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And I Jeffrey Barg learns that getting

into the fringe isn’t Just doaBle— it’s almost too easy.



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cover Story 9 Acts of Love It’s a lot easier than you might think to put on a show in the Philly Fringe.

PhillyNoW 5 Gas Chamber Citizens finally get to weigh in on controversial shale drilling.

7 Pet Project A new emergency relief team gives pets a fighting chance after disasters.

ScreeN 26 Grouped Together A Good Old Fashioned Orgy is more like a group hug.


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Citizens invited to weigh in on shale drilling. By Ada Kulesza A dA ku l e s z A

Sign of the times: Bruce Kennedy shown near his property in Bradford County.





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P H I L A D E L P H I A W E E K LY August 31 - September 6, 2011


As we all know, there’s a big old deposit of natural gas sitting under a large portion of Pennsylvania, mostly in the west, center and north, with a little shale crossing the Delaware River headwaters that flow down to our fair city and gush from our taps. The natural-gas industry, largely based in the Midwest, learned of all this and decided that it was a good idea to get that gas, for a number of reasons: Because it burns more cleanly than gasoline and coal; because it’s from our backyard and not an Iraqi’s; and because American workers would do the work (maybe) to get the gas out, refine it and sell to Americans to use. So they brought their equipment and drills and skilled workers to the Keystone State, and in three years there have been increasingly voluminous protestations of dumping, of people getting sick, of spills, and complaints of tainted water. That’s because the process, colloquially known as fracking, involves using lubed-up drill bits the size of a man’s head to bore very deep holes, which then turn and drill horizontally. Then sand, water and “proprietary fluids” (as the industry calls them) get pumped into the shale to break it up and release the gas. Yesterday, in an effort to (responsibly?) deal with this mess, a couple state representatives announced the formation of the Citizens Marcellus Shale Commission, which will tour the state compiling citizen testimony about the natural-gas industry in Pennsylvania. The open hearings start today and will hit Philly on Sept. 6 (and coincides with the Marcellus Shale Coalition’s Gas Insight Conference downtown next week). Former state representatives Dan Surra (D-Clearfield and Elk Counties) and Carole Rubley (R-Chester and Montgomery Coun-

W W W. P H I L A D E L P H I A W E E K LY. C O M

Gas Chamber

ties) will head the volunteer-run commission, which is comprised of members from the Pennsylvania Budget and Policy Center, the Clean Water Coalition and others. “We’re going to try to bring some balance to the debate,” says Surra, a veteran pol who’s quick to commend Gov. Corbett’s Marcellus Shale Advisory Commission on its work, and who agrees that economic development from the gas industry is vital. But “on the other hand,” Rubley says, “there are possibilities of widespread problems from an environmental point of view, so we want to ensure the rights of citizens to clean air and clean water; and also the protection of public health will be part of the discussion as we move forward with this.” Surra says the citizens’ commission will supplement the work of the governor’s Shale Advisory Committee. “This is a very big deal in Pennsylvania,” he says. “It’s something that we have to get right.” The citizens’ commission was formed in response to the governor’s advisory commission report, which had some good recommendations in it, Rubley says. But the citizens’ commission’s investigation will be broader, covering the social impacts of drilling, the impact of a tax for possible environmental mishaps (since there is no drilling tax in Pennsylvania), public health, and habitat—things that weren’t covered by the governor’s commission. “Much of the Marcellus Shale plays are taking place in some of the most pristine and beautiful and somewhat protected parts of Pennsylvania—that is, our state forests and gamelands,” Surra says. “We have to be careful about the incremental industrialization of our public lands. I mean, I’ve heard stories already of hikers and hunters and fisherman, they’re all walking on our public lands and they’re being met by armed security guards.” Hunting and fishing are sustainable, as well as tourism, but industrialization will threaten those industries, he says. Harrisburg will begin drafting legislation that will impact all these key sectors, as well as potentially impact people’s lives. It’s vital to conduct a formal fact-finding mission “to try to educate our lawmakers so they can do a better job,” he says. “This is really a group of concerned citizens hearing from other citizens, and this is what democracy should be all about, and much of what we have lost, the best of what our government is,” says Barb Jarmoska, a commissioner from Responsible Drilling Alliance. The open hearing on Sept. 6 will be held from 6 to 9 p.m. at the Free Library of Philadelphia (1901 Vine St.). Testimony will be compiled in a report that will be submitted to the state Legislature and governor so they’ll have something to chew on when they get back to work in the fall—“when they’re deliberating on future laws and regulations,” Rubley says. Those wishing to testify must register before the hearing by calling 717.255.7181 or visiting n

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MEDICAL RESEARCH STUDIES To advertise in this section contact Monica M. Kanninen 215-599-7645 or email

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Call: 866-230-4755 Visit:

Research VOLUNTEERS P H I L A D E L P H I A W E E K LY August 31 - September 6, 2011


The PAREXEL Early Phase Unit, located at Harbor Hospital in Baltimore, MD is currently seeking Volunteers to participate in a clinical research trial to evaluate a new Investigational medication.

For more information, please visit our website www.baltimoretrials. com, or contact us toll free at 1-877-61-STUDY or 1-877-617-8839

We are recruiting the following populations: • Healthy Non Smoking Males • Healthy Non Smoking Females • Ages 18-55

(Monday to Friday between 9am and 5pm). Please reference study # 201975

The study involves one screening visit, one in-house stay of 8 days / 7 nights and 4 outpatient visits.

If you qualify and complete the study you may receive up to $3,250.00 in compensation.


The Joneses are the first clients of Red

“A Red Cross for animals”: A new organization saved the Jones family’s brood.

Pet Project

A new emergency relief team gives pets a fighting chance after disasters.

Periscopin’ By Tara Murtha

Anna Jensky of Central Bark dog

Red Paw is seeking volunteers to help out with fostering animals: Email


daycare winds past an indoor playground to a room in the back. When she opens the door, six dogs—pit bulls—go bananas, barking and jumping with joy inside their crates at the sight of Eva. She introduces her brood. “This is Boi Boi, Phat Phat, Bishop, Kilo, and that little one is A.J. and the other puppy is Taz,” says Eva. As she points out each dog, her face lights up. That big smile’s been hard to come by lately. After the fire, the Joneses spent the three-week maximum at the Red Cross House in West Philly. The family’s been struggling to find new housing ever since. Even with the help of the Red Cross, the couple say it seems almost impossible to find a house that will accept the dogs. “A lot of people were going to give us the opportunity, but … they say pits are bad dogs,” says Eva. “They’re not bad dogs. It depends how your raise them.”

Two of the Jones’ six dogs were outside, another two were on the second floor, but the puppies were still upstairs. Jones ran up the stairs to the third floor to get them. “I couldn’t see them [through the smoke] so I had to reach around. I finally got a hold of them,” he recalls. “I was trying to get out, but I couldn’t see anything.” He considered the window, then dashed down the steps and got the whole family out of the house.

The Fire Department arrived within minutes, but the damage was done. The fire had crawled up the stairs, burning the couple’s bedroom and the nursery. “The baby’s room is all black,” Jones says. Though Eva remains stoic while describing the flames, it’s when talking about how a new organization called Red Paw Emergency Relief Team saved her dogs that she breaks down. “Without them I don’t know where our dogs would be,” she says, crying.

Though putting the puppies up for adoption is upsetting for the Joneses, it’s not nearly as traumatic as other possibilities. Back in June, a dog named Lizzy was euthanized when her owner went to jail after a fire. The same thing happened to cats that survived a fire out on Haverford Avenue the same month. These are the stories that lead animal activists to call Philly a disgrace. Red Paw’s filling in a huge gap in disaster management. With Red Paw on the scene, hopefully these stories will become exceptions. Not only were the Jones’ dogs’ lives saved, but they were also spayed and neutered while in their care. Meanwhile, as their search for a new house stretches into the fifth week, the Joneses are staying with a friend. They took the four adult dogs back. “They’re doing fine,” says Eva. “They’re healthy and having fun. They’re just happy that they’re back with us. They’re just happy to see me.” The two puppies, A.J. and Taz, stayed behind at Central Bark, where staff is putting in extra hours taking care of them as they await adoption. “This is definitely a pilot program for Philadelphia,” says Leary. “But we’re trying to expand it soon. I’ve already had people in New Jersey ask for us to do it there. This could have national effect.” n

P H I L A D E L P H I A W E E K LY August 31 - September 6, 2011

Andrew Jones risked his life for the two puppies that he’s reluctantly giving up for adoption. While sleeping in their North Philly home one night in late July, Jones’ wife, 23-year-old Eva, woke up to the chaos of her six dogs barking. Eva, three months pregnant, shook her husband. “Something’s burning,” she said. Jones ran down the stairs from the third floor to the second, to his brother Lawrence’s bedroom. A candle left burning in a plastic bottle set the radio on fire. The men panicked. A bucket of water thrown on the nowelectrical fire made it worse. Flames leapt to the couch and roared toward the staircase.

Paw, a volunteer organization that launched July 25. If the Jones’ house burned just a day earlier—their house went up the first night Red Paw was active—they probably would have had to give up all the dogs. And the dogs likely would have shared the fate of most pit bulls that end up at the local shelter—euthanization. Wendy Marano, spokesperson for the PSPCA, confirms that the Animal Care and Control Team (ACCT), Philly’s animal shelter, can only hold temporarily homeless animals five days. “There’s a little bit of flexibility if we have room, [but] that’s a big if because so many animals come in to the shelter,” says Marano. Red Paw works in conjunction with the Red Cross of Southeastern Pennsylvania and bills themselves as “Red Cross for Animals.” Jen Leary, founder of Red Paw, is a Philadelphia firefighter, Red Cross emergency responder and coordinator of the local chapter of County Animal Response Team (CART), a statewide program established and funded by the Federal Emergency Management Agency after Hurricane Katrina. Red Paw aims to do what most local activists thought CART was supposed to do: assist in recovering pets after disasters. But after the fiasco following the five-alarm blaze that destroyed Windermere Court, a 90-unit apartment complex at 48th and Walnut streets back in January, CART’s limitations became clear. CART could not, for example, have helped the Joneses. Except for surreptitious action taken by renegade cat activists, Windermere residents’ cats were left to starve, die and disappear in the condemned building. “[The idea for Red Paw] has been in my head for years, but after the Windermere situation, I went to … the Red Cross and was like, ‘Look, this is getting ridiculous.’” An analysis of the aftermath of Windermere reported by PW at the time revealed that though CARTs were successful in surrounding counties, Philly’s program, tethered to the Office of Emergency Management, was still really only operating on paper. Later, Samantha Phillips, assistant management director of OEM and overseer of Philadelphia CART, clarified that (unlike CARTs in surrounding counties), even if it were up and running, Philly’s CART would only deploy in the event of a disaster the level of Hurricane Katrina, or a disaster resulting in 50 or more pets needing assistance. So CART can assist in rare and severe circumstances, but not in situations that endanger pets’ lives in Philly nearly every single week. (This past weekend, under threat of Hurricane Irene, was the first time

OEM activated Philly CART.) Portia Scott Palko, owner of Central Bark, former CART volunteer and outspoken local animal activist who was key in assisting Leary establish Red Paw, was surprised to find out that the organization she was volunteering for wasn’t designed to do what she thought it was designed to do. “Windermere really opened my eyes,” Scott Palko says. Fed up with the “politics” of CART, Scott Palko was happy to “switch energies” toward helping Leary get Red Paw’s list of cooperative organizations together, which includes PAWS, Society Hill Vet Hospital and City Kitties, among other organizations as well as individual foster parents. “I really can’t say enough about Jen’s drive and her refusal to take no for an answer,” says Scott Palko. “She saw this need and fought for it.” For Leary, battling bureaucracy is nothing compared to watching pets and their owners suffer. During her work with the Fire Department and Red Cross, Leary’s seen it all: There was the time she rushed fire survivors to the vet in her own car as they administered oxygen to their dogs in her backseat—and the dogs died. She’s had to call medics for people suffering near-anxiety attacks after failing to save their pet before escaping a burning building. She’s seen owners tie dogs to trees and leave them in backyards for lack of anywhere for them to go while they get on their feet.

W W W. P H I L A D E L P H I A W E E K LY. C O M

jeff fusco

In the last few days, feeling defeated, they reluctantly decided to put the two puppies up for adoption. “We got attached to them. So it’s kind of hard for me,” says Andrew Jones. “But I know I can’t really take all these dogs.”

W W W. P H I L A D E L P H I A W E E K LY. C O M

Locust Street is closing after 25 years

ALL DVDs, BLU-RAYS, GAMES AND POSTERS ARE ON SALE We want to thank our loyal patrons for their support. We want to thank our employees for their hard work.

Store Hours Thurs. Aug. 25 - Mon. Aug. 29 12:30 to 7:30 Thurs. Sept. 1 - Tues. Sept. 6

1520 Locust St. • (215) 735-7887 Storeclosing PW ad.indd 2

8/17/11 10:43:07 AM

P H I L A D E L P H I A W E E K LY August 31 - September 6, 2011 • 8

Acts of Love It’s a lot easier than you might think to put on a show in the Philly Fringe.

By Jeffrey Barg

P H I L A D E L P H I A W E E K LY August 31 - September 6, 2011

But thanks to Producing Director Nick Stuccio, the Philly Fringe did reclaim the mantle of a noncommercial festival with virtually zero barriers to entry. The festival’s roots actually lie in the hallowed Edinburgh Festival Fringe, a three-week performance extravaganza that wrapped this week, and this year featured some 2,500 actors, musicians, artists and outside-the-box creative types raring to put on a show. Back in 1947, when eight uninvited groups showed up to perform at a particular festival in the Scottish capital, they were denied entry but decided to perform anyway, giving birth to the idea that anyone who wanted to could put on a show—they didn’t have to be “presented” by anyone but themselves. While that renegade spirit still exists in Edinburgh, “it’s a much more commercial venture now,” says Stuccio, who this year went back to Scotland for the fest. “There are producers roaming around looking for that next Blue Man Group.” But when he went there 16 years ago to produce a show, it occurred to him that Philly had the perfect environment for a similar kind of impromptu collection of works. “It started out small—it was confined to Old City for a couple of years,” says Craig Peterson, now the director of the Philly Fringe. “As it grew in size, it started to spread out across the city.” Then in 2004, what was then simply called the Philadelphia Fringe Festival split intentionally into two different showcases: the Live Arts Festival, a curated handful of acts drawn mostly from national and international stages, and the Philly Fringe, which is the open-ended madcappery that welcomes any and all. Though Philly’s a much larger, more diverse city than Edinburgh, with more than three times the population, the nature of the performing arts here lent itself to a similar kind of festival vibe. “Philly audiences are really supportive of artists, and that makes a big difference,” says Peterson. “I’m from New York, and the Fringe there is great, but it doesn’t take over the city because the city’s so big. But


Philly didn’t invent the idea of a free-for-all fringe.

W W W. P H I L A D E L P H I A W E E K LY. C O M


t started on a dare. A totally absurd-sounding dare. “Henry IV : The Musical,” he said to me. “Uh, sure,” I replied, assuming that the idea would disappear within minutes. I’d heard a lot of Ben Kamine’s harebrained schemes years earlier when we were undergrads together at Penn—the kind related from a college freshman at 3 in the morning, the hour when college freshmen believe they have all their most brilliant ideas. “I’ll direct it,” Kamine said. “You’ll write the music. We’ll do it in the Philly Fringe. It’ll be amazing.” The idea was preposterous for any number of reasons: I’d barely ever written any music, let alone a musical. He lived in New York, I in Philly. And the Philly Fringe was just eight months away. But Philly’s isn’t just any fringe fest. As long as you find yourself a venue and pay the very nominal entry fees, you can put on a show in the festival. Got a hankering to do a dramatic reading of the 1929 Philadelphia White Pages while dressed up like Angela Lansbury? Perfect. Think someone will come see you dance the hucklebuck in the Waterworks fountain behind the Art Museum? Start sloshing. Feel a need to strip naked and pantomime the collected congressional testimonies of Bob Brady? Great— shows with nudity tend to do especially well in the festival. All of which is to say that most Philadelphians—yourself included—are much, much closer to being able to put on a Fringe show than they think. I certainly was. And now the Philly Fringe starts this week, with hundreds of shows on tap—including one by my friends and me called Wars & Whores, a musical version of William Shakespeare’s Henry IV Part I. As I got to learn firsthand, getting a show up in the Fringe isn’t just doable—it’s almost too easy.


rya n st r a n d

W W W. P H I L A D E L P H I A W E E K LY. C O M

Church music: The author (from left), Jim Jordan and Byron Kho rehearse Wars & Whores: The Henry IV Musical in the Rotunda sanctuary.

P H I L A D E L P H I A W E E K LY August 31 - September 6, 2011

Philly’s small enough that it can overwhelm the city. Everybody knows at least a couple people involved in a Fringe show, so it creates this buzz. In a larger city, it flies under the radar of a lot of people. Here you can’t avoid it.” It’s grown by welcoming all comers who are willing to pay the very nominal fees—all told, after marketing fees and insurance requirements and things, entry is as little as a couple hundred bucks (which can easily be made up at the box office). They’ll put you in the festival guide and even sell your tickets for you (collecting only a minimal commission on seats sold through the Philly Fringe box office). You just have to find a venue to perform in. In many cases, securing that space is the toughest part of putting on a show.

• 10

When we started looking for a venue, we thought we had it on lock. Kamine and I had met at Penn in a Shakespeare troupe that always performed in the rooftop lounge of a high-rise dorm there, a blank-slate space with floor-toceiling windows 25 stories above West Philadelphia. So we figured we’d use that room for Wars & Whores, and avoid incurring the space rental fees that are often the costliest hurdle for Fringe performers. But long after most Fringe performers had already secured the plum spots all around the city, the Penn powers that be informed us that letting a Fringe’s worth of audi-

ence members into a dorm would be too great a security risk. So we started scrambling. We had friends with coffee shops and with large West Philadelphia living rooms, but all seemed too tight for what we had in mind. We toured countless church basements and attics and rec rooms, sheepishly telling them that the title of our otherwise family-friendly show included the word “whores.” (“Hey, they’re in the Bible,” responded one.) As an almost last-ditch effort, I emailed Gina Renzi, who runs the Rotunda at 40th and Walnut. With some of the most diverse, original programming in the city, the Rotunda is one of the most coveted buildings in the entire festival, and I figured it had long ago been booked up. But I knew Renzi from an old PW story I’d written about the Rotunda back in 2005, so I figured it was worth a long shot. I wasn’t totally wrong: The back room where the Rotunda weekly hosts bands, artists, actors and performers of every stripe was booked solid. But by some miracle, the Rotunda’s front sanctuary—which is typically closed to the public, but has hosted Live Arts and Fringe shows every year since 2004—wasn’t yet claimed. I knew the room well. A 5,000-square-foot behemoth, this sanctuary of the former First Church of Christ Scientist was the focus of that 2005 PW story. In writing about a radically ambitious art/architecture installation that was planned for the space (but which never came to pass), I’d

fallen in love with this building and its majestic domed roof, its grand organ pipes, its peeling white paint and its rough hardwood floors—all classic urban decay, a disused relic hidden in plain sight. Renzi and I talked about the space’s challenges: It has troublesome acoustics, and if you don’t fill the room up, it can look pretty empty. But the opportunity seemed too good to pass up.

Driven in equal parts by creative vision and a general shortage of viable theater spaces, the Live Arts Festival and Philly Fringe have always included out-of-the-way, out-of-the-box performance spaces as part of their draw. First the local stages get snatched up, then the bars, then the churches … and then artists start getting creative. “There are some big machines that cut granite with water underneath us right now,” says Director Rebecca Wright, walking through the Machine Shop, a loft space above a warehouse on the corner of 21st Street and Washington Avenue. The set for her show Overseers is a work in progress, with random storage ephemera scattered around the room and a few makeshift furniture pieces taking shape in the weeks before the Fringe begins. “When we first came in here, there was dust 2 inches thick,” she says. “There was a bunch of old rejected carpeting, window dressings and kitchen remodeling equipment.



SEPT. 12-16 & SEPT. 18-23

LAMB, LINGUINI, AND THE PURSUIT OF HAPPINESS. * 10 Arts by Eric Ripert 215.523.8273

Burrata 215.238.9983 * Butcher and Singer 215.732.4444

Alma de Cuba 215.988.1799

Byblos Restaurant and Bar 215.568.3050

* Amada 215.625.2450

Café Nola 215.574.1687

Amuse at Le Meridien Philadelphia 215.422.8222

* Barbuzzo Restaurant 215.546.9300 * Bellini Grill 215.545.1191 Bindi Restaurant 215.922.6061

El Vez 215.928.9800

Chifa 215.925.5555

* Estia 215.735.7700

* La Fontana della Citta 215.875.9990

Chima Brazilian Steakhouse 215.525.3233

* The Farmer’s Cabinet 215.923.1113

* Chops Restaurant 215.922.7770

* Farmicia Food & Tonics 215.627.6274

Cooperage: A Wine & Whiskey Bar 215.226.2667

Bistro Romano 215.925.8880

Bleu Martini 215.940.7900

* D’Angelo Ristorante Italiano and Lounge 215.546.3935

Bliss Restaurant 215.731.1100

The Dandelion 215.558.2500

* Branzino Italian Ristorante 215.790.0103

* Davio’s Northern Italian Steakhouse 215.563.4810

* Bridget Foy’s 215.922.1813

* Del Frisco’s Double Eagle Steak House 215.246.0533

* Buddakan 215.574.9440


* Fat Salmon 215.928.8881 Fogo de Chão 215.636.9700 * Fork 215.625.9425 Friday Saturday Sunday 215.546.4232 * Fuji Mountain Japanese Restaurant 215.751.0939 * Garces Trading Company 215.574.1099 * GiGi Restaurant and Lounge 215.574.8880 Girasole Ristorante 215.732.2728

* Lacroix at the Rittenhouse 215.790.2533 LaScala’s Restaurant and Bar 215.928.0900 * Le Bec-Fin 215.567.1000 * Le Castagne 215.751.9913 * Liberté Urban Chic Lounge Sofitel Philadelphia 215.569.8300 Lolita Restaurant 215.546.7100 M Restaurant at the Morris House Hotel 215.625.6666 Marmont Steakhouse 215.923.1100 * Max Brenner Chocolate by the Bald Man 215.344.8150 * McCormick & Schmick’s Seafood Restaurant 215.568.6888

Melograno 215.875.8116 The Melting Pot 215.922.7002 Mercato BYOB 215.985.2962

Public House Logan Square 215.587.9040

Q BBQ & Tequila 215.625.8605 * R2L 215.564.5337

Mission Grill 215.636.9550

* Ristorante La Buca 215.928.0556

Noble American Cookery 215.568.7000

Ristorante Panorama 215.922.7800

Novita Bistro 215.545.4665

Rum Bar Lounge & Restaurant 215.751.0404

Oyster House 215.567.7683

Ruth’s Chris Steak House 215.790.1515

Palace at the Ben 267.232.5600

Salento 215.568.1314

* Palm Restaurant 215.546.7256 * Panini’s Trattoria 215.928.8998 Percy Street Barbecue 215.625.8510 Phillips Seafood Restaurant 215.448.2700 The Plough and the Stars 215.733.0300 Porcini Restaurant 215.751.1175 * Positano Coast by Aldo Lamberti 215.238.0499 The Prime Rib 215.772.1701

Tavern 17 215.790.1799

Pumpkin BYOB 215.545.4448

Meritage Restaurant 215.985.1922

Opa 215.545.0170

Table 31 215.567.7111

Tazia Restaurant and Bar 215.922.2688 * Tequilas Restaurant 215.546.0181 Terra Restaurant 215.545.1102 Time 215.985.4800 Tinto 215.665.9150 Tír na nÓg 267.514.1700 * Tokyo Hibachi Steakhouse and Sushi Bar 215.751.9993 Twenty Manning Grill 215.731.0900

Sampan 215.732.3501

Union Trust 215.925.6000

* Seafood Unlimited 215.732.3663

Valanni Restaurant and Lounge 215.790.9494

Smith & Wollensky 215.545.1700

Vango Lounge & Skybar 215.568.1020

Smokin’ Betty’s 215.922.6500 * SoleFood Restaurant 215.231.7300 Spasso Italian Grill 215.592.7661 * Square 1682 215.563.5008

Varalli Restaurant 215.546.6800 * XIX (Nineteen) 215.790.1919 Xochitl 215.238.7280 * Zahav 215.625.8800

Supper Restaurant 215.592.8180

Zama 215.568.1027

Swanky Bubbles 215.928.1200

ZINC Restaurant 215.351.9901

Tax, alcohol and gratuity not included. Lunch or dinner only. For reservations, call restaurants directly or book online at DISCOUNTED PARKING at participating Philadelphia Parking Association and Philadelphia Parking Authority facilities from 5:00 PM - 1:00 AM with a voucher from participating restaurants.

