard Courtyard Circa 1840 810 S. 3rd St –Beautiful 3 BRFlrs, + Den hardwood + parking. $2500 1119 E. Palmer St –N/C 3 BR + Media Rm, 3 BA, H/W t/o, Fp, LgFlrs, Garden + 3 car parking. $2500 Fp, Built Ins & Private Garden. 2 Bedrooms, Hwrd 3 + Fireplace’s & Wonderful 2 BR, 2 BA, Hrwd Flrs, Wood Burning 400 Spring Garden-N.C Commercial Space Available-800Historically to 1600 Sq Ft. Call for Details Fp’s, EIK, Garden & Exposed Brick. Historically Certified. RED $325,000



115 League St

702 S. 3rd St

2007 Pemberton St

308 Pemberton St

Good Investment Oppt or a Grt House to do over for an Owner Occupant, 3 Story Brick House + 2 Small Homes in the rear +a Large Garden.

5 Yr Old Townhouse. 3 BR + Media Room, 2.5 BA, Hardwood Floors, TA & Meredith School.

Nice Size 2 Story Home, Open Floor Plan, 2 Bedroom, Deck & Garden.

Great Block, Terrific House! 3 BR, Fireplace, Hardwood Floors & Lovely Garden.


$639,900 or Rent $3000


RED $399,000



RED $369,000  

215.440 .8190




The Award Winning Kathy, Patrick and the Conway Team

215.627.6005 645 N. 24th Street

Deidre Quinn

Lee Ann Hartley

Ivon Cowell

Front & Walnut Sts Tory Gargano

Jeff Kauffman

116 Alter St

Mike Carestio

Adele Gerngross

216 Montrose St

Society Hill Office 530 W a ln ut St. Sui te # 26 0 Phi la de lp hi a, P A 19 10 6

506 Catharine St 

Beautiful 3,700 sq. ft home. 4 bdrms, 3.5 bths, (aka Sansom & Hancock) Lovely 2.5 Story Colonial 3 BR, 1.5 BA, Pine Cute Home Great House! Visit website fo r orm u r with co mp te in ve nto ry, wee kly add ition rs. Independently owned and operated member of the Prudential Real Estate Affiliates, Inc. hrdwd ou flrs,r large den/family fp &legarage. Investment Opp!o4pen Hugehou Lotsse$2s,Million or 4 a l p ictu res Floorsa nd T/O,more 2 Fp’s,particula Lg EIK + Garden. 3 BR + Den, 1.5 BA, Hardwood Floors, Some Light & Airy, 3/2.5, Hrwd Flrs, Fin Bsmt, Great Executive Town Homes,5000 Sq Ft + + Exposed Brick & Rear Yard. Deck & TA. $899,554. RED $279,000 or Rent $1650

Starting at $1,900,000


1 0 0 p h i l a d e l p h i a w e e k ly I S e p t e m b e r 1 8

- 25

I p h i l a d e l p h i a w e e k l y. c o m

New Listings


friends telling friends!

200 Locust St 10F - SH

Modern 1 BR Condo with Incredible River Views. 700Sq Ft, New Kitchen & Bath, Parquet Floors. $2000

212 Brown St (American Lofts)

Location & Views! 1,2 & 3 BR, High Ceilings, & Terrific Design. Starting at $1750

318 Bainbridge St C

RED $275,000

749 S. 4th St - QV - Commercial

Beautiful Restored Brownstone - Bi Level 2 BR + Sitting Rm, 2 Ba, Hrwd Flrs, Fp & Garden. $2700

1st Floor - Open Loft Like - 2100 Sq Ft + Full Bsmt Terrific Vehicular & Foot Traffic. $2100

747 S 4th St - QV - Commercial

2940 S. Broad St

1st Floor - Open Loft Like - 900 Sq Ft - Powder Room - Terrific Vehicular & Foot Traffic. $1250

RED $500,000 Or Rent $2700

2445 S. Garnet St

1004 E. Moyamensing

WOW! Grt Newer Home 8 Yrs Left on TA, 3000 +/- Sq Ft, 20x52, Hrwd Flrs, 3+ Den, 2.5 Ba, Dk & Garage.

