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Rage foR the Cage Mixed martial arts fighters thrive under local promotion By Randy LoBasso

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small sensations on stage Main Stage Performance by

mini britney! This Saturday, Late Night!

Saturday, September 3, 2011

24/7 happy hour

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P H I L A D E L P H I A W E E K LY August 3 - 9, 2011



Cover photograph by Letizia Mariotti ryan strand

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Contents August 3-9, 2011


8 Rage for

the Cage

A Kensington kid banks on Philly becoming the next big Mixed Martial Arts town. PhillyNOW 7 Organized-Labor Pains MilkBoy’s

On the Web

union saga, continued.

ARTs & CulTuRe 16 Calendar PW ’s picks for the week. fOOd 23 Pabbit Habits As it approaches its third anniversary, Pub & Kitchen still impresses.

23 You’re Quite the Dish Chicken Italiano at Shank’s Original.

ART 28 First Friday Picks Don’t miss the art

PHILLYNOW This is liquor privatization? Lawmakers talking about putting a cap on number of stores in Philly.

PW Style Summer of Sales: Markdowns can be found all around the city. Thanks, recession!

Make Major Moves New music recommendations: Trust us, they’re good.

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sCReeN 29 Teenage Dream An outcast gets help

New Releases: Reviews of Cowboys & Aliens, Point Blank, The Devil’s Double, Passione and Rise of the Planet of the Apes.

from his school’s eccentric principal in Terri.

Rise of the Planet of the Apes

MusiC 31 It’s Britney, Bitch Britney Spears is back in all her flawed splendor.

32 West is Best Danger Danger Gallery expands into retail on Baltimore Ave.

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MilkBoy’s union saga, continued. jeff fusco

In concert: Co-owners Tommy Joyner (left) and Jamie Lokoff are eager to open up their new downtown coffee shop/music venue. It’s a recent afternoon inside the new downtown MilkBoy location, a two-floor space at 11th and Chestnut streets that will be coffee bar by morning, pub by afternoon

Periscopin’ By Tara Murtha

P H I L A D E L P H I A W E E K LY August 3 - 9, 2011


and music venue by night, and co-owner Tommy Joyner is hustling to get the place in shape to open up next week. “We’ve been doing some of this work ourselves to give it some heart,” says Joyner, gesturing around. He points at the coffee tables, which he carved out of chunks of oak butcher block and then stained chocolate brown. “When you’re out of money, you find ways to make it happen.” Upstairs, the stage that’s about to be installed will complete the space’s conversion from its former life as a book and magazine shop into a 200-capacity concert space reminiscent of the old Upstairs at Nick’s (the venue that used to be above Nick’s Roast Beef on Second Street in Old City that closed in 1999). Downstairs, artsy glass garage-door walls that will roll up on 11th Street, hardwood floors discovered beneath six inches of linoleum and restored terrazzo tile obliterates any remnants of

the former beauty supply shop. After almost a year of work, the space is positively transformed—and so is Joyner. As PW first reported back in March, Joyner and business partner Jamie Lokoff have been wading in shark-infested waters from almost the moment MilkBoy announced plans to expand its brand—music studios and then two coffee shops founded in the suburbs—into Philadelphia. To recap: U3 Ventures owns the property and is leasing it to MilkBoy through a deal with the city, which offered U3 Ventures a loan pending approval of the tenant in an effort to revitalize a particularly bedraggled strip of Chestnut Street. In other words, MilkBoy was personally approved by the city in good faith as a business that will work to class up the joint. But U3 Ventures didn’t hire all union workers so, in retaliation, the Philadelphia Carpenter’s Union dispatched a goon squad to MilkBoy Coffee in Ardmore. Since last fall, picketers have stood outside MilkBoy holding signs and handing out fliers enblazoned with spurious statements about Joyner and Lokoff. The picketers had an impact on the coffee shop’s bottom line, setting profits off by about 15 percent. Joyner and Lokoff had expected some hassle at the downtown worksite, but they hadn’t anticipated guys with Jersey plates to drive out to Ardmore every day, spitting and throwing trash on the sidewalk in front of their business.

encountered,” he says. “It wasn’t all roses getting this place opened. It seemed like everyone ... dragged their feet.” Like Philadelphia Gas Works, which refused to install meters so long as the protesters were outside. “[They said], ‘We will not cross picket lines, as long as they’re out there we will not cross,’” says Joyner. “I [asked], ‘How can you not cross the picket line? You’re a public utility and you’re the only gas company I’m allowed to use.’” Although unable to comment on specific accounts due to privacy concerns, PGW spokeswoman Melanie McCottry confirms the policy. “Per our union contract, we do not cross the picket line except in situations where it is an emergency,” says McCottry. “Unions, they stick together.” So a cat-and-mouse game went on where, according to Joyner, PGW kept stopping by (“to their credit”) to check if the picketers were still outside. If they were, they split. Eventually, a PGW employee stopped by at a time the carpenter’s union wasn’t hanging around and they installed the meter. It took four months. Then there was an unscheduled visit from the building inspector. “You’re supposed to call when you’re ready,” says Joyner. Instead, an inspector just showed up unannounced and, according to Joyner, walked directly to the oven hood and announced, ‘This fails.’” Then there was the time an S-lock mysteriously slipped itself into the gate, temporarily locking some construction workers inside. At this point, it’s hard for the MilkBoy guys to tell what renovation delays are a direct result of this union debacle and what can be chalked up to extraordinary systemic inefficiency. Is it paranoia when they really are out to get you? “I don’t feel political,” insists Joyner. “I just feel like a businessman trying to get something done.” He doesn’t really want to talk about it anymore, but it’s hard not to want to set the record straight. He doesn’t want to feel like a “schmuck.” “I’d really like to move on,” sighs Joyner. Once the venue is open, it’ll be a huge relief. Then he can focus on his passions, like the fair-trade coffee, local beers and organic foodstuffs he’s eager to serve, and the mix of national and local bands that will play upstairs. MilkBoy should be open for business within the next week. Walk down Chestnut, and you can’t miss it. It’ll be the sleek and modern storefront amidst jewelry stores and low-end handbag shops. And, likely, it’ll be the one with a giant inflatable rat—they’re manufactured, by the way, at a nonunion shop in Ohio—pumped full of hot air. Nice reward for helping pull this little strip of the city out of the gutter. “I would say I learned my lesson,” says Joyner. n

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Organized-Labor Pains

Suddenly, these mild-mannered artiststurned-entrepreneurs were caught in the middle of a public debate about the role of unions in the U.S. After trying to keep it light by responding with funny T-shirts parodying the picketers’ absurd “Shame on MilkBoy” sign, Joyner and Lokoff spoke out, vocalizing the open dirty secret of Philadelphia entrepreneurship—if you don’t hire all union to build in this city you will be harassed, or worse. Against the backdrop of the union debacle going down in Wisconsin at the time (Gov. Scott Walker passed a budget that included stripping bargaining rights from state employees), the story went viral, saturating local media. CBS quoted Pat Gillespie, head of the Building and Trades Council, as saying, “The carpenters won’t let up because there’s much more at stake.” He’s right. They didn’t let up. Five months later and on the verge of opening the new joint, Joyner wonders if speaking out was a good idea. “Has it helped me? I don’t know. It helped me feel like I’m not a schmuck. But has it actually helped me? I don’t think so,” says Joyner. “Because honestly we feel like we’re being picked on by a large, highly funded, highly organized organization, not to be redundant. There’s just no way to get back at them because you think you’re getting somewhere, and [then] your place gets lit on fire.” According to Capt. Jeffrey Thompson of the Philadelphia Fire Department, fire trucks were dispatched to 1100 Chestnut St. at 4:32 p.m. on Friday, June 17. A passer-by had noticed flames and called 911. “The fire marshal concluded that the cause was incendiary,” says Thompson. “It was intentionally set.” Meaning: arson. According to the fire marshal report, the fire originated in the center of the floor. The arsonist made a nest of debris, doused it with accelerant and dropped a match. Joyner couldn’t believe it. “Someone would have to hide in here or have the key and let themselves in,” he says. Luckily, the sprinkler system kicked in right away, so the fire didn’t do any real physical damage; the construction schedule was only set back one day. But it burnt an impression into Joyner’s mind. “We didn’t really go public with it. It was one of the travails of getting the place open that we chalked up to experience. I talked to union guys afterward and I said, ‘I want you to know, we heard the message. We fucked up. We got it.’ And they were like, ‘I don’t know what you’re talking about, there’s no way we’d start a fire.’ I [said], ‘OK, but if there was a message in that, we got it.’” Joyner goes back and forth between sounding incredulous and throwing up a white flag. He is careful. “I can’t link [the fire] to the unions, I can only say it was part of the trials and another difficulty we

W W W. P H I L A D E L P H I A W E E K LY. C O M

DeVon Mosley and Raoul Smith

fight knight

A Kensington kid banks on Philly becoming the next big mixed martial arts town.

P H I L A D E L P H I A W E E K LY August 3 - 9, 2011

By Randy LoBasso; Photographs by Ryan Strand

The body odor permeating the confined South Philly arena runs about as deep as the 700 people packed inside. The floor is sticky. Many in the crowd are drunk. On this July evening, they’ve come from near and far with a common goal: to witness someone “get knocked the fuck out,” as one fan puts it, during a night of mixed-martial-arts cage fighting. Inside the cage, Nathan Vantassel, a Central Pa.-based fighter with an extensive kung-fu background, is set for his first professional match. He’s going head-to-head with seasoned Philly fighter Matt Nice, a small, pasty, mustached Jiu-Jitsu-trained mixed martial artist. The bell rings. They feel each other out, exchanging brief kicks to the legs. Nice slowly backs away, watching his opponent closely and dodging short, tight punches to his face, then getting tossed against the cage. Within seconds, Nice explodes, landing

two punches to his opponent’s temple. Vantassel goes limp and falls hard on his back. On his way down, he suffers two more hits to the jaw. He’s lifeless. “Welcome to Philly!” screams a fan. A blue rubber-gloved medic opens the door to the cage and rushes in, waving his arms and blocking Nice from doing further damage to his opponent. Nice climbs the cage, straddles it and raises an arm in celebration to the cheers of dozens of fans and friends down in the crowd. In the midst of the excitement, a youngish-looking blondhaired man in a green tie and black suit poses for a photo with a fan in the front row. They stand next to each other, arms over one another’s shoulders, the other hand at shoulder height balled into fists. The guy in the suit is 26-year-old Fran Evans, and tonight’s

festivities are compliments of his MMA promotion, Locked in the Cage. It’s been two-and-a-half years since Pennsylvania legalized professional mixed martial arts and Evans is betting the sport—once deemed too violent for American viewers and called a “human cockfight” by politicians nationwide— is set to explode in Philadelphia. If it does, it’ll be at least partly because of him. “Here in Philly, the scene is already really big. But the world don’t know it, and neither does the country. I need to change that,” Evans says.


Locked in the Cage’s first event was held in November 2009 at the Alexandria Hall at Sherman Mills in East Falls. Evans sold about 2,000 tickets. Since then, he’s put on shows at the Philadelphia Armory and the South Philly arena. He’s


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P H I L A D E L P H I A W E E K LY August 3 - 9, 2011

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W W W. P H I L A D E L P H I A W E E K LY. C O M P H I L A D E L P H I A W E E K LY August 3 - 9, 2011

hoping to move up to larger venues like the Class of 1923 arena in West Philly, the Liacouras Center and, eventually, the Wachovia Center. “I have to be able to do small-time shows first,” he says. “I mean, I’d love to go straight to selling 10,000 tickets for a single event, but that’s not how it works. Thinking like that is how companies go out of business.” Locked in the Cage tickets usually range from $40 to $85. It’s just a week before the South Philly fight and Evans’ phone is ringing off the hook. His desk—one of two in the 500-square-foot Port Richmond warehouse space he’s been renting for a week since moving out of his Kensington home-office—is a mess, full of old fliers, tickets to future shows, plastic bags filled with rubber bands and sauce packets from various fast-food restaurants. Hundreds of Ultimate Fighting Championship DVDs sit stacked kneehigh in a corner. Three large place cards, numbered 1 to 3, are scattered across the floor. A bloodied pair of shorts sits in a picture frame, leaning against a white wall. Somewhere in the mess, Evans puts together cage-fighting shows. There’s tons of work to do before the 11-match fight night and Evans is visibly tired. He’s been staring at a computer all day, reading profiles at, watching amateur mixed martial arts fights on YouTube and negotiating deals with trainers across the eastern seaboard. There are still many details to attend to, including making sure the hotels for the out-of-town fighters are set up and that everybody’s ready for the pre-fight weigh-ins in a few days. Luckily, he has help. The second desk in the office belongs to Paul Miles, a 30-something social media professional Evans hired a month ago. The two met when Miles—having spent his 20s moving from job to job—decided to take some time to pursue a dream. “I wanted to be involved in sports,” he says. So he a got a job working as assistant general manager for a semi-pro hockey team, and with a little extra time on his hands, became a self-described MMA nerd. Miles, who sums up his fighting career as having “jumped a kid in seventh grade after he said some shit about my mom,” started a blog all about local MMA and forced himself to learn as much about the sport as any fighter or trainer. Impressed with Miles’ self-taught knowledge, Evans hired him as matchmaker and director of operations. Their business plan was to promote local guys and prepare them for the next level of MMA fighting. “MMA used to be a circus sideshow,” says Miles. “Fifteen years ago, it was no-holds-barred, raw-dog shit fighting, where the biggest fighter was a guy ... who was nothing but a danger to society. But … it’s gone from two guys who fight in a cage to avoid going to jail to mixed martial artists who are some of the best athletes on the planet.” From 9 a.m.-to-whenever, Monday-through-Friday, Evans and Miles are very business casual. They do a lot of research and take plenty of notes. They argue with trainers and managers over fighters’ weight classes, their spot on the fight schedule and money. Evans also gets help from his childhood friends, whom he hires on a contractual basis from time to time to help promote his shows. “I’ve known Franny since he was just a little kid,” says buddy Pete Carter, who could easily win a DJ Pauly D (from MTV’s Jersey Shore) look-alike contest. Carter helps keep track of the hundreds of emails Evans receives daily and the street teams around the city, planting Locked in the Cage signs into soil along city avenues, posting them up on telephone polls and tying them to fences. Also on the street team: Local friends Marty Seider and Joe Fultano, the latter of whom photographs the events.


Being stuck inside an office is relatively new to Evans. The 150-pound son of a boxer began his MMA career inside the ring. He’d racked up about 50 amateur boxing matches by the time puberty hit. “When I was growing up, we were always fighting,” he says, describing a scene from the early

’90s, in which a local kid three years his senior challenged him to a fight on the street after hearing Fran was a gradeschool boxer. “I made him back up until he fell completely off the bike. Then I got a few good shots in before everybody jumped him.” After enrolling in North Catholic, he added freestyle wrestling into his repertoire. He competed in the 2003 Philadelphia Golden Gloves competition, winning the Outstanding Fighter Award. That same year he graduated high school, and soon dedicated his life to MMA. He started studying Muay Thai and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. A few years later, Evans had fought more than 100 regulated amateur boxing matches, eight Muay Thai fights and nine official MMA matches. He admits to having fought at several “Smokers”— underground Fight Club-style MMA matches—in New York, where the sport is still illegal. A month before Pennsylvania legalized mixed martial arts in February 2009, he bought a cage and set out to put Philly on the MMA map. “I knew it was going to get passed in Pennsylvania,” he says, “and there were going to be some doors opening up for me.” He incorporated his own company, Bentley Promotions (which later became Locked in Fran Evans, founder of Locked in the Cage

been in the ring to make sure fighters are treated fairly. “I’m a Philadelphia dude and I want to make sure these fighters are getting taken care of,” he says. “None of these guys are going to get screwed like I did … Every show is meant to build these guys’ careers and it builds what we’re doing.” Eddie Alvarez, local MMA star and champion of Bellator Fighting Championships at 155 pounds, says such local promotions are vital to early careers. “I think what [Locked in the Cage] is able to do is get the local amateurs and pros a platform to start off on,” he says. “Everyone needs a platform to build confidence, name recognition and show visibility.” A fellow North Catholic grad, Alvarez has placed the same bet as Evans: Philly will one day be synonymous with MMA. Alvarez recently opened his own MMA apparel and equipment store, the Red Corner, on Moyer Street in Fishtown. It’s the only one of its kind in the city, and is managed by Josh Huzak, another North Catholic grad and childhood friend. All Locked in the Cage weigh-ins take place at the Red Corner. Alvarez says his investment in the store is the first creative thing he’s done with the money he’s made fighting and he’s confident of the venture, saying it’s what and who Philly is. “The mentality that we have in this city; that tough, neversay-die attitude, that gives off the ability to be successful in any sport,” says Alvarez. “It’s not the technique that makes us fighters. That’s the easy part. It’s our mentality.”


the Cage), and started looking into the costs of renting out arenas, insuring and paying fighters. He’d later diversify his involvement in the sport, including running a fighter management business and doing matchmaking for a promotion company in Scranton. He still fought throughout 2009, and decided to push his promotion in May, after traveling to Richmond, Va., for an amateur bout. When Evans arrived for the fight, his opponent showed up late, overweight and covered in Vaseline—an illegal move that makes it nearly impossible for a fighter to get a grip and use submission tactics. “I had 50 people who came down from Philly for the fight,” he says, “so I wasn’t going to back out.” Though he lost, officials later ruled it a nocontest because “one of the officials saw all the Vaseline all over my gloves and saw I was all glossy and wasn’t before.” Evans decided then and there it was time to put all his effort into promotions. It was going to take someone who’d

The night before the fight in South Philly, shit is out of control. The fighters are making their way inside the Red Corner for the 7 p.m. weigh-in. At 6:30, Miles storms into the store, a cell phone pressed up against the side of his face, making nasty comments. “I don’t understand a word you just said,” he says, now plopped in front of a computer. “Fantastic,” he groans with bitter sarcasm. “Just get me the room number.” Fultano, the company’s photographer, rushes in next. “I’m ready to murder everybody,” he warns. “Traffic was so unreasonable, and I was coming into the city.” “It’s probably U2 traffic,” says Miles, now on hold. It’s a bad night to be shorthanded, but they are. Evans is taking the night off. He’s at the U2 concert. He put Miles in charge of running the weigh-in, and the pre-fight problems are mounting by the minute. Somehow, the hotels Evans and Miles had set up for the out-of-state fighters fell through, and there’s no sauna—a prerequisite for any fighter who might need to lose a couple pounds before weigh-ins—in the new accommodations. About half the fighters scheduled for the event are from out of town. Middletown, Pa.-based trainer Logan Hulstine enters the store with his fighters, Nathan Vantassel and Vinny Courts. He’s not happy. “I thought my hotel was supposed to be right down the street,” he says. “We were supposed to be at the Holiday Inn in South Philly, then I finally get in and there’s no sauna. I expect a lot more from Fran.” Aaron Carter—aka “Hillbilly Havoc”—has his own beef with the promotion team. The Richmond, Va.-based fighter with a shaggy beard and heavy accent, true to his moniker, says he thought he’d be fighting a guy named Francisco Tavares. But Tavares is listed under his middle name, Daniel, and Carter’s been doing research on the wrong fighter for his match. “They got shit all fucked up,” says Carter. “The guy I’m supposed to be fighting isn’t even the guy I’m fighting … Turns out he’s this world phenomenon Jiu-Jitsu black belt. “Who the fuck am I fighting?” Additionally, Carter needs a sauna, now. His usual weight is 185, but he was supposed to get down to 155 for this match. He missed the mark by four pounds. Without a sauna, he’s screwed. “I took this fight on three days, had to cut 30 pounds,” says Carter, who will be fined $100 by the athletic commission for not making weight. When told that Evans, the man in charge, is at the U2 concert, Carter


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P H I L A D E L P H I A W E E K LY August 3 - 9, 2011




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A few minutes later, Ferraro agrees to fight Hobbs at 140, instead of the original 135. Which means Hobbs still has to make weight and lose five pounds before the night is over. “I’ve got you,” says Red Corner manager Josh Husak, a black phone sandwiched between his ear and shoulder. “We’ve got a bunch of fighters here who need a sauna,” he says into the phone. “Is it OK if they come down? They’ve got a fight tomorrow.” Huzak agrees to give the City Fitness manager with whom he’s on the phone free tickets to let the fighters in. He hangs up and tells Hobbs to go to the gym at Second and Spring Garden streets. “Weigh-ins are just like that,” says Travis Collins, an MMA blogger who covered the event for “No one ever makes weight.” By 8:30, Miles is standing outside the shop in a daze.


Eric Calyer and Gerald Tasker Ray Sydnor and Vinny Court

P H I L A D E L P H I A W E E K LY August 3 - 9, 2011 •

sneers, “I don’t know anyone in the straight community who still listens to U2.” Local fighter Phil Ferraro is .4 pounds overweight. It’s his first professional fight, and he’s supposed to weigh 136 pounds. “I just lost three pounds over the last hour,” he says, stripping down to his black boxer briefs. “What do I have?” he asks Miles. “A half hour?” Miles looks at his watch. “I think you’ve got more than a half hour. Go do your stuff.” Ferraro takes a wrinkled silver body suit out of his gym bag. He wrestles it over his head, then puts his Temple Owls sweatshirt back on. He says he’s going to take a walk around the block to sweat the rest of his weight out. Terrel Hobbs, who rode up with Carter, is overweight by 10

Charles Gamble and Christopher Daukaus

pounds. His dark, hairless face is emotionless as he quietly insists he thought he was fighting a 145-pound match. Hobbs says he’ll give his opponent, Ferraro, $100 if he agrees to a match at 140. “Fuck that,” says Ferraro, shaking his head. “Nothing against you, but fuck that.” It’s what those in the MMA world call cutting the deal. “The negotiations all happen at the weigh-ins,” says Miles. “I’ve seen a fighter five pounds over, hand his opponent $100 per pound, when he was only taking something like $700 for the entire fight in the first place.” Fighters are paid based on their experience, name recognition and whether they’re professional or amateur. Promotions the size of Locked in the Cage often pay fighters anywhere from $300 to $5,000.

The line down Swanson Street in South Philly is a block deep. It’s going to take a while to get into the arena since the guys working the door are practicing TSA-style pat downs and searches. Once inside, you’d be hard-pressed to find an unhappy customer in the house. Except, maybe, Phil Ferraro. His fight against Hobbs was eventually canceled at the behest of his trainer. So he’s sitting amongst the fans with his younger brother and girlfriend. The night moves on without him. The first eight fights, amateur contests, consist of three two-minute rounds, or three three-minute rounds, based on the amateur fighters’ experience. Unlike their professional counterparts, amateurs have to wear leg pads and no fighter can punch another in the face if they’re on their knees. Most of tonight’s matches end in judge’s decision, though heavyweight Chris Ostoyic will pass out from exhaustion in the third round of his match, resulting in a Technical Knockout. After Matt Nice puts Vantassel to bed, Kyle Holdsworth, a local MMA blogger, insists he saw Vantassel’s eyes roll into the back of his head. Later, the Pennsylvania Athletic Commission suspends Vantassel for 45 days, as is required after a fighter gets knocked out. He’ll be allowed to train again after a state-regulated neurological exam. Backstage, Aaron Carter won’t let the Tavares name thing go. After an hour of brow beating, Evans takes out his phone, scrolls through his text messages and shows Carter one between himself and Carter’s coach, Rick McCoy. In the message, Evans explained the confusion. But McCoy apparently forgot to relay that back to Carter. “He was mad about the name thing and when I showed him the text he got even madder,” says Evans. “He felt like an asshole.” Carter loses to Tavares. Caught in an arm bar in the first round, he taps out. Afterward, coaches, announcer Adam DiCarlo and Evans head into the ring to congratulate the main event fighters and declare Tavares the winner. But when Evans goes to shake Carter’s hand, the fighter mouths off. Evans gets in his face and they’re pulled apart by others in the ring. Evans says these things happen. “You’re going to get into an argument with a guy. It’s going to happen,” he says. “[Carter] put his life into that fight, just like I put my life into the show.” “It’s just business,” Miles adds. As soon as the fight lets out, Evans and Miles begin preparing for Locked in the Cage’s next show: Thursday, Aug. 4, at the same venue. Two days later, the UFC will host the month’s largest MMA event in the world at the Wells Fargo Center, where tickets will go for hundreds of dollars. The two won’t admit they’re worried about putting on a show within three days of a UFC show, in the same city. Evans goes so far to say he’s happy about it. It shows there’s a huge interest in Philly. “I owe the UFC,” he says. “They built this whole thing up for me. They had balls to make it what it is today and they made it easier for me to get where I’m at.” n


W W W. P H I L A D E L P H I A W E E K LY. C O M


August 27,2011

Saturday 34th & Mantua Ave Saturday 7th FAMILY August (just below the 27,2011 August 27,2011 DAY Philadelphia Zoo) Annual 7th FAMILY DAY 34th & Mantua Ave 34th & Mantua Ave 7th FAMILY DAY FESTIVAL Annual



(just below the Philadelphia Zoo)

FESTIVAL All day activities for

(just below the Philadelphia Zoo)

All day activities for THIS EVENT FREE Kids andISAdults Carnival Rides, Kids and Adults Carnival Rides, MCIC on All day activities for Follow Games, Food, FaceGames, Painting, Food, Face Painting, Kids and Adults Carnival Rides, vendors and more... vendors and more...


Games, Food, Face Painting, vendors and more...

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1-888-9-NEW BED (888-9-639-233)

Hosted by Dr. Chuck Williams contributor, Fox News

Hosted by Dr. Chuck Williams contributor, Fox News

All day arts showcase of musicians, poetry and more… Starting at 12 noon

in a music industry judged Emcee competition with prizes for Hosted by Dr. Chuck WilliamsCulminating contributor, Fox News the winners To participate contact: Supported by Councilwoman Jannie L. Blackwell

All day arts showcase of musicians, poetry and more… Starting at 12 noon Vending opportunities contact: Naadira Luke Culminating in a music industry judged Emcee competition with prizes for 215-382-6242 • day arts showcase of musicians, poetry and more… Starting at 12 noon the winners ToAll participate contact:

Culminating Supported in by a music industry judged Emcee competition with prizes for Councilwoman L. Blackwell theJannie winners To participate contact:

Sponsor opportunities contact: Jamila Payne Vending opportunities contact: Naadira Luke

Supported by Councilwoman Jannie L. Blackwell 215-382-6242 •Sponsor opportunities contact: Jamila Payne Vending opportunities contact: Naadira Luke

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Free summer martial arts Program $19.95 INTRODUCTORY 6 weeks free! SPECIAL FOR 3 LESSONS expires August 18, 2011

Diamond’s Martial Arts mixeD Academy DiamonD’s

arts 43martial N. 3rd St., Suite #2 • OldacaDemy City Phila. (215) 923-8700 at 200 Spring Garden St. (2nd and Spring Garden St.) • Philadelphia (Northern Liberties) and • 215-923-8700 Call Today!