P H I L A D E L P H I A W E E K LY August 31 - September 6, 2011

Cuba Libre Restaurant & Rum Bar 215.627.0666

* Bistro St. Tropez 215.569.9269

Knock 215.925.1166

* Caribou Café 215.625.9535

* City Tavern Restaurant 215.413.1443

* Bistro La Baia 215.546.0496

* DiNardo’s Famous Seafood 215.925.5115

Joe’s Kitchen and Wine Bar 215.238.6900

* La Famiglia Ristorante 215.922.2803

* Cichetteria 19 215.545.0441

Bistro 7 215.931.1560

* Devon Seafood Grill 215.546.5940

* Il Portico Ristorante 215.587.7000

* Downey’s Restaurant 215.625.9500

* The Capital Grille 215.545.9588

Audrey Claire 215.731.1222

Devil’s Alley 215.751.0707

* = lunch locations

W W W. P H I L A D E L P H I A W E E K LY. C O M



W W W. P H I L A D E L P H I A W E E K LY. C O M

This shelf was piled high with rubber siding and venetian blind samples. It might not look like it, but we’ve probably swept and mopped it seven or eight times now.” As with so many Fringe shows, Overseers demands a different kind of theatrical experience. The structure is what Wright calls “parallel narrative,” in which both actors and audience are constantly moving around the space. Actors are never offstage—they follow their own storylines from place to place around the room, and audience members can choose to follow one person through the play, to stay in one spot to see what happens there, or to do some combination of the two. Each character is the star of their own story. “This work couldn’t happen on a regular stage,” says Wright. “We’re interested in playing with the audience relationship in a way that allows them to participate in that relationship in a way that’s more than they could or would or should if they were sitting in a dark room looking at a lit stage. A lot of people find that there’s a lot of payoff for that, and as artists, you find that you’re communicating with someone as opposed to to someone, and that’s exciting and rich.” “People are more willing to go outside their comfort zone during the Fringe,” says Miriam White, whose show Longing With Language: A Performance Smorgasbord is also using the Machine Shop in the 2011 Fringe. “When you’re in an alternative space, the whole experience is so much more rewarding for the audience.” But it’s not just artistic vision that drives these alternative spaces in the Fringe—it’s also economics. “The off-the-beaten-path thing works for us, but we’re really poor,” says Wright. “We don’t have to worry about filling a 200-seat house every night in order to keep the lights on. We’re poor in this liberating way—we’ve got nothing to lose and we can do anything we want, and spaces like this let you do anything you want.”

covered, and that would be about 50 minutes’ worth of the show. But uncut, Henry IV Part I is a nearly three-and-ahalf-hour show. We were aiming for 90 minutes. So she took first a hatchet, then a scalpel, combining characters, condensing plot points, eliminating wars (no need for the king and his men to go fight in Scotland and Wales now, is there?). Everyone who does Shakespeare cuts him up. But the task of making sure that storylines still flow, and that characters don’t end up giving birth to themselves or delivering messages that they never could have possibly received in the first place, provides a unique challenge to each book adapter. Kamine and Ollove both work in theater—Kamine in New York, where his credits include the Brick Theater and the Lincoln Center Theater Directors Lab, and Ollove in Philly, where she’s worked with Philadelphia Theatre Company, Theater Exile and the Arden, among others. But I’ve got a day job. Although I was supported by pros, I worried I was way out of my depth. Turns out that the Philly Fringe is the one time each year when lots of closet artists unleash the beast … or at least they try to.

“When she came in to sign up, she said, ‘I’ve never done a show before! I’m terrified! I’m gonna do it!’ That was the epitome of the Fringe to me.”

For many artists, the mundane challenges of finding

P H I L A D E L P H I A W E E K LY August 31 - September 6, 2011 • 12

a space and selling tickets and securing insurance are too much to bear. Despite the ample assistance offered by the Fringe, “I know many artists who aren’t great producers,” says Producing Director Nick Stuccio. Then there are those of us who have never written a show before and have to start from scratch. Well, not entirely from scratch—Wars & Whores is an adaptation of Shakespeare, and the man provides an admittedly solid foundation. But there was still a show’s worth of songs to write. For inspiration, Kamine cited the “Talkin’ William Shakespeare Time Travelin’ Blues,” an absurd number I’d written eight years ago solely for the amusement of my friends and myself. Follow that model, he said, and we could have an entire folk musical. He gave me the first three song titles—“Make Love From a Horse,” “I Know You All” and the “Talkin’ Richard Two Two-Timin’ Blues,” along with a description of each song’s purpose in the show—and told me to get to work. When you have a song title like “Make Love From a Horse,” the lyrics write themselves. “I Know You All” adhered verbatim to Shakespeare’s text, so that one came pretty easily as well. But then I went to write another Talkin’ Blues, and the well was dry. I called Kamine to tell him I was bailing on the project. The Fringe was way too ambitious a goal, right? He raced over and coached me through the block until I was up and writing again. The rest of the songs followed over the next few months, and stall-outs were blessedly few. In the meantime, we enlisted local dramaturgy maven Sally Ollove, another college friend from the same old Shakespeare company, to adapt the script. I had the songs

Show Stoppers Wars & Whores: The Henry IV Musical

Fri., Sept. 9, 7pm; Sat., Sept. 10, 2pm and 7pm; Sun., Sept. 11, 2pm. $5-$10. Rotunda, 4014 Walnut St.


Sat., Sept. 3, 9pm; Sun., Sept. 4, 8pm; Mon., Sept. 5, 10pm; Sun., Sept. 11, 9pm; Mon., Sept. 12-Tues., Sept. 13, 8pm. $15. Machine Shop, 2037 Washington Ave.

Longing With Language: A Performance Smorgasbord

Tues., Sept. 13, 5pm; Wed., Sept. 14-Fri., Sept. 16, 8pm; Sat., Sept. 17, 2pm and 8pm. $10. Machine Shop, 2037 Washington Ave.

My Dad Is Now Ready for His Sponge Bath

Thurs., Sept. 8-Sat., Sept. 10 and Fri., Sept. 16-Sat., Sept. 17, 8pm. $15. Grasso’s Magic Theater, 103 Callowhill St.

My Name Is Sam Johnson

Fri., Sept. 2-Sat., Sept. 3, 7pm. $15. Arts Garage, 1533 Ridge Ave. All shows: 215.413.1318 or; See Page 24 for more Live Arts & Philly Fringe picks.

Cymande Lewis, whose one-woman show My Name

Is Sam Johnson is appearing at the Arts Garage, has a day job. Fringe Director Craig Peterson clearly remembers first meeting her. “When she came in to sign up, she said, ‘I’ve never done a show before! I’m terrified! I’m gonna do it!’” he recounts breathlessly. “That was the epitome of the Fringe to me.” Her story—and mine, it turns out—is not uncommon. “A lot of people who put on shows are people who have a love for the performing arts, but have no context for doing so,” says Peterson. “They have a day job, but they love doing comedy or theater. It becomes a time when people who maybe did college theater can finally pursue it. Or that band or musician who doesn’t perform regularly can rent out a bar. It sounds a little hokey, but it’s kind of a makemy-dream-come-true kind of thing. There are a substantial number of people who really just want to tell a story.” Jay Nachman fits the bill perfectly. By day he works PR for the National Museum of American Jewish History on Independence Mall. In the Philly Fringe, he gets to let a different side out. “I’ve always done creative things—writing, taking acting classes—and the Fringe provides a venue where I can put these creative talents out there in a way I can’t do at my job,” Nachman says. “It’s a desire to express myself. It’s a little more engaging than just writing about it. I like getting the immediacy of an audience response.” His one-man show My Dad Is Now Ready for His Sponge Bath is taking advantage of another of the city’s unique venues—Grasso’s Magic Theater at Front and Callowhill. The show, which sprung from Nachman’s father’s battle with lung cancer, takes a surprisingly humorous look at an otherwise very unfunny topic. He has performed previously in the D.C. and Wilmington, Del., fringes, along with New York’s Emerging Artists Theatre. But the performance side of Nachman remains a side project—at least until it isn’t anymore. “Does everybody dream of being a rock star? Yeah. Do I dream of doing this on Broadway? Yeah, sure,” he says. “But it is what it is. I’m just happy about any audience that comes to see it. For me, it’s rewarding enough when people tell me that they get something out of the show.” It’s a sentiment that Fringe organizers see time and again in their artists. “I think people are really committed to the understanding that this is an endeavor they’re taking on for whatever reason is important to them,” says Peterson. “Doing shows in the framework of a festival makes people feel a little less isolated. They aren’t producing their work in a bubble.” Stuccio sums it up even more succinctly: “There are all kinds of people in this world,” he says. “Some just look at their circumstances and say, ‘I can do this.’”

It wasn’t until two-thirds of the songs were written that

I actually told myself, “I can do this.” By the time we had 13 songs in the bag, and a band to play them and a cast to sing them, the show started to feel real. Before we knew it, rehearsals had commenced, we were fundraising to cover expenses, we were blitzing local media in the grand scramble for air amid a crush of shows all happening in the same few-week span, and as we started to publicize the show, people actually started buying tickets. Now we’re just over a week away from a four-show run in the Rotunda sanctuary. As much as we were told about the hurdles—it’s tough to find space, you have to really promote yourself, how the hell are you going to write a musical—very little of it has felt like a heavy lift. Maybe it’s deceptively easy work. Maybe we got really lucky. Or maybe, when it’s not a job, but a passion, even the most difficult pieces feel like a hell of a lot of fun. ■

Open House from now until September 12th. Bring in your little birdies for a tour of our three story 12,000 SF facility featuring a themed playspace, parent lounge and café, boutique, photo studio, salon and modern classrooms for parent-child classes in early enrichment, movement, arts & crafts, sports, music, dance, yoga, cooking and more! Classes and Membership begin September 12th. Come in, call or visit us on the web for special introductory prices

1301 Locust Street • 215.546.6378 •

C.P. Mirarchi, iii ICADC, MA, JD, NCGC/BACC

• Compulsive Gambling Board Certified • Substance Abuse • Anxiety or Fears • Depression • Relationship Issues

C.P. Mirarchi Counseling Center, LLC 1526 Wolf Street Philadelphia, PA 19145 www.The 215-370-9700

LOOK INTO THESE EYES! Look into these eyes These are eyes These are of eyes determination of determination and confidence.

and confidence.

These eyes are These eyes are attentive and passionate.

attentive and passionate. These eyes show

3 years +

Little Ninjas Kids Karate 3, 4 &Kids 5 years old Jiu-jitsu Juniors Muay Thai Kickboxing 6 years & above Gracie Jiu-jitsu Adults Adult Programs: Classes Held Gracie Jiu-jitsu Days & Evenings Mon-Sat. Muay Thai Kickboxing Mixed Martial Arts LITTLE NINJAS • FAMILY KARATE • MUAY-THAI KICKBOXING RICKSON GRACIE JIU-JITSU • JIU-JITSU & MUAY-THAI FOR KIDS

Back to school special: $19.95 INTRODUCTORY 6 weeks free! SPECIAL FOR 3 LESSONS expires September 15, 2011

Diamond’s Martial Arts mixeD Academy DiamonD’s

arts 43martial N. 3rd St., Suite #2 • OldacaDemy City Phila. (215) 923-8700 at and • 215-923-8700 Call Today!


$22.99 $13.99 $17.99 $24.99 $13.99 $19.99 $18.99 $23.99 $21.99 $21.99 $11.99 $26.99 $19.99 $26.99 $13.99

uPCOMINg bEER SAMPLINg EVENTS all events are from 4 - 6pm September 2

Heavy SeaS Brewing Co.

September 9 PumPkin BeerS and aleS w/Joe SixPaCk

September 16 german FeSt BeerS

September 23 ameriCan oktoBerFeSt and Fall BeerS w/Joe SixPaCk


Tax not included • Quantities limited • Not responsible for typographical errors 200 Spring Garden St. (2nd and Spring Garden St.) • Philadelphia (Northern Liberties)

Huge Selection at Great Prices!

P H I L A D E L P H I A W E E K LY August 31 - September 6, 2011

the strength and These eyes show of youth the vigor strength and trained Martial Arts. vigorin ofthe a youth trained in the LittleArts. Ninjas Martial


W W W. P H I L A D E L P H I A W E E K LY. C O M

NEST has hatched!


B u tc h c o r d o r a

W W W. P H I L A D E L P H I A W E E K LY. C O M

Arts and Culture 8/31-9/6/11 Food Society Hill Hotel is now Monkey Bar and Restaurant.

Page 19

sTAge PW wades through the 200-plus options at this years Live Arts & Fringe.

Page 24

ART September First Friday picks.

Page 25

FILM P H I L A D E L P H I A W E E K LY August 31 - September 6, 2011

A Good Old Fashioned Orgy is more like a group hug.

Page 26

MusIc Q&A with Dr. Dog bassist Toby Leaman.

Page 29

The Absolution Lab

• 14

As a visual artist, Butch Cordora wants you to know that he’s about much more than engorge-ous peen. His new show is about “absolution that never seems to come.” Page 16



Promoting an awesome event? Interested in freelance writing? Contact Anastasia Barbalios


W W W. P H I L A D E L P H I A W E E K LY. C O M

P H I L A D E L P H I A W E E K LY August 31 - September 6, 2011



W W W. P H I L A D E L P H I A W E E K LY. C O M


Food Revolution Screening


IND TV, the nonprofit media channel dedicated to airing independent-minded content and innovative programming screens their new show Food Revolution at Triumph Brewery tonight. The documentary-style show highlighting everything local and edible, aims to teach its viewers all about where their local food is coming from, the back-stories of Philly farms and farmers markets and the many initiatives set up around the city to teach our youth about healthy eating. The screening will be accompanied by plenty of Philly brews and food from Triumph’s ‘home-grown’ menu. The We Bee brothers will also be on hand to discuss the connection between diet and health and give out samples of their superpowered raw honey. AbiGAil bruley Wed., Aug. 31, 6pm. Free. Triumph Brewing, 117 Chestnut St. 215.625.0855.




Cranes Are Flying If anything, upstart West Philly foursome Cranes Are Flying—originally from North Jersey—have too many musical ideas and perhaps not quite enough self-editing acumen. On their new EP, Somnambulist, the band stitches together indie-tropicalia, meandering postrock, moody indie-folk and noisy, shoegazery outbursts (and some proudly off-key vocals), though the results sometimes feel jumbled and forced. Still, there’s enough promise in their melodies and sonic textures to make them an outfit worth watching, particularly if they can boil all those ideas down to something focused and engaging. Maybe that’s how they do live. You’ve got nothing to lose (except time) by dropping by tonight and finding out, since the gig is free. MichAel AlAn GoldberG 8pm. Free. With Lamagier + With Our Teeth. Kung Fu Necktie, 1250 N. Front St. 215.291.4919.




Basseyworld Live: Philly

P H I L A D E L P H I A W E E K LY August 31 - September 6, 2011

Nigerian born writer and five-time Def Jam Poetry poet Bassey Ikpi brings her one-woman show to Philly once again and this time she’s teaming up with the Philadelphia Youth Poetry Movement (PYPM) for an unforgettable evening of spoken word. With DJ Williams Ellis spinning all night, Ikpi will open the show with a mix of fan favorites and some of her new work then pass the mic over to the members of PYPM who just took the top honors back in July at the Brave New Voices poetry slam— the longest running spoken word event in the world. The restaurant’s offering food and drink specials with 10 percent of the event’s ticket sales going to helping PYPM match their 2011 Knights Arts Grant. Since 2006, the nonprofit has been empowering at-risk youth, providing them the opportunity to discover and express their voices through free weekly poetry workshops, monthly slams and community service events. nicole FinKbiner 7pm. $10-$15. TIME Restaurant, 1315 Sansom St. 215.985.4800.


Hunx and His Punx

Food Revolution


As Sub Pop imprint Hardly Art says of their recently inked Bay Area foursome behind the new album Too Young to Be in Love: “Hunx and His Punx might be the first ever ‘girl

group’ fronted by a flamboyant gay male whose dream in life is to sound like a girl.” Indeed, the leopard-print-speedo-wearing Hunx (a.k.a. Seth Bogart) is super-duper (and then even more super) gay. And along with his three lady cohorts that form the Punx, he leads the campy quartet as they emulate the Ronettes and Shangri-Las, occasionally scuffing up their sugary pop with Richard Hell, biker-jacket trash-punk and often reshaping that oldfashioned girl-group lyrical romance and drama with Hunx’ proudly queer twist. M.A.G. 9pm, $10. With K-Holes. Johnny Brenda’s, 1201 N. Frankford Ave.


Fall Arts Preview Not ready to commit to a feature-length film? Squirming at the prospect of sitting through a long performance? For those of us who like choices, and many of them, International House offers us a smorgasboard of cultural snippets as part of their Fall Arts Preview. In addition to a sneak peek at the upcoming season, the evening features a performance by N.Y.C.-based musician Steve Moore. Layering pop and ambient elements, Moore’s synthesizer-rich music cocoons listeners in a steadily spun web of cinematic electronica. With a short musical performance, a mini movie premiere and regular-sized libations, the Fall Arts Preview piques palettes for a season of music, film and visual art, served with a side of complimentary food and drink. KAtherine rochester 7pm. Free. International House, 3701 Chestnut St. 215.387.5125.


surprisingly soothing; panic arrives with the gavotte. elliott shArp 7pm. Free. International House, 3701 Chestnut St. 215.387.5125.




The Absolution Lab Butch Cordora may be a bona fide Philly celebrity best known for gay chat show In Bed With Butch and “Straight and Butch,” a pinup calendar featuring his meticulously sculpted and groomed body artfully draped around naked bodies of other hot, albeit cock-teasingly straight, men, but with his latest project he wants you to know: As a visual artist, he is about much more than engorge-ous peen. “It’s good people doing bad things, bad people doing food things and how at the end of the day, all any of us are looking for is some sort of absolution that never seems to come,” says Cordora of his second solo show. The new work is Warholian familiar, featuring reappropriated iconic pop culture images such as the wreckage of JFK Jr.’s plane being hoisted out of the water alongside wonk-eyed Hilton heiresses. Bonus material includes rarely seen photos of a young, buck-naked David Beckham, arms akimbo, cock dangling, telegraphing raunchyhot sexts with his beautiful eyeballs. Strongly recommended for “art enthusiasts” of all persuasions. See page 25 for more First Friday picks. tArA MurthA 6-9pm. Free. Ven & Vaida Gallery, 18 S. Third St. 215.592.4099.




Screw Smart

Baroque Suite “Listen to image” and “see sound” demands Baroque Suite, a short film by Philadelphians Alex Tyson and Troy Herion. The 15-minute trip’s modeled on five movements of a classical baroque suite—overture, courante, minuet, sarabande, and gavotte—and references baroque’s compositional style and themes. Traditional acoustic instrumentation, though, is modified with electronic glitches, drones and white noise, and it’s all smoothly spliced with images such that any aural-visual hierarchy vanishes. During the minuet, a delicate piano lingers and twinkles while a cat strolls atop a table contemplating the chicken and rabbit corpses hanging by their feet just inches above its curious paws. It’s moderately morose, but

Anybody remember Screw Your Roommate, that twisted, age-old college tradition of fixing your roommate up on a painfully awkward blind-ish date? Well, its finished its degree, broken up with its college sweetheart, gotten all grown up and come back in the form of ScrewSmart, a Philadelphia-based sex-education collaborative founded in 2009 by J.D. Ackerman, Rebecca Alvarez and Kira Manser. The ladies conduct workshops that create sex-positive dialogue, with topics such as open relationships and queer history to 101 courses on strap-on-sex and anal play. Tonight they offer us a taste of what they do best, performing with the Liberty City Drag Kings, those kings and queens of kinky drag and burlesque. Featuring a tittie tassel twirling contest and Emcee the Notorious OMG as usual, but with fresh LICK meat never before seen in public. DJ Evil spins after the show, so stick around if you see someone you like. eMMA eisenberG 9pm. $8-$10. Tabu Lounge and Sports Bar, 200 S. 12th St. 215.964.9675.

Grand Bed


by Swim Pony Performing Arts / Starring Catharine Slusar

Enter the mind of Lady Macbeth.... Arts Bank (Broad + South Sts) September 1-9, 2011

Tickets $15-30 + 215.413.1318



Tempur-Contour Select You Bed How to SAVE. We’ll Show Call the Memory Foamright Experts Find The Tempur-Pedic Bed that’s for you ClassicBed DeluxeBed 1-888-9-NEW BED (888-9-639-233) We’ll Show You How to SAVE. Call the Memory Foam Experts We’ll Show You How to SAVE. the Memory Foam Experts 1-888-9-NEW BEDCall (888-9-639-233)

1-888-9-NEW BED (888-9-639-233)


Licensed in PA & NJ

all INJURY & ACCIDENT CASES Divorce • custoDy • support Dui & traffic court • criminal Defense WorKers’ comp • ssD Conveniently located at Broad & Sansom

215-J-D-LENTO (215-535-3686)



Wednesday, September 14th from 6:00 – 8:00pm

PWPERKS to 47201 to RSVP


Drink Sampling & Specials Complimentary passed hors d’oeuvres Raffles and Giveaways

craft beer l sports l pub

You must be 21 and older to attend

18th annual

W W W. P H I L A D E L P H I A W E E K LY. C O M

Nobody Sells Tempur-Pedic for Less!


261 S. 13th Street, philadelphia

craft beer l sports l pub

Come out and network with local singles and young professionals in the area while enjoying complimentary light fare & drinks!

For details, go to

Wednesday, September 21st at 7PM the Shops at liberty Place • 1625 Chestnut Street tICKEtS: $50 per person ($60 at the door) • $25 per student (under 21 – proper ID required) to order tickets, please visit or call 215.670.4325 Presented by:


Produced by: to go where to go where to g what to do what to do what e to live where to live where

Join us before and after Phashion Phest at the stylish, sophisticated R2L, for exclusive food and drink specials from Chef Daniel Stern.

PW philadelphia weekly

Participants: Ann Taylor LOFT, Aveda, Dentex, Drexel University, Express, Heaven and Earth Salon, Fire and Ice, Janice Martin Couture, Kimberly Boutique, Les Richards, Macy’s, Mitchell & Ness, Moore College of Art and Design, Nicole Miller, Panache Hair Design, Queen B, Rapunzel’s Salon + Spa, Richel D’Ambra Spa & Salon, Rococo – The Store for Men, Salon l’Etoile, Salon Rouge, Scarlet Fiorella, shoeWoo, South Moon Under, The Art Institute of Philadelphia, The Body Shop, University of Delaware, Zinman

P H I L A D E L P H I A W E E K LY August 31 - September 6, 2011

• Fashion Show • Salon Presentations • Cocktail Reception


W W W. P H I L A D E L P H I A W E E K LY. C O M

f e s t i va l

WHYY Connections Festival


he WHYY Connections Festival kicks off with a free preview screening of renowned documentarian Ken Burn’s latest project, Prohibition. Burns has earned seven Emmys and two Academy Award nominations for his previous work, Civil War, Baseball and Jazz. Prohibition illuminates a period when religion first took center stage in politics. Although the dry movement occurred in the 1920s, the documentary draws subtle comparisons with today’s debates about the legalization of marijuana and same sex marriage. Prior to the screening, Hot Club of Philadelphia will perform prohibition era jazz. The festival continues on Saturday with a concert featuring alt-country singer-songwriter Justin Townes Earle and Philly faves Dr. Dog. Laura GoLDman Fri., Sept. 2, 6:30pm. Free. Great Plaza at Penn’s Landing, Chestnut Street and Columbus Blvd.


The Polar Bear Club You survived Irene, now get back out there to celebrate the long weekend with the Polar Bear Club, a Rochester, N.Y., five-piece that blends post-hardcore/indie rock that’s equal measures catchy, gritty and poetic. Their anticipated third album Clash Battle Guilt Pride sees them continue to write tunes in the key of bands like the Gaslight Anthem (with whom they’ve toured), Rise Against and Against Me! This time through town fellow punkers Fireworks, Balance and Composure, and Make Do and Mend round out the bill, so you’ll want to get there early. Fine acts, all of them. CriStina PeraChio 6pm. $12-$14. With Fireworks, Balance and Composure + Make Do and Mend. First Unitarian Church, 2125 Chestnut St. 215.821.7575.