Pretty QV Tree Lined Block. Lg 4 BR Grandmom House, Lg Rooms, High Ceilings, Hrwd Flrs & Yard (needs Rehab)

RED $489,000

RED $250,000 •

Designer Quality Home! 3 Bedrooms, 2.5 Baths, Hrwd Flrs, Fireplace, & 3 + Car Parking. $2800 For more inFormation and a list oF our inventory, ProFessional Photos, oPen houses and virtual tours.

Fox & Ro a c h , R E A LTO R S


Society Hill Office 530 Walnut St. Suite #260 Philadelphia, PA 19106

DIRECT: 215.440. 8190 • MAIN: 215.627. 6005 Independently owned and operated member of the Prudential Real Estate Affiliates, Inc.

Keller Williams Center City

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A different kind of real estate company® RITTENHOUSE SQUARE / FITLER SQUARE / AVENUE OF THE ARTS

2712 South St #2712 2 bedroom 1 bath home in an excellent location with a ton of charm and a back patio $260,000 2024 Naudain Well maintained 3+B,2+B home offers SS, Granite kitchen, wood fl, CA/FP, garden and deeded garage $639,900 617 Schyullkil Ave Spac garage front TH offers 4Bedrms, 2+baths,FP/CA, open floor plan, newer kitchen and baths, decks + $663,000 400-26 S Broad St #2903 JUST REDUCED! 3BR/3.5BA with Parking on the 29 th Floor – River and city Views $1,889,987 OPEN HOUSE 9/22 FROM 12-2:00 2101 Market St #1803 The Ultimate stylish and Unique Center City Condo, Including 2 Car Parking! OPEN HOUSE 9/21 12-1:30$2,175,000

w a rd

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Coldwell Banker Preferred can help you get cash back if you are buying or selling a home through USAA’s Movers Advantage Program. For more information call us at 888-947-6534 Honoring Your Service ©2012 Coldwell Banker Preferred. All rights reserved. Owned and Operated by NRT LLC. MoversAdvantage® offered by USAA Relocation Services, Inc., a licensed real estate broker and subsidiary of USAA Federal Savings Bank. Not available for employer-sponsored relocations, or for transactions in Iowa or outside US. This is not a solicitation if you are already represented by a real estate broker. Some states limit the ability to pay a cash bonus. Bonus amounts varies from $350 - $1550 depending on the sale price of the home.