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P H I L A D E L P H I A W E E K LY August 3 - 9, 2011

© 2011 DreamWorks II Distribution Co., LLC

No purchase necessary. Winners will be chosen at random from all eligible entries. Employees of all sponsors are not eligible. Each winner will receive one (admit-two) pass. Deadline for entry is midnight on Thursday, August 4th. Ticket does not guarantee seating. This screening is overbooked to ensure a full house. You are encouraged to arrive early to reserve your seat. This film is rated PG-13. Must be 13 years of age or older to enter.

W W W. P H I L A D E L P H I A W E E K LY. C O M

Arts and Culture 8/3-8/9/11

cALenDAR Boas, booze and breasts at Dr. Sketchy’s Anti-Art School.

Page 19

FOOD Almost 3 years old, Pub & Kitchen still delights.

Page 23

ART First Friday picks.

Page 28

FILM A teen outcast gets help from his principal in Terri.

Page 29 P H I L A D E L P H I A W E E K LY August 3 - 9, 2011

MusIc It’s Britney, bitch!

Page 31

Man Man

Still managing to intrigue us. They play the Troc this week. Page 18




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Fall Arts

Preview Guide Featuring the Philly Film & Music Festival Pull Out Supplement Safe. Convenient. Affordable. free wif power o i! ut friendly lets! drivers! seatbelt s!

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Wednesday, September 21st Reserve Your Space Today! Contact your Sales Executive or call 215.599.7644

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P H I L A D E L P H I A W E E K LY August 3 - 9, 2011



W W W. P H I L A D E L P H I A W E E K LY. C O M




erhaps you’ve seen striking photos of notable folks like Kim Kardashian, Larry King, Sara Bareilles and Jeremy Piven posing for the camera dressed in white with silver duct tape across their mouthS and “NOH8” painted on one cheek? It’s all part of an ongoing campaign devised by celebrity photographer Adam Bouska to protest California’s controversial Proposition 8 amendment banning same-sex marriage. But it’s not just celebs involved in the fight (and the campaign), of course. It’s people from all walks of life, and in that spirit Bouska’s been traveling around the country doing open NOH8 photo shoots. Today he’s in Philly for four hours at Penn’s LGBT Center, and if you’d like him to snap your photo (it’ll potentially appear online, and Bouska will mail you a print), drop on by and wear a plain white T-shirt. The shoot is first-come, first-served, and they’ll supply the duct tape and temporary NOH8 tattoo, which you can sport on your face for the rest of the day to show you’re down with the cause. m.a.g. Fri., Aug. 5, 2pm. $40. University of Pennsylvania LGBT Center, 3907 Spruce St.







Watermelon Day

Big Audio Dynamite

What weighs as much as a baby, but tastes much better? No, not Taco Bell’s XXL Supreme Burrito. A watermelon. Today is National Watermelon Day, and the party is hoppin’ at City Tap House. Unlike when you were a wee middle-schooler, this celebration skips the face paint and arts and crafts. Instead, join the big kids, throw back some watermelonflavored lagers for $4 and mixed drinks for $5, and chow down on some of the pub’s backyard BBQ. For dessert, enter the melon-eating contest for a chance to win two tickets to see Kings of Leon on Aug. 12 at Susquehanna Bank Center. alExis sachdEv

Alas, the great Joe Strummer is still dead, so no Clash reunion for you. You’ll just have to settle for a reunion of Big Audio Dynamite. But actually, that’s not too bad of a consolation prize. BAD was formed in 1984 by singer-guitarist Mick Jones who, after getting the boot from the Clash, teamed up with four other dudes including singer/filmmaker Don Letts (who later made the killer Clash documentary Westway to the World). Together, they blended reggae and punk not entirely unlike the Clash, but added more hip-hop, dance and funk elements. After several albums and lineup changes BAD split in 1997, but the original lineup has gotten back together this year to outstanding reviews. Even ol’ Strummer would probably enjoy this. michaEl

4-8pm. Pay as you go. City Tap House, 3925 Walnut St. 215.663.0105.

alan goldbErg



Jolie Holland’s voice quivers with emotion that thickens noticeably on her tongue, harking back to the wavering croon of jazz/blues singer Bessie Smith. It’s an eerie, haunting sound like a night’s encroaching shroud of darkness, a burbling brook of unrequited ache. Though her earlier albums courted Americana with an ambling uphill gait, the last two have attempted to distance her from the style. They create a more electric, eclectic sound with the help of guitarists Marc Ribot and, on her latest, Pint of Blood, Grey Gersten. His prickly guitar complements the noir-ish vibe which—while still folky with very deliberate tempos—leaves Americana behind for something more uniquely her own. chris parKEr

8pm. $14-$16. With Sallie Ford & the Sound Outside. World Cafe Live, 3025 Walnut St. 215.222.1400.

Art Factory: Mixtape Release Party

a da m b o u s k a

P H I L A D E L P H I A W E E K LY August 3 - 9, 2011

Norris Square Neighborhood Project (NSNP), a Kensington-based nonprofit with a ton of cool youth programs and six boss culturally themed gardens, started Art Factory last year. The goal is to bring Philadelphia’s creative economy to local youth by teaching kids the artistic and administrative skills necessary for creating, marketing, exhibiting and selling their own work. For the latest project, the Art Factory team–comprised of students from several schools across the city, ages 14 to 18—were presented with one burning question: “How can music create a movement?” Not an easy one. But these young art-entrepreneurs jumped headfirst into it by quickly dividing into crews: media and production. The production crew recorded music and poetry made by younger NSNP students (ages 5 to 13), while the other crew designed flyers, posters and album cover art. The movement begins tonight at the mixtape release party, where you’ll dig the work of Philly’s youngest DIY arts team. Elliott sharp 1-6pm. Free. Old School Studios, 1417 N. Second St. 215.634.2227.


f e s t i va l

Fantastic Fridays

8:30pm. $29.50. Electric Factory, 421 N. Seventh St. 215.627.1332.

Jolie Holland

water Sun Ra was drinking, Charles Barkley’s elbows, the excellence of the Philly lacrosse team or Rocky or Betsy Ross or John Coltrane. Or maybe it was its close proximity to South Jersey,” says the bio on the experimental band’s Facebook, which released their fourth full-length album Life Fantastic in May. Honus Honus, Pow Pow, Chang Wang and the rest of the gang continue to bring the bizarre with even more unsettling lyrics (the track “Haute Tropique” tells the story of a woman who disliked her children so much that she “hacked them up with an old machete and threw a party with dead daughter confetti”) and a variety of instruments—the usual guitars and drums along with squeaky toys, chopsticks, cap guns and ... stuffed frogs? Whatever, it works. These slightly unsettling songs will definitely get stuck in your head. Kristin toussaint 8pm. $14. With West Philadelphia Orchestra + Grandchildren. Trocadero, 1003 Arch St. 215.922.6888.



Man Man

• 18

“In their lost divinity, Man Man took up residence in Philadelphia, perhaps because of the Sweet Philly sound, Noam Chomsky, the

Finally, a summer festival close to home for those above the Market (-Dixon) line, and on the water to boot: “Fantastic Fridays,” a new summer outdoor series featuring live music on the Delaware Waterfront in Kensington’s Penn Treaty Park. This Friday, the first in the series, will feature the Sensational Soul Cruisers, an eleven man horn group experience that pays tribute to greats like Otis Redding, Barry White and the Drifters. Bring a blanket, a picnic and brown bag it. Each show will be followed by fireworks (remember the gold waterfalls from the 4th of July display?) for that cherry on top. Emma EisEnbErg

6:30pm. Free. Penn Treaty Park, Delaware Ave. and Beach St.


f e s t i va l


ACANA African Festival Back for its fourth year during this summer of Philly multi-culti fun is the always fantastic African Festival sponsored by the African Cultural Alliance of North America (ACANA). The Great Plaza will be teeming with music, food and vendors all afternoon and evening. Among the day’s entertainment: Joan Tigrass Rowley, leading purveyor of Trinidad soca (soul/ calypso); Congolese-American Afro-soul singer Rafiya; Go for Broke, the local blues band fronted by Yeadon councilwoman Penny MacDonald; and dance acts like the Ballet African Dance Troup from Guinea and the Universal Dance Ensemble. Based on years past, this’ll be one of the best looking, tasting and sounding of all the city’s annual cultural fests. m.a.g. 2pm. Free. Great Plaza at Penn’s Landing.

those years of showing up on magazine covers topless with some dude behind her, his hands cupping her tig ol’ bitties. Yeah, y’all just forgot about that shit! Well, it seems Jackson is not taking this lying down. She’s been touring the world, giving audiences what has been basically described as a retrospective show, complete with hit medleys as well as clip packages showing some other high points in her career. Hey, as long as Jackson is out there performing and not starring in the latest, ghetto-ass soap opera from Tyler Perry, we’ll gladly take a trip down memory lane. Craig D. LinDsEy

Archers of Loaf

9pm. $20. Trocadero, 1003 Arch St. 215.922.6888.


7:30pm. $90-$410. Tower Theater, 69th and Ludlow Sts., Upper Darby. 610.352.2887.


where little kids crowdsurfed for the first time and Elmo himself (swigging Captain Morgan no less) made a grand appearance. Did we mention it’s free? E.E. Noon. Free. The Piazza, N. Second St. and Germantown Ave.

Anti-Art School Boas, booze and bare-breasted women in nothing but glittery pasties and fishnets … it may sound like a debauchery-filled night in sin city, but it’s actually a fine-art class: the anti-art class. Dr. Sketchy’s—a “rule-breaking cocktail of dames, drinking, and drawing”—is the eccentric antithesis of fine-art school, where there’s an absence of austere life-drawing teachers but an abundance of scantily clad Bettie Page doppelgangers. Dr. Sketchy allows artists of all skill levels to bring their sketchbooks and try their hand at drawing live, sexy cabaret models donning skimpy burlesque costumes. Founded in 2005 by artist Molly Crabapple, it’s a breakout sensation with more than 100 locations around the globe. Come to the Philly branch to sketch a bevy of sultry broads, including the featured subject, “Porcelain, Damsel in Undress,” an ivory-skinned, raven-haired knockout from North Carolina. And while honing your skills as a burlesque post-modern realist, enjoy some quality drinks, awesome music and engage in licentious and wacky contests. JEssiCa hErring 2:30pm. $15. World Cafe Live, 3025 Walnut St. 215.222.1400.

Mad Decent Philly Block Party


High Point Market The High Point Cafe at the historic Allens Lane Train Station (in the West Mt. Airy Section of Philadelphia) boasts its old Victorian charm with modern, tasty treats like handmade pastries and made-to-order crepes. This Sunday, celebrate local crafts and urban farmers with live music and a street fair that takes over outside the cafe. From 10 a.m. to 4 p.m., you can peruse the vendors who all make their own items or grow their crops within Philadelphia city limits, and enjoy a concert while sipping on the “best espresso in town.” K.T.

Like the final scene of Fight Club, where the Pixies’ “Where Is My Mind” plays amidst imploding buildings and exploding consciousness, oOoOO’s synth-driven electronic music is slightly ominous and slightly glorious. With an undercurrent of post-apocalyptic dreams, it’s melodic and trance-y, emotion-driven in an abstract, despairing way. oOoOO, the nom de plume of San Francisco-based Chris Dexter Greenspan (who will be performing with a live band at Johnny Brenda’s), first released a CD-R in 2010, followed by an EP later that year. Part of the (very) burgeoning “witch house” movement, oOoOO play around with straightforward melodies and vocals, a cross between Tears for Fears, Massive Attack, and Lady Gaga, with a sleight-of-hand that renders them imaginative and bewitching—see, for example, the very creepy “Poker Face” remix. KaThErinE siLKaiTis

9pm. $12. Johnny Brenda’s, 1201 N. Frankford Ave. 215.739.9684.

Sat., Aug. 6, 11am. Free. Kahn Park, 11th and Pine sts.

10am. Allens Lane Train Center, 7210 Cresheim Rd. 215.248.1900.




Janet Jackson


Doesn’t it seem like Janet Jackson is out on tour now just to remind people that she’s still around? It’s been three years since she released an album of original music (yeah, we forgot about that album, too!), and it seems like it’s been forever since she had a hit that set the whole damn world ablaze. Ever since Beyoncé became the badass pop/R&B diva for the new millennium, people have forgotten all those years when Janet basically had pop music on lock. All those years of “Nasty” and “Rhythm Nation” and “That’s the Way Love Goes.” All

Bring your kids, bring your grandma, bring everything you got to this outdoor daytime (and FREE) block party show with house music gods Diplo, Das Racist, Luvstep and more. Mad Decent is Diplo’s very own record label, and the DJ/producer/curator/music maker is stopping in Philly where he has deep roots as part of a four city cross country tour to bring slammin’ beats to the masses in an all ages free venue. The YouTube videos abound of last year’s show at 12th and Spring Garden,




ack in April, thousands of men and women in Toronto took to the streets in protest after a representative for the Toronto Police made national headlines for saying “women should avoid dressing like sluts in order to not to be victimized.” Almost immediately, their demonstration spawned a movement of rallies held in cities across the globe. And now, it’s time for the women of Philadelphia to take a stand against this horrendous, yet prevalent notion that women who are promiscuous or dress provocatively are in some way asking to be raped, assaulted or sexually harassed. All are welcome to take part in the march, which will start at Kahn Park and go all the way to City Hall. Whether you choose to come dressed as a “slut” or in modest digs is up to you. Just come armed with posters and ready to be heard. niCoLE FinKbinEr

P H I L A D E L P H I A W E E K LY August 3 - 9, 2011





Janet Jackson

Slut Walk

Dav i D C r u z

Led by singer-guitarist Eric Bachmann—who has spent the past decade performing under his own name and with Crooked Fingers— Archers of Loaf sprang from the fertile North Carolina indie-rock scene of the early ’90s, making a jagged-yet-cerebral racket similar to Superchunk and Pavement. Icky Mettle (1993) and All the Nation’s Airports (1996) were stone classics (the latter, distributed by Elektra, added bunches more melody but was far from a major-label sellout), but the Archers were even better live, known for their highly exuberant gigs. They split, nonacrimoniously, in 1998, but since they still like each other and every indie band reunites, they’ve gotten back together. This pleases us. M.a.g.


W W W. P H I L A D E L P H I A W E E K LY. C O M


W W W. P H I L A D E L P H I A W E E K LY. C O M

P H I L A D E L P H I A T H E AT R E C O M PA N Y 2011/2012 Season Subscriptions Available Now - Starting at Only $142!

by John Logan directed by Anders Cato

music & lyrics by John Kander & Fred Ebb book by David Thompson JANUARY 20 - FEBRUARY 19


reasons to be




by Neil LaBute

by Bruce Graham directed by James J. Christy MARCH 13 - APRIL 15

MAY 25 - JUNE 17

p h i lad elp h i a t h e at re c o mpa ny. o rg | 2 1 5 . 9 8 5 . 0 4 2 0

Outgoing Tide Thursday, August 11th

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6 – 8pm


Go to • Rotating drafts featuring to RSVP micro- breweries within 151 miles of the Pub. Drink specials • Extensive bottle and can list from around the world.Complimentary passed hors d’oeuvres • A prominent selection of Altitude No Attitude bourbons, whiskeys, ScotchesRaffles and giveaways 1345 Locust Street, 2nd Floor • A pub with a birds-eye view.

and house-infused cocktails.

You must be 21 or older to attend.

Come out and network with local singles and young professionals while enjoying complimentary light fare and drinks!

the good, the bad & the philly

• A pub with a birds-eye view. • Rotating drafts featuring micro- breweries within 151 miles of the Pub. PW’s Official Music Blog

• Extensive bottle and can list from around the world.


P H I L A D E L P H I A W E E K LY August 3 - 9, 2011

1345 Locust Street Philadelphia, PA 19107

215-546-4090 ( and Locust Sts.) • Creative Pub Fare


• A prominent selection of

On the Gaydar

A preview of Philly’s upcoming LGBT events.

By Brian Goldthorpe

Bring the Love

Step aside, men—the ladies are on deck and ready to break out some serious wood! The City of Brotherly Love Softball League hosts the 2011 Amateur Sports Alliance of North America’s Softball World Series—basically the World Series for North American amateur lesbian softball teams. Don’t be misled by naive misconceptions—a lot of these girls can swing. The most highly skilled teams feature former Division I scholarship players. Even teams that are more recreational than competitive are fun to watch. In fact, the only thing these ladies do better than play softball is party—and there are plenty of social events during the tournament. Check out their website for complete competition and event schedules. Aug. 23-27. Various locations.

Bar AIDS Philly

gala (note: you shouldn’t have to fundraise in order to throw a fundraising event). It’s also important because Bar AIDS Philly requires the beneficiaries to collaboratively promote the event. Check out their website for a complete list of participating establishments. Thurs., Aug. 25. Various locations. 215.981.3328. BarAIDSPhiladelphia

our free concert series Wednesday, August 17th & 24th (rain date: August 31st)

6 - 9pm

Boys of Summer

It’s almost time to break out your Speedo and shake what your mama gave you. Next week, the team at Philly Gay Calendar host their annual bacchanal, Boys of Summer. This is one nighttime event in which the fewer clothes you wear, the less eye rolls you get. At its core, Boys of Summer is a big-ass dance party where guests are encouraged to don their sexiest swimsuit, and not much else. You’re technically allowed to wear more than two Dixie cups and a Band-Aid (and many will), but if you’re not shirtless in a legit swimsuit once inside the club, the cover is $20 instead of $15. In addition to all the man candy in attendance, Philly Gay Calendar recruited 40 “lifeguards” to greet attendees and pack the dance floor as DJ Carl Michaels spins. Be there around midnight when Manila Luzon (from RuPaul’s Drag Race) lip-synchs her heart out to entertain the crowd. Fri., Aug. 12, 9pm. Voyeur Nightclub, 1221 St. James St.

Gay Community Night at the Phillies

- August 24 -

Reggae Night

The Philly F/M Fest Preview Night



after party at king’s oak . aug. 24th 9pm - ??? . live music, drink specials & giveaways

for details go to: sponsor & vendor opportunities available!

Boardwalk Wine Sales

Philadelphia institute for individual, relational & sex therapy


Returning to sports, pro baseball fans are set for an evening of rainbow spectacularness during the ninth annual Gay Community Night when our fightin’ Phils host the Florida Marlins. Hundreds of LGBT leaders, business owners, community members, advocates, allies and baseball fans will descend on Citizen’s Bank Park for nine innings of exciting action and tight baseball pants. Advance tickets are available in two different sections reserved for the event. A portion of each ticket sold will benefit the Delaware Valley Legacy Fund’s (DVLF) Sean Halpin Memorial Scholarship, which helps fund openly gay students. Fri., Aug. 26, 7pm. Citizen’s Bank Park, One Citizen’s Bank Way. 215.463.5000. n

- August 17 -

P H I L A D E L P H I A W E E K LY August 3 - 9, 2011

You’ll never have a better reason to load up on caffeine or get a little tipsy than you will when Bar AIDS Philly returns for its second year. Twenty-five local coffee shops and bars have signed on to donate a percentage of the day’s proceeds to fund four of Philly’s most impactful HIV/AIDS service organizations: ActionAIDS, the AIDS Law Project, the Mazzoni Center and Philadelphia Fight. The event is the local iteration of a growing national series that started in Chicago in 2005. Bar AIDS Philly is but one fish in the ocean of LGBT fundraisers, but it’s important. Not only does HIV/AIDS remain a pervasive problem in Philly, but Bar AIDS also represents an innovative philanthropic model. Events like it make ‘making a difference’ accessible to just about everyone. Gone are the days when nonprofits had to locate special funds just to cover the exorbitant costs of throwing a formal black-tie fundraising

Andrew werner

Manila Luzon performs at Boys of Summer on Aug. 12.


W W W. P H I L A D E L P H I A W E E K LY. C O M


W W W. P H I L A D E L P H I A W E E K LY. C O M


Getting Phreaky A new fest brings together the best of queer art and music. By Raymond Simon My Gay Banjo

E rw i n C a lu ya

Scanning the summer listings can be dispiriting. Is it really necessary to follow up last weekend’s Rockstar Energy Drink Mayhem Festival with a Rockstar Energy Drink Uproar Festival at the end of August? Fortunately, there is a homegrown antidote to this pre-packaged drivel. The Phreak N’ Queer Music & Arts Festival—which runs Aug. 4-7—is a four-day smorgasbord of queer culture, offering cabaret, country, performance art and punk rock. A loosely knit collective of 12 local artists and organizers divided the festival into six different shows taking place at venues like Connie’s Ric Rac and the Tritone. Best of all, no ticket costs more than $10. The whole shebang kicks off with opening night fete, Glitterbomb, an event capacious enough to pit the clangor of Birth Noise against the baroque chamber-folk of “a stick and a stone.” It’s eclectic, inclusive and definitely not Top 40. That anti-commercialism is a conscious choice, according to organizer Megan Gibson, also known as DJ BeFree. “We’re trying to broaden ideas of what’s art and music and break away from mainstream club culture,” says Gibson. “This is a chance to see something or hear something you’ve never heard before.” A cursory glimpse of the lineup reveals plenty of novel acts and unexpected pairings. Friday evening’s Boudoir is billed as a queer speakeasy

and features both burlesque and an erotic art auction. Elsewhere, there will be spoken word, puppetry and performance art. Perhaps the most unique act is Rainbow Destroyer, comprised of duo Rainbeaux Bite and Brian Reignbow. The pair bills itself as zombie pop, although it’s unwilling to accept even selfimposed genre limitations. “Our sound is like ’80s dance music, plus contemporary Top 40 hip-hop, plus zombies,” they write via email. “Or if Britney Spears was a member of the Addams Family.” Saturday afternoon’s Gay Ole Opry is sure to melt the heart of even the coldest Nashville cat. In addition to two-stepping lessons, it features the country-tinged folk of local musician Joshua Marcus and the twang of Karen & the Sorrows. “I’m pretty sure that any hardcore country music people would cast some real doubt on our music being ‘country,’” says Julia Steele Allen, one half of Brooklyn’s My Gay Banjo, which appears on the bill. “There are no slide guitars; we do have some horse and truck lyrics, but plenty more mermaid and sailboat and man-on-man lyrics.” That kind of country music won’t get played on WXTU, but it’s perfect for Phreak N’ Queer. n Aug. 4-7. Various locations.

to go where to go where to g what to do what to do what e to live where to live where

PW philadelphia weekly

presents the 5th annual

P H I L A D E L P H I A W E E K LY August 3 - 9, 2011

t aste



pw ’ s di ni ng g ui d e & cu l inary ev ent

full color guide inserted into pw’s october 26th edition as well as select hotel concierge desks culinary sampling event on november 2nd with opportunities to sample signature dishes, gain new customers, and strengthen existing loyalty

co n tac t yo ur sa l e s executi ve or call 215.599.764 4 f or more de tail s


You’re Quite The Dish

Chicken Italiano at Shank’s Original By Cristina Perachio

I’d imagine you’re delicious at any age! I’m nowhere near my expiration date. I’m a classic. Your kind is a staple at Philly sandwich shops, so what makes you different? We keep busy with daily deliveries of fresh produce. That’s the big difference between us and the other guys. Let’s get down to it: What are you made of? I start with your choice of a fresh seeded Sarcone’s French loaf or a plain Aversa French loaf. At Shank’s, cutlets are almost made to order—cooking no more than 20 at a time—and only warmed up on the grill if needed. My fans can tell the difference between fresh and frozen chicken. I’m topped with Andy Boy broccoli rabe plus Belgioso aged sharp provolone. What’s the most important technique in your construction? My premium Andy Boy rabe, which has more leaves and less buds, is worth the extra bucks, according to Shank’s GM Dan Fleischmann. Greens can be finicky, so mine are blanched then sauteed with olive oil and garlic to ensure the proper taste and texture finishing with salt, pepper and a dash of oil.

Ever get to hear what customers say about you as you’re scarfed down? “Wow.” Just a lot of echoing “wows” the whole way down to the stomach. Owner Phil McFillin says first-timers will be back the next day jonesing for another taste. Any advice to fans that just can’t stay away? Throw on your elastic banded pants and enjoy! n


the impression that each mouthful is draping the tongue in a warm, earthy blanket. There’s nothing unnecessarily self-conscious about the food here, and flavor is considered above all else. Even the more complicated platings share a common theme of technical proficiency and relative simplicity at their core. Branzino—a fish that’s grown so familiar it’s become fairly boring as a result—is sauteed in olive oil in a cast-iron skillet until the skin has taken on a vague resemblance to the smoky richness of bacon. Accompanying oil-poached peas, radishes and artichokes bravely add to this savor, as does the perfume of grilled lemon. It’s all pretty heady; rely on beer to cut through it, like the perfectly paired Einbecker Schwarzbier our waitress suggested. (This is a staff remarkably well-versed in the food and the brews.) Cucumber and avocado soup practically vibrate with brightness, a characteristic nicely accompanied by a garnish salad of vivid mint, diced cucumber and earthy lentil sprouts. Tuna tartare leans on line-caught albacore from Cape Hatteras, a gutsy move considering how slavishly so many other restaurants adhere to the cult of the yellow tail or big eye. Given the level at which Adams and his team are operating these days, I have a feeling he could have crafted the dish from Chicken of the Sea and it would’ve been a success. Better than Winston: The Churchill burger is a custom blend of three-week dry-aged beef. The components of his dishes exhibit a respect for both balIt’s not as if Pub & Kitchen was serving up anything all that ance and aggression: His acids toe the line of tartness, his hand rare. You could say, in fact, that the Wednesday night barbecue with seasoning leans in the direction of the salty. Which is all menu of July 20 was downright unassuming: Beer-can chicken, for the good. The tartare, for example, is a symphony of bright fried green tomatoes, pasta salad and a beer from Brooklyn cilantro, an addition of lemon just south of puckering, and a brewer Sixpoint. Accompany it with some apple pie and an a spicy homemade mayo tinged with chipotle and cayenne that cappella version of “Stars and Stripes Forever” and you’re back brings it all together. in the belly of Independence Day festivities. Desserts work for the same reason: Each component is But those justifiably smitten with this almost 3-year-old place crafted with a sense of definition worthy of a classical com(the big b-day is Sept. 9) must have known about the buzz it poser. Strawberry shortcake arrives looking like a scone split was set to cause, because when we were shown to our table at 8 lengthwise and stuffed with berries and cream. But the first p.m., we were told by the waitress that they were all sold out of bite throws its cleverness the barbeque special. into beautiful clarity: Yet still, this was a more-than-memorable The “scone” is actually a meal, and what I expected to be a review sweet-vanilla-modified PUB & KITCHEN visit of the special Wednesday-night version of the savory 1946 Lombard St. summertime dinner turned into an biscuit that first came unintended object lesson in exactly why to P&K as a brunch Cuisine: Equal parts gastro and pub, and both the home of the mythical Pabbit (the pig/ item. Even the chocolate aspects are stellar. rabbit hybrid P&K uses as a logo) is still tart over-performs; the Hours: Daily, 4pm-2am. more than relevant: It’s one of the best Valrhona chocolate dense bars to eat at in the city, a serious dining with whispers of coffee, Price range: $7-$24. destination in its own right. the tart shell nutty, the Atmosphere: Loud music, whitewashed brick walls, Really, it comes down to attitude above lemon curd beneath it all and a generous spirit of conviviality. all else here, a cool confidence that guides a bright counterpoint. every interaction at the bar and the table, Food: Honest and wonderful, no matter how basic Was I upset to have every dish in concept and execution. Jon or complicated a dish may be. missed the beer-can Adams is as passionate and dedicated as chicken? Of course. But Service: Laid-back, friendly and well-informed. any chef around, always looking for the there will be more opnext inspiration, the next a-ha. portunities to get there: The Churchill burger’s pedigree is These special Wednesday mentioned on the menu—a custom blend of three-week drymenus run through August, at the very least. I had the chance aged beef from Pat La Frieda—but the first bite renders any to be reintroduced to one of the most honest, firing-on-allcylinders spots around. Go there for a drink (the beer program intellectualization a bit ridiculous: For a city with no shortage is especially well-considered, though the wines and barrelof great hamburgers, this one could easily be a stand-in for the platonic ideal. The ratio of Hudson Bakery brioche to fried aged cocktails are given their due respect, too). Go there for a meal (the menu has expanded almost fourfold since opening). onion to grass-fed beef is impeccable, but it’s that marrowSpecial barbeque dinner or not, Pub & Kitchen is as good now butter-brushed beef that sets it apart: It possesses chew and as it’s ever been. n delicacy in equal measure, and the ample fat content gives

Shank’s Original Pier 40, 901 S. Columbus Blvd. 215.218.4000.