Twin Shadow “I picture you waiting at the end of a bridge/ But it’s hard for me to render all the things that we did,” sings Twin Shadow on “When We’re Dancing” from his debut, Forget (4AD, 2010). That’s how memory often works: We remember places, but not the meaty details, and so our histories are mostly fictional. “I can’t come up with any reason/ Why a ghost is following me,” he exasperatedly admits on “At My Heels,” articulating how unrecognizable forms can return to haunt us. “They’ll give us so much to forget,” he concludes on the titletrack. Luckily, this haunting’s wrapped in ’80s

pop sonics so, just like the disco era, it’s all about dancing, celebrating and forgetting the facts. eLLiott SharP 6pm. $15. With Diamond Rings. Bamboo Bar, 927 Delaware Ave.


Philly Naked Bike Ride It’s upon us once again! Time for bike riders to strip off their clothes and ride naked through the streets of Philadelphia. Started in 2009, the Philly Naked Bike ride is an event to promote cycling advocacy, positive body image, economic sustainability, and raise awareness about fuel consumption and the environmental impact of cars. Riders of all skill levels are invited to join; the amount of skin you show is completely up to you. Riders can sign up on the website or join the Facebook event to find out the meeting place and time. Body paint will be supplied and there will be a party at the end of the journey. Why not spend a Sunday evening feeling a breeze between your knees? Let the sun shine on your behind as you and riders from around the city pass bystanders in a blur of balls and body paint. SyDney SCott 5-8pm. Free. Sign Up for Location.





P H I L A D E L P H I A W E E K LY August 31 - September 6, 2011

Ozomatli’s infectious grooves fill the room like the smell of backyard BBQ, imploring listeners to shift their ass out of neutral. For 16 years, the L.A. crew’s blended Latin, dance, funk, hiphop and rock into lively confections balancing head-bobbing melodies and hip-shaking rhythms. Their indefatigable energy’s hypnotic and the party’s never-ending. They’re the band you’re most likely to find playing at 4 a.m. some Jazzfest weekend, conga line winding past you as you enter the bar. After the overlypolished R&B/dance of 2007’s Don’t Mess With the Dragon they returned to the rock with arguably their finest album to date, last year’s eclectic Fire Away. Here, they’re the highlight of a three-day Labor Day weekend blow-out featuring more than 50 acts. ChriS Parker 8:30pm. $30-$35. Steel Jam Festival, ArtsQuest Center, Levitt Pavilion SteelStacks, 789 E. First St., Bethlehem. 610.332.1300.


The Rockys

• 18

Take a break from the hot coals of your grill this Labor Day and enjoy a free night of Philadelphia’s best dancers. The Rocky Awards celebrate the work of Philadelphia’s

best dancers by having industry peers select the winners each year. Unlike many awards, The Rockys take a more “generational” approach to distributing honors: The previous year’s winners have the privilege of selecting the recipients of the next year’s awards. This year’s ceremony will include performances by alternative-performance troupe anonymous bodies, the wonderfully campy cabaret singer Martha Graham Cracker, 2010 Rocky-winner Gabrielle Revlock, and others. If you’re inspired to move after an evening of great performances, a dance party will follow the award ceremony. Get down and break a sweat. Darren White 8pm. Free. Ruba Club, 414 Green St. 215.922.5970.




Vivian Girls Brooklyn’s Vivian Girls are a spinning top with a whirling blur of lo-fi guitar distortion shrouding twee melodies and girl group harmonies. Inspired by early ’90s Slumberland Records artists Velocity Girl, Small Factory and Black Tambourine, their sound’s roughhewn and noisy but bubblegum sweet. What warmth exists resides mostly with frontwoman Cassie Ramone’s thin, reedy vocals, buffeted by the maelstrom surrounding her. On its own Ramone’s keening tone might pucker your face like a sourball, but against their grimy squall it shines like a beacon. After slumping badly on sophomore effort Everything Goes Wrong, they bounced back with Share The Joy, showcasing better writing, more texture and a little more musical diversity. C.P. 9pm. $10-$12. With Widowspeak + Ninjessa. Johnny Brenda’s, 1201 Frankford Ave. 215.739.9684.

t h e at e r

Aspects of Love Andrew Lloyd Webber’s Aspect of Love opens the 203rd anniversary season of the Walnut Street Theater. This Tony nominated musical is best known for the hauntingly beautiful song “Love is Everything.” It is based on the novel of the same name by David Garnett, who scandalized Virginia Woolf by marrying her niece 26 years his junior. The show examines different types of love—romantic, long time married, parent-child, and lesbianism. The story, which spans 20 years, is set against the background of 1940’s France and Italy. Alex Dillingham, a young student traveling through Europe, falls in love with an alluring actress, Rose Vibert. As the pair embarks on a passionate affair, the unexpected arrival of Alex’s uncle changes their lives forever. Laura GoLDman Through Oct. 23. Walnut Street Theatre, 825 Walnut St. 215.574.3550.

You’re Quite the Dish

New digs in the old Society Hill Hotel retain comfort and familiarity. By Brian Freedman Rya n St R a n d

Chicken Fried Steak at Honey’s Sit ’N Eat

Monkey Business

By Cristina Perachio

Chicken Fried steak at Honey’s, you are quite the southern dish! Aw, jeez—you know I came to Philadelphia all the way from sleepy Sherman, Texas, with owner Jeb Woody. When he moved to Philadelphia and craved the CFS of his childhood, all he got was processed, freezer-to-fryer imitations. It was his duty to bring real, southern Chicken Fried Steak to the North if only so he could enjoy his own breakfast. so what makes you the best CFs in these parts? Simplicity. My only ingredients are flour, salt, pepper, egg and, of course, steak. Jeb uses a strip steak run through a machine that punctures and pulverizes to tenderize. I’m then flattened out pancake-size with a mallet before I’m dipped in batter. CFS is the London Broil of the South, so it needs a bit more care.

Made to order every time? Oh yes, honey. Every single time. Even at noon on a Sunday, at our busiest, I’m hand battered. You can be served for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Which do you prefer? Well, Jeb likes me served as breakfast but not necessarily for breakfast: any time of day with two eggs over easy, gravy and Honey’s biscuits, which are dense, not flaky, and a bit sweet. What do you have to say to northerners who aren’t partial to the taste of Chicken Fried steak? If it comes from IHOP, it ain’t Chicken Fried Steak. Do yourself a favor and try the real thing before you make up your mind. n


Crisp-crusted rails of flaky haddock crowned with a uniquely It would be easy to think of Monkey Bar & Restaurant as an cabbage-y slaw and a side of sour cream, all of it dusted generexercise distinctly lacking in ambition. In Philadelphia right ously with paprika. Simple, confident and stellar with a beer. now, in this era of foie gras on our fries, marrow in our burgSo it also goes with the oddly named “Zulu quesadillas.” The ers and pedigree attached to everything, Monkey Bar’s goals promise on the menu is of “Jamaican jerk chicken,” but don’t appear relatively low. expect it. These mildly spiced cubes of poultry are to Jamaican But to make that conclusion is to miss the point entirely, and jerk as Bud Lite is to beer. Still, just as a freezing-cold Bud is to engage in a particularly unappealing sort of culinary and sometimes exactly what you need, this chicken manages to do cultural snobbishness in the process. Sure, the Monkey’s ambithe trick. It’s an unexpectedly sweet affair, from the cheese to tions include no discernible “gastritude.” Admittedly, the beer the chicken to the unexpectedly mild seasoning itself, but it program is appealing without demanding attention. And, yes, works nonetheless. the service is amenable, yet not terribly noteworthy. Much of the food here plays in the same snacky sandbox. These are all good things in their own way. Sometimes all you Burgers are generous and straightforward, if sandwiched on really want is a decent neighborhood bar, a bite to eat, and to bread a touch too thick and floury. Still, the Yucatan, with get on with your day. its jack cheese and fried jalapeños and onions, is drunk-food Any visit to Monkey—especially in the warmer months when embodied. the tables are scattered outside and the out-of-town foot-traffic Of course, just because on Chestnut and Third streets represents the the Monkey’s goals are so effective opposite of the catwalk outside Rittenhouse’s totemic cafes—has to start MonkeY Bar & restaurant seemingly modest doesn’t mean that certain probwith a margarita. The old Society Hill Hotel 301 Chestnut St. 215.925.9400 lems should be excused. here has been snapped up by the good Cuisine type: Basic and pubby. Spanish fly French fries folks behind the Copabanana, and they’ve could have used more salt, brought along their addictive margarita. Hours: Mon.-Sun., noon-midnight. Bar open till 2am. as well as another minute Suck it down with abandon: Its fresh-juice Price range: $8.95-$24.95. or two in the fryer. The brightness wraps around even the tequila beer list is perfectly nice, from the well, and a serving is the equivaAtmosphere: Convivial and comfortable, even if the but that’s damning with lent of three-and-a-half full drinks. Stand whole old-school Havana thing seems kind of halffaint praise in this sudsy up carefully afterward. hearted. Still, great place to watch the game. city. Also, the entree list The mojito is also an oversized affair, and Food: Hits its goals well. reads like it could have what it lacks in minty freshness it makes come from a country club up for in boozy generosity. If the rule is real Service: Helpful and pleasant. menu circa 1993: Lobster men don’t slurp cocktails through a straw, ravioli, Linguine pescathen this may be its exception. It’s served in tore, pepper-crusted tuna. a pint glass, and the rum sinks to the bottom. Glancing over these selections causes a big, sighing meh to well Show it the respect it deserves and suck it up from beneath the up in my soul. They’re expensive, too, topping out at $24.95 for Everest of cubes, manliness be damned. the pasta. Either of these tropical-y cocktails was a necessity alongside But that doesn’t seem to be this Monkey’s bread and butter a recent order of grilled shrimp grown slightly too bitter and anyway. Rather, it finds its surest footing in the realm of the carbon-tinged from the heat of the flame. The citrus in the neighborhood bar, and it does that job very well. Pull up a seat, drinks cut it, and livened up the remoulade. down a drink or three, snack away a few hours. Comfort and Fish tacos fared better. And though they could have used familiarity are often exactly what you need. n a bit more salt, the presentation was simple and appealing:

Honey’s Sit ’N Eat, Fourth and Brown sts. 215.925.1150.

Monkey see: Monkey Bar, at the Society Hill Hotel, wouldn't let us photograph their food.

P H I L A D E L P H I A W E E K LY August 31 - September 6, 2011

and the batter? Even simpler! Flour, salt and pepper are already mixed in one bowl. Scrambled eggs in another. I’m dipped in the eggs, then the dry mixture, back in the egg, the flour and then the egg once more. I’m then deep fried to order.

W W W. P H I L A D E L P H I A W E E K LY. C O M

food & drink

W W W. P H I L A D E L P H I A W E E K LY. C O M

roosevelts 23rd & walnut


Philly’s Real Cyber Cafe’s

Summer Brew KicK the Keg Special Kick any of our remaining summer brews at ANYTIME, ANY DAY and win! Free pints, t-shirts, golf bags, phillies tix & more!

New opeN mic Night




331 Race St FilterPhiladelphia 1001 S. 10th St .C O M 215.238.9899 215.923.3829

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every moNday aNd tueSday

Argentinean Cuisine with an Italian twist

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“The besT reasons To visiT This family affair are cerTainly on The plaTe”

$3 pints of Magic Hat.

octoBerfeSt Beers on the way!

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16 TAPS 50+ P H I L A D E L P H I A W E E K LY August 31 - September 6, 2011



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new website:


Eastern Mediterranean Cuisine

Updated beer lists, events and more

Open Sunday - Thursday 10am - 10pm; Friday & Saturday 10am - 11pm

Hummus • Baba Ganoush • Falafel Steaks • Sandwiches • Seafood 906 Christian St. // Philadelphia, PA 19114 215.574.5040 //

sunday brunch 11am-3pm 24TH & FAIRMOUNT AVENUE


KO O • Z E E • D O O

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nUn better.

Eat-In, Take-Out or Delivery // All Major Credit Cards Accepted


1929 Chestnut Street • Philadelphia, PA 215.567.8892 • Monday - Saturday 11am - 9pm


Brunch EvEry Sunday 10pm-1am

Blackened Green Beans : Bistro Salad : Fresh Chicken Salad Fresh Burger on LeBus Brioche Bun : Jambalaya : Oyster Po’ Boy w/Remoulade sauce Fresh Sausage Sandwiches : Fresh Pommes Frites w/Monk’s Bourbon Mayo

full color guide inserted into pw’s october 26th issue Culinary sampling event on November 2nd at the Crystal Tea Room co n tac t yo u r acco u n t e x e c u t i v e o r c a l l 2 1 5 . 59 9.76 4 4 f o r m o r e d e ta i l s

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fRIDAY SEPTEMBER 2 @10PM newspaper taxis SATURDAY SEPTEMBER 3 @ 10PM santah SUNDAY SEPTEMBER 4 @ 8PM open mic hosted by boywonder MONDAY SEPTEMBER 5 @ 9PM open jam hosted by tony catastrophe TUESDAY SEPTEMBER 6 @ 6PM soul station WEDNESDAY SEPTEMBER 7 @ 6-9PM nicole saphos quartet




P H I L A D E L P H I A W E E K LY August 31 - September 6, 2011


W W W. P H I L A D E L P H I A W E E K LY. C O M

W W W. P H I L A D E L P H I A W E E K LY. C O M


labor day weekend with the

hottest bands and sizzling entertainment!

Thursday, September 1 totally latin thursdays latin music, dance instruction & live performances 8pm – 12am

big city 4pm – 8pm new york minute 8pm – midnight

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the benjamins 8pm – midnight

maria laina and dj gabor kiss 11pm – 3am

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P H I L A D E L P H I A W E E K LY August 31 - September 6, 2011

P H I L A D E L P H I A W E E K LY August 31 - September 6, 2011

Sunday, September 4

Friday, September 2



PW ’s Picks for Live Arts & Fringe M A R K VA L E N Z U E L A


W W W. P H I L A D E L P H I A W E E K LY. C O M


Voice of this Generation: Love Lost

Traces of Death: This high-energy show tells the story of our last days on earth, with amazing stunts.

Miss Interpretation: Lady M is kind of like Macbeth, but from the queen's persepective.

It can be a daunting task deciding what to see from among the nearly 200 productions at this year’s Live Arts Festival & Philly Fringe. To help you out, we’re offering our recommendations for shows that you should put at the top of your must-see list.

Lady M

Whale Optics

P H I L A D E L P H I A W E E K LY August 31 - September 6, 2011

There are many reasons why Live Arts & Fringe has developed into the behemoth success it is today. One of those reasons is Thaddeus Phillips, performer/director/designer/ playwright. This year, Phillips’ company Lucidity Suitcase Intercontinental is presenting the world premiere of Whale Optics, an epic work that connects such seemingly disparate topics as whale songs, Carl Sagan, telecommunications systems and Applebee’s. The story follows two characters who never meet; a New Jersey resident who works with optics and a composer who Phillips says “may or may not be an epic adventurer.” If you are a fan of Phillips, Whale promises to be one of his most unique and intellectually invigorating works. (J. Cooper Robb) Sept. 1-10. $20-$30. Prince Music Theatre, 1412 Chestnut St.

2011 Live Arts Festival & Philly Fringe All shows: 215.413.1318.


• 24

Though it may be difficult, imagine for a moment a circus without the elaborate costumes, bizarre characters and special effects. Could watching real people mastering very unreal physical fetes be even more enthralling? With Traces, the Montreal-based circus company, 7 Fingers (Les 7 Doigts de la Main) removes all the unnecessary extravagance you’d expect from Cirque du Soleil or Ringling Brothers, offering a high-energy, yet equally thoughtful and humorous show. The story begins with a catastrophe and continues through what they believe are their last moments on earth. As their stunts become more daring, the seemingly inhuman element of it all grows more intensely personal. (Nicole Finkbiner) Sept. 15-18. Various times. $15-$55. Merriam Theater, 250 S. Broad St.

true stories—stories that they normally wouldn’t dare tell in public. Today, RISK! is a live show held monthly in both Hollywood and the Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre in N.Y.C. as well as a popular weekly podcast. Past guests have included Nick Swardson, Sarah Silverman, Adam McKay, Lisa Lampanelli and Michael Showalter. Their awardwinning, one-night only show and live taping here in Philly will feature several brave local storytellers and even few surprise guests from the Big Apple. Some of the stories may be hilarious, others horrific. Yet, nothing is off limits. (N.F.) Sat., Sept. 10, 8 and 10pm. $20. The Adrienne, 2030 Sansom St.

This year, the enterprising company Swim Pony presents Lady M, which director Adrienne Mackey (who along with actor Catharine Slusar conceived the project) describes as a reaction to Shakespeare’s tragedy Macbeth. Mackey (who confides that she usually finds Shakespeare’s plays “boring to watch”) says she was attracted to the idea of seeing the plot of Macbeth from Lady Macbeth’s perspective. In Swim Pony’s play, Lady M is the one who summons the witches to in Mackey’s words “help her become more than she is.” Featuring an all-star, all-female Philly cast, Mackey says the work is like “watching an athlete on the verge of collapse—visceral, dirty, and so intense you almost feel yourself standing up to scream back at what’s happening.” Theatergoers with acute anxiety disorder may be excused from attending. (J.C.R.) Sept. 1-9, 7pm. $20-$25. Arts Bank, 601 S. Broad St.

Heavy Metal Dance Fag Philly Fringe favorites Tribe of Fools returns with a satire exploring identity, sexuality and gender roles. Fag is the story of South Philly dock worker and dance fiend Timmy Bagley (played by Fools’ artistic director Terry Brennan, who also directs) whose love of dancing causes some consternation among his macho buddies. Brennan says the show was inspired by a moment when he let loose with a “Michael Jackson style spin and kick” while lifting weights at a South Philly Gym. The move drew hostile stares from his fellow gym rats. The incident led to the creation of Fag, which uses dance and the hair-metal music of the 1980s to explore the impact people’s perceptions about us have on our own sense of self. (J.C.R.) Sept. 1-11. $20. St. Stephen’s Theater, 923 Ludlow St.

RISK! True Tales Boldly Told Creator and host Kevin Allison began his comedy career on the MTV sketch series The State. It was while he was doing a solo show in 2009 that fellow cast mate Michael Ian Black recommended he start telling his own stories on stage. Quickly discovering how cathartic this was, he decided to invite other people on stage to share their own

While shows like American Idol claim to be discovering the greatest unknown voices of this generation and Kanye West actually claims to be said voice, there’s two Penn grad students who beg to differ. Composition doctoral students Tony Solitro and Scott Ordway have put together a free concert featuring seven up-and-coming local composers under the age of 35. In hopes of redefining contemporary vocal music—or at least how it’s perceived by younger audiences— they’re inviting people to come dressed as casually as they please, booze of choice in tow. Following the theme “Love Lost,” the concert’s eclectic mix of music includes Solitro’s award-winning piece War Wedding, which portrays a sensuous wedding night during a savage war, and Telsa’s Pigeon, fellow Penn doctoral student Melissa Dunphy’s song cycle about a girl’s bizarre relationship with a pigeon. (N.F.) Sept. 17-18. Various times. Free. First Unitarian Church, 2125 Chestnut St.

Wawapalooza 5: Under Destruction After four straight sold-out Fringe shows, the comedy film and theater production company IdRatherBeHere is returning to unleash its fifth Wawapalooza installment. Described by director Bonnie Quick as “the Portlandia of Philadelphia,” the 75-minute show includes 10 short sketches and three short films. As always, the comedy team will highlight everyday things folks here in the Philly region can relate to, then proceed to poke fun at them. On the long list of inane topics they’ll be tacking this year: weird old men in laundromats, atheism, lame bachelor parties, the Apple store and crazy, new-age parents. IdRatherBeHere was formed by a group of childhood friends near a Wawa in South Jersey back in 2006. Now nine members strong, the group of writers, actors and filmmakers has performed at venues across the city to rave reviews. For those of you dying to know just how bad “Philly Fan Tourrette’s Syndrome” can get, they’re going to show you. (N.F.) Sept. 2-4, 9-10, 16-17, 8pm. $15. Society Hill Playhouse, 507 S. Eighth St.

Fresh Laughs The Philly Improv Theater will be unveiling its two newest house teams to Fringe audiences: Hey Rube and ZaoGao. Directed by improv vets Kristen Schier and Matt Holmes, the nine-member teams include some new faces in the local scene as well as a few familiar ones like Aaron Hertzog, host of the monthly stand-up show Hey Everybody! and last year’s runner-up in Helium’s Philly’s Phunniest Person Competition and Bob Thompson, one-half of the sketch duo The Feeko Brothers, the sick minds behind Philly’s 2010 ‘Dirtiest Sketch.’ All four will be performing throughout the festival, each guaranteeing a one-of-a-kind, pissyour-pants performance. (N.F.) n Sept. 2-3, 8, 11, 17. Various times. $15. The Adrienne Theater, 2030 Sansom St.

W W W. P H I L A D E L P H I A W E E K LY. C O M


Now you see it: Rob Wynne’s In Cog Nito is studded with language.

First Friday Picks By Katherine Rochester

Hadassa Goldvicht at Marginal Utility Taking the Lord’s name in vein, using religious metaphors, saying, “Bless you” after someone sneezes—this is the stuff of stealth ceremony and the subject of Jerusalem- and New York-based Israeli artist Hadassa Goldvicht’s second show at Marginal Utility. “Rights of Passage” is a multi-channel video composition exploring Ultra Orthodox and Hassidic lingual rites of passage as they crop up in daily routines. Traditionally, rights of passage stand as markers for progress. Rejecting such linear, universal benchmarks, Goldvicht’s installation reveals simultaneity in ritual, regression as well as progression. Inherited from a tradition of bodily effacement in the name of a cleaner, purer religious subject, “Rights of Passage” reveals the body as the site of compulsive ritual. In Goldvicht’s work, rights of passage sanctioned by religious ceremonies dissolve into infinitesimal, behavioral ticks enacted in the continuous moment of being alive.

Neysa Grassi and Rob Wynne at Locks Gallery

"French For Today's World"

Miss Rockaway Armada at the Philadelphia Art Alliance It hatched by the river, and has since burst forth in a multilayered, multipurpose sculpture cum sea-faring vessel. As a wondrous armada of rafts fashioned from junk of all varieties, “Let Me Tell You About a Dream I Had” is Miss Rockaway Armada’s newest campaign to model sustainable living with a punk-rock crust. Commissioned by the Philadelphia Art Alliance as part of the Philadelphia Exhibitions Initiative, the project is conceived as a procession of parades, picnics and performances throughout the summer, coming to rest in the form of a static exhibition at the Art Alliance galleries on Sept. 30. Self-described as “a small group of people with extensive experience making big insane projects,” the Miss Rockaway Armada knows how to carve up castaways to create raucous performances with an off-the-grid ethos. Like any summer blockbuster, their rafts are transformers, morphing from river raft to parade float depending on the situation at hand. Best known for sailing down the Mississippi river while performing a multitude of variety shows in cities along the way, the ecofriendly flotilla has pitched their anchor in the Schuylkill. “Let Me Tell You About a Dream I Had” is a site-specific project native to Philadelphia—a city with enough interesting trash and can-do creativity to catch the attention of even the most advanced gleaners. n

A l’Ecole Française Where you Will


your French classes & amaze yourself! 133 Heather Rd. Suite 201 • Bala Cynwyd, PA • Ph.610.660.9645

Log on to contests for entry details. No purchase necessary. Deadline for entries is Wednesday, August 31, 2011 at 5PM ET. Theater is overbooked to ensure a full house. Arrive early. Tickets received through this promotion do not guarantee admission. Late and/or duplicate entries will not be considered. Winners will be notified electronically. Seating is on a first-come, first-served basis, except for members of the reviewing press. No one will be admitted without a ticket or after the screening begins. This film is rated PG-13 for disturbing content and some language. Must be 13 years of age or older to enter contest and attend screening. Anti-piracy security will be in place at this screening. By attending, you agree to comply with all security requirements. All federal, state, and local regulations apply. Warner Bros. Pictures, Philadelphia Weekly and their affiliates accept no responsibility or liability in connection with any loss or accident incurred in connection with use of a prize. Tickets cannot be exchanged, transferred, or redeemed for cash, in whole or in part. We are not responsible for lost, delayed, or misdirected entries, phone failures, or tampering. Void where prohibited by law.



Free outdoor parade and performance, Sept. 3, 5pm. Parade: Broad Street to Clark Park (via Spruce St.); live performance at Clark Park (6:30-8:30pm). Philadelphia Art Alliance, 251 S. 18th St. 215.545.4302.