income or a new home buyer $69,000 Mayfair – 4769 Bleigh Ave REDUCED! 3BR/1BA home in E Mayfair area W/ front patio overlooking a park, Ready for Move In $85,000 Folcroft – 1511 Glen Avenue Great Opportunity! Located on a nice and quiet block, Back yard wood floors, Handicap accessible $90,000 $96,499 Port Richmond – 3019 Aramingo Ave Beautiful Port Richmond 3BR, Newer Kitchen, Freshly Painted, Move in Ready! Holmesberg – 8020 Erdrick St 4 Bedroom and 1 Bath Home $109,000 Germantown – 140 W Abottsford Ave Lovely 4BR/1.5BA 1800 + Sq Ft Twin, Ready for you to move In $119,900 Southwest Phila – 4915 Market St Well Maintained spacious duplex, 2BR on 1 Floor 3 BR on the 2 Floor $119,800 Port Richmond - 2412 E Clearfield St This lovely home is very well kept and boasts solid Hardwood floors throughout $134,900 West Phila – 621 S Conestoga St 3BR/2BA Rowhome Restored to its originalbeauty with all the right stuff updated, $135,000 Finished Basement Logan – 5145 N Camac St 5BR/1.5BA Single Home 2 Car Garage, 3 Story Well Maintained home New Kitchen $133,900 Overbrook – 921 Marlyn Rd Classic 3BR/1BA rowhome W/Garage, Charming Orig Details and tasteful upgrades on beautiful block $133,900 Cheltenham – 1717 W Cheltenham 19027 $139,900 Greys Ferry – 1257 S 29th St Fully Renovated move in Cond. Close to Graduate Hosp. jShopping Center, supermarket, Public Trans. $139,900 Old Kensington – 1747 N Mascher St 4BR/1.5BA home within walking distance to trendy Fishtown ability to $159,900 make it your own with renovation Harrowgate – 3659 Frankford Ave Corner Property kept in Great Shape and situated for great Exposure right on Frankford Ave $169,900 $257,700 Germantown – 110 E Washington Lane Tastefully Designed Stone Twin in the heart of Germantown Frankford – 4720 Oakland St 3 Story, 5 BR/2 Full Bath 2 half bath, High End marble and granite throughout, Completely Renovated $260,000 Germantown – 110 E Washington Lane Tastefully Designed Stone Twin in the heart of Germantown $260,000 Manayunk – 4635 Mansion St REDUCED! Beautiful 3BR/1BA Manyunk Rowhome, Lots of architectural details, Large Landscaped garden $264,000 Fishtown – 1451-53 E Columbia Ave Pizza Shop Long Wstablished business with residential property next door being offered in a package $265,000 Point Breeze – 2108 Federal St Like New 3BR/2.5BA finished Basement, Open Living space, C/A, HW floors OPEN HOUSE 9/22 12-2:00 $279,500 Old Kensington – 2400-4 N 9th St Multi-Unit Property currently generating good cash flow and has the ability to generate more $290,000 West Mt Airy – 118 W Sharpnack St 4BR/2/5BAContemporary New construction home, Full Finished Basement, Roof top Deck $298,900 Temple University – 2040 N Franklin St Great Investment Property Live in one unit and collect rent from the other fully rehabbed 4BR upper unit 1BR plus Partially Fin Basement in lower unit $299,000 Fishtown - 2315 Coral St New Construction, 3BER/2.5BA Modern homes Hardwood Floors, Kitchen with granite counter tops and SS Appliances, Finished Basement $314,900 North Phila – 5205 N Broad St One of a Kind, Cash Cow right on Broad St Semi Detached Twin offering 5 Separate units, $325,000 All rehabbed with 2 Car Parking Fishtown – 2227 Amber New Construction, Ultra Modern 3 Story Home, Roof Top deck $359,900 Temple University – 1132 W Nevada St Newly consturcted in 2012- Great Investment, Gorgeous Duplex has it all, The tenants enjoy this spacious and well built property that is 1 Block from the Main Campus $424,999 Fishtown – 1339 E Berks St Modern New 3BR W Garage and roof deck! OPEN HOUSE 9/22 FROM 12-2:00 Center City South – 617 Schuykill Ave spacious garage front TH offers 4BR/2+BA FP, CA, Open Floor Plan, Newer Kitchen and baths, Deck + $663,000 Manayunk- 4317 Boone St Modern home with secluded feel in beautiful Manayunk $500,000 Overbrook Farms – 6396 Overbrook Unique Arts & Crafts Style home in Lovely Overbrook Farms $725,000 $37,000 Fairhill- 3425 N. Bodine Street 2br/1ba. This property is below market value and can be used as a starter home investment. Temple University- 1904 Diamond Street 7 Bedroom Home with Vacant Lot. Huge Investment Opportunity! $199,000 Gray’s Ferry- 2926 New Hope Street $169,000 Old Kensington- 146 W. Palmer St. Great corner location Commercial space with a 2 bedroom apartment above being sold in AS-IS cond. $159,900 Gray’s Ferry- 1257 S. 29th St. Fully renovated move in cond. close to Graduate Hospital. Shopping center, supermarket, public transp. $139,900 Gray’s Ferry- 1604 S. Newkirk St. Great investment opportunity for an investor looking for turn key rental income or a new home buyer. $69,900 Old Kensington- 1747 N. Mascher St. 4BR/1.5 BA Home within walking distance to trendy Fishtown ability to make it your own with renov. $159,900 West Mt. Airy- 165 W.Durham St. West Mt. Airy, 3BD 1.5 BA- Hardwood floors, move-in cond. Front and back lawn. $265,000 East Falls- 3424 W. Penn St. Rarely offered East Falls. Cozy and cute: 2BD 1BA. Tree-lined historical street. Hardwood, private patio, fnshd basement convenient location! $269,000 Fishtown-2320 E. Dauphin St. Almost new condition home w/ top amenities in beloved fishtown. $250,000 5713 Poplar St- Totally remodeled 3 BD home. Freshley painted and cemented front porch. Spacious bright living room w laminate floors. Eat in Kitchen. $89,900 West Phil- 5110-12 Market St. Interior all framed out and exterior complete with stucco and vinyl. $125,000 Point Breeze- 1618 S. 19th St. Great opportunity for an owner occupant or investor. Enlarged bathroom. All systems functional. Good 203K candidate $69,000 Oak Lane- 1542 E. Tulpehocken St. Newly rehabbed 3br with hardwood floors, parking and deck! $144,900 Manayunk- 4661. S Conarroe St Beautiful Rehabbed 4 Bedroom Home for sale! $249,000 Gladwyne- 1147 Conshohocken State Road Beautiful 3 bd 3 ba ranch home on almost one acre w/ finished basement in Gladwyne. $749,000 Overbrook-921 Marlyn Rd Classic 3BD/1Ba rowhome w/garage. Charming orig details and tasteful upgrades on beautiful block. $134,900 Center City- 1228-32 Arch St PHC Breathtaking tri-level loft penthouse with terrace w/city views. Featuring: 16’ ceilings, 8’ windows, spacious open floor plan with upscale kitchen, abundant natural light and sophisticated industrial conversion flair. $599,000