By Brian Freedman

P H I L A D E L P H I A W E E K LY August 3 - 9, 2011

Your cutlets are mighty juicy—any tips on how to keep them from drying out? Use fresh breadcrumbs with Italian seasonings like parsley and basil plus salt, pepper and eggs. I’m batter-dipped, thrown into a 90/10 oil mixture (90 percent canola, 10 percent olive) and pan-fried until crispy. And did I mention my chicken is fresh, never frozen? Don’t freeze me, please! Just don’t.

As it approaches its third anniversary, Pub & Kitchen still impresses. Rya n St R a n d

You’re quite the dish, Chicken Italiano at Shank’s! How did you get your start? Frank and Evelyn Perry, the original owners of Shank’s, created me 50 years ago. Doin’ OK for 50, am I right?

Pabbit Habits

W W W. P H I L A D E L P H I A W E E K LY. C O M

food & drink

Wednesday & Friday 5pm to 7pm


4pm to 6pm $2 off cocktails, wine and drafts

parx open poker classic August 10-24

(**excludes bottles beer/wine)

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Thursday, August 4

Saturday, August 6

steamroller picnic 8pm – 12am

please please me 4pm – 8pm

dj n9ne & maria laina 11pm – 2am

big city 8pm – midnight

80s party…totally awesome music, drink specials and prizes for costumes

dj bryan basara & maria laina 11pm – 2am

exit 37 off i-95. exit 351 (westbound) / exit 352 (eastbound) off the pa turnpike. 1.888.588.parx (7279) • parx east located adjacent to parx casino

gambling problem? call 1-800-gambler.

featuring michael “the mouth” matusow michael “the grinder” mizrachi Visit popc for more details

Friday, August 26 sheena easton 8pm @ 360 free live performance standing room only

where the odds for a good time are always in your favor! 3,500 hottest slots, over 180 action-packed table games, serious poker, sizzling entertainment, delicious dining, exciting nightclub & sports bars… it’s time to visit parx!

P H I L A D E L P H I A W E E K LY August 3 - 9, 2011

P H I L A D E L P H I A W E E K LY August 3 - 9, 2011

totally latin thursdays latin music, dance instruction & live performances 8pm – 12am

Friday, August 5

W W W. P H I L A D E L P H I A W E E K LY. C O M

W W W. P H I L A D E L P H I A W E E K LY. C O M

360 happy hours




W W W. P H I L A D E L P H I A W E E K LY. C O M

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sunday service (brunch starts at 11am). new website: updated beer lists, events and more

A Brew with a View

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:30p M Mon - Fri 5-7 pM Half off all Craft Taps $3 Wine $4 Vodka Martinis & Gin ‘n Tonics $2.50 - $5.50 pub Snacks

Pick-Up/ Dine-In Only

1929 Chestnut Street • Philadelphia, PA 215.567.8892 • Monday - Saturday 11am - 9pm

b y o b

1345 Locust Street Philadelphia, PA 19107 215-546-4090 visit us at:

OPen 7 DAyS A Week

Wonderfully Authentic MoroccAn flAvors with no shortcuts

Blackened Green Beans : Bistro Salad : Fresh Chicken Salad Fresh Burger on LeBus Brioche Bun : Jambalaya : Oyster Po’ Boy w/Remoulade sauce Fresh Sausage Sandwiches : Fresh Pommes Frites w/Monk’s Bourbon Mayo

Seafood Lamb chicken Kabobs Salads Lunch 12pm - 3pm

b y o b

dinner 5pm - 10pm

132 S 17th Street 215.568.8354 Between SanSom & walnut



Text Us!

1415 Locust St 16 TAPS 215-985-1163 50+ $ 3


P H I L A D E L P H I A W E E K LY August 3 - 9, 2011


HAPPy HOUR $3 Well Drinks $1 Off Tap Craft Beers M-F • 6-8pm

Westbury 261 S. 13th St. Phila, Pa 19107



abbiTa purpLe haze pinTS

2 $ 2 $

coorS eXTra GoLd canS pinnacLe “Whipped” vodka ShoTS

“Sober up” SundayS omelettes made all day with $5 bloody Marys & Mimosas

kiTchen noW open til 1am • 7days a week

happy hour Seven days a Week 5-7pm 2 for 1 well drinks 3 neW Lunch SpeciaLS WeekLy - $6.49 + TaX check ouT The WebSiTe for SpeciaLS

It’s always $1 dog night during the Phillies games $3 Kenzingers all day Sunday

Happy Hour, 5-7pm

- Revolving Taps Lagunitas IPA Boulder Hazed & Infused Magic Hat Circus Boy Stoudt’s APA Rogue Deady Guy Ale Weyerbacher Hops Infusion We

Victory HopDevil

Join Britney on Cornhole Wednesday for her Ab-Fab Frozen Concoctions and Beer Specials

149 Brown Street

(215) 413-0455

• Free Prizes • VIP Events • Special Offers text PWPERKS to 47201

“The Flavors of Portugal in Northern Liberties”

614 N 2Nd St 215.923.8080

frI, AuguSt 5th

Coors Light Girls

w w w. Ko oZ e e d o o.c o m

Pouring From 9 - 10:30

opeN For diNNer: Wed - Mon Closed Tuesday

Co o r S l I g h t SPeCIAlS


W W W. P H I L A D E L P H I A W E E K LY. C O M

KO O • Z E E • D O O

froM 8 - 11:30PM

DJ S ta r t i n g @ 1 0 p m

4141 Main St I Manayunk, PA 19127 215.508.0336 I Tuesday & Wednesday 5pm - 1am Thursday - Saturday 5pm - 2am I Sunday 1pm - 12am


roosevelts 23rd & walnut



Every Thursday, 9:30pm

cHeerS SoMe good beerS! Happy Hour Specials Monday tHru friday, 4 to 6pM

$2 off all draftS • $3 well drinkS and $5 glaSSeS of wine $2 rotating Select doMeStic bottle SpecialS

Happy Hour Menu nothing over $5

don’t forget abbaye’S aweSoMe bruncH Sat & Sun: 10aM - 3pM $2 off all draftS $3 bloody MaryS and MiMoSaS

Friday, 5-7pm Saturday, 10pm-12am

rosie’s is happy to welcome the new and returning students at Wharton!

cheF ian russo’s all new

“dirty” menu Featuring his Famous

“dirty burger” ™

you may never eat anywhere else again

happy hour

daily specials 4-8

bring in this ad for a complimentary drink *restrictions apply*

u buy tHe glaSS nigHt ancHor brewing

BYOB Eastern Mediterranian Cuisine 906 Christian St • Philadelphia, PA


Sunday - Thursday 10am - 10pm // Friday & Saturday 10am - 11pm

Hummus • Baba Ganouj Kabobs • Falafel • Steaks Sandwiches • Sea Food

open For lunch

$2 BuD lights


Eat-In, Take-Out or Delivery // Al Major Credit Cards Accepted


During EvEry Phils game

1440 callowhill st.

wedneSday, auguSt 10, 7pM 637 N. 3RD STREET PHILADELPHIA 215.627.6711

come in and enjoy

P H I L A D E L P H I A W E E K LY August 3 - 9, 2011

daily Happy Hour

1¢ Drinks & Drafts



First Friday Picks By Katherine Rochester

j e s s i c a g at h

W W W. P H I L A D E L P H I A W E E K LY. C O M



TRIUMPH BREWING COMPANY FRIDAY, AUGUST 5TH @ 10PM Cavemen, InfInIen SATURDAY, AUGUST 6TH @ 10PM DIrk QuInn SUNDAY, AUGUST 7TH @ 7:30PM Open mIC hOsteD by bOyWOnDer MONDAY, AUGUST 8TH @ 9PM Open Jam hOsteD by tOny CatastrOphe TUESDAY, AUGUST 9TH @ 8PM lOCal sInger sOngWrIter nIght W/ James hearne, lee mOrgan, my pOlItIC, DOnOvan rICe, amI verrIl, aleC steWart WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 10TH @ 8PM fIve tImes famOus 117 CHESTNUT STREET . PHILADELPHIA, PA


to get exclusive offers on your phone! SEE PAGE 14

215.625.0855 . WWW.TRIUMPHBREWING.COM to go where to go where to g what to do what to do what e to live where to live where

PW philadelphia weekly

P H I L A D E L P H I A W E E K LY August 3 - 9, 2011

presents the 5th annual

t aste



pw’s d in in g g uid e & c ul in a ry e v e nt

full color guide inserted into pw’s october 26th edition as well as select hotel concierge desks

Highlights, Low Fades, and Deep Cuts @ Tiger Strikes Asteroid

Want to save money on fun stuff? Join the

culinary sampling event on november 2nd with opportunities to sample signature dishes, gain new customers, and strengthen existing loyalty

• 28

co ntac t yo u r sa l e s e x e cutive o r call 2 15 .59 9.76 4 4 for mor e deta i ls

levels in the gallery and spitting them back out as a video assemblage. Stop by to chat with the artist about the nuts and bolts of the project and witness your conversation rolled into the free-form, improvised concert. 6-10pm. Grizzly Grizzly, 319 N. 11th St.

Present perfect: Bring a present to Vox, and Jessica Gath will wrap it up.

Don’t miss the art party—Vox Populi, Grizzly Grizzly and many other galleries close for the rest of August.

Sound/Stages II @ Vox Populi

We’re in the dog days of summer, and Vox, sensing the fatigue, is throwing us a party (thanks, guys!). Stacked with classic entertainment standbys such as video, music and performance, Sound/Stages II proves the age-old saying: You get out what you put in. Bring a present, and you’ll be rewarded with a custom wrap job, courtesy of Bostonbased artist Jessica Gath. Deliver a homemade video, and Christopher P. McManus will screen it as part of Summer Open Video Jam. Show up looking like a beach bum, and you’ll be right at home in Micah Danges’ “slacker paradise” of surf and skate videos with the Grateful Dead on the airwaves and a signature cocktail of the artists’ own design tucked into your hand. Participate in Lydia Grey’s performance, and you’ll be metaphorically connected to Nantucket, Mass., where artist Jim Jeffers will be performing the same piece, in synch 356 miles away—the closest most of us will ever get to those exorbitantly priced beach houses. 6-11pm. Vox Populi Gallery, 319 N. 11th St.

Simulsuck @ Grizzly Grizzly

On the eve before its August vacation, Grizzly Grizzly features Simulsuck, a performance by New Jersey-based artist Mike Richison. Incarnated here as a sculpture of found objects with musical inclinations, Simulsuck is an iteration of Richison’s ongoing project to rig recycled materials into technologically savvy orchestras. Featuring video and experimental sound generated via a computer program, the performance has a self-reflexive element, capturing noise

Though perhaps only by default, Tracy Thomason’s paintings provide a space for contemplation amidst Vox’s and Grizzly Grizzly’s raucous antics. Highlights, Low Fades, and Deep Cuts showcases recent sculptural paintings by the Brooklyn-based artist. While not time- and sound-based like standard performance art, her paintings comment on subtler and more internalized performances of gender. Dusted with eye shadow and dribbled with hair gel, Thomason’s objects offer traces of the ritualized performance of beauty. While grooming products skid across the canvas, esoteric materials such as ‘temperance’ and ‘clairvoyance’ are listed on her object labels, expanding the paintings into a more conceptual register. If you’ve ever thought that perhaps spray-tanner might be better aimed at a pale canvas than a pale epidermis, then Thomason is talking to you. 6-10pm. Through Aug. 28. Tiger Strikes Asteroid, 319A N. 11th St.

Memories Last a Lifetime @ Jolie Laide

Marking the completion of a real-life road trip and the beginning of their gallery performance, longtime collaborators Jacob Feige and William Earl Kofmehl III will drive a 1975 Triumph Spitfire across Pennsylvania and park it in the gallery. In its new role as an art object, the car will serve as the hot-blooded centerpiece for the artists’ ensuing performance. Adding an FM radio, papier mache birds, a basketball hoop and a painting, Feige and Kofmehl will use these props to enact a drama of isolation and renewal. Influenced by their personal history of art-making and friendship and pinned down by an ongoing fascination with Americana of the 1960s, ’70s, and ’80s, the performance involves Feige’s transformation into an unresponsive My Buddy doll (1985? Red overalls? Blue shoes? Anyone?), which Kofmehl attempts to revive. A separate show of paintings by Japeth Mennes and Jeffrey Matthews will also be on display. 6-8pm. Through Aug. 27. Jolie Laide, 224 N. Juniper St. n

Six Pack Six Serious (or Allegedly Serious) Films by Hacks By Matt Prigge

Radio Flyer (1992): You have Richard Donner

to thank—or, if you will, blame—for the trend toward painfully serious comic book movies. It was he who insisted Superman: The Movie treat the story of Jor-El as mythic pomp, boldly breaking from the campy stylings of, say, 1966’s Batman: The Movie. That’s all you have to thank him for. Safe to say, the man responsible for Ladyhawke, Timeline and the epically ill-considered Richard Pryor vehicle The Toy—and, for what it’s worth, The Omen, The Goonies and the first Lethal Weapon—should never, ever handle the subject of child abuse. But he did anyway.

Patch Adams (1998): To Tom Shadyac, “serious” connotes a scene where his rogue doctor hero is dissuaded from suicide by a butterfly. Still, not the film’s worst moment. Tigerland (2000): Not long after making

three of the worst films ever made in a row—A Time to Kill bookended by Batman atrocities— Joel Schumacher tried to woo burned critics by making a “gritty” war film. Employing Darren Aronofsky’s ace cinematographer Matthew Libatique early in his career was a wise idea— ditto casting Colin Farrell—but the good looks mask a hotbed of cliches that are anything but seriously serious.

The Quiet American (2002): The Aussie

We Are Marshall (2006): Who cares if the maniac behind Charlie’s Angels has a soft side? McG thought you did, so he made a rote inspirational sports weepie that’s neither accomplished enough to move audiences nor shitty enough to amuse chuckleheads. The Devil’s Double (2011):

By Sean Burns out to six feet tall. At times he looks and sounds like a comically oversized version of his charges. Fitzgerald starts demanding weekly conferences with Terri—just a couple of pals shooting the breeze. What’s so beguiling about Jacobs’ movie, in addition to the offkilter comic rhythms and ramshackle sense of place, is the respect that it grants this doofus authority figure. Most teen flicks— especially exhibits from the troubledoutcast genre—would offer up Assistant Principal Fitzgerald as a figure of ridicule. (It’s easy to imagine Ellen Page mocking his high-five Ray Bans with obscure popculture references that sound like they’re penned by a 35-year-old screenwriter. It’s likewise not difficult to picture Wysocki’s Terri being played for a plus-sized Napoleon Dynamite.) But Terri understands that sometimes people (especially kids) just need somePrincipal interest: John C. Reilly (right) takes Terri (Jacob Wysocki, center) one to be around and show an interest. under his wing. Fitzgerald doesn’t have much in the way of life wisdom to impart, and indeed as This film moves at the same speed as its title character. the film wears on we can slowly see that he’s floundering A lumbering, overweight teen who withstands all manhimself on several personal fronts. Yet the simple fact ner of schoolyard abuse with an easy resignation that that he cares obviously means a lot to Terri, and without seems far beyond his years, Jacob Wysocki’s Terri is a overstating the case we can see that his influence is makloveable outcast who never asked to be loved. In fact, he ing a difference, bringing this sad young man out of his doesn’t honestly seem to expect much out of life. Parentself-imposed shell. less, for reasons left unexplained, living in a cluttered, Soon there’s even a makeshift social circle, after Terri dilapidated woodland house with an uncle slipping into befriends manic young Chad (Bridger Zadina,) prone dementia (The Office’s MVP Creed Bratton), Terri is first to fits of obscenity and ripping clumps of hair out of his glimpsed reclining in the bathtub. On rare occasions that head. More interesting is Olivia Crocicchia’s Heather, he does finally get around to going to school, Terri wears a once-popular girl who let her boyfriend go a little too his pajamas. “They’re just comfortable. That’s all.” far in front of classmates, and now finds herself a social Director Azazel Jacobs, (here helming his third theatripariah. The forthright decency with which Terri treats cal feature, following The Goodtimes Kid and Momma’s her goes a long way, and Jacobs consistently foregrounds Man) has a knack for hanging back these lost kids’ fragility above all else. and allowing movies to grow on you. Events don’t so much as occur in Terri Working mostly in long takes, he this movie as they just sort of accuGrade: B+ allows his subjects to enter and exit mulate. Patrick Dewitt’s screenplay is the frame seemingly of their own free sometimes a little thin on details, but Director: Azazel Jacobs will—story information accumulates contains many wonderfully observed Starring: John C. Reilly, Jacob gently and unobtrusively. It gathers moments that Jacobs wisely allows to Wysocki and Bridger Zadina power as it goes. remain mysterious. Take for example Terri’s oddball behavior catches the Creed Bratton’s ailing uncle, so often eye of Assistant Principal Fitzgerald, seen debilitated and trying to manage played by John C. Reilly in a performance so funny and medications. Yet every now and again he seizes on a mowarm I wished I could bring it home with me. Reilly is ment of lucidity, trying to accomplish as much as he can having a hell of a year, having recently upended the other- before the inevitable fade-out recurs. Heartbreaking. wise middling Cedar Rapids with his foul-mouthed, selfThe picture culminates in a boozy, druggy night of teenlacerating alcoholic glad-hander. But here, his Assistant age exploration. It’s an agonizingly honest sequence, dancPrincipal Fitzgerald is as tenderly goofy as that character ing right up to the edge of catastrophe time and again, was abrasive. Fond of cheap sunglasses, oddball confeseventually becoming more suspenseful than a thriller. But sions and hilariously self-censored temper tantrums, he even that all eventually blows over, and the final reel of genuinely seems to want to help his troubled students, Terri is suffused with a hard-earned sweetness. even though most of the time he’s stumped as to where to “Life’s a mess, dude.” Reilly’s indelible Fitzgerald is fond even start. of saying. “We’re all just doing the best that we can.” That, It doesn’t hurt that Reilly’s puffy face and wavering plus a little kindness, can go a long way toward making voice often give the impression of a giant child stretched things bearable. n

Whose idea was it to hand the story of Saddam Hussein’s hugely psychotic son to Lee Tamahori, the man responsible for Along Came a Spider, Die Another Day and Next?

The Devil's Double

An outcast gets help from his school’s eccentric principal in Terri.

P H I L A D E L P H I A W E E K LY August 3 - 9, 2011

thriller Dead Calm thrusted Phillip Noyce into Hollywood, and he made a pretty penny helming slick inanities like Patriot Games, Sliver and The Saint. But after The Bone Collector, he’d had enough! To show his true self, he took on first Graham Green’s classic novel, then Rabbit-Proof Fence. But both were, like his Hollywood fare, slick and shallow. He’s since returned to the fold with Salt.

Teenage Dream

W W W. P H I L A D E L P H I A W E E K LY. C O M



W W W. P H I L A D E L P H I A W E E K LY. C O M






The New York Times






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222 N 20th Street 215/448-1200 PHILADELPHIA WEEKLY WED. 8/3 1.9” X 4” SUB







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Center City 215-925-7900 Voorhees 856-783-2726

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Britney Spears is back in all her flawed splendor. By Brian McManus

Where Men Meet Men 2020 sansom street, philly


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brass rail bar in atlantic city, nj // opening july 2011


There was a moment, and it wasn’t long ago, that Britney Spears seemed lost to us forever. She was shaving her head, flashing her bare cooter to the paparazzi, attacking the paparazzi with umbrellas, attacking car doors with umbrellas, being carted away in ambulances, marrying high school acquaintances, divorcing high school acquaintances, marrying backup dancers, having kids with backup dancers, divorcing backup dancers, using gas station restrooms without shoes, and, worst of all, hanging out with Paris Hilton. It got so bad her dad had to step in and actually be a dad. Then there was the performance at the MTV Video Music Awards in 2007. That’s the one, you’ll recall, where she stumbled around in her bra and panties in what appeared to be a heavily medicated daze, and a quick crowd shot revealed Rihanna staring on in horror and laughing uncontrollably. After that, silence. A couple years’ worth. Now, her career seems back on track, her Tabloid Throne snatched by people who actually make her look talented. She has an undeniably catchy dance hit on the radio and is once again selling out arenas, the cooter flashing and head shaving but a blip on the radar. A quick career recap looks like this: From Pop-Princess-in-waiting to devil spawn intent on sexualizing tweens, from tabloid curio to train wreck, to all is quiet on the water front to, now, bonafide Pop Icon. If you think that last bit a stretch, it’s

because you weren’t one of the more than 14,000 on hand at the Wells Fargo Center on Saturday night watching her straight rip the roof off the fucking place during the closing number, “Till the World Ends.” (Of course, the fireworks, elaborate stage set, blinding lights and incredibly athletic/acrobatic dancers helped.) To be sure, a good deal of Brit Brit’s Femme Fatale show invokes many of the same “Is she for real ?” moments of that widely lambasted VMA performance of ’07. She remains only mildly interested in choreography—half-committed, she is, to even the most basic of dance moves, her outstanding dancers make her look as though she’s performing under water— and, it’s no longer even denied that she lip-syncs through about 80 of the 85 minutes she’s on stage. But the capacity crowd at Wells Fargo didn’t mind. LEAVE BRITNEY ALONE! The gathered mass pulsed with an undeniable electricity from opening number “Hold It Against Me” on through to a medley of hits like “I’m A Slave 4 U” and “Baby One More Time” and the aforementioned barnburner, “Till the World Ends.” Around the arena, women in Ugg boots and men dressed like backup dancers sang every word. Britney and her fans remain thick as thieves, her influence on them incredibly strong. Her influence on the modern crop of pop ingenues, however, is limited. Katy Perry and Rihanna, both at Wells Fargo the last few weeks, are better performers. Taylor Swift, at Lincoln Financial this Saturday, ashewed wearing corsets and fishnets and singing slyly about sex. Gaga is from a planet that doesn’t exist in Britney’s orbit. Of the current class, only Ke$ha—who performs at Festival Pier on Aug. 17 and who co-wrote “Till the World Ends”—owes any bit of her act, look or vibe to Britney. But Britney is still the OG of this Pop Princess shit, and her fans are loyal and legion. She’s the only one of her class who had any staying power: Jessica Simpson, Mandy Moore and Christina Aguilera have faded to varying degrees, the latter canceled her last tour due to a lack of ticket sales. For her longevity, for her ability to make a swift U-turn at the gates of a lifetime of infamy, Britney deserves credit. The crowd at Wells Fargo was happy to give it. That she’s managed this considerable feat without ever learning to sing or dance might inspire you with contempt, awe, or a confusing mix of both. Either way, to paraphrase “Till the World Ends,” you’ve never felt like this before. n


It’s Britney, Bitch

W W W. P H I L A D E L P H I A W E E K LY. C O M


W W W. P H I L A D E L P H I A W E E K LY. C O M


On the Record

For music news, interviews, photos and more, head to PW's music blog

Album reviews in 30 seconds or less By Bill Chenevert

West Is Best Danger Danger Gallery expands into retail on Baltimore Ave. By Emma Eisenberg Tristan Palazzolo at Danger Danger

“Tomorrow We’ll Remember, Tonight We’ll Celebrate,” reads a banner hanging above the small stage in Danger Danger Gallery’s first-floor performance space, a motto that seems to pay homage to Danger Danger’s steady forward motion. A DIY music venue operating out of a commercially zoned West Philly rowhome on Baltimore Avenue between 50th and 51st streets, Danger Danger Gallery is run by 28-yearold pals Tristan Palazzolo, Aaron Kanik (both of Pittsburgh) and Jeff Blinder of North Carolina. Before DD was legit, Palazzolo and bandmates from electroacoustic/roots band Grandchildren held consistently packed house shows from their nine-housemate home at 47th and Warrington as early as the summer of 2005. “The shows were just whatever we liked, somewhere

within the indie rock vein,” says Palazzolo. He recalls hosting then-underground artists like Coughs, Weasel Walter Quartet, USA is a Monster and Dan Deacon. “We were providing a needed service for the community. For as cool a vibe as [this neighborhood] has, in terms of the music I’m into, you really don’t have that many shows to go to. [We thought] it would be nice to have a venue around here that brought in really good subversive arts.” The friends started to contemplate opening their own venue, for real. The shows’ success, coupled with their neighbors’ anger at the constant noise and crowds, prompted them to look for a space that was zoned for commercial use without losing the house show vibe, and so they bought 5013 Baltimore Ave. in the summer of 2007. With Kanik as acting handyman, the guys soundproofed the first floor, built a makeshift stage from found materials, cleared a second show space in the basement so there could be two or more rapid-fire sets, and started putting on shows in February 2008. Though their new neighbors, largely other businesses, welcomed them, and shows like Tune Yards, Vivian Girls and Future Islands brought people to the venue, Palazzolo and his five-person volunteer staff weren’t turning a profit. Door money went to touring bands with DD taking a percentage to cover operating expenses. “We started thinking, man, it’d be so nice if we could actually sell something at these shows,” says Palazzolo. Enter the idea of a music store as part of the DD umbrella. When the vintage clothing store next door moved out in May of this year, the guys had one week to decide if they could rustle up enough capital and support to take on another major project. They took the plunge. The store, set to open Aug. 4, will sell music gear, records, clothing, local zines and guitar strings. It will also be home to a School of Rock run by Stinking Lizaveta frontman Yanni Papadopoulos that will instruct students in drums, guitar, keyboard and bass. “This neighborhood really needs a music store,” Palazzolo says, adding that, in addition to the music venue and store, DD plans on eventually playing host to art shows, film screenings and plays. “There are so many musicians here, but no place to go. And this is the perfect place to do it.” n

Critic's Pick

Kindred the Family Soul

Love Has No Recession (Shanachie Entertainment) Sounds Like: Deeply soulful R&B LP

from husband/wife Philly duo who got some great guests for their fourth. Free Association: A masterful blend of modern and throwback vibes (plus Snoop!). For Fans Of: The Womacks & Winans, Teddy Pendergrass, hometown soul.