Philadelphia-based Neya Grassi’s paintings from 2001–2011 are like slow food—carefully belabored to fortifying effect. In her solo exhibition, Rose Gatherer, hieroglyphics emerge from highly gessoed ground; faint shapes peek out from veils of gloaming color; delicate washes swirl into grave vortices. The effect is contemplative and cumulative, a mirror, perhaps, of the time spent creating each painting (up to a year). Looking at a Grassi is akin to pondering a rose beneath a storm cloud as you craft a haiku. Hard to visualize? Just go see it. Swerving sharply away from abstraction, Rob Wynne’s exhibition, In Cog Nito, is studded with language. Spanning works from the 1970s to present day, In Cog Nito explores the relationship between text and representation via embroidery, collage, sculpture and print. With a distinct resemblance to gilt puffy paint, a recent suite of poured glass

5:30–7:30pm. Through Oct. 8. Locks Gallery, 600 S. Washington Square. 215.629.1000.

P H I L A D E L P H I A W E E K LY August 31 - September 6, 2011

6-11pm. Through Oct. 23. Marginal Utility, 319 N. 11th St.

sculptures spur a free-associative chain of possible meanings despite their literal enunciation. Linked by their deference to poetry (Grassi’s title is plucked from a Rainer Maria Rilke poem), both Grassi’s and Wynne’s exhibitions are accompanied by catalogue essays from eminent poets or scholars of the craft.

W W W. P H I L A D E L P H I A W E E K LY. C O M


Six Pack

Grouped Together

Six Directors of Best Picture Winners Who Failed to Follow Up

A Good Old Fashioned Orgy is more like a group hug. By Sean Burns

By Matt Prigge Harry Beaumont, The Broadway Melody (1929): Best Picture winners tend to be safe choices, which is why you likely know who directed them. But you’ve probably never heard of Harry Beaumont. A workhorse who made nearly 100 films, he enjoyed his biggest successes during the silent era, including vehicles for John Barrymore (Beau Brummel, 1924) and Joan Crawford (Our Dancing Daughters, 1928). He also directed The Broadway Melody, the first sound film to win Best Picture. But though he worked until 1948, most of his films have, like his name, been forgotten.

Jerome Robbins, West Side Story (1961): Unlike others on this list, Robbins never petered out; he literally never directed again. Having staged the Broadway version of Leonard Bernstein’s Romeo and Juliet riff, he was brought on as co-director with Robert Wise. The two clashed, Robbins proved difficult and he was quickly fired. However, Wise insisted he retain a co-director’s credit. And that’s why Jerome Robbins is an Oscarwinning director and Alfred Hitchcock is not.

Carol Reed, Oliver! (1968): By the time he mounted this frivolous Dickens musical, Reed’s reputation was secure: He was the masterful artisttechnician of Odd Man Out, The Fallen Idol and The Third Man. But after belatedly receiving his Oscar, he stumbled through two disliked films— Flap and Follow Me!—then, spent, simply retired. Michael Cimino, The Deer Hunter (1978):

P H I L A D E L P H I A W E E K LY August 31 - September 6, 2011

With The Deer Hunter, Cimino had the world at his feet. Then he made Heaven’s Gate. (For the record, Gate isn’t at all terrible. Unwieldy, sure, but sometimes able to actually live up to its wild ambitions. Still, it would be hard for anyone to emerge underneath such an apocalyptic production; read Steven Bach’s The Final Cut for more.)

Kevin Costner, Dances With Wolves (1990): Whoops!

John Madden, Shakespeare in Love (1998):

This Miramax production may have stolen Saving Private Ryan’s Best Picture Oscar, but Steven Spielberg still got his for directing. Shakepeare’s director, meanwhile, proceeded Shakespeare in Love to one indifferentlyreceived project after another: Captain Correli’s Mandolin, Proof and the long shelved and barely released Killshot. The Debt was also long delayed, but is, for the record, basically competent.

Lake Bell’s Allison is a therapist who’s more high-strung and neurotic than her patients, a tired trope that’s emblematic of Gregory’s and Huyck’s one-note, lame gag approach to character construction. The first thing you’ll notice is that these folks all seem a bit long in the tooth to spend every weekend whooping it up like teenagers at a party spot owned by somebody’s dad. There are signs of encroaching maturity on the outskirts of the clique, with too-brief turns by Will Forte and Lucy Punch as a newlywed couple trying to juggle parenthood with all these party obligations. The bomb finally drops when Eric’s old man (a lovingly sleazy cameo by Don Johnson) decides to put his summer house on the market. The stage is set for a coming-of-middleage story, as it’s almost impossible to find a comedy these days that isn’t about overgrown Bodies in motion: A group of friends decides to throw an orgy to bid adieu adolescents slowly learning how to grow up. to their Hamptons party house. Following a logic that exists only in Hollywood pitch sessions and screenwriting manuals, Eric decides that the gang should bid adieu to the HampFor starters, there’s nothing good about it. tons house with … you guessed it, an orgy. The third and worst of SNL star Jason Sudekis’ trio There’s a bit of lip service as to how this generation of 2011 crappy raunch comedies, A Good Old Fashioned missed those heady days of sexual experimentation, as Orgy, follows Hall Pass and Horrible Bosses as Exhibit C the terrifying specter of AIDS hit right about the same in the case that a certain performer should probably just time as puberty. Aghast at these teenagers today and their stick to television. freewheeling ways, our crew decides that they should Same goes for some folks behind the camera. Emmy nominated TV writers Alex Gregory and Peter Huyck, who loosen up and break a few boundaries. No points for guessing this is easier said than done. penned episodes of The Larry Sanders Show and King of Complicating matters even further is that Eric finds the Hill, make their writing and directing debut with this himself falling for the Realtor who’s trying to sell his flat farce that can’t seem to decide if it wants to be the father’s house. Played by Leslie Bibb, a nondescript beauty Farrelly Brothers or The Big Chill. in an equally nondescript role, she’s another contrivance Sudekis stars as Eric, an ambitionless 30-something cubicle drone who lives for the weekends, where he throws who gets lost on the movie’s already overcrowded stage. Like everybody else in the picture, ridiculously expensive-looking theme Eric isn’t offered much in the way of parties at his father’s swanky sumA Good Old Fashioned Orgy characterization, and Sudekis keeps mer house in the Hamptons. We meet Grade: D proving over and over again this year Eric and pals in the midst of a “White that his smug smirk isn’t enough to Trash Bash,” where everybody wears Directors: Alex Gregory, carry a movie. That glib, self-satisfake mullet wigs, eats bean dip out of Peter Huyck fied quality extends to A Good Old toilets and generally misbehaves in Starring: Jason Sudeikis, Fashioned Orgy ’s filmmaking. Shot in ways that presumably seemed amusLeslie Bibb and Tyler Labine adequate TV style reliant on medium ing on paper. shots and close-ups, the movie is Eric is constantly surrounded by nonetheless disastrously edited. Every his old high school friends, who in one liner is followed by at least 10 seconds of dead air, the interest of screenwriting efficiency have each been granted exactly one personality trait. There’s party animal as if the filmmakers were afraid the audiences’ laughter would drown out whatever followed. This means even the McCrudden, played by Tyler Labine as a fat guy who falls few halfway decent jokes are left hanging in the air like down a lot. (Labine comes off as a poor man’s Jack Black, stale farts. which is a very poor thing indeed.) Michelle Borth’s Sue I guess you can give Gregory and Huyck credit for not has had a thing for Eric since high school, so she spends chickening out on the orgy itself. Too bad every coupling every waking moment staring at Sudekis with puppy dog results in a neat, tidy resolution to an underdeveloped eyes, yet the numbskull never notices. Laura (Lindsey subplot. Forget all the messiness of sex or complicated Sloane) is shy, and that’s about it for her. emotions, and don’t even think about anything vaguely Nick Kroll’s nerdy Adam is usually glued to his Blackerotic or transgressive. This is group sex as a series of Berry, and even though he loses his job halfway through happy sitcom endings. It’s like a group hug, only stickier. n the picture he’s still always emailing … somebody?








-Jarett Wieselman, NEWYORKPOST.COM


-Joshua Rothkopf, TIME OUT NEW YORK


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Q&A With

slow. We spent a lot of time waiting around and shooting BB guns and not getting done what we could have.

Dr. Dog’s Toby Leaman

Is there an album title? We were gonna call it “Mysteries,” but decided that wasn’t indicative of what was going on while we were making the record, which isn’t very mysterious. Now we’re kicking around “These Days,” so you’ll get the record and it will say “Dr. Dog These Days.” Because it’s what Dr. Dog is doing these days, you know? It’s pretty self-explanatory, actually. [Laughs.]

With a big show and album on the horizon, we get a progress report.

W W W. P H I L A D E L P H I A W E E K LY. C O M


How many songs did you start with? We had a ton of stuff going in. We recorded about 25 songs and will mix about 21. We’re in a conundrum right now trying to figure out which songs to keep. I don’t know what to do.

By Elliott Sharp michael persico

Toby Leaman

Philly’s Dr. Dog headline this weekend’s WHYY Connections Festival, and head out for a short tour in November. They’re currently working in their Kensington studio on a follow-up to 2010’s critically acclaimed Shame Shame, and this seventh album—tentatively titled These Days—is scheduled for a mid-January release on ANTI-. We caught up with bassist Toby Leaman to get a progress report.

I heard you were considering working with producer Ben Allen. That happen? No. We did a few songs with him that turned out great, but the logistics didn’t work out: It would’ve meant going to Atlanta for the summer. We tried recording away from home last time and it didn’t go very well. Since we’re touring already, we didn’t want to record on the road. Also, it’s our first record with two new members [sixth man Dimitri Manos and drummer Eric Slick], so we wanted to see what we could do on our own with the new lineup. We didn’t want to work within somebody else’s idea of what the band is since it has changed. So we’re working in our studio in Kensington, which we didn’t think we’d do again.

You’ve been writing with Scott McMicken for 20 years now. How have you both changed as songwriters? He’s grown exponentially. He has a level of introspection most people may experience but are incapable of verbalizing. He can connect words to emotional experiences that, for most of us, remain vague and unreachable. My words are less jagged and inaccessible. I’ve learned how to cut the fat, and my songs are more structurally sound and friendlier to the ear. There’s much less angst now. I heard the record’s more upbeat than usual. Yeah. The making of Shame was such a drag, so the songs we gravitated to were in the mood of, “Oh, I’m fucked.” That was the attitude then, but now I wanna write songs that make me feel good. There’s nothing to gain from singing songs every night that are like, “Oh my god, I’m so confused!” and, “Oh, my life is a mess!” I’d rather play affirming songs. We’ve always written about the ether or the miasma or whatever the fuck you wanna call it, but this one’s certainly sonically more upbeat. There are still some downers that people might not notice until they read the lyrics, and then they’ll be like, “Oh, this guy’s a fucking mess!” [Laughs.] What’s led to this happier place? We’re all getting along, and with the addition of Dimitri and Eric, it’s all very exciting. Dr. Dog’s a slow-burner. We’ve never had any hype, or push, or a hit song. It’s been a gradual burn, slowly playing for more and more people and continuing to make records. We’ve always had an underdog attitude—like we’re sorta just hanging around—but we’ve always been really confident in our abilities. We think we’re capable of being the best band in the world. n


Dr. Dog play Sat., Sept. 3, 7pm. Free. With Birdie Busch, Kuf Knotz, Toy Soldiers, the Baseball Project + Justin Townes Earle. Festival Pier at Penn’s Landing, Chestnut St. and Columbus Blvd. 215.351. 1200.

So the Shame experience also led to the decision to do it yourselves? Definitely. We realized we’re much more comfortable working by ourselves. There’s such a learning curve for even the vocabulary of what you want something to sound like. We all know what we mean when we say “woody” or “cloudy,” but it’s hard to explain that to someone. Also, when we were in Woodstock working on Shame, things were moving too

What’s one of your favorite songs? There’s one called “Lonesome” that’s a deconstruction of Hank Williams Sr.’s “I’m So Lonesome I Could Cry.” But the character in our song’s totally fine. The chorus is like “What does it take to be lonesome?/ Nothing at all,” and each verse is a deconstruction of the Hank’s original words. The third verse is, “The moon can do what he pleases/ He can cry so much he sneezes/ And if a falling star falls from the sky/ I’ll pick up the pieces.”

P H I L A D E L P H I A W E E K LY August 31 - September 6, 2011

My Morning Jacket played the Mann last week. Jim James was a guest on Shame. Did he stop by to drop something on your new album? [Laughs.] No, but we were joking about having him come in. Last time it was the exact same situation, though, where we were mixing and he was in town.

Double LP! [Laughs.] We were told multiple times “NO DOUBLE LP!” I’m also a firm believer of keeping albums under 40 minutes, but I don’t know what we’re gonna do with this one. They’re all album material. It’s gonna be tough.

W W W. P H I L A D E L P H I A W E E K LY. C O M


On the Record

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Main Manu Manu Chao makes his way to Philly—finally. By Emma Eisenberg pooneh ghana

I f Che Guevara is a  symbol of a rebellious life all about  independence, cross  cultural learning and  political revolution,  Manu Chao is that  life’s soundtrack.  Spanish-born/ French-bred Manu  Chao emerged in the  French alternative  scene with the explosive Afro-Latino-rock band Mano Negra. Heavily invested  in music that belonged to people in the streets, Chao went  solo in 1995 and released his first solo album Clandestino in 1998, recording it with only a tiny portable studio while  he roamed the streets of Latin America. He’s gone on to  record five full-length albums, including the Latin Grammy  award-winning La Radiolina. He sings in more than  seven languages, enacting unlikely cross-genre marriages  from traditions as diverse as punk, rock, French chanson,  Iberoamerican salsa, reggae, ska, and Algerian raï. His newest work, Baionarena, is a 33-track live album recorded in  Bayonne, France. PW caught up with Manu Chao before he  left Barcelona for his American tour. 

P H I L A D E L P H I A W E E K LY August 31 - September 6, 2011

Itsbeenawhilesinceyou’vevisitedusintheUnited States.AreyouexcitedfortheAmericantour? Last year, we toured the West Coast, so of course we need  to come and visit the East Coast now. It was way too much  overdue. It’s been a long time without playing in the area,  so there are lots of friends around and good remembering to be had ... And [my touring band] has been traveling 

together for such a long time now, it’s kind of a family affair.  The relations between us [band members] are really strong.  Traveling, playing around, it’s a big pleasure for all of us to  be together ... And it’s a great opportunity to be able to come  back now to Philadelphia. It means a lot to come back, for  sure.   Yournewalbumwasrecordedlive.Doesthatchangeits natureormakeitdifferentfromyourotherrecords? We recorded it at the end of my European tour [in 2008]. There is something different about it, recording live. The  most important thing is the energy. But for the show [in  Philadelphia] we’ll play songs from all my albums, some  from the times of Mano Negra, and some very new songs  that have never been released in the U.S.  Whatinspirationsorinfluenceswereyouworkingwith inwritingthesenewsongs? The inspirations are very diversified. I spent lots of time in  South America and Brazil over the last two or three years,  so there are lots of new songs in Portuguese. I have also  been living in Barcelona which has influenced me a lot. And  Rumba music! But I take inspiration from lots of different  countries. My new sound is a mix between hardcore reggae  and rock ’n’ roll. 

Album reviews in 30 seconds or less By Bill Chenevert

Hercules & Love Affair

Blue Songs (Moshi Moshi) Sounds Like: Dancefloor misfits led by 

Andy Butler return with new personnel  (sadly, no Antony Hegarty) and house  tracks with heavy-handed late-’80s club  vibes. Free Association: OK, it’s not the selftitled gem from 2008, but we needed somethin’. For Fans Of: Chicago house, Liquid Liquid x Chic,  parachute pants, vogue raves.

Maria Taylor

Overlook (Saddle Creek) Sounds Like: Formerly one half of Azure 

Ray, the 35-year-old Alabaman’s a sage,  matured and sophisticated voice on this  band-supported excellent fourth solo LP. Free Association: A Saddle Creek LP  sounding NOTHING like Conor Oberst— success! For Fans Of: Orenda Fink, Beth Orton x Liz Phair, country girls,  aging tastefully.


Assimilations (ILG/Green Owl) Sounds Like: Brilliant debut of 

Whatotherprojectsdoyouhaveonyourhorizon? I’ve been doing recordings with a Catholic [psychiatric]  hospital in Buenos Aires, Argentina, La Colifata. We did an  album together, Viva La Colifata, which is available for free  download. I got to be with so many great people there, I’m  sure we will do more recordings. 

Philly-raised Zakee Kuduro’s Brazilianinfluenced collage of sound; afro-beat,  hip-hop, electro and world music in his  silky delivery. Free Association: A super-refreshing  and exciting new Philly voice on the rise. For Fans Of: TV On the Radio x the Weeknd, the Very Best  expounding on weed.

Whatmusicdoyoulistentowhileyou’reontour? I always go back to the roots, maybe from Africa, maybe  from Europe, maybe from South America ... I take my lessons from the roots and traditional music. I like music that  doesn’t sound so produced. I like to listen to something from  the old times to put my attention on something completely  different from touring.  n

Wavepool Abortion

Manu Chao performs Fri., Sept. 2, 8pm. $35. Festival Pier at Penn’s Landing, Columbus Blvd. and Spring Garden St. 215.629.3200.

Wavepool Abortion (DZ Tapes) Sounds Like: Two Russian teens’ debut, 

singing in English because they love the  Beatles (and the Ramones); a solid effort  of sludgy, charmingly poppy proto-punk. Free Association: Kids putting out  great records before hitting 18 is only a  lil’ depressing. For Fans Of: Iceage x Buddy Holly, No Age/Liars, Putin’s pecks,  Sputnik.


Family of Love [EP] (Astralwerks) Sounds Like: Worcester, Mass., wayfar-

Critic's Pick The Weepies The Weepies are American counterparts to the Swell Season. Like the European stars of Once, Deb Tallen and  Steve Tannen had launched solo careers before meeting at a Boston bar a decade ago and uniting in a supple folkpop duo. The shared craft sparked romance and, unlike the Swell Season, they remain a couple. Their songs are  generally driven by major chord acoustic melodies with tender boy/girl harmonies and  surprising texture that differentiates them from your typical folk outfit. (They make  subtle but effective use of backing instrumentation across their four albums.) Indeed  at times they’ll even rock out, as on slinky garage rave-up “How Do You Get High?”  off their latest, Be My Thrill. It demonstrates their continued musical evolution while  retaining the homey, affectless intimacy and the gosh-darn sweetness of those initial  efforts. For this special performance they’ve eschewed the band, paring down to a trio  with acoustic guitars, dulcet vocals and upright bass. (Chris Parker) Fri., Sept. 2, 8pm. $17. Theater of the Living Arts, 334 South St. 215.922.1011.

ers’ second EP (no LP yet) isn’t quite the  brilliance of their debut, but it’s lively,  poppy and intoxicating garage rock  nonetheless. Free Association: Pitchfork perfect!  Quirky story, lazy/hazy aesthetic, lo-fi and ironic. For Fans Of: MGMT x Girls, Cults + Passion Pit, bands who love  weed and ecstasy.


Lotus (Sci Fidelity) Sounds Like: The Indiana-bred Philly-

settled foursome specialize in inoffensive,  adult-tempered jammy electro-jazz with  grooves, instrumentals and samples. Free Association: Imagine the disappointment upon realizing this is NOT  Flying Lotus. For Fans Of: Tortoise x the Orb + Phish, Trans Am,  working-from-home soundtracks.  


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By Dan Savage

I’m in a bad place. I have been in a monogamous marriage for 19 years and have two kids. At least I think we’re still monogamous. My husband is an avid reader of your column and loves to bring up the idea that it is perfectly normal to have outside sexual relationships with other people as long as you stay committed to your spouse. Here’s the thing: We started our marriage saying that we would always be truthful and faithful to each other. He has changed and I haven’t. I’m GGG, he probably gets more blowjobs than most married men, and I love having sex with him. He is far less likely to initiate sex than I am (which makes me think he is spending time with someone else). If one partner decides that they need outside activity, regardless of how much sex they get at home, is it OK to go ahead and do that without informing the partner who they had previously made a monogamous commitment to? He thinks if my needs are being met, then I have nothing to complain about. My main need is for honesty, and it doesn’t feel like that need is being met. When I ask him if he is having affairs, he gets angry and accuses me of being insecure and immature. (I would like to know if I’m at risk of getting a sexually transmitted infection.) He says you agree with him that it is OK to lie if the other person has their needs met and doesn’t find out. I am at my wit’s end and am deeply unhappy and think about leaving him, but I don’t want to end a relationship that works in so many other ways. Lonely At Home Before I can answer your question, LAH, give me a second to spit out all the words your husband has stuffed into my mouth. Haaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhcckk—p’toooo. OK, LAH, here’s a little something I recently wrote that sums up my position on outside sexual relationships: “Cheating is permissible when it amounts to the least worst option, i.e., it is allowed for someone who has made a monogamous commitment and isn’t getting any at home (sick or disabled spouse, or withholding-withoutcause spouse) and divorce isn’t an option (sick or disabled spouse, or withholding-without-causespouse-who-can’t-be-divorced-for-some-karmaimperiling-reason-or-other) and the sex on the side makes it possible for the cheater to stay married and stay sane. (An exception can be made for a married person with a kink that his or her spouse can’t/won’t accommodate, so long as the kink can be taken care of safely and discreetly.)” As you are not sick, disabled or withholding without cause, LAH, and as your husband doesn’t have a kink that he’s outsourcing to spare you, please tell your husband on my behalf that I think he’s a cheating piece of shit, a word-stuffing douchebag and an emotionally abusive asshole. Mr. LAH may read my column avidly, but his behavior and lame rationalizations indicate that he’s also reading it selectively. If your husband walked into my office, LAH, I would be tempted to slap him with my laptop. It is, of course, perfectly normal for people who’ve made monogamous commitments to want to have outside sexual relationships. It’s perfectly normal to daydream about fucking other people, to masturbate to thoughts of fucking other people, to check out other people who you would be fucking if (1) you weren’t in a monogamous relationship, and (2) they wanted to fuck you. And it’s perfectly ridiculous the way people make themselves miserable scrutinizing their partners for evidence that they want to fuck other people. (Jealous types, please note: Your partner sometimes thinks about fucking other people, just like you sometimes think about fucking other people.

Going ballistic over a little discreet and considerate porn use or meaningless flirting is an idiotic waste of your time, it’s unfair to your partner, and I consider it grounds for DTMFA’ing your ass.) That said, LAH, it is perfectly obnoxious to go ahead and fuck other people in violation of a monogamous commitment unless you have grounds. And while it doesn’t sound like your husband has grounds, it certainly sounds like he’s fucking other people. I suspect that your husband is fucking someone you know—a coworker, a neighbor, a friend, a relative (shudder)—and, realizing that it’s only a matter of time before you find out, he’s bullying you into retroactively giving him permission to fuck other people and unfairly dragging me into it. In your shoes, LAH, I’d be thinking about DTMFA. Not because of the cheating—monogamy isn’t important to me—but because of the lying and the bullying.

I grew up masturbating in the digital age. So in any given week, I get off on “Wincest,” hypnosis porn, and erotic literature involving cat people. I’m also a young husband who’s gone a few years past your recommended date for laying down his kink cards. I’ve been deliberating whether to out myself to my wife, but there’s a rub: The last time she found out I had masturbated to someone other than her, she hit me. I cried and swore I would never look at porn again. Of course I just became more careful about hiding it. Is there a limit on the necessitated disclosure of my wet dreams? I don’t have to tell her the one where I’m having sex with her best friend while she, having been turned into a dog, looks on stupidly, right? Can I settle for “I masturbate to women who aren’t you”? Wife Abusive, Not Kinky Fuck full disclosure, WANK. Your wife can’t deal with you masturbating about others and she hits you? DTMFA.