Wi n n e r s

OLD CITY / LOFT DISTRICT / CHINA TOWN 126 Market St #4 Beautiful 2BR Unit in the Heart of Old City $419,900 315 New Street Unit 202 Large 2 bedroom, 2 bath updated condo with high ceilings and wood floors w/1 car parking included.$289,000 SOCIETY HILL / WASHINGTON SQUARE WEST 428 Lombard St #3 A charming Bi-Level unit in Historic Society Hill! $285,000 916 Waverly St Beautiful Renovated Trinity right in the Heart of Wash Sq West,Come in person to fully appreciate what is being offered OPEN HOUSE 9/22 FROM11-2:00 $369,000 513 Delancey St A Gorgeous Rehabbed Murray Development Home in one of Center City’s Premier Blocks OPEN HOUSE 9/21 FROM 2:30-4:00 $1,150,000 319 S Iseminger Charming Trinity style 4 Level 2BR/1BA, HW Flrs 2 decks, Fireplaces $325,000 1011 Lombard St 3 floor mid-century stylized marbel in between philly’s hottest neighborhoods. $695,000 506 South 7th St. Meticulous reconstruction, historic, park view, built in grill/wet bar in garden 2 en suite masters $849,000

1 0 2 p h i l a d e l p h i a w e e k ly I S e p t e m b e r 1 8

- 25

I p h i l a d e l p h i a w e e k l y. c o m

-546-2700 QUEEN VILLAGE/ BELLA VISTA / GRADUATE HOSPITAL / SOUTH PHILA. 636 Earp St 2BR/1BA Well Maintained home in Italian Market area $164,900 226 Monroe St #A Wonderful 1BR/1BA Condo with New Kitchen and Low Condo Fees $209,900 2859 S Sydenham St Renovated 3BR/1.5BA on Desirable block, SS appliances, Granite, HW Flrs, Finished Basement $219,900 912 E Passyunk Ave Charming 3BR/2BA in the heart of Bella Vista featuring HW Flrs, Updated Kitchen, Private patio OPEN HOUSE 9/22 FROM 12-2:00 $319,900 1233-35 Bainbridge Street Unit B 2 Bedroom and 1 Bath, Elevator Bldg, Atrium OPEN HOUSE SEPT 9/21 AND 9/22 FROM 12-4:00 $349,900 1233-35 Bainbridge Street Unit B Brand New Construction, Atrium, Elevator, Indoor Heated Garage, Last 2 BR with Parking! OPEN HOUSE 9/21 & 9/22 FROM 12-4:00 $349,900 1118 Webster St Total Rehab all new inside 2BR/2BA Call for details 267-246-7607 $354,000 1233-35 Bainbridge Street Unit H Brand New Construction, Atrium, Elevator, Indoor Heated Garage, Last 2 BR with Parking! OPEN HOUSE 9/21 & 9/22 FROM 12-4:00 $399,900 1325 Christian St This Gorgeous 3100 S Ft 4BR/2.5BA Home with a Basement and Backyard is Located in Bella Vista $499,999 2111 St Albans St New 3 Bed, 2 Bath with parking, roof deck with CC skyline views, 3rd Flr Master suite, gorgeous! $579,900 1720 Bainbridge B. Totally upgraded like new 2BR-2BA in Graduate Hosp. w GARAGE! OPEN HOUSE 9/22 FROM 12-2 $449,000 1020 S. Randolph St. Unique rehabbed 3BR/2BA multilevel home with all the city living has to offer $319,900 1030 S. 57th St. COMPLETE RENOVATION $95,000 1007 S. Reese St. Gorgeous new townhouse w/roofdeck in Queen Village $329,000 810 S. 6th St. Amazing 360 Deg views w/gourmet kitchen and 600 sq ft. roof deck $487,000 NORTHERN LIBERTIES / NORTH PHILADELPHIA 1019-25 N 4th St #D Spac 900+ condo, Granite, Stainless Kitch, New Bath, hi Ceilings, Wood Fl, Loft W/D Courtyard $238,500 705 