Gardens & Villa

Gardens & Villa (Secretly Canadian) Sounds Like: Trippy chilled-out

synthpop from Santa Barbara, Calif., that’s not especially inventive but brilliantly executed with falsetto charm and throwback-flavored grooves. Free Association: The guilty trend is soaring vocals, no sax solos or beaches here. For Fans Of: Yeasayer/MGMT, Small Black x pagan Passion Pit, pills/psychedelics.

Richard Buckner

Our Blood (Merge) Sounds Like: The alt-country legend’s

tenth LP, his first in five years, is a beautifully sad and dark new batch of sparsely arranged, simply delivered tales of Americana. Free Association: This is no pick-meup, solely for dark (drunk/sad) and quiet times. For Fans Of: Townes Van Zandt x Josh Ritter, Woody Guthrie, mature melancholy.


Scattered, Smothered, Covered (Crossbill) Sounds Like: Fantastic weirdo psych-

pop solo debut from the Californian and former Rooney drummer who wanted to make something real by himself. Free Association: This couldn’t be further from his former band and that’s a blessing. For Fans Of: Animal Collective/Arms x Dirty Projectors, peacing out of shitty bands.


P H I L A D E L P H I A W E E K LY August 3 - 9, 2011

Jill Scott’s Summer Block Party  ou gotta hand it to hometown girl Jill Scott: She has always had a knack for taking her brothas and sistas back to Y simpler, better times. Her progressive-soul, vocal stylings have most likely made many listeners remember the good ol’ days of Minnie Riperton and Roberta Flack. Now, she embarks on a tour to promote her latest album, The Light of the Sun. But, of course, much like Scott’s music, the show will have more of a nostalgic, old-school feel. Known as “Jill Scott’s Summer Block Party,” the bill also includes oldsoul crooner Anthony Hamilton, 90’s quiet-storm radio mainstays Mint Condition, DJ Jazzy Jeff as the house DJ and Doug E. Fresh emceeing it all. Hell, the tour itself is a Budweiser Superfest presentation. Don’t tell us we’re the only ones who remember when this King of Beers-sponsored package tour would come around every summer back in the ’80s, promising such R&B acts as Kool & the Gang or Freddie Jackson or Evelyn “Champagne” King on its bill. Oh, those were the days. Thankfully, our girl Scott is bringing them back. (Craig D. Lindsey) Sat., Aug. 6, 7pm. With Anthony Hamilton, Mint Condition, DJ Jazzy Jeff + Doug E. Fresh. $65.75-$150.75. Susquehanna Bank Center, 1 Harbour Blvd., Camden, N.J. 856.365.1300.

The Rip Tide (Pompeii) Sounds Like: Zach Condon’s gypsy rock

band’s cooled it on the world music tip with their third and boosted the rep of the band as more than just Balkan indie rock. Free Association: “Nantes” used to be my MySpace profile song and it felt so right. For Fans Of: Calexico x Devotchka, Neutral Milk, brass and tambourines, polka.

Katy B

On A Mission (Columbia) Sounds Like: The debut from a powerful

voice in electrodance and funky house music in London, the BRIT School grad’s got an edge on Jessie J and Jamie Woon. Free Association: If this were the ’90s, she’d be mixed in with La Bouche and Black Box. For Fans Of: Mary J. x Hercules & Love Affair, Lilly Allen + Robyn, lil’ divas, clubbing.


W W W. P H I L A D E L P H I A W E E K LY. C O M


By Dan Savage

Hey, everybody: two things … First: Last week, the GOP officially “denounced” me. Because the nation is at peace, Americans are going back to work, and the climate situation is completely under control—so, hey, why not go after the gay dude who writes that smutty sex column and gives Rick Santorum fits? Second: Last week, a Savage Love reader denounced me for failing to devote any recent column inches to my readers’ titillating anecdotes. As I hate disappointing a reader, I invited folks to send in their dirty/sexy vacation stories. Here’s the best of the bunch. I was 15 and on vacation in Cape Cod. Beaches never did anything for me, so I excused myself to go back to the hotel. On my way, I ran into another teenager, a girl. I struck up a conversation and was surprised to hear her answer in a British accent. Like myself, she was bored as hell. I invited her to my hotel room to get high. I make my move, which she goes along with. We’re both naked when I get an awful idea that would make any sane and sober girl run screaming for the hills. Being young and ripped, I vocalize it without considering the outcome: “What if you pretend to be Hermione Granger?” This was about the time of the fourth movie release, and I had a big crush on Emma Watson. As soon as the words left my lips, I knew that I wasn’t getting laid that day. But I got laid that day. The Wander Years

In the Provincetown dunes, my BF and I met another couple with the same first names as ours. They invited us to their campsite later that night. That’s when I learned four is the tangle threshold—four bodies can literally get so tangled you have to stop to undo yourselves. They had a little propane lamp, and as we were leaving, we could see their shadows from outside the tent—meaning we had just done a four-way shadow show for everyone in the campsite. Rob #2 I have just returned from vacation—or “holiday,” as we say in the UK—so here goes: My boyfriend and I both love hiking, so off we went to the Lake District, one of the prettiest walking regions in the country. The highest mountain in England, Scafell Pike, is there, so of course we had to climb it, just like pretty much every other tourist. What most of them don’t do is attempt the two-hour ridge traverse to reach the top of the second highest mountain in England, Scafell. We did. Whereas Scafell Pike had been so crowded there was no space for us to sit and have lunch, Scafell was deserted. I’ve always had a kink for outdoor sex, and it seems he has a fetish for mountain scenery, because we had possibly the best sex we’ve ever had on top of that mountain, enjoying spectacular views of the gorgeous English countryside. There is nothing like being fucked while staring out at the landscape that inspired the poetry of Wordsworth and Coleridge! Climber Loves Impulsive Fell Fucking Thanks for sharing, vacationers. Your regularly scheduled sex advice returns next week—now go Google “santorum,” everybody. n

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I was 19. He was older and married. We were both in Utah for a folk-dancing event. He and his wife were nonmonogamous—in the open way, not in the (sometimes creepy) Mormon way. His wife wasn’t interested in playing with me, so he and I fucked in the back of his truck while she folk-danced at the folk festival I’d traveled to frickin’ Utah to attend. The next day, he drove me the hour back to their house in Salt Lake City so we could fuck some more. The next time we ran into each other was at yet another folk festival. We found an unused second-floor room in one of the buildings and used a piano to barricade the door. We left the window open for ventilation, and so that our vocalizations could rain down on the heads of the innocent Seattleites going about their folk festival business. Frickin’ Utah

About 10 years ago, when I was 15, my very lenient parents took me and two of my girlfriends to one of those all-inclusive resorts in Mexico. We partied and drank with some nice Mexican boys we met on the beach. On our final night, we all downed a bunch of flaming shots. Long story short: I ended up falling through a second-story window and cutting my head pretty badly, one of my girlfriends and I got into a drunken fistfight (I still have no idea about what), and then I lost my virginity on the beach to one of those nice Mexican boys. I woke up the next morning with a hangover, drunken shits and a pussy full of sand. The plane ride back was miserable … but, oh, what a memory. Good Times

P H I L A D E L P H I A W E E K LY August 3 - 9, 2011

Seven years ago, we went to a wedding. Upon arrival, my girlfriend and I found ourselves in the quaintest, daintiest, lace-doiliest B&B we’d ever seen. The wedding was a wonderful affair held in a historic building. By the time the two of us returned to the B&B, we were drunk, happy and horny. If I had been reading Savage Love back then, I would’ve known that we were breaking all the anal sex rules: It had been a first-date activity for us, we never took it slow and we never used lots of lube. It had always worked before. This time, however, was different. With her on all fours on the lace doily bedspread, I pulled back and noticed what could not be described as santorum (no lube, just fecal matter). We immediately headed for the shower with her exclaiming loudly how much she “hates when there’s shit!” We got clean. The sheets were a different story. I can’t remember whether we left them there or stole them, but I do remember the chilly farewell we received from the lady who ran the place. It occurred to me then just how nonsoundproof the walls of a 150-year-old clapboard house probably are. That Comes From There?

I’m a bi male, 25, and into bondage. Four years ago, I responded to the personal ad of a reasonably attractive French guy with an unreasonably amazing dungeon. I sent pictures and said I’d love to spend a weekend in his dungeon if I ever made it over. He offered to pay for a plane ticket if I would spend a week in his dungeon. After doing Christmas and NYE with the family, I headed to Paris for the last week of my winter break. Within 48 hours, I was begging him to let me out. He agreed to let me go if I still wanted out in two hours. But the bondage was “only real now” that I wanted out, he said in his sexy French accent, and he told me—while slowly stroking my dick—that I was beautiful and brave and strong and that I could get through the week. Which is what I did. On my last night in Paris, he took me to an expensive restaurant, ordered a bottle of champagne and toasted my bravery and strength. Best Week Ever


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Floor reFinisHing

PREGNANT? CONSIDERING ADOPTION? Talk with caring agency specializing in matching Birthmothers with Families nationwide LIVING EXPENSES PAID. Call 24/7 Abby’s One True Gift Adoptions 866-413-6293.



general mercHandise COMMERCIAL SLICING MACHINE Heavy Duty. $600/OBO. Call 215-465-1958.

electrical contracting

BARRY FISHER LICENSED ELECTRICIAN Over 42yrs experience Low prices, Fast Service

100-amp Circuit breakers $65+ Ceiling Fans $25+ • Outlets $6+ AC/WD lines $10+ Lic/Ins * FHA/VA Cert

$20 $20 $40 $40

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$100+ $100+ $250+ $250+

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CheCk Out PW’s MEDICAL rEsEArCH stuDIEs On Page 6


can do crew!

24 Hr. 215-669-3415


Rev #2: Rev #3:



Call 215-563-1234 Monday through Friday 8:30AM - 5PM

Help wanted

2537 So. Broad St

Precious Babies

215-551-0800 |


Daycare Director & Teachers

moving & Hauling


Scrap Metal Whole House Guts Power Washing Lic. & Insured Hauling 24 HOURS A DAY, 7 DAYS A WEEK , SENIOR DISCOUNTS

215-500-3903 or 267-918-8711

HHHHH fax: 215-468-8485 Tony’s CLEAN-OUT TONYCLEANOUTS@AOL.COM FAX 215-334-6666

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Water damage • traSH removal Hauling • Scrap metal

OpEN 7 dAys A wEEk • sENiOr disC. NO jOb TOO big Or TOO smALL


flexibility in a short time frame is the key to our success tOny’S the name you can trust INSURED

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Italian Doors, Windows, Wrought Iron Railings Rosat-Co

Trash Removal Basement Cleanouts Debris Removal Estates • Demolition

EL 105


Homeowners, Designers, Contractors


Quality 2x1 11-10-05 Bill

●SPR ● SWR ● PW ● ACW Last Minute JobsREP: EL ● 105 SALES AlWAYs AVAilABlEAD NAME: Phong’s slug must appear in the up CHECK FOR SIZE: This2x1 left corner of each page. window APPROVAL DATE: 9-22-05 treatment INITIALS: Le Tera Rev #1: Dawn

Home improvement


●SPR ● SWR ● C ● PW ● ACW ● C

DATE: INITIALS: Rev #1: Rev #2: Piano Specialist! Rev #3: REVIEW Great Rates! PUBLISHING


2007 CAMERY CF Very good cond. 61,000miles. $12,500/Or best offer. 856689-3139.

93 FORD TAURUS Runs good. Inspected. $1,000 or Best offer. Call 267-252-8004.


All Jobs Best Quality Free Estimates • Insured • Low Rates Please Call Andy

auto For sale





2009 COLBOLT BLUE PASSETT Only 14,600miles. Excel cond. Turbo fuel injector. Under warranty. $21,000Firm. 609-254-0663.

moving & Hauling


North & West Phila. Areas Directors: requires 3-5 years Supervisory experience & Associate’s Degree with 30 credits in Early Childhood Education. Teachers: Requires 2 Years Experience Writing Lesson Plans and Teaching Also Needed. AA in ECE or CDA Preferred. Competitive Salary & Paid Vacation

Tel:215 694-0916 Fax: 215 228-9111


Swarthmore College Dining Services is committed to sustainability, and using fresh, local ingredients whenever possible, which enables us to provide a top quality product to our community. We seek a qualified individual who is committed to this higher standard and possesses a passion for food and cooking. Responsible for ensuring the timely production of hot and cold foods throughout each meal period by following production and recipes as documented in the production book. Reports and records accurate ingredient information to ensure menu information sheet is correct at each meal period. Food lines must be set according ●SPR ● S to directions outlined in the daily production sheet. Lines must stay fully stocked and fresh throughout meal P Uperio B L dI S. H I N G ● PW ● A



Tony’s Clean • 2+ years related experience 2x2 • Knowledge, including cooking techniques andSIZE: ingredients, of a variety of ethnic and vegetarian foods to satisfy a diverse2-24-05 clientele DATE: • Ability to occasionally lift up to 100 lbs INITIALS: Bill • Ability to work productively in a fast-paced environment AD NAME:

Rev #1:

Please apply through our web site at Rev #2: under Human Resources and Employment Opportunities.

Rev #3:

If you do not have access to a computer or Internet, please stop by our office Mon-Thur, 8AM- 12PM & SALES 1PM-4:45PM, Fri 8AM-12PM. DAN 129 REP:

Swarthmore College is a highly selective liberal arts collegeThis located slug inmust a CHECK FOR the suburbs of Philadelphia, whose mission combines academic rigor left corner APPROVAL with social responsibility. Swarthmore has a strong institutional commitment to excellence through diversity in its educational program and employment practices and actively seeks and welcomes applications from candidates with exceptional qualifications, particularly those with demonstrable commitments to a more inclusive society and world.


$$$HELP WANTED$$$ Extra Income! Assembling CD cases from Home! No Experience Necessary! Call our Live Operators Now! 1-800-405-7619 EXT 2450 http://www. ACTORS/MOVIE EXTRAS Needed immediately for upcoming roles $150-$300/day depending on job requirements. No experience, all looks. 1-800-560-8672 A-109. For casting times/locations. ACTORS/MOVIE EXTRAS Needed immediately for upcoming roles $150-$300/day depending on job requirements. No experience, all looks. 1-800-560-8672 A-109. For casting times/locations. BECOME A MEMBER OF THE OUR SALES TEAM! PW-Philadelphia Weekly is seeking energetic, self-motivated individuals to join our Advertising Department as an outside Account Executive. We offer a competitive base salary, commission, bonuses and an excellent benefits package. Candidate must be able to multi-task, have excellent verbal and communication skills and be proficient with Microsoft Word and Excel. Main job responsibilities are prospecting, cold calling and closing new business. 3 plus years sales experience in a related field required. Email your resume to DETAILER- Exp Detailer, Great Pay. Call 215-558-0898, Ask for Jay.


MARKETING INTERN: Become a member of the Review Publishing Marketing Team! We’re seeking energetic, self-motivated and out-going individuals to help our Marketing Dept. Candidate must be able to work at least 15 hours a week; multi-task; work well with others; have good verbal and communication skills; be proficient with Microsoft Word & Excel; also be proficient in Web & Social media applications. Photoshop and/or indesign & social network marketing experience a plus. Please email resume to NO PHONE CALLS PLEASE DRIVERS NEEDED Our Drivers average over $200,000+ per year. Salary $30/ hr + comm. Cash daily, Medical benefits. Will train. FT/PT. Call JOB INFO first at 215-552-8133 or 212-465-3185. Then call MANAGERS: 201-443-5318 or 201-779-5469 or 973-652-1457 GENERAL HELP-$8.00-$10.00/ HR. PLUS INCENTIVE. FLEXIBLE SCHEDULES INTERVIEW TODAY START TOMORROW. 215-271-0188. Have you considered Diagnostic Medical Sonography Also known as Ultrasound? Get the training you need today! Call now. 888-492-7333 Sanford-Brown Institut1 3600 Horizon Blvd., Suite GL-1 Trevose, PA 19053


REAL ESTATE REal ESTaTE fOR SalE MT AIRY 6 Room, 1.5Ba., Co-Op. Close to Train $1100 Mo.fee. $15,000 Co-op Share Price, Financing avail 215-849-1240

STUdIO/EffIcIENcY 20th and Pine $925/mo Modern and large studio, c/a, hwf, brand new kit & bath, private entrance, lots of space. CALL JIM ONESTI, PRU FOX & ROACH 215-627-6005/215-440-2052 or 22 N D WAS H I N GTO N AV E BRAND NEW,HWD FLRS,GRANITE KIT.PVT.BATH.$675/ mo. 215-292-2176 9TH AND PINE: Charming Studio in Brownstone, High Ceilings, HW Flrs, Sep Kitch, Intercom Entry, Onsite Laundry. $745/Mo. Avail Sept. 215-735-8030. Lic # 216245 GRAD HOSPITAL AREA 1930 Bainbridge St., Studio, Avail Now $750+ 215-917-8835 RITTENHOUSE SQ AREA Small Eff, Sep BA, Elec heat. Bsmt WD. $595-$695+Elec. 215-735-8414 RITTENHOUSE SQ Area. Great Street INCLUDES Heat & Hot Water $795$825 (215)806-1526




HIGH SCHOOL DIPLOMA! Graduate in just 4 weeks!! FREE Brochure. Call NOW! 1-800-532-6546 Ext. 97

HELP WANTED: $9/hr+ bonuses. Part and Full Time. 215-271-0188


MASSEUSES WANTED Call 215-226-4475 M-F 12pm - 5pm or apply on line at www.

Clinical Research Opportunity: Take Pain Meds? Have CONSTIPATION? If you or a loved one is struggling with constipation possibly caused by prescription pain medication, take part in this clinical research study. Take this opportunity to explore your possible treatment options by learning more. Compensation of up to $900 may be available. Call: 866-230-4755 Visit:

PAID IN ADVANCE! MAKE $1,000 a Week mailing brochures from home! Guaranteed Income! FREE Supplies! No experience required. Start Immediately! PROPERTY INSPECTORS. Full and part time. We train! Flex hours. Car required. 610-213-3735 RETAIL SALES Cameo Water wear. Seasonal (Now-Sept 15th). Margate, Ocean City. www. 215-545-1330 SALES MANAGERS $500 - $1000 a week. HOTTEST BUSINESS GOING! 215-941-6422 (Betw.8am-11am) STREET TEAM: Become a member of the PHILADELPHIA WEEKLY’s Marketing Team! We’re seeking energetic, self-motivated and out-going individuals to attend events to promote the newspaper. Candidate must be able to work flexible hours at night; work well with others; have good verbal and communication skills. Photography experience is a plus! Please email a resume to NO PHONE CALLS PLEASE!

Do you or does someone you know suffer from Schizophrenia? Please call if: A doctor has diagnosed Schizophrenia or you think the diagnosis may be appropriate; Schizophrenia symptoms have worsened within the past two weeks; A change to or addition of medication might be needed; Staying in the hospital for at least 3 weeks is possible. If you qualify and are enrolled, you may receive an investigational drug and will receive regular study-related medical evaluation at no charge. For more information, please contact Vincent Davis or Ada Wilson, clinical trial recruiters, at 215-581-3900 (All calls are confidential) Belmont Center for Comprehensive Treatment, 4200 Monument Road, Philadelphia, PA 19131 c2010 AEHN.


9TH & PINE: Lrg/Bright 2Bdrm Apt in Terrific Location! Updated Kitch, HW Flrs, Abundant Closet Space, Onsite Laundry, Intercom Entry, Pet Friendly. $1250/Mo. 215-735-8030. Lic # 216245

9 T H & F I TZ WAT E R, 2 N D F L R. , W/D, STORAGE/BSMT. NO PETS. 215-915-5347.

ART AREA, 2BDRM, 2BAS, FRPLC, HRDWD/FL, LRG DECK, WD. Immediately $1485+. 215-353-6636

9XX Pine Large 1BR, c/a, w/d, d/w, f/p, 12 f t ceilings, MUST SEE. Won’t last long $1,250 a month. Call 215-440-8295

EAST FALLS: BIG 2BD apts available! Hardwood or carpet, new appliances, private deck, free parking! Quick ride to Center City/ Manayunk. Call Dana 215-243-7022.

EAST FALLS: 1BD+Den/sunroom available NOW! Hardwood, new appliances, deck, free parking! Convenient to Center City/ Manayunk. Call Dana: 215-243-7022.

OLD CITY (6 S.Front St.) 2BR or Office combo. Overlooks BF Bridge & Del River. High ceiling, WD, DW, GD, CA, Gas heat, Tiled bath & Kit. $1250/mo+. Avail August. 215-627-4414

THE WELLINGTON at Rittenhouse Square. Exclusively on the Square. Magnificent Square View. All utils inlcd. Spacious built-in closets, Laundry Fac, AC, DW, GD. Cable h/ up. 24hr Doorman. 215-567-7810

TwO BEdROOm 112 N.2nd #5A2 $2500/mo. 2BD/2BA condo, parking, hwf, s/s appl, elevatory bldg, balcony CALL MIKE MCCANN PRU FOX & ROACH 215-627-6005/215-440-8345 12th and South Street Area - Two 2BR Apts., No Pets, Washer/Dryer, Available Aug. 1st or Sept. 1st, See Video/Pics www.gasheart. com 769 S. 12th St. 215-4851015, $1400 or $1600/month, INCLUDES HEAT! 1531 Pine #A: $3400/mo Gorgeous renovated 2BD/2BA, hwf, custom kitchen. CALL MIKE MCCANN PRU FOX & ROACH 215627-6005/215-440-8345 2014 BAINBRIDGE, MODERN KITCHEN & BATH WD, WW/Carpet. C/ AC. $850. 215-514-7143.


QUEEN VILLAGE 806 S. 2ND St $955,000 FSBO

SUNDAY 8/7/11 12:00-1:00PM QUEEN VILLAGE 610 S Front St $2,195,00 Prudential Fox & Roach RITTENHOUSE SQ 1901 Walnut St #21B $989,000 Prudential Fox & Roach QUEEN VILLAGE 830 S 2nd St #Unit A $849,000 Prudential Fox & Roach

FITLER SQ 212-24 S 24th St #2423 $775,900 Prudential Fox & Roach


RITT. SQ. Area. GREAT BLOCK WD, AC, DW. First Month FREE $1400++ (215)806-1526

PW Classifieds

SATURDAY 8/6/11 1:00-3:00PM

All real estate advertised in this newspaper is subject to federal, state and localfair housing laws, which makes it illegal to advertise any preference, limitation, or discriminationbased on race; color; religion;sex; disability; familial; (presence of children);national origin; age (Pennsylvania and New Jersey); martial status or sexual orientation(Pennsylvania and New Jersey), or source of Income (Philadelphia only) in the sale, rentalor financing or insuring of housing. This paper will not knowingly accept any advertisingfor real estate which violates these laws. The law requires that all dwellings advertised beavailable on an equal opportunity basis. If you believe you have been discriminated Vagainstin connection with the sale, rent, financing or insuring of housing or commercial property,call HUD at 1-888-799-2085


QUEEN VILLAGE, 3RD MONROE: CA, WD, WD fls. 1st/last/Sec. Good credit. $850+. 215-462-2338

Advertise with


9TH & BAINBRIDGE nice 2bedrm.,$975/ mo.+utils. 3rd. flrs., Call 215-687-5629.

OLD CITY (104 Chestnut/2nd Fl) Lg. 1 Bedrm, 1 Bath, Approx. 1300 s/f, tall windows, view of BF Bridge, high ceiling, carpeted, c/a, gas heat, d/w, g/d, w/d. $1160+/ Mo. Avail. October. 215-627-4414.

EARN $75-$200 HOUR. Media Makeup & Airbrush Training. For Ads, TV, Film, Fashion. 1 wk class & Portfolio. 310-364-0665

CALL 215.563.1234

Monday through Friday 8:30 a.m. - 5 p.m. Submit ads online at DEADLINES: Display ads - Fridays @ 5 p.m. Line ads - Mondays @ 5 p.m.

RITTENHOUSE SQ 2108 Locust St $839,000 Prudential Fox & Roach


F I S H TO W N 1 B R , W W/C A R P E T, WD in bldg Pet friendly. $700+. Tanya 215-922-6088


open houses


39 Strawberry #3F: $1250/mo. Old City, bi-level 1BD/1BA, spacious CALL JIM ONESTI PRU FOX & ROACH 215-6276005/215-440-8345 3XX S. 15TH, NEW KIT, EXP/BRICK, HRDWD WD/STRG. $1195+. Sept 215-733-0480

mIScEllaNEOUS AAAA**DONATION. Donate Your Car, Boat or Real Estate. IRS Tax Deductible. Free Pick-Up/Tow. Any Model/Condition. Help Under Privileged Children Outreach 1-800-419-7474


Q U E E N V I L L A G E- B E A U T I F U L , RECENTLY UPDATED 2BR, 2BATH, 2ND FLR. BI-LEVEL APT. L/R, D/R, KIT, H/W, W/W. F/PL, C/A, GAS HEAT AIR HEAT, D/W. $1400 PER.MO.+GAS & ELECTRIC. AVAIL ON OR ABOUT 8/15. CALL ANGEL (215)4322 FOR APPT. OR KARLA (215)989-3237. R I T T E N H O U S E S Q U A R E : Tw o Bedroom apartment. Available Mid-September. MUST SEE TO APPRECIATE! Great Light, Hardwood Floors, High Ceilings, Plentiful Closet Space. $2,000.00 per month. Call to Schedule an Appointment, 215-735-5757 OR E-Mail: S.PHILLY: 19xx Pierce 2BR TH, CA, WD, DW & More. $1000/mo+. 215-922-3910.

FRONT & RITNER 3BDR House, C/A, HD/Flrs. W/D. Sec. System $1300mo.+ utilits.215-651-9190 RITTENHOUSE SQ Fabulous 2BR 2BA house, 2 car parking, MUST SEE. $4500. PMG 215-545-7007x110

ROOm fOR RENT 1 24 L O M B A R D, H E A D H O U S E SQUARE, SOCIETY HILL. “TOKIO B&B” STUDIOS. ($55-$100) DAILY rates. ($300-$500) WEEKLY rates. We also have MONTHLY rates AVA I L . We b s i te h tt p : / /s u s h i . Call MADAME SAITO 215-922-2515 13TH & SPRUCE- Parker Hotel CC. Fully Furn’d Rms, no sec. deposit. Utils & housekeeping incld. WK: $165-$203; Day: $40-$56. 215-735-2300.