I’m a 50-year-old married man with adult children. My wife and I live under the same roof but sleep in separate bedrooms. We have become roommates. Perhaps we will stay together, or perhaps we’ll divorce once the housing market improves and we have a slightly bigger pie to cut in half. But we hardly talk and never have sex. Where does a man in my situation find women to have sex with and spend time with? I don’t mean an escort or a hooker. It’s not all about the sex act for me. I tried some websites like and with no luck. Do you think there are women out there who are single or divorced and would enjoy being treated like a queen by a healthy, respectful, decent-looking man who is technically married? Please Help Me I know there are women out there who would be up for what you have to offer, PHM, because I get letters from them all the time. Some of these women are in the same boat you are—married in name only and looking for some companionship and intimacy. If you didn’t find one during your first Internet search, my advice is to keep looking. And Mr. and Mrs. LAH? PHM’s situation is a good example of a circumstance under which cheating is not only permissible, it’s not even cheating. He may be married, technically and legally, but the sexual dimension of his marriage is over. He is in no way betraying his wife, or putting her at risk of acquiring a sexually transmitted infection, when he seeks outside sexual relationships. Can you see the difference between what you’re doing, Mr. LAH, and what PHM is doing? n


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adoPtion PREGNANT? CONSIDERING ADOPTION? Talk with caring agency specializing in matching Birthmothers with Families nationwide LIVING EXPENSES PAID. Call 24/7 Abby’s One True Gift Adoptions 866-413-6293. PREGNANT? CONSIDERING ADOPT I O N ? F F TA i s h e re to h e l p. We offer counseling, financial assistance, and many different families/ options to consider. Please call Joy: 1-866-922-3678. UNIQUE ADOPTIONS. Let us help! Personalized Adoption Plans. F i n a n c i a l a s s i s ta n ce, h o u s i n g relocation and more. Giving the gift of life? You deserve the best. Call us first! 1-888-637-8200 24-hours hotline.

cRaFtS CALL FOR CRAFTERS & ARTIST Mummers Celebrate Craft Show, SS Neumann & Goretti H.S. Nov.5th and 6th. Contact 215-843-4462 or info@


PW classifieds PhiladelPhiaWeeKlY.cOM

ITALIAN CHERRY WOOD DINING RM. SET MINT Condition. Must SEE! More Info: 215-336-3472,LM

coMPutER SalES L A B TO P N E T R E A DY M S O FFICE WIRELESS from $179. 610453-2525

collEctiblES BUYING COINS- GOLD, SILVER & ALL COINS, STAMPS, PAPER MONEY Entire Collections worth $5,000 or more. Travel to your home. CASH paid. Call Marc 1-800-488-4175

ElEctRical contRacting

BARRY FISHER LICENSED ELECTRICIAN Over 42yrs experience Low prices, Fast Service

100-amp Circuit breakers $65+ Ceiling Fans $25+ • Outlets $6+ AC/WD lines $10+ Lic/Ins * FHA/VA Cert

$20 $20 $40 $40

off off off off

$100+ $100+ $250+ $250+

work work work work


FlooR REFiniSHing

Commercial & Residential

Fully Insured Free Estimates

Quality Hardwood Floors Cell: 267-973-7001

New Hardwood Installations Sanding • Refinishing • Staining

Commercial & Residential

Fully Insured Free Estimates

Phong’s Floor Sanding


Cell 215-906-8840 856-962-9576

New Hardwood Installations Sanding • Refinishing • Staining


All Jobs Best Quality Free Estimates • Insured • Low Rates Please Call Andy


advertise with

PW classifieds



Scrap Metal Whole House Guts Power Washing Lic. & Insured Hauling 24 HOURS A DAY, 7 DAYS A WEEK , SENIOR DISCOUNTS

Trash Removal Basement Cleanouts Debris Removal Estates • Demolition

Any interested party wishing to submit comments regarding the potential effects the proposed facility may have on any historic property may do so by sending such comments to:

215-500-3903 or 267-918-8711

Project 61105265-KAB

JClean-outs o e ’s

c/o EBI Consulting 6876 Susquehanna Trail S, York, PA 17403 or via telephone at 574-315-7347.

Demolition & Hauling Also Commercial Work

window tREatMEnt

Cheapest Prices!

Free Ests. • Sr. Disc. • 7 Days/Week

PW classifieds

215-431-9529 TONYCLEANOUTS@AOL.COM FAX 215-334-6666 HHHHH fax: 215-468-8485 Tony’s CLEAN-OUT



bEST oF phIlly




AD NAME: SIZE: DATE: INITIALS: Rev #1: Rev #2: Rev #3:


Water damage • traSH removal Hauling • Scrap metal


help wanted

ServicesSALES REP: EL 105 Kitchen Chef Piano Specialist! AD NAME: Phong’s Full/part time SIZE: ThisGreat 2x1 slug mustRates! appear in the upper CHECK FOR exp Required DATE: left corner of each page. APPROVAL 9-22-05 Last Minute Jobs apply between Le Tera estimatesINITIALS: AlWAYs AVAilABlE 9aM-10pM only 215.763.0129 Rev #1: Dawn



advertise with

PW classifieds PhiladelPhiaWeeKlY.cOM

EL 105

A full copy of the summons and petition to determine heirs is available from the above-named attorney. If you do not appear at the hearing or file an Answer, the relief requested will most likely be granted. Reason for Hearing: To have the Probate Court declare that Lonnie Dawkins, decedent’s biological father, is not entitled to benefits from a wrongful death and survival action upon decedent’s death on July 19, 2007. Any objections must be filed with the Georgetown County Probate Court on or before October 7, 2011

This slug must appear in the upper left corner wantEd of each page. HElP

North & West Phila. Areas Directors: requires 3-5 years Supervisory experience & Associate’s Degree with 30 credits in Early Childhood Education. Teachers: Requires 2 Years Experience Writing Lesson Plans and Teaching Also Needed. AA in ECE or CDA Preferred. Competitive Salary & Paid Vacation

24 Hr. 215-669-3415


Place: Georgetown County Probate Court, 401 Cleland St, Room # 140, Georgetown, SC, 29442

DAN 129

AD NAME: Quality Tel:215 694-0916 Fax: 215 228-9111 SIZE: 2x1 DATE: 11-10-05 A BETTER WAY TO MOVE ACTORS/MOVIE EXTRAS Needed INITIALS: Bill immediately for upcoming roles 2011 $150-$300/day depending on job Rev #1: Licensed & Insured can do crew! requirements. No experience, all Rev #2: looks. 1-800-560-8672 A-109. For SpecIaLIzIng In: waiter/ ●SPR ● SWR ● CW REVIEW casting times/locations. Rev #3: Moving & Clean-Out P U B L I S H I N G ● PW ● ACW ● CGwaitress &

Rev #2: Rev #3:

Date: 10/7/2011 time: 10:00 a.M

Tony’s Cleanouts CheCk Out PW’s Medical 2x2 2-24-05 ReseaRch studies On Page 6 Bill


267-972-3616 REVIEW ●SPR ● SWR ● CW

little Brother

notICe of hearInG

● SPR ● SWR ● CW ● PW ● ACW ● CG

Daycare Director & Teachers

flexibility in a short time frame is the key to our success P Uname B L Iyou S Hcan I Ntrust G ● PW ● ACW ● CG tOny’S the INSURED

Wayne’s World

Case Number: 2007-ES-22-00301 To: Lonnie Dawkins, Respondent

Precious Babies

OpEN 7 dAys A wEEk • sENiOr disC. NO jOb TOO big Or TOO smALL

Big Brother

In the matter of: John Paul Taylor, deceased

AIRLINES ARE HIRING-Train for high paying Aviation Maintenance Career FAA approved program. Financial aid if qualified - Housing available. CALL Aviation Institute of Maintenance (888)834-9715

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CLASS A DRIVERS NEEDED: Regional or OTR Great Pay Paid Orientation, 401K, Health Coverage, $1500 SIGNON BONUS THROUGH 9/30/11. ONLINE TRANSPORT 877-997-8999 Apply at


Japanese Restaurant


This slug must appear in the upper left corner of each page.$$$ AVON Earn up to 50%. selling Avon. Call Patty 267-312-5290. ISR.

DRIVER-CDL-A: EXPERIENCED OTR DRIVERS: Regional Lanes. HOME MOST WEEKENDS! Up to $3000 BONUS. Up to $.50 Per Mile. 888-463-3962. 6mo.OTR exp. & CDL Req’d. www. DRIVERS - NEW PAY INCREASES FOR TANK DRIVERS. Lots of Freight, Great Miles 3 Weeks Paid Vacation, Incentives, Insurance & 401(k). Food Grade Products. CDL-A & 1 Year OTR Experience Required. Call 877-882-6537 D R I V E R S N E E D E D O u r D r i ve rs average over $200,000+ per year. Salary $30/hr + comm. Cash daily, Medical benefits. Will train. FT/PT. Call JOB INFO first at 215-552-8133 or 818-325-2099. Then call MANAGERS: 201-443-5318 or 201-779-5469 or 631-565-4092 DRIVERS WANTED: $7500 SignOn Teams, 51.3 per mile. $2000 Sign-On Driver, 43.7 Per Mile CDL-A HazMat. 1-877-628-3748, www. DRIVERS-NO EXPERIENCE - NO PROBLEM 100% PAID CDL Training. Immediate Benefits. 20/10 program. Trainers Earn up to $.49 per mile! CRST VAN EXPEDITED 800-326-2778 DRIVERS: REGIONAL. OWNER/ OPERATORS Tractor/Trailer. Earn $2500 to $3000 per week! Fuel Card, EZ-Pass, Qualcomm, 95% Drop/Hook, Home Weekends. Weekly Settlements. 215-638-1130 x177 or x148

PW classifieds PhiladelPhiaWeeKlY.cOM

FALL SALES INTERN: Ideal for person interested in Advertising & Sales. We’re seeking energetic, self-motivated and out-going individuals to help our Sales Dept. Candidate must be able to work at least 15 hours a week; multi-task; work well with others; have good verbal and communication skills; be proficient with Microsoft Word & Excel; and have web experience. P l ea se se n d Res u m e to r p i ot @ NO PHONE CALLS PLEASE HIRING SHEET METAL MECHANICS, INSTALLERS, LABORERS w/5yrs. EXPERIENCE ONLY. 267-401-6547 JUST GRADUATE? PLAY IN Vegas, Hang in LA, Jet to New York Hiring 18-24 girls/guys. $400-$800 wkly. Paid Expenses. Signing Bonus. Call 1-877-259-6983 LOOKING FOR MILES? WE’VE GOT EM! Great Runs with Great Equipment. Competitive Pay & Benefits. Va n & F l a t b e d D i v i s i o n s. $ 5 0 0 Sign-On for Flatbed. CDL-A,6mo. OTR. 888-801-5295 MARKETING INTERN: Become a member of the Review Publishing Marketing Team! We’re seeking energetic, self-motivated and out-going individuals to help our Marketing Dept. Candidate must be able to work at least 15 hours a week; multi-task; work well with others; have good verbal and communication skills; be proficient with Microsoft Word & Excel; also be proficient in Web & Social media applications. Photoshop and/or indesign & social network marketing experience a plus. Please email resume to NO PHONE CALLS PLEASE



In the Probate Court State of South CarolIna County of GeorGetown

P H I L A D E L P H I A W E E K LY August 31 - September 6, 2011

Old Floor made like new

Verizon Wireless is proposing to install a new telecommunications tower facility at 1501 Haines Street; Philadelphia, PA. A 155’ treepole (includes 5’ lightening rod) will be installed & mounted with 12 panel antennas at 150’. The tower will be located within a 15’ x 18’ fenced area with additional support equipment located within an adjacent stone building.

Moving & Hauling


lEgal noticE

W W W. P H I L A D E L P H I A W E E K LY. C O M

Public noticE



W W W. P H I L A D E L P H I A W E E K LY. C O M

help wanTed PAID IN ADVANCE! MAKE $1,000 a Week mailing brochures from home! Guaranteed I n c o m e ! F R E E S u p p l i e s ! N o ex p e r i e n c e required. Start Immediately!

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PROPERTY INSPECTORS. Full and part time. We train! Flex hours. Car required. 610-213-3735

research volunTeers

SERVERS/FOOD RUNNER NEEDED FT For Italian Fine Dining Restaurant. Must have at least 5yrs. exp. and knowledge of Italian Cuisine. Call Karla Tues.-Fri. 9am-5pm. 215-922-9501, or send resume to:

DRINKING TO COPE? The Treatment Research Center is currently conducting a clinical research study in which participants will receive naltrexone (an FDA-approved medication) or placebo (inactive medication). For further information or an eligibility screening, call 215-222-3200, ext. 170. UPenn.

S T R E E T T E A M : B e co m e a m e m b e r of t h e PHILADELPHIA WEEKLY’s Marketing Team! We’re seeking energetic, self-motivated and out-going individuals to attend events to promote the newspaper. Candidate must be able to work flexible hours at night; work well with others; have good verbal and communication skills. Photography experience is a plus! Please email a resume to NO PHONE CALLS PLEASE! STYLIST WANTED WITH BOOK. IN HIGHLY RATED PASSYUNK SQ. COMPETEIVE SPLIT NEGOTIABLE. Call 215-462-0147.

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educaTional services

room for renT

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KENSINGTON AREA: FURNISHED rooms WITH TVs Use of kitchen & bath, W/D, Starting $70 & UP wkly. 267-496-0065

HIGH SCHOOL DIPLOMA! Graduate in just 4 weeks!! FREE Brochure. Call NOW! 1-800-532-6546 Ext. 97

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roommaTe/ sharing

Northern Liberties Area, 1 Large Room available in 4BR House, 2 Bath, no pets, Large basement for storage, see 1605 N. 6th St., 215-485-1015, $450/month Includes All Utilities, Free WIFI South Philly - 1900 S 20th Street - 2 story house, full use of house. 10 minutes from Center City. Perfect for college students. Share utilities. Call 267- 879-8373 leave message

vacaTion renTal OCEAN CITY, MARYLAND. Best selection of affordable rentals. Full/partial weeks. Call for FREE brochure. Open daily. Holiday Real Estate. 1-800-638-2102 Online reservations:

arTisTs sTudio space

EQUAL HOUSING OPPORTUNITY All real estate advertised in this newspaper is subject to federal, state and localfair housing laws, which makes it illegal to advertise any preference, limitation, or discriminationbased

on race; color; religion;sex; disability; familial; (presence of children);national origin; age (Pennsylvania and New Jersey); martial status or sexual orientation(Pennsylvania and New Jersey), or source of Income (Philadelphia only) in the sale, rentalor financing or insuring of housing. This paper will not knowingly accept any advertisingfor real estate which violates these laws. The law requires that all dwellings advertised beavailable on an equal opportunity basis. If you believe you have been discriminated Vagainstin connection with the sale, rent, financing or insuring of housing or commercial property,call HUD at 1-888-799-2085

condos for sale BANK FORECLOSURE! FLORIDA WATERFRONT CONDOS! SW Coast! Brand new upscale 2 bedroom, 2 bath, 1,675sf condo. Only $179,900! (Similar unit sold for $399,900) Prime downtown location on the water! Buy before 9/23/11 & get $8,000 in flex money! Call now 1-877-888-7571, x54

real esTaTe for sale/renT BROOMALL PA-BEAUTIFUL STONE T U D O R , L G . D R I V E W AY, 2 C A R GARAGE,4BDRMS.,3.5BATH, 2FIREPLACES,HDW/FLRS/CARPETS. C/A, ON 2ACRES. $3,500/ MO.+. 610-304-0087. 2817 CANTRELL ST: 2BR 1BA single family fixer upper. Owner Finance or Cash discount. $750 down, $225/mo. 803-403-9555, 803-929-1117 COZY CABIN on 5 Acres $19,995. Beautiful woodlands. Our best deal ever! Call 800-229-7843 or visit FREE LIST OF HUNTING LAND BARGAINS in WEST VIRGINIA. 100 acres & up. Loaded with wildlife. Lots of timber. Great investment.

P H I L A D E L P H I A W E E K LY August 31 - September 6, 2011

LAND FOR SALE, FREE LIST of hunting land bargains in West Virginia 100 acres & up. Loaded with wildlife. Lots of timber. Great investment. P OT T E R C O U N T Y: 1 7 w o o d e d acres bordering state forest near Keating Summit Electric, perc, direct access to snowmobile trails. $72,900. Owner financing. 800-668-8679

sTudio/efficiency GRAD HOSPITAL AREA 1930 Bainbridge ST Studio Avail Now $700/ MO 215-917-8835

one bedroom 1 0 T H P I N E : 3 R D F LO O R, N E W WINDOWS, DW, GD Great Closets. Now. $950. 215-938-0964 12TH LOMBARD, BRIGHT, SPACIOUS, UPDATED KIT. HRDWD, GOOD CLOSETS, WD $1200+. Oct. 215-733-0480 www. 1309-11 N.Lawrence: $1600/mo Large 1BD/1.5BA unit w/ loft den, garage pkng, exposed brick, hwf, storage CALL AME GOLDMAN PRU FOX & ROACH 215-627-6005/215440-8348 15TH & SPRUCE: Beautiful Art Deco High-rise 1Bdrm Apt, Desk Attendant, HW Flrs, Updated Kitch, Onsite Laundry, Intercom Entry, Amazing Location! From $1120/Mo. 215-735-8030. Lic #219789. 16TH & BIGLER 1st flr., small apt., new carpets. $650/mo.+utils. Call 267-278-0824. 17XX SNYDER AVE 1bedrm.,A/C, W/D, D/W, Frig.,Yard, Bsmt. $750/mo+utils. Call Dr.K 215-336-4151. 28TH & POPLAR Gorg 1BR, w/Exposed brick, HWflrs. Avail 09/10. $895+. PMG 215-545-7007 x303 39 Strawberry #3F: $1250/mo. Old City, bi-level 1BD/1BA, spacious. CALL JIM ONESTI PRU FOX & ROACH 215-627-6005/215-440-8345 5TH & PINE Great 1BR in the heart of Society Hill. Avail 9/9. $1025+. PMG 215-545-7007x302 9TH & BAINBRIDGE nice 1Bedrm.+den,$975/mo.+utils. 3rd. flr.,No Pets. Call 215-687-5629. 9TH & FITZWATER, 2ND FLR., W/D, STORAGE/BSMT. NO PETS. ALSO 1 BEDRM. 215-915-5347.


office space

office Space ImmedIate occupancy 404 to 6,152 square feet in the boutique PSFS bank building on the corner of 7th and Walnut Streets. Views of Washington Square or the private courtyard. Secure access to the building as well as elevator service.

• 36

Offered by Stonehenge Advisors, LLC at 215-320-3777.

Two bedroom

Apt for Rent/first floor, modern one bedroom, enclosd front porch, private entrance, w/w carpets. full basement, seperate utilities. $680 month plus utilities. First and security deposit required. Call Frank 267-879-8373 leave message.

Queens Village 2B/R, Split Level, h/w flrs, 1 baths, a/c, kit, d/w, g/d, W/d on site. $1295.00 plus. Avail, October 1st. Albert (215) 205-7900

BROAD & PINE Gorg 1BR w/HW flrs, Close to all. Incl heat. $1050+. PMG 215-545-7007 x302

SOCIETY HILL: Nice 2BR, AC, GD, Cath ceiling. Fam atmosphere, Quiet area. Heat/Water incl. $1200/mo+. Sept. 610-299-5920

BROAD & JACKSON 1st.Flr.,Priv. Ent. Lrg. Modern Apt.,Safe & Secure.C/A, W/D, Yard, Transp. Close. 1st/last/sec. Good Cr. $925+elec.215-432-8810 EAST FALLS: 1BD+Den/sunroom available NOW! Hardwood, new appliances, deck, free parking! Convenient to Center City/Manayunk. Call Dana: 267-994-0804. FISHTOWN 1BR, WW/CARPET, WD in bldg Pet friendly. $700+. Tanya 215-922-6088 OL D CIT Y ( 1 04 Ch estn u t/2 nd Fl) Lg. 1 Bedrm, 1 Bath, Approx. 1300 s/f, tall windows, view of BF Bridge, high ceiling, carpeted, c/a, gas heat, d/w, g/d, w/d. $1160+/Mo. Avail. October. 215-627-4414. THE ROOSEVELT (2220 Walnut Street) - Beautifully renovated apts. in the RITTENHOUSE SQUARE AREA of Philadelphia. Studio’s starting at only $765/mo. and one bedrooms starting at only $965/mo. Call 215-640-8880 for an appointment.

Two bedroom 1225 Panama: $2000/mo 2BD/1.5BA, custom kit, garden, fireplace, s/s appl, CALL MIKE MCCANN PRU FOX & ROACH 215-627-6005/215-440-8345 12th and South Street Area - 2BR Apt., Center City Area, No Pets, Washer/Dryer, Available Anytime, Great Location, Great Deal, See Video/Pics 769 S. 12th St. 215-485-1015, $1250/ month, INCLUDES HEAT!!! 156 Sigel $1075/mo 2BD/1BA, newly renovated, s/s appliances, w/d, hwf. CALL MIKE MCCANN PRU FOX & ROACH 215-627-6005/215-440-8345 9 T H & S P R U C E Ver y Cool apt, HWF, CA, Parking Avail. $1300+. PMG 215-545-7007x302 EAST FALLS: BIG 2BD apts available! Hardwood or carpet, new appliances, private deck, free parking! Quick ride to Center City/Manayunk. Call Dana 267-994-0804. OLD CITY (6 S.Front St.) 2BR or Office combo. Overlooks BF Bridge & Del River. High ceiling, WD, DW, GD, CA, Gas heat, Tiled bath & Kit. $1195/mo+. 215-627-4414

S.PHILLY: 19xx Pierce 2BR TH, CA, WD, DW & More. $1000/mo+. 215-9223910.

SOUTH AND AMERICAN TWO Large 2BR bilevels. W/W, WD, CA. Lrg LR/ DR. FROM $1050/mo+. 215-432-4695 Call between 9am-11pm.

Three + bedrooms 19TH & MT.VERNON Huge REN 3BR bilev, Refin HW flrs, 2F.BA (1w/Jac), LR,DR, Kit w/tile flrs, DW, Lnrdy rm. $1800+ Utils. 215-828-5283 Art Museum Area, 3BR, Newly Renovated, Granite Countertops, Central Air, Oak Floors, Near 17th and Fairmount, Washer/Dryer, No Pets, See, 215485-1015, $1200/month BELLA VISTA, 3BDRM BI-LEVEL, 2BATHS PORCH, HW Flrs, CA, DW, G D. W D. Ava i l 9/ 1 . $ 1 820 + . S &S Properties, 267-402-8017

house for renT 1932 S 15th: $1800/mo 4BD w/ 1 full & 2 half baths, hwf, rear yard, laundry. CALL MIKE MCCANN PRU FOX & ROACH 215-627-6005/215440-8345 BELLA VISTA TRINITY, 2BDRMS KIT, BATH, DECK, HRDWD, GAS/ht. No pets. NOW! 215-681-4481 BROAD & OREGON VIC. 3 Bedroom House. Nice Street. Available Immediately. Call 215-467-8612

THE PAPERMILL- Community of Artist. 2825 Ormes St. Affordable Artist Studios staring at $100 for 130 sf. Four large floors of open or private studio space for Painters, Sculptors, D a n ce, Th ea t re, o r C rea t i ve co m p a n i es. A community of artist practicing their talents in custom sized studio workspaces. Short term, inexpensive rental of theatre and gallery spaces. Join our group on Facebaook for updates on our events and gallery spaces. Contact Wulfhart Management Group: Karyn 215-687-8391 or karyn@

Philadelphia Living


passyunk square Vicinity 727 Dudley Street –Total Rehab. 3 Beds. Deck. Jacuzzi. Hardwoods. $129,900.

soutH pHiladelpHia 1519 S. 19th Street – Open Floor Plan. $80,000. 2223-2229 Wilder Street – 4 Lots. $104,000. 622 Wilder Street – 3 bedrooms. Good Potential. $110,000. 2600 S 8th Street – Building Lot. 16 x 57. $38,000.

spring 2011 Inside:

Wharton Weekend Welcome

Highlight your services and brand your business in our special stitched and trimmed pullout section.

apts. – temple uniVersity Vicinity 2407 N. 5th Street – 3 Apartments. $95,000.

nortH of nortHern liberties adjoininG lots for sale

Issue Date Wednesday, November 2

1760 N Hope Street - 11 x 46. $10,000.

pennsport – larGe new Home 1321 E. Moyamensing Avenue –18ft Wide – 10 Foot Ceilings. Large Deck. Possible Owner Financing. 10 year tax abatement. $449,000.

Ad Deadline Friday, October 28

Contact your sales executive or call 215.599.7644 today!

Fred r. levine r e a l e s tat e


EAST FALLS: Office space available! Lease large office space with full kitchen/bath! Available NOW. Call Dana 267-994-0804 WASHINGTON SQ Office Space - Immediate occupancy of 404 to 6,152 square feet in the boutique PSFS bank building on the corner of 7th and Walnut Streets, with views of Washington Square or the private courtyard. Secure access to the building as well as elevator service. Offered by Stonehenge Advisors, LLC at 215-320-3777.