Brown St A 2BR/2BA Condo in a gated community 5 years young new construction finished basement $374,999 414 Olive St Unique Double Carriage House 2BR, Den custom Gourmet Kitchen , Wood fl, Garden, Fireplace, Exp Brick Beams $442,900 945 N. 5th Street Price Reduced! This fantastic 3bed/3Bath Townhouse in Northern Liberties. OPEN HOUSE 9/22 FROM 12-2:00 $495,000 3425 N. Bodine St. 2BR/1BA below market value and can be used as a starter home or a good buy for an investor. $37,000 1010 N. Leithgow St Location, Location! Fantastic 3BR/2BA in the heart of Northern Liberties. Historic details, wide plank HW floors, Kraftmaid, cherry cabinets, Stainless steel appliances, updated electric and plumbing, dry basement and centrail air. OPEN HOUSE 9/22 FROM 1:30-2:30 $369,000 UNIVERSITY CITY / WEST PHILADELPHIA 4217 Regent Square Fresh Listing! Architect owned; Tastefully Renovated, Updated 4BR/2BA house on UC “Best Block” Fishtown – 2119 E Norris St Beautiful New Construction in the heart of Vibrant Fishtown 1055 S. 50th 3BD/1.5BA renovated home east of 52nd st under $200k! All new everything from roof to fin basement.

$439,000 $385,000 $179,900

COMMERCIAL INVESTMENTS Temple University – 2210 N Bancroft St Investment Opportunity Recently constructed, 5BR/2.5BA, Fully rented with Landlord only paying water, Property Priced to sell Easily Achieve 10% Cap. Much more! $151,900 Old Kensington – 146 w Palmer St Great Corner Location Commercial Space with a 2 BR Apt above being sold In AS IS Condition $159,900 Italian Market - 543 Washington Ave - 541 Washington Ave- 1043 S 6th St 3 Continuous Properties Great Opportunity for Development $788,000 SURROUNDINGS AREAS West Phila – 3220 N Etting St 3BR/1BA home Totally Rehabbed, 1.5 Years ago Greys Ferry – 1604 S Newkirk St Great Investment opportunity for an investor looking for turn key rental



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CENTER CITY LUXURY SALES Art Museum The PhiladelPhian 2401 Pennsylvania avenue Spacious studio, high floor, southern exposure, private terrace, Art Museum and Schuylkill River views, excellent closet space,


656 sf

Spacious 1 bdrm w/ balcony on high floor, wood cabinetry in kit., wood floors & excellent closet space throughout, 1166 sf


Bi-level penthouse with floor-to-ceiling windows offering dramatic Center City skyline and Fairmount views, 4 bedrooms, 3.5 baths, two story living and dining room and 2 large


terraces, 3278 sf

The bank building

The dorchesTer

riTTenhouse Plaza

421 chestnut street

226 w. rittenhouse square

1901 walnut street

Raw space with high ceilings and exposed

1 bedroom, beautifully maintained, private ter-

brick that can be built into a custom homes,

race, oversized windows, 609 sf


2017 sf

2 bedrooms plus den, 2.5 baths, open floor plan, overlooks Independence Mall, custom


2 bedroom, 2 bathroom, balcony, city views, $525,000

1119 sf

riTTenhouse savoy

socieTy hill Towers

Entire floor custom home w/3 bedrooms and

1810 rittenhouse square

220 locust st.