ROOmmaTE/ ShaRINg ALL AREAS - ROOMMATES.COM. Browse hundreds of online listings with photos and maps. Find your roommate with a click of the mouse! Visit: http://www. Northern Liberties, 1 large room available in 6BR House, 3 Bath, no pets, See Video/Pics www. gashear 234 Brown St., 215-485-1015, $495

ROOmmaTE/ ShaRINg Northern Liberties Area, 1 Large Room available in 4BR House, 2 Bath, no pets, Large basement for storage, see www.gasheart. com 1605 N. 6th St., 215-4851015, $450/month Includes All Utilities, Free WIFI

aRTISTS STUdIO SPacE THE PAPERMILL- Community of Artist. 2825 Ormes St. Affordable Artist Studios staring at $100 for 130 sf. Four large floors of open or private studio space for Painters, Sculptors, Dance, Theatre, or Creative companies. A community of artist practicing their talents in custom sized studio workspaces. Short term, inexpensive rental of theatre and gallery spaces. Join our group on Facebaook for updates on our events and gallery spaces. Contact Wulfhart Management Group: Karyn 215-687-8391 or

OffIcE SPacE 9TH & SPRING GARDEN-1800SQ.FT., BATHROOM, CARPETING, C/A/H. VERY CLEAN. GREAT LOCATION! $1900/mo. 610-304-0087. EAST FALLS: Office space available! Lease large office space with full kitchen/bath! Available NOW. Call Dana 215-243-7022

PaRkINg SPacE 9TH & SPRUCE Gated Parking space, available now. $190/mo. PMG, 215-5457007 x304

OffIcE SPacE


THE WELLINGTON at Rittenhouse Square. Exclusively on the Square. Magnificent Square View. All utils inlcd. Spacious built-in closets, Laundry Fac, AC, DW, GD. Cable h/ up. 24hr Doorman. 215-567-7810

hOUSE fOR RENT 20XX FERNON ST. 2BDR, C/A, HD Floors. New Home. Must See! Call 267-334-0744

GRAD HOSPITAL 1631 Fitzwater St $649,900 Prudential Fox & Roach QUEEN VILLAGE 721 S American St $649,500 Prudential Fox & Roach RITTENHOUSE SQ 1901 Walnut St #3B $649,000 Prudential Fox & Roach GRAD HOSPITAL 2023 Pemberton St $549,555 Prudential Fox & Roach RITTENHOUSE SQ 1901 Walnut St #2F $549,000 Prudential Fox & Roach FITLER SQ 2418 Delancey St $529,000 Prudential Fox & Roach

office Space ImmedIate occupancy 404 to 6,152 square feet in the boutique PSFS bank building on the corner of 7th and Walnut Streets. Views of Washington Square or the private courtyard. Secure access to the building as well as elevator service.

Offered by Stonehenge Advisors, LLC at 215-320-3777.

BELLA VISTA 706 Clymer St $469,900 Prudential Fox & Roach FITLER SQ 2518 Naudain St $459,000 Prudential Fox & Roach ART MUSEUM 2401 Penna Ave #12A2 $449,900 Prudential Fox & Roach BELLA VISTA 729 S 11th St $429,000 Prudential Fox & Roach SOCIETY HILL 121-35 Walnut St #206 $399,900 Prudential Fox & Roach SOCIETY HILL 114-18 Naudain St #Unit D $395,000 Prudential Fox & Roach SPRING ARTS 627 N 10th St $386,000 Prudential Fox & Roach EAST FALLS 3532 Calumet St $385,000 Prudential Fox & Roach LOGAN SQ 2301 Cherry St #3P $379,900 Prudential Fox & Roach ART MUSEUM 2511 Meredith St 379,000 Prudential Fox & Roach QUEEN VILLAGE 720 S Front St $368,000 Prudential Fox & Roach

ART MUSEUM 2601 Penna Ave #326 $259,000 Prudential Fox & Roach

RITTENHOUSE SQ 210 W Rittenhouse Sq #1001 $949,900 Prudential Fox & Roach

FITLER SQ 2429 Locust St #510 $349,900 Prudential Fox & Roach

SOCIETY HILL 530 S 2nd St #748 $249,900 Prudential Fox & Roach

SOCIETY HILL 211-25 S 4th St #201 $835,000 Prudential Fox & Roach

RITTENHOUSE SQ 2212 Manning St $349,000 Prudential Fox & Roach

GRAD HOSPITAL 1641 Christian St #2 $239,900 Prudential Fox & Roach

BELLA VISTA 750 S Marvine St $679,900 Prudential Fox & Roach

FISHTOWN 2307 E Hagert St $234,900 Prudential Fox & Roach

QUEEN VILLAGE 749 E Passyunk Ave $649,900 Prudential Fox & Roach

ART MUSEUM 2601 Pennsylvania Ave #653 $229,000 Prudential Fox & Roach

QUEEN VILLAGE 213 Headhouse Ct $559,000 Prudential Fox & Roach

ART MUSEUM 1733 Wallace St #3 $229,000 Prudential Fox & Roach

Rittenhouse Savoy 1810 Rittenhouse Sq #1402-03 $525,000 Prudential Fox & Roach

QUEEN VILLAGE 136 Carpenter St #Unit B $215,000 Prudential Fox & Roach

WASHINGTON SQ 1206 Addison Walk $514,900 Prudential Fox & Roach

RITTENHOUSE SQ 1919 Chestnut St #2209 $199,999 Prudential Fox & Roach ART MUSEUM 1733 Wallace St #1 $199,000 Prudential Fox & Roach PORT RICHMOND 2862 Cedar St $138,000 Prudential Fox & Roach

12:00 - 2:00PM SOCIETY HILL 312 Willings Alley $849,000 Plumer & Associates


OLD CITY 335 N Front St #B $359,900 Prudential Fox & Roach

QUEEN VILLAGE 104 Christian St $649,500 Plumer & Associates

RITTENHOUSE SQ 1500 Chestnut St #16H $349,900 Prudential Fox & Roach

RITTENHOUSE SQ 202 W Rittenhouse Sq #2606 $1,795,000 Prudential Fox & Roach

RITTENHOUSE SQ 2201 Chestnut St #604 $345,000 Prudential Fox & Roach

WASH SQ WEST 210 S Sartain St $1,499,000 Prudential Fox & Roach

QUEEN VILLAGE 322 Queen St #B $509,900 Prudential Fox & Roach

ART MUSEUM 838 N BambreySt $315,500 Prudential Fox & Roach

GRAD HOSPITAL 1429 ChristianSt $699,900 Prudential Fox & Roach

GRAD HOSPITAL 2501 Christian St #401 $309,000 Prudential Fox & Roach

WASH SQ WEST 802-10 Locust St #201 $699,000 Prudential Fox & Roach

RITTENHOUSE SQ 1731 Rodman St $279,000 Prudential Fox & Roach GRAD HOSPITAL 1039 S ChadwickSt $275,000 Prudential Fox & Roach PENNSPORT 1125 E Moyamensing Ave $249,900 Prudential Fox & Roach

QUEEN VILLAGE 917 S 6th St $475,000 Prudential Fox & Roach

ART MUSEUM 1804 Green St #1 $219,000 Prudential Fox & Roach

QUEEN VILLAGE 112 Fitzwater St $469,000 Prudential Fox & Roach

RITTENHOUSE SQ 2101-17 Chestnut St #604 $215,000 Prudential Fox & Roach

GRAD HOSPITAL 1741 Christian St $409,900 Prudential Fox & Roach ART MUSEUM 1624 Fairmount St $399,000 Prudential Fox & Roach

ART MUSEUM 753 N Ringgold St $524,000 Prudential Fox & Roach

BELLA VISTA 709-11 Alter St $314,900 Prudential Fox & Roach

SYMPHONY HOUSE 400-426 S Broad St #2001 $1,450,000 Prudential Fox & Roach

GRAD HOSPITAL 726 S 20th St $509,000 Prudential Fox & Roach

QUEEN VILLAGE 114 Monroe St $300,000 Prudential Fox & Roach

QUEEN VILLAGE 741 S 2nd St $1,150,000 Prudential Fox & Roach

RITTENHOUSE SQ 1625 Waverly St $384,900 Prudential Fox & Roach

BELLA VISTA 912 Fitzwater St $499,900 Prudential Fox & Roach

PENNSPORT 2014 S 3rd St $269,900 Prudential Fox & Roach

RITTENHOUSE SQ 1935 Manning St $1,024,000 Prudential Fox & Roach

N LIBERTIES 525 Parrish St $379,900 Prudential Fox & Roach

WASH SQ WEST 209 S Sartain St $397,500 Prudential Fox & Roach

3:00-4:00PM WASH SQ WEST 922 Clinton St $1,250,000 Prudential Fox & Roach

ART MUSEUM 2401 Pennsylvania Ave #15B23 $244,000 Prudential Fox & Roach

QUEEN VILLAGE 317 Monroe St #1 $417,000 Prudential Fox & Roach

QUEENVILLAGE 1 Christian St, Unit 39 $399,900 Century 21 All Elite

RITTENHOUSE SQ 2038 Latimer St $339,900 Prudential Fox & Roach

ART MUSEUM 2021 Brown St $479,000 Prudential Fox & Roach

ART MUSEUM 2401 Pennsylvania Ave #18C51 $449,000 Prudential Fox & Roach

QUEEN VILLAGE 806 S. 2ND St $955,000 FSBO

ART MUSEUM 2601 Pennsylvania Ave #1032 $199,900 Prudential Fox & Roach RITTENHOUSE SQ 2101 Chestnut St #921 $174,000 Prudential Fox & Roach WHITMAN 146 Roseberry St $149,900 Prudential Fox & Roach RITTENHOUSE SQ 2101-17 Chestnut St #1714 $149,000 Prudential Fox & Roach EAST FALLS 4000 Gypsy Ln #521 $143,000 Prudential Fox & Roach

1:30 - 3:00PM N LIBERTIES 782 N 27th St $389,900 Plumer & Associates

BELLA VISTA 700 S 10th St #3B $699,000 Prudential Fox & Roach QUEEN VILLAGE 1 Christian St #47 $595,000 Prudential Fox & Roach SOCIETY HILL 438 Lombard St $525,000 Prudential Fox & Roach GRAD HOSPITAL 716 S 21st St $485,000 Prudential Fox & Roach QUEEN VILLAGE 935 E Moyamensing Ave $474,900 Prudential Fox & Roach WASH SQ WEST 718 Rodman St $464,900 Prudential Fox & Roach RITTENHOUSE PLAZA 1901 Walnut St #9B $449,900 Prudential Fox & Roach ART MUSEUM 2340 Fairmount St #Unit A $449,900 Prudential Fox & Roach GRAD HOSPITAL 2202 Carpenter St $375,000 Prudential Fox & Roach BELLA VISTA 609 Montrose St $344,900 Prudential Fox & Roach ART MUSEUM 2001 Hamilton St #2126 $249,000 Prudential Fox & Roach

Times are subject to change. Calling ahead to confirm time is advised.



SOCIETY HILL 608 Pine St $650,000 Prudential Fox & Roach

ART MUSEUM 2943 Penna Ave $525,000 Prudential Fox & Roach

SOUTH PHILA 4th & Dickenson, 2BR, 2Ba., w/d, c/a, FP, Hw/Flrs, $1000+ 609-721-1079

512 N. 36th #2 $1500/mo. 3BD/1BA bi-level unit, refinished flrs, close to Drexel CALL NATE NANESS PRU FOX & ROACH 215-627-6005/215-440-2098

ART MUSEUM 836 N 24th St $699,900 Prudential Fox & Roach

BELLA VISTA 624 Kenilworth St $498,000 Prudential Fox & Roach

30 1 S.1 9 t h St- R I T T E N H O U S E SQUARE: STUDIO & ONE BEDROOM APARTMENTS. Available Mid-August & September. MUST SEE TO APPRECIATE! Great Light, Hardwood Floors, High Ceilings, Plentiful Closet Space. $1,400.00 - $2,200.00 per month. Call to Schedule an Appointment 215-735-5757 Or E-Mail:


P H I L A D E L P H I A W E E K LY August 3 - 9, 2011

THE ROOSEVELT (2220 Walnut Street) - Beautifully renovated apts. in the RITTENHOUSE SQUARE AREA of Philadelphia. Studio’s starting at only $765/mo. and one bedrooms starting at only $965/mo. Call 215-640-8880 for an appointment.

Hear the beat of life! It’s just one of the great things about Cardiovascular Sonography.You could start training for new career opportunities today and start saving lives! Call now. 888-492-7333 Sanford-Brown Institute 3600 Horizon Blvd., Suite GL-1 Trevose, PA 19053

W W W. P H I L A D E L P H I A W E E K LY. C O M

hElP waNTEd $$$ AVON Earn up to 50%. selling Avon. Call Patty 267-312-5290. ISR.

W W W. P H I L A D E L P H I A W E E K LY. C O M

Property Management Group,Ltd 215.545.7007

A Good Sign 19th & Spring Garden – Gorgeous Studio apt, w/CA, DW, GD. Avail 07/10. $875+ 18th & Wallace – Great 1BR apt, WD, DW, GD, CA. $850+ 22nd & Spruce – Very Cool Studio apt, Incl Heat. Avail Now $850+ 13th & Spruce – Great Studio apt in Very Cool Building, Incl Hot water $675+

For rent East MT AIRY - WEST OAK LANE Newly renovated duplex's 1BR., New Mod Kit/Ba., W/W, Ceiling Fans, A/C, New Frost Free Fridge, New Window Treatments, Off Street Park Close to Transportation $760+

Call 215-848-2760

Rittenhouse sq /Ave of ARts

Lombard & 23rd 1 &2Bd, bi-level, A/C Pine & 21st 1Bd's, hardwood, heat incl., yard Chestnut$850-950 & 20th Ultra mod 1Bd's, C/A, great location $700-1000 Pine & 22nd 1 & 2Bd, hardwood, heat incl. Lombard & 19th Newly renov, mod studio, 1 & 2Bd's $750-1100 Lombard & 23rd 1 &2Bd, bi-level, A/C Broad & Spruce Mod 1Bd's, W/D, C/A, heat incl. $875-1000 Chestnut & 20th Ultra mod 1Bd's, C/A, great location Lombard & 9th 1Bd & 2Bd, w/d, hardwood, laundry $875-1700 Lombard & 19th Newly renov, mod studio, 1 & 2Bd's Pine & 9th 2Bd's, h/w floors, W/D $800-850 Broad & Spruce Mod 1Bd's, W/D, C/A, heat incl. Spruce & 12th 2Bd, 1-1/2 bath, bi-level, laundry $850-995 Lombard & 9th 1Bd & 2Bd, w/d, hardwood, laundry Spruce & 16th Old World, 1 & 2Bd's, hardwood $995-1100 Pine & 9th 2Bd's, h/w floors, W/D Art Area Ultra Mod 1 & 3Bd's, W/D, Deck, Parking Spruce & 12th 2Bd, 1-1/2 bath, bi-level, laundry Old City Fab$995 ultra mod 1 & 2Bd's, deck $995-1350 Spruce & 16th Old World, 1 & 2Bd's, hardwood University City 3Bd, 2 bath, totally renovated Art Area Ultra Mod 1 & 3Bd's, W/D, Deck, ParkingSpring $950-1750 Garden Collonade-Extremely Nice Studio $825-1375 Old City Fab ultra mod 1 & 2Bd's, deck Q.V. 3rd & Bambridge 1 & 2Bd's, W/W, C/A $1950 University City 3Bd, 2 bath, totally renovated Spring Garden & 19th Studio, hardwood, Heat incl. Spring Garden Collonade-Extremely Nice Studio Fairmount &$700 18th Mod 1Bd, C/A, W/D $600-675 Q.V. 3rd & Bambridge 1 & 2Bd's, W/W, C/A Mt. Vernon & 21st Gret Studio, Yard, Laundry $375 1Bd, parquet floors, yard Spring Garden & 19th Studio, hardwood, Heat incl. Wallace & 20th $625 Fairmount & 18th Mod 1Bd, C/A, W/D Aspen & 26th 1Bd, W/W, laundry $600 Mt. Vernon & 21st Gret Studio, Yard, Laundry $700 Wallace & 20th 1Bd, parquet floors, yard $600 Aspen & 26th 1Bd, W/W, laundry

south & 6th

queen villAge

Cozy Studio


spring Garden & 19th Studio Loft’s, HW flrs aspen & 26th Studio & 1BD, HW flrs, Laundry Wallace & 20th 2BD w/Deck Farimount & 18th Wanut & 20th

annmarie or John 215.636.0100 Annmarie or John nancy or ellen (215) 636-0100 215.546.9247 Nancy or Ellen

$750-1100 $875-1000 $875-1700 $800-850 $850-995 $995-1100 $995 $995-1350 $950-1750 $825-1375 $1950 $700 $600-675 $375 $625 $600 $700 $600

Real Estate

Delighful Studio, hw flrs $895

we have an apartment home for you.

Sunny 2BR, central air,

over 50 years in the real estate business


$525-$690 $525-$690 $1250


Annmarie or John (215) 636-0100 Nancy or Ellen (215) 546-9247


1 & 2 Bedroom Apartments, Condos & Townhouses ONE BEDROOM $1,500.00

4432 Sansom St 3rd flr. ( UPENN area) 1 Br., 1 Bathwood & w/w carpet avaul August 8, 2001 $750.00 P H I L A D E L P H I A W E E K LY August 3 - 9, 2011

50 S. 16th Fabulous Ind. Pl #2 High floor 1 Br., 2 Bths, pooll, health club, lots of amenities $4,000.00 $605.00 & $765.00

620 S. 3rd St 3rd flr. 1 Bedroom, 1 Bath, c/a, wood & w/w carpet, laundry in the bldg 9-8-11


1703 E. Moyamensing (Pennsport) 1 Br., 1 Bath, wood floors available 9-8-11


TWO BEDROOMS 50 S. 16th St hi-flr.1800 sq.ft., corner 2 Brs.,2.5 Bths., pool, gym, car service, many extras


617 Reed St 2 Brs., 2.5 Baths, 1600 sq.ft.,c/a,, w&d, deck, parking


TOWNHOUSES 3XX Queen St. 3 Brs., 2.5 Baths, FURNISHED, garage, hrd.wd & w/w, c/a, w&d, 1 year lease $3,000.00

COMMERCIAL 25th & Wharton Sts. G-2 warehouses, garages, offices, 800sq. ft to 16,000 sq. ft available $7-$9 sq.ft. 1429 S. 23 rd St 2nd floor, 4500 sq.ft,C-3, bathroom, gas heat, c/a, ramp access 341 W. Girard Ave (NE Corner 4th & Girard) Retail store, C-2, 800 sq.ft.,bath, c/a,


21ST & LOCUST Charming studios in brownstone with h/w,heat/hot water included,laundry on premise, AVAILABLE nOW! $735 22nd & SPRUCE Two bedroom apts in elevator building, h/w, heat & hot water included, laundry, avail. AVAILABLE nOW/AUGUST! $1,150 23rd & PInE One & two bedrooms acrros from fitler sq. park, heat/hot water included, h/w floors,laundry on premises, AVAILABLE SEPTEMBER! $1,165-1,585

Bright 1BR, hw flrs. $1125 Society Hill Spacious Studio, new baths • $1095 215-732-9169

WASHINGTON SQUARE WEST/AVENUE OF THE ARTS/SOCIETY HILL 10th & CLInTOn Studio on tree-lined street, h/w floors, all utilities included, laundry on premises, AVAILABLE nOW! $695 BROAd & SPRUCE Bright studios in hi-rise,great city views,h/w floors, a/c, gas included, laundry on premises, AVAILABLE nOW/SEPT!



404 South St 1200 sq.ft, retail store, bath, c/a, high traffic great block NNN


135B South St 1800 Sq.ft. C-2, tri-level retail corner or office former bank NNN


413 S. Broad St across from Symphony Hse. Approx 2500 sq.ft. bi-level offices, c/a.1.5 bths $2,500.00





23Rd & FAIRMOnT Two bedroom townhome, h/w,basement,w/d,lots of storage, yard, dog friendly, AVAILABLE nOW! $1,375


Society Hill Towers 1 Br., 1 Bath, w/w carpet, central air, access to pool & gym

Charming Studio, hw flrs • $825

RITTENHOUSE SQUARE/FITLER SQUARE/FAIRMONT AREA 22nd & CHRISTIAn Spacious four bedroom house, h/w floors, basment, w/d, yard, pet friendly, AVAILABLE SEPTEMBER!

(215) 546-9247

w/d $2050 Washington Square

$100 $250

Many More apartMents available!

609 S. 48th UPENN 1 Br., 1 Bth., & Studio avail 9-1-11 w&d in the bst.

ichael inger

Bi-Level 2BR, 2 Bath, w/d • $2195 Rittenhouse Square Area

We Offer Full Management and Leasing Services

locust & 21st Cute Studio, W/W $775 Chestnut & 21st Cozy Studio, HW flrs $700 Walnut & 20th Studio & 1BD, HW flrs $775-$1000 sansom & 21st 1BD, W/D, C/A $950 Walnut & 23rd Fab 2BD w/Den, HW flrs $1700 st James & 22nd Studio/Loft w/Parking $1100 bainbridge & 12th Mod Studio’s, C/A, W/D $775 lombard & 9th Great Studio,Walnut HW&flrs, $895 $770-995 23rd 1C/A & 2Bd's, hardwood, laundry $575-1000 & 21st Studios & 1Bd's, laundry, heat incl. spruce & 16th 1BD, HW flrs,Locust Laundry $925 $850-950 Pine & 21st 1Bd's, hardwood, heat incl., yard $770-995 hardwood, laundry $700-1000 Pine &Laundry 22nd 1 & 2Bd, hardwood, heat incl. spruce &Walnut 10th& 23rd 1 & 2Bd's,Studio, HW flrs, $750 $575-1000 Locust & 21st Studios & 1Bd's, laundry, heat incl.

Center City’s Finest Rittenhouse Square Area ALL UTILITIES INCLUDED

13th & WALnUT Modern bi-level one bedroom,spiral staircase,d/w, w/d,c/a, hi-ceilings, h/w floors, AVAILABLE SEPTEMBER! $1,185

1117 Spruce Street

215-925-RENT 7






Washington square West

They Called her a SweeT liTTle Number

1122 - 1126 Spruce Street -Studio Apartments - All utilites included,Hardwood floors, central air, Laundry in Basement Shared rear courtyard

$660.00 to $780.00

830 Pine Street - 2 bedroom one bath available 10/1. New Kitchen, Hardwood floors,

www. phila del phia weekly .com

high ceilings, heat and hot water included, laundry on Premises.


old City Front & Market – Office space, 1st floor front, bi level, private entrance Central air, 700 square feet


W W W. P H I L A D E L P H I A W E E K LY. C O M


Chestnut hill 219 E. Willow Grove - 2 bedroom/one bath - hardwood floors, free heat and hot water cooking gas included. Free parking on Premises


elkins Park 7901 High School Road - 2 bedroom 1 bath apartment w/washer/dryer, new kitchen, new bath tile, included hot water


lansdoWne 89 E. Baltimore Pike -2 bedroom one bath - new kitchen and bath. Laundry Heat, Hot water, parking included. Must See


The Chocolate works Once the heart of “Confectioner’s Row”- today at the heart of Old City the Chocolate Works is right in the vibe. Bright 1 and 2 bedroom apartments.

231 North Third Street Philadelphia, PA 19106 215.351.1535


Open House Hours: Mon/Tues/Thu/Fri 10-6 Wed 10-8 • Sat 10-5 • Sun Noon-5

At home with chArActer

215-627-6005 215-763-2100 215-893-9800 215-546-0550 215.232-5148

To See the Following, Call Andy Oei (215)790-5230 2601 Pennsylvania Avenue #821-Bright 1BR, 1,125+ SQFT, Views, Wood Floors, Doorman, Gym ........................................$1,395 111 S 15th Street #1611-Deluxe 2br/2b corner condo, gourmet kit, marble baths, drmn .................................................................$2,595 To See the Following, Call David Snyder 267.968.8600 2127 Christian Street #3-1 bedroom,1 bath w/a spac kit in Graduate Hospital....................................................................................$1,400 2134 Locust Street #1R-2 bd,1.5 ba,granite ctrs,SS applns,refin flrs,C/A. ....................................................................................$2,850 301 Race Street #106-Oversized studio w/hw t/o,granite ctrs,SS appln,W/D in unit. ................................................................. $1,250

To See the Following, Call Jessica Eary (215)546-0550 2033 Chancellor Street-2br/2b bi-level Wanamaker townhouse w/ prkg amenities incl .................................................................$3,500

To See the Following, Call Mike McCann (215) 440-8345 1420 Locust Street #9F-2 bd/2 ba condo W/balcony @ the Academy House,Lr/Dr,kit ........................................................................$2,500 112 N 2nd Street #5A2-2 bd/2 ba,2nd flr condo w/hw flrs,granite/ SS,1 C prkng,blcny ................................................................ $2,500 609 N 34th Street #3RD FL-2 bd unit w/new kit,hw flrs,lots of wndws. ....................................................................................$1,100 335 N Water Street #C-Bi-lev commerical space or opportunity for res conversion. .......................................................................$1,350 1338 S 18th Street-3 bd/2.5 ba home w/hi-end finishes,rear yd & 3rd flr deck. ........................................................................... $1,725 1418 S 19th Street-3 bd/2.5 ba home w/fin bsmt,huge yd,deck,SS & granite in kit ........................................................................ $1,675 1433 Snyder Avenue #1-Renov store/office space,could be used as apt,kit/half ba. ............................................................................$900 39 Strawberry Street #3F-Huge Bi-Level 1 bd/1 ba tile kit,lots of closet. ...................................................................................$1,250 To See the Following, Call Vicki Goldberg 215-790-5650 271 S 4th Street-5B/3.5b w/great rm,7fpl,fab kit,wd flrs, lush grdn+2 car PKG ...................................................................... $8,500


An Independently Owned and Operated Member of the Prudential Real Estate Affiliates, Inc.