EARLY DEADLINES FOR SEPT 7TH ISSUE. DEaDlinEs Real Estate Display ad deadline Thursday Sept 1st, 5pm Classified and Line ad deadline Friday Sept 2nd, 3pm. Office Closed Monday, Sept 5th.

room for renT

Submit ads online at


5tH and olney 525 West Olney Avenue – Renovated store and 2 Bedroom Apartment - $198,000.

office space

Call 215-563-1234 Monday through Friday, 8:30AM - 5PM

13TH & SPRUCE- Parker Hotel C C . Fu l l y Fu r n’d R m s , n o s e c . d e p o s i t . U t i l s & h o u s e ke e p i n g incld. WK: $165-$203; Day: $40-$56. 215-735-2300.

Philadelphia Weekly Presents


W.PHILLY: 58xx Rodman- Spacious, Rec Rehabbed 3BR house. Beautiful HW flrs, Semi fin basement w/WD, Sm Patio. Well maintained home. Great Block. $775/mo+ Utils. Jim 215-901-2556

1 24 L O M B A R D, H E A D H O U S E SQUARE, SOCIETY HILL. “TOKIO B&B” STUDIOS. ($55-$100) DAILY rates. ($300-$500) WEEKLY rates. We also have MONTHLY rates AVA I L . We bs i te h tt p : / /s u s h i . Call MADAME SAITO 215-922-2515

Graduate Hospital Vicinity 2025 Kimball Street – Custom Rehab. 3 Floors plus finished Basement. 3 ½ Baths. Possible Owner Financing. $329,000.

Fax anytime at 215-563.6799

Rittenhouse sq /Ave of ARts

locust & 21st Cute Studio, W/W $775 Chestnut & 21st Cozy Studio, HW flrs $700 Walnut & 20th Studio & 1BD, HW flrs $775-$1000 sansom & 21st 1BD, W/D, C/A $950 Walnut & 23rd Fab 2BD w/Den, HW flrs $1700 st James & 22nd Studio/Loft w/Parking $1100 bainbridge & 12th Mod Studio’s, C/A, W/D $775 lombard & 9th Great Studio,Walnut HW&flrs, $895 $770-995 23rd 1C/A & 2Bd's, hardwood, laundry $575-1000 & 21st Studios & 1Bd's, laundry, heat incl. spruce & 16th 1BD, HW flrs,Locust Laundry $925 $850-950 Pine & 21st 1Bd's, hardwood, heat incl., yard $770-995 hardwood, laundry $700-1000 Pine &Laundry 22nd 1 & 2Bd, hardwood, heat incl. spruce &Walnut 10th& 23rd 1 & 2Bd's,Studio, HW flrs, $750 $575-1000 Locust & 21st Studios & 1Bd's, laundry, heat incl. Lombard & 23rd 1 &2Bd, bi-level, A/C Pine & 21st 1Bd's, hardwood, heat incl., yard Chestnut$850-950 & 20th Ultra mod 1Bd's, C/A, great location $700-1000 Pine & 22nd 1 & 2Bd, hardwood, heat incl. Lombard & 19th Newly renov, mod studio, 1 & 2Bd's $750-1100 Lombard & 23rd 1 &2Bd, bi-level, A/C Broad & Spruce Mod 1Bd's, W/D, C/A, heat incl. $875-1000 Chestnut & 20th Ultra mod 1Bd's, C/A, great location Lombard & 9th 1Bd & 2Bd, w/d, hardwood, laundry Lombard & 19th Newly renov, mod studio, 1 & 2Bd's Pine & $875-1700 9th 2Bd's, h/w floors, W/D $800-850 Broad & Spruce Mod 1Bd's, W/D, C/A, heat incl. Spruce & 12th 2Bd, 1-1/2 bath, bi-level, laundry $850-995 Lombard & 9th 1Bd & 2Bd, w/d, hardwood, laundry Spruce & 16th Old World, 1 & 2Bd's, hardwood $995-1100 Pine & 9th 2Bd's, h/w floors, W/D Art Area Ultra Mod 1 & 3Bd's, W/D, Deck, Parking Spruce & 12th 2Bd, 1-1/2 bath, bi-level, laundry Old City Fab$995 ultra mod 1 & 2Bd's, deck $995-1350 Spruce & 16th Old World, 1 & 2Bd's, hardwood University City 3Bd, 2 bath, totally renovated Art Area Ultra Mod 1 & 3Bd's, W/D, Deck, ParkingSpring $950-1750 Garden Collonade-Extremely Nice Studio $825-1375 Old City Fab ultra mod 1 & 2Bd's, deck Q.V. 3rd & Bambridge 1 & 2Bd's, W/W, C/A $1950 University City 3Bd, 2 bath, totally renovated Spring Garden & 19th Studio, hardwood, Heat incl. Spring Garden Collonade-Extremely Nice Studio Fairmount &$700 18th Mod 1Bd, C/A, W/D $600-675 Q.V. 3rd & Bambridge 1 & 2Bd's, W/W, C/A Mt. Vernon & 21st Gret Studio, Yard, Laundry $375 1Bd, parquet floors, yard Spring Garden & 19th Studio, hardwood, Heat incl. Wallace & 20th $625 Fairmount & 18th Mod 1Bd, C/A, W/D Aspen & 26th 1Bd, W/W, laundry $600 Mt. Vernon & 21st Gret Studio, Yard, Laundry $700 Wallace & 20th 1Bd, parquet floors, yard $600 Aspen & 26th 1Bd, W/W, laundry

south & 6th

queen villAge

Cozy Studio


spring Garden & 19th Studio Loft’s, HW flrs aspen & 26th Studio & 1BD, HW flrs, Laundry Wallace & 20th 2BD w/Deck Farimount & 18th Wanut & 20th

annmarie or John 215.636.0100 Annmarie or John nancy or ellen (215) 636-0100 215.546.9247 Nancy or Ellen (215) 546-9247


$750-1100 $875-1000 $875-1700 $800-850 $850-995 $995-1100 $995 $995-1350 $950-1750 $825-1375 $1950 $700 $600-675 $375 $625 $600 $700 $600


$525-$690 $525-$690 $1250 $100 $250

Many More apartMents available! Annmarie or John (215) 636-0100 Nancy or Ellen (215) 546-9247

Newly renovated duplex's 1BR., New Mod Kit/Ba., W/W, Ceiling Fans, A/C, New Frost Free Fridge, New Window Treatments, Off Street Park Close to Transportation $760+

Call 215-848-2760

A Good Sign

She WAS ALWAyS At the toP of her CLASS

19th & Spring Garden - Gorgeous 1BR apt, CA, DW, GD, Avail 9/15. ...............................................................$1025+ 23rd & Christian – Great 3BR, 2BA, All amenities ..................................................................................$1350+ 22nd & Spruce – Very Cool Studio Apt, Incl Heat. Avail Now. ......................................................................... $850+ 13th & Spruce – Great Studio apt in Very Cool Building, Incl Hot water. ..........................................................$675+

W W W. P H I L A D E L P H I A W E E K LY. C O M

Property Management Group,Ltd 215.545.7007


We Offer Full Management and Leasing Services

ichael inger Real Estate

The Old Quaker Building

we have an apartment home for you.

over 50 years in the real estate business

At the heart of University City, the old Quaker was once a Quaker meetinghouse and always a home for knowledge. today, distinctive studios and 1-bedrooms show off her historic character and offer every modern convenience for urban living.

3514 Lancaster Avenue Philadelphia, PA 19104 215.222.2233 Voted “ Top Ten Overall” 2010 Best in Apartment Living Awards

At home with chArActer


17TH & DELANCEY Beautiful One Bedroom, HW floors, High ceilings, Heat included, Laundry on premises. AVAILABLE OCTOBER! $1,045   21ST & LOCUST Charming Studios in Brownstone with HW floors, Heat/Hot water included, Laundry on  premise. AVAILABLE NOW! $735


11TH & PINE One Bedroom with Private entrance, HW floors, New kitchen, Heat/Hot water included,  Laundry on premise. AVAILABLE NOW! $865   10TH & CLINTON Studio on tree-lined street, HW floors, All utilities included, Laundry on premises. AVAILABLE OCTOBER! $675   BROAD & SPRUCE Bright Studios in high rise, Great city views, HW floors, A/C, Gas included, Laundry on  premises. AVAILABLE SEPTEMBER/OCTOBER! $685-$725   2ND & MARKET Modern One Bedroom in Historic Old City, HW floors, W/D, D/W, C/A. AVAILABLE OCTOBER! $1,045   11TH & FITZWATER Four Bedroom house in Bella Vista neighborhood, HW floors, Basement,  Yard, Pet Friendly. AVAILABLE MID-SEPTEMBER! $1,450

215-925-RENT 3





1117 Spruce Street

P H I L A D E L P H I A W E E K LY August 31 - September 6, 2011

16TH & NAUDAIN Charming Two Bedroom Trinity home, HW floors, C/A, Shared Courtyard, W/D,  Basement. AVAILABLE NOW! $1,275                                                             

W W W. P H I L A D E L P H I A W E E K LY. C O M


art museum philadelphian 2401 pennsylvania avenue 1 bedroom, 1 bath, Fairmount views, excellent closet space, 1166sf $1,500

paRC RiTTenhouse 225 s. 18Th sTReeT 2 bedrooms, 2 baths, high floor with south facing view, open chef’s kitchen, marble baths, wood floors, custom upgrades throughout, 1019 sf $4,995

rittenhouse square The CaRlyle 2031 loCusT sTReeT 2 bedrooms plus den, 1 bath, brand new renovation, open floor plan, 958sf $2,200 Spacious 2 bedroom, 2 bath, brand new kitchen, 270 degree city views, 1079 sf $2,400 2 bedrooms plus den, 3 baths, brand new kitchen, formal dining room, 1367sf $2,650

258 s. 18Th sTReeT 2 bedrooms, 2 baths, custom home with beautifully appointed open kitchen, designer baths, lots of natural light $2,600

The lanesBoRouGh 1601 loCusT sTReeT 3 bedrooms, 3.5 baths, brand new, high ceilings, hardwood floors throughout, chefs kitchen, magnificent entertaining space, luxurious master suite, 3467 sf $9,750 The WaRWiCK 1701 loCusT sTReeT 3 bedrooms, 3.5 baths, 270 degree city views, wood floord, designer kitchen, marble baths, 2,000sf $5,200 2 bedrooms, 3.5 baths, custom upgrades throughout, excellent natural light, 2421 sf $5,500

aCademy house 1420 loCusT sTReeT 1 bedroom, high floor, city views, brand new kit. and bath, new carpet and freshly painted, 860 sf $1,800 WanamaKeR house Townhome on Chancellor Street, 2 bedrooms, 2.5 baths, magnificent bathrooms, direct access to building garage, 1300sf $2,550 old City/soCiety hill soCieTy hill ToWeRs 200-220 loCusT sTReeT units include all utilities Studio, treetop views of Society Hill, floor-to-ceiling windows, walk-in closet, 540 sf $1,150 Studio, high floor, panoramic southern views, lots of light $1,250

washington square hopKinson house 604 s. WashinGTon sqauRe 2 bedrooms, 1.5 baths, balcony atop Washington Square, excellent closet space, 1200sf $2,590 sTRiCKland RoW 1020 spRuCe sTReeT Spacious 1 bedroom unit, overlooking Spruce Street, high ceilings, lots of light, 956 sf $1,425 water front pieR 5 7 n. ColumBus BoulevaRd tri level, 3 bedroom, 3 baths, firpeplace, excellent closet space, large balcony, 2229 sf $2,750 CommerCial sPaCe 2031 Locust Street Professional Office Space in secure apartment building, 1058 sf $1,350 250 S. 18th Street – Prime ground floor corner retail/office space on Rittenhouse Square, 1857 sf $3,000 NNN 127 S. 18th - Prime ground floor retail space on one of the city’s hottest blocks, less than one block from Rittenhouse Square, 710sf $7,500 NNN 1601 Locust Street - 1st floor and lower level of prestigious Lanesborough condo, ideal for restaurant or offices, 4700 sf

2031 locust street 2 bedrooms, 2.5 baths, new kitchen, 1367 sf

2 bedroom plus den, 2 baths new kitchen, 1079 sf



P H I L A D E L P H I A W E E K LY August 31 - September 6, 2011

The Lanesborough 1601 Locust street

Brand new entire floor home with extravagant millwork and other custom details, 3 bedrooms, 3.5 baths, 3467 sf



house 604 s. Washington sq.

2 bedrooms, 1.5 baths, balcony overlooking Washington Square, 1200sf


Allan Domb Real Estate

1845 Walnut St. Suite 2200 • 215/545.1500

• 38

For a complete list oF our rental properties, please visit

HADDONFIELD 427 Maple Avenue Custom built Ranch home featuring formal LR w/fireplace, DR w/wet bar, eat-in kitchen, media room, master suite plus 2 other nice sized BRs, 3 full BAs, family room, game room, 2 car garage & much more.

Rittenhouse Square Area ALL UTILITIES INCLUDED


Square Area Charming 2BR, central air, w/d




16xx 2 22nd st - large duplex, 1 bedroom, 1.5 bath, 3 bedroom 2 baths occupies, large yard.

1xx dudley - Original h/w fls, 2 bedroom, 1 bath, great block $174,900 3xx WhArtOn - large 3 story in need of renovation $160,000 2xx WAtKins st - Tree lined block, two large bedrooms e/closets, needs renovation $142,500 1xx mOrris - large three story, three working fireplaces, master suite with deck/ four bedrooms total, two full one powder room. large yard. Finished basement. $275,000 14xx e. mOyAmensing AVe - Three story, two bedrooms, skylights, ultra modern large yard. $219,000

23xx e. Albert st - 3Bed, Brick Front. Available Immediately $89,000

Text JRWEAAFW to 64842 Call Gary Vermaat at

16xx s. beAulAh st. - Newer front, 3 brs, 1 bath, complete renovation $184,900


800-514-3235 Washington square West 830 Pine - two bedroom one bath with a new kitchen. Heat & hot water, incl. Laundry on Premises. Available 10/1 $1,300 834 Pine Street - Studio available 10/1. Hardwood floors. All utilities included. Laundry on Premises $825



15xx s. iseminger - New front, h/w floors, 3 BR, fin. basement, c/a $254,900

w/d, h/w flrs.

113 Washington Ave.


856-428-9677, Ext. 243

Bi-Level 2BR, 2 Bath,


old City Front & Market Office space - 1st floor front, bi level, private entrance, Central air - 700 square feet $750.00 Chestnut hill 219 E. Willow Grove - Studio private entrance, wall to wall carpet, free heat, hot water and cooking gas included. Avail 10/1. Free parking on Premises $920


elkins Park 7901 High School Road - 2 bedroom 1 bath apartment w/washer/dryer, new kitchen, new bath tile, includes hot water. $900

Washington Square


4xx CrOss st. - New construction, three story home with master suite /deck. Three bedrooms total and two full baths, all new... Must see. $244,900


4xx WOlF - large main st home three bedrooms 1.5 Baths needs TlC. $115,000


1xx dAly - Brick front, 2 bedrooms, one bath, cute street $119,0000 9xx CrOss - newer front, 3 bed, 1.5 bath, immediate possession $174,900 16xx PACKer AVe - corner house, three bedrooms, two full baths $249,900 1xx tree - two bedroom $135,000.

cute street

25xx s. PhiliP st. - total rehab, new front, three bed.1.5 baths $195,000


23xx s. 11th - well maintained 3 BR home, newer front $164,900 31xx WhArtOn - 16x36 garage, 17’ ceilings perfect for contractor or car storage commissary carts l4 17xx jACKsOn - large corner property, 3 bedrooms, Needs TlC $175,000


BELLA VISTA 13xx Annin st. - Total renovation, three bedroom, 1.5 baths, modern kitchen, finished basement. ReDUCeD. $234,900 10xx tAsKer st. - 3 Bedroom, 1 Bath, large yard, Near Passyunk Ave., Needs Updating $229,000


3xx gerritt st. - Fully restored and rehabbed, original wide blank floors, period windows, fin. basement, c/a wonderful newe kitchen, one beddroom, extra large bath, w/lg closet, great yard/slate. Move in Condition. ReDUCeD TO $192,000

1800 ChristiAn st. - Quincy Court


it all. Soaring Ceilings, Gas Fireplace,

14xx e. mOymensing AVe. - POrCh FrOnt hOme on main street w/, front garden.Three bedrooms. $229,000

Suite with Skylight, Center City View,

18xx s. 2nd st. - Vacant land, corner lot 16x69, $105,900.

PENNSPORT RENTAL 1xx mOOre st - large 3 bedroom, 2.5 baths, large garden $1,500/mo.

SOUTH PHILLy RENTALS 13xx WOlF st - Doctors Office $2,000/Month

W W W. P H I L A D E L P H I A W E E K LY. C O M

Center City’s Finest

Newer Construction, This House has H/w Foors. Ultra kitchen, Granite Counters. 3 Bedrooms, 2.5 Master Paved Courtyard. $518,500 20xx FederAl st - new construction.


extra roomy, master suite with views of c.c. three bedrooms, 2.5 baths. large rear patio. a must see $324,900.

BRIGANTINE, NJ 2xx 39th - Rancher, 1.5 blocks to beach, 2 bed, 1 bath, needs work $225,000


w w w. s u m m i t r e a l e s tat e i N C . C o m


1 & 2 Bedroom Apartments, Condos & Townhouses ONE BEDROOM

new kit/bath $1150

Society Hill Towers 1 Br., 1 Bath, w/w carpet, central air, access to pool & gym $1,500 4432 Sansom St 3rd flr. ( UPENN area) 1 Br., 1 Bathwood & w/w carpet avail now $750 50 S. 16th Fabulous Ind. Pl #2 High floor 1 Br., 2 Bths, pooll, health club, lots of amenities $4,000 4432 Sansom 1st flr. Beautifully upgraded 1 Br., 1 Bth. Wood flrs, w&d, ss.appliances $800 Abbotts Sq. 2nd & Lombard #745 1 Bedroom, 1 Bath, balcony, c/a, w&d, w/w carpet, elevator $1,400

TWO BEDROOMS 617 Reed St 2 Brs., 2.5 Baths, 1600 sq.ft.,c/a,, w&d, deck, parking 609 S. 48th (UPENN area) 2 Bedrooms, 1 Bath coin-operated washer & dryer in basement 2020 Walnut (Wanamaker Hse) 2 Brs., 2 Bths, / central air, w&d, gym, pool 111 S.15th St #2208 Large upgraded 1 Bedroom, 1 Bath, c/a, w & d

$2,395 $1000 $2,500 $1,800



314 Queen St. 3 Brs., 2.5 Baths, FURNISHED, garage, hrd.wd & w/w, c/a, w&d, short term OK $3,000 1721 Wallace 3 Bedrooms, 2.5 Baths, 1630 sq.ft., patio,central air, wood floors, w&d $2,000 1615 S. Lawrence St 3 Bedrooms, 1 Bath, full basement, w&d $1,200 236 Delancey St 3 Bedrooms, 1.5 Baths, PARKING, c/a, Four gas fireplaces $3,200.00

COMMERCIAL 25th & Wharton Sts. G-2 warehouses, garages, offices, 800sq. ft to 16,000 sq. ft avail. $7-$9 sq.ft. 1429 S. 23 rd St 2nd floor, 4500 sq.ft,C-3, bathroom, gas heat, c/a, ramp access $1,500 341 W. Girard Ave (NE Corner 4th & Girard) Retail store, C-2, 800 sq.ft.,bath, c/a, $900 404 South St 1200 sq.ft, retail store, bath, c/a, high traffic great block NNN $4,000 135B South St 1800 Sq.ft. C-2, tri-level retail corner or office former bank NNN $6,400 413 S. Broad St across from Symphony Hse. Approx 2500 sq.ft. bi-level offices, c/a.1.5 bths $2,500





An Independently Owned And OperAted MeMber Of the prudent prudentIAl reAl estAte AfIlIAtes, Inc.




CALL 215.778.0901 THINKINg T HINKIN of buyINg?

CALL 215.440.8345


215.627.6005 2 1 5 .4 4 0.8 3 4 5 phillynow



P H I L A D E L P H I A W E E K LY August 31 - September 6, 2011

Sunny Studio,

W W W. P H I L A D E L P H I A W E E K LY. C O M


THe ReaL eSTaTe Man

ART MUSEUM $272,000 Great 3BD/1BA, open floor plan, silestone countertops, rear patio with landscaping, basement for storage, rehabbed in 2007. GRAD HOSPITAL $489,900 Luxurious bi-level 3BD/2.5BA unit in Naval Square with garage, courtyard, private terrace. GRAD HOSPITAL $539,900 New construction 3BD/2.5BA, 1 year prepaid parking, 10 ft ceilings, hardwood floors, soapstone counters, stainless steel appliances, finished basement, roof deck. N. LIBERTIES $775,000 Unique ultra modern 3BD/3.5BA townhome, deck, garage, beautiful flooring, roof deck.

An Independently Owned And OperAted MeMber Of the prudentIAl reAl estAte AfIlIAtes, Inc.


2 15.440.83 45 www.MccannTeaM.coM

MIKe Mccann THe #1 PRudenTIaL SaLeS aSSocIaTe In THe u.S.!

3004 W Girard $339,000 Recently rehabbed 4BD/2.5BA with finished basement, roof deck, large yard, Victorian features throughout, custom oak staircase, granite and stainless kitchen.

2943 Pennsylvania $525,000 Great 3BD/2.5BA, excellent condition, large yard, deck, parking, finished basement, hardwood floors, stainless steel appliances.

GRAD HOSPITAL 1010 S Chadwick $259,900 Absolutely beautiful renovation with 2BD/1BA, amazing color schemes, granite and stainless kitchen, custom closets, great light.

WASH WEST 413 S Jessup $495,000 Original condition, 3BD/2BA, red brick garden, hardwood floors, great block! 1108 Spruce #1F $599,999 Bi-level 2BD/2BA unit with 1 car deeded parking, chef’s kitchen, beautiful original features, luxurious master suite and bath.

BELLA VISTA 823 S Hutchinson $279,900 Well maintained 3BD/1.5BA, den, eat in kitchen, nice rear yard, deck, high ceilings.


P H I L A D E L P H I A W E E K LY August 31 - September 6, 2011

John Brown

4 loNgford St • philadelphia $295,000

Greg Williams

Eden Silverstein

Sean Kaplan

Michael Hilferty

NatioNally raNked withiN the “top 100” SaleS teamS by prudeNtial real eState affiliateS!

Rarely available… beautiful Mid-Century Modern home in historic Greenbelt Knoll offers 4 bedrooms, 2.5 baths, original architectural details including exposed wood ceilings and floor to ceiling windows. Nestled in a park-like setting this home has a huge rear deck cantilevering out over Pennypack Creek. Never to be developed! Must see! FOX & ROACH

REALTORS 530 Walnut Street, Suite 260 • Philadelphia, PA 19106 • 215.440.8173 / 215.627.6005 •

RITTENHOUSE SQ 1717 Spruce $1,450,000 Magnificent 5-unit building, currently being used as a single residence. Features include a decks, fireplaces, exposed brick, all units are in good condition.

FISHTOWN/N.LIBERTIES 2815 Belgrade $188,500 Great value – 3BD/1BA, formal dining room, over-sized cook’s kitchen, rear patio, central stairs, c/a. 2654-60 E Auburn $279,000 9 new construction townhomes with garage parking, all with 4BD/2.5BA, open floor plans, granite and stainless cook’s kitchens, finished bsmnts, large decks with river views. 1119 E Berks $395,000 Extraordinary contemporary 3BD/2.5BA, quality fin., maple floors, built-in speaker system, state of the art kitchen, beautiful garden, balcony and a large roof deck. Visit my website for more information


Society Hill $525,000 Beautiful 3BD/2.5BA on a tree-lined block, with den, 1-car deeded prkng, hardwood floors, 2 frpl., dining room with soaring 2-story ceiling.

Penns Landing $1,650,000 Luxurious 4BD/3.5BA, two units combined, designer kitchens, custom baths, 2 car parking, 3 terraces – amazing opportunity!

Rittenhouse Square $3,000,000 Luxurious 3BD/3.5BA penthouse unit at the Lanesborough, open contemporary space, unobstructed views of the skyline, spiral staircases, top of the line kitchen.

Society Hill $1,695,000 Extra large, restored Federal period home 5BD/3.5BA, parking, magnificent details, 7 fireplaces, finished basement.

Queen Village $1,150,000 Spectacular, contemporary 3BD/3.5BA extra wide newer construction home, finished basement, roof deck, garage parking, rear yard.



68,000 PrudentialAgents

Here Comes The Sun! Here Comes The Here Sun! Comes Here Comes The Sun! The Sun!The Here Comes Sun! Here Comes The Sun!