2.5 baths, chef’s kitchen, amazing entertaining

1 bedroom, high floor, abundant natural light,

space, high end finishes throughout, 3422 sf



floor-to-ceiling windows, magnificent city views, 712 sf Open Sun 9/22 12:00-12:30

$250,000 1 bedroom, wood floors, floor to ceiling


closet space, 1590 sf

new baths, wood fls, penthouse floor, 1146 sf

2 bedroom, 2 bathroom, contemporary home, floor-to-ceiling windows throughout, bamboo wood floors, private terrace, stainless


1254 sf Open 9/22 1:30-2:00

250 s 17Th sT

Parc riTTenhouse

Two bedroom, with family room and home

225 s. 18th st.

office, 2.5 baths, hardwood floors, built-in stor-

Studio, lots of natural light and southern views,

updated kitchen and baths, built-in bar,

Spacious 1 bedroom, HW floors, marble bath,

natural light

cenTer ciTy one

2 bedrooms, 1.5 baths, wood floors, lots of natural light, EIK, marble bath, beautiful original

1326 sPruce street

building details, 1136 sf

2 bedrooms, 1 bath, south views, balcony, $329,900

updated bathroom, 1137 sf


The barclay



Entire floor home with 3 bedrooms and 3 baths, 360 degree views including Washing-


ton Square, chef’s kitchen, large formal living

excellent closet space, 765 sf

Studio with high ceilings, lost of natural light,

and dining rooms, lavish master suite, 3720 sf


2 bedrooms, 2 baths, south facing views from

indePendence Place

all rooms, designer kitchen and baths, custom

233-241 s 6th street

upgrades throughout, 1019 sf


1 bedroom, 1.5 baths, bi-level, great clos-

high ceilings, original 1929 herringbone hard-

residence, easily converted to 2 bedrooms,

etspace, balcony, excellent condition, 989 sf

wood floors, 10ft ceilings, city views, renovated

furnished, designer finishes and features,


washer/dryer, 1079 sf


2.5 baths, two kitchens, impeccably finished throughout, amazing river and city views, 4403 sf

Allan Domb Real Estate 215.545.1500 • “wE CoopERATE wITh ALL REALToRS®” • •


I p h i l a d e l p h i a w e e k ly 1 0 3

Custom 3 bedroom, 3 bathroom home with

Bi-level penthouse with 2 bedrooms and


Custom designer 1 bedroom, 2 bathroom

530 s 2nd street

kitchen, washer/dryer, 1840 sf

220 w. washingTon square

september 118 -

high ceilings and lots of natural light, 810 sf


Washington Square


open kitchen, wood floors, marble bathroom,


1 bedroom, bay windows, open kitchen, great

1 bedroom, wood floors, balcony, marble bath,

237 s. 18th st.

abboTTs square

2020 walnut street

marble bath, open designer kitchen, 486 sf

Custom 1 bedroom with Joanne Hudson

Old City/Society Hill


stainless steel appliances, washer/dryer, 638 sf

1830 riTTenhouse square

wanamaker house

p h i l a d e l p h i a w e e k l y. c o m I

wood floors, marbe bath, 513 sf.

tops and stainless steel appliances, abundant



closet space, 700 sf

age, washer/dryer, kitchen with granite counter-

terrace, 1590 sf


2101 Market street

Rittenhouse Square


light and an open floor plan, 461 sf

2 bedrooms, 2 baths, open renovated kit.,

Custom 3 bedroom, 2.5 baths home, generous closet space, hardwood floors,

Studio, on a high floor with excellent natural


steel appliances, custom closets, washer/dryer,

academy house

beautifully appointed bathrooms, excellent


1601 locust st.

Open Sun 9/22 12:45-1:15


terrace, hardwood floors, chef’s kitchen,

master closet, Rittenhouse Square views, washer/dryer, 1551 sf

Avenue of the Arts

2 bedroom, 2.5 bathroom home with large

(easily converted to 2 bedrooms), custom


finishes throughout, 2025 sf

windows with bridge and city views, 700 sf

1420 locust street

1 bedroom plus den home, 2 bathrooms

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