To See the Following, Call John Featherman 215-790-5221 1130-32 Chestnut Street #402-Totally renov loft 1B/2b (flex 2B) @ White Bldg super hi-end .........................................................$2,500 17 Christian Street-3B/3.5b in Queen Village, 1 car garage, finished basement .............................................................................. $3,000 1324 Locust Street #306-Studio at Arts Condos, Short term avail, 24/7 sec, util incl ....................................................................$1,050 2601 Pennsylvania Avenue #513-Studio in Art Museum area, HW flrs d/w w/d fit ctr 24/7sec ........................................................ $950

To See the Following, Call Mark Wade 215-440-2335 117 S 16th Street #400-Huge 1 bd,hw flrs,high end kitchen & bath. $1,800

P H I L A D E L P H I A W E E K LY August 3 - 9, 2011

To See the Following, Call James Labonski (215) 521-1552 2135 Clymer Street-Townhouse,2 bd/1 ba,hrwd flrs,fpl,full bsmt + yard. ........................................................................................$1,850 227 S Delhi Street-Townhouse 3 bdrm + den,beautifully finished T/O,full bsmt. ..........................................................................$2,800 1035 Spruce Street #LL3-900 sq ft condo,freshly painted,new applns,open flr plan ............................................................ $1,300

4200 Pine Street #304-2B/2b/2car prkg n University City hi-end kit w/d lrg storage ..................................................................... $2,100 4200 Pine Street #503-1B/1b/1car prk in University City hi-end kit w/d lrg storage ........................................................................$1,495 334 S 15th Street #2-Large tri-level 4B/2b in Rittn Sq area, HW flrs, a/c w/d ....................................................................................$2,700 1526 Webster Street-2B/1b Grad Hsp area HW flr thoughout basement patio w/d a/c .................................................................$1,600

W W W. P H I L A D E L P H I A W E E K LY. C O M



washington square


226 W. RiTTenhouse squaRe

independenCe plaCe

2401 pennsylvania avenue

1 bedroom, 1 bath, western view, large balcony,

1 bedroom, spacious living room with balcony,


updated kitchn, formal dining area, 1397sf $1,525

paRC RiTTenhouse

1 bedroom, 1 bath, Fairmount views, excellent

225 s. 18Th sTReeT


closet space, 1166sf


2 bedrooms, 2 baths, large living room and separate dining area, private balcony, river view, 1734 sf $2,990

2 bedrooms, 2 baths, high floor with south facing view, open chef’s kitchen, marble baths, wood floors, custom upgrades throughout,

rittenhouse square

233-241 s 6Th sTReeT

1019 sf

715 WalnuT sTReeT Studio, less than one block from Washington Square


The CaRlyle

$775 1 bedroom, overlooking Walnut Street, less than one

2031 loCusT sTReeT

The ResidenCes aT

1 bedroom, 1 bath, sunrise view, corner unit,

TWo liBeRTy plaCe

block from Washington square, new kitchen, wood

624 sf

50 s. 16Th sTReeT


Spacious 2 bedroom, 2 bath, brand new kitchen,

2 bedrooms plus den, 2.5 baths, open floor

sTRiCKland RoW

270 degree city views, 1079 sf

plan, high end finishes and features through-

1020 spRuCe sTReeT



2 bedrooms plus den, 3 baths, brand new kitchen, formal dining room, 1367sf

out, 270 degree views, 1875 sf



old City/soCiety hill The lanesBoRouGh

soCieTy hill ToWeRs

1601 loCusT sTReeT

200-220 loCusT sTReeT

3 bedrooms, 3.5 baths, brand new, high ceil-

units include all utilities

ings, hardwood floors throughout, chefs kitchen,

1 bedroom, 1 bath, floor-to-ceiling windows

magnificent entertaining space, luxurious master

with magnificent river & city views, 700sf



suite, 3467 sf


Spacious 1 bedroom unit, overlooking Spruce Street, $1,425

high ceilings, lots of light, 956 sf

CommerCial sPaCe 2031 Locust Street Professional Office Space in secure apartment building, 958 sf


250 S. 18th Street – Prime ground floor cor-


Corner 1 bedroom, 1 bath, wood floors,

ner retail/office space on Rittenhouse Square,

1701 loCusT sTReeT

unobstructed city views, 775 sf

1857 sf


P H I L A D E L P H I A W E E K LY August 3 - 9, 2011

1 bedroom, sunset city view, hardwood floors,

133 S. 18th Street – Ground floor corner re-

custom closets, designer kitchen and baths,

yoRK squaRe

697 sf

319 vine sTReeT


tail space, excellent visibility on 18th Street

1 bedroom plus den, 3.5 baths, custom up-

1 bedroom, completely renovated, open kitchen, large

grades throughout, excellent natural light,

windows, parking under building included, 779 sf

2421 sf


$3,000 NNN


shopping corridor

$9,000 NNN

1601 Locust Street - 1st floor and lower level of prestigious Lanesborough condo, ideal for restaurant or offices, 4700 sf

Allan Domb Real Estate

1845 Walnut St. Suite 2200 • 215/545.1500

• 40

For a complete list oF our rental properties, please visit

$11,000 NNN

1 bedroom, 1 bath, sunrise view, corner unit, 624 sf


W W W. P H I L A D E L P H I A W E E K LY. C O M

Rittenhouse squaRe luxuRy Rentals 2 bedroom plus den, 2 baths new kitchen, 1079 sf


2031 Locust Street

COMMERCIAL SPACE Commercial space perfect for legal, medical or other professional office, 958 sf


2 bedrooms, 2.5 baths, new kitchen, 1367 sf


225 S. 18th Street

1 bedroom, 1 bath, western view, large balcony, 740 sf

2 bedrooms, 2 baths, south view, custom upgrades throughout, 1019sf



Floorplans only represent a sample of our inventory. Prices subject to change.

Allan Domb Real Estate

1845 Walnut St. Suite 2200 • 215/545.1500



For a complete list of our rental properties, please visit

P H I L A D E L P H I A W E E K LY August 3 - 9, 2011

226 W. Rittenhouse sq.


OPEN HOUSE: Saturday, 1-3p.m. 4000sq.Ft. 4BR, 3 full/ 2 half baths. Fireplace, Cedar Closets, Jacuzzi, S.S. Appls, Granite counters, Fin Basement, Patio/ Deck, Water Garden, 2 Car garage.

1 Christian St, Unit 39 Queen Village

Open HOuse, sunday, 1-3pm 3BR, 2.5BA Townhouse w/Garage, CA, HW floors, Updated kitchen. Water views. $399,900

Mark Bruton 609.636.6030


(3yrs Tax Abatement )









CALL 215.778.0901

P H I L A D E L P H I A W E E K LY August 3 - 9, 2011

NEW THIS WEEK! GRAD HOSPITAL From $289,900 Beautiful condos, high ceilings, hardwood floors, spacious bedrooms, still time to customize! WASH WEST 1108 Spruce #1F $599,999 Bi-level 2BD/2BA unit with 1 car deeded parking, chef’s kitchen, beautiful original features, luxurious master suite and bath. GRAD HOSPITAL 1641 Christian #2 $239,900 Awesome 2BD/2BA unit, recently renovated with granite and stainless kitchen, wood floors, rooftop access. 1010 S Chadwick $269,900 Absolutely beautiful renovation with 2BD/1BA, amazing color schemes, granite and stainless kitchen, custom closets, great light. 2208 Carpenter $309,900 Lovely 3BD/2BA, completely renovated, deck, skyline views, modern bath, hardwood floors, granite and stainless kitchen. 1631 Fitzwater $659,000 New construction with 2 car parking, 3BD/3BA, 5 levels of living space, 2 decks, Juliet balcony, custom finishes throughout! SOCIETY HILL 604 Spruce $1,695,000 Extra large, restored Federal period home 5BD/3.5BA, parking, magnificent details, 7 fireplaces, finished basement. RITTENHOUSE SQ 502 S 25th $350,000 Lovingly restored 2BD/1.5BA, yard, finished basement, central air.

OLD CITY 313-25 Race #T2 $624,900 Gorgeous 3BD/2BA townhouse condo, with 15 ft ceilings, oversized windows, balcony, designer kitchen, tax abatement remaining. UNIVERSITY CITY 328 N 39th $450,000 Magnificent 2700sf 3BD/3BA, turn of the century home, stained glass wndws, mosaic tilework, gorgeous kit, rear yard w/ potential for parking! PENNS LANDING 717 S Columbus #1502-04 $1,750,000 Luxurious 4BD/3.5BA, two units combined, designer kitchens, custom baths, 2 car parking, 3 terraces – amazing opportunity! ART MUSEUM 1501 Green #3 $324,900 Handsome Victorian-style 2BD/2BA corner unit, 3 exposures, great light, high ceilings, many ornate details, granite and stainless kitchen. 2943 Pennsylvania $525,000 Great 3BD/2.5BA, excellent condition, large yard, deck, parking, finished basement, hardwood floors, stainless steel appliances. 2018 Green $899,900 Lovely restoration 4BD/3.5BA, ornate details, two fireplaces, mahogany floors, oversized third floor deck, many other recent upgrades. BELLA VISTA 823 S Hutchinson $319,900 Well maintained 3BD/1.5BA, den, eat in kitchen, nice rear yard, deck, high ceilings.


CALL 215.440.8345 The Moravian


Rittenhouse Square


2025 Kimball St – 3 bedrooms, 3 ½ baths, Deck, newly renovated with new appliances. Possible owner financing - $334,900.


1321 East Moyamensing Avenue – 17ft wide – Large Home, High Ceilings, 3 bedrooms, 2 ½ baths, Deck, 10 year Tax Abatement, Possible owner financing - $459,000.


525 West Olney Ave – Newly renovated large store and 2 bedroom apartment with deck - $198,000.


622 Wilder St – 3 bedrooms, easy access to Center City - $110,000. 1519 So. 19th St – Open floor plan in Newbold - $80,000. 1517 South Corlies St – 3 bedroom, Hardwood floors, Garage - $39,000.


1262 So. 28th St – Renovated 3 bedroom, finished basement – central air $139,000. 28th & Wharton St – Restaurant and 2 Apts $219,000. 3100-06 Dickinson St – 3 rented homes & Corner Lot - $250,000.


727 Dudley St – Completely renovated, 3 bedroom, hardwood floors, deck, finished basement - $129,900.

Fred r. levine real estate


Gorgeous new doorman building with breathtaking marble and glass entry lobby with elliptical coffered ceilings and 2 elevators. Each unit features high ceilings, large historic windows, an abundance of natural sunlight, southern exposure, exposed brick interiors, oak hardwood flooring and gas fireplaces. Incredible 2BD/2BA unit w/ private entrance, exotic wood floors, custom kitchen, impeccable details.

Queen Village


Art Museum







W W W. P H I L A D E L P H I A W E E K LY. C O M



Spectacular, contemporary 3BD/3.5BA extra wide newer construction home, finished basement, roof deck, garage parking, rear yard.

Wonderful 3BD/2.5BA, newer construction townhouse condo, 1 car parking, family room, hardwood floors, Juliet balcony.

NO FURTHER Penns Landing


Luxurious 4BD/3.5BA, two units combined, designer kitchens, custom baths, 2 car parking, 3 terraces – amazing opportunity!

PW has the area’s most comprehensive directory of

Visit my website for more information



215.627.6005 215.440.83 45 www.MCCANNTEAM.COM

An Independently Owned And OperAted MeMber Of the prudentIAl reAl estAte AfIlIAtes, Inc.

• 42

open houses in and around Philadelphia.

Where to live. Turn to page 37 to start your search.

113 Washington Ave.



SOUTH PHILA. 15xx s. iseminger - New front, h/w floors, 3 BR, fin. basement, c/a $254,900 16xx s. beAulAh st. - Newer front, 3 brs, 1 bath, complete renovation $184,900 4xx CrOss st. - New construction, three story home with master suite /deck. Three bedrooms total and two full baths, all new... Must see. $244,900 4xx WOlF - large main st home three bedrooms 1.5 Baths needs TlC. $115,000 1xx dAly - Brick front, 2 bedrooms, one bath, cute street $119,0000 9xx CrOss - newer front, 3 bed, 1.5 bath, immediate possession $174,900 16xx PACKer AVe - corner house, three bedrooms, two full baths $249,900 1xx tree - two bedroom $135,000.

cute street

4xx dAly - two bedroom c/a $105,000 25xx s. PhiliP st. - total rehab, new front, three bed.1.5 baths $195,000 23xx s. 11th - well maintained 3 BR home, newer front $164,900 1xx FitzgerAld - Total rehab, exposed brick, H/w Floors t/o, 2 BR/1.5BA, finished basement $210,000 12xx PAttOn - 18x32 garage, 17’ ceilings, perfect for contractor or car storage l4 zoning.

31xx WhArtOn - 16x36 garage, 17’ ceilings perfect for contractor or car storage commissary carts l4

14xx e. mOyAmensing AVe - Three story, two bedrooms, skylights, ultra modern large yard. $229,000

17xx jACKsOn - large corner property, 3 bedrooms, Needs TlC $175,000


3xx gerritt st. - Fully restored and rehabbed, original wide blank floors, period windows, fin. basement, c/a wonderful newe kitchen, one beddroom, extra large bath, w/lg closet, great yard/slate. Move in Condition. ReDUCeD TO $192,000

23xx e. Albert st - 3Bed, Brick Front. Available Immediately $89,000

14xx e. mOymensing AVe. - POrCh FrOnt hOme on main street w/, front garden.Three bedrooms. $229,000


18xx s. 2nd st. - Vacant land, corner lot 16x69, $105,900.

13xx Annin st. - Total renovation, three bedroom, 1.5 baths, modern kitchen, finished basement. ReDUCeD. $234,900


23xx s. WArnOCK st. - 2Bed,1.5 Bath Home, Nice Street $114,900

1800 ChristiAn st. - Quincy Court Newer Construction, This House has it all. Soaring Ceilings, Gas Fireplace, H/w Foors. Ultra kitchen, Granite Counters. 3 Bedrooms, 2.5 Master Suite with Skylight, Center City View, Paved Courtyard. $518,500

10xx s. 10th - (10th & carpenter st.) Coffee Shop Business Only, Busy Corner, established $80,000 10xx tAsKer st. - 3 Bedroom, 1 Bath, large yard, Near Passyunk Ave., Needs Updating $234,900


John Brown

make the biggeSt SplaSh iN towN!

Greg Williams

Eden Silverstein

Sean Kaplan

Michael Hilferty

20xx FederAl st - new construction. extra roomy, master suite with views of c.c. three bedrooms, 2.5 baths. large rear patio. a must see $324,900.

PEnnSPORT 2xx WAtKins st - Tree lined block, two large bedrooms e/closets, needs renovation $160,00


1xx mOrris - large three story, three working fireplaces, master suite with deck/ four bedrooms total, two full one powder room. large yard. Finished basement. $285,000

14 n. COOlidge AVe. - Near the Bay, Main Home w/Three Bedrooms & Two Rental Units $549,000

W W W. P H I L A D E L P H I A W E E K LY. C O M


A truly spectacular one-of-a-kind residence. This bi-level loft-style penthouse is unlike any other home in town. High-style living spaces have floor to ceiling windows that present you with unobstructed and sensational 270º views of the city and waterfront. An in-house glass elevator with wrap-around staircase connects the floors of this 2BR, 3.5BA stunner. SmartHome technology, top-ofthe-line appliances, deeded parking, state-of-the-art security system, 10-year tax abatement. And topping it all off – literally – your own private rooftop lap pool with elegant lounging terrace equipped with an Al-Fresco® kitchen. Priced at $4,500,000.



NatioNally raNked withiN the “top 100” SaleS teamS by prudeNtial real eState affiliateS!


w w w. s u m m i t r e a l e s tat e i N C . C o m

530 Walnut Street, Suite 260 • Philadelphia, PA 19106 • 215.440.8173 / 215.627.6005 •

One Stop Services: Mortgage Financing • Title Insurance • Homeowners Insurance • HomEs sentials SOCIETY HILL


261 S 4th Street-Georgian mansion 8,166sqft 9 fp wine cellar Media rm exercise rm elev prkg $3,000,000 238 Arch Street-Terrific Invest opportunity,hi traffic commercial area,4sty,8,000 sq ft +/719 N Hancock-N/C-Extra wide 3 bd/3.5 ba,den,roof terrace,blcny,garage prkng,bamboo flrs. 265 Saint Josephs Way-I.M.PEI House, 3864sqft, bright corner prop, garden, lg media rm, pkg space $1,195,000 1255 N Howard-3BR/2+BA,12ft ceilings,recessed lighting,granite & SS kitchen,2 CAR prkng. 509 S Philip Street-4BR/3+BA townhome. Security and intercom systems, fireplace. $1,199,900 36 S Strawberry Street #41-NY style loft bright spacious hgh ceils new windows antique flrs best vuw 608 Pine Street-Historically certified 3 bd/2.5 ba,pine flrs, fpl,exp brk,exp beams,patio. $650,000 50-56 N Front ##402-1 bd w/fpl on grt Old City blk,exp brk,rf dk w/river views 438 Lombard Street-3 bd/2.5 ba w/den,1 car deeded prkng,hw flrs,2 fpls,DR w/soaring ceiling. $525,000 530 S 2nd ##748-Beautiful & quiet 1 bedroom condo with a private deck in Abbott Square. $249,900

InvESTmEnT prOpErTIES 2021 Brown Street-Mint duplex $2400/m income new kits $ bths, w/d C/A in units



$534,900 $469,900 $449,900 $397,500 $349,900 $259,000

336 S 21st Street-1860s mansion 4BR/2.5ba + elev. LR, sep DR, den/study, EIK, lg grdn + deck 1921-23 Panama Street-32x50 TH on 1 of Phila’s picturesque/sought after blocks prkg paid for 2yrs 2042 Waverly Street-Fab TH w/grge & grdn 4br 3.5b deck huge lr w/fp sep dr master suite w/ a fp 1531 Pine, #Unit C-2 bdrm/2 bth w/private elevator access & blcny, stunning finishes. 210 W Rittenhouse Sq ##1402-Rittenhse Hotel-New upscale,furnished luxury condo,1050 sq.ft,1 bd/1.5 ba. 1810 Rittenhouse Sq ##1402-03-2 bd/2 ba condo all facing Rittenhouse Sq w/renovated kit,(1425 Sq Ft). 1731 Naudain Street-New! bright 3br/2b 3 story Lg LR w/fp DR ss & granite kit grdn 1629 Waverly Street-Lovely 2 BR Trinity with lots of light, brick patio


UnIvErSITY CITY/pOWELTOn vILLAGE 4814 Osage Avenue-3Bedroom, 1 full bath, 2 1/2 baths w/garage

$229,900 4250 Aramingo Avenue #R-2.3 acre lot 1st stop off aramingo exit of I-95 Excellent development opp 2210 S Broad Street-Discover the charm of this impressive 3-bedroom townhome! Security system. 1429 Wharton Street-4 unit corner bldg,Deli + salon + 2 very lrg 1 bdrm updated apts,hw flrs. 3106 S 19th Street-Outstanding 3BR/2BA townhome. Family room. Deck. $515,000 2014 S 3rd Street-Corner property w/3 bd/2 full ba,LR,DR,hi ceil,hw flrs,Eik,granite/SS,C/A. $459,000 1125 E Moyamensing-Rehab-3 bd/1 ba,orig pine flrs,designer kit,LR,DR,C/A,35’grdn space. $449,900 2416 S Philip Street-Newly rehab,3 bd/1.5 ba,LR w/refinished hrdwd flrs,kit w/granite/SS,new A/C $350,000 2415 Tulip Street-Huge 4 bedroom home w/porch front,needs updating 1638 S 23rd Street-Invest opportunity to own a bldng w/1st flr store front,2nd flr apt + grg. 2322 N Smedley Street-Fishtown 4 bd/2 ba,LR w/fp,hi ceilings,newer kit & appln,move-in condition. 418 Tree Street-Newly updated 2 bdrm,new hrdwd flrs,new carpet in bedroom,new electric $599,900 866 Foulkrod Street-Excellent condition,3 bdrm/1 ba,large LR,DR,eat-in kit,outside terrace. $549,000 2123 W Stella Street-Nice 3 bedroom starter home in North Philadelphia.

$3,900,000 $499,000 $399,999 $329,900 $269,900 $249,900 $214,900 $199,900 $115,000 $114,900 $109,900 $93,000 $37,900

ArT mUSEUm 2534 Brown Street-Macos Builders New from top to bottom! 3Beds/2.5B Viking Kitchen The Works 1524 North Street-3 yr old 3 br 2.5 BA townhouse, parking avail, 7 yrs on tax abatement 2340 Fairmount #Unit A-3 bd/2.5 ba newer construction twnhs condo,1 car prkng,fam rm,hw flrs,blcny 2022 Green Street #2-2br/2b bi-level spacious condo in fairmount w/roof deck


$625,000 000 N 3rd Street-Brand-new 3BR/2+BA townhome. Family room, whirlpool tub, breakfast room. $339,900 001 N 3rd Street-New 3BR/2+BA townhome. Family room, whirlpool tub, breakfast room.

At The Rittenhouse .............................................................. 215-546-0550 Rittenhouse Square ............................................................. 215-893-9800 Society Hill ........................................................................... 215-627-6005

$525,000 $350,000 $339,900 $319,000



Art Museum ......................................................................... 215-763-2100 The Philadelphian ................................................................ 215-232-5148 Se habla español • 1-866-857-3964 or

An Independently Owned and Operated Member of The Prudential Real Estate Affiliates, Inc.



1206 Addison Walk-Gorgeous 3br/2.5 bathroom town home w/chef’s kit 2 fireplaces and lrg patio 914 Spruce Street #9-2 bd/2 ba unit,12’ ceilings,hrwd flrs,fpl,newer kit,1 car prkng. 1225 Panama Street-Impeccably restored 2 bd/1.5 ba,ctm kit,pine flrs,wd fp,exp brk + garden. $1,495,000 209 S Sartain-Lovely 3 bd/1.5 ba,Fp,Modern Kit & Bth in Washington Sq.West $1,485,000 1023 Clinton ##204-1 bdrm in Wash West on tree-lined St,HW flrs,granite,SS + W/D. $1,265,000 1029-33 Spruce Street #303-Spacious 1br, 1b Condo w/2nd Flr W/D, close to Jeff & Penn Hospitals $799,000 $579,000 $525,000 $499,000 $334,000 2132 Race Street-Gorgeous 4BR/4BA townhome. Security system, 2 fireplaces. Elevator.

$485,000 $469,900 $325,000 $300,000 $229,000 $175,000 $159,900


$849,000 $649,500 $499,900 $499,900 $499,900 $469,000 $449,900 $424,900 $421,000 $395,000 $346,999 $314,900 $309,000 $319,900 $224,900 $269,900 $269,800 $269,800 $159,000

P H I L A D E L P H I A W E E K LY August 3 - 9, 2011



272 S 23rd #Unit C-Spacious 2 bdrm,2 bth,completely renovated,in a 3-unit boutique bldg. 502 S 25th Street-Lovingly restored 2 bd/1.5 ba,yard,finished basement,central air. 2507 Waverly-2 bedoom,1 bath home on tree-lined block,pine floor t/o. 2211 South Street ##3-Contemporary Bi-level 2 bedroom condo.


830 S 2nd - #Unit A-4 bd/3.5 spa ba,hw flrs,2 fp’s,garden,fab roof deck,10 yrs old,3072 sq ft 721 S American-3 bd + den,2.5 ba,chef’s kit,hw flrs,fp,fin bsmt,grdn + parknig. 736-38 Pine #Unit D-2 bd/1.5 ba,den,renov kit & bths w/granite & SS,hw,roof dk,prkng. 522 Queen Street-Rehab 3 bd + media rm,2.5 spa ba,hrwd flrs t/o,2 fp’s,deck + outdoor space 912 Fitzwater Street-Stunning 3 bdrm on the park!deck,finished bsmt,show like a gem. 112 Fitzwater Street-Designer home,2 bd + den,2.5 ba,great solarium rm,hw flrs,fp,grdn,deck. 523 Queen Street-Lovely 4 bd/2 ba,hw flrs,exp brick,gourmet kit,garden and roof deck. 852 S Front Street-Very lg 4 bd/2 ba w/separate shell trinty,Lr Eik,granite,SS,lg closets. 620 Christian Street #1C&D-Double wide 2B/2b loft, fab light, fpl, C/A, fab shared grdn,1 car pkg 129 League ##2-Beautiful 2 bd/1 ba w/1 car prkng,granite & SS kitchen,private deck. 336 Pemberton Street-Lovely townhouse in Q.V w/parking,roof deck,2 bdrms/2 bths,garden/T.V. 709-11 Alter Street-3 BR/1.5 BA Corian/Granite Kit, SunRoom, Patio, Roof Deck, Garage 826 S. Mildred-2 bdrm/1.5 bth,new kitchen,straight stairs,owner relocating. 823 S Hutchinson Street-3 bdrm/1.5 ba + den,EIk,rear yard,deck,hrwd flrs,high ceilings. 712 S 12th Street #205-Hawthorne Lofts-FHA approved,Brand new condos,some with parking,tax abat. Starting @ 623 “A” S American-Designer quality,beautiful facade,many orig features,2 bdrm +grdn in front 915-25 Bainbridge ##104-1 bd + den,hw flrs,storage,parking,1 blk to Whole food/Superfresh. 915 Bainbridge Street #104-1 bd + den,hw flrs,storage & parking,1 blk to Whole Foods. 611 Montrose Street-Handyman special,1st flr loft like LR w/open kit,2nd flr 1 bd/1 ba,bsmt.


716 S 21st-Renov 3 bd/1.5 ba,deck,hw flrs,granite/marble kit,4 piece ba w/soaking tub. 1531 Bainbridge Street #A-Contemporary 2 bd/2.5 ba condo w/hardwood floors,gourmet kitchen. 1015 S Colorado-Renovated,spacious 2 bedroom home in Graduate Hospital area. $479,000 1011 S 24th Street-Spacious 2 Bed, 1 Bath, Office, Finished Bsmnt, 2-Tier Back Yard 2040 Federal Street-Renovated 3 bd/1.5 ba,hw flrs,granite/SS kit,fin bsmt,patio. 1241 S 21st Street-Spacious 3 bedroom home in the Graduate Hospital area. 2024 Christian Street #C-Elegant 1 bedroom unit with a new deck in Graduate Hospital.

237 S 18th Street #2B-This mag reno resid has splendid vuws of the Sq. This residence a true gem. $5,575,000 210 W Washington Square #10E-4000sqft facing Wash Sq 3br/3.5b 11.5ft ceils 2prkg sps a Wesley Wei design $5,200,000 210 W Washington Square #7NE-2225Sqft 3brs + study 3bs parkg fit center storage Chauffeured driven Lexus $2,500,000 1737 Chestnut Street #1201-Bi-level 2bd/2.5b PH 10ft windows 3,000sqft permit for 5,000sqft addition $2,455,000 1901 Walnut Street #14BE-3400+sqft of contemp sp facing Ritt Sq 4br suites, 40ft lr gourm e-i-kit dr $2,250,000 210 W Washington Square #10SW-1950Sqft 2br home w/lrg terrace Master ste has a 9x15 master closet prkg $2,100,000 224-30 W Rittenhouse Square #1206-7-So.Balconies, Tastefully, renov. 2B+2.5B, Den, Suite w/lrg walk-in loset $999,000 210 W Washington Square #3NW-1580sqft 2brs/2.5b fp storage lrg liv area w/ Natural Aluminum bulthaup kit $965,000 210 W Rittenhouse Sq #1001-Recently renovated 3BR/2B at the Rittenhouse, 1862 sqft, breathtaking view $899,990 275 S 19th Street #2ND FL-2200sqft full flr w/elev opening into res 2br+ study & 2b windows facing SW $795,000 210 W Washington Square #2SW-1473Sqftñ1br w/an office Lrg 200sqft terrace 1.5b lots of light prkg $725,000 1901 Walnut Street #13F-Gracious 2BR/2+BA condo on a corner lot. Pantry, breakfast room. $649,000 1900 Hamilton Street #201-Deluxe 2BR Condo, PATIO, Gourmet Kitchen, Spa-Bath, Pre-paid PARKING $389,900 2429 Locust Street #510-Deluxe 1BR, PARKING, Views, Gourmet Kitchen, Spa Bath Storage $349,900 1901 Walnut Street #8C-Bring your architect. 1441 sf co-op has C/A+ wd&marble flrs pets ok $349,000 2201 Chestnut Street #604-Best value in Ritt Sq 2br/1.5b Large rooms Bay windows $345,000 429 N 13th Street #3F-Loft Perfection 2br/1brustic hrdwd flrs high ceils1car garage parking $275,000 1100 Vine Street #417-Bright + beautiful,1156 square feet upgraded condo. $269,999 315 New Street #115-Fantastic 1br + den & two full baths w/ 1 car deeded prkg in mint condition $229,900 2101 Chestnut Street #921-Comfy 1BR, grmt kit, lrg walk-in closet, Wood flr, gym, pet friendly, drmn $174,000 103-7 Church Street #14-Gorgeous 2 bd/2 ba condo,hrwd flrs,designer kit w/granite/SS,12’ceilings $549,900 113 Bread St ##3B2-3 bd/2 bths,hrwd flrs,granite counters,Juliet blcny,grg prkng + tax abat. $499,900 38 N Front Street #4B-11-Bank owned condos for sale in O.C., wood flrs,top-of-line kit & bths. $232,500

272 S 23rd #Unit A-Completely renovated 3 bdrm boutique condo,steps away from Fitler Sq. 2507 Waverly-2 bedoom,1 bath home on tree-lined block,pine floor t/o.