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our business comes from

friends telling


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about owning your own Deeded Queen ParkHave you ever had a had dream Have you ever had a dream Have youVillage ever Have a dream ever had a dream Have you ever had a dream Have you ever had a you dream ing Space? WELL SOMEabout owning your own about owning your own about owning your about own owning246your Catharine own St 221 Carpenter St about owning your own about owning your own 318 Fitzwater Street TIMES DREAMS COME N/L Beautiful Home. 3/2.5 2 Fp’s 3/2 & beautiful Garden N/L “The Dragon House” N/L N/L N/L + lg garden $650,000 4 + office/2.5 GardenQueen & Garage. $435.000 TRUE. We have 7 deeded Deeded Queen Village ParkDeeded Queen Village ParkDeeded Queen Village Deeded ParkVillage ParkDeeded Queen Village Park-1125 E. Moyamensing Deeded Queen Village Lot size 19x136 Park$1,250,000 749 E. Passyunk Ave. Rarely offered 721 S. American St Pristine move-in 720 S. Front Street 113 Bread St. Unit #7F 206 Gaskill Street Award Winning 112 Fitzwater Street spots available in a secured ing Space? WELL ingCourt. Space? WELL ingaing Space? WELL ing SOMESpace? WELL Foster Wilson Design on the Golden Mile, 3 bdrm+den, 2.5 bth hm w/ prkg,SOMEhrdwd ing (between 2nd & 3rd off Federal) Truly Jewel! 2 bdrms +SOMEden, Liberty 2500+ sq. ft., 4 bdrms SOMEThe National, 1,000sf, 2BRs, 2 BAs, Designer, Designed Home, 1900 sq. ft,SOME2 Space? WELL Space? WELL SOMEQueen Village Location. Artisan Rittenhouse Artisan II flrs, grdn & 2 cr flrs,fp, balcony & lovely landscaped Delightful Rehab, bdrms, 246 Catharine St fp,Catharine Carpenter St 2Carpenter Catharine 221 Carpenter St 246 Catharine Stflrs, St 221 246221 Catharine Carpenter St St original 221 Carpenter St& prkg. $484,500 + den, 2.5 bths, fp, 3 decks, garden & 3+den/2+2, fp, hrdwd Artisan beautiful kitchen246 & bath, gardenSt+ hrdwd flrs, 246 balcony bdrms + den +318 solarium, hrdwd Catharine St 246 221 St 1805 Lombard 318 Fitzwater 318 FitzwaterTIMES Street 318Street Fitzwater Street Street Fitzwater Street 1431 Bainbridge DREAMS COME TIMES DREAMS COMEprkg. 1501-1503 TIMES TIMES COME DREAMS $67,500.00 $649,900 318 Fitzwater Street 318COME Fitzwater garden.$649,500 garage. $1,199,000 pine flrs, all new designer kitchen roof garden w/ riverDREAMS views. $368,000 garden & deck $469,000 Kater TIMES DREAMS COME TIMES DREAMS Beautiful Home. 3/2.5 2 Fp’s 3/2 & beautiful Garden Beautiful Home. 3/2.5 2 Fp’s COME Beautiful Home. 3/2.5 2 Fp’s Beautiful Home. 3/2.5 2 Fp’s 3/2 & beautiful Garden 3/2 & beautiful Garden 3/2 &Beautiful beautifulHome. Garden (10 Homes) “The Dragon“The House” “The Dragon House” Dragon House” “The Dragon House” (8 Homes) 3/2.5 2 Fp’s Beautiful Home. 3/2.5 2 Fp’s + 35ft garden 3/2 & beautiful Garden “The Dragon House” “The Dragon House” $249,900 HURRY 2 ALREADY 5600 Sq Ft 4/3.5 4000 +7Sqdeeded Ft 4/3.5 + lg garden $650,000 4 + office/2.5 Garden &office/2.5 Garage. $435.000 + have lg garden $650,000 +We lg garden $650,000 + lg garden $650,000 4 + office/2.5 Garden & Garage.TRUE. $435.000 4have + office/2.5 Garden & Garage. 4 + office/2.5 Garden & Garage. $435.000 $435.000 4000 + Sq Ft 4/3.5 TRUE. We 7 deeded TRUE. We have We have 7 TRUE. deeded We 7 deeded + lg garden $650,000 4 + office/2.5 Garden & Garage. + lg garden $650,000 4 + Garden & Garage. $435.000 TRUE. have 7 deeded TRUE. We have 7 deeded Elevator Deck TA $1,250,000 SOLD Elevator Deck 2 Car Lot size 19x136 $1,250,000 Lot Roof size 19x136 Lot size 19x136 $1,250,000 Lot size 19x136 $1,250,000 Elevator Deck 2 Car Garage &

W W W. P H I L A D E L P H I A W E E K LY. C O M

Kathy, Patrick and the Top 10 in the USA out of

New Listings


LotS.size 810 2nd 19x136 St “A”

$1,250,000 1118 E. Moyamensing

522 Queen Street Beautiful Rehab, 3 bdrms + media/sitting rm, 2.5 spa bths, hrdwd221 flrs t/o, 2 fp’s, deck Carpenter St & side & rear outdoor space. $499,900

3/2 & beautiful Garden $435.000

Lot size 19x136 $1,250,000

spots available in a secured spotsTAavailable in a secured spots available in ain spots secured available1000insq. aft2/1secured available in a secured spots available a secured $2,500,000 Prkng, Tx spots 4/2.5, patio,deck & finished $2,500,000 $2,000,000 Abmt , lg grdn. $399,900 basement $369,000 Queen Village Location. Queen Location. Queen Village Location. Queen Village Location. Queen ArtisanArtisan Rittenhouse Rittenhouse Artisan Rittenhouse Artisan IIVillage Village Location. Queen Village Location. Artisan Rittenhouse Artisan Rittenhouse Artisan II 1107-1121 N. HowardArtisan Artisan Artisan Artisan Artisan Lombard 1805 Lombard 1805 Lombard 1431 Bainbridge 1805 Lombard 1805 Lombard 1101-1115 N. Hancock $67,500.00 $67,500.00 $67,500.00 $67,500.00 1431 Bainbridge dge 1805 $67,500.00 $67,500.001501-1503 1501-1503 Kater 1501-1503 Kater Kater 1501-1503 Kater 1501-1503 (10 Homes) (10 (10 Homes) 1102-1134 N Hope (10 Homes) dKater d (10 Homes) (8 Homes) Homes) e e (8 Homes) HURRY 2 ALREADY HURRY 2 ALREADY HURRY 2 ALREADY HURRY 24/3.5 ALREADY 5600 FtSq4/3.5 Squ4/3.5 FtSq4/3.5 5600 Sq Ft HURRY 4/3.5 c c Zoned and Approved for Sq5600 HURRY 2 ALREADY 2 ALREADY 5600 Sq Ft 5600 Ft 4/3.5 N/L 4000 + Sq Ft 4/3.5 4000 + Sq Ft 4/3.5 4000 + Ft u N/L N/L N/L 54/3.5 4000 + Sq4000 Ft 4/3.5 4000 + Sq Ft 4/3.5 + Sq16FtTown4/3.5 d homes + 2 4000Deck +ed Sq Ft Deck 4/3.5TA eElevator Elevator Roof TA Elevator Roof RoofSOLD Deck TA SOLD SOLD SOLD Elevator Roof Deck TA 4 bdrm, 525 Parrish Street -SOLD DeckRTA Elevator Deck 2 Deck Car Elevator 2 Car 2Roof Car Street stacked RDeck SOLD 852 812 S. Howard Street 830Elevator S. Street 523 Queen Beautiful 3 bdrm, age Elevator & Deck 2 2nd Car Garage &2Duplexes Elevator Deck Street 2 Car Deck Car Elevator 623 AElevator - S. American S. Front StreetLarge 2 Car Garage

Garage & TA

118 Catharine St Award Wining,3500 sq. ft, grdn & grg. $1,300,000


624 Kenilworth Street 1905 E. Moyamensing Elevator Deck 2 Car Garage & Garage & Great E. house w/deeded in Meredith A rare find! Porch front hm w/4 BRs, 2Q.V. Garage 2location, Car Garage Car Garage offw/prkg, Street Spaces inCar Magnificent gated crtyd hm 4 bdrm, home 810 S. 2nd St “A” 810 2S.bth 2nd St “A” 600-02 810 S. 2nd St “A” 810 S. St “A” lrg bth, Q.V. rehab, 2E. bdrms, 1118 E.great Moyamensing E. Moyamensing 1118 E.2nd Moyamensing 1118 Moyamensing bth hm w/2 carCatharine prkg, 2 1118 Car+118 Garage Catharine St 118 Catharine St 2 Lovely Catharine St 1.51923-1925-2021-2023 118 StSt “A” CarDesigner Garage Great Trinity, 2 bth home a bonus 2Salter story shell Garage Garage & 20 TA Garage &2TA 810 S. 2ndprkg St “A” N American N/C 810 S.hrdwd 2nd 1118 E. Moyamensing 1118 Moyamensing 133118 Street Fab. N/C TA 118 Catharine St 118 Catharine St Garage & TA Garage & TA 123-25 Monroe St 1 Christian #40 Condo w/hrdwd 245 Monroe Street& 4 bdrms, den& & TA family rm, hrdwd flrs, 2 pristine flrs, garden School District, 3+ den, 2 1/4bths, fp & gated Community TA $299,900 fp patio,deck hrdwd flrs t/oft2/1 & garden flrs, finished basement &sq. nice yard $2,500,000 1000 sq. ft2/1 Prkng, Tx $2,500,000 $2,500,000 1000Floor sq.plan ft2/1 Prkng, Tx 3/2.5, Bsmt 1000 sq. ft2/1 Prkng, Tx 1000 sq. Prkng, Tx 3550 Sq Ft sq. 3 + Den/4.5 3 sq. 4/2.5, & finished 4/2.5, patio,deck & finished 4/2.5, patio,deck & finished 4/2.5, patio,deck & finished 2 bdrm, wd flrs & lovely front hrdwd flrs, high ceilings & nice yard. in rear $424,900 Garden, Award Wining,3500 ft, Award Wining,3500 sq. ft, Award Wining,3500 ft, Award Wining,3500 sq. ft, Best N/C .3 + Den/4.5 2 car Courtyard Home. 2/2.5 Deck $2,500,000 1000 sq. ft2/1 Prkng, Tx Great 4/2.5 , Deck N/C 3 to 4 BR Parrish $2,500,000 1000 ft2/1 Prkng, Tx fp’s,$2,500,000 2 juliet balconies & roof top patio. 4/2.5, patio,deck & finished 4/2.5, patio,deck & finished lrg garden. $498,000 $2,500,000 $1,975,000 $2,500,000 fabulous deck. $449,900 Award Wining,3500 sq. ft, Award Wining,3500 sq. ft,

$2,000,000 $2,500,000 $799,900


BalconiesDeck Garden + $379,900 Garage, &basement TA Abmt , lg grdn. $399,900 Abmt , grg. lg grdn. $399,900 Abmtbasement , lg grdn. $399,900 basement $369,000 $369,000 $369,000 $469,000 TA From grdn & grg. $1,300,000 grdn & grg. $1,300,000 Abmt , $1,300,000 lg grdn. $399,900 basement $369,000 Garage TA &$979,000 grdn & grg. $1,300,000 grdn grg. $1,300,000 grdn & From $650,000

$2,500,000 Grdn & Grg. $795,000 Abmt , lgRED grdn. $399,900

garden. $259,900 garage, TA $1,599,000

$369,900 $2,000,000 grdn & grg.Garage $1,300,000

1107-1121 N. Howard 1 LEFT 1101-1115 N. Hancock d eded dLD eeddeNdHope d d 1102-1134 O d e e e S S c Approved c cfor c3Zoneduucand cZoned c Approved ce uced ed and Approved forApproved Zoned and and Approved for2 for Zoned and ce for c u u u u u u u u d d16d Town 6 Town +Beautiful 2 homes d Town homes + 2 + 2 16 homes 16 Town edTown ed 16homes ed ed + 2 Red RReeR ed homes +3/22DeckR+eN/LRed 4+Off/3 F & N/L stacked Duplexes 3Duplexes + Den/2.5 H/W &DuplexesR stacked ReRDuplexes Rtacked stacked Duplexes stacked R 2 1/2 BA + Deck 3 Car Garden $499,000 426 Federal Street Parking RED 115 Fernon Street Newly renovated 3 725+ Kimball Street 335 Christian 111 Federal Street off Street in 20 offSpaces Street Spaces in 20 off Street Spaces in

7-1121 N. Howard 1107-1121 N. Howard 1107-1121 N. Howard 1107-1121 N. Howard N/C on cti 1-1115 N. Hancock 1101-1115 N. Hancock 1101-1115 N. Hancock 1101-1115 N. Hancock tru D ns L o 102-1134 N1102-1134 Hope N Hope 1102-1134 C N Hope O1102-1134 N Hope N

534 Queen

119-123 Federal N/C 7 Homes, 3 /2.5,

basement $369,000 Abmt , lg grdn. $399,900

saLE oR REnT


L’EAU Jay-Z & Beyonce

H/W, Bsmt + Gar & TA

Development 24 Condos 2/2 Parking TA

From $509,000

From $399,000

125 Ellsworth—Phase III Pennspoint 3 to 4 + den /2.5 Gar TA From $499,000

1 Christian St #22

2107 Bainbridge Incredible 3 + media/2.5

502 Delancey

753-757 S. Marshall St

Between 6th & 7th off of Fitzwater 3 Lots $350,000

818 S. 4th Street B - Great deal, 1000 611 Montrose Street $1,350,000 Prng 20 offTerrific Street Spaces in w/hrdwd 20 off home, Street3 Spaces 600-02 N600-02 American N/C 600-02 American N/C N American N/CSalter 600-02 NFab. American N/C bdrms, 1.5 bth hmSalter w/ finished 3 story, 4 bdrm home on nice block, BR/1BA home flrs Condo Beautiful bdrms + in den, sq. ft bi-level bdrms,Fab. 1.5 bths, 133 Street N/Cbase133 Street Fab. N/C 133 Street Fab. N/CCute Salter N/C Fab. Mansion with1N123-25 2#40 car Condo 21923-1925-2021-2023 story hmStreet on nice Bella Vista N/C 600-02 NFab. American 1923-1925-2021-2023 1923-1925-2021-2023 1923-1925-2021-2023 600-02 N American N/C 123-25 St Christian istian #40 Condo 123-25 Monroe St 1home Christian Monroe #40 Condo St 3Condo 1 Christian #40 133condo, Salter2Street N/C 133245 Salter Street Fab. N/C133 245Salter Monroe 245 Monroe Street 245Street Monroe Street 245laundry Monroe Street 1923-1925-2021-2023 ated Community gated Community gated Community 123-25 Monroe St kitchen, 1 Christian #40 ment, Condo 123-25 Monroe St 1 Christian #40 hrdwd flrs, marble gas fp, crown Monroe Street 245 Monroe Street large eat-in room &Garden, 2.5 bths, garden, garage & Monroe & central air. $369,000 gated Community gated Community & garden entrance off of Queen Street. parking, 4bdrms, 3.5 bths, garden, blck. 1 bdrm, 13bth, yard & 3full 3550 Sq Ft 3 + Den/4.5 3 3550 Sq Ft 3 + Den/4.5 3 3550 Sq Ft 3 + Den/4.5 3 3550 Sq Ft + Den/4.5 3/2.5, Bsmt Garden, 3/2.5, Bsmt Garden, 3/2.5, Bsmt 3/2.5, Bsmt Garden, n t Best N/C .3 + Den/4.5 2 car Courtyard Home. 2/2.5 Deck rd $1,975,000 Home. 2/2.5 Deck Best N/C .3 + Den/4.5 2 car Best Courtyard N/C .3 + Home. Den/4.5 2/2.5 2 Deck car Courtyard Home. 2/2.5 Deck 35503Sq Ft43BR + Den/4.5 3 3550$329,900 Sq Ftplan 3 + Den/4.5 3 N/C o car Garden, Great Floor plan 4/2.5 ,Deck 3Parrish to3/2.5, 4Rehab. BRN/C Parrish Great$499,000 Floor plan Great Floor plan Great Floor plan 4/2.5 ,Deck 4/2.5 ,Deck N/C 3 to 4 BR 4/2.5 ,Deck N/C 3Bsmt to$159,000 4 to BR N/C to$1350/mo. Parrish Parrish Parrish 3/2.5, Bsmt Garden, n molding & largeGreat yard. i2 side yard. Needs some TLC. $224,900 basement, tax abatement. e t Best N/C .3 + Den/4.5 Courtyard Home. 2/2.5 Deck Best N/C .3 + Den/4.5 2 car Courtyard Home. 2/2.5 Deck Floor 4/2.5 , Deck Great Floor plan 4/2.5 , Deck 3 4 BR $239,900 or $1,975,000 $1,975,000 details, details, details $749,000 basement. Needs c m$1,975,000 u BalconiesDeck Garden + BalconiesDeck Garden + BalconiesDeck Garden + BalconiesDeck Garden + p r x t Garage, & TA Garage, & TA Garage, & TA Garage, & TA garage, TA Garage $1,599,000 $369,900 rage $369,900 $1,975,000 garage, TA garage, Garage TA Garage $1,599,000 $1,599,000 $369,900 $369,900 BalconiesDeck Garden + BalconiesDeck Garden + o Grdn & Grg. RED $795,000 Grdn & Grg. Grdn & Grg. Grdn & Grg. RED $795,000 RED $795,000 RED $795,000 l Garage, & TA TA From $469,000 TA From From $469,000 TA$469,000 Garage, & TA garage, Garage $1,599,000 $369,900 garage, TA $1,599,000 Garage $369,900 ns TA From $469,000 Grdn &TA Grg.$979,000 RED $795,000 & Grg.TARED $795,000 ve $469,000 $979,000 Garage TAGrdn Garage GarageTA TA From $979,000 $979,000 Co ple From $650,000 eft De Garage TA $979,000 Garage TA $979,000 From $650,000 From $650,000 Garage TAFrom $650,000

soLD Du


2338 Fitzwater A& C Condos 1/1 TA

127 Monroe Fabcti upscale Builder’s Hm

From $229,000

2+ Den/2 Garden RED



825 ti oS. 2ndonSt


c Great t Corner Duplex Property RED $379,000


Deck & Garden $749,000





o Rosa Court—Garage cti From $549,000


From $650,000 REDUCED

623 S 6th 3 Condos n ti oTA 1/1 + Deck, From $299,000 1 SOLD

1 Christian #49 3/2.5 Garden + 1 car Pkng $499,500

From $650,000

335 Christian

128 Pemberton St

4 /3.5 2 Car Parking

Multi 5/4 + Deck & Garden $649,900

c ru Dstru LD D DD LD D onstru onstLrunD Dnstruc D D st L L L L on L L L o C C C N/L Ow SO OO OO SO O ew ew SwOC Oew Co OL S S S S S S N N Ne Ne S S N & 3 3 3 21152 S. Cleveland Street 32 2 7182 Rodman StreetGreat 2 Gorgeous 3 Newly 405 Olive Street 125 Kenilworth Street Rental 103-107 Church Street3 #14 2 bdrm, 2.5 bth hm, 1920 sq. ft Beautiful 3 bdrm + den 2 bth hm w/ nicely rehabbed, 3bdrms, 1bth, wd Gorgeous 2 bdrm, 2 bth condo, 1630 Location! Location! 2.5 story Historically 3 /2

RED $549,900

714-22 Bainbridge St -13 Condos with Garage Parking - 2/2- Gardens & Decks. FROM $379,900

822 Swanson Street– Single family hm currently used as duplex,3 total

601 Christian Street Vacant lot in prime location,

3rd & Bainbridge - Live & work from home in this fabulous space. 2 bedrooms +den,1.5 Baths, w/ finished basement, landscaped garden & hrdwd flrs,floors, wd burning mature garflrs & rear patio. 19-123 Federal 119-123 Federal 119-123 Federal sq. & ft, Beyonce 12 ft ceilings, hrdwd flrs and Certified Home Circa 1760, 3 bdrms, 1bth bedrooms, 3 full and 1 half baths, hrdwd 60x79x75x15, Incredible development L’EAU Jay-Z & Beyonce L’EAU Jay-Z &remaining Beyonce L’EAU Jay-Z & Beyonce hardwood Deck + fp, Gallery space on 1st Fl. $3000 119-123 Federal 119-123 Federal Queen L’EAU L’EAU Jay-Z &125 Beyonce 2trinity, yrs on&T.A. $349,900 St #22 Jay-Z 1 Christian St #22 1 Bainbridge Christian StIII #22 1 Christian St #22 original opportunity. $389,000 III 2107 Bainbridge worth—Phase III St125 Ellsworth—Phase III 1 125 Ellsworth—Phase Bainbridge 2107 Bainbridge flrs753-757 &Marshall two decks. $439,900St 534 Queen Beautiful ful7 534 den 15x35 +Beautiful 1Beautiful cr3parking $464,900 REDUCED TO2107 $164,000 1gardn. Christian St 1 Christian St #22 427 Queen 3Development story, 2 N/C bedroom, 1Homes, bath H/W, EIKEllsworth—Phase garden. $1400 details, fp & 2107 $355,000 125 Ellsworth—Phase III502 2107 Bainbridge 1254+Off/3 Ellsworth—Phase IIIChristian 2107 Bainbridge designer kitchen. $499,900 Homes, /2.5, 753-757 S. N/C 7 3Homes, /2.5, 7Development /2.5, 753-757 S. Marshall St S. St Marshall 24 Condos Development 243Condos Development 247FCondos 502 4+Off/3 F4+Off/3 502 Delancey & 502 Delancey F& 4+Off/3 F &#22 N/C Homes, 3 /2.5, N/C 7 Homes, 3 /2.5, 753-757 S. Marshall StF &753-757 S. Marshall St Development 24 Condos 24 Condos 3 + media/2.5 toPennspoint 4parking. + den /2.5 oint Pennspoint Incredible Pennspoint 3 +3/2 media/2.5 Incredible 3 + media/2.5 3 + media/2.5 33to+225 4Den/2.5 +Catharine den /2.5 H/W 3 to 43+toden /2.5 3+ to Deck 4 + den+ /2.5 Delancey &TA 3 BR St - Beautiful + Den, 4 BA, H/W, GranitePennspoint ktchn, grdn& &3 2 car $3500 502 Delancey 4+Off/3 502 Delancey F &Delancey 3/2 Deck 3/2 Deck +3Parking 3/2 Deck +3&to 4+Off/3 Pennspoint Incredible 4 + denIncredible /2.5 Den/2.5 H/W Incredible 3 + media/2.5 den /2.5 & 3/2 Deck + Between Incredible , Bsmt + Gar &Bsmt TA H/W, Bsmt + -Gar Bsmt ++ Gar & TA TA 3/2 Parking Deck +2 1/2 6th & Between 7th 6th off of Between 6th &BA 7th off of Between &6th 7th&off ofoff of Between 6th & 7th off3 +ofmedia/2.5 2/2 Parking TA 2/2 2/2 Parking TA4++Gar H/W, Bsmt & TA&TAGarden H/W, +& Gar TA H/W, 776 S. 2nd St Very nice 2& Bedroom, 1 Bath Bi 2/2 level apartment w/ CA + BA Lg Deck. $1350 7th 2/2 TA Parking TA BA + Deck 3 Car 2 1/2 + Deck 3 Car 2 1/2 + Deck 3 Car 2 1/2 BA + Deck 3 Car Gar TA From $499,000 Deck & Garden $749,000 FromGarden $499,000 Gar TA From $499,000 Gar From $499,000 Deck $749,000 Deck & Garden $749,000 Deck & Garden $749,000 $499,000 2 1/2 Deck 3 CarFitzwater 3 Deck 2Gar1/2 + Deck 3 Car TA BA From $499,000 Garden $749,000 TA$399,000 From $499,000 Deck & Garden $749,000 $499,000 + Parking+ RED $499,000 $499,000 $499,000 + large Parking Parking RED + Parking RED Garden $499,000 Fitzwater 3Fitzwater Lots $350,000 Fitzwater 3 Lots 3 BA Lots3+Lots Lots &$350,000 $350,000 $350,000 0rom $509,000 810 S. 3rd$509,000 St –Beautiful 3From BR +RED Den home with hardwood floors t/o, yard + Gar parking. $2500 $399,000 From $399,000 From From From $509,000 RED $499,000 $499,000 + Parking RED Fitzwater $350,000 From $399,000 From $399,000 From $509,000 Prng $1,350,000 $1,350,000 $1,350,000 Prng +$1,350,000 PrngPrng Prng+ Parking 1119 E.From Palmer$509,000 St –N/C 3 BR + Media Rm, 3 BA, H/W t/o, Fp, Lg Garden 3 car parking. $2500 Prng $1,350,000 $1,350,000 400 Spring Garden-N.C Commercial Space Available-800 to 1600 Sq Ft. Call for Details





lex plexlefxt p p Du DuD2uLe

and rear yard. $299,900


bdrm 2 bth unit. $549,000

x ple



x ple

bedroom apartments. $599,000

hrdwd flrs, deck & prkg. $499,900

on cti tru s n Co

238 Arch Street


e sq. ft. Humphry’s Commercial SpaceN8,000 Flag Co. across from the Betsy Ross House. Great Investment Opportunity $1,000,000