$1,000,000 $500,000 $419,999 $276,900 $249,000

W W W. P H I L A D E L P H I A W E E K LY. C O M

For over 80 years the most respected name in Philadelphia Real Estate Center City’s Largest Independent Realtor

& Associates, Inc. Realtors

thIs week’s FeAtuRed PRoPeRtIes 277 CHESWOLD LA HAVERFORD Stunning 4br, 4.5b on 2 beautifully landscaped acres, +/-5962sf, pool & pool house, 3 car garage, prime location!

312 WILLINGS ALLEy OpEN SuNDAy 8/7 NOON - 2pM Stunning 3 level I. M. Pei corner townhouse, 2/3 br, den, 2.5b, on courtyard, PARKING!

104 CHRISTIAN ST OpEN SuNDAy 8/7 1:30 - 2:30pM Stunning 3br, 2.5b, custom finishes,3 f/p, h/w flrs, 2 car parking w/ garage, new price!



Call Jean Burns

Call Jan Stephano


105A LOMBARD ST NEW LISTING! Spacious contemporary townhouse, 3br, 2.5b, f/p, patio great for entertaining, 1 yr paid parking

782 N 27TH ST OpEN SuNDAy 8/7 1:30 - 3pM Newly rebuilt designer home, 3br, 2b, finished basement, reduced!

2014 CARpENTER ST Beautiful new rehab, 2br, 1.5b, +/-1200sf, finished basement, rear patio, tax abatement



Call Izzy Sigman



Call Jody Volpe or Karen Joslin

Call Leon Aksman


P H I L A D E L P H I A W E E K LY August 3 - 9, 2011

Powers Brangan

215.893.9920 Rittenhouse Square 2000 Pine Street Philadelphia, PA 19103

215.247.3600 Chestnut Hill 8039 Germantown Avenue Philadelphia, PA 19118

1309 S REESE ST JEFFERSON SQ Desirable 3br, 2.5b, hi ceilings, basement, large garden, garage, tax abate, reduced!


Call Margaret Szumski

226 South Street


1 Bedroom 1 Bath $129,000 $339,000

$329,900 $379,000

Duplex in Amazing Loc., Open Floor Plan 23Bedrooms 1 Bath Bedrooms 2.5 Baths

MLS 5911139 MLS 5787044

MLS 5897864 5784384 MLS



Charming Condominium Condominium 1 Bedroom 1 Bath 1 Bedroom 1 Bath

$399,000 3 Bedrooms 2.5 Baths

SQUARE Place Independence


Call Maryellen Cammisa

COLLINGDALE RITTENHOUSE 1102 Meadowbrook Ln. SQUARE Just Renovated! 3 Bedroom 1 Bath Alexandra

$424,900 each

Call Michele Golembeski

11/8/10 3:48 PM Page 1 search all Center City Properties at:

Philly Weekly 10 x 5.5

1201 & 1203 MT VERNON SpRING ARTS New construction, 3br, 2.5b, h/w flrs, finished basement, tax abatement

$225,000 $425,000 MLS 5777406


2Sunny Bedrooms 1.5 Baths Townhouse $259,900 MLS 5919556 MLS 5790241

MLS 5886114


State ofofthe State theart artLoft Loft Condominium Condominium 2 Bedrooms22 Baths Baths 2 Bedrooms $489,555 $425,000 MLS 5746449

MLS 5746449

WASHINGTON NORTHERNSQUARE Fabulous Condominium LIBERTIES Walkers Paradise! 2 Bedrooms 2.5 Baths 1 Bedroom 1 Bath $429,900 $269,900

MLS 5877920 MLS 5744269



The Residences Chandler Place Condominium, at THE MURANO 2 Bedrooms.2.5 Baths Starting $899,900

in the MLS 5866463 $400,000s

• 44


58,000 PrudentialAgents

Here Comes The Sun! Here Comes The Here Sun! Comes Here Comes The Sun! The Sun!The Here Comes Sun! Here Comes The Sun!

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New Listings

about owning your own Deeded Queen ParkHave you ever had a had dream Have you ever had a dream Have youVillage ever Have a dream ever had a dream Have you ever had a dream Have you ever had a you dream ing Space? WELL SOMEabout owning your own about owning your own about owning your about own owning246your Catharine own St 221 Carpenter St about owning your own about owning your own 318 Fitzwater Street TIMES DREAMS COME N/L Beautiful Home. 3/2.5 2 Fp’s 3/2 & beautiful Garden N/L “The Dragon House” N/L N/L N/L + lg garden $650,000 4 + office/2.5 GardenQueen & Garage. $435.000 TRUE. We have 7 deeded Deeded Queen Village ParkDeeded Queen Village ParkDeeded Queen Village Deeded ParkVillage ParkDeeded Queen Village ParkDeeded Queen Village ParkLot size 19x136 $1,250,000 749 E. Passyunk Ave. Rarely offered 112 Fitzwater Street Designer, Designed 624 Kenilworth Street 720 S. Front Street 1125 E. Moyamensing 721 S. American St Pristine move-in 522 Queen Street Beautiful Rehab, 3 spots available in a secured Foster ing Wilson Space? Design on the Golden Mile, SOMEHome, 1900 sq. ft, 2 bdrms + den + SOMEWELL inging Space? SOMESpace? WELL SOMEGreat house w/prkg in Meredith School Truly a Jewel! 2 bdrms + de,ing 3Space? bdrm+den, 2.5WELL bth hm w/WELL prkg, hrdwding Delightful Rehab, 2WELL bdrms, original bdrms + media/sitting rm, 2.5 spa bths, ing Space? SOMESpace? WELL SOMEQueen Village Location. II 3+den/2+2,Artisan fp, hrdwd flrs, grdn Artisan & 2 cr Rittenhouse solarium, fp,221 hrdwd flrs, gardenSt@ deck District, 3+ den, 2St1/4bths, fp & lrg beautiful kitchen & Artisan bath, garden + flrs,fp, balcony & lovely landscaped pine flrs, all new designer kitchen + 246 Catharine St 221 Carpenter St 246 Catharine St Carpenter 246 Catharine St 246 221 Catharine Carpenter St St 221 Carpenter hrdwd flrs t/o, 2 fp’s, deck & side & rear 246 Catharine 246 Catharine St 221 Carpenter St 1805 Lombard 318 Fitzwater 318 FitzwaterTIMES Street 318Street Fitzwater Street Street 318 Fitzwater Street 1431prkg. Bainbridge DREAMS COME TIMES DREAMS COME TIMES DREAMS TIMES COME DREAMS $67,500.00 $649,900 garden. $498,000 St 318 Fitzwater Street 318COME Fitzwater roof garden w/ river views. $368,000 garden.$649,500 35ft garden $249,900 1501-1503 Kater TIMES DREAMS TIMES DREAMS $499,900 outdoor space. Beautiful Home. 3/2.5 2 Home. Fp’s & beautiful Garden Beautiful Home. 3/2.5 2 Fp’s COME Beautiful Home. 3/2.53/2.5 2 COME Fp’s Beautiful 3/2.5 2 Fp’s 3/2 &$469,000 beautiful Garden 3/2Home. &3/2 beautiful Garden beautiful Garden (10 Homes) “The Dragon“The House” “The Dragon House” Dragon House” “The Dragon House” (8 Homes) Home. 3/2.5 2 Fp’s Beautiful 23/2Fp’s & beautiful Garden 3/2 &Beautiful “The Dragon House” “The Dragon House” HURRY 2 ALREADY 5600 Sq Ft 4/3.5 4000 +7Sqdeeded Ft 4/3.5 + lg garden $650,000 4 + office/2.5 Garden &office/2.5 Garage. $435.000 + have lg garden $650,000 +We lg garden $650,000 + lg garden $650,000 4 + office/2.5 Garden & Garage.TRUE. $435.000 4have + office/2.5 Garden & Garage. 4 + office/2.5 Garden & Garage. $435.000 $435.000 4000 + Sq Ft 4/3.5 TRUE. We 7 deeded TRUE. We have We have 7 TRUE. deeded We 7 deeded + lg garden $650,000 4 + office/2.5 Garden & Garage. + lg garden $650,000 4 + Garden & Garage. $435.000 TRUE. have 7 deeded TRUE. We have 7 deeded Elevator Deck TA $1,250,000 SOLD Elevator Deck 2 Car Lot size 19x136 $1,250,000 Lot Roof size 19x136 Lot size 19x136 $1,250,000 Lot size 19x136 $1,250,000 Elevator Deck 2 Car Garage &

W W W. P H I L A D E L P H I A W E E K LY. C O M

Kathy, Patrick and the Top 10 in the USA out of

New Listings


Lot size 19x136 $1,250,000 LotS.size 19x136 $1,250,000 810 St “A” 1118 E. Moyamensing Catharine St spots available in a secured spots available in ain spots secured available in a2ndsecured available in a secured spots available a118secured 1000 sq. ft2/1 Prkng, Tx spots 4/2.5, patio,deck & finished Award Wining,3500 sq. ft, basement $369,000 Queen Village Location. $67,500.00 HURRY 2 ALREADY e Roof Elevator RoofR Deck TA Elevator DeckDeck TA eElevator RoofSOLD Deck TA SOLD SOLD SOLD Roof DeckLarge TA 4 bdrm, Elevator Deck 2 Deck Car Elevator 2 Car Elevator 2Roof Car stacked SOLD SOLD 830 S.Elevator Street 812 S. Howard Street Parrish Street - Beautiful 3 bdrm, Elevator age Elevator & & Deck 22nd Car Garage &2Duplexes 116 Queen Street Lovely 3 bdrms + den, 852 S. Front StreetDeck 2 Car 623 AElevator -Deck S. American StreetRTA Deck CarElevator Deck 2 Car Garage & 525Elevator Garage & TA spotsTAavailable inGarage a secured

2 Car Garage $2,500,000



Abmt , lg grdn. $399,900 grdn & grg. $1,300,000 Queen Village Location. Queen Location. Queen Village Location. Queen Village Location. ArtisanArtisan Rittenhouse Rittenhouse Artisan Rittenhouse Artisan IIVillage Queen Village Location. Artisan Rittenhouse Artisan Rittenhouse Artisan II 1107-1121 N. HowardArtisan Artisan Artisan Artisan Artisan 1805 Lombard 1805 Lombard 1805 Lombard 1431 Bainbridge 1805 Lombard 1805 Lombard 1101-1115 N. Hancock $67,500.00 $67,500.00 $67,500.00 $67,500.00 1431Kater Bainbridge dge $67,500.00 1501-1503 1501-1503 Kater 1501-1503 Kater 1501-1503 Kater 1501-1503 (10 Homes) (10 (10 Homes) 1102-1134 N Hope (10 Homes) d (10 Homes) (8 Homes) Homes) ed4/3.5Kater HURRY (8 Homes) 24/3.5 ALREADY HURRY 24/3.5 ALREADY HURRY 2 ALREADY HURRY ALREADY 5600 Squ4/3.5 5600 Ft HURRY cFtSq ce Sq Zoned and Approved for Sq5600 2 ALREADY 5600 Sq Ft24/3.5 5600 Ft 4/3.5 N/L + Sq Ft4000 4/3.5 4000 + Sq4/3.5 4000 +FtSq4/3.5 Ft N/L 54/3.54000 4000 + Sq Ft +FtSq16 Ft 4/3.5 Town homes + 2 4000 + d Sq Ft 4/3.5N/L du 4000 + Sq Ft 4/3.5 N/L


t reN




216 E. Dickinson Street - Beautiful Garage 2 Car Garage 2 Car 20 off Street Spaces2inCar Magnificent gated w/2car 810 2nd St2Catharine “A” 810 2nd St “A” 600-02 810 S. 2nd 810 S. 2nd StMoyamensing “A”high ceilings, 1118, bdrms, lrg“A” 1118 E. Moyamensing 1118 E. 1118lrg Moyamensing Moyamensing 2.5 bth home, flr plan, bth Garage hm w/2 carS.prkg, hrdwd 2 bth + a Moyamensing bonus 2 story shell Truly a123-25 Jewel! Delightful 2home Car 118 Garage Catharine St 118 trinity, Catharine St 1.5 Catharine St Q.V. 118 Stbth, 2TA CarSt Garage TA&crtyd Garage &hm TA Garage &Monroe 810home S. 2nd St “A”original N American N/C 810 S.St 2nd St “A” 1118 E. 133118 Salter Street Fab. N/C TA 1923-1925-2021-2023 Federal Period w/many 118 Catharine 118 Catharine St TAft2/1 Garage &hrdwd TA 1 Christian #40 Condo Garage 245& Monroe Street prkg,Garage 4 bdrms,& den family rm, gated Community$2,500,000 TA fp Hrdw dflrs &ft2/1 pretty English garden +St 4/2.5, patio,deck & finished fp 1000 hrdwd flrs t/o &Wining,3500 garden flrs, finishedGreat basement &4/2.5 nice yardTx 3/2.5, Bsmt sq. ft2/1 Prkng, Tx$299,900 $2,500,000 $2,500,000 1000 sq.plan Prkng, 1000 sq. ft2/1 Prkng, Tx 1000 sq. Prkng, Tx in patio,deck rear $424,900 designer quality, 2 bdrms and lovely 3550 Sq Ft sq. 3 + Den/4.5 3 sq. 4/2.5, patio,deck & finished 4/2.5, & finished 4/2.5, patio,deck & finished Garden, Award Wining,3500 ft, Award Wining,3500 sq. ft, Award Wining,3500 ft, Award sq. ft, Best N/C .3 + Den/4.5 2 car Courtyard Home. 2/2.5 Deck $2,500,000 1000 sq. ft2/1 Prkng, Floor , Deck N/C 3 to 4 BR Parrish $2,500,000 1000 sq. ft2/1 Prkng, Tx details, 3+ den, fp, hrdwd flrsTx& flrs, 2$2,500,000 fp’s, 2 juliet balconies & roof top 4/2.5, patio,deck & finished $2,500,000 $2,500,000 Award Wining,3500 sq. ft, Award Wining,3500 sq. ft, $1,975,000 patio. Meredith School District $2800/month $2,000,000 BalconiesDeck Garden + $2,500,000 $2,500,000 $379,900 TA garden space in front. garage, TA $1,599,000 $369,900 Grdn & Grg. $795,000 $2,000,000 Abmt , lg grdn grdn. $399,900 Abmt , lgRED grdn. $399,900 Garage, &grdn Abmt , grg. lg grdn. $399,900 Abmtbasement , lg grdn. $399,900 patio. $849,000 basement $369,000 basement basement $369,000 $369,000 $369,000 $469,000 TA From lovely garden $379,900 & grg. $1,300,000 grdn $269,900 & grg.Garage $1,300,000 grdn & grg. $1,300,000 & $1,300,000 Abmt , lg grdn. $399,900 Abmt , lg grdn. $399,900 basement $369,000 Garage TA $979,000 grdn & grg. $1,300,000 grdn & grg. $1,300,000 From $650,000

1107-1121 SOLD N. Howard REDUCED 1 LEFT 1101-1115 D N. Hancock L d eded d eeddeNdHope d O d eS1102-1134 eandd Approved S ceApproved c cfor cand c3Zoned cZoned c Approved ce uced ed and Approved forApproved Zoned for2 for Zoned and ce for c and u u u u u u u u u u d d16d Town 6 Town +Beautiful 2 homes d Town homes + 2 + 2 16 homes 16 Town edTown ed 16homes ed ed + 2 Red RReeR ed homes +3/22DeckR+e Red 4+Off/3 F & stacked Duplexes 3Duplexes + Den/2.5 H/W &DuplexesR stacked ReRDuplexes Rtacked stacked Duplexes stacked R 2 1/2 BA + Deck 3 Car Garden $499,000 + Parking 430 Gaskill StreetRED Terrific 3 story 210 Locust Steet Unit 5E 335 Christian 111 Federal Street off Street in 20 offSpaces Street Spaces in 20 off Street Spaces in

523 Queen Street Lovely 4 bdrm, 2 bth home w/hrdwd flrs, garden & 221 Carpenter St fabulous deck. $449,900 3/2 & beautiful Garden $435.000

115 Fernon Street Newly renovated 3 bdrms, bth hm w/ finished base11181.5 E. Moyamensing ment, hrdwd flrs, marble gas fp, crown 4/2.5, patio,deck finished molding & large & yard. $329,900 basement $369,000

7-1121 N. Howard 1107-1121 N. Howard 1107-1121 N. Howard 1107-1121 N. Howard N/C on cti 1-1115 N. Hancock 1101-1115 N. Hancock 1101-1115 N. Hancock 1101-1115 N. Hancock tru D ns L o 102-1134 N1102-1134 Hope N Hope 1102-1134 C N Hope O1102-1134 N Hope Ne

534 Queen

119-123 Federal N/C 7 Homes, 3 /2.5,


L’EAU Jay-Z & Beyonce

H/W, Bsmt + Gar & TA

Development 24 Condos 2/2 Parking TA

From $509,000

From $399,000

1 Christian St #22

125 Ellsworth—Phase III Pennspoint 3 to 4 + den /2.5 Gar TA From $499,000

2107 Bainbridge Incredible 3 + media/2.5

502 Delancey

753-757 S. Marshall St

Between 6th & 7th off of Fitzwater 3 LotsChurch $350,000 Street 103-107


818 S. 4th Street B - Great deal, 1000 611 Montrose Street #14 Prng $1,350,000 20 offtraditional Street Spaces in2 bths, 20 offnew Street Spaces in + 600-02 N/C 600-02 American N/C 600-02 N N/CSalter 600-02 American N/C hm, 4 bdrms, beautiful studio unitN inAmerican Society HillAmerican Towers, Fabulous sample! 3123-25 bdrms sq. ft bi-level bdrms,Fab. 1.5 bths, 133 Street Fab. N/CStreet 133 Salter Street Fab.Condo N/CBeautiful1923-1925-2021-2023 133 Salter Street Fab. N/CCute Salter N/C Fab. Mansion with1N123-25 2#40 car Condo 21923-1925-2021-2023 story hmStreet on nice Bella Vista N/C 600-02 NFab. American 1923-1925-2021-2023 1923-1925-2021-2023 600-02 N American N/C 2N245 bth condo, 1630 Monroe St Christian istian #40 Condo 123-25 Monroe St 1home Christian Monroe #40 Condo St Condo 1 Christian #40 133condo, Salter2Street N/C Salter Fab. N/C133 245 Monroe Street 245Street Monroe 245 Monroe 1923-1925-2021-2023 ated Community gated Community gated Community 123-25 Monroe St 1flrs Christian #40 Gorgeous Condo 2 bdrm,133 123-25 Monroe St 1 Christian #40 Monroe Street 245 Street den, 2.5 bths, fp, garden,245 garage & Mosaic tile foyer,3550 grnd,Monroe two tiered deck &Monroe 2 Street bright & spacious, hrdwd t/o &Street parkgated Community gated Community & garden entrance off of Queen Street. parking, 4bdrms, 3.5 bths, garden, blck. 1 bdrm, 13bth, yard & 3full 3550 Sq Ft 3 + Den/4.5 3 Sq Ft 3 + Den/4.5 3 3550 Sq Ft 3 + Den/4.5 3 3550 Sq Ft + Den/4.5 3/2.5, Bsmt Garden, 3/2.5, Bsmt Garden, 3/2.5, Bsmt Garden, 3/2.5, Bsmt Garden, n sq. ft, 12 ft ceilings, hrdwd flrs and t Best N/C .3 + Den/4.5 2 car Courtyard Home. 2/2.5 Deck rd $1,975,000 Home. 2/2.5 Deck Best N/C .3 + Den/4.5 2 car Best Courtyard N/C .3 + Home. Den/4.5 2/2.5 2 Deck car Courtyard Home. 2/2.5 Deck 3550 + Den/4.5 3 3550Floor Sq Ftplan 3 + Den/4.5 3 N/C o car Garden, Great Floor plan 4/2.5 ,Deck 3Parrish to3/2.5, 4Rehab. BRN/C Parrish Great$499,000 Floor plan Great Floor plan Great Floor plan 4/2.5 ,Deck 4/2.5 ,Deck N/C 3 to 4 BR 4/2.5 ,Deck N/C 3Bsmt to$159,000 4 to BR 3SqtoFt43BR Parrish Parrish Parrish N/C 3/2.5, Bsmt Garden, n i2 car mnthly reserved prkg avail. $439,000 ing avail. $204,900 basement, tax abatement. e t Best N/C .3 + Den/4.5 Courtyard Home. 2/2.5 Deck Best N/C .3 + Den/4.5 2 car Courtyard Home. 2/2.5 Deck Great 4/2.5 , Deck Great Floor plan 4/2.5 , Deck 3 4 BR $239,900 $1,975,000 $1,975,000 details, details, details $749,000 basement. Needs c m$1,975,000 designer BalconiesDeck kitchen. $549,900 u BalconiesDeck Garden + BalconiesDeck Garden + Garden + BalconiesDeck Garden + p r x t Garage, & TA Garage, & TA Garage, & TA Garage, & TA garage, TA Garage $1,599,000 $369,900 rage $369,900 $1,975,000 garage, TA garage, Garage TA Garage $1,599,000 $1,599,000 $369,900 $369,900 BalconiesDeck Garden + BalconiesDeck Garden + o Grdn & Grg. RED $795,000 Grdn & Grg. Grdn & Grg. Grdn & Grg. RED $795,000 RED $795,000 RED $795,000 l Garage, & TA TA From $469,000 TA From From $469,000 TA$469,000 Garage, & TA garage, Garage $1,599,000 $369,900 garage, TA $1,599,000 Garage $369,900 ns TA From $469,000 Grdn &TA Grg.$979,000 RED $795,000 & Grg.TARED $795,000 le ve $469,000 $979,000 Garage TAGrdn Garage GarageTA TA From $979,000 $979,000 Co eft De Garage TA $979,000 Garage TA $979,000 From $650,000 From $650,000 From $650,000 Garage TAFrom $650,000 up w ew



2338 Fitzwater A& C Condos 1/1 TA

127 Monroe Fabcti upscale Builder’s Hm

From $229,000

2+ Den/2 Garden RED



825 ti oS. 2ndonSt


c Great t Corner Duplex Property RED $379,000

Deck & Garden $749,000




623 S 6th 3 Condos n ti oTA 1/1 + Deck, From $299,000 1 SOLD

1 Christian #49 3/2.5 Garden + 1 car Pkng $499,500

o Rosa Court—Garage cti From $549,000

From $650,000

From $650,000


335 Christian

128 Pemberton St

4 /3.5 2 Car Parking

Multi 5/4 + Deck & Garden $649,900

c ru Dstru LD D DD LD D onstru onstLrunD Dnstruc D D st L L L L on L L L o C C C Ow SO OO OO SO O ew ew SwOC Oew Co N/L OL S S S S S S N N Ne Ne S S N & 2232 S. Lambert Street 3 3 3 21152 S. Cleveland Street 32 2 7182 Rodman StreetGreat 2 Gorgeous 3 Newly 405 Olive Street 125 Kenilworth Street Rental 3 2 bdrm, 2.5 bth hm, 1920 sq. ft Beautiful 3 bdrm + den 2 bth hm w/ nicely rehabbed, 3bdrms, 1bth, wd Best Deal! Why pay rent? 3 bdrms, Location! Location! 2.5 story Historically 3 /2

RED $549,900

714-22 Bainbridge St -13 Condos with Garage Parking - 2/2- Gardens & Decks. FROM $379,900

822 Swanson Street– Single family hm currently used as duplex,3 total

601 Christian Street Vacant lot in prime location,

3rd & Bainbridge - Live & work from home in this fabulous space. 2 bedrooms +den,1.5 Baths, 1.5 bths, hrdwd flrs & garden. 60x79x75x15, Incredible development w/ finished basement, landscaped garden & hrdwd flrs,floors, wd burning mature garflrs & rear patio. Certified Home Circa 1760, 3 bdrms, 1bth bedrooms, 3 full and 1 half baths, hrdwd 19-123 Federal 119-123 Federal 119-123 Federal L’EAU Jay-Z & Beyonce L’EAU Jay-Z &remaining Beyonce L’EAU Jay-Z & Beyonce hardwood Deck + fp, Gallery space on 1st Fl. $3000 $129,900 119-123 Federal 119-123 Federal Queen L’EAU & Beyonce L’EAU Jay-Z &125 Beyonce 2trinity, yrs on&T.A. $349,900 St #22 Jay-Z 1 Christian St #22 1 Bainbridge Christian StIII#22 1 Christian St #22 original opportunity. $389,000 III 2107 Bainbridge worth—Phase III St125 Ellsworth—Phase III 1 125 Ellsworth—Phase Bainbridge 2107 Bainbridge flrs753-757 &Marshall two decks. $439,900St 534 Queen Beautiful ful7 534 den 15x35 +Beautiful 1Beautiful cr3parking $464,900 REDUCED TO2107 $164,000 details, fp & 2107 $355,000 1gardn. Christian St #22 1 Christian St #22 427 Queen 3Development story, 2 N/C bedroom, 1Homes, bath H/W, EIKEllsworth—Phase garden. $1400 125 Ellsworth—Phase III502 2107 Bainbridge 1254+Off/3 Ellsworth—Phase IIIChristian 2107 Bainbridge Homes, /2.5, 753-757 S. N/C 7 3Homes, /2.5, 7Development /2.5, 753-757 S. Marshall St S. St Marshall 753-757 S. Marshall St 24 Condos Development 243Condos Development 247FCondos 502 Delancey 4+Off/3 F & 502 Delancey & 502 Delancey 4+Off/3 F & Delancey 4+Off/3 F & N/C Homes, 3 /2.5, N/C 7 Homes, 3 /2.5, 753-757 S. Marshall St Development 24 Condos 24 Condos 3 + media/2.5 toPennspoint 4parking. + den /2.5 oint Pennspoint Incredible Pennspoint 3 +3/2 media/2.5 3 + media/2.5 3 + media/2.5 33to+225 4Den/2.5 +Catharine den /2.5 H/W 3 to 43+toden /2.5 3+ to Deck 4 + den+ /2.5 &TA 3 BR St - Beautiful + Den, 4 BA, H/W, GranitePennspoint ktchn, grdn& &3 2 car $3500 502 Delancey 4+Off/3 F& 502 Delancey F & Incredible 3/2 Deck 3/2 Deck +3Parking 3/2 Deck +3 to 4+Off/3 Pennspoint Incredible 4 + denIncredible /2.5 Den/2.5 H/W Incredible 3 + media/2.5 den /2.5 & 3/2 Deck + Between Incredible , Bsmt + Gar &Bsmt TA H/W, Bsmt + -Gar Bsmt ++ Gar & TA TA 3/2 Parking Deck +2 1/2 6th & Between 7th 6th off of Between 6th &BA 7th off of Between &6th 7th&off ofoff of Between 6th & 7th off3 +ofmedia/2.5 2/2 Parking TA 2/2 2/2 Parking TA4++Gar H/W, Bsmt & TA&TAGarden H/W, +& Gar TA H/W, 776 S. 2nd St Very nice 2& Bedroom, 1 Bath Bi 2/2 level apartment w/ CA + BA Lg Deck. $1350 7th 2/2 TA Parking TA BA + Deck 3 Car 2 1/2 + Deck 3 Car 2 1/2 + Deck 3 Car 2 1/2 BA + Deck 3 Car Gar TA From $499,000 Deck & Garden $749,000 FromGarden $499,000 Gar TA From $499,000 Gar From $499,000 Deck $749,000 Deck & Garden $749,000 Deck & Garden $749,000 $499,000 2 1/2 BA + $350,000 Deck 3 CarFitzwater 3 Deck 2Gar1/2 + Deck 3 Car TA BA From $499,000 &$350,000 Garden $749,000 TA$399,000 From $499,000 Deck & Garden $749,000 $499,000 + Parking RED $499,000 $499,000 $499,000 + large Parking + Parking RED + Parking RED Garden $499,000 Fitzwater 3 Lots $350,000 Fitzwater 3 Lots Fitzwater 3 Lots Lots $350,000 0rom $509,000 810 S. 3rd$509,000 St –Beautiful 3From BR +RED Den home with hardwood floors t/o, yard + Gar parking. $2500 $399,000 From $399,000 From From From $509,000 $499,000 + Parking RED $499,000 + Parking RED Fitzwater 3 Lots $350,000 From $399,000 From $399,000Prng +$1,350,000 From $509,000 Prng $1,350,000 $1,350,000 PrngPrng Prng $1,350,000 1119 E.From Palmer$509,000 St –N/C 3 BR + Media Rm, 3 BA, H/W t/o, Fp, Lg Garden 3 car parking. $2500 Prng $1,350,000 $1,350,000 400 Spring Garden-N.C Commercial Space Available-800 to 1600 Sq Ft. Call for Details