132 Manton Street - Lovely 3 story hm w/ 2 bdrms + den, 1.5 bths, non- working fp, & yard on the side. $245,000

St 128 Pemberton St 128 Christian Pemberton St St 128 Pemberton St Society Office 335 1 Christian #49 335 Christian 335 Christian 335 1 Christian #49StS. 2nd St Rosa 1Court— Christian #49 #49 1623 Christian 215.627.6005 623 S 6th 3623 623 S 6th SCondos 6thS 6th 623Christian SHill 6th 3 Condos 3#49 Condos 3 Condos 128 Pemberton 335 Christian 1 335 Christian #49 128 Pemberton Christian 1 Christian Garage a Court— Rosa Court— Rosa Garage Garage 825 S. 825 825 S. Court— 2ndGarage St Garage 623 S 6th 3 Condos 3 Condos 530 W a ln ut St. Rosa Court— Garage Rosa 825 2nd StMulti 825Fitzwater S.Fab 2nd StA&Court— Monroe FabMonroe 2338 127 Fitzwater Monroe A& FabC3/2.5 1272nd Sui te #2 264Car 0 /3.5 Multi4 /3.5 5/4Multi +2Deck 5/4 + TA Deck 5/4Parking +5/4 Deck Multi45/4 + Deck C3+ /2 127$549,000 Monroe &27 C 127 Fab Garden 3/2.5 Garden +Garden 1 car 4Fab /3.5 2 Car Parking 210 6Car Parking Car +Monroe 12338 car 3/2.5 +S. 1 car Garden ++ 1Deck, car 1/13/2.5 + Deck, 1/1From Deck, TA 1/1 + Deck, TA TA4 /3.5 +4AParking Deck, TA Multi + Deck Phi la de 1/1 lp hi a, P 19 /3.5 2 Car Parking 3/2.5 Garden + 1 car /3.5 2 Car Parking 3/2.5 Garden + 1 car 3 /2 $549,000 From $549,000 From 3 /2 From $549,000 Duplex Great Corner Duplex Great Corner Duplex Great Corner 1/1 + Deck, TA 1/1 3 /2 From $549,000 3 /2upscale FromBuilder’s $549,000 Duplex Great Corner Duplex Great Corner scale Hm upscale Condos Builder’s 1/1Builder’s TAHmPkng Builder’s Hm $649,900 $649,900 $649,900 & Garden Garden & Garden RED Condos 1/1 TA Hm A Builder’s upscale Hm upscale Pkng RED$499,500 $549,900 REDPkng $549,900 $499,500 Pkng $499,500 Pkng$649,900 $499,500  From $299,000 1 SOLD 1 SOLD RED From $299,000 1Kauffman SOLD From $299,000 From$549,900 $299,000 1$499,500 SOLD & Garden&RED $649,900 & $549,900 Garden $549,900 RED $549,900 Pkng $499,500 Mike Carestio Lee Ann Hartley Property Ivon Cowell Tory Gargano Adele Gerngross Property $379,000 REDRED $379,000 PropertyJeff RED $379,000 Deidre Quinn From $299,000 1 SOLD Property RED $379,000 From $299,000 1 SOLD Property $379,000 Den/22+Garden REDGarden From $229,000 Den/2 Garden RED 2+RED Den/2 Garden RED From $229,000 2+ Den/2 Garden RED 2+ Den/2 RED

425-31 E. Wildey St Nothing can compare to this 4600 sq. ft gated estate 1923-1925-2021-2023 w/ garage, 3 bdrms, 2 bths, hrdwd flrs, & N/C 3 to$649,900 4 BR Parrish incredible deck.

TA From $469,000

2200 Pine Street • Unit #109 Beaut. restored hist. corner building. Top flr studio unit stunning & bright w/ hrdwd flrs, C.A. & Tax Abat. $219,900 753-757 S. Marshall St

Between 6th & 7th off of Fitzwater 3 Lots $350,000

753-55-57 S. Marshall Street Terrific Investment Opportunity or build your dream home. 3 lots, 45x32. $359,000

128 Pemberton St

Multi 5/4 + Deck Watch for & Garden $649,900 our new 714-22 StDecks. -13 Condos with Garage Parking - 2/2Gardens & Decks. FROM $379,900 714-22 Bainbridge St -13 Condos with Garage Parking - 2/2-Bainbridge 714-22 Gardens Bainbridge &Bainbridge StFROM -13 Condos $379,900 Bainbridge withwith Garage St -13 Parking Condos - 2/2with Gardens Garage & Parking Decks. - 2/2FROM Gardens $379,900 &Garage Decks.Parking FROM-$379,900 714-22 Bainbridge -13 Condos with 2/2- Gardens & Decks. FROM $379,900 714-22 St714-22 -13 Condos Garage Parking - 2/2Gardens & St Decks. FROM $379,900 Quick Read Great Rental Great Rental Great Rental Great Rental Great Rental Bar Code on from in thishome fabulous space. 2 space. bedrooms Baths, ive 1.5 3rd & Baths, work & Bainbridge from home -in Live this fabulous work from home 2 bedrooms in2+den,1.5 this fabulous Baths, 2Baths, bedrooms +den,1.5 Baths, space. 2 bedrooms +den,1.5 Baths, 3rd & Bainbridge - +den,1.5 Live &space. work from home in this fabulous eork - Live &home work from in&this fabulous space. bedrooms +den,1.5 ry onspace 1st Fl.on$3000 + space Gallery hardwood floors, 1st Deck Gallery on 1stfloors, Fl. $3000 hardwood Deck + Gallery space on 1st Fl. $3000 Deck + Gallery space onFl. 1st+$3000 Fl. $3000space all of our signs y, bedroom, 12Stbath trinity, EIK &H/W, garden. $1400 0autiful ul 23427 story, 2 bedroom, Beautiful 1 bath trinity, story, 2H/W, bedroom, EIKEIK &1 Stgarden. bath trinity, $1400 H/W, EIK & garden.1$1400 427 Queen 3 story, 2 bedroom, bath trinity, H/W, EIK & garden. $1400 3Queen story, bedroom, 1 3H/W, bath trinity, &Beautiful garden. $1400


Visit o u r website for our complete inventory, weekly o pen hou se s, add ition a l p ictu res a nd mo re p a rticulars.

2449 S. Garnet Street Sunlit corner property, 3 bdrms, 2.5 bths, hrdwd flrs, balcony, garage & tx abt. $499,000

110 Watkins Street - Recently rehbbed gorgeous hm w/3bdrms, 2.5 bths, hrdwd flrs,, fp, finished bsmt & landscaped garden. $309,900

Independently owned and operated member of the Prudential Real Estate Affiliates, Inc.

2014 S. 3rd Street Beautifull corner property. 3 bdrms, 2 bths, hrdwd flrs, high ceilings & private dck. $259,900

D L dO t eS reN 5

148 Fitzgerald Street - Beautiful completely renovated 2 bdrm, 1.5 bth hw w/hrdwd flrs t/o, fin. bsmt & exp. brick & lovely garden. $199,900

1101 S. 2nd Street Coming Soon Phase 3. Beautiful N/C w/ 3 bdrms, 2.5 bths, hrdwd flrs, deck & garage. $499,000

333 Reed Street Prime Development opportunity, lot size 28.9 x 140, 3 story building & huge rear yard behind. Shell condition. $187,800.

D D D D D L L L L L O O O O S5SSO5 S 55 5S


BR + $3500 Den, BA, H/W, & cargrdn parking. $3500 rking. 225 3Catharine BR34+BR Den, 4-BA, Beautiful H/W, 3ktchn, Granite BRGranite +grdn Den, ktchn, 4 2grdn BA, H/W, & car Granite ktchn, $3500 grdn & 42 BA, car parking. $3500ktchn, grdn & 2 car parking. $3500 225 Catharine St2-& Beautiful 3 BR + Den, H/W, Granite -autiful Beautiful + St Den, 4Granite BA, H/W, ktchn, 2 parking. car parking. $3500 droom, Bath Bi level apartment CA Deck. $1350 350 ice 776 2 Bedroom, S. 2nd St 1 -Bath Very Bi nice level Bedroom, apartment Bath CA Bi + level Deck. $1350 w/ Deck. $1350 776+1w/ S.Lg 2nd St-Lg -210 nice 2$1350 Bedroom, Bath Bi204 level apartment w/ CA + Lg Deck. $1350 ry nice 21210 Bedroom, 1Street Bath Bi2level w/ CA +Very Lgapartment Deck. Locust Unit 5Ew/apartment 208 Fitzwater St CA + 1Lg Christian Street 3 BR +large Den hardwood yard + double parking. $2500 king. ul large 810 $2500 S. 3 3rd BR3home +BR StDen –Beautiful home large hardwood 3floors BR +t/o, Den floors home t/o, with yard hardwood + parking. $2500 t/o, yard +Historically parking. $2500 810 S. 3rd St –Beautiful large 3 BR + Den home with hardwood floors 2t/o, yard autiful +with Den home with hardwood floors t/o, yard +hm parking. $2500 Beautiful studio unit inwith Society Hill Great prop. on floors Fab Q.V. block certified, pristine bdrm + + parking. $2500 +–N/C Media Rm, BA, t/o, Fp, Lg Garden 332car parking. $2500 /C 1119 3 BR $2500 E. +BR Media Palmer Rm, StH/W 3–N/C BA, 3H/W BR +t/o, Media Fp, Rm, Garden BA, +St H/W 3 2car parking. Lg Garden + 3 3car parking. $2500 bright &Rm, spacious, hrdwd flrs w/ bdrms, fp, hrdwd flrs,$2500 & fab. den home hardwood floors, deck 1119 E.+ Palmer –N/C 3Fp, BR +$2500 Media Rm, BA, H/Wwith t/o, Fp, Lg Garden + 3 car parking. $2500 trking. 3Towers, + 3Media 3 BA, H/W t/o, Lg Fp, Lg Garden +bths, 3t/o, car parking. mercial Space Available-800 to 1600 Sq Ft. Call for Details tails .C 400 Commercial Spring Garden-N.C Space Available-800 Commercial to 1600 Space Sq Available-800 Ft. for Details to 1600 Ft.Space Call for Details t/o & parking avail. $1250 dck. In Call the Sch. Dist.Sq $2200 and garden $1650 400 Spring Garden-N.C Commercial Available-800 to 1600 Sq Ft. Call for Details n-N.C Commercial Space Available-800 to 1600 Sq Ft. Meredith Call for Details 622 S, Front Street 1352 South Street Unit 216 842 S. American Street Stunning traditional home w/incredible Fabulous 1 bdrm 1200sq. ft loft w/ Very nice 3 story condo w/ prking, river views, 4 bdrms, 3 bths, 6 fp’s, hrdwd flrs, high ceilings & indoor 2 bdrms + den, 1.5 bths, hrdwd hrdwd flrs, finished basement & fab. garage parking. $1750 flrs, exposed brick & wd burning deck. $3100 fp. $2100


            ted eN                r          – For more inFormation and a list oF our

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Society Hill Office 530 Walnut St. Suite #260 Philadelphia, PA 19106

Society Hill Office Society HillHill Office Society Hill Office 215.627.6005 215.627.6005 215.627.6005 Society Hill Office Society Office 215.627.6005 215.627. 6005 •215.627.6005

Society Hill Office 530 W a ln ut St. Sui te # 26 0 Phi la de lp hi a, P A 19 10 6

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• 


     Independently owned and operated member of the Prudential Real Estate Affiliates, Inc. Mike Carestio Hartl eyAnn Jeff Kauffman MikeIvon Carestio Mike Carestio Mike CarestioGaryJeff eff Lee Ann Hartl eAdele yGargano IvonGargano Cowell JeffCarestio Kauffman LeeKauffman Hartl y Ivon Cowell Jeff Kauffman Tory Adele Gerngross Tory Gerngross Gargano Tory Adele Gerngross Adele Gerngross Mike Carestio Deidre Rosa Marino Mintz Lee Ann Hartl eyGargano IvonMike Cowell Kauffman Lee AnneQuinn Hartl ey Cowell Ivon Cowell Jeff Kauffman Tory Gargano Adele Gerngross Tory Adele Gerngross Deidre Quinn

530 W a ln ut St. Sui te # 26 0 Phi la de lp hi a, P A 19 10 6

P H I L A D E L P H I A W E E K LY August 31 - September 6, 2011

n n n tn t t nt etni o men ent en ti o ti o ti o inotn    m m me uc uc uc umcet uc m p p p p r r r r t t t t p p r lo lo lo ns      evoenlos  ns enlsot ns ve ve e lo ve ov Co C Co C Co D- Wonderful De De Dev 2232 S. Lambert Street De 795 S. 3rd Street 113 N. Bread 129 Manton Street D-e 104 Catherine Street w Street w w # 2B w Prominent corner w w w e e e e w Best Deal! Why pay rent? 3 bdrms, w Unit, eN 1 Nbi-level e ew e property with ResN Terrific N Designer N renowned The National Incredibly well kept 3 bdrm, 1.5 bth cr Ngarage. NC w3w wNNe.ec2 bths, o n w a ytaurant t e aasm o m+Dimitris &ogarden. T h e side A w a r duplex d2 bdrm W iwith n 2i nunit g and K a1t bi-level hy, N P3a t r i c1.5 k bths, a n dhrdwd t h eflrs n w a y T e abeautiful m .8190 basement, 1st.flrctenant two 1 large details, bdrms, hm215.440 w/ semi-finished 1n bth

ft Le

$279,900 basement $369,000

W W W. P H I L A D E L P H I A W E E K LY. C O M

cENtER citY lUXURY coNDoMiNiUMs FoR sAlE! Location


Total Square Footage


Minimum Income Monthly Cost Monthly Tax Total Incld. Mtg, Condo Savings in a 31% for 10% Down Cash Fee & Taxes Tax Bracket Required Financing

Monthly After Tax Cost

tHe PHilaDelPHian

Combined home with 4 bedrooms plus den, 4 baths, large balcony with Art Museum view, upgr. kit. and baths


$599,000* $170,517 $227,956




tHe PHilaDelPHian

2 bedrooms, 2 baths with views of the Art Museum and Center City skyline, upd. kit., large private balcony








tHe PHilaDelPHian

2 bedrooms, 2 baths, new wood floors, balcony, Art Museum view, upgraded kitchen and baths








tHe PHilaDelPHian

1 bedroom, 1 bath, wood floors, upgraded kitchen, ample living space










Total Square Footage


Minimum Income Monthly Cost Monthly Tax Total Incld. Mtg, Condo Savings in a 31% for 10% Down Cash Fee & Taxes Tax Bracket Required Financing

Monthly After Tax Cost

acaDeMy House

2 bedrooms, 2 baths, split plan on a high floor, excellent lving and closet spaces, eat-in kitchen, master bedroom with ensuite bath & walk-in closet








acaDeMy House

One bedroom, one bath, upgraded kitchen and bath, Juliet balcony, W/D










Total Square Footage


Minimum Income Monthly Cost Monthly Tax Total Incld. Mtg, Condo Savings in a 31% for 10% Down Cash Fee & Taxes Tax Bracket Required Financing


3bedroom+den, 3.5 baths, marble foyer, formal dining rm, sunny eat-in kitchen, 10’ ceilings, moldings, oak herring bone floors, 3 gas fireplaces


$2,900,000* $666,174 $609,602



tHe rittenHouse

Penthouse, 2 bedrooms, 2 full baths, 2 half baths, high end finishes and appointments throughout, balcony with city views


$2,675,000* $837,195 $885,553





3 bedrooms, 3.5 baths, brand new, very high ceilings, his and hers master baths, custom kitchen, exquisite detail throughout.


$2,395,000* $557,550 $544,753




220 w. rittenHouse sq.

Magnificent custom home with 3BR’s, 2.5BAs, balcony over Rittenhouse Square, chef’s kit., wonderful enter. space, lavish master suite


$1,975,000* $477,935 $540,403




tHe warwick

1 bedroom plus den, magnificent city views to the north and south, open kitchen, custom details and finishes throughout, one-of-a kind


$1,475,000* $349,089 $346,065




tHe warwick

3BR, 3BA, Bamboo flrs., spac. Kit w/custom wood cabinetry, granite counter tops, marble baths, 3 exposures, gym and hotel services


$1,350,000* $318,496 $308,302





3 brs, 3 bas, most rooms have views of Rittenhouse Square, beautifully restored original details throughout


$1,250,000* $326,409 $350,002




tHe warwick

3 bedrooms plus den, 3.5 baths, open floor plan, chef’s kitchen, marble baths, north and south city views


$1,195,000* $285,860 $296,707




1830 rittenHouse square

2 brs + den, 2.5 ba home, lots of nat. light, beautifully maintained original details, great ent. space, lrg. kit.


$1,185,000* $293,626 $356,745




tHe warwick

2 bedrooms + den, 3 baths, gourmet kitchen, marble baths, walk-in-closets, hardwood floors


$829,000* $198,723 $203,519




tHe warwick

2 bedrooms + den, 3 baths, sun-soaked, wood floors, open kitchen, marble baths


$799,000* $191,918 $198,231




Parc rittenHouse

Rarely available south side 2 bedroom, 2 bath, hardwood floors, marble bathroom, custom upgr. throughout


$799,900* $190,168 $186,175




Parc rittenHouse

2 bedrooms, 2 baths, terrace on pool club deck, open custom kitchen, marble baths, wood floors


$775,000* $185,892 $192,114




2009 sPruce street

3 bedrooms plus den, 2.5 baths, tri-level condominium, large private deck, luxurious master suite


$750,000* $180,974 $168,764




tHe warwick

2 bedrooms, 2 baths, open floor plan, luxurious master suite, marble baths, wood floors, lots of light


$599,900* $143,842 $128,634





Two bedrooms, two baths, hardwood floors, building offers 24 hour doorman and gym, located on Rittenhouse Square


$539,000* $131,596 $143,484




1900 rittenHouse

1 bedroom, 1 bath, Juliet balcony, upgraded kitchen and bath, lots of light, separate dining room, hardwood floors


$479,900* $119,104 $132,166



$2,547 $2,127

Monthly After Tax Cost


P H I L A D E L P H I A W E E K LY August 31 - September 6, 2011

tHe warwick

One bedroom, one bath, hardwood floors, marble bath, custom kitchen







Parc rittenHouse

1 bedroom, 1 bath, balcony, open kitchen, hardwood floors, marble bath








Parc rittenHouse

1 bedroom, large galley kitchen, open living and dining room, excellent closet space








Parc rittenHouse

Studio with wood floors, marble bath, open kitchen and city view










Total Square Footage


Minimum Income Monthly Cost Monthly Tax Total Incld. Mtg, Condo Savings in a 31% for 10% Down Cash Fee & Taxes Tax Bracket Required Financing

bank builDing

Brand new 2 BR + den, 2.5 BA home, lots of natural light, wood flrs, open chef’s kitchen, designer baths, services available from adjoining OMNI Hotel


$1,100,000* $258,737 $256,947




bank builDing

Raw space that can be designed and built into a custom home overlooking Independence Mall


$950,000* $227,682 $255,277




bank builDing

2 bedrooms plus den, 2.5 baths, hardwood floors, high-end open kitchen, designer bathrooms


$799,000* $190,281 $201,402




bank builDing

Opportunity to create a custom home in a luxury, boutique condominium building on Independence Mall


$575,000* $139,141 $159,045




society Hill towers

Two bedrooms, one bath, parquet wood floors, washer/dryer, unobstructed river views, floor-to-ceiling windows








society Hill towers

2 bedrooms, 1 bath, unobstructed river views, beautifully upgraded kitchen and bath, wood floors throughout








society Hill towers

1 bedroom, 1 bath, bridge and city views, wood floors, upgraded kitchen, potential investment opportunity








society Hill towers

One bedroom, high floor, river view, investment opportunity










Total Square Footage


Minimum Income Monthly Cost Monthly Tax Total Incld. Mtg, Condo Savings in a 31% for 10% Down Cash Fee & Taxes Tax Bracket Required Financing

inDePenDence Place

Bi-level penthouse, 2 bedrooms. 2.5 baths, 2 kitchens, impeccably finished throughout, amazing river and city views


$2,295,000* $553,618 $565,869




inDePenDence Place

Magnificent penthouse with 1 br plus den, 3.5 ba, completely renovated w/ custom finishes throughout, balcony over Wash. Sq, a must see!


$1,900,000* $458,112 $464,097




tHe liPPincott

Custom 2 bedroom, 2 bath home with high celing, lots of light, open chefs kitchen, luxurious master suite, direct view of Washington Square


$1,075,000* $254,330 $256,397




inDePenDence Place

2 bedrooms, 2 baths, beautifully ren. kit. and baths, balc. with city and river views, hdwd. flrs. in living areas


$825,000* $201,544 $209,714




inDePenDence Place

1 bedroom, 1.5 baths, alcove, completely renovated with gourmet kitchen, designer bath, amazing closets


$479,900* $116,244 $117,081




HoPkinson House

Deluxe 1 bedroom, 1 bath, balcony with views of Washington Square and the river, renovated kitchen and bat






inDePenDence Place

1 bedroom, 1 bath, balcony, laundry room, excellent condition








inDePenDence Place

1 bedroom, 1 bath, wood floors throughout, upgraded kitchen and bath, custom closets, balcony










Monthly After Tax Cost

Monthly After Tax Cost

inDePenDence Place

1 bedroom, 1 bath, balcony, upgraded kitchen, new fixtures throughout








stricklanD row

2 bedrooms, 1 bath, bi-level, excellent natural light, wood floors, open kitchen,








stricklanD row

2 bedrooms, 1 bath, bi-level, open kitchen, wood floors










Total Square Footage


Minimum Income Monthly Cost Monthly Tax Total Incld. Mtg, Condo Savings in a 31% for 10% Down Cash Fee & Taxes Tax Bracket Required Financing

Monthly After Tax Cost

Pier 3

2 bedrooms, 2 baths, open floor plan, fireplace, terrace off mastersuite, potential investment opportunity







Allan Domb Real Estate 215.545.1500 • “wE coopERAtE with All REAltoRs®”


* Based on 20% Down Mortgage

Mortgage Financing available

Melissa Tagye 610-639-0984

• 42 • • •

Parc riTTenhouse 225 s. 18Th sTreeT

The riTTenhouse • 210 W. riTTenhouse square 2 bedrooms plus den, 2 full and 2 half baths, dramatic sunset view, custom finishes and features throughout, 3952 sf $2,675,000

The WarWick 1701 locusT sTreeT 2 bedrooms, 2 baths, split floor plan, open kitchen, wood floors, marble baths, 1199 sf


3 bedrooms, 3 baths, brand new home with views of Rittenhouse Square from all rooms, 2 Juliet balconies, custom finishes throughout, 1709 sf

W W W. P H I L A D E L P H I A W E E K LY. C O M

Center City Luxury Condominiums For saLe


socieTy hill ToWers 210 locusT sTreeT 2 bedrooms, pristine condition, updated kitchen and bath, unobstructed river views, 1200 sf


The PhiladelPhian 2401 Pennsylvania ave

1 bedroom, updated hardware and fixtures throughout, balcony, open kitchen, 860 sf


1 bedroom, wood floors, renovated kitchen, W/D, 1258 sf


Allan Domb Real Estate 215.545.1500 •

“wE coopERAtE with All REAltoRs®”

P H I L A D E L P H I A W E E K LY August 31 - September 6, 2011

indePendence Place 233 s. 6Th sTreeT


Nice Stuff.


Nice Stuff.


new multi-policy NEW MULTI-POLICY DISCOUNT. discount.

Mainhome LineandOffi ce quote. Call for a free auto, renters call for a free auto, home and renters quote. 333 E Lancaster, Wynnewood

610-896-7100 610-896-7100 215.477.2000

PhiladelPhia local office 333 E Lancaster, Wynnewood

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Philadelphia Weekly 8-31-2011  

Philadelphia Weekly 8-31-11 The King and I

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