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c x le x x  enlost  tru o xlop x onst onst enlsotpru lo elle e lo ft  le ns e e v ve v v e t o o l l v e e e e v f wewD- Wonderful C C C Ce- o C e Manton Street up 104 D Dp e D p 113 N. Bread 795 S. 3rd Street Reserve @ w Street w# 3B2 w Prominent corner upCatherine w u w D 2005 Reserve Drive- The wD L129 uiwith eN 1 Nbi-level eD ew 5 bdrms, 2.5u The National property with ResLpn ne2i ncrStreet Ne Terrific NeDesigner N.erenowned Incredibly well kept 3 bdrm,D 1.5 bth Dduplex Park. Pick of theNliter, ea t rPacker Ngarage. Ne.ewc oUnit, D w w w n w a y t e a m c o m+Dimitris N N 2215.440 T h e side A w a r d2 D W g K a t h y , P i c k a n d t h e C o n w a y T e a m .8190 basement, taurant as 1st flr tenant two 1 large beautiful details, 3 bdrms, 2 bths, hm w/ semi-finished 2 bths, fp, hrdwd flrs, dck, grdn, 2 cr prkg & bdrm 1 bth unit and 1 bi-level 3 and rear yard. $299,900

3.5 yrs left on tax abtmnt. $475,000

bdrm 2 bth unit. $549,000

bedroom apartments. $599,000

hrdwd flrs, deck & prkg. $499,900

on cti tru s n Co

238 Arch Street


e sq. ft. Humphry’s Commercial SpaceN8,000 Flag Co. across from the Betsy Ross House. Great Investment Opportunity $1,000,000

132 Manton Street - Lovely 3 story hm w/ 2 bdrms + den, 1.5 bths, non- working fp, & yard on the side. $245,000

St 128 Pemberton St 128 Christian Pemberton St St 128 Pemberton St Society Office 335 1 Christian #49 335 Christian 335 Christian 335 1 Christian #49StS. 2nd St Rosa 1Court— Christian #49 #49 1623 Christian 215.627.6005 623 S 6th 3623 623 S 6th SCondos 6thS 6th 623Christian SHill 6th 3 Condos 3#49 Condos 3 Condos 128 Pemberton 335 Christian 1 335 Christian #49 128 Pemberton Christian 1 Christian Garage a Court— Rosa Court— Rosa Garage Garage 825 S. 825 825 S. Court— 2ndGarage St Garage 623 S 6th 3 Condos 3 Condos 530 W a ln ut St. Rosa Court— Garage Rosa 825 2nd StMulti 825Fitzwater S.Fab 2nd StA&Court— Monroe FabMonroe 2338 127 Fitzwater Monroe A& FabC3/2.5 1272nd Sui te #2 264Car 0 /3.5 Multi4 /3.5 5/4Multi +2Deck 5/4 + TA Deck 5/4Parking +5/4 Deck Multi45/4 + Deck C3+ /2 127$549,000 Monroe &27 C 127 Fab Garden 3/2.5 Garden +Garden 1 car 4Fab /3.5 2 Car Parking 210 6Car Parking Car +Monroe 12338 car 3/2.5 +S. 1 car Garden ++ 1Deck, car 1/13/2.5 + Deck, 1/1From Deck, TA 1/1 + Deck, TA TA4 /3.5 +4AParking Deck, TA Multi + Deck Phi la de 1/1 lp hi a, P 19 /3.5 2 Car Parking 3/2.5 Garden + 1 car /3.5 2 Car Parking 3/2.5 Garden + 1 car FOR REnT 3 /2 $549,000 From $549,000 From 3 /2 From $549,000 Duplex Great Corner Duplex Great Corner Duplex Great Corner 1/1 + Deck, TA 1/1 3 /2 From $549,000 3 /2upscale FromBuilder’s $549,000 Duplex Great Corner Duplex Great Corner scale Hm upscale Condos Builder’s 1/1Builder’s TAHmPkng Builder’s Hm $649,900 $649,900 $649,900 & Garden Garden & Garden RED Condos 1/1 TA Hm A Builder’s upscale Hm upscale Pkng RED$499,500 $549,900 REDPkng $549,900 $499,500 Pkng $499,500 Pkng$649,900 $499,500  From $299,000 1 SOLD 1 SOLD RED From $299,000 1Kauffman SOLD From $299,000 From$549,900 $299,000 1$499,500 SOLD & Garden&RED $649,900 & $549,900 Garden $549,900 RED $549,900 Pkng $499,500 Mike Carestio Lee Ann Hartley Property Ivon Cowell Tory Gargano Adele Gerngross Property $379,000 REDRED $379,000 PropertyJeff RED $379,000 Deidre Quinn From $299,000 1 SOLD Property RED $379,000 From $299,000 1 SOLD Property $379,000 Den/22+Garden REDGarden From $229,000 Den/2 Garden RED 2+RED Den/2 Garden RED From $229,000 2+ Den/2 Garden RED 2+ Den/2 RED

425-31 E. Wildey St Nothing can compare to this 4600 sq. ft gated estate 1923-1925-2021-2023 w/ garage, 3 bdrms, 2 bths, hrdwd flrs, & N/C 3 to$649,900 4 BR Parrish incredible deck.

TA From $469,000

753-55-57 S. Marshall Street Terrific Investment Opportunity or build your dream home. 3 lots, 45x32. $359,000 753-757 S. Marshall St Between 6th & 7th off of Fitzwater 3 Lots $350,000


1232 S. Iseminger Street

Renovated in 2007 - this home features 2 bdrms, 1 bth, hrdwd flrs, finished basement & nice city garden. $249,900

128 Pemberton St

Multi 5/4 + Deck Watch for & Garden $649,900 our new 714-22 StDecks. -13 Condos with Garage Parking - 2/2Gardens & Decks. FROM $379,900 714-22 Bainbridge St -13 Condos with Garage Parking - 2/2-Bainbridge 714-22 Gardens Bainbridge &Bainbridge StFROM -13 Condos $379,900 Bainbridge withwith Garage St -13 Parking Condos - 2/2with Gardens Garage & Parking Decks. - 2/2FROM Gardens $379,900 &Garage Decks.Parking FROM-$379,900 714-22 Bainbridge -13 Condos with 2/2- Gardens & Decks. FROM $379,900 714-22 St714-22 -13 Condos Garage Parking - 2/2Gardens & St Decks. FROM $379,900 Quick Read Great Rental Great Rental Great Rental Great Rental Great Rental Bar Code on from in thishome fabulous space. 2 space. bedrooms Baths, ive 1.5 3rd & Baths, work & Bainbridge from home -in Live this fabulous work from home 2 bedrooms in2+den,1.5 this fabulous Baths, 2Baths, bedrooms +den,1.5 Baths, space. 2 bedrooms +den,1.5 Baths, 3rd & Bainbridge - +den,1.5 Live &space. work from home in this fabulous eork - Live &home work from in&this fabulous space. bedrooms +den,1.5 ry onspace 1st Fl.on$3000 + space Gallery hardwood floors, 1st Deck Gallery on 1stfloors, Fl. $3000 hardwood Deck + Gallery space on 1st Fl. $3000 Deck + Gallery space onFl. 1st+$3000 Fl. $3000space all of our signs y, bedroom, 12Stbath trinity, EIK &H/W, garden. $1400 0autiful ul 23427 story, 2 bedroom, Beautiful 1 bath trinity, story, 2H/W, bedroom, EIKEIK &1 Stgarden. bath trinity, $1400 H/W, EIK & garden.1$1400 427 Queen 3 story, 2 bedroom, bath trinity, H/W, EIK & garden. $1400 3Queen story, bedroom, 1 3H/W, bath trinity, &Beautiful garden. $1400


Visit o u r website for our complete inventory, weekly o pen hou se s, add ition a l p ictu res a nd mo re p a rticulars.

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1008 S. 2nd Street - Beautiful hm, 3/2.5, wd flrs & lrg patio. Reduced $339,000.

1101 S. 2nd Street Coming Soon Phase 3. Beautiful N/C w/ 3 bdrms, 2.5 bths, hrdwd flrs, deck & garage. $499,000

333 Reed Street Prime Development opportunity, lot size 28.9 x 140, 3 story building & huge rear yard behind. Shell condition. $187,800.

D D D D D L L L L L O O O O S5SSO5 S 55 5S


BR + $3500 Den, BA, H/W, & cargrdn parking. $3500 rking. 225 3Catharine BR34+BR Den, 4-BA, Beautiful H/W, 3ktchn, Granite BRGranite +grdn Den, ktchn, 4 2grdn BA, H/W, & car Granite ktchn, $3500 grdn & 42 BA, car parking. $3500ktchn, grdn & 2 car parking. $3500 225 Catharine St2-& Beautiful 3 BR + Den, H/W, Granite -autiful Beautiful + St Den, 4Granite BA, H/W, ktchn, 2 parking. car parking. $3500 droom, Bath Bi level apartment CA Deck. $1350 350 ice 776 2 Bedroom, S. 2nd St 1 -Bath Very Bi nice level Bedroom, apartment Bath CA Bi + level Deck. $1350 w/ Deck. $1350 776+1w/ S.Lg 2nd St-Lg -210 nice 2$1350 Bedroom, Bath Bi204 level apartment w/ CA + Lg Deck. $1350 ry nice 21210 Bedroom, 1Street Bath Bi2level w/ CA +Very Lgapartment Deck. Locust Unit 5Ew/apartment 208 Fitzwater St CA + 1Lg Christian Street 3 BR +large Den hardwood yard + double parking. $2500 king. ul large 810 $2500 S. 3 3rd BR3home +BR StDen –Beautiful home large hardwood 3floors BR +t/o, Den floors home t/o, with yard hardwood + parking. $2500 t/o, yard +Historically parking. $2500 810 S. 3rd St –Beautiful large 3 BR + Den home with hardwood floors 2t/o, yard autiful +with Den home with hardwood floors t/o, yard +hm parking. $2500 Beautiful studio unit inwith Society Hill Great prop. on floors Fab Q.V. block certified, pristine bdrm + + parking. $2500 +–N/C Media Rm, BA, t/o, Fp, Lg Garden 332car parking. $2500 /C 1119 3 BR $2500 E. +BR Media Palmer Rm, StH/W 3–N/C BA, 3H/W BR +t/o, Media Fp, Rm, Garden BA, +St H/W 3 2car parking. Lg Garden + 3 3car parking. $2500 bright &Rm, spacious, hrdwd flrs w/ bdrms, fp, hrdwd flrs,$2500 & fab. den home hardwood floors, deck 1119 E.+ Palmer –N/C 3Fp, BR +$2500 Media Rm, BA, H/Wwith t/o, Fp, Lg Garden + 3 car parking. $2500 trking. 3Towers, + 3Media 3 BA, H/W t/o, Lg Fp, Lg Garden +bths, 3t/o, car parking. mercial Space Available-800 to 1600 Sq Ft. Call for Details tails .C 400 Commercial Spring Garden-N.C Space Available-800 Commercial to 1600 Space Sq Available-800 Ft. for Details to 1600 Ft.Space Call for Details t/o & parking avail. $1250 dck. In Call the Sch. Dist.Sq $2200 and garden $1650 400 Spring Garden-N.C Commercial Available-800 to 1600 Sq Ft. Call for Details n-N.C Commercial Space Available-800 to 1600 Sq Ft. Meredith Call for Details 622 S, Front Street 1352 South Street Unit 216 842 S. American Street Stunning traditional home w/incredible Fabulous 1 bdrm 1200sq. ft loft w/ Very nice 3 story condo w/ prking, river views, 4 bdrms, 3 bths, 6 fp’s, hrdwd flrs, high ceilings & indoor 2 bdrms + den, 1.5 bths, hrdwd hrdwd flrs, finished basement & fab. garage parking. $1750 flrs, exposed brick & wd burning deck. $3100 fp. $2100


                                      – For more inFormation and a list oF our

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Society Hill Office 530 Walnut St. Suite #260 PA 19106 Society Hill Office Society HillHill Office Society HillPhiladelphia, Office 215.627.6005 215.627.6005 215.627.6005 Society Hill Office Society Office 215.627.6005 215.627.6005

Society Hill Office 530 W a ln ut St. Sui te # 26 0 Phi la de lp hi a, P A 19 10 6

215.627. 6005 • 530 W a ln530 ut St. W a lnW uta ln St.ut St. 530 W a ln ut St. 530 Sui te # 26Sui 0 teSui # 26 Sui te # 26 0 te 0# 26 0 Phi la de lpPhi hi a,laPhi P deAlp hi a,lp 6hi PA 1019 6 10 6Phi la de lp hi a, P A 19 10 6 la19 de10 a, 19 PA

• 


     Mike Carestio Hartl eyAnn Jeff Kauffman MikeIvon Carestio Mike Carestio Mike CarestioGaryJeff eff Lee Ann Hartl eAdele yGargano IvonGargano Cowell JeffCarestio Kauffman LeeKauffman Hartl y Ivon Cowell Jeff Kauffman Tory Adele Gerngross Tory Gerngross Gargano Tory Adele Gerngross Adele Gerngross Mike Carestio Deidre Rosa Marino Mintz Lee Ann Hartl eyGargano IvonMike Cowell Kauffman Lee AnneQuinn Hartl ey Cowell Ivon Cowell Jeff Kauffman Tory Gargano Adele Gerngross Tory Adele Gerngross Deidre Quinn Independently owned and operated member of the Prudential Real Estate Affiliates, Inc.

530 W a ln ut St. Sui te # 26 0 Phi la de lp hi a, P A 19 10 6

P H I L A D E L P H I A W E E K LY August 3 - 9, 2011

2014 S. 3rd Street Beautifull lanscaped corner property. 3 bdrms, 2 bths, hrdwd flrs, high ceilings & private dck. $269,900

2449 S. Garnet Street 208-210 Fitzwater Street - Great double Sunlit corner property, 3 bdrms, 2.5 bths, prop. home on Fab. Q.V. block w/2 bdrms, hrdwd flrs, balcony, garage & tx abt. 2 bths, fp, hrdwd flrs & fab deck. In the $499,000 Meredith School District. $2200/month

W W W. P H I L A D E L P H I A W E E K LY. C O M


Total Square Footage


Minimum Income Monthly Cost Monthly Tax Total Incld. Mtg, Condo Savings in a 31% for 10% Down Cash Fee & Taxes Tax Bracket Required Financing

Monthly After Tax Cost

tHe PHilaDelPHian

Combined home with 4 bedrooms plus den, 4 baths, large balcony with Art Museum view, upgraded kitchen and baths



$174,663 $227,650




tHe PHilaDelPHian

2 bedrooms, 2 baths, new wood floors, balcony, Art Museum view, upgraded kitchen and baths








tHe PHilaDelPHian

1 bedroom, 1 bath, wood floors, upgraded kitchen, ample living space










Total Square Footage


Minimum Income Monthly Cost Monthly Tax Total Incld. Mtg, Condo Savings in a 31% for 10% Down Cash Fee & Taxes Tax Bracket Required Financing

Monthly After Tax Cost


acaDeMy House

2 bedrooms, 2 baths, split plan on a high floor, excellent lving and closet spaces, eat-in kitchen, master bedroom with ensuite bath & walk-in closet oPen sunDay 8/7 12:00-12:30PM 1314







acaDeMy House

One bedroom, one bath, upgraded kitchen and bath, Juliet balcony, W/D










Total Square Footage


Minimum Income Monthly Cost Monthly Tax Total Incld. Mtg, Condo Savings in a 31% for 10% Down Cash Fee & Taxes Tax Bracket Required Financing

tHe rittenHouse

Penthouse, 2 bedrooms, 2 full baths, 2 half baths, high end finishes and appointments throughout, balcony with city views


$3,500,000* $834,620 $889,056




3bedroom+den, 3.5 baths, marble foyer, formal dining rm, sunny eat-in kitchen, 10’ ceilings, moldings, oak herring bone floors, 3 gas fireplaces


$2,900,000* $666,258 $619,296





3 bedrooms, 3.5 baths, brand new, very high ceilings, his and hers master baths, custom kitchen, exquisite detail throughout.


$2,500,000* $636,038 $607,268





Tri-level penthouse with 1600 sq ft of terrace space, being sold unfinished, private elevator access


$2,250,000* $579,879 $557,842




220 w. rittenHouse sq.

Magnificent custom home with 3BR’s, 2.5BAs, balcony over Rittenhouse Square, chef’s kit., wonderful enter. space, lavish master suite


$1,975,000* $529,324 $602,956




1830 rittenHouse square

2 brs + den, 2.5 ba home, lots of nat. light, beautifully maintained original details, great ent. space, lrg. kit.


$1,185,000* $458,584 $478,872




tHe warwick

1 bedroom plus den, magnificent city views to the north and south, open kitchen, custom details and finishes throughout, one-of-a kind


$1,475,000* $347,779 $362,985





3 brs, 3 bas, most rooms have views of Rittenhouse Square, beautifully restored original details throughout


$1,350,000* $349,592 $386,553




oPen sunDay 8/7 1:30-2:00PM

Monthly After Tax Cost


P H I L A D E L P H I A W E E K LY August 3 - 9, 2011

tHe warwick

3BR, 3BA, Bamboo flrs., spac. Kit w/custom wood cabinetry, granite counter tops, marble baths, 3 exposures, gym and hotel services


$1,350,000* $181,323 $371,644




tHe warwick

3 bedrooms plus den, 3.5 baths, open floor plan, chef’s kitchen, marble baths, north and south city views


$1,250,000* $298,674 $318,750




tHe warwick

2 bedrooms + den, 3 baths, gourmet kitchen, marble baths, walk-in-closets, hardwood floors


$829,000* $115,051 $246,527




2009 sPruce street

3 bedrooms plus den, 2.5 baths, tri-level condominium, large private deck, luxurious master suite


$750,000* $192,721 $190,406




Parc rittenHouse

Rarely available south side 2 bedroom, 2 bath, hardwood floors, marble bathroom, custom upgr. throughout


$799,900* $190,230 $197,716




tHe warwick

2 bedrooms + den, 3 baths, sun-soaked, wood floors, open kitchen, marble baths


$799,000* $190,486 $203,258




Parc rittenHouse

2 bedrooms, 2 baths, terrace on pool club deck, open custom kitchen, marble baths, wood floors


$775,000* $201,948 $206,151





Two bedrooms, two baths, hardwood floors, building offers 24 hour doorman and gym, located on Rittenhouse Square


$539,000* $133,706 $146,037




1900 rittenHouse

1 bedroom, 1 bath, Juliet balcony, upgraded kitchen and bath, lots of light, separate dining room, hardwood floors








tHe warwick

One bedroom, one bath, hardwood floors, marble bath, custom kitchen








Parc rittenHouse

1 bedroom, 1 bath, balcony, open kitchen, hardwood floors, marble bath








tHe warwick

1 bedroom, 1 bath, wood floors sunset view, marble bath, custom shutters








Parc rittenHouse

Studio with wood floors, marble bath, open kitchen and city view








williaM Penn House

1 bedroom, 1 bath, south city views, spacious kitchen, lots of light









Total Square Footage


bank builDing


Minimum Income Monthly Cost Monthly Tax Total Incld. Mtg, Condo Savings in a 31% for 10% Down Cash Fee & Taxes Tax Bracket Required Financing

Raw space that can be designed and built into a custom home overlooking Independence Mall


$1,195,000* $283,354 $307,758




bank builDing

Brand new 2 BR + den, 2.5 BA home, lots of natural light, wood flrs, open chef’s kitchen, designer baths, services available from adjoining OMNI Hotel


$1,100,000* $259,011 $265,501




bank builDing

2 bedrooms plus den, 2.5 baths, hardwood floors, high-end open kitchen, designer bathrooms


$799,000* $207,313 $217,014




society Hill towers

Two bedrooms, one bath, parquet wood floors, washer/dryer, unobstructed river views, floor-to-ceiling windows








society Hill towers

2 bedrooms, 1 bath, unobstructed river views, beautifully upgraded kitchen and bath, wood floors throughout








society Hill towers

One bedroom, high floor, river view, investment opportunity








society Hill towers

1 bedroom, 1 bath, bridge and city views, wood floors, upgraded kitchen










Total Square Footage


Minimum Income Monthly Cost Monthly Tax Total Incld. Mtg, Condo Savings in a 31% for 10% Down Cash Fee & Taxes Tax Bracket Required Financing

inDePenDence Place

Bi-level penthouse, 2 bedrooms. 2.5 baths, 2 kitchens, impeccably finished throughout, amazing river and city views


$2,295,000* $552,133 $588,133




inDePenDence Place

Magnificent penthouse with 1 bedroom plus den, 3.5 baths, completely renovated w/ custom finishes throughout, balcony over Wash. Sq,, a must see! 3,153

$1,900,000* $458,584 $478,872




tHe liPPincott

Custom 2 bedroom, 2 bath home with high celing, lots of light, open chefs kitchen, luxurious master suite, direct view of Washington Square


$1,075,000* $254,597 $264,757




inDePenDence Place

2 bedrooms, 2 baths, beautifully ren. kit. and baths, balc. with city and river views, hdwd. flrs. in living areas


$825,000* $195,082 $212,815




inDePenDence Place

1 bedroom, 1.5 baths, alcove, completely renovated with gourmet kitchen, designer bath, amazing closets








inDePenDence Place

1 bedroom plus alcove, balcony with south views, completely updated kitchen and baths, wood and tile floors, great closet space








HoPkinson House

Deluxe 1 bedroom, 1 bath, balcony with views of Washington Square and the river, renovated kitchen and bat








inDePenDence Place

1 bedroom, 1 bath, balcony, laundry room, excellent condition








inDePenDence Place

1 bedroom, 1 bath, balcony, upgraded kitchen, new fixtures throughout








oPen sunDay 8/7 12:45-1:15PM

Monthly After Tax Cost

Monthly After Tax Cost

inDePenDence Place

1 bedroom, 1 bath, wood floors throughout, upgraded kitchen and bath, custom closets, balcony








stricklanD row

2 bedrooms, 1 bath, bi-level, excellent natural light, wood floors, open kitchen,








stricklanD row

2 bedrooms, 1 bath, bi-level, open kitchen, wood floors










Total Square Footage


Minimum Income Monthly Cost Monthly Tax Total Incld. Mtg, Condo Savings in a 31% for 10% Down Cash Fee & Taxes Tax Bracket Required Financing

Monthly After Tax Cost

Pier 3

2 bedrooms, 2 baths, open floor plan, fireplace, terrace off mastersuite, potential investment opportunity







Allan Domb Real Estate 215.545.1500 • “wE coopERAtE with All REAltoRs®”


* Based on 20% Down Mortgate

Mortgage Financing available

Melissa Tagye 610-639-0984

• 46 • • •

the warwIck 1701 locuSt Street $1,350,000 3 bedroom, 3 bathroom home with 270 degree city views, designer kitchen, marble baths, hardwood floors, hotel services available, 1978 sf

W W W. P H I L A D E L P H I A W E E K LY. C O M

Center City Luxury Condominiums For saLe

Independence place - 233 S. 6th Street • $1,900,000 Compl. ren. penthouse with custom finishes, chef’s kitchen, luxurious master ste., balcony atop Washington Square, 1 bedroom plus den, 3.5 baths, 3153 sf

1830 rIttenhouSe Square $1,185,000 Sun-soaked 2 bedroom plus den, 2.5 bath home with unobstructed views to the south, large bay windows and spacious formal living and dining rooms, 2431 sf

parc rIttenhouSe - 225 S. 18th Street • $799,900 2 bedrooms, 2 baths, custom upgrades throughout, luxurious master suite, excellent natural light, 1019 sf

academy houSe 1420 locuSt Street $379,900

SocIety hIll towerS - 210 locuSt Street • $379,900 2 bedroom, 1 bath residence with beautifully updated kitchen and bath, wood floors throughout, pristine cond., 1200 sf

Allan Domb Real Estate 215.545.1500 •

“wE coopERAtE with All REAltoRs®”

P H I L A D E L P H I A W E E K LY August 3 - 9, 2011

2 bedrooms, 2 baths, split floor plan, high floor, eat-in-kitchen, lots of natural light, 1314 sf


Receive up to $1,500 towards your new Mac.

Check out our new Midtown Village location! 116 S. 13th St. (between Walnut and Sansom) 215-599-9000

Center City Philadelphia • 2212 Walnut Street • 215-988-7777 Main Street at Exton • 290 Main Street • 610-280-3800

Philadelphia Weekly 8-3-11  

Philadelphia Weekly 8-3-11